Longing For One's OtherEdit

( ) how the area looks) A slight breeze could be felt upon the skin, as the grass in the open field swayed in one direction, all in unison. The sun, which was once at its highest peak, was now subtlety, settling down, coming to a setting tone now. The clouds were drifting over heard, poetically it’s as if they were about to return home, only to make room for the stars to have their turn to cascade the sky with the help of the moon. Yumi would find herself in the middle of this field with almost no civilization in sight, but the tone and feel of the area would’ve given off an vivdly comforting vibe. “Yumiiiiiiiiii!” A voice could be heard echoing through the field. “Yuuuuuuuuuuumiiii! Where are you! Yo!” The voice would’ve picked up in volume, as it would’ve been none other than Connor Ryoji, all be it a bit broken up. He had some skars and some bruises on his torso, and his hair was a heaping mess, not to mention he had holes galore in his pants, but he looked moderately okay. “YUMI! IT’S OKAY! I’M HERE! JUST….I-IF YOU’RE HERE COME ON! THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!...I miss you.” Connor got a bit quiet, as he tilted his head down continuing to make his way through the tall grass, looking for his lost loved one. He had a somber look on his face, as if he’d just experienced the biggest heartbreak of his life. He looked to and fro but he couldn’t find her…would he ever find her? Was she gone? Dead? Killed?

(  )Yumi slowly opens her eyes only to be met with a lazy array of blue and yellow skies….the faintest glow of stars told her it’d be night fall soon. Why was she outside? Another soft breeze blows and it’s warm and comforting making the fighter shift in her position on the cool grass, locks of long red sprawled all around her. “where…?” “Yummiiii!!!” Her name is called out in the distance and she finally gathers up the want to sit up, blinking at the atmosphere. It was beautiful…she recognized it as one of the many places she liked to meditate but what she couldn’t remember was how she got here?? “Yumi!!!” The voice broke her out of the daze as she realizes who is calling her. “Connor??” She gets up only to take note of her attire. She was dressed in simple training shorts and a green tanktop…maybe she’d been practicing here and simply fell asleep? It wouldn’t be the first time. “This isn’t funny anymore!!” He was growing closer and soon enough she spots him. A smile breaks out from Yumi as her eyes soften giving out an amused chuckle at how he said he missed her. “Don’t sound so sad, idiot…”  He looked wounded! Instantly her smile fades as she smacks her teeth and starts running over to him, making herself known to the black haired fighter. “I’m right here!! What happened to you?!” Though she looked a bit frustrated he was hurt she was happy to see him…In fact the moment she was close enough she threw her arms around him and hugged him close as if she hadn’t seen him in forever. She buried her face in Connors hair, taking in the scent she’d never forget, it was seared in to her mind. Pulling back only slightly she watches and examines the bruises, lightly grazing them with her finger. “Idiot, what the hell did you get yourself in to now??” The wind picks up around them, blowing on the fields of grass as the sun had continued to set off in the distance. Yumi breaks away their gaze if only to look around again, giving a slightly confused expression. “Connor…how did you find me? I mean I told you about this place like once or twice but I didn’t think you’d know where it was.” For the life of her she couldn’t remember anything she’d done before waking up here…if she tried to it all got a bit fuzzy for her. There were pieces though…Connor and her weren’t together anymore right? They’d sort of gotten in to a fight of sorts….so why was he here?

