The premise or significance for the Detectives of KasaiHana City is quite simple. As detectives, they are allowed to do things that normal police wouldnot be able to do. THe Detectives of KasaiHana are considered "Above the Law" in a way-- as they can go deep undercover and do anything it takes to get the mission done; whether it be prostitution of themselves, to owning prostitutes, to even murdering Yakuza and Civilians. This is due to the Martial Law Deplux.

Story of Nashaga

Nashaga is the man who indirectly gave birth to this new system of police pardoning. Nashaga is the detective
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responnsible for taking out the Wagarashi Family-- a Yakuza group who engaged in heineous crimes. The Wagarashi Family was known for thir involvement in the trafficking of underage sex slaves-- mostly runaway children out of Junior High or High School. Due to their deep involvement in this act, The Wagarashi Family caught the eyes and attention of the KasaiHana Police force, which in turn forced Nashaga to take action. Nagasha-- now fully aware of the Yakuza clan's activity-- infiltrated the Wagarashi as an act of working deep undercover. While undercover, Nashaga engaged in the Yakuza life-- frm the tattoos to the gang wars over territory. As a member of the Wagarashi, Nashaga committed violent acts of treachery for which he was surprisingly never caught. In the process of infiltrating the family, Nashaga killed 50 members of the Wagarashi, putting an eventual end to their child prostitution racket. Originally frowned upon by the police, the method that had been used by Nashaga would continue to be used to the present day by detectives of a seperate entity from the police. 

The Martial law duplex system

The Martial law duplex, a system that the Detectives of the Kasaihana Detective task force uses. The Martial law Duplex Is similar to its original definition,“Military government involving the suspension of ordinary law. “ But, in Kasaihana city, there is no Army simply the massive police unit the KPD. The average police officer is only meant to do so much and with the overwhelming force of the Yakuza clans they need the extra help to actually succeeded. The Detectives in this point and time are much more than what they used to be. They are trained as soldiers similar to marine or special operative training. They are trained in many forms of powerful martial arts. Highly trained in Stamina and Driving tactics that are only trained by the best drivers that Kasaihana can offer. More than soldiers than cops the Martial law duplex wants the detective unit to be able to infiltrate the Yakuza ranks and bringing them down at all cost, and with any way possible.

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