Tasanagi: ( ) It had been a few hours and Lord Kaguya had guided The two wolves ove to his estate where he would give them board the next few days. Promising that the Bandit King , even if he knew where they had been. Wouldnt attack them directly, not in his home the King of blades. Three days had passed and most of them had been spent with Kin sleeping alot. It showed a great deal how long he had rested, and it had to be for quite some time. Other times he had been training with Lord Kaguya whom told Kin the more detailed tale of how his father ventured to this part of the Skylands and was trained by him, and defeated the Demon Eater Zetsui. " The Ballad of Keyth " is what they called it out in Oasis. Other times Kin had been training with Lord Kaguya's men. ( He has his own PMC. ) Lord Kaguya would have even explained as to why he allowed himself to be captured. It was in hopes of him gaining intel on some of the other slave rings out around the world. So he could shut them down himself. But the detail he gained had been beyond minimum. Kin and Grey had been given seperate rooms, where Lord Kaguya's maids would have dressed her appropretly and had even took the time to was her blue Mane like hair. Treating her like a princess. Day four now... and Kin had been sitting in the library of the estate reading over the Vast majority of his books. He did quite Enjoy this estate. It reminded him of his own back when it was still intac those two years back. He had been reading shakespeare, something that he as of recently had been getting into quite often. His dark hair had been in a pony tail, all the transformation shifts as of lately had made his hair grow quite a length, reaching his shoulders in length. He kept it up in a pony tail mostly. He had stubble on his chin and the scar over his right eye had been the same as usual. He wore a black T shirt, with a white button up shirt around it. Chewing on the tips of a pair of glasses as he flipped through thebook. He wore sweat pants and sandals with a soda can next to him. He had been... relaxing. Something that he hadnt done in quite some time. ( In your post write out what she's been doing in her time at the estate as well if you want! )

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Lord Kaguya was more than helpful to her and Kin, that was for sure. They gave them rooms, servants, food, and plenty of rest. Grey had been seen by maids who washed her hair for her and combed it almost every day. She had never been treated so nice and felt like she owed him something. When she went to see him and ask, he simply brushed the idea off and had her go sit in the garden. Her hair was down and it almost touched the lower part of her back, but she didn't like it this way, it made it too easy to grab, too much of a hassle to maintain. These past four days, she had just been sitting outside, watching the koi float around in the pond. Not the best past time, but that was what she wanted to do. She was a woman with no special needs, sometimes she would even listen to Lord Kaguya's stories about war and violence from lands far far away. And on the fourth day, Grey decided to go out and maybe get some exercise done. She went to the gym in the house and lifted weights, almost putting 100 pounds on her bar, to the other soldier's amazement. Once her arms got tired, she put the bar back where she found it and walked out, sweating and releasing her womanly stench all over; she was smelly. She got back to her room, stripped down her clothes and opened up the back door, revealing the heated bath. Grey dipped her toe in, and sunk her lower half into the bath, standing there and getting used to the heat. She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally lowered her chest in, leaning against the wall. She liked it here, but she missed the open road and Kin's company. She wanted to show him up, punch him a few more times, maybe learn some more tricks, but he seemed bust everytime she saw him. Once she even caught him sleeping and her cheeks got hot; he was attractive when he wasn't running his mouth. Grey shook the image from her head and crossed her legs under the water. She was trying to cool off, not heat up again.

Tasanagi: ( How the library looked. )

