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Off to the old district that never was...

DarkKeyome: The city almost seemed quiet. I had managed to get the Arm that Donnie delivered to me on my body two hours after he had dropped it off. But it still wasn’t fully functional I needed the old guy's help again back in Old. Behind me... was my shadow Nami who seems to be getting attached to me or something. I had a back pack on with a vest making both of my auto-mailed arms showing. We were walking down Autumn’s way. A back way that leads right into Old New york. Totally safe during the day. But at night? Not so much. My back pack sat on my back with a bunch of supplies food, etc etc. I had a gun in there. And a pair of machetes on my side. Along with my long Rambo like gun that Mr. Hideo gave me months back. It was time I saw him anyways my arm was due for a tune up. I don’t know what wanted Nami to come along but ah I didn’t mind. With Isa gone over there.... I didn’t have anyone to talk too. And the city was so dead watching the tournament... “ Hey if you get hungry let me know alright?” I said looking over my shoulder at my smaller shadow. I don’t know if I was like a big brother to her or not. Or some Guardian... or some big guy that she just wants to have sexually relations with. Or maybe im just a friend. I’m not sure. “ Shouldn’t take us too long if we keep moving at this rate. “ I said moving my fingers through my hair. My left arm still seemed human like felt and looked totally human. But I didn’t want this to happen again... I was in the ring with Titans... with demons. I cant be an average Joe... with UN-average foes y'know... wanna win... play at there game.

NamikazeSoudai: She followed him along, after he recovered a bit of his strength and got his arms looking..somewhat normal, she was with him nonstop again. She didn't like any other Keyome, weaker or stronger, she liked the one that took her some months ago in a passionate blindly hell-ride.. She especially didn't like to think that the same man, who was so dominate during their romantic moment, had become weaker.. "Food? Oh, im not hungry.." She said that, and right then her stomach growled, making her blush lightly. She had never been to this 'old' New York, it sure was quiet where they were right now, almost abandoned feeling..But beautiful. She came up closer to Keyome, then suddenly hugged to his leg when there was some rustling in a nearby bush. "What's that?!" A squrrel popped out of the bush though, calming her uneasiness..The whole trip coming here, either Keyome or someone else taunted her with stories of the undead living in Old York, and even if she was trained to ignore her fears..She had some still. She had grown out her hair in the last two months, it certainly was different than her usual short hair..But nothing else had change, no height add-on, no larger breasts, but knocked up tummy either from that night. "Are there really zombies?"

DarkKeyomeHer looking over to the bush made me go alert my eyes focusing on the bush and quickly I stood in front of her ready to fight..........a squirrel. I sighed and stood up out of my fighting stance and put my hands in my pocket. I pulled out my pistol from my back pack and aimed it at the rodent. “.... that could save a ration or two...” I said having my left eye closed focused on the rodent as the barrel of my 45 went still to show the focus of the gun and my mind pin pointed on the death of this animal. I sighed and dropped my arm and decided not to kill it. Not in-front of her anyways. My eyes looked down at her. “ Where were going you cant be afraid alright..?” I said turning to smile at her. “ Besides.... Dead-shot only got me with a cheesy Triangle move. He cant fight me in a stand up fight. But now I know what to expect next time. “ I didn’t say Donnie... I didn’t want her to know who he was. “ C'mere...” I said pulling her over to me as I sat down at a bench and made her stand in-front of me. I pulled the back pack in front of us and pulled out a blue lunch box opening up to show Rice balls lined up perfectly. “ I got corn dogs too... And...” I opened my vest pulling out 4 lollipops. Let alone her age... and me knowing what she really is. I still treated her like a kid. “ You can have these after you eat...” I said putting them back up. I gripped both of my 45's. They were my fathers guns back in his Yakuza days they meant a lot to me. Isa had his other gun... I placed the Holsters around her legs instead of her waist due to her waist not being big enough to support them. Placing the pistols on her left, and right side securely I patted her legs to check for there sturdy ness.” Alright.... next time something frightens shoot em right in between the eyes. “ I said doing a pretend gun with my index and middle finger at her forehead.

NamikazeSoudai: She blinked..He was baby-ing her.. She shrugged though, it got her things, and she did like getting things. "Look look~~" It was payback time.. She took the corndog and showed her talents, putting it all into her mouth deepthroating the sucker briefly before bringing it out, coughing lightly but otherwise alright and giggling afterwards. She then nommed down onto the corndog, it was relatively still warm with how they were packaged which was good, she didn't like a cold corndog. Pistols..She remembering hitting targets yards away with her pistols at the training area..But of course they weren't moving, still it was a impressive shot..Hopefully she wouldn't need to use them here. "Are you and miss Isabella boyfriend and girlfriend?" She asked randomly inbetween nomming through a riceball and looking up at him, a lot of it on her instead of in her. Now that she had stopped, looking at a nearby tree..It looked different from normal trees, a bit more red in them than what she was used to, and not a normal red either..Maybe the trees were zombies too..or undead..Although they looked real and shed leafs like a real one, even things smelled..Somewhat alive..but not quite..there was a smell that was just not..right.

