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-Walks into the front of the T.V Screen- "Ahem...This Episode takes place a couple weeks after the events of the Blood Moon Saga and before the current wolf plot. Just wanted to clear that up...Welp....yea!" -Disappears from the T.V Screen-

So a Wolf and a Rabbit walk in a bar...Edit

Usagi was swinging back and forth on an abandoned swing set towards the end of the city of Ultear. It was the middle of the night and she was alone and annoyed. Dan pissed her off earlier with the whole thievery shit and giving him his share for the month. She had already paid and sent a punch to his gut, and ended up walking away fully loaded. She felt bad though. She stared up at the moon and sighed heavily before getting up out of her seat and she dusted off her ass. She turned and walked away back towards her house when a couple of kids ran in front of her and she blinked and they looked at her. She shook her head continued on. She was in her regular attire. A cut off jacket that cut just below her breasts, skin tight black panties with garters and brown boots. Her snow white hair was swaying softly in the breeze. She took a deep inhale and smelt fire, blood, and piss and shit. Blood was heavy in Ultear. It was a dog eat dog world out there. Survival of the fittest really. She was jerked out of her thoughts and she cocked her arm back and twisted her body around and slammed her fist into a woman's face and sent her flying into an abandoned house. She sniffed and stood on the outskirts of the city and stared at the bar on the end of the road. "Man, I need a drink..." She walked into the saloon and was met with the smell of beer, smoke, and sweat. "Home sweet home."

After the events of Alaska Lee thought it would be good to take some time to soak his gifted oaks. His noise was poked up as he caught the smell of booze which was enough to interest him. “Beer?...Mhmm” He would make his way towards the Saloon thinking it was time for him to have some quality fun and mayhem of course. Kicking the door open to the saloon Lee would be his outrageous self. “What’s up lovely people…who’s throat I have to fuck to get a beer around here?” He said as everyone in the bar looked dead at him some were disgusted and some were annoyed. He would make his way to the bar looking at the bar tender looking at her staring at her tits. “Well hello twins…I’d like your best bottle of whiskey!” The bar tender was offended by his remark as she scuffed at him and took her time to find a bottle and give it to him. As he waited he would look to the side then see a man smoking a cigar with his friends. He would move in a rather cartoonish type of motion and take the cigar from his mouth then placing it in his taking a large puff then blowing it in their face. The bar tender gave him his drink. He smirked as he took a large gulp of liquor looking at the crew of men that he just pissed off. One man got up and walked towards Lee. “HEY THAT’S MINE YOU FUCKING FREAK!” Lee sat there taking another swig of his drink then flicked what was left of the cigar out the window. “Oh you mean that one? I’m sure you can afford a new one you look like a strapping well wealthy young man.” He said laughing a bit to himself as the man he just pissed off would send a punch to Lee’s face then Lee would sway off to the right letting the fist fly past him then grabbing the back of the man’s head slamming it on the counter breaking the man’s nose and putting a dent in his face. He was carried out by his friends. Lee waved to the group. “Thank you come again!” In a rather stereotypical Asian store clerk voice.

 Usagi sat at the end of the bar and leaned back against the counter, eyes falling on the new male that just walked in. She almost choked on her drink and coughed, her whiskey burning her throat and she set down her shot glass. She wiped her mouth and kept her eyes on Lee. "He's new around here for sure..." Usagi went back to her drinking when the shouts of men caught her attention and she groaned. "Oh my fucking goooood." She lifted her glass as Lee smashed the male's face into the counter and waved him off. She stood up and sighed grabbing a bottle of whiskey and walked over to him. She leaned against the counter and poked at his chest. "Heeeey, you meanie faaace..." She hiccuped and swayed. "That's not nice." She then reached up and tapped at his nose and moved away towards the door. Her hips swaying. A male suddenly pushed through the doors and she leaned back to avoid the doors from hitting her. The male's eyes fell on Usagi, or rather her busty assets, and reached down at her. Usagi swayed to the right to avoid his hands and spun around in a circle before slamming her fist into his face and she sent him flying back out of the saloon and she laughed drunkenly. "Booooo, you SUCK ASS!" She doubled forward and held her stomach, laughing her ass off before she finally composed herself and downed the whiskey glass before tossing it back at the bar and she unconsciously threw it in the direction of Lee's head, but she was already out the door. 

