( ) The man known as Master Zaito stood in his tower as he scanned over the orb before him. Chuckling lightly to himself. "... SO... she obtained it. " He said refering to the girl. " Yes Master. Blue Demon retrieved the shard of Nirvana as requested. " " Perfect... " He said smiling underneathe his helemt. " Now we can finally reach... Blue Heaven. " He said tilting the Orbs container to the right as it was handed to him. " Sir... Will you tell me the story of Blue Heaven once again..." Master Zaito smirked. " It is the place in which The Grimiore book is connected too. Its a zone connected right into the realm of Dark Hadou. A hidden sub-dimension created by my father long ago so he could pass through here and fuemi easily. If we find blue heaven... then we can open the walls of The Realm of Dark Hadou onto the earth so it may be consumed by the demons within. And place this world in total ruin..." He said crossing his arms as he examined the Shard of Nirvana.

( ) " Prisoner... Wake up..." A gruff voice could be heard as Hiro pulled his head up only to get slugged in the face by Death Blaze. Blood spatt from his lips ina  burst of red good before it splattered onto the floor and hung from his lips. His arms had been chained up to the ceiling and se " Why were you On The Aramda camp. " " Looking for something to eat... its hard to catch a fast food joint in the middle of a war zone you know. You gotta look real hard..." Hiro said smiling before he was wailed on the face again. The beatings continued before Death Blaze took a step back and allowed his men to continue there pummeling of the man as Death Blaze left the room. " He will not talk.." " Give him time... all eggs crack. " Inu said tilting his head up and scowling at Hiro whom was being beaten to bloody hell and back. Before long after a good hour the Infinite shinobi backed off and left the hanging man to his lone-some. Hiro's head pulled up slowly, scuffed and bleeding before he spat out a red spew of the liquid. "... This is... Commander Lionheart to base. I've been... captured to some form of enemy base... I dont even know if im in china anymore. Listen.. return back to base, and dont try to follow this coordinates until i give you the say so... Lionheart... out..." Hiro knew the shard had been here.. and his mission was to obtain it, and this is what he would do.

Flash Back.Edit

" Hiro..." The Mayor of Kasaihana said in his firm and stern tone as he always did. " Bring back that Shard... A group of gained intel on known as The Infinites are in pursuit of it along The Order. " ...How do you have this intel Sir if you dont mind me asking. " The Mayor turned back to Hiro with his long hair before he tilted his head up. " I have a set of skills... that are quite well intuned for me to take a few matters into my own hands. Now that's not the point. Im hiring the Maru Jeitai to do this mission, can you handle that? " Hiro nodded. " Sure... I'll one of my men to bring the shard back. I have a few green horns who need to get there hands a little dirty. " " No rookies. Has to be you. " The Mayour said in response to Hiro. "... Your the only one who can complete this mission. We have to find the shards... before the wrong people do. Just like those kids going over sea's right now. Fate of this world will rest on you. You must...find the shard. "

Flash Back EndEdit

Hiro could hear the mayor speaking to him within the deep depths of his memories before he sighed shaking his head. "... Come on Hiro... get ahold of yourself..." He said lowering his head.

Gri: Artemis had spent most of her time back from the mission either stuffing her face with pizza, reading hentai mangas and firing in the bases gun range. Anything to keep her mind distracted from the past…she still had night terrors, she still threw up in the middle of the night and there was a dull ache in the back of her head that no matter how many times she thinks the serum heals it, it doesn’t go away which makes it seem like it’s all psychological…it was all just in her head. The sounds of gun shots could be heard as she finishes the last rounds on the paper target, her eyes focused solely on the kill shot but with ever bullet that sounds off, she sees RedEye with that smug expression and it makes her frown, the rounds almost ringing in her head as the dull ache returns harder and she slams the glock down and turns, throwing up the pizza she just had. She needed to kill him….it was the only way to stop this. That would be for another time though as she wipes at her mouth and leaves the firing range to go see what was up with everyone else but she still wasn’t use to this place…it was huge! She wore black boy shorts with a light green tanktop, the straps slipping off her shoulders as blue locks of hair bounced lightly around the frame of her face…she didn’t wear any shoes, she liked being bare foot and leaving the base to go to the beach. The sand under her toes was nice…Her sonic hearing picks up something all of a sudden and she pauses, able to hear things from a football field away so long as she focused solely on the source…she recognized the voice as that Hiro fellow. Her grin slowly curls as pearly white teeth flash and she makes her way to where they were keeping him as she lightly tapped her gun against her exposed thighs. “Who are you talking to…?” She listened in from the closed doors, hearing him speaking to his comrades probably… “Don’t try to follow these coordinates until I say so…” Her eyes light up as she continues to grin widely while opening the secured door, punching in the pass code as it opens slowly to watch him struggling to keep it together. “You’re awake.” She says calmly as the doors close behind her and she approaches the captured man with ease. She examines him up close now and lightly runs her fingers down his abs, enjoying the view. “You don’t look so good, muscles…” She pauses, dipping her finger through one of his gashes softly and laughed a little. “Well, you look very good. Good enough to eat but these boo boos hurt don’t they??” The petite sniper kept her gun close to her but her finger wasn’t near the trigger, keeping a relaxed stance around him as she gazes up at the hung up man, her shortness and his height she was only up to his waist just barely but that was fine by her. She liked the circumstances…

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) Hiro's shackles clanged against the air's emptiness. His eyes lowered like an animals he studied the blue haired girl before him. "... So you were with the men that attacked me..." He said referring to the two NInjas. " Over heard them speaking... this is the base that belongs to The Infinites headquarters...Whoever the hell that is. I've heard rumors about em, about you guys. But i thought it all was an Urban myth. " Hiro said scanning the girl down flinching when she dug into one of his wounds lightly, snarling a bit before his eyes met back up with her own. " Listen to me... " He said tilting his head to the right a bit signaling over to the door. " Get me out of here... Or Im going to let myself out. I can talk with your higher ups like men. Or they can treat me like an animal... And I'll give them exactly what they already assume. An animal. " Hiro wasn't much for words. So when he spoke them, he meant them. His eyes trailing over the blue haired one's form. His eyes scanning at her thighs and then back up to her neck. He could hear her heart beating. The pounding echoing into his head the more it continued. But it was so calming, it was slow yet she was so aware. So very much alive. " Your a bit too young... to be working in this kind of work dont you think. " He said sizing the girl up. But to add onto this,Due to her being a super solider, just like he was. She'd be able to pick up on a oddity beating from Hiro's chest. His second heart...

Hiro's enhanced body allows him at a ton of impossible superhuman feat's. His creators wanting the perfect warrior after what they see as a failure to the Z-seruem long back. One of the strange oddities to this, is that Hiro has a second heart . And with another heart, it allows him a various amount of thing's. He may power up his abilities and normal sensory past 50% capacity ( Putting his senses on enhanced, a whole level jump from his previous peak human stature. ) to improve punching, combat, mental capabilities, dexterity, agility, etc. If the second heart perishes, then he doesn't die. Seeing that the second heart isn't real and is artificial it's made out of fake tissue though if he were dissected one wouldn't be able to tell. So back to the subject he wouldn't die if one of the hearts were destroyed. Even so the first heart still remains. Due to the second heart perishing, Hiro will carry over the enhanced ability in use to the primary heart, which is fatal, seeing that the original and primary heart can't take it.

His trained eyes stayed focused on her every so often scanning the room. This place was litterd with holes, with places someone could slip in and out. Even if she did lock that door and even though they couldnt hiro's paranoia felt like he was on a constant level of surveillance here. Within Artemis ear piece she'd hear a voice calling out to her. It had been INu's.

