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DarkKeyome: It's been almost a week since the fight with me and Donnie. I laid under the rubble... for two hours... three hours maybe? I cant remember I know I sat there though..... festering on my anger, on my hate. Why am I so weak? If I cannot defeat Danchou's right hand . I will never defeat him. My arm was vibrating, the auto-mailed one when I was laying under the rubble.... I knew why. My Circuitry within the arms were so wired up due to that attack that they were blaring with power. I was found by some Russian troops... he thought it'd be funny to beat the shit out of me for 3 days straight. The Armada took part in it too... they beat me, stabbed me.... hell I got shot in the legs and in the chest twice. On the verge of death I simply asked myself. “...Why am I so weak...?” My first sensei, always taught me about Chi, the inner life force within us all. Only a true martial artist could harness it or so they say.... he also taught me, about the full concept of Hadou.... Mr. Hideo also spoke on it a lot, when I was down in Old new york for a week. Ironic how a man of science was such a strong believer of Chi. He told me about the Dark and Light of Chi, the Yin and Yang. Bunch of Chinese mambo jumbo.... then he spoke on how that if one was so corrupted with anger..... and the intent to kill. Then they could be consumed by the Darkness... or the Evil Chi. I didn’t know what he meant.... I could only use my Chi for small feats before.... nothing out of the Ordinary around here... but when those guys shot me. I felt the anger.... of losing my clan, the anger, of those all around me hating me. SOCIETY... hating me. It was all a lie, everything..... Danchou's men two days before he killed me... burned down the Nursing home my mother lived in. She... had Altimeters I didn’t even find out... until 2 hours after I was going to fight Donnie...... my clan, my mother, my fathers honor, my pride. He destroyed it all..... that son'of bitch.... The Russians soldiers laughed and one of the Armada guys lifted my face up wailing me in the chin rocking my left jaw. I remember when me and the guys used to hang out after school when I was just a Aniki, thats the 2nd level for Yakuza Members. We used to talk about how much money we'd have once our clan took off..... but all that. Was over now... I got hit again, I was bleeding out. When the Armada solider put his pistol to my head. All I remember.... was seeing red, thats it. Just.... red. My anger rose on such a level that I blacked out... when I awoke. They lay dead around me.... all of them were dead.... I pulled my broken body to the side, which wasn’t...really broken anymore and made my way through the city. Pulling on my tank top I took it upon myself to goto where Danchou's faculty were.... I went in side with an all black trench coat, some shades and two pistols, when I came out... I killed all the workers.... and I destroyed the place. I heard the Dead shooter guy or whatever his name was on the city news intercom but I honestly didn’t give'afuck... just another dick head with an attitude to me. I managed to destroy all of the facilitates within a day. Aijin's clan... had been killed off during there attempt.... im very sorry about that. There deaths will not be in Vain. It's been a week now, and all of Danchou's facilities are gone. I managed to finally get my hands on him.... when he was in his headquarters. He was waiting on me, it was a battle ground outside. He eyed me, and I eyed him back he told me. “ Keyome.... it's all, a game of chess. All of it, you were a simple Pawn, even if you kill me now.... my plans will go through, you think I am not aware of your tactics here? I KNOW.... You brought the soldiers here. This war, is because of you. I know this Keyome... but you will never see the big picture for my plans.....” I cut him off and we fought... we fought like demons. I managed to tackle him through a glass window-and we fell 20 feet into another building. He broke my fall... his body was pierced all the way through with a lead pipe... he died on impact. So what.... now he's dead.... the Russian soldiers realized that the man who so called 'Had there leaders daughter captive' Was now dead. I went along with Natasha;'s plan.... I told her father face to face that I was her boyfriend and they were in-love. The ring she gave me sat on my neck, I had turned it into a necklace of some sort. I presented it to him, and he was shocked... it really was her grandfathers. After a long meeting he decided to let her be, seeing that the 'Threat' was gone. My plan worked.... and so did hers. He gave me 50,000 men after I told him my story..... thats more than any of the Yakuza's right now. So now.... I have an army to start back off. After two days, I had myself an office once again in a big building in the middle of district 2, I quickly began to invest into the GMAF again and with the help of the Russian mob, I had more than enough money to kick off the Fight tournaments again. Seems like things were falling into place.... But. I still felt empty. The city no longer thought me as a terrorist after I presented to the city of the damage that the Z-Serum did to those and all around them. How the solider serum killed the people who used it eventually. They labeled me a hero... was I a hero? I’m not sure. So here I am, walking around like nothing happened... like two months ago I wasn’t a fucking terrorist.... or so they claimed I was at the time, thats how fickle society is. Fuckin idiots the lot of them. I decided I’d take a walk around district 2 today..... Even so after the fact that I got rid of Danchou, the city still doesn’t trust em, nor do they care for me as much as they did him. I’m not asking to be his replacement all of his corporations are destroyed. So it doesn’t matter what they want. I don’t give'adamn im not this cities savior nor am I there Messiah im simply trying to regain the honor of my clan. As I was walking down the street, my eyes shot over to a crowd of young guys, and one girl amongst them. I wore a suit... my assistant said that it would be much appreciated now due to my social status... either way im still a yakuza so she can kiss my ass so to kiss her ass I wore my katana with it. I looked over to the kids and they looked at me back, they weren’t really kids we were about the same age. One of the guys approached me and he brought a girl with him, he was about the same height as me blonde hair, the girl which im assuming is his girlfriend due to them holding hands was shorter than him and she was a brunette. The guy spoke up. “ H-Hey Mr . Chairmen...” He said looking down pulling at the denim jacket he was wearing. “ Do you mind if... me and my girlfriend, get your autograph, we just uh. We come to this store all the time, and we never thought the chairmen of the Kagemaru clan was into well comic books.” I looked around me once he said the word 'comic' Ha... I had entered in here and hadn’t even noticed. Due to me constantly pursing danchou and trying to kill him I never got the chance to be a normal teen anymore. “ Ah, yeah... well I like comic books. I’m actually Checking out the series called Fist. My pops was really into that as a kid, he named me after one of the main characters within the story.” I turned to the guy fully and he and his girlfriend began to smile brightly, it felt good sometimes.... talking to people society was scum. But not all of it....some of it was pure. “ But for the most part yeah I like comic's if you and your girlfriend ever want something outta here..” I handed him my card. “ Show the cashier that, should get you anything you want discounted for.” I said rubbing the back of my neck walking out of the store. I pulled out my cell-phone and began to dial Kirei's number.... I hadnt spoken to her I dont know how long.... and oddly enough news travels quick, and I know she was on house arrest. I got into my Phantom customized in the inside with weapons that came out from the side doors, you know like torrent guns and all that. Four men were outside of the car as they opened it for me. I got into the vechile and eyed the driver. “ Head to the Chairmen of the beauty clans home...” I said to the man, he nodded... and I simply sat on the phone... waiting for her to pick up.

