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Kasaihana Let's Matsuri!!!Edit

Sian: ( ) “EVERYONE LET’S MATSURI!!!” a man dressed in an informal kimono would proclaim from have become so drunk that he could barely stand upright any more as the sound of fireworks suddenly chimed off over head announcing to one and all that after endless weeks of preparation by Kasaihana’s mayor, its constitutes, the four founding families, and yes even the Yakuza of this town that the Faitāzu no tamashī (Soul of Fighters) Festival was beginning to get underway. Along the streets on every side of town people moved up and down most dressed in kimonos and gettas, while others rocked jeans and such, there could be seen vendors and merchants in tents or carts of all kinds selling their wares of food, drinks, and snacks while others offered games with prizes of every kind. Japanese lanterns could be seen hanging from every post and shop. While New Central Park had become something that could possibly shame Coney Island. There were clowns for the kids selling or making balloon animals’ face painting and more. And the music was live and bold coming from all over the place. It was almost like being at a zoo with all the commotion going on around here! It was sight that would make Sian smile as she stood aloft on the helipad of Yun Tower leaning over the railing and looking down at the bustling city below most of who were all making their were towards a shrine off towards the east of town were the opening ceremonies were to take place while others were attempting fight traffic in order to get home to do whatever before trying to head there themselves. Something she knew that she too must began to do soon as she was the representative for the Yun family before turning on her heels in order to make her way back inside of the penthouse suite through the side entrance. Inside the 19 year old beauty could see that things were just as she remembered it with the slight exception of décor which had been changed to a more Asian theme something that raven haired beauty wagered had come about after she and Daisuke had started to date as she turned towards the left in order to make her way down the hall towards the master suite where she could hear a very newly updated Alfred moving about trying to unpack her thing from within. Giving her head a shake Sian would place her right hand on the door knob with ease and enter the room saying, “That’s quite enough Alfred.” Walking towards the towering A.I. her hands out in order to stop him from trying to place one her of many dresses into a nearby closest. “Miss Sian are you sure?” “Yes I am my friend, but thank you any way you’ve been a great help. Why don't you go out and wind down for a bit the next few days will be eventful with the festival going on best to enjoy what good life has to offer us, before it becomes hell on earth.” She’d states a matter of factly. “Indeed, very well then Miss I will see you bright and early in the morning then.” “I…don't know about bright and early Alfred but in morning most definitely.” Sian would chuckle making a “yeah right” kinda face at him while informing him on the sly about her being such a night owl and which mostly stems from her father. To which he also would chuckle, “Be there or be square Madame I am I understood.” He tells her in a tone that he’d used to use on Dai all the time when he didn’t want to something causing her to bolt up right in attention mode with the dress still in hand as he turns to take his leave for the evening. “Yes I got it, night Alfred.” “Good night Sian.” Alfred replies back leaving Sian to her own whims for the rest of the evening.

Giving the massive bedroom a once over with her lunar blue eyes she finally lets go of the breathe she’s been holding through her lips, wondering just what in god’s name was she going to do in a place like this before suddenly seeing the time. “Seven o clock man I’m gonna late!” she declare making a bolt for her closet to pick out a dark red and black Chinese styled top a matching skirt and some heels before making a b line drive straight for the showers in order to get ready in order to meet up with Lala and Kyle at Tamafuri Shrine. (Fyi: The Shrine doesn’t have the Angry Bloom near or around it AT ALL so everyone is safe there.) <C>

Meanwhile up at the Shrine…..

Domini: ( ) Like the rest of the city was completely decorated in traditional Japanese flare the statues of the moon god had been brought forwards from their shrine building in order to be bathed in moonlight, the sounds of traditional Asian music blared loudly about the grounds as geisha, and those who call this part of town their homes, shops, and businesses emerged for the festivities at hand. “I can’t believe how many people showed the hell up here, its unreal even Okaa-san came to wish the fighters well in the games.” Domini Fudo states dressed in her usual attire of a shrine priestess ( ) her lavender eyes looking out amongst the crowds as she herself carried several trays of refreshments and even charms to sell as it was unmistakably a booming business too. Tomasaburo Oshino would give a chuckle hearing her granddaughter’s words, “Perhaps you are too young to understand this now Domini but to our people, Sayuri-chan is our hope and dream for a better future. Especially for those of our own who have come to call Kasaihana their home to be in the Empress’ presence means that Japan has not forgotten her children. And how would it look if she the one who governs our people didn’t come here to honor those who are going off to tell those ‘gods’ that we are no man’s bitches.” The old woman cackles her own grey gaze casting itself out onto the frame of a woman who stood at 5’6 in mist of the crowd wearing the very same robes as Domini and a pair of gettas smiling her long brown hair hanging loose about the nape of her neck and on her nose sat a pair of frameless glasses while behind them her sea-green eyes sparkled with a light that only seemed to draw people even closer to her like a moth would to a flame as she took time out for each person who came near her to hear what they had to say as Sayuri moved through the crowd finding those who were to fight in the games and others like them. “I know, I know Oba-san but it’s like the whole freaking city turned out for this event. It’s almost like we never left Japan.” Domini added in excitement looking at the crowd and then her mother who never once faltered or omitted a soul she passed by and it was this trait that Domini admired so about her mother, it was also a trait that she herself often strived hard to ascertain but always ended up coming short due to her own hot headed temper. “Practice makes perfect.” Domini could hear her mother figure say to her in her mind as she continued to make her rounds through the crowds with her sensei wishing like crazy that Leon would call her back soon so that they could meet up at the fair grounds as planned with her Mother in tow so that he could meet her. From this person to the next the young empress moved through the crowds with ease greeting each person with her usual smile as her aids (onis) Daichi and Noriko stood aloof keeping a close eye on their Lady, making sure that none of those that came in contact with her were in fact there to do her harm despite having the protection of the local police about and around the place. Though in truth Sayuri herself was looking forward to some quiet time away from all the responsibilities of court in order to visit her mother and prepare her daughter she’d given away so long ago (Domini) for things that were to come when she came back home she still believed that today’s events happened for a reason and whatever that reason was that she would be instrumental in making the will of the Gods know to whomever as the 31 year old moved onwards still stopping only a few times to take a drink from Domini in order to keep her mouth from going dry and praying over the charms that a few others had bought before finally just halting altogether at the presence of a powerful force….( Sayuri is picking up one of the fighters or one of the onihorudas so it doesn’t matter who posts back to this )<c>

Raijin: ( Deep in District 2 would be the apartment of the lonely samurai aka Raijin Kaminari. His apartment was mediocre at best not much to look at. A single couch occupied his living room along with a flat screen TV mounted up to his living room wall. His kitchen was bland if anything else. His room was easily the messiest place in the apartment. It had a single desk and a rolling chair pushed under it. Pizza boxes from his job would liter his room floor and trash can. His tsuruji sword stood at his bed side along with his geta sandals. Raijin himself was sprawled out on the bed snoring with a leg hanging off. Soon the loud sound of the festival would pick up outside his bedroom window. Random fire crackers would pop which made even louder noises. “Ugh...” Raijin opened up one of his eyes looking out the window seeing Kasaihana City all dressed up for the festival. “The festival is today? I could’ve sworn it was tomorrow.” Slowly sitting up on the bed Raijin let out a loud yawn stretching his arms out. Turning to the side of the bed he placed his feet inside his Geta sandals. He looked around the room looking for his red gi. “Damn it…where is it.” He looked towards his chairing seeing it hanging off he quickly grabbed it putting it on one arm at a time. Finally he grabbed his sword sliding the sash around his shoulder letting the blade hang on his back in a slightly vertical position. Sluggishly walking towards his bathroom Raijin grabbed his toothbrush along with some toothpaste and began his daily dental hygiene. Walking out of the bathroom as he brushed his teeth he made it to the living room making his way to the couch. Grabbing the remote off the couch he turned his tv on. The TV opened to the news as they were doing a TV spot on the festival and what it was for. “Seems everyone is happy today.” Raijin thought in his head as he brushed his teeth. He walked in the kitchen spitting out the spit and toothpaste from his mouth. He opened the fridge taking out a can of cold beer. He started to walk towards the door to his apartment opening his beer he walked out the apartment locking the door behind him. “I guess I’ll head towards the bar, they’ll probably sell the beer low.” Walking down the stairs to the street level of the apartment he saw people in their celebratory outfits. “Looking good Ms.Fujin.” Raijin said to one of the tenets in the apartment who was a young lady that was deep into the Japanese history. He walked out of the apartment the moon was high in the night but you couldn’t really see it pass all the tall buildings and fireworks and what not. As he walked throughout the city streets he saw people in their costumes. To them it was the festival but to Raijin this is his normal attire. He always dressed up in old samurai clothes from back in the old days but he does manage to mix it in with modern day clothing. The city was especially glowing tonight with all the decorations put up looking like the old Japanese fairy tale books with all the dragons and princesses. Raijin kind of enjoyed how the city could come together like this it put a disguise over the grueling and gritty of the city. Nearing the bar Raijin would finish his beer can throwing it in an empty trashcan. Upon getting to the door he saw females wearing skimpy cosplay costumes. “Geesh, this festival isn’t half bad.” Raijin had a sly smirk on his face as he walked inside the bar looking at all the people in there. Many of the men were already drunk singing old folk songs and just plain drunk gibberish. He walked towards the barkeep putting up his index finger. “One of your best bottles of Sake please.” The barkeep slid him a large bottle of Sake in return Raijin slid back some money for the bottle. He opened the bottle drinking it directly from the head. “Tonight I get fucked up…tomorrow migraines.”

Connor: ( ) Connor would’ve been driving down the KPD guided streets towards this festival he’d heard about. Sitting in the drivers seat of “his” box Chevy, Connor would have the stereo full blast, the base bumping, you could hear the man a mile away, even with the beautiful festive Japanese music. Connor leaning back in the seat, actually wearing a different set of clothes this time around. Connor would finally arrive at the public parking area, and turn he wheel was hard as he could whipping that big ass car in the first parking spot he could find. The music blaring, Connor would’ve reached into the glove box, and pulled out 2 pieces of stride gum. Popping the gum in his mouth, it tasted pretty shitty because of the bottle of Listerine he’d downed earlier before coming here. Sure people say you’re not supposed to swallow that shit, but at the same time, it felt pretty good going down. Only issue is it gave Connor the bubble guts…that being said, he’d shake his head, slapping his face a couple of times. “Alright, let’s see what awaits me at this thing. Hell….could be my last shindig after I fight Hercules.” Connor would step out the car actually wearing a different pair of clothes. He didn’t…have anything oriental, but he was able to pull off the martial arts look, sporting a blue karate gi, with a white belt, and off sky blue pants. He had yellow wrist bands, and wraps around his ankles, and a pair of martial arts s hoes on, with some pretty decent grip on them. Again not oriental, but Connor wasn’t about to run around wearing some form of man dress i.e his opinion on Kimonos’. ( ) Connor would shut the door and the door would’ve fallen off of the hinges the very moment he’d shut it. Connor would inhale slowly, before lifting the door and setting it in place…before he’d kick a dent in it, forcing the door to stay in place. “piece of shit.” ( ) Connor would’ve glanced around at the festivities. He was quite curious to see the other fighters who were here with him also. He was pretty sure he’d expect to see Kin, Eden…Akira probably. Kodi too. Namely all of the strongest people he knew or squared off with once or twice. Connor walked leisurely with his hands behind his head, and his eyes slanted. Seeing a fish stand, Connor would’ve made his way over, grabbing bout 4 sticks. “Yo is this shit free?” “What? No sir it’s 20 tanz for ea…” “Yeah thanks.” Connor would walk off continuing down the path, between the crowds, but it was hard for him to blend in because of his attire, and his prominent arm muscles, and red hued gaze. That and he was eating the fish on sticks, and the sticks at the same time. Connor took note of something…weird. Felt like it was calling him. Aloof to it, he ignored it and cracked his neck from side to side, ready to get his over with and get into some good fighting or sparring or SOMETHING with violence. Though sadly his better instincts told him that probably wasn’t going to happen here. ////Leon//// ( ) Arriving in a fashionable Manor as always, Leon would be in the back of a limo with his father and mother, Densuke and Felicity. Ochigi would’ve also been there, surprisingly. His new lease on things opted him to get out of the house even more. The only piece of the puzzle missing was Katarina. She’d run away from home, and claimed to disbandon the family as a whole. This only pained her father more, and Leon as well seeing as how he spent the majority of his life looking after here…but he couldn’t fret. She was a strong girl, and her family had faith in her, awaiting her return. That being said Densuke would have his arm around felicity and smile to his son. “You’re looking lost in thought. You expecting someone son?” Leon would perk up a bit, thinking about Domini. “Actually yes I am. I’ve sent her a few messages, though with all this commotion it might be best if I just decided to call her instead, that it would.” The family was dressed in proper attire, Kimonos’ and all, but Leon chose to wear something more suited to his style. He wore a long pink, open chested samurai top, with a wrap around the waist that matched his white hakama pants. His Raitoeji holstered on his hip, to fit his traditional samurai attire, and to make it even better his emerald green hues outshined the rest of the outfit, as they contrasted perfectly. (5645.jpg ) the Limo would appear up at a curve, right in front of an entrance, and Leon and the family would emerge from it. “My, my, this is all so festive.” Ochigi commented. “I bet it feels good to get some fresh air Ochigi!” Felicity bubbly spoke. “You’re in that cave 24/7, the least you could do is get out!” she’d pinch his cheeks and Ochigi would sigh. “I know I know. I wanna spend more time with you guys. I’m hoping we get to see Connor, I haven’t seen him since his return and he’s already getting into so much trouble…oy vey.” Densuke would inhale and sigh. “None the less, it’ll be good to be together as a family. Let’s enjoy it, we don’t get this time often. That and...” Densuke would put a hand on Leon’s shoulder. “My boys…both of them. Are fighting the gods very soon. All I can offer you is my faith Leon. You and Connor both.” Leon would nod. “I will prevail father…I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for my opponent.” A few miles away on a rooftop, Jacob Turner aka the new age Red Dawn would’ve been perched on a rooftop, squatting down with the shield on his back, and a sniper rifle on his right side. He’d tap the side of the cowl, contacting Densuke. “Red Dawn in position for protective sniping.” Densuke would tap on his ear piece and respond. “Roger. Eyes open, ears listening. I’ll bring you back a plate.” “Chow Main and a Funnel cake will do me just fine sir.” Jacob would remain in his position, his rifle at his side and at the ready. Leon would pull up his watch to his mouth and speak into it, trying to call domini. If it rang, and she answered, Leon would speak. “Hello? Domini? I know it’s a little hard to hear me, but if you can where are you? I just came in through the north gate. I’m not as adapt at tracking you spiritually as you are to me, so this is quite difficult that it is.” Leon would laugh a bit and Felicity would giggle at the fact. Densuke would’ve raised a brow. “What are you laughing at?” “It’s just…well when’s the last time you ever heard Leon laugh?” Densuke would suck on his own lips and furrow his brow…Leon…was laughing. Densuke would put a hand on his hip. “Nuh uh. I have to meet this girl. My son is laughing, she must be something special. We’re gonna have to see where this “happy Leon” is coming from.” Felicity would’ve busted out laughing holding her stomach, and adjust her long red hair in the bun. Ochigi at the rear, they’d all walk inside.

Kodi: ( Kodi would momentarily gazed at her fixed up Kimono.. The white bits of fabric brightened up due to Coco’s laundry magic with clothes...Hearing Nathan coming into his room that the blonde sat down.. "Yooooohooooooooo" with that she turned only to have her expression go to this…"=__=...Nathan your going to scare the children..." he would be wearing a short pink and black cherry blossom Kimono... that exposed his smooth legs... they were almost woman like… shaved and all.. Thus he had a pink weave… wrapped in two messy buns... only to complete his fabulous attire would be wearing high black wooden sandals... that only he and fierce gay men that knew how to walk in them..."Oh hush hunny bunns! ! It ain't that bad… at least I have panties under this time honey! Now its time to do your hair before this festival...Mmm All the hunks there me and Coco gonna gobble them up like rice balls..." The shark-like female made a disgusted look at her friend... while he started to comb her blonde locks of hair... only to form in into a high bun ... staring at her pipe on the makeup table... reaching over grasping… only to hover her arm up... letting Nathan obtain and slip it directly into her hair as a accessory.. Spinning around in the chair he would apply her makeup. Applying blue eye shadow only to stop at her eye that is permanently shut... he applied it slowly…thus lip gloss to shine her pink lips. She stood up only to grab her kimono while putting it on with one arm only... she had gotten use to this being one she placed on her wooden sandals... Nathan smiled at her as Kodi would blink and smile softly toward him. The duo soon came out while Coco looked dead on like woman... wearing his attire... a white kimono with the same heels while his black hair down... The blonde female would see Ueta and Cody playing a fighting virtual video as they didn't want to come... Though the chubby blonde wanted some food from it… So she promised Ueta that. As for Jackie, she hadn't seen him come in or out of the room so she just suspected that he would be out n about. The Trio soon made there way out of the manhole... She inhaled the air while she gazed up at the sky... only to have made their way to the festival... Nathan would soon seen a gang of hunks within the large traffic of people.. The two gay men puckered they're lips as they soon acted rather girly... while they gazed at Kodi with plead in there eyes.. She would give them a look before chuckling…"Alright faggots… Just don't-" They soon fled before the female could say anything at any sort...shaking her head.... while they headed toward the flock of bulky beefy men…Though she seen a child winning a fish from one of the games for the festies... watching her walk only to trip and fall over on top of the fish, her eyes watered while her mom comforted her.. The shark like female... soon made her way over... while the child eyes widened, gasping as her mother gasped..."MOMMY LOOK ITS THE SHARK WOMAN THAT SINGS AND STUFF AND EATS PEOPLE INFRONT OF HER STAGE" Her mother covered her child’s mouth while she apologized..."I'm sorry! I let her-" trailing off, Kodi would pay the man as it was a ring toss type of game… get the rings onto the bottles... she paid for about four rounds... have four rings in total.. The child and mother looked to be amazed while they really didn't think that she would play these types of games... they watched her carefully.. Picking up a ring she soon reared back her arm... only to toss it directly onto the bottle the Man in the stand were to be amazed... while she would start... flinging one ring after the other... as all the rings would land on the spot.. The man gave her a look while she eyed down at the Child and mother...He soon pulled out a tank having about 5 fish within it... "Wow Miss! You sure won a lot of fish!" Kodi soon knelt down and grappled the handle of the tank to only hand it directly to the child...The mother would of been ever so thankful! While she grabbed the tank from her child only to have the kid hug Kodi tightly... her blue eyes widened while slowly wrapping her only arm around her giving her a soft hug... As the female child let go...They soon waved as a thanks... only to smile to herself... as she scoffed happily..."Guess I'm a big softy for kids. Tch." She would continue on following the traffic of people while she looked within the stands, trying to find a Tempura sushi fish stand. Thus she heard a familiar annoying voice..."Yooooohoooooooo Sis is that you?! God damn you actually don't look like a dyke today." "Oh Cessair, I see you don’t have your arms wrapped around a different man today eh?" She laughed while walking toward her sister at the Sushi stand..."So-" "Hey I mean I came to cheer you on right?" Kodi gave her a smug look while the woman in the stand spoke..."What will you have here..." "Yeah I'll take 10 eel rolls please..." Cessair would rudely put her order in..."And a fish on a stick please!" Sighing at her older sister she looked at her giving her an evil eye..."Aww come on I mean we can spend time together before you go and die- I mean live yeah live!" Cessair grabbed her fish on the stick as Kodi grabbed her plate of rolls..."Alright Man-eater, you got it... Sisterly bond oh what joy!" Sarcastically speaking the Two Torabaasu women stood and spat toward each other as they ate there meals.

Yasei: Yasei walked into the festival the Japanese set up seemed to be extravagant and he liked it. His white snake skin shoes clicked on the ground as his slim fit pinstripe suit pants accentuated his toned legs. Over his tattooed upper body he wore a snug matching pinstripe suit shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top three buttons undone underneath a white suit vest. His golden eyes looked at all the people and he smiled they were all fighters in a way, after all they all lived in this shit hole of a city. Yasei pushed his unruly black hair out from his face and kept walking his ringed hands in his pockets. He'd be fighting in the Sector Games and he'd taken time out of his training regimine to come and see the festival after all he was one of the people it was being thrown for. He saw a red eyed man that he'd gotten into a fight with before he'd unlocked his oni side and smiled stopping in front of the man as he ate fish kebabs and the sticks as well. "You aren't dead, I'm glad. This means we can test each other again after the games." He smiled and cocked his head happily his neck tattoos visible [Kanji for savage]. "Let's fight again after the games are done yeah? That way we can see how far we both have progressed since you threw me into traffic." He laughed obviously not upset about the fight as the people moved around them it was as if people avoided his touch and he didn't mind.

Rima: (( Listen while reading -----> )) “It's about time we get to go to another awesome party!” Rima Lannister's voice rang with excitement as she twirled around the kitchen of her parents' luxury apartment, quite literally like a ballerina that hasn't had much practice. Anyone could see the unmasked anticipation giving her soft brown hues a twinkle as her hand worked delicately at tossing multi-colored rose petals everywhere her bare feet twirled, like an overly-excited flower girl at a wedding. The 17-year-old wore her light brown locks in something of a messy up-do that left some strands tucked into a bun while others hung loosely down the side of her face. Her bangs tickled her forehead as the loose tendrils falling along either side of her features did the same with her blushed cheeks. Her lips which had been painted a soft pink and glimmered in the kitchen lighting, were pulled into a smile as she giggled girlishly, obviously enjoying whatever dance she was trying to pull off. A pair of reluctant eyes watching her from beneath the kitchen doorway rolled within a face that didn't look as happy as the young Lannister for the upcoming event that they were to attend tonight. Kichiro Yori's arms were folded across his chest as he leaned sideways against the kitchen doorway, mumbling something in his throat which almost immediately caused Rima to stop her twirling. Giving him a look, her head tilted as she frowned at her best friend. “Kichiro?” She spoke up. “Don't tell me you're not excited for the festival. We've been talking about going for days and took off work today just to pick out costumes!” Kichiro grumbled. “I know, I know.” Came his reply. “It's just that, there's gonna be an ass ton of people there and you know how I get around big crowds.” Oh right. The social anxiety. Rima had almost forgotten. “It's gotten even worse ever since...y'know...your psychopath of a brother FUCKING KIDNAPPED ME?!?!” Rima recoiled from his tone, blinking twice before smiling at him. “Ah, don't be silly, Kichiro. He's already given you his compensation for that whole thing, which anyone else would be grateful for, including your protection since you ARE my best friend.” Kichiro rolled his eyes. “Do you even hear yourself? You think I want money and a brand new car from a guy like him, like that's supposed to make me feel better all of a sudden? It's amazing to me that you even accepted the fact that he's your real brother. Have you ever considered that he might be lying to get something from you?” At that, Rima stared at him in silence. Then sighed deeply. “There are several reasons why I know he was telling me the truth when he told me who he was, and who I was as well. Things I can't really share with you right now.” “And there you go with the secrets. Ha! Maybe you two really are related.” Kichiro unfolded his arms to straighten himself, snorting before looking sideways. “But enough about that bastard. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get the hell on to this festival and get as drunk as goddamn possible.” At that, Rima burst into laughter. “That's the spirit!” She shouted as she charged forward, grabbing her best friend by the hand and pulling her along with him as she ran for the exit. A moment later, when they both walked outside of the apartment and onto the sidewalk, something halted them dead in their tracks, expressions of surprise striking their features simultaneously. To their alarm, a shimmering white Rolls Royce Phantom was parked at the sidewalk in front of the complex. A tall, slender figure leaning back against the side of the pricey vehicle seemed to pierce right through them with a sterling silver gaze, dressed in rather business casual attire while balancing a piping cigarette between thin, silent lips. The silky raven locks billowing past his shoulders while caressing the young, near flawless features of his face went without introduction, and it wasn't long before a look as hard as stone flashed across Kichiro Yori's eyes. “Talon.” He muttered under his breath. The black-haired male lifted a delicate gloved hand to pinch his cigarette between two fingers, removing it from his lips only to exhale a swirling white cloud into the air before his face. Amazingly, the hovering smoke had briefly formed the distorted shape of a dragon before vanishing into the polluted air of the city. “Going out tonight?” Came the young man's simple words. “You haven't heard?” Rima suddenly lit up with excitement, which had easily startled her friend beside her. “There's a festival going on downtown honoring those who are participating in the games! It's gonna be kickass!” Talon arched a thin, black brow as his head slightly tilted, his expression void of any hint of amusement, which deeply contrasted his younger sister's current demeanor. One thing that he had learned quite fashionably was that she always had this bubbly attitude about her, on top of getting overly excited about damn near everything.<C>

