Nik Tasanagi: ( ) Nik stood in the middle of a dark room after he followed Agent V's call. His eyes shooting left to right. ' Its a trap...' Kin said back to Nik within the depths of his mind. " You think I dont know that... shut your mouth. " Nik retorted back to Kin. " I see... youve made it here in one piece. " Said a strong and daring voice as he stepped out of the shadows from the dark warehouse. " Victor... creator of the Z-Pathogen. " Nik said. After all... Victor in a since was his father. He created the very thing that allows him to exisit. " Why'd you place me in This guys body... I can barely read his power. Its all over the place. I can barely control it. Also... there was a god-damned Oni in here. Wanna explain that..." Nik said to the cloaked man whom evantually stepped completely from the voids of darkness into the full view of moonlight. And as he did the base shifted and became what appeared to be a high-teck base of some sort, the lights flashed on and Victor's cape flowed with the wind with each step he took towards Nik.

( )

Victor Van ' Vlad ' Varex. Little is known of the early years of the nearly immortal Vlad but it is accepted that he has lived for many centuries due to his high control in Pyscho Power. Such a master with it at this point that it's able to restore his youth. A brilliant master of strategy and organization, Vlad's goal is to save the Earth from ecological devastation by destroying most of its population. He fears none as a worthy foe, and has even fewer allies because of it. He uses the Order to achieve his goals to perfection. Vlad is an international terrorist and assassin whose ultimate goal is a world in perfect environmental balance. He believes that the best method by which this can be achieved is to eliminate most of humanity. Vlad usually tries to assault the world's human populace with a biological weapon, such as a genetically-engineered virus. Vlad's early life and exact age are somewhat difficult to recount by any that know him. As told in his journals,  Vlad was born over nine hundred years ago to a tribe of desert nomads somewhere in Arabia, near a city whose inhabitants' ancestors have journeyed to the Arabian Peninsula from China. Vlad was interested in science from an early age, and abandons his tribe to live in the city, where he can conduct his scientific research. He becomes a physician and marries a woman named Alexis, the love of his life. Vlad's discovers the secret of Hadou and Pyscho energy and others like it. And saves a dying prince by fuling him with it. The prince, who is sadistic to begin with, is driven completely insane by Pyscho energy,  He proceeds to strangle Alexis, on whom he has already had his eye for some time. The ruler of the city, unwilling to admit to himself his son's culpability, declares Vlad guilty of the crime and sentences him to a slow, tortured death in a cage with Alexi's corpse.

Vlad is set free by the son of a dying elderly woman, whom Vlad had earlier examined. The son feels that he owes Vlad a debt for easing his mother's suffering during her last few hours. He and the son head into the desert to seek the tribe of Vlad's birth. Vlad convinces the head of his tribe, his uncle, to follow Vlad in his quest for revenge by promising the downfall of the king of the city. By understanding the germ theory of disease hundreds of years before anyone else, Vlad is able to infect the prince with a deadly virus by sending him contaminated fabrics. When the ruler of the city comes to ask Vlad to cure the prince again, Vlad kills both him and his son. Vlad then leads his tribe to raze the city to the ground and kill all of its inhabitants. Subsequently, Vlad declares himself the " Oni's Fang. " Vlad spends the next several centuries journeying the world. He fights in the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution and becomes a formidable warrior. During this time, Vlad his uncle, and the boy are all using the Pyscho power to prolong their lives until an incident in London. Vlad catches the boy writing his own memoirs in their original language, of which Vlad has forbidden all records. During a battle, Vlad kills the boy and flees. When he returns to their home in London, his uncle has vanished with the remnants of their historical records. Over time, he becomes a master of many forms of combat, notably fencing. He also builds up vast wealth and creates The Order, a vast international organization. According heavy documents of world history:  "It has been whispered in the darkest places for 500 years that a cartel of criminals has slowly sucked its way into the rich veins of the Earth. Many are its names spit from the mouths of men, but most often it is cursed only as ...The Order. It has a leader ... The Fang." The League of criminals, one of the many smaller organizations making up The Demon, is thus sometimes called "The Oni's claw" or "Oniclaw".

And now, his plans are based around a shroud of mystery with Kin, his pack, The Infinites, and Heroes Inc right in the middle of his chaos. " I Picked his body. Because he is a Tasanagi. Bred for killing, bred for oni-hunting, bred for chaos. Perfect candidate for what we had planned. You see we were looking for his Father, or better yet his sister Keyomi. But he is the only Tasanagi left alive and in existance of right now within this world and he will have to do. " Varex said as he crossed his arms. " I suppose... Kin wants to know... just what exactly the Z-pathogen is. " " Wait... Kin? You speak as if he's still there, you are Kin now. " " No... Im Nik, Kin... is Kin. "  Varez's eyes slanted as he scanned NIk over before he began to think over to himself. ' So... the Onihourda gene, within the Tasanagi family is the purest of them all. His soul was able to replicate a mental barrier within Nik's mind, making so Kin's concious thoughts, and even feelings are still transpired as a mental replica within his head. Interesting... this could prove useful..." Varex said as he took a step backwards. ( )" The Z-pathogen... is a Nanite access the most powerful assassians from the Brotherhood, and The Order both. All the information and knowledge placed within a few nanites that work as a cancerous type amebo that attachtes to every cell, every brain stem, every thing about the person and compeltey alters them. However, it can only work through death. It needs to reanimate the body, vitalize it truly work. It... also apprantly allows the person effected personality to shift into the compelling opposite of its orginal. Within your Brain right now Nik, is the knowledge and power of every trained killer in the world for 10 generations. You will be The Orders Secrect weapon. Our killer...  But first... we must test you. "

Nik Tasanagi: Before Nik could even properly protest, he'd be intercepted when Feltcher Steve, Agent V, The Breaker and a few other Order Soliders leaped down into the middle of the room. Kin tilted his head up, staring up at the group of enemies before him before he clenched his fist. " Come then..." He says as he slides into his stance. The Assassians all scan Nik over before Agent V looks to The Braker and he nods. " HUUUUUUUUUUUUYAAA CRUSH PUNY BOY, CRUSH PUNY BOY NOWWW!!! " He says charging towards Nik. ' His skin... its unbreakbale. ' Kin said to NIk. ' You wont be able to just clobber him. The Shinogidachi is your best bet here. Time it... aim it right for his chest, it connects to heart. It'll instantly kill him. He's coming for you with the left hand, leap onto it, and then do the one inch punch into his chest. Nik nodded before he leaped onto The Breakers fist as he extended it, and Nik slammed his fist into The Breakers chest, causing a spew of blood to errupt from his lips, Only to kin to kick off his hand and blast a knee into his skull shattering it on impact. He'd then flip over him, landing on a vine of some sort sent by Agent V. He slid down along it, his body croushed low as he dodged the shuriken that were sent his way as he dipped and dived out of the trajectory range before he'd finally catch one shuriken within his right index finger and toss it back destruction chi coated around it so once Feltcher steve caught it he'd explode blasting right into the wall. Kin kicked off the vine and landed infront of the 15 Order Soliders and began to take them out one by one with swift kicks and punches before he finally crated a seikkuken around him and unleashed his destruction chi within a push blast radius within the seikuken letting it unleash in an explosion of chi that blew up all 15 of the Order soliders. Leaving nothing but Agent V now. She rushed towards Nik, channeling her power into her hands as she sent massive vines out to kill the young warrior only for Nik to summon the Yamisuki and impale the vine down the middle cutting it in half before kicking off of it spinning in mid air before he tossed the Yamisuki at Agent V! She would have matrix ducked backwards to dodge it, only for her to get caught with an attack as she pulled back up. Using the Kaiju titan palm!

Also called the Stance Of Overpowering Annihilation, it is a highly offensive stance. This was Kin's sensei's signature stance before he took on His sensei and lost, taking his suggestion. In this stance, Kin's speed doubles with his hand strikes by that of 60 percent. Kin's hands move so quickly that it appears that he never moves them at all to those who arent to 0.001 of a second. Using his hand in the knife hand postioning to deliever strikes of devestating porportions. Attacking ones inner organs with the Shingidachi technique!

( 3756360-3719757966-Raide.gif How his fist looked beating into Agent V )

After a moment he would have simply turned his back to Varex raising his arms up, as Agent V body would explode randomly throughout various portions of her body in explosions of blood!

( 45456rfghg.gif How she looke afterwards. )

" Are you not entertained? " Nik said with that sick glare as he used Kin's power in such a barbaric fashion. Vlad simply placed both of his hands behind his back as he smirked. "... Your ready..."

Syl: Haukea arrived to find Syl still 'listening' to the city, she placed her hands on her hips and talked over to Syl who was so deep in concentration she didn't notice Haukea approaching. Circling Syl she then smiled evilly and ran back over to the entrance of the empty lot. The blue haired female began sprinting towards Syl and Syl in the back. ( Syl's concentration was broken as she went flying away from Haukea. Who landed on the ground and laughed at the spider. Syl laying a few feet away with her face in the dirt and her butt in the air didn't find it so funny. Pushing herself off she puffed her cheeks at her friend. "Not funny." she pouted and said crossing her arms over her chest and snapping her head away from Haukea. Who only laughed harder, "Oh come on Spider Queen, you were so into it I had to!" Haukea said before taking the bag of food for them off her shoulders and handing it for Syl, the two were only playful like this towards each other. Nobody else has ever seen or will see this side of them. Syl didn't turn her head preferring to keep up her 'temper tantrum'. "Oh come on girlie I got you food." Haukea said as she ruffled the smaller girls hair. Syl sighed and dropped her arms and hugged Haukea, around the waist burying her face into her chest, dropping the bag Haukea was startled by the sudden display of affection from Syl sighed and patted the girls head. "It's alright..." Syl nodded before letting go of the blue haired female. Bending over to grab the bag she opened it and pulled out her Thai food and left Syl's frozen chunks in there, "Hold on a sec," Haukea dug into her bag for an empty container before melting the Ice around the fleshy chunks and putting them into a container for Syl and handing them to her in a fast food container. "You don't have to eat like an animal you know." Haukea said to Syl. Syl nodded as Haukea then handed her a fork and the two dragged their belongings over to a fence to eat. They ate for a while in silence before Haukea spoke breaking it. " never told me where you got that scar from..." She trailed off. Syl shrugged and pulled her shirt down,a tank top that was too large for her, over a black sports bra with black tights, her boots were in the pile of their belongings. "It's nothing." Syl said effectively ending any conversation that could've followed after. Sly put another piece of meat into her mouth and chewed it silently. Haukea sighed and continued to eat her own food. Soon after the duo went around doing their own things, Syl in her time with Haukea had found video games and was now playing one intently. Haukea, sitting in the middle of the lot was polishing her sword with a rag, occasionally glancing over at Syl who was too engrossed in her video game to pay much attention. ( She smiled to herself as Syl played the game, her eyes sliding back to the shiny scar...the only one she had on her body that was right on her waist. She shrugged and went back to polishing Kanazuchi. Haukea used her chi to blow tiny Ice Crystals onto the sword that melted on contact with the blade, then she used her rag to shine it, Kanazuchi was gleaming in the moon brightly illuminating the two girls with a faint light glow.

Ryoji: ( ) Jacob would’ve escaped back to the Heroes inc base, Heroes reprieve. The fortress of Hero's Reprieve was based off of a large military compound, once located in the plans for a separate United States of America Contingency Act, made during WWIII, established 450 miles off the coast of District 2. It is the headquarters of Red Dawn's personal Vigilante dispatch company, Heroes Inc. Its purpose was to offer Vigilantes a life outside the control of the Sectors & The City itself, where they would always have a place, whether it be in battle or in society in general. Architectural engineer Ochigi Ryoji willingly participated in the design of the fortress. The majority of the fortress comprises of three main buildings separated by stretches of metallic bridges. There are also multiple other buildings, which serve as living quarters, recreation, Danger Room, business, health, and even Armory’s and stores, that allow upgrades to base gear. It has various assorted schools and classes for the arts, and for the vigilante ways as well, to train either future heroes, or people who can make a difference. Students can even earn college degrees here, or intern. The floors in each of the buildings were color-coded by ground: 1F = Red ground, 2F = Blue ground, 3F = Dark gray ground, 4F = Dark blue, and B = Dark green with brick walls. The last two rooms in Building 3 had mostly the same colors as Building 1 3F.
This base was very far off form Kasaihana city during it’s immediate destruction, as such it was not effected by the blast radius. The base stands strong, and it serves as the only hub where vigilantes now a days can go and rest between two cities now and worldly threats and events. On this particular night, Jacob would’ve taken a shower, washing the bruises off of him. He’d have stepped out of the shower, and proceeded to wrap his knee up where Eden attempted to do him in. it was in pain, but it wasn’t enough to put Jacob down. There was a knock on his room door. “yeah?” “Hey! It’s Fei! Came by to see how you’re doing!”  Jacob would’ve slipped on the lower portion of his suit, and answered the door. “Fei, what’s up?” Fei walked in, with some metal contraptions in his hand and sat them down on Jacob’s bed.

