The Jobs That Never SleepEdit

A dark night in Kasaihana over came the skies, dimissing the twilight an making it’s presence known to all who are willing to see it. The night had come, and there was no light form the moon, as it was a new one. The stars however grouped together to form their own lightshow, and it was like looking at a cosmic nebula of sorts. On this night, there would be no serene peace of mind for all. Only the drag on thrill of a fist to the face, and a head colliding with a steel air duct. “KA-KLANG!” the gang members head would’ve been imbedded into the rooftop air duct with brutal force! A boot print on the back of his head, as his body went limp and into an unconcoius and unresponsive state. A figure stood dressed in grey and black with his black cowl over his head and his black cape fluttering down from a recovering motion. Leon stood present in his black dusk out fit, having been pulling double time between being a laywer of the law, and a crime fighter of the night. Leon would place his right fist in the palm of his left hand and crack his knuckles. “Who’s next…” the men would all look at one another actually second guessing weather or not they should attack. One of them would’ve decided better to be brave than smart, and come at Leon side ways. A simple backfist was all it took, to knock the crownies jaw loose and send him In a spiral to the ground. The next two would come in, lead pipes in hand attempting to bash leon on the front and the back side of his head. He simpley held up his forearms, and let the pipes impact the impact resistant guantlets and with a “BIMP’ noise, a muffled one to boot. Leon would then grip the pipes with each hand and liteally bend them in to perfect u’s! the men would shake their heads and begin trying to high tail it out of there! Both of them making a break for the edge of the building towards the next rooftop! Their hearts footsteps smacking aginst the concrete tile. While Leon’s soft pats, were drowned out, his foot steps confident but muffled. He moved in silence, allowing his prey to think they’d have evaded them. Both thugs would’ve leapt from rooftop to rooftop, doing their god awful best to get aay and make a break for  it! A few rooftops later they’d stop and lean over tyring to cath their breathes. “do ya….think we got away?” one of them spoke. The one who was about to speak would stand straight up and look to the sky only to see what looked to be a giant man sized bat coming down eclipsing the starts! The man yelled at the top of his lungs, in bloody scream, but that was quickly silenced as Leon drove his boots into both of their faces! Letting his body weight crash down upon their heads, they’d have foot imprints in their faces, and Leon would setp off of them popping his neck from side to side…he’d then take a few steps towards the edge of the building, and over look the city lights of district 1. This district always had it the hardest…but they weren’t always the blunt of everyones jokes. Getting attacked constantly. Sometimes District 1 seems like a dream to live in once you overcome the crime rate and the gang violence. Leon would take off his cowl, letting his long back length hair flow from it as  he looked over the area. Double taking to make sure no one was immidately looking at him or that no one was stupid enough to try a crime with him right there. He’d tuck his helmet under his arm and think. Think back to a better time six months ago where his life was picking up. Connor was running district 1, trying to. Making it a better environment and calling him in whnever he needed a stealth op done. To a time where Leon had found a relationship. Letting his guard down to be happy with someone instead of dreading being with someone. Six months ago things were easy but now? Between the success and the night life things were just lonely. Just as lonely and empty as they’d always been for Leon. He thought he could just sink right back into  it. Falling back into the lonely aspect of life like he’d always had but he couldn’t deny his yearning…for something more. What he had. He wanted to find his brother. He wanted to find domnini, see if there was still something of a chance if he didn’t push her away…then again in his self loathing he wasn’t suire. Thinking maybe she’d be better off if she just learned to forget about him…a small breeze blew through and Leon’s cape and hair blew in the same direction. “is that…the right thing to do? Leave it all in the back of my mind…?”

Domini stayed low to the ground her lavender eyes glancing up toward Kato and Gia as both prepared to move into position. While above her stood Lee Akagi, the high elder responsible for her team ready casting the necessary mantras in order to prevent their latest target from escaping if indeed he was as bad as their contact claimed to be, since they had managed to track the son of bitch to one of sleazist and seediest night clubs in all of Kasaihana the Black Lotus. Using her eyes Domi gestures to her team to follow her motioning her body upright as she takes off down the alleyway revealing to night the black light weight jean jacket, a studded bra top which hugged her breasts, a pair of low riding red shorts and a pair of mid-thigh black heeled boots that she in order take her place at the corner of the power circle in which Lee was casting before drawing on the depths of her own spiritual power in order to fortify the elders own grasp on her end of the power triangle while the others moved towards the door in an attempt to enter the establishment. Kato had been the first to make his move in doing so pretending to be a wanton patron of the club upon raising his hand to knock at the door a bouncer greeting him to ask for the password, which he gave before the door was open and he was allowed to enter. Leaving both girls and the elder outside awaiting his results which made Domini sigh glancing up momentarily at the moon. Ever since the city's bout with four horsemen more and more missions like these were becoming more regular routine for her despite having graduated from high school and entering pre-med almost a semester too early due to her grades. Which at first seemed best for the now 19 year old red head to do at the time, as she wanted to forget the time she shared with Leon Ryoji in her home, her heart, hell even from her bed. But alas it wasn't any use she'd been marked and the prove was there in the eyes of everyone she knew too as she pushed herself through the motions of her every day affairs, while deep down hoping secretly to catch even a glimpse of the one she'd frantically searched for days on end once the hellish nightmare six months ago came to a close. Even now in the mist of this most critical of missions she found herself thinking of him, wanting him to know that if any time he was ready to return to her he could as she always left the back door of her home open just in case he felt the same way as she did. Her mind refocusing on the matter at hand once she began to hear all the banging and smashing inside of the club. "Shit!" Immediately flew out of thr pretty little red heads mouth "Kato blew it?" Gia retorted jumping up in order to get into position, raising her right hand to sky giving him the signal that shits about to get real before drawing a sutra from her back pocket in order fuse its power into the sub-atomic ray gun she was sporting on her back. "Aight lets do this shit cousin."

It's Been A WhileEdit

( ) Leon would’ve closed his eyes by now, losing himself in his own thoughts as he stood idol. That’s when he put his helmet back on, and tucked it in place. He was close to heading back to the cave to call it a night, but that’s when a blimp popped up in his vision’s HUD device.  There was an area blimp near a certain street, which was home to a club known as the Black Lotus. The name of the place should give  away that it isn’t a family friendly environment. Leon would glare at the screen speaking in a low monotone voice. “My night is far from over, so it’s seems.” Leon would push a button on his wrist as it beeped to show it working, and once he did that shortly, a giant black plane would begin to make it’s way  over twarods Leon. The black byrd. Taking advantage of the resources of Ryoji Tech's various divisions, notably Ochigi's studies in Aerospace, he was able to design modified versions of commercial products for use in his crime-fighting assist career. Over the course of several years, there have been numerous drawn out versions of the Black Bird model. Black Bird is equipped with a fully-functioning crime lab, and magnesium flares encased inside of the cone. The current Black Bird is a modified Wayne Aviation SlipStream ($46 million sans "extras". A lot of material for these things come from black market buyers and annoyoumus sellers, from the far corners of the earth.). It's detailed to resemble a standard mid-size corporate jet during take-offs and landings. Leon would leap up and land in the cockpit of the plane, and push a few buttons before piloting the plane into take off! Heading off in the direction of the club at full speed! He didn’t know what kind of commotion was going on but he’d be sure to get to the bottom of it as quickly as he could. As Leon made his way there not even a few minutes after take off, he’d push the eject button and launch himself from the base of the plane! His body fluttering downwards in a nose dive as his cape fluttered against the fierce winds engulfing and wrapping around his body! Leon would use his contacts to scope the area out and see just who was what and what was where. As he looked around however, he saw a few blips of human life but what he didn’t know is that Domini was down there. This became apparent as his body drew closer towards the ground, like a missile! However after hitting 30 feet from above the ground they stood, Leon would’ve spread his cape open, stopping his fall and slowing it down for a nice and easy descent. As Leon’s body flowed down from the open night sky he’d land on the ground with a squat. Leon would stand to his full height, only for his eyes to meet hers. Right then at that moment, Leon’s heart nearly stopped. His mouth dropped as he took in a quiet gasp. He usually keeps his composure as best as he can but he couldn’t help but freeze, even for a single split second. Leon would close his mouth quickly before speaking, letting the frog in his throat go. “It’s….it’s been so long. Domini.” Leon would glare towards the building deciding to get back down to business. “The situation…if  you’re hear it must be of the supernatural kind, correct?” Leon quickly changing the subject and deciding to get back with the program.

Her right arm would motion itself in a fluid motion towards the hilt of Kagura, the wooden sword that lay upon her delicate shoulders as the already open channels of her spiritual energy flowed itself in and about her 5`5 frame take hold of the blade tranmodifying it from wood to pure steel with just mere impulse of the young samurai's will once the aura of blue light from her soul solidifies around the sword's form. Seeing that her cousin was now prepared Gia would then nod her head signaling Domini to follow her lead both young ladies being armed with the angry bloom, a rare plant that had been gifted to their clans forefather eons ago by the Shinto Gods themselves to combat onihorudas....and most recently to stun onis themselves in certain situtations once the racket on the inside of the club became all the more louder proof that the younger Akagi (Kato) had in fact bitten off more than he could chew with their prey. Though let him tell it, he was the one who had the upper hand the "entire" time Domini tells herself rolling her lavender eyes a bit whilst moving towards the door with haste her left arm moving out from her side in its general direction in attempt to preform a kido blast with her lips uttering the words, "Vermilion of the raven's sigh, let now the power of heaven force this metal to divide." The aura of her spiritual power forming what would appear to a small orb of matriculating blue light, its spectrum changing ever so lightly as Domini brings forth a sleeping power that had lain dormant inside of her up until her encounter with Hebe some time ago, an encounter that rendered the front parts of her fiery mane kissed a beautiful silvery white. In it's change Domini could manipulate the properties there in to act like a miniature bomb or super nova this of course depending on just how much energy the user themselves desired in its form once the blast was expelled out in the direction of its intended target which this case was the large metal sliding door that was in front of the redhead. Judging from racket inside opting for later of the two as shit was starting to ready get rude in the club Domini let off a massive charge of energy completely decimating the door before Gia busted in with her gun a blazing, the bullets inside taking out anything that wasn't human. Which was the case for the majority of the patrons as to the few humans that were inside they'd feel nothing but a slight sting against their skin as the bullets were solely made up from Gia's own spiritual powers. But as Domini herself made ready to enter the club's she'd hear the sounds of an aircraft's engine roaring slightly over head causing her graceful neck to turn slightly to see as to where it was coming from not paying any mind to the faint trace of familiar spiritual energy she felt drawing ever closer to her that is until she heard the steady sound of fabric rustling in wind as something or rather some one made their descent towards the ground, the sound of their feet stirring against the cement made ally ways while their body remained crouched low to ground for a moment before it stood erect before her. Their eyes interlocking with one another while Domini stared at the male in utter shock as she recognized the person who was inside the in the get up completely having seen it once before. For the briefest moment Domini dropped her guard and allowed herself to feel relief that Leon hadn't succumbed to the same fate that so many others had during the fight with the Horsemen and in truth she wanted to run towards him embracing and kissing him as she had on that faithful night they'd shared together but honestly she knew this wasn't the time or the place for such matters. Regardless of how much she really wanted it to be. "Long time no see Ryoji-kun." She'd reply speaking his true name just enough to whete only they would hear it  while give Leon a pleasent smile aware that her lingering gaze might in fact be giving her away and if not that the rattling of her heart would definately do it once he dared get close to her "Hai." Domini replies back to Leon before suddenly hearing Kato call out, "DOMINI WATCH OUT!!! THE.....ONI (Futakuchi-onna).....ITS....ITS. ..ITS HEADING YOUR WAY!!!" The young teen himself having been injured greatly from the battle with the creature as it storms off in a wild rage just before she heard it began to charge at full speed in her general direction. Removing her lavander gaze from Leon's rather impressive form Domini would see something that seemingly looks like a woman with two mouths one on her elegant face while other lay at the back of her head both letting out fearful yet frightful screams as it attempted to plow its way past Gia and literally take the redheaded beauty by a surprise attack. Thus forcing either Lee to lower his end of the barrier that locked her in, as to save his charge or risk Domini getting mangling to death by her. A choice the elder wouldn't make unless fully necessary or for good of the team Domini wagered lowering Kagura's tip towards the ground with the hilt of the blade in her right hand allowing it to turn the blade at an angle first before returning her attention to Leon for a second,  "Pay very close attention you'll need to if you plan on beating me the next time we cross blades." Suddenly taking off into the club in what some would believe was a flash step reappearing in line of sight again at the quarter mark of distance between herself and the oni, then disappearing once more into thin air as the only motion Domini allowed any one to see was the slashing horizontal like motions of her blade moving at what most would think was a failed attempt of killing the creature. But moment the plucky little redhead is in the clear of her target the blade of the sword gleaning brilliantly even in the dark artificial lights those around her could see that her mark was dead on as the head of the Futakuchi-onna suddenly began roll off of its shoulders and into the floor several feet away, with blood spewing out of its main arteries as the rest of monster's body fell into a heap in the puddle beneath it.

