They were recreated even down to the molecurlar scale! The pod had been known as the R.O.P.'s. AKa the Ressurection Organisim Pods. These Medical Machines are mainly used by PMC Organization's. However they were also used in the GMAF's the year prior. When a person is badly injured, or even completely dead. They are put into this tank and hooked up with a breathing apparatus and other various wires, allowing operators of the machine to monitor the recipient's vitals from outside of the tank. It can read the bio-mass and genetic strcutures of one's form and recreate it. According to previous users. The vessel induces a blissful and soothing sensation of recovery on whomever it is healing. After healing up, the person can then leave the tank, fully rejuvenated. Because of some of the Omega Gene effect. Some Individuals ( Depending on Physiology )increase a Human/Humanoids power after use, making it a very useful object for the PMC's. The Liquid within the Pod is what really does the trick however. The substance that fills each pod is a chemical blend of unknown composition, seemingly originating from somewhere within the Earth's crust. Which can only be broken down by scientific means. The chemicals can rejuvenate the sick and the dying and even the dead if the genetic coding is correct. The downfall to this, is that it will typically kill a healthy user. In addition, it appears to act as a youth restorative sometimes, decreasing the age of a user depending how long they were in the pod. Michiko found the substance after one of her science teams brought back the guided information. Analyzing it for herself the foruma was made. This substance that was so deep within the earth's crust is ironically beneathe the Heroes for hire cave... where Michiko was able to track this down. Asking Ochigi for permission he allowed an escavation to commense. Kaori, the leader of the black glove society gave Michiko the 6 million dollar funds for this project....

The GaurdianEdit

After the Pod's had been made. Keyth Tasanagi and friends asked one of there most trusted allies with the duty of gaurding the fountain from intruders. His name had been XIao Lee ( Also this guy Xiao-Shinto) He sitting infront of the door way of the room after they moved the Pod's down into a underground faculity in Missouri where the Maru Jetai army is within ' No man's land.' He sits in a solar powered room where he's constantly getting fed with solar energy strengthening him to the fullest. None shall pass the Notorious and powerful Xiao Lee.

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