A WhimEdit

( ) Another sun set evening was beginning to cast an orange shadow over Kasaihana City. The light kissed the ground and mingled with the shadows, to create a golden tint to the city, it was rather alluring. The old Baxter Building, which has been around for centuries, has special glass panes that reflect the light around it. Since it’s an almost entirely glass building it almost looks like it disappears with the area around it. on this particular sunkissed evening,  Connor would be sitting in the middle of his living room slash dojo. Legs folded indian style,  as he rested his hands on his lap, and closed his eyes. A clam to his face, a surprising one at that. He took slow breathes, his stomach poking out each time signifying breathing from the core and not the chest.  everything was still. Calm. Serene. Until Connor simply fell back and laid on the ground, lost in thought. Opening his slanted eyes, he saw Kodi on top of him. wait, what? Connor blinked a few times to see if it was really her. It wasn’t. he’d just been having wishful thinking episodes….wishing she’d just come home already….it’d been about a month since they last did anything together, and since then she’s just been gone. Connor looked at the ceiling…he pondered for a while if she was ever coming back…weather moving on was an option for him. he was the faithful type sure, regardless of his ventures in Africa…and his recent evdouers with Yumi…one couldln’t blame him though. He’d been deprived…and he was starting to realize. Maybe…there was a possibility she wasn’t coming back. Connor had a somber look on his face…one of sadness, that he wouldn’t show. He missed her…everything about her. He knew however deep down…he couldn’t pause his life for her. With a suprising amount of maturity, most people wouldn’t even conceive connor to even  have, he’d sit himself up sighing. “I need someone there for me…tch. Just like a bitch to say that.” Connor turned his thoughts, to the burn he’d had on his cheek where Yumi punched the shit out of him. He thought about her for a second. The talk they’d had. “Washi….am I feeling alright. Is this normal.” Washi would manifest in a burr on the couch, kicking his feet up, and reading what looked to be a book. “It’s normal Connor…to be honest, I’ve never known Kodi to disappear this long. A week or two at most, but close to a month? It’s abnormal even for her…I don’t wish to assume the worst. But she might not be coming back…and even if she is. It’s better to just expect the worst and hope for the best.” Connor sighed, and folded his arms nodding. “Well now that that’s settled…what about the situation with Yumi.” Washi would close his book. “What about it? you’re hot for her, she’s hot for you, come together and what do you get? Good sex.” Connor turned to look at Washi. “I feel like theres something more though…some factor about her that attracts me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m attracted to tough bitches in general. Women that fight me and fight with me.” Connor would look out the window at the sunkissed city scape. “I don’t’s wiered I’m just drawn to her. I feel like theres more to be explored. I have to get to know her…see what makes her tick. And why what makes her tick makes me tick.” Connor would stand up, and ruffle his hair burping aloud and scratching his crotch. “Plus…tired of stroking my own meat.” Washi would chime in once more. “You know, she is technically still in another relationship. You know how you felt when Kodi was messing around with Daisuke? History repeats itself.” Connor looked back at Washi. “True…but I feel like…” Connor would pause making a thinking face. It was a bit scrunched up. “I feeeeeeel like he’s not doing it right. I’ll just think of it as me doing him a favor.   Ah who am I kidding. He’s not around, she’s not doing shit, I’m not doing shit, so we can not do shit together.” Connor would head into his bed room, and lay out some clothes, nothing fancy, it never is, just a pair of dark blue jeans, a black blazer, and a white v-neck to wear underneath, and the straw hat he’d reciveed as a momento from his late great sensei  Toushin. There was also the scroll he received from him, called the “Seidouken.” Connor could open and read it  now, but he’d hadn’t had the time to do so, so he knd of put it off…hell he’d been practicing the Karate kata’s kin had been telling him to follow all of this time, and they were definitely paying off, as Connor could feel a signifigant weight difference being put behind his punches. He hoped in the shower, basking in the water for a moment and as he was, the thought of Kodi came back to him like a rush. The water…she loved the water. Loved fish, and loved sharks…Connor closed his eyes and realized in order to get anywhere he’d have to focus on the now rather than the then. If she wasn’t coming back he’d have to mentally prepare for that fact.. stepping out, he’d dry himself off with a  quick flourish of his chi, shooting every drop of water off of himself. Putting on his outfit for the night, he’d step out of the door, shutting it behind him and looking to the building. Coincidentally where Yumi’s room window was. “….” Connor stared at it for a moment. He was in his feelings about her…but he wasn’t as dense as he seemed. He wanted to know what it was that kept him up at night about her. Sure they were alike in more ways than one, but there had to be more…he needed to know. For his own mental sake. Connor would’ve walked over, and let himself into the shinpaku building Josh would’ve been hard at work, on some gold plated device. “Yo Josh. The hell are you working on tonight?” the sound of metal grinding against metal would’ve drowned connor out a bit, but Josh would’ve turned around feeling the door shut. “OH me and Jeannie are working on the Shinkpaku’s spare generater. In case of emergency or an electromagnetic pulse black out, so we wont have to worry much. It should be done soon, and then we an afford my super computer….huehuehuehue.” Josh went right back to work, and Connor nodded. Heading into the hall way, he’d hear a couple of Tanks in the work out room probably honing their skills. Connor told them, he’d show them some moves tomorrow at some point. Connor would fold his arms and head up to Yumi’s room. he stood outside her door and was about to knock but stopped. His hand hovered over the door. He’d furrow his brow. “…do I seriously…have butterflies right now.” Connor would take his right hand and punch himself right in the gut. It hurt, but it made the feeling go away. He’d bang on the door, yelling. “YUMI! YUUUUUMIIIIIIIII! OLLY OLLY OXYENFREE GIRL!” Connor would continue banging on the door until he got an answer form her. Ususally when not wanting to show feelings or feels in general he’d just act immature about it. perfect defense mechanisim, but hell of annoying to put up with. If she opened the door, Connor would point at her before she could say anything. “Get dressed, I’m taking you out. I’m bored, lonely, horny, and craving attention, so yes it’s my man period.” Connor would stuff his hands in his blazer pockets, with a stern and nonchalant look on his face. This guy was dead ass serious.