Connor would perk up, thinking he’d heard her voice, but he wasn’t exactly sure. When the voice had gotten a little closer, Connor would’ve turned around to hear from her! It was Yumi! “I’m right here!! What happened to you?!” when she came up to him, Connor would’ve opened his amrs to her, and hugged her tightly, incredibly tightly. His grip around her waist a comforting tug. “Nothing much. Just got a bit roughed up looking for you babe.” Connor would’ve nuzzled his face against her shoulder. Holding her as if he hadn’t seen her in 1,000 years. When she pulled back a bit, connor’s hair fell into his face just a tad. He didn’t have time to slick it back, so he just let it fall down. Didn’t look bad on him in fact sometimes he preferred it this way.  . “Idiot, what the hell did you get yourself in to now??” Connor would shrug. “Just some rough and tough greek bad guys, nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m strong as shit remember? Or did you forget that too.” Connor would’ve laughed a bit, but he could tell there was something off with her facial expression. She looked confused almost.  When she asked how he’d found her, and about this place Connor would look around for a second. “It…wasn’t hard. I’ve learned to track people by their negative emotions…the sorrow you’ve had in cocnerns to me is what let’s me track you easily. Kinda sad that it has to be something negative for me just to find you huh Yumi.” Connor would lean in and nudge his forehead against hers. “The point is…I found you.  I wasn’t going to stop until I did. I let you go once…I don’t wanna do that again. Not to you.” Connor’s hands found their way down her arms, as he kept their chest pressing close. His fingers would inertwine with hers, and he’d hold her hands, by their sides. “I don’t want to lose you ever again. I fucked up. Talk shit to me later I know .” Connor would’ve playfully rolled his eyes, before, looking back to her. “I’m….s-s-s-s. ah fuck. I’m sorry. No more bullshit, no more dicking around. I just want YOU. Don’t leave me again…please?” Connor’ would’ve brushed his lips against hers, not quite kissing her, but not quite leaving space in that area. “It’ll all be better this time. We’ll run away for a while, just like we did in the dark zone. I’ve got nothing but time to make up for the 50 years I was away from you…let’s do that together this time.” Connor would’ve smiled against her lips waiting to hear what she had to say.

Fighting greek gods??? That was a new one…and yet it sounded familiar. He joked with her and it put her at ease while he answers how he found her. That’s right…that was always how he tracked her down wasn’t it? Any time they fought and she was angry with him she couldn’t storm off and hide because he’d find her. But she loved that about him…he’d look for her no matter what. “I let you go once…I’m not gonna do that again. Not to you.” Yumi felt her stomach do a flip as she looked away, trying her best not to blush at what he was saying. “I’m s-s-s-s…” She flinches in surprise, pulling back to gaze at him with curious blue hues. Was he apologizing?!?!? “I’m sorry. No more bullshit.” This felt unreal, Connor Ryoji apologizing??? Telling her he wouldn’t dick around….but what about Kodi? When they fought he was so set on thinking about being with her and deciding where his heart truly lay. He seemed so sure of himself that he needed all this time!! So why….was he here with her? She almost wanted to ask him about the blonde but then he said they could run away together as their lips grazed each other. The usually stoic and tough fighter begins to grow weak in the knees at how sweet Connor was behaving. “But…what about shenpaku?” Ah ever the loyal aniki she was, fighting for the cause. “Hah never mind…I guess we could run away for a little while.” The sun now faded as the moon began to take its place in the darkening skies to give a mesmerizing glow of pure white, the millions of stars copying its glow with their own as they sparkled but that didn’t grab her attention….what did was the green light coming from her neck as she gazed down to see her necklace! She seemed surprised to see it though….why?? She loved this necklace she wore it all the time but something felt a little strange seeing it there. The lush tall grass blew once more, awakening the fire flies as their light matches the green hue of the jewel, fluttering lazily about to meet one another. Yumi lifts her head just to see Connor smiling at her and she blushes a bit, getting a little flustered at how romantic he was acting as she turned away and started walking through the fields so he couldn’t see her face. “This is nicer than the dark zone…the moon is brighter out here and all the stars feel so much closer.” They really did, the entire sky in its blanket of stars dazzled the dragon Halfling as she enjoyed shinny things. “And there isn’t anything trying to kill us constantly…” She stared at her knuckles, covered in small scars and cuts that hadn’t healed properly over time. If Connor had tried to approach her she’d just turn away from him, trying not to be bright red…50 years spent with the boy was amazing, they’d learned so much about the other but after spending 50 years alone?? It was like being with him for the first time all over again. And she was still hurt…hurt about those words he had said to her. Hurt he wanted to be with another woman…