KimiKatsu: Nami was out and about getting a few things. Lollipops, probably. Kirei didn't mind. Keeping the young girl locked up in the house with her would probably get boring. Kirei didn't know what she would do if Nami ever got bored of her... The chairwoman of the Utsukushii clan laid face down on the couch in the living room. The TV was off. The only noise she could hear was the soft whirr-ing of the air conditioner. Her cheeks and eyes were a little red again from crying earlier this morning after Nami left. She hadn't yet recieved Beavis's body to bury in the yard or cremate. As she laid there, her left arm was hanging off of the edge of the cushion. Her knuckles brushed across the floor lightly. Late last night she had a few of her girls come over to help alter her looks a bit. They even had a pair of greenish contacts and some solution for her. Anything they could do to help keep her identity hidden once she was off of house arrest. The cops were eventually reassigned to a different family that needed protection. They figured Kirei could handle things on her own and since she couldn't leave the house, things would be more controlled and in their favor. They were still investigating her and she was still a suspect for all of those deaths in the old shot up station. A cruiser always rode past her home in the afternoons and late at night to make sure she wasn't trying anything. Her phones were still bugged. She felt like she was a bird in a cage. There was a soft buzzing that came over the gentle whirr-ing. She felt the soft vibration in her back pocket and slowly moved her left hand up and reached into her pocket to fish out her phone. She pressed her thumb to the slow spinning cube and dragged it across the smooth touch screen to answer. When she brought the phone up to her ear, she took in a shaky, shallow breath, and slowly let it out. "Hello?" Her voice was a bit raspy from lack of sleep and crying.

DarkKeyome: “ Hello Kirei. Haha... it's been awhile since we've been able to speak to each other, if I were you, if you were going to go into hiding haha i'd go and get my number changed” I said in a soft tone, trying to sound jokingly. “ I know you've been going through a lot... I watched the news. And I have a lot of ties within the KPD... so, I know whats going on.” I sighed and shook my head. “ I also know how it feels to be accused of a crime you didnt do..... believe me, Can you come to the front door please?” The men I had came with had driven me to her destination in less than 10 minutes for a phantom the thing was rigged up for power and luxurriousness. I tapped at her front door with my right knuckle waiting paitently for her to answer. My men were gone and they left me here with her they knew I could handle myself honestly I didnt like them following me around but Natasha's dad is crazy.... he wanted those guys around me at all times. I knocked on the door again. The suit I was wearing made me look neat and clean but the edge I gave it still gave me the 'Sexy bad boy' look thats been sticking on me since I was 16 years old.

KimiKatsu: "Oh, hey Keyome...yeah. Yeah, I can come to the front door. Give me a sec.." She slowly lowered the phone, then pressed down on the green rotating cube on the bottom of her screen, turning it a deep red before she draged it back across. Kirei slowly rolled to the right so that her back was against the back cushions of the couch. Then, she tucked her legs in and used her right arm to help prop herself up so she was fully sitting up. Kirei untucked her legs from under her and drapped them over the edge of the couch before standing to her full height of 5'5". She wore black and white short shorts with a black and grey t-shirt. Her extensions were added to and there were more added, making her hair look fuller after being died a lighter brown. She still had in her green contacts, too. Her knee high shoes were tossed off to the side, so she was barefoot, as always. Kirei heard the light tapping at her door and hurried over to it. While she ran through the kitchen, she wiped away any tears that lingered on her cheeks and she sniffled one last time before unlocking all four locks on the door; a precaution the police asked her to go through. When she swung open the door, she forced a gentle smile. Her eyes lingered on his outfit for a moment, then rose to his face. "Didn't think you'd be here so quick...what made you want to come by?"

I made my way into her house... kind of without permission brushing past her. I turned to look around the kitchen eying the small things, and the cute things that a woman does to there home. I smirked and rubbed the back of my neck before I turend around to her, both arms behind my back. “ Kirei Yuki.” I said looking at her. “ Well first off, the new look is Amazing it looks really great on you.” I said smiling and tilting my head to the right, I never acted like this before.... I know she wasnt used to this side of me. This side of not worrying.... this side that wasnt fighting anyone. But I wasnt at peace... Im just a damn good liar for the sake of others. “ And secondly...... I havent had the chance. To thank you... for everything you've done for me, Miss.Yuki.” I said smiling a bit. “ I remember seeing you, and your little dog come to me and my former Aniki's club. “ I say former because all ties i've had with Hajiame i've cut..... he hasnt been here for me, can you blame me? “ I wouldnt say things were peaceful. But they were better.” I said smiling and approaching her. “ So.... Thank you Kirei. For everything you've done for me.” I said embracing her into a hug. A strong hug... the strongest one I could give her I was taller than her but not by much im only 5'11. So my chin was on her forehead before I slid my head to the right of her head. She smelt good.... I just wanted to show her she wasnt alone, because as much as I dont want to admit it..... I wasnt alone. I had help every step of the way.

