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Akira Tetsu: Akuma's eyes would have opened revealing his purple eyes to the world, before sitting upright in the bed the , white sheets sliding of his body as he did showing his muscular body, he'd didn't respond to Moko's question for a while but would have slung his body around so that his feet touch the floor but he just sat there on the side of the bed thinking about recent events::FlashBack:: "Well now Akuma it's been quite sometime since I had to show off a little bit and im must say im quite excited to do so" Balalaika would have said while standing on andandoned dock and behind her a massive Russian naval battleship( ) along with two more naval cruisers( ), and Even further into the sea was a Naval Carrier ( ), from what Akuma could see as he stood there in front of her both of them staring at each other as if they were trying to figure out the others objectives, the tension in the air was intense to say the least but it all disappeared as soon as Akuma smiled and in turn so did Balalaika"Glad You Could Make It Sis" he'd say with a grin on his face"So tell Me will i have The Panthers Asistants on this trip into the flames of hell" Akuma laughed a little"I don't know about assisting you cause you probably won't need it but im sure our paths our going to interwine at some point Sis" "Oh and Before you go you should say Hello To The Black Company all Roberta could do was talk about seeing you agian" she'd say before turning and walking off back towards her ship, Akuma eyes would then shift towards the much smaller torpedo boat( standing there on the deck would have been Roberta who just stood there staring at him before she went down inside the boat, Akuma would just sigh before walking over towards it and stepping onto the boat and his minds was immedatily flooded with memories after a second or two he'd open the hatch and drop down inside the boat where Roberta, Rock, Kagami, and at the helms of the Boat Was a guy he didn't recognize. after a few drinks and catching up they'd get down to bussiness and tell him the plan they and balalaika discussed::Flashback Ended:: Akuma would have stood up off the bed finally"Yeah I'm Coming I'm wanna take a shower before we head out"he yell from their bedroom and with that he'd walk over to his dresser and open the drawers grabbing some clothes and placing tem onto his shoulder before walking into the bathroom closing the door behind him , and when he emege from the bathroom after taking his shower he'd have on a casual white tee shirt which hugged his body tightly, with a pair of black jeans and on his feet was a pair of white gym shoes and with that he'd walk out of the bedroom door and down the steps toward the living room with he'd wait for Moko to leave out-

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Keyth had been within one of the helicarries, on his way to do a mission with one of Densukes groups. He had been keeping himself busy with Heroes inc work, he seemed to like it. Alot more, felt like he had been fighting for something worth fighting for. A good fight if you will. However, something seemed strange. Like something was off, as if the air had shifted and something was looming over his city that he often felt when great wars of the such were well on there way. Or were wars already going on within that demonic city below. He didnt give it much thought, Kin and the others had been holding the fort down well. And he was proud of them, while Densuke and the others were out fighting bigger and bigger threats each and every day. Densuke had been recently thinking of recuriting Akuma for there work, remembering him assisting them with there fight against Mr.Grim all those days back. But never the less. Keyth tilted his head over and out of the window to cast his view over the dark gotham colored city. It was caskated in shadow today, a looming and almost omninous shadow... that seemed to hug the city in its dark embrace.

( ) Kin had been staring out at the city on a roof top of his own as he closed his eyes, allowing the wind to blow past him, his obsidian dark hair shuffling in the wind as he closed his eyes and he imagined Keyomi standing next to him. And then Connor, and then the others who he had lost within the battles of his generation. The Last being Pippa, who he had lost not once, but twice already. He was accustomed to loss now. But it still set him on an uneasy spree. He didnt like thinking that they had died in vein, and he carried something about them every day within himself. " So, this is what you do huh. Heard you've been running with a gang.." Kin turned his attention over to see Turner, his cousin. Turner Lionheart. " Yup... seems like it. " " It's not like you, you know, if you needed money. All you had to do was ask me and Hiro. We could have lent you something from our missions. " " I'd rather not Turner. A strong wolf makes due for his family. " Kin said tilting his head up. " Yeah... but wolves also hunt with there packs. " Turner said to Kin before standing next to him. " Do you feel something... Turner? As if somethings going wrong? " " Everyday... " " No... I feel another war, but something far more vicious. I've been able to sniff out people flooding into the city on what appears to be ships. New scents every day. Nothing gets past this nose i tell yu. " Kin said tapping the tip of his nose. " And I smell death Turner..." Meanwhile, Claymore had still been sitting in his same spot. His eyes closed as he listened to the music that flooded out from his radio ( The music in the link ) As he waited for his company.

