DISCLAIMER: This episode happens before the sector games and the explosion of kasiahanna!! Edit

Bank Schemes and Blowing off Steam Edit

( ) Deep in the dephs of the abandoned part of the hospital, sounds of whirring can be heard, mechanical gears, grinding against gears.  As one would enter that lab, they’d notice it was still as dim lit as the new man in charge who found it. Of course the only new addition to it was the absolute stench of dead and rotting decaying bodies. Herbert, the man who came from nothing more than a speck of dust to abosrobing a supervillans blood and gaining not only a sensational bloodlust, that seemed unquencible but an increased muscle mass that seemed otherworldly. Herbert woudlv’e been hovered over a work bench, working on what looked like little miniature buzzsaws or something of the sort. They were black in coloration, and looked expandible. Herbert would stop, and the sparks would’ve stopped flying, as he’d look at the metallic object, and begin speaking into a recorder he’d fashioned himself. “Herbert’s log, #6. Weapons design. Hmmm…I need another name besides Herbert. That man is dead and gone…hmmm….Bert? Herb? Herbbie boy? No…” Herbert’s voice even took a change in tone. It sounded light, and almost innocent, but strong…but just a pitch higher and he could make it as menichical as he’d want to. “How about…Rosen. Yeah. Rosen. Or rose. “ Herbert or “rose” would look at his arms. “With arms like these, it’d be like one of those tough guys in jail with the girly name. who would fuck with me? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!” Rose would stop, and fold his arms, speaking into the recorder. ‘Must work on evil laugh. Need to make it higher…simiar to a certain sonic frequency. With all these omega gene users. Some of them are bound to have enhanced sensory systems.” Herbert would’ve pushed a button on top of the saw toothed disc, and watched it puff up into a round sphere. “Very nice. I always knew eventually my scientific prowess would invent something world changing. Well life changing. HAHAHAHAHA! “ Herbert would toss the ball into the bag hanging on the wall and begin to grab the satchel, wrapping it around his shoulders. He’d pull out his phone and begin to shoot Milisa a text. “I’m coming over there soon. I need you to monitor my increased levels, and record them. see you soon.” Herbert would put his phone up and take a step outside. Inhaling the air, he could smell….so much more of it than before. No nasal problems. No congestion no cough. Just clean air….and for some reason milissa’s scent on the air. Even though he knew her house was miles way, he could catch it easily.

Milisa sat on the edge of an operating table, one black stocking covered leg sensually placed over the other as dribbles of blood make their way down creamy cleavage with an opened button up shirt. There was freshly placed stitches on her stomach as she runs the curved needle through the skin once more, finishing up the procedure. There was an I.V attached to her arm though its contents were full of a strange pink serum that gave the surgeon a decent high. The blood currently on her face was not her own but from the victim she chosen…an inmate from brick wall who had needed emergency surgery from losing a limb thanks to a riot. He’d been sent off in a chopper and brought to Milisas hospital…they’d managed to amputate the arm and save him but he would not be well enough to transport back to the prison until the next morning. He wouldn’t have made it that far though as Milisa made quick work of abducting the man, making it seem like he had found a way to escape and was now on the run….but that would not be the case. A low groan broke the surgeon out of her work as she turns her head to watch the inmate waking up on another table…there was a respirator mask over his nose and mouth as his eyes hazily open. “It would not be wise to wake up…” She tried to warn while snapping the thread off the needle and closing her blouse up just short of her cleavage, leaving it open for now so the fabric doesn’t catch on the wound. The man does not listen of course as he begins to shift only to see chains on his wrist and ankles keeping him bound. “wh…what happened..” With only one arm he was least likely to break free…but she wasn’t worried about that. Lifting his head up to the strange sensation he feasts his eyes on his form only to watch in horror. “What did you do to me?!?!” His flesh was pulled back and held by surgical scissors, exposing all of his organs! They were all pulsing and covered in blood, working in the order as they should…all except for his kidney! One was missing! His eyes frantically tear to look at the thread and needle in her hand and makes the connection. “You bitch! Yo-you took it for yourself?!?” Milisa doesn’t say anything as her phone buzzes, telling her of the text message. The girl reads it and smiles a little, ignoring him as he begins to yell. “GIVE IT BACK!!” The gruff man would struggle as best he could, he looked strong full of muscles but with his weakened state all he did was make everything hurt! “Your tolerance for pain is incredible…most normal humans would have died from the shock of surgery alone but not only did you survive youre still conscience enough to fight even in your condition.” His heart began to beat faster which could obviously be seen from under his ribs. “Normally I would allow you death…but you will do great for my research….and I have a guest coming over.” Taking the syringe attached to the mans I.V she pushes a liquid in and the man growls before slowly succumbing to the effects of the drug, knocking out almost instantly. Milisa looks back at her phone, re-reading Herberts text. “Mm…what trouble shall we get in to today?” Placing the cell down she goes to quick work on closing up the body again to ensure this ones survival for further testing.

“Probably a lot of it if I don’t play my cards right. Good test of abilities though. Just need you to hook me up to a machine and put me through a few test before I’m field ready.” Herbert would’ve texted her back. Continuing to explore his abilities he’d continue pressing onwards, heading twaords Milissa’s place by noting but pure scent alone. One could tell Herbert’s physical changes were for the better, as he was pretty huge, almost comparable to a Yun in sheer stature alone. Making his way down the street, bag on his shoulder, he’d look at the sky. It was so  clear. Vibrant. His senses made things moe…beautiful so to speak. As if he could afford to approcitate life just a little bit more. To bad he’d been having these killer instinctual urges to just murder everyone and everything around him. Just looking at the people on the street…women….men…he even had the gut wrenching urge to see how it felt to punt a baby. Dark urges, were starting to overtake his mental more and more, and he was loving it. Loving it with every fiber of his being. As he’d finally made it to her place, not even notcing he’d walked 4 city blocks in less than a minute. He’d knock on the door of entry, but end up knocking it right off of it’s hinges on pure accident. “Oops. Hahahaha!” Herbert would’ve made his way in and his senses were being completely bombarded, by the foul stench of death, rot, and decay. Complete decay to put it simply. He traversed his way up the stiars,  his nose not quite used to the reoccurring stench yet, but he’d get over it instead of bitching heavily about it and finaly make his way up to her door. The area where her unqiue aroma came in the hardest. “Milissa. Open the door. If knock, I’ll break it on accident. “ If she opened it she’d see herbert’s rapid physical change, and Herbert would stand there with his arms open, talking. “Lucy, I’m hoooooooooooome. Hahahahaaaaaa!” Herbert would’ve invited himself in and looked around, the stench of chemicals and organs abroad as he’d sit his bag down, and begin taking his shirt off. “I need you to do a full on recorded physical on me. That and we have a bank robbery plan. We need money for what I have planned…”

