Disclaimer: This entire saga takes place in dragon kang. Because of the realm based differences, in real world time the saga happened in only an hour. Thank you ^_^



Yumi:" WINNERS OF THE ARENA! " Yumi relaxes her muscles and faces the Emperor with a slight frown. Connor and the others had handled their own while Leon was nowhere to be seen but she tracked down his heat signature and located him up there with Xiao Lee. “Sneaky as always.” The redhead murmurs under her breathe. They were invited inside and she followed along with the others silently, walking beside her husband while looking around. Dragon Kang was beautiful…on top of that, she felt stronger here than she did back on earth…more connected with her chi pumping through her core easier. The dragoon in her was fueled with energy and she wanted to look around and explore her home land but for the moment they were here in the throne room while Thunder and Kin began talking with the Emperor about the threat currently pending Earth right now. The muay thai fighter was trying to pay attention but she was too distracted, blue hues gazing over at the majestic windows to see out at the land. Earth was more important yes but there was a nagging feeling eating away at the back of her head and she moved closer to Connor, brushing her knuckles against his…it was sort of how they held hands but more their style. “Give me time to sleep on it. And... I'll have my decesion by then In the mean time. Enjoy the city, you can sleep up in my palace later on tonight dudes. " Xiao lee wasn’t so convinced by the others that he was indeed their last hope to save humanity and even needed some time to think on it though time was of the essence, she wasn’t going to argue with royalty. With a soft sigh, she looks to the others before making her way over to the window to lean out of it, since there was no glass to block her from it she could see out as far as she wished…if Connor had followed her she would look over her shoulder before gazing back…she couldn’t hide anything from her husband so there was no point. “This is where my father is from. Dragon kang…where dragoons are from. My heritage is here. The answers I’ve been looking for are all here, babe. Where I come from…who I am.” She pauses and smiles lightly, correcting herself. “Well I know who I am. I’m a ryoji and I’m happy with that but a big chunk of who I was is missing.” Reaching up she rubs a very small bump on the back of her head. “I can’t remember anything before I was found by the Ikedas…and I was 14. Everything before that day is all a blur to me….I just want to know who I was before that.” Her tone was thoughtful and sincere but one could see how hesitant she was. “I know now isn’t the time what with our mission but its difficult to look away from this opportunity…I might not get a chance like this ever again…”

Connor: Connor would’ve been announced a winner along with everyone else but he’d completely lost track of Leon. “Eh?” He looked around but apart of him really could give less of a fuck. His brother was always pulling the disappearing act but he always reappeared whenever it was convenient. Connor would’ve looked as they, thunder, yumi, glade and kin were called up to the regal portion of this arena. Connor would’ve followed, and cracked his neck while doing so. As they arrived up there kin was the one to speak, asking xiao if he would help them. He concurred, but still felt shame for the resurrection pods going missing…Connor looked to the side a bit. He was aware that was honestly all his and kin’s fault for fighting so fiercely and causing xiao to have to leave and stop them. . " Luckily for you the perception of time here is alot slower then what is on earth. Give me time to sleep on it. And... I'll have my decision by then In the mean time. Enjoy the city, you can sleep up in my palace later on tonight dudes. " Connor would’ve nodded. Leon would’ve concurred, and gale as well. “I’m leaving.” Leon announced. “Sure the loner doesn’t want to stick with the group.” Connor blurted, shaking his head. Leon would’ve walked up to one of the guards, and spoke. “Where is your library? I’d like to spend some time in there if I could.” The guard nodded and opted to show leon the way to the royal library, opting to gain knowledge and information on a lot of things about Dragon Kang and earth itself. 

Connor would’ve turned his head to find yumi and see what her take on the situation was but he saw her heading out of a window. He turned his head to see a spare green tunic, more than likely a spare of xiao’s. shrugging he’d take it and put it on, it was sleevless, and rested over his shoudlers fairly easily. Now wearing sack pants, no shoes, and a green vest connor would walk up to yumi. “Heading somewhere?” This is where my father is from. Dragon kang…where dragoons are from. My heritage is here. The answers I’ve been looking for are all here, babe. Where I come from…who I am.” Connor would’ve folded his arms, looking her dead in the eyes. He was very to the point when it came to how she felt on things and was an advent listener SUPRISINGLY. “Well I know who I am. I’m a ryoji and I’m happy with that but a big chunk of who I was is missing.” Reaching up she rubs a very small bump on the back of her head. “I can’t remember anything before I was found by the Ikedas…and I was 14. Everything before that day is all a blur to me….I just want to know who I was before that.” Her tone was thoughtful and sincere but one could see how hesitant she was. “I know now isn’t the time what with our mission but its difficult to look away from this opportunity…I might not get a chance like this ever again…” Connor would’ve nodded and shrugged, holding it for a second. “Then what are we waiting for?” Connor would’ve mounted himself in the window beside hers. “let’s go together. I’m with ya Yu Yu, til the end of the line. Don’t care where that line goes either, as long as I’m there.” Connor would’ve given here a nod and a sincere smile. “Lead the way. If this is your home, maybe it’ll all start to come back to you.” If she leapt, connor would’ve leapt, unintentionally taking the lead and making his way down the tower, flapping his wings out for a moment to stop his fall and land on the ground. Now inside of the bustling streets of dragon kang, and the word “festive’ was an understatement! It was like walking in a literally city of gold! There were people all around walking! Kung fu fights in the street and people in dragon mask dancing and holding miniature festivals all around. Connor looked almost like a kid in a candy store. “Gee wiz Yumi…this place feels…really good. So positive….and  warm.” Connor would wait for her to signal them to move ahead, and as they did, a man about a mile away from them would’ve been standing at the edge of an alley way. His blue hues peering in on Connor….and Yumi. His nostrils flared a couple of times, as he sniffed the air. “She can’t be…” the voice whispered, but not quite audible yet. The mysterious figure would’ve ducked back into the alley way, before turning a corner and disappearing from sight, taking an opposite route of the two to keep up with them and hopefully close in at some point.

Yumi: “Then what are we waiting for?” She looks to him in surprise, watching him mount on the windowsill. “let’s go together. I’m with ya Yu Yu, til the end of the line. Don’t care where that line goes either, as long as I’m there.” “Connor…” They didn’t have the most romantic relationship and it was moments like these that made her really appreciate just who she married as she follows him and nods, smirking a bit. “Okay.” They jumped together and she caught her feet on the wall, using her chakra to run down it with ease before finishing in a roll and sliding to her feet easily until straightening out. She watched everyone and everything now that they were out of that ring and out of the palace, they could see it all…and it was beautiful. It felt like….China almost. A very festive beautiful afternoon in China but Yumi couldn’t recall ever…really going to China before but there was some dejavu hitting her rather hard as she stays close to her husband and inspects the streets of children running and laughing, people dancing and playing music with vendors cooking up food or selling unique items. “Gee wiz Yumi…this place feels…really good. So positive….and warm.” She had to agree with him there as she smiles genuinely. “Yeah…” She was left pretty speechless the sounds and sights alone was overwhelming but the smell? Taking in a slow inhale, it was like coming home to a warm embrace of scents from all sorts and she was loving it. They continued on the paved streets and stopped on certain stands, pointing to roasting newts the size of a ruler over a small fire. The man grins at them and offers them some but Yumi didn’t have any money on her at the moment or…well she didn’t think they would accept Tanz. Then she recalls the jewel box from earlier and reaches into her pocket, tugging out a couple of gold pieces. “Oohh that seems like a well trade!!” The elderly man handed them four cooked lizards until his flame went out and he cursed softly. “Darn coal…” Yumi took the sticks and handed them to Connor before noticing the troubled man and leaning over, blowing a small flame to restart the grill. “That should do it.” The old mans brows raise in surprise. “Oh my! A dragon!” He inspects her curiously, rubbing his chin. “Red hair…blue eyes…you must be from the Xiaofang family!” At this Yumi pauses and tilts her head with a slight frown. “Xiaofang?” She repeated showing him she didn’t know who they were. “Why sure! Are you one of Xanders children perhaps? You even got the trademark frown he wears!” She didn’t recognize the name and shook her head. “No, I’m not…really from around here.” The man merely smiles and waves off her gold coins. “Ah that’s alright then, here the foods on the house!” Yumi takes one of the sticks and smiles, thanking him before taking a bite and almost melting. “Wow these are…pretty good.”


Connor: Connor watched as she made her way over to a food stand. He felt up his stomach…and he really could’ve gone for something delicious to eat. He was starving, and he didn’t even get one bit of food that yumi had cooked before they left the other world. “Check this stuff out!” Connor would’ve leaned over looking at the food that had been coocked already. “Looks like some shit you would’ve cooked. Smells great…some urbs and spcies. I bet kin could identify these and we take a couple of these back home.” When she paid for the food in jewels, Connor would nudge yumi a bit. “Hey don’t give all of those away! We still need to eat our damnselves when we get back and I bet those go for some good money back in the skylands!” Connor would’ve raised his head however when he thought for a second he’d felt a prescence breathing down his neck! Connor turned, around rubbing the back of his neck and furrowing his brow. “the fuck…was that.” Connor’s eyes squinted, as he looked around but saw literally nothing. “…I’m a bit on edge now. But I’ll relax. It couldn’t honestly be that bad could it..” when Connor overhears the interesting part of the conversation about the “Xiaofang” family and her being a child of Xander’s Connor would prood his lips and make a “not bad” face. As they were beginning to walk away and Yumi handed  Connor the food sticks he’d look at the lizards on the sticks. “….you don’t find this a teeeeeeeny bit racist? These are probably like you’re great great ancestors or some shit like that. Ahhhhhh mmf” Connor would’ve wet, biting the meat off of the stick, and then proceeding to chew on the stick itself. As they continued their walk down a straight street connor would have his arms behind his head looking around. “There’s so many martial arts exhibitions around here, it’s got me a bit excited. I kind of wanna see what kind of trouble I can get into here haha!” they arrived at a clearing. It was a GIANT gold fountain, which spewed water as clear as the substance was supposed to be. Around it’s area were benches, and a wide, WIDE, area of stone. “Looks like a cool little meeting place for festivals and shit. “ Connor would walk up to the fountain, and look at the swirling double dragon design. “So intricate…” Connor would’ve went to touch it, before out of nowhere all he’d seen was black. Just plain black. Connor stood for a moment before his body went lip and he’d fallen face first into the fountain, with a splash! Blood leaking from his head as he floated in the water freely, knocked out…at least one would hope.

( ) “Agh…I think I went overboard. I guess I thought him stronger…” a voice broke the mold of air that would’ve been a remote silence, and if Yumi would’ve looked behind her a few feet away would’ve been a man that towered over her in height and physical stature. He wore a white scarf over what looked to be a gold plated chest plate, with his bare arms showing form it. The armor spread down past his crotch similar to a samura’s, but around his waist was a white cloak the drapped down far past the knees and stopped in the middle of his calf muscles. The man had red hair just like Yumis…blue eyes just like yumis…and a pericing on the base of his bottom lip where a man’s soul patch would be. He looked at her with a seemingly blank expression. He spoke. (he sounds ike ichigo kurosaki from the American bleach dub xD) “You. You’re hair and eyes. You have to be from my family….but I know all of my family members scents, so I wanna ask you some questions. “ the man would hold his finger up, symbolizing the first question. “Number one. What’s your first and last name.” he held up his middle finger. “Number 2 where you from? East, West, North, or South Kang? Or are you even from this dimension at all, cause you have a lot of scents on you I do not know form here but have smelled on few other individuals.” He held up another finger. “And 3…who is this outsider who dares escort you. If…you are my kin. You should know we do not let peasants escort us anywhere. Travel with a strong ally or travel alone…one of the key rules of our family. If. You’re apart of it.” The man would clasp his right fist with his left hand. ‘OH yeah….Probably gonna have to mention the punishment for breaking the rule of bringing an outsider is a beating.” He crackedhis knuckles, and tilted his head from side to side, his expression not changing a bit. ‘Take your ready stance….” The man’s aura was powerful but it would be oh so familer to the red haird Yumi that she’d swear she’d known it somewhere or another.

