Cleopatra watched as the battle finished and silently walked over to Jackie. She placed an apologetic hand on his shoulder. "Come," she beckoned in a whisper. Soon she would began to murmur incantations in a low voice, for she had plans for them both. Using the powers granted to her by the afterlife, the goddess took a deep breath. Suddenly the walls of the temple began to change and shit around them. She was taking them somewhere, it was a private room. A room safe from wandering eyes and omnipotent minds. The one place Anubis could not reach her -- The Inner Chambers. Cleopatra slid her hand from his shoulder and walked on the padded floor, she looked upon his face, "I know that your hope was just dashed against the rocks," Her tone was a bit sullen and sympathetic. She reached a hand out to place it on his injured shoulder and began to mend what was hurt. " I do have another way for you to get what it is that you desire . . . Serizawa, but first . . . " As she spoke, she healed his injuries. Now, placing her other hand on his other shoulder, she moved in closer and stared up at him past leaden lids. Her chin tilted upwards as their lips faintly had, but inches between them. Her breath was warm on his lips, " You must ly with me . . . " Her dark eyes peering up at him, Cleopatra closed all space between  herself and his body . . . Her curves and contours lining against him. If he would only, but do this one thing . . .

Hearing Cleo words Jackie's eyes opened he hasn't had sexual acts with anyone the closet he got was just making out with Arisu but he had never had sex. His body breaking once he caught an glimpse of Celo's eyes he could tell her body was undeniable but he still fought his pride not letting him, lose control but a side of him wanted too he needed to to live again to take care of Max and Velvet. But what really puzzled him was, was he doing this for them or was he doing it for his uncontrollable lust after he received the mark he became more lustful than he used to be. " Fine, Celo but no games.." Once he gave the okay he felt the mark possessing him again, but he still had control and out of his natural reaction he pressed his lips against the queen of the underworld. In between kisses Jackie personity kinda shifted this was defiantly the marks doing as in between kisses he would speak " Dont get confused this isn't love.... It's only lust.." He then took control as he slowly backed her on the bed rail he began to slip her some tongue if she would too their tongues would dance around each other

Using his right hand to hold on to the back of her head he tilted his head a bit as he next began to explore her mouth with his tongue his covetousness for Celo was going off the charts, she didn't belong to him but he knew how much of a dick Anubis was so he thought it would be fair to give Celo something her man couldn't give her. Leaning away from the kiss for an short second Jackie would quickly spit into the mouth of Celo before going back at it, his appetence growing by the second. As his right hand was busy Jackie placed his left hand back and forth near the edge of her top before he sneaks his hand underneath her top. As his hand lifts up her shirt the more he pushes it in, his hand cups her breast. On the touch of her soft round breast Jackie began to use his fingers toy with her nipple. ()

Cleopatra smiled softly as she leaned back, gesturing with a finger for him to come even closer between the kisses. The lust swelled up within her loins and she couldn't take just being a bystander anymore. So many years without the touch of her husband has completely caused her to want more than to just be a watcher. Her hands gently caressed all over his arms and chest while her back came to rest against the bed. Cleopatra's hair fanned out against the bed and she stared up at him as if she were looking directly into his very soul. The looks of this man, every muscular curvature and the feel of his tongue against her own validated her own adulterous intent. With the smile, she reached down, grabbing the rim of his pants and pulling them before she raised her legs and wrapped them around his body. Her tongue slid from her plump and pink lips into his mouth for a bit before niping at his lips softly and seductively. Her tongue slowly trailed down the side of his mouth, to his jaw and then trailed down his neck to his collarbone where she nibbled only for a moment before she spoke. "Lust or not... I just want you now... and I don't care how, Mr Serizawa." Cleopatra's lips curled in a promising smirk. Her body was finally getting what it definitely deserved.