Milisa watches the man fall back asleep while twirling a long lock of purple between fingers that were not her own. She could hear Herbert down stairs and she hops off the medic table, making her way over to allow him entrance, hearing him talk about busting the door down. As soon as the door opens though she would have to actually look up, since he had grown a lot since the last time she saw him. Blinking with a blank expression, she tilts her head to the side. “What big eyes you have, she said to the wolf…and what big teeth you have….” Though she was teasing him, it sounded very non chalant like and soft while moving to the side to let him in all the while her different colored hues would examine every inch of him. “Your cellular structure has changed. Your bone density as well…” She did not mind Herbert how he looked as appearances did not matter to her after all most of her was not actually her anymore so why should she judge? But for the sake of stating facts he did look more attractive to the opposite sex and the muscles bulging out from his clothes made her analyze whatever mutated his omega gene not only re structures everything on the inside, it does so on the outside as well…perhaps becoming attractive was a benefit? It would be something she should further study as she gestures over to the side of the room currently not occupied by a knocked out inmate. “I will run some tests on you…while you explain to me this plan of robbing an establishment full of money.” She takes his hand but pauses gazing down at the much bigger one compared to hers…she glides her fingers up and down his arm like she usually did but with all the muscles and the fact that this limb was much bigger it threw her off a bit and she furrowed her brows a bit. “Hm.” She does nothing else besides leading him to a table and gesturing for him to take a seat. “I need you completely naked for this.” She didn’t blush nor did she tease him, she really did need to see all of him in order to run the tests correctly. If he would do as she says, her eyes trail down every single inch of him making notes that any marks or scars gained previously were no longer there. “I need to do an MRI scan as well to see how your brain has fared during this entire change….” She didn’t have an entire MRI machine but of course she didn’t need one. Milisa was a scientist and though she had a hospital at her disposal there were just somethings you couldn’t exactly steal without someone noticing so you’d have to make due with what you got and what she had was a type of machine that could take images of a persons brain activity just as well as a bulky giant radiating machine. Milisa wore the button up blouse, still covered in blood and some booty shorts, not much caring to put on anything more professional considering this was her home and she knew Herbert would not mind it. Calmly taking a needle she approaches him and takes his arm, going to stick the needle in but it snaps…….she watches in curiosity and murmurs. “I figured as much…” Going to a special drawer she pulls out a rather dangerous needle, it was thicker with a pointier edge all the while taking her recorder to begin the logs.

“What big eyes you have, she said to the wolf…and what big teeth you have….” Herbert couldn’t help but utter a chuckle at hearing this. He’d already had removed his shirt, his much longer locks of hair fluffing down his back as he’d turn tot her, leaving his hands to lean on trhe cold metallic table. When she began making observations, Herbert listned, rather intensively one might add. It’s almost as if he was just soaking it up like a sponge. He’d always been the intelligent whiper snapper, but this time it was arguable he could learn wahteve r he wanted to in only a matter of minutes. . “I will run some tests on you…while you explain to me this plan of robbing an establishment full of money.” “Righto, woman. Now then, the main priotiryt of the plan is money for an expanded base of operations, gear and tech, because the resources left to me aren’t exactly refershible whenever I please, and more than likely judding by the tingle I’m getting in my body occasionally, this serum is temporary. Meaning I must have to keep injecting myself with certain dosages to maintain a form of equilibrium with my body’s ability to metabolize the blood itself. I lucked out, the bastard had the same bloody blood type as myself. ““I need you completely naked for this.” “Say no more.” Herbert would’ve begun to unbutton his pants as well, and let them fall to his ankles. Once they’d fallen, he’d drop his boxer briefs as well, and then take a look at himself. “Hm?’ he’d grip his own cock and squeeze it a bit. “Huh. Kinda thought this would’ve shrunk the sucker, but I’m pretty huge off now…weird. HAHAHAHAAAAA! I might finally be able to put this thing to good use in the future.” Herbert would’ve laid back on the table, and glanced over at milissa while she was going to get some supplies. Herbert then felt weird. Really weired. His body felt like it was on fire, a growing fire that seemend unsensationally good. He couldn’t figure out why, as even with his increased mental capacity he couldn’t peg why he felt hot and bothered. Then looking over at milisa’s attire, he could clearly see why, and so could his manhood as it stood straight up in the air like he really did not care. Herbert would make his hardened meat flinch a couple of times, before milissa came back to try and put a needle in his arm. Once it broke Herbert would place his  arms behind his head. “Hardened skin? Super dense tissue maybe? This can’t get any better I tell ya! Anywho, about the plan. Kasaihana’s biggest bank, the Fire Flower Bank of America, has got some serious cash in there. They’ve also got the tightest security out of any bank int his entire city which is why it’s in district 3…the police district. Dramatic pause…” Herbert would wiggle his fingers around a little bit before speaking again. “With my new brain potential and your erradic memory, we should be able to penetrate the place as visiting civillians, make our way in but we’ll do two types of robberies. A physical robbery, and a cyber robbery.  Yeah, YEAH! I’ll sneak in and take what I can with my hands, while you lil lady, wirelessly transfer the funds to a private made bank account, which shouldn’t take but a few minutes to do.” Herbert would pull out his phone, and begin looking up the original building plans for the building. “Lucky for us, the passcode log in key you get from son enterprise also doubles as a legal pass to limited restricted information. Including blue prints to the banks structure annnnd….bingo bingo.” Josh would’ve shown milissa on his phone regardless of what she was doing to him. “think you’re up for it? Of course you are. You’re my best friend, it only makes sense you’d be my partner in crime to boot.” Herbert would shrug and wait for her reply. “I think I’ll go maskless…don’t to much care about my identity anymore. Then again I look like a completely different person to begin with.” 

