Project Esper: We will make you strong.


Project Esper was originally intended too crate advanced super soldiers for the KPD by infusing an insane amount of nanomachines into children, and then train them their entire lives too be perfect combatents. Upon going rouge Project Esper took on the purpose of creating an amry of Espers, their name for nanomachine using super soldiers, so that they could take over the city and rule as it's government and police force.


Project Esper was formed twnety-five years prior to the events of Ark 13 by the KPD. Five years later after it was discovered that they were torturing the test subjects and kidnapping children the KPD officialy shut them down, however the project continued on in secret. Each member goes by a secret codename, and has given up their birth name.

Known Members: AliveEdit

The Director: The leader of Project Esper

Codename Sparks: An unkown member of Esper at this moment

Known Members: DeceasedEdit

Codename Imagine Breaker: A young male member of Esper who had the ability to cancel out any powers caused by nanomachines. He was killed by Accelorator.

Known Members: Left OrginizationEdit

Accelorator: Accelorator escaped Project Esper when he was seven years old killing several members on his way out.

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