Old Friends now EnemiesEdit

In the desert was a lone female ridding an dirt bike with only a mission in her mind, but a few miles away stood a male watching her the very core of his eyes locking to her it was her. The male turned out to be Max Serizawa who has a lean, muscular build to him, his eyes are teal with an angular and slightly slanted shape, giving him a very sinister look. He has spiky black hair  with blue outlining and white streaks. His skin complexion is regular peach-tan. He also possess a few scars on his body, which he hides with his outfit which is a long black cloak-like jacket with a grey collar and black pants tucked into black boots. He wears a black undershirt under the jacket. " Syl..." He said to himself as she was ridding she would notice a hand come from the ground in an attmept to grab her leg if this would happen Syl would be tossed off her bike as the bike would fling 20 feet before exploding. If this would happen her body would flop on the dusty sand as she would soon be surronded by a group of figures. 

Noh: Red eyes narrowed as she blinked a few times behind her googles, the sand rushing past her face as her hair blew out behind her. Her black body suit stuck to her as her tan cloak also blew out behind her . She was heading to Oasis, to just explore the forest there and see what plant life was there and maybe find a way to control herself. She sighed and leaned over the handles of the bike when suddenly she was jerked off her bike, it flew out from under her as she was dragged to the floor. The bike kept going for a few feet then fell over as Syl was flung she covered her face with her arms as she tumbled through the sand, rolling to s top she pushed herself up into a sitting position, rubbing her head. She pulled her goggles off her face and threw them from her. Looking up she looked at the sheer amount of people around her, Syl stood up and brushed herself off. Before she looked around waiting for them to either attack her or speak.

( <-- ) " Awh..Why so pale Syl.. Your acting like you seen a ghost." Max simply took a step forward the area around Syl and Max would now began to change every step Max took the more darker the area became it was as if he was absorbing all of the light all that could be seen was darkness Max's body even began to fade as Max's Jashin eyes began to pierce towards Syl eyes he was gawking her never losing eye contact. As Syl tossed the sand up towards Max's potion he was able to simply phase through her attack,( Max is able to transform his body completely into shadows. Users transformed form can be either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of shadow, In this state Max is able to become Intangibility, were he can move through objects and ignore most physical effects in their way, exact means how this is done vary between slipping partially into other dimensions, being able to make their own atoms move between other atoms, being non-physical being of energy, vibrating their molecules into a new quantum frequency, etc. Regardless the user is able to ignore most attacks, physical dangers and gravity.(In a battle Max is able to perform this four times)( Shadow Mimicry under Full-Formed Shadow Beings). He was already holding his breath he knew some of Syl's attack and he wasn't going to get hit with the same move twice. " Why..." Max voice ranged through the darkness as he closed his eyes making it every hard for her to see him unless she held night vision. If she did or didn't answer moments later Max would attempt to appear from her left side and send an vicious jab towards her face which would send her flying backwards if this would hit Max would then appear in front of Syl before speaking " I gave you a voice box now use it. I told you what will happen if you run away...Now it's too late.." Max would then attempt to place his boot onto Syl leg before phasing them underneath the desert into an hollow cave.

[6/30/2015 11:29:05 PM] Noh: Syl freaked and flew into panic mode when it went dark, she looked around her mind racing, she was dying again, no. She took a few steps forward as she stopped Syl knew this trick and a small way to get around it, she laced her hair with foxfire. Foxfire, also sometimes called "fairy fire", is the bioluminescence created by some species of fungi present in decaying wood. The bluish-green glow is attributed to luciferase, an oxidative enzyme, which emits light as it reacts with luciferin. It is widely believed that the light attracts insects to spread spores, or acts as a warning to hungry animals, like the bright colors exhibited by some poisonous or unpalatable animal species. Although generally very dim, in some cases foxfire is bright enough to read by. Syl was using this fungal growth to see, her hair spreading about her as she used it to light her way, her hair giving off a seafoamish glow. She moved forward steadily, and managed to see the shadows moving out of the corner of her eyes only increasing her fear. "Why..." she heard before she just barely blocked a jab to her face she staggered back and felt something on her leg she went to pull it off but she was falling, did she hit a quicksand patch..? Suddenly she landed on the ground, rolling onto her stomach she pushed herself up and looked around, she realized the pain in her arms. Her red eyes looked around as she scanned the cave, wasitng no time Syl began to exhale out a poisonous gas that had the properties of mustard gas. 