Yumi had finished training with the other tanks of the group which she enjoyed doing whenever Connor wasn’t around to train with her. Sure she had to put one of them in to the ground the first time she started living here so they’d know she wasn’t just a walking pair of tits but that was fun as fuck. What she was currently doing now though? Not fun. Not fun at all as May jumps her for the third time since she got out of the shower to try some more clothes on. “May, I don’t understand why I have to model for you, we’re not even the same size and if we were why don’t you just try them on yourself?” Her friend ignores her though in favor of tightening the corset even harder, Yumi jumping slightly at the force. Her breasts were pushed up thanks to the material and her hair was down in its usual way though since washing it, it had gotten a bit wavy naturally. The shorter girl moves back to inspect her and proud eyes dazzle. “You’d be so popular if you worked with me! You could make sooooo much money!” Yumi raises a brow at this before shaking her head calmly. “I much prefer to beat up men not get them off. No offense?” But May honestly didn’t mind since she made tons of money doing what she did which was men. “Neehh Yums!! I just want you to show off what you got! I’d kill for those legs and tits and yet you’re always hiding them in baggy clothes and stupid green skirts and pants and why?! How are you going to get Kevins attention?” Yumi snorts at this and begins to walk away to go to the bedroom but a knock on the door…well multiple knocks on the door stops her. “It isn’t me that has his attention and I’m not one to flaunt myself to grab anothers eye…I use my fist in their face to do it.” She jokes but May huffs at how unlady like she is being. “YUMI!!” The fighter stops in her tracks and she blushes lightly. “Connor?!” No oh god no he couldn’t see her like this! He’d laugh his ass off and never let her live this shit down! Her rival COULDN’T—“Hey Connor…” May had already moved past her and opened the door and Connor and Yumi locked eyes with her in this ridiculous attire of pasty colored corset with a rather too tight g string. Both May and Yumi heard what he was saying and the smaller woman gives him a suspicious and annoyed expression before eyeing him…she didn’t like this fool. He was a total ass and rude and gross and sure he was cute but Yumi didn’t need him! She needed a normal man who would treat her right! “So what you just wanna stick your dick in her and then leave when the deed is done?! You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to let you take my Yumi out on a date! What do you even consider a date! Better yet why don’t you just—mfff!!” A hand had placed itself over the girls mouth as Yumi stopped her from talking as she was bright red and avoiding eye contact. May tried to fight but she was much too weak against Yumi as the fighter finally gazes at him and asks softly. “You…you wanna take me out on a date??”

