Ryoji: ( ) Jacob would’ve been walking through the vents, as quickly and quietly as he could possibly muster. As he was walking he couldn’t help but stop for a second, and narrow his eyes, his nose sniffing the air, with peaked senses. “…sulfur…that’s flammable. Why would you have that in a..?” Jacob would’ve looked behind him and in the distance he was able to see a bright red ember coming towards him. It didn’t look like much…until it got closer and he could plain as day see that it was  a great ball of fire!” “!?!” Jacob would’ve turned to high tail it and get the hell outta there! That’s when his special contact lenses picked up on another looming threat coming his way from below!

A pair of contact lenses that give one the ultimate detective type vision. Densuke mainly. They have a direct link with Ochigi' super computer, giving Densuke the ability to face recognition and match up with KPD files, birth records, ID photo's, and any form of physical identification. If there’s a record on someone in government or local files, Densuke can match and identify them instantly. It also acts as a hub, allowing Densuke to process files my moving the on screen interface with brain signals (thought) and even read and access articles on the internet, at high speeds. It can also function as a blueprint construction device able to holographically make buildings and structures that only he can see or project. They run off of brain synapses, and not traditional electricity making EMP's useless. He can use any vision spectrum, but in this instance, his motion vision was the one kicking in, which is basically a visual sonar device. He saw someone leaping incredibly high with their fist aimed directly at his position! “One chance…!” Jacob would’ve pushed both of his knees to his chest, and lunged forward about 10 feet away from where he originally was! Darting forward, and as eden ripped through the vent and caused a downwards shift, in it’s breakage, Jacob’s body would’ve come falling down! Jacob falling face first would’ve brought his knees up to his chest and extended them outwards to impact a solid landing on the ground, before rolling to the right and avoiding any extra derbies. The moment he did though, he looked at the ground and the height to the ceiling, narrowly avoiding a death blow. Jacob would’ve stood up and dusted himself off. . “ I’d say today is your unlucky day ! it’s been awhile since I've been in a serious fight - and I'm coming at you with all I got ! “ “hm.” Jacob would’ve walked around his opponent in a semi circle, being safe since he was about 10 feet away from the guy. “You’ve got some impressive height there…” Jacob’s body was facing eden by looking to his left. So eden could plainly see his left side, but not his right side, where he pulled out a device he’d forgot to remove from his belt after yesterday’s mission. “Do you know what makes the value of a man? How he handles things when he has no cards to play.” Jacob would’ve tossed a round ball on the ground. Seemingly harmless. As it expanded, a simple pulse wave would’ve emitted from it, but it did no damage. Hell it didn’t even phase him nor would it phase Eden. But it did spread through the room as a whole. However eden would suddenly feel…depowered. At a loss. Maybe his strength wasn’t the same or his skin wasn’t as rubbery….or…his chi felt kind of non-existent… Gone rather. That small device thrown was an anti chi grenade.

The Anti-Chi Grenade, is only effective to those who can see chi. As such the previous model Densuke stole back from Fang Sinclair, proved one thing: Ineffective. Yes Jason Caldwell did create this with the concept of disabling chi users however if you cannot see chi, then you wouldn't know the correct way to put it to a stop or hualt it. However with the aid of Ochigi, and Ambrosia, they actually took samples of the chi sapping snow created by Mr.Grimm, and harness it. Seeing as how Densuke can advently see, detect, sense, and track chi signatures, densuke modified it to disable ANY form of chi OR ethereal energy for a set period of time (3 post) This works by the chemical compound of the grenade effectively destroying the Mandarins in the immediate area of one mile, leaving the user and the opponent unable to channel any mandarins in or outside of their bodies. User is aware that this ALSO EFFECTS HIM, but it forces the opponent to fight on par the user in a physical confrontation rather than an energy basis. This mainly happens by releasing the same chemicals as the chi sapping snow way back when, but in the form of a clear mist pulse like wave, those effects through the pores of the skin. This completely deadens the chi/Mandarin networking system in the human body regardless of muscular structure, origin, or physique, thus rendering the user and the opponent unable to use any sort of chi(energy), chi technique, or chi enhanced ability, via powering or vamping one’s self up to a higher scale, consuming chi, etc, etc. Anything to do with chi, cannot be used when this grenade comes into play, physiology included especially since it has a 1 mile radius. It's a sleek silver looking ball, with blue button designs around it's edges, and is about the size of a golf ball.

“Feeling funny?....I know who you are. Eden Creed. Everyone knows who you are…one of the god killers. The inc is supposed to take you guys in. that grenade I throw’s going to take away that power of yours.” Jacob would’ve leaned over to pick up an apple off the ground, and bite into it. “I also read you’re pretty egotistical.” Jacob would’ve strapped his shield to his back with the magnet, and crack his knuckles a bit, before speaking. “Let’s make this quick…” Jacob would’ve seen Eden had a knife but he wouldn’t worry over something so trivial. The only thing that worried him was weather that martial skill was going to show itself that he’d seen from his GMAF video footage. Jacob would rush his opponent from far away, or from close range, depending on the situation, and attempt a wild hook punch, seemingly thrown out of anger or irritation, with his right hand. This punch would be moving at a speed, that even an enhanced user of reflexes would admit seemingly difficulty dodging it. The punch is aied for the face, but it is all a feint. Once Jacob's fist came within an inch of his opponents face, his body movement would shift, rapidly, into a low right legged sweep kick, going from right to left, in a circular motion. if this sweep connected, it'd have enough power to cause the opponents entire body to flip in an ascending cartwheel in which their body would spin a full 3 times, on the ascension and the descending. (6 times in total) and cause the ankle kicked to buckle in on itself, making mobility on said ankle difficult. In the middle of the opponents spin, Jacob would complete his own spin in exactly half a second on the dot, only to attempt a momentum built right legged side kick aimed at the opponent’s mid-section, specifically the diaphragm. If this kick connected, it would take the opponents centrifugal force, and an an impact focal point in the center of their body, meaning the inertia from the spin would add to the force of Jacob's kick, compressing the ribs together and squeezing the diaphragm painfully, causing a violent loss of breath, and massive bruising of the large and small intestines, the stomach, and the liver. As an added bonus, the combined forces would send the opponent in a beeline backwards by 8 feet. Note: even if the initial sweep missed, the side kick would still be attempted, and have enough force to simply compress the rib cage, and draw blood from the mouth.

Kaida Tetsu: Kat was left alone just to hear the sound of rushing wind from her open window. She looked at the pile of cash and her eye twitch. "This mother fucker thinks two fifty is gonna pay for damages. THIS ISNT EVEN MY HOUSE!" She dragged her hand over her face and inhaled deeply, catching his scent in the air and she followed it. She was right behind his trail when she heard two voices. His and a female's. Kat heard the ground break beneath her and she watched Kin get impaled by vines and she winced. That's gotta hurt. She didn't watch anything else until she heard the female speak of Kin's death and she waited until she was out of sight to reveal herself. Kat sighed heavily and not from her own will, Kana's astral body appeared besides Kat shaking her head. /"Damn Tasanagi. Always running right into death."/ Kana looked over to her daughter and raised a brow. /"Take him back to the hotel. If he's anything like his father, he's not dead."/ Kat groaned and earned a punch to the face from her mother. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Kana didn't say anything else and returned back to the nether realm. "I'm not his fucking baby sitter..." Kat once again, lifted Kin's body over her shoulder and carried him back to the hotel. Once she got inside of her room, she set him down on the bed and tore off his shirt and pants and threw them away, since they were all pierced and bloodied. She left on his under garments and cleaned his wounds all except for the one in his chest. "I though I told myself no dead bodies that weren't on my list in my sights... Baka..." She left to go buy him a brand new set of clothes from a store on the corner. It was about ten minutes by the time she got back, setting out black pants, combat boots, a white inside and a black jacket to cover. Kat found herself smelling rather gross and covered in blood so she decided to take a shower. The hot water hit her body and she scrubbed every nook and cranny of her body. "If he doesn't wake up in thirty minutes by the time after I finish my shower, I'm taking him to whoever's scent on him I pick up first." Her black hair hung over her face and she felt completely refreshed as soon as she turned the water off. Kat dried her hair and put it up in a messy bun and dressed herself in a baggy white tee and black shorts. Her ears were poking out of her head and she fixed herself a cup of ramen noodles. She sat down in a chair that was directly across from her room and kept watch of the time and Kin. "Tick tock."