Lee sat there drinking his whiskey as he felt the intoxication settling in his body feeling the buzz he just knew the night was going to be fun for him. He sat there thinking whether he should go on a sex spree or murder spree the night was still young of course so he didn’t have to rush. His psychotic train of thought was stopped when a girl with white hair came and started poking at him "Heeeey, you meanie faaace..." The girl said. Lee sat there with blinking eyes as the woman was obviously drunk out her mind. Lee smirked a bit as he watched the girl eyeing her figure. "That's not nice." With that she tapped his nose and walked off. He watched her hips swayed tilting his head to the side giving off a rather devilish grin to himself as she made her way to the door. He would slide off the barstool then walking behind her as she left a man knocked out on the floor of the saloon. Lee casually stepped over the knocked out man “Excuse me my good sir.” He would follow the woman outside then casually walking up behind her. Lee rubbed his hands together licking his lips as he would come to the side of her. “How much would it take for you to show an young dog some new tricks?” He said chuckling to himself as he grinned to the girl showing his wolf fangs a bit.

She turned her head in the direction of his voice and eyed him. Even as she was piss drunk, she could still see properly. Her eyes shifted into aura reading mode and nothing but a field of black and red filled her vision. Nope. Nu-uh. Not even gonna try with this one. She held her hand up and her eyes hardened for a good minute as she spoke to him. She didn't slur her words this time either. "Look, I'm not interested. You can find some other eligible bitch to ravage, mutt. I'm not on anyone's menu tonight or any other." She turned to face him and started walking backwards with both middle fingers up at him and she cartwheeled away a few times before landing back on her feet to start running. a couple of men caught sight of her and they shouted. "The white rabbit is on the run again! let's see who catches her this time!" They cackled and as she ran past them the grabbed a trash bag and flung it in there direction, and it broke upon impact. Oh, great. More people who were after her. She took sharp lefts and rights and after running for a good twenty minutes, she found herself backed up in an alleyway. They ran right past it and she sighed in relief. She had to wait this one out. Just for a little while longer at least until everything quieted down.

The WagerEdit

"Look, I'm not interested. You can find some other eligible bitch to ravage, mutt. I'm not on anyone's menu tonight or any other." Lee gave her a look giving off the impression that he gave no fucks at all. As he stood there watching her walk off the middle fingers were only inviting him more and more to her. Even with her running off Lee could still smell her scent in the air. ( ) He ran after her keeping a small amount of distance he didn’t want her to know that he was still on her trail. It wasn’t until she was backed off into an ally way when Lee caught up to her finally. Lee was perched on the top of the building behind her looking down to her giving off a sly grin on his face. His evil aura was beginning to consume the night air like a plague. Anyone around the area could start to feel a dark evilness filling them. Lee had a type of way to bring the bad out of someone. “I like this game of chase…” He would jump down landing behind her quickly whispering In her ear in a dark evil but psychotic tone. “It makes the prey more appetizing…” His warm breath caressed her neck as he spoke to her each fang showing out of his mouth.

A sudden chill went up her spine as she felt his breath against her neck and she turned around and had attempted to land a smack across his face. "No means no, you creep..." She caught sight of his fangs. If he had blocked her hand she would've attempted with her other hand to do the same motion before running off again. If he caught her hand, she would've attempted to ram her foot into his stomach and follow up with an uppercut until he let go. Her blue eyes were wide and full of hate when she stared into his. He was good looking but the aura around him was so dark that it made Usagi's skin crawl. She could feel her mind slowly going into the darkness and she hated that. Yes she may be a thief and resort to violent ways to get out of trouble but Lee was completely different. Since she was born, she had undergone training with her father and he put her through hell. With each training day that came she was on the brink of death, but the virus in her body always nursed her back to full health. She stared hard into his eyes and leaned in close to him. Their lips almost touched as she spoke. "Let go of my hand... or I'll make sure you won't leave here alive, mutt." He called himself a dog earlier. So why not taunt him? "If I gave you a bone would you do tricks for me? Would you get down and beg for a belly rub if I offered? Do you liked getting scratched behind your ear?" Usagi grinned and reached up, attempting to start scratching him behind his ear to look for a result.

Lee’s enhanced reflexes allowed him to have a way faster react time than most people. For instance the way this woman was attempting smack him across his own face he would see her hand almost like she was going in slow motion. With a slight sway in his step Lee would move lean back in a drunken mannerism then spinning off to the side all with ease. He slid his foot between her feet then tried to hook his foot around her right ankle yanking his leg back in an attempt to trip the girl up. This was Lee’s variation of the Zui Quan (Drunken Fist). Zui Quan is a category of techniques, forms and fighting philosophy that appear to imitate a drunkard's movements. The postures are created by momentum and weight of the body, and imitation is generally through staggering and certain type of fluidity in the movements. It is considered to be among the more difficult wushu styles to learn due to the need for powerful joints and fingers. While in fiction, practitioners of Zui Quan are often portrayed as being actually intoxicated, Zui Quan techniques are highly acrobatic and skilled and require a great degree of balance and coordination, such that any person attempting to perform any Zui Quan techniques while intoxicated would be likely to injure themselves. If his attempt to trip her was successful he would follow up with a foot to the her back striking down hitting her with precise precision which would be enough to knock the wind out of her.

