The Nebula Core is an Orgainzation that came from China. They were agents and families that knew of Primis. The one world Government that hides in plain sight.  After world war 3, the world had been in such a crippled state that the world powers came together to create one government. This government was called ' The Primis. ' The Primis had spanded over north america, into russia, and over china. These 3 world powers created the Primis and with there tools combined they made a agency over the government called ' The Sectors. ' These  Sectors were to uphold world peace no matter what the consequences. Founded 3 years after ww3. But there acts are against humanity. China's small elites broke free of the Primis, and the chinese government all together and created The Nebula core The Nebula core members are well trained in the ways of chinese martial arts and are extremly deadily in combat.

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