Once Cleo had placed her legs around Jackie's waist he quickly placed both of his hands under her keeping her in balance with him as his lips never left hers. All those words she were speaking didn't effect Jackie in any way seeing he was lost in his own world all he knew at this moment was lust. After taking it for as long as his body would allow him too, Jackie quickly moves his body up for a few seconds as he lowers Cleo onto the bed, while still having her legs crossed around him he rolled with her on the bed switching her to be above him. Now looking up to Cleo Jackie didn't give Cleo the respect of giving her eye contact he just moved his eyes every chance they would be eye contact this was because he didn't love her and didn't think he needed to give her this much effection. Raising his hands towards Cleo top Jackie would lower her top below the base of her plump breast.It was Jackie first time dealing with breast, Jackie would open his mouth, hovering it over her breast, his tongue emerged and he used it to pull the bulk of her tit by her nipple into his mouth in a powerful suction. Sucking on her double D's, while bobing his head around, in a suck and slurp rotation, that would quickly follow up with him switching to the next one.( As this was going on Jackie hands began to explore down Cleo's curves as he reached her perfectly round ass Jackie used his right hand to give her left cheek a nice slap, the sounds of Jackie spanking Cleo's ass was echoing throughout the empty room they laid in. She let out a lusty sigh, throwing her head back as the contact of his hand stung on her round, voluptuous ------. Her mind was thrown into frenzy, running in circles as the attention she had craved for ------ was finally given upon her, ever so rigorously. She threw her head back, her lips curling into a pleased smile as her slender, dainty hands made their way up his chest and onto his shoulders. She wanted more, and more she would indeed have-- for her hips would begin to grind rhythmically against his hardening bulge to suit her own desires. More and more, her movements would increase in speed as she threw her head back once more, indulging in the heated sensation of lust between them. Her fingers spread out onto his neck-- into his hair, slightly fidgeting as her moans grew in volume and ardor.

Observing Cleopatar's as her hips started to grind against Jackie's harding bulge, the Serizawa himself laid his head against the pillow his hands now gripping her waist as she moved rhythmically. This caused Jackie's cock to enlarge inside his pants it became so hard that each grind Cleo performed she could feel his rock hard dick rub against her clit. --- Ah.., How could anyone resit this god like being- Jackie asked himself in his head as he knew he was falling victim to Cleo's trance of her perfect body that she used on many men. Leaning his head upwards towards her beautiful busty breast Jackie once again wrapped his tender lips around her nipples and begun to use his tongue to swirl around the outside ring of her nipple, as he started he also began to suck on it wildly, a lines of salvia would began to trail down from her tits as Jackie sucked. He than began dragggin the tip of his tongue down her stomach, leaving a shimmerly little saliva trail , As he moved down he motioned her to remove her legs that was wrapped around his waist as she would Jackie tongue would stop at her belly button. It only took a couple of seconds before he roughly pushed Cleo back on the bed, using his right hand to pin her their as his left hand began to unbuckle his pants. As his pants dropped Cleo would now be face to face with Jackie's long length ---- “I think its time to shut that mouth of yours… but it'll be shut around my dick.--- As he spoke Jackie climbed on top of Cleo he than pushed his dick between her breasts and started to tit-fuck her. 

What an eager young man you are..." Cleo cooed, chuckling as she outstretched her dark tan, slender arms and wrapped them around her bosom. She squeezed and pushed them together as he had his way, tightening the space in between her breast and giving a bit of resistence to his thrusting. She smiled, mischievously, as she looked down at his member peeking through her chest. Her mouth opened and she let out her tongue, meeting the tip of his length with the warm wetness of her mouth. Through half-lit eyes, she looked up at him, once more, to catch eye-contact and the respect she also wanted.   Seeing Cleo begging for eye contact Jackie smirked as he locked eyes on her his cock between her busty breast felt amazing seeing Jackie had never felt anything like this before, as she was pressing her breast against his cock, Jackie grabbed the back of her head and forced his dick into her mouth. Causing her to gag as she would taste his cum as he forced himself deep into her throat, fully hilting himself in her mouth. He pulled out briefly, before starting a regular thrusting into her mouth, pulling her head towards him each thrust, almost choking her. This was giving Jackie the drive he needed the mark fully taking control of his will as his cock ransacked Cleo's mouth the Sky god himself would tilt his head up before realsing an wave of fire from his mouth causing the room to become a bit hot now, but as he realsed the flames he had came for the first time having his hot steamy cum fill the thoart of Cleo.(  )As he pulled out from her mouth the mess he made with her an evil girm would now firm on his face as he spoke " I think i'll like a little taste of your insides now."When he rammed his member far into her throat, it caught Cleo off guard, as rare it were for her. She began to gag and her saliva lubricated him, causing his movements to become more fluid with each rampant thrust. It knocked at the back of her throat forcefully, but she quickly gained control of her reflexes and used her tongue to her advantage, pressing it against the side of his cock until she felt he was about to cum. His warm seed filled her mouth, much to the point where it began to trickle down her throat involuntarily. She patiently waited until he pulled himself away and returned his cheeky grin, swallowing the mouthful. The goddess licked her lips clean, swallowed once more, and opened her mouth to show that his cum was no longer there. Smiling, she scoot farther up towards the wall and propper herself against it, crossing her long, silken legs and beckoning Jackie with her finger once more. 