Sayu: Once at the top of the stairs the expected mother would move down the hallway with ease her lilac gaze casting themselves upon several doors as she passed them, two of which belonged to her eldest two children of which had both recently moved out on their own and the others were guest rooms for their rather large but loving family. A family she’d come to learn recently that would do anything in the world to protect her and all around her even it meant certain death for them in the end, a thought that was indeed honorable on their end Moko noted but truthfully she didn’t want as she believed that needless sacrifices weren’t necessary when one has planned ahead 30 paces of their foes. “But then again…this is a war…the lives of the few must be lost for the survival of the many…” the Asian beauty thought to herself her hand resting against her unborn, her mind shifting to her own personal agenda which had nothing to do with the pettiness that yet and lies in the streets of Kasaihana as her eyes come to rest upon the oak wood painted door that was entrance to the room that she shared with her husband, Akuma. Placing her free hand upon the makings of the door knob she turns it towards the right before proceeding to push it in past itself frame, inside Tomoko could see that Akuma was Akuma was up and sitting at the edge of their bed despite not having answered her question as of yet. Which only made his wife wager that he was probably lost in thought over his recent meeting with their allies something that she’d wish he’d let go of at least for now while making her way towards her white bamboo craved dressers in order to retrieve a sea green and blue kimono styled maternity shirt she’d gotten while in Shinjuku and pair of stone wash colored maternity jeans from the second and third drawers with a pair of freshly washed white socks before walking towards Akuma in an attempt to place loving kiss onto his lips in order to steal a bit of his attention away from whatever distraction loams so in his mind, utter the words, “Th?ngh¯md cadi khwam r?k k¯hxng c¯h?n khu? ca h¯en (All will be well my love, you’ll see).” To him in her second tongue (Thai) pulling away from him with ease as she moves to strip down to just a dark blue bra and matching panty set in order to get dress having taken her bath upon waking up earlier that morning only to hear her husband tell her that he was coming along before grabbing some clothes from his own dresser, and heading off in the direction of the bathroom only to emerge minutes later fully dressed and ready to go. “Wow that was fast.” She chuckles having barely managed to get her pants over her full figured but pregnant hips but that was only due to her having cut the TV on in order to catch the latest in the news which had become rather tedious over the pass few weeks as one of her men had been found burnt alive a tactic that Moko herself was familiar with when dealing with underlings. But this was a case so severe she need another much older than she to consult with, that other being her grandfather Isato Sonade a yuki-otaku, who confirmed it with the police that a device not of their time had been used on the victim. A thought that actually pleased the alpha as it meant she didn’t have put any chains on the Black Company in hunting who ever did this attack for she knew this wasn’t Triad related and they were the professionals in this matter catching a brief glimpse of what she really wanted to see on the TV which was the world events half of the broadcast. (( )) Almost at once Moko let a cryptic smile cross her lips once the broadcaster announced series of massive bomb attacks and assassinations of various businesses and key people, all of which were apart of the Shao Naio as she tosses her shirt on over her head before heading towards her vanity in order run a quick comb through her long midnight colored mane and motioning it with her hands into a very simple yet elegant bun using a Japanese broach to hold it place. Opting to go barefoot in a pair of sneakers rather than wearing socks she listens on further as the reporter who spoke only fluent mandarin went on to say that the police there were baffled at the violent nature of said attacks as one of the victims, Ji Sun a prominent businessmen (White Paper Fan/Administrator) was found hanged, quartered, and drawn outside of the Red Dragon which was also engulfed in a hellish flame by the time the authorities arrived. Meaning the victim was fastened to something a car perhaps and dragged to the place of execution, where they were hanged, emasculated, disemboweled, beheaded and quartered (chopped into four pieces). Their remains were often displayed in prominent places across the country or as the case were his club and three other places of businesses to serve as a warning that shit was about to get seriously real if they didn’t back the fuck away real soon ( what that shit would have looked like being done). Because unlike those of her Yakuza brethren this bitch didn’t take shits in the same place where she laid her head at every night and her ideals were much bigger than little old Kasaihana. The mother of three surmised softly standing up fully dressed looking into the mirror for a moment utter voice command of  “ Off.” in order to turn the TV off again,  then going for her purse, and heading downstairs to join Akuma quickly giving him a soft smile once at the bottom of the stairs. “Chang was a bit crud in his tactics of paying them back but I think they might have gotten the point that we don’t fuck with identity theft here in the states” She informs him chuckles unaware that he might have heard the whole broadcast from where he was standing as she retrieves keys so that she could lock up the house and release the “hounds” as it were. “So are we flying there or am I driving?”

Kin Tasanagi: Dragon lady. Had been watching the news as well. They had made a few establishments in the city. Mostly under the noses of people but aside from a few fight clubs, and one dance club. The attacks on her property were random to her. She didn't understand , she hadn't attacked anyone. But her emotions didn't falter.  Anger had been an understatement. And the puppeteers plans had been working out lavishly. A slightly taller mad dog stood with dog bite who scanned over the city. " What have you done... I never asked for a full blown war you monster. This is... More then I asked for. " The slightly taller mad dog tilted his head slowly before he stuffed his hands into his tattered and old jacket. " Who gives a damn. I'm doing what was asked of me. What was requested. Do you question my methods ? " Mad Dog said gripping onto dog bite with inhuman strength by his neck. " N-No mad dog! " " Good. Now get out of here. I have matters to attend to. I'm sure king is getting suspicious. You'd better head back there before he finds out. And kills you. ' Mad Dog ' said as he tossed dog bite on the floor. He hit the ground with a hard rebound and simply scurried to his feet running for his life.


" So, if I'm correct. The black glove society and The Maru Jeitai are working together. It's quite impressive how you guys have given the illusion that impending war is coming you have everyone fooled. Judging from the graphs you've given me... There hasn't been any outsiders boarding into Kasaihana under this unknown militant force that's been well on it's way. Impressive Lionheart... " King said leaning back in his seat. He would have hired the Maru Jeitai and The Black glove society , and hinted off to heroes Inc. the impending threat , if there was one. Would get bombarded by the Maru jietai hellicarriers, and the BGS would have killed any spy threats. King was always paranoid. And dishing out 80 million was more then worth the security of his city.

" All apart of the job king. Thanks for paying upfront. My men have taken down all that cross our lines that  aren't under U.S. Military graded , or allied with the U.S. And with heroes for hires assistance on the front , nothing's getting past our defenses. Whatever military threat was coming in to stomp us. Aren't making it to far. The rail guns tear down anything in there paths on that ship. With enough power to blow down a sky scraper with a single ship. " Hiro said in his suit as Turner stood next to him in his MJ armour .

" Good. Let's just continue to give people the impression that a wars going to happen . Creates a level of tension. Districts people. " King said taking a drag of his cigar. " As for the attacks on The Shao Niao. Those belong to I'm assuming the zero branch. It's just a hunch but my men aren't attacking them. It's too well thought out to planned. Too... Structured. I'll handle the issues down here. " Kings brother said before his own brother stepped forward. " What? So what are you going to do!? " King looked back at his brother. Tilting his head to the right before nodding again.