KimiKatsu: As soon as she saw him step forward, Kirei moved to the side some for him. She felt his shirt brush against her shoulder lightly as he stepped inside. It made her skin crawl a little. Kirei slowly shut her door and relocked it swiftly, as if she had been doing it forever. Then, she slowly turnd to face him. He seemed to be taking in the decor of her home for a moment before he turned to look at her. His compliment brought a slightly brighter smile to her face. Though part of her worried about him. "Thank you...but how hard did you hit your head, Keyome?" She cocked a brow at him just as he spoke up again. A thank you? Her eyes widened a bit and her smile faultered, giving her a soft look of shock. At the mention of Beavis, Kirei felt that familiar ache in her heart. That sting in the back of her throat as her eyes burned with freshly forming tears. Kirei bit down on the lower right corner of her lip and broke eye contact with him while she started to breathe slow, shallow breaths. She didn't want to cry...not again...not in front of Keyo. As she kept her gaze off of him, she listened. Then...the smell of his cologne got stronger. Gentle goosebumps raised on her skin as she felt his presence so close to her. When he pulled her into that warm, strong embrace she closed her eyes tight, loosening a few warm tears. Her slender arms warpped around him to return the hug and she inhaled deeply. It was as if hugging him made her want to cry. Kirei took in a deep, shaky breath and her body tensed after she seemed to hiccup. She gently nuzzled her face into his chest, keeping her eyes shut. "You're welcome...Keyo..." Her voice broke gently, but she swallowed back the sob.

DarkKeyome: I nodded my head. Squeezing her tightly into my embrace. “ I took the day off to see you today..” I felt the slight moisture of her warm tears on my shirt, but I wouldn’t act like I knew, I’d pretend that I didn’t. I read the reports what kind of sick bastard would kill her dog, but at the same time I knew. Kirei had a personal affair with Donnie Yun... Donnie Yun who suddenly went missing during the war, Donnie yun who hasn’t been seen. And now..... a dead dog, could it have been out of spite...? Maybe... or maybe im just over thinking.... that happens sometimes with me, it mostly gets me in trouble. “ So.... Are you not allowed to leave your home?” I wanted to try to help her out, to help ease the pain that

KimiKatsu: KimiKatsu: Kirei let out a deep breath she had just taken in and listened to him speak. A whole day taken off to see her? The thought made her smile a little and she nuzzled her face against his chest again. When he started asking her about her house arrest and stuff, she lifted her chin so she could look up at him, though all she saw was his chin and neck. "Well...they said if I did, they'd have a cruiser come and-" She was cut off by his next set of words. He'd handle the KPD? Kirei bit down on her lower lip again when he leaned back to look down at her. As he wiped the tear from her cheek, she dropped her gaze. She didn't want to be seen crying so much. The tickling sensation at her sides caused by his gentle fingertips caused her smile to grow. She couldn't help butlaugh a little. "Fine.."

DarkKeyome: “ Haha awsome! There's this movie, ahh my girlfriends gonna kill me... but yeah there this movie. Called 'Lead Busters' About these guys who shoot down this group of alien invaders or.... some shit, or we could catch an insanely sappy love movie, if your into that kinda crap but ill goto sleep if we do...” I said looking to the right non-nonchalantly.

Pallas: -As another day rolled on Zero began to notice how much DOnnie is working on his suits. Zero understood the reasons why Donnie wants to use the Suits for these up-coming missions, but the whoe oint is to remain anonymous. Once those Suits come out...everything will fall. Something had to be done or the entire City will soon know who is behind the Unit Bad Blood. Hunter as always is lifting weights and hitting the punching bag, getting his sweat on while Donnie is in his workshop. This is a perfect time to have a one on one conversation about the Suit situation. Zero makes his way to the Workshop in his casual clothes as today was not a major mission day. He walks inside to see Donnie creating new weapons or the team to use in battle. The weapons they use now are od and outdated but damn do they get the job done. In Zero's mind he is thinking-"Why fix what isn't broken?"- He looks at Donnie and says-"Hey...I think I've got a good enough idea for how we can use the suits and remain anonymous."- Zero slowly steps into the room and continues on with his explaination while Donnie slops workng and looks at him.-"See everyone believes that Donnie is missing right? So why dont we show the City that he is dead..."-Donnie looks up with his neon green eyes and nods for Zero to continue. Zero then says-"You see, the CIty will believe anything that it sees. So I came up with a way for us to achieve that ideal."- He then sits infront of Donnie with excitement in his voice-"We grab a person off the street with your height and weight, as close as we can get. Then we use our M.O. of beheading to cut the guys head off."-Donnie looks at him blankly and asks-"And why would people believe that that man is me? They can just check DNA..."-Then Zero looks at Donnie with a "I gotcha" kind of face and says-"Now here is the kicker. Your old M.O. was beheading and then setting them on fire. We do that to this body and all the DNA goes bye bye. We burn that guy into a crispyness and we bring it to the general public. These people will believe whatever the people in power tell them. And who will say we are wrong? Donnie is missing and this will only fill in the hole for them. It's full proof sir."-Donnie then puts his hands to his face in deep thought for a minute as he considers the plan. Finally, he looks at Zero and says-"You and Hunter go find our "Perfect match" and go through with the plan. I will work on the story of how this came to be. I will at least give myself a good death hahaha."-Zero nods and runs out of the room to go grab Hunter so they can look up this perfect guy and put this idea in motion. Now while he sat there, Donnie looked at his NanoSuit and then grabbed his wallet. Because of the man he is, he never had a good picture of anyone he cared about. ANd seeing how he only cared for one, inside his wallet is a picture of Kirei. He looked at it, only for a brief moment, and then stuffs it back inside of his wallet. He says to himself-"Get over it can never go back to that."-He closes his eyes for a moment and then goes back to his work on the weapons and the newer Suits.-

KimiKatsu: Kirei blinked a few times. A movie? It seemed childish. Then again...he was much younger than her, though her new look made her look just about his age. Kirei let a gentle smile play across her lips as she listened to him trail off. "Well..." SHe started. "It'll..It'll get me out of this house. I suppose me a sappy love stories." She pulled away from him and smoothed out the front of her shirt slowly.

