"Doesn't matter what you try. Doesn't matter where I am or how badass you think you've become. 'Cause you know what? I'm The Red Dawn. I beat the bad guys."

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Densuke Ryoji
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Densuke Ryoji




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Vigilante Head of Heroes Inc Operations Martial Artist


District 2

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Densuke Ryoji
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Densuke can be best described as a rebel. He only follows one code: his own. He's perfectly aware of own personal definition". He's nice, when in the mood for it, and unlike his fathers "saiyan" instincts, he is quite open about his love to scarp. Over the course of time however Densuke would grow a sort of nobility for life. Understanding that there are things out there much bigger than himself, and he could not afford to be selfish about it. He's aware of how powerful he is and that his power can make or break his destiny as a man, as such regardless of his...lazy and childlike attitude at times, he will rise to the ocasion with a righteous fist and a desire to protect those which he considers precious. He doesn't wish to kill, though even with it conflicting against his morals, he understands that death is sometimes nessecary to prevent reocurring evil's that may surface again. Even if it hurts, he understands what must be done must be done.


Neutral GoodEdit

A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He/she is devoted to helping others. He/she works with there higher up's but does not feel beholden to them.

Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.

Neutral good can be a dangerous alignment when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

1. You shall lie only to evil-doers.

2. You shall not harm the innocent.

3. You shall murder, but only if it is the last and final thing that it may result to.

4. You shall help the needy.

5. You shall honor those who promote goodness.

6. You shall follow the law unless breaking the law results in more good.

7. You shall not betray others.

8. You shall bring evil-doers to justice.

9. You shall steal only to promote goodness.

10. You shall seek unlimited good for others.


Densuke is a very well built individual sitting on the peak of physical perfection. His muscles show vailantly through any set of clothing, his eyes have a deep peircing stare, that will always make contact with the person he's talking to. He dresses very casually at times, opting to take the stay at home look, when he's not on duty, but when on the call, which is usually always, he'll be dressed in full Red Dawn gear at all times, with the cowl resting off the back of his neck. You can easily see where each of the features for his three children came from, just by looking at him or his wife. He has a great smile, and unusually white teeth.

Clan & RankEdit

Heroes For Hire

Rank: Vigilante/ Chairman

What district do you live in?Edit

Raised in District 3. Currently living in a Flat in district 2


Is currently married to Felicity Hart.



Fighting StyleEdit

  • Can fight multiple opponents with reflex alone

Base Style: Karate

Flow of Battle: Sei

Main Style of Fighting: Formless Fist

The basics of this style come from densuke's knowledge of: Power Fist, Speed Fighting, and Hybrid Hyper Style, taking aspects and keeping metohds form each invidiual style (meaning he can still use them fluently). The stance, is to remain "relaxed". Maybe a shuffle of the wrist, a bounce of the foot on ocasion, and a completely lax body. The laxness is to eliminate the telegraphic movement. this is a martial arts term for the giveaway of what style your using, or someone studying your body language to try and predict your first moves on instinct. This kind of laxness does have it's advantages, espcially for a Sei fighter. From this stance, even if the hands were down by ones sides, they'd have the advantage to counter any attack from the front or behind, having the complete advantage of using any and every limb that they have to the fullest. This laxness also allows one's reflexes to be completely invuluntary. The user possesses extraordinary reflexes that are entirely involuntary. Due to this the user's immense reflexes can be used to attack and counter instead of for just defensive purposes. Because the user's body moves without the use of their brain the user is free to strategize and, with the correct judgment, can dodge a wider variety of attacks, even in a weakened condition. Since the user's body moves on reflex and not reaction, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against the user. In Densuke's case, his reflexes are tripple that of a peak humans, and his reflexes thanks to his training in the Sky Temple, he learned to fight simply on that instinct. This style of laxness also allows for unorhidox strikes like stoping a punch with ones shoulder, or attacking a person, by callapsing one's head and chest over a punch that was aimed at the throat, etc, etc. Those who train to use this style have to have an exteremely high reflex factor, and the physical build to pull it off. All in all Users will usually always be able to react at the VERY last second before any type of attack physical or chi based.

Personal Combination AttacksEdit

These are a series of Densuke's personal favorite combinations to attemtp to execute in battle. Not new techquies, just an organized list of combos densuke finds effective for fighting against fighting styles of all different types. These moves are NOT set in stone, and can be changed, or even intertwined if need be to fit the situation.

Meteor CombinationEdit

First, Densuke charges at the opponent and elbows them away. Then, he attacks the opponent with a powerful barrage of 3 kicks and 3 punches in their stomach, chest, and the bridge of one's nose. If the last initial hit connects (is usually specified) opponent lays on the ground paralyzed, he then jumps up in the air and fires an Atsuryoku No Ken own at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage and possibly denting and ripping the musle tissue on impact of accumilated damage.

Fly BoyEdit

First Densuke squats, bending his knees lightly as he discharges a slight wind from around his body, meant to "push" the opponent a bit as a stund, a side effect of chraging his chi. Then, he attacks the opponent with a hook punch and uppercut to the opponent's stomach and chin, both attacks having enough impact to microfracture the chin and bruse the muscles of the abdomen. Which ever punch is the finisher (will be specified) will have enough force to send them flying backwards 7 feet in a tumble usually.

Fall CounterEdit

First, Densuke dodges the opponent's attack by falling backwards and laying on the ground to double kick them into their stomach. The impact digs the feet into the gut, also effecting the rib cage to a degree as well, pushing it in. The Force of this attack sends the opponent up into the air. Then, he backflips up onto his feet rather quickly to keep pace and attempts to leap up into the air above the opponent, reducing his pressure with his chi to make sure he can leap faster than they ascend. Finally, Densuke attempts to knock the opponent down to the ground with an axe kick to a random body part (to be specified.) inflicting a high amount of damage.

Savage ShoryukenEdit

This attack can be a rush or a counter depending on the situation, but because of it's power it usualy takes time to prepare (one post charge time).  Densuke will luanch a boxing style uppercut, though with this particular uppercut it's much more deadly and potent, simply because of it's posture and speed. The punch itself is  between a hook and an uppercut. It is also known in boxing as a three-quarter uppercut, or as a shovel hook. It strikes from an unexpected angle and can catch a fighter unaware. The Smash is best suited for in-fighters, that relies heavily on sheer power to destroy opponents who come in contention with it. In this case densuke's body would bend itself towards the back angle in which case densuke simultaniously takes a step inwards, pushing off of what ever foot he chooses from his posistion. With that he then thurst not only his attacking arm, but his upper body into the smash like punch, aiming at not the chin, but the curve where the neck and the very base of the jaw meet, other words the beginning of the throat. With or withouth ferreal intent this move could indeed cripple a person if used correctly, but it can be redirected for a less lethal impact. In any case if the move itself hits his direct intened lethal point, the impact if meant to would possibly snap the neck inwards as densuke's fist would literally dig into the asphogus, cutting off air momentairly form a person's grasp by caving the throat in. Not only that if this  hits, densuke's fist would be "Dug" into the curve, in a perfect fit, but thats not all. While doing this, if desired, densuke would use the atsuryoku no ken, so when the punch connected, if it did, the force would push from the bottom of densuke's elbow, and create a second impact, that would boost densuke 5 feet in the air, but his opponent 10 feet in the air. The second impact would have just as much force as the first one, so as if the second impact makes connection it would completely and utterly snap the neck, and completly turn the throat into mush unless the opponent has high durability (Enhanced). The speed of this maouver is a direct usage of the applications that lie in speed fighting, meaning that it is thrown at the speed of a jab, but with inhuman force behind it, crack punching and flash punching in one move. Take note: even if the innitial uppercut does miss, the Force emited from the atsuryoku no ken must still be filled in. as such, the force would still leave and possibly hit the opponent if they managed to dodge, or block the initial uppercut, though even if blocked the force behind this full body uppercut would at least leave a sting to what ever body part was used for a block.

Mallice & SpiteEdit

First, he charges at the opponent and attempts to  punch them in their jaw before reverse side kick in the same area i.e the jaw, before blasting them away in a beeline fashion, both attacks causing heavy muscle damage and brusing, with sprain. Then, he yells as he dashes after the opponent using pressure manipulation to lighten his body increasing his speed. Next, he uses Wild Sense: Wild Sense is an ability one can gain when they gain a superior level of Speed and Fighting Skill. In a simple term, Wild Sense is a technique that allows the user to create an image of their body to fool an opponent to gain the element of surprise. On many occasions a user will use their speed to get behind the opponent and follow up with a simple physical attack. That beig said densuke would attempt to get behind the enemy, and grab the opponent by their head in a sleeper hold. The hold would be tight, with no restrain and all applied pressure put on the neck. Densuke would then contain their head and step backwards, and begin repeatedly ramming his knee intot he mid section of the back upon his opponent. Densuke would use this as a brutal submission but it has side effects. The first knee is the initial one, and would cause lack of breath on impact, with a terrilbe boney pain in the spine. The second knee would double that pain, and spread the pain to the entire lower back, stretching the muscles out uncofertalby and causing the spine to microfracture a bit. The third knee would cause the opponents body should it hit to bend completly backwards,  literally over densuke's knee. The spine would be deadly close to breaking, but amongst all that the muscles would take the most damage and the disc in the back would be be poped out of place, essentialy the back of his opponent would be broken.

Black JackEdit

Densuke dashes to the opponent. Looking like he's getting ready to attack with either a right, lefthook OR a well timed counter that involes a spin behind the oppoennt, grabing the opponent in a german suplex like technique, slamming then back first into the ground. The Impact of this blow would sheerly snap the spine like a twig simply due to the pressure of the blow, added to that the neck would be instanly sprained if the user attacked with mallice.  This Move can also be done up close, dishing it out quickly and suffcinetly. This is a powerful counter technique or assualt technqiue, tought to densuke by Keyth Tasanagi. Densuke never to much implied wrestling in his combat, but densuke took to it once he saw how effectively keyth used it.