Sprung To HellEdit

After Connor spoke his peace when the door was opened he’d take a moment too recollect that it was may who’d opened the door and not Yumi. Connor would look down at her,since she was a wee bit short, and speak back. “oi…hey?” Connor spoke softly, before locking eyes with Yumi and starting at her attire. His face as straight arrow as it could get but the only thought running through Connor’s mind as he looked at yumi was ( ) her hips…thighs…tits…all bundled together in a corset with massive cleavage shots, and a g-string that was all the more enticing to put  together a dime piece of work. Connor’s gaze didn’t leave her OR her bodies, as his eyes shifted from one of the other. May was talking loud and clear, but  Connor could barely hear her over the song in his head. Not even for a singe moment. Luckily his oni Washi could at least recollect the information and process it though Connor’s thickened skull so he’d at least have heard what he wanted to hear. When she silenced her friend and spoke,  Connor would blink a few times, wiping some drool from his bottom lip and clearing his throat. “Well pretty much. I mean your friends right, I’m totally planning on sticking my dick in you at some point, but all things  come in due time.” Connor would fold his arms. “Figure we go grab some drinks or a bite to eat or something. See a fight live or whatever. Try this bonding thing…plus like I said I’m sick of sitting in an empty house…not that I can’t. just didn’t want to today.” Connor would rub the back of his neck, unintentionally the entire conversation his eyes were burning  hole through her corset he’d seen her body, the portions of it but he wanted to see it as a whole…and even that was a life, because he honestly would’ve preferred to just move her draws to the side and go from there. He rather enjoyed having sex with clothes still attached. Gave it a rushed feeling, kind of like a thrill. “Look if you don’t want to just tell me.’ Connor would smile. ‘I mean I’mma take you anyway, even if I have to slip you a ruffie or some shit, but clearly there is no choice in the matter. “ Connor would look to the side a bit. “If you uh. Need some help with your hair and make up lemme know. I’m pretty good at this type of shit surprisingly.” Connor would keep his gaze to the side a bit embarrassed to admit something like that, but ah what the hell. He’d had nothing to lose or gain from it being told. In fact all he had at this moment, was  a choice to wait on an answer from her and to see just where things were going to go from  here. “Damn…she’s fucking…thick as shit…I always pull the thick ones…am I nervous…the fuck? The fuck am I nervous for?” Connor would clear his throat, placing his fist over his mouth before inviting himself into their room, walking across it and looking out the window before looking at her room. “you should put some fucking decorations in here. This looks more like a jail cell than an apartment.  Bland ass…” Connor would flick his nose with his thumb, and stand idol, waiting to see just where this night was going to go.

What?! May thinks to herself, was this guy serious?? Just fucking and taking her to a live fight?? As if Yumi would…brown eyes travel up to see how her friend would shut this fool down but Yumi was actually all timid smiles and playing with her bangs with her free hand as she avoided looking at him. May sweatdrop, remembering that was actually something the fighter was in to…soooo unlady like indeed. She smacks her hand off and huffs, watching Connor just make himself right at home with a playful glare. “Grrr….” Yumi on the other hand was enjoying how he was watching her, it’d been a while since a man looked at her the way he was and it made her feel rather excited but with May here she doubted they would do anything…here anyway but with the promise of them going to fuck she was even more eager than anything. “Look if you don’t want to just tell me…” Then he was threatening to force her to go out with him which while most girls would find that really fucking creepy, Yumi found it to be a quirky personality trait of Connors and she laughed a bit, shaking her head. “No, I don’t mind going out. I’d like that…” Blergh where they really flirting right now?? Get it together Yumi don’t come off as that shy girl be yourself! Hot headed and insulting! But the more she looked at how he was acting the more she couldn’t bring herself to insult him, he looked nice in street clothes that didn’t have blood and sweat on them and he did put in the effort to come all the way over here to ask her so how could she not be a little timid about it? She didn’t get asked out much and with Kevin not really around it was nice to feel this way again. She moves to the side and shuts the door once he is in, not minding how he says her place is too bland, he hadn’t been the only one to say so and she was use to it. “Not many things interest me except for fighting so I don’t know what to put in here.” She defends lightly and stands next to him, flashing him a small smile. “You look nice by the way.” May sees what is happening here and gets in between them, laughing a lil too loudly. “HAHAHA SO—Connor. You said you could do Yumis hair and makeup??? That’s a little different…you…holding something that isn’t a fist and touching someones face without hitting them. I’d like to see that…though it aint going to happen hah Yumi doesn’t wear makeup! She hates it and also—mff!” Another hand was placed on her mouth again as yumi just calmly looks at him with a shrug. “I kinda wanna see how I’d look actually…I guess it’s time for something different?” And she meant that in all forms of the word. It was time for a change after all and Connor was looking more and more like it. May gapes behind her friends hand and lowers it, watching them. “………….I’LL GO PICK OUT THE CLOTHES!” She almost trips as she vanishes in to the bedroom. Yumi gave her friend a lame expression, knowing what she meant by clothes. “I’m not wearing anything you pick, it’s embarrassing.” Nope May wasn’t hearing any of that today! Yumi looks back at Connor and she realizes shes still in this outfit to which she clears her throat and tries to hug herself which only made her breasts pop up more. “I uh…I don’t usually…dress like this it was just….bad timing heh…” She never acted like this, Kevin was usually the bumbling idiot who couldn’t shut up and now it seemed to be Yumi who was being rather unsmooth to which she finally shut up and turned away, rubbing her forehead as she curses herself. Get it together woman!!

