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A God takes a chance

AlessandraSkar: After swinging up from the branch, Kaori was in midair when she spotted an ivy vine hanging from another tree that looked sturdy enough to hold her weight. She reached for it quickly with one hand, using it to swing herself even higher into the air about 60 feet to be exact. She sailed for a moment, the wind whistling past her ears, her sea green hair swaying with the breeze as the sun light glistened against her tanned skin. It felt good to be up there, not even looking down to see how far she had to fall, but just looking out and seeing the view of the forest all around her. It was especially beautiful during the day, whereas at night it was all scary with the creepy noises and the dark shadows and lurking creatures and such. Something else came into her view as she began to descend. The tower. It was a few miles ahead walking distance, though she knew she was going to be rather tired by the time she got there. She couldn't help but wonder what was going to be inside. Perhaps it would be filled with worse conditions than the forest for competitors. A deep sigh escaped her lips as gravity finally took her as she fell through the canopy layer of the forest with her arms outspread and her legs bent slightly. With skill and precision, she targeted her feet toward a large, mossy branch that was bent downward and stretched on for about fifty feet and landed. She bent forward as her feet began to slide along the green moss as if she were riding a skateboard, her eyes slightly twitching at the icky slippery feeling. She was sliding faster and faster by the foot, the wind whistling loudly in her ears as she followed the branch over and through several trees, having to duck beneath a couple of branches here and there. Up ahead, she could see that one of the upcoming trees had something hanging off of one of its branches, another healthy looking apple that was just a little out of her reach. Her eyes squinted in determination as her vision zoomed in on the apple, leaning her body forward so that it would move faster along the branch. When the apple was just a few feet ahead, she pushed off on the balls of her feet, reaching up as high as she could with her left hand to grab it. Excitement filled her once she coiled her fingers around it and yanked it down off the branch, her feet returning to the moss beneath her. She'd landed a bit oddly, wobbling and weaving back and forth as she tried to reposition her body for good balance. As she did so, she saw that the end of the thrill ride was coming up fast, bending her knees a good 90 degrees before her feet zipped right off the very edge. She felt like she was flying again, holding on tight to her apple as her arms and legs moved in circular motions. It seemed like time had slowed down all around her, just enough for her to see another ivy vine hanging down from a large tree. She grabbed it with her free hand and instead of trying to swing her body into a U-shape so that it would carry her further she quickly flicked her legs up above her head, the momentum of her previous flight canceling out as she turned herself upside down on the vine and wrapped her legs tightly around it. She began sliding down the vine at a speed that wouldn't burn the skin off of her inner thighs, her head bent back to watch how close she was getting to the ground until she was about ten feet away from cracking her skull open. She caused the muscles in her legs to tense up, instantly halting about 6 feet, 5 inches away from the ground, staring at the path before her. Judging by how far she had traveled and the speed which she had used, Donnie and Kaito would probably be walking in that particular direction and would most likely see her hanging upside down on a vine like Jane, biting into her delicious apple. 'Thought you could get away that easy, Tarzan?' She thought to herself as she brought the apple to her mouth and crunched down on the flesh, her lips twisting into a grin. 'Think again. I've got all day.'