" Son of Keyth." ( ) Lord Kaguya said standing over Kin as he read his book. Kin's eyes would have shot upwards as he eyed the male speaking over to him. His eyes dead set on him as he pulled from the book.  His hair moving from his face before he tilted his head up to eye him. ( ) " Yes? " " Ive noticed your time in my study room. And I have something that you may want to read. Ive lived here in these lands since your great, great , great grandfather Kagemaru lived in these lands. He brought a book with him. From my knowledge there are two Books in this world that links to your family. The Book of K, written by your Grandfather Keyome from a series of jounral entires in his youth. And... this one..." He said handing Kin a tatterd and torn book that looked ripped and shredded. " By your ancestor Kiken, and Kagemaru. This book was passed down through generations in your family but it was lost during Kagemarus jounreys through Skyland. I discovered it in an old and ruined place far from here and have been keeping it since in hopes Keyth,your father would return. However he has not. So I give the book to you instead. The Book of Wolves. " Lord Kaguya said handing Kin the riggid book. He traced his finger tips over the cover, three large slash marks and the rest of it looked burned. The Pages were brown and warn with clippings of things, and there explantions as to what they are inside. " Thank you Lord Kaguya. Youve been most Kind. We'll be on our way by mourning. " " I understand. Please take all the time that you need. " He said bowing his head to Kin as he left him be. He smiled and bowed his head as well before he turned his attention down to the book once more. He began to open it and read. And as he did... he found himself lost within the depths of the book as he traced over the words and then scanned them carefully. After about 30 minutes or so of reading he would have slumped back in his seat staring up at the ceiling placing a book mark into the book. " Huh, well doesnt that explain alot. Lord Kaguya gave me this book for a reason... I wonder just what he had been trying to get at. I should proabably show this to Grey. " His mind flushed when he thought of her. It started off innocent. He thought of her scent, her paticular scent had been simlar to that of a bloomed flower, he could pin point which exaclty. But it was strong with a light Musk. Like rasberry and cologone. He thought of her form, her curves and how her hair flowed down her back. He had watched when they did her hair and how the combed it out to its full length. It was long and silky, like a flowing river. That imagery more so being noted because of its deep blue color. He bit his lip... when he thought of the times he had been close to her, when he thought of her scent and how he felt such a dominate and yet submissive nature about her. It was primal, between the two of them. She was so strong and he admired that. Nothing like him and.... His eyes opened , when he thought of her. And he sighed, leaning forward on the desk as he slid his hands through his dark hair, removing his glasses.

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Grey almost fell asleep in the bath, her fingers turning pruney and her hair getting heavy with water. She climbed out and shivered, the night was cold. She went into her room and changed into some sort of clothing the Lord had bought for her. A blue rough material for her legs, and a soft, woven fabric with weird small holes with round disks on the front. She put the shirt part on and slipped through the front door to her room. Everyone was mostly asleep, but she couldn’t help but roam around this late at night. She left the door open a tad, just in case she had to make a quick run for it, not that she needed to hide but, who knows. She fixed her hair in a bun and walked down the darkened halls, feeling her way around, her bright eyes shining in the darkness. Up ahead, she saw a light, and decided to check it out, praying that it wasn’t Lord Kaguya. The long haired female opened the door slightly and looked inside. She saw Kin and slid the door open wider, smirking down at him, finding it odd that he was in a library, him of all people. “Is it normal to be surprised to see you actually reading?” She asked, staying right by the door.

Grey glanced at the books around him, and the dimming candle light on the fixture it was on. She didn’t take a step in, but only if he asked her to. She poked her head back out of the door, looking around and realizing the coast was clear. She felt relief for some reason, taking note of how the bedrooms ended a few yards down the hall. The walls were paper thin, so she had to whisper, not that that bit was important. Grey suddenly realized why she had come here; it was his smell. She had just come to him in the case of his scent, it smelled of sweets and honey. It was like it was  a mating call. And that’s when she started mentally panicking. She was reacting to him like a horny bitch, and that terrified her more than anything. “Actually, I’m going to head to bed, I’m suddenly realizing the hour…” She lied, nodding and closing the door quickly. Even when she wasn’t looking at him, her blood began to flow like a rushing river. The usually calm and collected demeanor was shattered to pieces. On this summer night, she was experiencing something she had never seen before in herself. She stood at the door, door closed, but her legs wouldn’t move. They were cement. The longer Grey stood there, the angrier she got, she was almost ready to open the door and yell at him. For what, she had no clue, but for something. He deserved a good punch for this, whatever kind of cologne he was wearing that make her body feel funny. The wolf inside her felt like it was waving it’s bare ass up in the air. A huge neon sign with an arrow pointing at her, reading “BITCH”. Grey reached for the door, but there was something holding her back. Kin was her companion, and she knew barely anything about him. He knew nothing about her as well. How could she possibly want this from a complete stranger?