Leon would stare back at her…into her eyes.  Eyes he hadn’t seen in so long. The lavender hues pierced his own emerald ones and for a moment his body locked up on itself. Being in her presence, he did not feel in the least bit worthy to do so..”Domini..I.” He went to speak, taking a step forward, and about to outstretch his hand when he’d heard someone yell for Domini, to look out. Leon’s eyes shot up. At anytime he even remotely felt danger for him or her, his first instinct was to draw his Raitoeji, which after a brief flash of light appeared in the palm of his right hand. Not knowing what was going on, all he’d seen was mystical flashes of energy, and Domini taking interrupted the light show. "Pay very close attention you'll need to if you plan on beating me the next time we cross blades." Leon would withdraw his sword, letting it seep back into his soul, as he watched Domini go in and go to work. She disappeared before his eyes for a moment. If not for the contacts, he might have had to have been in focus mode just to remotely see where she was going to. Following her movements with his eyes her form had improved so drastically, it was almost scary to see! As her body hovered over the monsters, and she let her horizontal blade fly, all leon heard was the sound of flesh disconnecting with flesh, and after hearing that, there was a brief silence. The night got quiet for a moment…before a giant head began to roll out onto the floor, a puddle of blood following it’s stride. Leon would walk inside to get a closer investigative look at the scene. His scanners weren’t picking anything up. “As I thought…this is a matter of the spirit.” Leon would remove his cowl briefly, to see the scene for what it was and not what he thought it was. In doing so, he got a grip on what was going on. “I guess my job wasn’t the only one going on as time went by…what’s going on here? If it’s any of business, that it is.” Leon would cautiously step forward looking and observing the scene. “You killed the beast with little effort. You must’ve been training non-stop over the course of time…” Leon would squat down and begin feeling along the ground, doing his usual private investigator tatics.

The Inescapable TalkEdit

That's a good question...." the red headed Asian would retort looking off in the direction of her cohorts to see if both were alright. "These attacks have become more common since the attack months ago." She explains seeing that Gia was ok and she made it clear by giving Domini a thumbs up with her left hand as she turns her attention to their other teammate but Kato on the other hand was literally fucked the hell up with a gash stretching from his stomach to his shoulders, bleeding rather profusely in which Domini let off an irritating groan as her left hand left the hilt of her blade in order give the bracelet she wore a subtle tap activating the com link that connect all of the Takaguechi to the Cyber Trix,  A powerful networking system only for the use of the Takageuchi clan. When ever someone attempts to hack it retaliates by spreading out a virus and infects numerous technology that had attempted to hack through it allowing it to bend technical appliances to it's will. Once the technical appliance has been hi-jacked, it is merely an extension of their control. The defense system once someone tries to hack it, or break through it works like a super virus producer it can control computer viruses and malware, including computer viruses, Trojan horses, computer worms, malware, spyware, adware, ransom ware and other kinds of things harmful to the computer. Destroying the pursuers virtual devices so that it fries out the moment it attempts to break through it. It's been noted able to take out over 300,000 hacking computers at once. All of the members of the family are hooked up to the matrix through all of there technical devices. Meaning cellphones, watches, digital watch necklaces etc etc. The Cyber Trix possesses the analytical prowess of a supercomputer, allowing it to compute and process information at great speeds. Processing most things within the speed of 000.1 seconds. The Cyber Trix has the ability to see all the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. When utilizing this ability, It can tell the girls paths for them to take, when in a jam the Cyber Trix can help them out with almost any situation within seconds. Giving them a projection that would be illuminating possible courses of action, It can basically foresee the best tactic for all situations. The Cyber Trix can manipulate the binary visible computer information known as data allowing it to collect information about most businesses and organizations and their operations, with its super hack breaking tactic's there isn't a system it can't break through to gain information from. Able to find anyone's background history or the such with utter and sheer ease. With the help of an operator The Cyber Trix can instinctively hack through difficult mainframes of information and bypass intensively difficult levels of online security. It can also hack the systems of incredibly complex devices and weapons to aid them in various situations. "Akagi-san?" "Hai." "I'm going to go on ahead and scout the perimeter, to see if any more like our friend here managed to excape. Could you tend to Kato for me, the wound he's got is something ugly." "Tch serves him right the fuckin hot head...I'm on my way down." She'd hear the elder say not once missing a word of what Leon was saying her attention switching back to him. "My guess is when the horsemen came a knocking the onis on the otherside took it as true sign that it was time to take over. But in truth its taken me months to perfect that technique. As to my training I do so every day its like a second religion to my family. One missed session is like a person missing a step on the stairs, you can do nothing more but fall from there." Domini chuckles watching Leon step immediately as if on instinct into his investigator mode, something that she'd come to love and hate about the man as it was his way of trying to avoid the real issues at had. Which in this case was the two of them but even Domini knew there wasn't any easy way to slide into it matter as she turns to take her leave of the building but not before attempting to place an inviting hand on Leon's left shoulder and stating, "We've got a bit of time before Lee realizes that I'm not out chasing demons, and orders me back so if you want to talk i'll be up on the roof." Was all she would say her gaze moving between him, Gia and Kato not really wishing to go on any further as she continues her path out the door then vanishing in the blink of an eye as she made for the roof of the club. If Leon were to follow her he'd find Domini standing aloof on the western side of the building, her attempt to try to keep those below her away from the matter that in fact was her personal life with her left hand on her hip and Kagura still in her right hand. Her back would be facing him  some what as she tries to hid the apparent hurt and sadness that was laced in her lavender eyes from him by looking up into the night skies the words, "I'm sorry." Falling from her lips. "I heard about what happened to your brother and I know it won't make up for the part I played in it...but I couldn't just sit by idly and let you...." her voice trailed off some, the notion of what she believed in the days that followed incident still lingering in her mind despite what her eyes were baring witness to now.

Leon would listen as she called in to a possible mother base or something similar of the sort. Leon would look over the scene one more time applicative of the fact that since it was a spiritual type thing everything would evaporate on it’s own terms. Leon would’ve adjusted his cowl, ready to turn around and walk out. He was afraid to talk to Domini truth be told, and he was honestly shaking in his boots in complete and total nervousness! However he’d been caught in the act as she stood beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Leon’s eyes diverted over to hers as she spoke in the tone of voice, that over time, became much sweeter than most 18th century melodies and symphonies. "We've got a bit of time before Lee realizes that I'm not out chasing demons, and orders me back so if you want to talk i'll be up on the roof." Leon would hesitate for a moment. Cat had his tongue as he couldn’t even formulate the words to say back to them about the situation. He could only watch her walk away, but alas leon’s inner pride kicked in and he refused to just let her walk away…even though he did so to her, he wouldn’t do so again. He didn’t want to but how could he have explained that to her? Time would tell as Leon would follow a few feet behind her, taking silent steps. He watched her walk. She had the posture of a princess…someone of roytaly, which shouldn’t be suprising based on what she’s told him about her lineage. When they reached the night sky covered rooftop, Leon would listen as she was the first one to speak. Thank goodness, because he still hadn’t formed the words to speak back to her, even with his cool demeanor. She appoligized….but why? He continued to hear her out…about how she’d heard about Connor and how she couldn’t just sit by. Leon would slowly place a hand on the edge of his cowl and pull it off, letting his black pony tail fall  over his back. He’d look at her, a deep sorrow in his eyes. “Domini.  You don’t have to appoligize. You’ve never had to. I should be the one appoligizing.” Leon would take a few steps closer to her…still not sure if he was going to take him back in. “I left you. Everyone else included, so I could try and learn to get over his death. I regret it because I feel directly responsible for it. I didn’t know…how to face you, that I didn’t. that was unmanly of me. I should’ve looked to you for comfort, and not ran. I needed to find myself again. After being trapped in darkness…” Leon would close his eyes for a second. “After being trapped in darkness so long, going back to it is comforting. Easy to do like a habit. I fell back into that habit. Even then, I missed you…more than anything. I’ll understand if  you chose to turn me away. I’ve hurt you. I know I have…if I can’t blame myself, then who’s to blame Domini.” Leon would lower his head, ashamed of his actions. “Just say the words. I’ll let myself out of your life. You deserve someone who’ll be there, not someone who runs away from the people that care about them. I have a bad habit of doing that…that I do.”

Domini listened to Leon speak his words adding warmth to her soul soothing away the fears and doubts that mostly guided her day in and day out as he spoke her not needed to apologize but rather him. Her eyes taking in the measures he took in which he used to approach her, so unsure was he that she would even let him back into her world. And she didn't blame him either not denying him the right to advance towards her. They'd both become so close during that cold month of December that it was hard not to notice, that during their time apart it had grown into something more. Of course Domini herself never wanted to admit this but anyone who was looking at her could see it even Leon quite possibly once she blinked back a tear or two standing there allowing him to go on explaining himself, most if which she sensed was due out of habit while the rest was a confession from dark recesses of the heart. It was true that his leaving like a thief in night with her heart dragged along on a string had hurt but not enough to deny unto him the peace in which he so crave the most from her, her body turning towards him with a solemn expression on her face. "Even in your darkest hour you sought the light Leon if that doesn't count for something nothing will. And despite not having come to me in your hour of need, you're here now and that just means you're ready to heal. I've missed you as well I don't think there's been a day that you haven't crossed my mind." Domini confesses her eyes seeking out his out in the hopes that he would see that she was speaking the truth passed her hurt as placing one foot in front of the other her left hand moving out in the direction of his cheek in order to try and touch it once Leon lowered it in shame at what he's done towards her. Shaking her head she sighs softly "Blaming yourself won't change what's been done, Leon but even in face of the hurt I cannot bring myself to tell you to release the hold you bare so tenderly over my heart." The words flying up and out of her mouth before she'd even had a chance to stop them.

"Even in your darkest hour you sought the light Leon if that doesn't count for something nothing will. And despite not having come to me in your hour of need, you're here now and that just means you're ready to heal. I've missed you as well I don't think there's been a day that you haven't crossed my mind." In hearing this his eyes perked open slightly, and he’d raise his head, elevating it at a level where he could see her more. She thought about him too…it wasn't one sided like he feared. Apart of him almost thought she'd have left him behind by this time but she hadn't. She felt the same way…it was mutual. It was just then, that Leon didn’t feel so alone or misunderstood as most people do. When her hand made it’s way towards his cheek, a tad of blush would flush his cheeks. It’d been so long since he’d felt the touch of a woman. Felt HER specific touch. It almost seems like yesterday they were snuggled up before that big mission they embarked on together…"Blaming yourself won't change what's been done, Leon but even in face of the hurt I cannot bring myself to tell you to release the hold you bare so tenderly over my heart." Leon’s hues met with her own. “This…this is.” Leon thought to himself. The butterflies coming back to his stomach. That euphoric and erotic sensation he got when he was around her. From head to toe, she was everything he’d ever wanted. “I promise Domini. On my honor. I’ll never leave you again. I’m here for good this time…that I am.” Leon’s arms would stretch forth form the cape. He felt so undeserving of her…unworthy. Yet she had tendencies to make him feel other wise. Make him feel worth more than what the thought he was. She was a good woman, and he’d be a fool to let her go. Leon’s slow moving arms finally met, as he’d place one hand on each of her cheeks. The smoothness from his black Kevlar gloves, tickling the skin of her face a bit, as his steps brought his body closer and closer to hers. “I want you to be my…my love. I’m afraid of that word…because I do not know what that word means. Nor have I experienced that word by any means whatsoever. But if I can find the meaning of that word. I know its meaning lies with you. I want you to take this journey with me…together. To find love. Will you do this? No matter how long it takes? I have nothing but time on my hands…” Leon’s lips hovered over hers. He wanted to kiss her but this undeserving grief was holding him back…he wanted to make sure it was right. Right with her, right with him, hell right with this entire scenario of things going on right now as we speak! He just wanted to do things the right way…he didn’t wanna mess up. He didn’t wanna fall off or do wrong by her. He meant it; he was going to be there for her until thick and thin. He refused to let someone walk out of his life again that meant so much to him. For the second time in their relationship, the ball was in her court, as Leon’s bangs slowly fell from their neat kept pony tail, tickling her face just a bit as they fell into place form his movements.

Oh great now you've done it...Domini thought chastising herself endlessly for having such a free spirited nature when it came to that blasted mouth of hers. And yet Leon made no indications that he wasn't please at all by what she had said in regards to her blossoming affection towards him even in light of their impromptu separation. Nay he seemed all the more happier for it as his cheeks came to full color under the warmth of her hand, their eyes just barely in one another's view by this point once he came to realize that she'd missed him about the same as he had come to miss her. Another sign to Domini that they both still have so much to learn about the other but her heart along with the rest of her she felt was ready to see and know the man that truly lay behind the mask. It was at that moment she would feel it. The uneasy nervousness and second guessing nature added with just a hint of sexual innuendo all of which Domini only got when it came to being around Leon Ryoji. Feelings, she doubted she'd ever really get used to once their eyes made full and utter contact with another but what was life if one didn't take at least take some risks. And most definitely Domini felt that the one before her was well worth any she'd taken on in hers, to say the very least. The red headed beauty surmised taking in a deep breath of air into her lungs allowing herself a moment or two breathe as Leon spoke promising her that on his honor he wouldn't leave her again, and that he was here to stay for good this time. A statement Domi didn't take light as all a samurai had was his word before watching his hands come forth from the cape he wore. She knew that in eyes of most women Leon would have never received such kindness or devotion after doing such a thing but then again Domini also knew that he'd already seen too much of femininity's shame to last a life time therefore she could bring herself to part from him. Not when she so desperately wanted him to see how a woman could take her own strengths, imbue it them into what a man believes are his weakness in order to make him stronger and to be able to stand upright and tall without a single hesitation; and in exchange returning the very same gift she has given him, back to her so that it may multiply by 10 folds by him doing the same unto her. It was a notion many couples back in 2nd Soul Tokyo believed was key to a happy relationship and something Domini wanted to share with Leon so very much if ever she was given the chance to of course. The soft tickle of his glove hands one against each cheek reminding her that they were still on borrowed time as it were, her cheeks softly turning pink in their grasp the moment Leon drew close enough to the point that their bodies were aligned to point of touching each other and their lips close enough to where they could've kissed. But didn't as what fell from his lips next sent Domini reeling in a manner that caused the poor girl to weight in heavily on what words she spoke next as the subject of them becoming lovers was one even she didn't see coming, and she was the priestess for crying out loud! Hearing Leon go on to explain that he too is afraid of the word...because he knows nothing of it nor has he experienced it Domini can't help but give him a look of uncertainty wanting to stop Leon right there in mid-sentence but none the less she allows him to continue as the feelings that were inside of her began to show themselves in the form of tears in her eyes. His words touching every fiber of her soul as she listens to his soft pleads of, "......Will you do this? No matter how long it takes?" Caressing her inner ear her right hand leaving the hilt of Kagura allowing it fall to the makings of the roof with a "CLANK" sound in order to embrace him and if allowed to she'd reply, "Kagiri sore ga toru yō ni watashi wa anata to sa remasu, Itsumo (For as long as it takes I will be with you, Always)." A smile moving over her soft rose colored lips just before the alarm sound of her communicator began to go off, letting her know that she'd been busted.