She watches him place his arms behind his head as he talks, laughing it up about his new body. Taking one of the arms she forces it back down at his side and sticks the needle in with one quick motion, this one going in a little easier without snapping. She listens to his plan of stealing from one of the highest security banks in the city but does not have any expression or reaction, intent on the job at hand. Finding his vein easily she starts extracting blood for samples. “Herbert…you are correct this will not last very long. We do not know what will happen if you do not keep up dosages or if your body can handle reversing back to normal. It might have some ill effects if we do not find some way to make this permanent but for now…” She places circular stickers attached with wires to monitor his heart rate all along his body. Why he wished to do all of this to begin with was making her wonder so she’d ask even as his cock would rise up which she did take note of, tilting her head to the side. “Your sexual appetite has grown as well.” She makes notes of this in the voice recorder. “Why are we stealing? What do we need the funds for?” She attaches one of the stickers to his cock as a joke even if she wasn’t smiling…she had a strange sense of humor but it was certainly there. It seemed his body had grown in every sense of the word…Moving away from him she starts to roll along a small machine with a helmet, placing it comfortably around his head, hovering her breasts over him as she makes sure he is wired up properly. Before he starts to explain why he was doing this she spoke on a couple of more things. “I collected blood samples from the green menace…I can work with what I was able to salvage and work a serum to recreate the effect when you begin to start reverting back. I’ll work to make it stronger each time…perhaps with enough dosages it will become long lasting.” The machine turns on and makes a whirling noise taking images of his brain and the activity while his heart is monitored. After a couple of tests she’d be able to see the results later and create his physiology. With a soft sigh she extracts the needle and tosses it to the side, yanking the stickers off of his body before sliding off the blouse entirely so that she could get changed. He wouldn’t need a mask but she would…after all she did work for a government building and her face is seen in the public eye every day. Her almost naked form is exposed, showing off the slightly different skin tones, the scars and stitches all along her limbs and torso. “I advise you to wear a mask, Herbert. But you do as you will, I need to hide my face.” He calls her a partner in crime as well as his best friend…to this the girl smile smiles ever so slightly, enjoying those titles. Believe it or not she was not an empty shell with no emotion, there were things that pleased her and it was being around the lanky—well the now muscular boy. She felt protective over him and no amount of inhuman strength and new found confidence was going to make her any less protective.

Herbett would simply nod and speak “uh huh”. He was listening to her but his still teenage mindset made him wonder about what kind of thigns he’d do to her body if he’d had the given chance to do them. He quickly snapped back to somewhat reality, realizing that the plan for the time being was the most important thing. When asked what the funds were while being hooked up to a machine for monitor ratyes, Herbert would grunt. “it’s simple. You’ve already confirmed that you have blood samples from that freaks body, but where did you get them? that shitty lab. If you notice, that guy’s tech is pretty good but primitive. Hell the things I’ve learned from son enterprise, will allow me to improve on every single piece of metal he had and make it that much better. However, that in itself takes money..” He’d wait til she unhooked him and began undressing herself. His eyes glued to her frame, it actually caused his eyes to slit somewhat like an animals, but they quickly reverted back to the crimon red they’d soon become known fro. Finishing his train of thought he’d speak. “grab that bag and take a look at the tech in there.” If she did, naked or not,Herbert would sit up with that samew stiffy and his arms folded. “We need this cash, for things like gyros, metal plates, detaonater swtiches, and a bunch of other thigns we can’t just home make without it being to faulty. Unlike Heroes inc, theres not a band of viallans that band together to share tech and ideals….though their could be something pretty huge one day to unite them to do so…hmmm..” Herbert would rub his chin, pondering his next move on that, but saving it for the future, and what it may or may not hold. “Back to business. We’ll also need computers. Super computers. Hacking from our shitty little laptops is going to be super ineffective after a while…oncd we got those, we should be alright. For now. We’ll figure it out as we go, but I wanna have a fall back plan anyway, just in case.” Herbert would’ve began walking towards her with his arms behind his back before standing directly infront of her to look at her. “What’s with these.” Herbert would re-open (if she’d put clothes on) or simply examine her stiches and patches of skin. He’d trail his finger down one and stare. “you’ve never shown me this before. Kinda cool frankenstien. Is it cause you thought I’d judge you or something? Hahaha! I mean I may have been grossed out but your still the only one who fucks with me now adays. He would’ve squatted down on his knees to look at the stiches all over, right above her panty lines. Glancing up at her ample breast, he’d stand up once more to put his hands on his hips. “We’ll plan the break in, but first help me get this hard on down. I don’t need this thing at the moment, it has more weight than I bargained for. ‘ He’d imply to her hoping to get some form of relief, for the fire and brimstone burning in his genitals. Weather it be medical or sexual, he wanted it gone for the time being. 

Milisa listens to his reasoning and she was rather impressed how he had everything planned out…but she shouldn’t expect any less from the brilliant mind, he was far advanced after all. She still wasn’t exactly sure WHY he was doing all of this nor why they would be taking and hacking and collecting things but she would not question her best friend and assumed Herbert wanted to take the Green Menaces place…if this is what he wanted then she would oblige and do anything he asked of her. She turns and pauses as he hovers over her only to gesture to the stitches…she had never told him what she was made of simply because the old Herbert would become squeamish and possibly pass out. His finger traces along the fresh stitches and of course she could feel it even if it wasn’t her own flesh, she’d connected the nerves and made it a part of her though they were dying cells so the soft touch was more like a barely there graze…her pain receptors work the same way, aiding in her peak human endurance. Still…not being able to feel as much was a little concerning but that’s just how it worked for her now. “Kinda cool Frankenstein.” She doesn’t say a word, her eyes lowered to watch him kneel down to get a closer look and once he is satisfied he stands and motions to his dick. He wanted help getting rid of it? Yes, this Herbet was much different from the original but it was still her Herbert…. “Most of me isn’t me anymore, which goes for my organs as well. I take the bodies of the deceased and take what they do not need anymore. I did not tell you because I did not see any reason to inform you of my condition.” She leans over and picks up a needle, waving it lightly. “I can take down the swelling using medical means though with your enhanced abilities that might not work…” She puts the needle down and tilts her head as if thinking. “Perhaps fellatio is a better option?” They did not have time to have sex and with the boys new found power she knew there would be side effects…aggression, impatience, narcissism…angering him would not be in her best favor so without another word she kneels down in front of him, taking the thick meat in her hand as best she could while examining it curiously. “When was the last time you came?” She took note of how full his sac was and logically if he did ejaculate….well she’d need a shower after this. The probability of being able to swallow all of it was slim but that would not deter her and with parting plump lips she pops the tip in to a warm wet awaiting mouth, the soft pink tongue gliding against the hardened flesh almost talentedly. This was not her first time, the girl was not a virgin…sure she was a little emotionless but she wasn’t dead! wait. Well you know what I mean! Needless to say she would not stumble on the task and knew just how to suck him off as inch by inch his cock starts disappearing down her throat, all the while piercing different colored hues stare up at him while her head tilts to the side, angling his dick further down her throat….Milisa had no gag reflexes which yes was veeerrryyy nice for blow jobs but having a gag reflex sort of made sure one didn’t choke and die but I digress, the girl didn’t much look worried about choking as the tip pushes past her throat once before its pulled out with a wet ‘pop!’ Reaching her hand up she cups his balls and stimulates them with a palm massage all the while the meat returns to her mouth in sloppy sucks the purple haired girl bobbing her head back and forth in a smooth rhythm while lips tightly sealed best they could around the thickness of him.