Wong Fei Hung, or Fei for short, is far form just your average high school nerd. He graduated high school with high honor's and went on to go to college, and got a degree in high end mechatronics, cyber engineering, and program design. Being asian, his parent's only pushed him to strive for the best, and that's exactly what he did. Finishing up college, and graduating...only to become a fucking superhero! He put in a months worth of work to create a power suit, in order to compensate for his own lack of physical combat and skill. This suit was far beyond the design of most regular schematics, but this was because Fei is very adapt in the ways of Mental Chi. Using this, he was able to crate an off brand version of Plasma energy, but instead of the pure plasman enduced and used by the Yun Family, Fei would've just used super heated lightning in the form of a beam, rather than just the conventional thing. Using his Mental Chi Fei's mind operates like a hyper computer, capable of rapidly and without mechanical aid perform an infinite number of unimaginable complex and simultaneous calculations, in his mind with minimal stimuli. He can quickly, simultaneously and perfectly analyze multiple information streams (e.g. threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations, by identifying the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation, and he uses this information to adjust the outcome to whichever -c-

Ryoji: is most favorable to him. Because his mind operates like a hyper computer; he can process information quickly and this gives him a hyper-accelerated learning aptitude. He also possesses limitless information storage and retrieval, enhanced pattern solving/recognition, extremely high perception and observational skills, perfect deductive/reasoning skills and investigative skills, superhuman strategic/tactical analytical skills, and an eidetic memory (meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall).  His hyper mind also makes him one of the most intelligent people on the planet, ranking him somewhere in the top ten smartest beings alongside Ochigi Ryoji, Michiko Akasawa, Mangler, and Claymore. Ochigi believes that Fei is actually more intelligent than some immortals, and he has claimed to Michiko, who says that intelligence is essentially "pattern recognition", that he sees patterns better than 99.999999993% of people on Earth
“I saw you were fighting a god killer when I bailed you out and I was thinking to myself “If not for that chi bomb he would’ve done you in for sure!” So!” Fei would’ve spread out the metallic brace like contraption for Jacob to see. It was red in color to match the gauntlets he was wearing on his outfit. “I made you these! There like Ayperoes Ballistic gauntlets, except, ahem, with these! Rather than just a ballistic fist, you have a set for your feet as well! It emits a powerful jet stream sonic boom!” “wouldn’t that kill me?” “It would if it was any bigger. It’ll be up to you to hold on tightly and ride the flow!  These things will allow you to punch and kick with superhuman force, giving you some kind of a chance against those powered freaks.” Jacob would pick one of them up and look at it. “wow thanks. I’ll put these to good use tonight. I’m going back out, Mangler’s waiting for me in the bay.” “Oh! Well here!” Fei would’ve ran outside and picked up a giant suitcase and brought it back inside. “I modified your outfit just a bit. It’s the same, but it has even more protection around the skull, and temples. Feel like you might take some serious head injuries.” As he opened it up, Jacob would blink. “Red dawns starter color’s huh…I’m satisfied with that. “ A few minutes later, Jacob would’ve bid Fei, farewell, and stepped out onto the bay, wearing a slightly different red dawn suit. This suit looked ike Densuke’s old red and blue colors only more armored and modernized, rather than cloth looking.


Mangler hung upside down in the Black Byrd Jet. “New threads?” “Yup. Got a feeling it’s gonna be a long night.” Jacob would step inside and the door would shut behind him. The turbines rang and the jet began to rise and stated to take off! Into the night sky and back over the outskirts of the skylands. Jacob sat down, his shield on his back, and waiting for the mission briefing. “Well me and Steel looked over that map. We were right. It’s a hit list of tragets, very important targets, not just in the city but world wide. Look here.” Jacob would lean over and look at the screen. “President Yani?...Old Mayor Tetsuo….Steven Colt? All these people are of high rank. Some political officials. Are they trying to take out the world order or something like that?” “It beats me. This was all we could get however. We don’t know what order when or where they’ll strike next. We’re deducing some probabilities but we’re not sure yet.” “The Mayor.” Mangler raised a brow. “I’m sorry?” Jacob walked over to the armory and began to gear up. Taking a socom pistol and stuffing it in the compartment of his left thigh. “In new claifornia. That’s where they appeared. That means more than likey their target was already in immediate proximity. Thus what better way to start things off than by knocking down the cities government by -c-

Ryoji: knocking off it’s mayor first. He’s the highest ranking official on that list right now in that area. My gut tells me that’s where they’ll strike first.” Jacob stuffed some extra clips in his utility belt. “Drop me off exactly 2 miles out form city hall. I’ll stealth my way in, more than likely the assailant will to.” Mangler nodded in approval.  “Very insightful.” Mangler began to push some buttons, and image would’ve begun to appear on screen. “You’ll be dropped off there. Be careful…we’re going full on stealth mode. That means whatever you get into we’re only a ways away. “ “No, that won’t work. We’re not just dealing with tech here. They’ve got people on there with high sensory abilities. They can manually find you…maybe even take you out.” Jacob would’ve pushed the bay door, and watched it open, the wind rushing in. he’d look back to Mangler and point up. “Increase aerospace! Get to a high altitude and perimeter the city for odd or multiple targets. I’ll send a distress signal if it’s to bad but that’ll be on me! Do not reveal your location at any cost, understand?!” Mangler nodded and saluted Jacob. “OH before you go here.” Mangler would’ve handed Jacob a pill. “What’s this?” “It’s a modified Adderall substitute, Basically the drug but without the harmful sides effects of erectile dysfunction or heavy bowl movement. It’ll keep you awake, alert, and focused for 12 hours.” “I don’t think I’ll need it. I can go at least 72 hours without rest.” Mangler shook his head. “Going with out rest and preforming without rest are two different things.  It’s for your own good.” Jacob looked at the pill for a second before popping it into his mouth and swallowing it. Mangler saluted him. “Go get em.” Jacob nodded, and leapt from the plane! Free falling down in the sky in the sky,  he’d look around for a foot hold or something to grab onto but he couldn’t find anything. He’d take his shield from his back and put it beneath his feet, squatting down and bending his knees, and he’d hit the ground with a loud ‘CRACK!” The shield absorbing every bit of kinetic energy that could’ve come from that fall and enabling him to land just fine, without so much as an injury. He stood up, strapping it back to his back, and looking around. “Alright. It’s go time.” Jacob would’ve taken off running, peaking his speed at about 45mph, and darting down the side walk and towards city hall, to try and prevent a key figure from losing their life tonight.


Nik Tasanagi: ( )Nik rushed through the night time roof tops in a black cloak that covered his whole body and even had a hood compartment that allowed his face to be shrouded. He rushed through the roof tops leaping from builiding to building as he listened in to what Victor Van Varex had been saying through his ear piece.

" Your mission... ' Nik Tasanagi ' Aka NightWolf., Its a simple one really. Like I said before, we have people in our way that wishes to end our most generous organization. And we have the biggest leads on one of the Newly discovered Shards of Nirvana. Im aware that once we found it,other had did so as well. The Infinites wish to get there hands on Heroes Inc Nullifer, and with it, they want to drive the world weak so finding the artifact/ Shard would prove less then a chore in terms of opposition. Heroes Inc, hmph, the humble heroes. They know about the shard as well... they just havent made a move for it. There simply waiting, and Lions Corp? Those fools... stupid muscle headed idoits who only know to point a gun and shoot will never truly understand the importance of those shards. Nor do they have interst. The Hunters of Judah. They reside within this city... Information about the clan is unknown. But watch out for them. You are still wolf blood, and still Oni. They have the means to kill you if not careful.And then finally... your pack. They will surely be an issue. Within all of my days... a pack of wolfbloods are surely and truly a pain in the ass. There unpredictable, but they can be caught, and killed, like the wild animals that they are. Your mission? Well... we will relay them to you as you move. Keep your head down,get to your targets swiftly... and quietly. Do you understand? " Varex said to Nik whom had been silently taking it all in. Kin on the other hand shouted,his words coming out like a fercious roar." DONT YOU DARE TOUCH MY PACK... " He said barking at Nik, and even Nik... and his murderous nature had to stray due to Kin's overwhelming alpha aura and dominance. Nik wouldnt test Kin... he still had to much power , even if Nik did have hold of his body.

" Copy that big guy. Dont worry... I can be quiet. " Nik said flipping over a building and landing on his right knee before he stared down.. at what appeared to be The same Casnio/bar/club that The 'Senator' had been going to. " A party huh..." Nik said as he pulled his robe off allowing it to flow into the wind as his suit was exposed completely.The Suit

When Nik is around, he typically wears a suit issues to him by The Order , when inside of it. He's immune to all forms of Oni killers. From metals, to even the angry bloom. As it attacks the Anti-oni properties disperse on contact. It's an Anti-manderin suit. Dispersing all attacks that come his way. Nik's suit is insilated with weather and temperature control. Meaning under certain visual spectrums of vision like X-ray, gamma-ray, etc. He becomes invisible on all forms of the technological spectrum. With the suit however it doesnt enhance Nik/Kin's abilites, but it does allow him to negate all form of Manderin Techniques. Allowing Nik to become a physical TANK of death and destruction. Along the clawed finger tips of the suit, is Negametal. Negametal has thus far been found in nature only in the isolated region of Antarctica known as the Bleak Jungle. It is also known as Void-Metal due to its effects. Whereas Wakandan Vibranium absorbs vibratory energy into its molecular bonds, Nega-metal, through a means that is not yet understood, emanates vibrations which cause the atomic and molecular bonds in nearby metals of other kinds to weaken. The result is to cause nearby solid metals to liquify. If huge quantities of Nega-metal were gathered together, at some unknown point the accumulated mass would increase logarithmically as more Vibranium was added. With it, Nik can slice and decimate through almost ANYTHING. The suit even compliments and allows easy access for all of Kin's lycan forms. When he shifts into the half wolf state, it keeps it form bulking just slightly, within the lycan state, it grows a great size, shifting down into a pair of pants and boots on his massive lycan size. And within his dire wolf form, it becomes a dog collar. When he's not suited up, it sports itself in the size of a watch that he can activate on voice command.

( How he looked )

( ) The music boomed viciously throughout the club as people danced with each other aggressive and sexual mannerisms. The Senator would have bursted through the doors moving and extending his arms out and shouting out at the top of his lungs. " Youuuuuuuur princcceee hassss arrivveeeddd!!! " He shouted and as he did the others within the casnio began to shout in praise to there senator whom apprantly came out here quite often. " Come on girrlssss lets paarrttyy! " He said clapping his hands as he shook his hips left to right to the beat making his way over to the bar. But... within the bar...had been none other then Agent V... in a dress, and hair styled in the same manners as her sister Red Velvet the famous singer from Kasaihana city.

( How she looked. )

Nik Tasanagi: A few men had been whistling and trying there hardest to catch her attention. Impresonating her sister was easy, and thanks to her sisters well reknown carrer. She made it alot easier on herspy sister to get into places. " Nightwolf. Im in postion... the Senator... Or better yet... The ' Mayor ' Is here. We've been keeping recon on him for a past week. Killing him will leave the city in a state of chaos. Allowing us to take over it from the inside, and boom more fundings to our cause, and a new secrect stronghold. I guess he figured playing as a flamboyantly gay senator would catch his assassians off gaurd. He should have never refused Lord Varex offer. " She said via nanomachines, the transmsission going right into Nik's ear piece. " I see... " Nik said crouched down watching him from afar through some glass on the roof. " And your looking lovely as ever... if i may add. " " Dont flatter yourself Tasanagi. You work for us now. I dont fuck people I work with, bad for busniess. " She said via nanomachines again so no one could hear there conversation. " Make an exception. " Nik said as he continued to set himself up, checking his two pistols on his hips before loading both Desert Eagles with extended clips and laser pointers. As he was working over his gear he turned his head down to spot Lotus and Artemis both, cocking a brow before he'd grin from ear to ear. " Well now... " " What is it? " Velvet said resonding to Nik's response to whatever he had saw." Nothing... just saw two girls I wouldnt mind climbing into. " " Christ... i remember Tasanagi being a bit more subtle. " " Well I aint Kin, Im Nik... And If I see something I Like... go for it. " He says checking over his pistol looking at it from side to side, The Bullets were homing bullets that worked and had been synched with his Z-pathogens flowing through his body. He had two Tonfa on his sides that were eletrical by touch and he had two gernades on his waist. Cocking his head left to right he scanned over the club more time before he turned his head over to what looked like a air ventlation shaft. " Hey... if you find the right hole, get it in it. " Nik said opening the holds of the vent hopping down into the club.

Meanwhile... Mangler would have beeped into Jacob sounding frantic. " Damn it! I told Mayor Cotton not to do that damned Decoy thing! He gave me his word that he'd never do that, he could have atleast informed us. The radars are picking up an extremly high tec suit not of our design by the Red Casnio. Jacob... the Senator running for president soon, he's the Mayor, he's been pretending to be this guy during the day to throw off his attackers. Apparently he was offered some form of Deal with The Order... he said no, there trying to kill him now. I told him god damn it I told him to come to us for protection. Listen Jacob... you have to get there. And you need to get there RIGHT NOW! Im prepping the car for you..." A Red and white car would have pulled up from where Jacob had been on the rooftops, the car on the streets reving its engine to alert him. " Get into the car... It'll get you there within 5minutes, but when you get there Jacob. You must find this assassian... and find him quickly. " Mangler said ending the transmission. " Jacob, its Steel. Ive scanned the club, and ive identified the Mayor impersonating the Senator. With your mask on, i'll creak a cloak vision you'll see a bright blue aura around his neurogenic structure around his body. You'll be able to spot him immeadtily! And as far as this Assassian, ive locked onto the silent nanomachine frequency of his suit. You'll be able to see him by a red aura. Just uh... thought i'd help and all! "
[7/19/2015 7:41:27 PM] Nik Tasanagi:
( )
( )

Nik Tasanagi:

Meanwhile again...

A limo would have rolled up to the Casnio, opening the door for Eden and Yami had been none other then Kang in his suit, looking just like an older Connor with his masucline form and his dark hair had been tied into a pony tail. He had a light goatee on his chin and his eyes were a bright bright red that almost glowed. The Other body gaurds stepped out in a formal line making way for Eden and Yami both into the casnio with there arms behind there backs, there crip black suits giving off an inhuman level of perstige with the red ties, and black gator shoes, and last and final, the Kagemaru styled round glasses on each of there faces. ' EVERYONE... PRINCE KAHLIL! And Lady Yami! " Mysto said as he introduced and Eden and Yami.