"Kagiri sore ga toru yō ni watashi wa anata to sa remasu, Itsumo (For as long as it takes I will be with you, Always)." Leon wanted to smile, but if he moves his lips to much they’d meet hers. He could hear a heartbeat. He didn’t know if it was his or hers…he was to close to tell. But he knew if he didn’t, it wouldn’t’ be the same to seal the deal, and right then and there and he knew…he knew what he had to do. He let himself go. Throwing his morality out of the window, and pressed his lips to hers. Slowly…very slowly. As their lips met, his hands moved down the line of her face, the curve of her neck, and dispatched themselves from her physical body but made contact again right at her hips. Pulling her body against his in an embrace he hadn’t felt in such a long, long time…tilting his head to the right and letting his tongue glide over her lips, seeping into the between of them, and greeting her tongue timidly. Pecking at it a few times, before running one of his hands up her back, his arms now completely caressing her being into his own. His lips mashing and melding with hers at a timid but emotional pace. He was happy…happier than he’d ever been in the longest time to just to have something to himself again. He’d always had a problem with this, keeping something he cared about or taking care of it properly but not here. Not now. Not tonight. No , he wasn’t going to let anything ruin this for him. Weather or not she had to go anywhere, Leon would’ve let the kiss be short. As much as he wanted to express how much he’d miss her, this time and this place wasn’t appropriate. As such he’d break the kiss, parting their lips, and letting himself stand straight upwards , still looking down at her frame. Holding her like he was, was familer, as if  he’d been doing it all of his life. He’d then ask. “I feel asahamed. I’ve not asked…when you’re free again. I’d like to catch up…things have changed for me. Things I’d like to share with you.” Leon would look around in the night time. “If you’re free that is. I could change attire if you so desired.”

Their kiss was subtle but far from a surprise for the plucky little redhead who reared up gladly against him to accept it a smile still on her lips, as she tilts her head to left her sultry lashes starting to fall shut over her lavender colored eyes and hands to move further up his spine in attempt to deepen it further. The walls she built so heavily around her heart falling asunder at fail swoop of Leon's lips pressed so passionately against hers. Causing the 19 year old to feel as if the sad circumstances of them being apart had in truth never really happened. From the warmth of his embrace to soft gestures of his tongue's his beauty rewards him bit by glorious bit. Quite possibly arousing his senses with the feeling soft feeling of her breasts up against his chest, the sweet dip of her curves as his fingers move over the fullness of her hips. Even her lips could play a part to this dance, opening softly at his insistence then using her own tongue to guide his teaching it the ways of the dance all the while maintain the pace that he's set despite her own desire press things further along. "Patience Domini...patience" she'd tell herself over and over again once Leon pulled away pecking tenderly at her lips, another reminder of just how sensual of a lover Leon was as he took his time with her and didn't like rush things. Something that drove Domini wild on their first encounter and she made sure he knew it to as returns each kiss back more passionate than the first before finally pulling away in order to stand upright and hold her in his arms. For Domini the evening had ended better than she'd hoped for all except for... The sound of a male clearing his throat was suddenly cleared causing the 19 year old redhead to jump a bit in Leon's arms as she spies the brown haired, blue eyed elder dressed in a jean jacket, a wife beater, matching pants and some sneakers staring disapproving fully at the visage of the two so close to one another in the frames of his glasses. How long had Lee been standing there? she wondered hearing Leon say once again how ashamed he was...a notion that made her shake her head smiling as he asked when he asked when she was free again. "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you, unless you wish you prove y ouu worth to council of elders that is." Lee Akagi states his tone hinting that he seriously didn't like what he'd just bore witness to turning on his heels in order to leave in the expectancy that she was in close pursuit behind him. "Domini, let's go."  Which prompted Domini look up at Leon with a regretful yet desperate gaze having heard that he wanted them to meet up later on, mostly as a show for Lee but in truth she wanted that more than anything else too as well before moving to try and hug Leon again her lips lingering just shy of his left lobe as she moves to speak quickly. "5678 Shiroi University Lane Apt. 425 B, my dorm room will be the one with the light on the balcony, you can change there if you want." Was all she'd say giving his cheek a kiss hurrying off to rejoin Lee knowing full damn well the ear full she was about to get tonight in regards to it.

The Night Is Oh So YoungEdit

They were having their moment together, and Leon couldn’t be happier! His hair fell into place perfectly as did hers. Man could she dress…her attire start struck him, as the euhphoria from this moment in time was causing him to be less aware of his surroundings as a whole. This wasn’t exactly something he preferred, as leon was the type to like to be aware of what was going on around him. That being said when he’d heard a throat clear, Leon’s eyes immediately shot into the direction he’d heard them from. Hating to be off his game, his right hand twitched slightly as if he was ready to throw a bladed disc in the side of someones neck for sneaking up on him. He’d been a victim of sneak attacks before and he wasn’t a big fan you could say. Leon would then see however it was just some guy, but aparantly it was someone domini knew, and judging by her body language  it wasn’t someone she was happy to see right at this moment. "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you, unless you wish you prove you worth to council of elders that is." Leon would furrow his brows at this statement, but one to keep his composure at things, he’d let it go and decide to see how events played out. He told domini that they had to go, and Leon like a kid disappointed would’ve moaned internally as he didn’t want the girl to go anywhere! Alas, he figured things were about to end on this night. That is until she leaned up and whispered into his ear. 5678 Shiroi University Lane Apt. 425 B, my dorm room will be the one with the light on the balcony, you can change there if you want." Leon heard this and got a kiss on the cheek before he watched her take off into the night with who he’d thought to be her mentor. As they left, Leon would softly rub the spot on his cheek. Smiling to himself and laughing quietly. “I guess I’ll go pick up an outfit then…” Leon would turn away, putting his cowl back on and taking off for the edge of the building. Pushing a button on his wrist, he’d jump from the building and nose dive forward, descending downwards towards the ground until the black byrd plane pulled up and caught him just in time! Leon would’ve landed on the nose of it, before shuffling inside of the cockpit. “I could change at her place…butPushing a couple of buttons, Leon would allow the jet to hover upwards, before he’d input the address she gave him. “Better wait a few mintues…more like an hour so all suspicion dies down. Don’t know who that person is…better run a facial recognition test next time I get a look at him. I don’t take well to strangers…” Leon would pilot the plane towards the address he’d gotten, soaring through the night sky and silently putting the plane into stealth mode. The plane in stealth mode, uses light reflecting technology to cloak it’s visual prowess and a low power settting that emits the same signature as a romaing helicopter to throw off individual tracking technology and give false alarm. In doing this, he avoided having his chaff frequency honed in on and was able to throw any stalkers a bone, only for it to be false. Making his way over there, he’d hover over shiroi university, and sit there. After an hour passed….he’d wait to see If Domini was going to give him the signal or not. If she finished, and cut the light on as agreed they’d do for one another. If he saw the light, he’d open the bulletproof glass cock pit and step out, letting the wind blow his cape a bit. He’d then leap, placing a hand on the cape and letting it stretch and harden out, so he could glide down to where the balcony railing was. Using the noise cancelling pads on the boots he’d land silently on the railing, but Domini should be able to sense his spiritual energy by this point with them being so familer with each other. A million and one thoughts ran through Leon’s head. So much to tell her…to fill her in on…he was excited to hear about some of the things she may or may not have done. One thing was for certain. The amount of pent up lust Leon was feeling was about to make him explode, but he wasn’t going to let that get the best of him…unless she brought it out of him that was. None the less he was just happy to see her again. It had been so long…

Domini managed to let out a dramatic sigh, groaning irritably as she used her right hand to slam the door behind her. Her temper flaring higher than usually after such a joyful and yet eventful evening so much so that it prompted both of her roommates Terrence and Anita to both pop their heads out the doors of their three bedroom and three personal bathroom dormitory flat in which they all shared together on campus, to see just what the hell was up. “Damn girl what the fuck is up wit you, ain’t you got no respect for us…I mean look what fuckin time it is!” Anita’s ghetto fabulous tail ranted out in deep southern twang of a voice. “I know right, some of us actually have “things” to attended to if you catch my meaning. Terrence added trying to hint off that he was having one of his random thots over for a late night hoe stroll though he’d made it clear once or twice that he’d much rather have Domi in his bed than some random trick any day of the week despite being told by her that she wasn’t interested at all. Which prompted the 19 year old Asian redhead to go out, buy a lock not of the school’s origins for her bedroom door, and keeping it locked at all times whether she was in or out of the room. Giving both of her roomies an apologic look, Domini says “Sorry guys it was…just one of those nights.” letting an awkward giggle roll off behind it proceeding to step out of her thigh high boots out of pure and utter habit before picking them up and placing them in the coat closet near the door right along with her jean jacket, flaunting off her incredibly body with the bra styled top she wore. This of course causing Terrence’s eyes to wander while his chick of the hour looked on with envy from within the chambers of his room as Domini strolled by motioning her right hand through the silvery white part of her red mane, her tone quickly alerting him to her mood, “Just what the hell are you looking at?” his gawking not helping the situation any further as she’d told him a thousand times she was spoken for and not to look at her like a piece of meat. “Nothing, nothing at all,” The male shot back hurrying up back into his room to deal with whatever closing the door behind him while she continues to storm on by with her keys in hand causing Anita to laugh. “Tch girl…haha” Was all she would say shaking her head. “What we gonna do with him.” “Dunno but if you will excuse me, Nita I gotta go get freshened up.” “Aight then ma, good night,” Anita would say leaving things to her as she returns to a night of infinite sleep following Terrence’s move shutting the door behind her. Domini would fiddle with her keys for a moment her thoughts moving at unearthly speeds as needless to the say the conversation on the way back to her dormitory was a heated on to say the very least with Lee’s constant reminders of the Clan’s strict laws of relationships between the maidens of the Takageuchi and those of the opposite sex. The redhead reminding the elder that she wasn’t of their birth nor was she a maiden to being with upon being brought into the family…keeping close to her heart the secret of the intimate night she shared with Leon for fear it would bring dishonor and shame down on the Oshino-Asahina house as it was Sayuri-sama who took her in and raised her like she were her own. But listened to this he did not, and the more she kept on trying to get him to understand how special her bond with Leon was, the more and more he kept telling her to either end it or he’d bring the matter before the others. Both ideals making her cringe as both Elder Oshinos were aware of her station with Leon but only one quite possibly knew just how far it might have progressed, Domini surmised finally finding the key in which she sought on her king ring before inserting it into the lock and letting herself into her room the door automatically locking itself upon it being shut behind her. From there it was an easy step to the left in the direction of the balcony where she opens the door to let in the cool crisp night air, motioning her right hand towards a small battery powered Japanese style lantern that sat on the small table for two patio set her mother bought for her shortly after finding out she’d gotten “the good room” and turning it on with ease then heading back inside to turn on her bedroom light, gather her things, strip down, and take a bath. She’d only stop once in the middle of this as the faint trace of someone’s spiritual energy would press itself against her own as others did at times but Domini knew to whom this signature belong to due to her expecting the person it belonged to. A quaint blush hitting her cheeks slightly as she stood of course fully naked in the middle of the room If Leon were in fact near he’d hear her say teasingly, “Leon Ryoji you’d better not be out there peaking at me, common inside silly I won’t bite…unless you want me too.” Before heading into the bathroom with her caddy, towel, and clothes in hand closing the door behind her and letting the water run first then getting in. There was so much she wanted to say to Leon even now, that she could hardly pick a place of where to begin especially after going back to Japan for a few days before school started and hearing the good news for herself. And in truth she was just so happy and relieved that he was still alive that the rest didn’t really matter…sexually how ever was a completely different story as their kiss has sparked a few things that Domini herself hadn’t anticipated but she felt that it was the least of her worries at the moment as she went through the motions to wash her body clean. Only to emerge minutes later wearing her towel about her head and a black spaghetti strap tank top and pair of boy shorts from designer store in town

