Kasaihana city

YMRP Enters Generation three!

With this Generation welcome the Kasaihana High set up! Within Kasaihana city a highschool where all the youth of the city reside. The school is broken down into different sections. Staff and students attend daily for 4 to 5 days a week depending on grade level. This school is great place to be! This school is made to be a growing process or growth system for those in the RP to help them insert themselves into the story. People may choose, or not choose to go through the school process, but it will help those that are new, and dont quite understand the RP itself. Letting them get accustomed to the area without having to get thrown into the lifestyles of the dangers of Kasaihana so quickly.


Classroom 1


  1. Rule number one of Kasaihana High - DONT BE A DICK- We do not like bullying, and or being a dick within this school. Principal Williker will not deal with such things..
  2. Age starting  Minimum: 15 Freshman
  3. No Fighting
  4. Dress code: boys; White shirt and slacks girls; White shirt and skirt and/or leggings.
  5. No Sexual intercouse
  6. No Drugs on school grounds
  7. First warning is a verbal warnaing, 2nd warning is detention, 3rd warning is Suspension or ISS,4th Warning is getting expelled


Name Age Where they live Grade
Mr.Obvious 31 District 1 Junior and Senior Teacher

Mrs. Cosmic

27 District 2 Senior teacher
Mr.Consequential 48 Distrct 2 Woodlands

All Grades

Dean Martin 45 District 2 Dean (All)


Ark 16Edit

Kin is in control of most of Kasaihana high's homework trade. Anyone that wanted to get there homework done, and paid someone else to do it beside's themselves would have to pay Kin in some way shape or form. Kin is in full control over this, the only partnership being him and his Andriod friend Xochitl Aka Jane. He makes a good sum of money every week doing this, along with everyone who works under him.

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