Pallas: -He listened to her as she talked about why she came to the tournament. When she talked about how District One was...he remembered his time there. And he was inclinded to agree with her about all the crap that goes down there. But he couldn't help but remember the most important detail...he is product of a succss story from District One. Upon hearing her last comment about fame, he slowly turned around and said-"Being famous isn't always a good thing...A lot of times it comes around and bites ya in the ass."-He then turns away again as he too has a tell when he gets into a battle with himself. When he goes silent it's mostly because his thoughts are going back and forth inside of his head. It's probably something that people don't catch onto but it can happen. -"Should I go for it? She's right there...Im gunna do but I cant."-He is one of those Macho men who do not like to show their emotions and rather be alone. But there was something about this woman that made him want to show that side of him. It's ironic in a takes a fighting woman to get into Donnie's soft side. Then "The Other Guy" says to Donnie-"FUcker just do it! You like her! Quit being a little bitch and go do it! You take that girl!"-And for once he agreed with "The Other Guy."---"You're right...Imma do it."-And after finally convincing himself and mustering up the confidence to do it, he slowly turns around. His bright blue eyes stare into hers as he begins to walk over to her. A pep in his step as he walks to where she was. He then cupped her cheeks his his hands and placed his lips onto hers. It was a perfect moment as the sun shined through the tree. He kissed her passionatley and held his lips against hers for a few seconds. Even to a guy like Donnie his stomach fluttered with butterlies as he kissed her. His heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. For the first time in a year, he wanted someone to be with. And even though they had just just felt right. He had come to the tournament to fight only two people and instead he meets a woman and completly goes head over boots for her. He slowly took his lips away from hers, puting her forehead onto his as their lips were now only inches apart. He then says in a sensual tone-"Sorry...I couldn't resist it."-His hands still cupping her cheeks as he wanted to kiss her again but not push it further if she didn't want too. He just waits to see how she reacts to his first move.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori let out a soft sigh in response to him saying that being famous wasn't always a good thing, because she knew he was right. Sadly, the only fame she'd had was being that crazy bitch who was known for spazzing out and beating people up just for looking at her wrong. Eventually, that kind of reputation reached the streets when she got older, and it didn't turn out too good. But she wanted to know what it felt like to be looked at like a celebrity for making an achievement like winning this tournament where people died in the most gruesome ways every second of the day. Wasn't it supposed to feel good? “That it can be.” She said, allowing a smile to play on her lips. “But I still wouldn't mind going for the designer shoes.” She shuffled her right foot back and forth across the grass, the little blades tickling the bottom of her feet as she imagined where she and the giant would be after all of this was over. What if it was just something that would only last within the forest and would fade away by the time they got back to the city....either alive in one piece or dead in four different body bags. She didn't want to think of it that way, but it was just reality. Good things never last. It was just strange how something like this could blossom in a place where they were supposed to be attacking and killing each other. Donnie was just so...different. Not the average pretty boy who arrogantly thought that they could have every woman they desired. No, he was a powerful gladiator tossed into the anarchy of war who could crush his opponents into the dust and do it with ease, someone who'd go to the ends of the earth for what he wanted. She'd seen him bust plenty of heads here and there and no matter how crazy it might have been, it made him more and more attractive every time. Kaori lifted her hand to run it through her hair once again -that damn habbit- and just as she lifted her eyes to look at Donnie, her entire body froze. She had been so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she had absolutely no idea that he was marching toward her like he had a personal vendetta and the next thing she knew, his lips were pressed against hers. No...they were fucking LOCKED. It seemed like time stood still all around them and Kaori's head spun for a second before she realized exactly what was happening. She couldn't just fucking stand there and let him show all the affection. She could taste the flavor of his lips, feel the passion behind them, feel the heat coursing through her the moment his hand came up to touch her face. But then, he pulled himself back, resting his forehead against hers as his lips moved to speak just barely inches away from reach. “Sorry. I couldn't resist.” His voice was so deep and laced with velvet that she could feel chills running up and down her spine nonstop. The strangest thing was the fact that he apologized like he had done something wrong. Kaori didn't even have to talk. She simply lost control, all but jumping forward to dominate his mouth with hers. The passion that he'd shown her before was returned with fire as she quite nearly sucked the breath out of his lungs. She slid one hand up his arm, over his shoulder and around to the back of his neck while moving into him, pressing her body against his. He could perhaps feel the swell of her breasts against his abdomen, her heart racing so hard that she could hear it in her ears.