Leon sat on the railing patiently as he waited to see if she’d notice. She was a quick one, very sharp. Her line of work required this of her and leon never questioned her cognitive ability for a second. That being said, he’d wait patiently…not being able to resist using his x-ray vision to spy on her and see exactly what she was doing…in the nude of all things. His pupils dilated like some kind of animal at first, while he had the straightest expression on his face underneath the black cowl that concealed his identity. His black cape draped off of the balcony edge like some kind of curtain as she spoke, having detected him rather easily it seems. Leon Ryoji you’d better not be out there peaking at me, common inside silly I won’t bite…unless you want me too.” Leon shook his head twice snapping out of his trance, knowing he’d have to answer her. “Y-yes. You’re about to shower…I’ll be here when you’re finished Domini.” He’d seen her naked before, plenty of times, but he still paid that homage of respect towards her treating her more as a lady than a piece of meat. He’d never do that to her, and he wasn’t about to start now of all times. That being said he’d hop down from the balcony and let his feet hit the floor. He heard the shower water cut on, and he’d make his way into the middle of her room. It looked very much like her background. Classic style Japanese  lore, and yet this style of home made him feel very…at home himself. It felt like, he could get used to this kind of lifestyle and setting. Leon would make sure to shut her balcony door back, and pull the curtain over it. If anyone knew he was here…that the black Dusk associated with every day people, he’d lose some street cred. This had to be kept a complete secret. He’d then turn and remove the cowl from his head. Letting his long pony tail flow down once again, as he shook his head to and fro to remove some of the bangs from his line of sight.  Setting the cowl down on the bed, he’d run his hands through his hair a bit and fix it up somewhat. When Leon saw her emerge, in that black top and some boy shorts, he’d at this moment have been undoing his cape. He’d tilt his head, leaning to get a better angle on the cape undoing and look at her. So clean…so curvy…so…ready. Picking up a conversation like it was yesterday is exactly what he’d do. “That thing you were hunting earlier…what was that exactly? It was repulsive to say the least. I didn’t bring a change of clothes… but I hope you don’t mind I just leave the top half of my armor on the floor for the time being.” Leon would’ve begun undoing the gauntlets on his wrist/forearms and neatly placing them in one spot on the floor. Squatting down to do so, he’d then push a button on the center of his body armor, and it would’ve released a small hissing noise allowing him to topple it over his head and put it on the floor by the gauntlet as well. Now only wearing the bottom half of the black dusk outfit with his tight black v-neck underneath it all. He’d stand back up, rolling his shoulders and rubbing the back of his neck wincing a bit. He was quite tense in this area, and the closing of one eye as he rubbed it made it clear that his neck was in serious discomfort (hint hint xD)

Catching UpEdit

Fudo: Domi smiled hearing his voice reply back to her words before headed in. She knew that her Leon was a calm and patient man he never liked to rush things, always taking his time even at the insistence from others so when she insisted that he'd enter the room and was told otherwise it was a bit of a shock to her. But none the less she let him have it returning only minutes afterwards fresh and renewed from waters of her shower to him undressed from the suit he had on. Which caused Domini to stare somewhat a trait that she knew was rude beyond measures but unfortunately she couldn't help it. He looked so damn good she could hardly maintain a level of self-control around him no less avert her lavender gaze else as Leon removed the wrist  gauntlets he was wearing laying them neatly on the floor. His voice asking her first about the oni she was after earlier or rather what it was. His dislike of the being rather apparent when he spoke of it before going on to tell her that he didnt pack a change of clothes then proceeding to ask if it was okay to leave the armor on the floor to which she nods her head "yes" this of course snapping her out of her gaze for a moment. As she walks towards the bed in order to sit her right and left arms lifting themselves upwards some in order to alleviate the towel that was bound about her wet silver and red locks. "The futakuchi-onna, more commonly known as the woman with two mouths. Though no one is sure why they have the second mouth in the back of their heads legends state that it came about from a miserly husband starving his wife to death or a spirit of a vengeful child latching itself onto another's after be starved by their stepmother either way they aren't known for being malicious beings but this one was an exception as she'd developed a taste for human flesh. She'd ever gone as far as to open up a restaurant and a butcher's shop in the Little Tokyo side of the city serving her lastest kills to her customers." Domini stated her expression being one of complete disgust at the ideal of humans unknowingly eating one another let alone onis knowingly doing so. "Needless to say after getting away with murder so many times she finally got careless to the point one of her intended victims lived and managed to excape. The guy told everyone he saw but of course no one believed him even in the wake of this whole Omega gene legislation thing no one bought the tale he was telling that is until talked a former client of my clan's who then turned him onto us." The hissing noise from the armor part of Leon's Black Dusk uniform startling her for a moment as she motions one of her legs up under her while the other hung aimlessly off the side of the bed her eyes trailing about the room a bit to make sure that the protection sultras placed were still holding their own against whatever might try to enter from the outside. Domini had always been observant of thing like this, she guessed it just came second nature to her as in her world secrecy was one above all else but now that Leon was back and most definitely here to stay she knew that it was only a matter of time before his world filled with the criminals and evils of this town and hers the realm of the supernatural would collide making one or the other a target to their enemies. When that time came Domini knew she would fight without a second thought for him, for her love if she dare to say it the very ideal of the word causing her to blush, her eyes washing over his form as Leon stood upright once more after removing the armor. His apparent rubbing of the back and rolling of the shoulders alerting Domini that her talents in medical acupuncture might be needed here which prompts her to slide over towards side of the bed first before giving the mattress a light pat with her left hand signaling for him to lay down on it while her right went for the drawer of the nightstand in order to retrieve the hand made massage oils she kept in a caddy. "Common take off the shirt and let me give you a hand with that." The redhead would say in the hopes that he would take her up on her offer and lay shirtless face down onto the dark blue sheets. If so Domini would proceed to place both her left hand and right at the center of Leon's back and using just her fingers she'd begin to assess the situation starting at the center of his spine then working their way upwards towards the neck where she soon learns that issue lies there her eyes looking at the armor that he was wearing now on the floor, trying to ascertain just how heavy the damn thing was to begin with to have done so much damage within such a short amount of time before staying, "Leon you might wanna speak to your grandfather again about quite possibly lightened that armor, I think and this is just my humble opinion as one who is studying to be a doctor that it might be tearing or has torn a muscle in your neck here." Her fingers moving carefully close to area in which she senses the pain was the worst for him attempting to try a traditional massage technique called the ball roll in where the user uses their knuckles and the palms of their hands like a ball over the intended area of pain on a client in the hopes that she didn't get a negative reaction from him.  A sign that she was right about her hunch. If so she would immediately stop then using her index and middle finger to quickly jab at the pressure points known as the shoulder well, this point being located on the shoulder muscle, half way between the base of the neck and the end of the shoulder muscle and heaven’s pillar a point that is located on the occipital ridge, just at the side of where the spine enters the skull in the tendon in order to ease the pain, and promote extra blood flow to these areas in order to exact what she had in mind next. And if not she would proceed with the massage using her free hand to pour an oil with scent of soothing soft mint onto his skin allowing her other hand to work it in for a moment before soon joining its mate in the the ball rolls motions.

Connor Ryoji: Leon listened to her explanation of just what exactly a Futakuchi-onna is. It was interesting to say the least, as Leon was still vastly new to these kinds of threats. He had the power to begin intervening in them, but Domnini seemed to keep the spiritual protection portion down pact. He felt best not to step into her territory, but if need be he’d aid her, alas all she has to do is call. "The futakuchi-onna, more commonly known as the woman with two mouths. Though no one is sure why they have the second mouth in the back of their heads legends state that it came about from a miserly husband starving his wife to death or a spirit of a vengeful child latching itself onto another's after be starved by their stepmother either way they aren't known for being malicious beings but this one was an exception as she'd developed a taste for human flesh. She'd ever gone as far as to open up a restaurant and a butcher's shop in the Little Tokyo side of the city serving her latest kills to her customers." The story was unsettling…Beast tend to have sicker habits than human killers anyway, but even then something about it being so story based just didn’t sit well with Leon. Enough of that being said, Leon shook his head at the notion of the Omega Gene registration. “That damned law...forcing everyday people with special talents to become government pigs. I won’t stand for it.” Looking over he’d take to her notion of laying on the bed and taking his shirt. She caught him slipping in his moment of pain. He nodded removing his shirt, and neatly folding it up, placing it atop of his body armor. Manorable Leon would then stretch a bit before approaching the bed as not to bump into her and laying across it, folding his arms underneath his head, and turning it to the right side of the room. As he did, he could feel Domini’s tender touch along his back and it made him let out a breath of complete relaxation. Leon was often tense after strenuous physical activity, but it felt nice to have someone willing to work out the kinks in his body and not want to be paid for it. Leon you might wanna speak to your grandfather again about quite possibly lightened that armor, I think and this is just my humble opinion as one who is studying to be a doctor that it might be tearing or has torn a muscle in your neck here." Leon would’ve shifted in place a bit, as she gaged his injury. “We’ve spoken many a time about the weight of the suit. While it is heavy, we don’t have a possible substitute for it…yet. Grandpa is always working, and I myself have made some modifications to make the suit easier on me. All this might be stre-“ Leon couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh that contained a mix of relief and pleasure as she struck his pressure  points. Leon’s entire body went limp as he fell into a deep relaxation, closing his eyes all the while. “Ah…that feels amazing.” He spoke softly feeling good, oh so much better than he was a few minutes ago. “But as I was saying it’ll be fine. Minor pains like this show me I’m still human. That seems to be so rare now adays. Like no one believes in the power of humanity anymore. Look at my brother…” Leon paused for a moment reflecting. “He was an Onihoruda. I know at least 2-3 others. They’re abundant…mystic creatures. Human disguises. I don’t want to compromise my humanity for power. I’ll take pains like this any day, just to show I’m still a man.” Leon would shift himself in place, so he could look back at her at an angle a bit. “Hit another spot on my back  like that last one. I’m feeling sooooo great that I am.” Leon’s voice an octive deeper as his relaxation endorphins in his brain were on overdrive. He was feeling himself, and his girl for that matter. “And if you wouldn’t mind, take the towel off your head…I like your hair, that I do.”

Politics and Oni'sEdit

Fudo: At Leon's request Domini would give her head a casual shake letting the towel unravel itself from the crown of her head before finally falling like a soft blanket about her waist causing her silver kissed reddish hair to tumble down to the middle of her back as it was slightly curly when wet, her hands still moving in a rolling like motion over the area of neck and shoulders that needed her attention to most. Opting to work on this point first to increase the flow of blood she'd redirected there before switching her technique to that of a hand chopping motion that started at the left shoulder slowly making her way towards the right like a page print of an old fashioned keyboard and again motioning itself back over. Domini heard Leon's statement in regards to the omega gene registration, it was something that the Takaguechi were afraid would force them to flee the city once again return to their native home Japan as they were loyal only to the Emperor not the American government. There wasn't doing it there. The discussion of the suit however was a different matter as affected his health something she wanted him to have for as long as the gods would allow. "I'm sure your grandfather will come up with something but mean time try to take things easy. As to government and their program they will only force my clan back to Japan as our loyal is solely to the Emperor and Sayuri-sama, his wife. It been that way for thousands of years and I don't see us changing our stripes anytime soon." Dom would pause in her actions allowing her palms rest on either side of his head, in order remove several strains of his long dark hair from the nape of his neck towards the left some. Fearing that what she might have just said would upset him cause it would mean she was going too Domi interjected, "Don't worry though I'm not going with them. I just started my pre-med classes so there's no way I'm gonna abandoned my dream of becoming a doctor now." As she moves her finger tips towards the focal point that connects the brain with spinal cord using her thumbs to undo the heavens pillar point she'd activated moments before surmising that she might have gotten most of kinks out then using her thumbs she proceeded to give Leon a more traditional massage with her fingers as the catalyst to promote the positive energy most eastern doctors believed the body needs in order for one to have a happy healthy life while removing the bad which brought upon diseases and other fatalities.  All the while the redheaded beauty listens to Leon tell her how amazing her handle with this is then telling her things would be fine as it was a reminder of just how human he was, compared to so many others in the city. Which for the most part was true. There hadn't been a day or two that she'd walked by someone and gotta a sniffed of something demonic or not. It was as if humanity as a whole was becoming extinct or other around Kasaihana. Domini would move her hands lower towards the point in which Leon asked her to her left thumb alleviating the second pressure point altogether as well still listening to him to speak of one of the many rarities in the oni race, the onihoruda. Remembering all too well her encounter with Michellotto Romanov in the greenhouse the last time she and Leon were together. As it turns out Michelotto or Agent Hermes as he was truly known was in fact an operative for Sector Olympus.  Who had intended to used the clan to exterminate the 7 who all in fact were onihorudas two of which were expecting mothers at the time. But the high elder herself had seen through the man's deception, ordered her and the other's to set a trap upon his return, and exposed his for what he truly was killing him right where he stood. "Seven actually, and the reason I know this is because someone attempted to hire my family to kill them. And we refused killing the person instead. Not long after I made a connection between you and one of the targets....Connor Ryoji, he's your brother right?" She asks knowing that it was a bit redundant and all but knowing was far better than assuming these days as her hands continued to work their magic unless she was told to do otherwise.

