[ ] Light was shining through the windows of this large saloon Kin and Grey had stopped at. It seemed to be around noon, seeing as no one was really there, other than some guys who really liked to get drunk. Grey was sipping on some cold ice water, the ice breaking and clicking against the glass as the warm sun melted it’s insides. She sat up on the bar stool, right next to Kin and they hadn’t said a word to each other. Not since they had left and went on the road. It was like the tension was a weight on her back that she couldn’t just shrug off. Besides that, the air was cool, almost fresh like; non typical for the desert but in some areas it was quite nice. Pool balls made clicking noises, darts hitting the board, the juke box stuck on this one old Elvis song; it drove her nuts. She just wanted to talk, wanted to say something. If they kept like this, their fighting would be worse for wear, and she needed to defeat the Bandit King. He owed her that. She turned to him and stared at him.

Her chair had made a noise, causing everyone else to look at them. This is what she wanted. “I’m tired of this. We both know you’ve been sleeping with that other woman. So cut the act, we aren’t out on business, you just want me to believe we are so you can frolic around like some manslut. Well, I’ve had enough!” She slammed her cup down and jumped out of the bar stool, strutting over to another table, behind the bar and sitting alone. They weren’t getting anywhere while they were together, so she tried the pity tatic. That’s when they started coming over to her, asking her to buy her a drink. The only one she said yes to just happened to be a close and personal guard of the Bandit King, they had gotten word a few days earlier that he frequents this bar. She sat down with him and sobbed into her fourth cup [she could hold her liquor]. “Why does he always do this to me? I’m pretty, aren’t I?” she asked him, just trying to play him. “Babe, you are gorgeous, in fact, prettier than any woman I’ve ever seen here, and my boss gets all the good ones,” he told her, he on his eighth drink; she had made him prove to her he could hold his scotch. She chuckled and swirled her drink around, “That’s a lie. All you men lie. I bet if I asked you how good you are in bed you’d say you were terrible..” she coaxed him. He clicked his tongue, “Well, I mustn't tell lies..” he replied, grabbing her arm and jumping out of the stool with her, dragging her into the back alley. She followed, giggling along as she did. The man pushed her onto the wall and started sucking at her neck, going for her ass. Grey rolled her eyes, sick to her stomach. He was sucking so hard, most girls would love it, her not so much. It wasn’t Kin; it wasn’t satisfying like him. She had learned a few days ago that she would never be turned on by another man, and that fact was true. Because she did honestly try. When she wasn’t reacting, he stepped back and wiped his mouth, “What’s the matter, bitch, nervous or some shit?” He yelled, his breath raunchy with alcohol. Grey growled and grabbed his hair, getting in his face, “Call me a bitch again, I fucking dare you..” she snapped, throwing him against the wall like he had done her. “Yo, boss. You can come out from the shadows now,” she called out.

Kung Fury: ( ) Kin would have tilted his head up, sipping at his alcholic beverage, tilting it up he listened to Grey Wail on about him neglecting her and he had a bored expression on his face. His hood had been over his head so his facial expression had been hidden before he tilted his head over watching her rush over to table alone sobbing. Kin shook his head and two girls made there way over to him sitting on his right and left sides. " Hey baby." He said smiling at them chewing on his gum before he tilted his head over to watch the Bandit King goon make his way over to Grey to consule her. Taking her outside Kin would have smirked. "... Good Job..." He said to himself, but he had been talking about Grey and when the two girls went to kiss him on his neck he would have pushed them both away, mushing them away by there faces before he exited the building on the opposite side and waiting for the oppertune moment. And like the good solider Grey had been she had set the bait and there prey had been captured.