Pallas: -His eyes open wide as she pounces him with her lips. Then they slowly close as the passion coming from both of them was bursting into the air. As she wrapped her arms around his neck he slid his arms down from cupping her cheeks to feeling her soft curves. He put both of his hands together when they slid all the way down to her lower back. He continued to kiss her deeply as he interlocked his tongue with hers. He couldn't help but savour the taste of her lips as his hands wondered around her body. His hands then slowly made their way down to her firm as as he cupped her ass-cheeks. Then almost immediatley after doing this he lifts her petite body into the air and wraps her legs around his waist. His towering body help her up like she was weightless. His hands still squeezes her ass-cheeks as their kissing was at a pure lust. Kaito was fast asleep while this was happening. DOnnie thought to himself-"Thank god this kid is a heavy sleeper."-After holding her in the air for sometime he makes his way over to the tree and aggressivley pins her back to the tre as the branches shake and leaves fall of their place on the branches. The leaves slowly fell from the tree as they add to the perfect scenery. The says of the dimming sun shining off the backs of the leaves as it looks to create a shining light effect. Donnie rubs his hands against her full and smooth thighs as the tree holds her up and his longue continues to swirl with hers. His body began to tense up at the thought of takng her down on the tree that his thoughts completely leave his mind and he ran on nothing but impulse. He raised his hands up to where hers hung onto the back of his neck and he interlocke his fingers with hers. He then pinned them down over her head as he lowere his head and begins to suck on the tender part of her neck. And while he sucked on her neck he also nibbled on the skin that he was sucking on. As this was happening just by reflex, his hips began to rub against hers as he was giving into his urges and wanting to press forward. All these emotions flutteing through his body as he did this. At any moment someone could come out and try and kill them. But it didn't matter. What was happening right now against this tree felt more right to Donnie than anything else in the entire world.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's head was practically swimming with the ecstasy blossoming from deep within her core, causing her blood to rush and her heart to race. Donnie's lip was so soft and succulent that they left her breathless and soon her lips were parting to let their tongues wrestling. Her body seemed to mold right into his as she felt his hands wander along her fine curves, leaving goosebumps wherever those big, magical hands touched her. She loved how his touch could be both rough and gentle at the same time and it was making her shiver. He then grabbed her ass and she thought she would lose her mind, gasping when he lifted her off of her feet and forced her legs around his waist. She was so lost in the moment that she wasn't paying attention to just how tightly her legs were squeezing him. Any normal human being probably would have had their ribs shattered by such powerful leg strength, but Donnie wasn't entirely human. Therefore, he probably didn't even feel a hint of pain from it. While one hand gripped the back of his neck, the other stroked its way up his arm to wrap around those amazingly broad shoulders of his. Being able to feel the muscle that she'd admired for so long caused her entire body to shudder and she wrapped her arm around him although she knew for a fact that he wasn't going to let her fall. She felt him begin to move backwards, keeping her focus on their interlocked mouths as she made circular motions with her tongue around his. It was rather unexpected that her back suddenly hit a tree trunk hard enough to knock a few sticks and leaves off of it. The wind was almost knocked clean out of her, causing her to suck in a breath. She felt his hands grip hers and lift them above her head, pinning them against the tree trunk. The second his lips parted from hers to move down to her neck, he could most likely hear her breathing hard like she'd just run a marathon, her chest bounding up and down while he began to nibble and suck on the sensitive flesh of her neck. Her legs clenched even tighter around him as she lifted her head back, unable to hold back the soft moan that rose up from her chest at the waves of wanton lust rolling down through her body. As he began to move his hips back and forth, she could feel how much he wanted to take her right then and there and at the moment, her body was practically screaming. Every part of her begging for his dominance as she began to slowly grind against him, not even able to keep herself still from how much pleasure he was giving her in that instant.