" Nothing... We wait. " 

( )

Akira Tetsu: "Well it would be fast to fly there but i say we drive its been awhile since i've actually riden in a car solets get going shall we oh yeah am i'm driving" he'd say walking out of the house grabbing the keys from a small end table next to the front door as he did. Once outside he press the button on the clicker unlocking the doors to his Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition(( <-- how it looked)), he had the car shipped here from japan a couple years ago but never drove it , the cars been modified with armor plating, bullet proof windows, and the tires contain a gell that seal puntures, the car also has a 1600 horsepowered engine that one would usually find in a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 Mansory Carbonado GT, a car that clocks in its top speed at about 230 miles per hour but the audi won't go as fast due to the plating, so its top spped is about 210 maybe a little over and of course it has all the lastest and up to date electronic's within from, radios, to gps system, and a few exculsive features created by a few friends overall the car was just beast, and on the back window in the left corner would be a little window sticker( <---How the sticker looked) once inside the car Akuma would wait for Moko to get in the passager seat before starting up the car engine the engine roaring to life, and vibrated as it started up which almost made Akuma bust a mental nut as his hands slowly caress the steering wheel moving his hands around it as it is was the most sensitive parts of a womans body while he'd stepped on the petal a few times , and the car responded with a soft but loud rev'ing noise which shook the car ever so slightly, Akuma would then close his eys as he contiuned to move his hands about the car till he'd put the car in reverse pulling out the drive way of course opening his eyes first and driving off down the road before turning towards moko"So which way we headin" he'd say once at a stop light he'd wait for her response before making any nessecery turn and what not and then out of no where he'd get a call on his phone"Answer" he'd say out loud and the phone would automatically answer the call and switch to speaker phone"Well hello there Akuma" "Sup sis" "Well you see there appears to be a helicarrier approaching our ships and im going to assume its not yours" "nope nothig to do with that" "I see, well thank you Akuma you've been a big help bye bye now" and just like that the conversationg was over//Meanwhile over to balalaika// "Boris" "Yes Captain" "see if you can patch me into that helicarrier i would like to speak with them" "yes Captain" boris would then turn around and speak into a bluetooth peice which was in his ear pressing the button on it with his finger"the captain want you to open a broadcasting channel with the helicarrie approaching see f you can gain communication" "Yes Sir" would come in from the other side while Balalaika would have stared out at the docks from the 63third floor of a skyscapper building"So tell me Boris What on your mind your not usually this quiet" "Permission to speak freely captain" "Of course" "Captain why did you not go back to roanapur and leave this to the rest of the men" Blalaika would laugh a bit "What are you kidding me and miss out on all the fun" "Captain we're not young like we used to be" "awh is that what your worried about Boris really you shuld find other things to worry about rather than my age, everything will be fine, we'll only need a short amount of time here to accomplish our task so stop worrying about it" she'd say while looking at him and letting out a smoke cloud while she put out her cigerette, Boris looked as if he wanted to say something else but simply responded with"Yes captain" and the both of them would wait to see if communcation could be established with the helicarrier//Meanwhile back to Akuma and Moko// . if Moko had assisted that she'd drive then he would have sat at the house agrueeing with her about it till she gave in and got in the passagener seat either way though the phone call would have came through his phone-

Sayu: Tomoko would only nod her head agreeing with her husband’s words in regards to driving to Claymore’s,  not desiring to argue with him about the matter as being out in this town as of late was like walking on broken glass. There were very few that she could trust and those that she did knew that Alpha kept an even tighter reigns on them than any one else watching Akuma pick up his keys from the small end table near the door before following him outside in the direction of his car, a German Audi one of which he never really even uses so it made her wonder what the occasion was hearing the car come to life at the press of the button. “So you’re finally going to break her in love?” Moko asks walking towards the passenger side door of the vehicle in order to get it chuckling some what as she took note of how he was treating the steering wheel once he joined her inside of the cab. Now due to her hormones via the pregnancy Moko couldn’t help but let a ping of jealously hitting her lovely face as he treated the car with more attention than herself, a trait she knew that most guys did any how but at the same time it didn’t change how she felt about the matter as she shifts her position in her seat more closely towards the passenger side door once Akuma closes his eyes for a moment still caressing the insides of the vehicle as he’d back the car out of the driveway and reopening them once they were in the clear and on the road. They’d made it as far as the first stop light which was about two blocks away from their home when she’d hear him ask as to which way they were heading to which she replied as casually as she could muster, “Surugo Towers on E. Brooklyn Street but first can we stop by Imagery there’s something I need to get first.” Her tone hinting towards the item that only she, Haizaku, and Claymore knew of and if Akuma were to presumably to ask any more questions she’d reply. “It’s time babe I’ve done my job in keeping it safe for them I even divided the accounts up between them, Keyth of course having control of the master account with Michiko if she wants. After Keyomi’s death I merged her and Kin’s together so he has quiet a nice sum up under his belt. Sora still has his. And two…we owe them this much, without them Sian wouldn’t be…” Tomoko let’s her voice trail off for a moment thinking about the video she’d received from Sian at work, at how happy she was to be with the man she loves and the life she now had the whole while she’d hear her husband carrying on a conversation with none other that Balalaika her self. Something in regards to helicarries on the approach towards her ships that were docked in Naga Piers, another lucrative property that once belonged to the Shiroi Ookami now currently in the possession of the Los Zetas, a Mexican Cartel not known for its kindness towards the authorities hence why it was made private property to begin with, this wasn’t going to go too well for who ever sent them as the whole area was tied to underground base with weaponry that would make the entire US military look like bitches who dropped the soap in a prison shower (Completely fucked haha). Moko waited till the conversation between the two was over to ask, “Trouble at the pier?” If Akuma were to say yes she then would say, “Goes to show just how stupid some people can be, and I’d wager I know just who invited this unwelcomed company too.” She’d laugh shaking her head some as it really tickled her at how easily humans went to jump at the ideal of a battle coming to this city after her conversation with King, word of it spread like wildfire throughout the city just as Reiko predicted it would. It was very amusing to say the very least despite Balalaika ships having been docked at her private piers for close to two weeks now since the attack at the club and no moves being made yet against the Shao Naio here in the city. Yet again Moko didn’t believe in stirring up shit in her town like so many others on a day to day basis under the false pretenses that they were “fixing” the situation. When in truth they were only rubbing more salt into an already festering wound. She’d take the fight directly to them, in their land to see just how the fuck they’d like it for a change. After all unbeknownst to many she’d been at stale mate war with them for the last three years. And this…this was just what she needed to tip the scales completely in her favor knowing full well Akuma would in fact ignore her request to head to Imagery first before heading in the direction towards Claymore’s causing her to pick up the phone and make a call to Xavier and have him retrieve the item in question for her from the desk, leaving him a quick brief message as they arrived at Claymore's place. Tomoko stepping out of the car with a bit of urgency in her feet shutting the door behind her.