DarkKeyome: A frown was on my face when she took the corn dog, deep throating it better than the girls that I used to watch back in the porno flicks, the frown stayed it didn’t fade but to accompany it was a dark blush on my cheeks. It was a highly noticeable contradiction. I was eating a rice ball myself and drinking a bottle water my eyes focused out at the water until I heard her ask if me and Isa were boyfriend and girlfriend. I swallowed the food and drunk the water again taking about 5 seconds or so to answer her after thinking about it. “ No were not. She was engaged to my best-friend. Though she is a wonderful girl. She's a warrior too. But.... everytime I see her, I see Haji. And.... I cant do that with her. Not.... not right now. But she is special...” I said eatting another rice ball. I gripped at her hair tightly with a light pull. It may have hurt her but I didnt mean to. Like I said I was a pitbull... never been used to doing things in a gentle way. “ Man your hair has grown..” I said examining it over and then looking over my own hair which was over my shoulders. “ still has that minty smell though.” looking over her body kind of forced me to remember that night which kind of put me in a more aggressive edge too but i'll make sure to try to keep myself at bay as much as possible. I stood after eating the rice ball, pulling on my back pack again. “ Alright.... ready to go?” I said looking over at her. Soon i'd turn and began to walk down Autumn’s way weather she was following me or not.

NamikazeSoudai: She gasped lightly and dropped her riceball into her food container when he pulled her hair. "Y-Yeah..More to wash.." She mumbled, blushing lightly and recovering her food, quickly eating the rest, she didn't want to be outside for too long, not with night around the corner. He had packed up rather fast and begun to walk ahead before she was just about ready, making her scamper to catch up to him. "Don't leave me behind Keyome!" she said to him a bit upset, rather than saying 'nii-sama'. "Are we there yet?" She asked after about a minute..still outside..

Keyome stopped in his tracks.... notcing something odd...

DarkKeyome: " Tch... shit, will you be able to run? " I said looking over my shoulder. I could see them across the river. the decimated bodies of the fallen dead from the Nuculear attacks known as Danz. Monsterous humans who feeds off the human flesh in order to surivie they live all throughout New America in certain areas. Its a wonder why the government did nothing about it. Out in the distance was a Haven. A large hotel like building that were for the wealthly and those that could pay to stay. Throughout Old New york, and New America, Havens surrounded the area from all over the place. It's our only option of surival for tonight... the sun was moving down faster...

NamikazeSoudai: She paused and looked over when he did. "What is it?" She questioned but he did not reply, instead he asked if she could run. "Well i guess, not my strongest suit, but i can keep up." She said softly, having always wanted that to be the area she improved in, but her small body had it's limitations.. Fortunately she managed to keep up with the other students when in training and keeping up was good enough at that time. "Danz? The zombies.." She mumbled, remembering a whole movie about the thing sometime earlier in the year. That was just like humanity, profiting from tragedies that happened to others or themselves. ((like 9/11 related movies.)) She sighed lightly, wishing she had worn snickers instead of the boots she had on now, they would have had her running better..Nothing much one could do about it now, she tested instead the reliablilty of pulling the guns around her lower body, she was a good quick draw it seemed, and that might help them survive..

Danz? The fuck kinda name is that for a zombie....? -.-

DarkKeyome: As soon as i was done speaking... " SCCCRRAAA!!!!!!!!" A Decimated looking human flung himself from a tree and right infront of us, i showed no fear and sent a power my right fist into the creatures head... which evantually turned into a blade slicing right through the creatures head killing him on impact. Oh but it wasnt over yet... " LETS GO.." I said Pulling on Nami's arm as i ran full speed... i looked left to right. You could see there white eyes litter the woods around us... they came out of the river... from the treess if i looked'd be about 20 of them when it was only 5 just a few seconds ago. As we were running i pulled Nami into the air tossing her high above my head landing myself right in the spot so she'd land on my shoulders to be in a position whre she could fire while we ran. My body easily began to push through the human limitation with my Chi.