End GameEdit

First, Densuke shouts "Get ready for this!" as he dashes forward from where ever his posistion is using his "Batsuo". once he reaches a foot away from his opponent, he utilizes wild sense-Wild Sense is an ability one can gain when they gain a superior level of Speed and Fighting Skill. In a simple term, Wild Sense is a technique that allows the user to create an image of their body to fool an opponent to gain the element of surprise. On many occasions a user will use their speed to get behind the opponent and follow up with a simple physical attack. It may sound simple but because of the timing and precision that theuser must have to accomplish this feat, it becomes a difficult task. Speed Boxing uses Wild Sense on an offensive and defensive level. Also densuke lightens the pressure around his body to acelerate his speed to that of sound, and attempts to knees the opponent in their stomach, with enough force to literaly shift the diaphram out of rythm and leave his opponent more than breathless, and double them over and spread the force through their entire mid section back included. Weather this knee his or not, Densuke's body would quickly shift to an afterimage (via wild sense), espcially if this first knee was blocked or dodged,  but even if taken, with his increased speed, jump, and appear above the opponent to knee them in their face from above, breaking the center bone of the skull, and sending bone fragments, into the eyes, and curshing the bridge of the nose, and the upper jaw (if desired). if this knee connects (with the first knee it's more than possible) or not, dnesuke attempts a 360 roundhouse kick to the opponent's head, which has enough force to cause a ringing sensation in their ear, and a numbing feeling in their neck and whatever side of the face was hit, if mallice included, it could snap the neck, but all would cuase the opponent to fly beelined backwards 10 feet. Note: even if the areial knee is dodged, densuke would luanch the aerial rounhouse kick according to the direction the opponent dodged weather it be left or right, OR if blocked, the force from the kick would still knock the opponent way via the force behind it but not as far away, only 5 feet. Densuke then attempts to use his "Batsuo" to outrun the knocked back opponent (if it was sucessful) behind them to attempt to thrust elbow his opponent in their back, to completely stun them and stop them in their tracks, and weather this hit or missed, a large seismic force would be emitted from the explosion of force Densuke would release from this final elbow. The air pressure build up would continue to expand on itself in a forward, arch, spanning about 8 feet in curvature, so the opponent would be cought in a pressure zone that would continue to compress their organs and bones, until it made contact with an outside object, picking up kenetic energy along the way to increase damage output as it or the blast soared outwards. First impact this move instantly breaks the back, including the shoulder blades, spinal compression, and completly tearing the back muscles from their tissue attachments. the real damage in this attack is the overall effect of it. since densuke is in his batsuo, every hit he luanches is preformed inside of his feild of pressure, and in this combination he increases it. so each hit that lands, litterally increases the opponents weight, by 300 lbs, as long as they make physical contact with densuke or stay more than a foot of his approximate posistion. Making matters worse, each of denske's blows would feel like being slamed in the face with a steel baseball bat attached to a race car going 100mph. The blows in this combo also emphisize crack punching: This style of punching usually consists of a power combination technique. This technique revolves around an even balance of speed and power. Crack Punching uses the kinetic energy that is created from a speed punch but instead of focusing on pure speed, the user will put a dose of power into these punches. Instead of using the speed to create a quick paced combo like throwing ten straight jab-cross punches to injure the opponent, Crack Punching/kicking involves using home run punches that can severely injure the opponent or possibly kill them depending on their natural ability. (for example the moment he rushes in with the knee, weather connection is made or not, densuke would expand the feild of his pressure to innitiate the combo.) To avoid this move completely, it'd be best to dodge densuke in a wide spanning area (this can be comprimised so don't get metagame happy)  however this can become a counter or a straight forward movement depending on when densuke wants to use this move. Only someone with a high durability logically could withstand the force od densuke's hits with this manouver.

Uppercut HeelEdit

Densuke will rush his opponent from far away, or from close range, depending on the situation, and attempt a wild hook punch, seemingly thrown out of anger or irritation, with his right hand. This punch would be moving at a speed, that even an enhanced user of reflexes would admit seemingly difficulty dodging it. The punch is aied for the face, but it is all a feint. Once densuke's fist came within an inch of his opponents face, his body movement would shift, rapidly, into a low right legged sweep kick, going from right to left, in a circular motion. if this sweep connected, it'd have enough power to cause the opponents entire body to flip in an ascending cartwheel in which their body would spin a full 3 times, on the ascencion and the descencion. (6 times in total) and cause the ankle kicked to buckle in on itself, making mobility on said ankle difficult. In the middle of the opponents spin, densuke woudl complete his own spin in exactly half a second on the dot, only to attempt a momentum built right legged side kick aimed at the opponents mid section, specifically the diaphram. If this kick connected, it would take the opponenst centrifical force, and ad an impact focal point in the center of their body, meaning the inertia from the spin would add tot he force of densuke's kick, compressing the ribs together and squeezing the diaphram painfully, causing a violent loss of breath, and massive brusing of the large and small intestines, the stomach, and the liver. As an added bonus, the combined forces would send the opponent in a beeline backwards by 8 feet. Note: even if the initial sweep missed, the side kick would still be attempted, and have enough force to simply compress the rib cage, and draw blood from the mouth.

Sheild CounterEdit

This move is tricky and can only be preformed with some form of magentisim. First densuke would push a button on his watch before or during combat, unbeknownst to his opponent that is, unless one watched carefully. Once the button is pushed, densuke can touch a peice of metal, or metallic alloy, and manifest a feint magnetic pulse on it, via an imprint, made from micro-cyber chip matrieal and invisible ink (in other words a micro magnet). Once this is done, densuke will usually throw the metallic object (his sheild, a pole, a bolt, etc, etc,) at or twoards his opponent. If it missed, which is the intention, densuke's throwing strength, would equal that of "inhuman" thanks to his muscles, and send the object 100's of meters away, at about 70mph. After a few minutes however, with the flick of his wrist (2 post) the metallic imprint would respond to densuke's watch like a high powered magnet. With the strength of the magnet being equal to that of construction gear, the size of the object will determine the speed of it's return. the object magetized would rapidly return to densuke's posistion at the same speed he threw it if he willed, or greater. That being said, depending on the object, this could potentially peirce the opponent, behead an opponent, impale an opponent violently, or dismember a limb. For example: if densuke preformed this to his sheild, and threw it. Continued fighting his opponent, the sheild would begin to return instantly after two post, at the same speed it was thrown. if denske's opponent is near, it will hit them dead on, for realistically if one has no knowledge of what he's doing, a dodge would be non applicable unless one had high reflexes or a form of danger sensory ability. This can be with ANY object that is metal or of metal origin,, for example a car, a stop light, or even minute things like metal nuts and bolts. Note: depending on the will of the user, this could kill an opponent.

Cross counterEdit

A simple movement for countering punches of any style or calibur, combining reflexory combat. The user will throw what looks like a chinese kenpo crane style strike at the back of the opponets hand of their incoming punch. This in turn, will deflect the force of the punch entierly shifting it's direction and veering it causing the opponents body to literally shift forward with it causing them to hunch over and lean in a bit. Once this lean was established, using the properties of speed fighting, densuke would use the same hand that deflected the punch, and luanch the back of his hand, more noteablt his wrist, still bent in the crane posistion, and luanch it twoards the throat of his opponent with maximized force. the throat hit, would temporarily collapse the wind pipe, and cause the opponent to gripe and groan in pain, and fall face first to the floor. This is a single and fast hit, and can be done with a phantom pain effect, meaning he could throw it in the middle of someones punch, and not have it felt til moments later (after one post of the opponent, that's when they would feel it), if the user wills it.

Back CounterEdit

Densuke can preform this as an offense or counter. In a swfit motional instance, densuke would turn and stand back to back, back to front, or front to front with his opponent. He then grabs his opponent neck with his left hand and grabs his opponents left arm with his right hand. Densuke then preforms a basic shouler throw, mean to land the opponent on the back of their necks, right at the curve of of the neck and the upper back. Depending on the momentum, it could knock someone out, if not it would cause a viable shakeey feeling in their legs, making it hard to be mobile or manouver.

Choke CounterEdit

Densuke can preform this if he has enough time to react or is in posistion to do so. Densuke, with his enhanced reflexes, is able to percive and plan the outcomes multiple steps a head of his opponent. That being said, the moment he senses, or views arms coming twoards or around his neck, his own bodily reflex would be to shoot his hands, and forarms upwards, and infront of his face, cutting off his opponents overall grip, and reducing it, only making it easeir, to escape or prevent a choke hold offesive measure. If this fails, densuke will instinctively, draw a breath, and with his enhanced stamina, he can hold is breath for about a good 10-12 minutes giving him plenty of time to do what's needed even unter constant attack.

White Man Choke HoldEdit

Densuke would approach the opponet or let the opponent approach  him,
Jake Roberts DDT 2013

"It's almost over's almost over"

before attempting to grab his opponent by the shoulders, and bend them forward, only to place them in a headlock, but not so much a normal one. This headlock, would wrap the right arm around the entire neck like normal, but instead of grabing his wrist to secure it, the user would turn cross his left arm around his wrist instead, forming a terribly tight reverse sleeper hold around his opponets neck. This hold gives the opponent ABSOLUTELY NO room to breathe. The more they struggled, the tighter densuke's grip would get, in turn collapshing the throat in on itself, and closing the windpipe completely. If the opponent persist in the continuation of struggle, densuke can easily snap the neck, applying his entire body weight to it, and quickly snap it back in place. this move would temporairly kill an opponet, only for densuke to fix ther necks back in place, and restabilize their breathing, putting them in a coma that would last for at least a week unless they had high healing capabilities. This move is also flexible, and can easily be convereted into an chimera choke hold, where densuke engulfs the opponents waist, with his legs, brining his weight down on not just the neck, but the entire upperbody. This manouver actually SPEEDS UP the effects of the previous chokes, except with this one if one tried to jerk their head from the grip, they'd snap their own neck trying to. Though anything is possible. Blood chokes, carotid restraint or sleeper holds, are a form of strangulation that compress one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. A well applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds. Compared to strangulation with the hands, properly applied blood chokes require little physical strength


Kenichi v2 c13 (04)
A technique found within Chinese Kenpo where, once kicked, the user grabs the enemy's leg with both hands, smothers it in their chest and stomach, and crushes it, which also leads to a headbutt. This happens in a simultanious motion, meaning that the attempt to grab the enemies opposing kick, or to grab the leg in general, would be followed up by a head butt to the ribs. If the leg grab is sucsesful (even higher if it's a counter), Densuke would smother the leg between his arms and chest, and in one clean motion, dislocat the knee entirely, and compress the kneecap in on itself, causing it to split right down the middle. the head butt (again done at the same time) would have enough force to crack 3 ribs on which ever side it hit the opponent on, and leave a bleeding bruise in that spot. this combo can end with the opponent being sent tumbling on the ground rolling, away 5 feet form where they were.