Once she thought this, her heart rate slowed down, and went to normal. She took a deep breath and nodded. He was a complete stranger. They knew nothing about each other. There was no way in the seven hells that they were ever going to do something like that. At least, not yet.

Tasanagi: Kin's eyes dashed over to her once she stepped into the library and he would have flared his nostirls as he scanned her over. His eyes shifting into a bright gold as he watched her from afar. As quickly as she entered she would have exited again and he tensed. '..Damn it..' He turned his head over to the right, staring out of the windwo to scan at the night sky and it had been a full moon...Since ancient times, full moons have been associated with odd or insane behavior, including sleepwalking, suicide, illegal activity, fits of violence and, of course, transforming into werewolves. Indeed, the words “lunacy” and “lunatic” come from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna, who was said to ride her silver chariot across the dark sky each night. For thousands of years, doctors and mental health professionals believed in a strong connection between mania and the moon. Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, wrote in the fifth century B.C. that “one who is seized with terror, fright and madness during the night is being visited by the goddess of the moon.” In 18th-century England, people on trial for murder could campaign for a lighter sentence on grounds of lunacy if the crime occurred under a full moon; meanwhile, psychiatric patients at London’s Bethlehem Hospital were shackled and flogged as a preventive measure during certain lunar phases. Even today, despite studies discrediting the hypothesis, some people think full moons make everyone a little loony.But for the sake of Kin and Grey... it had been something deeply implemented within there blood. Kin read up on studies once before...Recent reports have also unveiled the fact that a women’s body undergoes great changes during the full moon cycle. These changes are meant to prepare a woman for reproduction. It’s believed that the moon provides great sexual energy to a woman to fulfill the desire that a women has at the back of her mind. In the past, a woman’s period was matched with the moon cycles. A woman would have her period during the new moon, and attain great fertility during the full moon phase. Therefore, a woman gets horny during the full moon phase. So, all the beliefs and studies do suggest that the full moon has an influence on our sexual life. ( ) He could feel his length within his pants stiffen, even his breathing had been labored. Everything had shifted. Why did she have to come in here!? Make herself known right now at this very moment! It wasnt fair... it wasnt right... he hated her for showing herself to him. Because she had awoken something deep within him that he had been surpressing for quite some time now. Kin knew that betwen the two of them a connection had been made. A strong one as well.. he could sense it even from the distance that they had been. The Door creeked open and there she had been standing there like a rock of some sort. As he steadied himself over her. He wouldnt have said a word as he turned her head to face him. Pulling her by her wrist on her right hand until she had been facing him completely. Tilting her head up so she'd be facing him he'd press himself against her to lock an aggressive kiss upon her lips. Both of his powerful hands wrapping around her waist to secure her as he savagely kissed her before he'd break it. If he had been successful he'd look to the left and then the right to make Sure Kaguy'a men hadnt been around and he pulled her into the library with him. Kissing her after he locked the door and secured it behind him. He would have kissed her all the way into the desk he had been on, clearing it by knocking all of the books to the floor before he would have lifted her onto the desk, both hands on her hips while he kissed her. His tongue lashing out to wrestle against her own. Her taste... it drove him to a level of uncontrolable madness...from her taste and her scent. Everything drove him wild,drove him to the point of no return... He wanted to do nothing but ravish her,to break her. As both hands rested on her hips he'd continued to kiss her while his tonuge sloppy lashed around her own, saliva dripping down from the corners of his mouth and down his chin while he raided her mouth with his tongue. His finger tips clawed to the tip and sharping themselves as it continued on. His eyes dead closed and his grip on her tightened until he'd finally let go,his hands sliding through those bright blue locks of hers while he kissed her.
[6/12/2015 10:54:05 AM] Grey Wind [Maskie]: [ ] Grey jumped a bit when the door was opened, but by the way he looked, she knew he was feeling it too. This hunger. When their lips met, her eyes fluttered shut. It was almost like relief of some sort of stress. She wrested her tongue with his and let him jerk her around, running her nails over his neck and on his upper back as she was tossed onto the desk. She bit his tongue, tasting the iron in his blood, and enjoying the feeling. She let out a low growl as he tightened his grip, and she tightened hers on his back, digging her nails into his skin, she would rip off his shirt and leave it in shreds around them. Grey removed her mouth from his and sat up, biting on his collar bone and pecks, leaving bright purple bite marks all over him. This was no mercy. He still had the grip on her hair and she licked her lips, slowly, teasing him. He wanted this just as bad as she did, and she could feel it in the air. It was thick, tension, but it felt more animalistic than anything. She pushed him back, onto a bookshelf but not so that it would fall over and she kissed him, smashing their lips together so they would get bruises there too, running her claws through his hair and pulling him into her, her breathing getting heavier. She lifted a leg onto his hip and kept him to her, taking control over the situation, or at least a little bit. She removed her lips from the other’s once again, and took a few steps back, unbuttoning the top of her blouse, smirking at him. She kept backing up, taunting him to come get her, messing with him. Grey knew her body was at least tempting to most men and women when it was all covered, and, in her mind, it must have driven Kin mad when she lifted up the shirt at her hip and revealed she wore nothing underneath. A real good way to really get the fire going was to submit one’s self, but if he knew anything about Grey, she was going to put up a hell of a fight. Not that she didn’t want this, she just wanted him to show his Alpha side.