Give me a chanceEdit

( ) how it looks now) “Hah never mind…I guess we could run away for a little while.” Connor was happy to hear her say that. The time was passing and the sun had done its duty for the day, letting the sky be kissed with starts now. it was still such a beautiful illuminated night time, and Connor couldn’t help but be a tad taken by the view. He loved views like these, though he seldom said this in fear of looking like a bitch in front of his peers. Connor watched as  a green light came from her breast area and there at that moment appeared the green necklace Connor had given her in the dark zone, as a sign of them being together for that long. . “This is nicer than the dark zone…the moon is brighter out here and all the stars feel so much closer.” “They sure do don’t they” “And there isn’t anything trying to kill us constantly…” “Amen to that.” Connor would’ve moved his hands from her fingers, to place them on the sides of her jutted hips. God they were nice…holding them so close after so long just seemed like the right thing to do. But as she turned away, Connor would’ve lightly reached out for her.  He was going to ask why, but the emotions he was reading from her….just….just didn’t sit well. He knew why she’d turned away. He could tell, without even having to inquire about it. Connor would look down for a moment thinking about the mistake he’d made. How he was conflicted, but no more. At time…it was different. ‘Yumi…look.” Connor would’ve begun walking towards her. “I can’t take back what I said. I’d be lying if I said I regretted what I said. I don’t. I needed time to make that choice…but I’ve made it. I know what I want now, and more than ever..” taking her hand, he’d rest his head on her shoulder from behind, pushing his lips against her ear, as his body pressed against the back of hers. “The answer was clear, I just wanted to be sure. I couldn’t love you with half of my heart. I refused to.  You didn’t deserve that. As of this moment, you have my whole. My undivided affection for you, and only you. I’d like it if you accepted it, though I won’t be mad if you don’t” Connor would’ve slithered a hand up her neck, and on the bottom of her jaw, turning her head towards his direction, so  he could look her in the eyes. “Give me a chance to love you like you deserve to be loved. Just one. I won’t waste it, I swear. “ He’d tilt her head up a tad more, while lowering himself to kiss her. Pushing his lips against hers, they were soft. Just as soft as they were throughout all of those years. Just as ripe. Just as…good. Connor would cascade his arm around her mid section, his body pressing against her back side, as if she let him, his tongue would be paitent. Pushing past her lips, and slithering in, but not in a rush. At a tender pace, yet more passionate than it had been for a long long time. He didn’t want to waste this moment, not a single second of it.

( )Yumi doesn’t pull away when he reaches out for her, his rough hands against smooth creamy skin, she could feel every small scar and welt, every flawed inch of his hand and it put her at sweet ease. She adored him, every perfect imperfection…that’s why it hurt to see him need time. But his words, they hit home as she listened to those soft whispers at the shell of her ear. He meant it, she could feel it in her core….Connor would love only her. “Give me a chance to love you like you deserved to be loved…” This was too much, he was making her fall even more in love with him if that were even possible. Her eyes close as she bites her lip, fighting back the tears….warriors don’t cry. She wouldn’t cry….but that was a lie. Connor moves her head to turn lightly so their lips could meet and this kiss? It blew all the others away. The dragon Halfling could no longer deny the need to cry as tears streamed down her face and she turned in his arms, kissing him back with such passion and love, it’d make the grass around them blow every which way from the warm air radiating off of them. Her lips part as she allows his tongue entry, her own dancing along with his as she presses herself in to him, holding on to his face with such care, exploring every inch of his mouth just so she could remember how it felt at this moment. When she was satisfied and after a couple of slow pop kisses, she’d pull away and gaze up at the slightly taller male. “Who could ever take your place, Connor? As if I’d go through this all over again with someone else. I forgave you the moment you told me you needed time and I’ve always been yours. You don’t need a chance, I’m yours baby…” She was still crying but it wasn’t a sobbing mess you’d never see Yumi cry like that…no, these tears were gentle and genuine, pouring out all the heart ache and loneliness she had once felt so she could make room for the happiness she was sure would come from being with the Ryoji boy. Suddenly she kicks her leg out behind his to trip him up, pushing him back out of nowhere so they could both fall to the floor as she landed on him with a sweet smile, showing no ill intent of hurting him. “Though if you ever….eeevvvveeeerrrrrr do that to me again. I will castrate you.” Her tone was soft even with such a heavy and all too real threat. If the boy had insulted her or tried to play tough she’d let him with a soft laugh, not planning on arguing as she murmurs. “I love you, Connor Ryoji.” Saying it out loud again after so long…and with their clothes on mind you, it felt surreal. She had to say it again just to make sure she herself heard it. “I love you.” She wanted to stay here with him forever. Why not? Forget about everyone else…nothing else mattered. “Lets just…stay here. We’ll have sex all through the night and sleep all day under the warm sun…or we could travel the world. Get out of here, get out of the city and explore what else is out there. Together.”

