Kin Tasanagi: Game Master: On The Previous Episode of The Savage Lands...

A Cruise Ship vacation set up was presented to all of the world by The Amazons after there discovery to man, to show all that they meant peace. However... this was a ruse, all the residents arrived within Trinity Isle, They were taken by storm by the Amazonian army, the men placed and shackles and chains to gawked at by the Amazon women, and soon sold or killed. While The Women were forced to ghoulish trials in order to complete themselves within Amazonian-Hood. On The Previous Episode all the women on the ship had been given there tasked, and there objectives...

'  You all must get through... The Great Plains, The Cold World, And Hades Last Domain. In Each area a task is given, a task that you all must do before pressing into the next point. Listen careful, im not holding your hand. You need to figure out which place you need to do what and where. You must Slay the Nemean Lion, Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, Capture the Ceryneian Hind, Capture the Erymanthian Boar,  Slay the Stymphalian Birds, Capture the Cretan Bull, Capture and bring back Cerberus. Or you may Kill the creature, and bring back his heart and head as proof. However this will surely prove to be much more difficult then capture. " Fiona said as she spoke with the 125 women whom were shaking and crying before her, some of them standing in strong and ready to fight. " Most of you will die. But for those that do, you will be granted with a respectable depature from this world... with no more further delay..." Fiona said as she pulled a blade from her hip and blasted across the Bleak Terrian as it landed on the highest mountain top in the jungle. " Once you break through Hades Domain, go up, to the Mountain of Power. And there... we will complete your trial, if you reach that point? You've passed. And you will be rewarded so..." She says crossing her arms. " Well then... What are you all looking at me for? Go! " She said with her booming voice! And as she did, all the girls would charge out into the jungle, some of the more unfit ones tumbling over things and falling, some of them bawling there eyes out as they jogged, while others shared the expression of sheer determination... The Trials had begun. '

With The Tasks and objectives given,the women were sent out into the wilds to complete the trials set before them. For Additonal information click the links below

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The Light and The Dark: "You must Slay the Nemean Lion, Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, Capture the Ceryneian Hind, Capture the Erymanthian Boar,  Slay the Stymphalian Birds, Capture the Cretan Bull, Capture and bring back Cerberus. Or you may Kill the creature, and bring back his heart and head as proof. However this will surely prove to be much more difficult then capture. Most of you will die. But for those that do, you will be granted with a respectable depature from this world... with no more further delay..." Fiona said as she pulled a blade from her hip and blasted across the Bleak Terrian as it landed on the highest mountain top in the jungle. " Once you break through Hades Domain, go up, to the Mountain of Power. And there... we will complete your trial, if you reach that point? You've passed. And you will be rewarded so..." She says crossing her arms. " Well then... What are you all looking at me for? Go! "

Usagi's eyes flashed and she darted around the grounds. Her blood was pumping. She'd been waiting for a chance to fight, to run wild and do things to no limit, but since Lee and Nicholas, she was heavily restricted to activity, but now... A low chuckled slipped past her lips and she ran through the Great Plains. It went on for a couple of hours. She finally came to a stop in the middle of a dry, grassy field. The grass was tall. Heavy too. With her enhanced hearing, she could hear that feral, low, deep and rumbling growl. Her breath caught in her throat as a sickening smell of heavy blood filled her senses. She was close to her goal. The Nemean Lion. From last research and school that her father, Mistress, and mother sat her through, she was knowledgeable about the vast of Grecian Mythological beings, that including the Nemean Lion whose skin was so tough, no mortal weapons would have any effect and its claws were strong enough to go through any set of armor. Usagi barely wore any armor, so it would just mean she'd have to be quick and agile with her movements. And smart with them. Her eyes would be visible through the cracks in the grass and her eyes fell on the Lion who stalked his prey that lay mauled and dismembered on the ground as if he were protecting it from enemies. She moved just enough to cause a rustle. Should the Lion notice, she'd slowly move up onto a rock that sat on the side of her and watch in wait, concealed by sight but my scent? It was heavy, especially with her slight fear that drew through her body. I can do this... and she waited.

Kin Tasanagi: As Usagi approached the beast. Little did she know that the others were onto her as well. Another pack of creatures. A lot more feral in nature. Half Reptile, half feeline. They were like coyotes and there relationship with the bestial lions had been some what of a partnership. Chimera is what they were called. And they had gotten the drop on Usagi simply because of how swift she attempted to attack the beast. All 15  of the dog sized chimera leaped down at once from the tree tops. In hopes of mauling usagi to death with sharp teeth that could easily rip the flesh from her bones

Lucy Bathory: Throughout the experience of this she had remained silent almost as if like a ghost not there, her thoughts elsewhere as they tossed and turned around. Before she had gotton onto the boat her life was odd and confusing and now it had become life threatning odd and confusing. How could this possibly be happening, what kind of cruise ship did she even get into. What seemed like a means of escape was actually not it was a means to death. The various women began to dart forward some tumbling and others sprinting full speed ahead into the unknown, her thoughts being snapped away as she restored her focus onto the present rather than continuing to dwell on the past. Her body raising from the ground as she began to slowly jog into the Great plains. Her body agile from her running career as she moved through the forest with quite ease and good pace to say that she was only jogging. Her footsteps were light as she stopped at a broken down tree, her eyes flickering to it as she placed her foot onto it and leaped up grabbing onto a branch from the trees. Her body then climbing up rather quickly as she began to move through the trees. As she slowed down some more her eye caught glimpse of a piece of wood on the ground, her body dropping as she landed onto the ground her combat boots slamming as she winced her grey eyes. As if to tell herself off, her hand grabbing the long piece of wood. As she grabbed the wood she felt its hard texture ...the branch was thicker in the centre than the rest. However it was somewhat flexible, she tilted her head to the side as she felt her hair softly float down her shoulder painting the white long t-shirt with the colour black. Her hands began to make it in a makeshift bow as she used her shoe laces to make the string, A useful tool would be needed for the rope but for now it would do. The arrows starting to be made as she quickly assembled a small fire for a few moments before letting it go out, to finish off the arrows. Her body then moving from the area as she heard the crackling of the wood, as the fire continues in order to distract any other individuals to mislead her location. As she made her slow way to the grassy field she stuck to the tree line, her eyes scanning the area as she let out a breath. "I'm just a normal human...Who are these people...What even is this place. Ok calm just calm" Her eyes caught sight of another individual as she lerked in the grass, her breath quieting as she heard rustling before the creatures began to come flying from the tree line. Her hand aiming up her bow as she shot one of the arrows towards of the creatures aiming to hit it in a stomach. She did not even look to see if she had striked it before turning towards the tree beside her and beginning to climb up it. Her body then sitting on one of the high branches as she aimed once more and shot for another one of the unkown creatures. Her body trembling as she let go of the make shift shoelace string.

Ka??r? "The T?mptress": Everyone fell in, walking single filed behind the ruthless dictator Queen. None of them had the slightest knowledge as to what these "Trials" would be like.  Kaiuri inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly the same, her lengthy red hair brushing against the back of her thighs. Their feet inched along as the line moved as leisurely as it could. But what would you expect, its not like any of the women were excited. Of course they were moving at a snails pace, no one was earger to put their life on the line. No one wanted to be a slave, no one wanted to brave the trials, no one wanted this. It made since that these women were prolonging their lives as little as they could. If death was postponed by walking slower, then so be it. Besides, everyone had been expecting a nice get away to a tropical unknown tourist attraction. Being bound by shackle and chain and forced to a likely eminant death was never part of the plan. Well . . . Not our plan, anyways. She felt Helena move to grip the fabric of her dress, her small hand bundling the fabric in between her fingers. Kaiuri peered over her shoulder to see how she was holding up, but was greeted with the sight of the young girl trembling. Her grass green eyes and milky freckled face draining devoid of all hope and color. Kaiuri felt her breath catch in her throat and turned to face forwards once more. 'Helena . . .' Her mind reeled just thinking about the poor girl having to go through some gruesome test and right of passage. There were many things that Kaiuri knew she could endure, many things that she HAD before. But when she put herself in the shoes of Helena, she could see no future past this point. A dreadful feeling took hold on her heart and she felt it's beating skip, resembling the needle on a scratched record. And as the two of them drew closer and closer to the strange gateway, she knew that little Helena would be best off if she stayed here in the company of the Amazons. She would be a slave. Maybe a bit mistreted and she might be a little lost without Kaiuri's hand to guide her, but she would be alive nontheless. That was enough for her.

The cherry haird honey gave a thoughtful glance over her shoulder again, this time catching Helena's gaze. Something in that stare gave Kaiuri such an unsettling feeling, " Helena, I think it would be best for you to stay here . . . " Kaiuri watched as the youthful hand maid would go bug eyed before giving response, "No ! Madame, you can't mean that. I don't want to leave your side." Kaiuri simply shook her head and gave a bittersweet smile, " I know. I know it's hard, but you have to be rational. You have no experince beyond running simple errands. You have never a day in your life had to be on your own, you know nothing outside of the palace walls. " She spoke in a soft tone, her voice quiet and pleading. Kaiuri continued, " And now, the one time I take somewhere away from those towering marble slabs . . . You're captive and being forced to fend for yourself in the wilds ?! " Her voice wavered for a split moment, "No, I will not have it so. You are to remain here, even if you are forced a slave. Better to be a safe slave than an ill prepared fool. " Kaiuri drove down on Helena like a hammer to a nail. Her voice was stone. And as she looked upon the sweetheart face of the lovely little girl, she saw that Helena had no more words. No more argument. Helena lowered her chin her short chestnut bangs brushing her forehead. "Yes madame, Kaiuri . . . " The young girl managed to breathe above a wwhisper. Kaiuri nodded and looked upon her. Helena's eyes swelled with tears and she tossed her arms around the waist of her former master. Kaiuri embraced the budding young woman and fell from the line momentarily. Her hands cupping the sides of the girl's face, " Hey, don't cry. It will all be okay soon. I will return and when I do I will have back by my side before you know it. " Upon hearing the words Helena's face would soften and she nodded. Kaiuri pressed her lips gently atop the girl's forhead before falling back in formation with the other women. She kept her lavender pools on Helena's tiny form as she walked slowly over to the other cast aways who would become slaves.
Now it was time to get down to business, Helena was the least of her worries now. Kaiuri was set. Her purpose was fixed and her mind was made up. The passed through the gateway one by one and once they were through their 'escort' would begint to explain the trials. Once the prideful queen finished, she stared at the lot of women who either, wept, shook, or had jaws set,  "Well then..." She glarred fire on them all. " What are you looking at me for? Go!" And with that Kaiuri sprung into action, breaking off and away from the others. Her eyes catching glimpses of the women all scurrying and scattering like roaches when flipping a light switch. It was a hectic sight, some tripping and others fumbling. But Kaiuri shook her head and cleared all thoughs. Her mind was focused on the task at hand. The Nemean Lion. Her legs pumping as fast as the blood coursing hotly through her veins. She dashed through the tall grass of the plains, her feet brishing clear around the ground. Her eyes peering around for any hint of the wild beast in question. It took her what seemed like forever, but she happened upon a portruding cave. At first she thought of moving on elsewhere, but then . . . she saw it ! It's glinting gold fur was the first to catch her eye as it emerged from the dark depths of the cave. She would quickly assess her surroundings. A tree with branches casting shade over the entrance of the cave proved best bet. The red headed feline would move fast, her movements hushed as she scaled the tree. She sat up high in its sterdy branches, her gaze fixed on the beast below. She observed it quietly, careful not to make a sound. It was go time.