As she opened her mouth to show she swallowed every last bit of his cum , Jackie would take Cleo by her waist before yanking her towards him. He opened her legs before leaning in between her legs slowly as he would then slide his two fingers into her pussy as he began to rub slowly. Leveling his Fingers at her pussy as he began to rub the head of her entrance for a moment, before inserting his two fingers inside her he at first began to tease her as he wiggled his fingers around. Until he grew a smirk as he began to thrust his fingers inside her at a steady pace. His smirk began to grow as Jackie enchanted his two fingers with his chi allowing his fingers to now Generate Electricity, this not only caused Cleo to fill a few volts throughout her body as his fingers began to speed up going deeper each thrust, his finger began to make an loud echoing nosie throughout their room "CLACK CLACK CLACK!!" Was the sound of Jackie's fingers going to work inside her pussy hoping to made her cum with his finger Jackie would quickly remove his finger as he lowered his head between her legs as he began to lick the entrance of her clit making it wet then he would then add tongue as he began to slurp on Cleo's juices not leaving a drop. His tongue was also generating electricity with each slurp he did Cleo's body would go into a deep shock causing her juices to rain out her pussy.

She grabbed the sheets of the bed he had laid her down on, her moans echoing throuhout the room as his electrifying touch intensified the amount of pleasure she was feeling. Her body began to tremble, almost wanting to give into the warmth of his mouth and skill of his tongue, but she refused to let up so easy. She placed her right foot onto his shoulder, pushing him away from her wetness as she then began to sit up. Cleo murmurred incantations whislt staring at him, and he soon found himself bound to an invisible force, unable to move himself around. Cleo touched herself for a few moments, making sure that he was watching, keeping an eye on his length that had continuously grew in length for the past few moments. Now, with all the time in the world, it was just a matter of figuring out what to do with the young man next. She then smirked, slowly crawling over towards Jackie as if she were a lioness on the prowl. Her full hips swung side to side as she neared closer, giving him full view of her back. She then stood on her knees, forcing him to sit upright on the bed as she placed herself on his lap, stroking his member with her hands again. "Someone was a little too eager and displeased me...

It's time for my fun, now." Cleo placed his shaft at the entrance to her womb, delighting in its hot and passionate touch. She slowly brought herself down, exhaling in appeasement as he furthered up inside her, then proceeding to fuck him by bringing her body up and down his shaft with her powerful hips. The goddess wailed in excitement, throwing her head back as she felt her juices lubricate him once more, making the dirty, wet noises echo throughout the room as she had her way with him. Cleopatra was in desperate need of this and she finally had her hands on it.

Once Jackie couldn't move he watched Cleo crawl towards his long shaft she used her magic to forbid Jackie from moving his body it seemed she wanted to take control now. As she stroked his cock Jackie bit his bottom lip as he was bearing her touter she kept him bounded to tease the young Serizawa, "ah.ah.." Jackie begun to breath heavy once she slide his cock inside her pussy as she rocked her hips to his cock Jackie felt an amazing rush he felt the need to grab on to her or to something but he couldn't due to her magic this caused him to bit harder on his lip til he bled. His body jolted with ecstasy as he entered her. The walls of her pussy tightening around on his cock was amazing. Hearing her moan was like punishment for Jackie as it made him want to take control when he couldn't, His cock was like a lightning rod as it send jolts of ecstasy into her body. Her body bouncing up and down on his large cock was amazing."Fuck.. I cant take this.." Jackie groaned out as he began to fight against her magic his mark now glowing deep red and before she knew it Jackie latched onto her hips, if Cleo looked into her eyes she could see the eyes of a beast about to feed as he totally took control. . He thrust fully into her, grabbing her ass and pulling her towards him, trying to get deeper into her velvet insides. As he picked her up off of the bed and slammed her against the bed causing the bed to shatter on impact, keeping her legs off of the ground as he pinned her, still shooting deep into her pussy.He pushed past the resistance of her walls, and deep inside her. her pussy walls clamping around his dick, causing him to cum again, his semen was dripping from her pussy, mixed with her own juices, and dripping down her leg

Once again, the young man caught her off guard with the sudden movement. It his her like a train and she screamed in ecstasy, already feeling her insides contract and tighten as she immediately entered the orgasm she had fought off earlier. This man was too much, but then again nothing was too much for her. She kept screaming in sheer pleasure as he had his way, the force of his thrusting pressing up against her clit lighting her inner fire to a passionate blaze. Before she knew it, he had already came again and she felt it gushing through, filling her womb with the warm seed. However, Cleo was far from done. "You know what would make this even better..?" She asked him in her ever sultry voice, intensely staring at him with her dark and lustful eyes. "Maybe you can bring me another of you... One simply isn't enough." Cleo pulled herself away from him and whined, gently swaying her ass in the air as she watched him, waiting for a reaction. Her back was arched as she stood there on all fours, gently massaging her clit as she grew impatient. "You don't want to displease me again, Jackie..." 

