Lotus: (Repost ) Lily finished her performance with raving reviews soon followed by Dusk and her gothic flare to the sounds of Marlyn Mansons Sweet Dreams. Ballad that like Dusks 40 year old ass needed to seriously needed to be retired in the back of Lotus' mind as she yawns dramatically watching both women switch places and dance. But the crowd outside seemed to eat it alive which was all that truly matter as they paid the bills. After several moments of waiting it was finally her turn to go on stage the alluring half arabian, japanese beauty giving both of her coworkers a wicked smile as she shoves one of them back stating, "alright ya hangs stand back and watch a real pro at work" placing one foot up onto the stairway and then the other  just in time to hear the sounds of Jade's theme making its intro over the speakers as Lotus moves out onto stage her hips swaying erotically to the  methodical beat of eastern Arabian music. Her brown eyes coming alight mysterious fire and passion as her hands shook and beat the tambourine to which she held in hand, the entire time while scowering room for either her target or one who possibly have knowledge of this blue demons where about. Not knowing that the one to whom she sought had already evaded capture and being lead away to one of the private rooms in back by one of the other girls. Regardless of this Lotus continued to do her job moving further out into the light so that free hand could clasp a nearby pole her body taking several trips around it before she pulls up from the floor onto it her legs fully opened in a vertical manner as she'd her hands to help her  slide the cool metal up and over her lace covered slit. The motion alone starting arouse her senses just a bit. Using right leg she wraps around the pole still in a spinning motion Lotus turns herself upside down for a bit so that lower half of her body could itself in snake like motion against its makings all the while her left hand slowly begins to remove a red colored veil from her left side tossing it out into the crowd as she lowers herself to floor, where she uses her God given gift of agility and flexibility in her left leg to propel her body around in one fluid motion so that she's sitting against floor in a Chinese split. Her hand vividly tracing a path from her flat taunt belly, to heaving mounds that lay against her chest stopping if only for a moment jiggle them shamelessly in each of her palms before going on to unmatched the clasps on the top that covered them at slow yet sensual pace then proceeding to toss it the side once her ample 36Ds were in full frontal view. Lotus would raise one of her ample melons to her lips allowing viewers to get a good look at long pink tongue escaping her lips in order give her nipple several long linger kisses with its tip her right hand tear away at another veil from the skirt, this one being purple instead as her body gyrated profusely against the makings floor and the sultry female moving down onto all fours crawling and swaying herself in the erotic mannerisms of a wild jungle cat. The whole while this was going on several men approaching the stage to either empty out wallets onto it or placing it into the skirt she hand on. Lotus lifting herself up from her hands and onto her knees with several hundred dollars in hand using it and them caress her chest and work their way up further to her face with her upper body still swaying wildly to the beat.

Rima / Talon: (( )) Green hues narrowed into inquisitive slits as Kaori's head barely turned left and right to look about. The meticulous task of loading Hiro back into the shuttle to keep him out of further harm had momentarily distracted her attention from the others, but it wasn't too long before she realized that the commands she had sent out through their communicators hadn't been answered. She was used to the immediate cue that they understood her, but for some reason, she didn't hear a sound or a single word out of her own transmitter in response to her distress signal. A sigh escaped her lips as her eyes slowly rolled in annoyance. If she were to find out that everyone – especially the men of the squadron – were too busy getting lap dances and drinking away their post traumatic stress to pay any attention to her call, she was personally going to string them up by their balls and flay them like raw fish for it. Her finger snapped toward her transmitter, as her impatient voice rang out, “David! Wes! Claud! Do you copy! I repeat! Do you co--” Her words were cut off by a loud shriek that felt like a knife stabbing into her ear and through the meat of her brain, causing her to cry out as she instantly slapped a hand over her aching ear. Doubling forward slightly, her face was crinkled into a harsh wince when her eyes peeled open in time to notice movement within her peripheral vision. It was swift movement, shadowy, silent. She stiffened for a split second, before slowly lowering her hand back down to her side, a stern expression crossing her features as she looked around at the figures surrounding her. They were clad in red ninja-like attire, their identities hidden behind authentic headware save for their eerie eyes, which glared at her with murderous intent. They weren't the only one who could give someone the stare of death, which was proven by Kaori's own collective, yet vicious glare toward every single one of them. She took a mental count of the figures, estimating that there were about over forty of them flanked on all sides of her position. Standing in the center of the roof, she couldn't help but wonder if any of them had seen her place Hiro into the shuttle. Assuming that they were here because of her shouting, her guess was that these men were the ones responsible for Hiro's near-death assault. Her eyes narrowed at the thought, and although she wanted to raise hell up every single one of their asses, she knew it would be best to remain as calm as possible in this situation. At least until she could figure out why her comrade was attacked in the first place. Then again, she had a feeling she knew exactly what this was about. “Nice to meet you...Director...” Her head turned slowly at the sound of the unknown, menacing voice, soon able to put something of a face to it once her body turned to face its source. Examining the darkly dressed shadow of an assassin, her head tilted slightly as her gloved fingers flexed at her sides, still coated in Hiro's blood. “Oh, I'm sorry.” Her voice slipped deeply from her lips in a sly, yet firm tone. “I don't believe we've met before. Who the fuck are you?” She had found it strange that this unknown shadowed figure apparently knew of her. There was no telling just how much intel he possessed, but evidently it was enough for him to know of her title as the Black Glove Society's leading Director.  “We are here simply to ask... where is the Shard of Nirvana...and who was Lion Corps contractor to retrieve this Shard... Answer me, and I will not Kill you.” She listened to the mysterious form speak and her eyes instantly narrowed to slits at his words. It was just as she had expected the moment she spotted Hiro half-dead on the ground. These men...The Infinites...were here to raise the stakes of this war. Over the Shard of Nirvana. As she glared silently at the man, she could momentarily see a flash of Hiro's image as she was knelt over his body just a moment ago; she could hear his hoarse, fading voice speaking inside her mind: "... Dont let them.... get to Artemis..." So...he really did hold the rookie near and dear. Then again, she probably would have done the same thing if the little blue-haired girl had rescued her from the clutches of the Infinites. Whether or not there was more to Hiro's protective nature of her, the last thing Kaori would ever even dare to do was betray her comrade and strongest ally. If his final request was to keep these men away from  Artemis, then her only obligation was to do just that until her very last dying breaths. David would be so pissed about this...

Rima / Talon: Kaori lowered her gaze to the purple aura erupting from the man's hand, a clear display of the immense power he possessed, but she would not let the threatening gesture intimidate her in the slightest. Instead, her head tilted slowly as the corner of her lips lifted into a smirk. “Tsk tsk.” She chuckled softly, her green eyes methodically sliding back up to meet the man's. “Didn't your mother ever teach you to ask nicely when it comes to a lady?” As the men moved toward her, she took one step toward the darkly dressed man, her eyes never leaving him although she had her peripheral focus locked on his armed minions. “I've been around long enough to know how this goes, whoever the hell you are. And if there's one thing I've learned dealing with power-hungry miscreants like yourself, it's that you guys never play fair. You want me to tell you where the Shard of Nirvana is?” Her head straightened on her shoulders as her smirk melded into something more serious. “And in exchange you'll spare my life? That's pretty hard to believe coming from someone like you. The way I see things going from here on out, you'll kill me if I tell you where it is....or if I tell you I've never seen that thing in my whole life. So how about we cut this bull shit scare tactic of yours and do things my way...” As her voice trailed off, her nanoenergy would flood throughout her entire body like a wild fire, causing a disturbance in the air around her that sent her hair and trench coat billowing violently. Unbeknownst to the men surrounding her, she had been charging telekinetic energy within her body from the second that she became engulfed in the circle of red ninjas, building its intensity higher and higher until the perfect moment arrived. “Here's my answer to you, pal,” She growled as her hands rolled upward to cross beneath her chin, her fingers curled inward as if to form pairs of claws. “Go FUCK yourself!” With a powerful outward thrust of both hands, an invisible burst of telekinetic force would erupt out of her body, creating a deafening boom that resembled the sound of a bomb explosion. The eruption of force would have ruptured through the surface of the roof as it blasted in all directions toward the men surrounding her as fast as the blink of an eye.  Anyone in the path of the explosion would have been sent flying hundreds of feet through the air, those who had been standing close enough to Kaori would have been ripped to shreds by the immense power of the blast if they didn't somehow dodge or block the sudden attack, but seeing as though it had happened so quickly and was quite unpredictable, that outcome was the least possible. The man possessing the purple aura would have been blasted all the way to the next city block if he did not figure out how to avoid such a result, and if that had happened, Kaori would lower her hands to her sides. If the ninjas and the darkly dressed man had somehow blocked, avoided, or survived such an attack, Kaori would immediately go for the Black Glove edition firearms holstered on either of her hips, both handhelds weapons charged with automatic fire power that was strong enough to blast through bullet proof glass and even steel. Most likely since she had initiated attack, the others would come for her throat now. In which case, she was prepared to do everything in her power to protect Artemis for Hiro's sake. (( I'm using physical weapons so she doesn't just OP overkill the fuck out of these guys and actually enjoys a fight haha. )) With the guns in hand, she would strike up a stance, her senses ready and alert for the ninjas to attack full force.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) Quake was knocked by Kaori's force along with men but they would have attempted to catch there rebound while air borune while others failed. Quake contorted his body before he landed on the earth awhile building away. " Impressive power Director..." Quake said as he tilted his head up. " But your not the only one... With tricks..." With his power Quake can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. " I shall show you true power..." Quake said as the ground around him began to shake and buildings from all around him began to break down and churn into sand! Taking out three whole blocks as the sand circulated around his form as he Stared Kaori down. "... Kill..." He said raising his right hand over at the female as the massive blast of Sand rose above his head, the size of a Tsunami styled wave as it soared high over to witnesses its glories head. " KILL THE DIRECTOR..." He says as the massive wave comes down in attempts to break Kaori down into nothing with its impacting force that if it connected would crush the green haired goddess into Dust.