NamikazeSoudai: She screamed, something Nami never did before, this was really playing at her fears. He took care of the first thing that came at them, but there were a hoard more to handle soon after that.. BAM BAM BAM!!! The guns went firing and the sounds of impact were here. If this was a game, she would have 100% accuracy right now, a feat very good considering that she was being carried on Keyome's shoulders. She hadn't stopped screaming though, these things terrified her down deep in her soul, she would be shaking once Keyome put her down, hell she might have even peed her pants, it was just that terrifying for her. Everyone had that one fear that smacked you at your core, a lot of people claimed they didn't, but they did..And it wasn't fun to deal with or talk about. "Why the fuck didn't we take a car?!" She yelled out inbetween shots, the sound of a empty pistol being clicked at it's trigger was heard which she cursed about and put back into it's holster, the other one still had a few bullets..

DarkKeyome: I had been moving at a rapid succession even for a humans capabilities. I was numb to fear but these guys were really fucking with me the wrong way. Two of the demonic mutated creatures knock down a tree trunk. They were a bigger batch of the other danz they looked like fuckig Broly on that DBZ Anime. As the tree trunk was falling. I spun my body and managed to make Nami spinn off of my back till the rotation made her spin in front of me. I hooked my arms around her body and kicked off the ground as hard as I could. With my back aiming towards the Tree I channeled just enough Chi so that my body brought through the Tree trunk with an explosive force. My spinal cord had shifted over a bit due to that move... I could feel the pain in my back increase as I landed with a back flip onto the ground. I hooked the girl tightly in my grip in a cradling type motion forcing myself to run as fast as I could muster up dispite the pain. Before knew... the tall Hotel like fortress had search lights blaring all around it to illuminate the night sky. I was afraid to look behind us but im guessing that it had to be over 100 creatures chasing behind us. One of the guards at the Heaven was on his patrol. Im sure all he could see was a teenager cradling a younger female and being chased by a hoard of Danz' “ OPEN THE DOOOOR!! HEEYYYY OPEN THE DOOORRR!” I said trying to push myself as hard as my body would allow me.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had stopped steaming for a brief moment then.. "AHH!" one of them was tugging at her boots, he came out of nowhere.. He was shot dead from someone beyond the doors, but as he fell he pulled Nami's boot off with him. They were tugged inside by someone and she fell to the floor, dropping the gun she had been holding and her lolipop knocking out of her mouth. Either she hit the ground a bit too hard or it was from everything that had happen, but she became unconcious, probably a good thing, she would not be able to stop crying and shaking or even screaming if she had been conscious. This guard asked Keyome if they needed medical attention, he said it loud, needing To over the sound of the Danz outside scratching up agaisnt the door, wanting to get in and have a meal..

Safe calls and all...

DarkKeyome: A large man with white hair and a Militar fatigue jacket greeted us as we bursted in. “ Haaaaa newcomers.... from the clothing must be from Kunthole City. “ The man stomped his foot and turned to us smirking. “ I am Offcer Philanderers. I have a brother in the KPD Officer Briggs he's a low life shit stain but ANNYYWWHHOOO... I am not your friend, I am simply your protector. Pay us and you will be fine. Choose not to and you'll be Danz food. First night is 50 dollars after that 100 every-night. Goodbye the head desk attendant will help you get accommodated.”He walked off greeting some other guest within the haven. Tch fucking bastard... he might as well be a Yakuza himself....I Panted my chest heaving up and down as my blood began to boil during the whole chase. I looked over at Nami who was passed out. I pulled out my wallet... I only had about 500 Bucks on me... meaning we could stay a night here. And maybe in two more Havens on the way. “ Ah... get us a room... And..” I rubbed the back of my neck patting the top of my shoulders down then looking over at her with all white eyes in a cartoonish way. “ D-Did... she piss on mee!!” Not to long after we were sent to a room, given a towel and a bed. I managed to carry her into the room on my right shoulder with her backpack and my own in my left hand. This place was huge it looked run down on the outside but in the inside it was luxrious. And militarized at the same time. Men and women streamed the area sharing drinks in suits and dresses laughing as if we weren’t surrounded by fucking monsters outside. Its insane how much Warfare can harm a whole species race.... the Danz have always been in issue within the city an ever growing problem... I was gonna question Nami about why the government never went to handle this problem... was it even out of there hands?