As he heard her speak Jackie smirked before using his Mark to summon one of his paths in front of Celo while Jackie stood behind her, The path was a splitting image of Jackie himself he looked down to the sub with an delvish grin as Jackie grabbed her by her hair brining her face near his harden cock as he said " Im going to do what ever I want with you, Understand?" Jackie said in a cold tone before summoning five more people around Cleo who also looked like Jackie there long lengths surrounding her in all sides. Slapping her with a bit of force Jackie would grab the back of her head and forced his dick into her mouth. Causing her to gag as she would taste his cum as he forced himself deep into her throat, fully hilting himself in her mouth. 

He pulled out briefly, before starting a regular thrusting into her mouth, pulling her head towards him each thrust,choking her. " You little cunt you like getting that face of yours fucked?" Jackie said before tossing her towards the next path who was a bit more built than Jackie when he got his turn he held on to her hair very roughly using her as a rag doll as he faced fucked her as well. This cycle began to repeat over and over Cleo getting filled up by every cock in the room. Each thrust, as she felt him slide into her throat, and his balls slap against her chin. Each time they pulled out a trail of spit would cover her breast. Yanking her towards him by her hair once again Jackie would began to slap her across the face with his cock before slapping her lips with it if she tried to take his cock in her mouth he would slap her, he wanted her to know that he had control now and if she wanted it she was going to have to beg.

With each mouthful of cock, her eyes started to tear in pain as they violently thrust into her throat. She had lost every aspect of control thanks to her no good husband, but there was a sick and twisted love for this form of mistreatment. She took in one mouthful to the next, not even getting a chance to swallow the previous load. Her body would sweat with each man she took, all sorts of fluids dripping down her body and legs. Cleo's head was raw from her hair being pulled, throbbing painfully as she was forced to look up at each Jackie that fucked her mouth. Finally, the last one came along and slapped her repeatedly every time she tried to please him. She sat there, panting like a bitch, mind all in a frenzy and room spinning in circles. The goddess was dumbfounded-- she looked absolutely humiliated as her lust consumed her, her hands venturing down her stomach and meeting her pussy with excitement. Cleo sat there, rigorously playing with herself as she cried out for more attention, forgetting who she was in that moment. There, at that time, she was their bitch, and nothing more. 

Seeing her facial expression Jackie pulled her towards him before bending her down before him he pushed himself between them, leveling his dick at her ass hole. He rubbed the head of it at her entrance for a moment, before thrusting his entire length into her soft hole, making her moan loudly. he started to thrust, gently at first but quickly speeding up the pace. He groaned slightly as he felt her tightening around him, slowing his thrusting. But as this was going on one of the paths would come in front of Cleo before shoving his cock down her thoart as Jackie was fucking her from behind as they both began to fuck her in rhythm two more of the paths came towards her as they allowed her to give them hand jobs while she was getting fucked another path coming from below as he shoved his cock into her pussy. Each member block all of her holes with their long length, as this continued Jackie would give out an loud howl before cumming inside her ass hole and after Jackie was his other paths realsing themselves on her, leaving her burried their cum. As Jackie came he fell back on the bed panting hard as his mark glow faded away so did his paths leaving Cleo in a state of shock as her whole body would be filled up with his cum.

As her mind was slowly coming back down from her high, she attempted to get up from the ground, her head hanging off her shoulders. Cleo was still breathing heavily, trying to bring herself back to her intimidating compsure, but however failed. She collapsed back onto the ground, her arms reaching down and carressing her nethers as they still quivered with excitement, tingling with the fleeting previous moment's passion. A time like this was sure to be forever singed in her memory, for she wasn't going to be able to continue existing in the afterlife without thinking of that very moment. 

Morning AfterEdit

Awaking next to Cleo Jackie soon was brought back to life by Cleo, now having his body back Jackie is now in the city where he belongs.

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