Because people exposed to mustard gas rarely suffer immediate symptoms, and mustard-contaminated areas may appear completely normal, victims can unknowingly receive high dosages. Within 24 hours of exposure to mustard agent, victims experience intense itching and skin irritation, which gradually turns into large blisters filled with yellow fluid wherever the mustard agent contacted the skin. These are chemical burns and are very debilitating. Mustard gas vapour easily penetrates clothing fabrics such as wool or cotton, so it is not only the exposed skin of victims that gets burned. If the victim's eyes were exposed then they become sore, starting with conjunctivitis, after which the eyelids swell, resulting in temporary blindness. In rare cases of extreme ocular exposure to sulfur mustard vapors, corneal ulceration, anterior chamber scarring, and neovascularization have occurred, But Syl's panic'ed state made the gas work fast, basically if Max inhaled the gas he's be chemically burned alive, inside and out, the small space allowing for no ventilation.

Serizawa: Max stood calmly as he watched Syl panic as she released what seemed to be Mustard gas Max smiled widely as it was so funny to see her so scared of him. " Mustard Gas really? You are really weak you this..." Just as the gas was making it's way towards Max, Syl would notice something different about Max eye's a large pit of darkness would open in front of Max as it acted like a vacum and sucked in all the mustard gas. Each eye is able to transport targets by creating a swirling distortion that opens a void of darkness which would keep the Volcity of the said target. This technique's effect acts as an attractive force, both visibly drawing the target inwards and distorting their form until they disappear. A user of the right eye requires physical contact to absorb a target, while a user of the left can do so from a distance. The left eye the long-range version of Jasin an ability is primarily based on line of sight and, as such, does not require physical contact to warp a target into the dark void. By focusing to create a barrier and concentrating on the target within, The Void will distort and the target will be drawn into. (Tumblr_lu93mdz0sM1qftanso2_500.gif <- How it looked) Max would soon summon an Tentacle from beneath her aiming to surround it around her waist to hold her about 10 feet in the air Max shook his head " It's a shame that your Sin has fallen on Talon...Heh." Max would say knowing all about her an Talon seeing he followed the results of the Sector games thanks to the black Parade he was able to find anything he wanted on anyone and anything. " Did you know?...That I have your love..." ( ( The tentacles began to tighten around her waist line holding her as it had no plan in letting her go unless Max wished it. " Syl.... I do like it when people speak when I talk to them." : Max... Teach her to never disobey anyone again..: "Ah.." Max began to hear a voice inside his head telling him what to do ever since he started with the Venom these voices started, in the rarest case Max had gained a disorder with the Venom, he is showing the first stages of Schizophrenia. His head shifted as he spoke " Well? Now.. Maybe that is a good idea."

Noh: Syl watched as her gas was sucked into the black hole. The mist dissipated and she used Max's distraction, with getting rid of her mist to jump backwards, and gain distance. She sidestepped the tentacle and it narrowly brushed her side, ever since he'd tried that on the surface Syl was keeping an eye on her surroundings for shadows that did not look right. As she sidestepped she split herself in half,  a clone made of bark. That clone split itself into 2 more clones until there was three clones. Syl and the clones nodded to each other as the 3 clones rushed Max, moving in an erratic pattern toward him ) They'd jump around, each one changing position as the rapidly moved towards him. But as they reached him one jumped into the air and the 2 remaining on the ground would surround him one on either side. Syl taking a leaf from Max's book would grow her own tentacle out of the ground, and try to trap Max just as he'd done to her. Around the waist, but instead of lifting him up into the air  it'd keep him from moving by wrapping around his arms and legs also. The one that had jumped would land behind Max and rush him, all three of them entering the spider strike sequence. One of Syl's most commonly used moves, the Spider Strike is a strike that delivers a quick succession of open palm strikes. She caught the part about Max having Talon but...she didnt believe him. THere was the slightest hesitation on her part at his name and her chest panged but she shook it off until he produced further proof.  Talon wouldn't let himself get caught so easily. Syl covers most of the surface of her palm in various poisons that she uses to poison or insert tiny blood-cell sized spiders into a persons body. Once inside their body, Syl can command them to release poison, toxins, block blood vessels, or eat muscles. This technique can be deadly as in the middle of a fight the heart is pumping blood all around the body at an increasing rate. Circulating the Spiders all over their body making it easier for the spiders to get around. The clones with if any of the multiple strikes to Max's body would hit, small nano-machine sized spiders would enter his body. The real Syl would then make the clones just, explode into a rain of fist shaped spiders to cover Max's body mostly as a distraction, but Max could not tell if they were venomous or not.