Yumi: Connor mentions eating newts is sort of racist and she gives him a lame expression, biting into the second one and chewing while speaking matter of factly. “Does that mean we should stop eating chicken too?” She mocks as they make their way over to the fountain. It was very beautiful as the two finished their meal and Connor inspected the water while Yumi was busy looking around. “Yeah maybe we should see one of the fights and-“ BAM! The redhead goes on alert as she jumps in surprise, watching Connor get knocked out and fall face first into the fountain. “Connor!!” She yelled before rushing into the fountain to grab onto him, lifting his head up so he wouldn’t drown and checking on his breathing. “What the fuck happened?!” He wasn’t responding and she dragged him out, frantic eyes searching for who ever did this….and then he appears. She pauses mid way of getting out and just stares intently. “Who…” “Agh…I think I went overboard. I guess I thought him stronger…” At this, Yumi growled, an ember glowing inside of her mouth. “If you hadn’t snuck up on him you’d be surprised.” She finishes pulling Connor out and gently lays him on the floor, brushing locks of hair out from his eyes before standing back up….she didn’t have time to heal him so hopefully he’d be okay without her blue flames until she handled this asshole. Appearently he wanted to ask her questions but she was in no answering mood…still she didn’t want to start a scene, regardless of being from Dragon Kang she needed to abide by the rules as she was only a visitor…but this man was intent on speaking with her. He asks her name and she just stares, giving him a rather unpleasant glare, her nose curling up in to a defiant snarl. “Bastard…I’m going to rip you apart.” She pauses though, remembering why she was even wandering around to begin with. “Che….Yumi Ryoji. I’m not…I’m from Earth. I’m half dragoon and THAT peasant you knocked out is Connor Ryoji, my HUSBAND.” He mentions a punishment for bringing an outsider and her eye twitches….something about this man she just got annoyed…not angry but annoyed. Who was he to tell her who she could or couldn’t be escorted by?! “You’re not the boss of me!” She blinks, giving out a strange expression before shaking her head. “What I mean is…Bring it.” He gets into a stance and from this distance she felt oddly…well…there was a dejavu feeling again. Yumi slides her feet shoulder width apart, bunching up her muscles and tightening her fists as she lets out a slow breath, blue hues narrowing into draconic slits. These dragoons were powerful…and if this man was able to sneak up on Connor? She was going to have problems with him but she never backed down from a fight. So far she could tell by looks alone he was strong…whats worse? Neither of them had even sensed him which meant speed was a factor here…Her knuckles crack under the pressure of squeezing her fingers to the palms, letting out a murderous intent as even her jaw tenses up. The two stare one another done, Yumi watching him and in a moment she’s gone from her spot! With blinding speed she shoots forward with arms bent, fists tucked in at her ribs while quick feet pick up the dust around them, leaving a trail behind as her hair flips up over her shoulders and she appears infront of him! The left arm strikes first, with an elbow slash aimed for his neck in a slanted angle and hit or miss the assaulting arm would straighten out and head right back for him with the back of her hand towards the left of his cheek while her feet twist to straighten her body out and have her right arm continue the assault with a vicious heated hook to the same spot on his cheek that could shatter the bone and implode a mans nose with blood gushing out like a faucet. If he’d blocked or dodged ,her right leg would be on the move with a pouncing knee strike to the golden armor with scales growing over the already hard skin. Only adding to the density of her strike with added heat at raging temperatures that could melt something as weak as gold, considering she’d melted adimantium before but she would not underestimate the armor hence the backed up assurance of her scales mixed with the heat to attempt at having it implode on itself to reach just under his sternum and between his ribs.

Xandu: “Che….Yumi Ryoji. I’m not…I’m from Earth. I’m half dragoon and THAT peasant you knocked out is Connor Ryoji, my HUSBAND.” The man would hold his expression but his mouth would drop open just a bit for a split second. “Yumi…Ryoji. The last name rings a bell, but that first name….dad mentioned….there’s no way.” He thought. “You’re not the boss of me!” She blinks, giving out a strange expression before shaking her head. “What I mean is…Bring it.” The man would nod and raise his right hand up to hover at the level of his chin and lower and extend his left hand so it hovered at the level of his waist, lowering his head and spreading his feet shoulder with apart for perfect balance. Watching Yumi take her stance his eyes didn’t change, nothing about his face did except a gleam in his eyes. “That form..” He watched her take off at a heightened speed! To anyone obeseving she was REALLY fast, especially considering in this realm she is much faster than she would be on earth! However this man….this man was a legend in these parts, and this red headed girl was about to see exactly why he was such a legend. When she came in with her left elbow, the man would, without giving up his stance or position, lean his back and head backwards, just enough for the elbow to clear his face, his eyes making contact with hers the entire time. When she made her next move to straighten out her arm and bring it back around for a backhand attempt, the redheaded male would’ve brought up his right hand to stop her arm dead on, his left hand still hovering at a low position.  Hearing her feet shuffle. His eyes remained fixated on hers,reading all of her attacks through eye contat alone, as she came up with a viscious right hook! He didn’t even move, as his free left hand would’ve come up,and caught her fist in mid stride, holding it with a grip and tightening his grip around her fist, as he was going to attempt to crush her hand right then and there, the scalely texture of his scales forming in his palm and the edge of his fingers as he readied to do this HOWEVER when she moved her leg to knee strike him in the gut of his golden armor plate a loud ‘PING” Would’ve been heard! The temperature of her knee was very heated! Hot in fact, schorching enough to melt most metals! However what she’d find is that this metal…her head had no effect on it. He’d taken the hit dead on, but her heat did nothing to the metal…what’s worse is that her attack did nothing much to him but graze his abdomen, as he too could harden the scales on his body. He felt the familer impact of draconic scales and he looked down at her knee for a second before looking back at her. His left hand quickly countering, touching her on her attacking knee and his right hand touching her left arm in attempts to only tap them, which at this distance would’ve been more than possible , and the very moment he did yumi’s body would’ve begun to get a very unfamiler feeling. A feeling she probably never felt in her entire life of living….cold.

The man the very moment he touched her would’ve literally absorbed so much of Yumi’s body heat that her body would’ve instantly began to develop frost around it! Immobilizing her in place of her doing that same knee pose, while her red headed opponent took a back step a few feet away, her heat visibly escaping into the palms of his hands in heated blurs. In only a second, Yumi would feel the coldest she had ever felt in her entire life, literally frozen in place, with not a shred of body heat to use in this very moment, rendering her in place. Of course she could always heat her self back up and escape this with little difficulty….she was a dragon after all. The tall red headed man would’ve taken a step back and begun talking, but kept his guard up incase she was unwilling to listen. “If you were from here…you’d know the Xiaofang’s armor is forged in the very heart of a volcano. Heat attacks do little to it, thus why it never burns when we use our strongest fire attacks. Second, I felt that…those scales.  Those were indeed dragon scales.” If she’d let him talk, his lips would’ve parted, a feint ember burning on the inside of his mouth. “but if you are…who I believe you to be…of my kin…then let us speak our native tongue of fire…Traditional dragons ancestors when they blew fire were actually talking to one another… nishka yth? (Shall we?) The male would’ve taken a few steps back and begin to inhale said embers! As he inhaled these embers yumi would notice it was similar to the way she her self did it, except when he did it, his cheeks croaked outwards, and so did his neck! After this was done, he’d exhale his flame with more “o” shaped lips and expel a giant flame, about the size of a two stories building out towards Yumi!

The flame traveled the ground, cracking it as it went along! If yumi complied…and blew her own fire back towards his flame, they would’ve collided and made a make shift flame tower! Each flame pushing against the other!

As this happened however, Yumi would be able to hear the man’s voice in her head as their flames collided! “My suspicions were correct….you are definitely of the Xiaofang family line…Yumi Xiaofang. You are Xamer’s long lost daughter thought to have perished years ago at the hands of earthlings…I am your older brother, and first born of Xamer and your older brother. “ Xandu would call off his flame and stand idol. Wiping his mouth a bit. “Welcome home little sister. Sorry about your…husband.” Xandu would place a hand on his hip, his facial expression literally the same as it’s been this entire time. ‘He may need aid. Toss him over your shoulder and follow me. I’m taking you in to see the rest of your kin. I only ask that you don’t heal him quite yet…I’ve heard his mouth. It’s rather distasteful and I do not wish to burn him to a crisp.” Xandu would turn and begin walking, and if she did as asked, they’d begin down a dirt path in the middle of the forest, where Xandu would make conversation. “So…what’s it like? Earth world. I’ve heard many things but never been able to travel there for treasure. Father forbids anyone of us from going there since that’s where the incident with you happened…is it nice?”

Yumi: Even with the heat and force, the armor only makes a comical PING sound and Yumi grits her teeth in annoyance until the man counters by attempting to grab on to her but Yumi was not to be taken so easily or well she thought so as his reach just barely misses with her back bending back to throw her arm out of harms way…her knee on the other hand would not be so lucky as the cold rushes her, she recognized what he was doing though! Absorbing her heat?! HER!? With the hand placed on her knee she’d take the moment for a split second shift to attempt at gripping his wrist to take back what he was stealing, growling dangerously at him. Once he stepped back she put the feeling back in her bones and continued to heat up, giving him a glare but it seemed he was pausing for a reason….to explain what the armor was made of. She frowned but stayed in place, inspecting the armor and actually looking rather impressed…Dragon Kang was an incredible place indeed especially this man, this Xiaofang family…Suddenly a familiar ember glow could be seen from his mouth and she goes back on guard, bending her knees and placing her arms up with fists held loosely. Judging by his stance….shit he was planning on blowing flames! To speak their native fire tongue?? Damnit….looking over her shoulder she watches a knocked out Connor worriedly before getting into a proper stance to hold her balance and quickly with a ferocious inhale through her nose her lungs are filled to the brim when he blows the flames towards her! She couldn’t eat a size like that so she’d have to defend with offense and return her own flame though doing a flame such an impressive size needed a good amount of destructive chi to even heighten the size and give it that BOOM effect as her own flames explode towards his in a fiery wall to block him off and keep it away from Connor. His flame though was much more destructive to the point her hands ignited in flames and shot out their own line of fire to help Yumi from being pushed back and to keep this mans flames from devouring them. “My suspicions were correct….you are definitely of the Xiaofang family line…Yumi Xiaofang. You are Xamer’s long lost daughter thought to have perished years ago at the hands of earthlings…I am your older brother, and first born of Xamer. “ His voice rang in her mind and she almost couldn’t process the information….she had a brother?! Finally the flames cease and she stumbles a lil, sweating only slightly as she catches her breath. “Shit…” She wipes at her own mouth and swallows, watching him intently. He welcomes her home, calling her little sister and Yumi could only stare dumbfounded….this was….she couldn’t….how…. “You…I’m….” He apologizes for hurting Connor and that’s when she remembers, quickly rushing to his side and inspecting him to make sure his head injury wasn’t extensive. He seemed okay… “Connor…” she said softly, warming him up from the cold water that soaked his clothes. “He may need aid.” At this she snaps, glaring. “YOU THINK SO?!” If this bastard was her brother, it’d make sense why he got under her skin. “You don’t just sneak up on people and knock them out you could have really hurt him!!” She was defensive when it came to Connor, though she’d never let her husband know she acted like this when he was hurt. Her brother tells her not to heal him just yet but to this she just looks at him with a frown. “I don’t care if you are my brother…this is my husband, I’ll do what I want.” But he was right….knowing Connor he wasn’t going to be happy he got taken out like a punk and she sighs. Throwing him over her shoulder, she carries him with ease and holds him close. “Alright but you are gonna hear from him when hes up either way and it wont be pretty….” The two walk together and he tries to make conversation but if we know Yumi, she wasn’t the talkative type especially to strangers. She says nothing at first simply walking but sighs softly and shakes her head. “It’s….alright. Humans can be really confusing but over all we’re not so bad. It is nice….” She looks to him before finally asking. “Xandu…what…happened to me?”