Connor heard her subtle answer and it brought a small smile to his face. As it’s always been said he rarely smiles like he means it,but well Yumi’s one of those few people who can genuinely bring that out of him. besides, it never hurt to smile ONCE in a while. Connor  was glad to hear she was interested in seeing a fight, so it actually might be a good idea to take her to a boxing match or something…something different. They’d been around cage matches all their lives, so it’s only natural to assume that something different would be of order. Now that Connor came to think of it, there was supposed to be a martial arts exhibition going on in the event center on downtown District 2. Supposedly the GMAF’s adult division’s undefeated champion was supposed to be there demonstrating her skill for a charity event. So maybe tonight would be a good time to go check that out.  Follow that up with some dinner and a few drinks, bada bing, bada boom, perfect date plan. When yumi made her way over beside him and told him he looked nice, Connor actually blushed a bit. Not MUCH but his cheeks did flourish he wasn’t used to getting complemented on his looks by any means what so ever. “Thanks Yumi…heh.” He’d fold his  arms behind his head. “I mean as provocative as that outfit is I’m not gonna lie you’re a pretty lovely sight on the eyes yourself. Especially your eyes…their-“ but he didn’t get to finish as may oh so charmingly  made her way in-between them. “HAHAHA SO—Connor. You said you could do Yumis hair and makeup??? That’s a little different…you…holding something that isn’t a fist and touching someone’s face without hitting them. I’d like to see that…though it aint going to happen hah Yumi doesn’t wear makeup! She hates it and also—mff!” Connor would sigh closing his eyes, and lowering his head at the efforts of this girl. It was admirable. Annoying at best, but Connor knows all to well about having annoying sidekicks. Kudos to the laughing cackling coming from down stairs of the mad scientist Josh, cooking up another mechanical experiment of his.   When yumi approved of this however, Connor smiled. He never really got to show off his misc. skills to most folks, but he actually had a lot of talents that he’d had since he was a kid, he just never showed them off , all to keep up the image of being rough and tough. When may says she’s going to go pick her outfit out, Connor  was a bit relieved he’d get some alone time with Yumi, even if it was to do something completely out the way. When she mentioned she didn’t normally dress like this ,  Connor would wave his hand at her. “don’t sweat it. Coming from a guy who struts around naked, I wouldn’t care if you wore that around where ever we went. Of course, I’m gonna hit the first mothafucka  that looks, and believe you me, ill know. I’ll fucking know…” Connor growled to himself. He was much more possessive than most, but openly violent about it, often resulting in fits of rage and outright jealous behavior. Connor would’ve cleared his throat, and took off his blazer, his white v-neck now in full view, as he’d wrap the blazer around his waist, tying it by the sleeves around his waist and digging through Yumi’s dressers for any kind of hair instrument. Connor would pick up a comb and a can of hair spray, sitting it on the dresser…Connor would then find an unused make up set. It had a bunch unused shades. “This will have to do. Now then.” Connor would take the make up, and take the brush, applying a light blush to her cheeks . it all happened so seemingly fast though, in seconds to the point where, it almost seemed like connor never did anything at all, but just that fast her hair would’ve been successfully brushed and sprayed, and a nice but subtle layer of make up applied. “You don’t honestly need much make up at all…it’d ruin what’s already there. But eh. Looks good to me.” Connor would toss the stuff to the fore winds of the room as it landed on the dresser in perfect poised fashion. “In any case, I wonder what may’s gonna have you dressing in eh?”

