The Cursed Sands of Civilizations

A King is born.Edit

"The Pharaoh is born!" A loud cheer could be heard in the old kingdom of Egypt as the guards lifted up the baby high in the sky above the citzens that lived near the Nile. This was a new day and age for the people of Egypt seeing after the death of their last Pharaoh they where finnally given a King to rule them, it seemed there prays to the gods worked seeing the mother was able to give birth to a male to take the role his name was Adio, he was the sun and the night, and this is his story. Being born an Pharaoh had it's ups and down for Adio seeing this mother died in child birth and his dad was killed in battle. He was given anything he wished but none of these things pleased him Adio cared more about his people which made people favor him as their ruler. He was humble at a younge age visting the lower classes giving them money and better homes to live in and at the time he was only 18 when it happen Egypt was doomed by the gods. An eclipse covering their sun which caused alot of issues for Egypt seeing they where the people of the Nile which is a large river which caused their land to have rich soil but when there was no sun, which caused no food or farming to happen. This caused alot issues not even for Egypt but for the people they had trading with seeing now it was a race to get all you needed to surive which caused an heavy war with the people of Mesopotamia, which was also a land near the river valleys. Not please during this time they turned to their Pharaoh for support but only being 18 Adio didnt really know about wars or how to plot aganist one so he did what he thought was right. He preapred his men for war, The ancient Egyptian military, like all armies, was a product of the society that created it. Although it was not militarily innovative itself, Egyptian society could be very conservative. The Egyptian military readily adapted enemy weapons and technologies, becoming a powerhouse of the ancient world and one of the great military forces of history. Before they headed for battle he promised his people to return the sun. As a year went by both sides began to go tried from lost of food and due to the differnt weather some men before to die from sickness. But at the end of the war Adio men stood vicrious but he couldnt return until he brought back the sun as he promised them.  On his journey he and his men was  attacked and cornered until a female came to rescue them. As thanks Adio wished to pay her as a  thanks, but she blew him off and tells them that they need to go back home seeing this world wasnt enough for weak people. Months later, Adio goes on his mission in the  wastes and stumbles apon a small village. He crouched behind some bushes to watch them seeing it's been a while since he seen people being on solo mission to find the sun, and immediately recognizes the girl who saved his life. However, when he leaned forward, he ends up in one of their traps reserved for catching wild animals to eat and hits his head. She fishes him out and impatiently waits for him to wake up. When he does, he is scolded and escorted back to the main lands by her. She tells him not to go back, but he eventually does and soon they start having a relationship.They do 'things' and Amunet ends up pregnant, Before there baby is born Adio on his mission to bring the sun back stumbles inside an tomb where the gods that the Egyptaions praised as he got on his knees and shouted at the gods he was upset on how he did everything they needed and they still didnt bring the sun back for him and his people and thats when it happen the tomb began to shake heavily as Adio was visted by the Golden dragon who was impressed and angery at Adio for how he talked to them but could understand as Adio saw the dragon before him he was lost at words but when he caufght his grip he begged the god to bring back the sun, hearing him the God only took away their sun because he felt the humans where only takers and not givers and thats when Adio stood and asked the dragon would he take his life for the return of the sun seeing this caused the Dragon to be stunned at this man attempt and thought of something better making him the keeper of the sun renaming him Ra, as this process took place Adio was reborn now stepping out of the temple he saw what he had wished he saw the bright sun hit aganist his face as he came to his dear love telling her he could no longer stay and being with his people one last time Ra vanished leaving people not to remember who he was but to remember what he had done for them. As he was gone his people buided temples in his memeries his name would be known throughout history about the story of a man named Ra.