Usagi/Yami: With the help of a friend and her makeshift bow. Taking out two of the creatures before they even had proper chance to lunge Usagi. Making the beasts however turn there attention on the bow-men! 6 of them rushed to the direction in which the arrow had been fired before all 6 of them attempted to climb up the tree and maul her down. However the other 7 stayed on Usagi viciously


As Kaiuri scoped out the area. Shed see a pack of chimera wrestle out of the cave after the lion forced the filithy scavengers out of its home. A pack of 6 remained in front of the cave. Kaiuri would need to do away with them before approaching her target
( )

Syl darted off into the plains, a wide flat open space. Syl had 3 options...The lion. No. Everyone would go for that first. The Hydra? Maybe, or the deer. Syl stopped and dropped close to the ground, her predatory instincts kicking in. She thought for a moment as she watched the animals roamed the plains. The deer...and the Hydra... Syl smirked as an idea popped into her head. it was crazy...but it just might work. She kept low to the ground keeping an eye out for hordes of deer. Using her hair to pull herself silently across the dirt. She remained low and finally by using her Rose Shadowing, a basic skill used primarily as a training exercise which teaches Syl to stay in their target's blind spot. The only practical applications it has in in actual combat is to dodge attacks. Syl uses gases and her hair, sometimes vines to confuse and disorient her opponent so remain close in their personal space, but also hidden or out of thier reach. Using this technique Syl reads the 'ground' her opponent is standing on and can can to an extent predict where they are going to go, by how they shift their weight on the ground. The ground near Syl was trembling lightly, so Syl poked her head out from the grass to peek and sure enough there were the deer, golden antlers and all. Syl plucked two spiders from her hair, and let them go, one little spider, the size of a finger nail crawled towards the deer, and would try to climb up on the biggest deer, the one that seemed to be the leader. As the other one scurried off into the brush to locate a cave.  She stuck a hair to the spider and would just follow it where they go, to give her an idea of the location of the target. Syl waited, using her spider to keep track of where the deer were. Syl followed them accordingly. After a time, Syl wasn't sure how long had passed. The spider tugged on the hair indicating that it found a cave. Syl tugged it back to see if there was anything hydra like in the cave. If she received a tug back from the spider she'd start.

( )

Syl: If Syl recived a tug back from the spider she'd place her hands on the ground quickly growing a thick wall of vines around the deer. About 30 feet tall Syl would've left them to room to jump out. After trapping them she'd close the vines slowly, as to force them closer together, but not close enough that they'd trample each other. She stood up from her hiding spot and walked over to the pen of deer. Placing her hand on it, she thought for a second...the best way...using her spider as a beacon, Syl grew, a sort of...'pathway' out of the same vines, 30 feet tall but the sides were thorned. About as wide as a subway tunnel it should've fit 3-4 deer side by side. Keeping the wall of vines up between the hallway and the pen she grew them all the way to the mouth of the cave. Making sure that the deer had nowhere else to run but where Syl wanted them to. Syl opened a hole into her makeshift hallway, and began to quickly cause the pen to shrink, forcing them to stampede down her path into the cave. As the pen shrank it would've make a wall sealing the hallway. Syl leaped into the air, and her hair formed massive black wings that she used to keep an eye on her deer. The wall would push the deer forward. As they stampeded into the cave the deer would either, trample and kill the hydra, or the hydra would kill all the deer. either way someone was going to die. If the deer reached the cave and went into it, Syl would've grew more vine walls behind the hydra beast and sealed the entrance with vines. So the deer nor hydra could escape. As she stood outside, she waited for it to quiet down before she herself ventured in to see the state of these creatures.

As The Creatures had been trapped within one area. The Hydra , awoken from slumber; would have sent out a savage snapping of its snake like head. Taking a nice chunk out of one of the creatures before it fell dead while the others Zipped left to right while the Hydra continued to bite at the smaller creatures with its three heads the best it could. Trying its hardest to kill its new intruders. It hadn't even paid mind to Syl entering

Rhea: Rhea didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t exactly know how to do anything. Going to college with a part time job on the side wasn’t exactly something that would help her with anything but her career and knowing how to take orders. As she walked with the other woman she would continue to think to herself. What if I fail? Suddenly she grew fearful of the subject, shaking it out of her head the next second and groaning lightly to herself. She was going to pass, if she died so be it. You don’t exactly have a life to go back to anyways. Her mind would only imagine a life with a family of her own, suddenly hatred boiling in her blood. Hatred coming from her mother and father whom so poorly loved her and a boy who always degraded her but returned later, again, for love. Pathetic was what she thought of all of them.

As she watched the woman began to run their ways into the woods and scramble their way here and there. Rhea would stand there for a second, collecting her thoughts before she looked down at herself and grumbled. “Definitely not in fighting clothes, but I guess I’ll manage,” she referred to the dress and heels she was still in. Quickly beginning to run in them, she really didn’t have a problem. She always knew how to properly walk in heels. Running? Not a problem. She was fast at it too, which was a good thing in her case. After a while of running she would feel herself lose her breath and she would stop to take a moment and collect herself, her hand placing itself upon the first thing she would lean against, a tree, and slightly crouching over as her other hand rested upon her knee.

Hearing a light crack, that sounded like a twig snapping, her head would shoot up and she would look around. Standing straight she would study her surroundings, her chest raising and lowering as she continued to breathe heavily and control it. She slowly turned her head and looked to her hand as it was still against the tree, her eyes slowly creeping up along its trunk and studying it, making note of which branches looked fragile and which ones looked as if they would be able to take her weight and more. A voice in her head was telling her just to back down and just become a slave. But her gut told her she needed to be more than that. So she followed her gut and quickly began to climb herself up, limb to limb, until she reached the top.

She would stop for a second and look at the week limbs and suddenly get an idea. Her body would then carefully move and her feet would begin to kick down the branches that weren’t sturdy enough to hold her, but good enough to make into weapons. When she had enough branches kicked down she would begin to crawl her way to the dirt floor. When she got to the floor she immediately then began to think. “But what to shape them with,” she tapped her chin as she spoke, looking around and quickly trying to think up of something. When she started to lose hope she suddenly looked to the floor, seeing rocks covering it. Crouching down she began to search through them quickly. When she found a rock sharp enough at the edge, she would pick up one of the many long and slightly bulky sticks and begin to shape them into her weapon, a spear.
Quickly finishing them, 30 minutes had passed. The whole time she had stayed alert as she carved her weapons. Standing she began to gather the spears, her right hand taking the three semi-long poles and her other taking the two short ones. Giving a huff she would grumble to herself, “Okay, this should be interesting.”  Moving along she would keep herself alert, when she got to an open field, she quickly spotted a group of deer. Keeping behind the tree’s branches, she stayed hidden. Watching them and hoping they would get closer.

The Hinds continued grazing , they hadnt even noticed Rhea just yet. Continuing to Munch on the green grass, if successful. She might had been able to pull off this kill off with ease. Only time could tell truly, she'd have to be careful. One foul move would surely alert the Hinds so they'd stampede away soon after discovering her location

Usagi/Yami: Down went two of the Chimeras and she heard that squealing whine as it fell to its death after being pierced by a makeshift arrow. Who was her savior? She followed the trajectory of the arrow and it led to a girl who sat in the trees. Her eyes darted back to the savage beasts and watched as six trailed towards the girl and that left seven with herself. One came at her right and she slipped to the left, dodging the beast by centimeters. She was swift in her movements, dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging. But she grew tired from the constant raid and with quick movement as a Chimera opened its maw, she shoved her arm, down to the shoulder into its mouth. No kingdom of anamalia ranked organism could close their mouth could shut their jaw if the passage wag down the throat was clogged up. These dog sized vile mutts halted to a stop as they watch its kin be assaulted by Usagi. Grabbing its snout, she tore its jaws in opposite directions and dropped the corpse on the ground. The smell of fresh blood hit her hard. Even as the epitome of light... She had dark, dark, actions and thoughts. Two lunged at her and with a twist of her body she ground her foot into the side of one's face, chi enhancements in her foot, focused and parallel, and it sent the chimera flying into the other with a sickening crack to both skulls as they crashed together. For the remaining four, Usagi sprinted forth and with a swing of her blue flame blade she pulled from the Nether realm, she severed their heads in one fell swoop. Her attention drew back to the girl on the tree, the remaining six chimera trying to get to her. "MOVE... OUT OF THE FUCKING... WAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" Usagi's eyes were deadlocked on the girl when she screamed this. The Boulder she hid against beforehand was now in her grasp. With a pained roar, she chucked the Boulder towards the remaining chimera, sending it flying at a good 150 miles per hour. If the girl had moved, ( Which she fucking should. XD ) she would've avoided death easily. But then, there was the lion left. She looked at the girl and scanned over her features. She's a pretty resourceful one... With all the commotion, the Nemean Lion's attention was full on Usagi and she stood still, her body slathered in chimera blood. Her eyes glanced over to the girl again and she mouthed, Hide .  Should the lion come for Usagi, she'd be ready, sliding her foot back and holding her arms out toward the lion, practically saying COME AND GET ME.

