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Kakubo Tsukiyomi

DeliriousAres: " Are you aware of what you need to do now..." Keyth looked up at the Setsuyomi clans men through his bladed hair. " Your apart of us now Keyth, now your on your next job. Can you handle it?" Keyth tilted his head up. Seeming a bit faustrated, but he'd roll his eyes in response. "... Got another hit for ya kiddo. After this, you get to meet the boss." Keyth tilted his head up. "....Just tell me who im supposed to off." The Lieutenant smirked and put his hands into his purple suit. Squatting down. "... Down there. Manny Jones. Leader of the Jones family. He's the heir to his father's spot at the big mob lord seat. He was given the title yesterday. We have a guy on the inside of that mob. He's the next to the boss seat if Manny's out of the picture. So.. im guessing you know what that means." Keyth stood up, they had been on a roof top. " Im on it." Keyth said picking up his Blade, pulling it around his back along with his Desert egale, two clips in his back pocket. Keyth had did some... modifications to his body as of recently. His finger tips broken down, they were now at a point of claws. And he had his K-9's in his mouth sharpened as well. He was truly forming his body into a weapon through and through. An animal of death. He pulled the scraf across his face so it covered his mouth as he squatted down eyeing his target go into the hotel room with a bunch of women and even men. His body gaurds following behind him. 10 in all stood infront of his room as they entered. Within the Hotel though, they were on floor 4. Room 536. His men surrounded the hotel, paying off the owner so they could continue with there full on protection procedures. " This is a risky one. Think ya can handle it?" Said the Lieutenant. Keyth turned around to eye the man in his purple suit. " I just want my money for this job upfront this time. I got other things i have to worry about." After taking care of things for his family.Keyth only kept 300,000 for him and his family. Giving the rest to Orphanages and various amounts of other places that needed. Over the last two months. Keyth had annoymously placed over 400 homeless people in full blown new homes, paid off and everything. What else would he do with 1 million dollars. He gave the rest to Maru Jeitai for any new form of weaponry they'd need. New suits were being made as we speak. "... Relax, 50,000 upfront." The Lieutenat said snapping his fingers. Two men of the Setsuyomi clan rushed by keyth opening up all of the suitcases of money. " It'll be here when your done." Keyth nodded and kicked off the building soaring to the ground before he landed on a car with a hard crash. he hopped off the car and began to walk across the street to the hotel. (( As he walked in, the Jones family mob members turned. " Yo, you!" Keyth pulled out his deseret egale, laying waste to one man. He hit the wall, his chest and back blown out. Keyths eyes shot back over to the rest of the men, now rushing down the hall with assualt rifels. He popped one of those chi pills. Making his eyes glare a bright gold, indicating his chi was intact. Once again, these pills were Aidens creation. With the help and resources that Ochigi and Claymore had given him. The young genius constructed the pills for the dire situation of the city. Keyth pulled his blade out of the sheathe on his back and began to sprint down the hall. The Mob members began to shoot in his direction, forcing keyth to run along the walls jumping back and forth between the hall way. Before he kicked off the last wall on the right, shooting at 5 of the men in mid jump as his body twisted. All of there bodies would hit the ground, each bullet hitting them in the head before Keyth even landed on the ground. He hit the floor with a roll. The rest of the mob memebers in total shock and fear now began to back up. Only for keyth to lunge forward. SHING SHING SHING! He sliced through them with ease, hacking them up into chunks. His blade drenched in blood he continued to walk down the hall till he got to the elevator. When he turned around. He'd see a Jones family mob memeber with a Rocket launcher on his back. " DIIIIIIIIIEE!!!!" He fired the weapon dispite the fact that at the distance it'd kill him to. Keyth simply sheathed his blade end extended his right hand. Using his Hierro techinque. His hand caught the fired weapon in his right hand. The flames continued to dispurse from the back before it finally simmered down. Becoming a dud. The man blinked as he watched Keyth stop a rocket launcher projectile missle with his bare hands. Keyth dropped it to the floor his eyes shooting back up to the shooter. He unsheathed his blade Yamisuki off his back and threw it like a baseball towards the rocket launcher weilder. The blade ripping through the man's chest killing him instantly. Keyth opened his left hand and Yamisuki dispersed from the man's body returning to keyths hands so he'd sheathe the blade. Hitting the elevator for the 4th floor. Closing his eyes while he waited for the doors to close.