Rima: “I see.” He replied coolly. “And that is what you are going to wear to this...festival?” Talon's eyes trailed her up and down as if seeing something he didn't approve of. “Oh!” Rima felt her cheekbones flush a deep red as she drew her arms around her midsection. Since the theme of the festival was of a traditional Japanese make, she'd chosen to wear an authentically designed kimono to fit the sort of fashion she thought others would be sporting at the event. Decorated in a plethora of colorful floral designs, the predominantly blue fabric fit rather snugly around her developed frame, tailing down toward the ground to cover most of her feet while the lengthy sleeves flowed majestically along her arms. It was evident where Talon's problem with the kimono had come in, seeing as though the top had done a pretty good job of exposing her shoulders, along with a bit of her cleavage that had taken long enough to develop. Though he and Rima had only known each other for so long, that didn't stop his over-protective nature from kicking in, so all he saw in the back of his mind was a bunch of parched ass holes fixing their unwelcomed gazes on his younger sister. And that, to him, was a no no. “Uhhh,” Rima forced herself to laugh, though the sound was rather nervous and awkward due to feeling like her own father was about to scold her for what she had chosen to wear that night. “It's traditional!” She exclaimed, but judging by the look on Talon's face, that answer wasn't good enough. Yet and still, he stifled the urge to make her change into something less revealing. He'd had to tell himself that his sister was old enough to make her own decisions...but those decisions might have gotten someone killed. “You should come with us!” Rima spoke up. “WHAT?!” The word had exploded out of Kichiro's mouth uncontrollably, his hands slapping over it a split second later. “You look like you don't get out much. And I can tell because you act so serious all the time. It's like you never have any fun around here, for someone who can afford a car like that.” Rima skipped a few steps toward her older brother who looked slightly caught off guard by the invitation. “It'll be fun, you'll see! Plus, I think bonding with my big brother'll be pretty awesome!” Talon stared at the younger female as she laughed girlishly, momentarily drawn to her genuine smile, which was something he was not used to seeing from anyone. “Bonding...?” He repeated the word somewhat quietly. “Well, I came here because I wouldn't have minded that in a quieter setting but,” He paused, casually shrugging his shoulders. “Only because you asked me to...little sister.” “YAAAY!” Rima leaped into the air with a fist pump, clapping her hands excitedly as soon as her feet touched the ground again. “I promise you won't regret it!” She winked with a thumbs-up gesture. <C>

Rima: But she was wrong. After climbing into Talon's Rolls Royce and driving for a few miles until they at last reached the festival downtown, the first thought the young Oyabun had was, “I should've known I was going to regret this...” Though the traditional Japanese decorations along with the rambunctious activity was rather fascinating to say the least, Kichiro hadn't been the only one who didn't appreciate large crowds and overly ecstatic people. Hundreds had gathered for the first-time event, and that was perhaps an understatement from what the passengers of the Rolls Royce Phantom could see. Fireworks crackled and sparkled across the night sky as music rang out from all directions. Voices and chatter were highly audible through the car's bullet-proof exterior, which left Talon no choice but to ask his younger sister, “What the hell...did you just drag me into?” Rima could only laugh in response to her brother's attitude, her soft brown hues reflecting the colorful lights illuminating the festival grounds as well as the rainbow shimmers in the sky as she watched the happenings outside of the car. “It looks amazing!” She said as if the sight of the festival had stolen her breath away. “Come on, guys!” Before both Talon and Kichiro knew it, Rima was already climbing out of the car, causing both males to look alarmed for a second. “Rima, wait!” Kichiro momentarily panicked, rushing out of the car after her. Having calmed himself down, Talon exited the Rolls Royce in a collective manner unlike the two younger passengers before him, simply adjusting the black suit jacket hanging from his shoulders before signaling for his driver to find someplace to park the car. Hearing the engine purr on its way into the distance, Talon stood still for a moment to watch his company run off into the festival grounds. His silver hues looked around, as if to scan the ground and observe as much as he possibly could from his current position, before he lifted an index finger to his right ear where he typically wore his commlink transmitter device. The device was used to communicate with the rest of the Kuroyama clansmen, small enough to go unnoticed inside the ear of its users for the most part. “This is Black Dragon,” He spoke in a stern tone. “All of you who were assigned to this event are to keep your eyes open for anything that looks out of place.” In truth, although Talon acted as if he'd had no clue about a festival when Rima first introduced the idea to him, he had known about the event for several days now, and had made his own arrangements to be there, whether or not he was invited. He'd assigned about twelve of his clansmen to be in attendance as well, which included his aniki, Ken'Ichi Shu, but their only duty was to interfere on their boss' behalf if any trouble were to start. Nothing more, nothing less. He'd kept that much from Rima's knowledge as not to worry her, on top of the fact that she was ignorant of his true criminal lifestyle and he'd wanted to keep it that way. The twelve clansmen were scattered throughout the entire festival ground tending to their own affairs, some already beginning to participate in the provided festivities in order to properly blend in to their current surroundings. “We got ya covered, boss.” Ken'Ichi's mischievous voice sounded from the transmitter in response, which made Talon give a firm nod. “We'll try not to get too dru—Ooh! Helloooooo, pretty young thang!” Talon didn't have to see his Aniki to know that he was now up to his usual antics, instead focusing his attention on his sister and her best friend. Shrugging out of his suit jacket to reveal the white button-up he wore underneath, he flung the expensive fabric over one shoulder, holding it in place with his gloved hand as he walked after them. 'So this is it....' His inner voice spoke in his mind as he looked about observantly. 'This is the celebration created for those who are going to die for the amusement of...gods.' It wasn't long before he could spot his sister among the crowd again. She'd found a food stand and was apparently overjoyed about it. 'The gods chose you, little sister.' His inner voice continued in his mind. 'I'm not sure why...perhaps I was not around for that reason....but I will not let you fight alone. You'll never have to fight alone again...'<E>

Jackie: ( Walking threw the heavy crowd where the final family arriving in this mess each holding their head up towards the clouds, The Serizawa's were finally here the Sector games where only a few short hours away so the Serizawa's decided it was time to let loose have a little fun you know? Walking ahead of the two where their Uncle Suran having his hair in an unkempt bowl cut, over his head was his maroon-colored cloak with a hood designed to resemble a serpent's head, with white, red, and yellow markings that resemble eyes; the hood can be closed like a snake's mouth to help protect his senses from the effects of smoke or any toxins. ( Tumblr_mdz60hQX3v1rnfpm0o2_500.gif <-- How Suran looks)He was leading them through the crowd secondly was his Niece Velvet walking with pride having her hips move as she walked each stepped she took caused the Unborn to mutter inside her necklace, flicking it with her finger she continued to pay no mind to the evil demon before turning towards her two brothers Max and Jackie who were walking aimlessly together. Jackie was an young man of average height with a lean, muscular physique, which, over the course of time, has become heavily marred with scars. He has medium-length black hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, brown eyes, and his skin is somewhat tan. His brother Max has an lean, muscular build to him, his eyes are teal with an angular and slightly slanted shape, giving him a very sinister look. He has spiky black hair with blue outlining and white streaks. His skin complexion is regular peach-tan. He also possess a few scars on his body, which he hides with his outfit which is a long black cloak-like jacket with a grey collar and black pants tucked into black boots. " Cant believe it's almost time guys... I hope you two been training." Jackie would be saying towards his brother and sister before placing his hands into his pockets. "Psh.. Im ready for this. I don’t know about you two..." Velvet would say placing her hands behind her head looking into the sky, Max just stood quite he was just thinking of what stood behind those doors. As they walked Jackie noticed his training partner Kodi they mastered Token fist together and Jackie thought it would be cool to say hey. Breaking apart from his family Jackie walked off towards Kodi seeing her brother walk off Velvet followed behind him as they reached Kodi and her Sister Jackie would come up from behind and jab her on the shoulder "Sharkesha you made it!" Velvet would walk in front of the two seeing Kodi's sister Velvet would only give her an head nod as she fixed herself.( Tumblr_n07m8kOUCb1sq9gjvo1_500.jpg <--Velvet.) ( Tumblr_ma3qzqfc9h1r72ht7o1_500.gif <-- Jackie)

Akira: (( ))Akira would have been laying down in his bed only awakening to the sound of his alarm going off , and without thinking he'd lift his right arm upwards from underneath the sheets and blankets before bringing in back down towards the earth smashing his fist against the small alarm clock almost completely shattering it underneath his large hands, with that done Akira would slip his arm back underneath the covers and reset the sheets on to his body and prepared himself to go back to sleep though just before he could Another alarm went off though instead of it only being one it was twenty of them, the sound would have attacked Akira's sensitive ears and he'd stretch his arm out to try to turn it off but realized that he had placed them all by the door so that the only way to turn them off in case he tried to sleep again would be to actually get up, Akira would sit up right in his bed the sheets and blankets sliding off his upper body and he'd look at the large pile of alarm clocks piled by the door all buzzing and what not, an Animated red nerve would then appear by Akira's right temple , and suddenly his bed room wall would have exploded along with the alarm clock's, Akira would then sigh before rubbing the back of his neck he'd then swing his body around and step out of the bed , the bottom of his feet pressing against the soft carpeted floors beneath him, he'd then walk out of his bedroom through the giant hole in his wall, he'd begin walking down his steps , his muscular form completely naked, he'd make his way through the living room where he'd glance over towards his coffee table seeing a Glass on the table and walking over to it and grabbing onto it before making his way into his kitchen not even bothering to flick his lights on but went straight to the refrigerator opening it up searching through it and grabbing a pitcher of ice tea out of it he was gonna pour it in a glass but decided "Fuck It" and tossed the glass into the sink only for it to be meet with a loud shattering noise "Damn I forgot that cup was glass" he'd say to himself before sighing and drinking directly out of the pitcher letting the cool liquid wake him up a bit before putting it back in the fridge , Akira was usually a mess in the morning always has been and that’s probably something that will never change but5 at any rate Akira would make his way back upstairs and walk into his bathroom and damn near throwing his body into the shower and immediately turning the water on cold as possible letting the cold water run over him for a while before he began to wash himself , once out of the shower he'd move to the mirror and begin to brush his teeth and fix his hair, after he got himself freshened he'd walk into his bedroom and over to his closet and grab a black leather jacket tossing it onto his bed before moving on towards the dresser pulling it open grab a matte black colored shirt and putting it on before closing the upper draw and opening the second one, his lunar blue eyes scanning through his selections, he'd slip on some dark grey boxer briefs and onto of that he'd put on some black jeans before putting the leather jacket on over the black tee shirt he had on and throwing on a pair of black ankle and grey socks on to his feet and grabbing a pair of black shoes with a white sole and slipped them onto his feet, and with that done Akira was ready to go , grabbing his wallet from onto his dresser and his rollie slipping it onto his wrist covering it with his jacket sleeve before walking down stair and going back into the kitchen once again and pouring himself some of that ice tea he drank earlier into a water bottle and walking out the door grabbing his car keys on the way out. Once outside he'd open up his garage and press a button and the sweet sounds of his dad's Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition (( <-- how it looked)) the cars been modified with armor plating, bullet proof windows, and the tires contain a gel that seal punctures, the car also has a 1600 horse powered engine that one would usually find in a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 Masonry Carbonados GT, a car that clocks in its top speed at about 230 miles per hour but the Audi won't go as fast due to the plating, so its top speeded is about 210 maybe a little over and of course it has all the latest and up to date electronics’ within from, radios, to Gps system, and a few exclusive features created by a few friends overall the car was just beast, Akira had installed his own security system into though just like his Akira's other car once he placed his hand on the door handle it'd scan his hand before unlocking , Akira would then step inside placing the key into the ignition before backing out his driveway and pressing a button to close his garage as well as activate his house security system, He would have proceeded to make his way towards the festival drinking his ice tea on the way there once at a red light he'd pop in one of his CD's(( )) He'd cruise through out the City passing through the districts multiple crowds of people checking out his car as he drove all going "OOOOOOO" or "EEEEEEEEE" or something along those lines, a few women who had pulled up to the side of his car pulled up next to him tried to talk to him though he simply smiled them before driving off again, finally he'd reach the Geisha District and the place was packed with people from all over the city it was pretty insane and had he not had a park reserved for him there wouldn't have even been a place to park, once he did he'd remove his keys placing them into his pocket and closing the door behind him placing his hand into his pocket pressing a button causing his trunk to pop open and with that he'd grab a few things and place them into his pockets before closing his trunk and pressing a button which locked his doors and activated his security systems , Akira would then begin to make his way through the festival all the people there was almost overwhelming and something he was dreading from the start all he heard was "Oh My FUCKING GOD" and when he shifted his glaze to see what was going on he saw multiple females and a few males staring at him ~Fuck~ was the only thought that went through his head before he suddenly take off running dipping and dodging people while the mob of people chased him though it was relatively easy to get away and hide because of the crowd of people here "man this is such a drag" he'd say to himself before making his way through the crowds of people again-

She stepped out of the shower refreshed and clean, Lian had heard all the hype of this festival thing for a couple of days. As she dressed, she knew that she didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to have some fun. The only drawback was perhaps bumping into someone she was trying to avoid. Like maybe Al... or worse yet Sanosuke, she slipped her dress over her head and looked at herself in the mirror. (( She had to admit that it wasn't something she would typically wear, but it was absolutely beautiful. The silk was light and airy and would definitely be a relief from the humid summer evening. Also the fit, made her curves look good. She made her makeup simple and put a simple flower clip in her hair. ((

Lian: By the time she was heading downstairs she could hear people outside hooping and hollering. The security guard in the lobby looked suspiciously out the door. "Damn hooligans... better stay off my block." Lian shook her head, "Um excuse me, I need by." The guard whipped his head around, "Oh, Miss Wong, don't you look absolutely stunning. Don't tell me you're heading out into this mess, it's going to be nothing but a cesspool of debauchery." Lian laughed a little "Well debauchery can be fun... in moderation of course." Lian could see the man's eyebrows raised above the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses, the glasses he wore all the time. He didn't say anything more just opened the door for her, and she headed out to the street. There were people dressed in kimono and obviously walking to where the festival was, but Lian had no intention in walking that far in heels. The cabs were running actively and in abundance it was simple enough to hale one. She really didn't even have to tell the driver where she was heading, considering he asked if she was heading to the festival. It wasn't long till they made it to the geisha district, after paying Lian stepped out into the festivities.

The crowds were almost insane, Lian didn't think she'd ever seen so many people in one place. Yeah the streets in district one could get busy but nothing like this. She did her best not to run into people but it was kind of difficult considering the close quarters between the booths. After a while she managed to get to a more centralized and open area. It was like an amphitheater a moderately sized stage with lots of long benches for people to sit and watch the show. Some people sat others stood around, on stage was some sort of Kabuki show. Lian stood watching, the dancers on stage as the music played. (( It was actually quite beautiful she thought much more sophisticated and artful then what she was used to seeing working in strip clubs. After a few minutes she decided to move on to something else. There was a vendor selling shaved ice, she was so tempted to get some but wearing a white dress she didn't want to risk messing it up. She settled for a tall iced coffee instead, walking around she began to feel like maybe she should have just stayed home. It was kind of boring walking around by yourself, with no one to talk to. She sighed looking around to see if she saw anyone she knew. It wasn't long till she saw someone... however it wasn't someone she wanted to see. (( Sanosuke was skulking around, his typical clueless expression as he searched the crowd. Unfortunately Lian knew he was looking for. "Shit!" she said when they're eyes met across the ocean of people. " Lian! Wait for me!" The dumb galoot started pushing his way through the crowd. He only stopped when he practically knocked over some old lady in a kimono. Her husband immediately started yelling at Sanosuke about disrespect to the elderly and the horrible younger generation. Sanosuke stopped and tried to apologize and help the elderly woman up only to have the old woman start to hit him over the head with her umbrella, her husband cheering her on. "Hey lady I'm sorry!! Ow!! Stop!" Lian took this as her chance to slip away and fade into the crowd again.

Syl: Syl stared blankly around at the party goers, as she sat upon one of the lower near by roofs. Twirling her hair around her finger, she wrinkled her nose at the smell of all the food around, they were good if a bit overwhelming to her. She was wearing a kimono she had...'acquired' from a girl about her body size. ( Simple kimono, black with a red obi, and a pink, blue and green flower pattern. Syl's decided to leave her hair extremely long as so it brushed her ankles, like always she was barefoot. Normally Syl wouldn't of gone to this kind thing but she was curious as to what it was. Pushing her hair out of her face she, let a pretty large spider drop out of her hair, playing with it she lay on her back and let it crawl over her chest, Syl watches the eight-legged creature as it crawled slowly across her, it stopped in the middle and attempted to hide itself within the folds of her kimono. ( Syl smiled softly, and sat back up, and picked it out of the folds of her kimono, and it crawled over her hands and finger before she brought it to the crook of her neck, where it nestled where her neck and shoulder meet, Syl's hair moved to cover it, as the creature began to relax. Normally Syl would've been swarmed by spiders but, she'd had them stay away as not to scare people or get themselves stepped on, although there were a few overzealous spiders who put themselves into situations that they'd normally wouldn’t of. Syl's hair moved gently with the cool breeze that moved through the area, her red eyes half closed watching the happy people below her, she wished she could be down there and have fun but who the hell would she talk to, not like she could make any friends because she couldn't speak thanks to her fucking mother. So Syl was content to watch everyone else from her roof.

Yumi: Yumi had heard about the festival for quite some time now, as much as she didn't want any part of it may suggested she go for the sake of Connor going as well or so she heard. After settling things with Kevin it was time to let Connor know she was also back in town though at this point it didn't seem like it would matter if anything Yumi just wanted Connors happiness the less she interfered the better but this was bigger than them. The Shinpaku federation was in dire trouble of just not existing and one thing hadn't changed, she was still his right hand. Which meant she had work to do regardless of whatever happens in the end. another reason she decided to come was because apparently Connor was in some sort of event of the fighting kind of course what else would he be doing in. Yumi elegantly stepped out of the cab dressed for the occasion thanks to her friend May buying her an outfit. The kimono base color was an emerald green with red and gold flower pattern spiraling from the bottom up to the sleeves. Wooden sandals adorned her feet and long locks of red hair are pinned up in a traditional Chinese bun with a dragon hairpin at the top of her head. She would bump into Connor soon enough but for now she would enjoy the festivities this event had to offer like the very beautiful women dressed up in dazzling attire. Being part Dragon Yumi enjoys pretty things and pretty people included. The Japanese lanterns and colorful merchant stalls full of games, exotic food and vibrant garments made blue hues light up with curiosity. She only had a handful of currency and as nice as all the material things looked, she wanted to try the food more.

Sian: Sian would emerge from bathroom in would seem like matters of minutes dressed in the cheongsam outfit she’d chosen from her wardrobe (  but longer top and skirt wise), her skin softly kissed with hint of lavender and lilacs from soap she’d used and her raven hair still slightly wet despite having been placed into a regal Japanese ( ) and held in place by hand made hair brooches. On her ears she’d rock a pair of golden hoops while on her left hand she opting to wear a simple gold band in the place of her 3kt diamond wedding set to the festivities not desiring to have it lifted off of her person at any point or time as she makes her way towards the stairs that leads downstairs into a lab, a place once was the base of Crimson Raid and Red Mask now her personally library and rec room stopping only once pick up her keys and phone from the table near the elevator doors before placing a foot into each of her black open toe lace up sandals, grabbing her geisha styled gold slip on’s, summoning the elevator up, and entering it to head down to the bottom floor. From inside of the elevator Sian watched as the city came to life, from the lights to the sounds the people of this town were certainly letting everyone know who was participating in these Game know that they really in fact appreciated what all that they would and were about to do from them. Some even knowing that they might not come back at all. So why couldn’t she just get with the program like everyone else? She ask herself softly look up towards the roof of the car momentarily. “Because you aren’t like everyone else Sian.” She’d hear a familiar voice say in the deep recesses of her mind. The voice of course being Suijin’s. “Just what do you mean by that, huh?” Suijin would let off an exasperating sigh replying back, “Snakes are solitary creatures; we aren’t loved by everyone and those that do still know to maintain a certain kind of reverence for us when it comes to being in our space…I know its hard for one as young as you to understand this but it’s who you are…well apart of it any how.” Sian would also sigh hearing this slightly wishing that it wasn’t. She missed having her adventures with Kin…staying up all night talking to Suzume and Lala on the phone and ironically she even missed being around Connor with his crazy self. Most of all she missed her family, since her wedding and the murders communication between herself and Akira had went to none Sian basically had to result to leaving a message with Akashi in order for him to even know that their mom was alive again and well. “Bakka….Just what in fucks name are you doing Kira?” she’d ask out loud the jerking motions of the elevator as it came to complete stop bringing her back from her thoughts for a moment and the doors opened to reveal the forms of two very familiar faces. “Hey Sian how’s it going?” She’d hear Johny Valentine say with a huge grin on his face the blond haired male rocking an altered black colored style of his usual Arrow attire while the other who was him and also long time girlfriend, Shelley Peters adapted to wear something similar to what Sian had on. “It is a pleasure to see you girlfriend.” Shelly says with a smile trying out some of the more modern lingo that kids their age use which made Sian chuckle. “ Hey Johny, I’m good just wishing my parents were here to see all of this. I know they would’ve been stoked to see such an awesome turn.” “Yeah I’m sorry to hear about all of that, how’s your mom taking everything?” “She’s pretty torn up about my dad but having Melina in her arms helping her cope oddly enough and no Shells, its Hey girlfriend.” Shelley would automatically give Si a bewildered look as if to say she didn’t understand before the raven hair beauty says hopping out of the car practically doing a power walk towards the door and the awaiting limo outside, “Never mind Shelley lets just go were already late. The mayor will have my ass if Im not there on stage with other families in like 20 mins.” All in the hope that they were close behind and luckily enough for her they were Johny getting into the vehicle first before she did while Shelley chose to fly taking the more scenic route to the temple grounds. The limo quickly taking to the skies once its hydraulics were off, the car coming to life taking immediately to the air, and off into the evening traffic.<C>

Fortunately for the new up and coming CEO for the first time in a while the KPD were actually doing their jobs, to make sure that the people in attendance would be able to get to their destinations with little to now trouble at all, this over course helping the young Asian beauty just a bit as Sian emerge only seconds later after leaving the Tower’s parking lot from car and into the crowds that lay near the heart of everything. Johny stepping out on the opposite side of her while Shelley herself managed to find a save place to descend away from prying eyes in order to rejoin the two moments later. Taking to the crowds with ease Sian placing one foot in front of the other spying out quickly the Mayor for a moment and giving him a brief wave a smile on her lips as he and several others made there way through the southern most entrance of the ground where the stage had been set up along with the shrine of the four elemental gods (onis rather) each representing the four major families of Kasaihana or so she had been told during her briefing once she’d arrived in town from Tibet were her mother was with her sister recuperating from not only a broken heart at the lost of her dad and dying but the lost of her family as well too in the wake of it. An ideal that made Sian’s blood still run hot to stay the least as she curls her fingers up into the palms of her hands at her side her chi starting to slowly manifest themselves around them as she followed them in the same direction taking note once there that she seemed to be the first of the key players to arrive outside of the city officials that is. “Whoa, whoa Sian calm down.” She’d hear Johny say his eyes looking downward to let her know that something was up. Sian would look down and quickly uncurl her fingers causing the flow of energy to cease before looking up to see if anyone around them saw what happened. Having learned that there was a new omega-gene law that supposed to go into effect soon that would force anyone with exceptional powers to have to work for the government another reason to add of her list of many as to why she got the fuck outta this town to begin with. Sian hated the cops so she knew working for the feds was completely the fuck outta the question. Shelley moving towards the two of them with ease still slightly floating in mid-air. “The area has been safely secured.” “Thanks Shells.” “You are most welcome. Sian that man over there is he the officiate of council?” Sian looks at Johny in hopes that he could translate Shelley for her as she has no ideal as to what the fuck she is saying here. “I think she means is he the Mayor of the town.” Johny replies with a ^^; look on his face. Sian would give him an “Oh” look. “Precisely. “I guess so Shells so much has changed in this place I barely know what's up or down any more.” Sian replied back watching the young man who was probably just a year or so older than she standing with several others in the mist of deep council most likely discussing as to how the events would go for the next few days before finally turning his attention towards her and offering a polite smile as he drew closer. His right hand extended out towards her in attempt to shake her hand, “Mrs. Yun?” “Yes?” “It’s pleasure to meeting you, I’m Mayor Williams we spoke briefly over the phone in regards tonight’s events.” Giving his hand shake with her own right Sian replies back, “Ah Mayor Williams, yes it’s a pleasure meet you also. I’d like you also meet my aids this is Johny Valentine and Shelley Peters.” Both would nod in acknowledgement to the man. “A pleasure I’m sure, your husband assures me that you will be able to carry out tonight’s plans in his stead.” “That is correct, your honor after all it’s nothing more than little demonstration of a fighter’s skills.” “Excellent. All that we need now is for the other three to arrive and we can get this show on the road. Please feel free to join in the festivities with others until then.” He would say with a smile turning to take his leave of the three to inform the teams involved with the demo to prepare the area in which it would take place. Sian would give the man a casual like salute as he went off to do whatever it was politicians do, “Will do. Well ya heard the man, LET’S PARTY!” she declares taking off in the direction of the games with the others in tow stumbling upon her childhood besties literally in the process (damn heels xD). <c>

Domini: In the mist of people chattering and all the music that was blaring in and about the at the shrine Domini could just make out the sound of Koda Kumi’s latest track, a love song she’d placed especially on Leon’s information as his ring tone blasting itself from the speakers of her cell phone which lay in the right pockets of her priestess ensemble. The red head would smile softly at a group of the teens she was serving some cups of green tea whilst this was happening as a note of apology but in truth they seemed to all understand speaking impromptu Japanese to her as she lowered the tray she carrying in her left hand for a moment before politely excusing herself in order to reach in to the pocket with her right in order to answer it. Motioning her index over the phone her lavender eyes would caught sight of the endless messages sent to her from Leon a sight that would make her laugh briefly as she hadn’t felt her phone vibrate at all the entire time moving her finger towards the incoming call button in order to slide it right in gliding like motion The 19 year would then place the phone over onto that of her left ear listening soundly for the voice of her beloved say, “Hello? Domini? I know it’s a little hard to hear me, but if you can were are you? I just came in through the north gate. I’m not as adapt at tracking you spiritually as you are to me, so this is quite difficult that it is.” A part of her laughing also as she could hear him but barely glancing out into the crowd once more in order to see if she could spot her mother or him in the mist of all this chaos her lavender eyes catching sight of her Sayuri who had some how made it all the way towards the entrance with Noriko at her side while Daichi remained with her own oni Ryo and Yasha. “Yes I can hear you Leon-kun.” She chuckles a bit starting to make her way there through the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the sound of traditional folk music hitting her left ear some walking past several stands. “There are a set of stair there leading up to the shrine; if you come up them I’ll meet you there once I come back from getting changed, watashi no ai.” The words “my love” in Japanese passing the redhead’s lips without so much as a plausible thought, prompting Domini to swear up under her breath for a moment hoping against all that the music was too loud for Leon to even hear that before she hung up. Since agreeing to this first date Domini found herself acting more like a woman in love than one of pure reason. Something that she wasn’t entirely comfortable with to say the very least but alas no of it could be helped, after all it was how the guy made her feel after all. “But still….” Domini would think to herself quietly taking note at just how light her footsteps had become in her motioning almost at if she were running to actually get to get back to the temple to change while Sayuri herself stood peering down at the incoming crowds greeting all who entered the shrine. <C>