The Age of AnubuisEdit

Like his father Ra Anbuis was born into being an Pharaoh living with his mother in the kingdom who taught him the roles and about his father Ra, telling him how good of a man he was but as Anbius grew he began to hate the stories his mom told and hated his father more. Unlike the citzens Anbuis thought of his father as a coward for picking a easy way out to leave his mother and him, which caused him to become cold hearted it wasnt until his mom passed is when it took full effect on him, he was more of a Tyrant when he ruled over Egypt he removed all holy artfacts aswell of his father trying to rid all traces of him from his life even knocking down his temples what Anbuis was really trying to do is get his father to come down from the heavens to face him and tell him Anbuis himself of how good of a man he was, Anbuis thought himself as a god the morning and the night. Deheading anyone he dared to stand before him the only person who stood by him was the servant Akil who was his father's servant aswell. His chaos caused the old kingdom to spilt into two into upper Egypt and lower seeing the citzens was too scared of Anbuis to stay under his rule for long. Anbuis was an new age Pharaoh he didnt care about woman, money hell not even his people all he cared about was the power and with that power Anbius knew he could make his father pay. But Anbuis wasnt smart all these enemies he made caused his citzens to over throw him capturing him and putting him under the worst death in Egypt the Hom-Dai. The Hom-Dai was used by the ancient Egyptians only to punish the worst blasphemers that committed sexual crime with the pharaoh's daughter and sons, also the worst acts, like throwing up on the pharohh, and so was used very rarely, if at all. Although the curse was mentioned in text, there was no written case of it ever actually having been acted out, because the Egyptians feared it so, the sole known case of the Hom-Dai. The Hom-Dai was prepared by first cutting the person's tongue out, the embalmers tilting the victim's head back so that he or she would not drown in their own blood. The person was then mummified alive with scarabs, which would eat him very slowly over time.  Than trapping him inside an coffin they burried Anbius alive the pain the suffering Anbuis felt inside that coffin how dared they he thought as the bugs began to eat his flesh, Anbius closed his eyes and when he opened it he wasnt in an coffin he was in the deserts of Egypt, slowly walking into an empty abyss Anbius was than visted by an dragon like his father but this dragon was much more evil and sick seeing this dragon needed a keeper in the voids of the underworld someone to tourte the souls so he looked at Anbius seeing he held the hate in his heart and in return the dragon promised Anbius the power to face his father. Taking the role Anbius asbrobed the dragon sucking up all it's enegry as he was given the staff of scepter. Know having this power Anbuis decided to rid his face he didnt want nothing to remember of his father so he took the form of an Jackal. Know ruler of the Underworld Anbius began to take all the lost souls and form them into his own Army form the soil of the voids forming them to look just like him he was preparing for a war on the people on the home world for they could praise his name and fear the name Anubuis.

Death is only the BeginningEdit

Anubuis awaited for the perfect time to stike now having his army ready, Anubuis than place a dark shadow over Eygpt when people would look up they would notice an eclipes covering their sun like it did back when Ra was their Pharaoh. The ground beneth them began to shake heavly as the rich soil of Egypt began to rise forming something human size when the sands would fall all that would stand their is an army of Anubis men. Not a second later they swam the land killing everyone in sight the body count was in the millons as it seemed the end was near without any other choice Ra was forced to come back down on earth. Looking for his son Ra traveled down into the pits of the underworld to finish this once in for all with an battle.The  events came to be one of the most powerful battles if not the most powerful battle in Egyptian History. Anubis and Ra having an intense battle that lasted hours and days, Ra who was still holding back some of his power due to the fact this was his son but Anubis raw power began to overlap his seeing now it was just dark vs light. There was no more morals, to Anubis Ra was just a bridge in his path but to Ra Anubis was still his little baby that he never got to meet because he had to protect his people. It seemed the battle was endless. This battle was so raw that it caused the attetion of Judgement god Ossirs. Osiris is an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. He was classically depicted as a green-skinned man with a pharaoh's beard, partially mummy-wrapped at the legs, wearing a distinctive crown with two large ostrich feathers at either side, and holding a symbolic crook and flail. Osiris had seen this future happening so what he did was watch them both as their severant Akil, as keeping a close watch on them and knowing what they can do Osiris created two Books one called the Book of Amun Ra and the next called The Book of Anubuis.  These books held ancient powers of the dragons and his own army. Due to trickery he sealed them into back into their resting place keeping Anubuis in the underworld as Ra was now sealed back to where he belonged in the heavens. This caused peace in the world again but Osiris wasnt good as people thought he wanted to judge every bad thing a person has done to the world a human genciode but as he tried to go on with his plan he was stopped by the incoming 12 shinto Gods who not only free Anubuis and Ra but Banished the Gods of Egypt they saw them as a threat just like they did with the Greeks and challegged them into battle which caused not one but all the help from the Gods of Egyptan it seem to be close but the 12 gods where just too much for them to take which caused them to lose. It seem the 12 Shinto gods where about to end them into the Story Book man saved there life for there bravey he gave them there own Domain to live just like how the 12 Shinto Gods have fumi Ra and the others had the Realm of Perisa and after he whipped there memory of ever fighting the Shinto gods meaning Ra and Anubuis never got the chance to work together and still held there hate.  All they remembred was there battle, seeing it had ended Anubuis swore on winning the next and so did Ra. The world was now safe from Anubuis once again and a new era was now taken place in the world below called earth.