Xandu: “I don’t care if you are my brother…this is my husband, I’ll do what I want.” Xandu’s expression unchanging in the face of his sisters stubbornness. Alright but you are gonna hear from him when hes up either way and it wont be pretty….” “I’m well aware. I already deem him an unsuitable mate, so burning him to a crisp wouldn’t be anything but an after thought.” As they continued walking he’d hear her speak again about what he’d ask. About how humans live and how earth is. Hearing it wasn’t so bad, made him think a thought of wanting to visit, but looking at one earthling such as connor can soil the reputation of an area very quickly. Thus Xandu’s desire to visit was dramatically reduced. “Xandu…what…happened to me?” Xandu would’ve looked at her for a second, the same expression before looking back towards the dirt road. “I’m not so sure that’s a story…I should be the one to tell you. But since you asked I don’t mind telling you what father actually shared and didn’t keep to himself. During his time on earth, when he sought treasure he got stuck there. Earth’s atmosphere had drastically weakened his power and as such in a place called “Shanghai” he was threatened and attacked. He was vague…with his description. But it ends with him meeting a human woman who’s name he won’t reveal. He mated with her and she gave birth to you, the first half human half dragoon I history. However from what he said, he’d come back to finish off a war myself and our Uncle Xamer were participating in and during that time your mother was killed, and you were tossed way ward into the lost world of earth.” Xandu would pause for a moment to look at her, and her clothing. “ Apparently you survived, seeing as how you’re here. You’re power is good, but I can tell it is self taught. You’ve not been properly instructed in the ways of the Xiaofang, but our family will soon fix that when you meet them.” During their walk, she’d begin to see a giant palace amass the top of an oncoming villa, similar to the other one they’d just left from but a bit more structured with lower and wider buildings as opposed to all and protruding towers. It was just as festive, but over head…were dragons. Dragons flying in the sky, circling the villa and exchanging friendly flames towards one another with loud cries and roars. “We must’ve killed more time than I thought. “ Xandu would lead them to the get, entering inside of it. The guards at the front saluted him, but then looked wide eyed at Yumi. The guards then whispered amongst each other. “That girl, is she from the Xiaofang?” “Dunno…got the same hair, eyes and scowl…” Xandu would lead them down the straight road heading fright for the giant and gold plated palace. “Our father is a treasure hunter, renowned throughout the dimensions as one of the greatest. As you know we seek treasure by nature to harden our stomachs, but our father has a golden thumb. An eye for the rarest of treasures.” Xandu would glance his eyes to the side at Yumi. “I want you to…keep in mind. While you are of kin, you’re still a half breed. Some of our siblings, and cousins won’t be as accepting of you as I am. I am just happy to know you  exsist. You’ll more than likely run into Ayame before the others…” he spoke Ayame’s name with a bit of annoyance, and boy was that an understatement. Arriving at the palace doors, Xandu would push them both open with one hand, the doors were heavy and only one with Draconian strength could open them in the first place. The palace as a mix of bronze and gold’s, pure metals abroad, with treasures just scoured across the floor and walls, but out of the way of the luxurious rug that lead up a set of stairs. “This is Martivir thrinzilk. (peace palace). This is where us as the royal family of the east live and reside. It spans 5 miles out. It has to be big enough to contain us in both humanoid and dragon based form.” Xandu would’ve walked them up the steps and looked back at Yumi as she came. “Can you transform? Fully. I’ve wondered that upon meeting you. You’re flame wasn’t as proficient as a full bloods..” regardless of how she answered the question, they’d arrive out side the main chamber after some more walking. Xandu would put his hand on the giant golden doors and look at Yumi. “Are you ready. I know this moment must be incredibly significant to you. Just say when.” Xandu would open the door on her word.


Yumi: Seems like he didn’t know the full story but he knew enough and she wanted to hear it…regardless of who it came from if only just to get a simple clue. She listens intently, never has there been a moment where Yumi was hanging on to every single word than this moment. Her mother was human…..yes she knew that. Her father fell in love with her and they had her…but she was tossed away? There were so many questions. “why didn’t he….” No Xandu wasn’t the person to ask this. They make their ways across the land, further east until a majestic domain is seen and she blinks in surprise. “This is…your place?” Well it was technically her place now too wasn’t it? Sort of anyway…this was all so confusing! There were guards at the front eyeing her down and she frowns but doesn’t say anything as to not be too rude, following Xandu inside. “I want you to…keep in mind. While you are of kin, you’re still a half breed. Some of our siblings, and cousins won’t be as accepting of you as I am. I am just happy to know you exist. You’ll more than likely run into Ayame before the others…”

Half breed….that name didn’t settle well with her, it never had. She bites the inside of her mouth but says nothing, frowning deeper and nodding. “Right…” She looked to Connor with furrowed brows, wishing he was awake…she really needed him at the moment. Xandu asks if she can fully transform and she shakes her head. “No, I don’t think I can. Not full out dragon anyway.” They continue walking along and her eyes widen at the long hallway of treasures just sprawled out everywhere, her draconic interest perking up as she wanted to go over and touch everything to settle her urges but she’d do so later….they finally reached the last door and she guessed this is where her family was….the answers shes been looking for. Looking to her newly realized brother she watches him before sighing. “I mean….I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” The door is pushed, exposing the gigantic room covered in treasures of all sorts with thrones all laid out of different sizes in the very back. This place was huge!  She couldn’t even see the ceiling anymore and this place sort of resembled a feudal Japan domain but with obvious Chinese influences of décor, dragon statues sprawled out here and there, the Asian kind.

She holds her head up high and walks in, noticing a rather large man with wildfire hair that matched his beard drinking from a goblet and laughing at something one of the servants had said. “And then….and then I said…How was I suppose to know she was your wife! She came on to me!” He bellowed a loud laugh while placing a strong hand on the womans shoulder who didn’t look the least bit afraid of her master, if anything she just laughed softly at his joke before pouring him some more wine. She was beautiful, pale skin with brunette hair held up in a bun and wearing clean white silks along with gold bracelets all along her arms and diamond earings! It seemed like all the servants had the same dress code, wearing sandals and flowing white robes…it sort of reminded her of Hercules as she frowned at the thoughts, shaking them off…these servants didn’t look miserable or abused. Xamer takes a long sip, still chuckling at his joke before seeing Xandu and standing up joyfully. “Ah my son has returned! How did it go? Did you—“

While coming down the steps of his throne, he approaches and that’s when he sees her…His wide smile fades and he looks from Xandu to Yumi before murmuring. “Xandu what have you done…” At this Yumi carefully sets Connor down, sitting him up and letting him lean against the wall gently. She stares at him before sighing softly and finally facing her father. “We got here on our own. Trouble in Earth I’m afraid and…we needed the Emperors help. I wandered off and Xandu found me and wanted to confirm who I was….who I am. I remember you. From a vision I had? When I died and went to the Dark zone…you left a piece of yourself inside of me? In case I ever…got in to trouble.” This man was huge! Taller than Xandu and much wider with a gladiator type of bronze armor with gold outlines hugging every sharp and hard muscle down to the waist until it opened up in a skirt style fashion and even then his legs were nothing to scoff at either. Every inch of this beastly man screamed powerful and even royal as narrowed blue eyes sank deeply into Yumis bigger and more rounder hues. He watches her for a moment, rubbing his chin curiously before finally talking, even his voice carried with how deep of a rumble it was. “I left a piece of my chi with my daughter in case something happened and she would be somewhat protected while in my absence. That didn’t work however and she was thrown out into the ocean…”

At this Yumi blinked and stared at the floor, trying to recall anything from her past but she couldn’t, nothing past the age of 14. “Of course that was….well over 80 years ago.” Yumi frowns and her head snaps back up. “But I’m only 22….” She looks to Xandu and then at Xamer. “Right?” Xamer strokes his beard, watching her intently. “We’ve had women before…come to us and say they are the lost child of Xamer Xiaofang. Imposters with hopes of becoming part of the royal family…I have to say you are different from them. You know a different detail they haven’t tried before.” Yumi began to grow irritated, stepping up to the man. “I’m not an imposter! I know who you are! I’ve seen you! In dreams…in my vision! You helped me. You told me about my mother being human about how much you loved her! You are Xamer Xiaofang, my father! Please…Don’t turn away from me again.” Xamer watches her for a little longer before smiling and reaching out a massive hand that could certainly crush the woman’s head but instead he lays it against her cheek, rough fingers brushing into her hair as she watches cautiously before leaning into it, her eyes closing as tears threaten to come. “Yumi. I thought I’d lost you.” Quickly rushing her shes lifted up into strong arms and held tightly into a powerful embrace as she grunts but smiles and lets him, while Xamer laughs loudly. “My daughter! Has returned to us! This calls for a grand feast of which this family has never seen!!” Yumi didn’t care how loud he was being, she simply rested her head against his neck, with how big he was and how easily he was holding her….she could feel it. That paternal affection being given to her as she enjoyed it greatly.

Xandu/Connor: Xandu would’ve stood there, his eyes closed listening in on the conversation after they had walked in and made their entrance. He merely folded his arms, and looked away, letting them continue on as he understood. Xandu even though you’d never guess by his face was happy to discover another sibling in the family. Though as harsh as he was he was still compassionate in hoping that other family members would accept her. Xandu would’ve watched as his father took the moment to finally embrace his long lost daughter. . “My daughter! Has returned to us! This calls for a grand feast of which this family has never seen!!” Xandu would nod over to two of the servants. “You heard the man. Go set up the table, and have the chefs begin preparing and hunting the meat itself. I’m rather famished myself.” The ladies nodded and begun to scurry off twarods the kitchen. After a much needed, Nap Connor would’ve finally been some what awakened! Shaking his head form right to  left a bit, a tad disorinented but okay none the less. “Agh…what….where…” Connor’s vision was coming in and out. “Did someone…hit me with an 18 wheeler?” Connor looked up and he could see a giant man with red hair hugging Yumi. They looked just a like, and yumi and his emotions were on the positive side so all was well. Connor began to try and stand up but he felt…weak? Weak? The fuck kind of a hit was that he thought? “Naah…shit.” He stood himself up rubbing the top of his head a few times, before looking around. “Y-Yumi. Hey Yu Yu…is that your pops?” he spoke inaudible as he was literally still recovering from that attack. “Damn…I can’t even get myself together right…what…who hit me.” Connor’s eyes blurred in and out.