“I can take down the swelling using medical means though with your enhanced abilities that might not work…” Herbert would’ve tilted his head and looked at the girl with a raised brow. “Well if medicine wont work, I guess we’ll just have to try something physical. Erm. You ever done this kind of stuff before?” “Perhaps fellatio is a better option?” “I can dig it”. Herbert had never had anyone ANYONE at all handle his dick except himself. It’s funny how it takes a man to become a living super freak to obtain anything close to his first sexual act huh? Funny how the world can work sometimes. Herbert’s arms dropped tot heir sides, as she asked him when the last time he came was. “Hate to break it to ya, but I wasn’t an advent masturbator. There’s probably a lot of pent up semen in there, but it probably won’t even take that long considering I’m a virgin and what not.” When she parted her lips and inserted his cock into her mouth, Herbert’s eye began to twitch, as he’d rear his head back, his body slumping a bit as he groaned. “Oooooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.” Herbert’s face looked like he’d been getting the best message of his life, which he very well may as well have been. Looking back at her, to watch him take every inch of him into her throat, Herbert’s cock went ahead and spurted a load of precum right on the flat of her tongue. His cock massive in size, and the very weight of the damn thing was like a barbell, as veins curved through it showing it was ripe for the picking. When she popped it out of her mouth, once could see drops of precum leaking from the tip of herbert’s cock as he parted his feet a bit and watched with parted lips. “D….do that again….yes….” his tone of voice actually changed a tad as his canines grew slighty. “Go again..” as she messaged his balls with her palm, Herbert would buck his hips a few times. It’s like she doesn’t’ have a gag reflex, so taking her throat woudn’t be a problem, but Herbert was still REALLY close to cumming. Putting his hands atop of her head to move the hair from her face so he could maintain complete and total eye contact with her, while licking his lips and watching his cock pulsate in her mouth as if he’d had a heartbeat. “Go faster Milisa…this….this is…really fucking stimulating.” Herbert could feel his sack swelling up as he wanted to cum so bad, but he wanted to savor the feeling. “C’mon body…don’t make me go out that quickly!”

“Go faster…” It seemed he found her technique acceptable and to his liking which made her happy knowing he was enjoying himself even if it was just to help him get rid of it. His fingers brush against her bangs and she continues to watch him with intense hues as her speed increases, teeth lightly scrapping against the hard flesh in a sensual graze that could send shivers up his spine. Her palm continued to massage his balls, fondling them in an erotic fashion, she could tell with how they tightened he was close. Pulling the meat out from her mouth, she licks her slightly swollen lips and urges him on. “It’s okay, you need to release, holding it back doesn’t make you last longer…unless you like how it hurts.” Her tone took a sexual purr as her finger dips down the slit, swirling the digit all around the hole, the curved meat was huge. Even if he did cum, judging by his new found stamina he could last a couple of rounds, the first nut wouldn’t be enough to get all the pent up frustrations out but it would have to do to get him soft so they could get business done…though when Milisa opens her mouth and almost lovingly slides her tongue all along the sides, one could see she was enjoying herself as well. She stops teasing him and takes most of him back down her throat as her cheeks slightly expand from the size. “Mmffnn…” Saliva dribbled down her chin and on to her breasts, his own cock soaked and drenched in spit and precum which she greedily lapped up and swallowed what she could, dipping her head down again until her nose is back up to the curls, leaving herself there as the tip twitches on the back of her throat and she breathes as best she can through her nose though it was huge and it was enough to suffocate someone. She took pleasure in it though, the canines of her teeth lightly pinching the flesh as there was barely any room for her teeth causing her to bite down though it wasn’t hard enough it’d cause discomfort. Quickly pulling it out she inhales much needed air, the head still in the warm cave that was her mouth, the tongue flicking against the meat as she starts up the rhythm again, her eyes telling him it’s okay to bust down her throat or hell where ever it was he wanted though in her mouth would be the less messier option unless he liked the idea of causing a giant mess.

Herbert gritted his teeth as she lightly grazed her teeth along his cock…it felt so serrated but so good at the same time. His body shivered or a second, as his grip on her hair tightened up a bit. When she released it, and she made a comment about not holding it in unless he liked how it hurt, which he would add the thought of it made him a little more hot and bothered, as she watched him swirl the tip of her finger  around in the hole of his head. His bottom lip stuttered as it felt strange to the touch, but had a soothing after effect that made his body completely lax for a second only for it to tense up again. “Ah….shit Milissa I’m…” Herbert watched her tongue slide along all the sides of his cock, as he’d now aggressively grip her hair in his hands. When she went back down on him, he’d assist in her push motion, actually making sure to push her face so far down, her nose would collide into the area above his cock.  Watching the fluids drip down to the curve of her breast, made him bite his own lip in utter desire as he could feel her biting down on it. Stretching the skin of his cock a bit he didn’t mind it, in fact he found himself very fond of this, as he’d let her release, inhaling a bit of air before he’d now take full control. He’d begin pushing himself into her mouth, with grunts, escaping through gritted teeth. His muscles flexing, and he’d lose a bit of control over his strength, as his cock started to swell while in the depths of her throat. “Mff…mmmmf….I’m gonna cum.” He spoke, as he’d  place one hand under her chin, and the other to tug a handful of her purple locks, titling her head backwards, as each time he pushed inside of her his cock would plunge the spital and precum right from the openings of her lips, sending bubbles and slobber abroad  as he’d attack her face with his pelvis. He’d push one more good time, before he’d leave his cock in her mouth, his head a good bit past her tonsils, as he’d release his load inside of her mouth! His cock shooting incredibly thick streams of cum down her throat, heading right for her stomach. His cock heating up in temperature as he’d keep her head held down, her nose pressed against his pubic hairs, giving her no room to breathe, but only to swallow. This cum bust would’ve taken about 30 seconds to finish, as some of it would’ve made it out of the corners of her lips, but he was careful to keep her face glued to his crotch. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Herbert would’ve finally released her head from his pelvis and let her fall backwards, leaving her to swallow the rest of whatever may have been in her mouth left over. Herbert’s massive meat would’ve slowly started to shritnk down and return to the flabby piece of flesh it is at base. “I like that feeling. Very much. “ Herbert would rub his hands together. “You’ll definitely be the one helping me get rid of that damned hard on when it comes. Even on the job. Til then, get settled and prepared. We plan the heist now.” Herbert would’ve turned and put his clothes back on, and grabbed his satchel, before pulling out his laptop, and leaning over the lab table, setting up blue print scans, and entry points. Completely shrugging off the fact that he’d just gotten his first blow job, he was more concerned with the purpose at hand, and not the sexual interference that came with it.