  • the footwork
  • How the face looks when the jab hits
  • The clothesline
  • The finish
Densuke would approach the opponent, with quite the fancy foot work, similar to that of a boxers, but holding his hand's by his sides however swinging them back and forth, shuffling his feet like a tae kwon doe master, but his knee's twitching ever so slightly, would give those that had Combat Perception, Body Language Analysis and Adoptive Muscle Memory, the impression that he was going to throw a kick. This is because densuke is purposely mimicing another martial art style, to give the impression that it's the style he's about to use for this attack In truth, it would be a right handed jab, that lashed densuke's hand into a silohuette of what it used to be. A normal human or anyone without high reflexes or vision would literally think densuke's arm disapeared for a moment. Thanks to crack punching via speed fighting, this jab throw at the bridge of the opponents nose would have the strength of Mike Tyson fused with Brock Lesner. If one were to get specific, thanks to densuke's Full Muscle usage and advanced combat ability, he could whip out punches with over 2,000 psi, literally more force than a shotgun to the face. If this jab hit, the bridge of the nose, the edge of the forehead, and the eye socet edges, in twoards the nose, would all be caved in, imparing vision, rattling the brain conssisently causing 3 concussions in a row, and the opponent would find their upper lip pulled up by the skin. The added concussions would result in a slow and painful k.o process, that depending on durability would either severly hinder the opponent mobiley (eye damage) or k.o them. This wasn't honestly densuke's intention. As hard as the punch is, it is STILL a jab, meaning densuke would reactract his arm as quick as he shot it, followed by a spin of his body to the right in a 360. This would be done weather the punch missed or hit. The spin was a rapid one, spinning at a speed that would have densuke in a complete 360 in a single second. Once this 360 completed itself, densuke would lash his right arm out in an attempt to back hand the opponent with his fist, hitting them on right side of their face, which if it connected, would hit the very hinge that connected the jaw to the upper skull, breaking it completely, leaving the lower jaw hanging over by it's opposite hinge, and causing the opponent to stumble to his or her opposite side a bit. However this wasn't densuke's intention at all either. He was hoping for the opponent to attempt to block this or grab his hand/arm. In which case the moment densuke saw his oppoent attempt to preform either of these actions before his actual hand made connectoin with his face, densuke would wait until the hairs of his arm could feel any part of the opponent's touch connect, and the moment the slightest of skin contact was made, densuke would bent his arm at the elbow and allow the forearm to retract itself, completely dodging and bypassing the opponents defensive manouver. This is possible, due to densuke's extended training in wing chun, which teaches the sensitivity of the skin, can let an attacker know weather to attack or defend. Once the arm was retaratced, densuke would stop his spin, with his right foot, only to pivot off of it again, and attempt to luanch his entire right arm at the opponents chest/neck area in a clothesline. This would have densuke's entirey body force behind it, i.e the step in and pivot, and have a force GREATER than the initial jab densuke luanched. If this hits, the muscles, specifically the pecks, would have a literal imprint of denskue's arm in them, bulding in the body. it would aslo cause the heart to skip 5 beats, which is fatal, and applied with speed fighting principles, the kenitc build up would rock the opponents entire body numb, making any effort to move, or to counter after this clothesline hit (if it connected) useless, if not impossible. Not to mention, the impact would cause a distorition of sensory abilities, mainly a loud ringing noise int he ears, that is as effective as a persons hearing, due to the kenetic build up. so one with ehnahced senses, like hearing, would have a major headace, and blood dripping from their ears, from near busted ear drums. Should the clothes line hit, the oppoenets body would rear backwards, suspended horizantally in the air for a moment, about to bee line backwards. This however would be interupted by densuke. (keep in mind if the clothesline hit, this next move is a high possiblity, incredibly) attempting to grab the opponet's right foot with his own right hand and in a snap pull them backwards, horizantally, only to use his right hand to gather more moementum via speed fighting and kenetic energy, and attempt to luanch his fist at teh base of his oppoenents chin. If this punch connects, (should the previous hit have been taken the jaw would be completely off it's hinges, hanging by the skin of the mouth. If it had been blocked and densuke had to use the secondary measure to achieve this hit, then this punch would be an exact duplicate of the clothesline, but all focused on the head. The opponent would not only be sent flying 10 feet away into the nearest obsticle, but their teeth would close in on each other and collide with one another, cracking them together, and causing them to dig in the uppeer and lower meaty parts of their mouths. That and a final large concussion would emit, k.oing the opponent on impact unless their durability was exceedingly high. They'd also suffer hemerging in their mouth, which if they didn't find a way to open their jaw back up, they'd suffocate on their own blood, with int filling their thraot in profusely.

Get Cha Head In The Game!Edit

The user first allows himself to be hit by his opponent and follows the opponent's energy flow, which is usually through a hit in the stomach. This is Densuke's counter for massive gut hits. When the user gets hit, their body automatically bows down and gives the opponent a powerful headbutt. This technique basically uses the opponent's strength to counterattack.This head butt will be as powerful as the opponents punch via densuke beding and allowing his own body to follow the flow of the opponents momentum whilst adding his own. Densuke's headbutt would give him a bit of a headache, but not as much as his opponent, seeing as how he's the one who inflicted the force.

Perks Edit

Human Type: Peak HumanEdit

Koikonjitto PhysologyEdit

This is the ability which is akin to the Ryoji Family, granted and passed down genitically by the japanese shinto god Hachiman, in his attempt to create an everlasting "prtotector" of humans. With this Koikonjitto are natrually bread to be genetically superior to the human species weather it be in on asepct such as intellgence, or speed, or in all physical aspects in general. This is why Koikonjitto's usually develop peak human traits faster than other human beings. They're also gifted with the unique abiltiy to use up to 100% of their brains potential allowing their senses to be in a constant ehanced state, specfically if they'd developed a percentage of 75% or higher. With brain percentage this high it gives a massive amount of physical advantages such as making The user's natural five senses at the highest limits of human perfection; meaning that their sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste are enhanced. An individual with this ability are capable of seeing further, acutely touching ink on a page, hear small sounds, have a smell capability similar to an animal and tasting accurately than normal members of their species. Users are able to completely use every muscle in their body while under normal conditions most humans use only 20 percent. Even chimps can be 4 times stronger than the average human because they can use every muscle in the body. This is because their body structure allows them to do so. The user obtains combat is enhanced to that of the very zenith of natural potential. The User is able to take down multiple grand-masters at once with this ability. They are beyond that of the finest Olympic martial artist and are also able to learn new martial arts in a very short period of time. User may even be able to take down unskilled Super-humans with this ability.User is gifted with extended knowledge and usage of the brain. They are able to think in ways that they could never have imagine or understood before. Users can remember things they have forgotten, replicate knowledge, and become completely competent and aware of the situations they are in. The user has complete control over the brains of oneself  including senses, the conscious, subconscious and everything the brain controls. Due to this they are able to perform a series of functions; autonomic, or involuntary bodily functions, somatic, or voluntary bodily functions, and cognitive, concerning the use of the mind to solve problems. The user can sense nearing dangers and sense unwanted or hectic threats to their wellbeing. The user has anxiety just before a hazard (such as being ambushed). The intuition usually regards themselves at low level, then regarding their surroundings (a distant car-wreck) at middle level, then dangers regarding loved ones at high level. While this is a key ability, it has limitations. Another thing is that it can be fooled by people he trust, or those he deems close to him. It is also indefinite to whom the danger might occur, it’s..random in a sense. If the danger affects The Koikonjitto in anyway, that is the only time it will go off, it will not go off if others are in danger hundreds of miles away, but only in close to mid range mile proximity. The level of danger can be predetermined by how severe the feeling is, but it’s not clear to what it might be. In short if the danger effects him, his loved ones, or people in his immediate proximity. Or even aid in predicting the impacts and trajectory of enemies attacks, via upfront or blindside. it gives him a low grade precog sense enabling him to enhance his own reaction time, and see any speed of attack in a "quick time" sense. Based off of this he can also trace the location of the danger, by simply "tracking the feeling". User is capable of incorporating a sense-related power into their fighting style, helping to anticipate attacks, fight illusions, remember where an opponent is, etc. In turn this also allows one to minorly functionally control the whole voluntary/involuntary movement, causing/increasing/removing nerve ailments, etc. Koikonjitto's regardless of pesonal preference will always have a habbit of consistent calculation and analyzation, weather it be from trival things like washing dishes, to fighitng  up to 10 opponents at once via The ability to see all the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. When utilizing this ability, the user sees paths projected in front of them, illuminating possible courses of action, they can then foresee the best tactic, and accelerate themselves along that path. . To complement this, they have unusually high reflexes allowing them to capitalize and respond to rapid changes in the enviorment and in dangerous situations. They're being is hardwired for all and anything combat based. They develop skills, traits and abilities faster and more effectively than should be possible. Said person can improve their own natural abilities far faster and to a much greater extent then other members of their species. This applies at a genetic level, allowing the body to keep up with the users own rapidly developing skills. As a result users of this ability can (eventually) benefit from training that would otherwise cripple or kill a normal human being. This apsect can be applied to many diffrent factors such as:
  • Develop Enhanced Condition through constant improvement.
  • Gain new skills/abilities potentially faster then your peers.
  • Develop genius level intellect through vigorous study and research.
  • Become expert-level anything in a fraction of the time required.
  • Potentially surpass the greatest masters of your field
  • Indomitable Will
  • Enhanced Dexterity
  • Peak Human Reflexes
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Able to deduce the smallest things, in ANY situation

Enhanced DexterityEdit

The user can precisely control their movements and muscles, making them unable to be clumsy or fumbling. They can slip through a network of lasers, bullets, reach through dangerous narrow tunnels, keep perfect balance, or juggle effortlessly without ever tripping or wobbling. The user can even move their finger or toes effortlessly, with tendon strain no longer being a problem. Users can only fall over when physically uprooted or pushed, though most times the user can land on their feet. Practiced users can stand up right on even the most unstable of surfaces, such as a moving vehicle, a collapsing building, or an earthquake. They also are able to regain balance or bounce back to their feet quickly and perform feats such as shooting a gun, throwing a knife, or fighting at seemingly impossible angles and positions.

Indomitable WillEdit

The user has unnaturally strong willpower, enabling them to resist all forms of temptation including Subordination Manipulation, Telepathy, Mind Control and Subliminal Seduction. Through their will the user can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against them, possibly up to the point of cheating death and pushing themselves past their own limitations. The user is empowered by others' willpower, capable of achieving unbelievable power and do almost anything.  Densuke has demonstrated the vigor of his will power in multiple situations, via Wilson Thomason and White Tiger. He rarely gives up, and his fuel to win, or overcome any obsticle is what gives him such a high amount of inner power. Even with a battered and brusied body or mind, densuke's will as a Ryoji, will carry him through life, and even death if need be.

Enhanced StaminaEdit

The ability to have highly developed musculature that generate less fatigue toxins than the musclelature of most other humans, enabling them to gain greater endurance. Peak users of this ability are enabled to run for so many hours (maybe days) and not lose breath. Additionally, they can exert themselves at peak capacity for several hours without use of rest before showing any sign of fatigue. Users can operate on a low power setting, allowing them to operate for an extended amount of time. They can hold their breath for longer periods of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep. Densuke with his brain capacity has shown to be able to push his human body to the exterme limitations, even past what  he can actually be full on capable of.

