Meh: ( After his fight with Anubis Jackie reunited with his little Sister Velvet who was glad to be in the arms of her older brother, but with this great victory Jackie had the greatest lost in his life Kodi she was killed by the gods. Jackie wasnt going to allow her body to go to waste as he began to use his followers to carry her body down towards the river where he planned on burring her. Tears filled his cheeks as he and Kodi were finnally seeming to open up to each other and than this happned. Jackie sister Velvet came closer before pulling on his sleeve as she hugged her dear brother knowing about the loss he had recivced Velvet was even going to miss Kodi she was amazing in her eyes. As they reached the waters the followers and Velvet would leave Jackie alone to have his final words, he looked down to Kodi's body before resting her on his lap as he looked up into the clouds and spoke. " Funny thing is, When I died I came back Im just hoping the same thing will happen for you. Kodi.. Im sorry I coudln't protect you, I was weak but I promise from this day forward I will be an avenger and always be strong for whoever needs it." As he spoke Jackie would lay her body into the ocean allowing the current to take her, he knew how much she would love this seeing she loved the water more than anything it kept her calm so Jackie hopped it would keep her calm in the next world where he wished she would be happy, not for him but for herself. 

Her body would began to float inside an sea cave where Jackie would lay on the beach looking up into the clouds as he couldnt hold back any tears for her. As Kodi was layed out in the oceans waters... laying there lifeless for a moment... wounds of the crucifiction.. on her hands.. and feet.. though the water remained calm as the currents of the waves remained flat..Thus.. a bright light soon overcame the ocean... it was neon blue...This would most likely bring Jackie's and Velvets attention.. Fins soon swarmed around the lifeless female.. each Shark of different speices... would circle around her.. though they weren't gonna munch down on her.. Soon.. The Queen of Sharks.. Aura.. raised from Kodi's body.. forming before the Serizawa siblings..."..My Child.. You have much to learn.. much to grow... The Gods..must think you deserve another chance..." Rutela looked up at the sky as it grew heavy.. gray clouds crossed the skyview.. while it soon began to pour.. rain hovered only over the ocean... "I..see.. So it seems you do deserve another chance.. Child... Though this is your last time being saved.. from death...I understand..." Looking over at the male Jackie.."Ah your the new companion.. Seems like you stuck around for awhile.. though I could get use to you as well...None the less.. do not fret.. Kodi.. will live... once more.. Being crucified.. as if she was the Son of a God.. dying for peoples sins.. Therefore.. being a Martyr.. she had seen the Trancendence.. of death.. thus she is inbetween both heaven and hell.." The Queen of Sharks.. hovered over her.. while cupping the bright water...The female began to sing an ancient sharks serenade.. spoken in the Sharks Language.. as she sang the driplets of bright blue water.. dripped into Kodi's open mouth.. The sharks.. then stopped swarming though only to form a bright blue circle... The circle bursted upwards to the sky.. as if it was a messenger from the gods... Her eyes an mouth began to glow brightly.. while her body hovered off from the oceans waters... Rutela raised her webbed hands up to the sky.. while she kept on singing.. her voice was like a soft soothing harp... The blonde's female's hair began to grown in a length till it eached her ankles... her pale skin began to go back to her original porcelain skin.. while the blood soon pumped an flowed into her body.. Soon she fluttered her eyes open.. while hovering upwards.. looking around... Though as she looked around.. SPirits of the sharks swarmed around her.. She seen Renzoku, and Her Father's oni as well.. "My Child.. Welcome to Life once more.. " Rutela raised her hand toward her, as Kodi soon brought her hand toward her.. causing a bright flash that came across the ocean....The spirts of the sharks soon disappeared along with the sharks swimming away.. The Queen of Sharks soon flowed within back into the blondes body... while her feet soon touched the shore.. the waves grew heavy.. hitting her ankles... The blonde female opened her eyes as soon as the flash was over..Only to see Jackie and Velvet...Scoffing as usual while she snickered.. having the scars of her crucifiction.. "Well.. Dying aint so bad.. again I pressume.. Why the fuck you crying Cancer boy? Tch.. I told you not to cry about shit like this..Though I thank you for trying to protect me.." As Jackie looked into her eyes... She had the eyes of a martyr...A bright circle ring formed around her pupils.. Being the Transcendant.. this was just a start for the Shark- Like female... She walked over to him.. butt-naked.. while her long blonde hair covered her breasts.. Her soft hands cupped the sides of his face. while she smiled softly.. looking at him.. "Crying is not a good look for you.." talking softly like Rutela.. she leaned in an gave him a deep kiss... while she pulled away chuckling..looking over to Velvet.."Yo Velvet got some clothes for a girl..?" She laughed hoping the whole coming back alive didn't frighten them. -c-