HollowJak: -sweat covered Jasons body as he thrust and slashed with his vector sword the adimantium easily cutting through the straw dummies he had seet up beneath the warehouse he had yet to get a formal training lesson so his stirkes were a bit slow and clunky but he had the basic ghist of it. it had not been hard for him to get a basic grasp of hwo to use the blade which frankly suprised him as he had never used a sword in his life (weapon manipulation allows for use with perfect skill). stopping for a moment he looked down at the remains of the three dummies he had been slashing at before turning to look at the one extra he had prepared taking a breath he grabbed the hilt of the sword and held it in front of him eyeing the target taking a short breath he took a step forward and raised the blade over his head slashing down and cutting down through the dummies right arm as the blade went through he turned his hands and slashed back upward 45 degrees through the dummy smiling as the top half of the dummy hit the floor stepping back he hefted the blade frowning he was nowhhere near a master but with a bit of training he hoped he could fair well enough. he was shirtless and covered in sweat wearing only his blue jeans even having decided to go barefooted though now that he stopped he realised that it was rather cold in the basement. With a shiver he grabbed the hard metal scabbard for his blade from on top of a box and slowly slid the blade back in being careful not to make any mistakes doing so once finished he quickly got undressed and changed into his usual suit making sure that his revolvers, grenades, knives and spare ammo were and in their proper place before strapping the sword to his back the hilt oking out over his right shoulder. pulling a ciggarete from his breast pocket he put it to his lips and lit it taking a long drag before making his way up and out of the basement to the main warehouse floor. The main floor was alive with activity as the men Ayperos had sent sorted throught the current stock and added more looking forward he saw some of the local gangs he usually sold to picking through crates they had just purchased ah to have a fresh flow of business going really made him smile as he walked towards the main door. He was stopped by an older gntleman holding a clipboard- "hello i need you to look over the latest shipment" -taking the clipboard Jason blinked and looked it over before quickly looking the paper giving a cursory look over the stock that was being loaded in- looks like everythings here so uh im going to go now -he quickly walked off out of the warehouse the wave of cold air hitting him and sending a wave of joy over him strange he usually didnt like the cold but after and hour of sword training it felt good. He smiled brightly and walked over to his motorcycle which sat just a block away from the doors. climbing on he popped the kickstand back on and turned the key sending the engine roaring to life. pulling his helmet on he revved the engine before gunning it down the road humming to himself-

Discordia: “Keyomi, Keyomi, Uncle Xiao said we couldn’t leave the shrine.” Kin said in a hushed whisper as he followed his twin sister. They both had been bundled in warm snow suits and boots, though Keyomi had shed hers and was wearing nothing more than a pair of pants and a sweater and bare feet. “Kin, stop being a baby. We are going to have an adventure and be super heroes… just like Daddy. Don’t worry, I will protect you.” She said as she pulled out a knife that was almost as long as her arm. Kin’s gold eyes went wide as he hurried to follow behind her on the suffocated steps that wearing a snowsuit creates. The pair turned the corner past the Torri gates and made their way towards town. Kin had no idea what his sister had in mind and Keyomi, she was sure to have a plan and it was going to lead to no good. As they wandered, they were unaware of the watchful eyes of Raiden. The white tiger kept to the shadows as he followed them from a distance that wouldn’t alert them, but he could reach them if they needed his help or protection. Uncle Xiao had passed out on the couch and had no idea that his two charges had decided to venture off on their own.