DarkKeyome: I nodded my head and smirked. “ Cool cool. Ahh this movie is pretty violent... so be ready for it.” I said opening her front door and stepping out to it.” Suppose ill wait for you by your car, your driving.” I said smiling at her as I made my way down the steps of her estate. I dont know if she honestly wanted to see the movie but the fact that I was trying to cheer her up was enough for me it'd be night time soon enough and I didn’t want her out too long.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu follows his coordinates swiftly and carefully, leaping form roof top, to roof top. He jumps off of one roof, top and narrowly grabs onto a water pole, using his upper body and grip strength. He hikes himself up and continues on. Nearing the destination point of the millitias area, stops dead In his tracks. He reached the general area he was supposed to be in, but now he had to find the target all on his own. So he, scaled down near by window ledges, one by one, and reached ground level. He noticed there was no body on the block, little to no people anyways. “This is one of the creepiest situations I’ve ever been in. Sheesh, if only that suit was done….”. With that in mind he scaled the back street alleyways of the area, keeping his steps light, incase of detection. Odd as this was, this was indeed a stealth mission meaning three words: No. Confrontation. Allowed. He made a left. Then a right, and then a left. Then made a right, and halted as fast as he came. A suspicious looking character, standing on the edge of the alley. Tall man. 6’6, pale skin. Fur coat and hat. Definitly foreign. “Must be one of them, but I can’t be sure……yet anyway” Tetsu squatted behind the wall keeping close eye, on this man, waiting for any movement or suspicious action, that might tip him off. Similar to the manor of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, he would sit there in that squatted position until movement was made”

KimiKatsu: As Keyo was stepping outside and moving down her stairs to her hummer, Kirei moved over to the hooks by the kitchen counter. There were two. One hook held an older set of keys, the other her new keys. She grabbed the new key ring and flicked off the kitchen light, since it was the only one on. She held her keys tight in her right hand and stepped outside. Right as she closed the door, she locked it up tight and turned to start heading down the steps. It didn't take her long to get down them to her hummer where Keyo was waiting. She honestly didn't mind driving. It would probably get her mind off of everything all the more. The bracelet around her ankle began to beep lightly. The green light turned red and was blinking. She pretended as if it wasn't there and moved around to the driver's side. After unlocking her car, she slid into the driver's seat behind the wheel and slipped the key into the ignition. Th hummer came to life after a slow turn of the key and she shut her door. She didn't bother with a seat belt. "I'll need directions. I haven't been to a theater since I was five."

DarkKeyome: By the time we got in the car I was speaking with the director of the House arrest agencies within a classified area of the KPD. “ Alright, thank you, all we need is 12 hours tops, ill have her home. Alright, thank you.” I hung up my phone the beeping on her leg would cease. “ Alright see that was simple..... But anyways, lets head into D2, I got some stuff to pick up, then we'll maybe get something to eat then head to the movies...” I looked at her out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t wanna tell her... that I didn’t have my license yet. “ Hey so you know this isn’t a date right? Just you know, two friends hanging out going to see a movie and stuff.” I said smiling at her looking at her out of the corner of my eye.

KimiKatsu: She slowly pressed her foot down on the gas pedal, happy that the beping had stopped. She turned her head a bit to look at him as she pulled out in front of her house and took off down the road. "Alright, we can do that, I suppose." Kirei laughed a little as she looked back at the road. She could see him smiling out of the corner of her eye. "I know it isn't a date, kid." She leaned back in her seat, getting comfortable for the ride to D2. "If this was a date, *you'd* be driving. And *I'd* be all over you like a little school offense to Nami, of course." She kept her hands on the whee, but used her left elbow to press the window button to roll it down a bit. The cool air felt good on her face. The wind was blowing her hair around a little, leaving the red ribbon tied around her neck more. She started wearing little red ribbons in honor of Beavis; his favorite color.

DarkKeyome: “ Did... Did you just call me a kid?” I looked at her out of the corner of my eye, and then my eyes shot over to the dash board. I blinked a few times. I had killed men, took down a orginzation almost single handedly fought with the toughest of em, and she still refered to me as a kid? She still looked at me as Keyo the small fry? I rubbed the back of my neck. “ Ahh... anyways, im not a kid. Turn right at the stop sign there. Then when you get on the main road, take another right at the light then I need you to stop at that warehouse for me.” I said crossing my arms sounding a big gloomy now.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would continue to sit there, with defiant patience in his eyes, watching this man stand in the same spot for almost 15 minutes now. His patience should have been growing thin, but his training trained his mind exactly for these situations. “ I hear your heaaaaaaaart beat to the beat of the drums. BOOM BOOM. Oh what a shame that you came here with someonnnnnnnnnne. So while your hear in my arrrms. Lets make the most of tonight like we’re gonna die young *hums techno beat of the song Die Young by Ke$ha*” this is the song he sung in his head, while watching this man. It also passed the time rather quickly. Finally the man made his move, and began walking down the street to this left. Tetsu reacted quickly, and silently, putting his ninjutsu skills to excellent use age. He griped a window seal as a starting point, hoped up about two of them, and then climbed up a gutter pole, back to his comfort zone: the roof tops. He tailed the man slowly, keeping low in case of any rooftop watchers. He was a living breathing mass of stealth right now, taking his time with every motion he made to tail this Russian enigma

KimiKatsu: Kirei laughed softly at him. She remembered feeling so insulted when she was called a kid at the age of 18, so she knew she hit at least a small nerve. As she took the corner responsibly, she glanced back over at him. "Well, to me, you're a kid." She giggled softly and tossed her hair out of her face as she looked back at the road so she could watch for the turn. She watch him from the corner of her eye and laughed a little again. "I was playin'....k Small Fry?" She took the right just like he had told her to and kept driving until she saw the warehouse. She pulled up in front of it slowly and put her hummer in park, then looked over at him. "Stop one."

