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The returnEdit

YuiKiara: The ride back to district one seemed to be agonizingly slower than it was leaving it. Here she was, having thought that going to district 3 to see the big boss would let her leave with a big promotion and a big job, but instead, she felt as if she got slammed and stabbed a hundred times. She felt numb, stressed, depressed. She was biting on her index finger as her elbow was rested on the armrest of the car. Once they arrived back at Keyth's complex, she got out, slammed the door and went inside. She headed up the stairs, and felt as if she simply just wanted to fall down instead and cry. But held back. She couldn't do that now. Taking Keyth's apartment key from her pocket, since he gave her a spare and he had a spare of hers also, she unlocked the door and entered. Reaching back and undoing band of her hair, letting it fall down her shoulders before taking off her jacket and throwing it on the couch.

Tasanagi: Keyth was asleep on his couch, a magazine sitting nicely on his head as he snored lightly to himself.
The sound of a clock ticking in his apartment was all that could be heard. His hands rested on his chest, a light snore coming form his person as he lay there sound asleep. Keyths eyes twitched as he began to wake up at the scent of Nora. Keyth's animal like traits allowed him to have a very keen since of smell and sight. Able to sniff out her shampoo from a mile away. " Nora..? Hey baby, how was the meeting?" He said rubbing his eyes on the couch as he rested on it. His eyes were still closed, showing that he was still realy tired he had been working out before Nora had arived. Keyth sat up fully and then couched, moving the magazine on the glass coffee table.

YuiKiara: Nora turned her head to see Keyth on the couch, and at the sound of his voice, she felt a gentle smile spread over her lips, she walked over to him and crouched down in front of him. Being taller than her, even in such a position he seemed to hover over her. She reached foreword wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing her face in to the base of his neck, burring her face in his messy hair. She felt a shiver run through her body as her eye closed. "I missed you.." She whispered silently, tightening her hold on him a bit more, fearful.
Tasanagi: He'd blink looking down at her he wrapped his arms around her as well. " Oh haha, you were only gone for a few hours. You know i'd be here." He said smiling sliding his finger through her hair. He'd pull her head back abit as he looked her in the eye. " Everything alright though? How was everything... you seem... tired?" He said in his still half way sleepy scratchy voice. He'd sit up rubbing his eyes a bit still adjusting them. " I know your excited about your new promotion though right? Im so happy for you."

YuiKiara: Nora looked up at him as he pulled her away. Her expression slightly blank and looking a bit exhausted, when in truth, she was simply emotionally exhausted. She watched as he got up tried his best to wake up, and smiled sadly behind his back. She also got up then and walked up to him. Sliding her hands around his torso then and resting her face against his back. Her hands clenching in to fists on to his torso. "Yeah...Shall we celebrate?..." She paused for a moment then as she lowered her head lightly, resting only her forehead now against his back. "Could you...hold on to me Keyth?" She whispered silently, her eye closing.

Tasanagi: He listned closely, wrapping his arms around her arms for a moment he kept a tight hold onto her.  He'd turn around after a moment, pressing his forehead against hers before he leaned in and kissed her, keeping his arms around her body  to hold her slightly down to tired ti truly be aggressive it was more of a passive aggressive type thing now. His lips lokced onto her own, kissing her lightly his tongue would occasionly lap out to wrap around her own, his hands sliding through her dark hair, pushing his finger tips through her scalp further he 'd break the kiss and to to kiss and nibble on her chin before he tilted her head up and then pushed her down on the couch, wrapping his arms around her body as they laid down, he'd pull his body up so he could start to suck and kiss on her neck in a playful and light manor, sucking on the skin under her chin on the right side.

YuiKiara: She welcomed the kiss pleasantly, her arms wrapping around his neck and her head tilting up, allowing his tongue to dance with her own. His long fingers sliding through her hair felt so pleasant, like a gentle massage. She released a soft sigh as he nipped at her chin. And she did not struggle as he laid her down on the couch, her arms still wrapped around him comfortably. She lifted her body lightly as his arms wrapped around her small frame, her own fingers going through his messy hair. Her head tilted back as he sucked on the skin of her neck and under her chin. Her legs spreading a bit so that he could get more comfortable on her, one of her legs sliding up his side as her head tilted to the side lightly.