Meanwhile... David would have booted Jerico out of the clubs backroom with a beaten and bloodied mouth. The Shinboi attempted to scutter awawy on his knees and hands before a Combat knive was wedged into his ankels that connected to the ground. " Im gonna ask you again..." David said walking over to Jerico whom seemed unschathed. "... What's the name of your boss... Why did you kill my cadiates... And why are you here.. " He said pulling out another out another knife. " HAHAHAHA You'll... be seeing them much sooner then you think... dont worry... " Jerico said in response. David slung the other blade into the side of his neck as Jerico shouted at the top of his lungs dying. He got ready to check his body before he turned his attention to the sea of sand above his head with a scowl. " Dear god..." He said looking back down at the ninja who was now gone, his body now composed of dust, like all Infinite memerbs did when they died. He scowled and turned his attention back to the club.

" ARTEMIS! " David Said rushing in, causing a scene as people turned to him confused lets go... NOW! " He said rushing over to grab Aretmis hand but he would have been unsuccessful as he Kunai was thrown at his neck, he turned around to grab the weapon just in time but this is when he had came to the realization that the whole place had been surrounded by Infinite Shinobi as they began to back David and Artemis both into a corner of sorts. " Kid... We have to get out of here... Try to keep up alright. Heres your first mission...We have to get back to the shuttle, get the shard and take it to the Mayor. I've tried to connect back over to Kaori but all communciation is cut so were doing this old school. Im going to need you to stay with me got it? So lets fight through these dudes... get the shard and continue our mission... " David said scowling, he felt like this had been his fault, but he'd never openly admit that. Keeping those well trained eyes on the 45 Shinobi creeping on them with weapons drawn.

Artemis/Yumi: Artemis had been enjoying her time with Skylar, planning on making it worth her while. Suddenly the roof above them begins to tremble and shake and she frowns, both the stripper and the sniper gazing up at the ceiling. “Damn, looks like someones having more fun than we are.” The soldier started but the dancer was worried as she hugged her head close to fake yet very big and round breasts. “Is it an earthquake?!” Artemis now had a mouth full of tit, trying to talk but it came out muffled. Well so much for smashing, the redhead was in no mood to get any kind of freaky with Artemis when she hears David rushing in like a bat out of hell. Grabbing hold of Skylars tits she pushes them off and blinks, watching his hand just out of reach before a kunai threatens his life. The soldier wouldn’t be stopped so easily as he catches it and that’s when she realizes just how surrounded they were…Skylar screams, stumbling off of the snipers lap only to get a blade impaled right through her chest, eyes widening in terror and pain before she drops to the floor in a light thud. The entire scene, Artemis was moving to her feet swiftly, wiping the small drop of blood from her face that landed. David began to shout out orders but she inhales slowly, blocking out all outside noise. Where was Hiro? Was he alright? What about Kaori? She hadn’t seen her since she stepped outside…both of them hadn’t been seen, was it an ambush? Inu didn’t clue her in on this at all and now knowing she had been taken out of the plan….well…that told her everything she needed to know didn’t it? Wrapping her fingers around the cold steel that was her glock hidden in the holster against her ribs, a dangerous grin graces the small frame of her face. “Oh…finally.” Her hunger for a kill was beginning to get antsy, as she lifts the weapon up and right into the head of the ninja who had taken Skylars life, pulling the trigger with ease as the bullet lodges itself into the enemies flesh, skull and brain fragments shooting out from behind and spraying on the wave of infinites coming their way. David wanted them to stick together and get out of here to deliver the shard to the mayor. Fine by her, lets see how things pan out in the end yeah? “I’ll try not to get in the way.” She teases as the first group of shinobi try their hand at disposing of Artemis but she was already getting her high from the first kill, reacting in time by snatching the hilt of the katana that had taken the life of the stripper and swinging it up to protect its new master, catching anothers blade with itself as sparks fly. Lifting her free hand up she begins to open fire with precision, not a slug wasted even with blue hues trained on the ninja trying to over power her with his sword, each bullet landed their mark into a head shot that sent ninja falling to their back and dropping only to shift into dust and vanish. Taking a step back, Artemis thrusts her arm further into the weapon, knocking the man back as both their katanas whip out to their side, taking the opening to fly her steel toe boot right into his ribs and with a powerful force, lands a harsh blow that shatters his diaphragm and send him into a group of more ninja as they go soaring to the other side of the strip joint. With a wild grin she lowers her foot and rotates her wrist, the blade swinging lazily. “I’m at 100% now…and I’ve got a nice buzz going. I’m not holding back this time.” She emptied the clip of her first gun only to toss it lightly so she catches it by the barrel, the grip facing her enemies as she planned on using it as a blunt weapon. She’d leave her other gun for a later use in case things go from bad to worse…. Her eyes begin to glow blue as she slows down her enemies’ movements, pupils dilating in concentration for any and all openings, weaknesses and flaws. They’d fight their way out…she needed to see Hiro after all, but why? She wouldn’t answer that even if she’d been the one to ask the question.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) David watched her take out her share of enemies and he couldnt help but notice how passionately she killed. It was almost artistic... as if had been truly second nature, as if it had truly been within her nature. The way she killed seemed as easy as breathing to her. ' So.... that's What Hiro saw in you..." David said being sslightly impressed. He would have caught one of the ninjas on the left of him with a devstating combo, beating the man into the ground only to judo toss another!

" Sneaky bastards..." David said as he clenched his fist, turning his attention out to the rushing forms of jump suit wearing Ninjas. They hopped into the air with there blades drawn and extended downwards in attempts of impaling the Solider but David would have simply flipped backwards as he pulled his signature gun out of it's holster.

The peackeepr is a spceial desinged pistol from the brilliant weapons designer on the diablo island, and funded completely by the Kagemaru Zaibatsu.  It's a specially modified, with a processing core known as the "Chemical Make-up Sequencer" or C.M.S core. This allows one to take standard ammunition, in this case Davids Tungsten steel annumition, (though regular ammunition or simpl metal objects that can fit into the chamber) and chemically rearange it to have various effects. This is done by taking the mass of the matter i.e the bullet, and changing it's chemical properties via molecular rearangement, and chemical compunding, thus allowing the bullet to have a completely new and desired effect. This goes as far as changing the bullets effect, and sometimes it's look, and overall purpose. There are only 2 of these cores avalible, and it is customized with a DNA print handle, thus allowing only David to use it, unles he verbally says other wise. A slick feature with this is that as long as it's tuned to David's dna if disarmed, david can metally call the gun back to his person at any time, and if someone else tried to use it, it wouldn't fire at all All the ammunition is now stored in a single bulk magazine rather than a series of small magazines. However after recent installments, Hiro Lionheart took notice of the D3KPD And the D12KPD 'Death Rod' And made this pistol the standard pistol for ALL Maru Jeitai soliders as the primary weapon.