Mistress Dragon: Naomi didn’t get much from Lee but she wasn’t expecting to and Kaith? Well he was a lost cause as he places the bag of chips on her hand instead of shaking it and she gives him a ‘seriously?’ expression and sighs. Tahira had returned as well and she merely shakes her head. “I’m going to follow that one so he doesn’t get himself in to trouble. Welcome to follow.” She motions before jumping off the roof and landing with ease after swinging down from a lamp post to catch herself and slow down the speed. If Tah and lee followed, they’d find themselves walking through the neighborhoods just keeping together as Naomi tried to keep things light but honestly? Nothing was sitting right with her since the moment they got here. This pack wasn’t a real pack….their omega was dead, the other two males in the group could care less about anyone and Tahira wasn’t doing so good with how Kin was behaving. Naomi was trying to keep it together but damn this was depressing as all hell. The cool breeze picked up the obvious smell of a bakery of some kind….probably what Kaith had been smelling this whole time and right across the street, they spotted it…a shop full to the brim with pastries and a pink orange colored sign with the words donuts and dunking or something like that…She grabbed Kaith by the back of his shirt in case he tried sprinting across the street like an excited dog and risk getting hit by a car or worse, destroying the car and harming the driver. “Hold on there, savage.” She said, going in front of him and looking both ways before motioning for them to follow her with a sigh. ‘Unbelievable….the red maiden, worshiped by many….stuck baby sitting and taking wolves with such great potential….to a donut shop. Hah how the mighty have fallen.’ She thought to herself while opening the door to let the others in while tryin to hide the obvious annoyance. She lifted her head up to look at the sky and frowned. ‘Kin where ever the fuck you are? Hurry up, this pack can’t take much more of this crap.’ If they’d all go inside, Naomi would have followed and once more grabbed Kaith, uncaring if he tried to bite her or retaliate in some shape. “YOU. Sit. I’ll get us some food. Can you do that much?” She paused and realized her attitude before sighing and releasing him. “Just…follow me, I’ll show you how its done.” She knew it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t use to social life, she needed to ease up, their Alpha was missing and their omega was gone to this world and at a time like this? They needed to be a unit. She flashed him a lil smile and walked with him to the line, gesturing. “You wait here until the person infront of you goes then its your turn. Then you order whatever it is you see and think you’ll like. Don’t….lick anything or touch anything until its handed to you…” she said sternly before running a hand through her hair with another sigh. “Can you manage that much??” She said while taking out some money from her small bag…she was a mercenary after all so money wasn’t a problem to obtain. But Kaith could eat someone out of house and home. While they waited in line….something happened. Their connection was messing up and Kins presence just vanished. Just like that, their tie was severed and she couldn’t feel him anymore. She knew the others could sense this and with a deep frown, she looked over her shoulder at Tahira, locking eyes with her immediately. “Can you feel him anymore??”

Eden Creed: ( ) With the landing amongst his feet; Eden quickly centered the head of his shoes and presented a swift axel turn aligned with heightened speed to land dead center on the sole of his shoes while his knees remained bent and buckled forward stretching far past the head of his feet . With, the clearing of the smoke came about a body; clearing as if a curtain has been uplifted revealing a man in a suit. But, not in the Tux Eden was wearing kind of suit - this was much more right out the comic superhero suit, so Eden knew not to take what looked like simple material lightly.  Edens crisp fingers marked with ashes all grouped up at the dull tips of his shell white nails. His gaze meeting the young man- who arose from the ashes, in which Eden quickly kept his stance. not even a slight hint of motion had spilled from the position in which he kept his posture. The man slowly circled him like a predator with it’s prey in it’s sights.

Eden still remained in his position; he stood like a monument in need of praise and glory; but his emerald hues with it’s hazel aura followed him around like a rabid dog, Only difference is unlike a rabid dog which in a situation as such would be lonely and desperate - Edens gaze screamed determination and blood lust. His breathing grew silent, and though the air was now being overcome by smoke and ashes, The young tyrants nose twitched at sight of an orb that had been thrown dead center of the room. It seemed harmless at first; so harmless that it soon brought Eden to a state  of curiosity. The Orb began to emit a strange vibe of energy, Eden began to slowly feel his chi drain. It was then Jacob began to explain just what this orb really was too which Eden began to listen.

“ Ah I see.” Eden softly said in a soft tone,gently clenching his hand in and out of a fist, testing this theory. “ It seems I have my hands tied with this one.. - is what I would say if this effect the results of this fight in anyway shape or form, Tch.” Eden said with overgrown confidence, the weight of his upper body weighing  heavily upon his knees. His brows lifted, at Jacob whom felt it best to rush and advance first. Eden, gave a slurred scoff, before allowing his arms to up lift from their positions which was at his sides, he redirected his wrist to focus on not reflecting but more so allow the fist to connect, where he’d allow the man to fall in leaving his face completely applicable in open view of a direct counter. But, it seemed that was not the case at all; Moments before Eden Creed had estimated its contact time the man's fist  was redirected into a leg sweep kick. Eden's body being thrown  into mid air, in effect of a series of flips. Eden quenched a bit, but he refused to falter, his breathing began slow and with that he allowed his brain to overcome the beating of his heart swiftly analyzing the situation in mid air. As he remained in a flip in a calm manner,

Eden had been able to read the situation every time the flip had allowed him. The first flip he was able to read .05 seconds of Jacobs stance, The second flip he was able to read .01 second more than the first flip, the third .07 seconds in which Jacob failed to falter but by the sudden shift in his movements at the conclusion of the third flip Eden caught sight of a sudden flip the crusader would have performed in a blink of an eye. Eden readied his fist before wheeling his knees up to his chest, building up momentum as he played the role of an item carrying potential energy ready to be converted into kinetic. There came descension, second  round of flip, Eden eyes analyzed the formation of the flip and from where the kick was set to be released.He quickly tucked his head in; But, still his gaze remained peaked out from the corner reading The Crusaders movements. “ Tch, here it comes. “ Eden softly said at the conclusion of the third flip; Eden caught hint of the side kick. Eden was once wielder of metal Chi, which he was stripped from due to the mysterious orb. But, he was still capable of doing basic mental techniques which required very little to no chi at all, which in this case was a slow perception. Something he learned before fighting against the gods which was a Thunderous boxing technique; Eden performed the Quicktime move this allows Eden to slow down perception moments before the opponent attacks, the moment the Crusader came in with the kick, Eden would have pushed his body out from the concealment in which he held it. Sprouting his body outward, to where he’d be thrown out of a flip but only for a second which is all Eden needed as he swiftly began to reel his fist back.