Xandu noticed Connor had woken up again. “The one with the mouth.” Connor could see Xandu standing there looking at him quite menacingly. “Oh…he’s got some malice in his heart…yeah… I feel it.” Connor thought to himself. Suddenly however Xandu wasn’t in that spot anymore. A groggy connor plust a fast opponent, was not a healthy combination.  Xandu would’ve appeared infront of connor with his right hand cocked back as to backhand him with his forearm. “Go back to bed troublesome human..” Connor could see his forearm coming towards him. In his groggy state, he could at least defend, but gaugingt this guy’s strength was hard! Connor saw the arm and he knew if this was the one who made the impact it was game time as he shot both of his forearms up like a boxer and stopped the hit dead on! Connor furrowed his brow. “Hey pal! I don’t know who you are, but if you’re the same guy that knocked me out earlier, I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” “I thought I could avoid hearing you talk. It looks like I was wrong.” Xandu would lower his hand, and Connor would take a denfensive stance…but he could feel strain in his arms. “this guy…I’m not bragging but I’m pretty A-1 when it comes to hands and strength. He hit me with less strength than it took to knock me out and my forearms are numb…that’s kind of scary…” Connor couldn’t help but smirk. “But exciting at the same time.” He thought. Xandu’s eyes would’ve shot towards behind Connor and Connor would find himself picked up by the back of his shirt, hoisted high into the air! “Yo what the fuck!” “WELL WELL WELL, JUST WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE! “ A man the same size of Xamer if not a bit bigger would’ve grabbed connor up by the back of his shirt and held him in the air. He’d had a beard, a very prominent one, and he smelled of blood. It was a strong scent. Not only that, but he had a very peculiar scar on the side of his face, where his cheek was that let you see right to his teeth. It was creepy as shit and disturbing to look at. He’d sniff Connor a couple of times before holding him outwards. “Gah he REEKS of Oni blood! Filthy fake demons, you smell like that fowl mouthed bird Washi!” He would toss connor way ward near Yumi and Xamer where he’d hit the ground face first, and push himself up a bit, standing up and screaming. “GOD DAMMIT! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS PLACE AND BEING KICKED AROUND! I don’t give a damn who you are, I’m gonna-!” Connor stopped in mid sentence realizing just what he was about to say and just who he was around. 3 people. All with the strength to arguably snap him in two on their wrost days. Connor was brash but he knew when he was outmatched. “Tch…” He’d fold his arms and look away. “Names Connor Ryoji, Yumi’s husband. Nice to meet you all, and yes I’m pipping her.” Connor slipped that snippet in out of sheer spite, for being the odd man out. Xandu would’ve eyed him down from across the room, and no telling how Xamer would react.

Xander on the other hand cared not and approached his brother to see Yumi in his arms. “By the gods, is that?” If Xamer agreed, Xander would rub his head a few times. “Well I’ll be DAMNED. It’s little old Yumi! I’ve only heard tales about you!” Xander would’ve patted her on the back, extra hard actually making her lean forward every time he did. “I am your uncle Xander, the handsome one of the two HAHA!” Xander would’ve patted his brother on the shoulder. “I Know this day must be a joyus one for you brother. You have all of my happiness to bare. I ASSUME we shall celebrate with fine wine and women?! SO BE IT! I just pillaged another village who dared to oppose our army, burned them CLEEEEAN off the map. You should’ve been there brother it would’ve been just like the old days.” Xander would’ve leaned over to look Yumi in the face. His breathe smelled like ale and vaginal secretions. “Say, you ever pillaged an entire village before? I’m going to have to take you out and show you how to be a TRUE dragoon!” He’d sniff her one good time, and take some of her hair and lift it up sniffing her again.”Yuck, you reeak of Human stench. Those bastardly race of people. Had I had my way, I’d have killed them all when I had the chance…” Connor would’ve made his way beside Yumi to nudge her on the arm. “I’m gonna…knock myself back out in a bit.Wake me up when this madness is over with. I’m say the wrong thing to the wrong person.” Xander would’ve kept speaking. “None the less you have my blood within in you Young Yumi.I guess I can accept you…but only after you’ve proven that you are a dragon at your core.COME to the dinning room. You’ve siblings to meet and ooooooooh BOY are they going to sniff that human in you and cringe as I did. Espcially bringing that meat bag you brought with you.” Connor furrowed his brow, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Just deal, just deal, can’t win, don’t wanna die, just deal.” He thought to himself as Xander would’ve lead Yumi, Xandu, and Connor towards the dinning hall where the rest of her kin was gathered at.

YumI: Yumi almost forgot where she was as she’d been hugging her fathers massive neck closely, taking in his scent as he was doing with her. “You smell like your mother. I miss her.” He murmured softly into long locks of red to which Yumi just replied with. “Me too.” The sound of Connor waking up disrupted the family time as he finally lowered her back down so she could stand though not letting her get too far with a hand on her head while beaming down at her with a giant grin. Xandu began to order the servants to get the royal dinning hall prepared for said feast as Yumi looked to Connor and then her brother who would try to knock him out again. She tried to tell him no but knew it would be a loss cause as Connor stops him and she just sighs, glad to see he was alright. The two share some not so nice words before the doors slam open and she jumps, watching another man who looked very similar to Xamer come in and pick Connor up. She winces, knowing how Connor could be and once more tried to talk though it went unheard. “Oh don’t do that he’ll—“ But no one listened and she just looked at her father who was still grinning at her. “Let them be, its their way of welcoming him!! That is Xander, your uncle.” She had..a lot of family it seemed. It made her really…..really happy to know all this time she belonged to a family so big. Connors tossed like a rag to her and she watches him get up and start to scream but she just smiles, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as she stood by his side and kissed his cheek when he stopped and realized maybe it wasn’t a good idea to yell. He introduces himself the only way he knows how and she sighs, shaking him lightly before looking to Xamer and smiling. “He is indeed my husband…I fell for his obvious charm.” Sarcasm dripped on those words but Xamer approached Connor and inspected him the same time Xander went to Yumi right in her face. “Uh….yes. I’m Yumi. It’s nice to meet you, uncle.” Xamer hadn’t said anything yet to Connor, still watching him as if trying to get a read on him before Xander distracted him with news of defeating the opposing town and he sighed. “Yes I’m sure you did brother but did you attempt to merge some of the villagers and welcome them to our village? We can always use more population to expand.” But Xander was more interested in talking to Yumi and telling her how she reeked of human to which she couldn’t help since she was half human. She didn’t take offense simply laughing softly and nodding. “Sorry, uncle.” After some more chit chat, Xander would start to take them to the dinning hall to introduce them to the rest of the family. She looked to Connor and brushed their knuckles together. “I’m glad you’re here…meat bag.” She teased, giving him another kiss on the cheek all the while Xamer watched on curiously. This was a lot to take in but she could do it…she welcomed it all with open arms! So many questions finally being answered. The double doors to the dining room are spread open by Xander and there was indeed a grand dining table that extended as far as possible! In just moments there were hot trays and cold trays full of odd looking creatures cooked up and laid before them, some fruits and vegetables that were familiar and others…she’d never seen before. The chairs were just as big, spacious enough to fit whomever considering how big the twin brothers were it’d make sense. There were artwork of dragons and dragon kang sprawled over the walls and the corners. Connor and Yumi would stay behind and watch the ones they’d been introduced to already continue forward. She held on to his hand tightly, giving it a painful squeeze but her face was blank, she had a pretty good poker face but Connor knew her better than that. “Children! I’m so happy you’re all gathered here…I have someone very special for you to meet!” Xamer began grabbing the attention of three other redheads all gathered and speaking with one another at the side of the room. They look over with smiles, welcoming their kin and letting him continue with his announcement. “My long lost daughter…has returned to us! I welcome to the Xiaofang family, Yumi Xiaofang!!” Their smiles drop immediately especially the shortest one who looked from her father to Yumi and instantly glared heatedly…Yumi could feel it, the malice behind that stare but she merely tilted her head and furrowed her brows, returning the challenging glare. A beautiful redhead who looked a lot like Yumi but with shorter hair would smack the shorter one on the head before making first interaction. She was curvy, thick and gorgeous it even took Yumi back a bit as she waited to get approached. She’s watched intently as the woman sniffs her and looks her up and down. “So it’s true then. You are Yumi. My name is Shina Xiaofang, eldest daughter to Xander.” She finally smiles and bows her head respectfully. “Welcome home, little cousin.” Yumi relaxes a little and nods slowly. “Thank you…” At this, the man with long hair muscular like Xandu would follow suit and flash a welcoming grin her way, taking her hand and kissing the knuckles. “I am Xavier! Eldest son to Xander and older brother to Shina here. This feels….rather strange but we’re happy to see you all the same! How did you even get here? And who is this! Your servant?” He looks to Connor before taking note he was indeed human! “Oh a human…” He flashed a grin to his cousin, Xandu. “I can tell you’ve had your fun already cousin.” Shina grabbed hold of Yumis arm, smiling and tugging her away from Connor while Xavier placed a hand on Connors shoulder rather smoothly so he wasn’t allowed to follow, beckoning Xandu closer and winking as a code to him before putting his attention on the man. “So who are you supposed to be? I smell you all over my little cousin….”

Yumi looked over her shoulder worriedly but Shina assured he’d be alright all the while the men were left with Connor as her cousin pulls her over to Ayame. “Yumi, this is Ayame…your little sister.” At this Yumi just stares…she had another sibling? A younger one. She was a big sister….Ayame merely frowns, watching her with arms crossed and Yumi could swear she looked just like her when she was that age. “It’s nice to meet—“ “You’re not my sister. Youre some Halfling bastard child from a weak human my dad for some insane reason bred with.” At this Yumis eye twitched but she didn’t say anything. Shina on the other hand placed her arm around Yumis shoulder and laughed. “Ayame! Green is a horrible color on you! Go wash it off.” She said the last part with clenched teeth and a glare. Ayame only frowned harder before turning and leaving the dining room in a huff. “I guess she doesn’t like me.” “Give her time, this is new to her. She isn’t mature like the rest of us, shes only 60.” As soon as Ayame opened the doors, a slew of little redheaded children came rushing over all blowing smoke and lil puffs of flames at one another all with laughter. Shina laughs and introduces the bundles of joy headed right for them. “These are more of your cousins! Second cousins that is. Their children to Xavier and I’s other siblings. My nieces and nephews.” She knelt down and opened her arms as she was tackled by seven children all the height up to Yumis knees who instantly saw her red hair and assumed she must be more family. Yumi, thinking they were just children and weren’t too strong simply smiled before being tackled on to the ground and climbed on top of. “Wah! Hey!” They start to grab her limbs and climb her body, hugging her and biting. “Ouch! Watch it!” The bites didn’t hurt too bad but it smarted! Shina laughs and lifts one Meanwhile back with Xamer, he’d watched Ayame react horribly to Yumi and sighed to himself, rubbing his beard before giving his brother that look. “I was afraid of that…” 

Connor: Connor took the kiss on the cheek, standing there idly would’ve begun rubbing the back of his neck, looking Yumi’s father square in the eye when he was examining him so to speak. Connor looked awkwardly to the side for a second as he wasn’t really quite sure just what was supposed to be going on here. None the less he’d play if off as her father got distracted. Connor wasn’t used to this…not by along shot! The only time he’d ever actually talked to a parent were kodi’s and well that didn’t go very well as he literally ended up trying to kill the boy on their first encounter. Connor wasn’t to fond of kodi’s parents or her family members for the matter, but they grew on him none the less. Hopefully the same principles would apply here and connor would be accepted….though he wouldn’t lie, if it weren’t for the fact he’d have to face getting jumped by the whole crew SOMEBODY would’ve gotten decked in the face at this point. Still. Ruining Yumi’s big moment wasn’t on his addenda list, and even against his best instincts he was going to be the supportive husband he knew she needed at this time. “I’m glad you’re here…meat bag.” Another kiss on the cheek followed, but Connor wasn’t one for public displays of effection NOT right infront of her family at least. He didn’t know these people and he damn sure wasn’t comfortable with it. “Gah, don’t do that here. I’m not getting fucked up for you? Your father, or no mua’fucking body else…I got this.” Connor would’ve held her hand as they walked into the hall and low and behold the rest of Kool & the Gang was here!