Sharing something important..Edit

Tasanagi: His sweat pants getting tighter he felt the buldge in his pants increase... sitting in between her legs he'd start to grind himself into her slowly. His hands gripping onto her wrist he'd pull her arms over her head, holding them down as his lips continued to suck and lick at her exposed neck.  He'd pull back and start to kiss her on her lips again, starting to get...aggressive. He couldnt help it. Light grunts could be heard as his lips began to slowly move down to her earlobe and then behind her ear. Blowing air from his nose so that it'd hit her on the back of her neck on her nape to send chills through her body. He'd use his right hand to tilt her chin up and began to kiss under her chin, then in the middle of her neck sucking hard trying to leave a large red spot in its wake. His teeth pulling at the sensative skin as well. using his left hand to undo her pants he'd look up at her, staring into her eyes to see if she would refuse this or not. It was odd she had never let him go this far,and even he could admit he was going a bit crazy. His handwas already tugging at her pants buckle and was about to open it completely so that he could move his hands into her panties where he would then start to rub on her clit slowly with his middle finger. Infact... he hadnt even waited to know if she had said no or not. He kept his eyes on her as he began to breathe in a savage manner, yet graceful. His middle finger running up and down her sexual spot untill it became wet enough. Keyth wasnt the smartest, but he knew that Nora was a virgin, and being gentle was the key here. He'd start to finger her hole lightly with his middle finger getting it in deep after it had grown wet enough. Pushing the finger through knuckles deep while he kept his eyes locked her own.

YuiKiara: Nora felt his bulge against her hips and gasped as he grind himself against her slowly. She did not struggle as his hand took hold of her wrists and placed her arms over her head, his large hand holding them there as his lips worked on her neck. She heard him grunt and breathe heavily, indicating to her that he was becoming excited. As was she. Her heart was starting to beat harder against her chest, her own breathing become a bit heavier She shivered as his lips moved to her earlobe and his breath hit the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. Chills rushing down her spine along with the heat that raised inside of he. She wanted to press her legs together once more, but him being between them stopped her from doing so. She gasped loudly as he suckled on her neck, leaving a mark whee his lips once more before feeling him undo her pants. She was already blushing furiously now, her expression dazed and her heart racing. A bit of fear still rested within her heart, but she fought against it this time and kept her lips sealed. She didnt want to stop, she had to give herself to him fully, to to have this memory of him. To remember his embrace, to make sure that he would return to her again once he leaves. She meet his eyes with her own dazed ones. Her lips parted as she breathed in and out slowly but heavily. Her chest raising and falling slowly. When his hand went in her panties and his fingers brushed against her clit, it was as if her whole body went haywire. She released a yell of surprise at the sensation, as if an electric shock had gone through her body. She could not keep still. Her hips swayed and her back arched lightly. Her eyes closed as she turned her head from side to side, her voice coming out in cries, whimpers,gasps and ecstasy. Her hands tugged at his hold on her, as if she was trying to get free as her body was moving uncontrollably under him. However when he inserted his long middle finger within her, her eyes went wide and her head pulled back at the pressure within. Her whole body having gone tense as she gasped loudly. Her cheeks colored a darker shade of pink as he began to move it in and out, making her body jolt lightly and her hips to lift off the couch. Her head turned to the side and her eyes closed then, her voice coming out in to erotic moans as she felt herself becoming so very wet, her juices sliding down his fingers and her thighs as her nipples hardened and could be seen through her top.