Tasanagi: ( ) As she ripped his shirt from his torso his eyes flared a bright red and he let out a growl like noise from his lips as steam flushed from his nostrils. His hairs on his skin began to stand up, pricking into signals of enhanced sensory as every touche she placed on him had intesnsifed itself greatly. His tongue slid around her own as she bit onto his own and his finger tips dug deeply into her flesh, his eyes rolling into the back of his head while he slid his hands over her hips and then down to her ass, taking a firm grip onto the plump backside before he pulled his head over to the right. He watched as she kissed and bet along his flesh, watching her with slanted eyes, as if allowing her to do so. When she pushed into him so they'd be up against the book shelf, his right hand would have slid over her right ass cheek, clawing the dark flesh so that it'd bleed, the blood dripping down her leg and thighs as he felt himself going closer to the brink. He was trying to hold back but it wouldnt be much longer now before he lost himself. Soon she would have pulled her leg up and he would have scooped it up n his firm and dominating grip before he lifted her other leg so she'd be straddled around his waist and he held her up from off the ground, kissing each other like savage animals as saliva would have dripped from the conrers of his mouth and her own. Clawed finger tips tearing at her clothing with light shreds that would have exposed her bare skin in various places. Nicks of blood here and there from the excessive clawing and slashing. When she pulled back however and unbuttoned her blouse he would have scanned over her plump and ripe breast that were a bit more exposed now then before. He panted and let out a ghoulish sigh as his eyes went into a slit... He had lost himself. He allowed the beast within in to engage, why? Because she had turned this into a chase...