Pallas: -Upon hearing her moan his animal instincts began to take over. He actually loved the pressure that her legs were putting against his body. He loved the roughness that she could dish out to him. His hands continued to grip with hers while he nibbled on her neck like a vampire. Her moans were the seling point as he was ready to take her down. His blood moving through his body faster than ever, his heart pounding a mile a minute. He released his lock on her neck as he looked into her eyes. He then freed his right hand from the lock it was in as he grabs onto the back part of her Pj's. He then quickly rips them off of her like a madman. After ripping thw lower part of her clothes off, he tosses them to the side not caring anything for them now. He then once again locks his lips with hers. He had never tasted anything better than her lips that he wanted more of them. Soon after this, he releases the lock of his left hand and begins to un-tie the Gi Pants that he is wearing. He can feel her body aching for what is coming next and his body wanted that much more. After un-tieing the pants, they would slowly fall down around his ankles. Earlier in the day she had got a sneak peack at his ass and now she was about to see all of his body and feel it inside of her. As the pants fall they would act like a spring board as his hardened cock swings foward and smacks her on the ass softly. His tongue still moving along with hers as her moans becaming muffled by his mouth. He was dying to enter her and he no longer was going to waste any time. With his hands he once again grips her spectacular ass and raises her body up a little higher from his waist and then slowly lowers her down. As she gets lowered, his hard cock would slowly penetrate inside of her. He pushed her entire body so all eleven inches of himself can enter inside of her. Her pussy tightning around his cock for the first time as his tongue freezes for that first moment of entering her. His body jolted with exstacy as he entered her. The walls of her pussy tightning around on his cock was amazing. He did not let go of the grip he had on her ass as he began to slowly lift her up and down. After the first couple of up and downs he begins to use his hips and move perfectly with the motions. His cock drilling deeper inside of her with each motion.-

AlessandraSkar: As he continued to nibble and suck on her neck, Kaori grew more and more ecstatic and it was much too difficult to bite back the soft moans that kept managing to escape her. It seemed that her sounds of pleasure were fueling him, pushing him, driving him to wanting more of her. That was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to drive her insane with her sensual charm and have her craving his body like a wolf craves meat. And right now, it seemed that nothing would stop him. She lowered her chin when he stopped to look into her eyes, meeting his strong lustful gaze as she felt his hand slide around behind her and grip the back of her pajama bottoms. 'Oh fuck...' Was all she could think to herself as he gave one nearly effortless tug and the soft cotton fabric tore right off of her with ease like paper. She sucked in a sharp breath as she felt the draft, almost stunned by the fact that her lower half was now fully exposed to him to do as he pleased. But she refused to fight him off she would have done to anyone else. She wanted this more than anything. He slammed his lips back into hers and she began biting and sucking on them teasingly, eventually letting herself fall deep into the fiery passion once again. His knuckles brushed against her ever so gently as he began to undo the string that held his pants up around his waist, hearing the sound of them soon sliding down his legs and pooling around his feet. Something long and thick hit her softly on the ass, causing her to gasp once again, biting down on his bottom lip almost hard enough to break skin. She didn't even have to ask to know what it was and could tell that he was truly well endowed, otherwise his length wouldn't have been able to reach her ass like that. She wrapped both arms around his neck to brace herself, knowing that the next feeling was going to be a shock to her system. And it was. The moment he lifted her and slowly brought her back down onto him, the feeling of his large invasion quite literally paralyzed her for one solitary second. Her breath was gone after she once again sucked in a gasp so sharp that she wouldn't have been surprised if her lungs exploded. Her head snapped back almost involuntarily as a loud, dramatic moan of pleasure was released. She could feel every inch of him burrowing into her, stretching her out almost painfully. She'd never felt something so big inside her and wouldn't trade anything in the world for it. He lifted her up and down by her ass slowly, then began to thrust his hips into her and she stared down at him as he did so with a begging expression on her face. Her eyes half-lidded and clouded with pure, unadulterated ecstasy and lust, she began moaning in rhythm with his thrusts, her voice a higher pitch than it normally was when she would speak. Her arms had gone rather limp and lowered from behind his neck to cross one over the other behind his back, her nails digging hard into his flesh as pleasure built inside her, feeling her body bouncing up and down between the massive wall that was Donnie's incredibly hot body and the tree that he had her pressed against.