Peak Human ReflexesEdit

The user's reflexes are at the peak of Human Potential and Perfection; this means that their reactions are superior to those of normal humans and are near-superhuman. They can catch a fired arrow in midair, dodge offensive attacks, and perform amazing physically defensive feats; They could even evade strikes from beings with super speed, and dodge multiple gunfire with ease. Densuke's reaction speed is 20 kph+, which makes it possible for him to dodge fast moving objects, even in point blank range, but only he's aware of the shot itself. (With gunfire, it varies on the weapon itself. Pistols have a 95% dodge rate, while higher calibur weapons, this percentage would decrease.)

Crimefighting MasteryEdit

Sherlock Holmes Explanation Scene HD

Sherlock Holmes Explanation Scene HD

The ability to have progidal crime fighting abilities and maintain them without the need of further training. User is able to become almost superhumanly skilled in all forms of crime fighting and law enforcement. Users are naturally talented and/or trained to find criminals and stop their activities either through sheer intellect or the use of honed brute force. For the vigilante side of it however, The user becomes specialized in waging their own personal war on criminality. (these are applications densuke was already capable of, but now fully personified, so i don't have to type to much out anymore xD :P)

Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

The ability to be immune to other political laws except in their own country.. A sub-power of Law Manipulation, Omniarch and Personal Domain. User has complete immunity to laws that aren't governed form his or her homw country. This is because the user is treated as royalty or of high standard in their own country, as such must be treated with said countries highest respect and honor. User cannot be harmed by foriegn people/persons unless they chose to defend themselves. User cannot be arrested on foriegn soil unless trialed in their own country first and forehand. Any attempt to break these nation rules, will result in said opposing countries legal case, and a full on impeachment of power, striping said country of it's moral standings and having no chioce but to pay compensation to the user's country. In short, User can create their own standards, for traveling on foriegn grounds, if they wish to be treated the same or not.

Abilities Edit

Strong Arm TechniqueEdit


Take note of the arms, not the reference or whole body.

This was a technique developed by Densuke when he was growing up. This technique could be considered a steriod for the body, mainly his right or left arm (or any misc body part). Densuke floods his arm (for example) with chi, cuasing the muscle itself to grow up to 3x in size, increasing either defense or offensive capabilities. for example: Offensively, Densuke could increase his arms muscle mass to tripple his overall punching power to that of a heavy wieght boxer on speed, or Defensively, strengthen the muscles in his chest to cushion the blow from a steel pipe (though damage would still be taken) or stop a sharp weapon from making complete penetration (thought it would still perice the skin layer, drawing blood) Miscellaniously, He could apply this technique to his leg muscles, to increase his running momentum, or jump height to about 10 feet off the ground without a running start.

Atsuryoku no kenEdit


The generation of this technique

Atsuryoku no Ken, or pressurized fist, is a chi based attack that Densuke self tought himself during his traning (if it can be called that) with Freeman, and brief instuction by Tetsu. This move is specifically dirived from Peizokinetic Combat, the art of using pressure in combat situations using ones kid and physical body. The Atsuryuku No Ken, works by channeling chi into the forearm, and fist, to cuase one's "punch" to accelerate at such a void and rapid speed, the very friction in it's stride of movement would collapse and dissipate the air in the path of one's punch. Weahter or not the punch connects or not, the lack of air in the stride of the fist, MUST be filled in as such this would cuase a rapid mass of concussive pressure to build and fill in the void of open space, and cuase it to shoot from the direction it collapsed itself on in the first place. The trick to the move is the "hit" and the "force" The punch requried for the move is STILL punch, just an acclerated one. The "air pressure" comes from the lack of air left behind by the stride of siad punch, which containts a higher impact than the force itself, having the power to crumble stone into pebbles,move objects heavier than the user themselves, and emit enough PSI to NEARLY dent a car inside out. In essecne it is two attacks, however unlike it's often mistaken technique the Pusshu Bakufuu, the Atsuryoku No Ken, is not seen as a "colored" wave of chi that is sent outward. It  is a purebread invisible pressure that is only seen as a "blurred area in space" even with chi vision avalible. The impact on the human body can be fatal depending on the will of the user, i.e from something as simple as a busted nose could escilate into a fractured crainium or skull in general, and if mallicious intent is prefered, it can possibly shatter one side of the skeletal system if need be. The technqiue is also flexible, for example: If Densuke was to punch, and it miss for some reason, the force itself would still proceed outward, possibly hitting it's target. This is not becuase the force can be controlled, unless on has developed the skill to do so, but i'ts that the force is so widespread, dodging it is difficult but far from impossible.

The Atsuryoku TejunEdit

  • To advance
  • To Evade
  • To Intercept
  • Go to To Confuse
The Atsuryoku Tejun, a new technique Densuke was taught by video recordings left behind by Tetsu Ryoji. Tetsu in case of an untimely death left behind detailed video recordings which would instruct Densuke step by step and guide him to be able to hone his chi nature, and every possible surprise that could possibly come with it. Tetsu wanted Densuke to fully expand on his pressure manipulation. While he could already force the pressure forward or in multiple directions, he wanted Densuke to focus on using the pressure to his own physical advantage which would involve a cunning yet flexible way to combine Densuke’s techniques into one swift strike or many evasive maneuvers. Densuke being a Koikonjitto has an incredibly high amount of chi contained within his body, and it will only continue to grow, and grow, but it would be up to Densuke to hone his physical body and cultivate it to keep up with his ever growing energy. As such Densuke with Tetsu’s teachings developed the Atsuryoku no Tejun. The basis of the technique involves Densuke using his chi to “lighten” the psi around his body in a thin field, only branching off of his body exactly one inch. This is so it only affects his body’s physical vicinity and keeps from interacting with anything around it unless Densuke physically touches an object, person, or chi itself. In short the average psi is reduced around Densuke dramatically thus increasing his physical speed to something equal to that of one inside of a Hadou Kussei, for a brief period of movement. This movement will indefinitely leave behind an afterimage which lingers for a period of 15 seconds (one post). This technique branches into more than just that however, as it has 5 categories of movement, that give the user more options than just the typical “trick and evade” maneuver. (For practical purposes these steps can only be used twice per RP confrontation and 3 times for out of RP confrontation)

Jin (To Advance): Draws the user closer to his opponent. The move is so fast that it appears the practitioner moved toward the opponent instantaneously within the blink of an eye. (literal speed)

Tweh (To Retreat): Allows the user to retreat or create distance between user and opponent. This move is also near instantaneously within the blink of eye.

Hweh (To Evade): Allows the user to avoid the opponents attack and gaze. This move allows the practitioner to neigh-instantaneously disappear from sight. Even if tracked, the movement still gains a sense of distance and mild confusion.

Gyuk (To Attack): Attacks the opponent with a basic strike using the accelerated speed it gives. One cannot just simply use 'Gyuk' however they want. It’s a skill that allows the practitioner to read an enemy's foot technique or counter movement and change their own movement according to their opponents to neutralize them. The user reads the opponent's movement and by giving a slight change to the given time frame that movement requires, so they can neutralize it. Even if one isn’t accurately shown or given, the user can follow it by reading body language.

Hwan: It is a secret technique that affects the enemy's mind and willpower. This technique creates the effect of the practitioner being in multiple places at once to distract the opponent. Depending on the chi input, this number can expand from five to ten.

These are evasive maneuvers that can eventually lead to the ultimate fusion of Densuke’s techniques and skills known as the Tenkū Atsuryoku no Ken. This technique is the ultimate combination of all densuke’s move set involving the Strong Arm Technique, The Atsuryoku No Ken, and his adept Chi Manipulation. This technique is so advanced that the requirements to pull it off are a bit on the harsher side of things, but that is because if this move is to even graze the opponent, it is game over, let alone a full hit.

Tenku Atsuryoku No KenEdit

  • the initial start up
  • the outcome
There are three main steps in starting this technique. Not all of them are understood but here is the basic outline from Tetsu. It’s strength is such that a full connected hit would make getting hit by an eighteen wheeler going 75mph a walk in the park. The hit itself has combined Densuke’s less pressurized state of speed, with an already increased pressurized punch, with his muscle maxing out at 5 times its size. The sheer force of the pressure collapsing in on itself, only to expand again is literally enough to crush the human body inside and out. The impact will literally crush a human’s bodily organs, skeletal system, and even possibly shrink the human in size from sheer compression, regardless of weather it hits the body as whole or an individual body part. There is no real way to make this move non lethal as the effects can and will completely cripple a person if they take the full fledge hit. The move is really an enahced jab which is moving at an accelerated rate, however the effects added to the field are incredible. Not only is densuke’s body in a heightened state of speed, and senses, but the once his motion stops to deiliver the punch, even if properly dodged, the force still contracts and expands, meaning an explosion of pressurized air would expand from densuke’s fist , in a high velocity impact, enough to sweep the opponent and Densuke himself off of their feet and cause viable damage to both parties. (That's only if the punched is dodged) The Tenkū Atsuryoku no Ken is Densuke’s strongest attack but if not done properly could cost him the fight and the mobility of his physical body in general. If he were not a Koikonjitto he would surely die from sheer usage of  this very move.Gather the three different chi technqiues and focus them into one area via the arm, the leg, the elbow, the head, etc. (Densuke's chi technqiues)

  1. Take 3 steps or in any advert direction. This movement is due to it belonging to the Power Fist style and provides a chance to execute an additional attack prior to the strike itself. They were explained as 3 " steps" with a unique pattern.
  2. Then, begin executing the strike by entering the primary optional stance. At this point the user assumes a posture with their back turned toward their opponent and fists touching near the bellybutton. From this point on the user must factor the technique into the situation they are in and use it accordingly. This rule can be skipped if the situation calls for it but unless preformed correctly, the combination of three techniques at once will cause muscle tears on the users body.
  3. The next step is not elaborated on in Tetsu’s explanation but it seems that after gathering, focusing, and preparing their Ki the user near instantaneously leaps forward (by likely using a Walking Technqiues such as Jin) and brings their right fist forward while turning their torso to maximize the blows power.

Chi Augumentation/ManipulationEdit

Many who train in martial arts often gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness Chi, which can be used in cases of extreme combat. With this ability, users are able to physically manifest all of their inner strength and unleash it to the fullest extent of its power through shear force of will. The user can achieve extraordinary strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. Densuke with his accelerated development has been able to develop near masterful manipulation of chi, able to exert it throughout his physical being and enhance physical and mental aspects of his own body. He has as much chi as Tetsu Ryoji in his base form, but he lacks the needed control, as such he has overcome this problem to a degree. At times of leisure he does flunk, but in tight situations his true prodigal colors show themselves accordingly. When he uses his chi he'll usually refer to it as "Flickering" it to an area needed weahter it be a single limb or his entire body. He can also push the limits of his signature technqiues even further, by pouring more chi into it than usual. Over the course of time however, Densuke has become so adept with his chi control it has been rumored that he's actually picked up on the aspects of the energy faster than what his father did. He has adept control of it, such as making a thick layer of it to block certain attacks or touch things that can't be touched by normal means. He can even extend this manipulation into objects to make them harder or easier to break, such as his manouver of adding chi to a Railgun to achieve an explosive effect as he didnt to defeat Wilson Thomason. It's been noted that if his progression continues, he will indefinitly surpass his father, though mentall he would never think it possible to do so.