(  ) Through a slew of pop kisses, Connor got lost in the bliss that was her kiss. He didn’t want her to pull away, no he couldn’t.  this…this moment was too much, and he coudlnt’ let it go. As she released his lips from her own, he’d heard her speak, and it was music to his ears. “Who could ever take your place, Connor? As if I’d go through this all over again with someone else. I forgave you the moment you told me you needed time and I’ve always been yours. You don’t need a chance, I’m yours baby…” “Yumi…” Connor would smile, closing his eyes for a second, enjoying the closeness he was experiencing from her. He could see her tears running down the side of her face. They were…tears of joy perhaps? Connor could only tune in on negative emotions, but this time he wasn’t getting any from her. No. this must mean she’s feeling something positive. It has to be positive. When she turned around in his arms, Connor would’ve moved his hand up to remove some of the hairs from her face, looking down at her, before he was suddenly tripped up and placed back first on the ground. Connor landed making a soft grunt, keeping his hand on her waist, and another hand placed firmly on her thick ass. He missed this…it hadn’t been that long since they’d last made love, but sometimes it’s too long. “Though if you ever….eeevvvveeeerrrrrr do that to me again. I will castrate you.” “Good luck. My dicks made of steel baby girl.” Connor would laugh it off, and cradle her just a tad bit closer. A few shooting starts ran across the sky, when she uttered the words “I love you Connor Ryoji.” Connor took a look into her eyes. His bloody, crimson red hues, shifting from that color, to a subtle pink, would focus on her and only her, before he said it back. “I love you too, Yumi Ikeda.” When she said it again, he also said it again. “I love you too.” When she mentioned staying here and having sex, or traveling the world, Connor would’ve grabbed her by the base of her chin. “Let’s start with one thing at a time. I’ll go wherever you ‘ll go.” Connor would lean in and push another kiss on Yumi’s lips, but this time more ferocious than the last one. Titling his head, to the side, to deep the kiss, he’d buck his hips, so she could straddle him perfectly, his bulge already harder than a stone, pressing against the between of her shorts. his hands all over her back side, before they rested firmly on her rump, pushing her down to feel the manhood rising to the occasion. Cascading his tongue over her lips, and kissing them repeatedly, only to start grabbing at her tank top, urging her to let her cream colored tits pop out and brush against his chest..