Kin Tasanagi: Things were at a stale mate. And everything seemed to be moving at an uneasy steady pace. Before long Akuma and Tomoko would have made it to Claymores residence. He didnt wait for them to actually get out of the car as he opened the door and allowed them entry into his home. " Make sure you have your shoes off at the door. " He wouldn have said to the couple as he hit the switch in the hallway that spaced out into his house. Turning on the air conditioning that hummed lightly in the house. Soon they'd feel the heat embrace them in a wave warmth ( ) " I made sure to make things accomadating for you two. " Claymore said as he stepped into the living room and sitting down infront of the computer at his desk as he typed away at it a few times before closing it sitting it down next to him. " Im glad you two could make it. Wait here, I'll get you something to drink. " He said making his way into the kitchen and pouring them both something to drink with something he had been waiting to use with people very important to him. Pouring it into the cups that were already on the counter top. A very special wine that he's had for quite a long time now. He pour them both a glass before sitting it down infront of them, and then drank some himself out of the bottle. " Cheers. " He said smirking and chugging down his bottle of wine. " You both know... i've been in the game for some time. " Claymore said leaning back in his seat. " I've been a solider, a gangster, a warrior, a killer... all of these things. But... it's time i start to be a father. You two need to think about growing away as well. Look at Keyth and Densuke? Working for a greater cause. Akuma your still running with gangs, Densuke would and could use you. Moko, you need to be in the background... your getting older my child, just like me. And we cant be at this forever. So lets toast... toast to changing our lives. To changing these hard times. Into a better future. "

Sayu: As the door of the residence was opened Tomoko smiled brightly at the old soldier who greeted them as if they were his own children, ushering them in with welcoming arms as both moved to enter the home. Moko herself feeling cool jets of air coming down onto her semi tan skin, greatful for it as it was hot as a bitch outside today. "Thank you Claymore-san for inviting us again, it's been ages since we've had such a pleasure to dine with you. Little comforts are appreciated, believe me." She chimes in turning off the formalities that existed in the work place for something more amongst friends as they walked down the hallway into the living room in order to take a seat on the couch along side her husband. When Claymore mentions getting them something drink, Tomoko quickly interjects "Nothing but water for me thanks." Gesturing to her belly of 5 months before he heads into the kitchen only to return minutes later with a bottle of wine and several cups in hand. Watching Claymore pop the bottle open and pour each of them a glass before following suit with himself raising his in a form of a toast in which she follows suit, staying away from drink as she leans back a bit against the sofa as the elder of the three speak about his ranks through out the years but it was time for him to assume his greatest role yet as a father. Claymore even went on to say that she and Akuma that it was time for them to do the same. Something that she and Akuma had already been discussing since they first learned that Moko was pregnant for a third time. As no one wishes to live this life forever Moko thinks to herself listening on to Claymore speak of her Yakuza brothers and their own separation from the life into the real world her head nodding in agreement to his words as she sits there figuring since they were on the subject that now was no better time than any to tell him. "I understand Claymore,  more over than anyone as to why you desire to leave because its the same reason Akuma and I have decided to retire as well. We both are tired and we've missed so much in our kids lives because of it. And we don't want the same thing to happened with this child, hense why I divided up everything with the others." Tomoko states raises her glass up into the air in as he proposes a toast towards a better future.

Kin Tasanagi: Claymore sat there with his hands infront of him. He had been watching the two of them before a cur broke across his lips that had been beyond anything that claymore could create within his own persona form. The Doors were soon bared down with lazer like bars so they wouldn't be able to escape. The Bars touched every window, every door in the house that surrounded the living room.  And just then a pair of turrent guns would rise out of the table that sat between him and the trio. The coffee table shifted and he held both automatic guns infront of them. " ... I knew she wouldn't take the drink. I'll have to do this the old fashioned way. " 'Claymore ' said as he sat there with the guns in his hands. Three cyborgs stepped out of the shaodws of claymores home as they stood behind Akuma and Tomoko, pressing them both down into the sofa with there superior inhuman strength. " Dont bother using your powers..." Claymore said as he tilted his head to the air vents. " The moment i hit that switch going into his home, it activated the Nullifier... your Omega gene's surpressed to that of a normal man... and a normal woman. " He said as the cyborgs continued to hold them down while he sat infront of the both of them at gun point.

( RECAP FOR THE NULLIFER :  His head tilted high as he made his way down to the nullifer. " So here it is... the weapon that was able to shut down the horsemen in there prime. " He went in, holding up one of the heroes for hires hands up to the hand piece as he caused the lock containing the nullifer to shut down to the finger prints recognition system. " Good... good..." He said dropping the glove and reaching over to snatch up the Nullifer. Mad Dogg had been wearing a digital EMP cloaking device. No signs of him digitally would have been recorded within the system. " The Zone Nullifier..." He said starting to read outloud. " Has been described as "the universe's most devastating weapon." As such, the Zone Nullifier has the ability to completely and utterly eliminate any target the wielder chooses (through locking onto one's omega gene by voice command.), and—if the wielder's mind isn't powerful enough—the Nullifer will reject said person, and fail in terms of usage. In the hands of a being with an extremely powerful intellect, such as Ochigi Ryoji... or this... Michiko Tasanagi, the Zone Nullifier can shrink down anyones power into nothing, surpressing the omega gene to non-existance. Making someone more then human... not even a peak human trait to defend themselves with. While its origins are ancient and were previously unknown, the design was found by Michiko during one of her trips around the world... however the power, was delieverd by an unknown source. And something with this maginitude cant be from my world... this is... something different..."  -> )