She backed up as he stepped forward, his masculine form had increased and he seemed bigger then before, he had been changing. Subtly at first but changing no doubt. As she pulled her clothing to expose that she hadnt been wearing any underwear Kin felt his teeth clench and with one step he would have lunged forward! Forcing her into the wall with a hard CRACK! It would have caused the walls to shift and the whole estate to shake as he allowed his sexual urges to take over completely. His right hand would slashed its way down her top completely, ripping it down the middle into two pieces before he tore it from her form so that her breast had been exposed to him. His mouth opening wide like some savage beast as he began to suck on her round and plump tits. His tongue slashing over the right areola continously before he soaked it in his saliva making his way over to the next, and doing the same. All the while his right hand made its way down to her bottoms in attempts of ripping it from her form as well. Tearing it off completely so that she'd be naked almost , in nothing but tatterd clothing. Using his right hand he'd left her up against the wall by her throat, pulling his pants down so his thick throbbing cock would explode out from its previous hiding place, precum dripping from its tip in slow drips to the floor. He placed both hands on her face once again as he began to lap her tongue like a wild man, kissing her and ditching his pants altoghter. Breaking the kiss he'd pull at her blue locks of hair and pull her along to another desk where he would have sat in the chair. " On your knees... And I want you rubbing that clit..." He said. Even his voice had changed, it was deeper and more hoarse. His eyes were red but contained, cool... this hadnt been the same Kin she had been dealing with. This one was alot more malicous, and a lot less caring. And he didnt care alot to begin with. He command her on her knees and once and if she had, he would have gripped her by her hair, jerking her head back as  he took grip of thick and throbbing girth and rammed it down her throat, lodging it deeply before he kept her head in place and began to fuck those full pink lips of hers. Spit foaming around the girth of his cock as it churned down to the base of his cock in a thick foam like substance.

Grey Wind [Maskie]: This Kin excited her very core. When she was thrown into the wall, she let him do what he wanted to her teats, biting her lip and crying out in bliss. She panted and used her hands to smoosh his face in between her breasts. As he went to town on her tits, she gripped onto the wall, digging her claws into the wood. She grinned as he pulled her hair and moved them over to another desk. Grey was commanded to get on her knees, and she did, looking up at him with mischief in her eyes. Before she could think, his girth was shoved into her throat. She opened her jaw more and kept her teeth out of the way as he fucked her face, making extremely sexual noises with her mouth. She placed her hands on his thighs and scratched them up to his knee. Grey moved her head with his thrusts and made his cock hit the back of her throat, gagging on it loudly, holding her tongue out and licking along the shaft. She pulled a hand down and run a finger nail over her clit, shivering at the sensation. She had never done something like that before, but Grey continued, twisting and pulling on the tiny peice of flesh, and at one point crying out on his cock and orgasiming all over her hand. She panted and moaned on his dick, making it vibrate and tremble in her mouth. Her lower half was on fire, throbbing; it felt great and her mind was going blank. This was becoming less of a game and more animalistic.

Tasanagi: ( )The scent of her orgasim hit his nostrils and he felt his senses flare tremendously. His teeth had sharpened to a point now and Kin truly nolonger no looked human. As he stood up and towered over her, his erect cock had been flared up and throbbing and it dripped with the very clear liquid essence of precum from his tip and onto the floor. He pulled her along by her hair, tossing her onto the desk of the table like some barbaric fiend so her back side had been exposed to him completely. He took both of her cheeks into his hands spreading her ass apart before he squatted down himself. Taking in her scent, it drove him mad. As his eyes opened again he would have began to pant, lapping his lips over his tongue before he tilted his head over to the right and began to savagely eat away at her cunt. His tongue sliding in and out of her hole slowly in wet sloppy motions as her wet essecnes flowed from the corners of his mouth and down his chin. He could taste her cum from before, the cum she had caused herself to create by stimulating her clit like he had demanded her too. His finger nails dug deeply into her ass cheeks while he ate away at her cunt. His tongue slidding around the walls of her wet trap as he fucked her with his mouth. He would have continued to violate her hole with his slick tongue until he'd find the G-spot and once he had he would have focused in on it. His head had been tilted over to the right just at the right angle so he could get to it. His middle finger would have made its way over to her asshole, tilting his head back so he could spit on her unused hole. "... I can tell you havent had sex in quite some time Tsukimi... " He said her real name this time, making sure she knew that his persona had swapped. WAM!  Thunderous clap echoed throughout out the room as he slapped her backside, doing so three times so his hand print had been made. He had left marks on her, marking his territory. He continued to finger her asshole, doing so slowly getting his whole middle finger into the wet hole before he'd make room for another in there. Finger her with two fingers now at a steady pace. "I can smell it... your scent says it all. You want to be ravished so bad... to be eaten alive. You want your cunt to be filled up with loads of cum..." He said standing up now after violating both of her holes for quite some time.