Tasanagi: Keyth continued to push his fingers deeply within her insides. His middle finger swimming through her pool as he pressed it against her inner walls, searching for her spot on both sides. Once he had hit it, he'd leave in that one spot.. moving it around in circles so that she'd get that explosive feeling of an orgasim creep on up. " Shhh.. Just... relax.." He said kissing her on the lips in an attempt to reassure her. He'd pull his finger out, and move to lower himself pulling her pants off and her underwear at  the same time. He tossed them on the other couch and turned back to look at her. Reaching over he'd undo her top as well pulling it off of her along with her bra and place them both onto the floor. Sitting right infront of her, he'd eye her very form gawking like some kind of beast his eyes low and his breathing slow. He licked his lips and crotched his body over as he spread her legs out and the moment that he did he could see her pussy leaking from its entrance. The juices flowing down to the couch they were on. Keyth leaned forward kissing at her clit, twistig his head to the right so that he could suck on her small bud taking it into his mouth as he slurped it up. His middle and pointer figer would ease there way into her hole as he continued to eat her up. The sound of his lips and tongue smacking against her soaking clit echoed throughout the room. He'd pull her up by her ass so he was sitting up and her back was off the couch. Holding her up by her legs in a dominate postion which showed his physical strength. He'd have her body right in his face as he ate her cunt, her upper half laying limp on the couch. DUring the process of moving around keyth had removed his pants so while she lay limp she'd more than likely feel his erect cock poke her in the middle of her back as he continued to twist and turn his tongue inside of her cunt. After a few more moments he'd stop easing her lower half of her body down and then pulling the top part up so she was now sitting up. Hovering her right over his massive length he'd grip her by the waist and slowly but sure ease her ontop of it. Her pussyproved to be extremly tight as he pulled her down further and further untill she hit the base of his cock. " Ahh..ughn.." He said taking in the fact how tight she really was. It took a moment but after awhile he managed her to take his whole cock into her. Blood began to stream from her cunt, but keyth hadnt even taken any form of notice. With both of his hands he'd move her up and down onto his cock slowly. The sound of pussy made a wet squeaking noise every time he pushed up and then back down.

YuiKiara: Nora moaned and whimpered from time to time as his finger worked inside of her. Pressing against her walls and touching sensitive spots that made her jolt and yell with surprise. But when his finger found the g-spot, her whole body arched as her hands clenched in to fists, her voice almost caught in her throat but a yell soon made its escape. She knew that the neighbors would have probably heard her by now from all the noise she was making. But at that moment she didn't seem to even care. The heat rose from his fingers and went through her whole body, making her lightheaded and weak. She felt numb under him. It was a maddening feeling, she so desperately wanted to release she it was driving her insane. "Keyth...K..Keyth!!" She called on to him as tears began to build up in her eyes, wanting to beg for more but unable to keep her voice under control. As he undressed her fully, she managed to take a small break, her body relaxing a bit once he stopped and desperately trying to catch her breath. She felt embarrassed as his eyes stared over her body. Her head turned away and her eyes closed, her hands lowering down from above her head and pressing her fist against her lips. She did not dare to look down at his manhood either, too embarrassed to do so. Him watching her like this made her even more aroused and hot. She yelped however when he spread her legs and brought his lips to her slit, her eyes going wide as she released a loud. "N..No ah!!" Her hips once more moved, swaying against him as she felt the tears in her eyes escape down her cheeks. These tears were both from the heat, excitement, and embarrassment. Exposed like this before a man. Never in her life did she imagine that THIS was how she was going have sex. She loved it though, ah how she loved it! As he lifted her hips off the couch and brought her up she called on to him once more. Yelping and moaning pleasantly. Her body moved as his tongue danced over her slit and her head turned from side to side when his fingers moved inside of her wet hole. So many sensations she never had in her life, it was maddening, amazing, she didn't want it to stop. She was weak when he pulled her up in a sitting position, breathless. She fell limp against his torso, her hands resting against his chest and he head on his shoulder, her breath hitting against his neck as her body had a thin layer of sweat now. He lowered her down and for a moment she could feel something very hard at her entrance and she tensed. She did not get to react as her body was pushed down further, making it enter her and rip through her walls. Nora's eyes went wide at the pain and pressure withing her body, a scream caught in her throat as her body arched and trembled against him, a loud whimper escaping her lips instead as more tears escaped her eyes. It hurt! Her eyes closed tightly once more as her arm wrapped around his neck tightly, her whole body tensing and clenching around him. Her hand grabbed hold on to his hair tightly as the other moved over her mouth, her teeth biting hard on her index finger to keep herself from crying. As he did the first few trusts she wanted to beg him to stop, it hurt too much and she felt like passing out from his large manhood pushing and spreading her insides wide. But as more came, slowly her body began to relax and the pleasure washed over her like an ocean's wave.

