(  )It’d been hours since the festivities of everything had taken place after the trials. The Xaiofang family celebrated Yumi and Connor’s victory with drinks and vigor! Lots of celebration and revelation, and Connor had finally earned the right to call yumi his bride in this world. To which, thank fucking god it was all over! The sun had already set, the festivities were dying down. Connor would’ve been making his way back into the palace to get some rest for the night. This was Yumi’s big night after all, and he’d have been sure to slip away from the crowd, though he attempted to be unnoticed so she could enjoy the time with her family. For all it was worth, connor felt more accepted, but he was still at ease. He was honestly ready to leave…he needed to check on with Kin and his brothers, and see just what was happening with you know who..Connor wouldn’t dare think his name and bring him to his location. Sure this was all fun and games but this wasn’t connor’s world. Wasn’t his scene and the uncomfert didn’t go away even with his new found respect. Back in the room, he and Yumi were to stay in, Connor would’ve taken a quick wash up, just to get the smell of liquor and ale off of his body, before emerging in nothing but a long draping red robe. He’d made his way out to the balcony, and hoped over the railing to sit on the edge and let his feet dangle off of the edge.  Connor sighed, and looked towards the horizon line. The moon here was a lot brighter than it was in other places. Even the Dark zone. He took in a long breathe and began to sigh. Even form here he was still able to here some of the partying going on back there. “Man do I know how to pick em…Still. I’m glad she’s found her place. Being away from people like yourself for to long isn’t good for anybody…I wonder if she’d wanna stay here.” Connor frowned with the corner of his mouth, before laying on the rail side ways, his arm holding his head up, and his leg cocked up and bent, as he closed his eyes and listened to the festive sounds of the night. “Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…theres still so much left I have to do. I wonder if she’d understand…” Connor simply wasted the time away, letting Yumi have her fun while he retreated to his private place. Every man needs their alone time.

The celebration had gone on through out the night and there was much feast and drink passed around, more than Yumi could ever hope to consume in one night. Her father had praised her and the rest of them had accepted her in to the family it seemed…well almost everyone. Ayame still kept her distance and Xavier took shots here and there but Yumi could have cared less for those two, she was just happy to be a part of something like this. Her father was everything she ever dreamed he’d be and more…having siblings was a strange feeling but one she was eager to experience. Xandu was great with her and even with Connor which she was pleased with. After things had died down a bit thanks to all the drunks passing out in the throne room, she pardoned herself and left her family with their joy and music…she hadn’t spotted Connor for the last bit of the party and grew to wonder where her husband could be. She still needed to thank him for doing this whole mess with her in the first place…Following his scent, she found him in their room out on the balcony just laying about. Her eyes softened, as they usually do when she lays her gaze upon that Ryoji man. 2 years married…actually married with him…she’d known Connor for more than 50 years now thanks to the dark zone but actually being married was a whole different experience and she loved every moment of it. Approaching him, and out of the broken armor the red head was wearing a white bikini top with soft fabric and see through silk aligned around the cleave with gold charms and decorative lines. Her arms were also covered in the see through silk with a purple tint to it. Bare torso exposed, her thick hips covered by white soft pants and green sashes as belts with more gold charms hanging off her back side. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and also covered in dragon hair pieces…she looked like royalty. Well, she was after all a Lady. But she knew titles didn’t matter to them…they were happy with who the other really was. Bare feet made a soft ‘pit pat’ noise against the cool marble floor before finally being out in the balcony, standing in front of him. “I know that look…” She said playfully while bending over to rest her arms on the railing and giving him a small grin. “You wanna go home…trust me I know you miss it, I do too….” She stopped there and gazed out into the night, watching the garden further out in the palace. This place really was something else wasn’t it? Yumi felt so at peace with herself…the air just welcomed her here and she felt like Yumi Xiaofang! But as happy as she was to have found this place…Yumi Ryoji sounded just fine. “Thank you for sticking by me through all of this…it means a lot.” She began again, watching out in front of them. “But tomorrow we can find your brother and the others and we can get back to our own world. Where we both belong…” Though she was being very understanding and soft spoken one could still hear a tinge of sadness.

“I know that look…”Connor opened one eye from what was his trademark permanent scowl type of look. He looked back to see yumi in a rather royal looking attire. Before it might have just seemed like taste but after being here? She was the real deal. Living breathing royalty. Connor could only imagine if she actually became the ruler of a land like this….better her than him. Connor could think of some pretty sick things he’d do as a ruler. “Hm?” You wanna go home…trust me I know you miss it, I do too….” Connor closed his eye again, and continued his scowl face, his hand resting on his head, and his fingers lightly tapping his thickened skull. “Thank you for sticking by me through all of this…it means a lot….But tomorrow we can find your brother and the others and we can get back to our own world. Where we both belong…” connor was happy to hear that. As selfish as he was, he was estatic to get back to the others, and ditch this freak show. Yet something stirred within connor at that very moment. He could hear it. Feel it. The sadness in her tone, and the melancholy emotion she was beaming with.  Connor groaned a bit, as he didn’t wanna be nice. He wanted to be like “Good, cause this place annoys me” and go on with his and her day, maybe get some sex out of it and boom everything go back to normal right? No, not this time. All the who’s down in whoville say, that Connor’s heart grew three sizes that day, as he’d exhale through his nostrils one more time, before speaking, keeping his eyes closed of course. “You don’t have to go you know…” Connor kept talking. “We’re here on a mission. To defeat the eternal shade, and hope we can keep the planet form getting destroyed…that being said. When this is over if you wanna take a vacation here and maybe stick to your roots a bit…I wouldn’t mind. It’s different this time. The separation would be mutual. You could learn a lot here and be great you know?” Connor would’ve opened one eye to look at her. ‘I know that feeling you get. The sadness of being one of the only of your kind in a world that you’ve only known for so long. You’re home Yumi. This is where you belong.” Connor would sit up, Indian style with great balance on the rail. “I’ll be damned if I burden you from that. I’d opt to stay too…and I’ve thought about it. I have more power here than on earth, and who knows what kind of things I could learn but…unfortunately. I have things on earth to take care of. Rebuilding an empire, finding a new crew, or my old one and building a foundation for us when you come back.” Connor continued looking outwards. “The decisions up to you. And don’t give me that “I’ll always stick by your side” kind of crap. I won’t force you to come back with me…just as long as you come back. Like I said…I’ll know this time. There won’t be any suprises about it. Plus time here is different. You could be here for years, and it’d only be half a day for me back home so..” Connor would’ve looked over at her, a glimmer in his crimson gaze. “It’s up to you. You’re still my wife, and there’s no one else I’d rather spend whatever short life span I have with than you Yu-Yu.”. the seriousness connor exuberated was almost contagious. He was speaking form the heart, and thinking about someone other than himself. This was very rare. Incredibly. He would only opt this kind of thing for someone he loved, and that someone was yumi.

Looking at him for a moment, she could tell he was ready to get the hell out of here and get back to Earth but when he offers she stay here instead if it made her happy…that she had choices and he was willing to work with her…that alone made her heart flutter that he’d even suggest something along those lines. She’d never been apart from Connor after they’d gotten married and gone on this adventure together…she could not imagine not being with Connor and having him experience this with her….Dragon Kang would still be here when they returned sometime in the future. All she wanted as to get home with her man and she made it known with a kiss. Shifting her body, she leans down and captures his lips in a deep kiss, showing him just what she thought of his idea. The taste of alcohol was fading on his tongue but that same taste as always was what she loved the most. Swirling her tongue as their make out session turns sloppy and passionate, her arms sliding down his body, urging him off the railing so she could embrace him harder. Breaking away, just long enough to murmur. “Connor, I love you. I can’t be without you…we’ll go home together.” It took all of four seconds to say that before diving back into his lips to continue to ravish him. All the festivities and drinks had made her more relaxed and it was just about time for the celebratory smashing, wasn’t it? They had promised one another they would after the trials was over and what better time then now? Any reason just to have her hands all over her lover. If he’d gotten up from the railing, she’d have tugged and pulled on his shirt, wanting it off and quickly as soft lips went from his to the mans neck, right for his weak spot she knew so well as she bites and sucks on it, teeth sinking into the flesh while tonguing it as it leaves a mark just for her. She never minded making the first move…Connor knew just how much of a sexual person this Halfling was and he’d been able to keep up every time…he could satisfy her at the drop of a dime and never denied her. He was the best husband a woman could ask for even with all his stubbornness and slobbery but she saw past that easily. After getting to enjoy giving him a hickey, she pops her lips off of him and licks them before pressing against his ear and speaking in a sultry tone. “We haven’t tested the balcony yet…someone might see us if we stay out here. Lets get caught…” She offered teasingly, uncaring if they would be spotted fucking outside or heard with how loud Yumi could be whenever Connor pounded her good.