=Kodi soon heard the three words that jackie had told her .."I love you.." He said inbetween the kisses while he told her that he killed Anubis and he won't be bothering them at all. "I love you too, Silly.." She smiled while chuckling as her raspy voice came atone.."Yeah.. I knew you could do it Cancer boy.. Atleast one of us came back in one piece."The shark-like female soon felt his hands trail down to her buxom hips thus leading to inbetween her legs.. She let him do so.. while he began to rub her wet mound.. that slowly became aroused. Thus he said that he remembered when one of them returned from the dead.. and went into the beach to fuck. Kodi blinked for a moment, while he bit her bottom lip,while looking at his smirk, as well as telling her that he wouldn't mind making it a tradition. She soon pushed him on his ass onto the sand while she straddled over him onto his lap.. her  blue transcendance eyes.. would stare into his while she controled the oceans waters.. causing it to lash at the clothes Jackie wore.. bringing him nude as well..She placed her hands on his abs while smirking, she would wrap her muscular thighs.. she started to jerk his cock with full on force ! she continued, feeling his pre-cum already dripping down his shaft.. lubricating her thighs as well.. She gasped moaning teasingly with a cocky smirk.."My, already getting hard..? You haven't even stuck it in Jackie.."She would spread her thick thighs  while she placed her pussy lips against his hard shaft.. she started to thrust her hips up and down.. letting his pre-cum smear against her lips..Jackie coud feel the heat coming from her pussy.. she started to bit her thick bottom lip while she spread her lips.. smashing his cock straight into her womb.. she let out a hard gasp.. feeling her pussy walls tighten up..leaning forth as theyre foreheads pressed against one another... she stared into his eyes.. while she started to grind hard yet slow letting his cock circle around her pussy.. letting it hit sensitive spots.. Panting heavily.. while she licked her serated teeth..Kodi would leaned back.. placing her hands onto his broad chest.. only to start riding on his cock.. vigourously moving up and down.. harder an harder.. her ass slapping against his thighs.. Her juices soon flooded out.. drenching his cock and balls.. while the oceans waters.. began to move as she was.. placing her hands on each side of his head.. she leaned forth once more.. planting a hard kiss onto his lips.. while forcefully shoving her toungue within his mouth lustfully.. while they kissed she pulled away having saliva string connected from there toungues.. while she giggled inbetween her moans.. She snickered.. pulling herself up off from his cock.. while she stood up an walked off of him.. bending over.. while sticking out her ass she spread her soaked pussy lips, letting her juices drip onto the sand terrain."Can you handle the water god, Cancer boy.. I beg to differ.." teasing him as a rival.. caused her to stir in lust and pleasure.. she started to rub her swollen clit roughly.. awaiting for the black haired male.. to insert himself into her hot wet hole.. She let him watch the show.. while she slapped her clit hard.. letting her muscular legs. quiver hard.. The waters would soon form two  clones of Kodi only water made.. They ran toward Jackie while throwing him straight to the blonde.. causing his hips to touch her thick ass.. his hard cock slammed straight into her wanting hole.. She gasped screaming loudly.. while leaning over.. grasping her ankles with her hands.. while she backed into him... fucking him on her own.. each time she backed her ass into him.. his cock would be shoved even more inside her womb.. she let out raspy moans that began to echo throughout the beach.. slamming into him over an over caused her to shudder while leaning her head back. bringing grip onto her ankles.. She snickered while the clones bursted into puddles.. she controled her juices inside her pussy.. it soon wrapped around his shaft.. tightenening around it.. while she gave him to sensations of her pussy as well as her juices milking his cock in a swift motion.. She groaned while drool slid down her chin.. feeling herself becoming heated up from this situation.