Fresh To DeathEdit

Yumi blinks when Connor became a bit descriptive on how he would go in on a man if they were to even glance her way. Yep, classic Connor but it made her smile a bit with a little pride. In all honesty she didn’t mind it, in fact a man showing themselves off like that was a huge turn on luckily May was here other wise she’d of pounced on him right then and there. May on the other hand had heard this and cackled evilly in a cute adorable way as she calls them both over to the bedroom so they could sit Yumi down and Connor goes to work while the black haired escort finds something extra sexy for her friends date even if it was with a brute, the woman did need to go out and have some fun for once…but it had to be something that would compliment her figure and even get her in to trouble. Seriously, if she saw anymore green she’d throw up. Turning around when she hears Connor is done she watches him talk to her softly and snorts. “Lemme see!!” She rushes over and Yumi gazes up at her to which May responses with a blush. “You’re so cute!!” The fighter gives her a lame expression before turning to the mirror and taking note he was pretty good at this. “Thanks Connor…” She wasn’t use to the idea of painting ones face but it was nice on other girls she just never saw the appeal until now. Her face was more defined and her eyes popped out more in their alluring shade of blue. Wild unkept hair was now more tamed around the frame of her face and it looked great…now all that was left was—“And this is the outfit!!” Yumi wasn’t given a second to inspect it as shes pulled up on to her feet. “Wah! Hey! I can dress myself!” May wasn’t having it as she shoves Yumi in to the closet with her. There is a silence……. “no.” “Oh come on please?!? You like long skirts anyway!” “Because it gives my legs room to fight…” “This is the same thing!!” The two bicker until finally someone seems to make a move and there is a struggle…………..finally May comes out with a confident grin and snaps her fingers. “I win!!” Yumi follows with an annoyed twitch. Her outfit just like most of her clothes were Chinese theme as that would always be Yumis look though this one was a welcoming cherry red mixed with orange…a representation of the womans flames she carried with her always. There was no material to cover the cleavage as it was exposed in a diamond shape as it then buttoned up to her neck. That wasn’t too much of the problem…it was the extra add ons of tight black stockings that had no point in them as they stopped right in the middle of her thighs and what’s more? There were black arm leggings too that were cut off at the fingers and went all the way up past her elbows. 

These were not loose nor was the dress she wore as it hugged and squeezed every inch of her in a rather sensual fashion but still loose enough she could still breathe. “I can’t go out like this in public…Ryoji is a yakuza boss what will I look like standing next to him?!” May stands beside Connor and gives him a look with a raised brow. “Like a hot yakuzas wife?” Yumi blushes at that title before scoffing and turning away.

The Night OutEdit

Connor smiled to see she was appreciative. He’d give a cocky smug smirk afterwards, pretty happy that someone  found one of his lesser known talants to be pretty good. It put a smile on his face more than anything. Connor wold then watch as May would start debating with yumi about what exactly to wear. While connor didn’t fully care? He WAS a known Yakuza boss…so he did have a bit of a reputation to keep up, and he couldn’t be seen with a basic bitch, oh know. If connor could have a sign on his dick, it would be labeled. “bad bitches only” indeed. Connor would watch as they scurried into the closet. Having a moment, Connor would lean against the dresser and begin filing his nails, and blowing on them a bit. Making sure he didn’t have any dirt…or blood for that matter, beneath his nail beds. As the rumbling eventually stopped and may came out exclaiming that she’d won, Connor would widen his eyes a bit to look and see just what his date was wearing for the night. Connor would look to her, and he couldn’t help but lose his cool for a moment to raise his eyebrows in stun. Connor had a blank drawn. She…she looked. “Wow.” Connor would blink, and look away literally double taking to look at the woman in front of him. Connor could at least rest and die in peace knowing he’s had some meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean fine girls his day, and yumi was definitely on that list. As she spoke about not being able to go out in public connor would scoff, running a hand through his hair. “Have mercy on my soul woman. I don’t even k now if I wanna take you out side, might have half the block chasing after you like wolves to a hunt.” Connor would make his way over to Yumi and fold his arms for a second. “All jokes aside…you’re look radiant. Precious like a jewel…more priceless than a diamond.” Connor would smile, before throwing holding his arm out to Yumi. “Shall we go? I know a great martial arts exposition going on right in the activity center in D2. Worlds best fighter is supposed to be there. Figure we go throw some rocks at em or something..” if she took his arm, Connor would look back at May. “Thanks for the help. Don’t wait up, alright?” Connor would offer her a salute with his free hand and begin walking Yumi down the stairs. Josh would’ve turned around to see Connor and Yumi together, and josh’s eyes almost popped straight from his sockets! “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-------------------------“ was all he could muster as he watched yumi walk through the room. Connor would tilt his straw hat to Josh.”you and may lock up when you’re done.” Making their way out of the door, Connor would walk them over to his Robug chromed out  hover car. Opening the door for Yumi he’d let her seat herself, before hoping over the roof of the car and sitting down in the drivers side. Connor would let out a loud belch, his cheeks puffing up a bit before he’d sigh, and sniff the air. “Minty fresh. Let’s jet.” Connor would push to start and as he did, the music blasting would’ve been a form of a trap instrumental. ( ) the base pumping inside of Connor’s car would’ve kicked in when the beat droped by some point as he backed out of the parking spot, and took off into hover traffic. Driving with one hand on the wheel, and the other hanging out of the window, He’d casually drive in traffic. It was night by this time, so the it lights passing through D1 were actually pretty to look at. After however, taking the bypass that lead to D2, the light game stepped up massively, like something out of a music video. The lights passed at a nice rate, and Connor would tilt his hat down a bit, as he drove. “You heal alright from the other day’s little scuffle? That dog bites a bastard I’ll tell you what. Fucking…dick. Speaking of dick, you smelled like pre nut during the whole thing. The fuck were YOU doing eh ?” Connor would give her the shifty eyes with a sly smile. He’d turn the corner not very far from their destination but it never hurt to start some conversation during the entire ordeal. Plus, it was a little while before they got there, so Connor would probably try his hand at this..”bonding” thing if he didn’t just start spouting insults out of nowhere. The circumstances felt nice though…just cursing with a lovely woman in the car. It was actually pretty relaxing, something Connor never really did with his time now adays. Now that dog bite was posing a threat, he needed to talk to King asap. It’s been a minute…”That aside, I didn’t even know Dog Bite HAD an aniki…all the while my aniki is busy probably getting high and eating raw fish in the sea or some shit. Tch….”