Tahira: Tahira watched as the others bolted off in the various directions to get the first set of tasks for the trial done before the sun itself faded, each girl in her eyes running off halfcocked towards their own deaths as none of them had thought to even prepare themselves for whatever in hell lay out there as the words of the dark haired amazon rolled around vigorously in her head as she too began to set off into the depths of the wilderness that for the next 7 days was supposed to test the very limits of their bodies. The young wolf blood admiring view for the moment as her wolf made know its will to be set free from inside of her body as she crouched her nimble form low to the earth in the same manner as a race track runner, the flow chi around her suddenly changing,  and allowing her body to shift from her human state to that of her half wolf, half human form. This change permitting all of the power of nature and all of it creatures in this place a voice to resonate with hers the moment her palms touched the soil beneath her. Tahira attempting to go a step further by invoking her will onto one of the many creatures with wings so that she might used their eyes to gain visual on just where the Nemean Lion, the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, and the Ceryneian Hind might. If she were successful in invoking her power onto creature of the air to do this she might have seen a vision of several Hinds due west of where she now stood all grazing in an open field unaware of the threats that were to be fall them, to south the Hydra munching on its latest meal and quite honestly grossing her out just a little, and last but not least she would see a Lion quiet possibly alone coming up upon a pool of water rich in depth enough to which if one were to know the legend of the lion’s defeat would know what they must do next. And if she were not granted this Tahira would just give the air a casual sniff the scent of the Hind’s being the closest to hers, the Lion’s not too far behind it, and the Hydra’s being further off she would push off from the ground while in that same position. Her form appearing to look like a blur of dark red lines as she cut through the vast valley like a prison who’s just been set free. But while the other were possibly heading for the the Lion or in direction of the other two challenges Tahira however was heading in another direction one in which would allow her to gather all the things she would need in order to aid her in each task without falter. As she was indeed a wolfblood first and for most a creature that is known for its skill and tactics as being the hunter not the hunted. Tahira continuing to use her power to converse with what plant life she could in order to find a lush jungle tree covered in vines that were thick enough for what she had in mind for them. After few minutes she’d find some dangling from one of the many trees in a pure case of abundance, all of them being just right girth and sized she needed before extending her arms upwards and yanking some down with ease, coiling them around her left arm like a garden hose as she proceed to look for the next measure which was the task of finding something to harden them just in case her target got any ideals on trying to free itself while in her grasp. The wolfblood once again setting her nose to the task in hopes of finding another type of tree which might contain something else inside of it that she would need all the while her ears were listening for any dangers around her as well those that the other girls were in fact enduring at that very moment. Tah stopping short of a large that was slightly oozing just what she needed from its bark. Tah motioning her hand towards inside of her jacket to retrieve a small dagger that had been concealed by her large breasts when they all were taken before going to work digging into the tree’s makings as hard as she could until she finally hitting the jack pot so to speak. The sap within it starting to ooze out uncontrollably and so much  that she had to be careful not get any on her as she unfurls the vines one after another in a singularity motion at first. It was about 6 to 8 of them altogether. Tahira giving sap time to harden against them first before taking them into hand again and the proceeding onwards to braid each one together as black mother would the switches that she’d used to discipline her children (y’all too young to know about that lol) fortifying the vines into very strong, yet durable make shift rope that would take some effort to cut through before coating it in one last layer of sap once she had completed it. Once it had dried, Tahira would proceed to slip the newly made vine rope about her left arm and shoulder for safe keeping then turned her ears from the clamor of what might happening to the others to the sound of trickling water. A sound that she would follow further upwards into the heart of the jungle not really having any clue that she would’ve come upon the lion she saw/sniffed out earlier (that is if she was allowed to see it) and not the hind she had originally sought out to capture. But who was she argue the creature was still one of the targets. Tah told herself stopping in tracks for a moment to take gage in her surroundings before moving low to the ground into a stalking position so that she could kneel low near the pools edge behind several reeds and bushes. The Nomack princess trying hard to remember bits of pieces of the tale that surrounding the beast as it was told to her by her mother…but the only thing she could come up with was that ol’ Herc killed it by choking it. Which suddenly gave her ideal as she looked down to the water that was in front her. You know what big guy; you and I are almost one and the same. Tanks of power. Buuuuuuuttttttt…….your head would look much nicer on my mantle.’ She admitted whole heartedly. Tahira slowly moving to remove her shoes and clothes with ease burying them in the dirt to keep other animals from catching her scent as she moved further down away from her supposed prey with rope in hand, tail wagging so that she could enter the water and possibly not be detected until it was too late. As the swim back up to where the lion was and quite possibly still drinking was a short one. -C-


Tahira: She was able to pace herself to come up for air ever so often, until at last she was close enough to the lion’s golden image above her from underwater. Smirking to herself slightly Tahira would attempt come up from the depths slowly while the lion was still unsuspecting of her presence, “Here kitty, kitty!,” She’d declared reaching out both of her arms in its general direction trying to hook them around the neck of the creature and with help of her enhanced wolfblood strength Tahira would proceed to dragged the creature back into the waters depth with her. Her intensions of course being to depriving the Lion of oxygen much like Hercules did of course only with one small change in the story, she’d used water to help hers along. If the lion where to react like any cat she had ever known when made to take a bath or come near water at all, and by this I mean begin to claw at, growl, fight back, or even attempt to maul her at any time during said attempt. Tahira would of course feel no pain from any of the strikes made by it being as her nerves suffered severe damage in fire that in truth killed her. In attempt to save her life Kin granted her a chance to live again by offering her his blood, making her like him a ‘cursed’ wolfblood. The lion might have sensed her anger those as after possibly sustaining several blows from the massive cat her the grip on her right arm would’ve tighten slightly about its neck further while that of her left would leave it completely. Her left hand motioning itself in against currents of the water all in hopes of impacting her fist  into the Lion’s face to stun it regardless of the cost before going for the rope she’s made about her neck. Loosening it she would try to use the time given to bind at least two of its paws if she was able to get all four of them, so if indeed the beast did manage to break free of her grasp or strike her while in the midst of attempted to get the hind legs stunning her instead she would be able to using the tightly coiled part around her left hand to force the beast back to depths moment he broken through to the surface and she regained her bearings. But if however she weren’t able to drag the massive cat in by brute strength alone Tahira would take whatever blow was given by the animal in defense of itself against her but immediately shift into her lycan form the moment she recoiled from it and attempt to take the creature by brute force by griping it by his golden fur, lifting the beast upright into the air right off its paws so that they become useless as the creatures offence AND defense before launching it head first into massive side boulder with intent of bashing open his skull. -E-

Yumi: “You all must get through... The Great Plains, The Cold World, And Hades Last Domain. In Each area a task is given, a task that you all must do before pressing into the next point. Listen careful, I’m not holding your hand. You need to figure out which place you need to do what and where. You must Slay the Nemean Lion, Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, Capture the Ceryneian Hind, Capture the Erymanthian Boar,  Slay the Stymphalian Birds, Capture the Cretan Bull, Capture and bring back Cerberus. Or you may Kill the creature, and bring back his heart and head as proof. However this will surely prove to be much more difficult then capture. " Yumi would’ve folded her arms, and nodded accordingly. "Once you break through Hades Domain, go up, to the Mountain of Power. And there... we will complete your trial, if you reach that point? You've passed. And you will be rewarded so..." She says crossing her arms. " Well then... What are you all looking at me for? Go! " She wasn’t one for talk, but the light uninterested expression remained on her face. It was contradictory to the sick satisfaction she’d get out of hopefully torturing her husband Connor, with the fact that he was powerless to her. “Rubbing it in his face, is going to be the best part.” A small smirk on the corner of her lips, as she listened to the instructions given to her. She had her powers in tact, but for the task required she’d refrain form using them unless she needed to get the job done as quick as humanly possible.

When the other women all took off in a rush or a flurry, Yumi began a slow walk. “If this is anything like hunting the creatures in the dark zone, I already know…” Yumi’s forearms would’ve began to morph lightly, shifting into a scaled like skin substance, as her fingers tensed, and black nails/claws exerted from her fingers. The almost lifeless glare of killing intent showed through her blue eyes. “This is not a test of savagery, but a test of patience and fortitude.” Yumi continued her walk, all bit it was silent. Still wearing her tattered white hakama pants, tucked into boots, with a tank top on, and her red hair, hanging down her back, she’d walk in all be it a different direction from the rest of the women, and once in the more forest like area, Yumi would’ve begun picking up her walk a bit, before coming to a tree. Feeling on it one time, she began to climb it patiently, and rather, than traversing on ground, she’d begin to leap from branch to branch until she came upon a large clearing, which held a huge cliff like drop off and a waterfall. Yumi’s eyes turned into dragon like slits, as she saw one of her targets at the base of the 30 foot drop. “One of the Lions…” Yumi fused her senses, and began scanning the area for other predatory creatures that might lay. The heat signatures spanning out for multiple feet's, to avoid surprises. She’d stand up on the branch and lightly jump. The branch was stretchy, almost like a mix of bamboo and rubber. Yumi took a moment, to use her claw, and begin carving out long 10 feet strands of the tree bark, only taking a few minutes to fashion it into a string for later usage, tying secure knots in it and wrapping it around her torso. She’d once again look to the creature, hopping off of the tree branch and onto the ground! She’d sprint, using the tip of her foot too hit the ground first in a stealth like run before leaping off of the waterfalls edge! Her arms wide open, as she began to dive down, hair flailing back, as her arms stretched in front other. Not a sound escaping her lips, to give warning, as Yumi would’ve caught the beast drinking water! In what seemed like a flash, Yumi would’ve came crashing down upon the beast neck area! Her claws, able to pierce steel, and with added momentum of the drop, Yumi’s hands would’ve almost reached escape velocity, enabling her to pierce the beast and mount it’s back. Luckily her hands, bypassed the lyrnx and the windpipe, ceasing it’s ability to roar and signal other creatures. A trick she learned from Connor, as her hands would’ve dug around in the meat, until she caught grip of it’s spine, only to use her strength, vines protruding from her arms in show of it, to snap it’s spine in two! The beast body instantly limp, as it fell to the ground. Yumi would’ve hopped off of it, opting for the stealth approach rather than confronting the beast in close quarters. She’d begin cutting a slit from the hole she’d made in the neck, and pulling the head off in a sloppy, fleshy and bloody mess, the stains imprinting on her clothes. “Messier than I thought it would be…this might attract other beast.” Yumi would’ve tossed the head on her shoulder, and looked around. “There’s fresh water here. Good place to set up a camp. I’ll level some trees and start from there. I need to hurry and get this blood off of me. Then I’ll pursue the next beast.” Yumi would’ve walked along the rest of the water’s edge, looking for a good clearing to start a rest area, unless she’d end up having to make her own, the same un-amused expression on her face since she started.