“My long lost daughter…has returned to us! I welcome to the Xiaofang family, Yumi Xiaofang!!” Connor would’ve laughed a bit pretending to clear his throat, as the awkwardness in the room was friggin hilarious! That and He couldn’t help but inhale the sweet aroma of the food he was smelling…god it smelled deliscious and those lizards only did so much. But then connor couldn’t help but ponder something. “….does eating chicken make me racist.” His brow furrowed while thinking about this during the ensuing conversation going on around him, though his ears would pick it up none the less. Connor stood there and at least heard their names out. “So it’s true then. You are Yumi. My name is Shina Xiaofang, eldest daughter to Xander.” Connor remembered this. What he didn’t’ like was this other guy coming up and kissing on Yumi’s knuckles here…Connor got a tad defensive but closed his eyes. “Remember…where you are…..” he thought and continued to listen. “I am Xavier! Eldest son to Xander and older brother to Shina here. This feels….rather strange but we’re happy to see you all the same! How did you even get here? And who is this! Your servant?”  “………..” Connor had a long pause his brown locks shadowed over his face and he’d inhale through his nostrils, rasing his shoulders at the same time before lowering them back down and doing his VERY best to keep that short fuse of his from going off.“Oh a human…” He flashed a grin to his cousin, Xandu. “I can tell you’ve had your fun already cousin.” Xandu would’ve been standing against the door way with his arms folded, his expression unchanging. “Indeed I have, though the term “fun” is a very loosely used word here.” Connor would’ve stuffed his hand in his pockets, clenching his fist a couple of times. He just felt uneasy…then again he tried to remember the last time he was even around a big family setting. He hadn’t been. Pops was a vigilante, brother was a vigilante, mom was a vigilante/assassin…everyone was busy. It’s funny when the only family you knew was your girlfriend and her gay male hooker friends back in the day. It was nostalgic…being in this kind of setting. Connor brushed the feeling off, not one to tread on it “So who are you supposed to be? I smell you all over my little cousin….”

Xandu would’ve stepped on the other side of Connor keeping his arms folded, but not looking in his direction. “Yes, I think we’re both curious.” Connor would’ve flicked his nose, and smirked. “I’m Connor Ryoji. Your sister/cousin’s husband, and a Hanyou from earth. I’m one of the strongest on the planet, self proclaimed of course.  That and I fornicate with her often. ” Connor would’ve turned to face the both of them. “Gonna be honest I’m fairly uncomfortable here. I don’t like family outings. Never had a solid one for long and they make me giddy.” “It’s something you’ll have to get used to. The Xiaofang do a lot of things as one unit.  Except date meat bags.” Xandu would wait for Xaviers reaction and connor would furrow his brow a bit. “….” He’d inhale and sigh. “Not even going to…humor you on that one. “ Xandu would’ve lowered his hands. “How did you even meet Yumi.” “Simple. I beat her up. Granted…she officially won the bout itself, but I still kicked her ass pretty good.” “You’ve never faced a proper Xiaofang in combat have you.” “Well considering I can’t even put my own wife down on my best days, I’d assume their all the same.” Xandu’s eyes fixated on Connor for a minute deciding to let Xaiver do the talking since that was his forte. Connor ‘s fingers twitched. “….Someone’s definitely going to get punched today.”

Elsewhere when Ayame had her tantrum and ran off Xamer would’ve looked mighty ashamed. Xander would’ve patted his brother on the back. “Fret not my brother. She has never known another daughter of yours. She was your only daughter until but a moment ago. It’s a lot to take in, but like all Dragon’s she will take it in stride for what it is. Come now let us celebrate.” Xamer’s voice boomed. “Everyone be seated for the feast!” when the banter was over Xandu would’ve been seated closest to his father,and reserved the seat across from him for Yumi to sit. While yes this was Ayame’s spot, this was yumi’s first time here, she at least needed to be accustomed.  Xamer sat at the opposite end and his children would’ve sat closed to him, and Connor awkwardly positioned himself in the middle of the giant table, wanting to eat but he thought these people llike did a toast or some shit before they actually began to eat.  Connor would tap the table lightly. He was happy for yumi but good lord he hated being the odd man out and NOT being able to punch his way out of this predicament.


Yumi: “Oohh strongest of the planet? We’ll be sure to see your feats of strength in the trials won’t we cousin?” He chuckled and after Xandu would agree they would leave him be as the servants called them over for dinner. The smell was almost too much to handle and the spread was colorful as can be…massive cooked slabs of meat marinating in bloody juices, broiled fish the size of a man sliced into pieces, chicken shaped animal also in an impressive size coated in lemon surrounded by intricately cut vegetables. All these foods resided on beautifully crafted golden and silver plates. The seating was a bit awkward with Yumi sitting across from her brother and closest to her father….leaving a very annoyed Ayame sitting next to her cousin Shina who had already begun to fill her place with the courses, eating calmly with silverwear while Ayame was currently ripping the meat off the bone of her boar with a messy hand, glaring heatedly at Yumi from across the table. Yumi paid her no mind though as she watches her father and uncle bellowing out stories of their youth and what led to such a powerful village thriving so well under their rule. She would take glances at Connor to give him a soft apologetic smile as if asking him to bear it a little bit longer. All in all it wasn’t so bad….her family seemed very welcoming and even warm towards one another! It was almost strange seeing it…and she knew Connor wasn’t use to it, hell neither was she. “Yumi! We have to hold our ceremonial trials…every one of our soldiers and even the children go through the trials to be considered real dragoons. And…the trials we could for potential mates to one of our own. Connor will have to contribute as well.” It was Xavier who began the conversation, merely telling her of their customs and rules which she knew they’d have to abide by. “Like what—“ “Nonesense! We will not speak of this on her first night here! She is our guest and MY daughter. I will make an exception for this one time until she can be better acquainted to our-well her home!” Xamer interrupted them with a massive voice and a slam of his goblet. Xavier stares before smiling and nodding. “Very well, Uncle….” But Ayame would not be so easy to silence as she slams her hands on the table. “WHAT?!” She begins to get up but a swift leg is slammed on to her lap from under the table, connected to Shina whom was currently biting into another forkful of food, looking nonchalant. Ayame is gets pushed down back on to her seat and she glares at Shina who still doesn’t pay any mind. “Let me up!!” Shina simply sips from her cup and clears her throat. The short tempered girl growls before opening her mouth to protest but with a fast blur, something moves and suddenly she has a fish in her mouth. Shina lifts up her bowl and sips at her soup casually. Ayame finally gives up and huffs, burning up the fish and eating it rather violently while the family pays her no mind. “You will stay the night here yes? In one of our nice rooms…then tomorrow as soon as the sun rise…I want you to come find me and I will tell you your story.” Xamer offers with a flash of sharp canines. At this Yumi just smiles and nods, thanking him and giving Connor a shrug as if saying ‘maybe it won’t be so bad staying the night here.’  Xavier looks over to Connor and bites into his fork, speaking with a somewhat full mouth. “So Connor…what is it you do? Besides being a…ultimate fighter of Earth. How do you earn your worth?”

Connor: Connor would’ve been digging into the food that was presented to him and boy was it good! Fuck a fork and a spoon, connor dug right in with his hands! His cainies devouring the meat that was presented to him, and his fingers tearing into the salads and fruits! If Washi was here he’d tell connor to slow down before he chocked! To which Connor would’ve actually started chocking on a chicken bone, but he’d hit his throat one good time to break it up, before swallowing the broken fragements whole, and continuing to eat. He’d then begin to down a flask of ale, taking large gulps, and letting the streams of the sweet nector fall down his chin and onto his chest a bit.  Sitting it down with a sign, Connor would’ve picked up an apple and began bouncing it up and down to hear what was going on. “Yumi! We have to hold our ceremonial trials…every one of our soldiers and even the children go through the trials to be considered real dragoons. And…the trials we could for potential mates to one of our own. Connor will have to contribute as well.” Connor bit into the apple and held that pose at the hearing of this. “Trials….? For me? The fuck for?” Connor would’ve spoken through muffled mouth full of apple. Nonesense! We will not speak of this on her first night here! She is our guest and MY daughter. I will make an exception for this one time until she can be better acquainted to our-well her home!” Connor would’ve sighed in relief at the notion of avoding the test all together. Xandu would’ve calmly ate pieces of meat with his fork, savoring the flavor rather than scarfing it down like some of his other kind would’ve indulged in doing  so. Connor saw Yumi’s little cues and rolled his eyes a bit. “Just…bare…..god dammit Washi if you were here you could pep talk me through some of this shit…miss ya buddy.” He thought to himself. “You will stay the night here yes? In one of our nice rooms…then tomorrow as soon as the sun rise…I want you to come find me and I will tell you your story.” Connor would’ve slumped  down in his seat a bit. Hell the seat was already huge, and as he slumped down, all that could be seen was the top of his head. “STAYING THE NIGHT?!?!” He thought. “gaaaaaah, I’m going to kill a goat or something! Fuck this.” Connor would’ve sat himself up straight, and put two fingers to his temple, trying to reconnect with Kin’s mental link. “I’m sending kin a mental message so he can track it. I’m getting the hell outta-“ “So Connor…what is it you do? Besides being a…ultimate fighter of Earth. How do you earn your worth?” Xavier had spoken to connor and broke his concentration. “Eh? Oh.” Connor would’ve began scratching the  tip of his nose with his finger, and speaking. “On earth we have factions similar to other worlds but in the city I come from they were known as Yakuza. It’s basically the Japanese underworld, of criminal violence, drugs, sex trafficking and other things. There’s more to it though. Originally they were basically a community force which were really only there to help the economy and protect the people in the area they owned. “ Connor would’ve looked at Xavier. “I was an Oyabun, a Head of my own Yakuza clan, the Shinpaku Federation. Man those were the days… Yumi was one of my first mainstay members along with another friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in ages. Those days were filled with nothing but ass kicking, and money managing but boy do I miss them…” Connor would’ve sighed and shrugged. “Buuuut then the city got destroyed and we’re stuck in a vast desert wasteland with only two civilizations remaining on the North American continent. So I’m here now, eating cooked meat, with the smell of sweat, booze, and blood.” Connor would’ve tapped his stomach twice before belching.

Xander would’ve taken a big sip of his own flask and sat it down slamming it on the table. “Sounds like this one has a pretty big head full of air! HAHA! You’re a humors human!...a human none the less though.” “Half. I’m half human. “ Xander shrugged, before taking another bite of his food, his chewing showed through the gash on his cheek and it was rather displeasing to look at but clearly the family would’ve been used to it before. “Brother, while I am glad that you’re reunited with your kin, I do not think the trials should be skipped.” He’d motion his hand to Yumi. “I assume your daughter and the meat bag have been wed, since she refers to him as “husband”. He is new to our lore, and she, while we’re glad to have her is STILL new. Not to be rude, but she must prove that even with meatbag association and blood she is a Dragoon. We can’t throw out years of ritual and text simply because you’re happy. I propose that by the dawn of tomorrow, we set them off on their trials! The trials of the mistress and the Pipsqueak!” He’d laugh a bit, and Connor would’ve face slammed onto the large wooden table. “What say you brother?” taunting his brother he’d add. “I mean if she doesn’t pass, it’s okay to hand the reigns of the kingdom over to one of MY offspring.” Xandu would’ve looked side ways at his uncle for a second. Opting to say nothing as he usually did, he’d simply close his eyes and continue to take in the conversation as it was. If his brother agreed to it , Xader would stand up from the table, and clench his fist in excitement. “Then it’s settled! Children be ready for the morrow! Yumi.” He’d look at her. “If I were you I’d be asking some of your kin about these trials. Some further isight wouldn’t hurt. I…will personally design a few extra tricks for the little one.” Connor would’ve had a comical steam coming from his nose, as he’d begin rapidly biting the table like a woodchuck. Cursing aloud in his head “YOU OVERGROWN JOLLY BEAREDED RED HEADED BASTARD! IF MY WIFE HAD MORE FAMILY I’D DUST YOUR ASS! AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Xandu would’ve begun to stand up. “Father if I may. I must be excused for a little while.” Xandu would stand and begin walking out of the dinning room, heading to parts unknown.

