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"I'm Chaos made Pretty!~"

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"I accidentally did that on purpose!~"


Name: Luciana Harlow

Nickname(s): Lucy, Lulu, Bubbles and The Mightiest Meow (The end she kind of made up herself... shh!)

Age: 21 | Jan. 29th

Birth Location: District 1

Main Inhabitance: Project Esper

Luciana's Theme Song; "So can you try a little harder, I'm really getting bored!"

Luciana's Theme Song; "So can you try a little harder, I'm really getting bored!"

Current Inhabitance: FREEEEEEDOM! Bye-Bye Esper Cage and Helloooo chaos!~

Gender: Lady love! 

Relationship Status: Single and ready to miinnggllee

IMVU Username: QUlNZY


Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Weight: 121 lbs.

Blood Type: Unknown | Who doesn’t have a blood type, like, what?! Luciana doesn’t seem to have one, or at least not a name for it. Upon all the experiments and alterations to her physical being, Lucy’s blood was taken and used to try and fuel the corpse of another, only in the end it seemed to end with that person screaming in agony. Something had seemed to go ‘wrong’ throughout her growth in the laboratories, therefore, her blood is proclaimed as toxic and harmful to those around her if injected or consumed. This also aids in her use for weapons, for when she cuts herself and taints her blades or bullets, the toxins within her blood can lead them to a numbing state, or paralyse them for a certain amount of time. 


Eye-Colour: Naturally Lucy owns a pair of piercing blue irises that hold an outer rim of black, causing the intense cerulean tone to become a main aspect that grabs attention. Upon the awakening of her chaotic nature, though, shall the colour seem to shift and, if one pays closer attention, can see a pool of violet spill out into the crevices, consuming the irises in a vibrant display of glowing lilac orbs while the pupil appears more like a feline slit.

Hair-Colour: Long and flowing, hardly ever cut, Lucy’s locks are more of a golden blonde meshed with a strawberry touch. When released to let down her back it would fall to just above her rear end, yet the fashion she holds dear is a remarkably high-strung pair of pigtails, adorned with various accessories that dwindle from bowties or little bear clips. If they are not placed in pigtails, usually the containing hairstyle would be two braided buns on the side of her head with a bow resting between. As for in comparison to with her eyes due to the nanomachines throughout her body, Lucy's hair can alter in colour as well; the tips developing black on one end and red on the other.

Complexion: Luciana had not seen the sun in a long, long time with being in Esper. She trained indoors and was forced to remain indoors. The flesh residing on her body is all fair and rather porcelain in hue, and minus the scar that runs from her neck to half-way down her back, she's pretty clean and blemish free.

Body Composition: Leading way to a thin waist, Lucy is fairly petite. Her hips come outwards to provide a lovely natural sway to her walk, filling the pants with enough, yet all toned and perfectly fit from having no choice but to move and compete and fight for her survival. Her bust is rather large, hosting to a DD in size, and normally she'll keep 'em strapped down with some tightly fitted tops, but showing 'em off is never a concern to her. Luciana Harlow is not a shy little thing. While her torso itself is not remarkably long she makes up with appearing taller by the aid in her lengthly legs.