Meanwhile... On a building in the middle of Angels.

( )" Its been some time... hasn't it Veronica..." Feltcher steve said to the female whom had been standing behind him. " So... she's here. In New California..." Said a female that looked alot like Syl standing in a purple dress with a purse over her shoulders and a curvy adult female figure with a big bust and a large bottom to go with it, and curved hips. " My Daughter... is here in this city. " She said to Feltcher steve whom had been standing over the edge of a building in his stealth gear, turning around to toss pictures of Syl throughout the city onto the ground between the two of them, pictures of syl seeming rather happy. Her mother's eyes slanted at her daughters smile. It made her sick to her stomach "... We can catch her..." Feltcher steve said to her as he looked over his shoulder. And she looked back at him. " ... Whats the catch. " " We need her blood about 3 pints of it. We need to replicate the strand you and Project esper created to make that first civliization gene. " " Your trying to weild shards of Nirvana arent you. " Veronica said as she pulled at her purse. Feltcher turned to her fully with his arms crossed. " That's exactly what were doing. You gave that girl the power to destroy worlds. Do you know that? You knew she would draw attention. " "  I did... it was what i like to call investing. I knew someone would pay for it evantually. " She said with that sick grin before clenching her fist and walking to edge aswell. " You look... different... since i seen you last. " Feltcher said turning to eye her out of the corner of his eye and she did the same.

( )

She looked differently because she two had been dabbling in Syl's blood her insanity allowing her to experiment onto herself. With unknown powers. She turned her head to Feltcher steve and crossed his arms. " Ive been working out..." She said cocking her neck left to right before she looked over the edge and smirked. " No need... I'll catch Syl myself. I dont need you or your stupid clonky Order getting in my way. " She said as her body morphed right infront of him showing that Syl's blood had indeed altered her genetic structure into something similar that her daughter had been. " And dont call me Veronica anymore. Im Lady Black. " She said as she allowed some tendrils to come out of her back and blast her into the air allowing her to land onto another building across from him. " Ill catch my daughter, and ill sell the blood to you myself.  10 million a pint. " Feltcher didnt argue against her demands before he spat on the ground. " Consider it done..." He said crossing his arms signaling her off. And just like that Lady Black leaped off the edge of the building into the city of LA in search of her daughter.

( Mayhem_%28April_Parker_-_Mayday_Parker_Clone%29.JPG )

Tahira: ( ) Youuuuuuuur princcceee hassss arrivveeeddd!!! " The senator shouted as those that were in the casino begain to and cheer his praise something that made Lotus turn head outta pure embarrassment though when a half naked stud dress in a lime green Speedo with dick for days bulging out them walked by her she couldn’t help jerk her head back her semi-full lips grinning like she’d just won the lottery. “Well helllooooo nurse!” she whistles showing absolutely no shame in herself. “Looking good down there, if do say so myself. The mischief in Lotus’ amber brown eyes coming to life as they entered the room with more naked bodies, drugs, and liquor than a 1970s orgy at the Playboy Mansion, and that was just from what she saw standing at the front door. It had been two very….LONG and HARD years since Lotus had the rather unfortunate yet fortunate pleasure of being introduce to dick. And eventually Lo knew she would make those bastards that did it pay for it but for tonight she was going to sit back, relax find a pretty lady to get extra fucking sexy with, and watch the men crawl on their hands and knees before her as they begged to be apart of her girl on girl action. The raven haired ninja having opted for something less conspicuous outside of her Lion Corp uniform for tonight’s festivities, in the form of a racy neo baby blue button down halter that gave less to the imagination but still keep the men guessing, matching boy shorts that hugged her curvy hips and buttocks, glitter blue styled fishnets that came up to her thighs, and a pair white go-go boots that she’d planned to rock afterwards a club down town but meh plans changed ad she need them bitches to broken in any how ( ). Her raven hair flowing loose about shoulders and back making her Japanese-Arabian features very exotic and erotic to any connoisseurs’ taste, yet concealing the fact she still carried to military issued glocks hidden somewhere on her person. “Come on girrlssss lets paarrttyy! " The Senator said clapping his hands as he shook his hips left to right to the beat making his way over to the bar. “I second that motion but while you head to bar I’m gonna make my rounds on the dance floor, I see too many here I wanna have a baby with ooooo” Lotus cheers with a devilish grin on her face, giving sexy ass red head she walks by firm slap on the ass and wink, while blowing a kiss at her. The 21 year barely on the dance floor before half of the room pauses at her presence and give her its full attention as she moves her body with grace and precision but prolly jolting Artemis’ to remember that she was exotic dancer after all as a couple (m-f) move up towards Lo and started  to press there bodies to the beat up against her’s. Sandwiching her between them as they caress, nip, and playfully use their hands to flirt with every aspect of her skin. Anyone who was watching might have a gotten a hard on from hell or even wanted to join in. Which was cool for Lotus, the more the merry. To her human sexuality was a beautiful thing there wasn’t any need to ashamed about it and more you have of it, the more there was to go around. Although it did have its draw backs at times. She reminded herself extending her right arm forward in the direction of where Artemis was while caressing another guys crotch openly in the mist of the public eye and curling her index backwards then forwards. “Common out here Blue you know wanna?” she’d exclaimed over the booming sound of the music pouring over the massive speakers. “Don’t be shy…we won’t bite unless you want us too.” Lotus taunts dropping her hips to floor between the two she’s dancing which, the female giving her ass a nice hard smack causing her to growl as she savors it jiggling it over the woman crotch as she proceeds to stand up.

Syl: Haukea, finished polishing Kanazuchi and held it up in the hair, her eyes sparkling with pride. Syl was still against the fence still playing her game, something called 'Pokemon' Haukea got up and walked towards Syl who was intently staring at the screen and mashing buttons, her red eyes narrowing at the screen. Haukea slid in beside her and stared at the game over Syl's shoulder. Two monsters seemed to be fighting each other, Haukea snorted and leaned back on the fence causing the metal to bend further with their combined weight. Haukea slung her arm over Syl who looked up from her game to raise an eyebrow at her, "Yeah?" Syl asked her friend. "You know Syl. We need to get you a man." Haukea said matter of factly. "You're so uptight." She said standing up, nodding one as if to finalize a deal. "Yep! We're gonna get Syl a man!" She said happily turning to her friend. Syl just looked back at her game and shook her head. "No thanks. I had one, I dont want another, Im waiting for him." Haukea tilted her head, she'd had no idea Syl was talking about Talon. "Oh come on Syl." She went over to Syl and dragged the girl to her feet, causing her to drop her game and it cut off. "NO! MY GAME!" Syl screeched as Haukea pulled Syl's face into her breasts and danced with her badly singing. "Every party needs a pooooper! Thats why they invited yoooooou! Party pooooper!" She sang to Syl who stared at her like she was retarded. Haukea stopped dancing as red eyes met blue ones and they stared at each other. Syl literally just staring wide eyed at Haukea who was trying to not to burst into laughter. Syl looked back at her game now covered in dirt and off. With a cracked screen, Syl went limp is Haukea's arms dangling from her grip like human possum. Haukea's giggles stopped as she looked at Syl playing possum. She damn well she wasn't dead. "I KNOW YOU ARENT DEAD I CAN HEAR YOU BREATHING." Syl stayed possum but a faint voice could be heard. "I almost bea thte game..." Syl moaned sadly. Grabbing Haukea's hair she yelled in fake tears. "I ALMOST BEAT THE GAME HAU, WHAT THE FUCK?" She yelled clinging to Haukea's face. Trying to push Haukea's face into her boobs but...Syl was...flat. Haukea pulled Syl off of her and set her on the floor. "You cant do that. Flatty." Haukea teased. Syl looked down at her chest and stomped back over to her game as Haukea grinned toothly, but Syl froze, "Hau...the spiders are going nuts, I dont know why's familiar..but not..." Syl struggled with the words and looked at Haukea.  Haukea gripped Kanazuchi and nodded. "Alright. Im sure it's nothing though. Maybe some birds." Syl shrugged and looked up at the sky. "Maybe..." she whispered.


Eden : A pool of Debris flooded from the opening Eden gashed into the center of the fridge upon his collision along with a cool thin lining of air filled with a break of ice and an uneasy breeze; A piercing sound splitting through the kitchen and gauging at the senses of Eden - rocked his sense of mobility, his  gaze went dull and all he met was a dull vision, a wave of an never ending blur, Eden turned to the watch handed to him. It was something he so desperately needed, especially in situations such as this where his line of defense remained dull and applicable,Eden extended his arms gripping both sides of the fridge and swiftly lifted his body to full height. His eyes darted towards the exit self-made by the flying can who swooped in as the aide of the “Red Dawn” Eden quickly pulled the arms of his coat,straightening out rigid edges of his suit. His gaze meeting he starling city below, his emerald hues melting amongst the glowing light scapers. The flashing lights racing across the liveliness of the streets, “ Red Dawn Huh ?” Eden quickly turned to the other commanders. “ I think Im going to need a new tux.” Edn softly said before swiftly walking pass them.

Upon his entrance in the Limo, he took heed to what Yami said about his situation with his tie. Eden gave a slight snarl before turning his gaze towards the window,” Keep your head at Task. “ Eden shot back at her before fixing the cuff of his sleeves “ We are Mr. and Mrs. Khalil from here on out do not break character. “ Eden quickly warned her a bit aggravated before finally appearing before the Casino.

White Rabbit: Yami sent a glare towards him and sighed as she shut her eyes and let her head rest against the cushion. It wasn't until he spoke of again that she rolled her eyes and spat back at him. "Yes, husband." It was monotone when she spoke. She didn't feel like arguing with a new recruit. Let alone a new commander.

She felt the limo come to a complete stop and she smoothed down her dress, getting helped out of the limo by Kang and she nodded her head at him. Once Eden had stepped out of the limousine, Yami had slipped her arm through his if allowed and she'd keep her head up with a small smile on her face. Her heels clicked against the floor as she began walking forward as Mysto had earned everyone's attention from his announcement. "Everyone!... Prince Khalil, and Lady Yami!"

Yami could hear the whispers of how amazing it was to meet a prince such as handsome as Eden. Yami's grip on Eden's arm was neither too loose nor to tight. Oh what a night this shall be.

Ryoji: " Damn it! I told Mayor Cotton not to do that damned Decoy thing! He gave me his word that he'd never do that, he could have atleast informed us. The radars are picking up an extremly high tec suit not of our design by the Red Casnio. Jacob... the Senator running for president soon, he's the Mayor, he's been pretending to be this guy during the day to throw off his attackers. Apparently he was offered some form of Deal with The Order... he said no, there trying to kill him now. I told him god damn it I told him to come to us for protection. Listen Jacob... you have to get there. And you need to get there RIGHT NOW! I’m prepping the car for you..." Jacob was almost right outside of city hall when he’d heard this and his eyes widened. “What?!!?”” He looked around panicked and frustrated. “A fucking decoy….i thought you went over him about that! DAMMIT!” Jacob would’ve begun to bee line away from city hall, so the car could find him in a bit of an easier location. . " Get into the car... It'll get you there within 5minutes, but when you get there Jacob. You must find this assassian... and find him quickly. " Mangler said ending the transmission. Jacob would’ve hopped into the car, and pushed in a couple of buttons. “Don’t bother.” He override the autopilot and pulled up the gps. “I’ll get there in three…” Jacob pushed the pedal on the car, and began to drive off! Speeding twaorfds the location to find Red Casino, the place where things were aprantly about to go down like china town! The car veered through the streets, twisting, twinning and turning every which direction, until he got another call. It was from stell, pushing a button on the dashboard he’d listen. “Dawn here.” " Jacob, its Steel. Ive scanned the club, and ive identified the Mayor impersonating the Senator. With your mask on, i'll creak a cloak vision you'll see a bright blue aura around his neurogenic structure around his body. You'll be able to spot him immeadtily! And as far as this Assassian, ive locked onto the silent nanomachine frequency of his suit. You'll be able to see him by a red aura. Just uh... thought i'd help and all! " “Thanks, I’ll upload that info into my contacts.” Jacob would’ve pulled up out side of the club, and as he did, he’d re-engage the autopilot and hit the eject button! As he did his body would’ve come soaring from the roof of the well designed car, causing him to land on the ground a few feet away from it. Quickly taking off and running towards the entrance. The bouncers outside stretched their hands out. ‘hey you can’t come in here.” “Step aside. Heroes Inc official business, you do not need to interfear. Go on home.” “Look sir we ca-“ Jacob would’ve taken his shield and bopped the man on the left in the head, making his body limp on impact, before truning around clockwise, and repeating the same action with the bouncer on the opposite side, rendering him unconscious as well.” My hand slipped…I was trying to show you my heroes inc i.d card.”Jacob would’ve hurried inside!