Sayuri: Her sea green eyes watched solemnly as the Ryojis exited their vehicle her beauty face denoting a smile as the young empress stood top the stairs allowing them to wash over the forms of the woman, a redhead much like her Domini step forward accompanied by those of three others all of which were males dressed in a similar fashion as she. Sayuri having been drawn to the entrance by a powerful presence or several as a matter fact stood quietly observing things from here being aware of the fact that unlike those of their other establishments this place the shrine was free of the angry bloom’s pollen and thus would allow a numerous degree of oni and onihorudas alike to pass through these doors untouched for the next several days calling her to question their clan’s reasoning for not allowing it to dwell here as well due to the higher risk of them quite possibly attacking in a crowd of this size rather than on any other day. “M’lady mayhaps you are looking into this more deeply than necessary.” Sayuri would suddenly her oni guide Noriko say out of the blue, taking note of her mistress’ furrowing brow in the mist of the woman and her companions ascending the stairs. “Perhaps Noriko, but one can never be too cautious in matters like these.” Sayuri states calmly bowing once more in a traditional sign of respect to them if and when they reached to the top her daughter coming to stand at her side for a moment before doing them same her eyes taking note that Leon was with them which could only mean that those with him were his family, a sight yet again she hadn’t foreseen coming as she looks to Noriko in them hopes that her hair a leas “Welcome friends to Tamafuri Shrine, I am Asahina Sayuri high priestess of Amaterasu for this temple.” She would say introducing herself once they were in range of hearing her the notable mannerism of the woman being almost the same as Domini once she stood upright looking to each of the them taking note of not just their faces but the chi levels that they all possessed. If either of them would address her Sayuri would permit them to do the same adding with it any other salutations they might to her own before adding, “Tis a pleasure to finally meet you all I have heard many great stories about the Ryoji family especially in regards to your son Leon, Densuke-san to whom my daughter Domini has had the pleasure of meeting.” Revealing herself to the boy to be none other the Empress herself turning briefly towards the right in order to see if Domini was about just in case Leon would ask (she doesn’t know they talked via phone) then returning her attention back to those that were before her. “It seems Domini has already left to prepare herself for the Call to Arms ritual, if you and your family would allow I wish to take you all to the teahouse here on grounds, it isn’t too far away from the okiya where she readying herself and it will give us all a chance to speak while we wait on her to join us.” Sayuri kindly suggests gesturing them to follow her in a south eastern direction as she began to walk if indeed they all did accepted her invitation to come along as she did wish to speak with Leon’s parents away from all the noise of things for a moment and get to know him too as well also wanting to know his mind on the matters of her child for herself rather than hear them from her daughter’s lips. And if not she would inform Leon to take the path she’d gestured to straight back until he saw a kabuki style theater house on his far left, it would be in this place that he would find Domini before bidding the rest of his family to go and enjoy themselves with the night’s events.<E>

Raijin: ( ) Raijin was downing sake bottles left to right. Since it was the festival the bar been packed people hardly had anywhere to sit. Most of the people in the bar were just simply enjoying drinks with friends and family something Raijin had a short supply of. He looked at the TV on the wall of bar. It seemed almost every news channel in the city was covering the festival from the history of Kasaihana City it was all really too much for Raijin maybe cause he didn’t really understand the hoopla but eh, whatever made the people happy. “Happy today killing and plundering tomorrow.” He said to himself it seemed that’s how it was in the city. Raijin was on his last bottle of sake which was probably his fourth or fifth one he lost count actually. “Hey can I get another?” Raijin demanded as he looked at the barkeep looking insanely intoxicated. “Actually sir I think you’ve had enough.” Said the barkeep as he was shaking his head at Raijin. Raijin replied with “It’s a festival I ain’t got work tomorrow come on!” He slammed his fist down looking at the barkeep with his nose snooted up at him and head cocked to the side. It was painfully obvious that he was drunk. Reluctantly the barkeep would give him another bottle of Sake and telling him that would be the last bottle he would give to him. “Now was that so hard?” He smirked then opening the bottle drinking it. Suddenly a women dressed in Geisha attire would sit next to him. Looking at the woman he decided he would try his luck and see if she would accompany him on this fine night. Raijin leaned towards the woman drunkenly then asked her a question. “So…does the carpet match the drapes?” He raised his eyebrow and tried to give her a ‘Sexy Look’. It wasn’t until the woman turned to him with a disguised face and gave him a mean slap to the face which caused him to go flying out of his bar stool. “I think I deserved that…” He said picking himself off the ground Sake still in hand. “At least I saved the sake.” He said chuckling and drinking it at the same time. Two very muscular men walked up Raijin one slamming their right his into their open left palm and the other man with his arms folded. The first male said “I think it’s time for you to leave.” Raijin dusting himself off and finishing his bottle of sake would look at the male. “Why I gotta leave? I’m just enjoying the festival with the fine people of the bar I mean I’ll be quiet.” He said laughing. One of the men would rush up to Raijin grabbing his shirt and picking him up off the ground. “You heard the man time for you to lea-‘’ ( Before he was done talking Raijin slammed the bottle of sake into his head knocking him out cold and letting Raijin go. It seemed like a whole minute before the first man fell to the ground and making a loud thud loud enough to make the whole bar quiet. Fixing his shirt Raijin looked at the man on the floor unconscious. “See now that could’ve been avoided…you know I think I’ll let my self out.” He started backing up towards the door until the other huge man rushed him grabbing his waist tacking him to the bar counter. “Oof!” Raijin felt his back hit the counter and heard the glasses fall crashing behind the counter. Raijin slammed his elbow on the man’s back to no avail the man started hitting Raijin in his side. “Let go of me you big gorilla!” The bar soon began to explode in a massive bar brawl. Chairs were throw and glasses as well. Raijin put his arm around the man’s massive side head locking it on his neck he then pulled back. The huge man started losing breath and losing his grip on Raijin. Raijin then pushed him off of him and sending up a swift knee into the man’s chin knocking him back crashing into a table. Next thing you know a man would be sliding another man into a row of bottles and glass cups and off on the other side of the bar counter. It seemed Raijin started something big. Making his way to the bar door he saw an incoming barstool flying across the bar he ducked down letting it hit the wall of the bar. Pushing the door open Raijin made quick work to run out of the bar leaving everyone to fight amongst themselves. Once he figured he put enough distance between him and the bar Raijin started to walk in the crowd of people hoping he wouldn’t run into anyone at the bar. “Well…that was fun.” He said as he walked down the street.

Kodi: ( The annoyed female felt a jab onto her shoulder only to turn and hear " Sharkesha you made it!" It was Jackie, "Ah fuck here comes Cess-" Cessair would push Jackie out the way..."Aww.. You MADE FRIENDS?" Saying to Kodi in a happy sarcastic way..While the icey blonde.. felt a gaze on her she turned to see the female Serizawa giving her a nod as she fixated herself... giving her a glare.. while looking at her younger sister then at her.. "Aww is this a dyke party~ looks just like it"Cessair strutted toward Velvet.."Yeah lets get it straight, just because you guys are friends doesn't mean your any of mine, So outta my way flat tits." Crossing her arms.. the 6ft female raised her eyebrow while,Kodi would speak in a soft tone."Shut up Cessair. Were here to have fun.. So why don't you shut ya trap or you had to much dick inside it that it just stays open." Cessair gave a look that her mother would give at Shark. Though she remained her mouth shut.. while Kodi cleared her throat politely.. "So We going to stand here or are we gonna get drunk." The shark-like female pulled out a baggy of pills.. Cessair scoffed.."As usual can't go a day without those eh? Well give me fucking some I suppose." "It's just in my nature.. Your gonna fag out Cancer boy..or are you gonna party?" Nathan and Coco came there way toward the group.. while Nathan looked at the female Serizawa.."Oh's like looking at a black haired Kodi...oooh! So we meeting family now?" Kodi's eye twitched give him a glare, while snatching a beer from her flamboyant friend.. thus leaving Nathan to give each of them a beer.."So Kodi you got-" "Right here" she would pour the pills into the broad gay mans palms.. only to give them each a pill.. Coco and Nathan popped each of theres, only to press there lips together.. frenching amongst each other.. only to exchange the pills...into each others mouths swallowing them.. only to chug there beers after.. The blonde female snickered exposing her serated teeth at Jackie in a michievious way.. "Well I mean if you don't want to I understand. It ain't your cup of tea. But good luck on the Games, as I wish my self some luck as well.." she would then pop about 4 into her mouth.. only to grab her beer that she had placed ontop of her head balancing it...only to start chugging her beer as well..all of it.. while throwing the can within the trash..Smirking While Cessair popped her pill only to stare at Kodi smiling.. it was rather a sisterly smile..The shark like female scoffed happily.. Even if Jackie or Velvet didn't take there pills..or even followed, Kodi would turn around and make her toward a stand that had shots ready on the bar stand.. Cessair followed giving her sister a look, then eying down the shots... "You ready my fucking mind.." Slamming a large tip toward the men in the stand.. oggling the two women.. only to start chugging down each shot glass of sake..Nathan and Coco came within the stand.. only to start drinking with the two females.. a few men came around Cessair and Kodi.. while it was some of the men that were fans of Thighs of Destruction.. "WELL IF IT ISN'T KODI..Aw hell give them 30 rounds of sake shots ! ON ME" The shark-like female would of gotten noogied by her fan as she laughed raspy like.. as her cheeks were getting red while she would feel the effect of the pill due to taking four and drinking liquor.. she felt as if the world would slow down just a bit.. which she would get out of the mans head lock an punched his shoulder playfully..If Jackie had followed her, she sat on the seat.. slamming her elbow onto the barstand.."What you say cancer boy lets arm wrestle.. Or are you afraid to fuckin lose ay?" Speaking in a irish fake accent, eying Jackie with a cocky expression within her blue oceanic eye.. "Loser has to sniff Nathans sweaty man panties that he is wearing now." Cracking her knuckles she awaited for his response.. while a couple of men in kimonos watching Cessair.. pouring sake between her large breasts while it soo frozen into a popsicle like shape of sake.. she pulled it out slowly.. while gasping teasingly.. only to start licking her liquor made icicle.. licking it up and down.. seducing her audience.. while she felt the pill kick in.. The men soon fainted with nosebleeds while she laughed an snorted at the scene, before watching her sister going to arm-wrestle with her rival.

Jackie: Hearing Kodi's sister Velvet chuckled at the sight of her who the fuck was this simple bitch? " Well last time I checked no one was even speaking to your simple ass so if I was you I would mind my own damn business *Scoffs* Simple Bitches I swear." Turning away from Cess Velvet would eye her brother speaking to Kodi she didn't feel like invading in their convo she wasn't rude like other people she knew. As her and Jackie was given an pill Velvet downed it right away, drugs were her cup of tea swallowing the pill she looked over to Jackie slapping him on the back before shouting " COME ON BIG BRO TAKE THE PILL AND LET LOOSE COME ON THIS MIGHT BE OUR FINAL DAY!" Hearing his sister and looking towards Kodi Jackie nodded before slipping the pill into his mouth before swallowing one eye became bigger than the other as he took it. He then became perfectly fine following behind Kodi towards the Bar stand but Velvet went into the bathroom she was tried of Cess talking shit so she wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine, ( <-- xDDD) " Hope your ready Unborn cause were about to do some shit..." Velvet began to mess up her hair instead of having it all dike like she removed the wrappings around her breast she didn't feel like being flat chested today, she replaced on her bra and placed on her mini red Jacket.- Mins later- ( Female_dante_by_uchiha43-d3a1si2.jpg <- How she looked now) Walking over towards the Bar Velvet took one of the free lollipops from the stand before placing her feet on the chair near her the men that was all over Cess soon left her cicle and walked over towards Velvet surrounding her if Cess would give Velvet an look Velvet would return the favor as she would blow her an fake kiss. " Awh.. What's wrong doll?.//-Back to Jackie./- ( <--- Theme) Sitting next to Kodi in the bar Jackie would try an few drinks by the look of him Kodi could tell he was a bit under the influence, hearing her challenge Jackie smirked before raising his sleeves, " Your ON!" An large crowd would now surround Jackie and Kodi as Jackie slammed his elbow on the bar before cuffing his hands with Kodi his eyes locking towards hers awaiting for the go " It's not too late to quit.. Come on Sharkesha! Show me what you've learn.." ( <--- Jackie and Kodi xDDD)

Connor: ///Connor/// His hands still behind his head, Connor can feel the presences of a bunch of people here he was familiar with…some in particular he hadn’t seen in a while. He wasn’t a big sensory type, all he could do was track negative emotions, but he’d have to know who’s they were for this skill to be effective…might be useful to train at some point in that area. In any case, Connor looked at the festive lights, walking by the same booth’s he’d sworn he’d walked by at least one time before. Connor would’ve made his way by a fried rice stand. Who just has a single fried rice stand? That makes absolutely no sense. That wouldn’t stop Connor from copping a squat, and asking for a bowl though. “What kind you fancy youngin?” “Shrimp fried. Extra soy sauce.” Connor received his bowl, grumbling as he at the rice like a savage who hadn’t eaten in a while. Thinking about the events of this past week, almost made him completely somber. He wouldn’t let himself hit that bottom though, oh no. the chopsticks finished hitting the bowl, and he’d set it down, leaving some change on the table, and fast walking out of the booth just in time to make sure he wouldn’t get yelled at for not paying. “heh heh heh. Gotta get it how I live you know-“ Connor wasn’t looking where he was going at out the corner of his eye he saw a figure about to bump into him unknowingly. He didn’t get a good look at who or what it was, it just had an ass of green on. Connor would’ve put his left foot behind his right foot during his backwards stride, and pivoted off the ball of said left foot, spinning to his left right side, and swiftly avoiding the figure ending up behind it. Of course Connor had something to say about how he’d almost gotten hit by something that probably wouldn’t have even hurt him. “Hey! Watch where the fuck you’re going eh? If I wasn’t so graceful I’d…” Connor’s eyes widened for a moment as the figure he stood behind was a woman. With long red hair mind you…a green outfit, with golden print. Connor sniffed the air…the scent. It was undeniable whom it was. If she’d turned around, Connor would look like he’d just seen a ghost form the dead. “Y….Y-….” If Yumi turned around fully to reveal herself Connor would’ve stood straight and attentive looking her in the eyes. “’s you.” Connor couldn’t help but smile, and immediately his demeanor went from grump to happy! He’d lean in and give her the biggest hug he’d ever given her! “Yumi! Hahaha! You’re alive! You’re well! You’re here!” Connor would quickly drop her to her feet and then shake his fist at her yelling, with a comical angry expression on his face. ( ) “WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN HUH?! YOU THINK IT’S OKAY TO JUST UP AND LEAVE FOR FIFTY FUCKING YEARS OUTTA NO WHERE LIKE AN RKO?!? SHIT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!” Connor would continue yelling and people were looking around laughing and snickering. “YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAD TO MASTERBATE, AFTER THE TREATMENT IN BED I WAS GETTING?! IT WASN’T ENOUGH! YOU HAD ONE JOB YUMI! COVER THE WEST SIDE, and WHAT HAPPENED? You DISAPEARED! What in the flying FUCK!” Connor would tremble with anger at her. He was god awful glad she was alive, but he was angry that she left in the first place. ////Leon////Leon would smile hearing her tell him to meet her at the shrine when she was finished dressing up. “Alright. I’ll see you then.” Leon would hang up and Densuke would lean over beside his ear. “Soooooo where you guys meeting up?” Leon would frown. “Eavesdropper..” “I’m to well trained for that Leon. In any case, you said she’s by the shrine? I wouldn’t want to keep her waiting. Might even meet her parents there to while we’re at it.” Felicity clapped her hands and leapt up and down. “Oh that’d be marvelous!” Ochigi nodded. “I concur. I’m also quite curious about the food and festivities around here…think they have any coffee?” “You’re gonna kill your liver granddad hahaha” Densuke laughed and Ochigi did as well. They all ventured their way up the enlonged stepping stair case, and in doing so, Leon would keep his head facing forward, as would the rest of the Ryoji family. “Welcome friends to Tamafuri Shrine, I am Asahina Sayuri high priestess of Amaterasu for this temple.” Leon and Densuke would both bow before her in a sign of respect. Ochigi followed suit, and felicity would look around wondering about what she was supposed to be doing. Ochigi would quickly place a hand on the back of her head, and with a squeak she’d bow to. “Honor to meet you Sayuri san.” Leon would speak, whilst rising, and Densuke would place both of his hands on his belt. “Indeed. I am Densuke Ryoji, founder of Heroes Inc. This is my lovely wife, Felicity Ryoji, and my most honorable grandfather, Ochigi Ryoji.” Ochigi nodded, and Felicity would give a frantic wave. “You’re so pretty, oh my goooooood.” Densuke would face palm and sigh. “Tis a pleasure to finally meet you all I have heard many great stories about the Ryoji family especially in regards to your son Leon, Densuke-san to whom my daughter Domini has had the pleasure of meeting.” Densuke would nod, and pat Leon’s shoulder. It seems Domini has already left to prepare herself for the Call to Arms ritual, if you and your family would allow I wish to take you all to the teahouse here on grounds, it isn’t too far away from the okiya where she readying herself and it will give us all a chance to speak while we wait on her to join us.” “That’d be great, if that’s okay with you mom? Dad? I’d like this chance to…speak with her parents about my intentions.” Densuke would nod, putting his arm around felicity. “Lead the way” felicity spoke. “we’re following you tonight!” Ochigi would nod. “Instead of tea.” He’d ask. “Could I inquire for a cup of coffee? Black with 3 sugars and Hazelnut creamer?” It was very clear to see which child of Densuke’s took after whom in the family. They’d all follow her to the designated location and wait to be seated accordingly. Ochigi would cough a couple times into a napkin, only to look inside of it and see blood yet again. “It’s…progressing.’ Ochigi would fold the napkin up and stuff it inside of his kimono pocket, paying it no mind. Leon would rest his left arm on the handle of his sword casually, a million things running through his head at once. “I’m nervous that I am…very nervous. None the less, I’ll handle this like a mission” Leon thought of his night with Domini, and it brought a bit of a smile to his face. “On second thought…maybe I should try and relax. Just…be natural.” An image of Connor picking his nose was burned into his mind. “Not that natural…”

Kin " Alright Suz' you ready to go? " Kin said staring at himself in the mirror. Kin had shifted just days before and his hair had gotten so long that it had to be placed in a pony tail. Kin's butler made sure that the suit of armour that his father insisted on him wearing was suited right while Kin's maids made sure Suzume had been all set herself. ( How kin looked -> ) Rubbing the back of his neck he didnt give the outfit much thought seeming that Keyth told him he'd explain it himself later on. " Look at you man, looking spiffy! " " Shut up Taco. " "C'mon Kin! Smile a bit man. I mean sure this festival is for you guys who are going to be fighting in the sector games. " " Yeah but... " "And sure you maaayyy die but smile man! This day is for you and the others haha! And look how beautiful your girl looks. If you can't smile standing next to her..." Taco said pointing at Suzume, whom he turned his head to see for himself. " Then who can you be happy around. " Taco had a point and he knew it. So did kin because Kin patted Taco on the shoulder. " Yeah... guess your right man. " He said smiling as he turned back around to his friend. Next to Ginji, Taco was his absolute bestfriend. And he was proud of him, though he'd never tell him that. " Come on, let's go." ( ) The quiet feint sound of a helicoppter could be heard by any and all that had been in the general area of the Tasanagi's arrival. Keyth Tasanagi, Kin Tasanagi, and even Sora Tasanagi had all been there in the chopper. The only one that hadn't been in there that was living was Ariel Tasanagi. Kin, walked over to the window and crossed his arms. He was wearing a strange form of attire despite what his father and brother had been wearing. Kin ware the family battle armour from what Keyth told him. " This belong to Kagemaru Tasanagi's father, he was in the japanese military and a famous stratigist. And Kagemaru Tasanagi wore this into battle himself. When he returned to the city and guided them out of slavery. Atleast, this is what it says in my fathers journal... " Keyth said waving the book infront of Kin. "I've had this book since I was around your age. But, besides that.I would like to state that the blade on your hip belongs to Keyome Tasanagi, when he melted the arm down into this blade. The Tenchikaizer Angel Blade. I felt it only right for you to wear it on this day. Besides in this age Inugami is important. Just like Kagemaru freed the Yakuza, so did Inugami. In a way my son, you are the founder of the Yakuza world in this city. The Messiah of the new age in yourown right. Do what I could not in your age.Make our family proud and continue on with our legacy..." Keyth said to his son as he stood next to him. Placing his right hand on Kin's shoulder. Sora had been the only one dressed in normal attire refusing to take any part of this japanese feudal feast. ( How Keyth looked -> ) Kin looked back at his father and nodded. Suzume would have been in the chopper with him, where Kin would have paid for whatever formal attire that she'd want to wear to this. Reaching his hand out to her if she would have taken it he would have looked out at the crowd as the doors opened to show everyone that had been down within the large festival. Kin watched as men rushed up and down the streets in there feudal attire. As the doors opened and Kin Suzume and his family all stepped out of the chopper when they floated down to the podium. The Inugami sign on the right side of the chopper so all could see. Kin stood next to suzume aspeople clapped there hands and praised the couple and the Tasanagi family. Kin had just two days revealed to the general public that he had been Inugami and now that he had done so, he had a pretty large fan base.Prodominatly in District 1 and 5. Kin waved to the group of people where he and his family had there own parade like booth as they traveled throughout the festival up and down the streets on the float. Kin sat in a throne seat of some sort, and then Suzume had one right next to him. While Keyth stood next to his son putting on the front of royal gaurd in a feudal era.

King: ( )The sound of drums could be made as all would turn to hear. King aka Yoshitmitsu Honzo had been there with all of his friends and family on this eventful day. He had a float pretty smilar to Kin's. However infront of him, had been people in team dragon suits, dancing left to right throughtout the streets while children shot confetti up and into the air. He sat in a throne himself as he turned his head over to Kin with a smile on his face. " Tasanagi. " " Mr. Honzo. " Kin retorted back. They both road side by side. " Trying to out do your boss? " " Of course not. Im simply making sure my boss has his game up. " " Hmph... I always figured the day a Tasanagi rose within the ranks of the Fire Flower Syndicate. Then that'd be the day I'd have to step my game up. "Kin simply smirked and Keyth laughed hardly as he tilted his head back. " YOSHHIIMITTSUUUU!! " Keyth said from the family float." ME AND YOU ARE GONNA FIGHT ONE OF THESE DAYS EH!?!?!? " " Haha, you can count on it. " Kin smiled at his father and Keyth as he turned his attention back to the festival. He watched people pass thorugh waving and praising the day. Children laughing, happiness and order within the city where everyone had a common enemy. For the first time since the Horsemen. " This city, is a living organism. " King said crossing his arms in his throne like seat before he stood and pulled his alchohal to his lips. Shouting at the top of his lungs. " THIS CITY IS A DEMON! THAT NEVER BACKS DOWN FROM A FIGHT, THIS CITY DEVOURS THE WEAK, AND CHRUNS THE STRONG! KASAIHANA CITY FOREEVVVEERRR!!!!! " That's when all of his men and the 1000's of people infront of King's float all shouted at the top of his lungs. " LONG LIVE THE KINGGG!!! " And just like that, the festival cranked up times 20 more. Everyone began to dance to the drums and fire works and the such errupted all thrughout the skies painting the night sky in vivid colors of flash. With a smile on his face Kin looked out at the crowd and then back at Suzume holding her hand. Above there heads had been The Inugami helicoppter cloaked over and invisible with Hiro Lionheart staioned in the inside so if there was a threat he'd be first to pick it up and with his 50 calibur sniper rifle he'd make sure to make whom ever causing the problems into swish cheese.