Everything That You've Ever Dreamed OfEdit

( )“I’ll go wherever you’ll go.”  At this Yumi couldn’t help the melted demeanor, one could tell by simple gaze alone just how hard she’d fallen for the tough fighter. They always say one loves the other more, the one who fell first and she wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it was her. “Connor…” She said his name in a sweet surprised tone, enjoying all of the nice things he had been saying since they started this conversation. She loved him and sure he wasn’t the most charming and charismatic person in the world and yes he liked to scratch his balls and pick his nose and shove her out the way at times but she enjoyed all of his quirks and it just…who he was. Which was also brave and loyal…fierce and strong…blunt and outspoken. Connor Ryoji was everything she knew she wanted and more. Besides, she was a tough girl too and his way of acting like a jerk didn’t faze her, she enjoyed annoying him back. Suddenly his head leans up so their lips meet again only this one was much more arousing with both their tongues swirling against the other messily, exciting the redhead as Connor shifts her legs to open around his waist. The hardness felt at the mound of her pussy made Yumi smile, happy to know she could get him up with ease. Sex wasn’t everything to them bbuuuuuutttt at the same time it kind of was. They were both very VERY sexual beings they just clicked together when it came to satisfying their carnal desires…and she desired him wholeheartedly. Big hands reached behind to squeeze her ass, shivering at the sensation while their hips crush into one another for a delicious friction. The tanktop is pulled on, hinting what he wanted which she obliged without complaint, slipping the top down to expose her round creamy breasts, her light pink nipples poking against his chest as she finally breaks away from the heated kiss, a small string of saliva between both their tongues as she gives him a flushed expression, red tinting her cheeks. She doesn’t say a word to him, the need and lust very apparent in ocean hues as she begins to grind her covered cunt against his own covered meat, the clothing teasing them with erotic traction. The more she rolled her hips, the hotter it became and the harder it was not to moan and grow soaked under her shorts.

His dick now becoming hard enough it would probably rip through his already run down pants made Yumi too impatient as she tugged the zipper down all in between thrusts as slender fingers finally wrap themselves around that thick shaft, her thumb giving the head of it a slow twirl if only to mix the precum leaking out, spreading it all around to make it nice and slick. She placed a hand on his chest just in case he tried to move or help her, giving him a stubborn yet rather sensual gaze as the hand that had been teasing the tip yanks the girls shorts to the side and both pussy and dick barely meet, rubbing her clit with the fat head that earned a deep shiver and an intimate whimper. She locks eyes with him, that submissive gaze shes known to give him appears, arms trembling as her pheromones start leaking out to induce the animalistic urge to breed with every slight pant she gives, filling the air with them. It wasn’t too rare where she took control and called the shots, she was a slut that satisfied Connors need to dominate but when she got like this, she put up a fight for command…until he beats her into submission of course. After enough riding the side of his shaft with her dripping wet cunt, she raised her hips high enough, aligning the tip with her entrance and with a soft inhale she slammed her thighs down, impaling her tight cunt in one swift motion, her walls are stretched without ease as she cries out, the head opening her womb on the first try with how deep hes pushed through. “Fu-fuck!” She squeals almost cutely before shaking off the need to become a squirming mess and with powerful thrusts she begins to ride him, her ass bouncing and smacking his still covered thighs which added to the pleasure as her pussy made sloshing slick noises with every drop of her hips, both hands now placed on either side of his ribs.

Connor’s eyes had been stalemated with hers in a lustful staring contest. He’d lick his lips, looking at her as she broke the kiss, and stream of spital connected their tongues in the night air. Her breast brushing against his chest, made it tingle just a tad. His hands found their way down her shorts, gripping the skin of her cheeks, as at that time she’d begin working her hips along his shaft. Connor kept a lustful stare in his eyes, looking at her as if she was a piece of meat to be devoured for everything she was worth… they way her hips swayed, he couldn’t help but release a tad of pre nut out of the head of his cock. He wanted her…he wanted to ravish her for every god damn thing she was worth right then and there, as he closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the feeling of her grinding maybe more than he should have, making sure his legs were a proper mount for her hips. He then shot his eyes open when he felt her smooth hand, reach down and grapple his cock as a whole, the tip being played with. “Ahhh…you know my spots better than anyone. “ Connor watched as she placed a hand on her chest, and he himself would’ve braced his feet upon the ground, to get a better standing. His own pheromones began to emit themselves, putting them both in a state two heated dogs would’ve been envious of. As she raised her hips, Connor would’ve actually let her do her thing this time. He always took control the first time around, and he wanted to give her a chance…only so he could steal the dominant position from her later on of course, but all in all, the moment she pushed down and consumes his cock with her womb, Connor would lean his head back a bit, and let out a low closed mouth growl.