Making It Up To Each OtherEdit

Connor smiled at her, and was about to close his eyes again, and get back to his nightly thoughts…but of course being alone with Yumi that was never an option. She’d shifted her body and leaned down and put her lips to his. Connor obliged this favor, and began to return the kiss, engaging her as hard as she was he. His lips mashed, and melded with her own, his tongue lashing out against hers, and occasionally lapping over the surface of it. His body would tense but then lax up fairly quickly  and start to tune his body with hers. As she slide her arms up him, Connor would’ve slide off of the balcony edge, and begun to embrace her as a whole, his hands finding her sides and pressing their bodies together. When she pulled away for a second, Connor kept his eyes low, looking at her with those erotic pink hues. “Connor, I love you. I can’t be without you…we’ll go home together.” “Yumi…” Connor whispered sincerely before she dove back into the kiss, and Connor began nibbling on the bottom lip again, with frighteningly lustful intentions. When she tugged on his robe, he knew that was the signal to remove it and as such, he’d adjust his arms, and toss the silk garment onto the floor, him already being naked from the start. Whens he made her way for his neck, Connor inhaled sharply through his teeth, and then exhaled it in a drawn out sigh. God did she know his body…Connor was on rock instantly, his hands running down her backside, and getting a fiercely tight grip on her ass, squeezing the ample cheeks and letting his fingers disappear in their thickness before she broke her lips from his neck and spoke with her lips pressed to his ear… “We haven’t tested the balcony yet…someone might see us if we stay out here. Lets get caught…” Connor would’ve smirked, and chuckled a bit. “That’s my girl…Connor was more than happy to oblige to her request as he’d lift her up by her ass, hoping she’d catch her self with her legs around his wasit, and sit her butt end on the balcony’s edge. His hands, running all over his body, before he pulled down her shirt and outfit, ripping the fabric not caring about it’s expense, and his hands found the comfort of her breast in them. his hands somewhat a soft from having washed them, but a tad cool to the touch, as his fat tongue would’ve gotten straight to work, lapping around her nipple, and sucking on it violent. Meanwhile, he’d sneak one hand down, and take hole of his thick cock, and begin slapping her clit until it was swollen, forcing the glands in her womb to get to work on wetting the entry way up. Connor did this fore a while, before sliding the head of his cock up and down the inner lips of her pussy a bit…

teasing her about it, while he let her hardened pink nipple escape by sliding it lightly from between his feeth…”Hold on tight…if you fall off I’m going to laugh at you.” He’d snicker against her cleavage, and begin running his tongue up and down the area between.

Connor seemed to enjoy the idea of fucking out in the balcony with a chance at being caught since he grabbed on to her, her legs wrapping around his waist out of habit as her pupils dilate out of excitement, her body growing warm with passion in hopes of her husband satisfying her good tonight. Whatever was in that alcohol was helping too…A sensual gasp escapes the red head when rough hands shred the silk fabric and leave her exposed. Bracing herself on the railing with both palms, slender fingers wrap around it to keep her steady, knowing just how much Connor loves to manhandle her but she wouldn’t complain, she adored it. “Mmm I love when you do that…” She commented as her breasts, round and creamy, bounced softly and welcomed his tongue instantly as goosebumps raised on her body, a weak whimper following suit. Shoulders arch back and encourage his sucking on her bubblegum shaped nipples, feeling them grow hard from the cool air and his warm spit mixing together. His canines nipped and nibbled on the sensitive pink flesh and she squeals in delight, an obvious smile showing just how well he knew her sweet spots. Her legs had released his waist and spread out to let him get comfortable between them. Suddenly, a sharp pleasured wave smacks through her and she cries out gently, gazing down to see that deliciously round head probing and smacking her clit, abusing it already. “A-ahh….Don’t tease…” It tried to come out annoyed but with every ‘smack’ her thighs flinched and her legs trembled. His tongue and his teasing were unbearable especially with her body already sensitive from drinking earlier that night.  “Hold on tight…if you fall off I’m going to laugh at you.” He mocked playfully to which she merely laughed softly and replied with a cocky grin. “As if, Ryoji. I aint ever fallen off this ride yet. You’re good but you’re not THAT good.” His tongue laps against pale flesh and she continues that grin, challenging him as she always did in their relationship. She was growing impatient, wanting him to fuck her till she tapped out, till she couldn’t tell what was up and down. Her thick ass fit easily on the railing though she was so full figured there was more ass than balcony but she’d simply invited his hands to cup and squeeze what the railing couldn’t hold as she lifted her legs to wrap around him once more, trying to force him to slide that wonderful dragon slaying dick inside of her awaiting and now throbbing cunt. Her eyes lowered and invited him in, begging him to fuck her senseless without needing to say a word, her body was talking for her and it was showing a sense of urgency something fierce. When Yumi was horny, she was needy and she’d make sure he tended to every desire...

“A-ahh….Don’t tease…” Connor smirked. He loved teasing her…it was nice to watch her squirm and beg for it. She never verbally did it like the fiercsome dragon was to prideful for that. But her body language said it all…oh it said it all. The way her thighs twitched with each cock slap he layed on on her clit. The taste of her skin on his tongue so many times, yet he never got tired of it. Like a candy flavor, he’d eat every day as  a routine. After he made a joke with her, of course she was one to have a firey comeback. “As if, Ryoji. I aint ever fallen off this ride yet. You’re good but you’re not THAT good.” Connor’s pink hues flashed up as he’d eye her from his position. “Oh?....” Was all connor said as his lips left her chest, with a  trail of saliva streaming from them, as he’d bump his forehead against hers, and talk against her lips. “I love when you act all tough…but let’s skip to the part where you start begging for it.” Connor would’ve taken his meaty cock, and slide it inside. Bypassing her resistance inch by inch until the full starter 7 incher, was all the way inside. Their hips melding together, and his cock disappearing from view inside of her. He looked at her…at her eyes. Her soul was tough, but when she was taking the rock it became vulnerable…he loved the flustered look on her face. Keeping her ass cheeks in hand, he’d push her hips and his own as close together as he could get them, biting his lip as he attempted to give her gut a tight feeling on the first penetration alone, before he’d immediately pull himself out half way and begin bucking himself back inside of her. Each thrust, made his brunette locks flutter a bit in her face, as he kept his head against hers, and his grunts escaped his lips only to leave the feel of his breathe against her chin. His nails digging into the plump flesh, as his feet braced his position and hers, he’d continuously plunge himself in and out of her, going hard from the jump. The insides of their thighs smacking against one another, as her legs flailed each time they do. Connor bit his lip, and started exhaling through his nose, pacing himself as his cock made her womb a second home, waiting to feel the sticky wet secretions to come and flow over his extension.  “Come on, you little slut…where’s all that shit you were talking a second ago?” Connor would’ve smirked  a bit and the moment she went to say a word, he’d suck on her bottom lip slowly, letting it slip from between his teeth, before thrusting a bit harder this time around.