Yumi was a bit concerned that this sort of attire wasn’t appropriate especially for a fighter such as herself and though a bit constricting her legs weren’t bound or nothing so it was okay. Connor even joked about not wanting to even take her out in public for fear of her being run over by wild horny men and she couldn’t help the small laugh at that. Let them come, Yumi had no problem running them in to the ground with her fists. Then he said she was more precious than a diamond and she couldn’t help but turn red at that actually super sweet comment…she wasn’t expecting it in any way shape or form and she actually felt something in her stomach but she’d push it to the side for now as she takes his arm and smirks a bit. “You had me at martial arts, Ryoji.” She teased as they make their way out giving May a light wave even as the shorter girl watches them with a lame expression. “I still don’t think that idiot is right for her. My yums deserves the best damnit…” But what could she do? The heart wanted what it wanted she just hoped it ended well for them and it wouldn’t crash and burn….As the two make their way downstairs, Josh makes some sort of noise but Yumi wasn’t paying any mind as she holds on to Connor closer, taking the time to appreciate how warm he was and the fact it’d been a while since she was this close to another. So the dress wasn’t so bad May did have taste after all and Connor liked it and the two would be going out on a date like a normal bunch of teenagers but knowing their luck it would be anything but normal. He opens the door to his hover car and she finds a comfortable seat, placing the seatbelt on though of course it pressed in to her breasts and with an annoyed expression she tries to adjust it. The struggle was real for big breasted women everywhere….Suddenly Connor would begin to talk and ask if she was alright to which she smiled and went to reply but then he had to fuck shit up and mention her smell of prenut to which her lips twitch as well as her eye as she remembers who it was exactly that had asked her out on a date. “Che…I’m fine, no problem nothing I couldn’t handle….and as for the other comment, my opponent toke it upon himself to get a little too familiar with my insides in the form of his dick going in to me. Repeatedly…” Bringing up Benny made her remember that big mother fucker and she still had his pony tail in her room as a reminder of how far she’s come since training with Connor. She crosses her arms as her stocking covered leg sensually slides over the other and she smirks devilishly. “I mean at least someone had the balls to do so, I was beginning to forget what it was like being around a man…even if it was a mutant.”

Martial Arts ConventionEdit

Connor would stop the car on a dime, slamming his foot on the breaks as she mentioned that that four armed freak had the balls to penetrate when he didn’t. Connor would look over at her, with squinted eyes. “Bitch. Drink. Bleach.” Connor would start to drive again, grumbling with a comical vien in his forehead. “Making fun of my situation and shit, muafucka….I’m gonna wreck you later” He’d look at the nearest street sign. “Annnnnnnnnnd we’ve arrived.” Connor would pull the direction up and park on the roof, because fuck public parking. He’d step out of the car, shutting the door with his foot, and fixing up his jacket a bit. The building itself was more of a tall dome like structure, that sat abut as big as 2 foot ball fields meshed together. Connor would leap from the tall height, letting his blazer flutter through his entire decent downwards. When close to the ground, he’d let a micro push blast from the bottom of his feet and reduce the speed of his landing, so he could land with a silent. “tap”. Standing up and waiting for yumi if she jumped to, Connor would hold his arm out to her again, and walk the both of them inside. When they got in it was like a martial artist paradise. Equipment every where and out the wazoo. People doing demonstrations of their own amazing feats of balance, dexterity and strength. Chopping metal, lifting cars and SUV’s, and all sorts of physical feats. Connor flicked his nose with his thumb and scoffed. ‘Chump stuff, but I guess for the common man this is some pretty top notch shit wouldn’t you say?.....five bucks says I can bench more than you. Connor would slap her ass casually, and nod to her, to walk behind him. “Check it out. Some kind of punching machine HA. I haven’t seen one of these shit’s since I was younger.” Connor would stand towards the front with Yumi right beside him as they’d be watching a very muscular male cracking his knuckles and getting ready to go in on this machine. He grunted, sighing before taking a boxing stance. With a loud and mighty roar, the man would rear his right hand back, and throw a right straight at the giant red soft padded target! His fist sinking into the machine and as it did, the machine rattled just a wee bit, and the scoreboard above it read “250psi!’ the crowd clapped and hooped, and hollered for the man as a woman dressed rather slutty would speak. “Lo and behold! The 5 time world boxing champions psi in every punch! Anyone else care! We’re all martial artist here, so let’s see what everyone’s got going for them!” Connor would look at Yumi with a raised brow. “I think we should just sit this one out..draw to much attention to ourselves, and it won’t be a very good pay off for the rest of the event. Though I wouldn’t mind some publicity, I’ve got to many enemies…” Connor would frown with a corner of his mouth, wanting to show off but knowing damn well better he shouldn’t, and knowing damn well yumi shouldn’t either.