" Oh... Allow me to introduce myself, how rude of me..."  The Stealth camo all seaped away and he tilted his hat down for the duo to see him. ( ) " My name is Mad Dog, I am a trained well renownked assassian who's been around since the 1800's. I know who you two are, I had to do a bit of investigating to get more info. But I do know you. And I am flattered. To Meet the both of you. " He said smiling before both of his hands on the turrent guns. " Now... Before I kill the both of you, I'd like to ask you a few questions. You need to cooperate it would be much appricated if you do. You see because your fate is innevitable, death will come. Like it comes for us all. So... My first question. Well, this is a request. I want every name of those you gave your power amongst to Mrs. Tetsu, and I would like to know where you keep the Tasanagi Treasury. Claymore hid it from me. And that angered me. He screamed about his son, and how he was sorry as i killed him, as i ran that chainsaw down his ch-... Ahem, sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself. Where Is the tasanagi treasury. Tell me or I wil find out in more inhumane ways... " How was Mad Dog abe to do this you ask? We'll he's beein using disquises all throughout my time of using him. Using this -> Stealth camouflage, also known as stealth camo or the stealth suit, is an electronic device capable of rendering the user virtually invisible, by bending light around the user. a form of smart camouflage that can, within moments of coming into contact with almost any surface, replicate both its pattern and texture. It applies thermal technology to regulate the temperature of the disguised subject to better blend with the surrounding environment and to evade thermal imaging. Multiple surfaces can be mimicked at the same time, and preset camouflage patterns stored for later use. It was inspired by the mimicking abilities of the octopus, hence its name. It has also given him the abiity to look and appear as others with ease.

Akira Tetsu: As Akuma and his wife walked in hearing claymores request to leave the shoes off at the door which Akuma causally ignored and soon all three of them was, Sitting down cat or had offered him and mojo a drink which Akuma declined"Sorry that shit might as well be water so no point in drinking it if it doesn't get you drunk" he'd say even though it was virtually impossible to get him drunk with any type of alcohol, claymore then went on to give some Hollywood as speech about how its time to retire but then something he said put Akuma on alert, "Akuma your still running with gangs" rang in through his ears and immediately his facial expression became more serious as no one would know about this except for three people within his gang knows who leads it and without getting info from them it'd be impossible for one to know that(so honestly you kinda god-modded there but it all good) , Akuma could hear his wife speaking but his eyes focused on on claymore like a laser and soon after she stopped talking claymore facial expression changed and soon laser bars appeared everywhere blocking all the exits and three robots suddenly came out of no where and began to hold him and his wife down(though I recall you saying during that fight with the horseman when say tried to use the clone in her post you voided it saying there was no prep well sir I soul like to know where the prep was for all this shit cause I missed it but im not gon trip over it since it doesn't matter I guess) claymore would have to turret guns one aimed at him and the other at Moko and soon the man revealed that he wasn't claymore but some dumbass named mad dog who automatically know that Akuma had powers cause of some bullshit rumor from a guy who never seen him do anything with his powers cause he don't use em some how that rumor started who knows but never the less apparently the guy was well prepared but Akuma couldn't lie the guy was getting annoying asking for cooperation in answering some questions and then going on and on about himself like someone gave a rats ass and Akuma found himself almost dozing off in the middle of this guy talk though as soon as mad dog finished, Akuma would simply reach his arm up grabbing onto to the cyborg holding onto him and would sling his arm forward literally throwing the cyborg directly at him with enough force that if connected would send the cyborg and mad dog crashing into the wall"I must Admit I didn't think it was possible to meet someone this stupid by i guess the worlds full of surprises"he'd say before latching onto the head of the the other cyborg and throwing it into the lasers"You okay babe" he'd say extending a hand to help her off the couch. (Now your probably wondering how he can do all this without the omega gene, well its quite a simple explanation, you see keyo, Akuma's abilities don't rely on the omega gene, Akuma was born in the dark hadou realm and he had his powers

Akira Tetsu: When he came to earth he still had them no to mention that he only received the the omega gene when going into the Shinto realm as documented in RP, and he had his abilities before hand, and if proof is needed I will go ahead and get the episodes to prove that, plus the cube nullifies abilities, it can't nullify physical strenghts(speed, agility, etc..) because those are not abilities so there would be no possible way to perform that feet with the cube of your, so there no way foe you to make him human especially since he never was human that being said I can say however that him awakening his elemental abilities could be a result if the omega gene so ill be fair and get rid of those) Akuma would then begin to speak"Azeral how long are you planning on making me wait" he'd say and out of no where a deep and dark voice that sound more like a growl than actual words could be heard"Sorry Master" , suddenly Moko would more than likely feel her body heating up and a red glow would appear on her chest and a beast with flames running down its back and its tail and flames on its paws, would appear in the form of a wolf"Azeral blow this place away" "As you wish Master" Akuma would then grab onto Moko holding her in his arms and bracing himself as a loud and powerful Yelp was heard before the beast emitted a hellishly powerful gust of wind which would have blown the house to pieces as if a tornado hit it(how is it possible for this to happen if he does t have his abilities, you see Moko has been carrying around one of Akuma's familiars within her for a while now I just never used em till now, but because the beast power its own and has nothing to do with Akuma's abilities he can summon him when ever he wants not to mention that the beast powers does not come from omega gene either so that being said you can't  inferred with its abilities either)"Azeral your task is to Protect Tomoko even if it means you die in the process" "As You Wish Master"  Azeral would then walk over to Moko and would literally attempt bite down on the back of her shirt and flick her into the air before catching her on his neck like area ad stepping back away from the area but remained close enough, so basically it was just Akuma, mad dog and the three cyborgs in close proximity to each other if they even survived since mad dog is human he should be pretty fucked up possible broken bones throughout the body if the blast got him which im not sure ow it wouldn't have Akuma would then start rolling his shoulder's"let get this started I haven't got all day" he'd say waiting to see if their even alive-

1 . Claymore , is a family friend , he would have known.