She let out a little huff of air as he avoided her hand. As soon as his foot hooked around her ankke, she cursed to herself and fell back. His style was awfully familiar. She extended out her hands and her fingers brushed against his pants but glided off as she touched ground and lifted her body into the air, avoiding his foot to her back and flipped back onto her feet, but not before attempting to connect the top of her foot against the top of his head in mid flip. If it had connected, Lee would've been sent face first into the earth. She had her arms up in front of her and blew her hair out of her face. "Lemme guess... you're a fighter. An evil one at that. Violent. Blood thirsty. I think you need to sand down those canines of yours. You might bite a bitch in bed too hard and make her bleed to death." She moved a bit, putting pressure on the right side of her body and she grinned. Her hand traveled up to her chest and she scratched at it. Her sober self was already returning and she sighed heavily.

She rubbed at her nose and turned her back to him, her hands moving behind her head. "I can't believe you tried to hit a girl. You're not even close to being a gentleman, but you are a mutt after all." She turned to face him and gave him a little smirk. She placed her hand on her hip, palm out before leaning back with her free hand out in front of her, palm facing him and she leaned back with a little attitude.

"Kaimon." She mumbled under her breath and her body became shrouded in a pure white flame that didn't feel warm or cold. "Shall  we have a wager?" Why not have a little fun with a stranger? "You can set the stakes for the both of us. What happens to either of us, win or lose, okay, pup?"

He watched her body motion seeing her fighting style he knew exactly her way of fighting. “Zui Quan…” He mumbled to himself in delight. He would see her attempt a kick to the top of his head. He braced himself before putting his arms in front of his face in an vertical block parallel to each other. He seemed to tumble a bit backwards as he swayed his movements like a drunken man even though he wasn’t too intoxicated. "Lemme guess... you're a fighter. An evil one at that. Violent. Blood thirsty. I think you need to sand down those canines of yours. You might bite a bitch in bed too hard and make her bleed to death." He sat there and listened to her before he began to laugh at her. It was cute to him that she thought she pinged him correctly even though she was only half right. Lee was a violent and evil man. He wasn’t as much as being blood thirsty as he was prone to mayhem and destruction. He was one of those people that would love to have front row seats to the world on fire. He had a psychotic grin on his face as he watched her his eyes locked dead onto her. "I can't believe you tried to hit a girl. You're not even close to being a gentleman, but you are a mutt after all." He let out a chuckle then replied to her. “You’re not exactly Miss Daisy yourself now are you?” He sniffed her scent. “You smell as one with a deep dark past…or maybe it’s the cheap perfume on you…” He said with a rather confused face towards the end of his analysts. He would watch as she began to surround herself with a white flame like chi which surrounded her body. She even continued to talk to Lee. "Shall we have a wager?" Why not have a little fun with a stranger? "You can set the stakes for the both of us. What happens to either of us, win or lose, okay, pup?" Before walking up a bit he would crack his neck from side to side his eyes began to look does of a crazed person his evil aura getting even bigger and darker than before. His body would begin to emit black tentacle like chi due to his twilight chi. He would begin to sway his movements once again. “If I win you’ll be my pet...if you win you can do with me whatever you see fit…” He would say as he got into his combat stance.

1 2 3 FIGHT! Edit

"A pet?" She widened her eyes in amazement. She laughed way too hard and dragged her hand over her face. "Oh, master, master, please be gentle with a little bunny like me." She spoke in a sweet and sultry like voice with a hint of an Asian accent. She stomped her foot on the ground so suddenly and made a large chunk of the earth to pop up before she sent it flying towards Lee with a kick. In the first gate state, she had access to one hundred percent muscle power while in normal terms, you would only be allowed twenty percent to keep the muscles from disintegrating. She followed right after the heap of rock, staying a foot behind it. If Lee were to punch through and break the earth, she would've been right behind it with her arm cocked back before violently thrusting it forward, attempting to have her fist meet him with enough force to shatter the area her fist hit first completely. If, however, moved to the right or left of the rock to avoid being hit, Usagi would still be in the punching motion, but would drive her fist down into the ground, the earth splitting beneath her knuckles and causing two more giant boulders to pop out on either side of her. As the boulders began to rise from the ground, Usagi would've allowed her body to follow her fist towards the ground, her fist now palm flat, pulling her knees up to her chest and she spun in a full 360 and lifted her body up, both hands supporting her weight as she parted her legs into a full split, in attempt to kick Lee into one of the boulders, if he be within four feet of her.

Should he avoid going through the boulder, or going against the sides, and jumped over instead, Usagi would once again follow the motion and pull a scorpion position before using her upper body strength to push back up and attempt to kick Lee's throat and send him flying into the air and back while she flipped back onto her feet. Sliding her feet apart once and if he came at her.