Kodi: ( /Kodi/ As Jackie took a few shots. of the drinks on the bar stand...The Shark-like female would laugh at the way his eyes were dialated. he looked rather goofy. though as she awaited for his answer of her challenge. Kodi would of started to pound a few more shots into her mouth only to have seen that cocky fucking smirk on her rivals face...while rolling up his sleeves..she knew he couldn't turn down a challenge.. while hearing.."YOUR ON!" She had Watched the male's movements as he slam his elbow onto the bar... only to cuff his hand into hers.. her blue piercing oceanic eye.. locked into his .. you can feel the rivlary within the stare of the two..( Young_sasuke_and_Naruto.png ) while having the competitive expression in the young females face.. while they awaited for the go.. the crowd would grow wild seeing the two about to arm wrestle.. Jackie would then tell the shark-like female this.."It's not too late to quit.. Come on Sharkesha! Show me what you've learn.." Laughing loudly as she were already so drunk.. she hiccupped.. tightening her grip onto the Serizawa's hand.."As cocky as ever Cancer boy..don't worry quiting is for men that get booty raped in prison.." Nathan looked at her as he said.."That is the weirdest comparison ever." Thus he only laughed along with Kodi."I know I'm uhh I'm pretty up there right now..." Her pupils were huge... while one of the men would place his hands over hers and Jackies..."Well, No cheating if not caught.. ah welll lets see who loses shall we? 3.........2.......1..... GO!!!" he removed his hand. only to have Kodi tighten her arm muscle.. if Jackie tried to move her hand down to the bar stand... he would have had alot of trouble..for a bit of the moment.. while she just sat there.. not moving a budge.. until she would attempt to push his arm down roughly while she snickered at the male.."C'mon is that all you got.. or are you gonna lose to your rival you little shit." She caused his hand to hover above the stand.. while the audience stared dramatically at the arm wrestling ( . She would let her fingers clench tightly against Jackies hand while she kept that cocky little smirk on her face.."You better be inhaling that ball-sweat juice in those fuckin panties because I'm planning to win." Thus she soon stood off the bar stool while she pressed all her weight into her arm.. wanting the victory.. she could taste it.. she wanted it more then ever.. just to shove it in her rivals face.. and he also knew that she wouldn't let the loss off so easy as well..Kodi would rub it in Jackies face just for fun. Meanwhile.. Cessair noticed the men around her soon been trailed away from her.. her mouth gawked open.. while noticing the same female Velvet would be the center of attention now.. crushing her icicle into two.. Velvelt would of mocked as she would blow a fake kiss at her.. she would scoff while strutting over in her high heels... walking straight toward her...Pushing three of the men that she towered over some.. while glaring at The Serizawa female while having that smirk thats just the bitch smirk..."Ahhh I see you want competition Dykey? Well after this little festival thing. and her little get together shit... mark my words if you ever steal away my fucking Attention.. " her voiced trailed off while rolling her Velvet the old Torabaasu death stare.." I will fucking murder you. But will have a good time now I suppose.." Cessair would of nodded to her as she hip bumped Velvet out of the circle of men, literally pushing her into a set of people around there group.. she would fixate her hair as if she hadn't done anything wrong..striking a pose as well but being a Queen Bee type of woman she just wanted it to herself.

Suzume: "Miss could you please hold onto this here while I wrap it around, the baby makes it a little more difficult to keep it in place in the front while I'm dealing with the back." (( Kisa patiently asked. Suzume did as the maid instructed as she helped her get dressed in the kimono that Kin had bought her for the occasion. She had to say she really wasn't looking forward to all the drama of being the girlfriend of a yakuza clan boss. Suzume had never been the type to like to stand out, but this was a celebration for Kin and the others that were soon to go to battle. She had to be there to support him despite how uncomfortable it might make her feel. As Kiss finished in the back and came around the front to do some minor adjustments, she stopped and gave a simple smile. "You look positively radiant Miss." Suzume turned to look at herself i the full length mirror. She had to admit, she really couldn't believe how mature she looked in the kimono. (( )) "Mister Tasanagi is going to be quite taken aback I think." Kisa smiled. Suzume turned back to the maid, "Thank you Kisa." The quiet young woman nodded and then handed Suzume a small silk purse that matched the kimono and hung from her wrist by a silk cord.

After pulling her hair back and securing it low with a bit of white cloth, Kisa finally deemed Suzume dressed and allowed her to move from the spot in front of the mirror. She began to make her way to where the Butler was dressing Kin in some sort of family armor that Kin's father insisted that he wore. She smiled when he turned and asked if she was ready. "Ready as I'll ever be I guess." Suzume took Kin's hand then linked her arm in his as they walked along. They got into the helicopter, something that made Suzume a bit nervous, so much so she kept on squeezing Kin's hand the entire flight. She was quiet listening to Kin's father explain the importance of his sword and armor. It was very intriguing to hear the story it drew her in like the stories her father told her when she was a child, about his family line. The moments after they landed were kind of a blur. They went from the copter to some sort of float and then were paraded through the streets. All Suzume could do was blush out of pure embarrassment. People cheering, and calling out their names was all a bit overwhelming. Suzume held tightly to Kin, leaning over to whisper in his ear, "How long are we going to be on this thing I feel so silly being paraded around like this?" She could feel the baby kick and squirm either she was sensing her mother's unease or, she was feeding off the exciting energy the festival itself was putting out. Suzume put her hand on her stomach, trying to mentally calm herself and the baby.

Kin: " Hahahaa! Ahhhh c'mon Suz. It's....not that bad is it. " He said looking her in the corner of his eye. He couldnt help but smile when he scanned her over. " I don't think... you've ever been so beautiful. " Kin said brushing some of the hair of hers before he leaned forward to peck her on the lips. " But i tell you what. " Kin said standing as he gave his father a pat on the back. "Oi, you be Inugami for me for awhile huh? " Kin said winking at his dad. Keyth who blinked a few times bursted out in laughter. " GO ON KIDS! HAHAHA HAVE YOUR FUN! " " Yes Kin. " Said King after afer Keyth. " You two enjoy today. Me and your father will be here. You cant miss us. " Kin nodded at King and Keyth where he'd then have the float halt as Kin and Suzume stepped down. Holding her hand every step of the way. Kin took her hand as he walked through the festival with the love of his life. ( ) Kin and Suzume went by and played various games most of them he lost and some of them he won. As they passed through sora street Kin watched a group of guys B-Boy dancing and something hit him from within. Something that hadn't hit him in quite some time. "Dance..." Kin said under his breathe looking back at Suzume and then the guys. " I...I gotta...just give me a minute! " Kin said rushing over cutting into the break dance routine and started kicking out his own moves. The Crowd was surprised at first but started to go with it as Kin caused a bit of attention to the group at this point! The crowd went wild as Kin flipped and spun all throughout the area with his dance moves. His body moving like water, doing something that he hadn't done in quite some time. be himself. ((,,, )) The Break dancing would continue until kin broke free of the group and they had already been in an uproar at this point. " Hahaha Sorry Suzume! " He said rubbing the back of his neck. " C'mon! " He drug her over to a booth buying her a large teddy bear that looked like a wolf. " And for my beautiful princess of the Night. " He said sounding like a corny 80's movie as he handed her the toy. " You hungry?! "

Ginji: “It’s dusty as fuck in here…” Ginji waved his right hand in front of his face, trying to move the clouds of dust away from his nose before it made him sneeze. “AACHOO! Fuck…” Reiyu let out a huge sneeze, almost knocking over a box in front of him. “Oi, why are we going through this old shit anyways?” Yazei glanced over his left shoulder at Ginji who was digging through a desk. “Because I never went through this shit and no one attempted to sell it. Old man owned it anywa- Nani?...” Ginji pulled an old style key from the desk, staring at it for a second. He slid the key into his left pants pocket, making a note to find where it went to afterwards. “There’s a bunch of suits and Yukatas back in the closet.” Jizu said as he came walking from one of the bedrooms. Ginji nodded, walking back with Jizu to the closet to check out the closet. “Damn… He was a fucking piece of shit but he had some cool shit.” Ginji mumbled as he looked through the different suits and yukatas in the closet. “You should wear one to the festival ahaha” Jozu came through the doorway with the suggestion and despite his laughing, Ginji started to consider it. “I migh-…” Ginji had reached through the clothes to move them to the side but his hand had smacked against the back wall and it sounded surprisingly… Hollow. He pushed the clothes to the side, looking at the blank back wall. Ginji and Jizu glanced at each other before nodding, raising their right foots, slamming them against the back wall only to watch them make two holes right through it. “Oi, tear this shit down.” Ginji gestured to Jizu and Jozu, letting the two brothers go to work on the wall. When they finally finished the three of them were staring at a huge black safe with a keyhole on the left side. Ginji grabbed the key from his pocket, sliding it into the lock with ease and turning the key. A slot beside the keyhole slid open, revealing a keypad. “Looks like four numbers.” Jizu said, leaning down to look at the safe. The whole closet had to be at least six by eight feet and this safe took up half of the whole thing once the back wall was cleared out. “Let me try something… I saw some shit in my dad’s desk.” Ginji pressed four numbers on the keypad only to be met with “DENIED” in bold red letters. “Tch… He wasn’t the type to make it anyone’s birth-…” “Try it.” Yazei said as he walked into the room, having heard their conversation. Ginji didn’t know his mother’s birthday or his father’s so the only option he had was to try his own birthday. He tried the month and the year, being met with the “DENIED” again. He tried the day and the year, being met with a second of silence before the screen went green and the safe sounded like it unlocked. Ginji glanced at Jizu, Jozu, and Yazei who all three nodded. Ginji slowly opened the safe, having to turn the handle before pulling the heavy ass door open.

(( At the same exact time all four pairs of eyes widened as Yazei yelled out. “HOLY FUCK!” Reiyu came sprinting into the room only for his eyes to widen as well. “SHIT!” They were met with stacks and stacks of money, a few piles of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Jizu and Jozu started glancing through the stacks of money. “YO… There has to be at least a few mil here… Maybe more!” Like kids at the candy store every single one of them high fived each other, yelling out at the same time. “FUCK YEA!” A smirk slid across Ginji’s lips. “That’s a nice bonus there dad… The fuck did you do for this?” Ginji noticed a black Yukata hanging on the door of the safe. “Guess I’ve got no choice now huh?” He grabbed the black Yukata, the matching black haori that was with it, and the pair of traditional gettas (wooden sandals) that were sitting on the bottom shelf of the safe. “Oi, get all this shit back to my apartment, use Reiyu’s car. I’m taking mine to the festival.” Ginji walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later wearing the black Yukata, haori, and gettas. His hair was pulling back into a ponytail like usual except it was towards the middle of the back of his head this time. (( Ginji made his way out to his black May Bach Exelero (( He stopped, staring at it for a second before a smirk slid across his lips, shaking his head some. “Been on my thug shit lately…” The car roared to life when it was started and in solo fashion, Ginji headed off to the festival. Ginji grabbed his phone, sending a text to Rima to see where she was at. He found a good spot to park, away from the festival’s main activities so there wasn’t any fuck shit happening with his car. He got out of the car, noticing people staring at it. “Oi, boss!” Ginji glanced over his left shoulder, seeing a fifteen deep group of his thugs walking up to him. “You heading to the festival too?!” One of them asked him. “Hell yea, have some fun, find my girl.” “Ooooo, girl huh? Who?” Ginji shook his head with a smirk. “Fuck that.” Ginji started walking into the main crowds of the festival with his goons, checking his phone regularly, scrolling through the bullshit and business shit while trying to find Rima where ever she may have been.

A Fight Before the Main Event? Meeting the Emperor...Edit

Jackie: ( As the Crowd surrounded the two this little thing between just Jackie and Kodi became an theme for the festival alone, Everyone backed away as cams pointed towards the Rivals. " LADIES AND GENTS WE HAVE A BATTLE BETWEEN THE SEXES, FIRST UP WE HAVE KODI AND JACKIE READYING THEMSELVES FOR THIS BATTLE...." People around them started to make bets on who would win this epic battle of arm wrestle some shouted for Kodi and others shouting for Jackie. This caused the pressure to be on the two rivals, Jackie eyed Kodi up and down before speaking, " I hope... You can take the heat cause I plan on winning!" His hands roughly cuffed Kodi's hand as he waited for their count down. (" 3......2........1...... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hearing the start of their match Jackie roughly used his force attempting to bring Kodi's hand down the start of their match caused heavy wind to breeze through the crowd Jackie's hair flowing wildly in the wind as he was using half of his strength to win the match some of his veins could be shown through his arms " AGH....... COME ON SHARKY IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!!!!!! If this is it then you've gotten weaker maybe you should stay off those blunts girl.. Or should I tell our master you’ve been skipping training?" Jackie would shout talking about their Toke N fist master who taught them both the fighting style.//-Meanwhile-// Once Velvet was pushed out the circle of guys she took a moment to address what just happened she was a bit shocked who did this slut think she was.. " I know this bitch did not just threaten me..." Brushing her hair away from her face Velvet would get back in between the guys before speaking “Let me pass fellas" Once she got close to Cess she would roughly pull on her hand tugging her towards herself. “Let’s run this back baby doll, I will do what I please and If you got an issue then you should get use to it...” Come near her cheek Velvet would lean in an lick the side of Cess face. ( 2J6rPsV.gif) Velvet would then push away from Cess walking away if she would follow Velvet would began running as she would speak " If you wish to settle this.. Come solve it." Velvet would say running.

Yumi: On this warm night the thing that called out to her most was the snow cones, getting a blueberry flavored and munching on it even as it melts almost instantly in her mouth , enjoying the sweetness. She didn’t know what the big whoop was about shaved ice her first time eating it but on first taste she fell in love with the simplicity of it. It was the little things in life one should enjoy after all. She goes to take another luck when a rude man smacks her arm on purpose! Forcing her hand to dip the treat onto her chest. The man was with some friends who snickered at his move as he drawls out sarcastically. “Oh did I do that? My apologies pretty lady…I can—“ “Help wash it off yeah I get it, thank you for ruining my treat for the sake of getting to even breath near me.” Yumi frowned deeply and curled her nose in annoyance. “Now you’re going to fucking buy me another one…or I’m going to stick this cone so far up your ass you’re gonna be tasting blueberry on your tongue for a good minute.” The man stares in surprise that such a beauty was so vulgar and aggressive but he doesn’t let it phase him as he chuckles and tries to charm her once more but the moment he parts those lips, Yumi grabs him by his collar after shoving what was left of the snow cone into his eye, violently swinging him right off his feet and hovering him over a game that let you win goldfish. Submerging his head into one of the tanks, the fool struggles to push her off but she stands her ground and ignores the palm of his hand pushing her face as it didn’t even budge her, watching him fail at stopping the assault. His friend’s just watch with bulging eyes before one actually takes a step to do something to which Yumi looks over her shoulder with a fire in her eyes, steam releasing from her nose in a heated manner. “Don’t bother, I will drop you.” The guy freezes in his spot and gulps all the while the first guy started faltering in his struggles and Yumi finally releases him, pulling him out from the water as his shirt is soaked and sea weed covers his shoulders. The man coughs up what he could and desperately sucks in some much needed air while gaping at her. “You crazy bitch! You almost killed me!” The Muay Thai user says nothing and continues on her way as if nothing happened with an almost lame expression. ‘Damn I don’t think I have enough for another snow cone…’ Well a nice night out just turned into a shitty one and what’s worse? Some ass had almost bumped right in to her to which she was about to rip his head off but there was something familiar about the figure and that was when it hit her. ‘Connor…’ She stops walking, her back facing him until she was absolutely sure. When he doesn’t say anything she decides to just look at him and that’s when she sees it…his smile. She could feel herself melting but stops from letting it show as she smiles back. “Ryoji.” Suddenly he hugs her and she returns it while taking in his scent, something she hadn’t done in a very long time. “You’re alive!!” His happiness was obvious….and then he went 0 to a 100 real quick and began to yell at her to which she got annoyed and yelled right back. “IT WASN’T ON PURPOSE YOU MORON! Drink bleach!! We got separated!!! The enemy came in hot and I had to get out of there!!!” He kept on yelling though and she just stares at him before grabbing him by his shirt and yanking him closer, glaring at him though it was comical. “I SHOULD BE THE ONE WHOS ANGRY! YOU JUST LEFT ME! DID YOU EVEN TRY TO FIND SOME WAY TO GET ME OUT AFTER YOU CAME BACK HERE?!?!” Her fist tightens and she shoves him away, snorting and getting into a stance. “Oh Ryoji if it’s a fight you’re looking for I’ll be more than happy to kick your ass!!!” Even after all this time…some things just never would change.

Sian: “Indeed you have great courage for one so young.” Sayuri states greatly admiring this in Leon and his the openness in his desires as she hears him state that he wishes to make known his intentions towards Domini to not only in the presence of his own family but to her and her husband the Emperor as well as she would let off a vibrate laugh in regards to Ochigi’s words in regards having a cup of coffee instead of tea for the evening, “But of course Ryoji-Ojīchan, anything for you. Now if you all would please follow me...” Turning softly on heels of her gettas in order to guide the family down the path to which she’d gestured to but moment a ago taking them all the various sights, sounds, and attractions that littered the grounds. One of them being a puppet show where children sat gathered watching a performance of the Great Battle between Akira Akagi and the Oni Kiodai a story that all in their clan were told from the moment their were born and others were games that most of the teenagers were gathered around trying their best outwit her brother, Kyoji at a game of slight of hand one of his favorite past times despite their father’s stern judgment against him knowing the practices of common thief. By this point in the night moon was high above in the heavens over the grounds and everything was really beginning to get into full swing with the full arrival of the towns leaders finally getting in on the celebrations. The young empress and hopefully her company passing Sian along with Lala and her brother Kyle were already knee deep in the arcade having the time of their lives playing the last versions of Dance Revolution. Si beating the shit outta both of her siblings and the reigning champ by 300 points to take the title dancing machine and occasionally looking around for her brother in the pandemonium. But as usual Akira was no where in sight though she could sense his chi somewhere off in a distance. While Shelley and Johny were off doing whatever lovers do during these kinds of events, but still close enough range to Sian if in fact someone was really stupid enough to try and attack her they’d be having a conversation with Jehovah soon enough. The city was alive pulsating with an energy that couldn’t be control or contained. Sayuri could feel it too moving through the grounds towards the teahouse. Some were celebrating life in the wake of the possibility that death could very well claim their very souls in the Gods battle royale while others where celebrating an imitate victory in the winds like warriors of old would in their villages before a huge battle. No matter what a person was here for or to do this most certainly was indeed, A Matsuri to end all matsuris! Sayu mentally concluded upon reaching the doors of their destinations and using that of her right hand giving the doors a sharp rap with her knuckles. The door would suddenly be drawn back in order to allow some patron who were leaving out, by maid who was about 16 or 17 years old with dark brown hair like her own and blue eyes dressed in a teahouse maids kimono. “Arigatōgozaimashita, mata kite kudasai (Thank you very much, please do come again).” The maid states politely bowing to the exiting guests then slowly turning her attention towards those that were forth coming saying, “Welcome to the Tamafuri teahouse, how many are in your party?” to which Sayu would replied in fluent Japanese. “Kōtei no pātī no tame ni roku, arigatōgozaimashita (Six for the Emperor's party, thank you).” Gesturing her arm back in the direction of her guests for a moment as the girl would look up to see just who it was that asking such a favor and almost at once she would bow quickly again. “Denka fukki... Hai, wa imasuga, mochiron migi ko no yō ni kare no igen wa anata o kitai shite iru anata ga motte iru. (Your highness you have return...yes, yes but of course right this way his majesty is expecting you.)” the maid would say calmly motioning her feet to move back just enough to allow those that wished entry to do so. Sayuri moving into the building first and presumably by the others as well as she would slide her right foot first out of its geta before allowing the others to do same before stepping up one in order to enter the main hallway in the hopes they too would follow suit as the maid closes the door behind them then join Sayuri up on the ledge. If they did indeed slip off their own shoes as is customary in these establishments the maid would then proceed to guided them through the endless corridors’ of the teahouse which filled with voice of patrons taking in many languages towards a very large room where she would follow Sayu’s earlier motions of rapping on the door. “You may enter.” A male’s voice spoke in English though it was heavily laced in an Asian accent. Turning once more to the side the maid would extend hands in order draw back the sliding doors which revealed inside a male in his thirties dressed in the traditional attire of an emperor (hint, hint) with short back hair, tan skin, and green eyes. His blade in its sheath placed ceremonial on his right hip sitting a mist a group of others who in fact his council all having come to with he and Sayuri in order to meet the hime and participate in the nights events. Most of them were still talking when the door was moved back but the moment they all caught sight of their empress they fell silent and prepared to take their live of the place, the attendants quickly moving in to clear it with the help of the onis to get the room suited to a more relaxing venture. “Really dear, work and now out of all times too?” Sayuri would scold giving Aki Asahina the eye entering the room so that their guests could and she introductions. “I know, I know my darling but it is all for Domini’s sake after all. Are these….” Aki informs her motioning his body upright from his sitting position in a chair to stand so that he might meet the one who has stolen his daughter’s heart and his family. “Oh forgive me, Ryoji-san might I introduce you to my husband and Domini’s father his imperial highness, Emperor Aki Asahina. My lord, this is Densuke Ryoji-san, his wife Felicity, their honorable grandfather Ochigi, and this young man here is our Domini’s Leon,” Sayuri replies gesturing to each once as Aki would step forward to the group if indeed they had entered the room upon the introductions being made by her, bowing of course to them then saying, “It is indeed an honor to be in the presence Hachiman-sama’s descendants, especially you Leon. Please all of you sit, join me there is much that we all need to discuss and time is very short I am afraid. Feel free to ask the maids for anything to drink or eat as food here is simple exquisite.” <C>

Sian: As he stood upright once more gesturing them to join him at the banquet table where his chair sits turning head towards it in the hopes that they all will do the same. While Sayuri herself makes for the door to speak to the maid and doing so lowers her head just enough so that only she could hear, “Arigatōgozaimasu, sore wa amarini mo mendōde wanai baai, anata wa kanojo no kaisha ga tōchaku shite iru yō ni, koko de watashitachi ni sanka suru watashi no musume o shiraseru tame ni okiya ni dareka o okutte yorokoba seru tame ni chaya no shoyū Fumio o motomeru koto ga dekiru. (Thank you, and if it isn't too much trouble could you ask Fumio the teahouse owner to please send someone over to the okiya to inform my daughter to join us here, as her company has arrival.)” “Hai Madam.” The girl would reply pushing the door close so they all could talk in private as Sayu turns in order to join them at table sitting besides her husband. If they were to order what they wish to eat Aki himself would move right into the matter of things with Leon, “You all must forgive me if I do not join you, I have already dined for the evening. Densuke-san I also ask you and your wife forgive me for what I am about to ask your son as well but as a father myself and given that my child has been assaulted intimately in the past” Sayu would see her husband’s hands tensing some against the arms of the chair meaning his anger was raging at the thought of his former best friend Hojo which prompted the Empress to reach for the hand closets to her and caress it softly in order to calm him down. “I must know, what are your intentions towards her, Leon?” /////////Domini//////// ( )Domini stood in the mist of the okiya practically naked, her breasts bound by cloth some what with both arms outstretched in mid-air and the biggest look of disapproval one her fact Tomasaburo had ever seen as the kimono makers and his aid moving about her form 5’5 with ease slipping with care over those of her hands the sleeves one of three under kimonos that she would be wearing underneath the sheer white material of the outer kimono that every high priestess before her wore before binding it tightly about her waist then adding the next one which slightly embroider in gold trim and then the next which hand laces of red in it and embroidery as well. “Oh come now child tis not so bad.” The elder Oshino would say to Domini observing her granddaughter’s reaction to the robe she was to dawn for the ritual already dressed in her own attire as she was of course the former Empress of Japan by right of her daughter’s ascension to the throne. “Oh yeah sensei? Why don’t you mind explaining that you’re going to being wearing something this in front of millions of people to the one you love.” The 19 year states trying hard not to be disrespectful to the woman once kimono maker was done and had stepped back some before kneeling down gracefully in order to allow her to attend to her hair. Tomasaburo let out a laugh, “I did once, and you know what your grandfather told me?” Domini shook her head as the old woman replied in a manly like voice mimicking the late Emperor, “It will be day in hell before my wife will be seen in such a ridiculous git up!.....the next day Kiodai brought hell to Earth….” She cackled walking closer to the girl and motioning her older nimble fingers through her hair parting the top part of it with ease using just her nails. Domini could help but laugh as she felt the woman’s fingers move through her fiery red and silver streaked main parting the top of it with ease before moving her hand in twisting like motion in order to put the top layer into several extravagant Asian buns and placing a few hair pins into them in order to make them hold. Allowing the rest to hang freely about her shoulders and neck. “But still this is rather embarrassing.” “For who? You or Leon?” the older woman asks turning towards her left as one of the aid approaches with a large opened jewelry box in hand. In it a large geisha styled head dress with brooch made hair pins to hold it in place on top of Domini’s head. “Both really.” Tomasaburo would let off a scoff lifting it out with care in her hands then turning back around to place it into the redhead’s hair. “Pleasssee child any one with eyes can see that you two have already seen what you should’ve not.” Her words causing Domi to freeze in place like statue looking back at the old woman through her peripheral line of sight with the “She Knows” look which made the older woman smirk quiet a bit to herself as she moves to place each of the broaches in once the headdress was in place to hold it there. “Yes I do know I am just happy that both of you care enough for the other not to let anything come from it, is all but you must be careful none the less. One false move is all it will take to end up like me; forced into marriage to someone you’re not even sure you love do you understand.” “Yes Obaa-san.” “Good.” She would say softly given the maker a nod of her to let him know that she was finished stepping as Domini stood once more with arms and the older male brought forth the outer kimono to dress her just as their was a knock on the door. Like always once the aids answered it receiving Sayuri’s message from the teahouse maid the Ryojis were here along with Leon before relying it to Tomasaburo who smiled happily. “Make quick your steps in putting on your face girl, your beloved has arrived with his family and are in the company of your lady mother and lord right now in the teahouse as we speak.” “He is? They are? Obaa-san give me a hand we don’t have a moment to loose!” she exclaims barely giving the maker time to finish as she makes a mad dash for her rouge on the other side of the room. It would be a minute or more before Domini could completely leave the okiya and join the others in the teahouse fully dressed in her priestess attire ( Escorted by the maid who let her in Domini would make her way towards the room where everyone was with a bit more than haste in her feet as she moves through the corridors of the building with her robes in hand praying against all that she wasn’t too late for whatever…as she came upon the door just in time to hear her father ask Leon just what his intentions were towards her, her right hand immediately coming up to knock on it with ease in the hopes it would delay this for a bit longer (only if Leon hadn’t answered him already). Aki would hear the knock and he knew it could only be Domini and as much as it pained him to want this discussion between them without her he knew how head strong his charge was so called out for her enter. The maid moving the doors back so that she do so with ease. “I’m sorry for being so late papa, Okaa-san.” Domi would entering the room first before bowing to everyone her eyes catching sight of everyone even Leon which made her blush softly. “Not all at Domini please, have a seat with us. Densuke, Felicity, and Ochigi this is my daughter, Domini heiress to the Japanese throne. Sweetheart these as Leon’s parents and grandfather.” Sayu would say gesturing to the pillow beside her, the young woman following her mother’s request without so much as a word before shifting her gaze to those in front of him. “It’s a please to meet you all.” And if they would greet her also Domini would remain quiet as they did so. <C>