Harley+quinn+harley+quinn+damn+fine+artwork+here 754873 4258980
  • Bubbly: Enthralled by the glamour of humour and enthusiasm, Lucy is one to always crack a smile and display a flutter of laughter which catches the sights of wandering crowds. Yet her mannerism can tip towards a more annoying scale, the persistence she displays in her act of adrenaline, the engaging behaviour leads people to have a hard time remaining angry at her, or taking her seriously, for the matter.
  • Neurotic: So Lucy is a little... different. Meaning, she isn't cooky per-say, but caring about people getting hurt, exploding random buildings and drawing blood, welp, it doesn't really bother her. At all. The girl laughs in the face of danger, handles usually traumatic situations with a grin, and if something proves too serious, prepare for the jester jokes. Although if you do get her in a corner she probably will panic, and whimper, and most likely whine.
  • Temperamental: If someone isn't listening to her, or Lucy is feeling pretty ignored in general, perhaps even left alone, her dramatic tone will navigate into a rather frustrated sense. The usual energetic disposition drifts into a manner of argumentative behaviour, thus responding to growls with fists shoving into walls. Sometimes, when really ticked, she'll even tear the heads off of her teddy bears. Gasp.
  • Impulsive: Everyone tends to speak words on 'Thinking before one leaps', which in all truth of the matter is a highly intellectual concept. Luciana, however, could beg to differ. Her response to ideas manage her to bolt in head first and this can cause her to get in a drastic amount of chaos. Although it can work for her, she could get people around her hurt if the situation is too grave. Lucy does love to wreak havoc without a second thought, leaving a trail of mayhem and disfunction in her wake, but should she? Nyyyeeehhhh. ~ This trait also corrolates to her attitude towards people. If she finds someone cute, oh sweetie, trust me you'll know.
  • Innocent: If you think this is leading into mental disposition, then clearly you need to press that rewind button, because of course Lucy is far from internal innocence. I mean, really now; Psh. What does work for her though is when dressed can she flow between seductive and innocent. Her blue, doll like blue eyes accompanied by the pale hair and flesh, not to mention her short stack self, really allows her to play with those along the way. Lucy adores seeing the look across people's faces when the petite thing can really swing a good one or ten!
  • Playful: Accompanied with the attribute of 'Bubbly', Luciana is a naturally playful individual. Be it dabbling with pranks on those close to her, those far from close to her, or just pushing and shoving to fill the gapes in time. Normally she'll simply play dangerous pranks on those she hardly knows. Of course she will holler out to take a joke, tellin' em to not get so mad if they almost lost a finger, 'cause hey, they didn't lose it? Just almost did!
  • Manipulative: Playful and a prankster, grasping along the puppets strings shall she hoist up the subject and lay claim to their dance. Manipulation always provides an enthralling time, and if you do have something she wants but wishes to toy around the park some more, Lucy will surely wrangle inside your mind -digging deeper and deeper before she drags her nails into your flesh and pries out the goods. Figuratively, of course.
  • Tumblr mzaxlw4tRE1rrudwso4 400
    Thrill Seeker: Ohhhhh she hates to be so bored, bored, bored. If she isn't fighting, she'll go looking for one. If she isn't pick-pocketing, she'll go find a purse to dig through. If she isn't running along the city scape and jumping from one roof to another, you'll be damned to not see her bounce. This female cannot seem to sit still. She starves for adrenaline.


  • Masochist and Sadist
  • High energy
  • Loves explosives
  • Childish
  • Stubborn
  • Perverted
  • Teddy bears, pastels and cute dollies
  • Prankster
  • Speaks before she thinks
  • Generally just does not give 110% of a shit
  • Always has some kind of candy on her. Where does she get 'em? Who fucking knows, she's a damn thief



The demon form of Luciana Harlow comes out when she unleashing it, and succumbs to her nature. This can be high doses of adrenaline, carnage, chaos or bloodlust. When trained, she can bring it out on her own will.

Luciana's demonic seems to release the pigtail concept and blend more into having long, flowing, curled white hair. Horns protrude from either side, more towards the top, of her skull and twist like that of a ram, while the tattoo upon her back do expose the blades they own; deadlier and more sharper than before when she was but a simple half-breed. Her mouth owns four fangs, yet all of her teeth are more pointed, while her titanium nails are elongated to string out about 4 inches.

Her ears are pointed, more similar to an Elf in the stories, adorned with various forms of jewellery that hangs, while her eyes keep to the galaxy appearing visual yet pupils are slit like a felines. The feline form of her pupil manages to make her have heightened eyesight which aids in quite a few things. Beneath her eyes and running down to the middle of her cheek are also pointed, baby pink type stripes. (Think Reno from FF7)

Another notable feature is how a slick, slender, baby pink toned tail is added with an arrow-like tip. The tip is used how one could see a scorpion, and getting stabbed by it can result in heavy injury due to the tip seeming to hold a toxic chemical. A reminder of her former blood. It's use can bring those to an alarming halt, and once it goes through their blood-stream, opponents could be induced to a coma. Length of time? Depends on their body capability. Some can be withheld into a coma for up to only three days, while others, three months.

What is astonishing about Luciana is also what has happened to her blood. Lucy's blood is no longer a poisonous threat due to dying and releasing her full demon sense of self. While in her regular form her blood is rendered a toxic mess to those who ingest it, when she is in her demon form her blood is more used as a strengthener. It can heal people or increase their abilities by four times the regular. ONLY in her demon form is it this valuable, and only in her demon form can it be used as such. If someone tries to take her blood when she is not in such a state, they will only leave with toxic blood.


Neutral Evil

A neutral evil character does whatever she or he  can get away with. They are aways out for themself, pure and simple. They shed no tears for those they kill, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. They have no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, They do not have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has.

Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies.

Neutral evil beings consider their alignment to be the best because they can advance themselves without regard for others.

Neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation.

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The personal code of a neutral evil character may look like this:

1. You shall lie to advance yourself.

2. You shall harm the innocent to advance yourself.

3. You shall kill to advance yourself.

4. You shall not aid the weak.

5. You shall honor those who are stronger.

6. You shall follow the law only to advance yourself.

7. You shall betray friends, family, community, and nation to advance yourself.

8. You shall not aid those who protect the weak.

9. You shall not show mercy to enemies.

10. You shall seek unlimited power over others.


Luciana's current location is not set in stone. She has no place to drift towards given how she has just left Esper, and should try to remain hidden given how her status has been announced; her title a wanted criminal needed to be returned to Esper or a local Asylum before being collected. Those watching television and listening to news would hear of her escape, and the proclamation would state how she is 'Highly dangerous, destructive and will terminate upon sight'... Part of it's quite true, she suppose. Now, people she meets will either try to terminate her, capture her, or flee. So wherever she goes, she SHOULD lay low for a bit.

But probably not.


Definitely not a super-hero, but far from a villain either. Luciana goes wherever the money flows, and she will take any task given. Pay her to kill someone? Done. Pay her to grab your something from the store? Done. Pay her to tie a Military officials shoes together and watch 'em trip? Hell yeah that's done.

So in all technicalities, she is a freelance vigilante, but will be gaining a side job within a fighting cage. Crack some jawlines for some million coin.


Due to Esper injecting and altering Luciana with various chemicals, and especially nano machines, her abilities (aside the weapons given and training forced) bodily wise are provided below; 'weapon' concepts only mentioned:

  • Nails can grow and sharpen to be the strength of titanium along with the sharpness of glass. Very useful as she enjoys tearing people to shreds and cutting them sweetly. Blood, blood, oH THE BLOOD!
  • The Pixie Blades mentioned below. Tattoo is upon her back but can activate when she is fully enhanced, becoming wings of daggers. Various ways to use them, also obtain flight up to 200 ft.
  • Poisonous blood that flows throughout her veins. Usually she will cut herself and taint her blades or nails, and once it gets in their own bloodstream, or injested, within two minutes will they fall down; paralysed. Depending on how much is used will depend on the length of time they are incapacitated.
  • Enhanced ability within her legs and arms due to nanobytes. This allows her to jump to extreme heights and have more ferocity in her throws.
  • Experimentation has given her a longer durability in comparison to lifespan. She is not immortal, but she can naturally live longer if she just refrained from dangerous situations and wished to exist normally.
  • Speed is increased due to Nanomachines as well, but not overly incredibly, just higher than normal.
  • Nanobytes give her healing powers. As she is already labeled a tough individual given her durability advancement, the healing prospect aids in further success. Nanomachines navigate to the damaged area and rapidly work, trying to repair and seal the wounds inflicted.
  • Can connect with Syl mentally due to the link of nano bytes used in a similar fashion, same goes for Professor Cuddles.

Later on shall Lucy unlock more of her demonic side, therefore taking the abilities she has now and enhancing them by extreme amounts. Flight will increase to 800 ft, strength up to be able in lifting 600 lbs, healing will dramatically shift; cuts healing within seconds and daggers penetrated able to be removed while the wound them seals right after. Her durability will alter and she can take far more hits, the blood she owns will shift from being poisonous to giving people strength if they can get their hands on it and her speed will make her almost a blur to the eye unless one is on the same 'wave-length' as she.

In order for Luciana to be able to become her 'Full Demon' self due to the dormant Demonic blood residing inside of her, she has to be on the break of death (as it can awaken during this time for feeling the fear of perishing) but most likely will have to die. In the time of her death, given a ten minute grace period at the most, will her demonic blood shift and alter throughout her body, soon to unleash the true demon within. The demon blood will then coat along her nano bytes, enhancing them and her other given abilities. Instead of eye-colour shifting when she is given adrenaline will her already blue toned hue's alter into a blend of blue and purple, appearing almost like a galaxy itself. Main fangs in her mouth will grow to a certain extent and will become rather sharp.

An additional ability will also be unlocked known as Icing. This ability will act as a barrier, being able to coat along her body (head to toe) and act as a shield of defence. Making her become as if she is concealed by a layer of steel. Icing will prevent most attacks and is entirely immune to fire and ice reactions -nothing can make her cold or over heated. Icing will only be unlocked once she becomes a full demon though, and is hard to master therefore it will take time, but once she can master it will she be after to shift it on and off within a 5 minute time frame.