“ You’re full of yourself, think I’d waste my Chi on the likes of you ?! A kid playing dress up !nTaaaaaaakkkkkke this ! “

Suddenly, with that as quick as a hornet whom’s been ridden of a feast for more then it can handle Eden would attempt to launch his fist down onto the Crusaders knee which if was successful would be  with a sickening impact, it would have felt as if he took the weight of a bull into his knee alone. This could lead to the tearing of the ACL, of a normal being forcing the knee to buckle back. The lining of that ligament joint receiving a bit of  bruising, followed by a loud popping sound, If Jacob's leg wasn’t fully extended this would have extended it for sure whether this successful hit or not, Eden would have followed up with a swift technique originated from the penciak siat. The "Julius", a set of 18 combo attacks meant to go for vital areas like the eyes, throat, and groin. Eden would have readied his hands forming somewhat of a claw and quickly he’d attempt to jab at the Crusaders face, if this were successful a set of fingers would have met both eyes while his thumb would have been lodged  into his nose, which if successful would knock his sense off a bit creating a bit of an instability in his mobility. Whether, this were to successful connect or not,

Eden would have back peddled , swiftly leaping just below Jacob with fast and steady feet he would have attempted to duck below Jacob's leg which if Eden's first attack was successful would have been fully extended, Eden quickly attempted to duck just beneath the ankle dropping his right shoulder and with all his might he’d launch upwards and attempt to slam the Crusader upon his back with all his might; if this were successful The Crusader would have been forced to be planted right on his back with such a built of and concessive force it’ll have the potential to the bruising of the lungs. If this were to be successful, Eden would quickly follow up with a few blows to the jaw; 3 to the right then 3 to the left, six punches in total not allowing a second between them; these punches would have had the weight of a bag of bricks aimed straight into the jaw of the Crusader which if successful would lead into somewhat of a crushing of the jaw or an eternal bleeding.

Tahira: Tahira watched as Naomi would shake her head upon her return. The young wolf blood understanding her reasoning for it as how Kin and she had been acting lately had put the woman in quiet a bind as she hears Kaith expressing his wishes to wanna go somewhere and get something to eat causing her realized that she also hadn’t eaten today either from being lost so much in her own worries. And for that she felt rather guilty as no one person’s needs and wants should come before the pack, their family as it were. “I’m sorry Naomi.” Is all that would fall from her lips to the other female that was in their mist. “I know what a hand full Lee can be at times and Kaith is almost a pup from my understanding.” She’d tell her mentally walking over to the group still a tad bit angry at Kin’s own selfish behavior as they all were mourning as Kaith stood in order to jump off the roof’s landing towards the concrete below. “Kaith, get back here!” she exclaimed but a little too late as he was already gone. It wasn’t too long after that Naomi stood up informing her that she was going to go with him in order to keep him outta trouble and if she wished she was more than welcomed to come along before launching herself downwards in a similar manner followed also by Lee. “Jeez I could’ve just as easily order some take out and have it delivered but if everyone insists on going out I guess I have no choice but to oblige the matter too. But first…” Tahira says out loud to herself moving to grasp a nearby pen and pad to scribble down a note to Kin saying that they all were heading out to get dinner and leaving some place where she hoped he would find it, if and when he did return before doing the same as the others though a bit more carefully as she was wearing dress, and landing on her feet with pin point accuracy. Her foot steps stopping but for a moment to look back at the building, wondering if Kin would be okay without them for the evening, turning around only to see that she being left by the others who seemed like they were heading to a shop that filled with delicious pastries. Or at least Kaith was as he was being lead there by his stomach. Which only made Tahira giggle as she did her best to catch up with them the summer’s breeze carrying with it the pleasant scent and foul stenches of the city. Things that were all pretty knew to her outta all things. Yet and still she took them stride finally managing to catch up the group just in time see Kaith get yanked back from trying to run into traffic by Naomi who obviously wasn’t in a person mode today. But then again she couldn’t blame her. “Naomi perhaps I should take over here,” Tah states as all them head inside of the shop. If asked by the brunette if she was up to it she’d tell her, “I’ll managed, beside I could I use a bit of a bit of a friendly distraction.” upon hearing her belt out orders at Kaith to sit down rather than run loose all over the place, the woman frustration literally hitting the roof. Tahira was grateful that Lee was being at least somewhat civil those she despised his whore-mongering ways but then again he wasn’t too far off from somebody else at the moment. ‘Can’t win for loosing, now can I.’ She’d tell herself looking around the shop for a bit in order to figure out what she might want before proceeding to step in line with the others. While they waited she tried to make small talk with Kaith, “I take it this is your first time in a major city huh? Not to worry though things here are pretty simple once you learn the ins and outs of it.” If he were to ask her what those might be Tahira would’ve started with something simple. “Well first off,” –she extended her right hand in his direction attempting to grasp his own and shake it firmly then letting it go- “This is called a hand shake. People do this when they wish for formally greet one another for the first time. Once introduction’s are made its always nice, follow up and ask ‘How have you been?’ or something along those lines. Places like this are called bakeries or doughnut shoppe. They make things like breads, cakes, and those little round things you see here behind the display here called doughnuts.” Tahira revealing the fact that though she was Skylander she knew a great deal about outlander cities, most of which came from her mother telling her stories about them or drawing her pictures of what they look like when she was younger. “From my understanding they all are very good to eat and fatting to say the least.” She informs Kaith that is if he were listening to her at all and if not she’s stop there saying no more as she suddenly felt something fizzle and then snap inside of her. Her golden gaze suddenly jerking itself from the case where she just looking to Naomi’s face which was lock in a frown, their eyes locking with one another while Tahira fought with she had not to turn around and take off back running towards the building they had just left as the panic ran through her much like cold chill of death. “Can you feel him anymore??” Naomi would ask her. But no words would come past her lips, all she could do was lower her eyes in response to it. After all what more could Tahira say? She’d done all she could to delay Death. But he had come to claim yet and still. So now all there was now was for them all to move on together and become stronger with one another, to become well a pack. “No I cannot, and despite that being said will we move on, we will become stronger than ever.” She tells them all softly upon reopening her eyes.


Kaith Yamato: As Kaith walked the source of that wonderful smell had come into veiw and he continued to walk towards it and was about to step out into traffic not particularly caring for cars his mind stuck on that wonderful smell though before he reached the street he felt his body yanked back by his shirt and jacket, and he'd look back to see Naomi “Hold on there, savage.” she'd say and he'd Cock his brow and watching her look across the street and proceed ahead of him and then motioning for him to follow"Jeez if you wanted to be the first one to eat you could have just said that you know" he'd say in response but more so to himself before he walked forward placing both hisd hands in his pockets and sighing, walking into the shop the smell intensified and Kaith mouth litterally began to water and he almost started drooling but he caught himself and swallowed the spit in his mouth and was approaching the counter top and was planning on jumping over it and starting to eat but before he could do that he felt himself yanked back again and his eyebrow would then start to twitch"You know a simply hold on or wait would work to you know" he'd say before she began to speak“YOU. Sit. I’ll get us some food. Can you do that much?” She paused before sighing and releasing him.“Just…follow me, I’ll show you how its done.” Kaith really wasn't borthered much by the treatment mainly cause he was used to it Natashi treated him in a similar fashion always stopping him or tellign him he couldn't do this  or don't do that in true it was rather annoying but nothing he wasn't used to so he simply followed behind her and She flashed him a lil smile and walked with him to the line, gesturing. “You wait here until the person infront of you goes then its your turn. Then you order whatever it is you see and think you’ll like. Don’t….lick anything or touch anything until its handed to you…” she said sternly before running a hand through her hair and sighing again. “Can you manage that much??” Kaith would have simply looked at her rubbed the back of his head"Jeez am i that much of an annoyance, if you didn't wanna tag along you didn't have too i didn't ask for your company" He'd say not even looking at her , his voice didn't sound mad or anything nor was he mad but he's not stupid enough not to know when someones annoyed by his prescence. He'd then walk forward in the line before turning his headf when Tahira came up to him and began to speak askign if it was his first time in a big city"Nah not really i used to stay in a place called kasaihana but i got well relocated haha but i never got to do anything in the city beside occansionally going to school other than that its was always more testign from Natashi for some reason he was hell bendt on pushing me and Shin to are limits always making us work out and drawning blood shit like that it was a real pain in the ass" he'd say streching out his arms and then hearing her say something about the ins and out"huh?" he'd cock a brow"you mean like the entrances and exits right?" Tahira would then go on so explain what she meant grabbing his hand and shaking it and explaining that this is what happens between people who just meet each other and what not and saying its followed by how have you been or something similar to that and this place was called a doughnut shoppe and that they make bread and cakes, and that the little round things were called doughnuts and that from her understanding they were very good and makes you fat, Kaith would have then went up to the line and Order a bunch of shit, that he could see and when the lady handled him all the bags for em he'd grab both of them and tuck them in his arm digging his hand inside the bag and grabbed a dsoughnut and bite into it his face making the most geniune smile he probably ever made, though if was short lived as something hit him, he couldn't understand what it was at first but soon he realized it was Kin, he didn't feel him in his head anymore like the connection just disappeared and he glanced over towards Naomi and Tahira who looked at each other and exchanged some words between each other which and kaith could tell that something went wrong as he could over hear there conversation, Kaith was never good with showing affection or mourning deaths or things like that and really he didn't even know what he was feeling , he was kinda saddened by the fact Kin dissappeared but he wasn't heartbroken or anything by it, Kaith would have then stuck his hand in the bag on doughnuts and held one out towards Tahira with a usually serious look on his face"Here The Doughnuts are Very good and specially Fatting" he'd say to her he was trying to make her feel better it she didn't grab it out his hand then he would have jammed it in her pocket before turnign toward Naomi and holding one out towards her while lee jacked the bag from his arms and he'd turn around towards him"Hey Get Your Own" Lee would have just flicked him off, and Kaith would have growled at him before turnign back towards Naomi who if she didn't take the doughnut either he'd jammed it inside her pockets to if they had one , in which case they didn't he'd grab their hands and place it on their palms-