" Good Job wind..."He said staring at the both of them through the shadows. All one would be able to see were Kin bright golden eyes within the darkness before he stepped out to make himself known. ( ) As he pulled from the darkness he would have nodded his head to Grey to tell her to back off and let him step forward. If she would have Kin would have sat a suit case down next to the Bandit King goon. " My father..." Kin said taking out a long Katana and a clothese-hanger. " Was a Yakuza in his early days in his life. He taught me... alot of ways to tortue people. At the time... i didnt see much use in knowing that kind of information. But...i've used it quite often while ive been on my own. You know... being a man and all." Kin said back handing the goon across the face, but he'd catch him by his hair pulling his head back, and reeling his right hand back into a perfect arch he would SLAMMED! His fist into the man's nose causing blood to erupt from his nostrils in floods of red. " MY NOSE... YOU BROKE MY FUCKING NOSE! " Kin would have kneed the goon in the stomach so he'd hit the wall, and as he did Kin stabbed a blade through his right palm pinning him through the brick. " AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! " Kin covered his mouth and looked at Grey. Handing her a blade on his right side. Holding the Man's hand up to the wall. " Pin the other hand..." He said to her with a straight face. He knew what he had been doing was cruel. But she needed to see how he worked, how he did things. ANd sometimes being the villian was alot more effective. Atleast that's what Kin thought. If she would have pinned his hand through the goon would have been spread out arms wide on the brick wall immobile. " Now we know you wont go signaling your friends. " Kin said taking a step back as he bent the clothese hanger out to a long point. " Now... your going to tell me where I can find the Bandit King's next slave girl supplier. I have a..." He turned his shoulder looking over at Grey. " Special package for him that he's not gonna wanna miss out on. So I need to get rid of the competetion you understand? He doesnt need to buy from any other slavers. So... talk... or my friend here is going to stick this clothese hangar all 18 inches down your minisucal cock hole. " Grey would have been able to see why Kin got his name now, and why his stories he told her all came to light. The Demon Dog Kin Tasanagi. Inugami Kin Tasanagi. Slayer of Men, Dog Demon of the east. All of these things had been Kin... " FUCK YOU... IM NOT TELLING YOU SHIT PISS AINT, YOUR CRAZY! YOU J-JUST FUCKING BLUFFING ! YOU WONT DO IT I KNOW YOU WONT! " Kin turned his head over to grey before he scowled back over at the goon, ripping his pants and underwear off with one pull. " W-WAIT! NO! " He protested but Kin would have ignored. " Do it Grey..." Kin said walking over the oppsite side of the alleway as he lit a cigeratte to watch.

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Grey watched as Kin went to work on him, standing behind them, arms crossed. She hadn’t seen much, but she saw him with two women, and yeah, she was a little annoyed. Actually, so annoyed that she didn’t even wait for Kin to tell her twice before stabbing the man through the palm to the wall. She growled at him and smiled when he screamed, watching the blood run from his hands down to the grovel. Kin seemed desperate, in fact, desperate enough to use her as bait. Okay, maybe not too desperate, but he was making her stick a metal rod through the man’s penis. When commanded, she positioned it and stabbed it right through, twisting it inside and forcing it into him. He was screamed like a banshee, but Grey slapped him across the cheek, sighing. “Seriously, it probably doesn’t hurt that bad and you deserve worse,” she told him, walking away from him and putting her coat on over her revealing shirt. “When you’re done, I’ll see you at the motel. He’s not going to tell us anything.” She walked back to the motel and ruffled her hair, yawning. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with another interview that would go no where. She stripped all her clothes off and left them in a trail leading to the bathroom. Grey took a long nice hot shower, sighing. She felt like a drug addict off the heroine for a week, it was tiring. She had even requested a queen size bed just to push Kin over the edge. What kind of woman was she, the desperate type? She got out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel and laid on the bed, sighing once again. She felt heavy. Why couldn’t the full moon come more than once a month?

Kung Fury: Kin watched as she stromed away out of sheer faustration. He knew it was mostly based around sex. Where the faustration had led to. But he wouldnt entertain it. He knew simply because he could sniff out her phermones whenever she was the slightest bit horny or when she thought about it. After she stormed off he would have taken a blow tortch to the middle rod as it sat in between his cock hole, bleeding from the end. Kin began to light the metal and the goon shouted out of sheer agony before he passed out due to pain alone. Kin would have woken him with a backhand only to begin his parade of questions.