( ) Jacob would’ve made his way through the crowd a bit, looking for the coloration signatures he’d been told to search for. ‘Red is the assassin….blue is the mayor…” Jacob pushed through a few more people, some giving him funny looks. “Excuse me, s’cuse me. Sorry. Please move.” Jacob saw him! The red aura in the crowd. “He’ll notice me because I look funny…” Jacob then saw the blue aura twaords the wayward side of the club. “No time to think here…”first move, I can’t let anyone get hurt but me!” ( ) Jacob would’ve taken the shield off of his back, and held it with his right hand, looking across the dance floor only to see a fire alarm. It was about 50 feet away, but nothing his eyes couldn’t pick up as he’d toss his shield forward! The disc hurled through the air, in a curve, and missed every single other person who’s path it traveled through and as it did, it would’ve impacted the fire alarm dead on! Only to then, bounce off and upwards, towards the ceiling and impacting one of the sprinklers! However the sprinklers would’ve went off the moment the alarm did, but the sprinkler hit, would’ve been angled directly over the unknown assassin’s area of hiding! The shield would’ve come back to Jacob, and Jacob would’ve caught it, starting to yell. “Everybody out! Fire!” a couple people yelled and began to move but some were stubborn, one guy even shouting. “where’s the fire at?!” Jacob would’ve pulled an explosive pellet and thrown it towards a speaker only to have it burst into flames! “Happy? Everyone out, move move MOVE!” the people would’ve slowly started to evacuate. Weather the mayor did or not was their own choice, but if he’d had tried Jacob would’ve met up with the mayor and spoken to him. “Stay close to me. Don’t leave until the assassin comes after you so I can draw him out.” Jacob would’ve held his shield on his left arm, and turned his back to make a barrier around his body to be on the look out. He could see the assassin as clear as day by the time everyone cleared out of the club and if he tried to leave Jacob could still track him if need be. “I’ve found you. Games over assassin. I need you to come with me for questioning….”

Nik Tasanagi: ( ) Nik had been in the middle of the room, hovering right over the Mayor actually as he stood ontop of the bar in his Nightwolf suit, his eyes staring down at the mayor as his white hair draped down his face. As he stood over the Mayor. Artemis had been in hands as he had her by the back of her shirt knocked out and dangling from his grip, thanks to her small size, she'd dangle over the ground for a good 1 foot. "... A new player has joined the game I see. " Nik said staring Jacob with a smirk on his face. He tossed Artemis to the side so her knocked out for would crash through the wall and into the office space behind the bar. Agent V would have barred all of the doors and exits so Lotus and the Mayor couldnt escape. While Kin hit an EMP so all transmissions that could possibly be made to phone into the main base could be shut down. " ... Hey gorgeous. Keep the mayor company? I'll kill him in a few minutes. I have to deal with this Red Dawn impersonator. " Nik said as he dropped down from the bar with his fists in a tight grip as he walked over to Jacob, standing face to face with one another in a death lock.

" ...So, heroes inc. They paying good this year? Or you guys still make less then minimum wage. " Nik said as pretended to pull his pants up before he got down into his stance, spreading his feet apart and getting into the Base Kaiju Karate stance while he readied himself to fight this costumed rival. With his muscles buldging from his suit he stared Jacob down. " Dont interfer... V. " Nik said as he shot a glare over to his partner, whom had been staring at Lotus from a distance with a glare in her eye. The Casnio on the other side hadnt even been aware of the distress happening in the club portion of its establishment. ' You better watch out. ' Kin said within the depths of his own mind. ' The Red Dawn is a powerful combatant from what ive heard. I hope he kicks your ass... I can tell you now. You arent ready. ' Nik shook his head barking, it'd look like the pyshotic version of Kin had been losing his shit. " SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT IM READY, I CAN DO ANYTHING! EVEN CRUSH THIS GUY... ILL BEAT YOU, THEN ILL KILL THE MAYOR! " V glared and pressed her finger tips to her ear piece but sucked her teeth when all she was met with was static. " That fool... he used a EMP. " She said in terms of Nik. '... His alternate personality and the real Kin are clashing. It'll be a battle to see which is stronger, everything he hates about himself. Or... the front he's been putting up for the past few years. " V said as she crossed her arms, her eyes locking back over to Lotus. Making sure her and this Mayor stayed put. " So... Red Dawn. Lets do this.... Nightwolf vs Red Dawn. This will be a fight in the history books. What do you think... huh..." Nik said with that sick glare of his before he began to grin from ear to ear.


Ryoji: Jacob would’ve seen the room finally clear out somewhat. The water from the sprinkles was drizzling down, and as it did, he’d have seen the assassin standing on the bar top. The body of a blue haired woman in his hand. Jacob shifted his stance a bit and narrowed his eyes at her. . "... A new player has joined the game I see. " he watched him toss the girl through the wall.  Jacob watched him hit some kind of device and when he did, the communicator in jacob’s ear piece stopped working. He’d poke it a couple of times trying to get it to start up, but it was a complete no go. ‘Damn…I’m cut off…” Jacob would’ve grunted, and kept his shield on his arm, watching as the guy would’ve hopped down from the bar stool and approached him rather closely. It was clear this…”Nightwolf” as he called himself wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal with his opponents…but Jacob couldn’t fail. He couldn’t let this man kill the mayor by any means! He didn’t reply to any of his jokes, or witty banter. Jacob wasn’t that type of person, not when he knew there were lives on the line. He wasn’t all that confident about this situation because he’d had no intel on the situation at hand period…thus he was defintily going in blind. Nothing he hadn’t mentally prepped for. . " So... Red Dawn. Lets do this.... Nightwolf vs Red Dawn. This will be a fight in the history books. What do you think... huh..." Jacob would’ve wiped his mouth and placed the shield on his back side. “I think you talk to much.” Jacob would’ve taken a boxing stance, but in a real life scenario he wasn’t about to give his opponent time to square up. Not when a life was on the line, and no sooner than he’d taken his stance he’d attack!

Jacob, takes a stance or in the middle of a combo already, and attempts to kick his opponent 7 times in rapid succession. 2 kicks thrown with the right foot aimed at the side of the left knee cap, attempting to cave it in, 2 kicks thrown with the left leg aimed at the opponents right hip and rib cage, in attempts to crack the pelvis severely and deeply, and attempting to outright fracture or break the right 3 ribs with Jacob's crushing martial force and posture, and finally 2 more kicks, i.e a clock wise spinning upper right heel kick towards the chin, which if connected would push the opponents jaw against their mandible, hitting a nerve to cause severe lock jaw and limit breathing from the mouth FOLLOWING UP with an attempted upwards vertical axe kick with the left foot aimed dead at the curve of the neck. This particular kick would send the opponent air borne temporarily and strike a nerve that would send a ringing noise though the opponents ear cutting that sense off momentarily. All of this would lead up to Jacob pushing off of his right foot in an attempted backflip kick towards the chin once again. if this hit connected, the opponents teeth would be pushed and mushed against each other cracking severely and sending the opponents body arching backwards before flopping to the ground past the point of unconscious. Each kick is thrown in a matter of half second intervals and even if one is blocked, the other kicks will still be attempted unless interrupted entirely.

Tahira: In midst of the fun of her fun and frolicking with her multiple dance partners Lotus would’ve taken note of the entire room from the massive sized dance floor to the overhead DJ booth. And for the most part everything was cool. The senator of course seemed to be enjoying himself mixing and mingling with various constituents as he put in their hearts and minds that he was on the front lines to be the next man in charge while flirting with the male bartender in a manner that the pretty little ninja thought made her tactics look like an average every day sinners as she moved her hips charismatically to the dark grunge tempo with a very voluptuous that made raves the sweet cesspools of sin that they were that is until with blue and pink haired blonde gyrating against her hips. Lo making sure she grabbed an ample hand full of her before attempting to lean in and give her one wicked ass tongue kiss that is until she heard the senator let out an overly charged feminine like scream. Causing Lotus to instantly jerk her head away from the woman she all heavy hell bent on fucking only to see Artemis behind held up at least 1 foot or so up in the air by the back of her shirt knocked out cold by some guy dressed up in something that one of Heroes Inc.’s guys rejected for a costume. “ARTEMIS!” the 21 year old would growl immediately going for her left boot in order to retrieve one of the AKs she’d hidden there for safe keeping before she her right hand could even grasp for the handle her amber eyes would’ve caught sight of this wierdo in a costume about to toss the petite warrior through a nearby wall behind the bar as if she trash being thrown in a heap as all the other patrons attempted to make a run for it. Lotus wasting no time to make a bolt for in order to at least try to catch the girl before she incurred some serious damage, the pretty little ninja using the chaos of the people escaping to slip into the shadows of a nearby table in order make a dash for it, just barely making it as the blue hair girl body along with her own made impact with the wall the moment she stepped out of the shadow of a nearby glass that was on the counter. Both of them going through it completely and thought Artemis was still knocked out for the most part of it Lotus herself had only minor injuries that included a back ache from hell but still it allowed her to get up off her ass where she landed for the most part and back up onto her feet before placing Artemis in a safe location up towards the end of the bar, a place most people wouldn’t look for a person to be in the middle of the fight as she knew it, while she went back to deal this brat in a knock off superhero’s suit and the senator. Those that had managed to escape could consider themselves lucky but the rest would soon find themselves trapped like rats right along with Lotus and Senator all in part to some red haired chick in a dress that she knew even her own grandma wouldn’t be caught wearing yeah it was that bad taste wise, the young MJ quickly going for the earring in her left ear which was in fact an communicator in order to contact the Commander and the rest of the fleet. “Commander this is Rakim, do you read me.” The channel would immediately come back with nothing more than static as someone inside the room had managed to jam the fuck outta the frequency that they were using. Lotus would try again, “Commander, come in we have a situation here.” But yet again it was a no go. “Damnit!” she’d swear under her breath just in time to have the Senator come scrambling to her side literally terrified.  . " ... Hey gorgeous. Keep the mayor company? I'll kill him in a few minutes. I have to deal with this Red Dawn impersonator."  Lotus would hear the guy say as her eyes caught sight of gent sporting the Red Dawn suit. ‘Tch impersonator my ass pal that’s the real deal’ she’d think the sudden cry of “Doooooooo somethinggggg!” the senator wailed the gay man act he was pull earlier suddenly coming to halt causing Lo to grimace at the poser in disgust. Not mention she wasn’t liking the eying down the red head was with the mamma magpie dress on was giving her. If there was nothing she hated the most it was posers and this bitch along with the senator had really struck a chord in her. “This is what I am paying you people for isn’t it?!” he’d continued whine. “Ah shut the fuck up bitch, this is what you asked for right…” she shot off at him causing the grown man to look up at her in silence….and in shock at the 21 year old woman who kept on staring at the  leering at her redhead like she was jealous or some shit. “Just what the fuck are you looking at you old hag?” Lotus said all rather bluntly to the red head not really giving two ounces of fuck how she takes it. “If it’s me then I will most definitely understand but why don’t you take a picture it will last a bit longer. Heavens only know that the flea market knock off dress of Red Velvet’s you’re wearing won’t.” the young warrior says laughing.

Quinn Rose: Yami was on the the verge of having a melt down. She was a bit tempted to just run around and play. To be honest, she was cooped up in the Inifinites base so long she never knew what it was like to actually have fun despite picking on the commanders. She looked up at Eden and smiled gently. "Let's have some fun, husband." She led him over towards one the the slot machines that was titled "Dark Tombs".

Yami sat down in the seat and pulled out 500 tanz and inserted it into the machine. It started to flash and she pulled down on the lever and watched as the numbers rolled. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding! "WINNER. WINNER. WINNER." Flashed on the screen and then 1000 followed. "Oh, look dear, I won, 1000 Tanz." She pulled the lever again and bet the whole 1500 Tanz, and then pulled the lever. Five dings passed and then flashing again was "WINNER. WINNER. WINNER" Her pot had doubled to 3000 Tanza and she grinned...

Yami was surrounded by hundreds of people as she had been on her 9th win and her total winning was now 895,500 Tanz. Everyone watched in amazement as Lady Yami had a bit of luck in that little 5'2" body of hers. She pulled the lever once more and... Screams of joy echoed throughout the casino and Yami raised her arms up in victory as her winnings were now at 1,791,500 tanz and she decided to cash her winnings out and everyone cleared the way as a man with a bag began to  gather the tokens as it poured into the bag. "This little getaway is fun isn't it, love?" She turned to Eden and her icey blue gaze met with his.

Nik Tasanagi: )

The Kicks that Jacob had thrown 2 in all that were aimed at his left knee cap were dodged with two steps back one for each Kick aimed at his knee. The two kicks that were aimed at his right hip were blocked when Nik pulled his right hand into the first kick, and then his left hand into the following rib kick! The shock wave of the kicks sent a cringing sting up Nik's arms but he'd block it out to a numbing sensation rather quickly before he road out the rest of the attacks! The two final kicks within the combo would have been aimed towards Nik's jaw and he had been ready for it! ' This guys hella fast... ' Nik said within his own mind before Kin shouted at the top of his lungs. " YOU IDOIT MOVE! " Kin said to Nik as he pushed him aside! The two kicks aimed for his jaw Kin now whom had tempoarirly taken over his body again weaved his head to the right dodging the first kick, only to pull his left forearm up and under Jacobs Acheles heel with the second kick, and with his right hand he'd the free one ( Seeing that he caught it with his left. ) Doing this manuver would cancel out Jacobs final following up attack if it connected! He'd use Jacobs momentum as he pulled Jacob into his direction while he took a step backwards so jacobs leg would slide right under Nik's right armpit locking it into his grip! Turning his body over to the left as he pushed forward with Jacob in his grip as he slammed his left fist into Jacobs chest over and over again! If they connected Jacob would feel a powerful shockwave that errupted through his chest cavity and sternum as he blasted his fist into jacobs chest 4 times before he would have backed his rival into the bar! If it connected Jacobs back would be pressed against the bar while Kin would have attemtped to send a headbutt into his new rival and do a light push blast off Jacobs chest with his right hand so he'd push himself away from him by 2 feet before he did a push blast behind his back with his oppssite hand ( the left ) so HARD! That he'd blast himself forward with the strength of shotgun blast with 3 times the power as he attempted to clotheseline Jacob through the bar completely knocking him through the wall.