NamikazeSoudai: Nami wasn't out long, about 15 minutes before she came back to life. "Ermm..My loli.." she mumbled, her first words, it had been eons since she woke up without one in her mouth, it felt..Weird, like a part of her body was missing, Keyome could relate. She rubbed her eyes, standing and heading for the bathroom with her backpack, she felt like taking a shower. "Oh.." she paused in the doorway looking down. "My shoe.." She said saddened by it's lost, she shrugged though, taking off her shirt there and tossing it behind her. Nami was often times braless, she just didn't have the size large enough to care about it too much, not to mention it was a good tactic for getting people to keep her around more. She continued on into the bathroom, removing the rest of her clothes and turning on the water to the showers, leaning agaisnt the wall while it took it's time to warm up. She looked back at the open door..Wondering if she should close it..Even though the front door was closed, she didn't want to risk letting a Danz into the bathroom while she was showering..Though Keyome would be there to protect her.. Her backpack, fortunately, had a change of clothes in it, but she would be another pair of feet wear for the time being.

DarkKeyome: I had turned on the TV in the room. Watching in on the first few interviews for the GMAF... all of them so egar to fight. I wanted to be there amongst them. Battling with the best of them. But at the same time I didnt. Im starting to think this egarness for battle is getting obsessive. I could hear the sound of the shower going on a few feet away. I had removed my Shirt, pulling out a black tank top and pair of underwear , some sweatpants too when she was done and i'd have my turn into the shower. “.... man... those things... “ I said closing my eyes and reanalyzing everything that happened. So many of them... there had to be 1000's. I stood with my clothing in hand and walked to the bathroom door. Knocking on the door to get her attention. I had seen her body slightly in the dark that night but I could cap over the whole thing now. I was trying to be mature about it. “... Nami as you can see. It wont be easy getting to where I need to go. I dont want to put you in harms way, let alone you handled yourself well out there besides pissing on me.... and now I need to throw that shirt out hahaha. But anyways... Do you still wanna tag along...? It's not to late. Tomorrow morning I could get you a ride home..” I couldnt use my men for this. To take us there for the safety issues and respect of Dr.Hideo. I wouldnt allow anyone I didnt trust of his locations. I just hope miss government official doesnt rat out the worlds best Human modifications expert.... since he's on the Governments most wanted list... “....” My eyes lowered down to her lower half.... and then back up to look her in the face waiting for her answer.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami turned around when he was done talking, making no effort to cover her body (NUUU) from him, holding the soap in her hand. "..." She backed up a little, up agaisnt the wall, her legs crossing. "I wanna stay with you.." She said softly, reminding herself of the many times she said that to Kirei, how they never seemed to understand she just didn't want to be alone. "Im not a bounty hunter..I report on possible plans for murders and overthrowing governments.." She reminded, or told, she didn't know how much in that file told Keyome about her. Being naked made Nami look taller somehow, probably her exposed legs..They were the long compared to the rest of her body.. "W-Well..Your staring.."

DarkKeyome: I blinked and quckily turned my head to the right. “ Oh.. shit, yeah. Sorry I uh. Just wanted to know. Alright ill let you finish.” I said attempting to close the door after backing away. I had an issue with that walking on people. I was oblivious to emotions sometimes so I tend to just walk into things without thinking about it. If I was successful on getting away from the door I would have plopped down to watch a round of the GMAF. My left hand rested on my abs as I waited for it. It was only 9 PM. And I was already feeling kind of out of it. Maybe it was that chase... maybe I can rent a vechile out tomorrow... or better yet... steal one.

NamikazeSoudai: She closed her eyes, expecting to feel Keyome's body up agaisnt her any second now..But the sound of the tv got louder and she opened her eyes, seeing a lack of Keyome. "Tch!" She blushed, how pervy her imagination had wanted the situation to play out.. She continued to wash her body, getting in a few extra seconds of comfort under the shower before exiting. Like last time when she was with Keyome after a shower, she had a towel wrapped around her body, from her chest down to her knees. She sat down on the bed and watched tv with him for a little bit while brushing her hair. Nami was quiet, truly playing agaisnt Keyome's belief that she was a yapping hyena all the time..After a while she reached back for a pillow and brought it to her body, hugging to it and losing the towel..Before long, she had managed to sneak on a bra and panties, somehow without Keyome seeing any of her exposed body in the process, so easy for a little one to hide behind a pillow and dress.. "You going in the shower..?"

