In philosophy, infinity can be attributed to infinite dimensions, as for instance in Kant's first antinomy. In both theology and philosophy, infinity is explored in articles such as the Ultimate, the Absolute, God, and Zeno's paradoxes. In Greek philosophy, for example in Anaximander, 'the Boundless' is the origin of all that is. He took the beginning or first principle to be an endless, unlimited primordial mass (ἄπειρον, apeiron). In Judeo-Christian theology, for example in the work of theologians such as Duns Scotus, the infinite nature of God invokes a sense of being without constraint, rather than a sense of being unlimited in quantity. In ethics infinity plays an important role designating that which cannot be defined or reduced to knowledge or power.

but what is infinite? And more importantly what is the Infintie Problem? The main conicidental question is pondered by two very intellegent and very mallicious individuals, who seek power and gain for different reasons. One to want, and one to need. As these two individuals, both make their strides and eventually cross paths, to want what the other wants. To purge any and all obsticles, that bear a negitive stain on the world. Could that be the problem that is neverending? Is it the man or the desire of man, that answers this question? Join these "villians" and figure out the answer for yourself.

Follow the destrucive and creative path of men and women who seek strength in weapons, arms, numbers...and bonds.

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