Syl: Haukea wandered around the city, from store to store and alley to alley. Feeding herself wouldnt be a problem, it was her little spider friend. Haukea sighed and wondered how well a substitute would do... pork was pretty similar to human. Haukea sighed and rubbed her temples; she'd need to track down a homeless. Haukea didn't have a problem with killing at all. On the tundra her and her bandits ravaged villages and killed for no reason, but never children. Haukea sighed and shouldered Kanazuchi she stopped to sniff the air and growled to herself that smell...that hint of dog again. Haukea herself wasn't really sure what the fuck she was. Bitten early in life by a hell hound she'd survive only to find out that she herself was a werewolf. But...a hell hound? She shook it out of her mind, only Syl knew just like only she knew about...Syl's... ability to turn herself into a giant spider. Haukea stopped on a random street corner a few blocks from the alleyway running her hands through her silky blue hair, a bitch how does one deal with having to eat human flesh to survive? Like Syl? Or her...who had a violent temper that often resulted in her turns, or death. She shook it out of her head and kept moving to where she knew the vagrants hung out. Passing a by a bakery Haukea stopped for a sec, shaking her head and glancing inside seeing the group of people standing in it she scoffed. "Damn that place smells like wet fucking dog." She said before moving on shoving her hands in her pockets she wondered how people could even stand that smell. Haukea was completely ignorant to the fact that there were others like herself. With wolf blood. A few more blocks and about 20 minutes later Haukea came upon the said area of the vagrants and she nodded flashing some cash at one, he followed her like a lovesick puppy, Haukea playfully tugged him along away from the others he was too busy distracted my her body to notice he was being led away until it was too late. Entering an alleyway Haukea led him far from the street as she pinned him again the wall she quickly severed his head as it rolled to the floor Haukea quickly began to rip chunks of flesh off of the meatiest areas, the upper arms and legs. She'd made sure to strip them down to the bone before flash freezing them into cubes of ice and slipping them into a black messenger bag and sliding out of the alley making her way to her own favorite food place; Thai food. Haukea eargly licked her lips. smiling about the prospect of her favorite food.

Syl had fallen asleep under the dark sky, sleeping softly she rolled onto her side, her hair covering her like a blanket she nuzzled into the grass. She'd fallen asleep shortly after Haukea left, exhausted from their tiny spar. Deep purple bruises had formed around her neck, and on her thigh where Haukea hit her. Syl remained like this, in a gentle sleep for quite while, softly her crimson eyes flew open. She sat bolt upright and looked around, still dark Haukea wasn't back yet rubbing her eyes Syl stretched an yawned. Pushing her self up, Syl took a rubber band and put her hair up into a long ponytail. Syl decided to try and concentrate and gather some intel about the city. she sat cross legged on the ground and closed her eyes. Syl slowed her breathing as she tapped into the minds and life force of the plants and spiders of the city. Syl concentrated harshly on sifting through the sudden overwhelming sensations of millions of spiders all over the city, watching. Into the millions of plants all over the city listening. The over stimulation put Syl in a vulnerable spot, it took every fiber of concentration she has to process all the information en mass. So she'd not see or hear anyone approaching her, but the slightest distraction would knock her concentration off, one particular spider, in a bakery Syl saw familiar faces, Kin's wolf pack. "So it WAS him..." She trailed off but Kin wasn't with them, Syl shrugged and dismissed it as Kin was probably off doing this own thing. Keeping her breathing steady Syl continued to search for any information her or Haukea could sell off to make the Runners extra money.

Mistress Dragon: “No I cannot, and despite that being said will we move on, we will become stronger than ever.” At this Naomi continued to frown, looking away while rubbing her chin. They hadn’t all known each other for very long…The only time they were united was during the fight with Lyacon and even then? They hadn’t fought together to defeat him, it was Kin and Grey who tried to defeat him and Naomi and Tah were left behind to heal after almost dying…it seemed the only time they were united was during a time of dire crisis to the world. Lets face it, when nothing drastic was happening they could care less for the other….Tahira was the only exception as she cared for Kin and even she wasn’t scurrying outside to go find him. She couldn’t blame her…all these months of Kin sort of drowning himself, was anyone really surprised he got himself killed? Well they didn’t know what happened exactly but there was no denying it…Kin Tasanagi was indeed dead. And his pack was in a dunkin donuts just eating their troubles away….Naomi doesn’t say anything, merely crossing her arms and looking away. Kaith motions to them, handing Tahira a donut and then doing the same for Naomi. Blinking, she stares down at it as if confused by the notion……her eyes finally soften and she smiles softly, laughing a little. “Idiot.” She insults though it wasn’t full of malice or annoyance…she didn’t know why but the gesture itself? It was…nice. She takes it from his hand and flashes him a bigger smile this time before taking a bite. “Thank you. It’s good.” Well Tahira wasn’t going to give up on them and so long as there was food it seemed Kaith was going to stick around. She looked to Lee and then the others, giving Tahira a supporting nod. “Okay. I’m behind you all the way, Tahira. Whatever the pack needs We’ll do it.”

Ryoji: ( ) Jacob watched, as a very low percentage of his hits went through, however the lime light was that it was enough to at least launch the initial kick he’ d been meaning to, to get his opponent spinning in the air! During the spins, Jacob was about to come in with the final kick to send his opponent flying and blasting away! However there was a hitch, a nick in his plan! His opponent had actually attempted to punch his knee, in order to push! Not able to stop his motion, Jacob allowed this to happen! The punch was, hard, he arguably would’ve had a torn acl if not for the suit itself.

As The Red Dawn he wears a water and fire retardant costume, which is made of Kevlar, nomex and light weight titanium. The costume also offers a high level of resistance to electric shocks and force impacts i.e., falls from 30 meters height and The suit cannot be pierced by normal conventional sharp edged materials like sharp wood, glass, iron, copper and steel, via the Tungsten/Titanium hybrid metal, which aligned with anti gravity technology, is now light weight and maneuverable.. The suit also gives some resistance to high temperatures, around the melting point of steel, and is fit to protect the inner body heat of the wearer in sub zero temperatures. He carries a voice-operated, wireless communicator in his left ear, which has its frequencies blocked making it highly difficult to trace its call.