Connor teased her some more, finding it cute how she tried to be strong. Whimpering, she withered against him and continued to be stubborn. “Ugh but I am t-tough…” That once strong tone was now vulnerable and pathetic which didn’t help convince him she could take him any time. Right now, she just wanted to take that cock! Not a moment later does he finally penetrate, gliding that warm perfectly hard rock past slick and inviting walls that massage his shaft with every inch pushed forward. Her hips buck and her lips part to moan out in bliss as he fits himself snug inside of her while her cunt embraces him like a blanket that squeezed it closer as her toes curl in response to having her womb so full. “God that dick was made just for me.” She praises, honestly never growing tired of being pounded by the same cock, she worshiped that thing whenever possible usually with her tongue and mouth to show just how much she appreciated her husbands manhood. Their foreheads bumped softly and she didn’t move from that spot, enjoying Connors hot breath on her, getting to see up close just what her body did to him, what it could still do even after all this time. She continues bracing herself on the railing, locking her elbows and raising her hips so he could angle himself better, only hitting that g spot quicker as a signaling moan tells him he found it as her chest rises and falls faster, her own breath tickling his lips as she couldn’t control the naughty sounds escaping through her that were almost drowned out by the skin smacking against skin as their hips crash together with every quickening thrust. Her breasts pressed into his chest, nipples rubbing against hard skin only stimulating them more as she tries not to be too loud since they were still outside. Speaking of which, the night air was particularly warm this evening, the crickets chirping along to the temperature. Though a rare breeze would come along and brush against them but their bodies were warming up from being so close and the weather only contributed to that factor. Yumi couldn’t keep too still now, moving one of her arms to crash her fingers to the back of his head, grabbing a handful of brunette locks and roughly pulling on them when he hit her spot again, earning a loud cry. “o-oh my god….” There it was, the freak in her coming out with every push of her g spot as she threw her head back and clenched her teeth, trying to hold back the loud moaning but how could she when he was doing sooo good?? “Daddy, fuck this slut harder. I need it rough!” She’d tried to hold back but there was no way, she needed to be dominated, the once independent and no none sensed warrior was soon turned into a begging mess with a swollen pussy getting rammed into by the muscular fighter. He catches her lips in a rough kiss, biting her bottom lip which only caused a tremble to go through her spine from the sting.

“o-oh my god….” There it was. The noise of satisfaction that he loved to hear so dearly. Ooooh so so so deary. There it was. That look of a bitch in heat, ready to do as her master bided her to do. Connor loved that side of her. Hell he loved every side of her, but this one was particularly his favorite, especially after she’d given him a hard time or caused him  to have a terrible day…he could always take it out on her at the end, and boy could she take it. Her breast pressed against his chest,  and the warm air complemented by a breeze started to kick in, only keeping connor cardio ready. As she positioned herself for his cock to penetrate her at an angle connor could feel it. The head of his cock knocking against her cervix, and the change of tone in her voice only beginning to echo even further through the area they were in. Connor began to grunt a bit between each thrust, as they started to get progressively harder…and harder…and harder, until it almost seemed like he was trying to pound her wet cunt inside out! Her inner thighs, and the area around her womb, already getting a tinge red, as Connor was losing himself in the euphoric lust he’d been bestowing on her body, mixed with a tid bit of spite for good measure. “Daddy, fuck this slut harder. I need it rough!” Connor took a sharp breathe through his nose, and slapped her asscheeks a few times, before his hands changed positions. Each hand took hold of a shoulder, and seeing as how she’d already had a handful of his hair, it made this position a bit stronger of a deathlock so to speak. Connor now moving her upperbody back just a bit, his arms fully extened as if he were riding a motor cycle, as he’d spread his legs a bit more, and start curing his thrust to angle upwards. The dip in his back that lead to rear would’ve begun curling in a continuous snake like motion as he sucked on his own lips, revealing in the feeling of the warm space he’d been plunging his cock into. His precum splurting from his head, it was so potent. It meshed with her own secretions, and started to create a bit of a stick mess between the two of them. For a firey redhead, she sure could soak the hell out of where ever she was getting fucked. His cock plunging juices out of her making the pat noises between them a lot stickier than usual. His hips then picked up, jackhammering himself into her, her body rocking away and closer to the ledge. Connor’s grip was absolute. He wasn’t going to let her fall, but with the constant “PATPATPATPATPATPAT” and her body shifting forward and backwards, if he or she even let go she’d go slam over. “Mmmmm gotta get the first one out…” Connor spoke through gritted teeth, as he’d thrust a couple more times, before he’d pull himself out of her, and stroke his cock a bit, before spilling 3 thick streams of cum onto the curl of her stomach.  A tad bit of it housing in her belly button as the rest of it spread down her curves, and leaked onto the ground below. Connor would squeeze the head of his cock a bit, before sighing and pulling her body back down towards the ground except with  a twist. Connor would’ve hiked one of her legs up, and over his shoulder, letting the other one stand on the ground, leaving her to hold herself up on the railing or his body, whichever one she preferred. “Now comes the long hual…” Connor would’ve stroked his alrady hard cock, and pressed the head against her asshole. As he squeezed it a tad bit of cum would seep from it and using it like a lubricant, he’d start to push his vieny cock inside of her asshole inch by inch. It was tight…unbelievably tight. Hell it’d been a while since he’d entered that hole but tonight was special. She was talking shit. He’d penetrate fully, giving her a tight feeling in the base of her tummy, as his hands made their way up her cream colored skin, and right around her neck, with a grip, a hard one at that. “Tell me you love it while gasping for air…you said you wanted to get caught right?” Connor would’ve started out slow, slamming himself into her hard the first few times. After finding his rhythm, he’d begin hammering his cock away inside of her intestines.

His cock actually increasing in girth as he did, stretching her ass even further, as each “PAT” noise would’ve resulted in stick streams streaming from his thigh to hers as a result of their fluids melding.

Her body is shoved back and connor holds her still, feeling herself lean back and hang in the air but she kept a tight grip on his hair, tugging on it while he sank his digits into her shoulders, squeezing tight and giving himself a stronger pump through her insides as she cries out. Her hair dangled, as long as it was even reached below the balcony now, but she wasn’t worried about falling, she knew Connor wouldn’t allow her to get hurt…well unless it was in a sexual way. Her blue hues, full of lust and glazed over with desire watched him closely with an erotic expression and steamy moans that could distract him even from watching firm tits bouncing up and down from his violent thrusts of his pelvis. From this position, he could see her better, all of her and even watch his dick moving in and out of her in such a perfect rhythm that could only be thanks to the many years of practice together. The amount of juices flowing out of her was evident, she was just so turned on by him! His sexy low growls and groans, every scar and welt found on his body was alluring to her and those deep red eyes staring into her very soul…Her husband turned her on at the drop of hat, he could make her soak through anything…she surely had found her soul mate as both fighters were such sexual beings. The PATPAT sound started to drown out her own noises and because the faster he fucked her, the more out of breath she became, too weak and withering under the white hot pleasure to continue to make long drawn sounds. Their mixture together started to fly out on to their upper boddies, landing on her breasts that smacked her chin but she enjoyed it, loved every second of being so harshly fucked, feeling the railing leaving its mark on her ass from just how much she’d been depending on it not to fall. Connor says something but she couldn’t focus as she felt like she was so close…suddenly he pulls out and she squeals in surprise, watching him with weak eyes as he empties his first nut all over her stomach until it puddles there, dribbling down to her thighs as she sighs happily, enjoying when he unloaded on her like a cum dumpster she was. Wasting no time, Connor moves her how he sees fit and she obliges eagerly, waiting to see how he wanted her and as her leg straightens out and gets lifted way up so her ankle reached the top of his head, she watches him with a submissive smile. Already back on hard, he uses the lil bit of nut left over to lube himself up as he tries to go for the next hole, making her squeak when he pops the head inside of her. “Ouch!” She said almost adorably, a flushed expression on her as he squeezes himself in there until her walls are almost crushing his cock and she whimpers from how full he made her. When he finally got his rhythm again, she clenched her teeth until he became nice and slick and she sighed in content, enjoying herself fully now. His hand clamps down tight on her neck and eyes widen before lowering and a seductive purr rumbles through the halflings chest. “Mmmff yes Daddy, choke me…” “Tell me you love it while gasping for air…” She almost creamed right then and there, a tremble shaking through her from his harsh words and deep dark eyes staring into her as he tightens his hold. She couldn’t explain what it was but giving him all this power, the ability to really hurt her…hell kill her if he honestly wanted to…it turned her on, it was erotic to give Connor all that dominance and he did sooooo well with it. “Ghh….I….” She tried to speak but the constant hard thorough pumps of his dick going in such a tight hole, ontop of being choked out was too much for her as eyes tighten shut and her toes curl, hips locking on her as she cries out with as much breath as she could muster, cumming violently as her pussy juices spill out all over their thighs and she screams his name, bucking her hips now to ride out her amazing orgasm. “lo-love it…” She finishes, whimpering pathetically..