" Artemis... this is Inu, im contacting you from an unknown server within ourr communication nanomachines. Listen... I saw you enter the enemies lock up. Find out why he's here. He tried to save you, we could use this weak compassion of his to feed us some intel on why he was here. Only two people should have been able to track that Shard, The Order, and us. Get to work solider. If you do good... i'll throw in 500,000 Tanz into your bank account. Inu Out... and remember... dont speak of this to anyone. Especially Grand Master Zaito.."

The communication cut and Artemis would have been there to make her decisions. Tell on Inu? And alert the grand master of his intentions to do things behind his back, or help this strange mysterious solider escape, or taking the money route, and allowing Inu to find out this strangers reasons for being here.


Gri: His voice was smooth yet with a hint of roughness, memorizing the vocals to her brain for a later time. The man wasn’t normal but of course who was in this fine establishment? To be able to take such a blast from a grenade…her eyes close as she focus on his blood, pumping through his veins, his steady breathing…his heart beating….Blue hues snap open as she gets curious, going on to her tip toes and pressing her ear against his chest as best she could, focusing on the beating again only to hear two hearts. Her fingers press against his ribs, lightly tapping against the wounded flesh to mimic the beating as she gives out an amused smile. “Listen to me….get me out of here or I’m going to get myself out.” She moves away from him and lightly swings his legs, humming a sweet tune as he tries to convince her to release him… “Youre a little young aren’t you?” She laughs and sticks her tongue out playfully. “You like them young?” Then Inu ruins her fun by talking in her ear to which the sniper girl gives a lame expression. He would pay her a hefty amount of money to find out whatever it is Hiro Lionhart knew about the shard…without letting Master Zaito know. Her grin returns as she plays with Hiro’s abs, tracing over them and speaking softly. “Inu, you’re being a bad doggie. I think my silence can’t be bought…you’re gonna have to give me something better than money to not have me talk.” She teased him all the while looking over to the door as if thinking of freeing Hiro. Artemis was a true neutral…if you give her something she wants, she will do as you wish. It could be money…food…sex…it all depends on her mood. Her loyalties simply lie with the person who had the most appealing offer. Hiro had nothing to offer her for his freedom, if he could release himself there was no point in helping him….Inu was a stick in the mud but he was fun to mess with so she might just help him….and Master Zaito she’d already done as she was told by that party pooper. If he found out she was working on something behind his back… could mean death. But why let the fear of death stop you from causing a little mayhem? She takes a couple of steps back and begins to roll her shoulders to get more comfortable as she talks curiously. “Why did you help me? You could have gotten away…even let me die to get the shard yourself. It was the shard you wanted wasn’t it? So why…” She places the gun behind her, into the edge of her boyshorts to rest as she cracks her knuckles pleasantly.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) " ..." Hiro was reluctant to answer before he turned his head to the right. Her could feel her messing with his open wounds his left eye twitching in response before he grunted the pain off. But she kept touching him. And it was starting to irritate him. That young question she retorted back to him was never answered. He didnt have a preferance but he was picky at the same time. Hiro had came to terms a while ago that in his line of work, romance just doesnt cut it. "... Because. " He finally said tilting his head up. " Natural Instinct." Hiro said plain and simple,she had been spinning his words around, throwing them back at him and it un-nerved him. Games... she was playing games with him. He read her body movements and had been able to easily deduce that as to being the reason why from this along. But to add further on to this he could hear her heart beat kick up a notch... not going extremly fast persay. But it had picked up on it's rhythm surely. " I didnt want somone to die like that. Dont take it personal or anything. " He said making full eye contact with her as he spoke. He pulled at the chains a bit they seemed restricted to such a level that even he hadnt seen before they were almost... draining him. But he'd keep his bluff, he had to make it seem as though he had the upperhand in the situation. " But I'm assuming it wasn't that smart of a decision considering you havent let me down yet..."

" Tch... Damn you girl. I dont think you've noticed but our Master is a Senial old fool, a stupid demon whom thinks of things as if it were the 1800's. He isnt aware of the dangers around us. And the dangers in that man... I need to fucking know why he was there, and what he was looking for. And I need to know who employed him... The Maru Jeitai are paid merc's... Meaning someone knows about us. I want to know who...." Inu said ontop of a building as his sash and uniform blew in the wind,the moon behind him to illuminate his body he had his right hand on his ear piece with his eyes closed before he slowly opened them back up. " But since you wish to toy with me girl... Name your price..." Inu said in response to her. He was picking up the same vibes from her that Hiro had been getting. ' Playing games with me... Fine Girl. ' Inu said to himself before he turned his head to watch a ship going out to sea not to far off. The Island had been cloaked and this was for sure. But Inu hadn't known who it belonged too.

Gri: His answer bored her as she goes over to the table full of things the poor man had been beaten with…she wouldn’t plan on using them…methods of torture such as pain inducing was dandy and all but there were other ways to get inside of a person’s head. “That’s it? Because you didn’t want me to die such a horrible way?” He tells her not to take it personal and she slowly grins, watching him with a certain dangerous light. “Are you afraid of death, handsome? I wouldn’t be able to tell if you are with how quickly you risked your own life for mine. People in our line of work…we aren’t promised a tomorrow but who really is? Yet with our job description it’s a little bit more likely we’ll soon find our demise quicker than most.” Her tone hadn’t been too serious even with the serious topic. She could hear Inu giving in and asking her what she’d want as a price and she snickers lightly, speaking in to the ear piece. “I’ll tell you once I’m finished, heel boy.” She teased, knowing it’d get a rise from the dangerous ninja but she didn’t care…no, her focus was on the handsome blonde. “Who sent you?” She finally asks in a relaxed fashion while walking back and forth, her eyes never leaving his…but the way she motioned herself, it was like a predator stalking its prey, piercing blue hues staring him down as if peering into his very being. Her body may have been calm, her demeanor even her tone of voice…but it was all simply training coming in to play. She wanted something from him this was true…but was it answers? Because from the stare alone, she looked like she hadn’t eaten in years… “Ah, you won’t tell me will you? Look at what they did to all those muscles and you still haven’t talked. I’d rather do the opposite instead…” She reaches for her gun and curls her fingers around the grip, slowly pulling it out as she never stops that out of place grin. “The things I’d love to do to you. Mmm but Inu would kill me himself if I let you go…” She bites her lip a little, pressing the barrel of the gun against her cheek in wonder. The probability of him giving her any answers by simply asking him were VERY slim. Non existent almost….so she would have her fun for as long as possible. “If I let you go...I’d have to shoot myself. My master would kill me. You risking your life to save me would be for nothing.” She presses the gun to her own head, her heart beat would raise a little from the danger as she watches him closely. “Tell me what I need to know…or I’m useless to them. If I’m useless…I’m trash. I don’t want to be….I can’t afford it, handsome. Please…” She cocks the glock and her eyes lower as her finger curls around the trigger gently. “I’d rather die by my own hands than let them kill me. It’s really up to you…You can let me die this time, I’d understand…”

Tasanagi/Lionheart: " No! "Hiro said pulling forward, lowering his voice to a whispear as he shot his head over to the right. " Tch..." Sometimes, his moral code was a burden and sometimes it was a blessing. But it was rare that it actually benifited him. As Hiro turned his head to eye her. " Dont kill yourself... fine...I'll give you what you want to know. But only you alright? I am the Commander of Maru Jeitai. A private military coopeeration. We take jobs for hire from the people with the right price and there objectives matter as well. We dont work for just anyone..." Hiro said staring at the gun. His toes spread out just a bit as he took a deep breathe his ribs showing when he did before he'd exhale. "... I'll tell you my employer... but im afraid I cant have the others hear me speak his name. I Feel Like I can trust you... so allow me to whispear his name into your ear. Deal for a deal... and you'll help me escape later on. Got it? Name for freedom...seems about right..." Hiro said coughing a bit before he shook his head staring the blue haired girl down. " Now come here... " Hiro said in his low tone doing  a bit of a pull up to readujust himself before slumping back down onto the chains. Inu listened carefully and crossed his arms before letting out an icy breathe. " Impressive this girl is... clever tactics playing on the males stupid heroic needs. She'll have him in the bag this way. "