Connor Ryoji: Leon kept his eyes closed, only focusing on the sound of her voice through his loving message. His body completely lax, and his senses droped for the time being. He wasn’t about to let anything distract him completely from her, as that’s what a good man is supposed to do is it not? Hearing her talk for a moment, the way she spoke her words, because of the registration she would have to go back home. This killed Leon’s vibe for a moment, as he didn’t want her to go. But it brought up a thought in his head…would he follow her if she did? Things couldn’t be that serious between them could it? Leon pushed the thought away when she mentioned wanting to get her doctorate, and go into the medical field as a doctor. This brought a silent sight of relief to Leon’s single minded world. When Leon made notion of the number of Onihordua, Domini actually brought an interesting statement up to him. "Seven actually, and the reason I know this is because someone attempted to hire my family to kill them. And we refused killing the person instead. Not long after I made a connection between you and one of the targets....Connor Ryoji, he's your brother right?" Leon would open his eyes, awakening from his zen state of relaxation and shuffling in place for a moment. Effortlessly, he’d turn his body up right to face her, as he’d lay his head flat on her pillow and place his hands over his stomach. “Yes. Connor Ryoji is my brother. Dead or alive, I still consider him very close to me…don’t worry. I’m not offended. I once hunted him down myself…I know how difficult the task is. “ Leon laughed a bit. “It’s funny. When he was alive, he was the most difficult to peg. He was an idoit, true and true. Yet unlike me, he had a quality about him…that made people like.” Leon paused. “Well…”Admire” or “respect.” Him. He wasn’t well liked. He was pretty rude, that he was, but…family is family.” Leon closed his eyes for a second reflecting on some of the childish fights and seriousness the two of them went through together. “I’m glad you didn’t meet him. I wouldn’t want your duty and his….”personality” to clash with one another. I like you both” Leon would look up to her with emotion in his eyes, a feat in itself. “I miss him. That I do. But I’ve morned enough. One thing still looms over this city that I’ve been preparing for…the Sector games. They’re not far from today. Everyone thought that apocalypse we had was terrible, but this? This will be on a level even I don’t know if any brain on this planet can comprehend.” Leon would pinch the bridge of his nose. “This above everything else stresses me out so much. I know it’s not all on my shoulders, but I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for the city being a vigilante and all…it’s well being. It’s upkeep. It reflects on my duties…it’s a burden I feel I bare alone, yet I know I don’t. not when there are others that support my cause.” Leon would close his eyes continuing to hold the bridge of his nose. “Sorry. Venting…”

Fudo: She watched Leon move his body in a fashion that made her stop the movement of her hands to give him the opportunity to position his form on the bed so that he would be laying on his back with his head against the makings of the large feather pillow that rested there, his hands over his stomach as he acknowledged that Connor was indeed his brother, regardless of death having claimed him or not. Stated soon afterwards just how close the two actually were to one another to her and that he wasn’t offended by her asking in the least. This made Domini smile continuing sit there beside him with her own hands resting against her legs with ease letting Leon finally explain the course of things between he and his younger brother as she wagered it. “I once hunted him down myself…I know how difficult the task is.” Domini gave a slight smirk to this statement knowing full well for her and the other members of the Takageuchi that such a task was indeed possible with their secret weapon the Angry Bloom her attention being drawn back to Leon once she heard him begin to light some. Something she’d never seen before but Domi had to say she did like it, a lot she openly admitted to herself letting the conversation continue on. It’s funny. When he was alive, he was the most difficult to peg. He was an idiot, true and true. Yet unlike me, he had a quality about him…that made people like.” She’d heard him pause for a moment most likely reflecting on a moment from his memory then moving on to add. “Well…”Admire” or “respect.” him. He wasn’t well liked. He was pretty rude, that he was, but…family is family. I’m glad you didn’t meet him. I wouldn’t want your duty and his….”personality” to clash with one another. I like you both” She would stop him there politely stating this letting her right hand reach out towards the shoulder that was closest to her smiling in the hopes of being permitted to touch it and if allowed so she’d rest it there gently, “Sounds like a pretty tough act to follow.” She would say chuckling when told just what kind of person Connor Ryoji was.“My duty would only be to protect the mortals of this city Leon…so far when I was researching Connor, Daisuke Yun, Kin Tasanagi, Suzume Yutake, Sian Tetsu, Kodi Torabaasu, and the others I found nothing that would suggest that they would in danger the lives of the innocent, dare I say it and this would be a first coming from an Oni Slayer. They are doing more good for this town than most could ever know.” These words were never spoken more truer from her lips her hand attempting to give the shoulder it was on reassuring squeeze in light of Leon speaking of the forth coming Sector Games, which wasn’t far from now. And the main reason Michelotto sought the clans help out to being with. To kill off the leading top contenders before they even made there way into the ring. The voice of the man before her rang passionately in her ears as he spoke on about of just how awful everyone thought the premature pre-apocalypse was but these games…they were to be the final test to prove to the gods if humanity even deserved to live on this planet called Earth. With Kasaihana as the battle ground (-has been watching too much G Gundam-). It was indeed a cruel fate that they had been dealt but none the less, if needed she would stand with the others and fight when the occasion arises her eyes watching Leon for a moment as pinches the bridge of his nose trying so hard to wrap his brain around this entire matter stating that he feels somewhat responsible for the city and its up keep…being a vigilante and all, before beginning to ask her a rhetorical question of sorts. “There are many who support your efforts Leon and will support them in the days to come. They might do things their own way of course but they will come to Kasaihana’s aid when she needs her the most.” Domini tells him softly moving to lower her head down in the direction of his chest, the rest of her body following her as she attempts to rest her head against his chest before going on to reveal to him. “And I support your beliefs to protect this city as well. It’s…..more or less the reason I really don’t want to go with the others. I want to stay with you and help protect everyone her, despite having been finally told the truth about my birthright…..that I’m the hime (Princess) of Japan, Sayuri-sama’s only daughter.” her voice would fall silent towards the end though the fiery haired beauty’s resolve had been made clear through her voice and even in the curling of her delicate hands into fists. But it was true thought, during summer break Domini had come face to face with the woman she believed was her mother and the woman who’d become just like one to her after marriage to her step-father. Both women telling the 19 year old everything from how and why she came about, the one nighter Sayuri had pulled with an American male here in this very town in order to defy the late emperor’s political gains on her being a maiden hime. It was all so….so cruel to say the very least to say the very least now that she was thinking about it but since now wasn’t really the time to be battle with personal demons Dom let the matter go in the hopes Leon had heard her words and would still accept her as his own knowing the truth now her lavender eyes watching Leon close his eyes before apologizing to her for venting. “Sore wa daijōbuda (It’s alright), I don’t worry understand your frustrations.” More than you know…she thought to herself hugging him once again.

“Sounds like a pretty tough act to follow.” She would say chuckling when told just what kind of person Connor Ryoji was.“My duty would only be to protect the mortals of this city Leon…so far when I was researching Connor, Daisuke Yun, Kin Tasanagi, Suzume Yutake, Sian Tetsu, Kodi Torabaasu, and the others I found nothing that would suggest that they would in danger the lives of the innocent, dare I say it and this would be a first coming from an Oni Slayer. They are doing more good for this town than most could ever know.” This made Leon smile. She had an open view on things, and didn’t let her job cloud her judgement. This was probably one of those qualities Leon would forever like about her. Hearing that put him at ease, though he didn’t have many friends or accomplces who were onihoruda, besides Kevin himself. He didn’t have an Oni though, so maybe he’d be okay in the long run of things, that AND he’s web strider. Hearing that she did believe there were people who supported him, made Leon feel even better, as he’d allow her to rest her head upon his chest. In response, his arm would come up and cradle her shoulder, and his opposite arm would cradle her waist, like a child in his arms. He loved holding her. He wanted this feeling for as long as he could have it. She went on to speak…with quite shocking news. “And I support your beliefs to protect this city as well. It’s…..more or less the reason I really don’t want to go with the others. I want to stay with you and help protect everyone her, despite having been finally told the truth about my birthright…..that I’m the hime (Princess) of Japan, Sayuri-sama’s only daughter. Sore wa daijōbuda (It’s alright), I don’t worry understand your frustrations.”” Leon’s demeanoer changed, as he’d lean his head up to look down at her. “A-a princess? Are you serious? Domini that’s…that’s amazing.”  Leon was star struck. “That sounds like a heavy burden to…I can’t even fathom the weight you must feel, that I can’t.” Leon would lean his head back down on the pillow. “…Life is overly difficult, that it is. But.” Leon would cuddle her a wee bit closer, taking in her scent for everything it was worth. “it’s easier when you’ve got someone to confide in. I think I speak for both of us…”Leon would look down upon her, before sitting himself up and her along with him, now positioning her where she’d be in his lap, even though her feet were hanging off the side of the bed. Just enough to feel her bottom against his own pelvis, as he’d drape his arms around her waist. “I gets lonely…I don’t wanna be lonely anymore.” Leon would lean in and kiss her, but this time it wasn’t as timid as it first was. This time, Leon wasted no time, knocking on the door of her lips with his tongue as he’d, begin tugging on her bottom lip with his own two, breaking it only for a split second, before moving back in. gradually picking up the pace on their evening, his hands couldn’t be good any longer…he wouldn’t let them. He admired her body, respected it for everything it was worth, which is why he was so careful with it…his lips, removed themselves from  hers, before the tonguing of her neck begin just as quickly, a slight slurp noise escaping his lips, as he pulled her busty frame into it, and subltly bit the skin breathing through his nose throughout the process.

Get Lonely... I Get Lonely...Edit

Fudo: Feeling Leon’s arms move about her waist made Domini smile, her feminine side showing itself full force here as being in his arms she felt so safe, so secure like there wasn’t anything to fear or loose. Though in truth she knew that in doing what they both do, being a vigilante and an oni slayer there would always be an endless road of perils that they would face. But it would be the promise of stolen moments like these that would make all the bloodshed and tears worth it in the end. And it was that part that made Domini the most happy. Continuing to lay there against him she would listen to the soft beating of his heart joined along side the sweet chorus of the air entering and leaving his lungs as his chest rises and falls her head looking up at the very same time as his did look down at her in such a star struck manner once the piece of news regarding his fiery haired beauty in truth being royalty hit the air. “A-a princess? Are you serious? Domini that’s…that’s amazing.” She’d hear him say. “That sounds like a heavy burden too…I can’t even fathom the weight you must feel, that I can’t. Domini couldn’t help but to agree with him there thinking on about the matter to herself letting him continue on “…Life is overly difficult, that it is. But…. it’s easier when you’ve got someone to confide in. I think I speak for both of us…” Domini would lower her lavender gaze some sighing the intimacy of their embrace becoming that much more apparent to her once Leon drew her body closer in. The sweet scent of mint that was on her hands from the oil she was using earlier mixing in rather pleasantly with the soft hint of vanilla that kisses her ivory colored skin. “You have no ideal. Being an Oni Slayer and a full time student studying for my PH.D is hard enough but now…I’m a princess too. And not just any princess but the princess of an empire that has been around for over 4,000 yrs give or take.” She explains softly looking away from his face momentarily then back once Leon began to sit up taking her along with him. This suddenly making the 19 year old aware of the position she was in physically despite the fact that her feet were still hanging at the sides of the bed. She could still feel her hips still pressed up against his thighs, straddling him almost. A hint of red moving through her soft colored cheeks as she sat there nodding her head in agreement to his last statement, his arms enveloping her waist as he tells Domini what she believes was the most heart felt confession of them all, “I get lonely…I don’t wanna be lonely anymore.” With a smile on her lips as she watches Leon lean closer for a kiss she whispers against them, “And you won’t have to be….not any more…” their lips touching one another briefly before parting so that their tongues could caress, taunt, and celebrate the new found joy that each had found in the other. Domini not hesitating at all to shed the walls that protected her heart to show Leon just how much he was missed with each flick and curl of her tongue while her hands caressed his upper most parts of his arms at first before moving towards the back of his neck deepening their connect. His hands returning her affection as she allows them to roam freely in their admiration of her body causing her to suck in a short breath of air into her lungs once Leon broke away from the kiss in order to give her bottom lip a playful tug with his teeth before moving back in to reclaim that which was his just as she began to exhale. The sensation actions alone making the red headed beauty tilt her head back in order to aid in him in his conquest once his tongue and mouth made their way down the soft pillar of her neck grazing and awakening every part of her body with their delectable yet wet kisses as a seemingly breathless moan leaves her own lipsonce she’s bitten, her finger tips tensing up at the nape of his neck.