DarkKeyome: I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. And nodded my head as we pulled into the warehouse. “Wait here give me like 5 minutes.” I said stepping out of there car turning around to eye her. “ Keep the car running.” I said closing the door as I stepped into the warehouse. 20 of my men were standing around a man that was tied up in a chair his blood leaking from the top of his head. A rapist from District 1 by the name of Dukie may. Chinese guy kinda fat used to be a sumo wrestler about 15 years ago he was in his 30's he was screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs, bar codes all along his arms and he have a shaved head with a patch of hair on the top of his head. “ HAHAHAH FUCKERS! I WONT TELL YOU SHIT MAN, I WONT TELL YOU SHIT! Bhahaha!” He said rocking back and forth in his chair the rope gripping him right in place I stepped past my men with my hands in my pockets. “ Dukie may...” I said cocking my head to the right. “ Old lieutenant from the clan that the sick fucker Purple was in, charged for 88 rape accounts, and 12 child molestations. You like little kids... sick bastard..” I spat on him, he had his gaze down at the ground. “ You are a stain on society you make me sick.” I knelt down and cocked my right arm back extended with all the strength I could muster so it rocked him in his nasal cavity breaking his once on impact. I hit em with my auto-mailed arm. “ Where is that kid from district 1, Anna Tannerlin. She went missing two days ago I know you have something to do with it you sick fuck.” I said walking over to one of my men with my left hand, this meant I wanted his gun. He handed me the 45 cal and I cocked it back. Looking over at him as he was stuttering trying to get his words right. “ I-I... I don’t know man I don’t fucking know I alr-...gas-mmugggg, muff!” I pressed my pistol into his mouth. “....That... was a rhetorical question, I know where the little girl is Dukie may, your almost worst than that fucker purple at least he didn’t go for kids you sick..FUCK! She... was 6 years old!” I said shaking my head. “ District 1 is my turf! Mine! And you don’t fuck with kids, ever you hear me! You never fuck with the babies!” I said pulling my gun from his mouth and pistol whipping him, knocking out some of his teeth, I gripped his face and made em look right up at me. Putting my pistol to his forehead. “ LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME YOU FAT FUCKK! I am.... the demon here to cleanse your soul from this earth.... you shall burn in hell. You raped her, and cut her up you sick fat fuck, you put her body in a fucking trash bag and sent it out to a restaurant......” I shook my head. “ Was it worth it..? WAS IT FUCKING WORTH IT!” I smirked at him, he was crying... the blood trickled down his face and mixed with the tears. “ Look in the eyes of your killer..” I took a step back and fired the pistol right into the man's face blowing his head right off, chunks of brain matter flew across the room. “...Burn this place down to the ground.” I said tossing the gun to the side and walking my way back outside opening up Kirei's hummer door and getting in. I looked at her and smiled. “ OK, all set. Lets go, exit out the drive way take a right and were gonna be right back on the main road.”

XxDensukexX: Tetsu continued to tail this man, until the man he was tailing came to a sudden halt, in front of a building, with boarded up windows made of solid brick. The man knocked a secret sequence of knocks on the metal door, and then was allowed inside as quickly as he came. Tetsu laid stomach down on the roof, and stared with interest, for a while. Letting the sound of the knock ring inside of his head for the longest, he then held his watch up, and began to communicate with his father. “Hey dad, I found the exact location but it was by luck. I’ve memorized the spot there at, and I could probably get back here if you gave me the same coordinates I could navigate to this spot myself again.” Tetsu said. “Son…..between me and you, would you please learn how to drive?” Tetsu paused for a long time and sighed to himself. “No dad. Cars are undependable, not as durable as they once were, and I’d be better off just paying a driver to do it for me. Plus I can probably escape better on foot anyway. Less noticeable. Be easier if I had that SUIT!” Ochigi laughed and sighed “look son, come back to base, and we’ll start the design of it. I can manipulate the raw liquid, in the A.G.F but we need to start making a template. Then we need to figure out how your going to move. Then-“ Tetsu quickly interrupted “I think I got it dad ha-ha. I’ll head on back to homestead.” “Roger that son. See you when you get here.” With that Tetsu, began leaping buildings, and sprinting home the way he came, only to make his down the side of a building, and out to the street. He flagged down a taxi and told it to drive him to the edge of town. From there, he’d begin working with his father on his suit, but first he was in store for a long taxi drive home.

RacutioEnvarius: Not far from the warehouse that Kirei and Keyo are at, gunfire would begin to resound from several automatic weapons. The sound of gunfire being rapid, and blind, as if trying to shoot a rapidly moving target. And they were. The gunfire coming from several red SUV’s, each one filled with Red Maskers armed with fully automatic weapons. A black figure would be flying behind them, with jet streams of violet energy behind it. That figure would be none other than Major Matsuo Taro, of the K.P.D. In uniform and everything. They would continue to shoot at him, and even so, he’d merely move to the side, away from their gunfire. Matsuo would laugh, removing his dual Uzi’s from under his shoulders and gripping them firmly in his hands, darting forward, he’d spiral off to the left in a rapid barrel roll, flying low, he’d accelerate up to the rear SUV, and aim his left hand’s Uzi at the left rear tire. “You guys need to work on your aim.” He’d then shoot a few rounds, a total of five, directly into the tire, making it explode, as well as making the whole car flip, but not before Matsuo stalls his jetpack, places his feet on the ground, bends them, then jumps, accelerating his jetpack and shooting high into the air. He’d replace his Uzi’s under his shoulders and take his Barrett off his back, gripping it firmly in both hands, he’d bring the scope up to his eye and aim at them from high in the sky. He’d breath in, then pull the trigger. The round would fly true directly into the front SUV’s gas tank, making the whole truck explode, sending it high into the air only to land in front of the rest of them in a blazing heap. The rest of the SUV’s would all stop because of the blazing roadblock, and out of nowhere, black undercover K.P.D. patrol cars would pull up, surrounding them, and quickly getting out of their vehicles, guns at the ready behind their patrol cars. Matsuo would press his index finger to his right ear, touching his earpiece, and putting it on loudspeaker from the lead patrol car. “You’re under arrest. Any further hostility will be met with lethal force. Surrender, or die. These are your only options.” The gang members would all stay in their cars for a moment, contemplating what to do, and quickly, all of them would leap out, guns at the ready. All of the officers would then unload on them, the gang quickly dropping like flies. Everything would then go silent. The lights of the patrol cars and the flames lightning up the street. Matsuo would shake his head in disappointment, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his white and black high-tech digital shades, he’d put them on and check his HUD for any other crimes in progress. He’d quickly see a disturbance nearby on the map. He’d press his earpiece again to turn off the speaker. He’s speak to himself to come up with a strategy mostly at times. “Shots fires in the Warehouse District. Possible Yakuza Activity. Go figure.” Matsuo would roll his eyes, then he’d replace his sniper rifle to his back and dart off towards the warehouse, stopping just above them, looking directly down at Kirei’s hummer. “That’s Kirei-chan’s hummer. What the hell is it doing here? Oh c’mon, Kirei-chan! Can’t you at least try to stop getting in trouble?” He’s say to himself, sighing and hanging his arms slightly. He’d then stand straight and speak aloud. “Call Kirei-chan.” His shades and earpiece would act in unison, and his shades would pull up her picture and her info, and his earpiece would patch through to her cell phone, ringing.