Ammo types received a number designation (#1-6) and could be manually selected by using a dial on the side of the gun (replacing the velocity dial on the MK I) or by using a vocal command. Switching out clips meerely requires little effort, as the clip contains 12 rounds, and can even be extended to 16 via manual overide. The Peacekeeper is also equipped with a "Fast-Focus" viewfinder that works in conjunction with the Nureo-Blue Tooth device to facilitate rapid targeting. It also has a built-in motion tracker (useful in total darkness or while blinded) that uses optional audible pings and tones to inform the operator of the location of nearby moving targets and give a visual. It has a visual range of 200 to 3218.69 meters (2 miles max)  meters and can cooperate with the blue tooth to emit aiming on every scale of the electromagnetic spectrum and is even capable of underwater fire.

( ) " Lets get dirty..." He said as he fired the rounds of his gun he would have taken out rounds of soliders with his weapons alone. He would have fired his weapon swiftly having two of the pistols on him at the time. The rounds had been switched to Automatic as he tore down the soliders with the pistols, ripping them to shreds as blood exploded from each pin pointed heart aimed wound. " 7 down... 18 on my right, 15 behind me. "He said as his Ryoji styled brain began to calcuate the enemies and all that had been going on within the battle field itself. Each bullet meeting its mark entering the heart and blasting out of its back. His body moved like a demon as he killed them all throughout the room. More and more would rush in and as they entered he'd shoot them. Each bullet whizzing through the air as he twisted left to right meeting there marks. He would have spun in a series of Ninjas as he shot them down left and right and right firing inscenary rounds and explosive rounds at the whim of thought the bullet styles randomizing, his only mission to murder any that got in his way as he was coated over in blood.

" How ya holding up Kid! " He said turning back to Artemis only to be kicked in the face. David would have hit the ground in a roll only to eye the one known as Death Blaze whom had attacked him, flames burning from his fists. "... Face me now..." Death Blaze said as he eyed David. ( I know you've read this description before Gri but this for the peeps who havent which im sure Skar hasnt XD )He wears a yellow color. He is the only known member of a Japanese ninja clan, the Yamiryu clan. Danchou is a spectre who rises from the dead to avenge his dimise after Keyome Tasanagi killed him all those years ago. At first, he had thought the Kasaihana governmental system to be the perpetrator until Master Zaito revealed that it was indeed The Tasanagi Clan .  The newly revised Danchou has since made it his goal to kill all within The Tasanagi clan, no matter what. Danchou dresses in yellow shades with a skeletal theme reminiscent of his undead status. He wields a spear weapon which he uses to fling at his opponent and reel him or her in, as well as a set of decorated katana blades. " Another Ninja..." David said getting into His CQC stance flicking his nose. " Im getting a bit of fed up with you guys..." David said as he charged Death Blaze. There fist clashed and they seemed evenly matched almost as they traded blow for blow!

Lotus: In the middle of the dance Lotus would begin rise laying the tambourine against the floor she would begin to pulling veils plenty from both direction of right and left her hips still churning like a stick through butter her hand keeping their pace as the music begins to elevate in its erotic tones. The entire while the pretty little ninja began to pick up vibes from air around her that something here was just not right, a sensation that she’s had for as long as she could remember when in the presence of something that was either familiar to her or not quite from this world. Thus prompting her to take another look over the room to see just what in the hell it could be, her dancing continuing as she turns to the left once upon her feet moving with the motions of a snake towards a gentleman and giving her chest a shake allowing her breasts to do a rumba for his visual feast as reaches out a hand in order touch them and tugging on her left nipple rather roughly as she Lo lets out a low sensual moan pulling away from his grasp with a coy smile on her lips and wink of her left eye before going on to the next and receiving a firm smack on the ass for rousing his cock’s suspicion of her whilst grinding provocatively against his hips. When all of sudden the roof began to shake causing her snap of the zone that she in and look up towards the ceiling then back to gent who was behind her. “Damn…I hear of breaking the bed but that is ridiculous. Who ever that is gonna be sore by end of tonight” The beauty laughed with her customer before suddenly hearing a man run back inside of the club calling out, " ARTEMIS!" most of the patrons looking back to at him as if he’d lost his mind by making such a scene. But at the mention of the name it caused Lotus to narrow her brown orbs carefully at the man and the woman who he soon moved to pulled out from the booth nearby just in time to see another object in which she too was familiar with a kunai come flying past the gent. But who ever it was surely had some suck ass aim as it was caught in mid-flight just as a woman with aqua blue hair emerges from behind the curtain. By the description Carson had given her of the woman in which she was supposed to killed the girl she saw match to a T smug smile starting form on her face as everyone else inside of the club began to run for cover just as bunch of Shinobi ninjas all decked out in red began popping up like wild, encompassing the pair. Something that rather surprised Lotus as she knew ninjas were never known to be so vastly seen when stalking their prey or at least that’s how she was trained. None the less Lotus would take their blunder as her route of fortune quickly moving to the dark shadows which she knew and loved of the club within a blink of eye in order to execute the makings of her plan permitting her target and her companion to fight most of the Shinobi warriors while she moved with unnatural stealth through the shadows delivering several punches, kicks and other rapid movements to those who had yet to make their way into the fray of conflict the two, taunting them and teasing them in manner that could possibly pissed them off just enough to hunt her down into the bar room where she would step from the shadows near a corner and pretended to tremble for her living if she were to become surrounded by them before screaming out “SOME ONE ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!” all terrified and shit curling herself into ball to make it all look real and if not she would use this method in order to observed the two in combat in order gain a better understand of just what the hell she was up against before perusing Artemis any further.