About two hours later and Kin would have made it back to there hub of operations that they had been using for this past week. IN the room had been a dry erase board where Kin had The Bandit Kings lieutenants, he crossed out some and the others  pictures were still intact. And the one he just interaggated had talked unlike his other friends. The information that was gathered had been that The Bandit King slave contractor would be coming to this town in about two days. Kin took the information... and using one of his warlock techniques along with his mental chi he wipped the goons mind and healed him, sending him on his marry way. But when he came back to the hotel room he'd find grey in the room on the bed herself. Kin studied her form and he would have began to remove his clothing right in the middle of the room making full eye contact with her.

" He talked after all. I have a question. I gave it some thought. It wouldnt be fair to you to just make you do it. So here we are. Would you like me to be the slave, and you the slaver? I think i'd make a pretty good slave. And my physical attractiveness branches from both genders. So... it wouldnt be the first time a man has wanted me. Im sure we could bypass through me if you feel uncomfortable being the slave. " He said studying her, standing at the edge of the bed with his cock fully erect, walking over to her his length had been throbbing, spreading her legs apart while she had still been naked as he causally began to fuck her. Making full eye contact with her as he waited for her response.

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Grey sat up when he came in and raised an eyebrow at him, blood all over his shirt. She yelped when he pulled her to him and when he slid his cock inside of her, talking really fast. She held her hand up and pushed against him, making him stop. “Whoa whoa whoa..” She cleared her throat, “... Let me move a bit before you begin,” she pulled her hips up and signaled him to continue. “Go ahead. And I’ll have to think about it.. Once a slave, you never wish to go back..” She mumbled, sitting up and wrapping her arms around his neck, bouncing on him slowly. Grey kissed his neck and bit on it, stopping on him and swirling her hips around on his dick. She moaned a little and pressed her breasts on his chest. She mauled his lip and kissed him deeply, running her hands through his hair and over his scalp. She was afraid to admit it, but she craved this closeness with Kin. She leaned back and pulled him onto her, bucking her hips back onto him. Like a bitch in heat, which reminded her of the goon calling her a bitch, and exactly why it made her mad. Grey went back to thinking about the slave thing, looking Kin right in the eyes and she sighed, covering her eyes. “Listen.. Kin.. I was once a slave, and not just when we were in that village before. When I was 12, me and my mother were taken from my home and they made us pleasure elite men. But one day they killed my mother and then gang raped me.. That same day, I scratched the leader guy and killed the rest.. I’ve hated slave villages since then and there was something else.. My mother had a glass heart necklace on her neck that day and the Bandit King was there.. They gave it to him as an offering..” She kept her eyes covered, and she was nervous. What would he think? That she was used? Broken? Or maybe even worthless now that he knew.. Going after the Bandit King for something so stupid was unheard of, maybe even a little childish. But Grey owed it to her mom for not saving her that day.

Kung Fury: Stroking himself in and out of her at quite the steady pace. " Fine then. " He said turning her over this time, his large hands sliding through her dark blue locks of hair as he yanked her head back and began to fuck his way through her cunt from the back. The slick patting noise could be heard echoing from outside the door.

" We'll go with your idea then, but you better not get yourself killed. Youve been impressing me lately. Usually i'd still be looking for my contracts location. But with your help ive been able to do that in double the time it would have taken usually. " He said as he continued thrust himself in and out of her. A knock on the door could be heard on the outside of it was a nervous house keeper listening to the sex. Poking her finger tips together nervously she'd finally knock along the door.

' Knock Knock Knock. ' How she looked.