Once and if it connected Kin would have gripped onto his head as Nik took the driver seat again. " No one asked you to interfer..." Nik said to Kin as his eyes shifted back from gold to blue again. Something that Jacob if he had been watching would have noticed, getting back into his stance as he signaled Jacob over with a smirk on his face. " Round 2? " He said with a grin on his face. ' This guys a trained martial artist. Only reason why you were able to remotely keep up with those attacks is because of my mental chi playing its part. You dont know how to beat this guy. But I do. ' Kin said to Nik. ' Your just a stupid kid, taking daddies car out for a test drive GIVE ME BACK MY GOD DAMNED BODY! ' Kin said battling Nik from inside and on the outside Nik/Kin would have been holding his head as he wobbled left to right around the club. " SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! THIS IS MINE NOW! " Nik said before his chi erupted from his body in a burst of red before his eyes turned into there bright purple ( Kins version of his eyes when they turn red, his turn purple. ) " Come on Red Dawn... I SAID ROUND 2! " Nik/Kin said in unison as there voices had meshed together. He'd have rushed forward again as he'd attempt to TACKLE! Jacob through the wall blasting them both through it so they'd land into a kitchen area, the chefs rushing out from the sudden destruction.

" He's mentally battling himself... this wont end well. He wasnt ready. " The red headed titan of a warrior said. Agent V had been scowling and shaking her head. She had ignored Lotus and turned her head to eye the other side of the room as more vegetation began to grow around the room by the second. She'd simply remember that, taking a mental note to herself. The Mayor would have rushed over before whipping the makeup from his face and scowling at the fight. Even his voice had been deeper as he pulled himself out of his ' disquise. ' " I suppose the jokes over. " He said ripping the pink bow tie off and turning back over to Artemis rushing to her side as he pressed his right hand over her head. "... She's fine. " He said turning back around to Lotus , his eyes scanning over the exits only to be dissappointed. " You have to create a diversion so I can escape. Do you understand? If I die here... the fate of New California is lost do you understand me Lion Corp Solider? " He said with a clam tone his eyes dead set and focused on Lotus's own gaze if she had been looking at her directly.


The contact that Eden and Yami had to attract would have been watching as Yami continued to wind the games at a repeated succession. " Is... That Prince Khalil's wife? " The contact said to his wife before she nodded her head in agreement. He took a sip from his drink, rubbing his bald head before he stood to his full height. " Intersting. " He said pulling his hands together. Before long a larger man in a suit with a bald head as well walked over to Eden and Yami before handing them a letter and bowing. " I am Chen. Personal body gaurd to the owner of this establishment. He'd like to meet you two. You both have peaked his interest on a level that I have yet to see. " He said bowing his head again and then pulling his right arm outward to signal them to follow. " I go where they go. " Kang said stepping forward, his dark brown hair and red eyes dead set and focused on the man whom had introduced himself to Eden and Yami both. They both had a light stare down before Chen bowed his head. " Very well. Please come, come all three of you. " Kang nodded his head before looking at Eden and Yami both. The trio would have been guided down to where the Contact had been in his office. He sat in his seat with his feet on the desk, and his hands pulled behind his head in a lazboy styled fashion. He wore an all white suit, and he a cigeratte in his mouth. He had women all throughout the room in sexual attire as they all cleaned or had been sex with one another in aggressive fashion. " Welcome, welcome. I see you two... have been quite lucky out there on the games. No one's won that much money in quite some time. I see... lucks hit you well. " The man said smirking before he looked to the 15 armed gaurds at the doors they had just let them in through. They'd lock the doors and cock there guns, Chen had pulled Yami and Eden both into chairs seating them both while Kang had been stuck up by gun point, 4 gunmen in all. He kept a calm expression while The Contract target began to laugh. " But that's the thing. That's godly luck, inhuman luck, your cheating. And I dont do well... with cheaters. So my boys... are gonna waste ya. Unless... you give me one good reason why I shouldnt. And the clocks fucking ticking... make it good. I need something to laugh at. "

Ryoji: Jacob could feel the borderline success of some of his attacks going through! The kicks going according to plan, somewhat. He seemed to be blocking just about every single one of them, until the last kick was caught! “?!” this put Jacob at a bit of a disposition! How should he react! He saw this Nightwolf character draw his fist back, and calc’d it to impact him in the chest if the didn’t act fast! As such, Jacob would’ve opened his right hand, palm forward, and gripped the back of his right hand with his left hand! The punch rather than impacting his chest would’ve landed dead in the center of his palm! Jacob winced a bit! “That strength…that’s not an everyman’s strength right there… Must be a metahuman.” Jacob would’ve blocked three of the chest punches, but his hands were paining him with a burning fury and he had to pull his hands away, only to take the last punch to the chest! The body armor did its job thankfully and a lot of the impact was dispersed through the entirety of the suit in waves and ripples through the liquid body armor! “Tch!” Jacob had to close one eye because the shit DID hurt but not as much as it could’ve. Jacob was sent blasting back first into the bar! When Kin came in with his headbutt, Jacob would’ve leaned his head to the right, also taking his left hand and crossing it over his chest, so when he came in with the headbutt, Jacob would’ve lightly “tapped.” Nightwolf on the back side of his neck, right where the brain stem meets the brain. Because of his adrenaline and head strong approach, he’d probably not even feel the tap, until he became idol that was. Jacob watched as he pushed off of him with some kind of invisible force a bit, and then suddenly rushed back in with a clothes line! Jacob would’ve put his arms up over his face and neck in an “X” like formation, and in doing so his body  was knocked through the wall! The damage again was minimal mostly because his shield on his backside and it numbed every bit of damage form that. Jacob would’ve picked himself up in a squat, and looked at Nightwolf. “I’m going to have to fight smart. Blocking his attacks is suicide…remember what Mr.Ryoji taught you.” Jacob would’ve taken his basic boxing stance again, clenching his fist, and letting the leather make a bit of a noise. “I’ve got to put aside our physical differences and fight like I mean it.”

( )" Come on Red Dawn... I SAID ROUND 2!” Jacob would’ve sworn he’d heard doubled voices, but he’ d pay it no attention for now…he had no choice!  When Nightwolf came in for the tackle, Jacob baited him! Raising his right hand above his body but keeping his left hand in a wrestlers position, so when nightwolf tackled him Jacob would’ve leaned his body forward  and over his oppoennts! Thus his toes connecting to the ground and sliding along the kitchen floor to keep him from being up lifted as a whole for this tackle, stooping the attempt right before he’d have hit a stove! The chefs and what not ran but this gave Jacob his chance! Since his opponent was in a tackle posture, Jacob would’ve brought his right elbow down on the back of his opponents neck! Seeing as how he threw a light “chop” there in attempt earlier, during his opponents own combination meant to use his hotheaded nature against him, if it did connect, it would’ve made this elbow devastating. The elbow, if it hit, would’ve forced the strand of nerve between his brain stem and brain to cramp and lock up, thus rendering full control of his body useless for a single minute! Even with an enhanced durability the nerves are one of the softest and fragile types of bodily tissue that can be harmed even with the softest of strikes. The light chop was only meant to soften that area, so when the secondary attack came the nerve shock wouldn’t only hurt nightwolf but cause him to feel like his body was being ripped to shreds! If this was successful he’d be like a puppet, and Jacob would’ve planted the strings! He’d lift his body to stand, and attempt to throw a 3 piece at night wolf! A left hook, a right hook, and a palm to the face! He’d follow this up with an attempted kick to his opponents gut, which would’ve caused him to double over a bit, a left punch towards his eye, and a backhanded fist with his right hand towards the base of his opponents jaw attempting to loosen that hinge, and deliver yet another chop to his neck! A right handed downwards chop! Jacob would’ve attempted to finish his combination out by kneeing his opponent in his face, to raise his body back up to standing level, and if successful he’d grab a near by frying pan and preform a superman punch, but instead of a superman punch, he’d heave hoped his body forward, his feet only a an inch off the ground for control and attempt to jam the frying pan directly into the forehead of his opponent!

How it all looked

Each of these attacks, only a 10th of a second apart, meaning Jacob would’ve attempted to capitalize on the full minute of stun time he’d bought himself by prepping and attacking! If the pan hit nightwolfs body would’ve been bent over backwards, over the cutting table, and Jacob would’ve been right there with his fist raised high before attempting to repeatedly punch night wolf in his nose, chin, and jaw area,with alternating left and right hooks! His body pressed against Nightwolfs for leverage and to keep him from moving as much! Even if one of the hits in his combination was blocked or dodged, he’d still attempt the very next hit that came after, up until the frying pan attempt! His mind was like a well oiled machine, focused on nothing but completeing the job! “I’ve got to put him down and get the mayor out of here! I’m on my own here but….maybe I can still do this!”

Mangler would’ve been hard at work trying to get the feed back online. “Dammit….nothings working!” Mangler would’ve zoomed the camera out and seen the fuzzy area where the emp had taken place, but Jacob told him specifically not to interfear. If he did it’d draw attention and cause the enemy to bring reifencorcments…Mangler had his finger over a button, letting it hover. “Please…don’t make me bring “her” in there…come on kid!”

Tahira: "You think," Lotus retorted taking note of the redhaired woman's reactions as with most broads she knew an "imma let that side but kick your ass later" was in order. This of course suited her just fine as she had a trick or two she was just dying show her as smirk moved over her soft red colored lips. The vegetation she seemingly was controlling starting rear up some vicious around the room cutting them off in every direction whilst the Senator or rather the Mayor spoke revealing to the dark haired ninja just who he really was and state the California would be in if anything were to happen to him. Which all fine and dandy but Lotus' concerns were at higher priority than just him, Artemis need her too so if she gonna died battling Ivy red here she was sure that both of them would be making outta here. "If I do you're take Blue with you got it. Don't give me any excuses as why you can't just do it..." Lotus told him the seriousness in her tone meaning that she wasn't bull shitting to say the least. "Make you life as a politician account for some besides being so self ass serving. And one other thing...Mayor don't look back...not even for a moment, use Artemis com to call the commander for help. He might be the only one who will be stop me." Their eyes never once meeting the connection the Mayor was hoping gain from overly proud ninja as she was too busy looking up at ceiling or rather the eccentric lights that were either spinning around casting various arrays of shadows one in particular she was just dying to use as the channels of Darkness that in truth were her spiritual power, Lotus began to slowly let loose causing room and objects that weren't already bolted down to the floor to shake rather violently. And this was only at a fraction of its strength! From there Lotus proceeded to open up her power further causing the energy that had been building up inside of to trickle foward in form of a dark purple almost black aura, commanding altering it flow into flog like mist with red eyes of a demon. Something that might feel very familiar to others (Kang and the others) and might make them believe that someone else they knew beside the latter was in fact battling. While to the rest who know it well they might be bewildered just a bit at her presence. Her long raven hair would dance wildly while caught up in the power she matriculating, her usually amber eyes giving off a eerie glow that if anyone (not specifying here she can't control it) were foolish enough to look directly into them would have been subjugated to her Mystic Eyes technique an ability that will negate any and all chi or mandarins type powers/attacks even if the one used is just a basic one, this power also works on onis but this attack would've only lasted a minute due to her lack of control of it and it's unpredictability as Lotus used her right hand to gesture to the mist just where she desired to go not once uttering a word. The creature darting off in the direction of agent V quite possibly making her think it had been sent forward to attack her and if she'd attempted to try to defend herself in form she'd only find that beastly spector would just simply pass right through her physical form diving right into floor or namely her shadow. Thus enabling Lotus to use Uesugi School's Animated Shadow technique. This skill allows her to transform her or in this case Agent V's shadow into living beings and being that Lotus has darkness manipulation she can if she so wills it make the red head's shadow her servant. As the rule of anything happening to the real body happens to the shadow, this ability may also allow Lotus to manipulate the body of the shadow's owner and cause damage of reality by attacking the shadow. This means anything that happens to the shadow will be reflected in the true body; in short, a form of "reverse" shadow puppetry.

"Rise my child and do my bidding." Flowed passionately from her lips the shadow mostly behind the woman adhering her call with aid of the agent Lotus sent but moments before. The shadow of the woman would've began to lift itself up from floor like a flattened cartoon character from the pavement it's eyes glowing red as it hissed directly at Agent V going on to solidify itself and become very 3-dimensional before taking its place in front of Lotus and company in the woman's very own stance of combat. Which might stun the fuck outta her at best. "Get her." Were Lotus' only set of commands as calls her own soul bound weapons to her hands, the shadow of Agent V moving foward with its first attempted attack of a combo with full out round house kick and a body slam. But if somehow Agent V were able destroy the shadow creature Lotus created with usage of her plants that were guarding the doors or from her own person the 21 year old would've just simply reverted her target towards the assassin Nik's shadow instead summoning it to do as what was stated, bringing to the red head something she seriously didn't ask for. While the dark flow of power that Lotus was wielding began to run rampant destroying everything in the half of the building.

Eden Creed: The young Nemesis swept through the mobile; gator-pointed tailored shoes fell with soft taps against the cleanse marbled floors that lead towards the casino like the yellow brick road Dorothy and friends once sang upon, his body felt suited towards the occasion, it held no hint of lack of interest, a sense of dismay - nonexistent; but his mind remained with a fueling contradiction to the composure he held that very night. His emerald hues met the rather engaging bright lights; that bursted like bombs full of flourishing colors in the midst of giving birth to anew. The peculiar hazel rings that circulated them welcomed it; as it too heeled at the flourishing waves of colors which seemed to blossom- this casino was definitely getting one aspect of holding a casino right; Eden’s gaze seemed to dwindle soon as Yami felt it best to find shelter in the comfort of his arms. The moment, Mysto announced his presence; Eden gave off a smile that fell short of every part of the word authentic’ this smile or grimace and twisted smirk was faker than crocodile tears; or the wolf who the boy who cried wolf spoke of.