Gri: Artemis pauses in pulling the trigger when he yells no. She was somewhat surprised he'd risk his freedom for her life a second time. She grins and watches him closely. "They don't call you hero for nothing....but is that a weakness or a strength I wonder." He begins to feed her the Intel about what and who he works didn't matter to her though, she didn't care for any of gave her what she wanted and she would deliver. Placing the gun back at her side she tilts her head and gives him an alluring expression. "Anything to get close to those lips...I'm all for letting a hottie whisper sweet nothings in my ear but I think I'm good right where I am." He was an enhanced soldier, she wouldn't underestimate his ability and she was a cautious little sniper....He doesn't want anyone to hear the name and he wishes his freedom if he tells her....that chance at mayhem was calling but she wanted to see just how far she could take it. "I can read lips. Just say the name and you won't need to worry about any bad doggies listening in...." she crosses her arms and stays her ground while blue eyes stare intently at those very sexy lips. "I'm gonna need more than just the name though....if I help you, you owe me. You sure you wanna owe a person like me?" She teases while waiting for the employers name.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ' She's being cautious of me...' Hiro was able to pick up noticing how she stated she'd perfer her distance. She reminded him of Azrinth as annoying as she was. But subtract the constant need for attention and this is what that girl was. Intriging more so or less. She wasn't stupid,and more then likely knew Hiro had something up his sleeve in which to make his escape aggressively. But she made sure to keep her distance. " ..." He turned his head over to the right, his massive arm's veins began to show as he strained on the chains once again before giving up. Even his power couldnt out right break these things and he wouldnt exhaust himself in trying. Hiro closed his eyes and scanned her again. He was a man or Honor, with a code he never broke. And he always stayed focused on the mission, this is why he didnt have many friends and why he didnt get out much. War was his life, combat was his everything. And Conflict just came with the two. " I'd most definatly... be able to pay you back weather it be through the means of money, or more information... sex maybe? Judging from a girl like yourself... what you may charge for your services may be a bit on the extreme side. However if I had both of my hands to my disposal I'd be alot more of use no matter what it is that I would owe you. I cant do you much good chained up here. " Hiro said clecnhing his fist, the heat from the room causing sweat to bead down her chest and from his neck before he attempted at tugging on the chains again. Getting a bit faustrated at this point. " And no.. Im not mouthing it to you. This place has ears everywhere. No point in me trying to hide it anymore. " Hiro said shaking his head. " Truth is... Im here for the Shard of Nirvana. As for who employed me i suppose that doesnt matter. But there now you know why im here. Im here for that artifact you and your team Stole From The Armada Nation. This group known as The Order wants it. And to be honest its not good in there hands just as much as its any good to you and your people. "

Inu listend intentively. " He is right... his employer is unimportant. Its the shard, The Old man says it's for The Order. But now he's talking about using it to Open Blue Heaven. I for one agree with this Hiro. We dont need that kind of power with that fucker running over this organization. He'd allow that power to consume us all. Alright Blue. That's all i needed do as you wanted. I know what I must do now. The money will be transfered to your bank account within the next 15 minutes. Pleasure doing busniess with you. And remember... dont tell a soul about this. Or I will kill you. " Inu said cutting the connection from him and her.

Gri: Hiro seemed a bit in distress when he once again tried to fight against the chains to no use…so he had planned on trying something, her hunch was correct. She couldn’t blame him though, he needed a way out of here and she would give it to him but he didn’t want to give her the name. He offers her anything she wants for her help to escape the island, money or sex and the word sex makes her perk up happily. “You know just what to say to make a girl shiver I bet.” Drips of sweat would glisten down the mans exposed chest and she watched with female interest. Nothing hotter than blood and sweat on a muscular man…he didn’t have anything she wanted but his body would be a good start. It didn’t matter though, Inu stated he had all the information he’d need and she was now a lot more financially stable to get the hell out of here and find a secure location to hide out in until Inu would need her again…Master Zaito could suck it, she did as she was told until something better came along it’s just how the girl was. “Very well, Doggie Boss. You know how to find me, if you need anything just bark.” And just like that her allegiance was shifted and Artemis began to grow excited, her grin coming back tenfold and one with his ability could hear her heart beating rapidly, pumping blood and the serum through the snipers veins. She uses her enhanced eyes to zoom in on the chains, every link that kept tightly together, searching for a weak point…a chink if you will…a flaw in the design. “Once I release you, I’m going with you. Not that I don’t appreciate the hospitality here but I miss the city.” Then she finds it, the weakness in the chains as she takes her gun and aims calmly right in the perfect position, and in a moment the sniper pulls the trigger releasing the bullet right between Hiros wrist, the weak link is dented but it doesn’t let Hiro go…hey, if Hiro couldn’t pull it off, why would a bullet be able to? But she wasn’t doing it so it would blow into tiny pieces, she just needed to damage it just enough so she could continue. Climbing up on the man, she flashes him a pervy smile, knowing it’d bother him as she gropes him inappropriately. “Pardon me, gotta get up here…” Her petite form wrapped around strong arms before her hands take hold of the chains binding his. Now face to face, their noses press lightly together and she speaks nonchalant like. “Double cross me and I can promise we both die. Together.” With a deep inhale she locks eyes to the task at hand and swift muscles tighten, yanking on the chains and within moments they snap off!! Hiro begins to fall and she back flips right off of him with her glock in hand, landing on her feet and aiming the gun towards him seconds after with a grin. “We have a deal?”

The DealEdit

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) He kept a calm expression as she groped him and climbed over him to release him from his binds. The chains snapped and Hiro was released. She flipped gracefully and had her gun aimed at him speaking of there deal.

Hiro's form rose slowly like the physical titan that he had been as he stood slowly his blonde hair shifting as he kept his head down a bit to create a blanket of shadw over his eyes. " You got a deal. " He said towering over the small girl. His stare had been one of ill-intent. "You never stated what you wanted..." He said tilting his head up. " Im just gonna give you the one that doesnt involve me extracting more of my funds. " He said glaring at her, making full eye contact as if to tell her how serious he had been." So... Im assuming we know how this goes..." He said undoing the buckles on his pants before his gaze shot back over to her. " And put that fucking gun down... before it put it down your throat. If im on your side... Im on your side. " Hiro said allowing his pants to drop down from where he stood. He closed his eyes and his wounds began to heal themselves but he was still bloody due to it sitting out for so long. Once he had opened his eyes again he'd make his way over to her his body completely exposed at this point as he walked into her general direction. His cock would have been growing erect as if he made it do so on command. Hiro did have full control over his body. Control had been something that he always had. Something he had to live with, something he had to learn. His right hand would have latched into her hair jerking her up by her head. " You did lock that door right..." Hiro said looking her in the eyes with an almost hellish and emotionless glare. Sex, was something Hiro only did when there was something to be gained. When it was apart of the mission. With his inhuman strength he would have latched onto her shirt colloar with his other hand, ripping it from her body with ease. She was small... he could break her into two or so he assumed. " Im not going to take it easy on you..." He said with her pulled up to him by her hair, forcing her up on her tip-toes.