2. The prep has been every rp I've been in with him. Don't  believe me? Read em. When he shot up the club, it was with cyborgs.

3. " Please take note that WITHOUT the omega gene, you cannot have any form of powers, abilites, or peak human traits, it is a universal thing within the YMRP lore. " ->

No one by passes this omega gene rule. Even me. It was able to nullify the powers of the horsemen of the apcolyose your not immune to this. It dwarfed them down to humans. What makes you special from anything and anyone else ? Nothing.  It works Under any circumstances. That makes your whole billy badass act void.  The horsemen weren't from earth either but it worked on them. They had only been exposed to earth for a few hours and the omega had attached to them just enough so that they could be dwarfed . It was how they were defeated Once you enter earth , then you have them. It's like a nuclear diseases , and it's how everyone's powers work , how they grow. How they change and shape. It's the way it's always been. For you to void it for your convince isn't fair to anyone . Kin even isn't from earth but it would effect him. Your argument in terms of this in void. And yes , it states in the nullifier description that it turns those omeg gene users levels to that of a normal human which is below the 50 number in omega gene count. ->  This would make anyone in this rp human. Your of no exception. If you aren't from earth ? Doesn't matter. You get omega gene once you come here and he's been living here for YEARS he's been exposed to hell of a lot of OG. )

Kin Tasanagi: King sat in his office. Seemingly aggravated as watched the stale mate that had been commending before his very eyes. " Hiro your the secret weapon. They get hasty your going in to handle this. " Hiro nodded and watched out from his stand point. Hiro's son Turner had made it to the shore line with the 20 Meta Humans on the beach . They were waiting patiently. And the BGS continued there pursuit for any stragglers in the city. If they hadn't been killed yet then they were well on there way in what had been secret spy vs spy tactics.  As kin continued to work himself out on the roof top he'd pull away for a brief moment to see none other then brick fly in to greet him. " Training hard I see. " " You as well. I see your government trash now. Poster boy for all high level omega gene people. " Kin said pulling his tank top over his shoulder. " Seems that way. I kind of like it. You know the attention and all. " " Your a sell out. I've seen your interviews. How badly you want to go along with the registration . campaign. You should stop while your ahead , things are just going to get difficult.  " " In case you forgot Tasanagi. I defeated the horsemen. " " Yeah? Because everyone else Involved didn't help too? What about Hiro , Connor , sian , michiko , Ochigi ? All of those who stood up , all the people who died. "  Brick crossed his arms as he stood in his flames over state with a smirk on his face. " They just got in the way. Shoulda let the real heroes take care of it. " Kin turned his attention to him and , anger blazing over him . A shred of blue exploded over as his aura coated him. "Your just a sell out brick. " brick spat on the ground , and it molted over the cement roof top as he turned his attention back to kin. " Im going to make you regret talking to the savior of Kasaihana city that way. " Kin stood un phased to his threat as he got down into his stance. Tearing the chains on his weights off and wrapping them around his hands. Then freezing his fist over in his arctic ice. So they'd be Iced over blunt boxing gloves. " Come then... "


Mad Dog sat there with a light scowl on his face. As he looked up at the androids holding them down by there shoulders. " There LMC's life model copies. Each of them programmed to think , act , speak , recall, eat , have sex , like me. "  " A Life Model Copy (or LMC for short) is a Copy Corp designed robot that duplicates all outward aspects of a living person. The owner can see through, speak through, and control everything the Life Model Decoy does. It is designed to function as an exact body double for VIPs, they were made during the cybernetic age but has been disbanded since. However Sector Free Mason , had always had them within our inventory. I took them on my way out. Their design is such that they mimic the subject's outer appearance (i.e., fingerprints, hair, all details of the skin), speech patterns, scent, iris and retina patterns, body language, thought patterns (to fool telepaths), and any other biological indicators. Aside from any invasive procedure or strong EMP, they are indistinguishable from the original. People have used them before. But well.. I've been given a great sum of money to make use of them. And like me. They can change there Apperance. Imagine being everyone , and everywhere. " Mad Dog said as he gripped tightly to the turret gun grips. The bulletin shield were 50 cal. With hallow tip points. It'd blow them to bits if he wanted too. ( ) Watching Akuma attempt at tossing the cyborg would have been funny. His super human strength would have been dwarfed to a normal man. Without hesitation , Mad Dog would have fired a 50 cal bullet that caused Akuma's head to shatter like a watermelon getting smashed on the concrete. The erupted with a loud Ka-Thow !  The blood would have blasted against the wall. Leaving his body limp once and if it connected. The left turrent smoking out of the Barrol. " Nothing's better then a bullet... " he said turning his attention to Tomoko. " Let that be a lesson to you... And I was gonna give you a moment to call your children first. Shame shame.. "

Akira Tetsu: (well you see keyo you say that I shouldn't be able to get around that just cause its convince which im not doing I just gave you reasons why and how can it turn something human thats not human in the first place secondly you say its convince for me to get around it but isn't I the same in your case since you suddenly decided to make this omega gene nullifier bullshit not that I really care but it could be seen as covince to you too secondly prep in previous episode you say well show me the episode where Mad Dog went into claymores house set up lasers and hid cyborgs around the place and what switch did he flip cause it said he flipped the switch when he first came in but in your previous post I don't see anything about him turning on a switch for this nullifier to start up , ad you say no one gets around this but if I recall correctly wasn't Pallas such a case where he got around it so what him so special I mean like I said im not even tripping over it really but if you gonna come up with this reasoning and what not I would at least like a legit one not you saying it turns it does this simply because it does this which is basically what your giving me as far as why it makes him human when he is not human, how does it make him weak as a human when he was already above a human at birth and even with that it and again I'd like to see the episode where they setup this trap for them since you say all of it was prepared in another episode)

Kin Tasanagi: ( there wasn't an expiside that prepped the abduction of Claymores home. The prep was however in terms of the cyborgs , and the time he's had to investigate , integrate , and use his money to do what he's done. When he got the 25 million ? That was his prep.