Tasanagi:He'd grip harder onto her waist, yet pushing her up and down slowly onto the length of his cock. " Ah.." Still moving slowly so she could adjust he didnt want to damage her completely. But when he felt her body starting to loosen up he'd spread his legs out a bit wider and slump himself just a few inches below her and with the now given space. He'd start to move his hips up, as he body moved up as well. So that release she was getting when he pushed her down on his unmoving cock was now gone. Everytime her body was pushed up, so was his cock. It was like a never ending rollercoaster as he swayed and grinded his hips to match her movements. Making it so that it was now a rhytmic process. Her jucies began to drop and glide there way down his thighs as she road him. He'd let her hips go.. " Move slowly ok.." He said to her in a tone shes more than likely never heard hm speak in. It was a bit hoarse though it sounded like Keyth. But... a calmer, and smoother version of himself. A more seductive one. His childish deamnor gone in an instant. After letting her get used to the feeling of his length within her he'd prop her up on the couch with her legs spread out wide, sitting up right. Then he'd grip her hips pulling her down so she could level with his cock perfectly. Putting both of her legs over his shoulder he'd insert his massive length into her pussy immeditatly no longer taking mercy on her pussy at this point. ' Smack, Smack, Smack..' The wet sounds echoed as he forced his cock into her faster... and faster again. Moving as quickly as he possibly could as he hammered his length into her pussy. The stream of jucies flowing down to his couch covered and soaked it in a puddle of her essence. With both legs over his shoulder he was able to go even deeper than before, Pressing his cock so deep it'd hit her womb with each stoke but then he'd ease out of her a bit only allowing so much of him to go into her so he could go faster. moving his body as quickly as his body would allow.

YuiKiara: Nora trembled uncontrolably as he pushed his hips up in to her own. When he slumped ligthly she yelped and quickly sat up on him, her hands pressing on to his chest as her lips parted in a gasp. The pressure inside of her unlike any other and it made her whole being shiver and heat up in pure ecstasy. She felt herself being so very wet, it was embarassing and arrousing at the same time. He told her to move slowly, and tried to, but her body was too tense. She felt too weak, she couldnt do it. He spun her around then and spread her legs, placing them on top of his shoulders as he hovered over her form and began to push in and out of her. Her moans echoed through the room as she yelled out his name. Her hands reaching up and touching his cheeks before her whole body clenched and her back arched lightly, her toes curling as she climaxed. Falling limp and breathless. Nora slowly opened her eyes and turned her head so that she would face him. Her black and silver eye meeting his dark ones. "Keyth...i...i have some good news." She spoke breathlessly as she lifted her hand once more and touched his cheek. "I..Found your dad."

The Truth Hurts..Edit

Tasanagi: He had climaxed with her, his body slumping over on top of her. He had pulled out at the very last moment and came on... something he'd more than likely have to clean up later. "...Keyth...i...i have some good news." He had pulled up to look at her, his eyes locked down onto her own. He had a kind of panting tired look on his face but he looked like he was ready to laugh. He opened his mouth to speak and then.." (( "I..Found your dad." She said. Keyth's smile faded as a serious look appeared on his face. He stood up, looking out of the window. It showed just how comfterble he was with himself as he simply got up and stood infront of the window. "...You did?" He said turning back around to look at her. His face had hope, but a bit despair as if he hoped she had been telling the truth. "...Wh-who is he? And where can i find him... Thank you Nora.. you dont know how much this means to me.." he said finally smiling. " My father....i've been waiting for this moment. For sometime now.. Where can i find him... please tell me." He said walking over to her.

YuiKiara: Nora trembled as she sat up, feeling the pleasure leave her body and pain replacing it. Her hips hurt and she noticed the blood between her legs. Her virginity....gone. Her head was lowered lightly, and closing her eyes, she tightened her hold on herself as she spoke to him once more. "Your father Keyth, is Keyome Tasanagi. He is also the boss of the KPD under a fake name...under the previous owner's name. Hes looking" Her voice broke in a sob then as she bought her hand up to cover her mouth and keep herself silent, not wanting to cry at a moment like this. Her head lifted then, her eyes tearful and her brows furrowed. "He called me knowing i had a connection with you, but i dont think he knows of our relationship...also...he has my sister. He is hurting her Keyth...hes going to kill her." That is when Nora could not hold the tears in anymore and let them fall. Trembling she stood from the couch and walked to her jacket, limping more lightly from the pain and almost collapsing when she picked it up. From her pocket she took a slip out and held it out to him. "This is the dress he wants you at...he told me..that i cannot fallow you, and that if you dont show up by tomorrow..Naomy is going to die.."