Gri: Hiro dropped to the floor and he now stood at his very overpowering and looming self. But it wasn’t anything she wasn’t use to especially after meeting Wade. Compared to most of Artemis co-workers, she was the smallest super soldier practically anyone was much bigger than her…but that would be their mistake, doubting her by her small frame alone. That dangerous aura Hiro now had on him, the way he came towards her it only excited the masochist side of the sniper as she watches and tosses the gun aside while waiting for him to make the first move as he drops his pants and his cock jutters out proudly. She begins to drool, her appetite was indeed growing and the need to be taken was over powering. He rips the tanktop off of her, her tits bouncing lightly as his other hand wraps tightly around blue locks of hair to tug her close as she wraps her arms around him, her boy shorts were still on which she was hoping would change soon as their bodies pressed tightly together. The door was locked, the only way out was through many blunt force towards it for the pass code…Artemis let her guard down, it was the only way to experience true pleasure because the serum would not allow her to feel any type of pain or pleasure….call it a curse. She certainly felt like it was. “I’m not going to take it easy on you.” Hah, she hoped not! Since being revived, her brain was messed up, her thoughts and emotions were all jumbled and fucked up. The only thing that made sense was sex…she could allow herself to be controlled, to just let go and let someone else do the work. The serum fought against it, her instincts fought against letting her do such a thing but she couldn’t let it do this for her, she was a masochist who got off on extreme pleasure/pain. “Shut up and hurt me.” One could hear it was a demand but in reality…she was begging. Begging for it.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( )

His eyes slanted at her words. They were enticing, as his left hand latched onto her small neck he would have lowered her to the floor swifitly before mounting himself over her. Placing both of her wrists into the grasp of his right hand to hold her down to the floor with. He heaved up a bit, hovering over her on one knee as he used his left hand to tug on her shorts before he'd rip them in two as well. His breathing was heavy, but slow. Focused almost, trained in a since. Her whole body exposed to him now allowed his eyes to scan it over. The postions had been swapped, he was now the pray, he was now the roaring lion gazing down at the nape of his gissle that he'd chased to finally make his kill. He leaned his head down aggressively as he began to kiss along the right side of her ear, right beneahe her ear lobe before his lips made there way to the base of the left side of her neck. Sucking away at her flesh before he pulled his lips back with a loud pop. He began to lap his tonuge over the now pink/redish smark on her neck. Marking his territory... something that had been a smiliar trait to all Tasanagi and cousin related Lionhart mean. They felt the need to mark there territory before sexual intercourse as if to mark her so that others would stay away. Hiro didnt think that deeply into it, he just liked doing it. It was all apart of his control.

As he used his right hand he'd spread her legs apart as her cunt oozed out a light stream of its essence onto the floor, a light puddle had been made from her alone. And seeing it was enticing... it unerved him. He wouldnt hold back... not this time. It had been too long for him to hold back now. His 10inch fully errect throbbing cock , the girth was almost that of a soda can just a cm smaller. He was hung but that didnt matter, it was about how one used there blade not how big it was. His thick cock's head pressed against her cunt's enterance before it broke through her walls completely with one stroke of his hips. He allowed it to sit for a moment. Marinating within her walls for a brief moment. He'd began to stroke himself forward still holding her down by her hands. Each stroke at first was slow, and percise. His body moving in the motions of a snake almost as he stroked himself within her walls. His cock ransacking her hole aggressively slow before he began to pick up his pace. " Look at me..." He said leaning himself up, and gripping onto her jaw after letting go of her hands, his right hands finger tips drilled deeply into her cheeks, turning her face over to him. " DOnt take your eyes off of mine..." He demanded, his expression was cold but he was enjoying himself. As he pulled himself up so he'd be hovering over her. He placed both hands around her throat as he began to bash his way through her cunt like a mad man. His length beating its way into her cunt at excessive speeds. " Ungh..." His thick cock bashing away into her until he'd curve himself upwards within his strokes so he could hit her by her G-Spot.

( )

Her liquids flooding from her cunt in light spews of and squirts that would have errupted from around the impending girth of his cock. It wasn't long before he would have switched it over, turning the female over so she'd be on her stomach he'd latch into her hair again as if to straddle himself onto a horse and he used her hair as the rope gritted down to the horses attire. WIth her hair in hand he would have beat away at her pussy hole insanely. " Hah... Hah.." His breathing had been slowed,but his movements were a contradiction as he pounded, beat, crushed his way through her tight space. Hiro's speed would have increased even more so as he began to use his vibrating ability within his movments, his whole body vibrating at just low of a frequency that she'd feel it through his cock as it rammbled up and down, left and right, viciously against her G-spot while he continued his hellish pounding. At this point, she would have felt like his cock would have been within the pitts of her gut from the constant beatings he had been giving her with his devious length. Her back side starting to turn red due to the constant levels of abuse. Leaning forward now with her hair still laced tightly within his hands she'd even feel her ribs start to crunch and even break a bit due to the constant levels of inhuman poundings hiro would have been giving her. He was hoping to incapciate her with the sex, but she was just tanking it at this point. With each stroke of his powerful hips, she would have felt like her bones were microfracturing almost at this continued rate.

Gri: His hand now on her neck and she almost on instinct went to put his wrist in a lock but she stopped herself, trying to take some control of her reflexes back and she relaxed, but her heart was beating rapidly as shes taken to the ground, her creamy back exposed to the hard cold floor but it only excites her further as the man hovers over her, she gives him a submissive expression, like a bitch in heat waiting for the alpha to take what was so rightfully his…her once dominating and powerful nature was reduced to this. A tight soaked cunt to be fucked into repeatedly…his rough hand wraps around the boy shorts only to demolish them as well and she flinches lightly, eager and impatient as she lightly bucks surprisingly thick hips towards him. When his lips find their place on the side of her face, she couldn’t help the interested smile…she didn’t peg him for the affectionate type even as he sucked and left an obvious hickey, Artemis closing her eyes to try and feel it. His tongue was big, pressing against flawless pale flesh and she took this time with him being so close and all to inhale his scent…her nose pressed into the locks of wild unkept blonde and memorizing it, the smell of him now seared into her brain. If he left a mark, it wouldn’t matter…there were only a select few things that could leave scars on her body and it was rare…saliva and teeth mark alone couldn’t do it so it would heal within minutes. Her wrists were trapped under one strong hand and she didn’t mind, she wanted to be controlled. His knee pushes in to spread her legs and she happily obliges, not bashful at all to show off her dripping pussy for the man who would be taking her. Seeing his cock so close to penetration, it made her whimper and wither under him, wanting it already. “Don’t tease…make it hurt. Fuck me.” She begged some more, her tone was no longer cocky but pleading. The moment it does go in…she could feel her walls rip because well….when you heal every part of your body, you HEAL every part! Try being a virgin every single time you have sex…but it only helped her masochistic side as she cries out, grinning wildly. “Mmm fuck yes!!” He started the motion of his hips, slow at first and she locks eyes with him, whimpering again when he orders her to look right at him, to not look away. “Yes master…” She whispered, never tearing away as the pace quickens and she begins to pant as her cunt gets stretched to make room for the monster currently pounding her guts. That cold expression he had, the way he fucked her like she meant nothing to him! Ugh yes! More! Give her more of that, it felt so amazing!! That hand cupping her jaw, her tongue snaked out to lick and suck on the pinky wanting something in her mouth because the girl could get very very loud…but the position is turned as she herself gets turned on her stomach!! Her most favorite position…Blue locks get pulled and she winces, yelping out cutely as he pounds her from behind like a dog as she spreads her legs more now on her knees to fit his dick inside of her better. But it didn’t matter…his speed…he was practically vibrating inside of her as the pain would begin to increase as her body fought to adjust itself but it was too much and she cried out, shutting her eyes and slamming her hands into the ground only to create craters around the palms. “Guh Master keep going!!” Her ribs were indeed starting to crack but she moaned through the pain, riding out the twisted pleasure mixed with pain. Her healing factor would come in handy though after this was over…she’d taken poundings like this before, she’d begged to be broken and battered…as her hips pop out of place even, the small form taking thrust after thrust as her tight cunt squeezes roughly around the cock as Artemis continues to breathe heavily, urging him on with those sweet sadistic sounds.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: Turning her over on her side now he'd mount her from the side and ransack his way within her pink slit once again. His hips bashing away at the insides of her walls viciously. He made subtle expressions and every few moments he'd make a noise. To him this was him paying a favor. Obviously she could take a beating, which thanks to his last second in command... which whom had pulled the sadist out of him, he actually enjoyed causing her pain this way. His eyes flared a bright red before he'd grunt, his cock beating at her insides so swiftly that the slapping sounds that echoed throughout the room due to his sack smacking against her flesh from each thunderous stroke of his hips would be almost rhythmatic. ' Pat,Pat,Pat,Pat! ' The sound echoing throughout the room before he'd finally pull himself out of her compltely only to ram it right back into her, now on top of her again in a missionary postioning. His cock would continue its course of punishment on her cunt. The Ground beneathe them would crack from behind the girls back every other stroke that he'd deliever. " Ungh..." He said flenching up before he'd pull out of her at the last moment. Though it didnt matter much he had filled her cunt up with two good loads of cum before he pulled out of her and blasted the last two onto her upper torso and face. He would have looked at the cum stain over her form and this simply turned him on even more before he turned her over onto her stomach again, pulling his massive right arm around her throat while he forced his cock into her. Now fucking her from the back like a savage animal. He would have spat on his own cock, and then onto the girls pink and exposed asshole before he rammed it into her pink hole, blood leaking from around his girth a bit upon entry but he'd pay no mind to this, as the cum he had just coated her over with would drip lightly off of her form. He bashed his way through her tight asshole, a light suction like noise echoing out into the room from his heavy strokes into her asshole, his right arm wrapped around her stomach to hold her in place now. The rooms walls shook.. it sounded like an earth quake now from each hellish stroke of his hips. Pounding... beating away at her tight un-used hole ( Or so it felt ) Before he would have found himself dumping a few loads into that hole as well...,angf:%22y