>Feeling Kodi's inside after some time relaxed Jackie's nerves all his stress from Anubis, his family and everything was just vanishing away as Kodi rocked her hips. But something about this was different they both were showing their affection towards each other, Feeling her perfectly sized ass bounce on his Jackie's lips would began to trail down her chest before sucking lightly along her left nipple. Taking it into his mouth as he pulled his soft lips around the smooth wet skin, sucking it up into his lips hard and slow. He pulled back, lapping his tounge with slow, wet licks along both nipples before returning back to the one to the left. Sucking just as hard as before but this time pinching and tugging away at her right one, Using his teeth every so often to add the feeling of a pinch, and to redden it.( "Dont tell me your getting hot already.. We just started.." Before Kodi would even respond Jackie would slap her across the face before roughly grabbing on to her chin as she rode his cock. As her juices trail down from his cock and touched the sand it made the sand around them very soggy and moist, Jackie would then use his tongue to move up from her nipples into Kodi's mouth allowing them both to exchange tongues their hot messy kisses causing their Salvia to drip down below as Kodi attempted to get up Jackie smirked before he pulled both of her legs over his shoulders. Changing postions as he began thrust And with one, hard stroke. He'd slide his whole length within her walls. FIlling her up completely with his thick cock. He then stood keeping her off the ground as he wanted to make sure she felt it all. Every bit of it. As Jackie began to pacing his breathing along with his speed. His hips began pound her horizontal in and out of her. Making sure to shoot in slowing circles as he continued, he'd roll to the right and then pull his hips back like an rubber band as he dipped his length into her completely sliding out half way and then plunging it back in. He could feel her cum coating his cock making it glossy of her juices, continuing the dipping and grind like motion untill his cock had streached her walls making it a perfect size for his dick.( Her screams would cause echo's in the beach for only for them to hear Jackie was always at peace with Kodi she was like his stress relier a pain killer something that always kept him at rest like an unawake animal. After he was done with that postion Jackie would quickly switch once again this time placing Kodi's body on the wet sand before getting on top of her placing his large length in between her perfectly sized breast as he began to tit fuck her holding her breast with so much pressure as his cock would began to go in and out of her mouth just the tip teasing her she would only get about a couple seconds to breath as Jackie's cock would began to invade her mouth awaiting to see what the shark would do.