Sian: Outside the crowds were all starting to gather in the fields toward north entrance of the grounds where the stage was set for something elaborate as the massive clock in the middle of Times Square at last struck 8:00 and at everyone point of the area surrounding shrine men and women both versed in the art of ancient Japanese drumming would emerge from the crowds to mount their podiums with their instrument and began to beat with passion the ancient call to the battle upon it. This call in ancient times was to announce the arrival of the Emperor’s messenger who with him carried an order to every family under each of his shogun’s to present a male from each family to join the ranks of the military in order to fight for the honor and glory of the nation ( what this would sound like). It was at the heart of the city that everyone would gather and each man of each house would take a parchment with his orders, the ceremonial blessing from their miko for victory, and bid farewell to their families for at dawn they rode. Like in olden times Kasaihana would do the same calling the people towards the field in order to gather so that those who were committed to fighting Sector Olympus could do just as the samurai of old once did. One by one the citizens of the city would hear it them, the drums of wars being beating to deaf like a master who a slave their call resounded out through the entire festival causing all (npcs of course) to stop what they were doing in order to see what all the noise was about. Like clock work the police would step in guiding everyone in the direction in which they should while keeping everything in a neat yet orderly fashion well those that they could any way haha. Sian herself after several games and two plushies later with Lala and Kyle had already made her way back to the field where she and the mayor had spoken but moments earlier having changed into something more warrior appropriate for the demo ( ---> only in black and gold ) as it appeared it would be just three of them doing this rather than four since she hadn’t be able to locate Akira worth a shit. “Well I guess I’ll have to represent both the Tetsu and Yun families.” She says out loud to herself having one of her Moko moments turning around on the ball of her foot several times in order to practice her double high kick in front of the Dragon shrine that that represented Garyx, the deity that some believed that protects the north rather than oni god, quickly shifting her mind from personal matters to that of a impending fight between herself, Connor and Kin. //////Domini/////////Domini like the others would hear the drums too. “So it would seem that this matter might have to be attended another time.” She would also hear Aki say suddenly as he stands followed by Sayuri. “Dear you best go get ready, their calling everyone to the field. I wouldn’t want to be alone out there without my Empress at my side, now would I.” Sayuri would nod excusing herself from their guests in order to get dressed as well. Aki would smiling getting into his more formal role address the younger Ryoji as a Lord from feudal times would, “As samurai Leon I am entrusting you with the care of our priestess, can you see to that she makes its safety to meeting grounds without fail?” If he were to answer “yes” then her father would say, “Excellent then best be off all of us, the grounds!” trying his hardest not to laugh at how corny he sounded saying all of this right along with domini as she stood order to take her leave with her father and company. <E>

Rima: ((! )) “ fucking.....AMAZING!” Kichiro winced at the sound of Rima's overly-excited voice as the light auburn-haired, 17-year-old jumped so high into the air several heads had turned to stare at her in awe in response. Rima landed back on her blue, floral Zoris with a soft thump before raising an object into the air above her head, as if it were a sword brandished for the proclamation of war. “This....” She said. “Is the GREATEST KEBAB I'VE EVER EATEN!” The two friends had been wandering about the festival grounds, particularly where the smell of food mostly permeated the air, and had found a kebab stand where an elderly woman dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono had been preparing her favored recipe. The woman could only laugh at Rima's rather ecstatic reaction to her cooking, which had begun to draw others to the booth out of curiosity. “Seriously, Kichi, you have to try this shit!” Rima exclaimed, sinking her teeth into a chunk of the kebab before savagely ripping it off of the stick. She hummed loudly with satisfaction as she chewed away at the beef and vegetable ensemble like a barbarian who hadn't eaten for a full week. “Uhhh, I'm not all that hungry actu--” Before Kichiro could finish, Rima had already forced a kebab into his mouth. His eyes were wide as the stick protruded from his mouth, hardly knowing how it had even gotten there. “Eat up, Kichiro! You can't look like a string bean forever, ya know.” Rima took another bite of her kebab as she laughed at her own comment, interrupted seconds later by a sudden vibration inside her kimono. “Oh!” Glancing down curiously, she reached inside her kimono to pull out her touch screen cell phone, seeing a notification for a new text message on the screen. She made a sound of surprise the second she saw who the message was from, her cheeks flushing a bright red as her lips formed a smile. Kichiro arched a brow after almost instantly noticing the expression on her face. “Oh, great! Don't tell me your street rat boyfriend is here too!” He grumbled. Rima gasped, yanking her cell phone to her chest, her eyes flaring for a moment. “Damnit, Kichiro, how many times do I have to tell you he's not my boyfriend! He's just...” She calmed down a bit to think of what to say. “A pretty cool guy who I happen to find quite attractive.” She looked away with a loud humph. “Besides, just because we got pretty down and dirty at the club doesn't mean we're automatically a match made in heaven, if that's what you're thinking. In case you didn't know, I've got standards!” Kichiro snorted loudly while rolling his eyes. “Well you can tell that sewer rat son of a--” “OH MY GOSH!” Rima suddenly cut him off, swan-diving behind him before peeking her large, brown eyes over his right shoulder. “What the hell is it, Rima?” Kichiro frowned. Rima was quiet for a moment, her golf-ball sized eyes staring straight ahead at the familiar male figure making his way through the festival crowd. It didn't take her long to recognize that distinguishable blue hair, along with the group of boys following close behind him, unable to stop herself from sucking in a quiet gasp as her heart skipped a beat in her chest. Looking through the crowd himself, it wasn't long before Kichiro spotted the male as well, muttering under his breath with a look of disdain, “Tch....fucking hood rat.” “Quick! Kichiro!” Rima grabbed Kichiro's shoulders to violently spin him around to face her, nearly knocking him right on his ass. “Tell me how I look! Is my hair okay? Is my lip-gloss still shiny? How about my makeup?? Does it look like a bit much or do I need to powder up!??” She pulled him sideways to look past him before he could answer, watching as Ginji and his squad neared the vicinity. “Rima...stop being such a wuss and go talk to him already.” Kichiro said. “Alright, alright! Bossy!” Clearing her throat loudly, Rima glanced back toward the kebab stand before grabbing about four sticks, carrying two between her fingers on each hand. Flicking back a stray lock of her light brown hair, she made her way forward through the crowd while keeping her eyes on Ginji, soon appearing within the small space in front of him. If he instantly noticed her or took a while, her soft brown eyes would seem to twinkle beneath the night sky flashing with fireworks as a friendly smile lifted the corners of her lips. “Well, well, what a pleasant surprise.” She giggled girlishly, slightly posing sideways as both of her hands held up the kebabs she had picked out. “I got your text not too long ago, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say someone's been missing my company. I'm such an awesome friend, right?” She laughed again before taking a step toward Ginji, whom she hadn't seen in quite a while, holding out her right hand which carefully pinched two kebab sticks between her fingers. “Here, I just picked these out for us. They're pretty damn good! Oh!” She suddenly blushed, looking away while giggling again. “Excuse my French! My mouth tends to get uh...dirty when I'm too excited. Hehe!” <C>

Rima: Meanwhile, while Rima was in the distance talking to Ginji, Kichiro could only shake his head with a brief sigh, firing the blue-haired thug a mean glare before forcing himself to look away. “She couldn't have found herself a college boy or some shit?” He muttered under his breath. In no way was he jealous of his best friend, however, baring such a title, it was only in his nature to look out for her the best way he knew how; and the fact that she had taken interest in a street boy and vice versa, just gave him a bad feeling inside. Nonetheless, if she was happy, so was he. Sorta....okay in this case, not really. Tucking his hands into his pockets, he turned away from the two to find something else to do, taking only two steps forward when suddenly, he froze dead in his tracks with an alarmed grunt. His eyes shot open wide as he spotted Talon in the distance walking in his direction. Though the older male had been looking around at what was happening and hadn't really noticed Kichiro in his path, that didn't stop him from inwardly panicking when he glanced over his shoulder at Ginji and Rima. “Shit!” He hissed. “Damnit!” Though he hadn't known Talon for too long, he was well aware of the male's over-protective nature when it came to Rima. It was far worse than what Kichiro could ever experience and the fact that she was now engaged in conversation with a boy whom he'd never seen or heard of...the results were NOT going to be pretty. Kichiro's head darted back and forth looking between the two as Talon walked closer, before his eyes rested on a group of young ladies standing nearby. All looking alike in terms of appeal and beauty, and dressed in traditional kimonos similar to the ones most of the women attending the festival wore. And that was when an idea struck Kichiro. Clearing his throat and puffing out his chest, he walked right up to the three women who looked to be in their early twenties if their features weren't deceiving him. “Pardon me, lovelies.” He said, casually wedging his way between them, interrupting their chatter and giggling. They paused to give him questioning looks. “Can I talk to you three beautiful dames for a sec?” Stretching his arms out on either side of him, Kichiro dropped them around two of the ladies' shoulders, earning confused looks in response, though he wouldn't let that faze his next move. “I just wanted to let you three know that you've got a secret admirer here, and I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed when you find out who.” “A secret admirer?” One of the girls asked, sounding dramatically breathless. “Oh, how exciting!” “You see that guy over there?” Kichiro glanced up, pointing into the distance at Talon who was steadily making his way through the crowd, paying absolutely no attention to what was happening over yonder. “The one with the pretty hair? Yeah, he's a friend of mine who's looking for some company for the night. Would ya mind showing him around the festival maybe? I'm sure he'd just LOVE to meet a few pretty gals like yourselves!” “OH MY GOSH!” All three seemed to exclaim at the same time as stars appeared in their flashing eyes. “HE'S GORGEOUS!” “I WANNA TOUCH HIS HAIR!” “THERE'S NO WAY HE'S SINGLE!” Kichiro yelped as the three girls stampeded like gazelles toward Talon, knocking him on his ass in the process. In the distance, Talon's head perked up slightly as the sound of rushing feet met his ears, starting off somewhat quietly before gradually growing louder and closer. When the young Oyabun finally decided to see where it was coming from, a thin, black brow arched when he saw the group of girls charging toward him with a cloud of dust kicking up behind their trail. “What the--” He was cut off when all three damn near knocked him over, his ears ringing with fits of giggles and fast-spoken words that he could hardly understand as he felt his arms being pulled on and hands touching him without his permission. “So you're our secret admirer!” “You're so cute!” “Who does your hair? It looks amazing! Can I touch it?” Talon moved his head back with a winced expression as a hand reached out for his hair, growling low in his throat. “HEYYYY I SEE YA, BOSS!” A male voice shouted out of nowhere and when Talon's head turned, he spotted his red-haired Aniki watching from the distance, raising a cup of Sake toward him as if to make a toast. His shit-eating grin made Talon's teeth clench, though he only furrowed a brow in response. “BOUT TIME YOU GOT YOURSELF SOME NEW ASS! HAHA!” The redhead exploded into laughter as he wrapped his arms around two new friends of his own, walking back off to vanish within the crowd. “Ken'Ichi!” Talon growled loudly. “If I find out you did this, I'm gonna--” “OOOOOH!” A female voice cut him off suddenly, drawing his attention to the female standing on her tiptoes in front of him to get in his face. “HIS VOICE IS GORGEOUS TOO! AAAAAAHHHHH!!” Kichiro had to chuckle at the sight of the swooning sirens surrounding Talon like a bunch of little flies, glancing back toward Rima and Ginji who didn't even realize that their asses had just gotten saved. “You're welcome, jackasses.” He said quietly, giving himself a pat on the back before taking another bite of his kebab. <E>

Yasei: -Yasei meandered through the crowd as Ryoji had something more important going on. While walking he walked past a tall man with long hair girls circling him like buzzards. He laughed inwardly and walked past him his hands slipping into his pockets as his eyes were slightly obscured by his messy black hair. Suffice to say he was incredibly bored despite all the activities going on but what could you do? As he walked by the man he accidentally bumped into one of the girls who turned to him and seeing as the tall man wasn't exactly jumping her bones she latched onto him nearly knocking him over. What is it with parties and girls literally throwing themselves around like party favors? He politely tapped his finger to her neck shocking her with just enough electricity to knock her unconscious- whew... -he rubbed his neck before passing her off to someone else as he walked away. While walking he yawned and spotted a spider bigger than the usual in this area... by a lot. He shrugged and started to follow it his hands slipping into his pockets as he whistled a tune to himself-

Connor: ///Connor////( )As their yelling ensued, Connor would find himself jacked up by his shirt, i.e her grabbing him and pulling him closer, a scowl still on his face the entire way through. “I SHOULD BE THE ONE WHOS ANGRY! YOU JUST LEFT ME! DID YOU EVEN TRY TO FIND SOME WAY TO GET ME OUT AFTER YOU CAME BACK HERE?!?!” “Tch! FUCK! YOU! IT TAKES 200 YEARS TO ROAM THE DARK ZONE, I ONLY HAD 50 BEFORE I MAGICALLY CAME BACK HERE!” When he was shoved away, Connor saw her take a stance, and say how she’d be happy to kick a his ass. People started to circle around, not expecting to see any action until the demonstration took place. Connor would’ve put his guard up, his right hand bent, and positioned in front of his chin, while his left arm was much lower, positioned in front of his hip, and his feet were spread shoulder width apart from one another, as he glared at Yumi for a second. (Ryo_by_AlexanderSupertramp.jpg ) “Time to see who trained harder eh?! COME ON!” ( )Connor darts at her with great speed, the ground bending backwards and dust kicking up, attempts to kick his opponent 7 times in rapid succession. 2 kicks thrown with the right foot aimed at the side of the left knee cap, attempting to cave it in, 2 kicks thrown with the left leg aimed at the opponents right hip and rib cage, in attempts to crack the pelvis severely and deeply, and attempting to outright fracture or break the right 3 ribs with Connor's crushing martial force and posture, and finally 2 more kicks, i.e a clock wise spinning upper right heel kick towards the chin, which if connected would push the opponents jaw against their mandible, hitting a nerve to cause sever lock jaw and limit breathing from the mouth FOLLOWING UP with an attempted upwards vertical axe kick with the left foot aimed dead at the curve of the neck. This particular kick would send the opponent air borne temporarily and strike a nerve that would send a ringing noise through the opponent’s ear cutting that sense off momentarily. All of this would lead up to Connor pushing off of his right foot in an attempted back flip kick towards the chin once again. if this hit connected, the opponents teeth would be pushed and mashed against each other cracking severely and sending the opponents body arching backwards before flopping to the ground past the point of unconscious. Each kick is thrown in a matter of half second intervals and even if one is blocked, the other kicks will still be attempted unless interrupted entirely. If the last kick hit, her body would be sent skyrocketing into the air in several back flips before landing on the ground with a hard thud. Of course, if any of these kicks were interrupted, via blocking, or dodging, Connor would immediately attempt to rush into another combo, throwing a flurry of 30 punches in only 2 seconds, aiming to hit various parts of her face, chest, breast, stomach, and…breast. ( )///Leon/// As they followed suit to the person leading them, Leon’s heart began to pound a bit, though his outer expression would never allow it to show. He was about to meet an emperor….a friggin emperor! Who does this? He was a Ryoji! A descendant of Hachiman, sure hooray, hoora, but a friggin emperor?! Leon’s internal panic was abroad, but he just swallowed the lump -c-

Connor: in his throat and kept letting his hand rest on the handle of his sword. Leon would sigh slowly, and once they got to a large room, where a voice told them they may enter, Leon knew it was do or die. The doors opened, and the male clearly had a thick accent. Was this him? Leon only assumed, that with Domini being a princess, her parent’s were of the same royalty…not that that mad this meeting any form of easier, but even still. The man had a powerful aura about him…both Leon, and Densuke picked up on this quick, the two of them looking at one another and nodding, about the fact that what was going on now was serious business and should be treated like so by the both of them. Felicity playing with her red hair, and Ochigi, checking the place out, seeing if he could count out how many electrical wires they had running through the walls. The scientist never stopped thinking about what to build next. As Sayuri and this man conversed, she’d finally introduce them, and the family would bow hearing he was indeed the imperial highness. It is indeed an honor to be in the presence Hachiman-sama’s descendants, especially you Leon. Please all of you sit, join me there is much that we all need to discuss and time is very short I am afraid. Feel free to ask the maids for anything to drink or eat as food here is simple exquisite.” “The pleasure is ours your highness.” Densuke and Leon would’ve spoken at the same time. As he told them they could be seated, the family did just that. As he told them to feel free to ask the maids for things, ochigi’s hand immediately shot up. “Hey how about that coffee? Black, with 3 sugars?” the maid would nod and go off to get just that. Densuke, Felicity, and Ochigi would immediately begin eating. Leon however was much to nervous to begin eating, and it was beginning to get to him, just a tad. “You all must forgive me if I do not join you, I have already dined for the evening. Densuke-san I also ask you and your wife forgive me for what I am about to ask your son as well but as a father myself and given that my child has been assaulted intimately in the past” Densuke would speak, stuffing a piece of steak into his mouth. “I understand your highness.” Densuke was uncomfortable calling people that but being a man of rank himself it was a custom he must get used to. “I have a daughter who was also sexually assaulted. Do as you must, I’d do the same.” Densuke referring to Katarina, whom he wasn’t even sure where in the hell she was now a days…it was almost painful to think about but he’d not fret. “I must know, what are your intentions towards her, Leon?” Leon would clear this throat to try and look down at the table for a second. He was choking just a bit. Luckily this choke was just in the middle of Domini walking inside of the room. Leon felt his angst relieve a little bit, seeing how gorgeous she was looking. It was…an amazing sight that it was. She apologized for being late, and the emperor would speak. “Not all at Domini please, have a seat with us. Densuke, Felicity, and Ochigi this is my daughter, Domini heiress to the Japanese throne. Sweetheart these as Leon’s parents and grandfather.” Densuke would wave; Felicity would wave both hands and squeal. “Omgee she’s so pretty! Awww~!” Ochigi would be sipping on his coffee and waving. “Evening to you!” Leon would smile at her sincerely, mouthing the words “I missed you.” To her. Then back to speaking to her father, Leon would look him in the eyes, even if it was against his nature to do so. “Your highness. My intentions with your daughter…are just. I wish one day to…walk a long path of righteous life with her. I intend to treat her with nothing but the best of intentions and respect. While you may find this hard to believe, because in the end I am still a man who is after your daughter emotionally and physically, I can only ask you trust the sincerity of my words. I can hide nothing from you that you will not discover later in life, should our lives continue to intertwine, that they should. If I have…said anything offensive…my father always tells me to never ask for permission, but only for forgiveness.” Leon would bow his head, and Densuke would pinch the bridge of his nose. Felicity would whisper in his ear. ‘I told you our child is to blunt!” “Not…now woman. Not. Now.” That's when suddenly the emperor made it clear that it was time to go for the festivities. Leon, Densuke, Ochigi, and Felicity would finish up. Well Felicity would wrap up a to-go plate, and they'd begin to make their way outside for the festivities. Leon however would've went towards domini and opted to hold her hand until they got where they were going.<E>

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Kin: ( ) Once they were all called up for the festivals focal point Kin would have looked at Suzume and Keyth would have made his way over. "Don’t worry. I got her. " Suzume's dad would have been behind Keyth ( If that's cool ) To greet his daughter and Kin both. While King stood atop his float looking down and across at Kin. Doing a Shogun styled Nod. Kin would have made a slow stride over to what appeared to be a large podium he watched as people made there way over to the stands and Kin for the first time in a long time... felt nervous. The Mayor stepped onto the podium wearing his own form of Feudal attire as he tilted his head up with a smile on his face. " Evening everyone. Im sure you all know of what's going to Transpire in the next 2 days. Soon... we'll all be facing Sector Olympus. Not Just our warriors that were chosen. And... “As Tetsuo continued on with his speech. Sector Olympus all had been watching from Atop Mt. Olympus in District 5. Towering over and watching it all from afar. Zeus stood next to Poseidon whom seemed frustrated. “I grow tired of waiting. Look at them with there festivals... As if they truly have a chance. “Poseidon said to his brother. Zeus turned over and placed his right hand on his shoulder. “Allow them to celebrate. It shall be the last they have. “He said stepping off and going to his quarters in there utopian of land. Hades and Chorllo had been in the understudies of his quarters with the Blacksmith of the gods. “Are the Olympians almost ready?" Said Hades, Chorllo who had been looking over this for quite some time turned to his master and nodded. “Soon... they'll be ready to invade. "Raphael had been in his quarters training his blades men skills with his shirt off. Thinking of when he fought with Densuke and the others all those years back. “Leon... Ryoji..." He said in a cold voice as he sliced through the photo of the boy. “I’ll kill you... Like I killed your grandfather..." Yani who had been in a press meeting stood fixing his tie as his white hair cascaded over his shoulders. “Mr. President Farhan! Are you really going to Host the Sector Games!? " " Yes, on behalf of the Nation of Olympus to make peace with America. I shall be hosting this year’s game. “The press began to flash lights continuing there questions as Yani held his hand up to halt all questions walking away. All of the gods had been training at this very moment themselves as they readied for the final days, of battle, for this war!

( )"And Now! For all of our warriors to make there way up to the stands! THIS IS WHAT THE CITIES MADE FOR YOUUU!!! " Said the Mayor! His voice booming all throughout the area as the screen above his head would show high lights of all the fighters. From Eden, Kin, Jackie, Kodi, Connor, Yasei, Akira, All of them. Kin made his way to the Podium, the first one up his attire flowing in the wind along with his long pony tail, drifting through the air as he looked back at the crowd. A smile on his face while he raised his right hand in the air. And he could see all of his Inugami clansmen, with there friends family raise there hands in the air as well. Kin felt great pride to see his men support him. His chest filling up with sheer levels of excitement as he took his spot on the stage, waiting for the others to show.