Pent Up PassionEdit

Connor Ryoji: (  )Leon felt her touch upon his neck, and if he was standing it might have even brought the man to his knees. It’s been to long since he’d had the pleasure of a woman, let alone one he’d cared so much for. Leon could get a feel there were other people here, but he didn’t much care. Not now. This was their moment, and they were going to have it by all means, god dammit. He could feel her feelings projected through the means of her kiss, and while sucking on her neck, the movements of her hands were all he needed to feel what she was feeling. He’d release one hand from her lower back, pushing it outwards, and straddling it over his waist, so she was now in full mount of him. Breaking the sucking of her neck only to hurridly kiss down the curve, over her collar bone, right to the beginning of her tank top, where he’d, slip his hands underneathsaid shirt, and lift it up and over her bust, to reveal those perefect cupped breast of hers. The first time he saw them, he about had a heart attack, but not tonight. Leon was…slightly more sexually mature than he was during their last encounter. Not that he’d been studying up, but he was vastly more comfortable with  himself around her. After revealing her breast, he’d lick his lips, making sure they were moist before pressing his lips against her subtle pink nipple, on her right tit, planting a kiss on it, before slurping it up entirely like a ramen noodle.  ( )Inhaling her tit for everything it was worth as he pushed her body against his to intensify the effects of this. Using his left hand to cup her right breast, and squeeze it as if he’d been deprived of it his entire life.  Pinching the nipple with the gap of his index and middle finger, while circulating his tongue around her left nipple, ( )a drip of saliva falling from it and down to her toned stomach. Leon would release her tit from his mouth, switching his attention to the opposite one. At this time his manhood was taking note to his actions, and began to knock at Domini’s lower door, so fiercely in fact she could feel it pulsating beneath his suit pants. Leon  would place his hands on her lower back, and slip them down, beneath the line of her boy shorts, to get a handful of ass in his hands, something he’d missed for to long. As he did this, pressing her pelvis against his own and burying his face into the tit he was sucking, he was about to begin having the time of his life for the night. Another night he’d get to himself. All those lonely office nights sitting in the law firm he owned were coming to and end, it could all turn around finally. The only thing on Leon's mind at this point was making love to her...showing her how much missed her. How he feinded for her every day in his most private moments, on the job, or off the job. Those restless nights, where he'd yearned for her at his side, he could have it all back. He could finally be happy by all means of the word.

Fudo: The touch of his hand on her leg as he proceeded to pull it from under her served to only elevate the intensity of things as she’d come to straddle him completely, the warmth of his erection pressing so eagerly up against inner most parts of her thighs. Causing what was between them to rivet to life slowly whilst domini licked her lips in euphoric pleasure as Leon’s lips continued to loot and plunder the warmth of her ivory pillar on its way down towards her collar bone and from there to the place were the outline of her breast and makings of her shit met before slipping his hand underneath it in order to pull it up exposing her soft supple breasts to his emerald gaze. Their peach kissed colored tips slightly poking out to greet them with ease which slightly embarrassed her to say the very least and it showed too as she adverted her lavender eyes for a second with her cheeks show themselves to be a bit red in color. As the first time Domini went to revealed them to Leon it was quite a spectacle so she was slightly grateful he was able to manage himself a bit more on the second go round but she on the other hand wasn’t as fortunate. Her feminine wilds had showing themselves through and through for sometime now causing her to blush and other things before the man this of course wasn’t anything like her when it came to the affairs of intimacy. She thought to herself before recanting it just as quickly as the ideal had come remembering something she was told when she as a child by Emilie Fudo, never say never my Domi, with the right man you might find yourself doing things you’d never dare dream of. The warmth of his licked lips suddenly drawing the redheaded beauty back to reality once a wet kiss was placed against her right nipple, causing her moan aloud several times despite her not wanting her roommates to know that she had company of the male kind up in her room but she couldn’t help it. Before she knew it he was all over it; sucking on it, squeezing it, using his tongue to taunt her soft erect nipple to complete and utter attention, and yes even heightening the pleasure she felt by rolling her left nipple between his index and forefinger all at the same time. And…it….felt…good…as …shit too, that of course Domini couldn’t deny as several more stray moans fell from her lips the warmth of his saliva trickling down the curve of her breast onto the soft palette of her belly before it was released and the other was claimed which made the girl arch her back some in the direction of his lips whilst her fingers moved up further into the dark locks of his hair. Between her thighs she could feel it, the growing need to have what was pressed so firmly against her womanhood branding her on the inside, driving her and guiding her on until at last she finally cums in utter ecstasy from its touch and its touch alone. That thought alone made Domini quiver in anticipation the moment she felt Leon’s hand move down into her shorts and copping a feel of her ample bottom, giving it a nice firm squeeze as he buries his face into her breast more while still sucking on it. There hips practically melding into one another as Domi in her own pleasure attempted to move her own against his, guiding this engorged shaft over the most sensitive part of a woman’s body (the clit) all the while trying to please him at the same time, her moans becoming louder with attempt she makes no longer caring about who heard her or what her roomies would say in the morning. All she knew was that she wanted Leon, to love him…to be with him in times of sorrow as well as in moments of joy. It was the reason she lent him her power to begin with in the battle with the Horsemen, it to let him know that she would always be by his side no matter what. So he wouldn’t have to face the world alone every single minute of the day. But if somehow the message hadn’t been made clear yet by her words Domini would see to it before nights end he would know through this most sacred of acts that she wasn’t going to go any where not as long as they both still cared deeply for one another.

( )There it was. Leon could feel it…feel the moisture growing and increasing between her legs, as it warmed up the lining of his lower body armor still on his person. As he attacked her breast with his lips, he could feel her hips start to motion on top of and against his own, and he was loving it so. Leon would groan, with a muffle trying to resist moaning in to much of a high pitch as not to sound so feminie, but good god he couldn’t help himself even for an instant! She was so perfect, everything about her movements and body type. Leon would find no hesitation in his actions as he released her breast from his mouth and took his queen by her waist, gently laying her body down on the bed, back first, watching her hair spread perfectly into place as he laid her down. Leon would look down and push a button on his utlity belt, as it slide off to the side he’d toss it onto the floor casually. That being done, he’d undo the zipper on the lower parts of the armor, and reveal his cock. It sprung form the seems of his parts with excitement, coming in strong and hard like it had been feeling throughout this entire exotic ordeal. Leon would then look back to her, his hues meeting hers as he gave her a reassuring look into her eyes. He’d shake his head moving some of the bangs out of his eyes, before letting his long black locks fall to his left side. His upper half completely revealed to heer, as he spoke. “I’m going to give you everything I have…bare with me. It’s been sometime.” Leon would take grip of her boy shorts, and begin to slide them off of her thickened legs. He wouldn’t just rip her clothes, he found that a tad disrespectful and instead  he’d politely take them off and toss them to the side as well, revealing her love box to his vision. He stared for a moment, nothing changed about it. Taking a moment to appreciate it he’d run his hands between her thighs and see the glistening juices that had made themselves known the first time around when she apparently creamed herself. Leon would suck on his own lips before taking hold of his manhood. While average in length, it was hella thicker than most…he’d push the head against her lips, and there was a good bit of resistance similar to their first time. Leon wouldn’t let that intimidate him as he pushed through! Taking his time to make sure his entire length and girth made deep penetration on the first entry! As he did this, he’d quickly slam his left hand on the bed beside her waist. His right hand, and arm would make it’s way around her waist, as he literally lifted her from her positioning, his arm causing an arch in her back, which only pushed her hips against his even further, giving him the deepest first thrust he’d ever done, and possibly the deepest he’s ever gone inside of her. Even with them pressed together, he’d use a portion of his massive strength to press their bodies together as tight as he could ( ) His cock quickly spurted precum. It’d been to long, but he was at the near panicle of human potential! He wasn’t about to cream off the bat that quickly. He’d suspend her in the air, and begin pulling his hips from hers and pushing them against each other on re-entry! Each thrust he made, sending a ripple through the base of her thighs, as they started out slow but gradually grew in speed. He was more confident, and he wanted her to feel that. She was tight…really tight. Just like their first time. As he did his, his lips found their way back to hers. Occasionally he’d separate his lips from ears to breathe, and moan a bit, but he wanted to feel as connected to her as he possibly could. His body as sturdy as a rock, yet it rocked in a rhythm, like a river maneuvering curves as he exited and entered her womb over and over again…

Power of PassionEdit

Fudo: Domini would hear the deep rich tone of his voice groaning from the measure that she’d taking against him, her body now complete putty in his hands from her breasts being so sensitive yet responsive to his touch. Even the groan made by his lips made her writhe in ecstasy as its vibrations were felt over the sensitive tip of her breast. But what was one to expect, after all she wasn’t one to pleasure herself like most women her age did when in the absence of a man. Though she was told on several occasions that waiting on Leon to return was just a stupid gamble, but it was one well worth it in the redhead’s eyes for her….it was worth every moment of it as she watches him with ease release his hold on her breast from his mouth before permitting his hands to take hold of her waist, and with the greatest of care lay her gently down onto her back against the makings of the mattress her long silver kissed red hair pooling itself about her pretty little head. Thus giving Domi a full view of his towering form over her own petite frame, their gazes meeting for but a moment as Leon moves a hand towards his utility belt in order to dislodge it from about his waist then tossing it casually towards. Having done this she watches him move his hands towards the zipper on the lower parts of the suits armor, taking note of the soft wet spot that was on the material and blushing once more her ears hearing the tantalizing sounds of the zipper being undone before his cock emerges proud and strong in all of its glory from its prison. Something that only seemed to turn Domini on even more while laying there, her gaze shifting only once she felt that Leon’s was upon her as their eyes met once more. This time in a matter that was more of a reassuring nature towards than anything to the vibrate beauty as she smiles giving dipping her head downwards as to give a nod of permission for whatever may happen next. For she trusted him completely allotting him the take to shake away the strains of hair that covered his eyes then hearing him say, “I’m going to give you everything I have…bare with me. It’s been sometime.” To which Domini would reply, “Of that I am sure…do no rush on my account. Even if it is stolen, this moment belongs to us.” Her long sultry lashes lowering some so that she could blink and then reopening them just in time to feel his fingers entwining themselves with the waist band of the shorts she was wearing and start to pull them down from her full hips and thighs. So naturally Dom went about the task in helping Leon do this gradually lifting her hips up with the help of her legs so that he could slip them down towards her knees and then up and over her delicately manicured feet before watching them along side her panties being placed onto the floor. Her legs parting themselves slowly once this was done granting him room enough to move between them as he admires with his hands the glistening petals of her sex, which made his queen a bit embarrassed to say the very least. Domini greatly admired Leon for his restraint in this as most men would have gone wild at the mere sight of it though she couldn’t lie though; the touch of his hand against this most sensitive part of her was arousing her beyond words. Her apparent grasp on the sheets beneath her with both of her hands quite possibly making that point very much knowing to her beloved samurai the moment he moves to grasp his manhood. Domini of course getting a good look at it before he’d go to push the head up against her lips so that they would bypass them in order to go on into in the depths. It was there that Dom felt just what six months without a lover could do to a woman, as he felt incredibly big to her so much that her lips parted quickly in order to let out a sharp, “Oh my God…..” as Leon continued to push through the resistance his left hand and arm coming to slam down beside her on the bed while making his way in narrow tunnel of her womb where her walls eagerly greeted him by contracting themselves against his shaft. Though she’d often heard that first times were always the trickiest, Domini never once believed that she herself would experience it since hers was robbed from her at such a young age but even at that she was grateful that for her second time her ‘cherry’ was popped by the person she felt deeply in her heart that it was meant for from the start feeling his right arm and hand come to wrap about her waist, as he literally lifted up her lower body from the bed drawing their hips that much closer. A jolt of pleasure suddenly ripples through every fiber of her being as his action sends his cock right smack, into one of her erogenous zones causing her walls to retract then collide against it slightly tighter than before and only seems to heighten with the added help of his strength guiding her hips further down onto his length. Inside of her walls she could feel the warmth of his pre-cum being splattered against her awaiting womb, as Leon pulls hips away from hers for a moment before submerging them back into her awaiting folds, the process repeating itself several more times with each thrust gaining even more depth, momentum, and speed to the point all he might possibly hear at times were her moans of, “Yes….oh god yess….right there…” and panting between their sweet, passionate kisses. His confidence between their first time and now showing itself tremendously to her as he pounds away at her womb over and over again causing not over her thighs to shake but the bed to move just a bit too as well.

Connor Ryoji: Leon wanted to keep the pace of his thrust, at just the right timing, but there were times where he wanted to just stop and admire the feeling of her womb tightening up around his shaft. Breaking kisses to take breathes and moan her name, he was quickly losing himself to the escatacy of the moment and a bit of his mannerable nature. He’d usually not want to make a lot of noise, but as he got more into it, the squeaking of the springs in the matteress would’ve taken a much louder turn the way Leon would’ve continued drilling his  hips inbetween Domini’s. Leon would gently place her body down on the matteress, letting her lay flat this time, but he’d quickly turn around and grab one of the pillows from the top of her bed, lifting her lower half up, and placing her pelvis on the pillow, elevating her lower half, while leon let himself tower over her a bit. Gripping her ankles, he’d throw them over his shoulders, and lean over, smooshing the two of them in a ball, but with her legs straight out this time. After positioning himself in a push up like motion, Leon started to stroke inside of her once again, but this time, the pillow forced her pevils directly into the hardest thrust of Leon’s motions this time. ( ) His cock in a passionate battle to fight aginst her tight walls, as he plunged it further inside of her in this position. His cock, slamming against her cervix, fighting to establish it’s dominance inside of her, as quick burst of clapping nosies came from the collosions of their lower halfs, echoing in the room, and literally drowning out the other noises inside of their. Between the breathing, the bed, and the claps, added the smell of sex, it should be no secret there was love being made. That is until, Leon bit his bottom lip, and pushed the tempo even further, now moving his hips, and his entire body weight into each thrust with a high intensity. Not only drilling and pushing her body into the matteress itself with every collision, but grunting at a hurried rate with the collisions of skin now sounding like typing at a keyboard, by an Asian fellow! ( ) Leon would amit he was starting to sweat a bit, but he was far from fninished…somewhat. He could feel his cock swelling, but even if he was to cum, he wasn’t about to let his renewed passion be squandered within the course of minutes, though even he lost track of time how long they’d been at this…it felt like forever, trapped in a world with just h im and her. He could get used to this he’d admit. Mounting himself even harder against her, any juices she released would’ve been purged and plunged right onto the pillow leon had stuffed under her, a small pulld would be allowed to form beneath them, as Leon stuttered to say. “I-I think I’m cumming…” He’d quickly shake his head and push to keep going, but heaven knows he was gonna release inside of his girl but he also didn’t wanna impregnate her…he’d have to time this just right.