Serizawa: " No this trick again.." Max said seeing her form two clones as they charged towards him Max simply used his fighting skills to over power one of the clones coming towards him, as two jumped and one came charging towards Max. He would attempt to send a flying knee to the temple, the force of Max's knee would cause his foe to now have a severe concussion Once you were to receive one concussion you were more prone to receiving a second one. Which is know as second impact concussion occurs when the brain swells rapidly, and catastrophically, after a person suffers a second concussion before symptoms from an earlier one have subsided. This second blow may occur minutes, days or weeks after an initial concussion,and even the mildest grade of concussion can lead to SIS The condition is often fatal, and almost everyone who is not killed is severely disabled or a severe head injury .Before Max could finshish he was wrapped around Syl's vines as he felt her place Spiders inside him like she did once before it painned him to know that she was still able to get him. But he would soon as he was about to strike he felt the explosion which sent him flying back. As he felt the Spiders inside him he began to think of a plan on how to remove them if not use them to win, as he would soon stand.

Noh: The real Syl would watch as Max, attacked one of her clones, a vicious attack to the head and it exploded into a rain of spiders the size of a large fist. The other clone that hadn't jumped would jump in front of Max as the second clone behind him would both begin a series of Spider strikes as the remnants of the first clone, the spiders rushing away into the depths of the cave. Max trapped in the vine after attacking the first clone would have no way to block the clones from forcing tiny micro spiders into his body. The spider would course through his blood stream harmlessly until Syl decided to activate them. While max was tripped in the vine the clone behind max would hop back about 5 feet and start running, once she got close to Max, she dropped into a handstand just behind him,  Syl then pushes off the ground with their hands from a handstand to launch themselves into the air feet first, to kick the base of Max's skull, at the same time the real Sly released the vine around him, which allowed the clone to kick max into the air, the clone jumped after him positioning hermself above Max. Somersaulting in midair, she then shot her hair down to the floor, using it to pull herself to Max using her hair as a guide the clone used it to position herself above Max's head and attempt to drop her heel into the top of his head, axe kicking him back into the ground. If Max was hit back to the ground  the second clone would get into position under Max's falling body and jump into the hair, also using her hair to control her movements in the air. Flying upwards feet first,   launching herself vertically from the ground using her hair with her feet facing up to attack the chin,  this attack Syl will use to surprise her opponent because she uses the principal of Momentum and Inertia to execute this attack. An object in motion must stay in motion until and outside force acts upon it, Syl is this object her rolling is the motion, when she stops that is the outside force, but she still had that forward momentum. So she transfers it into her upward thrust, and attacks. While all this was going on the real Syl take this opportunity to hide, crawling upwards along the wall, she'd settle herself on the roof of the cave. Syl's  artificially implemented nanomachines, caused cerebellum-wide alteration of her engrams resulting in the ability to mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the outer electron shell's normal behavior of mutual repulsion with other outer electron shells and permits the tremendous potential for electron attraction to prevail. The mentally controlled sub-atomic particle responsible for this has yet to be identified. This ability to affect the attraction between surfaces is so far limited to Syl's body (especially concentrated in her hands and feet) and another object, with an upper limit of several tons per finger. Basically by altering her body's Electron count Syl can stick to almost any surface. All these attacks would've left massive damage to Max's skull, the kick to the back, top and jaw of Max's head should've left him in immense pain and trauma, with pieces of broken bone, and cranium fractures this much damage to a persons skull should've KILLED them, if not left them with serious brain damage.  Syl did not know the extent Max's power so she decided to use her spdiers inside Max's body to directly link with Max's body to make, Syl would use Fuzen's toxin, to make people see realistic Illusions, against Max and make Max think Syl and the clones just vanished.