Rima / Talon: (( )) Kaori's eyes narrowed while watching the dark assassin take the full brunt of her telekinetic blast, only to land feet first atop a building nearby. In her peripheral vision, she could see that some of the red ninja had been vanquished by the powerful attack, however, plenty of them had managed to rebound themselves in the air. 'Hmm...they're a lot more durable than I expected.' She thought to herself as her arms rested calmly by her sides, her hair swaying against her features as she tilted her head up to focus a watchful eye on the dark assassin. “Impressive power, Director.” She heard his voice and in response, her hands slowly balled into fists. “But you're not the only one...with tricks.” She could feel the ground begin to shake in that moment, her feet shifting apart in order to provide balance for herself. No longer were her eyes rested on the man who was evidently the creator of the sudden quake, but at the buildings surrounding him that had begun to break down into...sand? A hint of surprise flashed across her gaze as it slid up the massive wall of sand rising up behind the man under his control. 'So that's his power.' She thought to herself. 'The ability to manipulate earth. Down to its minerals.' As the sand rushed toward her, she shifted one foot back behind her before thrusting both of her hands forward with a loud grunt. With the amount of sand flying in her direction, that much weight would have been enough to destroy her along with the strip club she stood atop. The entire area perhaps. Knowing that her comrades were inside the club and Hiro was inside the shuttle, telekinetic force surrounded the perimeter of the club, stretching out toward the shuttle to protect Hiro as well. The sand met the exterior of the invisible force field with a loud slam like someone had rammed a hard solid object straight into it, and much to Kaori's surprise, she found herself exerting a lot more power than what she thought she would have to. The rushing sands swept around the sides and top layer of the force field like a tsunami wave as she held her hands steady in front of her, her face twisting into a winced expression as she fought against the powerful force of the attack. It was pushing against her harder than what she had anticipated, causing the heels of her boots to skid slightly against the roof of the club a bit while she pushed back with everything she could. “True....power...huh?” She said laboredly as she fought to keep the telekinetic shield up. “Do you think...this is destroy someone like me?!” Her teeth gritted together with almost enough force to shatter them within her mouth as she forced more of her energy out through the palms of her hands, pushing with all of her might as the telekinetic shield began to expand forward, splitting the path of the rushing sands further apart. Sand blew past her on either side faster than hurricane winds, causing witnessing citizens below to start scattering away from the area in absolute horror. “True power doesn't come from how hard you can hit. True power comes from deep within, when look inside yourself and realize that you're not fighting just for yourself....but for the protection of the people you care about.” She pushed even harder, the telekinetic shield expanding further through the billowing sands. She could heard Hiro's voice in her head again, ordering her not to let any of these Infinite bastards get their hands on his rookie. She didn't know the girl much, hardly a little for that matter, but a part of her considered the girl to be an ally now. For what reason she wasn't sure other than the fact that she'd willingly saved Hiro's life. And because of that, if she was going to protect the rookie along with everyone else she cared about – Hiro, David, even the young soldiers ( not knowing that they were already dead) – she was going to do it with everything she had. Right down to her last dying breath. “HRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!!” A powerful shout exploded from her lungs as her telekinetic force burst forward so mercilessly, it would cause the wave of sand to erupt completely in two with a sound that resembled the crackling of lightning. She had enough energy within her that she could use to levitate herself, her body jetting forward off of the strip club roof at the speed of a lightning bolt sizzling through the sky. With one hand remaining forward to continue breaking through the sands with her kinetic energy, she would pull the other one back and ball it into a tight, shaking fist, beginning to build telekinetic energy throughout that entire arm. As her body soared through the rushing sands, splitting them apart with the force field surrounding her, she would clear the distance between herself and her opponent within a matter of seconds. But she wouldn't stop once she was in front of the man. Instead, she would continue flying toward him in order to add more momentum to her next attack. In the blink of an eye, she would swing her right fist straight toward the man's face in a devastating punch that would not have only rocked him, but the excruciating concussive force behind the punch would have been enough to rattle through every bone in his body on impact, shattering them to tiny bone shards if he did not dodge or block the punch. Even if he managed to block with another part of his body, Kaori's punch would have broken right through whatever limb he used with ease. But if he were to dodge her, the telekinetic energy that had been building within that arm would blast forward, the vicinity of the blast wide enough to knock him back all the way across the city blocks he had leveled with his power. If the blast was to hit him, she would follow his body through the air, crushing her left fist against the center of his face with the same destructive force that she had put into the first punch, which – if connected, would have literally shattered the front of his skull inward. She wouldn't hesitate to then throw multiple punches toward his body, particularly his torso, her fists flying at his body left and right one after the other in such rapid succession that her punches would look like nothing but a blur. The last punch would be delivered to the center of his abdomen, aiming to not only hit him with brute force but with telekinetic energy as well that would further damage him. If any of those punches were to hit, he'd be trapped within the combination of punches as they would come so quickly that he would literally be left frozen in the air to suffer the wrath of the attack. After which, if everything had gone as planned, Kaori would thrust her head forward and downward, slamming her forehead so hard into the man's crushed face that his body would shoot straight downward, plummeting several stories through the air until he slammed into the ground hundreds of feet below. However, if the man had managed to counter any of her attacks, she would remain afloat in the air, readying herself for anything that the man had to throw at her.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) " SURE... GIRLIE... I'LL HELP YOU..." Kang said with a smirk of her face as hovered over Lotus with his cock fully erect . " Connor! " Inu said rushing behind him. Kang would have sent out a push blast that Sent Inu through the window by 500 feet out into the city. " Out of my way... Tasanagi..." Kang said as the Connor within him had been trying his hardest to fight the demonic urges that Washi essences left him in. " Lets see how much you squirm bitch..." Four green arms of Skeletal form would have came out gripping Lotus by her arms and her legs which if connected would have turned her around digaonally so Kang could walk over to her form gazing over it with a smirk of his own before he cracked his fingers. With his cock fully erect he'd aim his 14 inch length right at her hole after removing anything that would have been in his way in terms of stopping him from getting within her walls. " I watched you out there... Been awhile since I got me some nice..." He said Sniffing Lotus over with a smirk. " Virgin.... Pussy...BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH" He would have forced himself within her walls with one stroke of his cock as he began to savagely break through her pink slit like the savage animal he had been. His body moving with in human strokes of his hips. as he pounded his way through her insides. " HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAAH!"

( How it looked )


" IMPOSSIBLEEEE!!!! " Quake said wathcing Kaori fight through his attack. " She's... She's a goddess-" THUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!! When Kaori's punch connected into Quake his body would have dispersed into dust and it would have seemed as if she had been done with the threat when the sea of sand began to warp and clones of Quake came out of each spec of sand until thousands of Quakes had been present before the Director. " ... Get away from her..." A voice called out and a shirtless Hiro stood on a opposite building all healed up as his hair moved in the night air with his Brother Keyth next to him. "... Thanks for the boost off Keyth..." " Not a problem... What's family for..." Keyth said as he summounded his blade and stared out at the thousands of Ninjas. " Nice Work Kaori..." Hiro said giving her a thumbs up and a smile on his face. " If your wondering why im here. I just so happened to be at the bar and heard the party going on here. Thought i'd drop by..." Keyth said grinning as all of the Quakes tensed at once at Kin'sadistic glare. " Looking for this? "Hiro said raising the Shard of greed high into the air within it's egg casing and the gauntlet on his hand so he could hold it with out it killing him. A sloo of INfinite Ninjas leaped down and all of the quakes Began to rush Hiro and Keyth like the army they had been. " KAORI! " Hiro said shouting out to her. " WATER... ITS THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT HIM, THE WATER WILL SLOW HIM DOWN SIGIFICANTLY. WORK THAT TELEPATHIC MUSCLE OF YOURS! I WANT EVERY WATER PIPE, EVERY DRAINGE SYSTEM WITHIN THIS DISTRICT FOCUSED ON THIS GUY! " Hiro said as he fought along side Keyth , punching and Kicking through the sand clones of Quake and The Infinites. But they werent alone as Maru Jeitai and even BGS soliders dropped down from the Hellicarrier with weapons in hand as they turned to this block into a war zone. The KPD began to race down to the area as well to get to the bottom of thins. Colt stood on top of a tank as they rushed down to the Strip club. " Things are about to get hot! We cant take this to the Mayor, until we've got these guys off our tails..."

Artemis/Yumi: Artemis landed another blow to a ninja, the man getting rocked to his back while her boots step on his chest and the blade runs through his heart. She was a couple inches taller now that she was ontop of the corpse but she knew he’d shift into dust seconds later so while she still had the opportunity she took hold of the hilt and swung herself off her feet and on to the next opponent, wrapping her legs around his neck and throwing herself backwards, taking him with her with a flip that ends in a SLAM, both of them laid out with somewhat full thighs choking him until a SNAP was heard. Releasing the body she throws her legs up once more to catch a katana between steel toe boots, giving the man a giant grin as she pushes her legs upwards, the hilt hitting him right in the stomach and knocking the wind out of him as the blade snaps from the force, taking the moment to roll out of the way, shooting to her feet to finish the man off with a side palm strike to the back of his neck and hitting a pressure point that knocks him out. Out of the corner of her eye she sees David using a rather interesting firearm that destroyed its enemies in a wave of blood, peaking her interest as she laughs a little. “A man after my own heart. Shame he’s such a kill joy.” The man would turn to look at her to ask if she was doing okay and at that moment, Death Blaze makes his grand appearance, knocking David to the floor. Artemis turns just as she heard someone calling out for help but she wasn’t a hero type, she couldn’t stand around helping anyone when she herself was still currently occupied…Then she hears familiar voices and turns to catch sight of Kang and Inu and to make things even more confusing, Kang sends inu flying out of a window!!! What the hell was going on?? It seemed like there were some high tension going on in the Infinites and Kang thought it’d be smart to start having sex with a girl in the middle of all this chaos….shaking her head, she turns in time to dodge a ninja with kunai at hand, giving out several strikes but she merely side steps and ducks each one, turning her body at the last attempt as his arm goes flying, now putting her at his side and in a position to strike back. Lifting the grip of the gun, she cocks her elbow back with full intent of shooting it out, the grip goes soaring into the mans temple in a blow to the head so fierce you could hear his skull breaking under the pressure as blood comes flying out of his ears and eyes. With a compact wave of energy hes lifted off his feet and goes spiraling off into a bunch of summer saults and crashing into the glass shelves full of alcohol. Straightening herself out she turns to see David and Death Blaze going at it but judging by the sound of helicopters and…her sonar hearing picked up….a tank?? She picks at her ear, giving a confused grin. “That’s what Inu gets for not sticking to a tight plan…ya get tossed out a window.” She thinks to herself while taking out the glock from her holster, this one with a full clip as she cocks it and with a strong stance she lifts up the gun to point towards David and Death Blaze. Her eyes glow blue as she begins to predict their movements, calculating who would step where in order to get a good shot….but who was she aiming for??? Shoot David and try to get back on Master Zaitos good graces? She could simply tell him she was working as a double agent for him this whole time trying to get the shard back….Hiros scowl appears on her face and she couldn’t help the soft grin. He’d been hurt…she could feel it. “Sorry Titan…I guess not everyone has good in them.” Placin her hand under the one currently holding the gun she predicts Davids movements and with a slow inhale she pulls the trigger….no she didn’t. She hesitated….Her eyes narrow, still holding her breath. The logical thing to do would be to betray them but she couldn’t do it. Instinct was yelling at her to pull the trigger but she shuts her eyes and gives a forced smile. “Damnit.” Eyes snap back open a moment later as she pulls the trigger, the bullet comes flying out of the barrel, cutting through the air as the tip heads to its intended target in an attempt of lodging itself into David! But it wasn’t a kill shot…no, if it had made it to him it’d simply hit his shoulder! Not taking the moment to see if the shot worked, she wraps her hands around a katana rushing in towards them and jumping into the battle with a flip, landing in front of Death blaze mid attack and swinging her katana up to catch whatever he’d been using whether it’d been a fist or a kick and flashing him a grin. “Woah zombie, chill out!” She swings the blade still on guard incase he began to fight her. “I’m on your side. Let me help you, I had a plan to get the shard and ambush them but you guys just love being noisy.” She turns to David and grins at him, winking. “Nothing personal, scruffy.”