Tumblr n1x8qqOPAa1r2y7r9o3 500


Caught in the eclipse of acrobatics and gymnastic function, Luciana was highly trained and forced against her will to participate within Esper to become a highly valuable, and useful, asset to a military force. Their goal was to achieve some form of super soldier status and with their persistence were they close to succeeding. Threatening her well-being and life, Lucy was told that if she did not fight, she would be terminated. In the training facility was Lucy forced against varying experiments and individuals within Esper, and those whom lost were terminated until they had a select number of high ranking beings.

With the constant needle prodding and injecting her with chemicals, along with nanomachines to course throughout her physique, Lucy is capable of incredible feats. She can jump from wall to wall in order to scale buildings, maintains high flexibility skills and seems to have developed a quick healing process. If she is cut it shall seal within a matter of seconds. Being stabbed is a bit harder, as it takes some time, but by the next day she should be pristine as a bleach.

Lucy's main training has stemmed from M.M.A practice, Kick Boxing and Acrobatics/Gymnastics.


- An electromagnetic whip configured for her when she was dubbed one of the top 5 elites within Esper for training. The length of the bullwhip extends to about 10 inches, whereas the actual lash is 20 feet . She can have it turned off and used as a regular sort of grasping tool, but along the handle is a specific pad that registers her thumbs fingerprint. Once her thumb hits it it will activate the lowest form of electricity being at 5 milliamps which is a slight shock felt. Disturbing, but not painful. Most people can “let go.” However, strong involuntary movements can cause injuries. 

If she taps onto the pad quickly twice it will stretch to about 9-30 milliamps which is a painful shock. Muscular control is lost. This is the range where “freezing currents” start. It may not be possible to “let go.” 


The last stretch of volts is 50-150 milliamps, using three thumb taps, and it is an extremely painful shock, respiratory arrest (breathing stops), severe muscle contractions. Flexor muscles may cause holding on; extensor muscles may cause intense pushing away. Death is possible. 

Lucy also has the opportunity to twist the handle counterclockwise which ignites the whip to bathe itself in flame. So not only does the opponent have to deal with deadly shocks, but now they could be lit on fire or have severe burns. 


Weaknesses with Sparky is that once she charges up the highest volt at 50-150 milliamps, she has about a good 45 seconds of its use, but after that 45 seconds it will automatically scale back down to phase one and takes about two minutes in order to re-charge and be used at the peak of its destruction. She also MUST have her thumbprint be scanned or else nothing will ignite and it will just continue being a regular bullwhip. Therefore, someone could stagger her or keep her from getting her hand on the thumb-pad, or not have enough time to twist the handle and bring forth the flame.

**Upgrades can be purchased for Sparky, 1,000-4,300 milliamps (1-4.3 amps) and the highest at 10,000 milliamps (10 amps). 1-4.3 leads to ventricular fibrillation (heart pumping action not rhythmic) occurring. Muscles contract; nerve damage occurs. Death is likely. Whereas 10 amps is cardiac arrest and severe burns without the flame. Death is probable. Critical injury is 100% guaranteed. 

** When dealing with a Cyborg or someone with mechanical limbs and accessories implemented into their flesh, such as arms/legs/torso/etc., phase one will cause an involuntary action to the electricity such as letting go of something or possibly a slight stun. Second phase can cause their system to go haywire for around 10 seconds, or whatever mechanical device they have, third stage could possibly cause a system reboot. If they have Bulk, third phase can weaken the structure so if she hits it a second time, then it could possible do the shutdown of mechanical accessories and limbs. Cause the hardwire to go loopy.




Second piece of weaponry. Due to the nanomachines, Luciana has a tattoo of Angel Wings upon her back and shoulder blades, although it's use is not just for pure visual appeal. When her high emotions are triggered and the outlast of her changes beings, the tattoo will begin to protrude through her back, slicing through her flesh and revealing actual wings except that are entirely constructed of titanium.

These blades can be used to fly up to at least 200 feet and it guides from the top, being the longest yet dullest form of the blades, and near the bottom being the shortest/smallest, yet sharpest blades.

Lucy can grasp one and remove it from it's hinge, making them into useful throwing knives or battle swords. If she happens to also cut upon her flesh and taint the blade with her blood, there she can have a double form of deadly, as enough of her blood could be used as a paralysis.

