Donatello Rogers

“Hi everyone Donatello Rogers here. Gonne be lightly warm right today… around 88 degrees and at night it’ll hit around 90 degrees completely sunny. Massive explosions rocked the inner city walls and rocked the civilians hard in District 1 last night. All of the Drug labs within District 1 were destroyed; a chain explosion and the Drug dealers that were the owner of these Drug labs were found MOSTLY dead hanging from buildings. The dead men and woman were imprinted with a Large Raven tattoo on their bodies… maybe to indicate some kind of Yakuza gang; the Terriost group has never used this symbol before giving the KPD this idea. The group that made off with 700,000 tanz from the Kasaihana city bank just last night in district 1 were also recorded to have used the explosions as a Distractions AGAIN, robbing the District 2 banks, four of them to be exact. The group has now gotten away with a total of 3,600,000 Tanz. The KPD has spoken on the issue… and obtaining this money would be a great success, they are even attempting to send bounty hunters from out of there Jurisdiction to get the money back. Only thing that is known about the thieves is that they live on the outer outskirts of District 2 within the forested area. Meanwhile… Two more hours after the Explosion a shooting was taken place at Kirei’s cuties. A Gentlemen’s club within District 2. All of the girls were taken from the club and we believe are about to be forced into the Illegal sex trade. Please… if anyone has any information please help the KPD find these women. The younger girl that claimed the Dead Terrorist Keyome Tasanagi as he father has ran away from the Orphanage… if someone has generally information on this young girl. Please… Let someone know Immedtially. Her name is Diana Katsunami. She’s 14, 5’3 and fair skinned long dark hair with barcodes on her arms and legs. Approach with caution… upon meeting strangers she is quite violent. Two hours ago, a man was found standing in front of the Kasaihana city Hospital… claiming that he had found the cure for cancer? When the doctors let him in… he told them. That his Semen was indeed the cure, that he had cancer two days ago. And that… um, well giving himself Oral sex he was healed. The man soon died 30 minutes ago due to his cancer. This has been Donatello Rogers with the 10-o-Clock AM news stay safe, and be happy everyone. “