She isn’t surprised when Connor goes so far as to stop the car, giving him an even bigger smirk as if waiting on him to say something to get it started, she wasn’t going to just take his jokes without participating too. He tells her to drink bleach to which she actually sticks her tongue out at him with a lame expression. “Nuuh.” They arrive to the destination and she easily hops out of the car, following along side him…she’d never been to one of these things before and as the double doors open to them her eyes actually widen in awe of it all. These places really did exist? It was nothing but martial arts as far as the eye could see! Not only that but there were women here too! Female fighters like her!! She goes to run over but remembers she is on a date and catches herself, chuckling a bit at her own enthusiasm. How could she not be excited? She’d been meaning to speak with Connor about learning a new fighting style because as much as she loved muay thai and it had a special place in her heart, she wanted to advance to the next level and grow even stronger. “Five bucks says I can bench more than you.” She smirks at this and nods, accepting the bet. “Oh you’re on, Ryoji.” She pushes him playfully and then she sees him…a very big muscular man in boxing gloves with a fierce stance to punch some sort of measuring machine and Yumis eyes watch with intense admiration. It brought her back to the old days when she was just a kid watching the boxers go at it in the old gym. “Wow….5 time boxing champion??” Okay so Yumi was a little star struck, she’d never been around professional fighters before just people who wanted her dead for the sake of a good cage match so seeing a champion here made her a bit excited. Connor would look at her as if saying maybe they shouldn’t give it a try on the count of they were a wee bit over the top but she doesn’t notice as she approaches the man with a calm and yes even a small smile. “That was a good punch, your form is impressive.” The man realizes he’s being talked to and turns to wave them off in a small thanks but upon seeing the redhead bombshell he pays her full attention and grins slowly. “Well thank you little lady!! Are you a fighter too?” Yumi smirks at being seen as the fighter she was and goes to reply until he opened his stupid mouth. “You’re too pretty to be a fighter though, you must be the girl that holds up the round cards eh? You got a nice face for it!” And that is when usually Yumi would sentence that person to instant death and murder them with a fiery punch but as much as Connor might like to think that though it should be true, Yumi actually lets out a timid short laugh and begins to play with her hair, eyes trailing down nervously. “Ahah I mean I have done that once or twice before but I’m a fighter now. Muay thai…” Upon hearing this another guy comes over in interest. “What? Wit those boobs? That sounds painful.” Yumi is as always oblivious to any form of flirting if she herself was not interested and she gazes down at her breasts. “I try to keep them wrapped up in bandages but they do cause me strain.” “Woah no way, are they bound up right now?” At this point two more guys come over to give their opinion and ask her questions on where she trained and if she were any good to which Yumi happily started answering. The announcer girl watches this with puffy cheeks in jealousy and she makes her way over, giving out a rather huge and fake smile to the redhead. “Why don’t you show them how it’s done then? But I don’t recommend it, you could break a nail!” Yumi turns to the woman and frowns, though she couldn’t pick up on flirting, she could pick up on ill intent in someone’s tone which this female seemed to have towards her.