"... Hah..." He said as his eyes shined an even brighter red before they switched to a glowing gold. Not saying a word he was like a monster now... he wasn't done. His cock still stood pride. "... Now You've gotten me started you dirty little blue haired slut..." Hiro said going into a mode that wasn't his own. As he latched onto her hair. He would have stood with her in his grasp, her hair locked deeply within his grasp as he gripped onto her head using it as another whole as he plunged his cock into the back of her throat with one stroke of his hips. He'd pull his length out, only to force it right back in. His eyes staring down at her he'd smirk. A Sadistic grin on his face. "...Gotta make sure your filled up in everyone one... " He said refering to her holes. His sack hitting under her chin with everyother stroke of his hips before he'd pull it out of her mouth, and a spew of saliva followed behind it, drooling onto the floor in light spills. Before he slapped her across the face a few times laughing. " Hahaha... seeing you like this... Amusmes me..." Hiro said forcing her head back down onto his cold. So cold he had been... as if she was a toy. And just like any illmannered child with a toy that didnt belong to them... he wanted to break it.  Laughing as he stroked his hips into the back of her throat he'd spread his legs before gripping deeply into her locks of hair and stroking so swiftly that he'd actually start to pant, sweat trickling down his physical form as it dripped down and over his V-line. " UNgh.. Fuck..." He said cumming once more, the spew of cum emptying now into her mouth, exploding out of the corners of her mouth in white gushes.

Before long he would have pulled his cock out her mouth after letting it sit for a breif moment. " Swallow it all... And say ' aaaaa...' " He said tilting his head to the right. But as he did the doors could be heard as they shifted and a light ssssssssssss.... Could be heard. " Prisoner... I've brought you fo- DEAR GOD... S-SO MUCHING FUCKING CU- JESUS..." Mysto said dropping the tray of food he had. " G-GUARDS! GET THEM NOW, BLUE IS WITH THE PRISONER! " A sloo of Infinite Ninjas peeled from around the corner weapons in hands as they rushed to Mysto's attention.

- It would have seemed like Artemis and Hiro had been in a tight spot, how would Artemis go about this? Her gun still so very close, she could kill Mysto right here so that her and Hiro could make a run for it, or keep her disquise here for a bit longer, grab that gun and shoot hiro where he stood to regain the trust of Mysto so that he wouldnt snitch on her to Master Zaito. Choices choices. -

Gri: The way Hiro moves her body so flawlessly like she was weightless, it was sexy! The roughness, the way he just does as he wants with no regards to how she is feeling, she drank it all up. Her back meets with his chest as he curls her up close to pound her from the side, his dick grinding into every inch of her walls, there was nothing left untouched by the thick meat as her juices slosh in and out of her cunt, dribbling all down his balls that were making a beat with her slick thighs while Artemis tries to hold herself up with strong yet trembling arms, breasts pressing against the floor while she moans out happily, unafraid to show just how much pleasure this man was giving her. He wasn’t afraid to switch positions, he could barely keep still as he pushes her on to her back and she stares up at him, this towering titan that has claimed her repeatedly. Her chest rises and falls quickly, plump lips parted to pant heavily while sweat rolled off of Hiro and landed on her own sweaty frame, mixing together as a slow smile curled on the snipers face, her arms reaching up to run slender fingers through wet hair as she pulled on it playfully even as her back sinks further into the floor so much so that it would have broken any normal persons spine…but not her.

No, she was getting close to her sex high, that moment of pure euphoria where nothing else fucking mattered and she could get off and orgasm so good it could shatter glass. Spreading her legs and keeping them out of his way, blue hues lower their gaze to watch his cock going in and out, stretching her to the point it felt like she could rip in half.

“Stain me good…” Oh he made sure of doing that. Her pussy was going numb from the abuse but it was nice and full of thick gooey nut, satisfying its hunger. She wanted more though, she needed more…she was so close! Hiro pulls out only to blow more of his load all over her and she cheerfully opened her mouth to accept her prize, tongue lolling out to lap at what she could like the thirsty bitch she was. Her hard pink nipples were coated with cum, as some dripped off and she reached up to cup and squeeze her breast to spread the yummy cream up to her lips as to not waste it…

Hiro wasn’t finished though as Artemis gets shoved back on her stomach and she moans, looking over her shoulder to watch him spread her ass and spit on his dick. She wiggled her hips, the anticipation was killing her! Well, that cock was doing a pretty good job of wrecking her too…Without a second though, he goes in and her ass is torn, making the girl scream out in ecstasy as he stuffs her good, her thick thighs bouncing from the force of his poundings as she shifts her knees to keep her balanced. “Now you’ve gotten me started you dirty little blue haired slut” Oh god yes, take it out on her, hit her, smack her around whatever you want! “Master, I’m bout to….ugh….this dirty slut is gonna cum!!” But he didn’t care, he moved her to sit on her knees and pulled out only to shove his cock down her throat! Her eyes widen happily as she makes a cheerful sound at the chance to suck his dick, tilting her head up and opening her mouth as wide as she could so he could watch his dick go down her throat as she gagged. Relaxing her throat so he could keep pushing himself all the way in, one could even see the bulge of the tip pressing against her neck as she sucks him off feverishly while bringing herself to the edge with her own fingers, plummeting them in and out of her ruined cunt as she finally reaches her own climax, glad to have a mouthful of cock other wise, these walls would have shattered and broken down.