Inner Hadou TypeEdit

The Chikara no Hadou (also known as Surge of Power) is Gouken's toned-down derivation of the infamous Satsui No Hadou (殺意の波動, literally "Surge of Murderous Intent"); a main difference is that the killing intent was removed. So basically, the same thing as the Dark Haudou, strength is the same with gain, but you don’t have the killing intent. True masters of this skill are so in tuned with nature they can even levitate to a certain degree. One the warrior is fully aware of their state of being within light hadou and has come to a state of ballance with themself, and their past. A select group of human beings trained in the Martial Arts, go through the process of "breaking" and "rebuilding" themself up, clensing themself of impure emotions, feelings and past events in their life. The Shinto Gods (or other gods) will unlock hidden potentials within this person through Tenchi Soul.  Densuke's chi is vast and it's not an understatement to say "near limitless", and it reflects directly from his family lineage. While his hadou is that of the light type, He is perfectly aware that if he slips to far it could shift at any time. What's even worse is that densuke has a certain murderous intent emitted by his energetic pressure. It's speculated he does this at will, but only when he feels a strong sense of emotion, or spite twoards his enemies. He is light haodu through, and through, but is perfectly aware of his mallicious intent at times.
  • Balance: Users are able to balance by the force of yin and yang.
  • Chi Augmentation: Use one's chi in order increase their physical aspects.
  • Combat Empowerment: The more the user fights, the stronger their bodies grow, thus strengthening their chi.
  • Chi Aura: Able to surround oneself in chi energy.
  • Higher Consciousness: Being linked to one's consciousness, chi is able to allow one to be in their true mind.
  • Supernatural Condition: Channels one's chi within in order to push one's physical capabilities to superhuman levels.
  • Power Manifestation:Tap into the internal energy forces of the astral plane and become a physical representation of one's inner power.
  • Indomitable Will: The full power of chi can be unleashed through sheer force of will.
  • Enhanced Combat: Users of chi are able to enhance their combat skills.
  • Enhanced Durability: When amplified by chi, the body is capable of  withstanding most forms of pain.
  • Enhanced Senses: User's senses are increased above average.
  • Energetic Pressure: Level an entire landscape with nothing but the force of one's energy.
  • Sense of Strength: Users are able to use their chi in order to gain knowledge of another's strength.
  • Enhanced Jump: Use one's chi to increase one's jumping heights
  • Enhanced Speed: Use one's chi in order to increase their speed to the point where they cannot be seen. 
  • Enhanced Strength: Increase one's physical strength to the point where one is capable of destroying strong material.

Galliant Hadou KusseiEdit

Galliant Hadou Kussei
Strength Increase:
 This surge of power focuses on the physical aspects of chi rahter than projetiles as such the physical body of the user has its aspects pushed beyond what regular human limits are capple of. The energy can render a mans fist with the ability to dent or smash any object that isn't equivelent to his own force or pressure like stone, metals, etc. This is completly dependent on the user however, the more trained the body, the futher said limit can be increased. As far as actual lifting, sterngth willl be well in the over 2 tons area, but again this ability adds to a persons already viable stats, not gives them a set limit.

Higtned Relexes; The user possess an extraordinary reflexes that does not uses their reflexes for defense and to retreat but uses reflexes to attack and counter. The user may use judgment along with reflexes, allowing them to dodge attacks even in a weakened condition. Because the muscles of the users fight without the use of his brain, this allow the user to strategize. Since body moves on reflex and not reactions, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against the user.

Speed Increase: User can perform a burst of speed that allows the user to move so fast it appears as if they have teleported, many users can sustain only short dashes. In most cases the user is able to maneuver at the high speeds accurately and does not cause any shock or disturbance to the surface they stop on. Could be difficult to use, for the movement would be so fast they cannot be seen. For the movement would be so fast all one would be unable to see anything of the world except one big blur. But someone could be able to see while moving that fast, they would simply have to train to able to see while traveling so fast that they vanish for a moment. The person's body could adjust with these powers, allowing the person to use these powers safely. This speed is also accorded to combat speed as well, enabling the user to throw blows as blurs, and it appears as multiple hands instead of just regular thrown punches. Users can move far faster than the average member of the user's species, some at or above supersonic speed or even faster.. This power is not without any ill effects however, as it can strain the body, but some users may be resistant or even immune to the effects of high speed travel including friction and inertia. The user is able to accelerate themselves to high speeds, often transforming themselves into destructive projectiles in the process. This speed can be spanned over an overall distance or short burst. By traveling at great speeds, the user can acquire the relativistic mass of such speed to land blows which can hit with tremendous force. Thanks to the kussei, the chi coats densuke's body tightly, keeping his muscles in tact, so when he does hit sonic and mach speeds, his skin and muscles don't rip off from the speed and friction.

Pressure Manipulation: Within the Galliant Hadou Kussei, Densuke gains complete and utter control over the pressure feild sourrounding his own body. This allows him to manipulate the PSI in this feilds vincintiy without causing any harmful effects on his own body thanks to the qualities of the Kussei. Densuke through physical touch can even expand this arua around his allies or his opponents effecting them in his feild of pressure to. Densuke can either increase the pressure of matter i,e his body or an object, and increase it's weight dramtically to the point where he becomes signifigantly harder to life, even for a peak human. This can aslo apply to weighting his blows down and increasing the force of his punches and over all attacks. This can also work in reverse. Densuke can lighten the amount of pressure around himself, an ally, or an opponent. Usually he will lighten his own pressure allowing for swift combat movement and travel speed faster than that of his 300mph motor bike on footl. with pressure lightening he can also lighten the pressure of an opponents physical attack, rendering it much less painful than what the full effect of it would've been. These attributes can be used in the "Burst" method for quick outstanding feats, but densuke has learned that limiting himself is the best way to better himself. Only if he feels his opponent can take the full force of what he's capalbe of will he do such outlandish things with his power.

Will Empowerment: Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by a will of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the emotions or even slow or stop aging.

Basuto: Basuto or "Bursting" is a means of using the technique of transforming but only for short burst of time insrtead of spanning it for long periods of time. For example in a situation of complete and total danger, one could use this burst into the transformation and quickly utilize the speed and escape the situation using blarring speed or increased sterngth,and then return to a normal state. However once this would be done 7 times, it would have a 7 post recharge time should the battle drag out that long


“Flowmotion” is a state referred to as “the ultimate form of movement”. The user can fluidly move around on both land and air making the environment their playground allowing them to kick off any surface and air dash, swing around lampposts and grind along rails and battle enemies with speed and style. Using this ability, the user can easily use their environment to their advantage, such as running great strides and meters up walls to escape enemies. This level of agility is comparable to those such as Spider-Man and Daredevil. The user's celerity is also much better than the likes of an ordinary human. Enabling them to move with perfect agility, reflexes, speed, and accuracy. The user is able to move in any type of physical way flawlessly. They could be the finest dancer in the world, the best martial artist, the greatest athlete, etc.  Densuke learned from this time in the Sky Sanctuary that calculating movements are great, but learning to fight with ones natural bodily instincts can come in handy  when one’s brain or mental state isn’t able to focus or be at a complete 100% operation. As such, Densuke hardwired his own nervous system, to that where his natural impulses learned to react on their own to physical movements and situations, rather than taking time to calculate. As put by Takeshi “Even if you can think of 100 ways to hit an opponent, it mean’s nothing if you can’t instinctively simply “hit your opponent”. “  As such he was instructed in ways to make his body as trustworthy as his brain, whether it be of his own, or not of his own accord. This training gave him even better reflexes that he’s ever had in his entire life, similar to that of an enhanced being. Takeshi discovered that Densuke had a gift for having the “body of a greek god” so to speak. As such he has the ability to push his human body past the set expectations placed on it by others, allowing him to not only survive horrendous amounts of damage that could kill a normal man, but also react to any situation physically. Meaning in a physical confrontation, Densuke will always have some form of ground, injured or fresh from the gate. The flowmotion state of mind is different from a regular Kussei. It has the energy of a Kussei but compressed. Similar to how Ichigo Kurosaki, has a massive amount of spiritual pressure, but in his ascended form or Bankai his energy compresses in on itself, allowing for access to all of it at once, but in smaller amounts, that lead to BIG physical and mental performance changes on the same level but a MUCH longer duration time and less strain on the body. I.e if he uses it, there is a change in chi, but there is literally no aura or flare to it unless he wills it. No predetermined physical change, only a shift in chi pressure that can be felt if tuned into.  Typically speaking: It is not exactly a regular Kussei that requires the “Batsuo” method due to it being able to be durated for hours of combat on end, if combined with the full kussei possibly even days at a time, but more of a super-flourish of chi that allows for extordinary physical feats comparable TO a Kussei’s.

