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"Meet the Hounds of Hell."

The YamainuEdit

The Yamainu is a secret organization in between the Satsujin-Sha Clan, where Yin Sato, the founder, and Yuki Shiro of the Shiro Royal Family. The Yamainu, or Wild Dogs, are a brute force that deals with Black Market Criminals and Drug Lords and other dark organizations. 

The FoundersEdit

Yin Sato

Yuki Shiro

The Royal FamilyEdit

Isao Shiro Yuki Shiro Mamoru Shiro Blake Kingsley Shiro Ryota Kingsley Shiro Rin Kingsley Shiro Usagi Kingsley Shiro

The Common FamilyEdit

Akira Shiro Koichi Shiro
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