Yumi: Yumi could tell Connor was ready to blow and she continued to give him that look. ‘Please, bare it just a little bit more! Don’t explode…I’ll make it up to you!’ Xander breaks the silence and tells Xamer it’d be best not to skip the tradition even if it was Yumi and he meant it as respectfully as possible…but when he motions for one of his offspring to be the rightful ruler both Ayame and Yumi give their uncle a deep frown. Shina says nothing, simply eating while Xavier chuckles at his fathers boldness and giving Yumi a playful smirk to which she merely returned, sensing the competitive nature around the man. Fine then….bring it on. Xamer rubs his beard, too kind hearted to his brother to take his words insultingly. “Hmmm I suppose it would be a mistake on my part to allow this….very well! Yumi you make me proud! I know you can do it! You and your husband!!” He flashes Connor a massive grin before noticing just how annoyed the man was to which the Lord merely strokes his beard knowingly and chuckles. “Lets finish our feast!!” The rest of the evening goes by without another hitch and though Yumi isn’t happy to know shed have to face some trials she was more worried for Connor and how he was taking all of this. Xandu is the first to excuse himself and Yumi watches after him before looking to Ayame and stomps up and leaves the room without so much as a good bye. Shina politely pardons herself, wiping at her mouth before leaving….little by little her family was leaving until it was just the earth couple and Xamer who was walking down the many corridors with them. “It fills my heart up with so much joy to see you alive, Yumi. I’ll be thanking the stars for that…Tomorrow morning before the trials come find me and I will tell you everything.” He looks to Connor and raises a brow before chuckling again and shaking his head, leaving to his room for the night. The servant from before smiles at them and gestures. “Follow me please M’lady and Sir.” If they’d do so, the woman would lead them to double doors that opened up a giant room full of fur pelts from all kinds of animals, only the finest of silk pillows of all sorts of sizes and colors sprawled out about the bed of furs, and at the end of the room was an open balcony that looked upon the village of peace from a high point and it was beautiful, the sky riddled with stars all sparkling against the midnight blue skies, the two moons shinning off to the side…yes, two moons. Like the rest of the domain there were exquisite art work of china influence at each corner of the room with satin silk curtains pinned away from the balcony entryways that matched the rest of the golden room. Women seem to come from all around, all servants who would bow their heads respectfully before approaching them and beginning to disrobe them. At first Yumi was going to tell them not to but she knew by the strong smell of spices and scents coming from what she assumed was the bathroom that this was necessary and she looked to Connor, giving him a look. “Just let them, I think we don’t have much choice…” She jumps a bit when one of the woman touches a little too close to certain areas but she just lets it happen as they take the clothes off both of them if Connor hadn’t struggled too much. The servant who brought them watches and tells the others what to do before explaining to them. “We are cleansing you and your mate, M’lady Yumi. It is a process and very relaxing…help open your chi channels and really cleanse the soul of all blood and sin.” Well that settled that! Yumi couldn’t disagree with such a custom and now fully nude theyre guided into the bathroom which she whistles at, impressed. She wasn’t too modest, not finding it embarrassing to be naked in front of others. The bathroom was more a bathhouse! The pool sized tub took up most of the room and smelled like all kinds of soothing and sweet nectar, the water was even a tea green and steaming up to a muscle numbing warmth. She leads them in to the steps that descend further into the water, Yumi goes first to test it before grinning in surprise. “Wow that…aint half bad.” She steps in all the way before sitting down on one of the steps, the water reaching to just below her neck and sighing happily. “Connor, you gotta try this…” The water, whatever was in it was working instantly, it felt like it was being injected through the veins and going in so smoothly and instantly all the achs and pains of the day were washing away from the tips of her toe to her shoulders where the water could reach. Even the doubt, the annoyance and all other negative and harming thoughts begin to vanish as well! “What…is this….” The woman watches them and smiles, answering. “It is a special blend of camu nectar, honey, assorted spices and sakura petals with a hint of healing flame heating up the water. Nectar has special properties…makes brain think you are happy!” And she was right….at that moment the only thing Yumi could focus on was all the positive that has happened in her life as her eyes lowered.

“Hmmm I suppose it would be a mistake on my part to allow this….very well! Yumi you make me proud! I know you can do it! You and your husband!!” Connor would’ve just closed his eyes and completely given up hope of a good break. Still though, maybe these trials would’ve have something he could hit, fight, or down right kill. Something to take the stress of off his mind. What he did find interesting at Xamer’s comment was that a couple of negative emotions flared up in the room. “…” Connor would remember this. He wasn’t one to start drama, but if need  be he’d be sure to remember every juicy detail he picked up from these people. What’s funny is the only one he’d been able to tolerate thus far were the little sister, Shina, Xandu, and Xander. He didn’t talk to the other girls yet, Xandu was more quiet than anything and Xander reminded him of a cooler version of Santa Claus. All was well. When people started to leave Connor would’ve stood STRAIGHT up. “FINALLY a chance at some god damn privacy!” As they were walking down the hall Xamer would’ve walked with them and began talking. Connor’s eyes darted around the halls. Maybe he could escape if he micro pushed himself hard enough through one of these walls or turned into a bird really quick like and made a break for it. He sighed at the thought, knowing his role as a husband would’ve been instantly shamed if he were to pull a stunt like that.  “It fills my heart up with so much joy to see you alive, Yumi. I’ll be thanking the stars for that…Tomorrow morning before the trials come find me and I will tell you everything.” Connor looked at the old man as he smiled at him. Connor looked away with slanted eyes. “It’s times like these I actually miss people I know. Keeeh. I’m getting angst.” “Follow me please M’lady and Sir.” Connor saw the servant girls and eyed them down. “I’m not used to this kind of thing…sorry If I’m rude, I’ll try not to be.” As they were escorted to a room that was rather luxurious Connor raised a brow at it. He’d probably never be able to afford anything like this back in the real world, and if he did it’d take an incredibly fat sack of cash just to come close to having something like this.

Connor: ( )As the women came up to undressed them, Connor would’ve had a defense look on his face.” Just let them, I think we don’t have much choice…” Connor raised a brow at Yumi. “Nah fuck that.” Connor snatched away from the servants, growling a bit at them. “I’ll undress my damn self. I’m a grown ass man not some royal flaunting asshole.” Connor removed his own shirt closing his eyes. His scowl had been so prominent you’d think it was his regular facial expression at this point as he tossed his clothes wayward almost as if he were home but he’d do this kind of thing in someone elses house if he honestly felt like it. Connor would’ve watched the servant come up to them both now in the full nude, connor having his arms folded and looking at her with crimson eyes. “We are cleansing you and your mate, M’lady Yumi. It is a process and very relaxing…help open your chi channels and really cleanse the soul of all blood and sin.” Connor nodded. “I could use some relaxation for damn sure…this entire place has me on edge, and I don’t like it one bit. I’ll keep the sin though thank you.” Connor chucked a bit, rubbing on his chin as they were sent to the bathroom. Connor stepped inside and looked around. Bathroom? More like a private pool house, this thing was huge! And the steam was practically rising from the water in a very luxurious manor you could tell it was fresh and warm. “Wow that…aint half bad.” Yumi had said as she stepped in. Connor would’ve squatted down and poked the water a couple of times with his finger. “I feel like this is a trap or something. Like Xandu’s just gonna come out of nowhere and clothesline my ass to high heaven.” Connor would’ve hopped inside, sitting down on the step beside yumi In the water. While it was neck up, he slouched himself down, so his nose was right above the water itself, allowing him to breathe and exhale bubbles into the steaming tub. Connor saw one of the servants coming over offering them some kind of drink. Yumi asked what it was, which Connor would’ve done himself if given the chance to do so.  “It is a special blend of camu nectar, honey, assorted spices and sakura petals with a hint of healing flame heating up the water. Nectar has special properties…makes brain think you are happy!” Connor would’ve taken a cup and held it in his hands above the water looking inside of it. Yumi took a sip and her demeanor changed.

The spring was…refreshing. It all was. It healed Connor up real quick, and made aches disappear like magic. He’d never felt anything like this before…it was nice. Connor took a sip of the drink, and waited. Silently waiting for it to kick in. he took another drink. And another…before taking the whole cup to the head, and pouring the drops into his tongue. He’d sigh and speak. “I wanna be happy but my body is fighting the toxin cause it’s foreign. I can’t catch a break.” Connor leaned back against the edge and put his arms on it, one of them around Yumi. “It feels nice to have a moment of peace. I’m glad your getting to meet your family though. Learning of your origin’s and what not must be a blessing in disguise.” Connor would’ve nodded to her and looked out across the room a bit. “Don’t mind me I’m just uncomfortable in family settings. I don’t know these people, and I don’t like being labeled…especially cause if I hit one I have to fight the whole crew, and that is not a smart move on my part. I dunno.  Seeing everyone together like that makes me uneasy cause I guess I’ve only ever had that kind of thing once and it wasn’t even my own.” Connor leaned his head back, his eyes narrowly opening themselves to look up. “but this is your night and we’ll enjoy it together. Relax as much as we can and get these trials over with so we can go home before I get an aneurism from these people.” Connor would’ve exhaled a puff of steam from his nose. This came from the drink, and his posture would’ve laxed a bit more. “Ehhh…looks like it’s overpowering my body finally. Still feel on edge.”

Yumi: Yumi sighed at Connors behavior…she couldn’t blame him for feeling how he did and merely nodded. “Yeah…we’ll leave tomorrow, babe.” In all honesty? She didn’t…..didn’t want to go. She wanted to stay just a little bit longer than a day! This was her family but…Connor was her family too. Her everything to be honest…and she couldn’t be without him. Though he said this was about her, she knew her role as a wife was to comfort and please the man, a dominate woman as herself could even do so as she shifts her body and turns, crawling on his lap while milky round breasts press up into his face. Smooth slender fingers wrap themselves around damped locks of brown, massaging the tips into his scalp while she let him motorboat her with a dragon like purr. The servants began to giggle while the main one bowed her head. “We will let you relax, M’lady. Have a pleasant evening.” She turned and ushered the others out of the room all together, finally giving them the privacy they so desperately needed. “I need to thank you…for not exploding and punching my family.  You were very good company.” She mocked him playfully, with thicks legs hugging his wasit and her exposed mound rubbing against the soft meat to start up some excitement…the smell of the water and the drink was giving her insides a delicious tingle and she was feeling extremely hungry…with Connor looking rather delectable with an urge to ravish him in all sorts of nasty ways. The atmosphere was romantic enough and the steam coming from the water was glistening their bodies with a light sheen of sweat though even that had a sweet smell and taste to it, this water really doing its job on completely relaxing their bodies…she had never felt so at tune with her body before and it was almost enough to make a person go limp with satisfaction but the kind of satisfaction she was looking for was in the form of getting pounded into the only way Connor knew how to do to her. Long and short candles were lit to give the room a soft glow to it with the moons shinning out from the windows as the servants would pull the ropes to close the curtains and darken the room further with the dim flutter of flame surrounding them. “It’s been a crazy day…” Her luscious body pressed further against his much harder muscular one, her toned stomach able to feel the soft markings and subtle scars grazed against much tanner abs of flesh as a sensual sigh escapes past plump lips that lightly echoed the golden pool house.