“Mmmff yes Daddy, choke me…” Connor was oh so more happy to obliged as he pounded his cock into her submissive ass over and over again. The thrill of it all, fucking where anyone close enough to the palace could see AND hear. Connor’s grip leaving a bit of a mark around her neck, as he heard her gasp for air, between his heated thrust, that only seemed to keep at a constant rate, a perfect balance between speed and power. He watches her eyes as they met his own for a moment before she closed them tight, and Connor felt the gyrating in her hips symbolizing her freshly had orgasim.  Connor doesn’t stop just cause she finished, oh no, he keeps it going, even more so now that he knew she had came. “lo-love it…” “That’s right you fucking love it.” Connor would’ve reached his hand down, and started slapping her clit fiercley, leaving a stinging sensation, followed by the cool night air to soothe it back down, as he’d hug her leg to his chest, and keep thrusting for a little while logner, biting the inside of his jaw, and narrowing his eyes a bit. “I’m gonna cum again…but you’re swallowing this one…” Connor would’ve begun pushing and pumping much harder than he had been, actually starting to shake and bend the rail he was plowing her into. He was too into the sex to give a damn about this balacony, as his cock smashed the dephs of her intestines to no end! Connor bit down on her thigh as his cock swelled inside of her stretching her ass even FURTHER and right as it did, Connor would’ve reared his head back gritting his teeth, and right before he came, he’d push Yumi’s leg off of his chest, and reach for a handful  of those thick red locks of hair! Pulling her to the ground like a whore on the street, as he took hold of his cock with one hand, and started stroking his cock in her face. “you’re gonna earn this one yumi…” Connor would’ve slapped the side of her face with his cock a couple of times, before raisng his eye brows and speaking. “Use that mouth of yours the way I want you to bitch…” Connor would’ve put the head of his cock against her lips and continued stroking himself off until she finally took the reigns and opened that pretty mouth of hers. He was close to cumming and the sight of those pretty pink lips around his cock might be just the thing he was looking for to get him off completely. It’d been a while since their sex had been so…erratic. Unpredictable. Probably because of the near death experiences they’d had in those trials. Whatever it might have been, Connor wasn’t going to fight it, not even for a single second. He was going to make this lustful night last, and tomorrow would be his official day of rest. With her by his side.

Rough fingers slap on her clit like a mash button and she cries out harder, her pussy was extra sensitive and she sinks her nails into his arms, trying to fight him off to no avail. “A-ahh nnnoo!” Her pussy would give spasms with every smack of the pink pearl Connor enjoyed torturing. He tells her hes close to that second nut but she had to eat it and her tongue instantly begins to trail itself along her lips, her mouth watering at the mention of getting to drink down his milk. “Yes yes yes please!!” A couple of more pumps until she was gripped hard and forced down on her knees, her face falling into his pelvis as she feels his cock smacking her cheek. An eager and happy noise that was a mewl mixed with a squeal passed her lips as she parted plump lips and took him fully down her throat, not allowing herself to adjust to his thick cock as she instantly chokes and gags around it, a slew of saliva dribbling out to help her throat expand around him so he could fit better. She moans, blue hues gazing up at him with furrowed brows to give him that stubborn yet submissive gaze as her cheeks get stuffed with saliva and dick, giving him a sloppy blow job.

Sharp canines graze against the hardening flesh, her tongue messily massaging and stroking the meat all the while one of her hands travel down to her squatting legs to pinch and squeeze her clit, wanting her own second orgasm to follow with his that would be soon coming up. Her muffled moans vibrated on the dick currently being sucked and swallowed, shaking her head back and forth so the tip pokes out of her cheek multiple times, using every inch of her mouth to get him off.

Her fingers worked furiously on her abused cunt, with how sensitive it was, she’d be reaching her climax soon. Using her free hand she pops him out of her mouth and jack him off, tilting her head to the side and speaking in a slutty tone. “Shoot on my face too Daddy, I want you to really enjoy yourself tonight…You’ve been sooo good to me.” Her mouth opens wide, guiding her head up so he could see down her throat, her tongue lolling out like the horny dragon in heat she was, awaiting for her delicious treat as her smooth hand gave his adored cock loving through strokes.

Connor watched as she made a noise, which was that adorable little whimper she made when ever she was about to blow him. It was connor’s favorite sound, because for one, Yumi gives good head and he has a head fetish so clearly a match made in heaven, and two, it shut her up for a while. Connor watches as she goes right in, no preparing for it or anything, and in response to the tight walls of her throat suffocating the head of his cock, alllll the way down to his cock as a whole, connor’s mouth dropped as his hips bucked forward at the notion. As she continued blowing him, the slurping and gurgling noises only got louder as her mouth watered and continued filling up with saliva until it dripped down her chin. Connor kept hold of that thick wad of red heair he’d had in his hand as he let her go to work. The look on her face was one of challenge, but one giving him complete and utter control over the actions she took and he loved every fucking minute of it. The slight feel of her teeth, made him grunt a bit, but that was quickly soothed by her soppy tongue action, and the vibrations from her moans. Connor literally began pulling on her hair, the shit felt so good! “Ah….ahhh fuck Yumi I-.” Connor bit his lip wanting to close his eyes but he couldn’t take his gaze away from how her face looked as she gave head. When she popped him out of her mouth, and began to speak. “Shoot on my face too Daddy, I want you to really enjoy yourself tonight…You’ve been sooo good to me.” As her mouth opened up and she began to stroke his cock, Connor’s mouth dropped as his voice got an octave higher. “Ah…fuck I’m…I’m cumming…I’m gonna…” Connor’s eyes closed for a second, before they opened again and out came the creamy warm substance she’d begged for! 2 thick and large streams of cum shot from the head of Connor’s dick, a stream making a mark on the side of her face and quickly slipping down her neck. Connor controlling her head, so the other stream would’ve shot straight to the back of her throat.

Connor used his free hand and continued stroking himself off with the head of his cock on her tongue, managing to get a few more good size drops of cum right on the center of it. He let out repeated long drawn out sighs, as his cock trembled and became super sensitive to the touch. With one last sigh, he’d shove his cock down her throat, and with a concentrated look on his face he’d briefly fuck her throat a bit more! Plunging the cum and saliva out of the corners of her mouth like spit bubbles, before pulling himself out  and panting, a bit of sweat on his chest, as he released her hair, and panted a bit. “haaa….haaaaa…..mmmf….” Connor’s eyes flashed a brief red before going back to their pink hues, except the pink this time was glowing more so than usual. “Nuh uh…it’s not over. Not yet…” Connor would’ve pulled himself straight up, and ran his hands through his hair. “Bend over the railing…it’s about to give out but so fucking what. “ Connor shrugged. He was horny as hell and even as his cock began to go soft, if yumi bent over the rail like a good little whore, Connor would’ve reared his hand back and violently slapped her as, watching it jiggle for a moment. He’d slap his cock on her asscheek a couple of times, before inhaling through his nose and smirking. “Remember that uh…trick I did that one time?” Connor would’ve ran a hand up her ass and stopped it at her lower back, pushing down and forcing that perfect heavenly arch into her back. Connor’s cock now hard and raring to go again, but this time, he’d begin using his fortification chi…to mimic the exact bulk of his cock’s shape, forming it right above where his already was. Connor pushed the head of his cock inside of her drenched and sensitive womb, at the same time, the hardened chi extension would’ve pushed its it’s way into her slightly gaping asshole. Being the same length and thickness as Connor’s cock it would’ve fit almost just the same as the fleshy one, except to kick things up a bit, Connor would’ve made it a hanf an inch longer this time around! While connor’s sensitive flesh cock would’ve driven back into it’s stretched home, the walls of her womb. The wetness…was so much more potent than before, having his cock covered in her saliva it instantly sounded like a wet gushy type of contact! Connor would’ve pushed himself allllll the way in, keeping one hand on her lower back to keep that motherfucker arched, and his  free hand gripping the top of her skull, and pulling her head back. “Tell them…tell them what a little slut you are yumi.” Connor would’ve begun jack hammering her pelvis with his own, but this time in a double  penetration like fashion! Both of her wholes being stuffed full of cock, as Connor’s grip was starting to leave bruises on her in various areas! Connor kept his gaze down, looking at the thick creamy bottom as he plowed against it. It rippled and folded with each thrust, and it….good against his pelvis and upper thighs. He panted and grunted a lot more this time around trying to fight the tingly feeling in his cock. “Fuck me back you little slut.” Connor would’ve slapped her ass maliciously, urging her to fight back at this point. Being submissive was great, but Connor wanted a challenge now…to raise her hopes of fighting him back just to crush them again. Cruel, but such is Connor.