Kin continued to thrust himself forward but his eyes had been focused in on the door. " You may enter. " " Ok! But... a-are you having sex in there sir? " " What's it sound like... just clean up and go. " The Maid would have made her way into the room with a dark blush on her face as she watched the both of them fuck like dogs in heat without a care in the world, kin pulled both of her arms behind her back and used it as leverage as he continued his devious onslaught. The Maid would have been casually cleaning now, pretending not to notice it. Kin looked to Grey while he forced her to Arch her back before his pace slowed. " Think we should have fun with her...? " He said with a devious smirk. The Maid's face turned blood red before her own panties litterally spewed from under her dress. Kin cocked a brow being the first to notice as he stared at the wet spot on the carpet. " Well then. " He said crossing his arms. " I-I-I-I ITS OK! Im Uh... Ill come back another time! " As she attempted to leave Kin would have snatched her wrist. " Relax. " He said turning his attention back over to grey as he continued to plaster her hole. " I was only kidding... continue. " He said to the maid before turning to Grey. " We'll Start in the mourning, ill pose as your slaver and you my slave. I dont care what he does to you... but this cunt, this body, it all belongs to me. Do as you will to complete the mission. But dont do anything ill frown on. " Kin said as he slowly pulled his length out of her cunt, ejaculating over her back side. His eyes rolling into the back of his head, and like the heated dog he had been he would have slid it right back in and continued. The Maid would have fainted by this point.

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Grey grunted when he pulled her on her knees and pulled her hair. “Ung..” She bit her lip and used one hand to pull apart one ass cheek, scars still fresh from before. She listened to the maid and didn’t mind when she came in, making louder sex noises than usual. “Do me harder, Kin~” she moaned, her hands being held behind her. When he started messing with the maid she grit her teeth, “No, she should join us, but afterwards, I’ll kill her right on this bed and make you sleep in her filth,” she glared at the maid and barked at her, grinning. Then she laid down, arms crossed under her head and movved her ass back and forth, letting whatever else between them, happen. But when he told her that she belonged to him, it sent an electric shock through her body, and she wanted to speak back, make him regret ever wanting her. It was a weird nervous tick of hers. “Slaves are mostly used for sex, Kin. I can’t promise you that I won’t be raped or forced to suck his cock. It gets pretty nasty, especially with the new girls, and I’m a beautiful woman.. I’ll never get out of there without some form of sexual intercourse,” he told him, but he ejaculated on her anyway, and then went back to fucking her. She bit her lip and panted softly, twisting her hips and meeting his hips with hers, moaning louder as the smacking got louder. [ ] She turned back to look at him and was drooling a bit, “Kin..Kin…” She looked at him with deep sympathy in her eyes, but they quickly turned to mischeif, “How are you going to be sexually while I’m not around?” She chuckled and spread her cheeks, allowing him more room inside of her.

Onigami Kin: " I'll do as I please. " Kin said letting her go cumming in her once more. Pulling his cock out of her hole as cum spewed from her hole thick gushes. ( How her cunt would have looked once Kin pulled out of her.  ) He'd Make his way over, sitting on her stomach as he began to jerk the last remnants of his cock out of his length and dump the white essences all over her face in thick creamy wods of cum string. ( ) " Oh maiidd..." Kin said looking back at the cowering female. " We made a mess... clean it up..." He said refering to the cum all over Grey. Kin would have stripped the maid of her clothing and began to fuck them both, of course giving Grey more attention. It was a reflection of there enhanced sexual appiete to each other. It made them act wildly, like animals. Like savage beasts, and for the first time with Grey... he felt free.

After some time, the girl had been left on the bed with hickes and the such from Grey and Kin's doing. But the both of them would have been more then likely suited up and ready to embark foward. " And to answer your question. I'll deal with that when it comes. Trust me... I have something prepared when the moment arises. But first things first lets get a move on. Kaguya's resources tell me that he knows a contractor around this area who can disquise us both into the parts we need to be in. " Kin said as he made his way outside to his makeshift motor cylce. He had made a side compartment for Grey so she could ride along with him on the road. As he pulled himself over the bike he'd pulling his goggles onto his face and handing her a pair. " Next top... Ultear..." Ultear or the city of thieves is more like a community of shacks, and tents with one local tavern. It houses thives, that scour the skyland looking to theive and steal whatever rarities and treats they can get their hands on, and fence them for greater prophet. their headed by a man known as dan snatcher, a dimensional theif who runs the area. All thieves report to him no matter what the value of an item, he'll find meaning or prophet in it. It's not a very friendly place unless one ois a thief, so be warry. you can easily get robbed in this area.