An advantage of being able to bend the middle blades, so when she throws them, they can flash through like a boomerang and attack those surrounding while being able to return to her in order to be placed back upon her wings.

** Problem with Pixie Blades is they are painful to release. It involves her flesh being sliced and metal stretching throughout her back. Of course the entire process would be more like a nightmare. If someone acts quickly, and she is stunned and/or already weak while trying to release them, the opponent could have an upper hand at jumping towards her.

Cupcake grenade by werewolf9595-d59ehm7


- A simple bomb in, well, the shape of a cupcake! Super cute, I know right? Lucywill just pull off the cherry on the top of the bombs and instead of them going boom, at first a bunch of pink glitter will pop out, making them confused on wondering what useless machinery it is but soon after it'll fizzle, like a low fuse, until BANG! The entire thing explodes and a massive gust of pink smoke will rush out. The smoke causes disorientation, coughing and renders the opponent slightly blind due to the thick smog. The cupcake bomb is what Lucy uses when she needs to get out of a sticky situation, or try and get the upper hand on the wacko tryna bring her down. 
** An upgrade for the cupcake bombs are adding a specific chemical within the gas that, once around any source of flame, will have an explosive effect and actually become a proper bomb, and not just a make of smoke. 



- Connected by the nanomachines which linger inside her body and have made a sanctuary in the cavity of her brain, Lucy has special control, and a link, to that of her little buddy she named Professor Cuddles.

Standing at a reasonable height of 65 cm, Professor Cuddles is a squishy, cute, utterly adorably mad 'toy'. Half of the bear is pure white with a blush tint upon it's cheek, whereas the other portion is stained of black and has a sadistic grin plastered across as it's sewn expression.

Wicked fact! Professor Cuddles can split in two; become one pure white bear, and one pure black. This is usually when two of his Bi-Polar tendencies try to take over at the same time, and instead he simply splits. They can be separated for however long they wish, but to recuperate full energy they re-join as a team. Their names when separated are: ☀ Shiro=White and Kuro=Black. Each one also has separate powers, Shiro's being a threat detector, able to sense dangers from a distance, while Kuro's is a voice manipulator, where he can throw his voice throughout the room and mimic other people or things, which can confuse individuals coming near.

Professor Cuddles can walk and talk as if it's alive, and boy does he have an attitude! A bi-polar little monster machine! He's very protective over Luciana and Luciana adores him to pieces. Think of the little Angel and Devil on your shoulder and you've pretty much the equivalent of Professor Cuddles. Some days he'll speak words of polite wisdom, being honest and gentle, and the next he'll erupt and encourage blasphemous acts of chaos and mayhem. Mind you, they fight like cat and dog, and goodness can Professor Cuddles be a perverted little critter sometimes. For some reason he loves boobs, and is rather eager to cuddle with Lucy when she demands it; although sometimes he will complain and try to act like a 'Man'.

With the special link between the two, during battle can Lucy give him energy in order to produce sharp talons that protrude from his paws; this is when Cuddles is a full bear and not split into Shiro and Kuro. One eye will blaze red and be able to be used as a manner to explode things, such as going through walls and crushing buildings (or people!), but this act can tire poor Professor Cuddles out, leading him to crash right after and end up sleeping for about an hour in order to regain his strength. And the energy needed to make him so useful can really tucker the poor girl out herself, so when strong Cuddles is strong, He's got about a good minute and fifteen seconds before the energy depletes and he's out like a light.

He is a peculiar creature, but my does she love him.

Tumblr ml9uycPQYM1rbff3ko1 500


Jinx Voice - English - League of Legends

Jinx Voice - English - League of Legends

^ Luciana's voice.

^ The Voice of Kon is Professor Cuddles, or as he prefers to be called: Professor.



Duh, like, everyone? Just kidding! Or maybe I'm not? Either way, here we are on the list of smiles!

SYL is on this list given how the two of them were practically raised around each other in Esper. Together they are titled as the 'Ying and Yang' due to how Syl is the silent and calculative one, whereas Lucy is boisterous and energetic. Luciana is the one who pretty much speaks for Syl, even when Syl most likely wishes for her to shut up. Sister's without relation! Although after current happenings from the Tasanagi Estate, Syl made Lucy believe she hates her which crumbled the blonde inside. She's trying hard to go through life right now, but she'll know she'll try to find her late. She has too.