( "Oh, master, master, please be gentle with a little bunny like me." He began to grin psychotic as he would let his fingernails grow out into claws. Lee looked at her breaking the ground causing a huge piece of land to pop up. At the time she was doing this Lee ran off in a burst of speed the dark tentacle chi was flailing behind him as he ran it was up to this point he would see the piece of land coming straight for him. He would slide down on the ground allowing the land to pass over his head then immediately as if it was instinct he would pick up speed dashing straight off for his opponent with high speed before she was able to punch the ground again Lee would come straight for her in a high kick aiming for her head. If the kick was successful it would rattle her brain causing her to go into a slight daze like stun which would cause he to land on her ass. But however if this attack was blocked or dodged in any way he would return with a series of claw strikes and kicks. His claw strikes would come in a group of four. Two strikes were coming in a cross like X formation at her chest. The last two would be coming from left to right for her stomach area. Each strike was a half a second apart from each other meaning his opponent would have to be considerably fast for them to block or deflect these attacks. Next would be the kicks if the claw strikes did land successfully not only would his opponent be clawed up pretty good and bleeding Lee would come up with a spin kick which would be aimed directly for the side of her rib cage. The kick was coming at a 360 motion with intense speed and force strong enough to break at least one or two ribs.

She took the kick to the head and fell back on her ass. Groaning, she quickly flipped back onto her feet and winced, biting down on her lip as pain settled in her chest and stomach, blood spurting out from her wounds. Her vision was a bit blurred, seeing her hand dyed in red and she finally got her head in the right place quick enough to hold her hands out and move with the flow of his kick as he directed it at her ribs. She managed to lift her body off the ground and balance herself on his calf, her thousand pound weights slipping out from her boots and crashing down on the ground with enough force to bring down the ground beneath them a level and she attempted to hook her thighs around the sides of his head, him facing her nono area, her stomach out as her grip on his calf tightened. She flexed her stomach and said "Kyumon," now opening the second gate, attempting to bring down his head as she pulled her legs forward and then down, all in attempt to put him in an uncomfortable position for anyone. If her attack were to be successful, his head would still be in between her legs but his body would be bent into a c - position with his stomach curled in, and the leg that she had been holding would be in a unnatural position to where it was behind his head, around the same position as her legs as she stood tall. Fuck her 5' 2" height. If it was successful, she would've dropped down into a sitting position with him still underneath her. "There are no safe words."

( As he found himself around her pelvic area his first instinct was to bite. He would open his mouth as his fangs were that of a wolf he would turn his head towards her inner thighs then attempt to chump down onto her leg. Lee’s bite was far worse than any dog or shark this was mainly because of his enhanced bite.  The user has a particularly strong bite, either because of sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles, unusual jaw-structure (mandibles of insects, beak, etc.) or some other reason. Exactly what they can bite depends of the jaw-strength, resilience of their teeth/bite-surface and their shape. With this Lee was able to deliver the upmost unbearable pain with his bite. He completely sunk his teeth into her skin. If she didn’t let go of him or try to evade this bite which would ultimately require her to let go of him he would apply extra pressure on the bite which would lead to him biting down on her bone marrow crushing the bone all together with enough force applied.

She felt his jaws contracting as she looked down and caught sight of him opening his mouth where she saw his bright fangs and she parted her legs instantly but brought her fist down simultaneously as she began  to part her legs in attempt to drive her fist that was flaring in white flames square into his face, with enough power to drive his head right into the ground they stood on. "Biting isn't NICE!" She yelled. Lee's body would've gone only in one direction and that would've been down even if he evaded or blocked her fist, she'd then raise her right leg up high into the air before violently thrusting it down in attempt for her foot to make contact with his crotch and send him flying back into a house, abandoned or inhabited, she didn't know nor did she care. She'd ready herself if he came at her once more, switching into "Seimon." The third gate, and she felt her body recharge and her skin began turning red.

( The dark tentacles around his body which were emitting from his Twilight Chi would grow immediately. Lee would take the hit to the face as he would crash down to the ground but soon as her fist connected to his face the tentacles would attempt to wrap around her arms at high speeds. It would be three tentacles exact that would attempt to latch onto the arm she just hit him with. Lee would snap back catching himself before he hit the ground then quickly push himself off the ground in a lunging motion stretching out his arms in a tackle like motion. He’d use his hind legs like a bungie spring and shoot himself up to her waist with an attempt to latch on and tackle her to the ground. If the tentacles did grab onto her it would put a tight grip into her arm stretching it out to the side leaving her blind spot open. Also if Lee’s tackle was successful it would cause his opponent to fall on her ass which would immediately allow Lee to send a barrage of punches down to her face. Five punches to be exact each punch would be a half a second from each other. The first punch would leave her dazed and stunned allowing the second punch to rattle her brain making her vision furry. The last three punches would cause headaches and concussions if she was weak it would knock her clean out. Lee didn’t want to kill her but he was going to toy with her.