And like I said the horsemen weren't human. One of em was from the dark zone , where the ymrp made Killian race resided. Yet it still dwarfed them to the point of being human.

Like I said I once your on earth your exposed to the omega gene. It's everywhere and all the time. And once your here , then you basically thrown into the omega gene scaler set up. Your powers, everyone's powers , are scaled on this scaler due to everyone being exposed to omega gene.

Like ok , you said Akuma's not from earth ? And he was never human , so how is he dwarfed to human power ? Well I'm simply going off the way if was used against the horsemen. They weren't human but were dwarfed to that of the power of normal men and women. The nullifier surpresses the omega genes within someone to that below the 50 scale. I'm repeating myself now.

As for Pallas , no he was never immune to this. I planned on using it against him at some point.

And I didn't make this nullifier randomly , it used for a plot device . I did everything , all the steps to obtain it. Took me almost a month to do it. )

Sayu: ( ) Tomoko had always been one to pay very close attention to her surroundings even when those around her did not, so it came as no surprise to her that upon entering the residence that something foul was about to go down. For one Aggie, Claymore’s love for countless years wasn’t any where to be found within the residence which of course for Moko raised an immediate red flag in her mind as the 50 or older woman always would step out from where ever she was in the home to greet her guests. A habit Moko suspected years ago that had come from a very strict rearing in her childhood home either way she’d always looked forward to seeing the smile woman’s face upon her visits here. The second sign that the kitchen was spotless, there wasn’t a dirty dish in sight nor were there any aromas of a down home southern meal blazing away from the door way once she herself got close enough towards it. And the third sign was that though faint in its nature, Tomoko could smell the scent of blood clinging itself passionately around the form of the person who she believed was her mentor, ‘Claymore’ this action of course being a basic survival skill that ALL onis have equipped into them from birth to help them sense danger before it happens. But now she was grateful that the imposter, who’d revealed himself so stupidly to be his murder this made things a bit easier for her as she continues to sit back looking at him bather on about the device he’d switched on in order to render her and her husband ‘human’ as it were as she allows herself to smile in his once the windows and doors were barred, and all the guns and cyborgs came out from their hiding places. Keeping her eyes lowered while listening to Mad Dogg introduced himself and then give his soliloquy of who he is, the investigating he’s done into them, and so forth while he sits in front of her with a gun in hand, Moko twirls the glass she holds her in hand a bit the distilled poison inside of it swirling itself indiscriminately as she doesn’t allow her captor to see her eyes. To Moko this shit was too unreal for words as she turns her head in the direction of her lover speaking in her step-mother’s tongue (thai), “S¯ìng thi` ngi` ngèa …” she would say in a tone so low that only Akuma would be able to hear laughing a bit allowing her agile neck to crane itself upwards fully her lashes giving Mad Dogg a full view of her eyes stating calmly, “Human…you say tch I was never human to begin with as to my powers, I never even use them outside of my training so this thing of yours serves no purpose to me.” As she sits her inhuman gaze not really giving a damn at all here and only half listening to the questions in that Mad Dogg is asking all the while activating the nanites that were placed into her body by Keyth all those many years ago when she joined the Arasumaru then later on modified to a substantially higher level of technology by none other that Haizaku himself to contact another but not for help, oh no for another reason all together as she knew that if he caught scent of her being danger he that he would come running to her aid and Tomoko couldn’t chance that…not while her final mission as one of the last surviving members of parent clan was still incomplete. She only hoped that by now he’d retrieved the item in which the person before her was interested in watching her husband’s reaction to the whole situation never once flinching to the whole matter because of just how cold hearted her nature could be at times. “The names of my business partners…I am sorry but I’m afraid they’ll been the ones to introduce themselves to you. If you wish to kill me then by all means, I’ve beaten and tortured by the worst and the best but as I just said, I’m tired. So if it’s my time to go then…adios.” Moko states with no attitude in tow pausing only to hear Mad Dogg speak of what really happened to Claymore but given that he’d brought her up to show no fear in the face her adversary she didn’t let herself feel any kind of sadness towards his lost at least not in the presence of one who sat in front her, so it would appear to Mad Dogg that he was just another dead man to her nothing more as silently spoke to Xavier mentally in regards to what needed to be done now that it appeared that would die or worst. But never once did she stir away from her normal behavioral patterns whilst doing this keeping the conversation along with her instructions simple and sweet before addressing Mad Dogg again, “By now I’d wager it’s in the hands of Kin Tasanagi, the Kagemaru’s rightful heir.” She’d look to wrist at the simple watch adjusting the dial for a moment really not taking in anything more with her eyes but the time as she’d seen enough. Using her fingers to tap onto the screen for second as if to ponder if it was working or not but in truth it was message of Morse code being sent to Balalaika’s ship giving orders for the Los Zetas to prepare a very special present for her and Akuma’s host with details and all before lowering her arm first and then eyes in preparation to take the bullet that lodge in the chamber of his gun without any hesitation or remorse for she knew that the child within her was just a pounds in weight therefore its survival chance outside of the womb now was zero to none even with neonatal care therefore if she died so would it….. And ironically it brought her peace to know this. (Twisted ain’t she) <c>

Sayu: Meanwhile…..