He pulled her over so her leg were spread, taking hold of his girthing cock he would have rubbed the tip of his head teasingly over her slit before he stuffed her up with his cock. Filling her up to brim with dick. A slow and steady pace at first he'd continue to bash his way through her cunt, pat... pat...pat... the sound of wet flesh on flesh connection would echo throughout the room.

( ) The pace continued and he felt his length bashing away at her tight spot at an even faster pace now. Her cunt foaming juices over flowing out of it's hole and onto the table in slow drips as it poured over the edge.He'd tilt his head down so he could bite onto her neck , and as he did blood would have poured from her wound and leaked onto the table. It was completely carnage now, her body looked beeaten and slashed all over and so did he. ( )It was a mating dance of sheer fucking, and animalistic nature. It was like watching an animal corner its prey and he loved it. He loved being able to dominate her so, to and for her  to take it so willingly. His thick rod contiued beating into her cunt, all 8.5 inches of his fully erect cock blasted its way in and out her. " Ungh... Ha... Ha..." He tiled his head back panting before he would have turned her over.

( ) Fucking her from the back now both of his hands had rested on her hips as he allowed himself to savagely fuck his way through her cunt. ' SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! ' The sounds of her plump round ass pounding into him echoed through the library. How loud there sex was and the place they had been in doing it was tottally ironic none the less. It felt like her cunt was milking the cum out of his thick cock.

( ) His throbbing length ransacking her hole he felt himself changing even more! His muscle enlargened, his hair grew longer and even his cock had gotten bigger within her walls, extending for a full 13 inches of pure girth within her tight space as he savagely fucked her like some primal beast. ' SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK! ' The blasting echos of her ass getting bashed into thunderd across the room now, it was clear that he was trying to break her. His speed had been inhuman along with his strength and he didnt care of her well being simply fucking her sensless. He wanted her to want this again, and he wanted to shatter her. He couldnt control himself anylonger! His cock ransacked her hole viciously, pulling his arms around her stomach to gain a better leverage as he fucked her with pyschotic and almost demonic speeds and vigor. His eyes rolling into the back of his head during the process.

( )

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Grey grunted when she hit the desk again, but the pain in her stomach was washed away by Kin’s tongue on her delicates. She almost screamed when he hit her erotic zone inside of her, and her eyes rolled back. He was berating her, talking down to her, but she loved it. He was right, she did want all those things. Her mind was filled with desires and wants, and all for him. He slapped her, and she almost came, he did it once more and she moaned out loudly with pleasure; her entire being was his to control at this point. She was flipped over and she kept her arms above her head, spreading her legs and allowing him inside of her. The pain was unlike anything she had experienced as a slave, but it was Kin, and this was just mating during a full moon. She was afraid, she wasn’t against it, she wanted him to rip her apart. She wanted him to treat her like a bitch in heat; she was masochistic, so what. He rammed into her faster and faster, their bodies making so much noise, the whole house could hear. In a library no less. Her cries were not muffled by any means, as well, she screamed and begged for it. Grey arched her back and cried out, “Oh, Kin, please! Faster! For fuck’s sake, go faster!” Her body trembled with ecstasy, what the angels and nuns were missing out on.. She felt her juices flowing down to her ass, and stinging the cuts and slaps Kin had given her. It was like lighting her whole being on fire, she was melting into his thrusts. And that’s when he flipped her over once again, just ramming into her harder, and she came twice in a row. But she wasn’t done. She reached a hand down and played with herself as he fucked her, her pussy trembling with delight and eagerness. Her other hand was playing with her left nipple, her face planted on the desk. She was drooling all over the wood, and she was making a puddle from all her cum and juices raining down onto the desk. Grey was feeling good, and he just kept getting bigger. At his full length, he penetrated her womb and she came once again, shaking and twitching from how hard she was cumming. And it was all over, she lost her sense of mind, and her spirit took over. Her grey hair grew out, ears appeared on her head and her pupils turned to slits. She sat up, turning her head to look at Kin, her canines peering over her lip. She flipped herself over and pushed Kin back onto the floor, sliding down off the desk, onto his cock. It went all the way inside and she howled, bouncing on him, raising her hips up and down off his pelvis.