As she rides him, he can heard his cock pushing the innards of her womb around, and the subtle sloshing noises of her internal juices, coating his cock in a rather nice and fitting coat. As her hips rode up and down, Connor would’ve gripped her ass cheeks, slapping them firmly, before helping her slide her ass up and down onto the bulk of his shaft. Assisting her bounce , and letting the slapping noise increase even further as his precum would’ve begun to spill inside of her womb. He grunted and growled between thrust, and leaned his head up just enough to nibble on her nipple like a newborn baby, biting and sucking. He was happy…happy to be here with her in this perfect paradise, even if it did feel off or abrupt. He didn’t want it to end…he wanted to be here with yumi. He wanted to experience the rest of his life with her…was this feeling real or was it just the sex talking?

That blissful pleasure between her legs, the fat dick pounding in to her with his hips thrown up to meet with hers to the point they’d bruise but she loved every second of it. She was riding him like she’d never be able to do again. “Co-connor…” The sexy talk could wait, she couldn’t bring herself to talk nasty this time. No, she couldn’t muster the words usually said during their fucking…perhaps she didn’t want to go that route? Connor told her he loved her, they could finally be together…this, what they were doing right now? Was making love the best way they knew how. Sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near slow like most couples but this was close enough as she bends forward, resting her breasts against his chest as her ass raises up, smacking against his hands before slamming them back down on the pulsing shaft, earning a dragon like rumble of a moan, Yumis toes curling as her spot gets hit multiple times in a very delightful combo of strikes with the girth of his dick. Now close enough she locks lips with him again, leaving a messy trail of saliva as her tongue slides out to lick and swirl against his lips, biting it between her pearly whites and tugging playfully though it was hard enough to leave a red spot (maybe it could be there when he wakes up) on the bottom lip, tasting his blood but it didn’t bother her, she enjoyed the unique taste of it. The kiss becomes even messier with her tongue dancing all about his own, it was almost as wet as her other hole that at this point drenched Connors cock and even her juices were warm, only getting warmer and leaving behind a tingling sensation around the rock hard flesh. This feeling, oh god it was incredible!! Her clit being stimulated as its rubbed against his shaft while his extension busies itself in smashing her g spot. The heat growing in her womb made her hips buck faster, riding him closely as her breasts bounced against his chin. Something still felt off about all of this…the field, Connor apologizing and how everything else was a bit hazy…but the way he just laid there with those handsome features, his nose curled up in pleasure with furrowed brows…she wanted to believe this was real, the pleasure she was bringing him was real and he wanted her and only her… “Te-tell me….you love me….say it again, please…” Tears pricked the corners of her eyes though they were mostly from the intoxicating numbing sensation that was bringing her closer and closer to the edge of an earth shattering orgasm…

He could feel it. He could feel his body tensing up. Was he…close to cumming already? Something about the entire ordeal or maybe it was the undying love they had for one another that was pushing his sex drive a little harder than before. This must be what they call “love making”.  Connor hadn’t heard of it ,a and he was fairly certain he’d never done anything like it before except maybe once, but even then he was pretty rough about it. As she worked her hips against this core, Connor couldn’t help but flex his hips, to meet her force. He was never one to sit idol, and just let someone else do all of the work , oh no. Connor was a take charge kind of guy, and that’s exactly what he was going to do with her. Her back arched, and her ass continuously moving up and down against his force, made him sit up on one arm, and hold her close with the other, and at the right time to as she ‘d lean in and kiss him once again. Their tongues wrestling and fighting one another, as she ‘d pull back and let a stream of salvia drip from their tongues, before she’d come back in to nibble on his bottom lip. She’d bitten into it and drawn a bit of blood but it was nothing Connor wasn’t’ used to with her. It was common…one of those things he just had to love about her. One of those things he couldn’t help BUT love about her. The sex continued, Connor beginning to sweat, as he could feel her body convulsing against hers. He’d lay back down flat on his back, and throw his arms around her waist, bending her body inwards, against his and bucking his hips up to slam his massive cock deeper inside of the depths of her walls, but not out of sexual aggression. No this time, he just wanted to be as close to her as she possible could. He didn’t want to let her go. He wanted her to stay! Here! With him! In this more than perfect place, in this terrible crazy mixed up world, he knew she’d be there! His cock growing in size a bit, and leaking pre cum from the rim of her womb, he’d dig his nails into her sides, a bit, breathing through gritted teeth and panting occasionally as he’d speak, not being able to get a word out a first as he could feel his cock throbbing like…like it was going to explode! Te-tell me….you love me….say it again, please…” Connor closed his eyes, and sat up a bit to bury his face into her neck! Shouting out with everything in his being, as he’d pump inside of her a couple more times, speaking against the creamy skin of her neck. “I…I LOVE YOU…YUMI! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! NGH!” Connor would’ve bit down on the skin of her neck rather hard, (maybe that can be left there) as  he’d let himself release inside of her! His cum pouring into her womb, only to slur out at the sides, like whip cram out of a nuzzle bottle! Connor would then feel something….something odd. Something off. As if the world around him was seemingly fading into color’s. “Eh?....”

