The Book of GrimioireEdit

The Book if the son of the Shard of Power . Created from that Shards energy it has the power to conjoure beasts from all forms of reality no matter the world. And has near full arcane knowledge of the Dark arts of Chi Sorrceor. It alows the owner full power at the expense of all humanity stripped from them. The user can even and has to sacrafice humans to the book so it may continue to live. The known Owners of the Book are Mr.Grimalde it's creator. Sector Olympus-Hades, And Belzabub.

The Omega NulliferEdit

The Shard DetectorEdit

Chi PillsEdit

These are soft gel pills developed by Aiden with help from a scientist team with Ochigi Ryoji. Aiden was lead in this development and is credited to the development of these pills. The simple explanation to these pills is once ingested it allows the consumer to utilise a burst of chi. To be more detailed, Once these pills are ingested they break down and release a pheramone. This pheramone works in a radiant way around the body to draw chi energy from the area around the consumer. This chi is then distributed through the consumers systems and allows them use of a surge in chi. The great use of these pills is they can allow any organic being a temporary burst of chi, weather augmented in it or not. (These pills last for a series of 3 consecutive turns before wearing off and can only be consumed every 5 turns or your character will overdose.)

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