Queen of DarknessEdit

Three hundered years later there was a ruler of Egypt who was now an female, Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C. and her ancestors had ruled Egypt when Alexander the Great died and his general, Ptolemy was crowned Pharaoh. Although she was the first born, Cleopatra was forced to submit to her younger brother, Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII who hated her and this sibling rivalry quickly turned into a bloody civil war. Then in 48 BC, Cleopatra heard of the arrival of the greatest hero of her time: Julius Caesar. Caesar had come to Egypt in search of his old rival, Pompey Magnus. After learning he was dead, Caesar was enraged. Later, Cleopatra was secretly transported to Caesar's stayings in Alexandria. After siding with the Romans, Cleopatra succesfully became Queen of the Nile. A year later, she gave birth to Caesar's son, Caesarion and in 46 BC, Caesar returned to Rome a hero. Cleopatra and Caesarion accompanied him as well. Caesar's return was celebrated by ordinary people, but the Roman Senate thought otherwise and on March 15th 44 BC, Caesar was assasinated. Cleopatra decided to return to Egypt with Caesarion. A few years later, Caesar's heir and nephew, Octavian was elected Consul and decided to declare the masterminds of Caesar's death, Brutus and Cassius murderers and Enemies of Rome. After the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC, Mark Antony, one of Caesar's generals arrived as governer of Syria so he could protect Roman territory from the threat of the Persian Empire, but he soon became Cleopatra's lover. Back in Rome, Octavian took Antony's actions as a betrayal and declared war on Egypt. The Romans defeated Egypt at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, and Octavian had Caesarion killed. Antony, fearing Cleopatra was dead, commited suicide. Finally Cleopatra, not wanting to be captured by the Romans killed herself by letting an Asp ( a poisonous Egyptian snake) bite her. Octavian changed his name to Augustus Caesar and thus the Roman Republic was now The Roman Empire. Now, after her death and 1000's of years later, she has been brought back by Anubis to be his queen of Egypt. He  manipulated her body with his Dark Arts, forming her into a... sinister creautre with chaotic power indeed, a Succubus. In folklore traced back to medieval legend, a succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity that appears in dreams, who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual intercourse. The male counterpart is the Incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated intercourse with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death. He forced the Dark Energy into her body, forming her into this creature of sorts, all in attempts to make fun of, or manipulate the female, in his eyes he saw her as an idiot and made sure to make her feel the way, saying she was a disgrace upon their history dispite all of her accomplishments. Even so with this, she does as told, and whatever may be that Anubis may want. To the people of Egypt now, she is still looked at as Goddess, and even more so after 'returning from death'. She is powerful indeed, and a force to be reckoned wtih. 

Land of PerisaEdit

After these events had happen Gods where left to figure out the lands of Perisa, the Story book man left an Profit and Mysitc Cat to expalin the land of the healing where the old Pharoahs and only the chosens one where accpected unlike the Shinto realm this Realm wasnt open for everyone, meaning no one could walk inisde these gates unless weclomed. Guarded by the 10 beast of Perisa and more. The Kat was not only the protecter but made sure this land of the unknown stayed that way. The gate is constructed as a dimensional portal, created by the Mystic cat. The gates are found in the mass Temple of Egypt and the only way to open these gates are to have the Book of the dead or the Book of the living aka Anubuis and Ra. The Profit travled through out the realm as he spread out the gods forming them to have there own domain inside the Realm of Persia, Anubuis was given the Underworld as Ra was given one section which where he rested and so forth. But the land of Perisa was created for peace. Over a centry later-The Serizawa started with the words "Live." Back in Egypt lived an powerful Princess who ruled over the land but what the people didn't know was this was Rebecca the daughter of Anubis, she was born in the land of Perisa but she grew bored of it and decided to take her place on the thrown. Just like her father and mother she ruled with an iron fist, allowed no one to be better than her anything it was at one point of time during the last war of Egypt when Rebecca was on the battle field she was almost killed if it wasnt for an male who saved her life which helped aid the war. She wasn't able to get his name but this male was the great change of Rebecca it showed her that you couldn't always do things alone and what drove her more crazy was she didn't know her savor. As Years passed she met her savor once again as she got his name, Michael. Michael was a warrior who was born in an  untouchable family dying of waste but there was one thing about that family that kept them alive throughout the entire kindom was there son Michael, who fought in raids to earn money, but that soon stopped as him and Rebbeca began to date but what Rebecca didn't know was Michael was the Son of Ra he was also born in the Land of Perisa but she soon found out when her father for bided her for seeing this man came to the point where Ra did the same to Michael, but there love was too strong to give up on as they didn't listen to there parents and continued with there lives and Rebecca then ended up pregnant. Not happy about this Anubis wanted to kill his own daughter but chosen not to due to Celeopara which made them welcomed again inside the land of Persia where she had given birth to what came known as an the unstoppable force Obelisk. When Obelisk was born his apperance took on what the greece would call a titan. Him being born killed Rebecca sending her to become a goddess of Perisa, He was so differnt from the normal gods that he was sent down in the pits of Perisa bysides his grandfather Anubis. This caused a big issue seeing Anubis, didnt like his grandson and wanted full control of the underworld so he challenged Obelisk. Seeing Obelisk was too weak to fight aganist his grandfather he lost and was forced to leave the area, packing his stuff the young Tyrant went far wiitn Perisa trying to find a new home. He stumbled into a dark covan a place where he could live and sleep seeing his apparnced cause many to run and fear him, being born throug insest caused Obelisk to take a form of a titan. The thing was Obeslisk was a monster he only wanted power to take over the Perisa land, due being a outcast so he decided to make a plan of his own to make more people like him. Abombantions of the world of Persia 