“Ah…fuck I’m…I’m cumming…I’m gonna…” One of her favorite words Connor says that could bring her over the edge as well just from hearing them. His face whenever he came it was gorgeous…that cute curl of the nose, how his brows furrow in concentration and pleasure and most importantly those lips…God how she adored his lips. Just as he began to shoot out his load, she herself reached her own orgasm as she cries out while getting sprayed down the side of her face. Her fingers, drenched in pussy juices slip in and out of her as she rides the digits moments into Connor emptying himself right down her throat. Her tongue pokes out so he could watch every drop land on it before closing her mouth to swallow her special treat. He’d even forced it back down her throat so she could clean him, sucking out any traces of cum until the thick shaft finally popped back out and she caught her breath. “Mmmm that was amazing…” She began, kissing the soft meat lovingly but Connor wasn’t finished so quickly. “Nuh uh…it’s not over. Not yet…” Blinking up at him, she cleans the corners of her lips and asks softly. “You want to keep going baby?” “Bend over the railing…” They both knew that thing was going to give out soon enough but with that authoritive tone he could make her do whatever he wanted…Blue hues darken over once more as she purrs at the realization Connor wanted to draw this fuck session out…anytime he got like this, he was proving a point. What was it? Probably just showing off who exactly owned this pussy. He could remind her all he wanted, she loved it as she rises from her knees and turns, full hips swaying deliciously back and forth until she reaches the railing and bends over it, her hand reaching below to grip tight on the bars, shapely legs spreading out to expose her leaking snatch and her gaping hole, begging for the sweet return of his dick on either one of them. Both holes were burning for him, wishing he’d pick one already and rock her good till she loses her voice. His hand comes down on her creamy flesh and she squeals, flinching at every spanking though her body trembled in what looked like pain, her cunt only grew wetter from the abuse, getting off on it even as she moaned out his name to continue her bad treatment. “Remember that uh….trick I did that one time?” Wha—“Oh fuck!” Serisouly,that spanking was messing her up in all sorts of ways as he tried to speak with the Halfling but she was much too distracted with her punishment but that didn’t stop Connor from pushing himself back inside of her cunt which was what earned her foul tongue to curse in pleasure. But something else was probing her in her ass…what….then she put it together and her eyes widen, looking over her shoulder even with how roughly he had a hold on her locks of red, just to see what he was doing as best she could in this angle. “Wai-wait Connor don’t you dare—“ That damn fortification chi trick he did to grow a second penis of sorts, he’d only done it once before and gods that was a fantastic fuck. He didn’t listen, of course and soon enough her ass was being filled as she clenches her teeth and shakes her head when he tells her to shout out just how much of a slut she truly was. “Nn-no!! I wo-won’t….ugh Connor I’m too full!!”

One could never imagine they’d reach such a state of euphoria, both of her holes plugged by Connor in such a erotic creative way, Yumi could be satisfied for days after a fucking like this. She was fighting him as best she could, giving him a soft growl and with her free hand laying her palm against hard abs and weakly struggling to slow him down. “I can’t….it’s too much….” Her pussy was crying from its second orgasm, it was sooo sensitive with every pound against her walls, it felt like she was having mini spasms. Her eyes gaze up into his and she recognized that expression…he was getting more and more into this and it was so hot to watch. A slow grin spreads through her features as she gives out a sultry little laugh though it was soon replaced with a moan though she kept on, that certain spicy tone she took with him whenever she got under his skin. “Maybe I’m still angry at you for trying to kill me today…” She mocked though it was hard to talk back when her ass was being so ruthlessly spanked, almost making her cum for a third time but she fought it off with some struggle. “I mean….aahhh! Who….gets tricked by a fruit? Weak….” She continued on though his thrusts were hard not to focus on and her legs were rather close to buckling in and giving out but she’d be stubborn and only further her punishments when she got like this….defiant, cocky and smart mouthed…

“Nn-no!! I wo-won’t….ugh Connor I’m too full!!” Connor smirked, as she admitted to him stuffing both of her holes with two dicks to stretch her out nice and wide. Connor continued aggressively dominating her holes with a massive amount of force. It was no holds barred this time, oh no. Connor was thrusting probably harder than he’d thrusted during this entire sex scenario! Each thrust having a “WHAP” impact as opposed to a pat sound! As she tried to push a hand against his abs to slow him down, Connor would’ve slapped her hand out of the way with such a disrespect. No. There was no safe word, no slowing down, and no taking it easy. There was only him, her, and the savage sex that would ensue between the both of them. Connor saw her grin and it made him raise a brow, but he didn’t skip a beat on the thrusting. “Maybe I’m still angry at you for trying to kill me today…” Hearing her talk, connor chuckled a bit,  and moved his hands from her body for a second, now gripping the space under her hips, and letting her finish her little insults. “I mean….aahhh! Who….gets tricked by a fruit? Weak….” Connor nodded, and licked his lips. “Weak huh? I’ll show you weak bitch…” Connor would’ve slide his hands up her back, and placed them both beneath her chin, only to pull her body up and curve it into the perfect “U’ like shape, so she would’ve been looking straight up, back arched, and Connor’s lips would’ve been on the middle of her forehead.

In this position he’d stretch her body a little bit, but it also would’ve forced his cocks to penetrate her agonizingly deeper than they had before, furthering that tight feeling in her stomach and completely amplifying it. Connor’s thrust would’ve now mimicked the sound of a drummer playing the snare drum on a rapid repeat! The cock in her womb, practically attacking her cervix, and the cock in her ass practically delving the dephs of her intestines and rocking them over, and over and over again! Connor’s body began to sweat a bit, as his hands kept her arched and bent in this position, he’d dig his fingers into the sides of her face, and look down at her with a glare. “Tell them Yumi…tell them what a good little slut you are…do it.” Connor would’ve smacked the side of her face a bit. “Talking all that shit, and thinking you’re gonna get away with it?” the railing would’ve finally caved it, and snapped clean off of the balcony, but connor’s grip on her kept her in place, as he’d , breathe through gritted teeth, and begin shooting potent amounts of precum into her womb. Her ass a cheery red and her thighs bruising with every collision of stick skin that ensued, Connor would’ve taken a lower and darker tone with her. “Tell. Them. you’re. my. Slut.” Connor would’ve let one of his hands travel down and begin popping her on the clit, weather she complied or not. “Oooo shit I’m gonna cum….i don’t think you deserve anymore of it…why don’t you tell everyone how bad you want it…” Connor would’ve begun to play with her clit while continuously slaying her insides, pinching it between his index finger and thumb, only to release it for a few seconds before doing it again. “Give in to it Yumi…”

“Weak huh? I’ll show you weak bitch…” And boy oh boy did he show her, his hands slipping around her face only to snatch her back with a bend! She was flexible sure, they’d tested just how far the woman could go so when her back curves and blues hues could see Connor, she knew just how rough he was planning on getting. When both cocks delve deeper inside of her, she couldn’t help the loud cry! He was trying to rip her apart, with more than seven inches plowing both her holes she knew she’d be leaking from all the juices for hours. Her cunt being slain was now growing numb and she could feel a tightening in her stomach that warned her she was going to cum soon.

Her breasts continued to bounce, smacking her flesh every time they came back down from all the motions. “Tell them Yumi…tell them what a good little slut you are…do it.” Fighting him off was growing harder and she just wanted to give in to her husband and let him take her until he was satisfied playing master. “I’m....” She started but was met with a slap to the face that earned a submissive squeal, taking his cruel behavior and eating it up. The balcony soon snaps afterward but Connor held tight to her and that’s when she couldn’t hold it back any longer, as she screamed out in to the night air. “I’m a good slut!! Haa oh god I’m daddys favorite slut!! It’s all im good for!” The railing had crashed down below them, landing on a bunch of bushes though it didn’t fail to scare the crap out of Ayame who’d been leaving the party to go and find her sister…she wanted to speak with her but when that crashed, she jumped and glared. “What the….” “Connor!! I wa-want it! I deserve that cum please!! I’m yours baby, that pussy belongs to just you!!” Ayame turned a bright red, slowly walking out from underneath the balcony only to lift her head up and see the married couple fucking like wild rabbits. Her mouth is left a gape as she couldn’t look away at the odd scene….how the hell was she letting him do that to her?! Why was she talking like that for?! They were xiaofangs! They didn’t beg or bow down to anyone! This human was poison and she knew it….giving out a frown, she made sure Connor could see her and she narrowed her eyes and let him know she was non too pleased with him. Soon enough….she’ll fix this soon enough. Without a word, she leaves and goes back to the party. Meanwhile, Yumi was in heaven as she tried not to collapse against her man as he abuses her clit and leave her a trembling begging mess of puddy in his hands. “C-cum inside me please…drown my cunt!!” She was screaming now, uncaring of who heard her or saw her even though some servants had stepped out to see what the commotion was only to spot Yumi and Connor fucking away the night. Some of them giggled while others couldn’t help but watch in fascination. She tried to hold off her own orgasm, wanting Connor to satisfy himself completely but there was just no way she could and with a couple more pumps inside her she finally reached her third orgasm. This one was violent, rocking her to the point where she actually saw white and her legs gave out, falling against Connor while turning into a moaning mess, her breath leaving her and struggling to find it. Both holes were in a vice grip against his cocks, her walls clamping down hard and sucking him in during her orgasm to ensure they get every single drop of his cum while the Halfling couldn’t tell up from down just like she predicted would happen, her face flushed over and her hair out of its pony tail and sprawled out all over both of them as she continues gasping for air, another cool breeze coming in to play to somewhat help the sweat dry off.