Serizawa: ( ) All the blows to Max left him stunned as Syl knocked Max out of the Vine and crashing into the ground, Max's head bounced against the hard rocky floor. His body gave a bit of a twitch, as she activated her poison on him which would cause Max to not see anything in the cave the Poison had sent Max's mind into an loud city street. As his eye's opened he began to sluggishly to stand all the blows to Max's head caused serious damage but their was something Syl didn't know Max head wasn;t as damaged as she thought it was really minor damages even though the her strikes where fierce. Max's human body is just a shell wrapped around his Darkness and with his Alteration Chi he hardens it allowing himself to have a denser physical boost.( It's on his page.) His skin began to crack as it peeled away like nothing exposing Max's true human form without his defense boost, he would turn to his left which was the poison Syl was in but how would he know? It was thanks to his darkness ability he began to sense to the shadows created by Syl's foot which created a shadow. ( <--) As he did it correctly he began to block out the city street as he would smile before taking off towards her, As he reached her radius his body would vanish due to the phasing ability. As he would appear from the right side of Syl as he would first use his raw speed to attempt to connect punch into the lower chin which would cause paralysis, mild concussion or unconsciousness. Seeing the jawbone acts as a lever that could transmit the force of a blow to the back of the brain where the cardiac and respiratory mechanisms are controlled. Which would cause his oppent to stagger back a few feet if not unconsciosness as Max would project his right arm and grab a hold of his Syl's leg and yank her towards him as Max with all his might slam his lower forehead onto the ground, causing extreme pain, bleeding and eye watering, causing the ement to drop to the ground.( Nero-vs-dante-o.gif) If this would land Max would smirk looking down to Syl as he felt his mind playing tricks on him again he backed a step away from Syl before pulling out his Bruja - The Bruja is the new remanned version of the Venom once created from Godfrey Labs, which he stole the vial and the human subject that was being used for this posion. The drug has a high addictive rate and induces a state of brief, unparalleled strength accompanied with enchant endurance, heightened senses, and minor immunity to weapons of any kind unless targeted to the neck of the user. The brute power is focused on one's anger/rage and that drives them to go into a frenzy. Max began to now see everything clearly as at first he seemed okay but moments later he would began to yell out loud his voice echoing in the cave as he held his darkness in all sides of the cave for no escape Syl could feel Max's chi grow larger and larger to a point where it met no bounds.

Noh: Smirking as his head slammed into the ground, then twitched Syl's clones would moved backwards away from him, away from Syl. Standing there with their eyes on him. Syl blinked a few times as her clones nodded to each other but froze as Max suddenly darted towards the real Syl. The clones reacted as they rushed after Max, shooting sticky webbing out of their palms but his body phased into shadows causing the webbing to miss. The clones rushed to the real Syl's defnse but they were too slow. Syl head jerked tot he right to move but her face was rocked in the jaw by his punch. She yelped, the first sound she made since they met. And went flying from the wall, mid flight her leg was grabbed, and she was jerked back to Max as he slammed his fist into her stomach causing her body to slam into the ground, her head cracking against the floor. her vision went white for a split second as she lay there motionless. After a few beats she finally rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up, holding her jaw. Like Max she wasn't a fragile as he seemed. Rubbing her jaw she blinked as blood ran down the sides of her face and dripped onto the floor, she must've cut it when she hit her head, reaching up and gingerly feeling her hair, wet with blood. Pulling her fingers back she glanced at them. Yep. Blood. Syl smirked as her two clones rushed Max attempting to tackle him to the ground before he took the venom. If the clones tackled Max, they'd pin him to the floor and explode into little spiders that would instantly start spinning webs to encase max in a cocoon. If the clones missed they would NOT explode but distance themselves away from Max and Syl would force her spiders to congeal in the joints of Max's arms, locking them into place so he could to take the venom.  Syl then pushed herself up and jumped away from her clones putting max in the middle of them.

Max had already token the Venom before her two clones tackled him if seemed Syl had one as they formed Max into an cocoon his body inside lifeless, but this was just the effect of the Venom drug as Max took a 25% Doze. 25% Percent - Once Max take's the Venom tablet his body becomes at a peak physical and mental condition in that verse can achieve without any supernatural methods and remain that way with little or no maintaining. This entails Max becomes faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to fellow members of his species without being obviously supernatural. Max's muscles becomes 2x the average size to some it may make them believe Max would now be slower but due to the effects of the Venom Max speed increases ten fold as his appearance changes, Max body becomes a physical manifestation of Darkness, the all-encompassing void which acts as the counterbalance to light. The darkness manifested is essentially made of pure negativity and not from the lack of illumination. Max is essentially tapping into the core of different forms of darkness itself. Soon enough Max would bust of of the Cocoon as black fire surrounded him buring away the webs like nothing his new appernce was breath taking as he looked like a totally different person. ( Blackheart_rises_by_jaredjlee-d3aswhe.jpg) Before Syl could even back away she would feel a presence behind her it was Max if she would turn back to where she saw him last his body from that location would vanish his speed was breath taking as in that whole second Syl clones would be defeated as well, " Well I have seen your Fighting Side..How about now lets see your salacious side Hehahah.."