Thankfully they were pretty reinforced and she couldn’t scream with such a treat in her mouth as she rides out her mind shattering orgasm all the while drinking down her masters yummy milk. When every last dropped was sucked out of him she popped the cock right out of her lips and said. “aaaaaahhh” with an adorable expression, her cheeks flushed while cum continued to drip down her face, her tongue drooling as it slipped out. Then someone came in….they came in and interrupted them and Artemis killing intent could have turned on with a fury! But she kept her cool, her serum working to assess the situation while Mist is mortified by all the insane amount of cum all over the place….then he orders the ninjas to attack. Artemis had a decision to make indeed…she slowly gets up and one could even hear her bones popping as she placed a hand on her hip and with a quick inhale she pops it back into place! The same goes for her wrist, her shoulder and knee. “Ugh, I was enjoying myself too…” Her stomach was full of delicious milk and for now her hunger was satisfied. Though the girl looked beaten, battered and it seemed like she was just down right raped, she had the time of her life. Hiro could hear her spine adjusting itself as she started to heal herself all the while rolling her shoulders and speaking to him. “I got you this far…lets see what you bring to the table.” She said teasingly all the while shifting into a blur as she runs for her gun as an array of shuriken come flying towards her but she tosses herself into the air in a summer sault, evading the sharp ninja weapons while her hand lands on the grip of her fire arm as she lands on a knee slid, straightening her back out to aim and get a head shot on the first, second, third and fourth ninja heading right for her! They all drop and finish in a useless slide as she stands up and takes one of their katana, gun still in her other hand with four bullets left. This was going to be fun….

Game overEdit

Tasanagi/Lionheart: He was stunned to see the man known as Mysto step in like he did, he was more so upset they had been interuppted and that enough was odd for Hiro. " Tch..." He watched as she took off and began to dispatch the red jump suit wearing ninjas shooting them down one by one. The funniest part about this... was she was naked. Hiro shook his head and watched as Mysto ran the opposite direction. After she had dispatched the other Ninja's he would have tossed her a pair of pants that the ninja's she had killed been wearing. " Here... Atleast cover yourself up..." Hiro said pulling his pants back on before he picked up one of the Katana's and then looked back at his hand. " Naw..." He said stabbing the blade into the wall. " Alright... Before we leave here... I need to find that Shard. " It was obvious at this point that Hiro had orchestrated this all this far along because he wanted to know of the intentions these 'Infinites' had on obtaining the shard. And he figured it'd be easier to take it out of there base as well. And finally in addition to that. He saved Artemis yes because he was truly worried about her safety, but secondly he did it because he felt like she'd owe him one. And weather she liked to think of it outright or not. She did. One thing about women that Hiro had picked up in his days was to make them feel like they were in the driver seat when your actually the one playing puppeter.

" Come. " Hiro said walking through the base and picking up a M16 and pulling it over his back by the straps. His jeans were tatterd and his bare feet complimented the savage rambo look he had going on right now. A ninja droped down from the Air conditioning unit only for Hiro to catch the blade with his bare hand and snap it, and then kneeing the ninja into the top of his skull as he drifted down from the ceiling. Another sloo of men rushed down the hall with Kang leading them. " TRAITOR! " Kang said as he slammed his fist into the ground and green rays of energy were surging towards the duo in burst from the ground. " Guess we'd better move..." Hiro said kicking off to the right and running along the wall to dodge the burst of green that had been on it's way to do away with him. He would have kicked off the ground and sent a spiraling drop kick towards Kang whom blocked it but the impact would have blasted him through 10 rooms alone. " I was holding back last time...Connor Ryoji..." Hiro said eying the man down as he rose back up from the rubble. " Or Should I say... Clone. " " I am no clone... " Kang said standing to his full height after brushing himself off. All 15 of the other ninjas focusing on Artemis instead after seeing proof of Hiro's herculinian strength. " That is no longer my name. I am Kang... Devourer of souls. " Hiro smirked as he got down into his stance. " Come eat mine then..."

Kang would bave blasted towards Hiro in a burst of air before he bursted back into exsitance as he sent a flurry of kicks at Hiro whom took everyone before he booted Hiro into the wall. Hiro would have stopped himself with his right leg kicking it back, only to kick off the wall to superman punch Kang to the floor, knocking him through the earth by 10 feet.

" Artemis c'mon..." Hiro said looking down the hall to see the main room where Master Zaito resided he could tell due to the massive asian styled door that had the green mechinical lock that looked like Yun Corp supported brand. "... Locked huh..."Hiro said approaching the door. His right hand sliding over the doors design before he took a step back. His eyes shooting back to Artemis who should have been done with her batch of Ninjas at this point. ' How is she still walking around like nothings wrong... like i didnt just use that much power on her. I used 35% of my power. 40 can kill any peak human... this girls conditioning. Is Enhanced... she cant be human.' He said to himself before staring back at the door. " Its behind this, that Master Zaito resides correct? " Hiro said to Artemis. If she would have said yes or no. Hiro would have nodded before he began to vibrate his body at such a high frequency, touching the door and sending the vibrations into the door. It'd shake it so swiftly that the walls and ground around the door would began to shift and split apart. He was litterally Vibrating the door so much that it began to litterally melt a door way for the duo.

Final BoutEdit

What had been there waiting for them had been none other Master Zaito and over 1200 of his men while he sat on his throme room. "... You wish to take this shard... And Deny me of my Blue heaven..." The Orders star assassian Feltcher steve had been tied up in the room hanging from the ceiling beaten bloody red. " He came here for the shard as well... but I showed him what happens to those that Oppose me and The INfinites. It's Ironic isn't it... that my father would make His gateway to His own section of heaven out of the Shard of Greed. " Master Zaito said staring the shard down holding it with his bare hands. Which... was impossible for any human but yet here he was holding it. "... Now... KILL THEM... I knew Blue Demon was liablity. I figured she was a sleeper agent for The Order but instead she sides with Kasaihana trash. " He said spitting on the floor before he stood from his throne room. " NO MORE WAITING.... KILL THEM BOTH! "All of the Ninjas unsheathed there weapons and got down into there stances. Hiro sighed pulling the M16 from around his shoulder and into his hands. " Master Zaito... Im taking you into custody so you can be intergated by the Maru of Kasaihana city... and Im here for the shard. " Hiro said nonchalntantly as if he been this scenario a million times before. " You get the ones on the right... I'll get the ones on the left...." Hiro said tilting his head down. " If you die... It's on you. " Hiro said walking forward to the crowd of Ninjas.

Gri: Artemis finishes the last of the red jumpsuit wearing ninjas only to have Hiro toss her one of their pants. She catches them before giving him a confused expression. He wanted HER to wear these?? “Um…” She started as she puts them only and lets go, to show him they just fall right past her hips. Even with their belt, they were much too baggy and would only get in the way but it seemed like he didn’t want her fighting naked as she snickered. “What, are you afraid I’ll get shot in the crotch??” She teased while she rolled them up as best she could so they could tighten around her petite frame, using their sash to wrap around her hips. She didn’t bother putting anything on her torso, her breasts weren’t big enough to cause trouble anyway and she needed the mobility as she takes the katana and gun hand in hand, following him. So he wanted to get the shard then? Wasn’t much of a surprise, he was a soldier and a any good soldier, they carried out the mission. Artemis gave a sort of distracted daze, scratching her head with the hilt of her gun. “Man, maybe I should just use this time to escape by myself, they’ll be too busy trying to catch you.” Since she’d been resurrected all she ever did was fight fight and more fight. Not that she couldn’t keep up, she was a weapon but damn! She wanted round two with Hiro! Suddenly a ninja appears out of nowhere, the one thing these guys were good at and attacked Hiro but he doesn’t even flinch, breaking the blade and taking down the enemy. “TRAITOR!” The snipers ears perk up as she grins widely at the sight of Kang all angry. “Awwww muscles, look at us. Having our first argument, it’s like we’re a married couple!!” But Kang wasn’t going to hear it as both the smoking hot men go at it to which Artemis could only watch with a slight drool. “mmm, guy on guy….”