Connor: ( )“Yeah…we’ll leave tomorrow, babe.” Connor kept his eyes closed, not bothering to look at her for he could feel the yearning she’d had to stay. He was the opposite. Connor had always been about number one.  Numero Uno, looking out for himself the majority of his life time. Then he had some friends and some people he caerd about and he became protective over them as well also. However…even then he’d done all that because they meant something to him. It was his own choice to do so, and it benefited him to have them around. In this case he started to ponder. Was he selfless or selfish. This question plagued his mind for a little bit as he contemplated for once not what was best for him, but what was best for her. “I need to thank you…for not exploding and punching my family.  You were very good company.”  He sighed at this comment. Lord knows he wanted to, and he very much so still might. Maybe…it would’ve been better for her to stay here. Would it? Would it really? And…could he stay here? Maybe? Leave his old world behind and start a new perhaps? He went to speak but his thoughts were shifted elsewhere as he was distracted with a giant pair of cream colored tits in his face. They smothered him, the small space created by his face between was the only thing allowing him to breathe as she made a purr against him. Her ample lower half resting faithfully over his lud flesh, well it began to harden almost instantly at the physical contact being made. Connor kept his arms behind his back for a second, opening his eyes only for a second, to see the view, a view he seldom grew tired of seeing. Yumi was bad, any man would have to admit that if they saw her naked. He could feel it…the colorful change of his hues from red to pink as he was becoming aroused. Something about the atmosphere around them and the drink overpowering his senses thought it took longer than most, giving him an almost euphoric sexual high. His arms unfolding from behind, as they fell around her waist resting on her ass, as he too sighed. . “It’s been a crazy day…” “Oi….It has.” Connor at heart when it came to his wife was a teddy bear. He liked cuddling…being close to her. Sometimes just resting on her or venting about his troubles. It was…safe. When you’re entire life revolves around conflict and fighting…it’s rare you have a moment of reprieve. Connor felt like he was wasting it being so dammed bitter and he was about to change that. The steam continued to rise, as ripples would’ve been sent through the water to show a shift in movement. Connor would’ve nuzzled his face between her breast a bit more, kissing on the skin in-between them, pecking them with soft lips, and tongue licks, quick but soft. Pulling his face away, his eyes closed, he’d nudge his face against her left tit before snarling and lapping his tongue around her subtle pink nipple, and sucking on it a bit. Like a new born to a bottle, he sucked the nipple, and the bulk of the breast into his mouth, grazing her nipple lightly with his teeth. Letting that nipple slide out from his lips, and a string of saliva to follow it, he’d look up at Yumi, his beautiful bride, with slanted pink hues what would’ve been shadowed out by his brown locks if it weren’t for their alluring pink glow. “Yumi…I don’t care what happens tomorrow or the day after. I don’t care where it is or where it takes us. All I care about is you and what’s best for you…that’s what it all comes down to for me.  I hate this…but I can learn to deal so long as we’re doing it together.” He shifted his body upwards a little bit which did two things. It pushed his lips against his, as such prompting him to nibble her bottom lip, and slurp it between his lips before perusing a regular kiss against them. Second being the massive manhood underwater rising and resting perfectly beneath her underside, right at the base of the outside of her womb and his head poking up from the base of her buttcheeks. He stopped kissing her for a moment only to talk against her lips. “Let’s just focus on us tonight…we’ve finally got the time to do just that.”

Yumi: Strong arms snaked their way around her waist and big hands rested on her very shapely behind, a soft smile showing just how much she enjoyed his lewd advances. Especially the type that sent little shivers down her spine with just his tongue on weak spots he knew so well. Tilting her head back and dipping more red locks further into the water as she moans sweetly while he ravishes her breasts, urging her to pull on his hair playfully rough. “Yumi…” Her name brings her back to reality and she straightens her gaze to rest on him with a tilt of her head to show she was listening. His next words made her melt as piercing blue eyes usually in the form of narrowed and deadly gaze were now giving her husband a soft expression, enjoying when he got like this and let that tough guy act fall just for her…Before she could say anything though on the subject of being here, he kissed and silenced her with warm lips she’d never get tired of feeling against her own, returning it with teasing swipes of her tongue. His hips shift and her lips form a smile in the middle of their subtle make out, knowing just how much he wanted this hell she wanted it just as bad. “Let’s just focus on us tonight…we’ve finally got the time to do just that.” He was right, but she knew what was important too…the survival of Earth, their home….but maybe just for tonight they could put it aside for one another. Soaked fingers trail down from his head down to the back of his neck and rest comfortably there while full hips lift up slowly, sloshing the water lazily back and forth as she could feel the length prodding and poking past warm folds of her cunt. “I love you…” She murmurs before she makes the first thrust, crashing her hips down the moment the tip aligned with her entrance. Even with the tingling water, having Connor inside of her was always a challenge…His size never stopped amazing her and dragon pussy was always pretty tight, contracting her muscles to squeeze him as she shut her eyes and trembled, tugging him closer as most of him fit snuggly past quivering walls. “Ugh…fuck…” Her tone went from the usual feminine deep to a weak and submissive whimper, knowing she could let down her own tough girl act around her husband and fully enjoy herself as her ass rested comfortably on his lap. Leaning herself back and pushing her lower body forward, she held on to him in a slanted angle by his neck and began to move, no longer able to help herself. She rode her husband nice and slow at first, letting his cock feel every hugging inch of her insides that rubbed and stimulated the hard flesh over and over all the while those milky breasts bounced along with her.

Connor: Connor felt her hands travel his skin, and land on the back of his neck, like an anchor at sea. He felt her hips straddling, and adverting their position but only for a single second, before she murmurs out a phrase. “I love you…” Connor goes to say it back, but he was interrupted by her making the first move and slamming her hips down on his, making sure his stiff length made it as deep as it could get on the first penetration. This feeling always made Connor close his eyes with a mean brow, just cause it was such a rush to have at once. “Ngh..I love you to.” He spoke with the mixture of a moan and a growl. The water crashed against her back and against his skin, as that first motion sent ripples across the entire water’s surface. “So…warm.” Connor opened his eyes to look at his lover, switching his arms position from resting over rear end, to locking around her waist, giving her further support to lean her weight away from him and pushing her lower body forward. Oh the grinding…one of connor’s only favorite things about being on bottom during sex was if the woman could ride good, and it would seem as if yumi had more than two years to perfect this kind of skill. Spreading his legs a bit to create a solid mount for her, his toes curling up to lock them down in place he eyed her down with slanted eyes the entire time. His cock engulfed by the never tiring walls of her womb, pulling and tugging on the meat in a vice grip like sensation. His eyes adverting from her own only to watch her massive breast bounce, hitting the surface of the water on occasion and splashing water against his chest. Connor always wanted to go faster, but during this time he’d let her take the reigns for once, as a symbol of a partnership. A bond they shared. Of course that didn’t stop him form gauging the pattern of her pulling hips, flexing his muscles to buck himself more between her each time her womb came crashing down on him, only to make sure every thrust the head of his cock touched the back of her walls, knocking on the door of her cervix like a friendly neighbor saying hello.

Yumi: Connor was enjoying himself which was half the reason she was riding him…obviously the other half was out of pure enjoyment. There was nothing hotter than being in control, giving your partner pleasure and measuring just how much they got to experience, hell mostly why men loved being on top. “Oh Connor.” She moaned his name out like it was the most erotic name on the planet, flicking it right off of her tongue to show just how incredible his cock felt deep inside of her womb. Smaller hands press into his chest, dipping her nails into his pecks only to shove him against the steps moments later, giving him a rather feverish gaze that could burn through anyones skull with the traces of lust and hunger behind narrowed pupils. That pheromone induced hot breath left in soft pants with every rise of her hips, canines sharpening as toes curl in sweet bliss when he abuses a special spot of nerves, earning him a delicious whine. Once she had him laying back on the steps some more, she lifts herself right off of his pulsing cock and whimpers, crawling further on to his body and bending forward, her breasts mushing his face.  As her ass hangs in the air for a moment, the tip of his dick pressed between the folds of her cunt, water dribbling down her supple rear and gliding down his shaft and her opening before rough hips slam back down, splashing the water around them and a loud cry breaks free. “Mmf yes!” She didn’t continue with the nice and easy pace, gaining up the rhythm as her clit is stimulated with his pubic curls with every thrust forward and back, sharp nails pressed onto his abs to keep better balanced as her head is tossed back to further carry the arousing moans through out the room.

sitting up on him, she watches the ripples and splashes crashing against those hard muscles and it made her smirk, Connor was nothing to scoff at, every inch of him was god like though he wouldn’t agree and liked to call himself ugly, he was not…covered in years of fighting, strong jaw line and that sexy scowl…what wasn’t there to like? That playful air was returning to her and with a couple more tense bucks, her legs raise out of the water and lay on his shoulders, her toes pointing out while her calves press against either side of his head, angling him even deeper inside of her as she braces herself using the steps below her. Her lips part and her jaw drops as her brows furrow to show just what the fuck that yummy cock was doing to her, pushing itself almost to her stomach as her breasts bounce with every involuntary twitch her back does.

Connor: Connor actually closed his eyes for a bit just to take in the feeling and the scenery as a whole. God this was bliss…he wasn’t one to figure sex had an amp up button when you change the atmosphere, but boy was he proven wrong today. She was beautiful. The area was beautiful. The sex was pretty elegant…for a start. Connor could feel her hands shoving into his chest, and pushing him back against the steps, at angle. Whenever she started pushing, that’s when he knew the kid gloves were coming off, and shit was about. To go. Down.  The look in her eyes shifted like a whore in heat, and the meldig of their frosty white breathes, combining together and disappearing into the atmosphere,  Connor not caring weather he induced more of them or not for that matter. If she did inhale the, it’s nothing she wasn’t used to, but it would help a bit. Continuing on her riding position literally changed gear, as she angled her self further towards him and her ass higher in the air. That arch in her back was to die for…as Connor reieved a face full of breast, and instantly started to nip at her nipples with his teeth soothingly, with the occasional flick of the tongue. “Mmf yes!” He’d heard her squeal as her nails found a home in his abs, and his savagery continued on her breast, taking in her left nipple and the area of boob around it into his mouth, attacking the pink protrusion with his tongue, like a boxer to a speedbag. When her hips picked up the pace hard core, Connor’s hands would’ve found their home, squeezing her breast, digging his own nails into the cream colored flesh. Letting her take reigns for a while, before his lips broke away from her mounds to speak. “Ngh…heh…bet I can flood this place.”  Connor would’ve taken one hand and slapped her ass with a massive force. Her positioning changed out of the blue, and she was leaning backwards this time, resting her legs on his shoulders. This was new, it's been a while since they'd had time to get creative rather than just fucking to get each other off. While she leaned back, his hands rested beneath her ass cheeks, as a form of balancing her out. The hot water already making certain areas red, his hand print would’ve appeared almost immediately, and the echo would’ve came right after it like thunder to lightning. Connor didn’t even use his hands, as he’d simply steady his toes to grip the edge of the step he was sitting on, and instead of bucking his hips, he’d out right begin thrusting from beneath her position!