Grey Wind: Grey was outside first, not exactly happy with how the night had gone. She had made the girl bleed, probably ruined her sex drive permanently. But she held herself back from mauling the female. Grey jumped in Kin's cart and out on her goggles, sighing loudly. The trip was boring, her life was dull, the sex.. wasn't as exciting as the first time. She liked it spontaneous, rough and wild with passion and oh my god, she was becoming such a girl. When they got to the next town, she jumped out and slapped herself. Time to focus, she was so much better than this. So much better. Grey dusted herself off and crossed her arms, "Where to?" She asked. She followed him to wherever he took her. Through the streets of Ultear, the busiest town in all of Skyland. Grey hadn’t been her since she was a young girl, but if you wanted to be fed or even groomed, this was the place. And exactly as Kaguya had told them, they went to a friend of his who made them look the part. She was given a tattered dress, and rusty chains. Of course while she was putting it on, the dress ripped on the sides of her thighs and around her chest area. She groaned and stepped out, messing her hair up and placing on the cuffs. Flashes of her memory kept coming back, but she didn’t even flinch. This was a mission, and she needed to think about the others involved. Grey flexed herself, stretching every muscle she could before being locked away, never allowed to move her hands above her head. She caught an eye full of Kin and she whistled, “You know this whole slave thing is kind of kinky..” she told him, chuckling. She was just trying to make it better, before this all went down. Grey poured a bucket of mud and water on herself, then stood outside for a good ten minutes before coming back in and standing in front of Kin. She looked in dead in the eyes. “I want you to punch me, hit me, slap me.. Give me bruises, make me look like I’m a troublemaker,” she demanded. She glanced away, “They like it when the girls fight back..” She mumbled, spitting after she had said it.

Kin: He was dressed in a suit with an edge to it. His hair was placed in a pony tail and using something known as an Octomask , it reversed the electromagnetic spectrum so he'd look like a completely different person when he had it on. And he wore a fat suit to add more weight to his person. Placing gauls in his cheeks to stuffen up his cheeks. He stood there fixing his tie when Grey came in asking for him to roughen her up a bit. Kin cocked a brow, but she didnt have a point. She looked to perfectly well taken care of to be a slave.. Cocking his right hand back he would have sledged her across the jaw, brusing it , punching her in the arm, the neck, the stomach, the nose you name it. But not to much that she didnt still look attractive. He didnt show emotion doing it, but he did feel uneasy. " Lets go. " He said to her after whipping his hands of blood. " My name is Cotttle simmons. Im from Germany, understand? " He said to her as he began to change his voice to fit the accustomed tone. Showing off all of his Kasaihana special Detective training for the D12KPD special task forces, along with his E.O.D. training on the. ( Elite Operative Division. ) Kaguya had provided them with a vechile as well. " Here..." He said spreading her legs and placing a small pill into her cunt before standing back up to his full height. Not explaining what it had been to her at all. The Vechile had been a Hellicoppter and it road them all the way down to the  Bandit King hideout...

Enter The Bandit King's Domain.

Once they arrived they were greeted by the bandit King men whom all had there weapons on them despite them being expected. " Come bitch..." Kin... I mean Cottle Simmons said as he pulled her along by the chain that connected to her colloar. As he drug her through the area the bandit King's men began to whispear about her, and her beauty. And it pissed Kin off to no end. He wanted to kill them all just for so much as thinking about touching her. He knew at that very moment that this would be harder for him then expected. He didnt understand the attachtment. She was assiting him for her own reasons her own goals. She knew the risk, she wasnt a Warlock, nor was she a Kasaihanaian. She was an Outlander, a Skylander... And yet... yet...