“Guys we shouldn’t fight over me! We can share…” But the two were ignoring her, instead she got the attention of the group of ninjas thinking they had a better chance with her than lion man. Her eyes glow blue as a malicious grin almost takes over her entire face, an eerie snicker echoing through the halls. Putting the gun behind her to rest around the waistline of the pants, she uses the Japanese blade only and with a kick off from the ground she rushes towards the targets with ease, doing a dance of sorts with the blade as an extended arm as it slices through the ninjas in a combo of cuts, they were quick and nicked at certain arteries. She comes out from the group only seconds later and walks away as the entire group are all frozen before blood sprays out from every which way of their bodies! The walls are covered in red as the bodies all drop and bleed out, matching their already red jumpsuits. Artemis on the other hand, didn’t have a drop on her…well, she was still covered in cum but she didn’t care about that at all! She noticed Hiro looking at her but she doesn’t think much of it as she flicks the blade, blood splattering right off the steel as she nods her head at him. “Master Zaito is in there.” The optimistic killer just watches him with a grin as the door begins to fall apart on itself, the walls following suit. “You’re like a walking vibrator, that’s hot.” She joked as they made their way inside only to see Master Zaito waiting for them. In all honesty? Artemis would have preferred not to fight, as reckless as she seemed, it was the complete opposite. She was a tactical sniper, her offense was a good defense and so on. Putting yourself in the line of fire resulted in going to your grave early and she didn’t plan on dying a third time. Zaito sat there all high and mighty on his throne, holding the shard and he wasn’t dead by the touch alone? This wasn’t going to be easy…not to mention the wave of ninjas coming for them as he starts to talk about some blue heaven or something and how shes working for kasaihana trash. Hiro didn’t much seemed to care about any of this though as he ordered her to take half. “If you die, it’s on you.” Artemis picks some cum out from her ear, blinking cutely. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, what was that??”

But it seemed like the party was already getting started! The army of ninjas all come for her but it didn’t matter how trained you are, people don’t just climb over each other to fight just one person, they had to wait to get close enough as Artemis faces off with a smaller group of ninjas. One would think with only a limited supply on her this would be a little bit harder but just look around! Every ninja had all kinds of goodies on them….all she had to do with take them. Getting in to a stance, her grin doesn’t fade as eyes narrow while a murderous aura begins to surround the sniper, the serum giving her an awakening as her muscle conditioning causes a crater under her bare feet and the air around her is condensed, heavy….Inhale….exhale…inhale….The first ninja makes a move, raising his sword above him but Artemis was already gone! Flashing right in front of him, she lifts the tip of the blade right into his chin, watching calmly as it slides right up from his lips, into his nose and finishes between his eyes. She doesn’t stop to see the result as she turns in time, catching the victims fallen blade to impale it right into the ninja who had tried to strike from behind, the steel stabbing right through his heart. The two ninja fall the moment she releases them from their binds of the weapons and she turns, now with two blades in hand and continues her carnage, the small frame of the girl made it easier to dodge and block attacks, a flexible body certainly came in handy not just for sex. Catching a ninjas blade with one of her own, sparks fly and she holds her ground while the other in her hand gets wrapped up with a chain, a ninja tugging it out of her hand and taking it back. Artemis isn’t distracted though as she pushes the other off of the blade she still possesses and begins maneuvering the hilt with both hands, slicing to and fro while the ninja begins to back up, trying to keep up but once he leaves an opening for her she takes it, ducking his swing and running past him, the blade slicing into his side and opening a gash, blood spraying out as he goes down but the moment he began to fall she had already begun moving, taking the M16 strapped to his back and starting on the new group of targets as she opens fire in a slew of bullets and bloody steel.
[10:18:55 AM] Tasanagi/Lionheart: Hiro would have watched out of the corner of his eye as Artemis began fighting. This was more so of observation for himself as he wanted to see just what she had been capable of. "... Zaito, the shard. " Hiro said as he was surrounded by a wave of Ninjas Katana's ready. " Im afraid I cant do that... I had to tell Steve here the same thing... " Zaito said smirking. " Jerico... Quake! Kill the Kasaihana Trash..." Zaito said pointing at Hiro with those talon like gauntlents.

( )

Jerico would flipped from behnid Zaito Throne while Quake would have modled from the earth and gotten into his stance. Hiro hadn't said a word as he got down into his stance. Jerico is a masochist at heart, who was once a rouge for the Infintes in this current time period. coming into possession of the infinity formula he was able to live forever, and becme known as one of the fiercest assassins the gods have ever known. He wears a Magenta color and no mask. An enigmatic soldier who has served under both the God Hades and Posiden undercover, Jerico aspires to one day rule all of Hades and Satan's zones of Yomi himself, to the point he models himself after The Dark Lords very visage's. He wears a copper color. And then Quake... A member of Athena's Emperial army, possible former member of the Jade Dao, He has the ability to create shock waves in the ground, and control tectonic plates, to a degree. He can mold himself in solid earth for offensive and defensive purposes. Quake is a man with no fear, and this was quickly recognized by many of the other clans, as he was the odd ball. He belonged to  no clan, but often challenged other members for the sake of doing so until finally being recruted along.

Hiro tilted his head up as both Ninjas got into there stances and the army of other ninjas behind them followed as they began to ease up on the Solider. " I dont give a damn about all of your ninja crap..." Hiro said closing his before opening them back up again. " Your in my way... And Im getting tired of this place. " Hiro said before Jerico and Quake began to send out a sloo of projectile chi attacks towards Lionheart, throwing his arm s up in an 'X' styled formation as a means of protecting himself was all he could do before he would have found himself back into a wall. " Ugh... Gah... Your pissing me off..." Hiro said before his muscles would have expanded just a bit and he would have began to charge through the projectiles his body had adpated shifted, picked up on a new way to defend itself after the constant projectile trauma like it always did. As he bulldozed through the ninjas to get to Quake and Jerico he would have been shouting at the top of his lungs like some savage barbarian as he pulled his right hand back and then blasted it into Quakes jaw so hard his head would have crumbled in itself causing it to explode into a burst of rubble! He would have attempt to gaurd himself but Hiro's inhuman strength would have proven to be too much as he blasted his fist through the man's jaw, only to turn his attention to Jerico now whom had been in his own stance waiting.


" Come you over grown American Pig..." Jerico said as he watched Hiro pull away from Quakes dismembered head. Inu had been watching from a distance in the shadows as he listned in. "... I thought he didnt kill... unless.. he's found out that we come back to life when we do. But... how could that possible, Blue doesn't even know this... So... How..." Inu Said cutting himself off to give this thought process to himself. Hiro and Jerico would have exchanged blows but Hiro would have proven to be too much for the fighter as Hiro managed to beat him in a simple boxing match, his last punch rocking jerico in the jaw and knocking him to the ground. Only for the Ninja assassian to rebound back up to his feet and attempt to Kick Hiro's leg from under him, but Hiro would have countered, using his Vibroweapon body he would have kicked his kick and sliced Jerico's leg right off with one heaving right leg sweep with Hiro's right leg.  Hiro then doubled his muscle mass and pulled his right hand back as far as he could his massive arm casting a shadow down over Jerico who watched it with a hint of horror in his eyes. " NOOOO!!!!! YOU SON OF A BITCH! " Jerico said attempting to cover his face " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Hiro shouting at the top of his lungs and with his intense brute strength he punched right through Jerico's torso as a spray of blood erupted upwards once Hiro had caved in the man's chest.