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo had said nothing threw his time at home. All he could think of was that man who held him hostage for money. In his study he was writing up reports as he thought about this the pen within his hand snapped when he thought of the man. The fun that was in his body that resided within kakubo had been locked inside. He looked to the pen and saw the black ink apon his right hand. He tossed the pen away and cleaned his hand with tissue from a tissue box beside him and then threw the used tissues aside. He went to his personal bathroom and looked into his mirror. Looking at himself he saw some useless and yet helpless child cursed with a feminine look given to him by his mother. He grabbed the bow that was on the back of his head and tossed it onto the ground. He got angry and looked at himself once again threw that window of a mirror and then slammed his fist threw it. He winced for a second. Hearing the sound of shattering others within the house got worried but did not go to the source as they knew that Kakubo needed time alone. He pulled his hand from the mirror. Shards of it were imbedded the knuckles within his right hand. He looked to them and pulled them out. Blood dripped from them but he did not see a care as the bleeding would stop sooner or later as it was not drastically deep. He went to his master bedroom and looked apon his wardrobe of a closet. He tossed out clothing trying to find shit that was not as feminine as him. He got a white t-shirt, denim jacket, denim black skinny jeans, black goggles, black fight gloves and black boots. He put them all on. He had a case made for his Sniper rifle and ammo. He looked apon the wall within his bedroom and saw the family sword.  Ketsueki hasu also known as the blood lotus, the idea in which Kakubo gave his mother’s organization a name and a crest. He grabbed the sword with its black sash and tied it so that the sword would be carried onto his back. He was sighed. “Not today…. Not fucking today.” He said to himself, He wanted a day away from the family not caring if his uncle finished the serum or not. Kakubo walked out of the house not saying a word he saw his many guards. He put his phone into his pocket unless he needed to call someone or for someone to call him. “I’ll be heading out on my own today. No one come” Walter spoke “But sir” Kakubo’s eyes went from blue to purple in the suns lighting and then for a moment red. “Walter I said stay, so fucking stay. If I call you, you come if I say stay you better fucking stay. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” He said yelling the very last part. His guard nodding as he understood. Kakubo soon left and started walking off from his home. Pissed now then he was before. “Bastard.” His last words before walking a block away from his home.

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth head was low as he continued his push down the hall way. One of the men of the Jones family mob burst into there bosses room. " SIR! THE RED DEVIL IS HERE!" Manny Spit out his drink. " THE TASANAGI!?" His gaurd nodded his head. Manny began gripping his weapons. " C'mon! Get me through the fire escape. I refuse to get capped off by the fucking boogie man!" Ding! The elevators doors opened. Keyths head slowly rose as he looked down the hall. All of Mannys men had there guns aimed at the young male as he stepped out of the elevator. " KILL HIM DEADD!" They all began to shoot at once. Keyth unsheathed Yamisuki as he began to walk down the hall. Slashing his blade through the bullets that he could. His eyes watching as they travled to him. " Only a fool intrust his life into weapons." Keyth said finally sheathing weapons. Standing in the mist of the gun fire, the bullets began to hit his body. Crumbling and then falling to the ground. " WHA-WHAT!" They all said staring at Keyth in unison. Keyth pulled his gloves off of his hands showing his clawed finger tips. Licking his sharp teeth as he tilted his head up. His long scraf began to blow off his body as if a fierce a wind was brewing. He took off, they all began to fire again but it was no use. Using his animal like fighting ability, he'd began to slice through them like butter, ripping out throats and such untill of the men were all dead at his feet. He walked into the room, his eyes scanning over to the window before he stepped out on the fire escape. He saw them trying to escape as they ran over building to building in attempts to get away from keyth. ((" NO! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" Manny said running for his life. Keyth sighed pulling the scarf up hiding his lower half of his face. " Nothing personal." He said taking off, running on all fours before he leaped off the building. Gaining on them rather quickly. Mannys personal body gaurd threw a gernade at where keyth would land. BOOOM! The explosion knocked Manny and his body gaurd back before they hit the ground. Manny scurried to his feet as he panted. " Ah-Ah! Yeah! FUCK YA! THAT'S WHY I PAY YOU!" He said congradulating his gaurd. Only... to see Keyth walk out of the smoking flame unschathed. His skin had burn smuges on it... but he wasnt damaged. " WHAT THE FUCK!?" As they got up to run, they'd stand up only to bump right into Keyth. They both hit the ground, now crawling backwards as Keyth approached them both. Shirtless now, it had gotten blown off in the explosion. He pulled his right hand up, pretending it was a gun. Both of the mobsters began to laugh. " haha... ahh, so your gonna let us go right? Hahah see he's just joking manny!" Keyth's smile faded. " Bang." he said pulling his hand back a force of some sort, pressurized chi, but it'd be invisible to the humans eye who hadnt trained in chi. BOOM! The gaurds head combusted before mannys head. "..." Keyth truned to Manny, holding his finger up at him. " P-P-Please! wHO'S PAYING YOU!? I CAN PAY YOU DOUBLE! JUST HEAR ME OUT! HEAR ME O-" Boom! The man's head combusted in a red mist as keyth did the same similar technique on him. He stood over there dead bodies. Turning his head to the right, he'd spot the setsuyomi clan lieutenant nodding his head. Keyths phone got a text. " Nice, meet us in three days at the bosses place." Keyth looked at the message and put his phone in his back pocket before he spat on the floor.