" Ahhhh... Cottle Simmons. Ive been expecting you..." The Bandit King said watching them enter the room boredlyas he sat on his throne of bones. " Nice to see you all..." He said smirking as he sat up and smirked crossing his arms. " Ahh yes, tis nice to see you as well Mr.King, Ive been wanting to move into this territory for quite sometime in hopes of creating a settlement. I was uhh.. hoping we could work something out amongst the two of us no? I found this skylander here my first stays here, in a cave eating amongst Dire wolves. Eating Human meat... She's a fiesty one, but the best ive ever had in bed in my life. She isnt a virgin... so you can rough her up you'd think that take down some of her valule but with this one. The more you fuck her cunt, it feels like it grows accustomed your length, like it was customly made. A real ripe bitch... I offer her for you. She's worh millions of dollars ive turned her down many'a'offers. And yet i give her to you for almost little to nothing but a few acers of land." The Bandit King barely had been listening to Kin... his eyes fixed on Grey, a smirk on his face. The Bandit King stood at his masculine glory his massive muscles resembled that of a gods as he stood to his full height. " Quiet, let your slave do the talking. I would like to test this thoery for myself..." He said pulling the current slave him his cock that had been sucking it. And his 15 inch cock stood errect wobbling left to right. " I would like to see her ride my cock... and if she is worthy like you speak. Then the deal is on... If you are wrong... then well. I'll kill you both. " " -I--I-I-I- As you wish your majesty haha. W-Well go on whore... do as your new King tells you..." He said yanking Grey by her hair and tossing her further as he watched. Kin's fist clenching so tightly that blood began to leak from the cracks of his fist.

Grey Wind: Grey cried out, tears slipping from her eyes and she hit him. Then she wiped her nose, getting blood on her hands and stood up, shrugging. “You hit like a girl but good enough,” she told him, raising an eyebrow at him when he put something in her. She wiggled around then hopped in the car, securing her wrist chains. She was a bit nervous, but this was for the end goal. The cherry on top of the cake. Or was it pie.. She shook her head and kept away from Kin. No attachments, no feelings, just work. Or was it really work? When they got there, she struggled a bit against Kin, just to make it feel real. The other men bought it, might as well sell it. When she saw the Bandit King and his size, she grinned. This would have been terrifying to any other human being; but not Grey, she thought of it as a challenge. When the King suggested she fuck him, and Kin threw her forward, she fell on her hands at his feet, glaring up at the King. She sat up and spit on his cheek, growling. “I only do old men. Get some flabby dicks in here and I’ll suck all damn day,” she told him. Of course this got her hit, a clean hit across the face, sending her down onto her side. The King grabbed her hair and pulled her up. He glared at her and she just smirked, “Rough me up all you like, baby, I’ll scream and cry.. But you’ll never break me..” She threatened. The King stared at her then cracked his hard frown line with a grin, “Very well then, I can at least try,” he replied, grabbing her dress and tearing it off. He picked her up by her hair, causing Grey to cry out, and then forced her into his lap, shoving his cock all the way inside her cunt. She almost threw up. It was vile, and disgusting. And /he/ was watching. She stayed there, on his lap, her body twitching in pain; he was all the way inside. The King thrusted his hips up into her and groaned in pleasure, “Her cunt is as amazing as you say, Simmons!” he exclaimed, wrapping his hand around Grey’s neck. She clawed at his hand and cried out, her pussy being violated by some man. It wasn’t Kin, and she was getting sick to her stomach. Oh please let her throw up all over this disgusting pig. He kept his other hand tangled in her hair, keeping her on his lap, thrusting up into her as hard as he could, making her breasts bounce in everyone’s face. Grey looked at Kin and for the first time in her life, she was begging him not to look at her.

The King pushed her onto her hands and held her hips, thrusting into her more. She cried out, and bit her lip, shaking her head. It was all an act, but she was really good at it. He slapped her ass, scratched her back and she started sobbing. He laughed in glee, but if only she has a trap set up in her vagina. Large spikes that would impale and cut off his dick. It would be perfect, and then, Grey could feed it to his own demon spawn. He pumped his thick cock in and out, making the loudest sounds as he could. And then, he stopped and came all the way inside of her. She gripped onto the dirt on the ground, her heart skipping a beat. Her stomach churned and shifted violently. The cum from the King dripped out of her cunt, and her threw her onto the ground, cum spilling out from her. She didn’t look at anyone, she was in shock. What if she got pregnant? She would kill herself or the baby immediately. No contest, no guilt. She didn’t want that. And she was mad. Grey sat up and started laughing. “I hope you die of a disgusting illness, you whore punching pig!” She hissed and spit on the ground once more. She was so angry, so, so angry. And when he took off his jacket to beat some sense into her, she saw her mother’s necklace and lost it. She got up and lunged at him, but he caught her and grabbed her neck, elbowing her in the gut. She coughed blood and fell to the ground. But this didn’t falter her; Grey grabbed his leg and bit on his calf, ripping out the muscle and flesh, spitting it across the floor. He cried out in pain and kicked her in the head, knocking her out cold. He screamed and hobbled over to his throne, gripping his leg, “FUCKING KILL HER. NOW,” he commanded.