Syl: ( )
Syl entered quietly and resealed the entrance, nobody was leaving this cave but her with her prize. Silently climbing up the cave wall she'd slowly begin to flood the cave with a highly toxic gas. The gas was laced with spores if Syl's own design. The spores, if the creatures down below inhaled hem would stick to their wind pipes and lungs, chemically reacting the way yeast does, Yeast is a living organism, and works best in higher temperatures. The warmth gives it energy to respire faster, producing more carbon dioxide, making the dough rise or in this case the spores would grow into a cotton like substance that would asphyxiate the hydra and remaining deer. If they had died Syl would merely drop down from the ceiling and begin  the task of separating the antlers from the deer and cutting the hearts out of the hydra. Syl at first had trouble hacking the flesh from the hydra, but she soon got that hang of it. The deer, was another problem. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the horns she just took the entire head with her. Leaving the cave with her goods she stopped for a second. Growing vines out of her back, two one out of each shoulder blade curling one vine around the head of the deer, and the other one around the many hearts of the hydra. Syl stopped to fiddle with it before she felt comfortable with how she was holding them, Syl then leaned down and touced the ground trying to figure out where an oasis was. Her next and final task was to capture these lions..lurks near the oasis of the great plains with there pack. Bring back its head to show proof of deed. Oasis meant water and water meant plants, so Syl focused her senses to find the most healthy, thriving plants, and sure enough a few kilometers away there was water. Syl began to run. Syl is capable of running and moving at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Syl has showed to be fast enough to catch up to an accelerating car while on foot, but prefers to travel by webs. This is due to the information of every known spider programmed into her nanomachines. This speed is caused because of the Desert Spider, at 6 inches the spider itself can run 12 MPH. Proportional to this Syl can run roughly 124 MPH If Syl can continue running building momentum. Soon she was sprinting full speed across the plain, her long hair flying out behind her like a black blur as she carried her prizes with her. Soon she came upon the lions, she had no time to think; just act. As she began to slow down Syl cut a hard right and began to run parallel tot he oasis, but as she turned she dropped the deer head. The smell of the blood would hopefully attract a few lions. Syl didn't want to risk the hearts this way so she kept them with her, but she waved it around hoping the blood would split the pack up. This way she wasn't overwhelmed with trying to fight them all at once. As Syl ran with the hydra heart she'd stop and turn holding her hand out she'd attempt to shoot seeds into the lion's mouths. This is a small seed that Syl plants in her opponent's body and can be manipulated using hr nanomachines. After it has had enough time to secure its roots within the victim's body, the death plant bursts forth from within, killing the opponent. Buying time, Syl would keep them busy as she waved the bloody heart around circling back to the other lions with the deer head. As Syl ran past she'd summon roots to grasp the lions paws, and re-picking up the deer head. Stopping she panted and turned walking back to the lions that she killed with her plants and began the process of severing one of their heads from their bodies.

Kaiuri: As Kaiuri looked down and observed the beast she would get ready to take care of business, when suddenly a pack of Chimera emerged from the cave as well. " Tch . . . " She would stare grudgingly down at the vile creatures. They were dastardly things. She watched as they flocked around the entrance. ' Damn,' She thought to herself as she tried to conjure up a method and pull it clean out of her ass. ' Think . . . ' Kaiuri looked around and her eyes searching for an answer. Then suddenly a familiar voice slid its way around her head, They are base animals, only using instinct. Uri's sultry voice would grace Kai with her presence. Look up Sugar, and tell me what you see.  Kaiuri did just as her better half had suggested. When she looked up she would see variations of small animals, all just minding their own business. Squirrels, birds, even a couple of curious field mice. Kai would observe them, ' Smaller animals, ' Kai thought.
Right, you can use them to distract the larger ones below . . . You catch my drift, hun ?  Kaiuri looked up at the tree animals and back down below at the putred Chimeras, as her eyes shifted from target to target, she finally put two and two together. ' On it, ' Kaiuri silently crawled her way up higher into the tree, her slim body and vivacious curves snaking and bending its way through the branchs as unconspicuous as possibly. She made careful for her movements to immitate that of the small animals just sifting through the branches and making themselves from place to place. The ebony feline set her sights on a plump little field mouse that was distracted and nimbling on some sort of nut. She inhaled sharply, a mild violet aura seeped out from her flesh momentarily as her nails bore into extensively sharp claws. She drew just enough energy from Uri to do so and when that was done with, Kaiuri snatched the mouse in her grasp. She felt it squirm in her grip and she would jab her claws into the small creatures throat. In the act of taking its life, Kaiuri would then look toward the 6 hairy beasts and chuck the vermon a clear twenty or so yards away. She waited a moment to see if the chimeras would follow. If so, she would then do the same to a mocking bird and simply toss it below her towards the lion. ' A little divide and conquor action.' A small smirk curving its way onto her candy lips.
Niiiice, good thinking, Sugar Foot. Then while the chimeras, if they took notice to the vermon, would be distracted on the opposite side of the cave. Also if the lion went for the bird Kaiuri would wait a moment. Seeing the lion's mouth ready and open, Kaiuri would pounce ! Her form dropped down on top of it in a mounted position. Her hand speedily reached inside the beast's mouth. Her other hand would hold open its mouth just long enough for her to do so. Like lightning, snatching the lion's tongue with a mighty tug of her arm. She would yank it clear out of its throat. Blood sprayed her face, hair, and painting bright red on the dresses fabric. If this was done correctly the lion would bleed out, the sticky blood pouring over in its mouth, choking to death on its own blood. Kaiuri would look around her after the deed was done, only the whispy sound of her panting to be heard. Her gaze looking over in the oppsite direction. She had to work quickly, there was a lot to accomplish before nightfall.

Rhea: As she waited for the deer to come closer, she grumbled to herself in a very light tone “This is taking forever.” She had been waiting for a long while now, maybe for a hour and half. Her patience was already starting to wear thin, before the deer had began inch themselves closer to her. Her eyes widened and she would slowly stand to her feet, trying her best not to make too much sound in case she scared them off. A grin smacking itself onto her lips as her grip would tighten around one of the short looking spears.

One of the deer had seemed to wander off and away from the group, thankfully in her direction. The deer were spreading out slowly, branching out to graze their own space of grass. When the deer that headed in her direction got close enough and wasn’t looking. She would begin to inch herself out from behind the trees, the deer’s backside being turned to her luckily. When she got close enough she would quickly stab the deer in the back of its neck, where she was hoping she would sever its lungs. When the deer would begin to freak out, blood would begin to squirt out in different directions. When it the blood squirted her way it would hit her face and get mainly on her dress. Quickly feeling nauseated by the blood on her she would begin to gag as she stood there. Her eyes widening as she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. As she began to register the deer sounding off it was injured, she would quickly turn her head to watch the other deer begin to run in all different directions, freaked out. Snapping out of her phase she would quickly pull the spear out of the deer’s neck and hold it up, ready to stab another before it would hit her.
Hearing a big thud on the floor behind her she would turn around to see the dear had collapsed and began to twitch as if it was choking. Her eyes would widen and she would let the words, “What have I done,” escape her lips. Her hand that held the spear slowly lifted and her grass green eyes moved towards it. As she studied her hand, it would be covered in a bit of the deer’s blood and she would begin to freak out in her mind. “I-I killed something?” The question would dumbly leave her lips and her eyes would move back down to the deer. She would fall to her knees and watch as it struggled to survive.
Quickly raising the spear, she would close her eyes and bring it down, hard and fast, on its temple. Penetrating the skin and getting the spear deep into its skull she would let out a breath quickly and open her eyes, studying the now still deer as she let go of the spear.  Her eyes searched the animal for moment, after a few minutes of its eyes staying wide open and its body still she would remove the spear and let out a few deep breaths; trying to relax.

“It’s okay Rhea. You can get through this.” She would tell herself as she sat next to the deer, bloodied up and dirty. Her eyes scanned around, looking around for the other deer which had been running around before she got lost in killing the animal. When she could no longer see a trace of any other deer she would look back down to her kill and sigh. “Now to get to work,” she would nod slowly and then begin to think about how she would get the antlers off of its head. Quickly thinking something up and then taking action with her plan.
She stood up then and walked two steps to the head and then began to kick at the antlers with all her strength. “Thank God I went to the gym frequently.” She would grumble to herself and suddenly one antler would snap off with one last kick it was able to endure. With the other antler she worked on she would snap it off by putting all her weight and strength into one foot and stomping down.
“Awesome!” She would cheer softly, a bit of happiness entering her mind as she would feel accomplished. Picking up the antlers she would look around, nod, and quickly make her way back to the forest where she had entered the field from.