DarkKeyome: My eyes shot over to her in her bra and panties and I could feel the red on my cheeks burn. I was naming it 'The Aggression.' it got worse when I got horny. Or better yet had something that set me off the way I liked it. Ohhhh yeah she was my age.... her body was curved out like a model I could see her being one if she decided to take another line of a career into that kind of field. I had my eyes focused on her own like a dog staring at something that pissed him off. Biting hard on my bottom lip I nodded my head. “ Yeah.. yeah.” I had patted her on her ass as I succfled myself out of the bed, pulling my shirt off in-front of her. If she was looking...she'd see the scars. The slashes, stab wounds, gun shot wounds, some of the bullets were still in. And she'd see the base of my auto-mailed arm where it connected to my body. Under the metal arm was a light tint of skin to show the 'pain' I had to endure to get used to it in a way. My left arm looked completely normal though after it settled back in. On my abs I had a long slash going across my stomach... got that from Danchou during the explosion. I ve gotten my fair share of ass kicking.... but I get up. I think thats all that matters....I had turned the corner to goto the rest room, picking my clothes up, and making my way over to the restroom. As I was turning around I had already began to undo my pants so my waist line was showing. I placed the clothing in the corner of the bath room and stepped back out of the restroom. My happy trail showed just a bit but... thats probably the most hair she see on me. My Secretary made sure of that * eye twitches * “ Forgot my cell phone..” I said turning around to goto the restroom once again. I used to feel insecure about my arms... about how beaten my body looked but I didn’t care anymore. Its who I am...I turned the water on and let the hot water sir before I changed completely out of my pants and shoes stepping in and closing the shower-door. I rested my head against the wall for a moment after washing myself up. I had went to sleep laying against the wall.. the water trickling over my face causing my hair to lay down wildly. The steam from the cracked bath room door would start to fill the whole apartment soon enough.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had watched him undress briefly, gulping, wondering if this was a game he was playing wiht her wondering how far he could go before she just caved and jumped at him. He went into the bathroom and her hypnotized state snapped, she turned back to the tv, not saying anything for a bit, not moving, just staring at the tv and keeping the pillow to her chest. It was a little later that she realized Keyome hadn't come out yet, she wondered why.. "Probably visiting little Keyome.." she said softly, jumping off from the couch and going over to the door.. She opened it up, seeing Keyome..Asleep.. "Hehe.." She stepped forward.. "DANZ IN OUR ROOM, ONES CHEWING ME ARM!!!" She yelled close up to him and then fled once he saw her, giggling along the way and jumping to the other side of the bed to hide from him. Often times, she just had her fun, secret agent or not, she didn't get to act like a kid when she was a kid and she figured if she looked the part, and was paid to act the part, then why not enough herself..

DarkKeyome: DarkKeyome: “ もし私があなたを殺すつもりだ!畜生め! (you son of a bitch im going to kill you!!)” My voice came out deeper when ever spoke in japanese when ever I spoke it. I cant explain it I guess its just the way we use the words. I had fell on my ass and say her hair flitter from the rest room as I charged out of it with only a towel around my body. I stumbled over again... I had a bad habit of talking in my mother and fathers native langauge when I was angry. “ あなたは、あなたの面白いimはこのたわごとのためにあなたを取り戻すために行くと思います!あなたは少しミント色のついた糞! (You think your funny im going to get you back for this shit! You little Mint colored turd!) “ I Saw as she had went to hide herself on the other side of the bed. I jumped into the air and leaped off of the bed. I leaped off of it like a panther. If I was successful in the jump I would have landed ontop of her pinning her to the floor I was a bit frustrated but it wouldn’t be enough to hurt her.... or so I thought anyways.

NamikazeSoudai: She gasped, Keyome had startled her more than she had intended.. And he was a good hunter. He was ontop of her in a instant! "Ahh!!" She struggled under him, trying to get her small body free from the big panther. "I was only playing!!" She tried defending, in her struggles, or on purpose, she had pulled off his towel, dropping it to her chest. Now it was mr. exposed Keyome panther hanging over her. She feared what he was going to do to his captured Mint colored turd, was he really going to kill her like his words claimed? Was it the spanking or the corner for 30mins? Perhaps he had other plans, either way, she stared up at the naked wet Keyome, taking in his scars and other wounds of old, his abs and glad that he was still mostly human and that metal hasn't claimed all of his body.

DarkKeyome: I looked down at her hands and felt a breeze blow by the room. My soft cock was laying on her stomach due to me be being mounted over her. I listened to her protest of innocence. As I was getting ready to speak out I caught her eyes flittering over my body. The angry expression on my face softened a bit yet my grip on her arms stayed firm. My eyes locking onto hers further more. I know I can seem animistic or maybe even savage sometimes. Running into battles... overly aggressive with...EVERYTHING. I couldnt help it. I pulled my lips down kissing her with a light force at first my right arm which was mildly warm due to the shower slid up her right leg as I pulled it up to my waist. Had forced my tongue into her mouth briefly before I pulled back from the kiss. My cock was already growing thick in size. The tip of my head moving up and down on the slit of her underwear as I mounted her over. I'd move my hips up every so often to prob at her hole. “.... Bad Nami... It's not nice to play jokes on people you know..愚かな” I said smirking a bit. I felt.... unusually devious... and I couldnt explain it. Now that I mention it.... I couldnt feel Oni's presence anymore... its almost like... it was coming from within now... like I no longer fought it... it felt... kind of good actually. More than likely due to the teasing it'd be a bit moist now. “...What are we gonna have to do to make you learn your lesson hm..?” I said moving her underwear to the right, stroking myself up lightly enough till the base of my cock was rubbing against her entrance. Letting her juices coat around the under part of my base. Every so often pushing forward just a bit so that the head would go in, quickly pulling back again.