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) " Oh...I've been looking forward to this..." He said when the bullet his shoulder and he stumbled backwards, watching whom had sent the gun shot. Death Blaze rushed him first, but it didnt matter as David still had all usages of his legs as he bashed Blaze acorss the face repetadly with his swift kicks! Knocking the blood from the Ninjas lips. Blaze would have rebounded off the ground before he charged David in attempts to send his right leg into the Merc's ribs. However David would have caught the kick and sent his palm into the man's chest, only to boot him away.

Soon enough he would have turned to Artemis in attempts of sending out a barrage of punches all aimed at the females gut! Boom Boom Boom! The Impacts of the punch would have sent a churning effect throughout her abdomen that would have made her puke up any of yesterdays and todays lunch, with a kick aimed to her chin as the last attack of the combo with his right leg. Once and if the combo had fell through completely, Artemis form would have been blasted into the stripper pole in the middle of the club. However, if she had attempted to counter the 4 piece combonation at any point, via block or dodging, then David would have kicked by 4 feet for his next sequence of attack.

A smirk breaking across his face. Taking his two guns he'd aim it at the two of them and began to let out rounds of explosive rounds! THUM THUM THUM THUM THUM... THUM-THUM-THUM-THUM! The Bullets blasted throughout the room exploding everything they hit in Davids attempts of shooting them away to gain distance. Once and if they dodged the gun fire He would have kicked back by 10 feet only to throw two gerndades. However as they erupted, the waves of explosion would have been parted be a spear that blasted through it, ripping right through Davids shoulder and then slamming him down intot he ground. Davids body hit the truf with a hard crash only to shake his head left to right. " Son of a bit-" Before he could finish Blaze would have sent David flying out of a window and into an alleyway. He shook his head reaching out for his pistols to discover they had gone missing. David stood and as he did he was kneed in the gut! The impact caused him to spit out of sloo of blood that leaked from his lips before he shook his head left to right. " Your... a cut higher then the rest huh..." David said staring Blaze in the eyes with a demonic like scowl. " I suppose... you can say that..." He said raising David into the air by his throat as he began to choke the life out of him. " I am the strongest... of all of the Commanders. " Death Blaze said as he continued to choke David, his feet moving left to right as he gripped onto Blazes wrists in attempts of prying his fingers off but it would have failed to no end. " HAHAHAH... DIE... MARU JEITAI SCUM..."

Artemis/Yumi: “Oh…I’ve been looking forward to this.” David took the bait and it seemed like Death Blaze was convinced as he hadn’t tried to attack her. The two faced off against David and she knew she’d have to put in more defense than offense in order to pull this off without the man killing her. Easier said than done of course…Death blaze gets sent back and the mercs eyes are trained on her as she focuses her own eyes on his movements the way his muscles flex and strain, taking sight of his dominant hand with the probability of it being used first in an attack. The petite sniper reacted in a .7 second time frame, the serum pumping through her veins violently to prepare itself for the barrage of attacks as a flurry of fists come to her! She keeps her cool, catching every strike in her hand as she dances backwards, absorbing the blows but one could hear her wrist breaking under the pressure as she winces and grins, that fire in her eyes igniting. She was after all an enhanced human but even so, her bones which were as hard as the strongest metals known to man were not indestructible, cracking with each punch if only to protect her stomach from being assaulted out of her throat. The much bigger man gives out the finishing combo and Artemis with one last catch of his fist gets knocked off her feet and sent flying into a stripper pole so those 4 feet combos was not needed but she at the last second flips so her boots land into the metal, denting it on impact as she swings her hand up to grab hold and keep herself in that position. She could feel her shoulder had popped out but she ignores the discomfort, eyes trained on where David was and if he’d come back to her to continue his attacks but he kept his distance, using that special gun of his to finish her off as rounds begin to fire off of the explosive kind but she climbs up the pole with her good arm, throwing her boots up into the ceiling to blast a hole big enough she could toss herself up into it and avoid the explosive rounds that made that half of the strip joint tremble and shake, catching herself with ease as she begins to crawl through the air space. “Damn scruffy, let me know how you really feel.” She jokes while using her small frame to climb and shift under all the wires and light fixtures even as grenades go off and she is shaken!! “Yeah no, no mindless killer here.” She continued to joke at the fact the merc had just tossed grenades in a civilian building but she liked the fact he didn’t care. Suddenly her sonar hearing picks up David in distress and a window shattering as she finds an opening in the ceiling, kicking it out and jumping down in time to watch Death Blaze following his opponent outside….with this she merely turns her head to catch sight of Davids gun, slightly damaged but still in working condition. Her eyes light up with curiosity as she picks it up with ease and examines all the buttons, wondering which one she should pick…of course she didn’t know which one did what so she sets it on a random one and walks slowly over to the window, watching David getting knee and then lifted up off his feet. Artemis once again had a choice to make but she had made it long ago, simply using this time for the right opening. With Death blaze distracted and spitting all over David with an evil laugh she raises the weapon and inhales slowly….exhales….inhales…her finger curls around the trigger before pulling it without any hesitation, focused on her targets body movements, his stance and his breathing. The bullet, whatever setting it might have been on shoots out in a perfect spiral as it leaves the barrel and exits the muzzle, a trail of smoke left behind. The bullet now an object in motion makes a straight line towards Death Blazes head in an attempt at a one shot one kill motion. Artemis exhales and lowers the weapon, placing a boot on the window sill in case she missed and had to deal with him personally but the sniper was after all just that…a sniper. A precise killer when it came to firearms and she placed all her confidence in that one shot alone.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) The bullet blasted right into Blazes head as blood erupted from his neck and his head had been simple brain matter. David fell on one knee as he panted and gasped for air, shooting an almost sadistc glare at Artemis. " BITCH! " He said in attempts of choking the blue haired female into the wall with an evil glare in his eye. His nose touched the tip of hers as he attempted at strangling the life out of her, exempting strength he hadn't shown before out of a burst of anger, or more like a second wind almost. His breathing had been slow, and hard as his peered into her own. Artemis feet would dangle above the ground by 3 feet as he rose into the air by her throat. Grunting with tightly gritted teeth. Sweat dripping down the right side of his face and his pupils dilated and overly focused, overly active as well. He had been in a battle high, more then likely from some kind of PTSD of some sort, and as he choked her, if he had been successful his breathing would start to slow before he pulled away from her and turned to the dumpster holding onto his shoulder from which she had shot him previously. With his back turned to her and his headband flowing in the wind. " This... Changes nothing... I understand our Nanomachines are decativated but that's toying with my life, something that im not entirely too pleased with. Even if it was impressive, it just makes me not trust you even more so..." He said to her before he turned back down to the shuttle. " Come on... It sounds like a war zone out there. " He said walking forward holding his arm.