EKO and Lucy became close after they had slaughtered around 51 in a fight club. Originally they started out as opponents, but ended up teaming up cause of things going south for a few individuals. By the end of it they got along like PB and J, and realised they had so much in common! Now they are like two psychotic best friends but.. with benefits. On the off time will they release their stress into each other, fucking like hounds, but retain a mutual chill disposition. Lucy adores Eko to bits, but in the end they are more friends.

EDEN CREED is someone whom she met after sneaking out when a festival was going about, managing to take some time to be curious before coming back for Syl later and not getting caught. They met and it was brutal, just how she likes it! By the time situations had come to pass, Eden managed to hunt her down and found her, bringing her passed out and weak form to his home. The relationship that stems between the two right now is a mixture between frustration and kindness. They love to annoy one another, but Lucy actually has a massive crush on him although is too prideful to admit it. When he brings loosy goosey women to the house, or if she comes back to see 'em, Lucy goes all passive aggressive later like flushing the toilet when he's in the shower, or eating his favourite food before he can get too it. All because she's just too stubborn to voice her thoughts. Crazy. crazy lady.


At the young of six, Luciana Giselle Harlow was subjected to a brutal murder that no one would have comprehended was plausible. A six year old slaughtering her own mother. The father was never in the picture to begin with, and with her mother always screaming at Lucy, going on about how she was the cause of all her problems in life, the little child reached for the knife that had been left along the counter top and repeatedly stabbed her mother whom was unconscious on the couch.

Tumblr inline nd71wqFSZP1regqev

Even at such a youthful phase the girl was determined a killer. Thrown into an Asylum for no family dared take her in, fearful to lay victim to the doll blue eyes and bright smile, the children residing around the orphanage could hardly please her. As soon as she was presented though was she gone, taken in a week and tossed into the cold clutch of Esper. From then on it was torture and torment.

The scientists craved for their hands to dig into sweet flesh, pry open minds and analyse it's inhabitance before pressing their chemicals into systems without permission. Lucy was young and unable to fight back, and there her venture into insanity only dragged her down all the more. As years swept by she was kept in seclusion; separated from other experiments. Her title was deemed destructive and untrustworthy -they could not control her and it terrified them. Unable to deal with her chaotic patterns, they threw her into the training pits with another, expecting her to fail a deceased corpse, only the end result was astounding and satisfactory.

Luciana had torn through them like butter and they kept throwing more and more people towards her. Each one fell down. Each one couldn't seem to keep up. By the end of it she was notched one of the top 5 elites within Esper, but still, they did not allow her to play with the others; her only company being the surprisingly 'alive' monobear she dubbed Professor Cuddles. The more she grew, as did her beauty, and some tried to take recognition; advantage of the young thing behind padded walls and bleached scents. When she was strapped down upon tables, injecting her with other implements, games were demanded that she did not wish to play. She didn't wish to partake.

Already fuelled with the nanomachines, Lucy tore through her bindings, having reached her peak in adrenaline and rage. By the time she could breath everyone within the room was dead, and what was white was no longer. Collecting what she could carry, Lucy made her escape from the Esper Projects. Titled a wanted criminal all throughout the state, them trying to bring back one of their most prized possessions, Luciana refuses to be dragged back there and now that she is released into the wild, my god do her lungs ever burn with sweet release.

So here she comes now, ladies and gentleman.

Armed, crazy, and really wanting to play.


Highlighted points for Luciana:

  • While in Esper, although she was restricted around various individuals, she had come to know and appreciate Syl. They met around the age of 8 - 9 and from then on were trained alongside one another, coming to be established as Shiro and Kuro. A force that Esper was anticipating to unleash; thrilled at their creations. When Syl was removed though, and they found them to be uncontrollable around one another, Lucy demanded something to which they gave her Professor Cuddles whom also takes up the alias of Shiro and Kuro when in his split form.
  • Never dwelling in the past as it is not Luciana's fashion, her memory is also spotty for a reason. Around the age of 10 Lucy had died in the labs, and before they had committed to giving up and tossing her corpse, the main scientist who even located her originally made use of demonic blood. Taking some of the Demon's essence and pushing it into her system, Lucy was resurrected. Her eyes had shinned a vibrant red before slowly beginning to fade back to blue. Lucy has no idea that she is now a half-demon by nature, and figures she is just a regular human with extraordinary gifts due to Esper. Truly, though, that is not the case and there is far more to the story than her mind allows her to realise.


  • Peak Human Durability: Throw her off a buildin'. I dare ya. She'll giggle.

^ Will shift to Supernatural Durability and Reflexes once she becomes a Full Demon.


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