NamikazeSoudai: Now she was being played with.. She stared up at him still, before her panties were aside, "Bad Nami..? You were wasting water in the shower with your little nap.." She tried to make him out to be the bad guy but..She felt so bad right now.. She was giving him the juices he worked for with his erection, his metal arms felt warm from the shower, it was different from the cold she expected from his touch with his hands, everything was beginning to feel warm in fact.. The steam from the shower was coming into the room and their short amount of sexual fun was creating their own heat as well. "Mmnh.." She looked down when he played with her teasingly, the giant with the girl, it did look like that from her point of view or the view of.. The room next door was a office for the hotel, a man was watching his computer screen, having planted a recording device in Keyome/Nami's room and made a good number of voyeur pornos from other people who have shared the room. But never this, never a man and a girl, assuming that was what it was. The recording device was in a smoke detector above them, to the unknowing eye it was just normal, but to the person who could spot it, normal smoke detectors had a blinking red light, this one had a constant red light when the camera was on..

Geez people are perverts....

DarkKeyome: My cock was already pushing its way into her, and about 45-50 minutes later I knew I had filled her up. I sat there for a moment.. just getting used to it. Untill a light blinking caught my eye. “...The...?” I said eying the device for a moment. I focused in on it. And I heard... the claking of a keyboard... it went on and on. Slowly I pulled myself out of Nami and stood up completely Naked I looked right into the face of the blinking device of the camera. The man in the other room said. “ Oh shit...” Seeing that the item had been discovered. He was a bigger guy like waayyy big. Not one of those chubby dudes but one of those sloppy 600lb guys who have to use wheel chairs or better yet hover carts to move around. The delay on the camera was off by 3.5 seconds. As he was on his way to make his escape I had kicked the door in with a hard boot the wooden door wailed the hefty man in the face making him go skidding back into his camera. Yes you pervert im still naked. After the kick was made I sent my body in a 360 spin round house kicking the man in his non existant neck. He flew into the wall. And I gripped the pistol he was getting ready to use on me by disarming it and pistol whipping him with it. When I turned to look at his computer he had the camera focused on me and Nami along with 6 other couples within the establishments. One guy was having sex with another guy... a Transexual and some girl were having fun. “ Sick fuck... you get kicks out of spying on people...” I wanted to shoot him right in the face. But Nami was around... and I didnt want to cause any problems... not until mourning. “ Haa, daaah daaahh! I-It's not what you think! I sell these things you know so I ca have money for my favorite MMORPG 'Blaster Cannons Turrent Gun-master' You see you play as a -BAAGGHH!” I pistol whipped him again. And grabbed him by his shirt. I saw Keys to a Mustang which made me smirk. “...Gimmie those Keys and I promise not to take your filthy ass to the cops back in KHC.” I said putting the gun to his head with a sadistic smirk. “ Bu-But!? I just got those off my last customer!!” I narrowed my eyes on him and he quickly gave me the keys. Tying the man up. I hung him out of his window with a gag in his mouth. I managed to hook em up with some chains... he more than likely had chains in here due to he was into some kinky shit himself. The chains held his body out of the window... all he was forced to see the rest of the Night was a bunch of angry Danz staring at his body waiting... anticipating for his fall so they could tear him apart. I smirked seeing that my work was done. “ Have a nice night sir...” I said tossing all of his video equiptment and movies outside every copy in the room. “ Wish we could HANG.. around more..” I said laughing and closing the door behind me. By the time the authorties of this place found out we'd be long gone tomorrow mourning. I walked back into the room sighing and yawning as I closed the door behind me. “ Sorry about that..” I placed the keys and the pistol on the counter top near the bed. “...Where did I put my clothes?” I said looking around.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami moaned out then..THEN.. He got up and left her on the floor, although he had came Nami hadn't really felt like it was all that it could have been, not that she didn't enjoy her punishment. She laid there, watching him move about a bit, his dick bouncing as he went which she found oddly cute. "Keyome where ar-" He left the room and she was going to stand up and follow but he made a bit of commotion and she decided to not get in his way..In fact she decided to just lay there still and enjoy herself. She didn't know what it was, the distance between the still running shower and the room's heater, but she found the perfect spot to be warm after their sex and didn't want to leave it. When he came back and asked his question, she shrugged. "Probably over near the shower.." She said softly, watching him step over her, seeing his newly erected erection, probably got a joy out of dishing some street justice to a no good person, she didn't mind this. "Maybe you should start buying condoms.." she suggested, not because of the fear of childbirth..But it was just cleaner with them compared to now, her lower body covered in his stuff..She might as well take another shower.