Pallas: -Hearing her moan was like a battery to him as it pushed him further and further. His cock was like a lightning rod as it send jolts of exstacy into his body. He was in a wonderland of pleasure and lust. It was as if time had stopped just for them. Her body bouncing up and down on his large cock was amazing. Donnie began to quicken the pace of how he lifted her up and down. Her body is damn near weightless in his arms as he quickly lifts her up and down. With his hips moving fowards and backawards to go deeper inside of her their hips would make a *CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK* sound with each passing motion. The wetness of her pussy flows down his shaft while he continues to drill deeper inside of her. He'd release a slight growl as she dug her nails into his back, loving how it felt. His fangs visible while he growls. He kept this pace for awhile as he felt the vibrations of her body becoming more and more lustful. He then lowered her body down all the way against his cock and take a step back from the tree. He fres one of his feet from the pant legs and he thrusts his leg foward against the tree. This would cause the tree to break and fall on the floor as it wasa quick fix for a place to lay her body down. Donnie walks over to the newly broken down tree while still keeping himself inside of her and slowly lays her back down on the wood. With him on top he lifted her legs into the air and held them up by the ankles as he began to thrust his hips in and out of her pussy. He growled in pleasure as the walls of her pussy continued to tighten around his cock like a vise. He felt like he was ready to bust inside of her but he did not want the moment to end. He moved his hips faster as the *CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK* continued as their hips bouncd off one another. Her breasts bounce up and down with each motion as DOnnie kept the same pace. His strength so powerful that he uses this to push himself deeper and deeper, not caring for the limits. His body tenses up as he is just about to reach his climax. His grip on her ankles tighten a bit but not too painful for her as he thrusts his hips as far into her as he can get, all eleven inches inside of her as he unleashes his load. So much of his warm cum firing out of his cock that some of it squirts out of her pussy with his cock still inside of her. He releases a wolf like groan as he releases himself inside of her. His body would vibrate and pulse in exstacy as he finished up. He then bent down leaving his cock inside of her and begins to kiss her passionatly.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's moans escalated as she felt him pick up speed, thrusting faster and deeper into her while also quickening her up-and-down motions. The sound of their hips meeting in their fast rhythm seemed to echo off into the near distance, the flesh on flesh connection that could only be described as loud slapping and clapping. Kaori found that sound to be quite invigorating, knowing that it was the result of Donnie's total dominance over her body. Soon he stopped, and to Kaori's surprised, knocked down the whole tree behind them with one goddamn kick. 'God, he's so fucking strong.' Even her inner voice was moaning as she had turned her head just in time to witness such power and watched the tree fall and hit the ground. It was a wonder how the kid he traveled with could sleep through all the noise. She held onto him, slightly tightening her grip around his neck as he lowered her down onto the tree and placed himself on top of her, his thrusts resuming quickly. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her as he pounded himself into her so much deeper and harder than before. Her head fell back against the wood as her eyes fell shut and she began to whimper and whine in response to his sheer strength. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsated through her until her legs began to shake and a numbness began creeping from her feet all the way up the inner regions of her legs, causing her toes to curl as they were lifted into the air. “Donnie?” His name came out in a mewling whimper, followed by a series of heavy pants. “Don'!” Of course, Kaori would end up being a bit demanding during sex, but only when her mind was in the right place. And it was, because all she could focus on was the feeling building and swelling inside of her just waiting to explode. She was practically clawing into his flesh now as the feeling got worse and worse with each of his thrusts, her legs beginning to go numb as her toes curled in tighter. She could tell by the tensing of his body that he was close and she was just as close to her own climax. Suddenly, the feeling reached its peak and it was like a thousand little electric shocks began to dance all over her dripping crevice, sending waves of the same electricity throughout her entire body. Her mind went completely blank as she was no longer moaning...she was practically screaming, her back snapping up into an arch as her body began to tremble hard beneath him. Her legs shook like an earth quake in his hands as her orgasm rocked every part of her, the feeling so overwhelmingly amazing that for a moment, she stopped screaming and was just simply convulsing madly while holding onto Donnie as tightly as she could. At the same time, Donnie erupted like a volcano inside her and she could feel his warm, thick load filling her to the brim like a glass of milk. She hadn't even registered that he came with her until the orgasm faded away and she slowly fell back onto the wood, her chest moving up and down with her labored breaths. “Oh my God. That are....just.....holy shit!” She was still a bit shaky as she accepted his passionate kiss, biting and sucking playfully on his warm lips like she had before and just loving the feeling of his body joined with hers like this. In the process of sucking his soul out through his mouth and running her hand up through his silky, Daken-like mohawk, a sudden thought dawned on her. She pulled back with her lips just barely an inch apart from his, still breathing heavily. “Kaito.” Was the only thing she had to say for him to understand what her concern was.    

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