Usagi was completely grossed out at the feeling of the tentacle as it wrapped up and around her arm and she grunted and seethed as he tackled her down and she was on her ass. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, went his fists against her face and she was reminded of a certain little monkey who damaged it before. She winced as the tentacle stretched her arm out to the side and she growled. Usagi's face was red from the current missionary position. Creating a ball of light in her free hand, she'd use it to attempt to diminish the dark tentacles from around her arm while her legs would come over his shoulders and shed use all the strength in her legs to raise them high as the blades in the heels of her boots would pop out and she'd thrust them down viciously in attempt to drive the blades deep into his back. Her cheek started to bruise from his punches and if her move was successful, she retract her blades back in and roll backwards and up onto her feet. She'd stand up to her full height and wipe her nose as blood trickled down from it. "Bastard."

( He felt the impact of his fist collide with her face hit after hit sounding off. His psychotic grin widen with each hit to her face Lee felt a sly of ecstasy as he witnessed the brutal scene from the punches. Since his opponent took the punches they should have a headache followed by a serious concussion which depending on his opponent’s physical stature should hinder them in the fight. Lee would howl in the wind as he felt two blades enter his back he groaned as he watched his opponent roll from up under him to their feet. Lee would move off to the side laughing in the sheer pain that he felt which made him more hype for the fight. He grabbed his face as he laughed maniacally giving off the appearance of a truly insane person. As he laughed his opponent could see his body beginning to change. His claws grew longer and fur would begin to break out on his body. His hair slightly grew slightly longer ending up on his neck. He smirked as he was entering his half-wolf stage. His chi began to grow denser and heavier right along with his evil aura. Both began to spike as the ground started crumble a bit beneath his feet. In this form Lee is way more serious about the fight, this is where his blood lust grows bigger and he is now in the mood to actually hurt his opponent. He turned and looked at his opponent with different eyes now. Now he had the eyes of a true insane person. He growled at her before licking his lips and then taking off dashing at her at full speed. “Come at me!” As he moved he would gain speed with each step he took. Lee moved in a zig-zag formation from his opponent’s perception Lee would give off the appearance of a grey blur if their eyes wasn’t keen to this type of fast pace movement. Before his opponent knew it Lee would be in her face and start a chain of attacks in this order. First Lee would send up a upwards slash from his claws which came from her stomach area all the way up to her chin. In this was successful once his claws came to her chin he would sink his claws on her jaw area getting a fierce grip onto her. After that he would pull her close to him sending his knee deep inside her stomach knocking the wind out of her body completely which would cause her to be stunned for a quick minute and allowing him to throw her off into an abandoned building through a window. However if this was all unable to land precisely how he planned Lee would change up and send a flurry of claw strikes (5) each one would be in a pattern first horizontal then vertical etc etc. Each strike would be half a second behind. Also during this time the tentacles emitting from Lee’s twilight chi would each arm for her legs. Two would go down for the legs attempting to grab her by the ankles and one would go for her neck attempting to latch onto her neck. The tentacles were fast moving and fast acting if she was able to deflect them or block them they would only send out more tentacles in place of the ones she would block depending on how many she blocked or deflect she would eventually be overrun by them. If they were successful on latching onto her they would grip which ever area they latched onto. For example if the tentacle sent towards her neck latched on it would begin to choke her mercilessly. Lee’s eyes were dead set on his opponent ready to combat whatever his opponent was able to throw back at him.

Her eyes widened as he began to shift forms. She was trembling a little. All of the fear came from the aura he was emitting and it didn't feel anything good.  //"Come at me!"// He roared and dashed towards her. He was right in front of her and she let out a short gasp and fell back against the ground and lie on it like a turtle as she avoided his claw and she managed to escape his knee to her stomach. She pushed off her feet and balanced herself on her hands and pushed off of those, dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and then dodging all five of his clawings. She groaned at the feeling of his tentacles as they wrapped around her legs and the  one around her neck. Usagi was choking as the grip of the tentacle tightened and she clenched her fists. Her body was swarming with those damn tentacles and they felt so fucking disgusting. Opening to her fists with palms out she spoke softly.  "Absolute Light." Absolute Light was a technique she attempted that could temporarily or permanently blind the opponent. It also had to power to dull or completely negate other senses. If successful, Lee's vision would be temporarily gone and with that light it would also rid the tentacles from around her and she'd get down on one knee in front of him and place her hands flat against the ground. The only downside to the Absolute Light was that she'd be temporarily blind herself for one minute, but she'd still have her sense of smell.  Once her hands touched down, she'd lift them up and from the ground came a replica of her, almost an exact replica but a lot colder. Usagi rubbed her scent on the replica and actually dressed the replica in her clothes while Usagi changed into that of her seduction armor and took off her running way behind him. Something told her that this fight would not end up pretty and she might have to push past gate five. If Lee realized that replica was fake and that she was running awsy, she'd start creating balls of light from the palms of her hands and releasing it behind her. Anything that came within five feet of the balls of light would be knocked back from the explosion. She kept them spread so it wasn't as obvious, but close enough to cause continuous offsets. If Lee were to run into and hit a light ball, the power from the ball would be strong enough to scorch his body and leave him in third degree burns. By the time she released around fifty balls of light she had reached her house and flung herself inside, locking the doors but she knew damn well that it wouldn't help one damn bit. She ran into her bedroom and didnt hid in the farthest corner and stared at the entrance of her room. "Im.. so tired of being attacked... by men, and monsters, and monster men..."

