Within Kasaihana, it’s a totally mixed Ethnic’s culture. Every Martial arts style could be used within this city. But the most average will be listed here. If one, wanted to learn a style from someone else then they would simply have to ask the person. If someone does agree to teach you, it’ll take 4-3 self pro claimed episodes between you and the teacher  for your character to catch the grasp of it FULLY. What I mean by that, is that they could have a session with the teacher, and they could leave knowing a bit. But only after the 3rd or 4th episode ( which within the episodes it you make it how many days you want it to be.)  will they be able to fully use the style at the level needed to truly combat someone. People can only start off with 4-5 styles.

Feel free to have add as many styles as you want. Most of the styles were listed or found from the Martial Art's Wiki.

The listEdit