 “I’m a good slut!! Haa oh god I’m daddy’s favorite slut!! It’s all im good for!” “Heh heh heh heh!!!!!” Connor laughed in triumph, rearing his head back and letting himself laugh violently as she finally submitted herself to him! Admitting she was his own persona little fuck toy, Connor’s hips didn’t stop for a second! He could feel it! His meaty member swelling up again, as he was about to cum inside of her this time! Both of the cocks working in unison to stuff her full of short lived pleasure which was about to come to a beautiful climatic end.  “Connor!! I wa-want it! I deserve that cum please!! I’m yours baby, that pussy belongs to just you!!” Connor continued grunting and groaning, when he’d sensed a tid bit of irritation near by. His gze settling down, as he saw that girl, Ayame, below them. She gave him a frown, and Connor would’ve just given her a wink and a smirk, as he made sure she could see her sister being fucked so graciously in full view before she made her ways away. “Here it comes! Here it fucking cums!” Connor’s hips began to blur with each thrust, and as he did he’d thrust once…twice…three more times before he’d push his hips against hers, and find both of his cocks being sucked in in a vice grip! This made Connor’s eye twitch for a second, before his main fleshy extension would’ve swollen up like a rubber cannon, and spewed one more and arguably the biggest load inside of Yumi’s womb that has been expelled from his body tonight!

“Ah….agh…..mmmf…” Connor could feel the violent twitches from her hips, symbolizing she to had gotten her self a good nut off during this final sexual act. Connor could feel her body starting to go limp and in response he’d squat down, and lift her into his arms, marital style. Holding her up he’d sigh, panting as well and turn towards their bed room speaking aloud. “This happens every time you challenge me Yumi…but I like it. Keeps things fresh. Plus I think I made some of the servant girls jealous.” Connor would’ve walked them over to their pallet of blankets, but instead of tossing her down like he usually would he’d take one knee to the ground and lay her down on her backside gently. Connor would’ve taken a towel and wiped her face of all the left over semen and semen residue that might of still stuck to it, and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. “I love you Yumi.” He’d lay beside her, holding his head up, with his hand and leaning on his arm, his finger trailing down her shoulder, as he looked down on her with regular crimson hues. “You know I mean that right? I’m happy you decided to stay with me…I can’t apologize enough for all the things I’ve put you through. Though this takes the cake of shit you’ve done to me I have to be honest.” He’d look away with a lame look.

Yumi almost passed out right then and there but the movements of her husband keep her awake as she blinks and feels her legs being lifted up. As he carries her like a groom would a bride, she couldn’t help the soft smile as she rested her head against his chest. The feel of all his cum sloshing inside of her stomach made her happy…anytime they had sex, she was happy. Being able to keep Connor satisfied…to have all his attention on her and to be the only woman on his affections was all Yumi ever wanted. “This happens every time you challenge me Yumi…but I like it. Keeps things fresh. Plus I think I made some of the servant girls jealous.” Her smile widens and she lets out a weak laugh, snuggling in to him. “What can I say, old habits die hard baby.” Her tone was gentle probably from the sore throat. She feels her body meet with the cool pelts and satin blankets, blue hues watching him as he cleans her up. When his lips land on her face, she hugs him close and urges him into bed beside her. “I love you too, Connor.” She turns her head to watch him getting comfortable on his side and his fingers trailing up and down her arm…when he got like this, Yumi low key loved it…it wasn’t like he NEVER showed affection its just when he did, she made sure to cherish every second of it. “I know you mean it hah and of course…when I’m with you theres no place I’d rather be. We’re a team remember? Besides lets be honest what would you do without me??” She mocked playfully until he said how this is the worst thing shes ever done to him ever. Her smile fades and blue hues lower. “Mmm I suppose it is…” She could say a million things…she could say “Just call it payback for what you did to me.” Or “And yet it still doesn’t cover your shit list” but that’s where Yumi differed…she adored Connor hell maybe even fell harder than he ever could so imagining saying those words to him knowing the reaction it’d bring was pointless…she just couldn’t bring herself to do it and hurt him or bring up old shit so instead she reached over and tilted his head up. “I’ve been blessed with such an amazing soul mate…who can handle all of my mess ups and crazy rollercoaster of a life and still feel the same way they’ve always felt. I don’t know how I got so lucky.” Without letting him reply, she captured his lips in a heated and passionate kiss…this one was breath taking and with every motion she poured more and more of how she felt for Connor into it until it could reach him…after all, actions always spoke louder than words with them. Her actions rang true…she was hilariously, undoubtedly and unconditionally in love with Connor “Demon eyes” Ryoji….

A Way HomeEdit

The rays of light are what awoke Yumi up from her slumber. Squinting her eyes and reaching a hand up to block it out she let out a tired groan…not only were her muscles aching from the trials and the crazy amount of sex but all that drinking last night did not help her head ache at all. Yumi wasn’t a light weight nor did she get drunk on a dime but if she over drank, it never settled well with her the next morning. Turning her head, she could see Connor sleeping soundly beside her and she sat up and rubbed her bed head to tame it as best as possible but after a few useless seconds she merely gives up and steps off of the bed, her bare feet pit patting into the massive bathroom where servants were already awaiting her. She gives them a wave, letting them know they weren’t needed and out they went so she could step into the bath and wash away all of yesterdays events. She wanted to catch her family before Connor got up because they usually had a good morning rump in the sheets and as alluring as that was, she wanted to really say good bye to her family before it got too late. The warm water travels down her creamy form as she dumps a vase full of green tea water and flower pedals above her head, feeling her pores opening up and letting out a relaxed sigh. Did she want to leave? No, no she didn’t…she wished she could stay a little bit longer but if Connor wasn’t beside her than what would be the point? A piece of her would be missing plus she couldn’t lie, she did miss Earth very much…she was still half human and she knew deep down Earth was her real home. She knew her father would understand….Afterwards, once satisfied with her bath she got dressed in royal silks of sorts that were like the ones Connor had ripped off of her last night. Carefully opening the door, she steals a quick glance at his sleeping form and smiles before blowing him a kiss and leaving to go find the others. It wasn’t too difficult as she could hear them in the dining room eating breakfast which was also VERY grand…when were they not eating so graciously? “Ahhh there she is!! My warrior princess!!” Xamer boasted to which Shina laughed happily and Xavier merely grinned and rolled his eyes. “Yes we’re all very impressed. Though as entertaining as that show was I’m more interested in the show we missed last night…” Yumi found a seat in the middle of her uncle and father only to smirk a bit and take a piece of fruit, rolling it between slender fingers. “If you were busy listening in on me you must have been very lonely in your chambers, cousin. Maybe you should worry more about yourself and your lack of company.” To this Xaviers grin only widens and Shina smiles, poking some fun at her brother. “Ooohh shes a spicy one isn’t she?! Shes learning her place rather quickly! Good job Yumi, don’t let the men around here push you around.” Ayame kept silent, playing with her food and sitting with Xandu as always. “Couldn’t get any sleep cause of you two. There are other people in this place too ya know.” Of course a silent Ayame never lasts. Yumi sighs softly after taking a sip of her mead and looking to her younger sister. “I’m sorry…Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Unfortunately…I’m leaving. Connor and I are going back home.” To this the table grows silent and eyes set on Xamer who is giving a sad smile. “Well I can’t say I’m much surprised!! You do after all have a life back on Earth. It was just coincidence you ran in to us!” Yumi interrupted him with a frown, facing him and placing a hand on his giant one. “I don’t believe that at all…Being here with you all I’m grateful I finally got to see my roots. It’s just…my place is back on Earth with Connor. But now I know who I am and going back to Earth with that knowledge it…it feels great. Knowing I have such an amazing family…I couldn’t ask for more.” Shina wiped at a tear and sniffled while Ayame merely frowned and looked to her male cousin who merely kept his grin. Xamer leaned over and hugged his daughter close before pulling away and laughing loudly. “Ah well lets not waste this time in sadness!! This is to be our last family meal together then lets enjoy ourselves!!”