His knee was hurting, but it wasn’t quite enough to tear that muscle like I probably should’ve been. If anything Jacob would walk away lucky, but enough damage to that spot and it could still prove a weakness. Recovering from this, stepping back a bit, still able to bend his knee though. When his opponent came in again, Jacob kept his hands up, in his mma stance, his feet parted shoulder with apart, and his hands in loose fist. When his opponent came in with  claw, Jacob mearly weaved his head to the side, to avoid the claw like fashion. “Pencock Silat. Impressive, old style at that. “ Jacob would’ve been over taken as Eden had ducked down, and gripped him from below only to slam him straight on his backside! OH the pain and loss of breathe that should’ve ensued…if one key detail wasn’t missed. Before the match started, Jacob placed his shield on his backside. Because of it’s properties, Jacob wouldn’t have even felt so much as a tingle in his backside, more so just the fact of being tossed onto the ground and landing on something.  However during the slam, Jacobs hands weren’t idol, as when lifted he’d have attempted to wrap his hands around the back of eden’s neck, leaving a small prickled feel there of a sense, so when he was slimed, he’d quickly bring his feet to his chest, and only a half a second later, after attempt to push his feet into his opponents gut in a judo toss counter! If successful, eden would’ve gone flying head first through the open bar like area that lead to the kitchen, possibly into the stove or the fridge! The impact would’ve hurt his back, possibly bruising one of his vertebrae and giving him a back pain for a while.

Jacob wasn’t gong to spend much time on the ground, as he’d kick up, and quickly run towards that same bar area! Rolling over it with his back, he’d quickly face his opponent weather he’d recovered or not, and using his environment, he’d quickly grab 2 frying pans, and twirl them around in his hands, looking at eden, now being 6 feet away from him, eyeing him down. “Gonna take more than that  to keep me down.” Of course if this maneuver was adverted, even being a counter with good chances, Jacob would’ve been confident in his ability to handle whatever change in scenario or plans came from this.


The Lone Wolf: ( ) As Kin lie down with closed eyes on Kat's couch once again. His failed attempt to escape had left him at death's door. But Kana was wrong. Because Kin was indeed dead... very much so. Dead as a door knob. However... within the depths of where the artficact had been injected into Kin's body. The Z-Pathogens would begin to spread throughout Kin's body in a rush! Reanimating his heart, restablizing his brain, awakening every deadcell that lived within him. As he began to cough, his eyes shining a bright blue that would glow within the even darkest depths of darkness. Once they had woken... Kin would have drifted back into a deep sleep... and within his mind. Had been two beings, himself, and another. And not Okami...

Kin stared at this being that looked exactly like him. One of them was blue while the other red. The red one smirked as he reached out to Kin. Touching his face. " So... this is what I look like huh..." He said smirking with a sinster grin on his face. The blue one obviously had to be Kin as he cocked a brow. " Im... Dead..." Kin said floating within the darkness. " Not anymore your not... " The other Kin said as he smirked again and began to look around. " Wolf powers... intresting. A Wolfblood... High chi levels. But you dont have physical chi levels. Its all mental and destrucive with you. Your minds scard all over. Jesus man... this is gonna take some work. But... I'll make it do what it does. " This other Kin said as he closed his eyes. " Your the leader of a pack, you've been neglecting them too. Hmph, i guess you could this chapter of your Life ' Superior Kin' Wait... No. Kin's lame. From now on... your Nick. " This other Kin, Aka Nick now, said as he placed his hands onto his hips. " What are you talking about..." Kin said to Nick as they both floated within the endless darkness. " Dont you get it dumbass? Im taking over your body... I am a weapon of The Order. And now... so are you. " Nick said as he heard shower water going off in the outside world. " some ears on you dont you boy. And... Are those... molecules im smelling?! Christ... you can smell fucking Molecules. That's gonna be a pain in the ass. But eh... for my first act. I think I'll have fun with this new body of mines first. " Before Kin could protest Okami appeared Next to the floating Kin and Nick.

" Damn it Kin! This Z-pathogen is so advanced it was able to temporarily transport me back into the realm of Dark Hadou. Im speaking with you through a shaman median here. But now that i've found you again... Im going to pull myself from your body and go into Naomi's for awhile. I'll try to get help. " " Oh by aaalllllllll means lord Fido, go right ahead. " Nick said smirking as he crossed his arms. " They wont save him now. He's DEAD! D E A D DEAD! He belonged to me now... So get the fuck out of my house huh? " Nick said as he slammed his fist into Okami's jaw and when he did it was so powerful that he was able to knock Okami from Kin's body! His fist smoking he'd turn back around to Kin with that toothy grin. " Now... lets have some fun. "

As Nick finished his sentence, Kin's body would have risen with a large scar over his chest. He was all healed up now... and as he stood he would have clenched his fist, cracking his neck left to right before he turned his head to the shower, he sniffed the air and caught the females scent. ( Doing all of this before she got out and all. ) He walked to the restroom door cracking it, and as it did. A flush of steam rushed through his nose that carried her scent in a rush of air.

( ) As Nick's eyes trained over Kat's body his jaw would drop as he did a tigerwoods styled fist pump. " Fuck yeah! " He said with that wolfishly toothy grin. Cracking the door some more he'd move like a beast approaching his prey. A cat to a mouse. As he made his way to the shower door he'd open the door allowing the water to drench overhis face he gave her that seductive stare, his eyes low and his breathing labored. He wouldnt have said a word as his body was coated over in the glistening water that wraped itself around every muscular build showing off his overly toned body. His length already at it's full stretch as he pulled himself over to Kat within the blink of an eye, a blurr almost, with one hand wrapped around her throat. If connected he would have latched his hips onto her on at the same time. Perching her back against the wall all the while moving himself in between her legs, making sure they'd wrap around his waist as he continued to kiss her. His large hands sliding into her own, pulling them above her head and locking them there to secure his dominance. It wouldnt take long before he'd tilt his head down to wrap his lips around her wet and supple breast. Slurping along the tender flesh with slow and loud slurps, his tongue attacking the wet nipple like some savage animal before he'd take her by surprise and slip his throbbing length within the depths of her cunt, savagely fucking her into the wall like some primal beast. Nick was using and taking advantage of Kin's strength savage aggression that he had built up. Despite his most recent sex craze. Kin was holding back, but NIck wasnt going to. With each pounding thrust of his hips he'd find himself deeper and deeper within her tight cunt, going at insane and sadisitic speeds as her back slammed against the wall over and over again. His thick cock slamming and bashing away her G-spot over and over again. -c-

( ) " Red Dawn! " Was all Eden and Jacob would hear before Red Steel bursted through the helicarrier and went to Jacob's rescue. He would have blasted in from the right side of the room aiming his plamsa beams at Eden!  The armor's primary energy weapon. A particle beam weapon, made of superheated lightning, or plasma standard equipment in the palm gauntlets; can repel physical and energy-based attacks, traveling as a single stream or as a wide-field dispersal. Beams possess penetrative strength ranging from effortlessly punching through 2 inches of steel to a suburben house entirely. Power output can be adjust for larger beam or an omnidirectional, full-form repulsor blast. The main usage of repulsors is for defense, as the blast in which they're emmited can even vaporize enemies. They can also be used to stabilize flight in the case of being used in Iron Man armors. Power output can be adjusted to fire beams generating 2 gigawatts but this will require a recharge of energy. (every 4 post, much recharge). If they hit or not it wouldnt matter , it was more so a diversion so he could assist Jacob. " Lets get a move on! This wasnt apart of the plan. I've already calcuated 900 different outcomes for you here alone and it isnt good. Not to mention.... Uhhhh all of the commanders are on there way to this area right now."