HollowJak: -Jason grinned as he sped along the streets his tires ripping a rut in the light snow as he blew threw it spraying those on the sidewalk with the fine snow and water he was in a damn good mood things hadnt gone this well for him in a long time though he felt oddly ill at ease though that may just be because he had felt someone or something watching him recently though that couldnt be right why would anyone follow him? its not lik they couldnt just pay some idiot around District 1 to say where his warehouse was. suddenly he pulled to a stop the bike gliding along the wet ground as he gritted his teeth holding on till it was upright his eyes sccanning the buildings behind him as quickly as he could. blinking he though he saw a strip of black move but quickly shook his head either it was the shadows or he was just going crazy both entirely likely possibilities. turning his bike back around he continued down the road though slower this time taking in his surroundings trying to be sure he wasnt being followed. his attention was suddenly snatched as he heard what he thought was gunfire coming from a nearby hotel stopping his bike he stepped off of it removing his helmet as the zoom feature had burnt itself out days ago. he killed the engine and slid the keys into his pcket before walking towards the hotel from this distance he couldnt tell if it was gunfire or just a rather loud party either way he was bored and wanted to find atleast something to do hearing all the noise seem to stop he stood in front of the hotel and slipped a ciggarete between his lips the one he had lit previously having been spat out before he put on his helmet. having no idea what exactly may or may not come out of the door he lit the ciggarete and started to hum his eyes going wide as he spun and drew his blade on the empty streed behind him. nothing again he was sure he felt someone watching him and he was usually right but he just couldnt seem to tell anymore. he turned back around and slid the sword back into its metal scabbard slowly as he proceeded to wait the smoke curling from his nostrils after each drag as he exhaled the smoke through them-

Discordia: The two toddled their way into the city, Keyomi charged ahead while Kin tried to stop her. Before them lie a huge road with several cars zipping by in every direction. Keyomi stepped right into the line of traffic not expecting anyone to dare hit her. Kin quickly grabbed her shirt and pulled her out of the way as a Maserati whipped by. “If you insist we do this Sissy, let me lead.” He grabbed her hand and took charge of the little expedition. Now, District 1 was not really the safest place for the twins and they got several looks as the made their way. They turned the corner down an ally way only to be greeted by a hunched form leaning a brick wall. “Hey little ones, you lost or something?” He asked as he eyes the toddlers. He leaned down and grabbed Kin’s face by the jaw and shook it as he looked at him. “Hey, you got some Tasanagi eyes.” He said with an evil glint in his eyes. “You want to come play with me.” At this point Keyomi had had enough. While he was distracted by Kin, she took out her knife and stabbed the blade into the top of his foot. “Dun touch my bubby.” She screamed as she pulled the blade out and held it up to the man. “He dun want to play with you.”