IzzyDaPada: I had left the Lounge to the twins while I set out a while back, seemed like hours ago. Heading into the main part of district two, I headed towards the Twin's Dojo that sat in minaly busy part of D2. I needed to get out, I needed to breath and take the emotions I felt right now out on an inanimate object. I had strapped the dessert eagel to my thigh while I strapped one of my glocks to the other thigh under my skirt. I had started carrying the weapons on me and the new outfit..because I could not hide behind fancy kimonos and get my business done sometimes..that wasn't related to the Kimono making business. Upon reaching my destination I drew the necklace I wore around my neck that had a key attatched to it that I had swiped from the twins. I crotched down to find the first set of keyholes, one belonging to the chainlinked fence that barred the whole front of the buisness, putting the key into it I unlocked it. Grabbed the handle and lifted up the barrier sending it up, as a loud CLANK and SMACK when it was all the way up and in its hiding spot in the building face. Reaching out, I unlocked the door and stepped into the building. Closing the door behind me, I walked into the Dojo. It was a crisp, clean place. Had a humble japanese feel to it. "They always did have to out do their compition." I had to shake my head, I walked and started to pull out practice dummies that had been stored away, also drawing out a hidden katana out of storage from Daichi's offince. I walked back into the main part of the dojo, turned my attention to the stero and flicked it on with the remote as I played heavy pounding music to drown out any commotion that would come from outside. Stepping to one of the present dummies, I slipped out of my heels so I was on a level playing feild. I stared down the the dummy..There was so much going through my mind right now, I didn't have an able body that was able to speak back..give me answers..shifting into a stance drawing the katana up infront of me still sheethed. I drew my hand across the sheeth putting a grip on it and pulled it off and tossed it to the side and pointed the tip at the dummies heart..imaging it was the white haired figure from the Armada..the seemingly only thing to haunt my dreams besides the explosion. Ways I could have died. Then I imagined the dummy as...Hajime...The main reason why I was here...With a shout and bared teeth I started to attack the dummy. Twisting, swinging, moving around the dummy, all the while sending the sword at its invisable arms, feet..and into its heart. Panting heavily after a while I felt my chest tighten..I still imagined Hajime as the dummy.. "How could you leave me like that!" I sent a hard blow into the dummys shoulders. "How could you leave Chairmen Tasanagi! He was your friend!" Another blow to the stomach. "You were so self rightous! You said you would be there! You promised! Your promises are lies!" Tear were brought into my eyes. "I should have never trusted you!" I thought I didn't pull the sword out, but apparently I did..and sent the blow into the dummies chest..if it were a real person, the heart would have been pierced with the katana...Staring as the dummy wobbled back and forth until it settled back on the floor with the katana sticking out of hits chest..I stared blankly at the dummy..."Who's here now..just me.." I walked away leaving the katana sitting in the dummies chest and dragged another dummy away and started to send out punches at this dummy..left, right, right, left, upper cut. All the while bouncing on my feet.

KimiKatsu: Kirei had been waiting for...actually it didn;t feel like it was too long. She was just silently drumming her fingers on the steering wheel and humming to herself, trying to keep her spirits up as she sat alone in the hummer. She had the doors locked, so when Keyome pulled on the handle, she jumped a bit and looked over at him before unlocking his door to let him in. Just as he closed the door, she relocked the doors and pulled out of the driveway just as he said. There was a gentle vibration in her back pocket. So, she leaned forward and reached back with her right hand while steering with her left. Once she had fished her phone out, she pressed her thumb against the rotating green cube and dragged it across the bottom of the screen to answer. She peked at the caller I.D. and smiled as she put the phone up to her ear. "Matsuo-kun! Hey! It's been a while." She continued driving as she talked on the phone.