Yasei: -Yasei yawned as he heard the Mayor walking away towards the stage. He made his way through the crowd his hands gently nudging people out of the way or pushing them depending on their willingness to move. Kin it seemed had already made his way up to the podium and stepped up onto it as well moving next to Kin and slipping his left hand into his pocket and raising/waving his right to the crowd people cheered and he could've swore he picked Jack's face from out in the crowed.- "I'll show them what it means to be a Hitsugi, dad..." -he said under his breathe. Thing were going to get really interesting from here on out.-

Sian: Aki had listened carefully to Leon’s words before they left the teahouse, weighting them all in as had wife before she departed in order to change into more formal robes his gaze never leaving the boy’s whilst he spoke. Emperor was moved to hear such passionate words from one who was just taking his place in the world and yet in two days time could be his last, something Aki hoped against all wouldn’t come to pass as he rather liked this young man and wanted to know his mind a bit more watching carefully with the eyes of a doting father as Leon went towards Domini in order take her hand and holding it while the group walked towards the site where everyone in town had gathered. Domini also had heard what was said and for the life of her she couldn’t stop her heart from pounding wildly in her chest as she accepted Leon’s hand with her own without hesitation glancing back at the man who in fact was her step-father to see if he was alright with this. To which Aki would smile nodding his head to the vibrate redhead. “I’ve missed you too.” She tells Leon softly finally letting herself exhale the air she was keeping in her lungs once she sees her father smile. “There is so much that I want to tell you right now, that I hardly know where to begin. I only hope that our parents will give us a moment to speak alone in private once the ritual is over.” She adds continuing to walk side by side with him every step of the way to the chosen place of gathering. The crowd had gathered by the tons all if the vacant lot all hearing and taking in what the mayor was saying, some even being moved by it. //////Sian///////Sian herself however was in no mood for pretty little speeches by a person who had very little to loose just sitting in a chair all day signing off on a bunch of laws no one would even follow to begin with as she stood to the right of the stage with both of her arms folded over her ample bosom. Around the field over thousands of face could bee seen in her moonlight blue orbs all of which were either cheering or more once the speech was given and the fighters were asked to take their places on the stage. The first up of course was none other than Kin Tasanagi, who from what the raven haired beauty could tell was dressed up in the most ridiculous get up she herself had ever seen causing her to burst out laughing, gaining her the attention of not only Suijin but the other four that were with her. “You gotta be kidding me….lolololol I know this whole thing was based on the feudal principals and all but Kin went all out with this shit...HAHAHAHAHA!!” She cries hysterically laughing her ass off to high hell at him dressed like feudal lord/fighter. Offended by her charges rudeness towards the young Tasanagi reverence to his ancestors Suijin would let off a loud, “Hmph!” “Hahahaha….huh? o.o? Ooookkkayyy Suijin what did I do now?” “Isn’t it obvious, YOU have no respect to those who came before you.” Blinking in a bewildered fashion Sian would shoot back, “Kinda hard to when I’m walking around with one of them inside of me!” Suijin retorts back turning her back towards the girl just as the mayor says, “And Now! For all of our warriors to make there way up to the stands! THIS IS WHAT THE CITY’S MADE FOR YOUUU!!!” This move only made Sian roll her eyes at the serpent muttering the words, “I’ll deal with his once I get back.” To her as she makes her way through the crowds towards the stage representing not only herself but Daisuke and Damon as well who couldn’t be here at this occasion. Several kids from D1 sticking their hands out to high five her on the way up as they chanted out the Tetsu family name, while others held up pictures of her parents both having been big advocates for the kids of Kasaihana during their time in this city. Something that the 19 year knew was of course inspired by her and her brother both after Tomoko had them as high fives them back before moving up the stairs towards the stage next to Kin and Yasei, waving to the crowd with a smile on her face unaware that Tomoko was in fact amongst the crowd chanting herself wearing a white sun dress and pair of flat sandals holding her sister Melina the baby that Mad Dogg had let live after killing her, in her arms. “Long time no see Tasanagi, nice fit.” She’d say still waving to the bunch as the highlights from her part in the fight the horseman’s battle was played (though short it was) along with Brothers of the Destruction. “So who’s the new guy?” she adds above the roar of the crowd indicating to Yasei./////////<C>

Sian: “We made it just in time Father, looks like the Mayor is calling for the fighters to assemble.” Domini would say as she, her father and hopefully Leon and his family if they indeed had stayed close to the royals would find themselves in the eastern most parts of the field near a massive movable shrine that represented the guardian of the west, Washi encompassed by four torches two on each side of it all unlit and surrounded by sacred cords to prevent anyone from entering the shrines pace. If one were to look they would see three others like it each sitting in their respective cardinal directions of North (Garyx), South (Okami), and West (Suijin) all covered in the mysterious allure of darkness. Their right two of the Emperor’s men would stand with three horses ready the third being for the acting Shogun for tonight’s events while the other two being for Sayuri who had emerged finally wearing her formal attire, jewels, and crown upon her head ( ). At her side in hand was fabled Sword of the Ancients, the very same blade that was believed to belong to Empress Naminae, beloved wife of the Emperor Tomoe and the one whom Kiken Tasanagi had corrupted himself with in order to gain her affections, “Indeed you all have, darling we best get ready to ride.” Sayuri states moving with grace towards the agile beast she’d been given as a child in order to mount it. Aki would nod following his wife’s suit as they both were to be acting as Domini’s escorts when called by the Shogun to give the evocation of the Gods once all the warriors had gathered to center stage. Casting her lavender eyes to Leon, Domini would smile attempting to give his hand a squeeze with her own as her nerves were starting to get the better of her at the moment. A team of technicians suddenly approaching her in order to place the wireless microphone needed in order for her to be heard when the prayers were offered up. “I’m so nervous; everything about this battle is riding on me gaining the guardian deities favor in order to help you and the others.” She would tell him softly wanting so much to hold him in her arms first if and when he decided to take his place with the others up front a realization of what the next two days would truthfully be about suddenly hitting her. “Or else it will be all for naught…And I don’t want to loose you again.” Her confession suddenly coming out in the mist of the crowds cheering for their favorite fighter as yet another, a female and male take the stage with Kin. If Leon were to reply to her words Domini would try to maintain her composure but in actually truth she really scared shitless that he might die at the hands of the Gods and she was quite sure that out of the thousands of girls there she wasn’t the only one in their generational line who felt like this as well. Sayuri herself could truly understand how her daughter was feeling. This party was more like celebrating lambs going to the slaughter rather than victory but as she looked to the stage she could see two glimmers of hope already on stage both in the forms of none other than the guardians themselves. “Darling…” she makes a gesture of her head towards Sian and Kin once she has gotten Aki’s attention. Aki being able use Soul Sense as well would too be able see the image of a snake and wolf encompassing the two. “Well I’ll be…they are here…” “Mhmm.” “Perhaps things aren’t as Sector Olympus believes they are….” He would smile waiting for more to come up as well. <E>

Suzume: Suzume felt a little better, after Kin comforted her. They spent a while going from booth to booth excitedly looking at things, playing game, and eating food on sticks. That is until Kin had to go on stage at the behest of the mayor. Suzume stayed along side Kin's father Keyth as he headed on stage, she stood there and sighed. That was when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned to see her father. "Dad?" There was a woman who came up next to him, she pulled out a camera smiling big "Saaaay cheese!".(( There was a bright flash and Suzume felt like her brain was clouded by blinding light. After her vision cleared she looked at Moto with a confused expression. " Oh Moto she's even more beautiful then that picture you showed me." (( Moto nervously rubbed the back of his head, "Suzume this is... my friend... from work Ms. Misaki Komatsu." Suzume looked at the woman and then at her father's nervous blush, then smiled. The woman pushed forward slightly and reached out to shake Suzume's hand. "It's so nice to meet you, Moto talks about you all the time!" Suzume politely nodded and shook her hand, Misaki was obviously one of those optimistic, enthusiastic, 'happy go lucky' types. And it was very apparent that her father was smitten, part of Suzume was said that her father had moved on. It was like she finally had to admit that her mother was gone. However knowing that her father had finally moved on and had found someone to make him happy, made her happy... and she knew that whatever after life her mother was in. That she was happy for him as well.

"My goodness Moto said you were pregnant but, you look like you're about to pop, how far along are you?" Misaki reached out and rubbed Suzume's pregnant belly. "Well I'm due any day now", Misaki's eyes went wide, "And you're out in this mad house? Wow, you're braver then I was, of course I was as big as the side of a house. And my ankles and feet were so swollen I looked like I was walking around on ham legs. You on the other hand look like you're carrying a basketball under your kimono. I wouldn't have even noticed. Of course Takeo liked to use me as kick boxing practice. Speaking of that little ninja where did he scamper off to? I bet he's looking at those swords again." Misaki turned and looked through the crowd. "Takeo Komatsu! Don't even think of touching those and get over here this instant!" Suzume shook her head; if Misaki was anything she was talkative. A small boy walked up with a shock of dark hair and dark eyes. He looked very disappointed by his mother pulling him away from what he had been admiring at one of the booths. Suzume also noted the boy, having various bumps and bruises along with a couple of Band-Aids here and there. Either he was very adventurous and fell down allot or he had a habit of getting into fights. (( Either away for the most part he looked like a pretty good kid. He stood next to his mother with his hands in his pockets, he looked down at the dirt lazily kicking it around with his foot. From what Suzume could tell he couldn't have been much older than six or seven. "Takeo this is Suzume, Moto's daughter be polite and say hello." The small boy looked up at Suzume blushed and then looked back down at the ground. His mother nudged his shoulder, "Takeo! Manners!" The boy looked up at his mother giving her a look that said, "Awe mom do I have to?" He gave a heavy sigh then turned to Suzume again "Hello... Ma'am." he said in a long drawn out breath. Suzume smiled, "It's very nice to meet you Takeo." The little boy looker up at her blushed again, then crossed his arms in a huff and swiftly turned his glance away from Suzume. "Yeah, whatever." he said under his breath. The mayor then began a speech, that made Suzume and the others turn and listen. Suzume side glanced over at her father and Misaki, he had put his arm around he waist and she had feasted her head on his shoulder while wrapping her arm around her son. "I hope they win.." she said in a sad tone. Suzume turned and looked at Kin up on the stage, "They have to.." she said.

Kodi: ( " I hope... You can take the heat cause I plan on winning!" Kodi would scoff while flowing her strength into her legs and arms.. while she held still as Jackie would attempt to force her hand down from the start of the match... only to see The male causing the wind to become rather heavy around them.. she gritted her serrated teeth, as each of there arms twitched with potential.. she felt her hand go down almost the touching the wooden bar stand... " AGH....... COME ON SHARKY IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!!!!!! If this is it then you've gotten weaker maybe you should stay off those blunts girl.. Or should I tell our master you been skipping training?" The shark-like females eye widened while hearing this taunt.. some of the audience went.."Oooooooooooo" The brash abrasive side came out thus having a anime vein appearing on the top of her forehead, letting out a battle like scream... only to have brought her hand back up.. attempting to slam his hand against the stand..the force of the slam.. brought Jackie upwards literally flipping him over...also leaving the bar table to have a large chunk missing due to the force of her slam... she released the grip of his hand.. seeing him crash in the middle of the audience...( ) It stayed rather silent for a moment.. only to hear people scream out with cheer.. giving each others there bets to one another...The audience would then had walked away from the stand..Standing up from her stool she scoffed as she stumbled over toward her rival.. hiccupping a bit due to being rather fucked up. "Looks like you'll be sniffing those panties eh?" She snapped her finger while Nathan slipped out of his dildo patterned undies.. handing it over to Kodi.. she knelt over in slow-mo.. having the panties become inch by inch closer to the Serizawa's face.. she had the most mischievous smile she ever had ( ) Just as his face would of been covered of ball sweat underwear from a gay man.. she would then hear.. "And Now! For all of our warriors to make there way up to the stands! THIS IS WHAT THE CITIES MADE FOR YOUUU!!! " Kodi Gasped as if Jackie thought he had been saved by the bet.. she would of dropped right on his face.. being surprised from the sudden voice of the mayor that called the warriors to make there way to the stands.."Ah, Fuck.." Inhaling as she brought herself a bit together.. If Jackie gotten up, she looked over at him and nodded..while Nathan started to tear up crying on Coco's shoulder. "MY BABYYY MY BABY GIRRRRL IS GROWING UP!" Crying his eyes out as they followed Kodi.. Would look behind her , seeing Jackie look at a tree.. "Wtf are you staring at..?" If he responded she groaned pulling him by his hair.. only to make there way toward the stands... she waved at the people cheering.. she'd seen her band of butches along with Dethklok.. raising the rock hand sign as they screamed.."WATER GOOOOODDDDD!!!" Kodi smiled with pride, while she made her way onto the stand.. seeing Kin.. she gave him a friendly snicker while she raised her only arm up.. with her rival on her side.. she would hear the fans of Thighs of Destruction along wth Nathan.. screaming and getting riled up with excitement.. Her blue eye glistened with happiness as she placed her hand down.. only to stand there with her head up with the Pride that she cherished the most about herself.. She looked at Jackie hoping he'd be alright from the side-effects of the pill he took. //Cessair// Feeling the Dykey like female tug her by her hand.. she was shocked, most women would of walked away as they mouthed off to the Torabaasu... " Let's run this back baby doll, I will do what I please and If you got an issue then you should get use to it.." She shivered feeling her cheek being brushed by Velvet's tongue... thus shoving her away.. she felt one of the men caught her before she fell down..." If you wish to settle this.. Come solve it." She balled her hands into tight fists.. she wanted to fight.. but she didn't how just yet, I mean she could use her Ice-Powers.. but she was opposite of her younger sister.. She scoffed while pushing the men away.. walking the opposite direction while fleeing for this time.

Ginji: “Come on boss; let’s see this girl you were talking about. Is she the one you text a lot?!” Ginji gave his well-known annoyed glance over his left shoulder at his goons who were still following right behind him. “Is that why you’re right fucking behind me?” They blinked for a second, slowly taking a step back before resuming their pursuit. “There’s plenty of girls here boss, and they all look bangin’ in their kimonos! Hey, do they really not wear anything underneath?!” “Hey, hey, I heard that too. It’s tradition or some shit right?!” “You know don’t you, boss? You’re Japanese! You should know!” Ginji was about to turn around and slug the guy nearest to him when he heard an all too familiar voice that caused a smile to tug at the corners of his lips. “Well, well, what a pleasant surprise.” Ginji looked in front of him as well as the rest of his boys and when they did their eyes widened to the size of baseballs. “BOSSSSSSSSS! OOOOOOO!” “Nani?...” He looked over his shoulder, his eyes filling with murderous intent which caused them to slide back a couple feet. Ginji turned back to look at the girl in front of him, the smile having returned to his face. “It’s a possibility that I missed you, maybe a little.” He had caught something she said and it lingered in his mind “Friend huh?... We’ll see.” He thought to himself. His goons had apparently caught the word too and were now leaning forward to see what their boss did. Ginji glanced down at the kebabs she was holding, taking one with a smile. “I cuss all the time, it’s no problem.” “Yea he does!” Ginji shot a glare behind him “Temee…” ((You bastard)) He took a bite from the kebab, ripping a piece of meat off, chewing on it as he glared at his group of goons until they slowly walked backwards, leaving their boss to have fun. “Holy shit.” He said, turning back to Rima. “These kebabs are good as hell.” He glanced off towards where the festivals main event was taking place, a smirk sliding across his lips. He quickly slid his left arm around Rima’s waist before starting to walk towards it. The others were supposedly doing some sort of demonstration or something. At least, that’s what Kin had told him but Ginji didn’t want any part of it but he’d definitely go and watch it. It seemed like a good place to kick back, especially having Rima with him. “Oh yea, you look amazing in that kimono.” Ginji said, glancing at her before taking another bite from the kebab. He led Rima to a place where they could sit and watch the main event, if she allowed him to. “Pffftttt, look at Kin.” Ginji said, a grin sliding across his lips as if he were trying his best to hold back laughter. “Nah, nah, I won’t lie, I like the warrior attire.” Ginji turned his head, taking a deep breath before turning his attention to Rima. “What’ve you been doing besides missing me?” Ginji raised his phone up, taking a picture of Kin as a reminder to clown him about it to his face later.

Yumi: She didn’t bother hearing his excuses, it was time to fight! That was how they communicated best any damn way! Swift legs react to his dash towards the fighter as the first two kicks come soaring for her she retaliates with a giant smirk as the muay thai user throws her right leg out in an air piercing kick, meeting his foot with her own, the wooden sandal slamming into his shoe with a ‘KA KOW’ noise that echoes around them, stopping the assault to her knee cap as the next two kicks aim higher to do damage to her ribs. Her left leg had kept her up in a resisting stance as to not allow his kick to overpower her own, pivoting her left foot to turn so she could land her elbow into the sole of his foot, stopping the attempt at a double kick though that one was much more painful as the bone can be heard cracking but Yumi doesn’t falter her smirk. Following his moves wasn’t impossible, not with trained eyes keeping up with the fluid motions of his limbs as she takes a step back to bend backwards, the next array of kicks only getting higher, it seemed he left a pattern for her to pick up on. Her long sleeves glide with her arms as she dodges, landing her palm to his ankle to re-direct his trajectory, keeping up with his legs…it was his fist that gave her trouble. The last kick that comes upwards though managed to hit as her head snaps back but her heels dig into the ground and she grits her teeth, following the motion that her body was moving to until she falls into a back flip just in time to land and catch the first couple barrage of fists landing in to her body but as always Connor wasn’t holding back he wanted first blood but why give him the satisfaction. With his fists coming right for her she goes in for the offense, using her kimono sleeves to trap his arms inside them as her hands grip down on his shoulders in an attempt as she rushes him, their skulls meeting in an earth shattering head butt! How many times they’d done this to the other she lost count but with her dragon heritage, awakening it had brought her bone density up, i.e: giving her a much thicker skull. The assault was hard enough to rock a person’s senses to see only white as she snarls and yells out at him. “I JUST GOT BACK AND YOURE ALREADY PISSING ME OFF!!!” At this point she could continue to push forward but instead with a flamed snarl she throws herself backward taking the stubborn man with her as the heels of her feet dig in to his stomach in a launching kick!! If it hits, it’d send his body soaring forward over the heads of the crowd that’d stepped up to watch as she calmly gets up with a harsh frown, watching the Ryoji boy head right for the podium….seems she’d launched him a little too hard but it served the fucker right. “This ain’t over….”

Suzume: Lian, was beginning to grow weary of the crowds and trying to avoid bumping into people. She hadn't seen Sanosuke since the incident with the elderly couple, so she assumed he either gave up looking in the mass of humanity, or he had been arrested. Either way she hoped she wouldn't be seeing him anytime soon. Right now she was munching on some popcorn when she heard announcements coming from the grandstand. Heading over she moved through the crowd to get a better look at the people who were supposed to save them all from Sector Olympus. Her eyebrow rose wondering if any of these people even stood a chance. She certainly hoped so cause if they didn't they were all going to be in a world of hurt. Lian had just got a break in this god forsaken town, she didn't want to have to start all over again or worse die. Lian looked to see if there was anyone she recognized in the throng of people around the stage. She gave a heavy sigh, "I really need to get out more. I like have no friends." But in her mind a small voice said, "But you do have money." Lian shrugged and continued nibbling her popcorn.

Ginji: (( ) (( )) “Hm… It looks like they’re having some sort of big festival…” A voice said from a top a building near the festivals main on-goings. “Looks fun huh?” Another voice said. Two figures stood atop the building, shrouded by the dark cloaks they wore which flowed around their body with the breeze that blew at their altitude. “Oi, should we join in on it brother?” “No… We’ll watch. There’s… A monkey around here.” “A monkey?” “Yeah… A monkey.” Both voices sounded similar though one was slightly deeper than the other. “It feels weird being back in this city… The air’s a lot dirtier than I remember. It’s fucking nasty but I guess it makes sense… This dirty ass city.” “It looks like they’re all getting together for something.” “Let’s see if they can notice us.” “Raise your chi some.” “Okay.. Let’s see.” The two cloaked figures would slowly begin to elevate their chi, causing a spike in the air. Those who were chi sensitive would have felt the slow rising chi in the air from the two of them combined, and to those of the previous generations, the chi would have a familiar feeling to it, one of them more so than the other. “Think they noticed us yet?” One of the figures asked. “It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t, keep going.” The two of them continued to raise their chi levels higher and higher until even someone who was new to chi would be able to feel it but just as the chi had appeared, it disappeared just as quickly. One of the figures continued to stand straight up while the other crouched down casually, watching the people walking by. “They look like ants…” “Eh, I don’t know brother, they look more like pigs to me. Easy to gut, cut open, and drain.” A smirk slowly slid across the standing figure’s lips as he slowly nodded. “Let’s go get a closer look.” And with that, the two figures would have moved away from the buildings ledge, disappearing from sight… For now.

Rima: (( )) Rima couldn't help but giggle as she watched the interaction between Ginji and his goons. For a group of thugs, they certainly were an interesting bunch, she had to admit. Excitement glowed in her eyes when Ginji took a kebab from her, her smile widening a bit as she waited for his response after tasting it. “Haha!” She laughed loudly in response to his comment. “I knew you'd like it! Here's another when you finish that one. They're so damn good I had to get two for both of us!” She handed Ginji the other kebab she'd picked out for him before noticing that he was now looking off into the distance. Hearing what was happening over yonder, she turned her head to follow his gaze, spotting the figures gathered upon the stage making their announcements and speeches and what not. For a moment, her smile momentarily faded as she listened. Apparently the time had come for all the fighters to present themselves on stage and Rima had just turned to make her way in that direction when she was stopped in place by Ginji's arm. Feeling it slip around her waist, she froze for a second as her cheeks flushed a bright red. “Ginji?” She blushed madly, not knowing what else to do in response to such bodily contact. She followed the male as he led her elsewhere, and to her surprise, he didn't have any plans of making his way onto the stage himself. Giggling in response to his compliment on her kimono, her expression soon changed into one of curiosity as she asked, “Are you going to be apart of the games, too? Fighting the gods I mean? You seem strong...” She paused, looking away. “Strong enough to be chosen, that is. I...I don't think I'm nearly as strong, but I was chosen too.” She sat next to him, taking another bite of her kebab as she lifted her eyes to look at everyone on stage.

Rima: In the distance, Talon felt a bit of weight leave his body and soon after, noticed that one of his “fan girls” had been knocked over by a male who was casually walking by. His head instinctively turned to look at him, catching a glimpse of the male right when he shocked the woman. He frowned. 'Eko.' He thought to himself. least the male looked just like Eko, only Talon couldn't help but notice the differentiable length of his hair and that caused his eyes to narrow. 'No, that isn't Eko.' He thought again, but his train of thought was broken when he felt one of the remaining two girls grip the front of his shirt, her fingers slipping right into the top portion that had been unbuttoned to expose a bit of his chest. His hand snapped up, catching her wrist in a grip so tight it caused her to squeal, her eyes staring up into his cold silver hues as they seemed to bore a hole right through her. The other fan girl instantly stopped her own assault of harassment on the young Oyabun, staring at him in both curiosity and a bit of nervousness when she noticed the look on his face. Judging by his newly formed steely expression, they both thought that he would raise his hands to them at any moment. But to their surprise, he didn't. Something flashed in his eyes that caused them both to stop breathing, altering his facial features into an expression of seduction that neither of them could resist. With hardly any warning, his gloved hands reached behind both of their heads, grabbing a handful before yanking them both toward him with harsh force. All three of their mouths mashed together in a vigorous three-way kiss that caused both women to moan and grab and pull at Talon's body like they were begging for more. Only they were not aware that the mistake they made was locking lips with this venomous snake. After a moment, their eyes began to widen when they realized that their tongues and throats had begun to burn like they were swallowing acid instead of saliva, the excruciating sensation reaching down into the rest of their bodies as they felt as though their organs had begun to cook on skillets. Soon their moaning turning into screaming, and they were no longer grabbing and pulling on Talon but clawing and pushing on him in attempt to get away, but he was too strong for them. One of them began to cry tears of blood as icky, white foam began to leak from the sides of her mouth, her hands reaching to scratch and tear at her throat like someone deranged beyond repair as the other female began to twitch and seize up violently. Then, with one harsh motion, Talon ripped his head back hard enough to send his jet black locks arching above his head before settling back below his shoulders, blood splashing from the mouths of both women as they suddenly dropped to his feet. Turning his head sideways, Talon spat out two bubbly, swollen tongues that he'd torn from their mouths with his own teeth, wiping the blood staining his lips with the back of his hand, before lifting a finger to the transmitter device lodged in his ear. “One of you. To my position. There's a mess that needs to be cleaned.” And he turned to walk away, rolling his sleeves up to his elbows in order to hide the blood. Seconds later, a clansmen emerged from somewhere among the ground to approach the two women, casually using his feet to push them down into a nearby man hole. With the activity of the crowd, all of this had gone unnoticed. The only one who saw what had happened was a wide-eyed Kichiro. “Who......who the fuck IS this guy...?” Was all he could say as his body was frozen in absolute shock. Talon noticed that the fighters had begun to gather up on the stage, making his way through the crowd before ascending up there himself. With his hands tucked casually into his pockets, he wore his usual grim expression as he looked over at the others who'd already taken their places on the stage. He observed the one called Kin Tasanagi silently before looking toward the cheering crowd, rolling his eyes at the obvious fan girls. It wasn't long before something caught his eye from somewhere nearby. His eyes lifted to a rooftop in the distance where he thought he had spotted movement. Two shadowed figures to be precise. But just as quickly as he'd noticed them, they were gone. 'This city gets stranger and stranger the longer I stay here, it seems.' He thought to himself, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Kin: Kin watched as the others made there way up and onto the Podiums. Kin could hear the whispers about his attire. And how it looked, how they felt about it. It didn’t bother him one bit however. He was proud of it, he wouldn't let people poking fun at him ruin this night. "Sian, Connor, Jackie, Kodi nice to see all of you." He said looking at Kodi as she raised her fist high into the air. He admired her courage. However he did notice the missing in limbs. "Kodi... your arm..." He said looking her over. But before he could continue he felt the stare of the Man Known as Talon. His eyes locked with his in a brief moment that made everything seem to pause before reverting back to reality. ' That guy... something’s off with that guy...' Kin said to himself as he turned his head out to crowd.

"HA HA HA! LOOK AT MY SON! HAHAHA! YEAHHH KINNN!!! HA HA HA HA!" Keyth said cheering him on before his eyes went wide. And so did Kin's. All the sound muffled out, and Kin could hear Keyth in his mind and vice versa. 'Dad... do you feel that...' Kin said as his eyes shifted left to right. 'Yeah... I do… feels like some powerful energy... emitting somewhere near by.' 'Sector Olympus? ' 'Naw Kin... this feels... familiar to me. ' Keyth said to his son as they scanned out for the chi source this would continue until it faded away. "Hey uh.. Susu, I'll be back. SORA! "Keyth said shouting at his son whom had taken his time to talk with a few girls." Yeah I work out a lot actua- WHAAA! " " Watch... your Brothers girlfriend and your nephew. Anything happens to them, Im sending you back to live with your mother." "Dadddddddddddd.... C'mon man! I was Macking on the ladies." "Your gonna be macking on what’s left of your jaw soon. Stay. Here. Watch. Her. You got that?" Keyth said storming off. Sora Blinked and gulped. "That’s the first time he's acted like a dad to me..." Keyth stormed off, waiting until he got into an alleyway off into the festival and looked around before blasting off into the air landing on the top of the roof, searching for any signs of the Unknown chi signatures.


( + play together )

"ALRIGHT! LADIES... AND GENTLEMEN!" King said shouting at the Top of his Lungs. " ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORR!?!?!? TONIGHT, THE KASAIHANA WARRIORS WILL BE SHOWING US SMALL BREIFS OF THERE POWER! WE WANT ALL OF YOU SILENT AND RESPECT THEM IN THERE DEMONSTRATIONS OF SKILL! ARE YOU GUYS READY TO SEE SOMETHING TRLY BADDDDDDDDDDDDDASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! "King said shouting at the top of his lungs. "Boy, brothers really getting into this thing isn't he?" King's brother Leo said as he rubbed the back of his neck. London Kenrock nodded his head. "Of course he is. These are his boys out there going to fight. There his family. He wants to make sure he knows that his city is backing them no matter what. “London said smirking. King then pointed at the fighters and said there names in Order. "KODI WILL DEMONSTRATE HER POWER FIRST!" King said as he raised his hands into the air. "LET’S GET THIS THING STARTEEDDD!!!" The crowd went into a wild frenzy as they shouted so loud they could hear it on Mt. Olympus. "Good Luck Kodi." Kin said placing his right hand on her shoulder before going into the area where the others were told to wait.