Kodi would feel the lips of Jackie trailing dwn to her breasts.. Gasping slightly as he began to suck her sensitive nipple. Engulfing his toungue to lap away at her harden nips.. The blonde began to feel her self being heated up from the whole situation.. thus returning to her left one.. Thus she felt a jolt when he tugged onto her right one.. which caused her hips to buck a bit... only to hear him say.."Don't tell me your getting hot already. We just started.." Her eyes shut before opening them once more... only to have him slap her on the face.. she groaned while her pussy began to moisten from the slap she gritted her serated teeth while he grasped from her chin with his hand rather rough.. Which stirreed her between anger,pleasure and lust.. She felt something in Jackie different today.. though she was enjoying it. As she rode him, her lips would of met his, as he pulled away from her red erected nipples.. They would of swapped saliva.. while massaging each others toungues with one another..while inbetween there hot sloppy kisses, you could hear the Shark like females lustful moans.. Though just as Kodi began to get up Jackie soon grasped her thick legs.. manuevering her into a position.. She gritted her serated teeth while he began to trust into her wet hole.. She felt his whole shaft slide into her.. while her walls clamped down onto his hard cock.. With that he stood up with her in his keep her off the ground... Kodi blinked only to have let out a loud loud moan that echo'd out.. she felt him pound her once more... while he made a circular motion with his cock. with hit the sensitve parts of her womb.. she arched her back.. While she soon controled a stream of water.. only to smack Jackie across the face.. which sent her to beyond while she started to meet his thrusts with her hard grinding. As she felt herself bulding up her climax.. he soon changed positions.. bringing to the wet sand.. laying on her back.. Just as she were about to get she had Jackie ontop of her with his cock inbetween her medium sized chest.. he smashed her tits against his hard cock... while beginning to tit fuck her.. along with the tip of his dick to insert in her mouth.. she had a cocky snicker while she gagged a bit, letting him evade her mouth with his moving cock.. Though Kodi soon used the stream of water that was still being controlled only to use it.. to push him off of Her with full strength.. The stream soon bursted into driplets.. while she soon went over.. gripping his shaft with a hard grip of her hand.. While jerking it in a rough motion.. she looked up at him glaring at him while seeing pre-cum spurt out and hit her in the cheek.."Ohhh look at that.. you want to try to dominate me Cancer boy? I don't think so.." She chuckled with her raspy like tone.. before ramming her mouth straight onto his hard cock.. causing him to tilt his head back.. giving a hard moan.. she let go of his shaft before thrusting her head straight forth.. letting it slide into her throat.. causing her to gag .. letting saliva drip down from the bottom of his shaft.. The shark-like female... let the walls of her throat.. tighten while manuevering her saliva around his cock as if two throats were around it at once.. Still looking up at him staring into his eyes with her watery blue transcendant ones.. Kodi planted her hands onto his hips.. as she started to fuck her own mouth with full on speed... Jackie felt as if a vaccum was sucking him up non-stop.. her pace would not stop.. it was like a jackhammer.. While she fucked her own mouth.. she massaged the bottom of his shaft.. with her toungue... well as her controlled saliva.. milked his cock for cum...Thus she soon pulled her mouth off his saliva drenched dick. She panted wanting it back inside her.. she soon hovered up and punched him playfully in the jaw.. while she soon manuevered to where his head was inbetween her muscular legs.. gripping his hair into her right hand.. she smashed his face straight into her drenched pussy..Kodi snickered while licking her serated teeth.."Now its your turn to please the Water God.." With that if Jackie would stick out his toungue.. she grinded against his face.. letting his toungue prod her wet hole.. reaching with her left hand.. to rub onto her clit.. She would of flexed her musculaar legs... only to buck them harder into Jackies face.. she smacked her clit with force... causing her to arch her back and scream loudly.. she soon turned around.. and smirked as she moaned.. removing her wet drenched hand from her clit.. only to smack his erect cock with force.. causing him to buck his hips upwards.. the blonde female soon laughed while pushing his head back away from her pussy lips only to manuever to side of him.. spreading her thick legs apart.. while leaning her hand to spread her lips.. a sticky string of her jucies stretched from one pussy lip to another.. the heat coming off of it was amazing.. she nudged her head as she stared at the black haired male.. wanting him to fuck her in this postion.. her animal instinct came abroad as she wanted him to pound her till she couldn't move

