"We Fight For Love..and Justice"

The OrganizationEdit

The Squad. Is Orginated by Idol-lizing Kodi from her son Judas.. Which he had seen his mother wearing her old Hero Outfit.. Though  wanting to step in his mothers footsteps.. Judas is willing to bring a lot of children.. to create this.. Although Some may venture off into crime which betraying the rules of this organization.. Though Most will stay for Justice.. Saving People.. Or even helping citizens. 


Massacre (Judas)

Miss Ecchi (Hentai)

Location and SecurityEdit

In Kodi's Basement.

As Being Children.. Judas soon builds up the basement.. as a secret hideout.. only people with the password can come within the hideout.. Though it contains a large table. for meetings.. little chairs.. also prison cells for who they capture.. and bring in for a reward.

The Alert SignalEdit

Coon and Friends Alert

Coon and Friends Alert

Having an alert system to direct in every members house.. it soon alerts with Judas's voice.. Highly annoying for parents.. but it works




Cindy The Vengeful One

Difficulty: 5 Stars

Reward: 200k +

June Torabaasu "Malice"

Difficulty: 4 Stars 

Reward: 10k

Code Red (Bathory Smiths )

Difficulty: 5 Stars ++++

Reward: 100k+ Tanz

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