Connor lay sleeping, and remained sleeping for quite some time. After the crazy sex they’d had previously, Connor was dead ass tired, and he was pretty sure he pulled a cramp in his hip in some form of way or another. None the less, it wasn’t something he wouldn’t just man up about and deal with like the type of person he was at heart. The sunlight had been hitting his eyes for quite sometime, putting him in a state of half asleep and half awake. It was more so he didn’t really want to wake, but he stretched his arm out looking for his bride to be there, she wasn’t. Connor hazily opned his eyes and looked around. “Yeeeeeep. She’s gone.’ Connor sat up and stretched his muscles out a bit, groaning and turning his naked body to hop up out of the bed. As he did, he’d have popped his neck from side to side, and began to walk towards the bathroom area, letting his morning wood deplete before urninating. As he took his morning piss he’d hear a voice in his head. “Connor.” Connor opened one of his eyes, and began digging in his ear. “The hell?...I must be hearing things. “ Connor would’ve tried to shrug it off and walked to the closet to find some wears for the day. “Connor.” Connor stopped and looked around and up. “hello? Is someone there?” “It’s Leon. I’m using a mental chi technique to reach you telepathically.” “Oh hey bro. What’s up? Any word on a way to stop “You know who?”

In the basement of Xiao Lee’s palace, Leon would’ve been using a blow torch like device, to seemingly be welding something together. He’d had a protective layer of fortification chi over his eyes to keep the sparks from his work from making an unwanted appearance. As he was working he’d continue talking mentally working on the body shaped piece of machinery.  “There has. Xiao lee has decided maybe trying to find a mate for the being is more suitable than trying to battle it. We’ll be doing so pretty soon. Was wondering where in the world you were and why you haven’t come to give an aid in the effort hm?” Connor rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s nothing personal I just never had the chance is all….I’ve been really busy with yumi, and doing these trials so we could be married.” “Legally huh? My congratulations to you Connor. In any case, try to report back with me and Kin as soon as you can. “ “got it.” Connor would’ve put on some white sack pants, and a sleeveless deep V martial arts gi, with some arm wraps, and no shoes. Making his way out, and letting his bare heavy feet hit the floor and everything that came after, Connor would’ve been trying to find Yumi, but then it hit him. The sweet smell of succulent aroma.  Food. Connor’s head immediately whipped towards the situation and the area. Connor eventually stumbled upon the family and walked in waving at everyone. “Top of the morning to you everyone!” if everyone gave him a warm reply or not, Connor would’ve made his way over to Yumi’s chair, and leaned over her from behind, giving her a good morning kiss and taking a sip of whatever she may have been drinking on and eating a piece of whatever she may have been eating on. “What’s the task for today? I don’t suppose any of you know a way to get back through dimensions so quickly do you?” Connor would’ve stood straight up, his arm on the chair’s head and wait for a reply or rebuttal.

Hell Girl: Shina and Xavier greet Connor with a polite morning hello while Ayame merely glares at the back of his head hoping to light it on fire but when nothing happens she merely looks to the side lamely. Xamer invites him on over to where Yumi is and bellows out a hello. “Good of you to join us on your last day! Pity you can’t stay a little longer but my daughter has spoken her mind…shes very to the point, this one. Doesn’t like to sugar coat things, gets that from her mother haha she was pretty blunt too! Women usually are.” He ruffles Yumis hair, messing it up but the Halfling merely laughs softly, letting him do so. “I don’t suppose any of you know a way to get back through dimensions so quickly do you?” Connor finally asked and Yumi wondered as well…how would they return to Earth from here? The room grows silent though it wasn’t an uncomfortable one as they looked to the Lord of the East who had a somber smile to his bearded aged face. “Mmm I do have something that might be able to help you return…” At this Ayame and Xavier once more locked gaze but said nothing. “An ancient artifact I once used on my treasure hunts…I used it to travel to Earth and that was how I met your mother. After losing her I just didn’t have it in me to continue to use it so I’ve kept it locked tightly away in one of my many rooms.” Yumi blinked curiously before standing up and placing a hand over Connors out of habit. “A teleporter??” Xamer nodded in response and rose as well. “Yes, it’s rather powerful though very old so heres hoping it works yeah?” He grins widely and looks to his family with a nod. They stand soon after and disperse, leaving him with his daughter and son in law. “I am sad to see you both go but so proud to see you two leave as true dragon kang warriors! Perhaps some day you’ll grace us with your presence again.” He turned, his cape following suit with a powerful glide over his shoulder as his golden armor shifted on mighty muscles. Yumi laces her fingers with Connor and gave him a reassuring smile. “Maybe it won’t be so hard getting back.” They followed the Lord through the gigantic golden halls and at first it seemed like they’d never reach their destination but when the sight of golden double doors much bigger than Xamer himself stop them, it was clear this was the place…the guards standing watch was all the proof she needed as the men move out of their way and open the doors, showing a treasure trove of wonders!! Yumis eyes widen in delight before narrowing into dragon slits from sheer fascination at the waves upon waves of gold coins, enlightened colored jewels and pearls, treasure chests poking out from the piles of coins and golden items. Every inch of this room which was once a ballroom it seemed was full of heavy amounts of everything!! There were possessions sparkling and twinkling with diamonds as big as Yumis head! All she wanted to do at that moment was lay on it and eat it!! Probably a dragon thing as she rushed in to touch what she could, giving out a satisfied purr…she could care less for its value, there was just something about the way it shined! “This is…so appealing to the eye.” She mentioned as Xamer chuckled and urged Connor in as well. “Yumi told me of your profession back on Earth…it is a decent living and I am no one to tell a man how to live financially but by all means, take what you will so that it may help you on your return. Call it a wedding gift and I will not take no for an answer...” As he spoke he’d made his way over to a podium of sorts, holding up a golden sphere with buttons and odd markings imbedded into it. They looked like scribes and almost alien like if that made sense…the kind of thing you see on a crop circle in those old timey movies. The ball was small in Xamers hand but normal size in theirs when they’d hold it. He stares at it for a long hard minute before sighing with a smile and turning to the younger couple. “I may open a portal for you to return though the artifact must stay with me…It is much too powerful to allow to stay back on Earth. With this…you will be home in no time.” Yumi had stood up and made her way over, watching the sphere in his hand and nodding slowly in understanding. “Thank you Father…for understanding and for everything.” She steps up to him and hugs him tight, burying her face into his chest as Xamer embraces her to the point where you almost couldn’t see where she went! “My daughter…I pray to the old one and give him thanks for allowing me to see you. I knew you weren’t dead, I just knew. Now knowing you are alive and well is more than most parents get and I am grateful.” One could see blue hues watering from the Halfling as she lets out a barely there sniffle and pulls away from her father to gaze up at him with a sad smile. “I’m happy you feel that way, father.” Rough fingers brush against her cheek as she holds his hand close and shuts her eyes, memorizing the warmth. He clears his throat and walks past her now as she turns to watch him leaving the room obviously taking her departure harder than he was letting on but he was being a father so she didn’t say anything and merely sighed softly. They’d be going home for sure now…but she knew that sad feeling would be replaced with the very interesting and happy memories she’d made here.

