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General Information

The Grand Martial Arts Federation or ( GMAF) is a fictional world-wide martial arts competition that is held infrequently and is hosted by the Chairmen of the Kagemaru clan, and simply the Kagemaru clan itself. It draws renowned fighters from all around the globe to fight and battle it out for the prize money and worldwide fame.


The sponsors are usually the ones that the fighter will ulitamtely have to fight in the end of the tournament. Kind of like the big boss in a video game of some sorts. Although the Kagemaru clan mostly host the event, endorsing money into it. Depending on where the tournament is held will be the sponsor of the tournmanet.

GMAF 1 ( Survival Conquest)

During this GMAF it was held in the now oriental wilderlands of china. Having to fight the wild life and there opponents on a strict surivial run. The contestants were told to collect 5 medallions to proceed to the finals. Once achieved they'd be allowed to fight in the last rounds to claim winner, they were given a week to get the medallions. Forced to sleep and fight in the wild constantly like animals.

GMAF 2 Tournament of Blasphamey

This tournmanet was constructed by an Unknown source, but using the Kagemaru as usual as the repersenatives. Pertcipants will be placed in a large Arena made in District 1. In the Arena people will have to fight those that are also in the tournament. Weapons are allowed, and anyone from Cybrogs to super soliders can join.

The tournament was ended with no winner when a massive explosion rippled the tournament to shreds.

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DOA5 Ayane vs Hayate


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Densuke Mifunae Keyth Tasanagi Shira Hanako Kyoko Kita
Aiden Nagara Xiao Lee Damian Yun

Danny "Daniel" Chan
Akuma Tetsu Kakubo Tsukuyomi Drake Ayperos Akiyama
Jason Caldwell Michael Cartwright Shizukana Yoru

Koi Yanazuka

Deucalion Gray Atsushi Katsu Rina Matsumoto Gus Skywalker


  • Densuke Mifunae (VS) Kyoko Kita - Winner Densuke
  • Keyth Tasanagi (VS) Shizukana Yoru- Winner Keyth
  • Shira Hanako (VS) Jason Caldwell- Winner Shira
  • Ayperos (VS) Michael Cartwright - Winner
  • Danny "Daniel" Chan (VS) Akuma Tetsu- Winner Danny
  • Deucalian Gray Vs Drake- Winner Duke
  • Rina Matsumoto Vs Kakubo - Winner


Kin Tasanagi Kaiuri Tachibana Ishin Takeda
Keyomi Tasanagi Jackie Serizawa Kuài 快
Nathan Seymour Anatsujin Connor Ryoji
Kodi Reavis Blades Leon Ryoji
Akira Tetsu Eden Creed Lucious Creed
Shin Tsumi Xiao Lee


  • GMAF1- Winner undeicded. Winner by default was soon given to a child by the name of Kaito from an annoymus choice 5 months after the tournament.

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