Artemis/Yumi: Artemis jumped out the window once death blaze was disposed of, watching David gasp for air and then she sees him shift with his body tightening threatening with a hand shooting out to wrap around the snipers neck. She doesn't block, feeling her back meet roughly with the wall hard enough it cracks. She hadn't fought back but his gun was currently pressed into the side of his jaw, giving the merc a grin even as she could feel her wind pipe closing dangerously. Of course she wouldn't let him know just how much it was turning her on getting choked out as a small dribble of saliva slides down her chin, she was a masochist after all but the chance of her still being conscious was becoming slim....the ill intent in his eyes, the murderous aura even his hot breathe was feeding Artemis with a sadistic glee.  He releases her though And she drops to her knees, coughing into the dirt and gravel. "This doesn't change anything...." no, She supposed it didn't huh? ? She has chosen this road for work for the good guys but good or bad, it still was fuzzy how she viewed it all....but she'd stick beside them.  After all they had given her the benefit of the doubt....most anyway. Standing up she watches David throw a tantrum of playing with his life before getting it together and holding his injured shoulder. ...she had made sure not to hit any important tendons and the damage would be fixable. Still that didn't mean it didn't hurt like all Hell. "You're welcome..." she teases, following him with ease as she stands beside him, helping his support even if he tried to push her away she wouldn't budge.
[5/12/2015 1:13:00 PM] Lotus: "SURE...GIRLIE... I'LL HELP YOU..." Lotus would hear a male’s voice say her facial expression moving from the would be frighten expression that was on her face to that completre and utter disgust at the sight of another dressed in a red ensemble coming towards her with a hard on. The demon energies being felt by the girl radiating off in at such a level that made her skin slightly crawl as her full lips would suddenly change into a sneer. “How like a man to approach with his cock all out hoping for a hand out.” The beauty hisses her body language completely changing as the perp draws all the more closer and into the light, his comrade suddenly rushing forward calling his name in order to stop him only to have himself blast several 100 ft or more right out through a wall before barking out, “Out of my way... Tasanagi..." A name that any one who had lived in this city for at least a fraction of their lives would know right off the bat, which only made the young ninja even more curious about this entire situation as her almond colored hues move about the room for a method of escape, her eyes suddenly spotting a possibly chance of getting out of this once Kang made his move into the light of the area, casting his shadow upon the floor. “Let’s see how much you squirm bitch..." Lotus heard him say as four green skeletal arms would be seen protruding from his physical form causing her glance back for a moment through her peripheral line of view to see if she indeed had what she needed behind in her in order to pull off one of the Ninjutsu secret arts, an art known only to a few as Shadow Stealth, an ability that normally Lotus would use to hide herself within the shadows of others and remain undetected from whoever's shadow they happen to be hiding in. This technique is also used to spy on individuals without leaving behind physical evidence too. But right now that wasn’t what she had in mind while slowly summoning all inner prowlessness of her own spiritual power (yes does have this as her power) that were normally laid merged and contained inside with those of a famed spiritualist inside of the kitana fans still hidden in the garters of her skirt in order to pull off such a feat. “Don’t under estimate me you cocky fuck just because you see tits and pussy!” She growled jumping back to the left in order to keep the first set of boney hands from grasping her legs; Lotus then motion her arms towards the right to keep her arms out of the fray. As there was no way this self serving prick and his overly grossing her the hell out cock was gonna touch her cherry pie not while she was alive to have a say in it, the tenacious beauty’s anger starting to come into play while continuing to lure the lust hungry demon back with her into a trap her left hand going for the fan that was on her hip in order to use the fully projected blades (just the blades no powers) of the weapon which still in its closed state like a sword in order to slice away at the air with precision and skill. That was more overly befitting a Ninjutsu warrior at the arms if indeed they did make any more advances towards her person all the while continuing to build her reiryoku to a steady peak. “Filthy…-her flicks wrist to the right attempting one strike-“…fucking…” –she moves it to the left to have at them again- “stinking…pig thinks he's worthy to have my cunt…” her right foot landing onto the shadow of a nearby table whilst she heat of combat just as she would come into full necessity of power required to pull off her next move. “HA! I’ll show you! PREPARE TO DIE ONI!!” Lotus would declare striking the shadow on the ground with its mate and suddenly vanishing into thin air leaving nothing behind but what remain of the skirt she had on. And quite possibly leaving a very baffled Kang hard on and all in it wake too to boot thus enabling her to travel through the shadows of the area they were in with use of her infiltration skills and inhuman like stealth right up behind him and into that of his very own if indeed hadn’t taken the liberty to move from that very spot where she had left him in order to hunt to her down. If he had moved Lotus would proceed to make her escape off in the direction of the locker room without a second thought. But Kang hadn’t the young ninja would have proceeded to let her anger get the better of her emerging from the shinobi’s own masculine silhouette on the floor but for a moment with her fan clasped in both hands pushing some of the immaculate energy she’d gathered earlier back into it, its blades pointed downward into chest area of the shadow in order to execute a technique of the Ninja arts known as Shadow Death. An art that would allow her possess the shadow of a person then kill them and even any “thing caught within said range of the target. This form of death caused by striking the shadow can range from a slow and painful to a cessation of existence depending on how she feels the intended should go (died). And right now Lotus was feeling that Kang should suffer long and slow for him even thinking that he could have was never his to begin with, her virginity as she quickly raises the blade high in an attempt to plunge the blades into Kang’s shadow on the floor giving it a slowly methodically yet sadistic twist to the left in order to quite possibly use the blades to either damage or impale a vital organ (I’ll be gracious Keyo you choose which one). If this attack was indeed a successful one the mighty warrior would have suddenly found himself run through by an unknown means as physically there was no one behind him that would be able to see with blood (if there is any in him) spewing out from both his chest and mouth as Lotus herself shoves the blades even further into his chest before giving them another twist to the right in the hopes of tearing open another organ, extracting the weapon out in manner that would be slow and excrusating for him all at the same time giving the amount of damage he’d most likely taken from the blow as she lowers her naked form back into the shadows to make haste in her escape on out of the club. The raven haired beauty still slightly pissed that she’d completely missed her chance to kill her real target.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( )The Shadow attacks were clever however, after scoping up and down said page of Lotus,there were no abilites in terms of shadows on her page. So all forms of the shadow like attacks in terms of methods were voided. She had successfully evaded The skeleton like hands but when she attempted to step into his shadow, without possessing the shadow ability to do so. Kang would have simply  stared at her as she stabbed at the shadow and nothing happened. His Skeletal arms taking the oopertunity this time to grip her by her neck and if it connected, drug her down to the floor, another of the skeletal hands ripping out from under the ground would have attempted at gripping onto her knees so she had been face down and ass up. Two more arms reaching up to grip onto her arms to hold her down even more so by atleast 90% of lack of mobility. ( And I did look up and down for these technqiues you mentioned and I didnt see em anywhere and I looked for a good 25 minutes or so x.x You have to have these techniques just as detailed on your page, as detailed as you use them say, that's a common rule and common knowledge for anyone who uses them. Now if you had something like shadow manipulation or something I would have understood, but i didnt see that either. ) " HEH..." Inu finally made his way back over with what appeared to be the denotaor in his hand. " You crazed fool... You jerperodize or mission for some ass!? " Inu said to Kang whom simply stared down at the girl. " She is an... intersting looking one isnt she? " " Yes... She is..." They said examining the girls form. " I suppose... we could have some fun with her after all. " Seeming that the previous attack was voided the two men would use there powers together to strengthen the locks of her holds as they both began to have there way with her. Their cocks sliding withn her insides ransacking her within every inch that they could. From DP's to Blow jobs. Her virginity would be strepped for the saves of The Infinites to obtain for themselves. Even going so far as to use there ability to create tendrils from there penises to ran sack her hole just for there amusement as both men laughed manically. Bashing and beating her holes, breaking and churning her insides with there inhuman lengths! Laughing shouting like hardy barbarians over a feast. Kang even growing his physical form to that of Herclues physique with his soul that he devoured to make it even more so thrilling for himself.

Kang would also use the souls he had abosrbed to make doubles of himself as a team of him and Inu had there way with the girl. Sleding there ways into her slit until all 13 of them had came in her at once, leaving the girl beaten and broken in the wet flood of cum. " Leave her.." Kang said to Inu as they both exited the building, laughing.