Plot Twist Edit

( Lee smirked as she dodged the majority of his attacks but she wasn’t fast enough to dodge the tentacles but this was as Lee expected. What he didn’t expect was this attack known as Absolute light. Lee was indeed caught off guard as the light shined brightly it would blind him for a moment. (Seeing as how you didn’t specify how long he should be blind.) Lee rubbed his eyes a bit before opening them again and seeing his tentacles shined away by the bright lights he would let out a loud howl then shoot out six more black tentacles made from his chi which shot out at high speeds moving as fast as a speeding bullet which moved about 1200 fps (Feet per second). As the tentacles shot out at his opponent he would dash straight for her around the same time the effects of the Absolute Light would be wearing off of her by now Lee would attempt to send a crushing punch dead center in her chest. With this punch it was enough to make her cough up some blood if it landed right. If she was able to avoid or block this Lee would only follow up with a strong elbow shooting straight up for her chin which would come immediately after the block or dodge if she managed to get one out. These tentacles if they were to make it to the intended target two of them would again attempt to wrap around the ankles of his opponent then wrap around the arms tying both of her arms behind her back and pull enough force to stretch her arms back almost to the point of dislocation. The next tentacle would try wrap around her neck choking her and applying force. With the last tentacle would wrap around her waist and squeeze around her stomach area. If all this was successful he would hold his opponent up suspended in the air by the twilight chi tentacles where if his opponent struggled the tentacles would only grow tighter in their grip around the various points on her body. Just like before if she was able to dodge or block any of these tentacles only more would shoot out towards her in greater numbers and speed. If she wasn’t too careful she would be surrounded by tentacles coming at her from all sides and with extreme speed. Lee’s  evil aura was growing even denser by the second he wanted to see his opponent bleed he wanted to see some true pain come from his opponent’s eyes.

She felt the air leave her lungs as he hit her square in the chest and blood shot from out of her mouth. Then came his elbow up against her chin and her head snapped back roughly. She stumbled back and felt his tentacles wrap around her ankles and arms as they tied them behind her back and she growled softly and seethed as he started to pull at her arms. Then came a tentacle around her neck and she squirmed. "This is so kinky..." A final tentacle wrapped around her stomach and she shuddered. She kicked and pulled at her arms and only screamed as the grip from the tentacles tightened sharply at it was digging into her skin. Her blue eyes hardened as she was suspended into the air and she glared down at him. Blood trickled from the corner of her lips and she swallowed hard with the difficulty as the tentacle around her throat squeezed it so roughly. "O...kay. Okay, I surrender... Tch." Usagi wasn't going to risk going into the fourth gate as long as he had his tentacles. She had her limits on her light abilities and she was slowly being drained. The absolute light took a lot out of her and she didn't feel like tearing any of her muscles against him. From the looks of it, he might've just wanted to tear her limbs off her body.

Okay here’s where the episode gets a little creepy and sexual so all you weak of hearts and pussies beware…*Ahem* ( As Lee’s fist collided with his opponent’s chest his elbow almost on its own rammed her chin knocking her head back. Her face as she was brutalized by Lee was almost priceless and he could no longer restrain himself. As his chi tentacles wrapped around her body his sinister and crazed grin grew ever more evil. His evil aura was at its peak even he could feel his own evil. From his opponent’s perspective it would seem that the devil himself was standing right there in front of her. As she squirmed the tentacles got tighter around her, with her arms behind her back if she tried anything out of place Lee would rip both arms off mercilessly. He ran his sharp index finger nail down the top part of her clothing ripping what was left of her top off showing her bare chest. He licked his lips lustfully as he glared at her. “Truly a fine…” He sighed in ecstasy “specimen.” The tentacle that was wrapped around her stomach would stretch up and rub the side of her face softly as it attempted to force itself inside her mouth. If this was possible it would push deep inside her mouth gagging and choking her like it was a cock and face fucking her. ( Lee would watch this in enjoyment as he started to speak to the girl. “What did you say early?” He asked as he tapped his chin a bit in sarcasm. “There is no safe word…” He spoke in an eerie and creepy voice his eyes were that of a sexual monster one that gave absolutely no care about those he punish only to get his own satisfaction out of this…his own pleasure whether his opponent did or didn’t he didn’t care at all she was his pet now. If the force penetration of her mouth was possible he would send another tentacle around which would rip off her panties then the two tentacles around her ankles would stretch her legs apart and allow access for a rather larger tentacles to penetrate her pussy by force.   This was all going at quick speeds leaving her no time to ready herself for the penetration.