She wanted a ride , she most definite had one now, as her straight forward posture would’ve only furthered the distance his cock traveled inside of her. It began…Connor’s cock started to swell, but not because of an oncoming climax. More so just a sexual habit, where his cock grows slightly longer while inside, and increases in girth, as the emotion of lust…was still negative. The tight feeling in her gut would’ve pulsated through her body now as ever slamming thrust into her pelvis sent some rather large ripples throughout the hot bath, water beginning to lap over their upper waist a bit and over onto the edges around the bath area. The collision of skin and water, making a muffled clap, that was quickly turned into a splash, Counting on her balance to support her or she may lose ground. His eyes were still at a slant, as he stared at her, red blush on his mean looking face, as his hot pink hues never left her blue ones

Yumi: Connor started taking over, pumping himself deep inside of her at a speed he agreed with as she lets out a sweet squeal, her shoulders tensing while she concentrated on the rythm. “Ahh baby harder!” God this position was amazing, her legs were raised up and she was sitting right on his cock as it pounded away at her cunt. That special spot that was always changing was once again found by her husband flawlessly as he hounded it repeatedly, causing her toes to curl and her brows to furrow as she felt close already. By the expression of enjoyment and pleasure on her face, he could tell just what she was feeling not to mention her panting had gotten heavier, and her walls were clamping down harder. “Ju-..just a little more….I’m almost….” Her tone was weak but cheering him on to continue!! His cock grew in size, getting thicker and it made Yumi growl in satisfaction before a playful smile broke free when he said he could flood this place and she didn’t doubt that for a minute. But speaking of floods…as incredible as this orgasm was going to be, she was willing to halt it for a moment as she throws herself forward, her legs releasing him so she was regularly sitting up on him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him right off the steps and slammed them both into the large body of water, submerging into the warm bath before dunking his head in case he tried to get back out as she snickered. Swimming away, she pulls herself right out of the pool and brushes the wet bangs out of her face, looking back at him with a playful smirk. “Mmm that was nice but…you were very grumpy today…” Water fell from her creamy form, her shapely hips moving side to side as she started walking out to the giant room that was to be theirs for the night. She was twisting and ringing her hair out though that sensual tone and sexual body language never left Yumi as she talked smoothly. “And I didn’t appreciate your attitude.” One could tell she was only teasing him but she enjoyed getting a rise out of him, it turned her on to see him get irritated….it just meant he took it out on her that much harder when they fucked. “I might just…find me a nice dragoon man who’ll treat me nicer.” She twirled a strand of damp hair around her finger as she made her way out of the bathroom and over to the giant display of rugs and silk pillows, uncaring if she was still somewhat wet from the bathe, the balcony letting in a warm evening breeze to aid in drying her off but she wasn’t worried about that…

Connor: “Ahh baby harder!” “Mmmhmmm.” Connor replied, continuing to plow his hips into hers. He could feel it, every clap of her ass against his pelvis, and the middle of his thighs. His cock swellings inside of her being drenched by the water, and her juices…it was extra messy and extra sloppy, and he was loving it more and more by the very second of it! He gritted his teeth a little bit, breathing through them as he himself was starting to get lost in the heat of the moment. His grip tightening on her ass leaving nail marks in the plump piece of fat.”  Ju-..just a little more….I’m almost….” “That’s it…cum for me.” Connor spoke after her, about to literally lift her up and slay her mound until she did climax, but she pulled a maneuver, and sat her self up regularly.  Connor didn’t think much of it until she pulled him AND her underneath the steaming hot water! Connor went under, and went to go back up, but she made sure his ass stayed under there with her! When she swam away Connor sat underwater for a second, sitting indian style and folding his arms, with a scowl on his face. Bubbles surfacing to the top of the weather. “….bitch.” He thought as he’d poke his head up from the water, only letting his eyes and his nose above the surface, just so he could breathe. Looking at her step out of the water and hearing her talk. “Mmm that was nice but…you were very grumpy today…” Connor watched her walk away. He saw the finger marks he left inside of her rear end…it was like watching his territory walk away form him and being the instinctual person that he his he was not fond of this…he remained in that spot in the water, glaring at her from a distance. And I didn’t appreciate your attitude.” Bubbles began to surface up a bit showing his irritation. “And I didn’t appreciate your attitude.” Watching her ring her hair out connor said nothing. He though nothing. He motioned at nothing. Only watched her and that smart mouth of her s walk off, contemplating how to make her pay. Even if she was just playing, connor didn’t like being challenged if there was something he could do to fix that. “I might just…find me a nice dragoon man who’ll treat me nicer.” Connor’s eyes narrowed a little further…hearing her say that connor knew it was go time. He quietly moved through the water, and began to step out himself. Rubbing the back of his neck for a second, before squatting down, like an Olympic runner or something of the sort. He’d inhale deeply before exhaling, and taking off, disappearing from his spot previously. Only to come up from in front of Yumi, and reach his right hand at the base of her throat, and if he’d gotten that far he’d have lifted her off of the ground with one hand effortlessly, and slammed her back first onto the soft sheet, skins, and pillows that lay there!

This wouldn’t hurt her, hell if anything for these two this was considered play fighting, even if the impact did shake the hall a little bit. Connor would’ve loomed over her, his face in kissing distance of her own, as he hovered over her, holding the base of her chin in his right hand. Slowly he let his forehead, bump against hers, and an intense look in his eye as he peered into hers. “You play to fucking much…”  His eyes never left contact from hers, as he used his free hand to mount himself over her, and using his hips alone, he’d buck her legs back open. “you know damn well you don’t walk away from me…” Connor would’ve straightforward, and spitefully mind you, thrusted himself back in between the walls of her womb. His cock still as rock solid as it was when it had grown inside of her, but this time he’d be going in as a whole which was much bigger than the first time he penetrated her, having to stretch her back out a bit. Once inside he’d start throwing his body weight behind each thrust, attempting to pin her down in place.

his hands found a home on the sides of her face, as he tilted her had upwards a bit, and leaned off twarods the side, so he could talk into her ear. “You ever say some shit like that again, I’ll kill you. You hear me?” Connor thrusted at least 3-4 times between every word and syllable, not bothering to hold back for such a smug little submissive slut, but hey. That was his yumi. His cock plunging any fluids she’d had left from her own doing or the pool out of her womb and onto the fur beneath them, his wet hair and body texture bumping against her, beads of water sliding off of his hair and onto the side of her face as he ran his tongue up her neck, and nipped at the base of her ear lobe.

Yumi: He appears in front of Yumi but she wasn’t alarmed or even scared of him, simply giving him a challenging smirk and a wink. “Come here daddy.” She teases and he did, gripping her neck and lifting her feet right up! Shes slammed back on the many array of furs and smooth sheets, landing with a soft ‘plop’! She enjoyed his rough hands, and moaned at the manhandling, arching into the landing as he crawls on top of her. “You play too fucking much…” She chuckles softly, tugging him close with a sweet growl. “Mm it keeps you on your toes, Ryoji.” Thick legs are separated, exposing the welcoming soaked cunt to him though he wasn’t planning on admiring the view as their hips roughly collide and she winces, hiding her face in his neck to muffle the cry. “Ahh…” When he wanted to get rough, he meant it even with the soft plush pillows and furs, every push of his body was painful to a regular person but Yumi could take every inch of him and then some, her eyes rolling to the back of her head almost. Ah she knew better than to walk away from him but where was the fun in being a good slut all the time? He pushes into her more, as she winces and clenches sharp teeth all the while his lips find themselves close to her ear to talk in a low deep tone that sent shivers down the halflings spine. “You ever say some shit like that again I’ll kill you. You hear me?” He spoke inbetween barbaric thrusts and she couldn’t keep up with the words but ooh she got the jist of it as she whines and withers under him, her fingers sinking into the sheets to shred them. “Oooh baby sweet words like that get me off so good.” She teased him before squealing and throwing her head back at a particularly harsh thrust that almost broke her cervix. “Ugh yes I hear you!! Fuck!” Her jaw drops a little as she felt that same feeling returning, that burning white hot sensation between abused legs and her stomach tightening. This time she didn’t plan on interrupting it, she was close and with her man destroying her insides with that spite he was known for, she wouldn’t hold up much longer. “Almost….almost…” The orgasm that came rocked her down to her core, as her body instinctively arched right off the sheets, tearing a pillow in half as feathers would fly out all over the place. Yumi let out a mind numbing scream that could be heard through out most of the domain that sounded a bit like ‘Oh my god YES! CONNOR!’ Some servants still working about would pause long enough to look at one another and giggle knowingly and continue with their duties as Ayame was in her room across the hall trying to get some sleep while hugging a pillow to her ears and glaring at the ceiling in annoyance. Back to Yumi though, those hands that were satisfied with their destruction of the sheets had found a new home on the brunets back, sharp nails digging into the warm damp flesh and dragging themselves past shoulder blades down to the small dip in his back before forcefully holding his hips to push him deeper inside of her while she rides out her climax. Her walls spasm and trap his cock all the way inside, his balls resting right on her ass as she whimpers weakly and hides her face back on his shoulder, her own trembling. “Wo-wow….”

Connor: “Oooh baby sweet words like that get me off so good.…….. Ugh yes I hear you!! Fuck!” Connor smirked hearing this, and continued pounding inside of her. He could feel it again…that rumbling like sensation at the pit of her gut! The pulses being shot through her womb that echoed in his cock! Her walls tightening and clenching up around his shaft! Each moan she made was like a pereverted cheer, egging him on to keep going. “Mmf…mmhm…I’m almost there…” His thrust continued filled with malice spite, and a need to get off. A primal human urge to bust his load inside of her, and let it reside there as a form of marking her insides as his own.

 As she stated almost being there, Connor made sure to keep that very same tempo, not changing and being consistent until she finally lost it! A blood curdling scream in his ear, with a  series of moans that showed, he’d made her womb climax! Connor always got a satisfaction of doing that to her. His cock ran so deep inside of her, as he continued his thrust and felt how much her womb had clamped down upon him it made his eye twitch a little bit, as he could feel himself about to climax as well! Hoping to last a little bit longer, but something about the ambient air was catching him off guard, and putting him that much closer to achieving what he wanted with her.  When her nails dug into his skin, and he could feel her pressing him to her, trapping him inside of her, Connor would’ve bit his lip, and let out a long drawn out sigh and as he did, his cock would’ve pulsated, swelling up a bit, as his cum splurted forward and nested itself deep inside of her love box. The stick substance melding with her own climactic fluids, in a stick meldy that would’ve leaked down her asscrack and his sack as well. When she rested against his shoulder, his head would’ve been on the ground beside her own head, as he panted. “Phew!....that made the day all the more worth it. I aint even mad no more. Fuck them trials, I’m ready for anything now.” Connor would’ve rolled over, pulling himself from her womb and laying beside their ripped sheets together. He’d pull a couple of pillows that she hadn’t trashed, and bring them behind his head and hers. Extending his arm twoards her so she could coddle under him, he’d smile and look at her, playing with her hair a bit. “Hey…whatever happens tomorrow. Let’s pull through together. Who knows…might even be able to have a REAL wedding here if we wanted to you know?” Connor would laugh lightly while waiting for a reply from her before going to sleep


( )Leon would’ve been in the dragon Kang library. Leon had been in there….for about 8 entire hours of the day. Doing nothing but reading. There was a pile of at least 38-40 books sitting on the table in the middle of the library, and Leon would’ve been going from shelf to shelf using his enhancements in this realm to scour through the books as thoroughly as he could, butt taking his time to read multiple pages over, to make sure he had his facts right…

Leon’s brow was furrowed…he was astounded at all of the things he’d seen. Closing yet another book he’d finished, he’d hold it in his hand. “The things…I’ve read. Can’t be unread.” He’d look at the other books around him, in this giagantic library. “There’s…so many threats. So many…dangers to this universe and our own…these different realms…and these different creatures….” Leon would’ve walked to the middle of the room and sat down in a chair, removing the cowl, and looking at the ground…a book hanging between his thumb and his pointer finger. “…who’s going to be prepared for this kind of thing. If guys like this…”thunder and gale”…or the people from this realm wanted to invade earth for any reason…it’s going to take more than the god killers…we’re less than 10 people…we cant…do it all. Not alone…I need….I need to plan. I need to build….today’s alley could very well be tomorrows enemy…” Leon rested his arm on the talble, and rested his head on his had. “Connor..Kin…Yumi...Eden and Kodi..the tetsu’s…even my beloved. I care for all but I…I have to be ready in case. In any case one of them…or even someone like them…were to attempt harm. I need to be ready….I pray that day will never come where I have to put down my own.” Leon would stand up, and remove his cape, closing his eyes. After folding the cape up an leaving it on the table, his eyes would’ve opened, revealing a jet bleack iris for a second, before they returned to his green. “I must…research…and know….everything.” Leon would’ve continued  researching…specifically…researching varius races that have exsisted in the eons since the first civilization.

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