Lotus: Lotus would glance back up in time to see Kang’s skeleton arm reach out in order to grasp the young ninja by her neck and attempt to bring her down to floor. “Not on my watch asshole!” She fires back deciding to make full use of her of the spiritual power she had gathered to use in her voided shadow attacks, quickly opening the fan at its full length span of 20’ or so as she motions her body to duck low for a moment in order to avoids his reach before darting quickly to the left. The young woman pushing some of her own power back into it to force the duel blades that were at each end it to emerge fully on instead of halfway as they had been. Her motion to the left to avoid Kang’s last attack to grab her would have given her just the right amount distance needed for her to use her eyes in order to size Kang up as far as to how tall he was and so forth in order what she had in mind off before. Not paying any attention to the hand that was coming up from the floor underneath her in order grab a hold of her knees not until did she get ready to jump in order to avoid their grasp did that catch by the drag her onto her back towards the ground throwing her directly back into her ass as two more arms would more arms around come forward snatching her upper slam back onto the floor making it completely impossible to move. “Well this look it’s the end for out heroine,” Lotus would retort to herself upon hearing that of his accomplice finally returning to the scene. "You crazed fool... You jeopardize our mission for some ass!? " she’d hear him, Kang looking down at her in half naked stake the ample globes on her chest moving just slightly with each breath that Lotus would take. Her eyes reflecting not only just her pride and anger of being caught in such a manner but her breeding despite working in a place like this showing itself too as well as she looked off towards the left some giving not giving him the satisfaction of her gaze nor her fears. The anger and contempt she felt for him was good enough. As the conversation progressed between the two men in regards to her the buxom beauty could tell just where this was going and despite not liking any of it, like all women through out her history (the history of the Ninja) she was going to have to endure every bit of it. But as in all things Lotus was mentally prepared for this too as she had watched her mother endure the same just to protect her from bandits the horrors of that night filling mind instead of the nightmare she was facing right now once the locks around her frame were fortified and made stronger so that she couldn’t escape or even fight back even if she could. This memory of course being what the young girl uses in order to block out any and all pain making not only senses blind of what's happening to her but also making her body seemingly numb to all things bad in the world especially to the fact of having her virginity ripped so violently from her at both ends (vaginally and anally), made to give blow jobs, and do other things that even she didn’t even know where possible to do despite being such a little nympho. As matter fact during the entire ordeal of being turned every which way was loose by Kang and Inu, Lotus never once moaned or cried out in either pleasure or protest but in this state of emotional isolation she was far from being an obedient fuck too. Even bound and chained she still manages to give both men pure unadulterated hell! Biting on their cocks whenever they were forced into her mouth using what mobility if she had any in attempts to punch, kick, and scratch at them as hard as she could. She even when as far as to keep her inner most muscles from moving and giving either of them in kind of pleasure in this. Showing them both that regardless of who had the upper hands she wasn’t going down without a fight. Even when Kang used the physical form of Hercules she continued to fight on as she refused to give him the satisfaction of her cumming regardless if he did or not. Of course the parlor tricks went on but in the end Lotus still was able to hold her on, Making them both pay all the way down to the bitter end as Kang cums again for the last time leaving her there laying in heap on the floor with both of their juices coming out of her at both ends. Lotus still haven’t not cum even once in the wake of all this as Kang would instruction Inu to leave her there a drift in a sea of cum rather than helping her after desecrating her body with their unworthy pricks. <C>

Lotus: Lotus would lay there for a moment, her mind slowly coming back to where ever it went before the nightmare began the color in her vibrate almond brown eyes slowly beginning to return as she take note that they both were starting to take their leave of the establishment, this course giving her enabling Lotus use what amount of spiritual power she could muster in order to break the binds that held her still prisoner to the floor. Before motioning her upper body up so that her hands could search about it in order to be able to gain a barings so that she could push up onto her knees then to her feet so that she could stand. A strong flow of spiritual power could be felt flowing from the other katana fan that fastened in her left hand when she was fasten to the floor into the young ninja as she attempted to do this most of its power was encompassed by a pure and holy white aura which seemed to be embracing her body as if it were someone trying to give a hug and saying that they understood as it was trying to heal what Lotus believed was a broken hip among the other minor injuries she had suffered in the wake of being accosted. Mentally, using her own spiritual power she would stifle this force that wish so desperately to aid her wanting to prove to both of this stupid bastard that their dicks could not break her so easily regardless of much pain she was in or no matter how much she wanted to cry. So the young woman still determined to do this on her, placed her hands down onto a spot on the floor that wasn’t covered in their seed, bared down her full weight onto the palm of her hands, and forced herself to rise onto her feet refusing to bow out like some sort of weakling in the face of her enemies just because she was raped and if either Kang and Inu saw this they would most likely see a woman, who actually could stand up to either of them sexually in years (of course she don't know this). “Pathetic.” She would utter scornfully into the air, completely unaware that she might have been heard as she starts to chuckle. “Absolutely pathetic and ppl wonder why I prefer women.” The suddenly sharp pain coming from that her right hip as she bared down onto her right leg once she stood completely upright re-confirming the young girl’s suspicions that it was indeed either broken or shattered though her face never once showed this as she would begin to walk or rather hobble away towards the direction of the locker room as if nothing ever happened to her, the fan that was laying on the ground starting to dematerializing itself into aura of white light that seemingly trailed behind her.<E>

Rima / Talon: (( )) Kaori had enjoyed the astonished look on her enemy's face just a split second before her fist slammed into him with incredible force. She could feel his bones crackling against her knuckles, but to her surprise, that feeling had only lasted for a single moment. In the midst of her fist quite literally going right through him, her brows furrowed deeply when she felt his body dissipating before her, bursting into a cloud of dust that she had to flinch away from in order to avoid being blinded. Her body continued to fly forward a couple of feet before she stopped herself abruptly, her green locks whipping across her face as her body whirled around to face where her opponent should have been. A look of both surprise and anger formed along her features, causing her teeth to clench and her chin to lower with a hard frown as she watched the clones of her foe form out of the sand he had exploded into. This new cavalry of dirt warriors was nothing like the red ninja she had easily discarded a moment ago. This time, she could estimate that there about a thousand of these sand men surrounding her. She was badly outnumbered, pitted against a power that she had never before seen or dealt with, and although she was beginning to worry about her own ability to fare against this evil, she refused to allow that to show. Her eyes gleamed with determination that almost looked cold beneath the shadow floating over them. Levitating with the telekinetic force that carried her weight hundreds of feet above the ground, she stood seemingly on midair before the army surrounding her with an aura of courage about her form. Despite the appearance of this battle becoming inevitable on her part, she was not going to quit and she was not going to back down. Her only concern was the protection of her comrades and she wasn't going to let a bunch of dirt men sway her from that purpose. “A thousand against one huh?” She placed her hands together in front of her, cracking the knuckles along both of her fists as her eyes scanned the surrounding army. “Now it's a fair fight.” “Get away from her.” A familiar voice distracted her in that moment, her head whipping around in time to see Hiro standing atop a nearby building, appearing to be fully healed as his hair blew in the wind. “Hiro?” She said in an evidently surprised voice, before demanding worriedly, “Hiro, what the hell are you doing here?!” Although he appeared to be back to his normal self, no longer covered in grotesque stab wounds like a murder victim on an episode of Snapped, she wasn't sure whether or not he should have been on his feet and ready for battle so quickly after what he had been through. Beside him was another large male that it took her a moment to recognize. Keyth Tasanagi...She remembered a time years ago when Shira was telling her about a fight she'd gotten into with a male named Keyth Tasanagi, who later turned out not to be such a bad guy. Her automatic instinct had been to force choke the living hell out of the guy for putting his hands on her adopted daughter, but at the moment, there were more important things to worry about. He was on her side after all. She listened to him mention that he happened to be in the bar when things started to get heated, nodding her head once in understanding before then turning her attention back to the army of sandmen. Suddenly, all of them rushed at the two males with hardly a warning, causing Kaori to flinch as hundreds of them shot past her location, knocking her about through the air. With a few backward flips, she managed to regain her footing before turning to see why the two men were being attacked. Hiro had the Shard of Greed raised high in the air much to her surprise, which would have explained everything in her mind. “HIRO! KEYTH!” She shouted, still worried that Hiro hadn't fully healed yet from his attacks.