  • Hīrōsensu (Hero Senses): The user gains/ possesses extraordinary reflexes that are entirely involuntary. Due to this the user's immense reflexes can be used to attack and counter instead of for just defensive purposes. Because the user's body moves without the use of their brain the user is free to strategize and, with the correct judgment, can dodge a wider variety of attacks, even in a weakened condition. Since the user's body moves on reflex and not reaction, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against the user, depending on the severity. User has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to. The user's mind and eyes process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing the user to easily perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly. Another aspect of this move that has inbreed with densuke’s genetic coding is the ability to sense danger or harmful hazards that could be a threat to himself or other people. The user can sense nearing dangers and sense unwanted or hectic threats to their wellbeing. The user has anxiety just before a hazard (such as being ambushed). The intuition usually regards themselves at low level, then regarding their surroundings (a distant car-wreck) at middle level, then dangers regarding loved ones at high level. While this is a key ability, it has limitations. It doesn’t apply when Densuke doesn’t at least have a tidbit of reason to be cautious or doesn’t think he’s in danger. Another thing is that it can be fooled by people he trust, or those he deems close to him. It is also indefinite to whom the danger might occur, it’s..random in a sense. If the danger affects Densuke in anyway, that is the only time it will go off, it will not go off if others are in danger miles away, but only in close proximity. Also the danger is not always CLEAR. The LEVEL of danger can be predetermined by how severe the feeling is, but it’s not clear to what it might be. In short if the danger effects him, his loved ones, or people in his immediate proximity, it gives him a low grade precog sense. Takeshi of the four guardians informed Densuke that his brain potential had reached such a height, that this part of his new ability became a passive trait, and was designed to be unlocked over time.
  • Hiroundo (Hero’s Evade): The user uses their own inertia to create a vortex around themselves that substitutes a physical body to propel themselves off of. This process can also be reversed, meaning that he can create his own inertia to create a repelling type vortex or vector to substitute as a physical shield or a “vector” of sorts. The user can change the magnitude and direction (vector) of an object to maneuver it in the desired way, regardless of pre-existing vectors. This also applies to static or non-moving objects, technically speaking; the object still has momentum as it is moving through space. Since nearly everything in existence has vectors, manipulation of them can essentially grant the user an "Absolute Defense" that prevents the user from harm, among many other possibilities, but only if the user is aware. Though for it’s original usage, some users can jump infinitely, this is made possible due to their leg strength - using the speed of a kick through the air, one can use the air (which, due to the speed of the kick, could not escape properly) as a sort of cushion of the fall, therefore using it to jump another time. Given that the user has enough power in his/her legs, one can jump as many times as possible. A common video game cliché, but this is strictly a double jump.  Also user is capable of performing short "dashes" in mid-air, allowing increased speed and even changing direction in mid-jump. He is able to at most jump 2 times in a vertical direction, but can dash himself left, right, diagonal, or down, but after his second jump, he cannot ascended anymore unless touching a solid surface or another propelling like method is performed
  • Hirobenshi (Hero Agility) The user can avoid linear attacks such as bullets and lasers by simply quickly positioning themselves away from the path of the attack before it is fired. This can allow the user to avoid attacks that travel much faster than they do, including mid to high tier caliber rifles, any physical, or spiritual attack, and projectiles. User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort. Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance, ground based. Incredibly skilled above average agility users, can even preform mid –air manouvers, to preform last second movements, or quick decisive counters.  User is able to bend and twist their body far beyond the normal limits of physiology, although still only from the joints. Their joints, muscles, tendons and physiology in general is modified to allow the user perform near-boneless looking contortions without stress or damage and stay in any position they choose as long they need without effort or strain.

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

Adamantium Trench BladesEdit

Trench blades made of adamantium he recived from Hideo after training with him. They encase his
knuckles and are 2 inches thick around them, and they have a blade protruding from the outwards of each hand. Each blade is 6 inches in length, and 3 inches thick. They usually fit perfectly, inside of the handles, and are resistent to impacts, mainly covering the knuckles and plams. Even the palm area is made of the solid metal, so one could defend with open palmed attacks as well if they wished to. They originally belonged to Tetsu Ryoji, Densuke's father.


Densuke's hover bike which he recived from Sheeva Nightengale. This is a pretty high class model in todays age of Kasihana city as it is an
Hoverbike by D MAC
X967-YamahaKawasaki Hover model. It's solar and cyber cell powered, which is a newerand cleaner source of energy allowing for cars to run for months on end without even needing any kind of charge from it all. It gets up to 300 mph, but was recently rigged to go 500 and has a built in retractible windsheild to protect against high velocity windspeeds and friction. The keys have a homing becon, which acts as an alarm as well. As long as the rider is within miles of said bike, the button will call the bike to the user with little to no effort. The bike is also alarm based, as anyone who does not have the electronic signautre of the keys, if they attempt to touch the bike it will go off with a loud siren making regular police sirens sound like lullabies. Densuke is also able to call this bike to his posistion from anywhere with the press of a button on his watch.

Chi Restriction BracersEdit

After returning from the shinto realm, Densuke and Keyth Tasanagi had come to a joint decision.
Antiquated leather bracer 2 by primitve-d5ie4nn
Their power was much to dangerous to just fluant around on a daily basis, and should be kept in regular check at all times. As such they had Ochigi Ryoji design a type of chi regulator for the both of them in the form of small bracers. A compact limiter if you will. Limiters are usually placed onto the body and abilities in order to prevent the user from suffering the strain of their full power, or to protect the surrounding area from the destructive potential. By disabling these suppressors, the user can gain access to this full potential.  Restraints can range from taking off heavy weights worn on the body to the forcefully disabling the body's subconscious of holding back. in short, their power requires artificial means to regulate and stabilize their otherwise uncontrollable powers. Without these regulators, the user's powers could be a danger to themselves or those around them. Said regulators typically take the form of a technological device i.e these bracers. Each chose to use theirs differently however. These devices work as a supressor but in a different type of sense. They force the user to be completely immobilized by the wieght of ones chi. In turn forcing them to use a certain amount of chi to even move, let alone complex applications like running, jumping, and fighting. This takes time to get used to, but with such high resvoirs of chi it is in the end no problem with proper disicpline.Densuke will rely on a base amount of chi, and petite advanced, but minute chi control, with his own physique. He felt this was what was best, so he could maximize his potential, with the most menial amount of energy possible. If he were to take these off at anytime, Densuke would have full access to his chi and capabilities to a high degree, his chi fluxing wildly, and even temporarily increasing due to being unrestrained. After a while (5 post) his chi would dumb down to his normal reserve, which is still a vast amount. He is the first in his family to surpass his fater in terms of chi.

Red DawnEdit

All of this information can also be found on the Ryoji Tech Inventory page for further questions or concerns ~ Thank you.

Main DesignEdit

Red Dawn’s suit is an off branded design of The Dark God’s original suit, but meant more so for mobile purposes.
The suit is still armor, but nulled down to have somewhat of the exact appearance of a simple spandex suit with areas of padding. The properties of the Ragnite are the same as Adamantium being indestructible. It is also an incredibly dense metal which cannot be lifted through any other means besides an A.G.F or an anti gravity field. However the Anti Gravity Technology invented by Ochigi himself, can be bonded with the metal itself, using a micro-magnetic bond with the properties of the suit, allowing the wearer of the suit to feel nothing but a costume, however if not in the suit, to anyone else, it would feel like attempting to lift a ton. This is due to the suit having an electric link with the watch Densuke or whoever wears the suit, would have, which then activates this effect. The suit is one piece, excluding the gloves, boots, and utility belt along with the watch. The watch is important to the suit as it activates the weightless effect on densuke’s body and has a direct link which can manually activate it’s functions although many of them will happen situation wise, like say it going dark and night vision activating. The suits greatest feature however is the enhanced condition it places the wearer in. The watch uses yocto-meter needles which are inserted thought he wrist, and connect directly to the nervous system. From there, it causes the brain to on activation send chi to the entire body of the user (being the users own chi obviously). Once this is done, the chi will enhanced the body to peak human levels of performance, and the chi will sustain itself until deactivated manually. Since the chi is not being dispered or thrown around recklessly, it gives the user this peak condition for twelve hours, however this number is a variable. Should the weaer have a vast amount of chi, the suit’s time could be prolonged. Another variable is increase. If the users physique is already of high grade, putting on the suit and using it’s function to enhanced, would possibly put a person in a metahuman state of power for a prolonged period. This however is to be grown on, and is not a right away effect. Densuke is able to lift this suit effortlessly thorugh the nureological link it has in contrast with The Watch he wears on his wrist. With it he can carry the suit aorund like it was just a costume, however if the suit is taken off of his person, a person would feel the full weight of a ton, and arguably would not be able to lift it by any means. A defense mechanisim should someone attampt to rob him of his stuff. The armor portions of the suit which are part of the design cover the following: the cowl (neck included), shoulder, chest, upper and lower back, abbs, outter thighs, boots, and gloves. These specific portions are covered with Ragnite for absolute protection. They can withstand anything from a pistol to a high caliber shot gun or assault rifle and are the only bulletproof portions.The cloth portion of the suit is made with nomex and kelvar making it bullet resistant, but not fully on bulletproof High amounts of concussive force will still affect the wearers body, and can only reduce so much of it as Ragnite is a perfect conductor of energy. The suit is highly durable, being able to withstand most conventional blade attacks from anything below Ragnite and even is impact resistant, being able to tank falls from 50ft in the air, making causing only minor strain on the wearer. The gloves and the boots are reinforced to rebound the impact of punches and kicks. The suit also supports misc. muscles of the body, causing no strain on the users movements, allowing for nothing but the most fluid of combat and tactical movement. A newest edition to this would be implanted gravity grips on the boots and palms of the hands that allow him to cling to surfaces for different misc things. This comes with noise reduction properties, allowing the footsteps of the wearer to only be heard if one willed it.(so unless you have a sensory ability, you won't hear a person in this suit) The suit has built in climate control that reacts with the users bodily temperatures, which protect from overheating, or freezing. The suit will usually keep the wearer at room temperature. This is also advantageous, because it has not only traces of lead througout the suit to prevent X-ray tracking, but thermal cloaking to prevent heat vision signatures. The suit is fireproof, water resistant, and insolated inside and out. It is also highly radiation proof, against anything from nueclear energy, to plutonium and mercury. The suit also when in link with the watch, has special functions in it’s cowl, which include night vision, X-ray, and infrared vision. The cowl also features a unique sonar device should the observatory functions be damaged, allowing for sight without sight if need be. It also has a built in camera for video surveillance purposes. The cowl itself also has a very small percentage of lead to keep others with X-ray vision tech from peering inside of it. As of recently, the suit was fitted with Gravitation Adaptive Systems, that instantly shfift the users weight and gravitational polairty, to resist odd and fluxuating gravites. Thus allowing for space missions if need be, but with limited breathing unless properly equiped. Also the suit features a visor lense tha tform over the eyes incase of harmful eye irritants in the air.

Version 2Edit

The second version of the Red Dawn suit was developed by Ochigi and Densuke during his second of year of being back in Kasihana city. It has all of the misc advantages of the first version including vision mods, and functions, but this suit is slightly different. It only has A.G.F infused Ragnite on the head area (cowl), chest plate, abdomen, shoulders, thighs, boots & gloves, and the full back. It's less armored, so it's easily manouverable and noteably faster. The big difference is that densuke is not in peak human state, rather his usual above average human condition. This is so densuke can actually use Chi in this version. He has full offensive advantages, with slightly less defensive capabilites, but his main parts are still protected.

Utility BeltEdit

The suit is the main course of operation, but the utility belt is there to help for misc. cuases and only has the following in the following quantities.