DarkKeyome: I leaned back in my seat we were about 40 seconds from the movies now. Hope we weren’t late, I forgot what were going to see. Killing people has became easier... like flowing water, I was able to dispatch a life rather quickly regardless of said situation. Even so with this new cold persona I was starting to light back up. Maybe this was a simple result for what Danchou's reign has done to me, its turned me cold. I looked out of the window till I heard her say the name of the Major, Matsuo Taro. I knew him, after all I had a secret identity within the KPD I had seen him around the base, and ive also heard of his work. I tensed up when I heard her answer the phone we were pulling into a parking spot, my eyes locked on her out of the corner of my eye. I knew that the KPD couldnt touch me but im no Danchou.... I'd get locked up if they pinned a few murders on me. I looked back the warehouse was burning to the ground only a few miles off, the smoke lit up the sky. All evidence burned to a crisp as to what i'd done was now gone, we had pulled off 5 minutes after the fire started Kirei probably didn’t even notice. I opened my door stepping out of her car and hopped up on the hood of her car waiting for her to get done talking to the guy.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu had handed the Taxi driver, 5 grand to drive him across the entire district 2, to the very outskirts of the city. Simply crusing and enjoying the sights. Though he comes and goes from this district on a regular, he never gets tired of the buildings and the way the sunshine can seem to beam off of the buildings and create the lovely scenery and shadow he was used to. This would be a peaceful ride, until he rode by and seen what appeared to be a pretty huge KDP bust going on. “Hold up dude, this looks interesting.” Tetsu busted out, as he threw another five grand at the Taxi driver prompting him to hualt. Tetsu stood and watched as the arrest went down, and the aftermath of the event was dying down slowly but surely. He smiled to himself, knowing that at least some justice was taking place in the city. Sadly he knew it wouldn’t be enough. The KDP only have a brief glimpse into the world of the Yakuza and how far their reach goes. Tetsu even ventured to think that the Yakuza had ties in the KDP as well, if they could obtain government status. Even if brief, Tetsu did not want it to pass period. He looked up in the midst of the chaos and recalled the death of his mother and that tragic day. The things they did to her. While he could only hide like a child frightened of the boogeyman. With a deep sigh Tetsu regained his sense of thought. This probably had nothing to do with Yakuza. Could just be a random gang bust ,as those run ramped now days too. “Why all the negativity in this city?” Tetsu pondered out loud to himself. “If there’s a god of this world, he is one sick bastard.” With a stumped look on his face, he shook his head and returned to the back seat of the cab. “Continue good sir.” With that Tetsu continued on his way back towards the outskirts of the city, on his one way paid chariot.

IzzyDaPada: I had finally collasped on the ground huffing..."fuck.." It was all I could say to the pain I felt in my arms and legs, tingleing, tighte, throbing. I stared up at the ceiling, simply staring. I shifted my glance to look outside the building to stare as the smoke littered the sky..*Something has happened. But I don't want to get up..* I hadn't been able to just, be a while. The music was still blaring, still that pounding music in my ears, the vibration from the stero reached me as I finally closed my eyes and just layed there, letting out a heavy sigh letting myself be engulfed by the music..*Whine up, whine up, whine up oye!* I opened my eyes and shifted my gaze to look at the stero with an odd look. "What in the world..." This music drove me nuts apparently.

AkioNara2012: -A fimiliar roar of an engine would draw closer to the others, Kio would park his bike after he found the parking spot, he swung his foot over the seat and stood over his bike smiling, looking at his new bike that he had bought with the matching helmet, he chuckled because he bought a new outfit to match it later, the bike was yellow and black and had a bright white single L.E.D light at the front of it. He sighed a little though, His brother still never paid him back after he made him dessert his old one, he sighed at the thought now going to talk to him about it because he missed his “loud love” is what he called her. After he had dismounted his cycle he took off the yellow and black helmet replacing it with his favorite hat that he had purchased off the internet from an old game. He then stuffed his keys in his pocket walking around to see if he would spot his brother anywhere, -Fucking dick needs to get my shit back-he growled as he forgot to put his goggles on his bike and let them dangle on his around his neck, he narrowed his eyes looking at others and then yelled his name out-Yo! Key-hole!(briliant name for keyome) weres my money at-he chuckled as he calmed down knowing that his big brother had been notorious for crimes and was known around here, so if he was called out he would have to say something.

KimiKatsu: " lately. It's a lot to explain over the phone, Matsuo-kun.." Just as Kirei was pulling into the parking lot of the movie theatre, she heard a car door open. "One second." She lowered her phone a bit and looked over as Keyome climbed on top of her hummer. She raised an eyebrow, then brought her phone back up to her ear. "Eh?" Kirei turned to look over her shoulder. She hadn't noticed the smoke rising in the air at all. 'Wow...I really need to clear my head some more..' she thought to herself. "Don't worry...we'll be should really come by the house some time, Matsuo-kun...maybe then I could tell you everything if you don't know already." She pushed open her door and hopped out, then locked up the hummer tight and stepped back with the phone still up to her ear. "I'll catch you later, Matsuo. We're at the movies. If you want, you could join us. We haven't been able to goof off since we were kids." She smiled. A man yelling for Keyome caught her attention, making her turn around and glance frm left to right to see who was calling for Keyome.

DarkKeyome: I watched as my douchebag little brother came over all energetic as usual. “ Ahhh, Kio... C'mon man dont be announcing my name out like that...” As he he called me out I was rubbing on the back of my neck something I did when I was uncomfortable or mostly nervous. I sighed and then looked over at Kirei and then back over at my younger brother. “ Tell you what, ill get you your money when you can beat me up in a fight huh?” The social status that I now had after the big confrontation with Danchou kind of made me famous, random girls walking by waved and some even winked at me. They knew me... I didnt know them. “ Im actually about to take my Lady friend to go see uhh... Kirei what were going to see again?” I said looking over my shoulder at her as she stepped out.

XxDensukexX: After a while, Tetsu finally arrived at the edge of the city limit. He stepped outta the car and checked his pockets: a usual routine of his. He noticed that he’d spent ALL of his cash on the Taxi driver, who had already driven away, the moment Tetsu exited the vehicle. Maybe Tetsu’s repeated singing of “Raindrops keep falling on my head” irritated him to this point. Tetsu didn’t know, nor did he to much give a fuck. He turned around towards the rural area of the District, and decided to time himself as to how fast he could make it. Tetsu squatted down in an Olympic running pose, and sprinted across the grass, in a rapid motion. Gracefully running accords the field at his peak speed (minus chi) of 27mph. After a good 15 wind sprint, covering at least 2 and a half miles, three tops, he wasn’t counting. Just trying to meet his time, because he was anxious to see the progress his father had made on the super suit. The thought of it only made him shiver with chills of the thrills he was going to get out of it. He casually jogged, along the field until he reached a mountain pass that lead towards his destination. Once at that pass he stopped and looked around. Un winded by his sprint, he would step to the left, and squat to touch a single blade of grass and flick it. When he did this, the ground beneath him would sink in, and he would vanish as a downward blur, into a long sliding tunnel, screaming at the top as lungs”WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