The Predator takes his rewardEdit

Noh: Syl relaxed as Max was encased in the cocoon, but it was short lived as Max burst out of the cocoon and disappeared. Syl went to move toward her clones but they were destroyed, Syl felt an presence behind her and she didn't care to look. Syl jumped away, landing a few feet in front of Max and took off running. She didn't look back as she sprinted away from him. Biting her lip she began to panic, images of Talon flashing through her mind shaking them away she locked her eyes on the door, Syl paused only for a second to raise a wall of solid bamboo between them blocking Max's direct path to her. Unfamiliar with the underground base she reached out find a spider in the area. One quickly scurried to her side, and she yanked a piece of her hair out and tied it around the spider and let it go into the depths of the cave, she followed it closely, after she put up the wall she remained quiet as not to let max know where she was. She silently dropped to the floor and crawled along it, on the pads of her feet and tips of her fingers,  her hair floated around her as to not drag on the floor. She knew Max needed shadows for something, and looked down, even though she was close to the ground she still cast one, using the same Luminescence she used before she coated her stomach in it and got rid of the shadow under it. The faint green glow, eliminating her body's shadow. She slunk across the floor, and went to follow the spider out of the cave.

Serizawa: As Syl attempted to leap away Max would quickly attempt to grab on to her tights to pull her back his way this would all happen in a second as he would hold her up by her tights her perfectly round ass hanging in the air. " Going so soon?" Max would say as he began to form a contrust of darkness around his cock as a barrier before he would tear her tights making her hole perfectly clear.  His cock would pummel its way through her hole as hard as his body would allow, her juices flowing from his cock in streams that slipped past his cock and down to his balls and right back down to the cave ground creating a small puddle between the two. ( He'd begin to bash her cunt from the back fucking her as hard as his body would allow as he stroked his cock into her over and over again, her cunt milking his cock as he flushed his cock into her hole deeper and deeper." hm.. I can see why Talon..Keeps you around." Max would say as he was bluntly trashing Syl's hole inside his base as he performed each stroke he would point towards a cage to where a image of Talon would be shown in a jail cell, he couldn't see them but Syl could this was all for what she did to him. " You want to save your percious Talon.. Dont you Syl.."

Noh: Syl fell and yelped as the felt something around her thighs, Syl hung upside down in front of Max squirming her hair flying wildly about her. She screamed as tears came to her eyes as Max ripped her tights from her body, she tried to press her legs closed. As Max drew closer to her the began to squirm around trying to break his grip on her. As he penetrated her she froze, pain erupted from between her legs she felt his stretching her open she looked back at Max and shook her head wildly "Oh God Yes!" She screamed through her tears. "Please....." She sobbed, tears running down her face. She kept struggling until she seen Talon on the screen, she went still and nodded. Taking it, but sobbing quietly. "Please...just let us go...stop it..." she pleaded between whimpers, it hurt...she didn't want this...she bit her lip, making it bleed trying to distract herself from what was happening to her...again. Syl felt helpless..violated as Max thrust away at her. She didn't want Max to hurt Talon so she stopped struggling and just...took it...broken, her eyes even looked dead. Syl felt used...and useless... "Kill me...please kill me...kill me instead.." she began to plead even death was better than this, being exposed and forced.

Serizawa: As he began to feel her take it, His cock bashing away at her insides at this point, he pulled her with her legs spread wide as he began to plow into her from  this postion, her legs spread out, and both of his hands on her hips as he held them up beating into her cunt as quickly as his body would allow, watching her tits bounce from each thrust of his hips.  Syl moans would fill the base as Max continued his devlishly work Syl insides where tight if time Max entered inside her, Her walls would close around his dick it took some time as her insides where now forming around his dick making it an perfect size for him to enter once more. " Awh isnt this sweet your doing it for Talon.." Max would say towards Syl as he would slap his hand aganist her ass making it bounce with each slap he gave her, the slaps would began to come countless of times to the point where Syl's ass was bright red.