Kodi is my bitch: The vines sprang forth from the lions mouth causing their bodies to explode. Syl returning to the now dead lions, would simply tear at the remaining flesh on their necks, holding the hearts and Antlers she quickly added the lion's head to her tangles of vines. Syl began heading to the gate keeper, in order to suppress the smell of death and blood from her various...items, she gave out a very heavy scent of fruit. This deterred all meat eaters, or larger predators from coming near her, and Syl easily kept the smaller insects drawn by her fragrance, at bay with her spiders. As Syl wandered across the pains she wondered how many died, who may've already finished, and those who are still trying. Syl rubbed her face and blinked some stray hair out of her eyes. Watching the various wildlife run past her, she wondered about alot of things, nothing important. But she decided to quicken her pace to make it before night fell. She may've been in command of Nature but she'd perfer not to dwadle in this unknown place.  She made her way to the gate keeper and sighed, as she reached the woman she dropped all of her 'prizes' at her feet and glared up at her. "Here I'm done." Syl said softly before stretching and popping her back. She yawned and waited for the woman's answer.


The Light and The Dark: Should the lion come for Usagi, she'd be ready, sliding her foot back and holding her arms out toward the lion, practically saying COME AND GET ME. The Nemean Lion came towards her, the rumbling thuds of it making contact with the ground had made the ground beneath her feet tremble. Timing was everything. Beat Her heart was slowing down. Beat Her mind was racing. Beat The massive cat leaped for her, maw opened to a tremendous width. Considering the size difference, Usagi was a mere ant to this vile creature. The sharpened point of the fangs caught her attention the most. The way it glistened when the setting sun hit against if. Five... Four... Three... Two... Usagi leapt into the Lion's mouth. Once inside and right before it closed its teeth on her legs to pierce it so heavily, she drew her sword from the nether realmt once more and thrust it through the porous flesh, the blood covered blade piercing through from the top of its head and it stopped in its tracks. With a deafening roar, she twist her body in a 360 counter clockwise and blood spray onto her body as she severed the beast from the inside. She exhaled deeply and continued on forth to the next obstacle of the trials. One followed right after another. She had slain Lernaean Hydra and collected its heart. She had captured the Ceryneian Hind and severed its antlers from its head. It took a while but she completed the first three tasks. Reaching the checkpoint, she threw down the head, heart, and antlers and awaited the next trial to begin.

Yumi: The sound of a tree cracking in the distance could be heard, as it timbered down, and fell to the ground with a  large thud. Yumi would’ve been standing there, clapping the woodchips off of her hands, and placing them on her hips for a second. “This should do nicely.” She’d then extend her hands outwards and release her claws once again, and in a quick fashion began chopping the wood into blocks and planks. Yumi had cut down 3 more trees beforehand and repeated the same notion with those before. She now had a giant pile of 2x4’s and fire blocks. She quickly took action, and began arranging the wood in order to build a small square hut, in order to somewhat shield her from the harsh weathers that may come from the nights she remained here, though even she found this to be an indeterminate number. After setting that up, it was no task to build a fire. Arranging some rocks in a circle with wood and dry leaves, yumi would’ve sloshed some spit around in her mouth, before spitting on the center of the wood and the heat form it would’ve ignited the fire right on contact. She nodded, and would’ve started walking back towards the river bank to begin washing the blood off of her clothes. Leaning over the river bank she stopped. Her eyes widened, as she sensed a heat signature…a big one. Yumi would’ve looked down towards the end of the bank, seeing the trees move as she heard the steps approaching. “Shit…I don’t know if this is the next monster I’m supposed to find but it’s not coming near my campsite. I worked hard on that hut arrangement.” Yumi would’ve begun running, her legs moving rapidly. She did not want to exert any energy that she had, not knowing how long she’d be destined for these damned trials. As she ran towards the commotion, that’s when she saw it! The Hydra! Which was…actually much bigger than she thought it was. “What in the world is that?” as she was running towards her at first she only saw two heads. That’s when head by head began to pop up out of the ground beneath her! The beastly head and necks attempting to bite her in half! Yumi would’ve jumped, hopped, and flipped her way through, narrowly dodging a pair of teeth that ripped her tank right across the abdomen! “Hm.” Yumi would’ve flipped and landed before jumping again, and turning around! She finally had a chance to get a good look at the breast in it’s entirety. Her facial expression becoming more fierce as her facial expression changed. “To many heads…cutting them all off his futile, if that even works. If I remember correctly in the bestiary…”

Yumi would’ve withdrawn her claws, and simply stood still, holding her hand out and prompting the beast to come with her hand. “Come on. You’re hungry are you not? Feast upon me.” The hydra would’ve roared, and one of the heads would’ve lunged forward with it’s mouth wide open! Just before it’s jaw’s completely clamped down on her body, she’d have lightly hopped into the jaws of death, and with strength unbound, pushed her hands against the roof of the hydra’s mouth, and her feet against it’s tongue. Yumi struggled with this…the beast jaw strength was one thing she severely underestimated as even a hot natured half dragon such as her self began to sweat, nervous at her idea. “Here…tch. Goes nothing.” Yumi would’ve began to inhale, and as she did, her jaw’s would’ve dislocated, and her neck would’ve formed what looked like a bubble. An orange ember flaring in her mouth, and smoke emitting from her nose. She held it for a moment, letting the destruction chi well in her throat, before she opened her mouth wide and exhaled a large gust of fire much bigger than her own body! The flame would’ve traveled the pathway of the beast innards, passing it’s throat and heading straight down for it’s gut! Unlike normal fire, the flame would’ve literally sat there, and begun to fill it’s belly more, and more, and more, it’s insides being cooked, until finally the beast heads bellowed in a loud crisp and raspy cry as it’s guts exploded outwards! There was no blood as every organ was carefully charred at first sight! The heads flailing and flying off wards, with no body to grow from, no more heads could reform! As the charred flesh began to rain, Yumi would’ve closed her eyes and held her hand up. “Work smart.” In doing so, the heart of the beast would’ve plopped right into the palm of her hand, beating it’s last beast before it stopped. “ Not hard.” Yumi was now officially covered in blood and guts, and reeked of rotted flesh. She had an annoyed expression at the notion. “That’s two down…one more. I’ll have to hunt for this one, but not before a well-deserved meal, and a bath. Wilderness or not, I refuse to reek of dead body for long.” Yumi would’ve walked back towards her campsite storing the head and heart in the hut. She’d make her way towards the river and begin shedding her clothing, rising the blood off in the streams and hanging them out on some branches, for them to dry in the fleeting sun. She then stepped into the water, moving a few of the big rocks into a circle, to make her own personal pool. Sitting inside she’d close her eyes, and manipulate her body temperature to literally create her very own hot tub, the water steamy and pouring upwards, as Yumi sank down in the water, relaxing her muscles, and taking a well-deserved break until it was time to eat and hunt again. The smoke from the fire fuming up in case someone was to wonder into her area, they’d be greeted to cooking fish and a warm fire.

Ka??r? "The T?mptress": The sun beat relentlessly upon the surface of the plains, the heat parched thr thirst of all creatures in its wake. Beads of sweat colonized on her forehead, her thick red hair now hung in ferverish tangles as the sun's rays caused it to frizz. At this point, Kaiuri had considered stripping bare butt naked for the rest of the day's trial. Mid day's sun just would not let up ! Kaiuri grit her teeth as she began to chisle and fashion a sharp edge from a sizable rock. She wedged it against a boulder to sharpen the rocks edge, she needed something to make an ample cut. Every once in a while she would gloss her finger over the wedged edge of the stone to see if it's tip had been effective. ' That should do it, ' Kaiuri thought while giving a nod of approval. Once that was done, Kaiuri would kneel down beside the freshly rotting corpse of the Nemean Lion. She grimmaced at the sight of its bloodied mouth, but no matter now. Opening up the jaws of the beastly creature, Kaiuri reached both hands inside. Her palms grabbed hold of the grimmy insides, its entire mouth soiled in crimson gush. She would stab harshly into the throat and make her first incision. Kaiuri winced at the peculiar feeling, her hands caught hold of nothing my mush and gurgling mesh. Slowly, but surely she cut the lion's head off from the inside out. However, she didnt just stop there. The young ebony woman would keep reaching farther inside of the animal carcus, her makeshift blade continued cutting and hacking away at the meaty monstrousity.
When all was finished and the flesh and bones was separated from the skin and fur, Kaiuri would take the Lion's "leftovers" and head to a faintly flowing creek nearby the cave. There she took the time to clean and cleave every part that she intended on using. Blood seeped from the lion's spoils and made the clear water tarnish in a murky red. She would also clean herself up, washing the cool water over her skin to get rid of any traces of blood that yet lingered. Her eyes looked up to the skoes to seize the sun's position. It was early afternoon. She had no time to spare for a full body wash . . . She gave a heavy groan in frustration. " Six more days to go . . " Her thoughts betrayed her. Kaiuri continued to use what was left of the lion's carcus to her advantage. She sharpened the bones to points, smaller ones were made into makeshift daggers, while the a couple larger ones served the purpose of a club and one with oversized knife like qualities. She then proceeded to hack the paws off of the lion and clean all four of them out. When she finished, the paws could now serve the purpose as clawed gloves to be used for climbing. Kaiuri then continued on to the golden fur of the ancient beast. Now that the lion had been cut up from the inside out she could fashion body guard out of its impenitrible fur. Which is just what she did, garbbing it as if armor. Finally, Kaiuri looked over towards the head. Kneeling back down, she would use her sharpened tools towedge in and unhinge the jaws of the lion. By doing so, she would slide her head into the throatal opening, her face peered out to the open from inside of its mouth. Kaiuri felt a brimming smirk curve at the corners of her lips. She was liking her knew gear.
All the hunting and scavenging Xavier and Tutin had taught her in years past under had finally proven worth. " Xavier . . . " Kaiuri thought back on the humbling sight she had saw of him before starting the trials. As gathered up the leaft over meat and perserved it for future use, Kaiuri's eyes caught sight of something. A plant, however not just any plant . . . She walked over and stared in close observation. " Well well, " she muttered to herself when looking upon the imfamous red Nightshade berries with curious intent. It seems that this is where the scavenging came in to play . . . Red Nightshade berries are extremely poisonous when comsumed, their toxins cause the consumer to grow ill almost immediately. Toxins target the nervous system, causing breathing and cardiac problems. No harm in taking a hord or two . . . You might yet need them in coming days. Uri suggested. Kai nodded, taking the berries and placing them safely on her person. Her next target would prove an even more difficult task.
The cherry haired lioness fled from the area on foot, her feet pushing her farther into the depths of the plains. She began her search for her next target and soon came across a large mass of water, a lagoon if you would. Kaiuri stared at it from a distance, something about this set up didn't seem right. In fact, she had a feeling that the lagoon felt . . . Alive. Her eyes would continue to glace over the water's stilled surface, searching for the first abnormality. And thats when she saw it. Right beneath the surface there was a humungous shadow settled like a rock, but its form would rise and fall. Odd. Kaiuri peered hard from behind the teeth of the lio'ns head that she wore. Her eyes widened in surprise. Lingering right below the waters surface was not a shadow . . . The oversized form continued to rise and fall every so often.
I think it would be wise to take leave . . . Uri noticed it too. What sat in the lagoon was a hibernating Hydra . . . Probably taking a nap. Kai simply responded by silently stepping off to the side and back into the concealing greenary of the plans. She wasn't feeling up to the task quiet yet. You would do better to go after the smaller animal first Uri's voice plyed tongue on ear, her advice swimming around Kai's head. Kai nodded as her eyes flickered from patch of grass to barren plain. It would be best to look for the Ceryneian Hind next, if she were to try and take on the Hydra right now she might be pressed for time later. Then something caught her eye. A glint of gold simmering in the heat. The perceptive 'Wildcat' cast her lavender pools in it's direction.
Well I'll be damned, Uri purred happily. Speak of the devil. Kai watched carefully at the Golden antlers, bobbing back and forth on the other side of bushes that she lay hidden in. It was the Ceryneian Hind, a lone one that seemed to have wandered off a little to far away from its pack. She observed her prey carefully, how had it wandered so far out towards the Hydra's enviroment ? Kai thought for a moment on how she would put her plans into action. ' How ? ' The gears of her brain turned bit by bit, an idea had popped into existence. Kaiuri was going to kill two birds with one stone . . . Her hand slipped inside of her golden armor and pulled out the bright red berries. And she knew just how to do it.