Akira: Akira would have continued to make his way through out the festival and right with him would have been a mob of people surrounding him walking with him , normally he'd attempt to get away like earlier but with this many people here that was like attempting do the impossible so for a while he allowed them to follow him, he knew his sister was here at the festival but he didn't want to see her just yet, he had a bunch of things in his head which he needed to sort out and he hadn't had his head on right just yet, so instead of going to see her he'd continue through the festival and turn towards one of the booths grabbing some noodles before turning around and looking at the mob of fans behind him and smiling "Later" and just like that he would have disappeared from there sight causing the mob to all groan and eventually break apart looking for him, Akira would have been walking through the crowds eating his noodles carrying the tray in his right hand and eating with chopsticks in his left hand slurping up the food, once he was done, he'd happened to hear loud drums and then found himself being called onto the stage and highlights of himself would be plastered on a giant screen along with the other fighters, Akira would then toss his tray into a garbage can before placing both his hands into his pockets and making his way up to the stage where he'd see Kin, Connor, Sian and some other people he haven't met yet he'd didn't say anything as he stepped up but instead he'd just bear hug the shit out of Sian squeezing her hard as he could almost while lifting her off the ground before letting her go "Missed ya" he'd say before literally walking by her and taking a sit on the edge of the stage "man I feel like were performing a show with all these people here doesn't Sian" he'd say smiling at bit before looking back towards the other people giving them a slight wave and shifting his gaze towards kin "Hey You Little Bastard what’s up with you leaving the force all a sudden you know they gave me a complete rookie for a partner who doesn't know left from right and I mean that literally s…" he was cut off by the sound of a man yelling in the background over the crowd and all "ALRIGHT! LADIES...AND GENTLEMEN!" King said shouting at the Top of his Lungs. " ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORR!?!?!? TONIGHT, THE KASAIHANA WARRIORS WILL BE SHOWING US SMALL BRIEFS OF THEIR POWER! WE WANT ALL OF YOU SILENT AND RESPECT THEM IN THERE DEMONSTRATIONS OF SKILL! ARE YOU GUYS READY TO SEE SOMETHING TRULY BADDDDDDDDDDDDDASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" Akira would sigh "Damn now we’re going to have to actually put on a show for these people heh what a drag oh well I guess that can't be helped" he'd say to himself while the guy said Kodi would be demonstrating hers first. Connor: “I JUST GOT BACK AND YOURE ALREADY PISSING ME OFF!!!” Connor had barely heard this.. as after she’d countered his kicks, and delivered that killer head butt, Connor was literally counting stars. He’d forgotten how hard her head had actually gotten from all those draconic abilities she was harboring over time. Connor would’ve taken the blunt of that…before she’d have dug her feet into his gut, and with an inhuman speed, she’d have tossed him like a rag doll! “WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa--------“ Connor’s body would’ve went flying, all the way to the area of the podium, where he’d crash land on the far side of the stage, face first! “oomf!” Connor would’ve landed and pulled himself up in a few moments, to hear the announcements and important juicy bits. “you should learn to attend to what you’re called for…that you should.” Connor would’ve heard Leon’s voice scolding him, as he’d always done. Connor would’ve stood up dusting himself off. “Yeah, yeah. Had business to attend to where’s the folks at?” “CONNOR! LEON! OVER HERE SWEETIES!” Felicity would’ve been yelling in the crowd, Connor able to hear her as he waved to her. “They’re...cheering for me too. Pops and grampz.” Leon would wave to them as well. “Well of course. No matter how much you distance yourself…or refuse to admit it. You have a family Connor. Never once have we shunned you.” Connor would give a small smile. Hearing that made him happier than he could ever imagine. The festivities however had just begun. Leon would especially wave to Domini after parting with her to arrive on stage. ALRIGHT! LADIES... AND GENTLEMEN!" King said shouting at the Top of his Lungs. " ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORR!?!?!? TONIGHT, THE KASAIHANA WARRIORS WILL BE SHOWING US SMALL BREIFS OF THERE POWER! WE WANT ALL OF YOU SILENT AND RESPECT THEM IN THERE DEMONSTRATIONS OF SKILL! ARE YOU GUYS READY TO SEE SOMETHING TRLY BADDDDDDDDDDDDDASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! The crowd went wild, and Connor would’ve cracked his knuckles and grinned. “OSSU!!!!! Haha! Watch me show off…matter of fact. Hey Leon. Let’s tag team this shit. Show em what brother’s are good for after Kodi goes up eh?” Leon would rest his arm on the handle of his sword. “I’m game for that.” The two would wait patiently until it was their turn.

Kodi: ( 2:35 )" KODI WILL DEMONSTRATE HER POWER FIRST! " Blinking in surprise that she'd be first..she didn't mind but she wasn't suspecting it at any resort...Hearing the crowd scream and shout.. her blue eye glistened with passion as she thought about her fathers last words..before he gotten tooken down... she felt so proud on this stand, she wished that he'd had been here even to watch her..Though inside her he was watching her..He would of been so Proud of her.. that she had almost changed her ways.. she would shake her thoughts out her head.Hearing King Yell out... " LETS GET THIS THING STARTEEDDD!!! " The shark-like female felt a hand on her shoulder, turning her head only to see Kin while he said."Good Luck Kodi.." Giving him a nod as a reply as "Good Luck to you as well", and smiling with confidence at the wolf boy before the others would go to the area that they were to await on before they demonstrate there powers... Nathan would whisper to her.. watching his lips move.."Do it..." Inhaling sharply.. she concentrated only to have the Hydrants behind the crowd.. to burst.. letting the water spray out heavily.. Just before the droplets of water.. could land on the audience... it stopped in Mid-air.. only to hover over the crowd along with the streams of water.. Standing there the large masses of water soon came around.. densing the water.. so she can mend it the way she wanted... The water began to mould itself.. structuring as well.. Thus the Prideful female raised her hand up only to have the water raise up... being atleast 20 feet high... The crowd would be amazed at the power she possessed... The structured dense water.. soon been able to form a shark head along with the eyes of the water beast to glow bright neon blue... soon it began to grow arms and legs, standing there as if it had the ability to breathe and growl... Kodi soon jumped up ,while running up the Water Made Beast... she planted her two feet just above the head... Gazing at everyone.. she inhaled sharply.. while she would yell out.. knowing her fans would know this part of her Lyric.." YOU WILL DIE FOR THE WHAT?!!!" "DIE FOR THE WATER GOD!!!" "LIVE FOR WHAT?!" "LIVE FOR THE WATER GOD!!!!" With that the crowd went wild..that they were screaming from the top of there lungs... seeping within the Beast of Water..sinking into the middle of its body... the water blasted Kodi out of the body...shooting her out with high speed.. within her hand was a orb of water that had been rather densed up in a hardlike texture of liquids.. Raising her right nub... an Unsuspecting claw..bursted from where her arm use to be.. until.. grappling straight onto the Beast's shoulder.. allowing her to retract back in speed toward her creation... raising her right thick leg... that passed over her head... she screamed out in a battle war scream.. only to bring her leg down straight in the middle of the beast.. even if the water would be densed.. she'd cut through it like a sharp knife would to a watermelon... She flexed her muscles within her thighs while she landed.. with her back turned toward the crowd.. Standing for a bit in silence.. as the water that she had been inbetween would slowly.. rise up.. leisurely.. while forming two headed serpents.. that would sway around each other.. insync.. the water.. glowed neon the water serpants soon screeched out as if they were alive... While they hovered over Kodi that stood.. they started to spin around frantically and violently.only to manuever them over toward the crowd..while her claw retracted back within her right nub...The serpants.. soon reared from one another.. only to glide with high speed toward one another.. she raised her fist up in the air.. only to have the serpants collide into one another.. exploding into nothing but driplets of water.. it was as if a explosion of neon blue lights of water raining over the crowd... Though she had released the density of the water.. not harming the crowd of any sort...Turning around with her fist up in the air.. she would hear a chant.. that made her snicker.."WATER GOD WATER GOD!!!" She lowered her hand.. while she silently.. walked off the stand while making her way toward the area where the others were told to wait..She nodded to each and everyone of them.. as a sign of respect.. while she remained there.. having the others demonstrate there power to the audience.

Jackie: Watching Kodi perform her water god style Jackie smirked as she was using the claw he had given her a few weeks ago, : That's my girl!: Jackie thought inside his head but once his name was called Jackie felt something come over him his mark began to active in all places here. : Heh...: If Kodi would notice Jackie's emotions would of gotten more serious as he stood on the stage his highness attitude was gone in seconds, how could this be? The crowd grew silence for Jackie they didn't know who he was why would they cheer? " Heh.. I will Crush you all with my power..." ( Jackie spoke as an harsh wind would now began to pick up around the stage if no one grabbed to something they would be pushed back, Jackie's hair began to flow wildly in the hard breeze Jackie eyes began to turn red as he unleashed an loud roar. ( Tumblr_nerikpuZhZ1qj5jqso1_500.gif <-- How he would stand) Jackie eyes would turn to Kin a bit of rage in his eyes as he was hoping his old rival was watching him, he would speak words towards Kin " Dont...Think I forgot, Pay close attention now! HA!" Jackie began to perform his Divine Beam: A move where Jackie reserves from localized air pressure, that means that when he pull in, the air around him becomes "thin". This in itself is an attack because it makes it difficult to breathe. It also suffocates the ability for natural fire to exist, as it feeds on oxygen. In this way Jackie can also be able to smother fires out slowly by drawing the air pressure out of the air and absorbing localized oxygen. By affecting the localized air pressure, Jackie also be able to make any container not containing a void pop after a certain limit, which would take quite a bit of effort. But once the air pressure drops so much, the air inside of a contained object will be pulled from said object to disperse, as when one place becomes devoid of air or thin of it, a highly abundant source will thin itself to level out the area. Also the oxygen is stored inside of the body through excess hemoglobin in the pleural space outside the lungs and in the lung tissue itself. The blast itself can either impact as a concussive blast or a burn. Thanks to his training Jackie is now able to pulse the attacks out. This blast containing Jackie’s life-force energy from the reaper, if absorbed the user will decay in two post. As he shot out his beam he looked up into the sky as his beam was going into the air he used the air to compress his beam to apply heat to an cloud near by he was forming an thunder cloud which is relatively warm and can rise rapidly. He stopped his beam before looking at the crowd and raising his hand " Vanish with the roar of the thunder!" As he spoke an huge thunder dragon would be summoned from the sky filling the sky above the stage the dragon looked so vicious that some people of the crowd began to back away slowly. ( ( <-- How it looked) An evil smirked landed on the face of Jackie as his mark glowed lightly before soon vanishing, as soon as the mark vanished so did his smirk. Noticing what was going he smiled before snapping his fingers as the dragon would soon combust and fireworks would began to shoot into the air the crowd stunned of the amazement. He soon left the stage walking over towards Kodi but a bit far from her as he looked at his arm wondering about this damn mark.

Yasei: -Yasei smiled as he heard his name and ran his hand through his hair. he stepped forward quietly his hands on his waist. [ ] His golden eyes gleaming for a split second as he threw his left arm up into the air palm upward and his chi erupted [ Kurome%281%29.gif ] forming into a black orb above his palm lightning of a purple black color crackling from it and hitting the ground close to him. The heat around him began to increase to extremes as his chi ignited due to friction and purple black flames swirled up around him pouring into the orb as the lighting seemed to force it into the shape of the orb. he smirked his hair flying up around him as he slammed his hand into the ground the flame and lightning arcing around him and the sheer pressure that thundered out cause the sound barrier to break due to the heat forcing the air to expand at high speed creating a loud thunderous concussive blast. that he used his chi to disperse so that it only made people stumble a bit. The energy dissipated and his hand was buried up to the elbow in the stage showing his new strength as well. He stood up and pulled his arm free his clothes smoking from the singeing of the fire and lightning and his eyes slowly turned back to a dull gold. –

Kin: ( )Kin watched and cheered on the side lines at everyone doing there demonstrations. He looked out in the stands for his father but he couldn’t find him. " Oi... “King said pulling Connor and Kin over to the side. " You both are trained under Sensei's style. You through Johnny, and you through the old man himself. Represent him today. Kin i know you didn’t know him. But you would have loved him. And if not for him, do it for your sister. And you Connor, make Toushin proud. " "... What do you mean? What are you getting at? " Kin retorted back to King who simply smirked." I want you both to the Basic Kata, I know you both know it. " " Ahhhhhhhhhh no! Are you serious! " " Yes. It's an Honor back where he's from and the strongest of warriors know it. Do it for him. " " So you want us to do this thing together... what if I refuse. " " Then Im taking one of your fingers off. This is an order." Kin sighed and looked back at Connor, looking at his attire and then his own. " Tch... " Kin ripped his shirt off and then removed his own so now they both wore the Martial arts styled lower halves. At least this way we... some what match. " " Kin I question your sexuality sometimes. " " I have a kid and you don’t. " Kin retorted back to King who simply shook his head. " Alright Ryoji... don’t fuck this up..." He said to Connor. Before he stepped out right after Yasei whom Kin nodded his head to. " Impressive... I hope to see more from you in the games. “He said as he passed by him. Something seemed familiar about him however... and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. " C'mon Ryoji... " He said to him as stepped out onto center stage waving the crowd. "... Just imagine them all in there underwear..."

Connor: (Keep the same song playing) Connor would’ve stood up there rubbing his chin. It was hurting a tad bit, but he would ignore it for the time being that is. When king pulled he and Kin over to the side and began to explain to them that they were trained under sensei’s style Connor nodded. While he did have a different teacher than Kin, he could get that his teachers were connected with one another. It was a small city after all…when you really look at how things connect and set up with ach other. " You both, are trained under Sensei's style. You through Johnny and you through the old man himself. Represent him today. Kin I know you didn’t know him. But you would have loved him. And if not for him, do it for your sister. And you Connor make Toushin proud. " “…I have a bad feeling I’m going to end up doing something I don’t want to.” ." I want you both to the Basic Kata, I know you both know it. “Connor would pinch the bridge of his nose. “Are you fucking serious? I hated doing that pretty fu fu shit style. Fucking flips and shit…I don’t-“ “what if I refuse. " Kin had interrupted Connor. “Yeah king. What if I refuse too!” when he mentioned cutting fingers off, Connor would’ve swallowed hard knowing full well the man was capable of it. “Ah…not even gonna argue.” Connor would dig in his ear, and close his eyes for the moment, watching as kin ripped his shirt off to match Connor’s martial look. Connor would pull his arms out of his Gi, and let it rest and drape over his waist so they were both shirtless. " Alright Ryoji... don’t fuck this up..." “Tch.” Connor would flick his nose with his thumb. “I never fuck up.” His brash attitude carrying out with him as passed Yasei. “Good show. Hope your better than you were last time, or I’m tossing you back into traffic.” Connor would laugh a bit playfully punching him on the arm and making his way down. "... Just imagine them all in there underwear..." Kin said as he waved. Connor would laugh loudly, before smiling big like an idiot. “Bitch I’m fabulous. These people are gonna eat this routine up!” Connor would take a few steps back from kin running his hands through his hair. “Alright Kin!” Connor would clench his fist, taking his traditional kata stance. ( ) “READYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-------------!!!!” Connor would wait for kin to say go before they began

Kin: ( ) "Yeah, yeah... " Kin said getting in the slightly modified stance that Johnny had taught him. ( ) The crowd would have went silent as a blast of sparkles erupted from the top of the stage and the song would have chimed up right after it. " ALRIGHT KING! ITS ALL SET! " Taco said to King from the control panel. " Good job my boy, let the show begin now. " Taco had created a synthetic chi locator thus the sparkle explosion, that would allow the people in the crowd see the chi as fire. ( You know practioners outside of chi cant see it. ) Kin took a deep breathe as he allowed his chi to flow from his body and to the crowd it would hae looked like a burst of flame when it had actually been a bright blue to a normal chi practioner. The crowd had shut up in complete awe as Kin and Connor's bodies would have more then likely radiated with flushes of chi and energy. "... "Kin took a deep breathe and smoke fumed from his nose as he readied himself.( )As Kin shouted out he would have blasted forward! Kicking off his right foot and extending his right hand out! " TACO NOW! " " GOT IT KING! " As King ordered it, Two blades would have dropped towards Connor and Kin both from the air, a trench blade for Connor and a Katana for Kin. They both would have had a full 3 seconds to catch the blades before they were allowed to clash with one another. ' Tch... King's trying to prove something...' Kin said to Connor though he hadn't did so intently, and for the first time Kin had sent his first telepathic message to someone via chi links. (This being because they had most recently unlocked there second chi base. ) Kin would have clashed blades with Connor until Connor would have more then likely gotten the best of him so he'd contort off and hit the ground however recovering himself rather quickly in a break dance like motion adding his own twist as he landed on his feet!(, By this time the crowd had been an uproar! Shouting at the tops of there lungs as they watched the two young Warriors. ( Play with music ). " HAAA HA!! GO LITTLE DENSUKEE!! YEAHHH GO KINNN!!! " Keyth would have said shouting at the tops of his lungs as he clapped his hands at the boys performance. " Funny how fast they grow up isn’t it..." Keyth would have heard claymores voice as he placed his hands on his hips. "YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN CLAYMORE! Wait... What?" He turned his head over to the left of him. Only for his eyes to find nothing, only an embrace of wind. Keyth closed his eyes and sighed." Yeah... old friend they do..." The two of them would have ditched there weapons and continued on with the traditional Kata, everything seamed to be flowing in perfect motion. ' He's more skilled then I thought...this just shows he holds back... Tch...' Kin said to himself before he kicked back by a full 10 feet into the Dragon Stance and continued with the Kata moves. He would have sent an array of push blasts at Connor which to the general audience and everyone else would have looked like fire! Doing so in the original Chinese styled Kata practice he had done with Johnny so many times before! As he stomped the ground and got into a Monkey styled kung fu stance he would have shifted and swung his right leg across in attempts to fire a push blast from his right leg, erupting towards Connor in a blast of wind! Causing the podium to rip apart as it traveled towards him, however this wasn’t to hurt Connor, he knew he'd disrupt it some form of way!( "YEAAHHHH!!!! GO CONNOR, GO KINNN!!! "Sora would have said shouting at the top of his lungs Next to Suzume, more then likely blowing her ear drum’s out from the fan boying he was doing. " MAN, THEY'VE GOTTEN SO GOOD. I SHOULD TRAIN MORE TO! WHAT DO YOU THINK SUZUME?! HAHAHAAHAH!" Sora said rubbing the back of his neck.

Jackie: Jackie had backed away from everyone he could feel the mark getting stronger and stronger, but why? He already escaped from the underworld so why is this happening?! Jackie punched an nearby wall his strength caused an small dent in the brick wall he was getting furious with himself he couldn't gain control of this dumb ass mark and it made him feel weak and helpless. " Ayo! Cancer Boy! Why you vanishing? Are you on your period again.." Turning to Kodi Jackie smirked as he shook his head before sending an jab towards her shoulder enough to back her up a bit " It's the Mark, I feel it taking over I don’t know I just helpless right now." Kodi rolled her eyes before sending her fist into Jackie's jaw sending him into the ground before speaking " Now you feel grounded! Come on Jacky you need to keep your head in the game were about to fight Gods, Do I have to spell that out for you. We can die here, You, Me, Everyone could die and your worried about your mark? You need to be focus because if you Die I swear I will kick your ass." Hearing Kodi made Jackie smile a bit as he got up from the ground rubbing his cheek as he said " Yeah, Your right.. But Kodi One more thing." " Sure Cancer what is it?! *POw*" Jackie sent an furious punch into Kodi's face knocking her back a bit it was payback from the hit she gave him, he saw her about to jump into her stance as she shook her head " Everyone gets one, Your lucky were here and not at home cause your ass would of been grass but now." Jackie rubbed the back of his head before walking with Kodi towards everyone again.

Yumi: Watching Connor land on the far side of the stage and Leon standing beside him simply makes Yumi snort. She was more pissed than she’d let on…there was a sort of hurt she masked as anger just then but it didn’t matter now, the fights were going to begin soon enough. Connor Ryoji, back in to the flames of fighting once more and not even a week back yet…she’d had enter this thing too but she had no reason to. No…There were different things to tend to. “CONNOR! LEON! OVER HERE SWEETIES!” The loud sound of a woman grabbing their attention grabs the fighter’s as well, seeking out the heat signature of the one calling to Connor and his brother. In a moment she sees them but doesn’t know who they are…curiosity got the better of her and she would make her way over to find a spot close to the group waving at the two men, pushing calmly past the crowd until she finds a suitable place to stand. That is when she sees King and listens to his announcement, getting everyone fired up. There was to be a demonstration of sorts to get a look at the fighters abilities…she recognized Connor and Leon but the rest of those that showed up she couldn’t guess their identities. “OSSU HAHA WATCH ME SHOW OFF!” She gave him a lame expression but couldn’t help the small smile and light laugh…as mad as she was with him, he amused her to this day. She’d hold back her anger at him….for now. He was paired up by King with another fella who….wait….she’d met that guy from somewhere but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She frowned, trying to think about it and recalled a certain time when some detective came asking her questions about dog bite…that was him!! Small world after all…The first display was of a blonde with the ability to control water…to this she knew had to be Kodi, who else? Hm…shaking her head she looks to the two men who are up next to present their abilities. The crowd goes wild when they begin with a great start though Yumi was a little distracted seeing Connor in action again…it’d remind her of all those missions done together in the dark zone but the wave of people screaming for the two stops her from remembering that right now as she just rests her arms at her side and continues to watch the two represent themselves as the warriors they are… She puts away her annoyance to him and shouts out. “Do your best, idiot!!”

Connor: (Keep the music, and cheering from keyo’s post) Connor would’ve taken off at the same time kin took off! More than likely their instinctual mannerism’s to dash at each other, and fight, but this time it was more of a…ceremonial spar so to speak. As they were running towards each other, a trench blade and katana would’ve dropped down in front of them, and Connor would instantly reach for the trench blade, by sheer instinct alone. Taking it and doing battle with kin! Felicity would’ve been whistling the entire time, yelling and screaming! “LOOK AT HIM GOOOO! YOU GET’EM CONNOR!” “MAKE ME PROUD KID!” Densuke roared out. Josh would’ve been clapping his head off along side Jeannie, and Sunny who came to visit form high school. Hell even the bikers Connor made friends with were there to offer their support to! Jacob sat far off on the rooftop with his hand over his forehead looking at the light show. “Man…there really are some strong ass people out there in the world. It’s almost scary to see…none the less it’s cool to watch.” Jacob would stuff a hot dog in his mouth and continue watching the festival from far off. “I thought I’d been training hard…I can’t skyrocket past this motherfucker!...for good reason probably. Heh. Can’t wait to fight em again, BUT THIS WILL DO!!!” Connor would’ve kept his stance after kin made his recovery, and was ready to continue the kata! As kin sent an array of push blast, Connor would’ve began gracefully dipping, and flipping through them with an agility people RARELY see from someone of Connor’s personality set ( When Kin closed the distance, and attempted to send a giant push blast at Connor, Connor would’ve taken a few steps back, swirling his hands around in a circle, as if he was making a giant yin yang symbol. Connor’s perception slowed down, just enough so he could dispel the push blast, with his own centrifrigual force push blast, swirling it in a circle, and siding kin’s push blast into two opposite directions around his being, only to whip right back into a fighting pose! ( ) “HERE I GO!!!!” Connor could hear everyone cheering him on. He even picked up on Yumi’s voice in the crowd…this put a small smile on his face, but he wouldn’t’ let it show, not just yet. He had to concentrate, though having the feeling of her support was a good moral booster. After seeing everyone else’s displays, Connor couldn’t’ disappoint. Besides, Kodi was gonna give em hell if he slacked off. Connor would come at kin fiercely with push blast abroad, but he seemed to be adept at dodging just like Connor was! Connor would’ve attempted a kick, which kin caught with his own kick, wrapping his leg around Connor’s and bringing it down! The two exchanged blows, as Connor would throw his foot up and use kin’s body as a mount before trying to spin and throw an downward aerial axe kick empowered by a push blast for effect! ( “Stand still why don’tcha!” Connor yelled as he’d land in a squat catching his footing, before flipping forward, his body tucked, neatly, as he’d flip forward about 3 times, before on the third flip, he’d extend his legs forward, in a drop kick, and out of the soles of his feet would come a giant push blast, about the size of a Volkswagen beetle aimed straight for kin’s head, which if it missed, would’ve headed straight for the opposite side of the ring and exploded in a burst of sparkling embers for the crowd to oo and aah at! ( Connor depending on kin would’ve landed on his back, and kicked himself up, now throwing 3 more push blast in the form of a punch, and double kick combination, each blast emitting a fiery flame to the people around them, as they traveled towards kin, moving the dust off of the ground in their wake! ( “Man…” Josh would’ve stared harder than he’d ever stared. “I never realized just…how much good he was at this kind of thing. I never see these kinds of moves outta him for the life of me!” “You won’t.” Kevin would’ve been standing beside Josh, with his hands in his pockets. His web strider shirt on and some jeans. “That’s all southern style Chinese kenpo. It’s flashy and fancy, but impractical in most realist fight scenarios. To many leaps and jumps and flips. I studied it from my pops…it’s a beautiful style to look at.” Kevin would’ve also caught site of Yumi there to cheering him on. Kevin would close his eyes and smile. “He’s good. Real good. He’ll only keep growing if he ever gets his head on straight.” “What’s wrong with him exactly? it the women thing?” “Mhm” Kevin nodded, and turned away to walk off. “I’m outta here. Catch ya later bug face.” Densuke would’ve folded his arms, and smiled proudly. “Amy. If only you were hear to see this. Your son...our son.” Densuke thought to himself. “He’s his own man now. Now and forever.”