The thick shots of cum fill up the girls mouth and it takes her a little by surprise when he pushes her head down roughly, the stream of nut had no where else to go but down and she swallows repeatedly,drinking him down with every pulse of his warm cock. She would admit, the taste of him was not sweet but at the same time it stimulated the taste buds pleasantly, she could get used to the taste very happily. When he finally pulls out, her cheeks had been puffing up from the insane amounts and she coughs from lack of air, some cum pouring out onto the floor while she shivers. Herbert moves away and gets dressed while milisa wipes at her face to get any of it off and stands slowly. "I am glad to know I've gotten better at my technique" unintentionally she'd shown this wasn't the first time doing that as she finds something appropriate to wear though even if he wasn't going to hide his face she would. Grabbing a pair of scissors and latex materiel from the dresser she calmly begins to work on creating something to cover her face while Herbert further worked on the plan for the bank robbery.  She would not need her custom sword for something like this, a katana would do just fine in case they run in to trouble. To this she calmly runs a sort of physiological test on the boy "Herbert...if a person makes themselves a pest and get in our way...what would you have me do? " though the question held a lot of pressure she did not sound concerned with him choosing from right or wrong....she would do as he says with out a second thought. One child wonder if that was just the loyalty of a good friend or perhaps something more. While he answered if he did she finished the rubber eye mask, it didn't lay all of her face and covered everything above her cheek bones. Her outfit was nothing fancy yet anyway since this was last minute to her she threw on black leggings and a red blouse with comfortable boots she'd be able to run in, just in case.

"Herbert...if a person makes themselves a pest and get in our way...what would you have me do? " Herbert would pause for a moment, and a smirk would’ve crossed his lips. “Simple. We kill them. leave no prints, not evidence. Clean kills, nothing messy.”

Mo' Money Mo' ProblemsEdit ) Later on in the dead of night,when security is usually the tightest, Herbert woudlv’e been driving along in a KPD hovercar, which by the way was not exactly an easy steel. Herbert had never been in a fight, but he’d watch enough spy movies and action flicks to use his erradic memory to perfectly replicate actions he’d seen, including driving, forieng languages, and misc. skills. Herbert would tighten up his KPD uniform, making sure his hair was tucked underneath the hat, before he pulled up to the gate. He’d call milissa quickly, and remind her of the plan. “Alright. I’m heading up to the gate now. Once I gain entery, immediately start hacking the bank. The security programs will indeed begin to activate and they’ll try to trace you, but they’ll be lead to that false IP address we came up with. That will give you a 5 minute window to steal as much as you can. Meanwhile, I’ll physically go in and grab what all I can grab with my giant grubby hands. We’re about to get filthy fucking rich here HAHAHA!’ Herbert would’ve clamed his laugh down just a bit pulling up to the front gate, and stopping. One of the gaurds, would’ve sent a holographic screen to the front of the window of the squad car and begain to speak. ‘Please hold up your indentification card.” Herbert would hold up a card, with the name “Chester Rogers.” On it. The card would’ve been read and a green confirmation screen would’ve been shown. “Welcome Mr.Rogers.” Herbert would’ve nodded and flow through the opening gates. Driving through the traffic in district 3 is hell. Speeding in a police district is just asking for a ticket, so he was careful to drive as fast as he needed to. Herbert would’ve eaten the key card he’d just used, and pulled out another fake one he and milissa made, meant get him into the bank as a night time clearance guard. “I’m in. start hacking now.” Herbert would’ve spoken, before taking a few mintues to arrive at the bank inquetion. Pulling up he’d lower the hover car to the ground and park it there. Stepping out of it, he’d straighten out his uniform, and make his way around the back, to avoid suspicion carrying a mop and bucket. Arriving at the door he’d hold up the card key, and let it read. “Come on…come on…” the key read and dinged green, as the door opened. Herbert would’ve walked inside the museum and looked around. He could see near perfectly with his peaked senses, but it was still at the end of the day very very dark. Herbert would’ve taken from his pocket a pair of gloves, and using the flash light in his pocket, place it between his teeth and begin shinning a light around to see where he was going. Everything was going according to plan so far…Milissa would’ve more than likely run into some trouble with the hacking by now, but this was according to plan.

Milisa placed herself in an empty coffee shop, closed down because the owner could not afford to keep the business running. She hid in the kitchen though it was emptied out and there was a table full of wires with an impressive computer system. Though a bit out dated, with just a few adjustments and tweaks she uploaded newer soft wear and was able to get it working just as good as the newer system. Easier to use, easier to hack in to suspecting security systems. Hearing Herbert tell her it’s a go, the skilled surgeon types on the keys at a relatively swift speed though not sitting down anywhere, while she works. Hacking in to the security wasn’t exactly the problem it was not being caught and not sounding the alarm until enough of time has passed they actually accomplish the mission. The screen floated in front of her in a hologram like fashion though one could very much touch the buttons. The keyboard was also transparent, using the table to lay out the format so she could type everything out correctly, activating her hack wear and sending the temporary virus in to the system. Though Milisa was more a surgeon she was also very well advanced in bio chemistry and bio engineering, complicated codes were a specialty considering her usage in mental chi. “Go ahead, I’m in the matrix.” That was actually a joke from the girl though if he saw it was one would be up to him even as she said it in such a monotone voice. Within a couple of seconds she in to the accounts and begins to drain the funds of the government building wirelessly and placing it in the account number Herbert assigned this to. If one were to trace the hack it would only bounce to a false IP address though that didn’t mean she could just stay in one place for too long, not planning on underestimating the KPD. She turns her head to the number flashing in to her hues that brought a slight smile. “That is a lot of money, indeed…” The amount of commas were not to scoff at, we would leave it at that. Gloved hands slowly rub together in a slow motion as she stares off almost in dazed thought…the timer on her wrist beeps, warning her she is about done with the 5 minute window. “Mm…Herbert looks like the ultimate specimen. A figure of pure perfection…I’d love to do some more…extensive tests on him.” Was the female day dreaming??? Probably but not anything you’d wanna see as she calmly pushes off of the table and pulls out a zippo, flipping it on with first try before tossing it to the ground. In mere seconds the gasoline puddled up around the kitchen is ignited, the room coming up in aggressive flames that begin to eat away at all the equipment while the system itself begins to smoke and fry as if the moment the zippo was flipped it activated a signal for the computer to self-destruct. The line of gasoline follows behind her but she does not rush while the flames eat away at their fuel the coffee shop going up in flames! Milisa goes from a leisure walk to a jog before finally the back door slams open and she shifts in to a full run, just dodging an officer with her gun held tightly to her side whom was prepared to enter the establishment first until she was surprised by the back door almost bashing her face but she jumped back in time to catch the masked woman speeding off so fast she left an after image! “omega!!” The short haired police woman points in her direction. “Do not lose her!” The officer had green hair, a tan complexion and bright golden eyes she stood out from the other that was for sure as she follows the suspect who had gotten a head start, rushing across the darkened street as the building is now engulfed in flames!