Kin: Before he could command her dead, he'd look down at his cock to see it disolving away in a gush of liquid his eyes widening before he vomited at the pain. The Bandit King's men would all begin to pull out there weapons but when Kin opened the fat suit to reveal guns he began to light everyone up that he could with the SMG's. Blood coating the room in sprays of red as he tore down 16 men in seconds! The Pill he had placd in her was made from the same acid properties of vaginal secrections, so it would take no effect on her, but for someone like the Bandit King who was all male, it counteracted and became a highly toxic liquid that could deteriate skin cells. Disolving his cock into much completely and tottally. He couldnt even scream dropping to his knees and seizing out. Before one bullet could hit Tsukimi kin would have tucked himself forward pulling himself from the fat suit and ditching the mask as he rolled over her and took the bullets for her instead. His healing factor working right away however as he turned around began to left off rounds at there attackers, gunning them down one by one before he turned to The Bandit King whom had been in shock. Kin snatched him up by his white hair so he could take a good look at his face. " Im Kin Tasanagi Warlock of the school of the Pheonix and fugtive to the world. Ive been tasked with taking your life for my order and retriving a young girl that belongs to my company. " He said aiming his right SMG right at the Bandit Kings head. " Where's the girl..." " HEH... HEH... HEH...YOU REALLY THINK... I'D TELL YOU..." Kin pulled his SMG'S into there holsters on his side, shirtless now.

" No...But i have other means in getting what I want. " He said as he pulled his right hand back, coating it in destruction chi until his whole hand glowed a bright blue where he'd then use his mental chi to lung his head into the chi seal within the brain to access all of the Bandit King's memories. As he began to drain the bandit King of his thoughts he would have pulled his hand out of his skull after gaining the proper information, crossing his arms. "... The girl... you..." " We Killed her... HAHAHAHA ... Had a guy... into child porn... I told him...WHY NOT GET THE REAL THING HAHAHAHAHAHAHA--GAWK- " Kin scowled at the cretin before him and shook his head before he summoned he pulled his right hand back to deliver the killing blow before he stopped and turned to Grey. " No... this one belongs to you..." He said holding the Bandit King's head up by his hair, exposing his neck to him. " Kill him Grey..." Kin said with that same callous tone. The Drug had also paralyzed him and he was unable to move. " This man has terrorized the Skyland for over 10 years. Do away with him... void him from this world so that he shall never hurt another again. " " HAHA... HAAHAHA! YOU THINK YOUR ANY DIFFERENT THEN ME!? YOU USED THIS GIRL, YOU USED HER BODY TO GET TO ME... YOUR JUST LIKE ME... YOUR A MONSTER! " When the Bandit King said that word, that magic word that was just so dear to Kin. He found himself in a series of flashbacks. His eyes going dead for a moment before he shook his head. " Your right... I am... And Its all I'll ever be..." He said slamming his knee into the Bandit King's spine breaking it. "... Kill Him...Grey..."