[ ]

Grey smiled and raised her hips as fast as she could, howling at the pleasure and playing with her own breasts, looking into Kin’s eyes. Their bodies were in sync, locked together. The full moon was truly incredible.

Tasanagi: His eyes were dead set and focused on her breast, watching her move in unison with him. His length blasting its way through her cunt as she rode him. His weakness postion, he watched her bounce along the girth of his cock continously and he would have tensed. His eyes dead set on her own he watched her move along his length, and he would have rolled his hips in unison with her as she bounced her ass along his length. ( ) The Wet slapping sounds drove him on edge, for a full 15 minutes she road his cock, his length had grown overly sensitive as she milked his cock with her cunt. His hands resting on her hips , tilting his head back. His eyes rolling in the back of his head panting. " Ungh... fuck... fuck.. UGH! "  His length getting abosrbed within her cunts walls by her sweet juices. He would have been rolling his hips with her own, fucking each other in perfect harmony. His length would begin to shake and before long it would have vomitted 5 thick loads of his creamy cum. Errupting out of her hole and caking itself around her ass and thighs from the unrealistic cum that oozed out of her slit.

( ) His body shook and he tensed before he slummped back on his back with his arms sprawled out.

Grey Wind: Grey slammed onto him the last few times, hard and squeezing, as he came inside of her. Her lower half was covered in his load, and she dragged her finger up her stomach and licked the cum off. The warm feeling kept going and going until he pulled out and came on her ass. She panted, his load pouring from her open walls onto his abs. She panted and sat on his stomach, just taking a second to adjust to her vibarting body. “Let’s definately do this again..” She said, a smile on her face. She laid down next to him, not really cuddling with him. She really didn’t know what she was doing. It was bliss, with an uncertain outcome. She lay there naked, exposing all of her tattoos, even the ones she never showed to anyone.

Morning rolled by and Grey woke up with her head on something soft, on a floor that wasn’t so soft. She sat up, blinking from the light that was hitting her eyes, and looking down at.. Kin. Her breath caught in her throat, and she waited. They had made out the night before, but that’s all she could remember. She felt sticky on her lower half and went she looked down, she immediately looked up. Her hair was long and grey, and they were both naked and covered in spoils. She gripped her head and shook it. She didn’t even want to look at the damage they had caused. One book shelf was cracked, the desks were clawed and chewed on, the wall had a dent and a crack in it. Books were everywhere. It was like a tornado went through this one room. Of course went the servants started waking up, they decided to peek in and then they would run off and giggle to themselves. She felt her ears light up and then realized that she was in her half wolf form, she guessed from last night. After all it was a full moon. Grey rubbed her eyes and sat there, back turned to Kin.