Her body trembled as his nail ran against her top and he tore it away. She didn't dare move her arms because the grip was hurting so much it felt as if her arms were about to be ripped off. She fet the tentacle around her stomach slide up against her body and rub against the side of her face before forcing its way into her mouth and she let out a squeal as it forced her mouth open and it slipped inside and tears escaped her eyes and slipped down her cheeks. //“What did you say early?” He asked as he tapped his chin a bit in sarcasm. “There is no safe word…”// Her eyes widened as her legs were forcefully parted and her panties were ripped right off of her. She shook her head and used her strength to pull her legs back together, only to have them yanked back apart. She pulled viciously at her legs when a tentacle began pushing its way against her vaginal opening and she screamed at the top of her lungs, even though muffled by the tentacle in her mouth, as the tentacle broke through her hymen and up to the point where the tip pushed against the opening of her cervix. Blood began to trickle down from her opening, dripping down his tentacle. Her cheeks were a shade of crimson red and soft whines spilled from her as her virginity was taken away by a damned tentacle. She opened her mouth as wide as she could before forcibly attempting to chomp down on his tentacle in attempt to bite it off, or at least make him draw it out of her mouth.

The tentacle that was already inside of her went in even deeper as she bleeds from her pussy. Lee’s lust was growing even heavier as he watched her attempt to bite down on the tentacle only for another to enter her mouth as the last one left out. Just as she squirmed and kicked he would send another tentacle this one was even worse as this one was aimed towards her anal area. This tentacle would attempt to break through her rectum pushing up her anal far and deep right along with the tentacle pushing through her pussy.  “Yes squirm and scream…I love the sounds of this…” It was only the in the alley no one else her muffled screams. As she moved and tousled the tentacles would only act more aggressive towards her. He this all happen his cock growing harder by the second as he licked his lips.

As the tentacle pushed up against her cervix, a stinging sensation shot through her body and she let out a muffled moan. She had only gotten a slight gasp of air when the tentacle slipped out of her mouth right before another to thrust back in. The tentacles had overwhelmed her senses and her body jerked as he prodded a tentacle against her ass hole and she squealed like a big as it broke through. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she clenched her hands so tightly, her nails dug into her skin and she drew blood. "Nuh... muh... ( No more )" She mumbled with her mouth full. It felt as if her jaw was going to break if it had to be opened any wider. Tears dribbled down from her cheeks onto the ground beneath her. "Pleesh.... hab mershe... ( Please have mercy )" She pulled at her legs again and shook her head from side to side. It felt absolutely gross, but her mind was slowly going into a daze and her eyes had become a bit clouded. The tip of her tongue poked out from the underside of the tentacle, and saliva had dripped down from the corners of her mouth and tip of her tongue.

As the tentacles ravaged her body mercilessly he groaned at the sounds of her muffled pleads for mercy all he could do was laugh. ( ( But at last it was only so much fun he could do with the tentacle until he wanted a piece of the action. Lee unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants as he let the tentacle go which was ravaging her pussy without stop then swap with his own large cock ramming it in deep without any hesitation. He stretched her legs out even more as he plowed her insides moving in harder and deeper with each thrust completely filling her body with his cock. ( With every thrust it only became worse. Her mouth was being used like it was nothing by the tentacle pushing deep into her throat filling her mouth completely. Lee licked the saliva that was running down the side of her face. He bit down on her large tits sucking on them roughly pulling on them with his mouth. He noticed her going into a slight daze then smiled “This tight virgin pussy…” He laughed psychotically. “LET’S BREAK IT IN SHALL WE?!” He continued plundering her inner region just as the tentacle in her ass went even deeper and harder inside of her every hole in her body was being filled to the brim.  ( (

She groaned as soon as the tentacle pulled out of her pussy. Her hair was a bit disheveled to say the least before her head snapped back the moment he rammed his cock inside of her and it only stretched her walls out more. Her toes curled tightly inside of her boots. Ecstasy filled her body to the brim and she let out a shaky groan as he began to suck on her breasts, squeaking as he pulled on them. //"This tight virgin pussy..."// She heard him laugh and it sent chills down her spine. //"LET'S BREAK IT IN SHALL WE?!"// as he continued his assault she couldn't help but fall limp, even as he and the tentacles held her up. The tight feeling of his tentacle ramming up her ass made her writhe in his grip, and no sound would've escaped her lips as the tentacle that penetrated her mouth dug deep, thrusting viciously down her throat, and you could visibly see her throat expand as it shoveled its way down. Her thighs had started to ache as he pounded into her so savagely. Though with all of her holes being filled, she felt as if she was in a bit of bliss despite the pain that came and gone. Slowly, she was beginning to fall victim to the wondrous pleasures of sex, and it drove her crazy and wanting more.