Grey Wind: Grey stayed down during all the fighting, her mind racing. She was feral, just like the night before, her senses at max. But when she heard Kin speak to her, she woke up, blinking a few times. She stood up and took the chains off her, sighing and walking to the two men. She looked at the King and smiled at him, “My name is Tsukimi Hatchin, you are the reason my mother was killed, you are the reason my father was killed, and then you have my village burned to the ground. I must thank you for making me who I am today.. but today, you will not kill me.. I’m taking back what is mine..” She touched his face and then pulled back her hand, concentrating her spirit into her hand, the energy turning to energy like flames. She thrust her hand through his neck and she got goosebumps. “There’s the arousal. The feeling of your life ending.. It excites me..” She pulled her hand out and let him fall to the ground. Grey shook her arm off and wiped the rest of the blood off with one of the goon’s jackets. She looked at Kin and looked away, holding her mother’s necklace in her hands.

[ ] She gripped it and went over to Kin, slapping him hard on the cheek. “That was disgusting. You let him cum fucking inside me, do you know how much acid I’ll have to bathe in after this?” She shuddered and put the necklace around her neck, looking down at it. She kept close to him and suddenly, hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck, putting her head on his shoulder. Grey stayed there, hugging him, taking a deep breath. “I’ll never obey you.. I’ll never submit to you..” She chuckled, “But that’s just my personality, I’d really never obey anyone. But, if I’m with you.. I wouldn’t mind, the occasional command… Occasional. Don’t push your luck. And another thing, when we had sex on the full moon, we mated.. Most likely for life, so pack your bags, playboy, you’ve now got an omega. But if you use that alpha shit on me and abuse the power, I’ll leave you faster than chinese food in your bowels. And another thing!” She moved her head and kissed him, deeply, then broke it, licking her lips, “I will stick by you as a monster or a pansy.. When you and I kill people, it excites me. And I’ll never judge you for what you do. Because I’m just as twisted as your head is, bud..” She tapped his nose and took his jacket from his shoulders, wrapping it around herself and walking out of the King’s house, strutting as she did so. She was confident now, the tension was gone, and she felt so much better. They were stuck together like glue, and even if he didn’t like her, he had to put up with her. At least until she died, which wouldn’t be for awhile she planned.

Kin: ( ) " OW! " He said holding his jaw before he turned toher with a scowl, getting ready to punch her across the jaw when she interrupted it by embracing him. And for the first time... a bright blush burned across his cheeks. When she had kissed him and hugged him he would have found himself kissing her back. Instinctively. A physical attraction towards this girl, that went so much deeper then the folecules of the skin, and so much more potent then within the pools of the soul. It was destiny that tie them both, and he was aware of it. He was meant to meet her, meant to bond. He had been avoiding her for the sake of Suzume but... for the first time in two years. He found himself thinking less and less of her after meeting grey as sad as it had been, he was happy. Although when she slapped him it did leave him in quite a daze before he came back to. " I suppose your right... Your stuck with me as well. " Kin said smiling to her before he slid his fingers through her hair, and pulled her closer to him, kissing her even more aggressively so before he broke it , nipping on her bottom lip. " Come on... lets go back home. Its time we get you all cleaned up." He said looking down at her. They were Mated... or so she said. He knew this to be real, unlike what he had before. It was primal, beyond there comprehension. He didnt feel her his girlfriend, to call her such a thing would be miniscule in terms of there title amongst one another. It was quite larger then that. This Kin knew. After it was all said and done he would have guided her back out to of the Bandit Camp through the back so they woudlnt draw attention to the others.He knew getting out was the smartest and most efficent thing to do at the time. He tensed and found himself on his bike with Grey on the pod side next to him. " Next time... The Warlock Base. I think your ready enough to join our ranks. Were both Wolf Blood. Im cursed, and your gifted. The Wolf blood divides into two sides. It just so happens that were both on that same track together... two sides of the same coin. That reminds me..." He said handing her the Book of Wolves from the pouch on the right side of his motorcycle and handing it to her. " Read it... it'll teach you some things you'll need to know. " Kin said pulling his goggles over his face before he'd crank the bike back up, blasting forward and only his shadow would be seen with the black streaks of smoke following behind the duo. He had found his equal , his match , his missing puzzle piece. He was proud of her , it was saddening they couldn't save the girl. Such are the rules of life but with her help. He was able to accomplish his mission.  And with a little work,  she could be his perfect partner. His perfect Omega. His Omega...

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