Fudo: All Domini could do was lay there speechless as his cock continued to churn wildly inside of her. His cock pressing so deep that at on point she thought she’d just might have cum already from all the noise she and the bed were making together.  The intensity of his thrusts were just that strong! Forcing both of her hands to take hold of the sheets and hang for dear life while the redheaded beauty tried so desperately to catch her breath between her wanton cries of ecstasy and the air that her lungs craved. Her hips starting to move in their elevated state against his own, making an already delicious ordeal all that much sweeter once she heard her name rolled aimlessly from his lips. Domini was pass the point of wanting to be quiet or even thinking about it for that matter, all she wanted was to feel his feel his cock pressed as far as it could go inside of her his rhythm becoming faster a some point that it was hard for her not to feel everything he wanted to give her in this position. “Leon…yessss….do me harder baby… yea that it…Watashi wa anata ni son'nani o minogashite iru (I’ve missed you so much)!!” Domi would cry out her native tongue slipping out as her pleasure reached a new all time high once her body tried its hardest to fight back against its submission but losing horribly once his cock moved against several more of her erogenous zones causing her legs to tremble uncontrollably with her toes curled up onto the balls of her feet, whilst her eyes peered up at him with their lust driven gaze wondering if her lover could feel just how close he was bringing her to her first orgasm with his actions. And believe me she was close! Tittering on the edge one might say. Her body already to bracing itself for impact Domini would suddenly feel Leon stop in mid-stroke and releasing his hold from about her waist he proceeded to lay her back down into the bed where for a moment he’d turn his attention to what’s behind him grabbing a King sized pillow from the top of the bed before placing it with care up underneath the lower portion of her body in which he was just holding in order to elevate it once more This measure of course causing her body to be in horizontal like angle giving her lover a deeper level of penetration inside of her. Something that made his beauty call out to him so sweetly in Japanese as this position pushes his cock up against her gspot with out fail forcing Domini to bit down hard on her bottom lip in order to suppress the ecstasy she was in, her eyes taking note of his form standing over her for moment before his hands move to clasp her ankles, tossing them over onto his shoulders with his head in between them, and lean in closer towards her. With her legs in V formation all the way up to her chest Leon begins his assault against her womb against his thrusts forcing her pelvis to collide into the initial start of each thrust this time, her walls beginning to yield their hold over his cock letting it pleasure her without end as Domini made known to the high heavens to whom was bringing her so much delight in the wee hours of the morning.( ) Leon’s name rolling itself from her soft lips as sweat begin to softly glisten against her body whilst she moisten her lips in order to cry out even more as the pre-cum kisses from the of his cock rapped wildly against her cervix. Domini could sense that her roommates were up and about, namely at her bedroom door and more than likely ease dropping on the entire think. Knowing full well that the male out of them was quite possibly pissed the hell off at the way Leon was pleasing her body, the sounds of their bodies were making as they clashed against one another, along side their moans, and the creaky mattress beneath. It was almost enough to make her excited all over again picturing the looks on their faces once she begin to feel her passion start rise again from Leon picking up the pace. In this position she’d let several more moan caress his ear, her body unable to fight off her impending climax as he hammered away at her Gspot without mercy, her hands still clutching on tightly to the sheets bracing for it come as she heard him say, “I-I think I’m cumming…” to which she would reply, “Me too…Leon its alright if you want to.” Her lavender eyes looking up into his handsome hoping that he would understand and trust her enough to know just what she was saying…the ideal of kids at this point in her life terrified her…not when she has so much at stake here but it didn’t mean that she hadn’t come prepared with her herbs from the Clan grounds either. She would take them again as she had their very first night if his choice was to cum inside of her and if he chose to do another wise she wouldn’t respect him any less for it. After all there was plenty of time for all that after med and law school, right? The ideal of a possible family with Leon making Domini smile mentally while her lips called out his name in heated passion the instant she came soaking the pillow that lay underneath her with her juices

The First ReleaseEdit

( )Leon sucked on his lips hard, fighting the urge to bust inside of her. He wanted to so bad, yes he wanted her to feel every inch of his stick warm fluid inside of her, completely melding their isnides together in perfect harmony. Leon however knew the darwbacks of doing something like this, and he wasn’t about to ruin his or her life at this early of an age with an unwanted pregnancy. As such, Leon would pull himself up, holding her by the waist now, and slowing his thrust down, but ironically increasing their impact force. “Gah!...I missed you too!” there she went speaking Japanese again. She must’ve known by now this was Leon’s kryptonite, as it turned him on more so than anything else, but only when she did it. It’s as if she had a cheat code to his testosterone levels. Each thrust, rocking her body violently, jerking it back and forth, as he smashed his hips between hers, getting ready to bust. ( ) “I-I’m cumming!”  with a long grunt, Leon would thrust once…twice…three more times before he’d quickly pull his cock from her womb, and hold it with his right hand, aiming it steady and letting 2 long streams of cum impact against her belly, a smidge finding it’s home inside of her belly button. Leon would stroke his cock a couple more times, managing to get out 2 and a half more streams, this time the sticky fluid colliding with the base of her breast, as he sighed in contempt having finally obtained the nut he’d so long been restrained from having. Leon would pant, hovering over her, placing a hand on her cheek, and leaning in to kiss her. Making sure she was okay while doing so, pushing his lips against hers. He’d pull away for a second, to lean over and whisper in her ear. His voice was deep, but soothing all the while, retaining that polite charm he seemed to have in all of his words and actions, even with such a vulgar request from him. “I want you to ride me…that I do.” By this time the cum would’ve all seeped to the sides of her hips, flowing off of her body and drying up rather quickly. If she heeded his request, Leon would take his beloved by her hands, and reverse their positions. This time pulling her atop of him in a full mount as his head would be flat on the bed. His hair to his right side, as he spread his legs a bit, and bent his knees, giving her acess to a hand mount if she so wanted it. He’d keep eye contact the entire time with her, a small smile forming on his face as he spoke again. “I’ve still got some fight in me deary.” He’d reach his hand down and lift her up slightly, before letting his still hardened member seep into the walls of her womb once again, and allowing her body to fall down upon it. Her womb accepting him a lot easier t his time around, but the convulsions of her pussy always made it a battle worth having. Leon placed each hand on each hip, egarly awaiting to see how well she’d ride him on this occasion. She’d already show in multiple positions her hips were a weapon to be feared in the bed room, but he’d never quite given her full control before. As such, he was curious to see how she’d handle this position and just what he was in store for…

The Ride Of Your LifeEdit

Fudo: His hands moving for her waist once more in order to pull himself up, his beauty took note that  even the mist of her cumming, that he even didn't let up milking her first orgasm for all it worth whilst hearing him tell her how much he missed her too, his tempo switching up again. As Dom fought hard not to squirm or wiggle away still moaning from her love due to hypersensitivity her womb was feeling from being impaled in such a fashion on his cock once began her descent down from ecstasy while taking in another key factor in mist of it. That of course being just how wild Leon became when she spoke in Japanese. It was a total blow away to her that he was in fact that kind of guy, letting  her mother tongue ignite the flames of his passion like this. But she had to admit just hearing him speak was enough to do her in at times. So they were even the look on her lovely sweat covered face being one of a euphoric and overly satisfied one, her sheath despite having cum still giving Leon everything its got as he continues to smash their hips together in wake of his own release. A low guttural grunt of, "I-I'm cumming!" emitting itself from his lips followed by several thrusts that made Domini let out quite possibly the most erotic sound he'd ever heard, her body almost practically ready to take on another round as with haste Leon pulls his cock from inside of her releasing several streams of his hot fluid onto her stomach. Before stroking it further with his right so that rest would hit the base of her breasts. Something that made Domi smirk when she looked up into his handsome face, the relief there clearly being seen as he leans in to kiss her lips and she accepts returning it back with her own, the warmth of his hand against her cheek showing his concern for her before she allows her hands to leave the solice of the bed in order embrace him to assure him that she was alright. Once Leon pulls away the plucky little redhead would watch him move over towards her left ear feeling the warmth of his breath from his lips she hears him tell her, "I want you to ride me...that I do." Which made her blush nodding her head as she took both of his hands allowing him to pull her on top of him as he lays back onto the bed. Feeling his lower body shift, mainly his legs up under her, her own now bent at the knee on either side of him. Her lavender gaze never once leaving his own emerald one while Domini was trying to figure out if in fact Leon was reading her mind some how as this is what she had in mind earlier. But his words telling her that he still had another bullet in the chamber so to speak and the smile on his lips made her think otherwise before being lifted up again and having his still hard cock placed into her spasming folds. Gravity soon taking control of the situation rather quickly causing her body to sink down onto his with ease her walls greeting his shaft once again with its warming embrace. Domini let out another erotic moan during this, the position alone making her shiver in delight while her inner muscles used a technique known in the karma sutra as "the mare".( ) A move that requires no motion at all on the part from the woman except the ability to be able to control her inner muscles to a level that would allow her to squeeze her partner's member offering them pleasure untold as his hands come to rest on her hips her eyes watching Leon's face as she does this. Using the mattress as leverage Domini would use her knees whilst still doing this to push up off his shaft slowly, taking her sweet time with this as she wanted her lover to feel every inch of her love on the way before dropping her weight back down onto his thighs again only to repeat the measure once more increasing her tempo gradually as she went along. Her soft cherry colored lips moaning out his name twice while this was going on.

Connor Ryoji: Leon would watch as her facial expressions began to change while enticing sighs and moans escaped from her lips during the entire ordeal. Leon however suddenly felt some kind of supernatural force gripping the midst of his cock in a way he’d never experienced before! As if he’d taken a new road in the dephs of her womb, and come across a street he’d never been on. Leon’s right eye twitched, as her womb increased in tightness, as if a vaccum cleaner was attempting to suck the cum right out of his cock! Leon gripped her hips signifigantly tighter, applying that peak human strength to good use as he’d help with her up lift and her descent, keeping it at a good and moderate pace. He knew if he sped, up, with this good of a feeling his massive cock might spew inside of her much earlier on than he intended. All that being said, Leon started tnot to care weather he came early or not, as the act of her sex was to enjoyable to not just let lose. Taking hold of her, he’d whisper her name in a grunt, taking grip of her sides. “Ke-keep it tight just like that!..” Leon would’ve begun meeting her bounces with his own thrust. He wanted to let her ride, but his natural instinct was indeed to thrust inside of her. As such, everytime she lifted her body, Leon would push his hips up, his mouth gaping at how much tighter she was compared to earlier, as the head of his cock was getting the most out of this squeezing sensation along with the shaft, as he’d start to grope her tits as if holding onto the rails of a rollarcoaster ride. ( ) his hips were jerking, as he’d mix his pushes with her bounces to achieve a maxium impact effect, slapping his head into the tightest space of her womb, and letting her feel the seemingly harder thickness of his cock in the pit of her stomach as a pain similar to a cramp, but contradictory, the sooting warmth of his precum would fix that. Though leon was splurting out a good bit of it, almost as if he was cumming, enjoying the juices that splashed on his abdomen each he impacted inside of her. He unintentionally began taking control of the position, now. Both hands planted firmly on her ass, as he began to lift her lower half and slam it back down upon himself. ( )He couldn’t help it, the heat of the momoment possessed him as he wanted to feel everything she had to offer in one huge go! The base of her thights, and now the bottoms of ample asscheeks having a bit of a red tint to them, as Leon’s repeptitive pounding gave them a stinging sensation each time he pushed inside of her. Leon would’ve reared one hand back and loudly slapped her ass, a light red handprint being left there, as he held back the first time, but proceeded to do it again much harder. He liked the sounds she made when he surprised her…he was a lot more spontaneous this time around in their love making, realizing he could be completely comfortable with her if he’d let himself do so that is.  He’d finish his taunting of her asscheeks and take them in a grip, slaming himself inside of her while simultaneously moving her body in a perfect arching motion via her hips, and colliding them into one another. Additionally the area above his crotch would’ve been giving her clit a nice smack each time he pushed upwards into her. His eyes never left hers the entire time, as if he was peering into the dephs of her very soul. He wanted to see her wildest side come to fruition, as the more she screamed his name, the less of his restraint he was keeping.