DarkKeyome: After the sex, Black Markings began to carve there way through my body as I laid there asleep... if she returend quick enough she'd see them if she returned between the time frame of 15 minutes. If not.... then they would be gone soon after said time limit. I hated feeling this way my body felt weak...... about 6 hours later or so I pulled myself out of bed... the whole night seemed like a blurr and my head was killing me though I dont remember drinking I pulled myself out of bed and looked out the window.... shit. The big pervert fat guy's chain didnt support him after all... the Danz got em last night. All that was left was bone... clean... bone. It made my skin crawl. I took a shower and slipped on some sweatpants and a tank top like I had meant to last night. Where ever Nami had slept I had nudged her on her leg in an attempt to wake her up. Though I remembered what happened the night before... I dont see how the room got so messed up. Or why Nami looked like she was gang banged by 12 guys. “ Hey.. wake up Nami chan..” I said kneeling down to her. I leaned in sucking on her exposed ear lobe to catch her attention “ 目を覚ますやナミは再びあなたを台無しに行く” if she didnt know what it was I was going to let her think real hard on what I said. I leaned up after a moment pulling my back on. After I woke up and got dressed I noticed Nami was missing a shoe and I made sure to go down to see if they had one near her size for the rest of the trip. I got her a pair of sneakers though I hope she can wear em...

NamikazeSoudai: Nami didn't see the markings, she lost track of time in the shower and was in there nearly 30mins before making it out..And down onto the floor next to the bed passing out. As he moved around in the morning, it didn't wake her, she felt exhausted and sore like she just ran a marathon.. But he came at her though to wake her, his words translated well into the warning and she shot up, butt naked still but having pulled down a blanket during the night for herself. "Erm.." She watched him walk around the room a bit and then leave to go get something or check on something.. She got up and changed, very short shorts, a sweater like top that was open a bit to reveal her thin fabric over her breasts.. She was asking for it, unintentionally. When he came back, she put on her shoes. "I can barely move.." She mumbled softly.

DarkKeyome: “ Ahh... it couldnt have been that bad your a grown up. I was being nice to you.” I said to her smiling a bit. I dont understand what drove me so hard to be so rough so aggressive with her yet It was hard to resist. “ Want me to carry you on my back? I could use you like a little repping weight and jog there.” I was energized though my head was killing me. I had breakfeast next to her that the soliders provided to the guest here. Waffles blue berry ones, orange juice, french toast. And I got her this Lolipop thing... it shaped like a ring it used to be a thing to have those back in the days. Though I wouldnt know anything about it. “ Now... I got you that ring pop... but... eat your other stuff first deal?” The Ring pop was blue berry flavored.

NamikazeSoudai: She reached for the ring pop, ignoring all his words once she realized it was there. She snatched it off the tray rather quickly, looking up at him with a expression that only read: 'eat the rest of the stuff first? HAH' She did though not plop it into her mouth quite yet, reaching out for the orange juice. "Im ready to go.." She said after drinking a bit of it, then the orange juice motivated her to eat the rest too, so her crime of taking the lolipop was forgivable in the end.

Simply... because you understand...