The Lone Wolf: And Steel was right, Kang, Mysto, Death Blaze, and all the others were rushing down the halls to assist Eden. And with all of them at once? It'd prove to be MORE then a problem. So if allowed, Steel would have snatched Jacob up by his shield and blasted right out of the hole they had come from. Leaving Eden alone. ( ) " Knight! " Death Blaze said as he rushed over to the Young Creed's aid. " Are you hurt? Did you kill him? Looks like they escaped..." Kang walked over to the hole, watching Steel carry TheRed Dawn away through the skies as he crossed his arms. " Wont be the last time we see them. Knight, were having something made that allows you to send your suit to your location at any point from the hellicarrier. Take this watch. When it's done we'll let you know. With this watch you'll be able to send it to your location just incase these guys try you again..." He said to Eden before turning his back. " Come... Yami is waiting for us in the limo's on the ground. "

White Rabbit: Kat's eyes would've widened at the sound of a male voice in her restroom and she blinked. She screamed at the top of her lungs when he opened the door and covered her Nono parts. "...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?! KIN ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MI- Ngh!" She stopped as his hand latched around her throat and and his lips came over hers. In the back of her head she was arguing with herself on what to do and what not to do and... She lost her train of thought as soon as he slipped his mouth around one of her nipples and instant sensation ran through her body. "S-stop, Kin.." She mumbled in a daze. Her back was against the wall and her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and her body jerked against his as he slipped his cock inside of her virgin hole and she screamed in pain, pulling at her arms but they were locked tight above her head with his hands. This was not how she imagined her first time. She imagined it all romantic and slow and sensual, but what did she get? She had a man who was relentlessly pounding his cock into her like a mad man and it was brutal. It was a mix of pain and pleasure, and it made her head spin. "No more... Preash.." She managed to say as he drove his cock deeper inside of her. Kat let out a whine and arched her back and let out a cry as she bucked her hips up against his. The grip around his waist would've gotten tighter as Kat figured if she squeezed him hard enough he would stop. Hard enough in this case, would to be breaking his hips, but she'd eventually stop resisting as the pleasure began to fill her body to the brim. Her legs felt limp, but she managed to keep them locked around his waist to keep from falling. "Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn!" Her face was red from the heat of the water, and from the act of which she was performing. Tears brimmed around her eyes and her tongue was hanging out of her opening mouth. She was panting hard and a bit of saliva dripped down but with the rushing waters that came down over their bodies, there was no telling. "You... Fucking... God... Damned... Dog..."

Yami watched from below. She sighed heavily and crossed her legs. She'd done her hair in a little braid that was simple yet elegant. Her dress was jet black and it was a deep v style. The dress just cut lower than her ass and she was a little flustered by it so to say.

She smoothed it down and watched as steam blew from the helicarrier. "We haven't even been here for half an hour and we already have trouble." Annoyance grew on Yami's face but she expected nonetheless. Once Eden got into the limo she'd say nothing as the vehicle would start up. Yami hardly wore any makeup. Lip gloss was only a sometimes, and for this occasion it was needed. "So... I heard that you had trouble tying your.. Tie, Knight..." She could hold it back anymore, and she burst into a fit of giggles. She was close to crying but she calmed down. "What is it with men and ties? Haven't you worn a suit before, anyway?" The limousine had suddenly stopped and the driver called out. "Mr. And Mrs. Creed. We have arrived." Yami's mine blanked. "Mrs... CREED?!"

Tahira: She accepted the sweet treat in her hand from Kaith smiling, a polite "Thank you" falling from her lips as she paid the cashier for help in regards to the order still feeling the powerful tug at all of her senses to leave everyone there and head back. But fighting it for the sake of everyone else there. As she needed to be strong here before correcting Kaith in regards to her earlier statement. "By ins and outs I meant the way things are done and how they are done by others. I can teach you if you'd like Kaith? " frowning upon learning that he'd been used as someone's lab rat. "Well you wont have worry about that hear, we will help try to understand everything here the best we can, right guys?" Tahira broading her smile in acknowledgement to Naomi giving her, her full support before turning her attention to Lee who might be either with, against, or simply not give a damn about any this which in some aspects would've suited her just find at any other time but now wasn't it. "Any objections Lee?" She asked looking to Naomi speaking directly to her through their link. "I need the book of wolves once we get back and I will need your help to understand more of just what Kin's made me as well as any other tidbits of information about our kind you might be able to draw out from your former selves in addition to your own knowledge. Also is there any way besides Kin that I can reach Elder Okami?" Her admission that she was going into this tad bit blind quite possibly making Naomi think otherwise about her. "In order for us be successful must learn what they can and be able to teach it to the others. No more secrets, what one knows we all will. And yes we need everyone's help this." She openly tells the others. "From now on we stick together, if you need a moment to yourself just tell someone and the rest will respect your wishes. But don't forget we're a pack, a family and no one person is higher than that, understood?"

Tahira knew that this talk was shaky at best but right now it was all she could manage given having lost both the omega and their alpha in one fail swoop. None of this   she was actually ready for. 'One knows not the truth of their merit until they set out to do the impossible.' Tah suddenly hears the voice of her mother say this, bringing to a halt any more misconceptions she might in this. Looking to see if the others would have thing further to say before starting to eat the doughnut Kaith gave her so they could prepare to leave soon.

Lee TaMuthafuckinNaka: Lee stood there almost zoning out from what Naomi was saying to him. “Do I look like a dog trainer to you? Do you see doggy treats in my pocket? If I give you a cookie will you behave yourself, is that what it takes now?” He continued to let her sit and talk then coming back with. “Damn you sure talk a lot…” He would sigh then watch her go off and ramble about Kin and his new habits which Lee still didn’t care for much. He started to whistle kicking the dirt on the ground well dust since they were on the roof. “When do I get to kill something…I mean hurt someone…” He said then hearing the girl named Naomi once again open her mouth and extend her hand out towards Lee and Kaith. “I don’t know why youre even still here with us but part of you must feel like you belong right? So….lets start over. I’m Naomi. Welcome to the pack.” He would stand there looking at her hand and her opening welcome to the pack. She had it all wrong of course Lee didn’t feel like he had to belong at all. Lee put himself high than those of the pack in fact Lee barely gave a damn what any of them thought about him. Lee honestly had no idea why he stuck with the pack, maybe he just wanted to have them around. He didn’t exactly have too many friends in the world not that anyone was alive long enough for him to consider them friends. He just figured these pack of wolves would grow on him but until then he knew he still had to stick up for them. He shoved his hands in his pockets and gave a hardy laugh at Naomi’s attempt to start over. “You’re cute, but you’re kinda annoying…try not to die next.” After that he kinda zoned out again anything said to him was at the least duly noted. Most of them were worried of what would become of Kin. Lee couldn’t help but feel sorry for the wolf seeing as how they’ve shared blood in a fight before. Lee felt the two were kindred souls at the most. As he was zoned out Lee was in a different place in his head. This place was dark and the sounds of Rave music played in the background, woman in slave suits bound and gagged. This was Lee’s playroom where his sexual desires played and ran amuck. To everyone else it was like Lee was moving along with the current his body was just following the pack if they was to ask him something he’d just nod. It was almost like he was in a zombie like state. (I’m saying this cause I wasn’t around to post) It wasn’t until they’ve walked inside a bakery when Lee felt something strange. He was out of his mind and back into reality. “Kin…” The Alpha was dead and Lee could feel it. He scoffed at the idea that he was dead. “Damn idiot…” He would look back at the Pack listening to them discuss the future of the group.