Eden, followed the path made for him - for a Prince he failed to have capture the attention one would have expected in such a case for Royalty. Not, that it bothered him- The young king had came here to shed blood - but all he was confronted with was stuck up rich guys; with more money than they can handle. Sluts,Skanks and Whores whomever they went’ by now days remained at the neck of men whom seemed like the were on their way to Heavens Doorsteps. The air stunk of sex and wealth; martinis stained the crimson red carpets. The slots began to blast two sounds - one that reeked of victory and seemed to seep a sounds of tears and joy albeit excitement; while the other lead to a sense of anxiety and whimpers. Yami seemed to have been on the winning side of things as she continued to reveal her lack of strength against the distractions set out before her.

Eden, seemed to have separated the crowd that Yami slowly began to gather around her, The aroma that slipped from the crowd left a bad taste in his mouth. “ He promised me a fight, and all I'm left with is - this. “ Eden gave off a soft but aggravating sigh; Soon after Yami had come to a conclusion with her little endeavor a man had approached the two, his head as naked as chin., Eden lifted a brow at his approach the vibe in which began to spill from the man gave Eden the reasons he wanted to simply strike that man in his incoming steps. Or, it had been what Eden wanted, for the man to make wrong misstep thus giving him an excuse to shed blood, quickly he handed him a letter in which Eden took silently and for once with no defiance. He introduced himself as Chen, Eden gave off a slight nod. “ Ah, very well. “ Eden softly said before setting a foot forward in which Kang quickly cut out before him.

Eden's alluring gaze meeting the far end of Kang. Both Kang and Chen engaged in a stare off that was suppose to be no more than a few seconds but seemed to stink of years of built and aggression that all lead up to this moment; this monumental moment that seemed to have the same effect s the legendary stare off  between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Soon, as the two were finished Eden followed behind Kang he quickly hardened a firm grasp upon Yami’s wrist pulling her along with him. There seated a man- whom Eden didn’t like at first sight; but Eden decided to remain to himself for the time being. “ Luck ? I suppose you could say tha-” Eden was cut short of his sentence as he was aggressively forced to be seated at the hand of Chen. Eden listened to what the man had to say; Eden kept a stern expression as he slowly sunk  into his seat- then suddenly he gave off soft chuckles which soon exploded into a burst of laughter. “ You’ve got to be kidding me, just as a thought- despicable, you poor excuse of a man.

You place no fear in my heart; especially not in that cheap ass suit- what are you getting - baptized ? You can’t kill me. you know why ? do you really want to know you illiterate cheap fuck ?1 Cause you're already dead ! you’re graves already dug and there's nothing you- o these toy soldiers you keep around can do about it, Heh, isn’t that right Chen ? - your hearts definitely not in it, should I tell them or will you ? - you’re divorced, that imprint on that fat finger says two things you’re either cheating or lost the lost of your life; but judging from your tie- there's no way a women picked that out for you, so I'm going to stick with my divorce theory. what was it - did a another man bust in them guts ? let me guess was it a man in this room.

I suppose it was the man holding that gun to my guards head. I noticed his fingers sweat the moment I mentioned your wife. as well as the biting of the lips and the buckling of the knees all signs of  guilt - my my sad really ? To come into work every day- knowing that man had been between the same thighs as yourself; his lips on hers, quite devastating. “ Eden felt a sense of hesitation by Chen, and within moments noticed in - Eden swiftly prepped his leading foot forward which uplifted from the wooden plank along with the penetrating cracks that swept the room due to the unsteady floor;

Eden forced the chair back and caused a sickening impact due to the collision that had endured between both his chest and the back of that chair; causing Chen to fire a loose bullet, which if successful executed s Eden planned would have connected with the target's  shoulder- to which Eden would have swiftly uplifted his shoulder with such fundamental speed- causing the wrist to puncture upwards immobilizing that ball and socket before slithering his way behind Chen quickly snatching the pistol from his grasp

Eden Creed: from his grasp quickly planting the firm cold tip at his temple. “ Now your turn, give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you ? “


Keyolus Ceaser: As the Red Dawn road out Nik's aggressive tackle, he would have pulled both of his tonfa's up in between the small space of Dawn's sheild and his back! Lodging them both in there using something known as the 'slight of hand'. The Tonfa both sat there even as Jacob began his brutal onslaught on Nik! The Elbow struck and it left Nik into a daze as his vision went blurry. ' Ah shit..' Kin said within his mind as he braced himself as well! ' Relax... i got it covered. '( )  Nik said back to Kin within there shared thought space. The impact did leave Nik a hellified and deadily daze. But never the less he was able to flow with the rest of the hit. Nik's body felt like it had been on literal fire as the elbow was struck throughout the rest of his body! Only for Keyths Training to Kick in, his body slowly going numb to the pain after the first hit. And with Nik's alternate mental state then Kins. This training had allowed kin the capablity to numb his pain. But for NIk... it was pleasureable. For every hit that was sent his way no matter how powerful of the blow Nik would laugh. Blood bursting from his lips and face as Jacob knocked him about! Each hit would sent a powerful surge of pleasure throughout NIks body." You hit.... pretty hard. Feels kinda good..." Nik said as he wobbled left to right, watching Jacob with a smile on his face as his Wolfblood physiology had been showing. His durablity even at his level allowed him to stand after that brutal beat down. And when he attempted to hit Nik with the frying pan his bloodied face would grinned before he tilted his head to the left allowing Jacobs hand and the frying pan to land right into a already going microwave!

Nik would have used his newfound limp form to cartwheel to the right of Jacob as he pulled out one of honing pistols and blasted it right into the flat side of the frying pan as it broke through the glass of the microwave with his right hand. This alone would have made the Microwave explode! All the while as he twisted past Jacob, he would have turned on the electrical tonfa he placed under his sheild before the onslaught had continued. There bodies both wet due to the water sprinklers, when the water would have met the eletric current of the tonfa, Jacob would have not only more then likely been caught in the microwave explosion but he would have been stunned with a powerful eletrical current that would have caused his nerve endings to go into a frenzy! Not to mention as it sat under the shield/to back space, the shield and its vibranium nature would have absorbed most of the eletric shock but for the remainder that it didnt it'd leave Jacob in a stunned state for exactly 4 seconds! But that's all He'd need as Nik, still in the motion where he had JUST hit the switch on the tonfa, he would have been spinning off his right foot before he twisted himsef right infront of Jacob and began to release a relentless onslaught on Jacobs torso with thunderous punches!

" HUYYAAA! " Nik said with that overly deep voice as he began to beat his fist into Jacob with hellish speeds! Also called the Stance Of Overpowering Annihilation, it is a highly offensive stance. This was Kin's sensei's signature stance before he took on His sensei and lost, taking his suggestion. In this stance, Kin's speed doubles with his hand strikes by that of 60 percent. Kin's hands move so quickly that it appears that he never moves them at all to those who arent to 0.001 of a second. Using his hand in the knife hand postioning to deliever strikes of devestating porportions. Attacking ones inner organs with the Shingidachi technique. Each fist aimed towards the ribs would have made Jacobs ribs twist, snap and crumble under the relentless force of Nik's fists if it all connected Jacob would have felt like heart was caving in before Nik would have pulled his hands up into an X formation with his clawed finger tips and thanks to the Negametal he'd slice RIGHT down Jacobs suit, ripping through the skin so blood would explode from the wound before Nik would have attemtpted to follow up with a boot blasting him through another part of the kitchen!

[7/22/2015 4:43:57 PM] Keyolus Ceaser:

( )Agent V continued to do her one singular job. Humming a tune of her own. She looked at her sisters dress and slid her hands down the fabric as she thought about her for a brief moment. Her eyes shooting over to Lotus whom had been putting up some kind of show that looked like something out of an old 90's mortal kombat film or something. She watched as the entity that she sent her way would have dove into her shadow and soon enough giving it life. Agent V would have turned her head, looking extremly bored with the display before she crossed her arms and watched the creature do as its ' master' instructed. However before she could. Agent V would have allowed her body to disperse into a MASSIVE explosion of spores that swarmed around the room with whipping winds before she finally reformed herself on the other side of the room. Seeing that she didnt destroy the creature, it wouldnt have turned its gaze to Nik in the long run. " Listen here bitch. " Agent V said as the spores around the room would have continued to spin rapidly. " Your on strike number 2. I wont kill you yet. But your driving my paitance. You wanna bring friends? I will to. " She said snapping her fingers and the vegetation that had been growing in the various places out of the room began to branch out and create humnoid wooden versions of Lotus. 35 of them in all, they all had flowers that gave off a pheromone that attracted an IMMENSE level of fireflies to the flowers, getting rid of the shadow factor compeltely so the room had been lit up as bright as a massive 20 storbe lights. " Go my children. " She said mimicking Lotus as all 35 of the wooden clones rushed her at once to keep her occupied while she waited paitently for Nik to finish his job. The Mayor would have been making his way out of one of the windows with Artemis in his hands. " Damn it... there getting more and more ag-" Before he could finish his sentence the bullet that kin had shot EARLY would have made its way from out of the window in the kitchen and blasting right through the Mayors skull killing him on contact. The blow allowing the mad to fall dead in the alleway. Kin had been infact paying close attention the mayor, the bullet shot at the frying pan ( since they were honing bullets ) travled right from its bounce point IE the pan, right out the window and right into the skull of the mayor. Dropping Artemis knocked out form as it would have hit a button on her communicator that would have sent a distress signal into the Lions Corp base.

Meanwhile... again.

The Contract was shot by Edens display of skill , using his own men like that was clever. " GAWK! " He said holding his shoulder. By now Kang had taken out the rest of the guys in swift punches, not one kick thrown as he punched , broke arms, and dismemberd completely finishing up right before Eden got the drop on the Contract. The bald mans head scanned across the room and then back to Eden, before he'd grin nodding his head. " Alright... so your obviously not a fucking prince, that i can fucking figure out myself. What are you? FBI? CIA? That fucking Illuimanit wannabe Prmis group? Th-The Fucking Order? The Brotherhood? I know your not a Heroes Inc. There guys dont play like that, they dont work like that, they dont have the eyes of a killer nooooo not like you do boy. I see it now. " He said grinning. " So what is it huh?! You want your fucking money?! You want some bitches? What fucking name it kid HUH!?  Its the money right?! TAKE IT THEN! Take it you motherfucker TAKE IT!  Take it and get the fuck out dont ever return! "

Tahira: ( ) Watching the mayor’s lifeless body drop to the floor Lotus would look completely unaffected by this scene and the fact that her attack didn’t work wasn’t too surprising in the least. Most of which didn’t surprise her after all it had been 2 years since she did any of this V’s body disappearing into a massive explosion of spores that prompted Lotus jump to flipping backwards in order to gain the necessary distance as her opponent went about the task assimilating  herself on the other end opposite to the ninja. The half of the building they were all still standing in crumbling in the awake of its usage (since you didn’t acknowledge it).  " Listen here bitch. " the redheaded said the spores of course still on their wing something that Lotus found slightly odd motioning her hands against the currents of the air summoning her soul bound weapons, her kitana fans Phobos and Deimos seeming from out of thin air before lowering her body into a particular Ninjustu stance. (Nnun41vlvucfg1wdjyxj.gif ) “You’re on strike number 2. I won’t kill you yet. But you’re driving my patience. You wanna bring friends? I will to." V snapped her fingers and the vegetation that had been growing in the various places out of the room began to branch out and create humanoid wooden versions of Lotus. 35 of them in all, they all had flowers that gave off a pheromone that attracted an IMMENSE level of fireflies to the flowers, getting rid of the shadow factor completely so the room had been lit up as bright as a massive 20 strobe lights. “Flatter yourself cunt you were already on strike 3 when I saw you.” Lotus yawns looking at her little mimicking her back as she watched in readiness at the wooden copies of her herself came into fruition before her eyes all 35 of them.  “Seriously bitch all that work for these tooth picks and you still couldn’t even capture my good side, I guess second rate powers is what I should expect after all your weren’t daddy’s favorite, now were you Geppettoe?” The female states taking another shot at the fact she wearing someone’s look other than being her fucking self in order to get this job done all the while sending in the clone after her. The ability to make this red bitch go into pure rage becoming a like a drug to her and feeding into the power of darkness that was still matriculating about her in the form of that same dark purple aura. Lo would watch carefully as the clones move in the young woman standing upright once again with an unnerving calm on her face as a subtle breeze began to introduce itself due the mayor’s body having falling out of it into the alley below upon being shot by Nik. A thought which made Lotus give off a very sadistic smirk as her fingers parted her fans at their full length span of 20’ the air coming into the room suddenly beginning to pick up gust and rapidly starting gain around Lotus’ form the only thing most would be able to see of the 21 year old raven beauty would be a pair glowing red orbs once the air was at its maximum speeds and in the full form of a tornado encompassing her. Those of V’s little wooden dolls that had manage to get relatively close to her would suddenly be caught up in the gust and sent swirling around about her head before being smashed into the nearest wall upon their release while the rest who were still left standing Lotus would have allowed them to come much close to her as she truly did have a surprise for’em.  They might have even gotten close enough to quite possibly even touch her shoulder but if so Lotus would’ve muttered, “Fantomuburēdo no Dansu (Dance of the Phantom Blades )…” her eyes lighting up a dark red color as she gives the spiritual power imbued opened fan that was in her right hand a mere flick of the wrist in the direction of her enemy/target,  detaching the blades at the ends of  at her discretion (meaning she can fire 1 or more at the same time towards a person ) creating a massive like shadow or phantom oni ( in this case it’s oni due to light in the room disbanding the possibility of shadows being made) that morphs as it travels through the air into before becoming a plethora of black crescent-shaped blades that can pierce through virtually anything. Being that these blade are NOT of this world most likely  Agent V wouldn’t have been able to stop them thus enabling them once launch to proceed to make tooth picks outta the lot of the clones that had be sent at her, so fast that it would’ve made a lumberjack completely jealous. This of course would’ve also diced up and made carcasses of her little insect light show as well and just in case any more of her little creations of imperfections were to arise Lotus does the same gesture with her left hand cutting them also down to size as she attempts to make a B line Dash for Artemis who was still laying near that open window seeing as how their task was done….or rather an utter failure. Picking the girl up in her arms if indeed she had been successfully in getting rid of the fake ass broad and her little wooden soldiers. If not Lotus would’ve extended her blade while still in the low to the ground stance quite aware that any copies of her would know the same moves that she did, but most certainly would they know how to successfully counter act it. Or rather would V herself know it as Lotus motioned her fans into a position that would allow her to extend the blades at the ends of each one before diving head first directly up the middle of the clones, her right and left hands moving at ungodly like speeds slicing and dicing away at each one while her foot infused with the darkness aura of her spiritual powers kicked away at the trunks of these things with the 2 ton force of an elephant falling against at tree. Her aim of course was getting to her partner and getting the hell up outta here as again L.A.’s Mayor was a lost cause but there more just like him in the other cities in this state that wouldn’t fall to the likes of this bunch. Lotus thought somberly as she continues to make wood chips outta her so called likeness. The young taking several hits and punches from them before finally using her fan blades attack to slice through them before leaping up into the air with both legs to together, both feet infused with her power and slamming down into floor shattering it literally driving the clone through it makings as she dusts herself off, runs over towards the window, and grabs Artemis. “Well red it’s been real but seeing as our objective’s dead and I’m about to get the tenth degree from my superiors as to why, I really don’t have time to help your identity issues…so for now ta-ta…” the pretty little ninja would state using the weight of both her and Artemis to finish smashing the window apart as the two would make the same decent just as the Mayor’s body but moments ago the other difference being that unlike him Lotus would summon the winds projected by spiritual force of her fans to encircle them in order to make for a much soft and less brutal landing and on her feet no less before taking off down the alley way with Blue slight still out of it in her arms.