Ka??r? "The T?mptress": Kai sat in the concealing leaves of the bushes, she had been watching the Hind for a mere hour. It walked practically in circles. She looked at the bounty of berries that she had in her possession and back at the Hind that stood a mere few yards away from her. Here we go. Uri spoke sharply. Kai nodded. Her hands moving swiftly to their purpose as she began to set up a trap for the young Hind. She watched from the shadows as it wandered around. If the hind took notice to the brightly colored berries, it would automatically be drawn in by their decieving color and sweet smelling scent. It would bein to partake in the berries, munching on them until there were no more. The effects of the berries would work its way slowly into the system of the hind and make it disorianted. Kaiuri would emerge from the bushes behind the Hind. Within minutes the amount of berries that the Hind consumed worked their way through its system and slowly it would begin to fade. She would watch as it would wobble to and fro. It began backtracking confused, back to the bed of the lagoon. And finally it would topple over onto the shore, drianed and lifeless.
And bing bang boom, we're home free. Uri chimed jokingly. Kai shook her head, ' I wish it were so. ' She thought as she held her club made from the Nemean Lion's femur bone. Kai reeled her arms above while staring down at the lifeless Hind. And with a great force she hurled the club down upon it's skull, bashing it it. In doing this it would knock an antler clean of, while also giving off a fresh scent of blood. She hoped the Hydra would take notice. If so, it would smell the freshly spilt blood and begin to stir from beneath the bowls of the lagoon. " Shit," Kaiuri cursed as the ground beneath her shook. She moved quickly taking the antler and hoisted it over her shoulder. Her legs pumping with haste back into the shadows.
When the Hydra would emerge, its heads would sprout out one by one . . . All nine roaring ravenously. She held her breath from her place in the shadows, careful not to make a sound and be noticed. Her eyes widened as the gargantuan monster stood tall and vicious. The Hydra would soon see the dead and meaty Hind laying clear in plaine sight. All nine heads would dive in, each wanting a scrap of its tender meat. However, once the Hydra would partake in its afternoon meal, it would seal its fate. The poison still lingered in the veins of the Hind and as the monster finished up, its strength would soon wane. The giant that once stood so vile and vicious now crumbled to its knees with a ground shaking THUD ! Kai felt her breath catch in her throat, had she done it ?! The was only one way to find out. She ran over to the body of the Hydra, her blade already drawn, and knelt down to pierce the flesh of the creature. As she bore into the flesh of the monster, she peeled back the skin and reached beneath it's ribcage for the it's heart . . . Blood gushing everywhere and overflowed in her fingers. It stained her skin. It stained her scent. But who cares. She had obtained the final objective. She gathered herself and her spoils together. Kai brimmed with determination, her feet already ahead of themself as they carried her to the checkpoint.
Soon the she was nearing the end of the plains and the first part of her trial. Kaiuri beamed with relief as the first checkpoint came into view. She began sprinting forth, her wild red hair flying all the while behind her. The tall tall grass of the plains brushed aginst her legs as she flew past. The weight of her spoils had been heavy, but at this point she could barely feel the extra weight that she shouldered. Her pace began to slow as she came upon the checkpoint. " I brought everything . . . " Kaiuri's tone spoke devoid of emotion. She was still bitter about the whole ' Join, be enslaved, or die ' mentallity that had been forced upon her. She looked upon the face of the masculine female. She towered high above the petite ember skinned girl. Why was it that everyone had to make Kaiuri feel like a midget. She simply shook her head and broe her eyes away as she presented the lion's head, the hind's antler, and the hydra's heart to the Amazonian woman.
The Amazonian Huntress waited at the edge of the plains. Behind her had been a cliff that dropped down to a world of icy tundras. Some girls approached her with proof of completion of the tasks asked of them. While others had not. But. . . Nightfall has been approaching. They'd need to hurry for those that hadn't completed there tasks yet

GameMaster:'We wait until nightfall. Then I will guide those whom have made it , to the next portion of the trial. Wait paitenly sisters'Said The Huntress as she stood with staff in hand and her bows on her back

Yumi: A few moments after her bath, and a small thirty minute power nap, Yumi would’ve been carrying 2 of the three items she needed to proceed. She’d begun to continue walking towards the destination, figuring that she’d be able to find the last remaining creature on her way there. “These things are supposed to be fast. How am I going to tackle something like this unless I can play the waiting game.” Yumi would’ve pondered, before her ears twitched. She’d picked up a noise…a continuous nose. A stampeded if you will. “…” Yumi quickly averted her initial route, and begin running towards the sound of rushing hooves that she was hearing. A skin sack of what she needed supported by her shoulders. Compared to a dragon egg’s weight this was nothing. While running, she’d have finally cleared the forest and made her way out into some open plains! There were various other creatures in the distance and she looked around to make sure she wasn’t just hearing things that may or may not have been mistaken. She then stood in the middle of the field rather dumbfounded. “Maybe I was mistaken…” She sighed. “No matter I’ll continue looking for-“that’s when the sound of the trampling hooves began to roar true again, but this time they were coming right for her! “That must be…” Yumi would’ve furrowed her brow, realizing she didn’t have time to think, only to react. A stampeded of them, about 5 or 6 were all running at great speeds! The fact that these things could move at 400mph didn’t make them any easier to catch! The only advantage she’d had is that they were running towards her and she didn’t have to chase. She sat her sack down, and spread her legs  and lowering her stance as if she was a sumo wrestler. Her arms stretched out and her fingers wiggling a bit. As the deer like creatures charged, their golden antlers glistening in the sunlight! Yumi gritted her teeth as her muscles tightened! Each and every last one of them, as when they came close, she’d throw her hands to the wind, and grip herself a pair of antlers! This didn’t come without price as the ones that ran past her, sliced and cut her in various places of her body, and the creature she was in the process of stopping had pierced both of her shoulders clean through! That added to the fact that the beast momentum was dragging her backwards! The toes of her feet digging into the ground and kicking up dirt, as she continued gritting her teeth with everything she had to offer! “Grrrrrrrrrr!!!” She’d lean forward a little bit before sprouting her wings from her back, and flapping them upwards! This resulted in yumi and the creature shooting into the sky in an arch, yumi keeping grip on the antlers, and once at the peak of the arch, she’d flap her wings one more time, and shoot both herself and the deer back down towards the ground with a thud, creating a crater as they did! Except with antlers in hand, the moment of impact, she would’ve had the deer’s neck in a disposition. Mounting the top of it, she’d speak with a gruff tone in her voice, bred from irritation. “Now…go to sleep.” Using the antlers as leverage, she tilted it’s head a little bit more, snapping it’s neck with a sickening crack! The beast was strong, but Yumi was one for using the least energy to achieve the greatest results. Something her brother taught her during the short time she was home. Yumi would’ve stood up and sighed. Placing a foot on the beast head and using her hands to rip the very antlers off of it’s head. She flapped her wings once again flying over to grab the necessary sack of items, and rather than walking, she’d take haste and begin using draconic wings to fly her to the necessary check point. Seeing the Amazon woman she’d sit down the fleshy sack and let it unfold to reveal the items. 'We wait until nightfall. Then I will guide those whom have made it, to the next portion of the trial. “Wait patiently sisters.” Yumi would nod, and stand there, putting her hair in a well tied bun, and folding her arms, to wait for the others women to arrive.
Game Master: Tahira and Aikaterine would have faced death in the most gruesome of ways. Tahira met her end by the hands of The Hydra. Eating the Wolfblood down to the bone. While Aikaterine faced death by poison. The poison had been from a flower. The spores burned her flesh off straight through her skull and into her brain. She must have found the plant appealing and sniffed it to test smell. Only to be met by death. Her body.... left to the scavenging creatures that lived there. Getting eaten and ripped limb by limb