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo was alone this time. The streets were quiet. A nice custom since it never was in district 1. He saw 3 guys walk past him. They paid no attention to the kid. Kakubo walked past them and kept on going. All Kakubo wanted was to be alone to think for the time. Clear his head as he has not been able to do so in the confinements of his men being around and the armor cars he had been driven in. He felt as if being safe would also be a death to him just as well as being unsafe. Threw his mind safe was just a word used by people that were extremely weak in order to think it was supposed to be impenetrable. Kakubo sighed and sat down on a curb. He looked to the sky and then the black tar from the street. He got back up soon after and then kept on walking thinking he might meet someone within district one other than the man that kidnapped him. The one man that he wished to never see again. The one he hoped to never meet again.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos had got on his HFH outfit. He then looked at the cape and then shook his head. "Nah, I don't need that." Ayperos puts on his equipment and then looked at shoes and as he grabed the usual ones and then as he did his jet boots fell to the side, he had completly forgot about those. They match and well they would be the best choice atleast he wouldn't have to hitch rides anymore. He slips them on and ties them getting the feel for them again. He then walks t the door and opens it up and then shuts it behind him and locks it. 'Ok, time to see if I can still use these things." He takes off running and then jumps up and then comes down more on his heels and activates the boots, shooting straight up in the air at extremly fast speeds. He was shooting back and fourth for a moment but then regained himself and flew straight being able to control it now. Ayperos flies but maybe 10 stories above the ground so he could look around, maybe there was something he could do, but from what he camn see there was nothing in D2 so he went on to D1, flying around, just looking for anything to do. ((i just did this for interaction purpose, if anyone calls it just flag Ayperos down or something, sorry I posted befor someone, didnt now PO))

HollowJak: -Jason stood there unmoving his ciggarete slowly burning down to the butt at which point he spat it from his mouth this was odd just a little before it had sounded like the place was a hot bed now it was just eerily silent though he still stood there not wanting to head inside lest he fall into some sort of trap. he lit another ciggarete and put it to his lips taking a drag an odd noise reaching his ears as he stood there- what the fuck? -he strained his ears to try and get a better bead on the noise but all he could tell was that the dull ror was getting louder. after a few more minutes he was able to pinpoint where it was coming from.He spun his head to see an odd man flying through the air on jet boots and he suddenly had to supress a chuckle what the hell was he looking it? that was some real comic book shit right there. suddenly an idea hit him he had never heard the sound before but maybe this was the guy who had been following him around though he wasnt sure if anyone actually had been following him around he figured he saw that as the one way someone could follow him so easily. drawing the blade from his back and hitting the button on the side he held it at his right side pinting towards the ground as the adimantium blade heated to become white hot the snow below the blade melting and becoming vapor within less than a second as he called out loudly- oiiii you! your the guy whos been following me around? come on then quit being a pussy and get the fuck down here so i can cut you to pieces -he moves the blade in front of him and holds the hit with both hands the tip at a slight angle poining towards the direction where the man was flying-

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo sighs walking through the streets. He looked to the sky and saw something flying “What…. In the hell is that?” He asked himself cocking an eye to it. He waved an arm out to it and blinked thinking it would or would not see him at where he was he would not be surprised if it passed by. He stood there to see what it maybe. “Maybe it’s a new spy drone. The military is making weird shit these days who knows what.” He laughed inside and just waited if there was no reaction he would start his walk again and be on his way.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos flies a bit more and then could see Jason standing there with his sword pointed at him and yelling at him asking him if he was the one following him and to stop being a pussy and come down there, he then could see someone else flagging him down, but Ayperos was more on the fact that Jason was in more Dire trouble than the other one. Ayperos chuckles to himself and then starts to lower his Altitude till he was almost to the ground and his boots shut off and he lands on the ground, slidding a few feet and then comes to a stop a few feet infront of Jason and crosses his arms. Jason would see his hair looked like Ayperos, but that was about it, Ayperos speaks and the scarf/mask changes his voice to where he would sound more dark and not his usual light asian accent at all. "You know, if I where following you. do you honestly think I would let myself be known so openly? I mean, honestly." He looks at him and smirks behind his mask. "No, I'm not following you. I am Kuroryu. Heros for Hire" He bows his head a bit. "While I'm here, is there anything i can do to help you? That is my job after all." He looks at him as he holds the blade. "Thts a nice blade. Adamantium I'm guessing? I like it, but with your stance, you don't seem very keen with a sword. No disrespect of course, but i can tell these things just by glance." Ayperos waited to see if he could help, but if not he would then fly in the Direction of the other that flagged him down. Though if it was nothing important he would be rather pissed seeing he hasn't been able to do any work for weeks.