Down the RoadEdit

The Serizawa started with the words "Live." Back in ancient egypt lived an untouchable family dying of waste but there was one thing about that family that kept them known throughout the entire kingdom their daughter Anuck-su-namun who was the beautiful women in egypt in her time she was so noticed that the king wanted her to be his queen and rule but she had her eyes set on another man his servant. She agreed to come to the pallas only to see him when the king found out he was out ranged and threaten to kill his servant, out raged she agreed to the marriage but to only keep her true love alive. But when no one was looking she and the servant began to have an affair behind the kings back which led to her being pergo . They shared their loved in the temple of Deception where Abuis remains laid for over thousands of years. But what she didn't know was when their love was over the servant had no memory of her seeing when they laid in the temple he was taken over by Anubis seeing once every thousands of years a deity or god would come down to earth and mate with people on earth for an off spring.  Knowing how bad this was seeing what if the child dont look like him it was  only a manner of time until the king found out, planning a run away when she was captured what she dont know was the King was the god Ra who did these evil things to keep Anbuis away from her but it was far to late having the seed of Anubis and Ra inside her

Thinking he won Abuis controlled the grads to take the female to the slave trades but when she was on her way she heard the voices of an Reaper who promised her freedom from the men exchanged for her to give birth to three kids. She agreed and was set free but what she didn't know was that these three kids where going to be the rulers. When she gave birth it was two boys and one girl named. "Kraven, King and Raven." These three kids where born with great gifts there mother however didn't make it through the child birth which caused the three to be orphans, as they grew they where visited by the same reaper who saved their mother he came to them in form of an dragon giving them gifts he gave Kraven the spirt of Abuis, he gave Raven the hood of lies and finnaly gave Kingn the crown 1000 suns." and seeing they where just growing up the reaper protected them Kraven was all about fighting and war growing up he wanted to nothing but destruction he had his first kill when he was fourteen he was the boy with the strange gift with his power he took out the empire kingdom alone and ruled as the youngest King. While Raven began to raise a family having a son who she hopped to hide from her brother Kraven seeing Kraven believed a man should fight to live and live to fight. But his brother King decided it was time to over throw his brother seeing he was going to far as they had an all out fight .Their sister in tears  prayed to the reaper and ask him to change her brother into a sweet man the reaper said he can not but he can rid of him. She accepted and Kraven was sent into the voids of darkness forever betrayed by his own sisters and brother he thought there was no one he could trust. Thirty years later King and Raven's had passed leaving their off spring one name Maxius and the other Markix.

Marik posed the blood of the roaring loin as Maxius held the blood of Anubis  they where called the boys of the shinning temple, Having the blood of the roaring lion skin was always a bit red as the citizens caught word of these children they set out as a mission to end them but Marix was already dying from a sickness it seemed his body couldn't take the blood he was born with as he cough up blood daily it was not until his brother died he sought out help, remember the stories of Kraven Marik used his power to release  him from the void which was a bad mistake when Kraven was free not only did he kill the citizens he killed Marik and used his abilities to make a gene for the next generation to bare the blood and not get sick but what the reaper didn't know was Kraven enchanted it and with the power of the gifts he was given he killed the reaper and using his remains in the blood for no oni or angel could capture his families body. He put it to the point where no one not even an tenchi sou could rid this power. As the family began to grow Kraven began to trap the gods and onis that where after into the artfacts, so far there were only three but as the generation grew they could be more. As a Serizawa would be born there blood would be special if a young member would touch the artifact they would a power but this power on the artifact wont be permeant until they go into the temple for example Kraven with the gulent used gravity.seeing by the age eighteen their power would grow along with there strength if one would hold all the artifacts they could rule a realm with an iron fist. Also it is said that only the Serizawa family could wield there weapons. There power was even known through the other realms even in fumi,

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