Mistress Dragon: “We have to finish this mission I suppose, focus on getting the alcohol, spend some time together as a pack and hone in on our team work….and we’re going to hunt. That’s for damn sure…” Naomi began to take a bite from the fried dough before feeling another strange sensation overcoming her form which makes her take a step back and try to figure out what it was…her chi channels were acting up but before she could respond to Tahira on her request of the book of wolves and getting in touch with the Wolf God, Okami himself or rather his presence appeared within Naomi and damn it felt cramped! Her eyes glowed white for a couple of seconds as the hair floated around her shoulders before she returned to normal. Blinking back the confusion, she frowns and looks to Tahira and the others before speaking curiously. “Okami…was…that you?” Closing her eyes, she focused deep within her mind to find him where he was residing and she could start making out an outline of whom she was assuming was the elder wolf. “Okami-sama what the hell are you doing!?” She asked from inside her head, knowing the other wolves could hear her. “Well I guess it makes sense you leaving Kins body considering hes dead now but whats up? That was a sudden intrusion of my body and I was not ready.” She joked a bit, honestly not minding it she was after all a maiden and things of the spiritual plain were not really new to her if anything she was actually pleased Okami had chosen her as a new vessel though she wondered just how permanent this was going to be. Her body did not reject him, simply making room for the well aged wolf as she walks away so the others could follow and get out of sight from the public as to not be so suspicious, nodding to the others to step back outside so they don’t draw attention to themselves…they were an odd bunch but besides that, it did just look like they were paired off together and simply hanging out at a dunkin donuts.

Nik Tasanagi: ( )The increasing slams of his length pummeling her cunt would have echoed throughout the room as he savagely fucked his way into her tight space over and over again. His thick length slicked over with her sweet nectar and the flows of water that downpoured over each edge and curve of there bodies. His fat rod, stuffing itself deeper and deeper into her tight pink trap, dominating her fully and completely. Slamming into her so hard that with each thrust of his hips, she'd be caved, and broken into the wall. His throbbing cock weding itself deeply into her voids before he'd pull himself out with one clean slide. With both of his hands latching into her hair. " Shut up..."He would have said as his bright blue eyes shifted into a purple and he pushes her into shower door, her breast imprinting on the other side as he forced her head into the shower door both hands latched tightly into her hair before he'd leave the right one into her dark locks while his left hand gripped onto her waist , forcing her to arch her back. His rod continuing to plaster his way through her cunt over and over again!

( )

His hard cock worked its way in and out of her tight spot continously before he'd lift her right into the bedroom, dropping her onto the cool sheets of the bed as he mounted over her like some savage beast. His throbbing length slipping right into the voids of her pink hole. And without hesitation and surely without mercy he'd begin to savagely pound into her! His tonuge, and lips sucking on the right side of her neck, before he began to bite and suck onto her ears. Pulling his head back after lashing his tonuge out on the side of her face, he'd pull his arms around her waist and continue to plaster his way through her wet cunt. Slamming his hands over her face after a hard slap, the clap echoing throughout the room. He'd tilt his head back laughing while he continued to bang his way against her G-spot over and over again. " Hahaha... Ungghh... fuckk... Your a dirty little slut bitch. Virgin my ass... your loving every minute of this. Come on... I bet you lost it way before this didnt you. It's ok... you can tell me..." He said sliding his tongue over the left side of her face before bursting out laughing again.

After a bit of time, staring down at her with a light scowl. "... Hard to believe your a virgin..." Nik said towering over her with his thick girth throbbing up and down. Smirking as he'd use his mental chi to deafen her mind if he was successful her eyes would be glowing a bright purple just like his own as he crossed his arms with that sinster grin. " Well why dont you suck off the remains of your pussies juice off my cock. " Nik said using his mind altering like ablites. Manipulating her portions of her brain that reacted to sensual stimuli and making her 100 times more aroused then she'd ever truly be, so this simple command of sucking him off would have more then likely proven to be something that she may or may not have been surely egar to do.

Feltcher steve would have been watching with a set of binoculars as he scanned the area first. " Seems as though the Infinites are on to us... and Heroes inc charged an assualt. More then likely trying to relap some sort of recon. Were going to keep our eyes open. Seems as though the Z-pathogen is working as we commanded as well. After tomorrow we make our counter move. Allow Tasanagi to have his fun. I bet his typical mannerism have been altered. Meaning we'll be dealing with an arrogant prick. Lets just our head in the game. And keep ourselves deadset on the mission. " Feltcher said to Agent V whom simply nodded her head. " So... we go for the girl tomorrow. The Spider? " " Percisely..." Feltcher said pulling his cowboy styled hat, and trench coat over his body as he began to walk forward, Agent V following right behind him.


As Okami slipped through the depths of Naomi's mind, it would have instantly made her an Onihoruda. But this is a top for itself later on. As he stood to his full height he turned his head upwards staring into the voids of darkness. " Yes... It's me. I have news. Kin's... been killed. And I cant locate his form anymore. This is dangerous. Outside forces are at work here. I need you to take the pack... and leave this place. Leave New California. I fear something is coming. Something we wont be able to control. Do you understand me Naomi?! Im sure Jessica will understand. Just Get out of th-" Before Okami could finish his sentence, the ceiling from the establishment began to shake, a subtle shake but a shake none the less. And as it did, soon a sloo of Men cloaked in brown duster like jackets would have rushed into the establishment out of nowhere. Not even with there Keen senses. The wolves would have been prepared for this as the 25 cloaked men would have began to fire there AK's in the general direction of the Wolfbloods. All of them letting off there clips of guns. If the Wolfbloods tried to fight they'd surely be killed as these bullets were laced in the broken down components of a synthetic angry bloom to which they'd all discover soon and it'd kill them. The only option being to flee at this moment as the cloaked men continued there bullet rain on the pack.

Ryoji: Jacob would’ve been ready to continue the fight for all it was worth! Until Red Steel busted in through the side and sent out a plasma blast, making Jacob shield himself with his arms, to avoid getting sparks in his eyes! “Huh? Steel?” " Lets get a move on! This wasn’t apart of the plan. I've already calculated 900 different outcomes for you here alone and it isn’t good. Not to mention.... Uhhhh all of the commanders are on there way to this area right now." “Damn….” Jacob would’ve dove back over the counter, as  Red steel would’ve grabbed him by the wrist, and begun to fly out of there at Mach speeds! “I didn’t get the info!” “It’s okay!” Red Steel would’ve replied, as the black visor would’ve flashed blue a couple of times. “I’m already on it…I’m decrypting some codes now….got it. I got something anyway, I’ll say that. We’ll go over it back at the base in the ocean! WE don’t wanna lead them to the hellicarrier!” Jacob would’ve nodded and sighed. “Things are about to get really interesting….i might not be able to do this through gritt and will power alone.”  Jacob would’ve thought to himself. The commanders…all of this..espcially that eden fellow. He’d need to do more research on these guys before he tried to do anything even remotely hopping to fight these guys on par.

Mangler would’ve been in the hellicarier when he received a message form Red Steel. “hey here’s the decrypted information from the Infintes. What’s it say?” Mangler would’ve adjusted his glasses a bit, and opened it up on his computer screens. As he did, he’d see a map of the united states area, and red dots. Markers even. “ It appears to be specific marked locations…” Mangler would’ve zoomed in some and seen that these markers were on differ parts of the skylands, new nexus florida and new California. “I think…it’s a hit list. But there’s even a marker in Neo Tokyo..which raises questions. The invididuals…I’m decrypting them now. If this is a hit list there might be some BIG names on here…but why?”