Rhea: Hours passed as she had hunted creatures down and fought off many, getting cuts and scratches from a lot of them. One cut along her arm had been bleeding the entire time as she fought; the cut so deep that it required stitches, many stitches. She pushed along though, her body growing away from pain as adrenaline rushed through her. After she had killed the deer she managed to find a new side of herself, a stronger, angry side. Many memories of her mother and father flashing through her mind, fueling her anger. Each slash and stab she gave each creature she did it in hopes of erasing the memory of them. The memory of Steven and her friends pushing her to the side for so many things made her want to scream each time the thought about how she truly hated them rushed in. Rhea didn’t normally hate things – dislike yes. She had always wanted to marry and have a family of her own. But she suddenly came to realize how alone she would be for the rest of her life, or so it looked like.
Covered in blood Rhea walked through the forest, stumbling from time to time as she couldn’t find an ounce of fight left in her after everything. Her brown silky hair matted with blood all over along with her once white, but now also crimson red, dress. Panting as she would push on with her walk. She had lost her wedged heels at some certain point during fighting one of the creatures. She couldn’t remember much; it was like she had blocked everything out and went blank as she grew courage for the single moment. Courage she used well in fighting.
Soon reaching the next trail, she would drop to her knees and cough lightly as she began to choke up a bit of blood. Her body arched over as she coughed and her hands quickly flattening themselves on the dirt. A groan escaped her lips, the sound almost like a growl. Staring at the floor she spit on the ground area between both her hands, her eyes studying the blood for a short moment before she would peek up and look around. Scan the area was all she did with weary eyes, then look over to the spears, antlers, heart, and head scattered about next to her. A light growl escaping her lips the next second before she would stagger up to stand, her body crouched over when she got on her weak feet. Looking to the floor she would bend over and grab one of the long spears, using it to push her back straight as she grumbled “What a lovely evening so far, Rhea. What’s next? Dying?” She would feel a sting in her eyes as she started to tear up, the sensation being followed by water rolling out of her eyes and down her cheeks. “I don’t want to die.” She would whisper to herself as she began to cry lightly to herself.
She wanted to leave then; turn around, leave the forest, go back to the woman, and make her life easier by giving off herself in being a slave. Her hand raised so she could wipe her nose softly and she looked down at the blood that covered her. Staring at it for a long while, she thought to herself.
“You’ve gotten this far. Keep going.” She would nod after a while of thinking, slowly looking up and scanning the area again as she stood up completely straight and drew all the energy and strength she had left into her heart. Then, with all that she had, she would begin to push on again. Beginning to search for the next task and declaring that she wouldn’t stop until she finished. Not to rest. Not to eat. But just fight with all she had left in her.
Game Master: Night Fall... had come. All the girls had gathered there tasks. But all but one remained in the Forrest. Rhea had only a few more tasks to complete but exhaustion would surely be what brought her to her end soon enough

GameMaster:The Amazonian Huntress had stood on top of a rock, a fire had been made while the surviving few would have sat around it for warmth. Kaiuri , Syl , Usagi , Yumi , and 2 more girls out of there original high number were all that was left. The Huntress studied the small few and crossed her arms. Staring out through a pair of binoculars "One of you remain. Night has come. She will meet her end. My apprentice... will guide those that wish to move forward to the next part of The Trial. However..." She says pacing. " For those that wish to see this girl make it through another night. I will wait... while you all retrieve her. But be warned. The creatures... evolve after night. Into ghoulish creatures. You will have till dawn. If you are not here by then. All whom risk life for her. Will be disqualified and left in these jungles to die. " The Huntresses apprentice nodded her head as Two girls followed behind her , readying themselves foe the next part of the trial. They had been given a choice. Risk all to save a life. Or worry about themselves.


A Dark and menacing creature had been stalking Rhea. It stood like a man. But had form and appearance of a reptile. Its mouth l with venom as its silver scales glowed in the moon light. It could camouflage, and had no scent. It stood at 6'7 with the muscle structure of a body builder. A long tail lashed out with venoms fangs at the edge. With thick clawed fingers and bright red eyes that allowed it all forms of optical ability. It sat in the trees... simply watching her, watching Rhea... from a distance

Kaiuri:Quietly sitting around the warmth of the fire, Kaiuri stared quietly into the flickering flames of the fire. The heat of it settled over her honey colored skin. She had noticed the five other women that gathered around with her, but had not felt like speaking to them. Kaiuri pulls her knees to her chest as she they waited patiently for the next few moments. After sitting quietly for a few moments, the amazonian woman returned with another by her side. They stood tall and fierce. She looked up at the woman who perred out over the vastness of the plains, searching for survivors still wandering in its clutches. Kaiuri would slowly stand to her feet, her newly acquired armor fashioned from the Nemean lion shone brightly in the fires blaze. The fur began to feel suffocating, it was thick and heavy. The cherry haired woman would back a bit away from the blaze and go over to post herself on a nearby tree. Her lavender eyes would loo up into the blue black skies, the stars shone bright and bodly to their purpose. Once the Amazonian woman finished her scouting, she would speak. Kaiuri listened as they would speak.

" One of you remain. Night has come. She will meet her end. My apprentice... will guide those that wish to move forward to the next part of The Trial. However..." Kaiuri blinked and stared at the woman. Someone still remained? Alive ? Someone was still alive ? She couldn't comprehend it, sure there were five women left besides herself. However, night time had casts itself upon the land, making getting out of the thick vegatation and tall tall grass a challenge. Not to mention the bastard creatures that lurked in the shadows of the night. She wastched as the woman began to slowly pace. Kaiuri thought of the girl wandering around in the dangers of the jungles alone. "For those that wish to see the girl make it through another night. I will wait... While you all retrieve her. But be warned. The creatures... evolve after night. Into ghoulish creatures. You will have till dawn. If you are not here by then. All whome risk life for her. Will be disqualified and left in the jungles to die."

She looked up at the woman once more and contemplated her decision. Was it worth it to go back ? Ws it worth it to risk all for this one stranger ? Her thoughts turned to Xavier . . . Helena . . . She had made promise to save them. Although, right now their life weren't the ones in eminent danger like the girl was. She bit the insides of her cheeks and stared at the remaining women. Two of them would have looked at one another, exchanging nods before going with the Amazonian apprentice. ' Well, if you can't save one life . . . you can't count the others. " Kaiuri slanted her eyes, her gaze could have set them one fire . . . They were being selfish, but who could blame them, after all every one of them had been through the trial. Challenges they faced, their lives were all in danger. She sighed and looked back out at the forboding darkness that encroached itself along the plains. Kaiuri had made her decision.

She walked over to the Amazon, her face set and her mind fixed. " Excuse me, but . . . " She paused a moment before continuing. " I would like to go back and help the one still left behind, " Kaiuri stared at the woman, before nodding and proceeding back into the clutches of the tangled jungle. She took hold of her club and clutched it tightly in her fist, while her other hand held the sharped bone she had used to harvest her spoils from before. Kaiuri took in a deep breath, she sought inside of herself for her inner wildcat. Her eyes would glow brightly, her teeth sharpened to fangs, and her nails bore to replicate claws. A gentle hissing simmered its way out of her throat, it was a natural. The ebony feline sprinted willing into the darkness, her golden fur draping over her curves. She was a lioness venturing into the depths of the Plains. Her plump legs pumping beneath her, she was not back into the dark clutches of the jungle. Her eyes peering around in the low light of faded day now drowning out by the moonlight. She would encounter several corpses on her way in . . . some mangled, some broken, and others never to rise whole again. It was a bloodied battlefield of lawlessness. She shook her head and kept looking. She made swift and silent movements so that she could avoid as little complications as possible. She wouldn't want to encounter anything before finding the girl. It would be a shame if she died before hand. The trees would seem to tower higher than before, their dark branches hanging over head.

After running for some time, she had progressed deep into the jaws of darkness. Her feet had led her halfway deep into the jungle. Hours had passed since she began on foot, the moon sat large, round, and white in the nighttime sky. She began to slow her pace, looking around her for any sign of human life. Suddenly, her ears would perk up. She had heard something a few meters away. The wildcat in her honed it on the cause of the sound. It sounded as if someone were crying . . . Kaiuri carefully proceeded forth. Her movements were quiet. As she approached the sound she would come upon a lone young woman. Her clothes bloodied and tattered . . . Her face soddened with tears. Kaiuri felt her heart twinge at the sight. The poor thing seemed horribly lost, and not only that, she had acquired all of the objects of intrest. It was a pitiful sight. Had no one come for her, she would have gone through everything, gotten all the spoils, and it would have been to no avail. Kaiuri would slowly approach the girl, " Hello ? " Her tone would have been quiet and gentle, she did not want to frighten her anymore than she had already been. She would reach her hand out to the girl and emrace her if able. Her fingers found their way to through her chestnut brown hair that sat soiled with blood. uietly trying to shh her and calm her, Kaiuri would pull back and look at her. "Alright, we do not have much time . . . The gatekeeper only gave us until dawn to return. I will do my best to help you and see you safely out of the Plains. " If the girl would comply, Kaiuri would give her a nod before guiding her back to the resting sight.