The KPD call in the fire trucks to get this under control while the woman known as Lexi Saiga kept tight to the surgeons trail. “Do not resist arrest!” Milisa only gains speed though surprisingly enough the officer was not to be shaken off so easily. She would not to lose her and get to district 3 to aid Herbert…he would need it.

 ( ) “Go ahead, I’m in the matrix.” “Good job, though I heard the red pill gives you cancer. Ever wonder why all the motherfuckers were bald?” Herbert woudlv’e retorted with his own joke, while standing infront of the saze. Using a home made saudering kit, he’d begin burning away at the lock portion of the safe. His luck ran dry, when the one ID he had wasn’t security level clearance to get into the safe, so in order to keep from doing to much wrong, he’d disabled the one camera that pointed at the vault door and decided to do the deed from there. Little did he know, the KPD were far from stupid, as this signaled a silent alarm, which unbeknownst to Herbert, called in squad cars, exactly 3 of them to that specific bank. Herbert would’ve gotten the safe opened and using his new found strength pulling the door open and looking inside. The light came on and the money and files, and bags of coins would’ve shown themselves full force. “Maaaaaaan oh man. I never thought I could ever love the smell of money so much until tonight.” “KPD FREEZE!” Herbert would’ve put his hands up into the air, an turned to look behind him. There were 10 officers in the room , dressed in full KPD gear pointing their guns at Herbert. “Hm..” Herbert pondered for a second. As he turned back around and went inside, to begin stuffing his bag, and suit full of cash, coins, and whatever else he could get his hands on. “OPEN FIRE!!” the KPD officers would’ve begun shooting bullets at Herbert, but the bullet’s would’ve literally pinged off of his body adverting in other directions, bouncing off of his tissue and muscle. His body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. is extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. He also gains enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard his body has become, allowing him to resist tearing a muscle and/or of bones shattering easily. The cops weren’t baffled, not in the slightest, as htye’d had their share of superhuman threats, and decided to go in, each one of them putting on their force gavity kunckles, and taking a tactical formation. Herbert would’ve already loaded his book bag with at least 40G’s of tanz, and turned to face the officers. Herbert would’ve put his fist up. “ I need to learn how to fight…let’s see what I can do here SHALL WE OFFICERS!”( ) the officers would’ve rushed in at Herbert, shuffling their posistionings and adjusting themselves to try and confuse him to throw him off but Herbert, even being an amateur at fighting, had the instincts, and eyes to follow what he needed to follow. As one of the officers head sthealed their way behind herbet’s massive body, herbert’s ears picked up the click of the gravity knuckle, and when he did he’d reach around and grip the officer by his head, only to throw him forward, face first, crushing his neck under the weight of the slam! Herbert would then rush into the crowd, with great speed, leaping into the air, and attempting to jump kick an officer in the face! The officer dodged and went to 3 piece Herbert in his face, but it did little to any real damage. Herbert would’ve laughed it off, before rearing back and throwing a straight punch into the officers nose, his big hand caving his entire face inwards, and killing him on contact. 2 more officers woudlv’e come from behind, and baseball slide, kicking herbert’s ankles from beneath him, and causing him to flip backwards in the air! The officers would’ve pulled their guns out at the same time, attempting to shoot Herbert in the chest, but the bullet’s pinged off and they both would’ve flipped themselves upright. Surprisingly enough Herbert would’ve landed on his hands, pushing off of them, and landing in a squat! He was getting angry which was just what he needed as he dug his fingers into the stone floor and uplifted about 10 foot of ground upon the officers, in a shockwave life effect! Sending their bodies to be smushed beneath the pavement and mangled inhumanely. Herbert would’ve stood up and turned around only to be met with two more officers rolling grenades at him! Herbert took a step back and folded his arms infront of him, and BOOM!!!! An explosion ensued that bursted the windows of the bank as the remaining alive officers ducked for cover! The flames engulfed the room for a second, before a tall standing silhouette could be seen standing there hulking in the middle of the flames. “Man….No. I am no man. I’m a badass.’ Herbert would’ve bursted through the flames his eyes glowing a hellish red as he’d clothes line the two officers that rolled the grenades at him, snaping their necks on impact! He didn’t stop there as he’d grab one of the dead bodies now airborne and slam him into 2 other officers, snaping their spines from the force of his now increased strength, and only leaving a remaining 2! The blood from the fallen beginning to trail on the floor, as herbert’s gloved hands were stained in it. “We need back up! Let’s get out of here!” Herbert didn’t like the notion of them escaping. As such he’d look down, at one of the deceased officers, and grab a greneade from his belt. Herbet would’ve taken a few steps forward, and rearing his right arm backwards, slinging it forward, only to toss the damn grenade in the spine of one of the officers, completely piercing the false ragnite, and letting the grendade explode! Cuasing the man’s body parts to fly everywhere, in a bloody mess. “HAHAHAHAHA! MY FAST BALL IS ON POINT TODAY!” The last man would’ve made his way out of there calling for back up down the street, but Herbert was already in full on beast mode, the blood lust he’d been feeling encasing him quickly as he stood outside in the middle of the street laughing violently for many people to hear.  “Hey. People are trying to sleep here.”  ( )Herbert would’ve turned around and been meat wit a man dressed in a blue military coat, who’d snap his fingers twice at Herbert. Herbert didn’t think much of this at all until the flames came, and engulfed his body, sending him flying against a squad car, and rolling down the street a bit, as the car landed ontop of him. ( )

Herbert would’ve groaned a bit before standing up with his head in the car, and reaching his hands inside to rip the car in half. Sending both halves across the street and an angry expression on his face.