Disapearing When You Wake UpEdit Connor holds her closer, their bodies could have melted together as he helps with his own thrusts upwards inside of her. His smell was driving her insane, his sweat and pre nut all mixed together with her own juices and sweat…it delighted her senses, it brought her close to the edge. But what really did?? Connor yelling out with all his might that he loved her and marking her neck roughly in a bite…she loved those bites, she adored looking at them when they were done. Tears streamed down her face once more as she whispered against his ear how she loved him too. “I’ll always love you…” Finally her body rocked when he starts to cum but she was trembling from her own numbing orgasm as she whimpers, she felt exhausted all of a sudden…which was rare considering how often they could go but she was spent more so mentally tired than physically, it’s strange…until colors begin to fade and the moon started to blur. The wind picks up as if it were the cause of pulling away the scene as she sits up only to see chains clasped around her wrists and one wrapped around her neck. Yumi started getting even more tired as her eyes drooped. “Connor I don’t…feel so good…” The world turns upside down as she falls on her side, landing with a light thud as her eyes travel up to the night time sky only to have it change in to nothing but white…blue hues shift to try and gaze at Connor as she smiles finally understanding what this was. “Oh…I should have figured…it was…it was nice while it lasted.” Their bodies are separated as if the field stretched out to keep them apart, sucking them both back in to where their physical forms are. Yumis eyes snap open as shes sprawled out on polished marble floors inside of a grand royal room…it was covered in the finest silk sheets and pillows of all sizes thrown around in the corner with statues of greek decent decorated, paintings as well mostly of the Gods…she recognized this as just an extra bedroom of the many dozens this place had…Hercules domain. In mount Olympus…A slave hovers over her in worry, having splashed the girl with water. “A-are you okay?! I thought he killed you this time!!” Yumi could finally feel the water against beaten flesh…everything was hurting. Well…not everything, she made sure certain parts of her were untouched. “Why do you insist on making him angry? He’s going to kill you! The only reason he hasn’t yet is because he wants to do it in front of your beloved…” The slave girl meant well, setting the bucket down and kneeling beside Yumi to help her sit up. The redhead groans softly, her face was covered in purple and yellow bruises, her lip split with dry blood…the rest of her was riddled with slashes from a whip perhaps or knives some fresh while others were taking their sweet time to heal. She was dressed in a small stola…a simple white dress with a small belt just below her breasts to hug around her body. Her hair was done up in a long pony tail, bangs braided and placed up in a curly style while her wrists were bound by chains that connected to the ones on her neck. They’d left her flesh raw and tender…it stung but it wasn’t anything Yumi couldn’t handle…just like his beatings. She refused to lay with him and fought as hard as she could to the point where he’d simply get his frustrations out in other ways…her scales had protected her as best they could but these bloody chains! They were draining her chakra…she was tired more and more as time passed on… “I can’t…give up fighting.” She finally murmured in a hushed tone. “Why??” The redhead turns her head to gaze out the window…night had fallen on mount Olympus and the stars were covering the mountain of clouds in a beautiful blanket of lights of all kinds of different colors…they were so close she could pluck one right off and hold it tight. Tears started again this time they were all too real as she spoke a little louder. “Because hes waiting for me….I know he is.” There was a spot on her neck that didn’t hurt…it felt soothing in a way…it tickled her right above the collar as she placed a hand over it and she shuts her eyes. He’d left a mark after all…was it really just a dream? Cause it felt so much more than that. Silently one by one those dragon tears rolled down wounded flesh as she thought back on the dream…maybe he had gotten over her and she had just dreamt it up as a fantasy. But believing he was coming for her to tell her all those things is what kept her going. “I love you…” She said gently to no one as the slave girl had continued her chores, leaving the Halfling to herself to gaze out the window in a dazed far off expression. “Are you…thinking about me?”