Tasanagi: His heart... dropped a beat when he heard the name. " Keyome.... Tasanagi..." He said holding his chest. He took a step back and pressed against the wall. (( He'd start to slid down the wall till he hit his butt. "The.. Chairmen... of the most... Notorius Yakuza.... in the world..." His heart began to thump faster and faster. The Stories... of the man who slaughtered many, to get to his goal... the monster who sits in his tower in DIstrict 1. The King of Monsters they call him. "...No.. no mother said... Mother said my father... was a hero.." He said looking at her. " Your lying you have to be... this.. this cant be true... It... IT JUST CANT BE!" He'd slam his fist into the wall. " AAGHH! No! My fathers a fucking monster!" He'd punch the wall again smashing a hole in it. His whole arm... elbow deep sat in the wall. Pressing his forhead against the wall he began to pant....slowly he pulled his hand out and turned to look at her. "...Im going to get your sister back... Now.." He went and got his blade from the closet and pulled it over his shoulder. Taking two pistols, and placing them behind his back. He pulled on a tank top and then a trench coat. "...Nora... " He said coming down the stairs and eying her. He was wearing the same outfit over he was wearing the first time they had met. "...I thought. I could be normal. And live normal... but truth is. My lifes never been just that, Normal." He turned his head to thelarge window and then back at her. " At a young age, my mother and the rest of the tribe would pit me against animals. And other creautres... in sick ways of testing me. I was forced... to kill my siblings. One by one... i killed them all. So i could be proven... to be the Alpha of my brothers and sisters.... My mother told me. That my father was a good man and a Hero and i would be just like him. If i did those things..." He looked down. " But even that... was just anothersick plot for whatever they've had planned for me. For christ sakes... what kinda goal is it... to kill your own baby sister. Im tired of not knowing, i want answers... And im going to find out... just what is they want from me." Keyth took a step to the large walk out window. Looking down at the massive city below him. The hover cars zipping by. "...Im sorry... for getting you involved... Nora...Im going to get your sister back to you. I promise. He wont hurt her anymore." He said hopping onto the ledge. He looked back at her, the moon light illuminating his body, his bright golden eyes glowing as he stared at her. " Thank you..." he said as he kicked off the ledge and began to float down to the ground from 250 stories. he soared down his body moving at an extreme speed. Flipping his body he'd use his chi to soften his fall as he landed onto a Hover cars roof, and was now zipping right... into the District 1 area. 

You Jerk..Edit

YuiKiara: Nora flinched when he punched the wall. He seemed to be in disbelief, much more like she was the first time she meet the man. She lowered her gaze and closed her eyes tightly, wishing she did not have to hurt him like this. If she had a chance, she would have never told him. But...she had no other choice! He got up and went to take his sword, getting dressed. In that time, Nora also went and grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders, sitting on the couch with her legs pulled to her chest ignoring the pain in her abdomen now. She rested her arms on top of her knees and her chin on top of them, her heart racing within her chest knowing quite well what was going to happen. As he came out, her suspicions were cleared. She looked up at him, her eyes slightly red from the crying she has been doing and her body weak from their sensual moment together. He promised to bring back her sister, and apologizing for having gotten her involved. He jumped on the ledge and she quickly got up, running to the window and looking down at him still holding the blanket around her shoulders, her hair slightly a mess now as her silver eye caught the slight light of the city, making it have a strange glow to it. Smiling up at her as he did made her want to break down once more. He jumped....and vanished....Nora slid down to her knees and turned so that her back rested against the wall, the large window still open as she looked down at the city where Keyth just jumped. "I gave you something very precious of better not have taken it and simply expect to walk away from me for good.." She whispered under her breath as tears slid down from her silver eye. "You better come back to me you understand?!!" She yelled, closing her eyes tightly as her hands clenched around the blanket over her bare shoulders.

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