  • 10 smoke pellets which range 7 feet on use
  • 10 Explosive throwing spheres
  • 7 sticky explosive throwing spheres
  • 3 sedative spheres which will knock someone unconscious after 2 post if not expelled
  • 5 tear gas pellets same radius as the smoke pellets
  • Fire Suppresant Pellets: The pellets are about the size of a golf ball, and contain a special rubery material,  designed with the same properties as the liqud-foam like substance found in Fire Extinguishers. When this pellet explods onto a fire, or a fire based source/attack/person/etc, the foam like gel will rapidly expand and ecnause the opponents body completely, so long as they have body heat. This process actually SPEEDS up when the person is on fire, or attempts to break free by powering out with fire or heating it up. it also has a quicksand effect, the more the user physically struggles to break free of it, the more it will expand until it has encased the opponent in a giant clay colored ball. This also has the adverse effect of freezing. if one attempted to freeze the substance, it would freeeze, but it's mollecular structure would HARDEN. Causing the molecules to compact each other tightly and form a new substance stronger than reienforced Titanium, which is even harder to get free of than the gel. If one remained perfectly still the gel would ooze off of them and have no prior effect, but that's assuming one does this.
  • The Menstral Nightmare: This is....well basically a pellet that contains the powerful and combined smell of 10 female vanginas all on their menstral cycles. While seemingly uselss, this particularly effects people that have Enhanced Senses. The stench would be so unbarible, it would cuase instant distraction, and particularly loss of mental focus and even vision. This isn't particularly because of the stench itself, but more so the hyper sensitivity of ones nose and smell. This effects normal people less and is more of an annoyance, but it has been modified to taste like stale vagina, if shoved inside someones mouth. this pelet is uesd at ones own risk
  • EMP bomb which covers a 10 mile radius (last for 2 post)
  • rebreather which allows for purified oxygen in unpurified  areas, and even stores oxygen allowing for 30 minutes in the void of space or airless areas.
  • Wired cable, exntending 30 feet in length, with enough tensile strength to support at least 5 tons. Has a metal grappling hook attacked to the end of it, and is thin enough to carry around in his belt. This can be attached to his watch, to use as a grapple gun, or a claw like device.
  • Various Projectile Disc. The quantity of these kept is anywhere from 20-40
  • 5 Remote control projectie disc.
  • Lock pick
  • 5 Tracking devices which are linked to the watches gps feature. They are no bigger than a millimeter in size and cannot be seen without intensely looking at it.
  • First aid kit containing disinfectant spray, cloths, and bandages
  • 10 Remote control projectie disc. These disc are controlled via the cowl, and will travel in the direction the thrower wishes via a visual link in the HUD display.

  • Gravity Grips- These Gravity Grips use A.G.F technology, to attract densuke's hands and feet to surfaces, by attracting them using polairty, to attract, but not repel.
  • Web Shooters-Tetsu'sweb-shooters he recived from Donnie Yun are twin devices worn on his wrists that Design and Look can shoot thin strands of a special "web fluid" at high pressure (note: the fluid itself is pressurized at 300 psi, but the actual number has been known to change).  The effect of the very small turbine pump vanes was to compress (shear) the web fluid and then force it, under pressure, through the spinneret holes which cold-drew it (stretches it: the process wherein nylon gains a four-fold increase in tensile strength), then extrudes it through the air where it solidified. As the web fluid exited the spinneret holes, it was attracted to itself electrostatically and thus could form complex shapes. The spinneret holes had three sets of adjustable, staggered openings around the turbine which permitted a single web line, a more complex, spun web line, and a thick stream. The web line's tensile strength was estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. The 300 p.s.i. pressure in each cartridge was sufficient to force a stream of the complex web pattern an estimated 60 feet (goes significantly further if shot in a ballistic parabolic arc). He has two on each wrist and keeps 5 karosels of web fluid., that automaticly rotate to keep from cuasing reload time. The speed of the web's landing, is about the speed of a high  calier sniper riffle bullet.
  • Spark Rod/Light weight platform: These rods are about 6 inches long at base length, and no thicker than a No.2 pencil. Made of Tungsten Stell, when discharged or come in contact with antoher surface, via peircing it or impaling it, the rod will do two things: first it will extend to a full 12 inches (1 foot), and widen out until it drills a complete fittted hole, that sinks it in solid and fits in in place. It takes tons of force to remove it, as if any shift is made in it's movement, it will expand again automatically to keep it's place where it was shot. This is espcially useful when throwing them in the barrles of guns, as this mechanisim could potentiall destroy the barrel of a gun with it's continuous expansion. This is made even furthered if a person tries to shoot it out. The extension can be done manually, and can extend the rod in actuality to 3 feet, and be thrown and used as a lightning rod. No matter who controls the lighitng, one cannot fight natrual ailments, and lightning will undoubted be attracted to the tallest object it's vicinity. One contact is made with the rod, the lightning particles are disperesed into the ground and depisitated, turning into potential energy and leaving it useless.
  • Electronic Contact Lenses-  A pair of contact lenses that give one the ultimate detective type vision. Densuke mainly. They have a direct link with Ochigi' super computer, giving densuke the ability to face recognition and match up with kpd files, birth records, ID photo's, and any form of physical identification. If theres a record on someone in government or local files, densuke can match and identify them instantly. It also acts as a hub, allowing densuke to process files my moving the on screen interface with brain signals (thought) and even read and access articles on the internet, at high speeds. It can also function as a blueprint construction device able to holographically making buildings and structures that only he can see or project holographically. They run off of brain synapses, and not traditional eletricity making EMP's useless. He can also apply multiple modes of vision such as: (See Ryoji Tech inventory page)
  • Body Double Pack: This inventioned comes pacakaged inside of a small sticky square. When sat down or released and landing on a surface, a carbon based copy will emerge from the square, taking on a pose that the user wishes for it to do so. These carbon clones, have chemical make up as the user, completelying rendering any identification tech near useless. Even the syntehtics of the body doubles organ structure is teh exact same as the users, a form of perfect mimicry. When the clone is killed or even cut however it would instantly disperse into a green vapor. This Vapor if inhaled, would quickly shut the opponents airway, or larynx completely, followed by an unfahtomable amount of sleep enducement. This gas would cause the opponents body to feel completely exhuased, draining them of access stamina, and k.oing them instant. (if the gas inhaled, it is one post until this effect kicks in on the user.) The body double on it's own can only be set to move in one direction of movement, and stays active until killed or removed from battle.

  • Sling: A basic metallic sling. Used to be thrown to trip enemies up on the ground or in mid air, by encompasing their legs and holding them together.

  • Enhanced Dog Whistle: Another counter measure for people with Enhanced Senses.  The range of human hearing is typically considered to be between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.The top end of a dog's hearing range is about 45 kHz, while a cat's is 64 kHz. It is thought that the wild ancestors of cats and dogs evolved this higher hearing range in order to hear high frequency sounds made by their preferred prey, small rodents. The frequency of most dog whistles is within the range of 23 to 54 kHz,[1]so they are above the range of human hearing, although some are adjustable down into the audible range. However to an animal, this whilstle emits a frequency of 80kHz. This is enough to drive anyone with Enhanced senses crazy with excruitating pain,causing them to also have a weak feeling in their knees, and loss of motery skills. This would also be eve more horifying, once the noise stoped, the opponent would literally be deaf for five minutes (1 post). This can be resisted with proper gear.

  • Anti High Frequency Weapons Attachment: After his experience with the cyborg, he and Craig fought at one point, had a weapon that vibrated at incredibly high frequencies. Thus allowing it to cut through any substance with realtive ease. Not wanting a repeat of this densuke invented an attachement for his truench blades, or any weapon for that metal that instantly analyzes a vibro-weapons frequency, and can destroy it with a few to numerous amounts of blows. The ability to create a counter vibration to cancel out another object's frequency, thereby destroying it. Sub-power of Sound Manipulation. The user can create a counter vibrating frequency to cancel out another object's frequency, thereby destroying it. This ability takes advantage of the ideal that everything (including objects, living creatures, immaterial creatures, space, time, matter, energy, etc.) gives off a vibrating frequency, and by emitting an opposing frequency, both the frequency and the object are destroyed. If it isn't countering a HF blade, this attachement will make good use of being a HF creating device.

  • Gravity Sphere: Ochigi Ryoji's most creative and destructive creation. The original concept came however from Densuke Ryoji The power launches a dark energy sphere to create an intense articfical feild of gravity. Ochigi had already been working with gravity via teh Anti-Gravity Technology used to make the metal Ragnainium/Ragnite even remotely malliable. The field creates a warp in the space around it, creating a gravity well akin to a black hole. Enemies are drawn into the Sphere and held helpless in orbit while protected enemies are held in place. The core will drain any shields, armor, or biotic barriers of enemies over time. This is because the black hold like properties abosrb all forms of energy on the electromagnetic specturm and the physics scale. If one is pulled into this sphere of gravity, there are multiple effects that take place, quite dangerous ones as well. There is no oxygen, as everything is absorbed into the dark matter itself, meaning no one can breathe. Also a massive freezing effect takes place freezing the person over instantly in a cryogenious like state the more they stay in the orbit. then there is teh compresssion. One would get the feeling of having every pore, and limb on their body being pulled by professional race horses. The bones of the body would begin to crush and corrode the organs themsevles, into a pile of mush. the eyeballs of a person would be sucked right from their skulls due to lack of antyhing keeping ther organs down to teh ground or grounded in general. These gruesome effects only take place if the user wills it by setting the grenade to "Kill"." the opposite setting of "Stun" will simply encase enemies in a feild of gravity, that binds their bodies completely, flexing their muscles form them and slowly crushing their skeletal systems with their own muscles, and cirlcling them in place. similar to moons orbiting a planet. This ball is the size of a Volkswagon beetle, and has an expanding radoius of 20 feet. Not only does it suck in peopled, but it also sucks in multiple mounts of matter like rocks, cars, any organic or inorganic material. If this is allowed to durate long enough it could essentialy form a giant sphere of collided and compressed matter. This should be notted, that it's range increases the longer  it's held out. As such densuke only takes one of these out on a daily. If used irrisponsibly it could kill someone seeing as how it's a rarity people can resist gravity unless eqiuped to do so.

  • Electronic Contact Lenses: A pair of contact lenses that give one the ultimate detective type vision. Densuke mainly. They have a direct link with Ochigi' super computer, giving densuke the ability to face recognition and match up with kpd files, birth records, ID photo's, and any form of physical identification. If theres a record on someone in government or local files, densuke can match and identify them instantly. It also acts as a hub, allowing densuke to process files my moving the on screen interface with brain signals (thought) and even read and access articles on the internet, at high speeds. It can also function as a blueprint construction device able to holographically making buildings and structures that only he can see or project holographically. They run off of brain synapses, and not traditional eletricity making EMP's useless. He can also apply multiple modes of vision such as:

Chemo Vision: The ability to see pheromone output

Gamma Vision: The ability to see gamma radiation.

Infrared Vision: The ability to see heat radiation.

Microwave Vision: The ability to see microwaves.

Radio Vision: The ability to see radio-waves.

X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through solid objects.

Microscopic Vision: The ability to see very small items.

Movement Vision: The ability to instantly take notice of things if they move.

Night Vision: The ability to see with little or no light.

Telescopic Vision: The ability to see great distances.

Blood Flow Vision: The ability to see the flow of blood of living beings.