Rima / Talon: Black Glove agents and Maru Jetai soldiers had begun to arrive and it was in that instant that the entire area had turned into a brutal warzone. Gunshots from powerful firearms and clashing of blades rang out as both allied forces fought as hard as they could against the red ninja and the sand men. Fighter jets and helicopters piloted by Black Glove Society agents flew through the air, spraying down the enemy with high caliber machine guns, which ripped through the streets with explosive power, turning hundreds of foes into piles of mush, yet each time one of the sand men were mowed down, more of them would reform from the dead remains. Kaori heard Hiro shouting at her the moment she noticed this and in response, she looked around at the fire hydrants, man holes, and water tanks located throughout the nearby city blocks. Emptying every water system into the area may have been a bit extreme considering that a massive flood would have created more civilian casualties than what already existed. But the director now had a plan, thanks to Hiro. “Keyth! Hiro! I need everyone to clear the area! All Maru Jetai soldiers and Black Glove agents must get to high ground IMMEDIATELY!” “KAORI!” A male voice shouted from the distance and when Kaori looked up, the black helicopter that had arrived at the scene flew directly in front of her, Executive Director Miguel Foxe leaning out of the door opened along its side with his own automatic assault rifle raised to mow down the enemy in the area. “What the hell are you doing up here!? You're gonna use up all your energy!” He shouted at her. A few red ninja jumped to attack the woman from behind, but could hardly get within an inch of her proximity before Miguel hurled four explosive combat knives directly into their throats, which soon exploded directly behind Kaori's form. She flinched with her arms folded in front of her face as fire surrounded her, but didn't burn her to a crisp as they soon died down, the woman lowering her arms to look at her executive director. “Listen to me, Miguel!” She shouted above the chopping of the helicopter propellers. “I need you to get everyone on our side out of the area! I have a plan, but I don't want our fighters to get hurt!” “But Kaori--” “JUST DO IT, MIGUEL!” Miguel's jaws tightened with hesitation, but he forced himself to signal the helicopter pilot to turn the aircraft around. He radioed his voice to the others fighting the sand clones, commanding them to stand down and retreat and while some obeyed and began to bolt out of the way, others were too caught up in battle to even hear him. “Damnit...” Kaori scoffed angrily. But there was no time to wait on the others. She needed to make her move and make it NOW. Channeling telekinetic energy through her arms and into her hands, she began to lift her palms toward the sky. While she continued to float in the air, she quite closely resembled a goddess calling forth her infinite power. The caps of fire hydrants began to burst off, releasing gallons of water into the air as water rushing through the sewers beneath the city streets began to stir, soon rising to spew out of the man holes along the roads. Water tanks broke open as easily as egg shells, all water that the telekinetic woman had gathered beginning to shoot upward to swirl about her floating form. Similar to the way that Quake's sands had swirled about him at the beginning of their battle. “HIRO! KEYTH!” She shouted above the waters rushing around her. “GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW!”

Rima / Talon:  If they had heard her and gotten out of the way, she would thrust her arms straight outward on either side of her, causing the water swirling violently about her form to rise high up into the air. Without warning every gallon of water she had gathered from various resources within the area charged forward like a tsunami, aiming to crash straight into every sand clone that had been created, including the ones surrounding Hiro and Keyth. The water would not only slam into them hard enough to knock them to the ground, but drench them so heavily that the sandy components that made up their anatomies would begin to slide about like they were breaking apart. Though most of them had managed to pick up and collect themselves after they were knocked over and soaked by sewer water, Kaori knew not to stop her plan of attack from there. Her hands shot toward several power lines located in the area, ripping the thick black cords from their poles which began to sizzle with electricity. She closed her fists together as she surrounded the poles with her telekinetic grip, then all at once, broke them from the ground, causing them to fall over into the flooded area where the sand clones were gathered. Electric current popped and sizzled through anything that had been soaked by sewer water, instantly shooting through the bodies of the sand clones who had begun to twitch and jerk violently as they were mercilessly electrocuted. As electricity traveled up the buildings and other locations that had been soaked with water, more and more sand clones would fall victim to violent electrocution, which shocked them so hard that trails of smoke would begin to rise from their bodies. As Kaori watched her plan come to fruition beneath her, she began to feel her body weakening. She had used a great deal of power to put up a fight against the likes of her opponent, Quake, and now that he was so close to finally being defeated, her actions were beginning to catch up with her. A tiny trail of red leaked from her right nostril as her eyes began to lower, yet she fought against the fatigue gripping at her body. She saw that some of the sand clones were pushing through the effects of the electrocution, which made her snarl in disgust. Her hands reached out to more power lines, causing them to break from their posts and fall over into the flooded area to send more electricity bursting through them. Those who remained dry would be perfectly safe from electrocution, but the last thing they needed to do was try to attack the sand clones while they were under Kaori's own attack; especially with metal weapons. Unless they were armed with guns, then they had the green light to add more fire power to the battle.

Tasanagi/Lionheart: ( ) " GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! " Keyth said to  Hiro as he felt the ground shaking and witnessing Kaori's power first hand. " HAAAAAAAA NOW THATS MY KIND OF WOMEN! " Hiro shot him a glare that Keyth took notice of. " Jealous? " " Focus. " Hiro retorted back to his brother as the whole block area began to flood over with water from every possible area. " DAMN IT! " The Quakes said as they took witness to Kaori's power as well. They would have attempted to run but it didnt matter the water flooded them over completely with the massive wave. Hiro rushed down to the where The strip club had been, seeing David and Artemis making there way down the alleway. " IM ON IT! " Keyth said leaping down as well before he rushed into the area taking notice to Lotus whom had been trying to exit the area with a limp. " SUPER KEYTH TO THE RESCUE! " He said in attempts of scooping the girl up and then making his way back outside with his shoulder. " Kin..?" He said sniffing the air only to turn his attention back to the wave Kaori had been making to drown out the Infintes. Hiro on the other hand would have had a David on his shoulders and an Artemis. " YOU ASSHOLE! PUT ME DOWN! "David shouted at the Commander but he ignored him as he turned back to any Maru Jeitai troops/Black Glove agents that had been on the field. " EVERYONE RETREAT BACK TO THE HELLICARRIER! " Keyth rushed over to Hiro and they both nodded at each other as they blasted off into the air by 60 feet allowing Kaori's wave to crash down finally destryoing the enemies all around the field. The Pressure alone had Killed QUake the electricty however had been for any Infinite ninja stragglers that had been around within the water. " HAHAHAH HELL YEAH! " Keyth said as they landed on a building not to far off from the combat. Putting Lotus, Artemis, and David down. Keyth and Hiro who stood at the same level of physique sighed at the same time. " Seems as though that worked out better then I thought... The Infinties were that close to Obtaining the shard..." Hiro said pulling it out of the satchel on his right side staring it over before a voice echoed out in the distance. " Dont speak... too soon..."

( ) Hiro and Keyth turned to see Inu and Kang with smirks on there faces. Before Hiro and Keyth could rush over to them, Inu held out a denoator to the group and shook his head. " Nu-uh-uh... one move... and we set off an Anti-matter bomb that will not only kill almost half of the population within this district... but it'll KIll your little green martian over there as well..." He said refering to Kaori as he held the Denoator high into the air to show that he meant just what he had said. Keyth turned his head over to look at Hiro and Hiro kept his gaze on Inu. However Inu had been staring Keyth down with a look of sincerity. Almost...with a level of profound sadness. " I dont know what your looking at pretty boy, But I dont roll like that..." Keyth said in returns of the stare. But Inu simply sighed. " Still as... stupid as ever. " He said almost smiling before turning that death scowl back to Hiro. "The shard..." Hiro gritted his teeth as he turned his head to the right. " THE SHARD! "  Inu said shouting at the top of his lungs. " Screw these guys! " David said pulling his pistol from his hip in attempts to shoot, but once he had. Kang would have denoated his side and half of District 2 would have met a massive surge of black as 4 blocks simply disepersed into dust before errupting in a bright light. " Ooooo... that's about 600 dead on your head..." Kang said smiling and Inu began to laugh as well. " DAVID... ENOUGH! " Hiro said turning his attention over to his comrade tossing the Shard over to Inu and Kang whom Which Inu caught it within his right hand. " Thank you for your cooperation. " Inu would have winked at Artemis before an infinite designed Hover shuttle flew up to the edge of the building and Inu kept his denoator in the air as he walked backwards with the denotor to show them if they moved he'd hit it. Finally loading up inside, the duo would have blasted off into the air. Leaving the heroes alone in silence.

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