The man infront of him was no other than Steven colt. Steven colt was a rather tall lean built man with black hair, brown eyes, and a stern facial expression that was a mix between smug, and confident. He wore white gloves, and had a pistol on his hip, red lightning coursing around his gloves as he eyed Herbert in the street. “you’ve got some nerve actually attempting a crime in the most secure part of this entire city. Either that or you’re just stupid.” Herbert would growl. “First time. Getting the hang of things, slowly but surly officer…” Herbert would’ve flashed his fangs. Colt would’ve held his hand up infront of his face, as the red sparks kept fluttering over his hand. “Well you’re under arrest. You’ve got the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law. You have the right to an atter-“ Colt would’ve side stepped a light pole Herbert would’ve thrown at him. “I’ll recite those another time.” 

Milisa vanishes between two buildings, entering under a tunnel of a parking garage as Lexi follows close behind with her two Tonfa blades. KPD had their standard weapon but there were those who preferred custom weapons that better fit their skill set. Both blades were made from a high carbon steel titanium alloy with embedded industrial grade diamonds. The handles were perpendicular and not like a regular sword, slender hands gripping tight while the hilt of the weapons were actually cartridges with bouts of fortification chi stored inside. This allowed her to not have to use any herself until absolutely necessary since most of the time when she used them the officer was able to take down the suspect but with this girl the real fun might be starting! “If you resist I will have to use force!” The two women disappear into the garage with cars parked all about Milisa used to hide. Placing a hand to the hilt of her katana she listens to the womans soft pat from her heels and in a split second rushes her, sword drawn and ready to slice. Lexi throws only one arm up, catching the blade with her own and it was VERY resilient to Milisas sword, earning a slight crack in her weapon that made her eyes widen slightly before frowning in concentration as a slew of spiritual energy releases in to the blade and in to Milisa herself, giving her a boost of strength and both ladies keep their position, pinned to their blades while Lexi grins in excitement. “Woah you’re the first to be able to hold against me! I’ll feel extra proud when I bring you in!” The girl seemed cheerful but determined to bring her down as the second blade raises in attempts to slash Milisa and she makes a hit! The blade sinks in to the womans shoulder but not a lot of blood comes gushing out like one would expect and the wounded girl merely keeps her ground with an annoyed expression. Lexi blinks and watches the girl before talking quickly. “Doesn’t that hurt?!?” No, not as much as it should have…the shoulder was not hers, and though the nerves worked the pain receptors did not respond as efficiently on top of her peak human endurance, the heavy amounts of pain she could withstand was great. “Looks like I’ll need to kick it up!” Lexi grins and presses the button to the grip, two black stripes on the ends of her blades flash before fully lighting up with a red orange tint, the cartridges glowing a long line with the same color. Fortification chi started flowing from the inside instead of on the outside, filling up the material with its energy and hardening the sword as her peak human agility comes in to play along with peak human combat, yanking the blade out of her shoulder and pushing the girl with a boost of strength but Milisa catches herself and slams her sword horizontal to stop both blades from slicing her again. Both women were skilled in the art of the blade but who would be better? The two begin a dance of sorts, their blades connecting each time the other goes for flesh and so far they were evenly matched but Lexi seemed the better user and Milisa took note of this…she after all was not trying to defeat her but to get away. Suddenly the girls eyes glow and the lights flicker, surprising the officer as she blinks and looks around wondering what happened and a cold icy breath passes her lips as the temperature drops increasingly. It was as if death had made itself known and the officer gets a creeped out look on her face as she suddenly sees what appears to be…dead people? Surrounding Milisa all a line of decaying corpses. Lexi gets a shiver down her spine as her face turns pale and sickly. “Z-zo….zo….zombbiiieeesss!!!!” She jumps back and shuts her eyes just for a moment only to open them and see the lights return to normal and Milisa gone! Did….did she just imagine that??? Now left alone in the garage she frowns and sighs. “Ooohh man I am so going to get chewed out for this!” Meanwhile Milisa jumps on to the roofs and shifted in to a blur, not planning on stopping any time soon. She’d been on silence between Herbert for too long and she did not know anything of him. It’d be time to pick him up for a getaway as she flips off of the edge and lands on to the hover car they apprehended for this plot. Calmly getting in she turns it on and begins to drive at a somewhat fast pace without catching the attention of any police. “Are you still alive?” She speaks in to her ear piece. “I’ll be there in four minutes.” It seemed like she had gotten away….and then a large blade sinks through the roof, the glow of orange reflecting off of Milisas surprised eyes as it misses by a mere couple of inches. “Found you!!” Damn, this girl was persistent….Pressing the autopilot and hitting the coordinates Milisa climbs out from the driver window and gives Lexi a small smile. “Do you mind?” To this Lexi just laughs and waves her free blade at the suspect. “Actually I do yeah! Just give up!” “Sorry, but I cannot let him down.” Lexi didn’t know what that meant but pulled the blade out from the car as it sped down the road at about a 50 mph speed the two well balanced on the roof of the floating vehicle. They stare each other down, the wind picking up around their hair as the cool night breeze hits them hard and finally they make a move! Raising her arm above her head, Lexi goes in for a swift slash while the other arm comes from the bottom in a vertical strike though Milisa is quick to stop that one with her blade while ducking the other one. Both their blades were induced by their chi energy and so far able to keep up with the other.

Time To Get The Hell Out Of Dodge!Edit

( ) “Come on then pretty boy!” Herbert would’ve screamed out, darting towards colt as fast as he could,and to colt’s surprise, he was incredibly fast. However colt didn’t move a muscle, as he just stood there with his right arm extended out as if he was about to snap his fingers, and lo and behold that’s exactly what he did. The “SNAP” noise was heard, and a flame would’ve entered past Herbert’s eyes, and literaly attempted to singe them out of their sockets! (


“UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAH! F-FAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!” Herbet would’ve fallen to his knees, holding onto his bleeding eye sockets for dear life,a s Colt would’ve merely walked past, and around Herbert, with his hands in his pocekts. “Clearly you’ve never been in a combat situation where you’ve been faced with dversity. After you saw me do this before, you ran in anyway. This is your first real combat situation isn’t it?” Herbert would’ve uncovered his eyes, as his berserker physiology began to come in full swing healing the tissue of his eyeballs, and revealing that same sinister glare he’d had before! Colt would’ve turned around, moving some of the hair in his face to the side, staring at Herbert, and playfully putting his arms up, as if he was a boxer. “Come on. I’ll play it fair. No tricks…” Herbert growled, drooling at the mouth as he came in, swinging like a mad man at Colt! Colt would’ve handled himself excellently, bobbing and weaving between Herbert’s hits like they were childsplay. Herbert would’ve tried something different deciding to turn his body and go in for a spinning roundhouse kick, all be it with terrible form. Colt would’ve scoffed at this  and flipped backwards himself, landing on the palms of his hands, only to twist his body clockwise, letting his flailing legs come back with a vengeful force, and kick Herbert right in the right side of his eye! ( )