Keyolus Ceaser: ( )Agent V watched her display of power, and her insults. They didnt hit home until she started to talk about her sister and then herself and there relationship with there father. She went silent at this point, not saying another word as she kept that demonic stare towards Lotus. "... Strike... 3..." Was all she said as the spores that had blowing at a constant rate all around the club would blow under feet allowing the plant agent to take a breif moment of flight as she watched Lotus began her hellish onslaught out of the establishment. She was impressed for the most part,in Lotus combat skills but her attitude left her with an empty hole in her stomach, and with her comments about her sister ( even though lotus would have any information in terms of Agent V, and her family  XD or that Agent V wasnt her sister considered that there identical twins but, you know. ) She would have felt an uneasy level of... saddness for this girl. It was pity, like the pity one would feel from stepping on an insect, or harming a small animal. Pitty, to something insignificant. As V stayed airorune, dodging anything that would have came her with the millions of spores that had made themselves a perfect fit around her feet to keep her hovering as they constantly swirled around her and the room. Her eyes watching as Lotus successfully slashed and ripped through the enemies with ease only to watch her attempt to make an exit. Speaking her last words...“Well red it’s been real but seeing as our objective’s dead and I’m about to get the tenth degree from my superiors as to why, I really don’t have time to help your identity iss- " Cutting her off in mid-sentence Agent V's eyes would shift into a bright red and as she did. The Pores that would have been soaring through the room ( And since you did acknowledge them , and your character has to breathe, we breathe in spores all the time, IE sinus infections etc etc or the nose in general) Would have more then likely been within Lotus, and with her power to control organic vegetations, she'd make the spores from within Lotus chest EXPLODE out into the forms of a tree that would have hooked her body disqustingly into the walls as the spores grew themselves into a literal tree trunk from within her chest and throughout her body, her right leg would have erupted as well and then her arms but V would have manipulated the plant life so that it'd keep Lotus alive and wouldnt kill her. Her body now half human half tree as her body had been broken down to unfixable level of deformities. Her heart would have been exposed out to the world , the only only she allowed not to be destryoed watching it beat V stepped out to look at her handiwork. " Oh look... now your apperance matches your mouth. " She said as she decativated the EMP once she was out of its range. But by this time it was too late and Lions corp's vechiles had been on there way, Hiro driving the one in the lead. " Nightwolf, lets go, this jobs done. " She said as her body dispersed into spores again and flowed with the wind to escape Lion corp.

( How she would have looked. )

Quinn Rose: Yami had turned to look at the letter and the man who was bowing as he held it out to her. She moved herself from her seat and had one of the commanders take away the chips to cash out. Yami took a small whiff of the man and made a slight grimace. He had introduced himself as Chen. One of the contact's body guards she presumed. She stared in the direction of his hand when Kang had stepped up and told Chen of his role.

Yami stayed closed to Eden as he grasped her wrist and she glanced at Kang, and shook her head. He'd know. She didn't get any good out of this "meeting" that was to happen. In they stepped into the Contact's office and Yami glared daggers at his demeanor. Feet up on the desk while leaning back with his hands behind his head was no way to meet a guest on the first impression. "Snob..." She mumbled under her breath and wanted to shove that cigarette down his throat. The smell of sex filled her nostrils and she hated that smell. She'd been around the scene before, but never she experienced it.

The contact had spoken, welcoming the both of them and commenting on her luck. Yami said not a word nor even cracked a smile. The sound of locks clicking and guns cocking didn't startle her either. Typical fat, ugly, bastard. Forcefully put into a chair, Yami did break her gaze from the snot-nosed contact. He accused her of cheating. Cheating. CHEATING.

Yami began to laugh at the thought and she could see that the Knight has gotten his share of laughter. And now he was threatening all three of them IF, she didn't give a good reason to let them live. If he wanted a laugh, he might as well have looked in the mirror. His attire was mediocre and hideous...

She stayed quiet and crossed her right leg over her left leg, leaning back and letting out a soft yawn, bringing her hand to cover her mouth from mannerism. Eden was rather manipulative so to say. His method of toying with the man made her interest in him grow. Just a bit. Father did always pick the crazy ones.

Yami was still as Eden had executed a few of his moves and she didn't look any bit displeased. She dusted off her dress and picked up a gun off of the floor and looked towards the women in the room as they watched the blood shed in horror. "The walls are sound proof. Am I wrong?" She strode up to a female and crouched down in front of her. She had blue hair and too much cake on her face. She looked like a hooker Barbie doll. Yami's hand reached out and grabbed the little whore by her hair. "Answer me." The poor, terrified girl nodded and spoke, stuttering as she did. "Y-y-yes. The w-walls a-are s-s-sound p-pr-proof." Yami smiled softly and leaned in to where her lips where right besides the girl's ear and she spoke softly. "That's a good girl. You get a treat." The girl whimpered. "You get to meet God and be judged. See you in Hell." Yami chuckled as she shoved the gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger. Blood sprayed against the walls and her body fell limp against the ground, twitching. Yami wasted no time, emptying her bullets one by one into those concubines of her father's contact. Yami let her shoulders sink and she gave a little sigh of relief. Dear god the smell of death made her tremble. She strode over and lifted up another gun and slipped behind the contact. Her hands slid around his neck and she hand her hands right over his heart.

"It'd be so lovely just to hear silence... Sweet sweet silence." And she leaned forward just a bit and pointed the gun at his feet. BANG. BANG. " She let two rounds off at his feet and using her enhanced strength, she kept him still but the way he writhed in her hold made her giggle like a child. "Ah, ah, ah~... Silence. You wouldn't want your heart ripped right out of your chest do you?" She clicked her tongue. "Now you're just going to sit here and listen. Is that too hard? Maybe I should rip your tongue out of your mouth and tape your mouth shut so you can just gag on your own blood." Her blue ice pierced into his and she could read all of his fright, while she had nothing but the look of pure excitement. "Besides. Who's going to listen to a dead man?"

Ryoji: Jacob felt his stopping of the tackle to be a complete and utter success! As he carried out his combinations he didn’t notice the tonfa stuck into his back underneath his shield. When he’d thought his combination was over, he came in with the frying pan, but he was dodged! The frying pan went into the microwave, active mind you, and this alone caused a massive explosion! “Shit!” Jacob lucky the posture of the superman punch required you to keep your other hand elevated and close to  your face and at this point all Jacob could do was cover the mouth portion of his suit. If one looked into his eyes however, they wouldn’t have seen fear or surprise, but a man with a plan! Jacob would’ve also felt a tingly sensation running up his back and his body. It was there, and he’d deduced it would’ve been electricity, but it was nothing he could feel. Thus this and the explosion were only so effective all because of the properties of the Red Dawn outfit.

After completing his training with Densuke Ryoji, Jacob has passed his hero affairs to finally become The Red Dawn of this day and age. His costume is a dramatic pallet swap, but one approved by him and his mentor, all be it the gear is a tad different this time around. Since Jacob is still new, wearing the actual Red Dawn outfit would be much, and as such to make his own legacy, Ochigi designed something to fit today's threats, and jacob's unique physique and style.

As The Red Dawn he wears a water and fire retardant costume, which is made of Kevlar, nomex and light weight titanium. The costume also offers a high level of resistance to electric shocks and force impacts i.e., falls from 30 meters height and The suit cannot be pierced by normal conventional sharp edged materials like sharp wood, glass, iron, copper and steel, via the Tungsten/Titanium hybrid metal, which aligned with anti gravity technology, is now light weight and maneuverable.. The suit also gives some resistance to high temperatures, around the melting point of steel, and is fit to protect the inner body heat of the wearer in sub zero temperatures. He carries a voice-operated, wireless communicator in his left ear, which has its frequencies blocked making it highly difficult to trace its call.

Realistically the explosion and shock should’ve done Jacob in, but that wouldn’t be the case today! Thanks to the suit he was still active, raring, and ready to go! The stun time not even being so much as a factor, as such when Kin began to bring in his onslaught of punches, Jacob’s eyes narrowed. “Fast…really fast...not gonna come out of this without taking a few lumps.” He thought as he gritted his teeth and braced himself! Jacob would’ve taken about 5 punches to his chest and ribs, to which if it wasn’t for the liquid body armor properties of the suit would’ve completely severed many of his ribs! At least this way he could get away with a  few bruised ribs, and he could deal with those a lot easier, a HELL of a lot easier than them being completely crushed. After the sixth punch however, Jacob would’ve went into action! Using the new ballistics gauntlets he’d gotten from Red Steel except these were no ordinary ballistic gauntlets. As stated, the gauntlets can emit omnidirectional sonic booms, miniaturized on a scale that could propel the arms or body parts at a divided speed of the speed of sound. It was up to Jacob himself to brace himself for how fast his arms would move and that’s exactly what he did! Jacob began to use his gauntlets, and at the downed speed of sound his arms would’ve moved! He knew he couldn’t have blocked the hits head on so he’d lash his fist out in an open palm fashion and knock the hits off the course of their intended area and wayward! Jacob’s fist moving faster than even the thought they’d ever be able to move, and with his concentration capacity at its max, he’d have the mental capability to keep up with how fast his hands and kin’s hands were moving, packed with adrenaline to boot. When Kin would’ve stopped and drew his arms in an “x’ formation to slice Jacob across his chest, Jacob could only dart back enough to lessen the deph of the cut, but blood did still make its way out of the open ex wound on his chest! Jacob gritted his teeth…to fight through the pain! He had a job to do and he WOULD! NOT! QUIT!” When Nightwolf attempted to finish it all off with a boot kick, Jacob would’ve stopped his right foot on the ground, and tucked to his right as well, to avoid the direction of the kick, and move underneath kin’s leg! Jacob would’ve held his timing with expert marital timing, pushing though the limitations his body pressed on him, and with a 360 spin to his left, he’d grip his shield with his left hand and whip it out towards Nightwolfs right side in a shield bash! Jacob fully extending his left arm, and slamming the shield on nightwolfs right side, with the full extent of his peak human strength. However, it’s been noted, that peak humans who experience a heavily adrenaline rush can gain enhanced attributes for a short period in time. As such this hit would’ve felt like an impact from a bullet train in japan! A loud “PING!!!!!” echoed through the kitchen and would’ve sent Nightwolfs body flying into the metallic wall literally indenting it with his body, and popping his spine out of alignment a bit from sheer momentum and impact force alone! “HA!!” Jacob yelled as something else happened. When nightwolf was halfway towards said metal wall Jacob would’ve thrown his shield with the same amount of force he hit Nighwolf with and as such if it connected, Nighwolf’s body would’ve been ass inside of the metallic wall, the shield protruding from his mid second, and the only things hanging out would’ve been his legs, and his arms, and his head. The shield horizontally wedged between him and the wall not to mention a slur of blood would’ve come from his mouth due to the intestinal damage to be occurred. If this counter was successful, Jacob would’ve hopped over the table, and pulled out his pistol, putting t to Nightwolfs forehead. “It’s over Nightwolf.” Jacob would’ve pushed a button on the side of his cowl to signal…”her.” “You’re coming in. make a move and I’ll put a bullet in your skull. I know by now that won’t kill you, so don’t play that “Heroes honor” card with me.”

Higher up…

( ) “HOLD HER BACK!” “M’AM! Y-YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DEPLOYED YET! YOU’RE SUPPOSED AT BASE WITH THE TRAINEES AND IGNORING EMERGENCY CALLS!” “LOOK! WE CAN WORK THIS OUT!” the heroes inc militant force was all dog piled on a standing green woman….there 30 of them all crawling and shifting around her in a pile, upon a black bird plane.  “Will you all…so politely please…get…the HELL…OFF OF ME!” The woman would’ve folded her arms and spread them wide apart! All 30 men crashing against the walls and leaving their body prints behind as they groaned in pain! The impact of her strength only shook the plane, making it feel like lift off turbulence!