As his grip tighten and Leon took hold of her, his hips starting to move upwards to the motion of her own as his hands begins to guide her Domini would let loose all of her carnal desires onto his shaft motioning her hips to the very head of it, retracting her inner canals grip on him as she moves upwards allowing just the head to feel the rim of her womb while rotating her hips around the sensitive flesh and if Leon would allow her to see just how much he desired to be joined with her again she would immediately slam move back down again honoring his request for her to maintain the tightness of her walls to which he so craved, repeating the gesture several more times. Attempting to taunt/or tease him for not letting her please him in the manner she desires though the redhead knew that it was only natural for a man to want to move his own body under the circumstance. Especially when the lover he has was doing things…so right too from the very expression that formed upon his face every single time she made a move. His large hand reaching forward some in order to grope on her ample globes as they bounced up and down freely in sync to her riding, elevating her pleasure ten folds while the head of his cock played an infinite game of search and destroy inside the walls of her taint which was practically over flowing from all of the pressing and pushing into areas that Domini didn’t even think were possible in the least. ( )So much so that began to hurt some what before his body rewarded her again with a taste of its premature seed to ease the pain. Despite quite a bit being inside of her still while the rest began to mix and mingle with her own secretions on his stomach Dom was happy that at least some part of his love made it inside of her as she leans over in the mist of her moans in attempt to kiss Leon, her tongue pushing softly against his lips to let their tongues touch again her body never once missing a beat while still pivoting on and off his rod. The momentum they both were on starting to feel extremely good once he comes to grip her ass and move her lower half at his leisure, the heat of the moment urging him on to engrave his cock into her hot tight folds or at least this is what domini thought breaking their heated kiss in order to declare tossing her hair back from her beautiful face, “MMMFFFF…FUCKKK!!” Her thighs and ass cheeks both showing the signs of just how intense their love making was, and the subtle stinging from the impact his thrusts and hands made against her prompting the 19 year to relax some what, just as Leon gives her ass a slap making her groan in pleasure and forcing her to add a bit more pressure to her inner grip by mistake. For she was completely surprised by his actions. Domini would find that, that wasn’t the only other surprise she was in for as Leon arches her body some giving both her pussy and clit a nice yet firm smack each and ever time he pushed into her wet hole. At some point in the middle of this Domini would cease her motions in mid-descent allowing Leon to ram into her endlessly as she leans forward again whispering, “L-L-Leon…you feel incredible…but want you feel same way too, let me love the way you deserve to be.” In the hopes that he would honor her requests and stop for a moment so she could do just that, thus enabling her a chance to move back again in order to swing that of her left around over the broadness of his chest so that it joins its mate in a position that would make her appear as if she were sitting side saddle on top of a horse. Her lips letting out another moan in the middle of this As Domini made sure to be careful of them both as she does this for his cock was still buried inside of her, and she drawing close to cumming again for a second time. With this in mind she would draw her thighs together slowly just as she had done before during their first sexual encounter, placing both of her carefully manicured feet onto the makings of the bed so that both legs were bent at the knees she would lean back some using for leverage the upper most portions of his left thigh for one hand and the bed for the other before proceeding to move the lower half of her body up and down his cock again continuously using just her hands and feet to do so in a position that is known as “The Swan Knot”. A technique that within matters of minutes of her doing it has Domini as feels her body slowly yield to his cock the place where she desired him to touch her the most, her pussy reciprocating what it was feeling this by giving Leon a does of the same if not more as she rides her ‘stallion’ at full gallop not once missing a beat her sweet walls starting to encourage him to release his hot load right inside of her uterus. And if Leon were to add his own thrust into the mix he’d find that position offers a heighten stimulate for a male since Domini does have her legs close they immediately began to act as a level of resistance inside of her body.

Too GoodEdit

“L-L-Leon…you feel incredible…but want you feel same way too, let me love the way you deserve to be.” Leon bit his lip and nodded, and stoped his motion on a dime, which took a lot of willpower to do in itself. Leon would’ve swallowed, the lump in his throat a tad bit nervous as to what she was actually going to do. He wasn’t completely sure about it, but he’d let his girl work the way he knew she wanted to. That being said, Leon would take a deep breathe, and casually put his hands behind his head, and lean back. Inhaling the sweet scent of everything he could take in before he’d watch her take her left leg and throw it around his chest, before she looked like she was sitting side ways on the horse. The very moment she did this, his cock was instantly squeezed and he took in sharp breathe! He could feel his cock ready to let loose his load inside of her just by that one movement alone! He’d take grip of her ample ass and her thigh with his opposite hand already sensing this was going to be a wild ride…literally. As she began to move her lower half up and down leon’s mouth droped and opened instantly. His panting speed up as she made her movements and his cock was in the vice grip of her womb. His hands squeezed on her lower half in their posisitions. He would rear his head back closing his eyes tightly and breathing through gritted teeth. “Ahhhh…..FUCK.” Leon rarely used prophanity. It only showed the intensified feeling he was getting in his manhood. His hips were tightening and every movement she made made his hips jerk inside of her just a bit! Leon would’ve panted and begun aiding in the process, but still letting her take the reigns of the entire motion. “I can’t…I can’t….i can’t, I’m gonna…ngh…inside!’ Leon was damn near speechless, as he’d let her bounce a few more times, putting his hands underneath her and actually lifting her body up and down th is time around, wanting to make sure every drop he was about to unleash was felt full and true, and sure enough after a few more rough bounces and booty claps, he’d grunt rather loudly, before his cock let loose! The continuous stream of semen begin to fill her womb, each nook and cranny that lay inside of her, through every avalible pathway that was able to be conceived! His cum would’ve begun to leak out of her slowly, as it was  almost as if he couldn’t stop! He came for about 7 seconds straight, letting it pour inside and slowly drain it’s way out. Leon lifted his head up making sure that was all he had before his body would drop, his arms spreading wide, one hanging off of the bed as h e shut his eyes dead to the world. His huffs and puffs loud and exhausting by sound alone as he’d motion to speak, but it was hushed, showing his exhaustion. “C-…cuddle.” He’d wakely nudge her with his hand telling her to come lay beside him, and if she did he’d cascade his arm around her so she could lay on his chest. Leon would eventually clam his breating enough to a point where he could slow down and talk properly. “I’ve missed you…so much. So so so much Domini. If things go the way we want. We can have this for a long time. Across this life, and ten thaousand lifetimes…maybe that’s just the sex talking but…well I haven’t lied to you before and I’m not about to start now. “

Indeed the ride had been hot, and dare Domini say it…Wild…As…Fuck too continuing to put all that she had in to the last few pivots she had in her hips, for her legs were starting to give way to the heighten tension that was building deep inside of her core. Her lavender eyes glancing up just one more time at the pleasure written face of the man in which she’d given herself over to in this fit of heated, renewed moment of passion his cock starting to jerk violently against her once she descends back down to its base his hands latching onto her tight as she rode the wave of their pleasure to its death defying conclusion. The expression on Leon’s face being completely priceless to her eyes feeling his hand practically pulling at her soft milky skin as the sounds of both of them panting and the slapping of skin echoed off every corner of the room. Domini doing every motion from winding to rolling her hips against him to show him the feelings that were in truth not ready to be known by the outside but were oh so strong inside of her every beating heart. Her soft tongue re-wetting her lips as she licks them her body reeling in joy with her nails raking themselves over his thighs. With his head reared back Domini heard a rarity flow yet again for a second time from his tongue, a sign that she completely on point in matters though loosing herself to her own technique. And she reviled in it too.  Her own hips starting to buckle and heave uncontrollably to the point that when she went lower her body down she almost fell and impaling herself completely onto his shaft just as Leon’s hips went to move hasting the urge that lay in his loins to cum inside of her without any hesitation his arms wrapping about her after several more rough bounces while also strengthening her own to do so as well. Unable to control her actions any more the redhead conceded what remained of her control to the one she….and dare even she say it…loved his voice declaring to her that her was going to cum. “Do it L-L-Leon…..I…you.” a part of her sentence falling just short of being heard once several more thrusts were made to her G-Spot causing Domini to say, “Oh dear sweet god…..I’m cum…ming…Leon I’m…!!”  Her mouth frozen in place screaming as her second orgasm of the night rips through her body like lighting would a metal cord once it has been struck while her womb lays siege to his cock spurting away at her unprotected womb for what would seem like hours to Domi but in truth was just several minutes before coming to a halt, the majority of it spewing itself out onto her thighs and the moment she let herself collapse right were she was panting breathlessly for air at the very same time as he did. The results of her not being in her time of conception which was a god send as tonight had indeed been one wild night Domini told herself smiling just letting herself just lay there against him for a moment with her legs dangling aimlessly off the side while the rest of her was either on Leon or the mattress. For she was completely out of it as well as both allowed the silence to reclaim the night after so many endless hours of letting the noise from their love making dominate the room. Leon of course breaking it the moment he asks Domini if she would like to cuddle gesturing with his hand to come lay beside him. An invitation that even on her worst of days she wouldn’t refuse managing to gather what she strength she could in order to carefully withdrawn his almost limp cock from her folds as they both were feeling rather sensitive at the moment, turning over onto her knees, and proceeding to move up his right side before resting her head against his chest as the rest her pretty falls in place beside him snuggling up close once his arm wraps around her. Domini could feel that her roommates were either still at the door fast asleep or in a room getting their freak on with their own significant others either way it suited her just fine just as long as they weren’t still listen in to them, Leon’s voice bringing her back to the subject at hand…Them. “I’ve missed you…so much. So, so, so much Domini. If things go the way we want. We can have this for a long time. Across this life, and ten thousand lifetimes…maybe that’s just the sex talking but…well I haven’t lied to you before and I’m not about to start now.” These words though many but yet so few moved her heart greatly as it was a good sign that she was wise to trust her feelings when it came to the one before her. “I’ve missed you too Leon….more than you’ll ever know. And I have faith that they will” she would chuckle hearing him say that they would be able to transcend lifetimes together the optimism of his heart and their growing affections for one another clear as the sun on spring day. “Lifetimes you say? Well I don’t know about that Leon-chan. How’s about we talk about having a first date, first then we can work towards the rest hmm? And I know exactly where too, there’s a matsuri (Festival) being held in little Tokyo’s half of D2 in honor of those who are participating here at the games. ”

Closing Words & Future HopesEdit

Leon would’ve shaken his head and laughed when she said they talk about that after the first date. She went onto say that there was a festival being held in little Tokyo’s half of D2 in honor of the folks participating in the games. Leon would’ve thought about it for a second. “A festival hm? That does sound rather…heartful. It’ll be nice to undwind. I can’t remember the last time I actually had any kind of real fun to be honest with you.” Leon would close his eyes thinking about how he envisioned an old style Japanese festival. “Yeah…that’d be great. Amazing even. I’d honestly like that better than anything to be frank….” Leon’s voice began to trail off. “Domini…I’m going to get some rest…I’ll peel out in the morning, as I do not wish to…disrespect…you’re roommates…that i…don’t.” Leon’s voice began to trail off at the end of his last sentence as his body demanded he rest at least somewhat. His eyes closed, and his breathing slowed, as his head tilted twoards domini’s direction. His breathing was soft, not even so much as  a snore. Breathing through his nose, the only sound was the occasional hard breathe he take, which was his body way of letting him know he was well off and well taken care off. Leon went to sleep with a small smile upon his face. Glad that things could be like this. Glad he could be here. Glad he could have this again and again if he did things the way he was supposed to. His innocent expression as he lost consciousness stayed there, as he lay in her bed, imaging only thoughts, upon thoughts, about he and her, and how lovely they could be together. The stress that once plagued his mind earlier today starting to ease away and slither into another part of his mind until some other day arrives.

"A festival hm? That does sound rather...heartful. I'll be nice to undwind. I can't remember the last time I actually had any kind of real fun to be honest with you." Domini would hear Leon say her lips parting in a yawn the exhaustion from the night slowly starting to set in for the 19 year old, who used her the hand that laying beside her face on his chest to cover her mouth in a respectable manner befitting a lady. "Mhm...the mayor has asked that we, the Takaguechi give the ceremonial blessing over everyone for victory too. Just like they did in the old days before a great battle. Which means i'll be the presiding over things here and there as the temple's new head priestess but that's towards the end of things so I'll be free until then." She replies smiling at the ideal of the matsuri being like those back in their native home if Japan. SO wild, joyful and full of life with Leon agreeing to having their first date happen there in the mist of the celebration his voice fading some what as he spoke. A sign that indeed the hour was getting late before Domini glanced over his frame in the direction of the digital clock the lay on her nightstand that said that it was almost 3 in the morning. Which made Dom chuckle to herself. No wonder they were tired but honestly she wasn't too upset either as she didn't have any classes in the morning so the beautiful samurai was grateful hearing Leon going on to say that he would cut of at first light not really wishing to disrespect her roommates and such which was a bit contradictory to her to say the least especially after what they'd just done but Domini didn't contest it. Being as tired as she as was and understanding to the logic too of his decision. "I understand, it might be a bit hard for them to swallow that i'm dating a super hero. And Leon, Okaa-san wanted me to tell you this." And as Domini spoke them the voice of the Japanese Empress, Sayuri Asahina would be heard heavily intertwined with the vocals of her own. "Mohaya anata wa Leon Ryōji ga, bushi wa rōninmasen. Deatta mono ni narimashita ukeire, eien ni anata no unmei ni narimasu. ( No longer are you ronin Leon Ryoji, but samurai. Embrace now what has been and forever will be your destiny)." As this was her welcoming Leon into the family whether Domini herself knew it or not and also letting him know that he was no longer a wanderer for he would always have a place to call home. Deep in her daughter's heart. As Domini watched Leon fall into what was in fact a peaceful sleep by the look that was on his face she pondered the possibilities of a million things a woman in love could laying there still wrapped in his arms. Grateful to the Gods that he had come back. Happy that things would be as they were again if not better this time around. And humbled that at end of the day they could always come back to it just begin the two of them. Closing her eyes a bit Domini would take in another deep breath of air listening soundly to the beating track of his heart as she settles in closer to Leon wrapping her own arms around him finally allowing "the sandman" take her off into whay most would call the proverbial land of dreams. The thoughts of a family, their lives together, and other notions dancing around sweetly in her head whilst she lumbered. What had indeed began as just other day at the office for her, had truly just set them both on a new path that quite possibly could become a journey of endless possibilities.

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