Noh: She laid there and gripped the floor, convinced that she was saving Talon. Max was stretching her open as she clamped her eyes shut and bit her lower lip until it bled. She kept shaking her head. " hurts..." Syl whimpered as Max brutally invaded her. Thoughts rushed through her mind as she tried to block out the searing pain in her abdomen. Whimpering she yelped as Max forced her onto her knees and began slapping her ass, as her hair flails about wildly around them. Contoring like a snake in pain. Syl screamed in pain when she felt the first slap her ass, she whimpered and looked back at max tears running down her face, "Stop please...stop." Syl whimpered as she took him into her body, it was for Talon's sake. Syl kept thinking about Talon, and she gasped and stared at the wall, sobbing. "Im sorry Talon...Im sorry..." She sobbed out as she pressed her face to the cool floor and shook her head. "Forgive me..." she said as she began to psuh herself backwards onto him, clenching her hands into fits Syl looked back at Max and began slamming herself backwards onto him, giving her own tiny moans of pleasure.

Serizawa: As Syl began to push back on to Max's cock with each thrust the young Serizawa smiled she wasnt resisitng him she was actaully moaning and pleasing herself. Each time she slam herself back towards Max's Pelvis his cock would reach deeper inside the Spider Queen inch by inch, " Are you enjoying yourself Syl?" Max would say as he noticed her pussy dripping from his cock she was so wet to the point she was drenching his cock. Soon after Max would grab on to Syl's perfectly sized breast as he began to pull on her hard nipples. His rough firm hands began to sqeeze them together as he held each breast with two differnt hands " Ah..Fuck.. This is a good stress relif.." Max would say to himself as he savaged inside Syl's hole the sound effect of Max fucking Syl's wet hole would fill the enire base along with their moans.(  Max would then push her onto her stomach and sit up a bit more as he would push her forehead into the ground, as he would pull on to her arm, Max would remove  himself inside of her pussy before shoving it inside her ass, on the first thrust sinking her face into the groud a tinge. "Ah! That's right show me how much of a slut you really are.." Max would then have to adjust his cock inside of her and would begin making slow powerful thrust against her. ( He eventually picked up in speed and making his more consistent and firce," So tell me Syl how does it feel to be fucked by another man?" Max would say chuckling before he  pick up his pace even more, his giant cock stretching her asshole to the brim,  Pulling her body back onto his length, along with letting her meet his thrust halfway, every inch of her twitching he felt himself coming to his limit  with each thrust that was caused sweat dropping from Max's body as he saw the effect of fucking her from behind her ass fully red from Max, as he would soon would freeze up his body twichted for a second before he came inside Syl his cock shooting deep inside her as he came Max would pull out of Syl dropping her ass on the ground before he would soon walk in front of her his cock glossy from his and her cum. He he would reach to grab on to Syl's hair as he would say " Now bathe this cock with your mouth..."

Noh: Syl whimpered as Max's cock found it's way into her depths, she kept pushing back on him moaning softly she looked back at him. Her body couldnt help it...he was taking him. All of him. His hard chest leaned on her back and his hands found her tiny breasts, she moaned loudly as he pinched her nipples between his fingers, causing her body to arch into his hands. She gasped ash he toyed with her nipples, she bit her lip as he pounded away in her, "N-not so rough..."   Syl whimpered to him as he dislodged himself from her. Panting Syl sighed, it was over. Until Max began to push her down to the floor, he grabbed her arm and pulled her up volently. Syl used her free arm to support herself, her skin glittering with sweat the dripped off her body. Then he pushed into her ass, Syl couldn't help it as she screeched out in pain, she tensed up as Max pounded away at her again, he pushed her face into the ground and blocked it all, 'For Talon' she kept repeating within her mind. But outwardly she'd show MAx she was enjoying it. As Max moved inside her she found it hard to relax, her body remained tightened, tensed. " So tell me Syl how does it feel to be fucked by another man?" she heard him breathe, shaking her head she denied it, "I-It for Talon" She gasped out before letting out another moan. Her breathing became ragged as she struggled to relax herself, his fucking her ass was painful for the tiny female. Max's paced picked up animalistically, as suddenly he buried himself deep within Syl, she felt the hot liquid pooling inside her, she shuddered as he left her and she collapsed on the floor, panting she felt his cum leak out from her body. Syl whimpered as MAx grabbed her hair and hissed " Now bathe this cock with your mouth..." Syl's eyes widened again as she looked up with Max and stared at it... put it in her mouth...?'d been inside her...She though of Talon and took a deep breath and opened her mouth slipping his cock into her mouth. she tasted herself all over it...