( ) Xavier, alias for Mashira of the Shiroi Ookami’s private army the Dai Li stood on the roof top of Imagery Corp with over zealous smile on his face almost completely out of breath from having procured what his Lady had asked him to get the muscles of his neck tense up some what as he jerks his head back only to have amber orbs cast themselves upon his pursuers a dark rich tenor like laugh letting itself off from his throat as one of the men declared, “There he goes, after him!!” “You won’t get away so easy!!” “You fucks have no ideal how easy that was haha.” Mashira would laugh letting them see his rugged wolf like appearance as he wore a black jean vest and a pair of ruggedly worn jeans that like as if they’d been torn on several occasions ( what he looked like ) racing towards the eastern most side the building the moment he spotted the men going for their guns all in the attempts to shoot him down, this of course prompting the young looking male of 30 put more force into his legs in order to kick in the ability of inhuman speed enabling him to dodge each bullet in the frame in less that 2 seconds before making a b-line jump into the air upon reaching a ledge. Making it appear to those that were below him as if he were flying through the air when in truth he was only going two building over in order to gain some distance from his attackers who were still firing away at a non-existent blur that lay before them while Mashira himself was almost half way through town. Being sure to keep the alley ways and buildings of course to avoid being seen. As being a member of the elite guard didn’t come with the luxuries of being seen or known unless the clan’s kaicho wanted you to be or you were the intended target. Like so many of Dai Li, Mashira was discovered during the Venom Drug outbreak in D1 several months back. Most were originally humans who either mutated into something more like himself or who’s then current abilities became rapidly enhanced or morphed  almost over night, it indeed something sparked Tomoko’s interest rather quickly once Akuma came into possession of the drug quite by accident during one his run ins with a regular. So much that she came to the district in order to see it for herself after having its properties analysis by her team at Kiryu Labs from there it was pretty much history. Lycan  male thought fondly to himself remembering when first met her and how kind she was to him despite his appearance and strange gifts. It was that kindness that he swore he’d protect to his dying breath if given the chance to be of service to her. And some how he did as it seemed Mashira stood out the most next to three others in the eyes of their lady being that he was former Maru Jeitai officer himself with expertise in field and ops training. Taking him in she’d given him a ‘normal’ life in addition to making him the one of the many jewels in her crown of power. The mental image of Tomoko Tetsu smiling softly to him locked in forever in his mind as he continues to move stopping one the dime upon reaching the top of a building due to smell of danger in the air which seemingly was coming from the direction of Claymore’s apartment which was only several blocks away from where he stood “The lady is danger, I must g…” he immediately thought to himself turning upon his heels in order to head in that direction but Tomoko’s voice inside of the frontal and temporal lobes of his mind would ring out loud and clear to him. “Mashira stay your course.” For a moment the male would look around as if to wonder where the location of this voice was coming from as there was no one there with him at his currently location so something must be up. But again he would hear his Lady speaking to him, “I am speaking with you through your mind through nanites that had embedded into your body much like they were done to my own and I fear my time is short, did you find the box.” “Yes madam, I did. Are you and Lord Akuma alright?” “We…are…Claymore is dead and I fear we’re next…the one who hunts us is Mad Dogg and he wants the box.” “What does my Alpha wish of me?” “Let loose your cry (basically howl) into the sky Mashira call for the one known as Kin Tasanagi if he will hear you he will find you and give him his message for me.” What followed next were words that even the elder wolf couldn’t believe but with the words, “I understand.” Being spoken Tomoko ended their link. Mashira would look down for a moment his heart heavy at the words that had just been spoken to him as he took at step off the building then rebounded himself upwards into the heavens allowing his body to shift contorting itself allowing with every muscle and bone inside of it so that he stood no longer at the height of normal man but at 7’4 completely covered in dark brown fur with tattered pants on as his landing on another structure. Allowing the muscles at his neck to tense he throws his head back exposing his chest to the heavens which thanks to the drug emerges from his chest in shape of a full wolf’s head snout and all in order for his own lips and that of the mutation’s let out a blood curdling howl in the middle of the day ( ). In it a message that only Kin himself would be able to understand as it was a call to him and him alone and if heard by him it would tell him to come to New Brooklyn Bay Bridge as was a matter of urgency from Moko. A name that even Moko herself hopes to god herself that Kin would remember from his childhood as she sits there in Claymore’s apartment waiting to bite the literally bullet her ears hearing the howls of her man, Mashira. <e>

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Kin towered over the beaten body of Brick who lie limp at his feet. Kin's hands were smoking and Brick had been literaly beaten out of his Blazed over form. A bloody mess. " but... I have the power of the horsemen..." brick said with crushed ribs that pressed into his lungs, blood flowing from his lips as he was knocking on mr.Sand mans's door. He wasn't gonna die, but he was beaten bloody thats for sure. Kin panted, in his half wolf form as he slowly began to shift back to normal before tilting his head up. " Despite that power, if you dont know how to use power, if you dont know how to control it, then your weak... " Kin said towering over Brick. " You think your light... but your just trapped in darkness, and its drove you insane to the point you think you know of the light, but your a fool. In order to protect the light, you must first know the darkness... and always be strong within the darkness. " Kin spoke down to his beaten rival, and Brick got a light flash back of Keyome Tasanagi. " Y-You... Your just like him..." He said going unconcious. Kin sighed a sigh of relief before he turned his head over to the right hearing the howl of something in similar nature as himself.  But he already gotten scent of it the moment it shifted into it's own bestial form. Kin's nostrils flared. It smelled like him, but... altered. Different, shifted, changed. He tilted his up and then his ears perked as he listened out to the howl. And he raced over to where he would have assumed he heard it. " .... The hells that..." kin said blasting off into the air, and landing on another building before he raced forward and towards the noise.

( ) Mad Dog still waiting paitently after the shot had been made. " So... your wasting time at this point. " He said leaning back in his seat. He would have recorded this, one of his clones coming around the corner with a camera as it began to record the two of them, the powerful yet dead Akuma, and the soon to be dead Tomoko. " Something for the kids you know. " Mad dog said as he tilted his hat down to hide his face. " Snap her neck. " He demanded, and once and if the Cyborg complied, it would have jerked her head to the left violently with a loud crack that echoed throughout the room. And Just then Keyth's eyes would have sore open as he shot up from his seat on the Helicarrier He turned to the right and then to the left as he stood out of the hellicarriers doors and stared out at the sea. Something... felt off. And it felt wrong. ".... Honey Badager, you alright? " Said one of the Heroes Inc soiders , walking up to greet Keyth. And Keyth woud have turned his head out to Kasaihana city and gulped. " Yeah... just... something felt off. Like something in me just broke..." He said gripping onto his chest as he sat up with a scowl on his face. ".... "
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