White Rabbit: He really... he broke her through the shower wall. Kat was in so much of a daze from the waves of pleasure that washed over her that she couldn't even muster a smart ass comment. She let out a short breath as he pulled his cock from out of her and she thought he was done but she was hella wrong as his hands slid up into her hair and his voice made chills run down her spine. Her golden eyes stared into his, watching the change from blue to purple. A wave of fear washed over her as he pressed her up against the shower door and she was exposed and she squealed as he slammed his rod back into her cunt once more. Her body was on fire and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the water. Kat would've never imagined such a pain to come from in between her legs and her thighs were aching horribly from the position he had her in before. With every thrust his tip kissed her the opening to her cervix and it made a stinging sensation shoot through Kat's body. She released a long drawn out moan from the intense pleasure.

She was thrashing around heavily as he lifted her from the shower and towards the bed where he dropped her and she didn't move in time to dodge him as he mounted her and her back arched and she let out howl of pain at his vicious attacks towards her again. "Please, Kin, no more!"

( )

She screamed at the top of her lungs and the neighbors on the other side pounded against the wall and you could hear their muffled voices telling them to keep it down. Her long jet black hair was sticking to her body and it was splayed around the bed Her body trembled as his tongue lashed out against her neck and she eloped as he bit down on her esrs. They were her most sensitive area, even more than her clit. She felt his tongue slip against the side of her face and she grimaced in disgust, thinking back to the time when he vomited on that poor girl.

It wasn't until he had slapped her across the face that her expression hardened and he spoke. //  " Hahaha... Ungghh... fuckk... Your a dirty little slut bitch. Virgin my ass... your loving every minute of this. Come on... I bet you lost it way before this didnt you. It's ok... you can tell me..."// She whined as he licked at her face again and she spat at him. "YOU'RE A SICK FUCKING BASTARD!" Her eyes were glowing in the darkness of the room. She was panting hard from the savage beating she was getting and she could admit to herself she'd never felt this physically weak and emotionally drained before. She caught the scowl on his face and growled softly as he spoke of how hard it was to believe she wasn't a virgin. Did he not see the blood? Or maybe the water washed it away too quickly. She caught his smirk and suddenly her mind went black and her eyes changed from the bright golden color to a a hazy bright purple. Slowly she pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, crawling over to him and she swallowed hard, her hand slipping up to wrap her little fingers around his shaft. In the back of her head she wanted to stop but she couldn't bring herself to do so as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and she pushed on forth, having to open her mouth pretty wide to adjust to his size.

( )

It took a few tries before she got her mouth accustomed to the shape and size of his cock and she began bobbing her head back and forth, slathering his cock in saliva. Her teeth grazed his skin while her tongue caressed his head and the underside of his cock. She nipped at the tip gently and glanced up at Kin, but her vision was blurry and she couldn't even make out his figure. Her hand was continuously stroking his shaft and she managed to push her head down deep enough for the tip to brush against the back of her throat, but because of her gag reflex she was forced to pull away and she hacked, bringing her hand up to her mouth and she turned her head away. "I'm... not... doing it...." The smell had finally hit her and it completely fucked up her senses.

Tahira: ( ) In the mist of their discussion Tah took note of the ceiling as it began to shake, something that didn’t sit quite right with her despite California being known for earthquakes, yet she beneath her she felt no earth like tremors. The young wolf blood lowering the free hand that she had available in between her slightly parted legs so that palm of it would placed face down into the makings of the chair she was sitting in while keeping her golden eyes at level where if any one were to look it would appear as if they all were continuing to converse about things with the balls of her feet (front part of them) pressed firmly against the floor. The chair of course on its hind legs in a reared back position.  “Naomi…” Tahira would gesture towards the shaking overhead fixtures if she hadn’t already noticed it yet as it was also in that very same moment that a sloo of men all cloaked down in brown jackets bombarded the establishment. Tahira’s senses as a Warlock not Wolf blood immediately began to kick in as all 25 she counted would’ve draw their AKs, pointing them at the four of them, and immediately began to open fire and she began to survey for probable exits her eyes quickly spying one with the shops window and deciding to take her chances with it. “Everyone move it!” she shouted instantly reach out at the other hand she’d just finished her doughnut with for the back of a possibly still eating Kaith’s shirt, latching onto it as tightly as one could given the situation before using the grip she already had on the floor using in order to launch herself whilst still sitting the chair’s reared back position, backwards just using her peak human strength, to clear a path through the gunmen in the direction towards the shop’s glass window at speeds that would allow them to escape without harm or injury. Several rounds bullets of course being fired at the two whilst in the attempt strike them down but missing as they moved across the floor at seemingly at inhuman speeds that would plow into those that were behind the two sending them to floor instantly. Making the two of them looked like two massive blurs to those that were firing. Tahira looking up towards Naomi and Lee who she assumed was following her and not trying to fight these people as she curled the fingers of the hand that rested on the seat up under it before quickly glancing back to see if she had gained enough clearance and close enough to pull off this next part of the feat. Once she’d had ascertained that she had and was she immediately tell Naomi and Lee, “Get down!”  Assuming that both would’ve listened to her and done as she’d asked Tahira would shifted into her half wolf form quickly while utilizing the grip that she had on it (the chair) to jerk up from under her completely while still holding Kaith by the collar in the other before hurtling forwards in the direction of some of the shooters, not as a challenge to fight them but a diversion to get them outta there. Which due to hard she pitched it might have sent them barreling out of control into the front counter shattering the casing the rest of the doughnuts were in. Thus giving her just enough propulsion needed throw the rest of her weight into the left side of her body so that when it impacted itself up against the makings of the glass she’d have enough speed and proximity to not only hit it successfully but with the combine weight of both herself AND Kaith shatter it into a million pieces. Allowing the young wolf blood to tumble out of it onto the side walks with just several pieces embedded into her bare arms and shoulders with no harm befalling her possibly unwilling accomplice before jumping up onto her feet with him still in hand and taking off running at unnatural speeds into another direction hopefully with Naomi in lead and Lee in a close second if they had indeed followed her lead through broken window and made it out to safety along with her. “Alright Naomi I cleared the path so where to?” the 22 year old would ask still wondering as to just where the name in fuck were they all headed and just what the hell is going on while the shooters if any of them were all left standing (and they better be or else were dead) continued to fire off endless rounds at the four them as they were escaping.

Nik Tasanagi: " Oh, it's funny you say that. " ( ) " I was just about to blow my load. "Nik said as his body glowed a bright purple and he used his destructive chi in the form of a push blast as it denoted the whole building in a blast of chi that errupted the whole apartment in flames! And from the flames, had been Nik with nothing but a pair of tattereted jeans and barefooted. His body moving in slowly motion as he pulled from the flames, his hair and skin unphased by the flames it seems as he stepped out into the streets. Walking over to some male on a motorcycle, speaking in a deep ' Termniator ' like tone. " I need your jacket, your pants, and your boots. " The Biker cocked a brow before taking out a pistol. Nik swiftly disarmed him... litterally as he morphed his right hand into his lycan one and hacked his arm right off before he pulled the jacket over him. One side sleeveless while the boots and the rest snug tightly to his body. Pulling a pair of sunglasses over his face as he smirked tilting his head over to the screaming naked biker who held onto his severed arms. " Hey buddy... Need a Hand? Wait wait wait... All hands on Deck! Hey man you look pretty Handy.. HAHAHAHAHAH! " Nik said taking the males pistol from previously and landing one right in between his eyes before he bursted out laughing. ' Nik...  Come to me Nik...' He heard the voices say in his head and he tilted his head up to a building to see Agent V naked and signaling Kin over with that seductive glare of hers. ' Come to me... my precious wolf...' Nik's Z-pathogens reacted accordingly to her command and he drove through the streets to where she had telepathically told him to go. Feltcher stood in the background smirking before he stared up at the glowing moon. " LA just got a bit more interesting..."

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