Serizawa: As Syl dropped to her knees and begun to suck on Max's cock the Hell Spawn himself looked up to the celling as he wrapped an good grip on to her hair, using a bit of force he would jerk her head backwards and then forwards each motion would send his cock deeper into the Spider Queens mouth his whole shaft slipping down her thoart as he held her head their allowing her to breath out her nose as Max's balls would slap aganist her chin with each thrust he performed on her.  " Mmm.. What was that? You fliftly whore do yo want more? It sure does seem like it." Sending his forarm towards Syl's face Max would give her an hard slap aganist her cheek as she sucked him off.  His cock would now be coated with her sliva as she sucked his hard length savaging her mouth Max made complete eye contact with Syl " Come on you can do better..Show me.. How much of a slut you are, Suck off your king..Or shall I remind you what is at stake?" Max would say towards Syl as she would began sucking him off Max would channel his chi to create an  tentacl out of his shadows and as Syl was in an bended forward postion his  tentacles would slide up her perfectly sized ass before wrapping around her breast as they began to sqeeze on to her tits roughly digging into her nipple as she would began to feel the pleasure of his tenctcls sucking on her breast like suction cups turning her nipples bright pink.  The rest would slide into her pussy digging itself inside as Syl would began to feel her other parts voliated as she blew Max her body going through so many differnt emotions from the pleasure she was reciving.

] Noh: Syl's tongue worked as Max's cock swirling around it as she looking up at him her red eyes wide. Drool leaked out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin onto the floor as she struggled to deep throat his cock. She whimpered around his cock as he grabbed a handful of her raven hair, forcing her head back allowing his cock t slip deep into her throat gagging on it, as he began to mercilessly fuck her mouth. His balls slapping against her chin...she placed her tiny hands on his legs to gain some control, but he just kept going. " Mmm.. What was that? You fliftly whore do yo want more? It sure does seem like it." floated to her ears from above her, Syl quickly pulled her mouth off Max and coughed, looking up at him. "No No mo-" she was cut off as Max's hand met her face, his grip still on her hair he forced himself back into her throat as she began to work her tongue around him, as his motions violated her throat. She kept her hands on his legs to balance herself as his voice floated down to ehr again,  " Come on you can do better..Show me.. How much of a slut you are, Suck off your king..Or shall I remind you what is at stake?" Syl shook her head no and closed her eyes and began to bob her head rapidly on him, her tongue an throat squeezing his cock. It was to save Talon...she thought. Syl didn't notice Max making the tentacle out of chi until it slid up her body, wrapping around her tiny breasts. Syl squirmed a bit which caused them to tighten around her breasts and she let Max's cock slip out of her mouth to moan softly. But as they began to suck on her nipples Syl fell to her hands and knees panting, her tiny breasts and nipples were extremely sensitive. Syl's eyes widened as more slid inside her and her upper body feel to the floor as Max's appendages began to violate her everywhere, Syl helpless as she let out moans of pleasure, losing her mind to it, clouding over she couldn't concentrate on anything anymore...only her body. She manged to look up at Max with her eyes half closed as her tongue hung slightly out of the corner of her mouth.