He looked down to Kodi as she was jerking him off his long cock just enlarging by her touch each stroke caused Jackie to lean his head back gently as he looked up to the clouds for a few before looking back down to her as she rammed her face into his cock beginning to blow him. This caused Jackie to grab a large length of her blonde hair as he stood above her watching her suck suck, at first Jackie watched her worked his large cock enlarging in her mouth he loved watching Kodi pleasing him while she was on her knees it showed who had control at this very moment. As Kodi sucked Jackie could feel the pleasure from the shark it was  sensational watching her suck his cock it wasn't long til Jackie gripped tighter on to her blonde hair holding her head in place as Jackie begun to rock his hips back and forth he now took control as Jackie's cock would now began to slide in and out of Kodi's mouth as he heard her loud gaging it only made him smile to watch his precum, as she would taste his cum he had himself deep into her throat. ( pulled out briefly, before starting a regular thrusting into her mouth, pulling her head towards him each thrust, almost choking her. As she felt him slide into her throat, and his balls slap against her chin. Jackie's body began to twitch as he felt himself about to cum, but he never slowed down "Ah! Fuck..." ( Jackie shouted out as he came inside Kodi's thoart fulling her mouth up with his hot steamy cum, enough to cause her choke it would be very hard to swallow all of it due to the amount Jackie had realsed. "Swallow all of it..No one likes a spitter..Heh." He watched Kodi play with herself moving her pussy lips awating for her own hole to be pounded by Jackie's cock, it caused the Serizawa to smile as he would roughly take Kodi by her hips shoving his cock into her wanting hole. His whole cock felt the warmth of Kodi's pussy as he shoved his cock inside, he looked into Kodi's deep blue eyes as he began to move to his hips. His cock was so deep inside her that the outline of his cock could be seen near her stomach near. " Ah." As Jackie begun to thrust inside her hole once more his body moved swiftly as this thrusting began to pick up all that was heard in the beach was the echo's of Jackie's thursting. As he rocked his hips he could see Kodi's body moveing unwilling as her huge breast would began to flop up and down out of control as Jackie was giving her the pleasure she desired As Jackie was grunting began to grow out of control his need for pleasure increased as he felt it just like how he did with the mark he needed this pleasure to continue, because after a moment Jackie would roughly grab on to Kodi's arm as she layed down on the sand and use them as grip as Jackie's blows towards Kodi's pussy would become more rough, each blow would began to break her walls losening them up to the point where Jackie's cock would now be a prefect fit once again and due to Kodi's healing factor her walls would began to close again but be broken due to Jackie's thrusting causing the same effects to happen over and over again. He soon lifted Kodi on to his lap and continue to fuck her, as he sat on the sand ( <- Just like this) The echo's from Jackie's hips would be heard from whoever was on the beach as his cock would not be hitting against it making her pussy swollen from all the abuse.

Her liquids flooding from her cunt in light spews of and squirts that would have errupted from around the impending girth of his cock. It wasn't long before he would have switched it over, turning the female over so she'd be on her stomach he'd latch into her hair again as if to straddle himself onto a horse and he used her hair as the rope gritted down to the horses attire. WIth her hair in hand he would have beat away at her pussy hole insanely. " Hah... Hah.." His breathing had been slowed,but his movements were a contradiction as he pounded, beat, crushed his way through her tight space. Jackie's speed would have increased even more his whole body vibrating she'd feel it through his cock as it rammbled up and down, left and right, viciously against her G-spot while he continued his hellish pounding. At this point, she would have felt like his cock would have been within the pitts of her gut from the constant beatings he had been giving her with his devious length. Cum! Cum you stupid BITCH! GIVE IT TO ME!” She gritted her teeth while she snickered .. the room got really hot... there bodies drenched in sweat... she could feel the males erect shaft heatting up in her asshole...  Kodi, couldn't take it anymore.. 

[ Present Day ]Edit

( <-- Theme) Jackie would be sound asleep in his RV holding Val in his arms all he could think about was his cure and how his life could be in danger if he would be sent down to the pits of the underworld who would raise Val? The better question is how would Jackie handle all that pressure he didn't want to be no underworld leader he'd rather be in bed. It's been two years and now Jackie is physically in his early twenties, and stands roughly six feet tall. He now possess crimson eyes and long black hair. He wears a red bandanna with his fringe emerging over it which at the moment where covering his eyes. But Jackie's most distinctive feature is his red cloak, which usually is held in place over his shoulders and lower face by several buckles but as of right now Jackie was using it as cover for Val who was laying on his bare chest. ~ Val Starts to cry..~ Jackie eyes soon opened to Val crying on his chest this is something he would really miss being awoken in the morning his daughter, he soon rose carrying Val in his arms. " Awh Dont worry. We will find mommy.."~Fin`

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