////Outside of the palace and the village itself out in to the open plains///

Most of the morning had been spent saying good bye to the XiaoFang family…Shina gave Yumi some rather useful advice and even Ayame wasn’t as hostile towards her older sister. Xavier seemed pretty giddy as well but she didn’t think much on it. Looking over to her brother, Xandu, Yumi gives him a small smile and nods. “Till next time, I want a rematch.” Xamer waited for everyone to say their good byes as he had already done his and did not want to make it anymore difficult for them to leave. “Alright! Whenever you are ready…” Yumi looked to Connor and then to her father, giving a confident nod. Kin, Leon and the others had been with them as well once Connor gave Leon their coordinates. She’d introduced them only briefly though she knew her family was a bit of a handful so the sooner they left the better for the others. Without another word, Xamer punches in the combination on the buttons and twists the sphere counter clock wise three times before tossing it to the ground. Some strange noises happen before a swirling vortex of color pours out and forms into a giant mirror of sorts!! Yumi takes a step back as the winds pick up around them but the sphere holds steady, projecting a portal to the next world: Earth. It was skylands! Like looking at a huge flat screen circular tv, it was like you were already there and if one were to look behind the portal it’d just be Dragon kang instead… “Step through it, the portal doesn’t stay open for very long so hurry on up. As soon as all of you step through, I’ll close it. Whatever it is you’re facing back on Earth I know you’ll succeed. You are heros after all.” He praised with a smile. Yumi smiled back and nodded, letting the others go in first.

“Mmm I do have something that might be able to help you return…An ancient artifact I once used on my treasure hunts…I used it to travel to Earth and that was how I met your mother. After losing her I just didn’t have it in me to continue to use it so I’ve kept it locked tightly away in one of my many rooms.” An actual teleportation device huh? Connor rubbed his chin at this. “This is kind of convenient turn of events. A better one than trying to open up my own damn portal.” Connor scratched his chin, and let the conversation ensue.  As it did Yumi’s father revealed that he did indeed have a means to get back, and as he stood up, turning his back to the room, which was like an unspoken signal to follow him, Connor did just that. Standing up, Yumi grasping his hand and twinning their fingers, as they walked behind him. Moments passed and they reached a giant room filled with nothing but treasures abroad! Huge diamonds, and gold everywhere! Connor’s mouth dropped  a bit as he walked around with her and contemplated weather he should stuff his pockets full of some of t his material or not! . “I may open a portal for you to return though the artifact must stay with me…It is much too powerful to allow to stay back on Earth. With this…you will be home in no time.” Connor nodded and was overjoyed at this. Goodness gracious he wanted to go back to earth so effing bad he couldn’t express his happinees enough. Sadly that scowl remained on his face, and a small smile ensued. “Yumi told me of your profession back on Earth…it is a decent living and I am no one to tell a man how to live financially but by all means, take what you will so that it may help you on your return. Call it a wedding gift and I will not take no for an answer...”  Connor watched as Yumi went over and had a father daughter moment with her pops. Connor folded his arms and nodded, and smiled, like something off of a sitcom. That was before he went over to the pile of treasure and started eating up gold coins! As an oni he could regurgitate them and use it for later, as Connor ate gold coin after gold coin and consumed them, while at the same time, taking his shirt off and stuffing coins and diamonds into his shirt as well, and then making his way back over beside yumi with a shirt full of gold. 

“Alright! Whenever you are ready…” That’s when Leon, with a giant suit case full of something, Kin, Thunder, and Gale made their way through the gate towards the earth bound skylands! Xander had already left after having his good byes said and such. Connor would’ve looked over to Yumi. “Well come on babe. Let’s head home. It was nice meeting you all but it’s time to blow this taco stand for something a bit more familiar to me.” As Connor walked up the steps, past the podium to enter, he’d accidentally have bumped into the podium, and the sphere would’ve begun to  shake a bit and as it did the portal would’ve started flipping through dimensions, like a t.v screen. “….Oops.” Connor looked a bit clueless, as the portal would’ve shot to what looked like a dimension of all white, before someone had popped through the portal and landed on the ground. It was…”Uncle…Keyth? Dad?” Keyth would’ve stood up, rubbing his head a bit. “Uh….where am I. “ Keyth looked around, his massive dark skinned body, and black wild hair standing proud, with the hair on his arms, and his grey wife beater, brown shorts, and fur boots. “Where’s Densuke? I was just with the guy?” “I dunno. But you guys are alive so it can’t be that bad right?” Connor would’ve smacked the spear, and stopped the turning, and it would’ve showed the skylands again. Connor would’ve pushed keyth into the earth portal by the back. “Allllright Yumi hurry up if you’re coming!” Connor would’ve pushed Keyth & Densuke through

Failed BetrayalEdit

When the portal gets bumped into and the channel changes, both Keyth and Densuke pop out!! Her eyes widen in surprise as she points. “Yo-youre both alive! Hah I KNEW IT!” It’d been two years since the incident and Yumi of course had always felt guilty for how those events went down even though Connor had forgiven her. The portal arranges itself correctly though there wasn’t much time which Connor knew as he rushed the reunion and ushered everyone through the portal. Yumi still highly shocked the portal knew what door to open to get them back wondered if it was just coincidence but right now was not the time. Looking to her father she smiles and goes to wave but that was when Ayame makes her move, pouncing her sister as Xaiver goes to do so as well but his sister takes hold of him roughly in an arm lock, throwing her foot into the back of his knee and subduing him as she puts him in a choke hold and viciously murmurs. “You think me a fool, brother? You think I’d honestly just let you be childish and harm our cousin??? Let them work this out on their OWN. Do not interfere! Uncle will have much joy in picking your punishment….” Xavier grunted and gritted his teeth when his younger sister grabbed onto him like nothing! He didn’t fight it, merely sighing and watching Ayame try and keep her sister down but Yumi was bigger AND stronger. The muay thai user simply gave Ayame a frown and reached behind her, grabbing the back of the smaller girls neck and flipping her over so she goes flying right into the portal!! Yumi sees it begin to close and gives her father a quick glance. He was none too pleased but the elder man simply nodded as if saying ‘it was alright’ and Yumi nodded back before throwing herself forward just in time….within moments they were back in skyland as Ayame was currently pushing herself to her feet to rush to the portal but it vanished!! “NO!!” She shrieked, sliding to a stop to look frantically around. She paused and slowly looked over her shoulder only to be met with a punch to the face as she gets laid out on her back. Yumi whom delivered the punch and didn’t feel a thing doing so just approached her younger sister, allowing the men to do as they wished while she handled her family issues. “You’re in my world now, little girl. I’m bout to teach you some manners.” Ayame touches her nose, feeling the blood and gives it a confused expression…why….why did she bleed easier? What was wrong with the atmosphere here?!?! She felt weaker and strange…dark hues lift up to lock with blue ones who looked at her non too gently. “This is a mistake I don’t belong here! SEND ME BACK!” Yumi cracks her knuckles and frowns. “I saw the look on fathers eyes…he’s not gonna open that portal back up…he wants you to stay here with me.” At this Ayame wipes the little bit of blood off on her sleeve before growling. “He wouldn’t do that to me.” She argued back but Yumi merely sighed and crossed her arms. “You want to just wait here and see? I’ll leave you behind I have no problem….” The short haired female just glared in return so Yumi shrugged and turned, going over to Connor and the others. “Fine, wait here and let the monsters eat you.”

As everyone fell through the portal Connor’s arms would’ve been flailing as he held onto the treasure trove he’d taken with him! He was NOT letting this shit go, not by the hairs of his chiny chin chin! Connor, Densuke, Keyth, and everyone fell downwards, and with Yumi and Ayame not being far behind! Connor would’ve landed on the ground face first! Keyth would’ve landed there too and Densuke wasn’t very far behind at all! Eventually Yumi and Ayame would’ve landed to and they all would’ve landed smack dab in the middle of nowhere in....Antartica Halfway across the very world. Where they were, they did not know, nor would they even really know off hand. What they did know is that they were miles and miles from civilization, and people.In New Nexus Florida, cars honking for them to get out of the roads, as Densuke stood up holding his head. “Ah….gee wiz…the hell happened…the hell’s even been going on…and just where the hell am I?” Keyth would’ve dug in his nose. And flicked the booger out. “Eh. Guess we’re back. We should probably check on everyone to make sure their okay. Lord knows how long we’ve actually been gone…things feel different. A lot different.” Densuke nodded in agency. “You’re right. “ Connor would’ve been in the corner to himself counting up the pieces of money hey’d obtained. Densuke would look to Keyth. “Let’s go catch up on what we missed.” “Right.” Keyth and densuke both would’ve taken off in a fulrry to go and investigate. Connor searched around frantically, looking for where yumi was once, he'd caught wind of her not being there. "Yumi? Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumi?!" Connor stood up. "did she make it through?" Connor woudl've stood up, and put a hand on his temple, trying to search the immdiate area for her negitive energy signature, but he couldn't sense anything. Nothing at all! This...this began to anger Connor as he frantically searched around! his anger flared heavily, as he clenched his fist and growled in a low tone of voice. "DAMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

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