( )As he felt her own sultry juices, streaming down his cock, and hitting the grass beneath his sack, Connor felt himself begin to calm down a bit. “I’ll always love you…” Connor wanted to say something back but something was… a tad off. His voice wasn’t working right. He could feel his lips moving though. He wasn’t exactly sure what the hell was going on so he tried yelling her name. “Yumi? Can you hear me? Am I mute or something here? HEY!” When he went to go and look at her face, it was blank. There was nothing there, and her body became suddenly weightless, as the beautiful dream world around them, began to crumble and shatter, like fragile glass. Connor found himself falling away from her direction. He desperately reached for her, but the faceless silhouette of his lover, was consistently moving away from him. “HEY! G-GET BACK HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!” Connor continued to fall in this shattering light until his body hit the ground! He’d awaken in the real world, sitting up, and finding himself still on that island! Connor sat up. He’d slept until the deepest of nighttime. Connor looked around, his body drenched in a cold sweat, as Josh had fallen asleep against a coconut tree, probably hanging with connor through the whole ordeal. Connor wiped his face before standing up, and looking around. “It….was a dream….all of it…” Connor began to walk forward with his fist balled up.  His teeth gritted in a heated anger.  He’d then raise his fist, punching himself in the head as hard as he could! “I wanna go back to sleep!” he began repeatedly punching himself in the head like a Neanderthal. Anyone who’d seen him would think he was insane, but if they knew the sorrow and small tears that came behind every punch they’d understand why he wished to leave this reality to badly. To his failure, all he did was bloody his forehead…Connor stomped the ground, a couple of times, 3 in fact before the 4th stomp had some girth behind it. Connor would’ve squatted down towards the ground, grabbing his own hair. “I couldn’t….couldn’t save her…should’ve stayed with her…” his voice shaky, as he fought every tear his eyes were forcing him to muster. The dirt around connor began to rise, and his mass became much heavier as he began to sink into the ground, a bit, standing up to his full height, with his arms tucked by his sides, he’d let out a roar! “GOD DAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The winds around his body erupted violently, awakening josh from his slumber as he was sent back flying and tumbling along the ground! “Gah, ee, ahh!” Josh eventually grabbed onto a tree and held it for dear life! He could see Connor was clearly upset, but he had no idea why. He didn’t know why Demon Eyes Ryo, was standing here crying like a child. “NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!” connor’s chi flailed explosively, as he’d let the bulk of his red aura brim from his body, his destructive chi destroying the trees around him for about 50 feet as his oni-features began to come to fruition. His fangs bared, and his eyes a solid crimson

Connor would stop his hollering abruptly, only to then drop to his knees, raising his fist above his head, and slamming them down onto the ground, causing miniature fissures from his point of origin.  

his head in the dirt, as he wallowed in his weakness and his lack of ability to do anything at this moment. Josh would’ve creped his way back to standing, and Connor would’ve remained where he was speaking to himself. “I’ll find you…and I’ll fix this yumi. I’ll fix all of it so we can go home…even if I can only have you in my dreams…” Connor would’ve rolled over. His tongue flicking his lips, and oddly enough he felt the red mark, where she’d bit him in his dream. “Are you…” he looked at the oddly star filled sky. “Thinking of me….?”

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