Tasanagi: " I see you both have woken. " Lord Kaguya said with a smile on his face. Kin's eyes shot open and he stood to his full height, naked as well but with no shame. It was something about the two of them, so animalistic in nature nuditity didnt bother them. Maybe it was because of the wolf in them that they were so proud, not afraid to show how they looked to anyone. " The full moon... it seems to bring out the beast in everyone doesnt it. " Lord Kaguya said laughing to himself as he looked at the damages. " None the less, dont you two have a Bandit to capture? Word from the School of Pheonix King. The Grandmaster says that the client for the assassination of the Bandit King has up'd the stakes. Something about the Bandit King taking his daughter and he'll pay you double if you can retrive her back to him. " Kin would have stood there for a brief moment, one of the maids coming over and dropping a blanket over Grey to cover her up. " I apologize for the damages Lord Kaguya but... consider it done. I'll have it taken care of. " " Good to know, and uh. I have something for you both. If your going to be hunters... you should look the part. Both of you go to Kin's quaters , and open the packages. I had you both sized while you sat here naked within your sex filth. " He said snickering. Kin would have turned to Grey and he glared, crossing his arms. " Listen... what happened last night. " He said staring down at the floor, his length right in her face. " We... should... We should uh..." He turned his head not being able to find the words. He wanted to tell her that he could remember it... and that despite he lost himself he had been concious. It's what he wanted, he wanted to do those things to her. But he didnt know how to tell her that they shouldnt have. When wolves mate with each other, a physical attraction between the two goes beyond flesh, and links to the soul. And now...

" Lets... go get those clothese. " He said turning his back on her, making his way out to the doors before he made his way into his quaters to examine the clothing that Kaguya had gotten him. After Kin had put his clothing on he would have looked like a hunter through and through. Equipted with a bow and a cloak over his shoulder. Quiver was able to create bows out of earth material, place some dirt into the quiver and it could make arrows. If he placed a bomb in the quiver, then he could make arrows with bomb arrowheads. It was laced down with mithrl etching so it'd be hard to break unless he was faced by a powerful foe. And it had lord Kaguya's insgina along the right side of the bow. With two daggers on his right and left side. ( ) Her attire would have been the same with the Mithrl etchings and would have been hard to break. But she would have had a cross bow with the same kind of Quiver that could be crafted from the material of other things. Hers had a hood though and it exposed just a bit more. However it'd be her choice if she decided to wear it or not. Kin wouldnt fret.

( ) After some time howver he would have placed his hands behind his head as he walked out into the hallway, looking back at Grey. "... Are you ready to go? "

Grey Wind [Maskie]: Awkward. That’s all she could think. They were given a mission, a job, and some clothes. The ladies helped clean her up, and then put the suit on, and she felt silly. All her life it was tiny rags because of the desert and now it’s the full suit of armor, that perfectly sized up her breasts. Grey looked at Kin and nodded, dusting herself off. She couldn’t help but note the bruises and cuts all over of them, and she remembered last night, the air growing awkward. God, she wanted to take it back, she showed her weakness. She held gloves in her hand and she shook her head, “We probably shouldn’t do that again… And I’m sorry I tempted you,” she glanced at him then sighed. She had looked at the small device in his pocket one of the first nights they were together at her village. The little girl on the device looked just like him, it might have been a sister but Grey knew better. It was his daughter. The picture kept flashing in her mind when she thought about the night before and she felt.. guilty. For the first time in this wolf’s life, she felt at war with her body and her mind, and she feared for herself. Grey faked a smile and punched him in the arm, “Don’t sweat it. One mistake in a lifetime of more, right?” she gave a hearty laugh and left the room. She didn’t mean it. She was lying to herself. If you’ve ever taken off a limb, or been told that you had to, isn’t it sad? Like losing a part of you? Yeah, that’s how she felt. She was beating herself up because she knew going into that room that if they mated tonight, they would be mates forever. Grey didn’t care, she didn’t mind, but she wasn’t thinking about Kin and how he felt. She didn’t care that he was rough, dark and cynical, because hell, she was too. They made a perfect pair, and after years of being a warrior, she pushed all feelings into the back of her brain and forgot them. She was emotionless. This one time fling was not going to stop her. What the hell, she thought, I’m like a prepubescent teenager.

Once outside, she gathered her things and waited for Kin, putting on her gloves and tying up her hair. Ever since their mating, her hair just grew extremely long. She played with it in her hands and whistled over some ladies. “Cut it off, will you?” She asked them, untying it and holding it out. From her neck- down, it was all cut off. She ran a hand through it and thanked the ladies, ruffling it a tad, just testing out the new look.

[ ] It fit her well, she thought. And when she turned, she expected to see Kin.

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