Champagne Showers: Hearing the moans and pleds from Syl just turned Max on even more the thought of her begging for his cock now, she coudln't hide the fact that he was pleasing her. He backed up removing his cock from her lips as his cock was coated with her sliva Max began to  rub his wet cock all over Syl's lips seeing her tongue hung from her mouth from the pleasure his tenctals where now giving her. Was this really wrong? Giving someone pleasure was it sick? This was without her consent but the look in Syl eyes where faint. He was the winner of their battle and his reward was Syl's body. His hands grabbed on to the top of her head roughly tugging Syl's hair now dragging her to her him using her body as an rag doll as he would use all of his might in his left hand to raise her up off the ground. ( <-- Like so) As Max done so he looked at Syl's weaken body after their battle and this he could tell she was growing tired made him chuckle a bit. He soon would pull her towards him as he would now cuff her legs with his arms holding her aganist his chest as he soon began to slide his cock inside her waiting hole, His cock was an easy fit due to her coating it with her sliva and his precum. Her walls began to spread out for Max's length making it an perfect fit. .He'd look up laughing while he continued to bang his way against her G-spot over and over again. His head moving towards her breast he's lips would form an O shape before pressing it her perfectly sized breast, this sliencing his laughter as Max began to suck on Syl's right nipple as his length pounded her. His teeth grazzing the tip of her nipple as his sliva would now began to pour down her breast coating her nipples with his spit. The tip of her nipple would now form hot pink as Max sucked heavenly. His cock bashing away inside her womb Max's hard rod began to deepin it's way inside her , his large length, stuffing itself deeper and deeper into her tight pink hole,his reign never stopped as he fully and completely domatied her. Slamming into her so hard that with each thrust of his hips loud echos would be heard throughout the base, these powerful claps would began to leave bruises on Syl's pussy as Max hips began to beat it til it swallowen.( ) His throbbing cock weding itself deeply into her voids before he'd pull himself out with one clean slide. He felt himself at his limit as he soon switched postions he would lift Syl up high in the air before slamming her on the ground/ ( <-- Like so) As her body woudl land on the pavement Max would then soon shove his whole length inside her again this time pinning her on the ground as his rock hard dick pireced her his thrusts began to pick up as he found himself at his limit. " UH..Fuck! Im cumming!" Max would say as he would shout out before he came deep inside Syl her womb would be filled up as he came so much that his cum would began to pour out of her pussy leaving a big mess on the floor. (  As Max would finish cumming he would remove his cock from Syl he was pleased she was his toy for the night but he wasnt quite done with her as he would soon Grab on to Syl's hair before speaking " Heh.. I guess it's only natural for inferior beings to ride on the coattails of their superior counterparts. If they wish to keep their lives, they have no choice but to obediently comply. It's a never ending chain... as the ones who are burdened with that trust, in order to escape that burden, seek to find someone even greater than themselves. These greater beings then seek others even greater than themselves to shelter them. This is how Gods are born. But make no mistake. They all still abide to me. Because from this point onward, you will witness first hand, the power of the God they foolishly placed their faith in. I will become that God they have no choice but to believe in. Now come on Syl.." Max would say as he walked off draging Syl by the hair towards his room her weaken state Max would toss her inside his room before closing the door behind him she was his for tonight his reward.

The petite spider gasped as Max's cock left her mouth as she looked at the floor, her dool mixed with his pre-cum smeared all over her tiny lips. Max began to rub his cock over her lips, which were now pink and swollen from sucking. Syl looked faintly up at Max as he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her tiny body upwards, her outfit now in tatters barely clinging to her. She weakly reached up to grab his wrist, whimpering in pain at the strands of hair pulling at the roots on her scalp. He pulled Syl close and Syl's body tensed up, at the touch of Max's warm skin Just like Talon's skin... she thought to herself softly. As she struggled weakly whimpering in Max's grip on her hair his eyes roamed over her body, the huge purple bruises on hers hips and thighs, her swollen lips and the bruises on her breasts. His arms slithered around her legs locking the tiny girl in place as he slid himself into her, she yelped and went to close her legs, but couldn't. She weakly pushed against his body as his manic laughter filled the air around them, only for his mouth to latch onto her right nipple. She arched her back voluntarily into his mouth as she gripped his hair tightly, his length bashing away at her tiny body. Max from the start had to qualms about manhandling the tiny Syl. Syl squirmed in his grip causing her hips to swirl on his cock, Syl let out a pained mewl as his teeth grazed her sensitive nipple. His intense thrusting into her cunt left bruises between her legs, littering her thighs and legs. Then suddenly his cock slipped out of her and Syl relaxed her body, Syl felt herself being lifted high into the air before Max slammed her into the ground, this would've killed a normal person either from the spinal impact or the damage to the head. Syl screeched as pain rushed through her body, and stars exploded in-front of her eyes, but the pain was replaced by unwilling pleasure as Max slid himself back into Syl's cunt. Syl lay there stunned as Max reached his climax and she flinched when his hot cum began to fill her to the point of overflowing. The warm liquid oozed from between her legs as Max removed himself from Syl for the final time. The beaten and broken spider staring intently at the celing and not at Max has his words faded in and out of Syl's hearing. "Heh.. I guess it's only natural for inferior beings ..." Syl faded out for a second.. "counterparts. If they wish to keep their lives, they have no ..." She cant keep up with him..  "that burden, seek to find someone even greater than themselves. These greater beings then seek other..." She backed out again before those words. "Now come on Syl.." Sly weakly pushed herself up and looked up at Max with broken eyes, but she was pursued off as Max dragged a stumbling, shaking, hurt Syl to his room where he threw her inside before he shut the door. Syl weakly looked at Max as the light of the hallway faded. Fresh tears sprung to her eyes as she realized the gravity of what was happening. "Talon..." Syl said through her tears as the door clicked shut leaving Syl prey to the darkness she was now locked away with.

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