Yumi: Yumi had been taking the time to do well for these trials…there was no rush and there was no sense of urgency…slow and steady wins the race and such nonsense. As she listened to the crackling of the fire, it put her in a dull sense of relaxation. Funny how an element she uses to create destruction and death can bring out a more peaceful side of the redhead. She wondered on Connor and how he was faring in all of this…truth be told she knew he was holding his own she just hoped he was being given a hard time and that thought alone put a smirk on the halflings features. “Serves you right, Ryoji.” The other females surrounding her were all that was left…and when the Amazon Queen began to speak on one girl left behind Yumi would gaze her head up with an annoyed expression. “Damn…” Was all she muttered under her breath as she turned her head to look into the dense jungle around them. After the fires light there was just darkness. Well no, there was much more than the dark to make a person cautious…just as the Queen warned if one were to go looking for her theyd be met with a much more monstrous obstacles but Yumi wasn’t the type to leave a woman in distress or children it just didn’t feel right to her to do so. Sure the last couple of times she’d helped a young woman out the girl ended up being a fucking lunatic and stabbing her in the back but even then Yumi couldn’t kill her and years later that part of her hadn’t changed. Watching a red head beauty get up and make the first move, the Halfling stood up as well and stretched with a sigh. “Mmm this should be fun.” Igniting her hand, she followed close behind without a word, simply aiding the woman in being a walking torch so they could at least see in front of them. But the redhead did not need such a thing and before long she sprinted into the night and left Yumi in her dust. The dragon Halfling wasn’t much worried about losing her though as she locked on to her heat signature and knew she’d probably scout out the last female before she did so it’d be best to simply just follow behind until she got there. In the mean time though…Yumi began to ponder just what sort of place they were running here…eventually she had to go home and Connor would grow annoyed of being a slave but until then why not enjoy the ride? But…there were some things she needed to consider. Placing a hand on her belly, she rubbed it once as she went into deep thought only to realize the heat signature had stopped moving and so she caught up moments later. Blue hues landed on the female hugging on the one who had been lost. “Great, you found her. Now the hard part…” She clucks her tongue and turns around to gesture. “Finding her was a bit of a breeze but getting back…” She hears an unrecognizable animal call of some sort resembling maybe a wild boar and a demonic bear which didn’t exactly make anyone enthusiastic for the journey back. “Yeah.” The flame on her hand vanishes and she stays close to their side, examining the girls wounds and seeing how extensive they were. “Before you take her back, she looks exhausted.” If the redhead would allow it as well as the female she put her hands up slowly to show she meant no harm and the palms ignited in a blue flame. “It’s okay, they don’t burn…it’ll make you feel better.” The blue ember was cold to the touch so much so the moment they made contact, if they did, to the womans body it was like a cool rushing sensation going through her to replenish her in moments, the flames licking at any scrapes and bruises, closing up wounds and basically refreshing her.


Syl: The petite spider would've been lunging near the fire as day faded into night. Syl rested with her hands behind her head, snoozing lightly. Her own tasks completed with little effort on her part. The massive amount of girls that had stared were missing. Most likely dead. Oh well. Syl shrugged before rolling onto her side and staring into the yellowish flames. Syl looked up as the larger Amazonian woman came over. "One of you remain. Night has come. She will meet her end. My apprentice... will guide those that wish to move forward to the next part of The Trial. However..." She says pacing. " For those that wish to see this girl make it through another night. I will wait... while you all retrieve her. But be warned. The creatures... evolve after night. Into ghoulish creatures. You will have till dawn. If you are not here by then. All whom risk life for her. Will be disqualified and left in these jungles to die. "  Syl stood up, brushed herself off and shrugged she wasn't about to risk her life for someone, especially now. She watched as the other 2 girls got up and followed her. Syl stood up and followed the tall Amazon to the second task, she was ready to get this this over with. It wasn't like Syl was being mean but the girl had the choice to refuse and she didn't, just like the other girls who were no longer here. Syl folded her hands behind her head and slowly followed them to the next task not really caring if the others followed or not.

"One of you remain. Night has come. She will meet her end. My apprentice... will guide those that wish to move forward to the next part of The Trial. However..." She says pacing. " For those that wish to see this girl make it through another night. I will wait... while you all retrieve her. But be warned. The creatures... evolve after night. Into ghoulish creatures. You will have till dawn. If you are not here by then. All whom risk life for her. Will be disqualified and left in these jungles to die."

Usagi/Yami: Usagi Tanaka was sitting in silence as the flame burned on bright in the dead of night. Dead, was just an understatement, considering what she was just told about those beasts evolving by the time night would fall. And there was only one eft of the many women who had tried to survive. She followed the movement of two others to go aid the girl, while the other three moved ahead. She was left, sitting alone by the dying embers. And from the palms of her hand came light. It was bright but soft. "Be ready for another contender." Usagi spoke with a certain hardness in her voice.

She was off, following the trail of fire, that Yumi girl led as she followed behind the other. She too had lost sight of them, but their scent was latched onto her front brain. For Kaiuri, the scent of Cherries, and for Yumi, it was the smell of sweet smoke. Their colors had shown Usagi that they were both kind-hearted. She was right behind Yumi and Kai, watching with her glowing, stormy, grey-blue eyes. She watched as blue flames ignited from Yumi's hands and Usagi wasn't surprised. Although Usagi had blue flames of her own, hers were only used for destruction. She did, however, have a healing light.

Kneeling down besides the other women, Usagi pulled down her hood and brushed her grey-white hair back behind her ear. "So. We obviously know who to 'trust' in these games. You two have heart for more than yourself and I respect that greatly... I already see that one of you has an elemental affinity already. You also heard the queen. We have until dawn to return and move on. As long as the four of us stick together, we should make it through in no time." Should the girls agree, nod, or stay silent, she'd continue. "I'd like to issue a pact between us four, a peace treaty of a sort, to keep each other safe in each other's time of need. My name is Usagi by the way... Would you three agree to this?" Usagi held out her right hand, should each girl take it, they'd get a sudden shock in their hand. There was no harm done, not in the slightest. For Usagi, it was a way of know these girls were safe. In their hands, SHOULD THEY HAVE TOUCHED HERS, would be a glowing light that'd go in and out, almost like a heart beat. A sort of sensory four-way link. The way she had set it up with Kevin. There was no need to set one up with Lee, considering he would feel if she was in danger from the mating mark he had placed upon the right side of her chest. "So ladies.. what's it going to be?"

Rhea: As Rhea would continue to move she would suddenly fall forward tripping over own staggering foot and hitting the ground hard; her elbows catching her body before she hit her face against the dirt. Tears would fall out of her eyes, one right after the other. She knew it was hopeless in pushing on, but she wanted so bad to pass the trail. So she would know she was something more than a rag doll everyone threw around, degrading it as they passed it from one to the other. She couldn’t stand the fact she saw herself in such a way.

When she would push herself back up to a standing position she looked around and jumped lightly as she would hear a woman’s voice come out of nowhere. Turning to the lady that reached her hand out to Rhea she would be confused. It was like the lady was being kind and trying to help her. Why though? That was her question. But she didn’t care, she was a mess and her body was already starting to give out on her. Her body wouldn’t move other much other than with her hard breathing and her body twitching from time to time. Her eyes were soon studying the woman, though, looking at the fur that covered and the weapons that she had. It made her look pathetic with her spears. Including with being covered in blood and her body scratched up.
Looking past the woman she noticed another appearing as well, speaking to the first with relief in her voice. She couldn’t exactly figure out what was going on, other than the fact her body was in utter pain and tears were running down her blood spattered face. The second woman seemed to have noticed her state and walked towards her slowly to place her hands on Rhea. Rhea would twitch hard once as she felt the ladies hands touch her red skin. “W-What are you doing?” She would pant out and look around, her vision going blurry for a couple of seconds. Suddenly she would feel relaxing sensations move through her body as the woman began to heal her. Rhea’s eyes moving to her arm and watching as it slowly began to close. When the woman was done with her Rhea’s panting would slowly stop and the pain in her body who simply vanish. Her eyelids opening a bit more, showing her grass green eyes as they glistened with the flame. There had appeared another woman while she was being healed, her grey and white hair intriguing Rhea when she revealed it. “Thank you.” Rhea would say in a light tone, her head hanging low as she was embarrassed of herself. She wanted to win so badly on her own. Not that she wasn’t thankful for their help, but she really wanted to win on her own. At least you know you’re safe now and in good hands. A little voice in her head told her. Chewing on her bottom lip she listened in to the conversation the grey and white haired woman was making. She spoke of making a pact and in Rhea’s head that meant friends, which she wasn’t good at making. The woman had also addressed herself as Usagi; she thought of that as an interesting name.

When Usagi stretched out her hand, she would look to the three of them. Rhea, studying Usagi as she lifted her head up, would think long and hard about becoming a team with her. She hadn’t exactly made any friends on the boat, nor spoken to anyone much, except the man she had barged in on. The thought of the male suddenly crossed her mind and she would wonder if he was nearby along with all the other men that had seemed to disappear. Rhea’s eyes would move to the other woman that were next to her, then back to Usagi, her own hand slowly reaching up to grab hers and confirm that she would fight alongside her. Whether it would be pathetically or not, she would. When their hands touched, Rhea would jump quickly at the feel of a shock running through her body. Looking down she saw a blue light beating through their arms, Rhea’s eyes widening in disbelief.

GameMaster: As the girls were assisted Rhea. Syl and the Huntresses apprentice would be 2 miles out by now. However as The Apprentice stopped. Shed turn her head sending out a whistle as 6 cloaked Amazons came from the shadows. One of them began to chant as they all circled Syl , all of them chanting in unison now. Soon they'd all glow a bright purple before the chanting came to a stop and they all fired beams around Syl that blasted into her at once. And on the Top of Syl's forehead she'd feel a deadily pain that would soon turn into an 'X' on the top of her head. After the cloaked ones lowered there hands. They had been smoking before the apprentice nodded her head to the group before they all would have left. The apprentice would have stood over syl before she began to speak

" You have been branded 'A Dark Sister' with that brand. You will never truly trusted as one of us. You whom only cares for your own survival. You never turn your back on a sister you fool. Not when they are in need. Take the path south here and you will reach the Cliff where the next checkpoint is. There you are to wait for the sisters to continue with your quest Dark one. "

The Apprentice said before stepping to the side so Syl could pass in shame. Soon enough The Huntress would make it over to Yumi, Kaiuri, Usagi, and Rhea. Telling them how they had passed the first trial. And two more had been in there way

" You all pass. Only because you have learned the message. The key to this trial. Is surviving yes. But Also the bond amongst sisters. You all from here on out... are sisters. Despite the fact you all are from becoming Amazon. Yet you all are still sister. Just not sister to me..  yet. "

The Huntress said as she guided the group to the next checkpoint. The next Trial on its way. With more then half of there numbers gone. How will these soon to be Amazon's fair in the next trial? How will Syl fair with her new brand as a "Dark Sister" And what does it mean anyway... all will be answered soon

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