DarkKeyome: After an hour or two we made our way out. Poor Nami was barely keeping up so I propped her on my back. The Douche bag who's mustang I stole parked it on the other side of the river. It was early in the mourning so we had time. I jogged with her on my back in less than an hour we made it to the car. Setting Nami into the car I cranked it up. The engine purred beautifully. I wonder how Nami would feel if I told her I didnt have a liscence. Hahaha... we drove off. At dangerous speeds but I was having the time of my life. Old new york was exactly 200 miles out. If we travled this highway on foot we would have died half way there. Night here and the Danz showed face again... but to get Nami's mind off of it I talked with her about a lot of things. Even bringing up Beavis after hearing about it. I asked her if she missed Kirei... the talks were deep and I learned a lot from her. I think I finally saw her as an adult now. I liked it better this way..... I hope I dont get attached. Day light hit soon enough as we drove awhole day through it. We were in Old new york by 6AM that mourning. Mr.Hideo was waiting on his shack of a house in the middle of a desert like plains in the middle of the city. The other civillians within old new york all looked like intelligent hobo's do to them learning the life-style out her evantually. Mr. Hideo spoke out. “mmm...Tasanagi. I heard you were coming back here from Asami. My God Daughter better not be in any kind of trouble because of you. Is this your girlfriend? She's a bit young for you. “ “ She's not my girlfriend.... and she's 19.” I told him the truth about her. Dr.Hideo hated the government. The KPD, hell the president I could trust this guy. After a few hours of talking and catching up Dr.Hideo began to work on my arm............ it was very painful... I know even though Mr.Hideo's wife Amy was talking to Nami to distract her... im sure she could hear my cries of pain... of agony. After what seemed like hours he was done. He had even reinforced my left arm with a sheet of Adamantium but only a sheet. It wasnt powerful strong like my right arm. Ah but this was the best part. To hide my arm from the public... he made a cloaking device that was installed in my aright arm which hid the arms real face and made it look like a real human arm. Feel like it too. It mostly transformed into a sliker base and then cloaked itself over. He told me to never share any information about my arm and that there was a reason why he was teaching me everything that he was teaching me. After that was said and done he said he wanted to show me a tactic.... that he would only show me once. And that it would aid me later on in life. I turned to Nami at some point asking...” Do you want to get a ride back to the city.... or do you want to stay here with Mr. and Mrs Hideo? I think they like your company a lot.” I said to her standing outside of there house us two.

NamikazeSoudai: She had talked to him, though the sensitive areas like Beavis were with less words than other areas like when he asked how it was like growing up being trained every day. The way she replied to that one made it sound normal to her, and it was, it was the life she knew because she lived it, it would only take someone from the outside to experience that to find it unusual, and it was probably why they recruited at a young age. She recalled the building they were in mostly..Almost like a bunker, a low light in her room, white furniture and metal walls..All she had was a closest and a bed there, she didn't even control the light, it came on at a certain time and shut off at a certain time. But it was home. She then spoke about the training, hurried out in the morning, ate a healthy breakfast, then for hours there was punching and kicking and fighting styles taught, agaisnt dummies, agaisnt other students, agaisnt the professionals. After that, the day followed with practicing hacking or breaking in, there was a computer lab that had multiple types of computers and updates to crack under a certain amount of time, there was a room that had two cars, different nearly every day, that they practiced unlocking with tools and wiring and not setting off the alarm. After that, lunch and only about 15mins of free time before more training came. Guns, rockets, how to use tools, how to seduce even. She got special training at some point..To be a little girl, to play at people's sick desire to be with little girls, to gain trust or be there to kill.. She didn't mention any friends there, though she had a few, she never saw them or heard from them after being assigned and leaving the place. Besides talking about that place, it was Kirei that she spoke about or things she did with her. Nami sounded like she truly loved Kirei, as a mother/lover type of love, Kirei made it easy for Nami, she was a lovable person. But after the Donnie and Beavis events, Kirei and Nami grew a bit a part, right now she had no idea where she was and in the past they had kept tabs on each other wherever they went. "I miss her.." They arrived at the place and Nami was greeted by the wife and they talked now, Nami asked about why she lived here, who was her husband, etc. It was mostly to keep her mind off of what was happening to Keyome and the noises he was making. Eventually Keyome returned and asked her that question. "I don't want to be anywhere near these Danz.." She said softly, smiling up at Keyome. "Trying to get rid of me?"

DarkKeyome: I shook my head. “ Haha of course not. But He says im gonna be here awhile maybe another day or two maybe. “ I said rubbing the back of my neck. The cell phone she mentioned I used to call the Kagemaru headquaters a chopper came to pick her up and then take her back to my home. Or wherever she wanted to go. I told her about my child hood while we waited, how rough it was living in district 1 when your father was never there and he was more dedicated to his clan than his family. A strict mother who all she did was train in the art of combat because her father sought her weak and raped her, her whole life. I even told her about the first time I killed a man when I was 14...over a pair of shoes. Ah but my stories no sob story. Until... I spoke about Natasha. It hurt everyday.... to not have here there with me even though it was for a short time. I had fallen in love with her. And now she was gone. “ I see why were so attracted now.... we have similar pains.... you and I...” As I said this the chopper came in over head to take her back. “ For the record... i'd take you with me but..... its gonna be a war zone out there.” I pulled the girl in with a deep kiss on her lips... letting it rest for a few moments before I backed off. It wasnt out of love, nor a cheessy friendship kiss. It was a kiss over understanding... and meaning that goes beyong simple affection. She needed me as a crutch like I needed her. It made since y'know. “ Hey when I get back you can rematch me on my Game back at the office deal!?” I said to her as she began to float off into the sky waving my hands out to her....... Shit. I grew attached.

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