Ryoji: This woman’s name was known as Jade Fierce, government name: Veronica Brooks is a high time attorney with a long list of law degrees, criminal law being one of her many specialties. Just like many other heroes, her Omega gene mutated her body and transformed her into a Amazonian green warrior of 6' 7" with a powerful build of muscles that compliment her womanly figure without leaving her bulky. Every inch of her is green even her hair and her eyes but she doesn't much mind it, it is her favorite color after all so she lucked out on that one. Jade Fierce is her hero name taken as inspiration from Miss Fierce, an incredible martial arts master known all over the world. She watched her as a child who was very soft spoken and shy, vowing one day she'd be just like the incredible woman. She took martial arts classes but just couldn't get into it until one day at the age of 15 her omega gene began to mutate her not only giving her incredible strength, endurance and a healing factor but a huge boost of confidence and charisma that got her through law school and enabled her ability to become an excellent hand to hand combatant. She doesn't use her muscles all the time, wanting to prove you can be a hero without the need to be violent which is why she works for Heroes Inc. as one of their many attorneys, a law firm and a civil rights activists for omega gene users.


Jade would’ve stood there rolling her shoulders, cracking her neck from side to side. She’d put her hands up and hold the support bars above her. “Pilot I’m going in, go ahead and make the drop.” “Allow me to lower us into dropping aerospace Ma’am.” “No, don’t bother. They’ll detect us and we’ll show up on their radars, and that’s not what we want. We need to stay incognito. As far as the know we’ve only got three operatives out on the field. Now drop the doors.” “we-…we’re 45,000 feet ab-“ Jade would’ve looked back at her with raised brows, symbolizing her “I’m waiting” face. The pilot nodded, and the doors opened beneath her feet and off she dropped! Her massive muscle and body weight propelling her down, as she kept her arms above her head! The radiation and enhanced conditioning kept her in prime shape, the negative effects of dropping from such a height would effect her none, as it only took her a few minutes, before she came towards the front of the building! When she hit the ground, she brought new meaning to “dropping the base” as a few of the Lions Corp. vehicles would’ve been sent bouncing upwards a bit only to land back where they were!

She made a good 10 foot deep crater in the ground, before hopping out of it, and speaking aloud.  She instantly took charge, spitting orders as if she ran everyone there. Not as an insult, but merely taking control of the situation to contain it as much as possible. Jade would’ve walked over to the corner of the building. “Alright fellows. On my signal be ready to shoot and aphrenend.” Jade would’ve squatted down, gripping the corners of the club and lifting it with a massive unbridled strength! Literally lifting up an entire section of the club and tossing it way wards down the street  which would’ve let them not only see onto the main dance floor and what was going on in there, but a big chunk portion of the kitchen only to see Red Dawn and that assassin fighting (or him in the wall if the counter went through). “Evening to you to Red Dawn.”

Keyolus Ceaser: ( )

Nik/Kin hadnt been prepared for what came next as Jacob counterd by using TREMENDOUS strength, blasting Kin/Nik into the wall.  Blood bursted from his lips before he shook his head left to right. His right foot hitting the ground first! If Okami had been within him he'd have his akuma no hinshitsu to rely on. Instead... he would have had to rely strickly on his instincts as the sheild soared into his general direction after he hit the wall he would shouted out at the top of his lungs, growling as his wolfblood began to show! He lunged his clawed finger tips into the Shield as he'd kick off the wall at the same time, and as he did! His clawed finger tips would have slid down the base of the shield as he had litterally SLICED it in half using the Negametal edged clawed finger tips. As he would have leaped/slashed through the shield he'd land on one knee. "... Nice moves... I guess this is what happens when the Dawn Meets the Night..." Nik said cocking his head left to right before pointing at him. "  Round 3... " Nik said whipping his jaw of the crimson liquid that flowed from his lips. As he got into his stance, a Vine would have lashed around Nik, pulling him elsewhere and out of the fight zone. " The mission is done you fool. Your going to get us both killed. " Said agent V as she ripped Nik from the room violently before she tossed him onto another building and dispered into the air in the form of millions of spores. Nik panted, his suit had been tattered but he'd shrug it off before he hit a button on his watch that allowed the suit to return to its point of orgin and Nik/Kin could hide amoungst the cilvillian masses. When he leaped down the fire escape. He'd see Feltcher Steve with Artemis under his arms. " I found a toy we misplaced. Were going to put her to good use again. Good work Nightwolf. You may prove to be useful yet. " Feltcher said leaving Nik within the alleway before he'd drop down to his knees and onto his butt, sitting next to a gargbage can. Holding his head as his nose began to bleed. "... What...are you doing to me..." Nik said holding his head, speaking out to Kin. But... he'd been just as confused... as he stood within the depths of his mind. He would have noticed a storm breaking out, as if his mind was due for an immense hurricane that would destroy any and everything within its path."... Im not doing anything... Our minds... there collapsing out on one another..."


2 Hours after the battle.

Hiro would have been pacing about as LAPD were all around the area, tracing out the dead body of the Mayor. " So... Assassination huh. " Said one of the head detectives as he walked over to a fully armoured Hiro. " Yes... and... two of my operatives were in the fight. One of them is... well..." He pointed to Lotus body and the Detectives face went pale. " Jesus christ... what kind of monster did this. " " Back in Kasaihana, this is stuff that would happen on the regular. An assassian known as Agent V did this to her. I believe these assassians. Also... may have taken Artemis. " Hiro said clenching his fist. " Well, thats all great and danndy sir. But were going to need to take you into custody as well. The LAPD didnt know a damn thing about our Mayor Hiring a PMC to protect him. For all we know you could be lying. " "Listen here man. I cant go with you. I have to find Artemis, and find the ones who did this to my operative. We have our rights, and I have the right to resist arrest until further evidence could be brought upon me. Ill find the ones who did this to the Mayor, and who did this to Lotus... and who kidnapped Aretmis. But you have to stay out of my way... you got that?! " Hiro said bucking the Detective down as he nodded his head and went off elsewhere.

Agent Gold would have been standing infront of where Lotus was now dead, turned into a deformed and demented looking tree creature. He slid his hands over the bark, shaking his head left to right. " My Blue flower... never did... let me take you out to that movie. " " She wouldnt do it, even in death, so dont get any ideas Gold. " " Yeah... I know David..." Agent Gold said, putting his head down in response to his friend, Agent David Anderson AKa The Iron Jackal. He placed his right hand onto his shoulder to comfort his friend before nodding his head. " Its... gonna be alright man. Just hang in there. "

" Commander Lionheart! " Said one of his operatives as they rushed over with a form of evidence a strand of black hair. " We may have found something. Our forensic data scanners are picking up a form of Oni genetic strand within this hair. It breaches back to Killian Physiology, and Wolfblood. The Wolf blood physiology being within the Oni DNA strand. And the only match that connects in our database... is your Nephew. Kin Tasanagi.  He... took Artemis. And Helped in the assistance of killing Lotus. Or.... he was trying to protect them. Either way, Kin Tasanagi was here. " " Our scanners also picked up a pack of Wolfbloods within the city sir. If its anyone who knows how to track, and would be useful in this? Is them. Should we find them? " " On the double. I want them back to base ASAP. Were going to need them. Have the team Cut Lotus down...we will... have a proper burial for her. This kind of death isnt fit for anyone. " Hiro said staring out into the distance before sliding his fingers through his golden locks of hair. " Just what the hell is going on here..."


Within the Mayors Office
12 hours later...

A new Mayor had been appointed , his successor. By the name of Donald Rogers. But some may know him... as Feltcher Steve. However he had been changing his apperance to look like someone else. Announcing himself as the new Mayor and mourning the loss over the past one. As he took over, he and The Order slowly leaked out the cities bank accounts, stealing a rough 55 Million dollars. They had the money already but why use yours when you can use another guys? The money was stolen using the Mayors access codes into the vaults and The Order Soliders would have stormed in to take any and everything they could. With New Cali taken over, what lies next within The orders... Mysterious ambitions.

Tahira: Her twisted frame, the ugly grimace that face was made to turn up into, as the rest of her body was changed into something that she was sure no mother could love. It was during those last few fatal moment’s when Agent V began to mutate her body into that of tree that startling realization that she was going die caused her mind to snap completely from the barrier that had been placed, releasing what all remained of her forgotten memories. Lotus could feel the stupid woman’s so called pity…believing that she was as insignificant to her as a bug. When in truth it was misplaced as it really should’ve been for herself, now that was the part that was really fucked up. Another vine grew her arms sprouting wooden limbs while suddenly her legs became roots implanting themselves into the floor and virtually through it. Things were progressing much fast in the transformation than she first thought upon V’s departure. But no matter… now it was time for her to become the predator. ‘Enjoy your victory while you can hun…I’ll see you soon enough.’ She thought the final twist of vine and bark about her head crushing the makings of her skull in completely impaling her brain. And like that she was gone…dead to the world…
. Several Hours after the Confrontation……Inside of the Infinites Floating Base…..

( )  The hour was late, most all of those inside the base were lost to the depths of their slumber that is until a specific alarm rigged at the heart of the base would’ve suddenly been triggered alerting all personal that they in fact had a visitor as the Shard of Nirvana known as the Soul Catcher began to give off its unearthly glow the moment a soul to which it had been bonded with had returned to itself to the crystal that encased it. After several seconds of imprisonment the soul it then dispersed into a pool of dark green yet ominous liquid, with the regenerative properties to not only bind the soul in place in its entirety once more but from it recreate the original owner’s body from the microscopic level (DNA) all the way to a cellular one (skin, hair, etc). Granting unto the receiver every lasting life eternal something that most would kill their other families for… From there it’s a simple task to recreate certain physical features before going on to reanimate the would be lifeless form just before the vital three organs are allowed to resume there vital functions which would ultimately jolt the newly reborn female to awaken rather suddenly with her eyes fully opened. Only to realizing that she was either having a horrible nightmare or she in fact was drowning before immediately starting to kick her legs though they felt a lot like jelly and move her arms upwards in to order to making to it the surface.  Up above a line of men namely 8 dressed in dark red shinobi garments would’ve lined the pool waited patiently for who they thought was an intruder. Each armed to the teeth with various weapon while a woman dressed in purple with long black hair ingrained with pale skill and void less eyes barked at them

( ), “The moment the intruder comes to the surface strike with no mercy! Do you hear me?!” the waters of the pool before them starting to show signs of life in them as air bubbles had begun to show on its surface while the one below fought with all she had not to breath in any more of water as too much of it internally would become toxic to the body. But somehow the woman managed breaking through the surface of the pool with a rather loud gasp, her back being towards those that sought to kill her as she took several wild breaths at first before starting to cough up the excess water that had lodge itself within. Her long flowing black mane was plastered up against the bare caramel colored skin of her back while her bare 36 D sized breasts that were covered by water like the rest of her naked body which seemingly glowed in the rooms light bounce inadvertently as she moved. The 21 year old raising her hands to her lovely face to wipe away the water that was slightly blinding her for a moment while using her legs to turn around facing them as one of the footman launched his weapon a javelin at her upon the woman’s orders all in the hopes of impaling her through the back, but at the moment he does this an energy to dark and foreboding, almost simple as child’s play in its summoning would began to radiate itself around her causing not only the weapon to completely stop in mid-air once in her immediate air space but disintegrate into nothingness right along with the person who launched it as well which made the female after witnessing such a feat suddenly kneel as the beauty in the pool began to swim forward towards the shallow end before being able to walk forwards from the pools depth on her semi-shaky legs. Allowing all those who were in the room the privilege to bask in the beauty of her naked silhouette as she came toward the commander slowly pausing for a moment she was close enough. The other men that were with her following her same gesture as they too knew just exactly who she was from just that display alone, an notion that made Lotus smirk while chain of memories from her very first one leading all the up to this point flooded through her cerebrum and cerebellum. She remembered her mother, Layla who was punished (killed) for trying to keep her away from her father. Her very first ninjutsu lesson with Master Kota and yes even killing him once she had surpassed his teachings, her bonds with the Infinite Commanders who were more like big brothers to her rather than guardians or teachers who some day she would control or so her father told her, the day she received her weapons, and the list of course goes on and on. She even remembered being raped…and killed by Agent V as Lion Corp soldier which was originally apart of her objective to begin with, both of these pissing her off horribly as she curls fingers of her right hand into its palm and tightening it a dark purple aura surround it before finally permitting her amber brown eyes to lower their attention to the woman on bended knee before her, acknowledging her presence. The old woman looking upwards into the face of the girl to whom she considered like a daughter having trained and raised her for most of her life with pride having known that she succeeded in her initial mission which was infiltrate Lion Corp and gather all its intel and secrets. “Noriko-okaasan, rise you are my mother and mentor there is no need for you to kneel.” Lotus explained smiling softly. “Welcome home my daughter….no Mistress Lotus...Daughter of the Infinites.” Noriko would state doing as she was told but still showing her the greatest respect by bowing at the waist before standing upright once more.

Eden Creed: After seeing Yami reveal her true Demon, Eden quickly allowed his finger to pull the trigger killing Chen instantly; Eden snickered, before looking away coldly as if what he had done was done on a regular basis. He quickly rolled his eyes, as blood began to run across her cheek. A cheep grin, broke across his face. He then caught a firm grasp amongst the targets collar and swiftly slammed him against the wall, then quickly seated him against a chair. “ I wont be able to protect you much longer, that girl can get a bit out of hand as you can see.” Eden quickly planted on his chest and pushed him back a bit. “ Now tell me what do you know about that Chi nullifier ? “ Eden questioned him his gazed anchored down upon the man.

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