Kin: "I remember when they were just boys..." Keyth said getting flash back images of the two. " Kin and Connor never saw eye to eye. But look at them now... " ( ) Keyth smirked as he watched the two continue with there show. It was impressive to say the least and it'd be hard to top after them but that didn’t matter. Flashbacks of Training them all as children in his old children’s classes back in his old Dojo flashes through the old warriors mind as he smirks. " FUUUUCCKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEAHHH!!!" ( + Play em together ) Kin and Connor would have continued to go back and forth in the push blast formed technique between the two of them. When one of the push blasts erupted into his general direction. As He watched Connor Kick forward, Kin would have leaned his body backwards to dodge the explosion of air! His body curving under it just barely! ( ) The push blast would have hit the ground behind him and as it did it would have caused a massive burst of chi residue that looked like a fire cracker went off to the crowd. Kin would have smirked, and for the first time in a long time....He was happy. " ALRIGHT RYOJI!! COME AT ME NOW! " Kin said as he allowed his chi to erupt from his body, picking up the wind turbulence around him for his next push blast! ( Mako-fire-bending-o.gif ) The fake flames exploded all around the young Tasanagi as he took a deep breathe. Zeus who had been watching it from Mt. Olympus cringed. "...Hmph... That chi level... " He said scowling. When Connor blasted that last fray of push blasts his way. Kin would have been sprinting at full speed before he created a concentrated push blast in the shape of a ball that he used his destruction chi oddly enough to keep it steady, destroying the unwanted molecular structures around it to keep it in a perfect circle as used it to ride up the wall dodging the push blasts with swift twists and turn this would all end as he pulled from the ball and landed on the ground in a roll before cart wheeling off the ground and sending both of his arms behind him. Using his push blast to propel him off the ground and forward dodging another one of Connors push blasts before he sent one his way as well but he would have easily blocked it with his own.( )Kin would have kicked left to right allowing the push blasts to charge around his feet and hands as he passed them down from limb to limb as he stepped forward! His body moving gracefully as he did so. King watched from afar and as he did he could see the physical embodiment of him and his best Friend Johnny show doing the Same Kata only for Toushin who stood watching the two of them with a smile on his face. This made King smirk and he'd cross his arms. Even Johnny Show, Kin's old Sensei had been watching, staring down on a ledge with a beer in his hand. " Heh... THAT’S RIGHT TASANAGI! SHOW THEM YOU’RE WORTH! YOUR NOT THE SAME LITTLE WORM THAT STUMBLED IN MY DOJO TWO YEARS AGO! SPREAD YOUR FUCKING WIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!! HA HAAAAA!! “Johnny said tilting his head back before slamming his beer bottle onto the ground out of sheer excitement alone. The Chi would have been radiating from Kin's body as he pulled towards Connor before he stomped his feet kicking off the ground and sending the wave of air right at Connor with a large boom! (Aang_firebending.gif, Firebending_1.gif ) "LETS END THIS ON THE RIGHT FOOT! " Kin said kicking off the ground and readied for a final clash between the two. By now the crowd had been going on a full blown rampage! Kin stomped the ground and a wave of chi would have exploded behind him to show off of his power even more so before he took one final breathe and took a full step forward and sent out a forward push blast the biggest he had done thus far! And Connor fell right behind him with his own there power combined with one another would explode in a burst of bright colors! (, Firebending-o.gif, ) The 'Flames ' had made a vortex of red and blue as it swirled intensely in the middle of the podium for all to see!

Connor: (Same music same cheering xD) as Kin diverted and dodged Connor’s push blast, Connor was estatic! Fighting in this kata is a hell of a lot more fun when it’s against someone else how knows the same kata! Connor could feel the spike in Kin’s chi, and not wanting to be left behind, he’d increase the output of his own chi, though he knew this wasn’t exactly safe considering the high amounts he’d had, he’d leave it to fate. The tattoo on his back began to glow a violent bright red, showing itself full force, and glowing as Connor watched as his blast were consciously dodged! Kin would’ve then come down from the top, stomping onto the ground, and sending out his own large push blast in Connor’s direction! “YOU DIDN’T FINISH YOUR STANCE! IT’S SUPPPOSED TO DO THIS!” Connor would’ve mimicked the stance kin had used to gather air pressure into a ball earlier as the blast was sent at him, only this time, Connor would’ve literally redirected the air pressure from the push blast, and begin feeding it with is own destruction chi to inevitably destroy the air pressure and cause it to disappear in front of him, however to the other eyes, Connor would’ve reduced the giant fire blast into small cinders, which fluttered into the winds.( “NICE MOVE SON!” Densuke shouted out! “That….THAT…was impressive. ”Ochigi nodded, not expecting Connor’s battle capacity to be remotely this high. Leon stood on the stage and watched with stern eyes. “Just as passionate as when I fought you long ago. It’s good…kind of scary that I’m hoping for a rematch one day. That I am.” Connor would’ve dispelled the blast, and then heard kin shout " LETS END THIS ON THE RIGHT FOOT! " “YEAH LET’S GET TO THAT!” At the same time Kin would’ve been taking his start up to do his push blast Connor would’ve sent his arms in fast circular motion similar to how he’d done earlier.( Thus to gather up momentum and air pressure around his fist to perform his own giant push blast directly back at the one Kin had sent towards him! Connor ‘s feet would’ve sunk into the ground as he thrusted his arms forward with all of his might! To the audience his red flame colliding with Kin’s blue flame would’ve been a display of true bliss, and power! “AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!” Connor would’ve shouted out! His muscles began to tense as he’d slowly walk towards kin with his continuous push blast hoping to gain some distance in and finish this kata off right! That is until…Leon took a step forward. ( + play together.) Leon would’ve hopped off of the podium as calm as could be, before looking at the action going on. “I’m going next. Don’t try to stop me. I have…to demonstrate some form of skill.” Leon would begin to walk towards the epicenter of the flames, being a good distance away from it. Connor would’ve glanced over at Leon. “HEY! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! WE’RE PRETTY BUSSYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” Connor would shout out. Leon would draw his snow white blade form it’s sheath…the Raitoeji. Leon would hold it outwards in his right hand, as it emitted a light blue glow. Leon would then begin taking slow steps towards the bulks of their colliding push blast and as he did, sparks of lighting would emit from his hands, and his hair would remain black, but have a dark deep blue tint to it as the lightning (Killua_godspeed_gif_by_homahart-d79der0.gif) “DENSUKE! DENSUKE WHAT’S MY BABY DOING!” Densuke would have a furrowed brow. “We're about to find out aren't we…what do you have planned Leon.” Leon would then push off of his right foot, and jump head first into the flames and air pressure! The crowd screamed, not quite sure of what was going on! Did he just commit suicide! Was it fear and intimidation?! That’s when suddenly, sparks of lightning could be heard crackling from the center, and suddenly large blue illuminated slashes by the thousands would start to appear in rapid succession! ‘SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING SHING!” Leon used the properties of the blade and his fortification chi to slice and dice every single ounce of chi, right down to the very mandarin, splitting, slicing, cutting, and dicing, until Leon had finally stopped!...the thousands of slashes thrown in only 30 seconds, as the once roaring flame that engulfed he and the middle of the stadium had now become fleeting burning orange colored cherry blossom pedals that fluttered around the stadium for all to see and admire! ( A few of these pedals circulated around Leon’s strong chi. While not as potent as his brothers, he barely needs to use a large amount to get the job done, thanks to his roots. Hopefully impressing the emperor and empress with his kenjutusu skills. Leon would grip the sheath with his left hand, and hold the opening of it behind his back, upright, and toss his sword up in front of him. He’d then catch the sword in his hand, before sliding it behind his back, as he did a gleam could be seen from the blade as it was popped back into it’s sheath, tucked nice and neat. ( Leon would then give a small wave to the crowd, and turn to wave to Domini and her family, as well as his own family. He too had heard Yumi’s voice in the crowd cheering him on, and he was also impressed with the other displays. Leon would speak to Kin and Connor. “Sorry to interrupt. I just decided to get my own demonstration out of the way.” The pedals would disappear the moment they lingered to long, fleeting into the crowd. Felicity would’ve been sitting on top of Densuke’s shoulders. “YEAH! THAT’S HOW YOU KICK ASS LEON!” she’d begin whistling violently and Densuke would laugh. “That’s my boys! I’m proud of the both of you! You to Kin, you little detective you!” The crowd cheered and exorcised great joy. Hercules, sat on his throne room, squeezing the life out of the chair he was sitting in with his immense strength as he watched Connor’s display. “…..I must. Be rid of him before the start of the games…” Back to the present Connor would’ve run forward to pat Leon on the back. “way to steal the show asshole..” Leon would smirk. A rare sight. “Just doing my job brother.” Connor would give him a fist bump. “Nice job Kin. I don’t hate you nearly as much, but don’t get it twisted. I’m still gonna kick your ass one of these days.” He’d offer kin a fist bump with a toothy grin as well. A disrespectful respectful gesture.

Olympus Strikes BackEdit

Kin: ( + ) " Tch.." Kin fist bumped him back but then for a brief moment, that cool persona went out the window as he went back to Old Kin. Bursting out laughing even though he was sweaty he hadn’t cared. He pulled Connor and Leon both under his arms as he shouted at the top of his lungs, shouting up at the Mount Olympus that they could all see from the stage. " GET READY! WERE GONNA KICK YOUR ASSES!!!!! DO YOU HEAR MEEEE!!! HAHAAHAHAH WERE GONNA WIN BECAUSE WE ARE THE GAURDIANS OF THIS CITY! AND YU WILL NO TAKE IT FROM US HAHAHAAHAH!!!!! " Kin said as he kicked off the ground. Kin would have made his way down to Suzume leaping off the stage as he'd pull her up just a bit locking his lips with her own before hugging her as tightly as he could. Keyth would have made his way over as well along with Sora and his Mother Kyoko and Michiko praising Kin for his show. Keyth made his way over to Densuke and his family. " HA HA! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! IM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!! HAHAHAHAAH! " Keyth said putting Leon and Connor into headlocks under his sweaty armpits. King would have been clapping as loud as he could while he put his right hand into the air. " FUCK YEAH! HA HA!"

All seemed well until...

" ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGHHH!!!" The Voice boomed out so loud it caused a strike of thunder and lighting to flash above everyone’s heads. ( ) And from the very skies and where the Lightning strike had connected to the Podium stood Zeus himself. He had been in his Adult form, his long flowing white hair braising in the wind as he stood at a full 10 foot. His muscles had been massive and he truly looked like god as his aura radiated from his form. Kin stood in fear as he pulled Suzume close to him. "... YOU MORTALS... THINK THAT YOU MAY CELEBRATE SO EASILY. AS IF THE BATTLE HAS ALREADY BEEN WON. FOOLISH MORTALS... THE LOT OF YOU. DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS... TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW. TO BE RID OF YOU ONE BY ONE WITH ONE MIGHTY BLOW OF MY AWESOME POWER. " Kin remained silent and ina way keep his head down but Zeus sniffed him out in no time as he stared the Young Tasanagi down. He looked at Suzume and with a smirk on his face. " SO... HE HAS A WEAKNESS.... " Kin's heart raced before he pulled both of his hands in front of her. " NO!" Kin said as Zeus stepped down from the stage, causing 50 people to be pushed back as he made his way over to them. "HEY ASSHOLE!" Keyth said leaping down above his head with his blade in hand. But Zeus merely clashed with it using the tip of his finger to block it before he blasted him back into 10 building. "DAD!" Zeus smirked and made his way over to Kin using his power to choke the young man without even touching him. Levitating him while he stared Suzume down. Looking her right in the eye and with the tap of his finger. He pushed into a slumber. Allowing her to fall to the ground. " N-NO! " " DO YOU SEE NOW MORTALS. HOW FRAGILE YOUR LIFE IS! IF KIN TASANAGI CANNOT DEFEAT ME... THEN THIS GIRL... WILL DIE RIGHT AFTER... THE SECTOR GAMES..." Zeus then summoned his bolt and impaled Kin right through the stomach before he force tossed him into Densuke and his family. " Continue with your... FOOLISH FESTIVE GAMES... SING YOUR SONGS. FEEL YOUR HAPPINESS... AND ENJOY LIFE. BECAUSE IN TWO DAYS... IT'LL ALL BE OVER... FOR ALL OF YOU! " And with that, a flash of lighting casted down and Zeus was gone once again. Kin coughed up blood as he pulled from whichever Ryoji caught him and with a bleeding stomach he crawled over to Suzume holding her close to him." Suzume... No....No... Please wake up... " SOMEBODY PLEASE! HELP ME! SHE'S NOT RESPONDING TO ME! Suzume... !? SUUUUUUUUUZUMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sian: She watches as Sian took the stage along with others, her clairvoyant eyes watching the things from a more quite perspective. Indeed she was proud of her girl of all her children for that fact she only wished she could see her son or that fact her husband’s before things had gotten completely underway. “It just as well…little one.” Tomoko says softly looking down at the baby in her arms who was in fact fast a sleep, the ideal of her being dead asleep in all of this noise reminding the mother of three so much of her lover, Akuma. “Soon my love…we will be together again.” She says out loud to herself before returning her attention to the stage as others soon began to Kin, Sian, Akira, and Connor. “WOOHOOOO GO CONNOR, GO KIN I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!” Moko cheering the loudest she could with the others for them all without waking Melina up. “BABYGIRL OVER HERE, AKI WOOHOOO!!” Up on the stage Sian could feel the energy of the crowd growing to its maximum peak it was almost as if she were up there performing with brother and band mates. The electricity in the air was completely intoxicating to raven hair beauty who was in truth just standing in for two people who were supposed to actually fighting in the games but life made them back down from being able to accept the Lord of the Underworld’s challenge. No doubt Hades was some where thinking that he’d gotten the hell off easy…well he couldn’t be more wrong as she quickly took notice of another guy one much older in looks take the stage, with the strides of a predator to boot. Kin stating to her that something was a bit off about him as well. Now here was the type of man Sian would normal find oozing with not only sex appeal leave her begging for more but the 19 year old was smart enough also to know that men like him meant trouble was not too far behind too so she stays her distance, her lunar blue hues finally catching sight of a familiar face that she in fact really wanted to see as he approaches her with a grin on his face before giving her a hug and a warm welcome of, “Missed you.” Moving over his lips as the sound their mother’s voice would make her look up over shoulder seeing her eyes locked completely in surprise. “Akira, finally I’ve been looking all over the place for you.” Sian says softly returning his back without hesitation slightly relieved that her brother was okay especially after all they shit they’d been through. “I’ve missed you too, where’ve you been…you know what never mind once this is over we gotta talk k? Just don’t dip on me please its important.” Sian turning her attention back to crowd just in time to see Kodi come up onto stage joined by another guy who seemed really familiar with her still hearing Akira saying that this was almost like this performing with their band something she’d just thought about herself a little while ago. “Hey tuna breath you made it.” She chuckles joking about with her “sister at arms” a bit. “I thought you might have gotten you head smashed into sign again. But fore though its good to see ya.” And last but least Sian finally caught sight of Connor would was literally airmailed to the event via an ass whooping express somewhere off in distance but where she couldn’t tell she watched him bounce back up like a rubber band as if nothing had happened before starting to carrying on a conversation with his brother Leon, a person she’d had the pleasure of only meeting once during the fight with Horsemen and my what a broody mofo he was. Sian would recall remembering Leon’s disposition at that time but apparently he was on the up and up now although Suijin herself however was having a good laugh inside of her thoughts at Washi’s expense regardless. “Such a thin line between love and hate I tell ya…” was all Sian could say in regards to former lovers now turn…well…friends as King took the stage and in boisterous voice called for the fighter to display their skills to the crowd starting with Kodi first. Giving Sian a chance to step back for a moment from the group as one by one all the fighters step up display their skills, each showing to crowd what they’d learn over the past 8 months since the challenge was issued by Zeus to battle Kasaihana’s teens for control of it all. And so far she was incredibly impressed by what she’d seen, like them she has also been training and picked several new tricks to the trade one being the serpentine form of her oni something she was dying to use in their fight during the games but had been told to back down from in the midst of her planning to participate. A major annoyance if every there was any…coming from her lover. Sian though to herself methodically. No matter she’d get in on the games, one way or another, it was all just a matter of time. She tells herself quietly throwing up several cheers for Kodi, then Kin and Connor as they both finished along side her Mom. Who sorta in a way was surrogate mother to both boys when they were growing up, of course this was waaayyyy before she knew she was carrying Akira and her though. “LOOKING GOOD GUYS!!! WOOHOOOOO!!” Sian cheers to the top of her lung being sure to stay away from her brother’s ear as they were just about as sensitive as her own if not worst the rest of the crowd oooing and awwwing themselves at their forms and techniques of the skills that used they used///////Domini////Off in distance Domini stood with her parents still on horse back cheering along with the crowd as Leon took the stage waving her right arm frantically in the air, “GOOOO LEOOONN!!!” the expression on both his face and her completely priceless in the eyes of both Sayu and Aki who were still a top their horses awaiting the signal to bring Domini out onto the field once King the acting Shogun for events takes the helm asking all of the fighters to come forward and show the crowd just what they truly were made of. Her lavender eyes taking note of Leon conversing with another guy that was on stage who form was draped in the form of an oni in form of an eagle which almost stuns her in her place Sayuri catching sight of it as well. “Unbelievable three of the four guardians plus Rutela are here in this place.” “Indeed my love there is, hope humanity yet.” The emperor would smile prophetically his horse neighing a bit as it moves around in place. But Domini didn’t pay what they were saying any mind as her eyes were glued to on Leon that is until she heard his mother scream out, “CONNOR! LEON! OVER HERE SWEETIES!” Mrs. Ryoji waving her arms in order to get their attentions Domini finally being able to see the brother they’d spoke about in the flesh, and she was grateful to see that he was indeed alive but the question that puzzled her now was how? It was something she kept asking herself the whole night long as she went on to watch the warriors display unto everyone their talents even those of Sector Olympus as though they didn’t realize it but the young redhead could feeling them ease dropping on the entire event from somewhere as they are onihorudas who have mastered control over their onis. Those were not the only chi signatures Domini could feel either there were two others some where else off in a distance on of which she was very familiar with due to her pervious encounter with its owner while the other was slightly of the same orgins and caliber. “….No it couldn’t be… it can’t…Taka said that he was heading to New California…but still I know what I felt.” The redhead would think to herself her eyes sweeping through the crowd for any sign of the boy that she and Leon has befriended several months back and helped out with no luck. Her search causing her to have missed the first two demos (Kodi and Jackie) and now had her focusing in on the third(Yasei) and fourth (Kin and Connor). But some where in the midst of the fourth demonstration she would see Leon step down from the stage slowly but surely make his way towards the center between the two in the midst of his brother and another male’s attack. Domini suddenly felt her heart drop right along with those of the crowd who began to murmur amongst themselves as they believed that he was going to be struck down by the impending blows that were being sent to across the waves of the air. Sayuri and Aki both look at one another then at Domini in dismay who look almost at if she were about to faint, as both emperor and empress wondering just what in the name of hell could be going through Leon’s mind as to pull a stunt like this during such a demonstration during such a fatale technique. And to be honest even Domini didn’t know what think herself as she wanted desperately to run out onto the field to stop it but in truth something held her in her place the moment she saw Leon, motion his right hand in the direction of Raitoeji, its aura showing itself a bright blue light a sign that something else had happen also with his spiritual powers during his time away from her. “DENUSKE! DENSUKE WHAT’S MY BABY DOING!” she’d hear Felicity exclaim frantically to her husband to which the redhead would see Densuke’s brow furrow as if to ask the very same thing she and so many others were asking. It wasn’t until the blade was slices several directions into the air and was replaced back into its sheath that everyone would see the truth. The once roaring flame that engulfed him in the middle of the stadium had now become fleeting burning orange colored cherry blossom pedals that fluttered around the stadium for all to see and admire while the rest circulated about his form with the aid of his chi. A skill that not only sent the crowds into an uproar but left Sayuri and Akai speechless and overly impressed as Domini let off a loud roar of, “ALRIGHHHTTT!!! WAY TO BABE!!!!” jumping into the air like a fan at sports event and was soon joined by his mother’s “YEAH! THAT’S HOW YOU KICK ASS LEON!” which made her laugh along side her parents who were whistling and clapping as well. “Most impressive” Aki would say to Leon once he was near still clapping his hands dismounting his horse as did his wife as the boys and their prospective families begin to gather in their central location. Domini suddenly bolting off in the direction of her beloved in the mist of the crowd her arms open in an attempt embrace him in a hug withdrawing but for a moment in order to place a sweet kiss upon his lips before her father could even get a word out to stop her. “I agree, though a tad bit risky too.” Sayuri added placing a hand onto his shoulder in order stop him. “Let them have dear.” A smile forming on her lovely face. Sian would jump off the stage dragging her brother along with her, while tomoko made her way through the crowd in order to catch up to her children still toting Melina in her arms. The crowd themselves so all pumped up from the demonstrations would suddenly began chanting the names of the Four guardian families, the Ryojis, the Tetsus, the Tasanagis, and the Yuns all celebrating what they believed that had seen with their own eyes as absolute victory over the Olympians.<C>

When suddenly all would hear bellowing from the heavens the words, "ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGHHH!!!" a voice that echoed so loudly that makes both lightening and thunder strike through the sky overhead and struck the podium in its wake stood none other Zeus. Most of the crowd began to back down in fear once he begins to make his way down into them in the directions of where Ryoji and Tasanagi families stood alongside the Asahinas, the frightening oni like aura pouring off him like a cheap bottle of perfume to Sayuri, Domini, and Aki who believed that they for the moment were the only ones who knew the truth about the Agents of Sector Olympus. Neither of them showing a bit of cowardice in the face of the false god. Whilst others stood still and tremble Sian fought her way through, remembering the promise she once made to Suzume and Kin to always have their backs no matter what. Even though she hadn’t always been there for them due to her own problems and issues, she’d never forgotten the friendship that they shared during her first year of living in Kasaihana and no damn family feud from 80 yrs ago was gonna ever change that, nope not that easily finally at some point getting through everyone to get close to enough to both Suzume and Kin as she could (she’s on suze’s right ) "...YOU MORTALS...THINK THAT YOU MAY CELEBRATE SO EASILY. AS IF THE BATTLE HAS ALREADY BEEN WON. FOOLISH MORTALS...THE LOT OF YOU. DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS...TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW. TO BE RID OF YOU ONE BY ONE WITH ONE MIGHTY BLOW OF MY AWESOME POWER." Zeus bellowed on. Part of his yacking starting to make the young female Tetsu’s blood boiled as she was always taught if somebody was gonna do shit they’d just shut the fuck up about it and do it. No talking needed. Sian watching closely as Kin would lower his head down in fear of this faggot in a dress. “I know the fuck you aren’t standing here cowering Kin” she mutters enough where only Kin could hear her, the god turning his attention towards the weakness in which was as plain as day to anyone if they need had eyes to see. “Suzume.” Sian utters under her breath in horror trying desperately to get to the girl before anything could possibly happen to her but is immediately held at bay by that of her own mother, “SUZUME RUN!!” she declares as everything from there around her started to run on slow motion as she heard Kin declare “NO.” using his body as shield to protect her before his father suddenly intervenes only to be slammed back through not one but 10 buildings and his son pulled into the air choking by the gods power along. Something Domini knew was nothing more than a demonic trick being used to scare people into believing they were doomed. But it wasn’t until Zeus cast his eye onto the girl that Kin was holding and she fell to the ground that some began to see that this wasn’t all fun and games any more as Kin cried into the night. "DO YOU SEE NOW MORTALS. HOW FRAGILE YOUR LIFE IS! IF KIN TASANAGI CANNOT DEFEAT ME... THEN THIS GIRL... WILL DIE RIGHT AFTER... THE SECTOR GAMES..." Zeus declares impaling Kin with lightening bolt for all too see before adding with sinister tone in his voice as he tosses the boy in the direction of the Ryojis. “Continue with your... FOOLISH FESTIVE GAMES... SING YOUR SONGS. FEEL YOUR HAPPINESS... AND ENJOY LIFE. BECAUSE IN TWO DAYS... IT'LL ALL BE OVER... FOR ALL OF YOU!” then in a flash of lightning he was gone. Tomoko trying to desperately hold onto both of her daughters would suddenly loose grip on Sian who immediately ran over towards where her two dearest friends were dropping to her knees beside them. From what the raven haired beauty could tell Kin a hapless bloody mess his wound was pretty severe while Su-su well it was hard to say…she wasn’t responding at all to his voice. “Su-suchan it’s me Sian common kiddo open your eyes you’re freaking me and Kin out here.” Sian would say calling her young friend’s name over and over again almost wanting to cry. Sayuri had watched all of this quietly slowly starting to undo the buckle the held the sword on her hip and remove several pieces of jewelry before jumping into immediately action passing her sword off to one of her trusted maids as no one could hold the handle but a blood member of the Oshino (this ain’t metaphorically either its literally) house once Zeus had left in order to tend to Kin, the girl, and his father as the crowd started to hone in closer to the area in question. “Secure the area. Aki please be a dear and find the elder Tasanagi with Okaa-san so he can be treated properly for his injuries…Domini could please attend to the girl while I handle the young master?” She orders to the head of their guard all royal Japanese guard moving in with some assistance of the KPD as to keep the crowds at bay moving in closer. If either mother (Kyoko or Michiko) or Suzume’s father were come towards the group they would be permitted to pass as they were the next of kin to both teenagers. “Im on it dear.” Aki would say remounting his horse and riding off with a few more guards to find Keyth. “Hai!” Domini would reply back both mother and daughter approaching the matter very carefully as they both knew just what and who they were dealing with. “Young man your name is Kin Tasanagi correct?” Sayu would ask moving into the space with him and Suzume with ease. “My name is Sayuri Asahina I’m doctor that specializes in your kind of healing and his is my daughter Domini as a doctor” her voice indicating to him that she wasn’t a normal every day physician but one who knew of the supernatural physiology. “We can help you, and the young lady you’re holding too but we can’t do so unless you trust us (They know it’s dangerous to enter the private space of an alpha wolf and his omega to their asking permission to do so). If Kin would allow them to pass Sayuri would immediately attempt lay him back while Domini would try to remove Suzume from his lap with Sian’s help from there Sayu would tear the makings of her under kimono in order to make a bandage that she used in order to apply pressure onto the wound to stop the bleeding if his healing factor of being a lycan hasn’t already kicked in for him. While Domini attempts several sutras and prayers in order to break Zeus’ hold over Suzume body all of which would appear unsuccessful…. <E>

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