Jerico's upper toros would have exploded and with the impact of the punch it would have sent out a shockwave that would have had Hiro VIbroproperties within it to slice through all of the surrounding ninjas cutting them in half by there torso's so blood would spurry everywhere. Right to left enemies began flying as Hiro savagely beat them all to bloody pulps until he turned his attention over to Master Zaito.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( )

Blood coated over Hiro's physical form as it dripped down his chest and bloody fists. "... Hmph.." Zaito said standing to his full height. " Fools.... I have the Shard of greed..." He said holding it for all to see as he began to make a funnel above the Island, a tornado breaking through and ripping the roof off of the building as it began to sweep into the air. " THERE IS NOTHING I CANNOT DO NOW! " Hiro stared Zaito down unimpressed before Hiro looked back to see if Artemis was alright. " Your going to give me that shard..." Hiro said as the wind began to blow his hair rapidly standing his ground, the ninjas that werent fortunate enough were swepped into the tornado and Hiro would have met the same fate if he didnt think of something soon. " I said I dont care about your ninja crap... " Hiro said getting into a sprinters stance as he kicked off the ground and began to have an excahnge in combat with Zaito. He fired a swift kick towards the grand masters head only to be booted away, However he would have caught himself after 2 feet of distance had been made. Boom! He was off again, a right, a left, a right, another left. Hiro had been firing out fist after fist at The Grand master whom only weaved and blocked each attack before Hiro actually managed to headbutt him just hard enough that he could throw him 10 feet out. " GAWK! " Zaito said as he spat out a splurge of blood only to see Hiro dashing towards him again, smoking fuming from his fist before he forced it right into Zaito's torso and with a break in pressure a sonic boom could have been heard before he fired Master Zaito out of his throne room by 40 feet in total, tumbling on the ground violently and fercioulsy. The Shard had been by his throne room seat simply glowing and floating on it's own.

( )

Picking up one of the gauntlents that Zaito had before Hiro would have lifted the Shard up to hold for himself only to look back at Artemis. " HEY KID! " He said shouting out to her." LETS GO! " Hiro would have then pressed her ear piece in his ear. " NOW! " He said shouting out to his Maru Jeitai squad who had left him before. Flying in above head they would have came in the Maru Jeitai/Black Glove Society carrier " Christ Lionheart! IN the middle of a storm..."said the man staring out at the storm, The hatch to Carrier opened and the same man sighed before scratching the back of his head confused. " Ah well... Im coming down to get you. " David Anderson had been his name. David has the apperance of an exact copy of Tetsu Ryoji, but with slight distinctive features. He's able to grow more facial hair, has a much deeper voice, and gruff to it, and has a much stronger jawline, though not to broading. His physique and all around build however is an exact replica of Tetsu's muscular structure giving him quite the build for a man of his age. He's always wearing his elbow pads, regardless of the outfit, and wears knee pads beneath his jeans, claiming that any situation could pop up at any time, so it's better safe than sorry. He'll always keep his combat knife in his back pocket, and isn't afraid to show it, and his guns straped lower right thigh. David keeps a clean apperance, but dosen't quite care to be considered a pretty boy. HIs five oclock after shadow is always present, and he'll usually wear jackets of any sort, along with long sleeve shirts. He prefers jeans, and like all other Ryoji's he hates suits. One of the most well Known Maru Jeitai to live next to Hiro. Hiro was the solider, David was the assassian, the theif, the 'Snake' If you will. Head of the Night Dog Orgainzation within the Maru Jeitai now he's there go to stealth guy. " ALright come on. "

As David Leaped off of the carrier he would have fired a latcher onto the helicarrier as he was lowered down and once he got down to there ground level he would have reached out for Hiro and this new girl. " She's with you? Hey there girlie welcome to our universal taxi services we have cashews. " David said being corny as usual Hiro scowled a bit before he walked over to David whom he linked his hand with. " Blue was it? " He said refering to the girl forgetting her name that was if he had ever known it. " Get on my back..." He said to her watching as more Soliders were rushing in to fight them and Zaito and the rest of his elites were all charging down the hall." KILL THEM NOW! " He said as over 3000 of his men were rushing in to fight, alot of them... seeming like the same faces from before ( Because they got resurrected to fight again XD hint hint ) If Artemis would have latched onto his back like he had demanded too then the trio would have all began to zip back up to the Hellicarrier while the enemy fired there weapons at them missing of course but never the less firing. And within moments they would have been aboard the carrier so they could make there take off. "...." Zaito stared at the flying air craft with utter and complete ill-intent... " INU! KANG! DEATH BLAZE! " " Sir! " They all said in unison. " Let us make quick haste.... to Kasaihana...."

Gri: Artemis wasn’t having trouble going through these faceless ninjas, she was picking up speed while Hiro faced off against more troublesome opponents. She doesn’t pay him any mind though, solely focused on the task at hand as she finishes with another group of men. She pauses though when she realizes Master Zaito had risen from his throne to yell out with the shard in his hand. The ninja attacking her would stop as well as things began to take an even nastier turn around them, the ceiling exploding thanks to the powerful item. Hell most of the building was gone at this point!! Artemis looks to Hiro the same time he did and she winked at him, knowing he cared about her even if it was just a little before she watches ninja getting swept up. She takes a couple of steps back and takes a deep breath, tightening her hand in to a fist before cocking it back and with one clean shot, slams the knuckles into the floor! The ground cracks in to a semi perfect circle as a giant slot of concrete comes flying up as a shield of sorts to block out the harsh winds pulling her in as she takes cover behind it, kneeling down to examine the situation. It was a very serious predicament! Possibility of death! Danger everywhere! And all Artemis could do was think of how hot Hiro looked with blood drenched all over him. “I wonder if he’s into bondage…” She thinks out loud before watching him fight Zaito head on! She takes her katana and jams it into the floor to keep a better hold, not wanting to be lifted up into oblivion like the rest of these idiots. The titan of a man wasn’t letting up in those massive punches to her former boss and she couldn’t help the dreamy sigh. “Oh I’m in love now…” How could one not be?! He was an unstoppable force of power and it was making her swoon in delight! It was a pity though, once they got off this island she would either be taken in to custody in which case she’d have to escape or they’d just part ways as awkward acquaintances never to be mentioned to the other again. It really bummed out her mood even as Zaito was disposes of for the moment and Hiro spoke in to his ear piece, calling in for back up or an extraction team. She’d for the second option as over the thunderous boom of the storm, a chopper makes itself known in this giant mess. “LETS GO” Huh? She looks to Hiro who was yelling at her it was time to get out of here and she made her way out from her concrete shield and ran over to him, blade still in hand to deflect the bullets of any ninja still around who fired at them. Stopping next to them, her eyes lock gaze with David and she gives him a pervy grin. “Hello to you too, gorgeous. I love nuts!” She said as a play on words being her goofy and sexual self. How lucky was she? Going from one hottie organization to the next, it was raining hotties! This must have been what heaven was like…hot guys, gun fights and chaos.  “Get on my back.” Hiro ordered to which she obliged happily, mind you Artemis still had on tattered and baggy pants, no shirt on and was covered still in cum and now blood….all in all, this was a good day! Wrapping her arms around Hiros neck she cheerfully nuzzles into him. “I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship, don’t you?” Ah yes….a goooood day indeed.

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