Tumblr m9wzisIkip1r996ixo1 500

When herbert stumbled back, he’d quickly dart forward again. “Guy’s got some tough skin. Better rely on some tatics here…” When Herbert would’ve come in for another kick, colt would’ve gripped Herbert by his leg! Tuckingit under his arm, Herbert woudlv’e begun to feel lie the heat from his leg was beging absorbed or something, but before he could process it, colt would’ve sent a surprisingly strong enhanced punch at herbert’s gut actually damaging him! There’d be a bloody mark on herbert’s skin where his abs were, and steven would follow this up with a jumping skin kick to herbert’s chin, sending him spinning in a 360 a few feet away, before Colt would’ve taken a step forward, raising his right leg up and boot kicking Herbert into the ground! ( + )

Herbert stopped trying for a moment getting angrier and stronger the more hits he was taking but the real issue is the fact that these hits HURT. “How…my tissue is many times denser than yours!” Colt would shake his head. “You’re an untrained superhuman who doesn’t even know what he’s packing. It’s simple. Heat begets malleability.  Your tissue is superhumanly dense fine, and to conventional fire you may not burn, but repeated increased heat is what softens and relaxes muscles in the first place. That and I can absorb ambient heat…body heat included. “ Herbert would’ve stood up hunching over a bit and eyeing colt down. He still had the money…and this guy. This guy was too much. “Come in quietly son. No one will judge you. You can’t win. I’ve played nice...very nice. To not snap these fingers of mine.” Herbert would’ve smirked. “Well see snapping’s never been my forte. I was always more of a CLAP KIND OF GUY” Herbert would’ve extended his arms outwards, and brought them together, unleashing a loud thunderclap! His increased anger  boosting his strength to a near supernatural level! Once his hands collided with one another, a fierce gust of wind would’ve ripped and erupted for about 3 miles out! The sides of buildings cracking, windows exploding, cars flying, and fierce gale force winds taking prestige and erupting across the surface area! 


Colt would’ve covered his ears fist thing, and been engulfed by the wind of the blast! Send backwards, flying, only to flip through the air a few times, landing on the ground in a squat, and looking back to see Herbert taking off in a sprint his speed on 120mph, replying back to Milisa’s message.”I’ve got abuot 40 G’s in cash, but we’re going to need to get the fuck outta dodge!” squad cars began to mobilize everywhere as a barray of headlights shadowed herbert’s being. “Come on new powers don’t fail me now!”

An impressive swing of blades is caught on Milisas Katana as she is bent backwards, hovering over the roof of the car and almost taken down before she pushes off with her feet, overpowering the green haired girl as the fight continues. Both had some of their clothes shredded with slash wounds all about their forms but none would falter as Lexi caught her breath with a grin. “You’re….pretty….good…” Milisa hears Herberts message and becomes serious, able to hear the struggle in his voice. ”I’ve got abuot 40 G’s in cash, but we’re going to need to get the fuck outta dodge!” The woman looks to Lexi. “So are you...given the circumstances you would be able to defeat me. But I do not intend on losing.” She shifts in to a blur and goes to strike though it was only a feint attack as she uses her mental chi, eyes flashing as she predicts the probability of a block or dodge and as Lexi swings her arms up it leaves the bottom of her body exposed, Milisa turning from one attack to the other with agility and goes from attacking with her blade to assaulting with her foot as the leg kicks out and with a bout of energy sends a spirit pressure shooting from the soles of her feet that knock the woman back and right off the hover car! Lexi winces in surprise, falling from a dangerous speed, the car itself had been going 60 by now and the force of the pressure added another 50 miles as she is brought in a daze her body turned upside down before landing on top of a benz with a loud grunt, denting the hood as she grits her teeth in pain, the window smashing from the force. “…ow…..” Slowly sitting up, she ignores the aching pain on her back and watches the car vanish. “Gah, maaaaannn!!” Milisa jumps back inside and gains control, pressing the buttons and tracking Herberts signal. “I’m just around the corner don’t let them see you.” She would turn the vehicle in a slick motion, hiding about in a slew of other hover crafts in a parking garage. She presses a button on the car and the plates get switched out, the numbers and letters changing while the exterior shifts colors from silver to pure black….it fit in with all the other models of the same color. If Herbert found the car in time and got in she would press another combination of buttons on the screen, a sort of stealth mode…the mirrors looked regular but would be projecting a false image of two people that looked nothing like them if just to throw off any of the KPD who drove close enough. “We have a small window before they create a road block, I know the back roads we can take before they find them on the map and close it.” She starts to drive with ease, taking indeed some rather complicated back streets without drawing any suspicion and turned to examine him….he looked hurt. “Are you alright, Herbert?” The tone was dead but if one knew her enough there were traces of concern.

“I’m just around the corner don’t let them see you.” “NOT EXACTLY EASY!’ Herbert would’ve been putting the pedal to the metal, running as fast as his legs would inhumanly let him, as he outran the cop cars chasing after him wildly! “Don’t fold under pressure Herbert! Use these legs to your advantage!” Herbert would’ve jumped one time, only to then hit the ground and push his super muscles to their limits to sky rocket into the air! The force of the shockwave blasting the cars backwards, and causing a massive crash and wreck up of multiple KPD squad cars and such!  

2325579 o

Herbert would’ve caught at least 100 feet in the air in a single bound! He could smell milissa’s scent near by, and his head looked left and right to find it so he could track her! He eventually landed on the ground far out from the commotion he caused, and saw the hover car. He’d run towards it, and leap once more, before hoping towards the passenger side of the vehicile, latching on to the handle, and pulling himself up effortlessly, only to open the door and sit down, leaning back against the seat. If milissa looked, she could see burns, and scars on him, the he was certain neither of them were going to think was remotely possible. “Well I’ve learned that 1. I can’t fight worth a shit. And 2, I’m tough, but not invulnerable. I can be hurt…and the guy I fought, figured out just how to do it to.” Herbert held his stomach. “we’ll have to do more evaluations on me physically…and then we’ll have to figure out my weaknesses so we can prevent them from being accessed so easily. “ Herbert would nod, and look inside of the bag, and smile at the money. “If your part went good, and mine went good, then we’ve got some work to do. Huehuehue….HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!” Herbert would cackle loudly, his eyes flashing red for a second, before he’d clear his throat. “I think I’m getting it….the laugh down.”

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