Sling: A basic metallic sling. Used to be thrown to trip enemies up on the ground or in mid air, by encompasing their legs and holding them together.

S.M.A.R.T. Tech WatchEdit

The wrist watch densuke will wear. This not only has it's own innate functions but is a key part in wearing the suit and utlizing it's full functions. It's made of solid Ragnite as wel and can be used to deflect unavoidible attacks if need be.

AM/FM Radio

World Clock

Chemical Substance Reader:  A scanner imbued in the watch that allows densuke or alerts him of any changes in air pressure, chemical substances via gases, liquids or solids, and even bomb residu and more.

Sonic Frequency Emitter: Emits a high frequency noise at a high level with enough intensity to cause heavy damge to normal and high hearing. To a normal person, this would be an uncomfertable experience that would no doubt cause them to shriek in pain and cover their ears. If a person has advanced hearing however this would do 3x the normal amnount of damage that it would to a normal person.</li>

Analyzational Blueprint Constructor: Can resconstruct literal crime scenes, blueprints, and entire minature cities. In combination with other features of the watch he can reenact entire crime scenes based on analysis alone, and even read the most used finger prints from control panels, to discover hidden routes in buildings, layberenths, etc, etc.

GPS Tracking Device, linked to tracers.

KPD File LInk (Limited as Ochigi HImself improved thier compouter systems)

Cryptographic Sequencer: A device given to densuke that allows him to acces hard to reach computer mainframes and systems, by giving Ochigi a direct link to them, allowing Ochigi to take to hack and decode nessecary fragments to complete certain task. Also doubles as an audio decoder.

The Sheild Of Red Dawn

  • The design
  • Examples of sheild combat. (gif made by thebest nigga in the world Torres xD)
  • Long range Sheild combat
  • Withstand impacts from physically dominant beings with ease
  • Example of the sheilds immunity to all forms of energy, and reflective properties
  • Note how the sheild with proper strength can penetrate anything or surface...
  • ..Combined with agile tatics, can even take down battle ships with enough effort

Red Dawn’s only weapon is his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 pounds. It is made of a unique Vibranium-Adimantium alloy that has never been duplicated. The Shield was cast by None other than Donnie Yun, who was asked by Tetsu Ryoji to create an impenetrable substance to use for the war on crime and terrorist activity in Kasihana City.. During his experiments, Yun combined Vibranium with an Adamantium-steel alloy he was working with and created the disc-shaped shield. Donnie knew he would never able to duplicate the process due to his inability identify a still unknown factor that played a role in it. The shield was sent to Ochigi Ryoji where it hangs in glory awaiting it’s user. The shield has great aerodynamic properties: it is able to slice through the air with minimal wind resistance and deflection of path. Its great overall resilience, combined with its natural concentric stiffness, enables it to rebound from objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. It is, pretty much, virtually indestructible: it is resistant to penetration, temperature extremes, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation including varius energies. The only way it can be damaged in any way is by tampering with its molecular bonding, which in itself is next to impossible thanks to the vibrainium aspects. the shield is not only nearly indestructible, but it absorbs a great deal of kinetic energy from impacts because of its Vibranium component. That is why he can tank massive amounts of damage and all forms of force, while Dawn is holding it, without simply sending him into the ground or the air unless he wills it.

Personl Retract Device: A device installed during the second year of densuke's return. It basically reacts on a hidden and massivly high frequency located inside of densuke's watch, that allows densuke to magentically call the sheild back to his location, if he should be seperated from it. This does not effect the regular dynamics of the sheild, but it does aid in critical situations should densuke loose the sheild from his person for any reason.


Physical densuke has no viabe weaknesses. Overcoming him is something that can only be done through superior battle skill, emtotionally Densuke is prone to caring to much about the lives of others. As such if he cannot help a hostage situation, he will indefinitly abide by any rule to quell it. That being said, he is also incredibly protective of his secret identity as the Red Dawn. If anyone came close to discovering his secret, they would have him under their control unless he could prevent this. He can be too trusting at times, and is a sucker for good cleavage.


Allies Enemies

The Grimmore


Injustice in general


Densuke Ryoji or as he renamed himself "Densuke Mifunae" as to seem non affliated with his father, Tetsu Ryoji.He loves his parents, but grew up only being known as "The Son Of Supercop". Densuke grew up with this tittle and soon began to hate it. People would randomly give him anything he wanted, simply becuase of his tittle and it annoyed him. He wanted somthing to call his own, but it seemed as if he could never have it. Around the age of 5 he began practicing martial arts and physical training. His father was determined to have someone in his stride in case he should not make it or something should happen to him or his wife. Densuke trained vigerously in the martial arts, but was sort of a slouch when it came to physical conditioning. He trained enough to be at least an above average human being but is still far from his fahters physical prowess. He was specificly trained in Parkur, an advanced form of movement, and upperbody strengthening, as to give him the ability to lift and easilly balance his own weight.

He was trained breifly in chi control, enough to enhanced the physical aspects of his own body, and use his signature Strong Arm Technique. HIs greatest talant was his aptitude for learning. He studied the same things Tetsu did, but seeemed to learn them at an acclerated rate, even more so than Tetsu. Ochigi deduced that Tetsu's chi enfused brain, must have mutated into a "gene' instead of just a chi technqiue, and thus was hereditarily passed on to Densuke. However unlike his father, Densuke has subconcious mental barriers that supress his true potential as a human being. it was dedcued he could at most use 99% of his brain capacity withouth the cost of chi, however as long as he had these mental blocks, he would only be sub par of what he's truely capable of doing. Densuke is unaware of these mental blocks, but is aware when he reaches a new limitation, to which he just refers to as "breaking my limit."

Around the age of 13 Densuke had a talk with his father, and decided to change his last name to something else, to start his own name, and he moved to Kashihana city District 2 to live with his grandpa Ochigi. There he would continue on his own path, and figure things out his way. Maybe even carve his own path, instead of following his fathers. All the way up to the age of 16 he did nothing but perfect his martial arts, and keep up part of his conditionng, but he was more so focused with street fighting, and busty women. He had a run in some Kagemaru's all the while, taking out at least 20 of them on the first go but saddly surcoming to the numbers, and was nearly beaten to death.

It is for this reason he see's gangs as a "shroud". A way for weak men to band together and hide behind one another in a cowardly way. Now adays he'll gladly pick a fight with any gang memeber, even if they outclass him completly. He hopes to find a higher purpose in life however. HIs only talants seem to be pizza deilivery on his trusty rollar skates. Hoping he's destined for  more he inteneds to define his own place in history. However he cannot shake the overbarring feeling in his gut. A "force" of somesort, that appears to want to break free but is being held back by somehting...

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Densuke was a childish youngling who only thought of himself. Having to live without the love of either of his parents 5 years, he was pretty brash cold and rude about things regardless of the sensitivity of the situation. However after the war, he found out that he had some latent potential dormant inside of him, and it was in his family linieage to use this for the greater good of not just himself but for those he cares for. Densukes best friend Danny had suffered a beating at the hands of an assassian which only strengthened Densuke's cuase and taste for something more. He'd also taken realization that people out there are going to be much better at fighting than he is, and the only way to overcome that is through traininig and progression.

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Densuke at this time was actually making progress as a person. Now still  having wondering questions of his father. He is steadily improving on his martial arts and superhero capabilities, and made great friends with Damian Yun and Keyth Tasanagi. This was all find and dandy, until he was arrested on some random occurance and contained by a prison warden known as Raphel Graziano. Who'd secretly managed to scope out both the Ryoji boy and the Tasanagi child, in order to attempt to kill them both. After escaping, he gave up the superhero life to join a gang, the Arasumaru Clan. Here he'd made great friends, and even though he was on the wrong side of the law, he was happy thorugh and thorugh, even though his father Tetsu was not.

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this as a confusing point for densuke in his lifetime His lifetime friend, Sheeva Nightengale , was murdered by the orders of the same assassian he'd had a run in with, in a previous endevour. The assassin that did it was Felicity Hart, a lost flower child, who'd densuke eventually was attacked by. He defeated her, and took her hostage originally planning to use her as bait. However after talking with her he could see she was just a bigger part a grand scheme, that she had not been made aware of. Out of kindness Densuke took her in, but this was not without punishments. HIs father shunned him for his poor choices and decsisions, disowning his own son, and telling him he was nothing but trash.  Even after forming something special with a girl, tetsu was hell bent on uncovering those artifacts for Keyome, and thus even went after his own son, in search of it. Saddly this led to tetsu's death..which densuke didn't know how to feel about. he had mixed feelings, the conditions of the death were untimely, and he'd had suspicion form the start. It all lead to answers that were only found in one place: the shinto realm.

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In the shinto realm, densuke became somewhat of a fabled hero. He'd traveled the world, multiple times, saved many villiagers, and even gathered an army to face off against the evil onigami's army. HIs freind keyth had become possessed, and it tore him to the core. taking in mind what he was really meant to fight for, he bet his life on the line to save keyth and the shinto world with the aid of his friends and close ones. Currently his staff stands incased in stone, in the middle of the island him and Kyoko worked together to reform, awaiting for his return.

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Searching for his fathers killers he finally found them. Wilson Thomason, Raphael Graziano, and Zetsui Ryukiri. He discovered this and decided to form his own, team which ended up being sefl titled the Kasihana City Avengers. In unison with the team, they each had a difficult time fighting an opponent of choice, but densuke had to take it upon himself to actually bring himself to kill another person i.e wilson. Densuke tasted his first taste of blood and has been growing rather fond of it, but is doing his best to stray away from killing anyone or anything.

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Densuke would enter the GMAF's mainly to test his own skill and see how far he could push his own limitations. As such he breezed through the preliminaires, and had his first bout with Kyoko Kita. Needless to say, he won the bout, and managed to move on from that but then he met White Tiger, a by product of the R-Cell project. The R-Cell's are cells of Tetsu Ryoji, that have been altered to replicate and be placed into othe beings to give them Peak Human attributes. Densuke was absoluetely disgusted by the fact that there are some people that wouldn't let his fathers legacy die, as such Densuke was determined to have another goal: to completely irradicate  any traces of this cell.

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The entirty of the time, Densuke was busy with Keyth Tasanagi and Michiko, trying to fight off the effort, against the mutants that had entered the city. The Red Hand's were indeed the culprit, but they remain elusive. However Ochigi did manage to have datta on them, so the very next time they popped up, he could arguably trace them much easier this time around.

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It was during densuke's secondary return to the shinto realm where he gained his true colors as a "koikonjitto". Learning that everything must be held onto for as long as humanly possible. Densuke, also asked felicity to bewed him, and the two were married even in the midst of the turmoil that befell the two planets. Densuke also learned instincual fighting along side, tatical fighting, and gained a much higher sense of martial awareness.

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