HollowJak: -Jason would sigh and hit the button he was right if he were the ont following him why reveal himself now. the blade slowly lost its heat and when it did he slid it back into the scabbard on his back and eyed the man before giving a soft sigh- sorry for yelling at ya like that ive just been having some trouble lately feels like im being followed i catch the occasional glimpse but nothing more -he relit the ciggarete in his mouth as it had gone out during the whole escapade and took a long drag before grabbing it between his middle and index finger- if your really so down to help me tell me your price and i'll get you the cash to look around from up there and see if you see anyone that appears to be following me. so what do ya say how much? normally i wouldnt just go around flaunting money or anything but in this case peace of mind would be worth it. in all likely hood you'll just get your payment for the work for just confirming theres no one there win win right? -he pulled his wallet from his pocker he only had three thousand in there but he figured if anything he could give a down payment and then pay the rest later though he vaguely remembers that densuke guy mentioning something called heros for hire at one point. shrugging internally he figured it might just have been his imagination-


Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo saw the figure go off and he sighed seeing as he was not interested. Kakubo soon went off walking again he saw cross-roads and looked in both left and right off him. Looking off into the left which was the way the thing had been flying in he had noticed to guys out there and were talking. Kakubo saw it maybe as a drug run or something. Kakubo sighed and soon walked across the road into the open of one of the guys eyes (Jason) Kakubo made it to the other side of the sidewalk and then kept on walking and sighed not knowing where to go now. He started to hum a tune and looked to the sky again thinking he would see that one flying thing again. Kakubo had a thought running through his head (What in the hell was that thing, it could have been a spy drone or a new type of bird) Kakubo laughed at the thought and continued on his walk.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks at him with a raised brow as he pulls out his wallet. "I'm not a merc sir. But I will see what I can find, free of charge. Just tell me what ya want me to do.' Saying this killed him, seeing that if he had agreed to the money, he would just be getting his money back, but there where two reasons why he didn't. First being that a true HFH wouldn't ask for payment, though after the fact wouldn't turn down a payment if the person wanted to pay them. And two is for the fact that Jason was his partner so Ayperos waits for Jason to tell him what to do.As he looked around to see if anyone was watching that he could see before he he whent to get a higher look from the top of the building, And then looked right back at Jason.

HollowJak: -Jason raised a brow and slid the wallet back into his pocket frankly suprised the guy wouldnt just take his money- like i said before i just need you to fly up do a quick scan of the area around us. if you see anyone try to chase them off or let me know about it and if you dont see anyone then thats all i really need you to do for me -he looks around at the buildings halfway expecting to see something he wasnt qute sure what but he had a feeling in his gut.shaking his head he looked back at the man- so can you take care of it for me? it would give me peace of mind to either confirm im being followed or confirm that im not either way it would make me feel infinitely better if you could do so -he stood there and waited for the mans respone moving his hands into his suit jacket pockets keeping them in there for warmth as he waited-


Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo walked for about another mile and looked to the sky and saw that thing in the sky. He looked forward and sighed as he was bored out of his mind now but it was okay. He saw a male holding a camera. Kakubo thought he was one of the many perverts in D1. He giggled to himself and walked across the road to the other side of the sidewalk and then started walk back the other way. He felt as if the male was following him now as he heard a footstep. He was one minute from slicing that persons head off. He came back to the cross-roads and he saw a male still out there in the open (Jason) he blinked and walked down the street he saw the male but to get a slightly closer look. Five feet down the sidewalk he was a good 20 feet from the male and then saw it was him but wondered where the other guy went off too. Kakubo then turned and walked down the way he came and went straight this time down the cross roads. He thought to himself (Wonder why the guy that saved me was out here.) He shrugged and then went off whistling a tone from the movie kill bill.


xXAyperosXx: Ayperos nodded and then pressed the heels of his feet down on the ground and shot off, blowing snow everywhere and goes all the way up to the top of the building and floats there for a moment and looks around to see if he could see anyone but has no luck, all he saw was snow and birds. He then floats down a bit, but stays up in the are as he crosses his arms. "I don't see anyone, so rest assured if someone was following you, they are gone now." He looks at his watch as it started to blink red and sighed. "Well I'm off."  He the saluted him and took off.


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