Until then...Edit

Just then it was something about this one female that attracted Lee to her. He continued to savagely penetrate her deep and felt a rush of cum swelling inside of him. All of the tentacles disappeared as he let out an enormous amount of cum into her body which started to seep out a little. ( As he came he let out a huge howl that went throughout the town. In this time he would feel the urge to sink his teeth into her chest with his wolf bite drawing blood. This would leave a large bite mark on her upper right chest. As this happened he felt he was getting weak as he let her go on the ground ravaged completely. He stood there looking at her with a slightly confused face. He pulled up and buckled his pants and crouched to the side of her. “You’re going to bare my child…” He said grinning a bit as he ran his hand through his hair. He looked towards her to see her reaction.

What was this? She asked herself as she felt something flowing inside of her and filling her completely before starting to seep out. Her body twitched violently as a gargled cry emerged from her now free mouth. The sound of his howl only worried her more when suddenly he drew his lips towards her upper right chest and sunk his teeth in and she yelped in pain. She landed on her back as she hit the ground, her chest heaving as she panted hard. Her eyes traveled up to Lee's face and her brows furrowed as his news. She caught sight of his grin and let out an exhausted sigh. "First of all, fuck you. Second, how are you just gonna tell me that I'm gonna bear your kid? Third..." She made sure that she had eye contact with him and she pulled herself up into a sitting position. "YOU DON'T JUST BITE ME. IT HURTS, YOU ASS! And finally," she raised her index finger up and tapped his nose. "Why me? You could have had any girl in this god forsaken place. You could've taken that bartender at the tavern for all I care. What did you feel attracted to me?" She raised a brow and got into a crouching position to mimic him. "My name is Usagi. Usagi Shiro. If I'm gonna bear your kid, you might as well learn your baby momma's name." She stood up to her full height and dusted herself off. Changing into a new pair of clothes down would be a waste considering she was soiled. "..I'm going home. If you don't have a place to crash or eat you're welcome to follow." She started off and stopped before turning back to him. "Almost forgot. I didn't catch your name." Once and if he told her, she'd start towards home again and strut off ass naked. In less than five minutes she made it to her house and left the door unlocked if he wanted to come in. She'd find herself in a nice hot shower one moment and flopping onto bed, dressed in new clothes the next, hugging a pillow and sighing heavily. "Oh what a night."

( Lee’s eyebrow raised as the girl began to speak to him. "First of all, fuck you. Second, how are you just gonna tell me that I'm gonna bear your kid? Third..." He watched her as both their eyes made contact. "YOU DON'T JUST BITE ME. IT HURTS, YOU ASS! And finally, why me? You could have had any girl in this god forsaken place. You could've taken that bartender at the tavern for all I care. What did you feel attracted to me?" He stood up laughing a bit as she questioned him. “God do you ever shut up?!” He laughed more then stopped and smiled at her. “You’re cute…” He was stopped as she said some more words. "My name is Usagi. Usagi Shiro. If I'm gonna bear your kid, you might as well learn your baby momma's name." He leaned on the wall smirking to her as he heard her name. “Name’s Lee Tanaka…” His smirk went away as she asked him if he had a place to spend a night. Lee knew he couldn’t stick around at all for him and the pack were set to leave for New California that next day. Lee shook his head at her before speaking. “See that’s the thing…I won’t be around  for a while…” He would shove his hands in his pocket then look away as he began to walk away from Usagi then stop in his mid-tracks and look back to her with a smirk. “I’ll be back eventually…until then stay cute...” He would say before he turned into his dire wolf form and ran off into the night sky. Lee had truly felt a connection between him and Usagi something Lee never had not for anyone in his life. Was there truly feelings inside this cold hearted psycho?

His smile was the last thing that she expected from him, but it made her chest tighten. Her cheeks had burned red as he called her cute. Yeah, sure a lot of guys have said it before, but it was different when he said it for some reason. Lee Tanaka huh...? She ran her fingers through her hair and pouted as he shook his head. //"See that's the thing... I won't be around for a while..."// She got up to her feet and dusted herself off and turned away from his direction when he spoke once more. Eventually? Her eyes widened as he shifted his form and turned into a... "A WOLF?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?" She groaned and comically, she grew into a chibi size, her body growing smaller but her head enlarged as she felt to her knees and a cloud loomed over her. "...Well I guess this starts the Tale of a The Wolf and the Hare... Ironic..." She sweat dropped and started to make her way home, walking a bit weird from the "beating" that had just taken place. "You'd better fucking come back..." She mumbled into the night sky.

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