IzzyDaPada: I had finally locked up the dojo doors inside and the doors leading in, after putting everything I brought out away. I looked up and stared irritatingly at the gates that were to protect the window front. "I'm going to kill the twins for this..." After letting out an annoyed sigh I jumped up and reached out to grab the edge of the gate and brought it down with my full weight and meer force. Hearing a loud *BANG..CLAG..RATTLE* of the cage, I locked it into place. and put the key that was on my necklace back and started to head in the direction of a grocery store..Maybe I could spoil myself and splirge on food that wasn't so healthy and good for my waist line! *Mmmmmm.....Ice cream! I've not had that in years..maybe chocolate too! Oh such a day to spoil myself..* I started to humm softly to myself of the wonderful idea of chocolate ice cream. *Maybe even hard liquore...* Drinking alone..? I've never done that..sit alone by yourself and drink the bottle. Continuing to hum to myself. Watching my surroundings just incase I had another run in with the KPD...or someone else..maybe even the masked person..who..gods forbid I never did find his name out! I will still beat myself up over that still.

AkioNara2012: -Kio narrowed his eyes at him and grumbled, he crossed his arms and shook his head-can’t I just shoot you from a far-he smiled knowing it was easily possible and easier, he specialized in weapons and fire arms while Keyo was busy with fighting, he would spar with him time to time but always lost however, he did know his way around the streets and could get by street fighting, he shook his head as he still fist bumped him happy to see he was okay now that he had found him, he was the only family he had left other then his mom that he left to come to Keyome. It had to happen she was driving him up the wall. He then looked over Keyo’s shoulder seeing that he had “biddies” calling him, he shook his head at the thought and looked back to Keyome but noticed that he had looked back at another whom had just locked her car, he smiled at her waving only politely and also smirking because she looked pretty good-Hey beautiful!-he chuckled because he knew that Keyome and her know each other, it would be embarrassing for him more then it was for Keyome though, he chuckled again bringing his attention back to keyome , the look on Kio’s face was alittle lost as he had forgot what he was trying to say due to his intrest in the girl Keyo called “Kirie”. Kio looked up and tried to remember his first thought, he then remembered and went to his new bike that was not far from where they stood, he pulled out a present with a nice coat and suit’n’tie and pants with 2000$ inside, a little card was in the box under all the clothes beside the money, Kio handed it to him-Yo bitch, From Ma~-he stuffed his hands in his pocket and looked at him-I would of taken the money but I don’t need it-he smiled -and the clothes are what I bought…you could use some new style-he chuckled and popped his collar smirking,-But don’t think your ever going to have style like me,-he added then pulled out a cig from his pocket along with a lighter then lit it-

DarkKeyome: “AH well he's my dorky little brother. You cant tell?” I said looking over at her. For the most part I had forgettin what movie we were gonna see too until I saw the flyer. “ OH oh yeah, lead busters yeah now I remember!” I said hopping down fro the hood of the car. Only to be greeted by gifts from his younger brother, money from mother? Kio mustin havent spoke to her recently.... mothers been assumed dead for a few days due to her being missing... ive been looking for her for awhile, but I wouldnt say anything to Kio.... maybe this was something she left behind. But for the simple fact the little turd said I needed more style irked me. “ Hey shut up, my secretary said that I needed to wear a suit for my 'Social status' or so she calls it. Why don’t you make yourself useful and go buy 3 tickets for Lead busters. You aren’t doing anything you come watch it too.” I said crossing my arms.

IzzyDaPada: Heading along a back way I felt like taking from the grocery store, grabbing my bottle of hard liquor and chocolate ice cream. I headed back towards the movie thearter..seemed like it was teeming with teenage angst..I had made it past the teenagers with all the gocks and stares andthe whispers. "Wow she is pretty..who is she? She's Japanese thats for sure..look at that body..those legs.." .....I had to keep a pleasant look on my face, though I hated how they labled me..normal clothing did such weird things to people. I just needed to get home and get to my single party alone. I headed in the direction of my own part of District Two. Letting out a disgruntled sigh.

Kila: Natasha pulled up in a parking lot that was adjoined to the movie complex along with some upper class bars. Tonight she was out and about and she would find her some fun even if she had to kill a few people to get it. Her long shapely legs slid out of the driver side seat as she stood up, she ran her fingers through her red locks before carefully adjusting this little black outfit she wore, the bottom of her top only came midway down her ass, her white silky panties shown and her black stocking cling perfectly along her upper thighs. Natasha shut the door to her sports car her heels tapped lightly against the black top of the parking lot as she noticed a few faces, she moved closer to them, her eyes danced playfully among them before she finally decided to smile, "Evening one and all." She then looked over to the stranger she didn't know and gave him a wink, "Well aren't you a cutie...What's your name?" She had to admit this dude look just like Keyome, maybe just a tad bit younger.

Akio Nara: Hey, just come with us lady, Im sure you know of my brother Keyome, were going to the movies, Im paying-he then herd another one, and sigehd-You follow to-he then chuckled taking some money out of the box and smiling-don’t mind if I do-he chuckled walking to the building, he smiled as he made his way over to Kirei and smiling charmingly, he chuckled as he would open the movie door for her and the other girls then close it before Keyo would get to them, very cheeky like he’d stick his tounge out at him and walk in line to buy the tickets, now that it was 4 he went into his back pocket and pulled out a fifty handing it to Kirei,-Get some popcorn and what not-he smiled at her as he waited in line for the tickets, the person in front of him smelt funny-ugh-

Kila: Natasha smiled once Keyome was finished talking, "Just tell him you're not a hunter but anytime he's up for some brandy and cigars...Maybe a game or two of poker you're in." She walked around him her fingernails tapped lightly against her hips, "Well you look different, kinda loses yourself, who you really are in that look." she then shook her head as she looked at the others and back to him, "No, sorry love I'm a big girl and I don't do teenage things, but it you change your mind later I'll be in the dark little bar right here." -She pointed to two black doors the lead underground, "Like I said come see me later." She then turned away him and headed toward the doors.