Connor would make a “._.” face as she just completely ignored him and went up to the boxer guy to ask questions and what not. Connor sighed, and stuffed his hands into his pockets, crossing his legs and letting them talk. Though…Connor looked at the buff boxer. He was a fairly handsome guy..and it made Connor’s eye twitch a bit as he began to feel some type of way. None the less, he could see how her personality and calm demeanor was a social attractor.  Connor would get a fresh taste of jealousy in the air, and it was coming from the announcer girl of all people. Connor smirked. ‘haaaaa, bitch mode engaged. “Why don’t you show them how it’s done then? But I don’t recommend it, you could break a nail!” Connor looked around for a second. Some of the people who saw them walk in together now looked at him, to see if he had some form of input on the situation. Connor would put his hands up and take a few steps back. “I do not condone anything that can and will happen here. All eyes on you Yumi.” Connor would wink at her, and the announcer girl  would begin setting up the machine for her, and start speaking to the crowd. “Alright everyone! We’ve someone ELSE coming up to give the machine a punch! This…”girl” claims to be a fighter who uses Muay Thai. But can she make the cut is the question?” the crowd, began to fold their arms, and tilt their heads, drawing attention to her and seeing if she could do it or not. A couple of karate students, nudged connor on the arm. “Is that  you’re girlfriend yo?” Connor licked his upper lip, having been completely dazed staring at Yumi’s rear end before snapping back to reality. “Hm? Ah. Might as well be. Hey man, step back.” The karate student on the other side of him shrugged. “What you gonna fart or something?” “No. if she eve taps that th-….know what.” Connor would pat them both on the backs. “Go ahead and get reeeeeal close to her. You don’t want her to hurt herself or nothing, do you?” the guys got excited and flopped to her. “Go ahead Yumi. Just nip it in the bud why don’t ya?” Connor would place a hand on  his hip, and scratch the tip of his nose with his finger thinking to himself. “This is going to be b-e-a-utiful.’ He’d let out a light smirk, keeping a safe distance. He would’ve tried  to warn everyone else if he gave a damn, but lo and behold, no fucks were given on this particular night. The announcer girl would knock on the side of the machine, and then push a couple of the meat headed martial artist out of the way. “yeah go ahead! Give it your best shot lady. Huehuehue.’ She’d fold her arms, and place one hand over her mouth.

Never To MuchEdit

The woman announced Yumi would be the one up next and the men would give Yumi a little bit of space to watch her. The red head was not known to have stage fright especially considering what she did for a living in the underground fights. Damn, she didn’t want to hit this thing she just wanted to talk more martial arts but she’d look over her shoulder at Connor to see what he might suggest but he just placed his hands up and took a couple of steps back. So he didn’t care either way so it looks like she would be doing this. “Uhn, sure.” Her gloved palm tightens as her fingers curl in to a fist and she steps up to the punching machine, her legs sliding out to get in to a comfortable stance and she takes her position, giving it a frown. Hearing the girl snickering at her seemed to tick her off a bit too much and it was a pity too, she thought the announcer was rather cute but there was nothing pretty about being spiteful. The boxer from before gives her a thumbs up and a smile. “Don’t worry, pretty. No one will laugh at you, just show us what you can do.” Laugh?? Her eye twitches as she let out a light scoff of a laugh. “Right.” She replies before placing her attention on the soft material that measured the PSI….she inhales calmly once and with three knuckles exposed, her elbow shoots back and she throws a light punch though it was quick as fuck it seemed like it was a light blow as the machine tilts backwards and it begins to read her hit…700psi!!! Yumi blinks and straightens herself out, placing a hand on her hip and looking over at the announcer who was staring in shock. “7-700?!?” People would begin to stare in confusion at the number on the machine, even the boxer was having a hard time believing it. “Th-the machine is broken!!!” The announcer defends and rushes back over to it to work some more buttons but there honestly wasn’t anything wrong with it!! She huffs and looks towards Yumi, gesturing to it. “Stop messing around!! Punch it hard! As hard as you can! It can’t read it properly if you don’t do it correctly!!” What so it was her fault??? Yumi was beginning to be annoyed now as she sneers at the woman and snaps. “I AM DOING IT CORRECTLY!” Fuck it they wanted a punch?? She’d give them a punch!! Taking a step back, elbow cocking back as well she locks her eyes on the machine and with an intense glare she lets loose, her fist soaring forward with a sling shot release, the knuckles vanishing in to the pad and then in to the wires and metal itself! The kinetic force alone lifts the thing right up off the floor and the blow sends it spiraling in a flurry of smoke and metal parts as a wind picks up around those closest to her violently! The machine spins across the other side of the dome!!! Finally it lands somewhere in between a judo demonstration, destroying the small stage as people fly off of it to avoid being harmed in the chaos.

Yumi stands back at attention and cracks her knuckle with a snort. “Hm, shoulda pulled back a little more…” A hand goes back to her hip as she rubs her chin in thoughtfulness, spotting the judo demonstration she’d interrupted and wondering now if maybe Judo would be a fun thing to learn…..The boxer she’d talked to in the beginning watches in utter shock and is frozen in the spot, only able to point at what just happened as if no one else had seen what he just seen as the people who were too close got knocked back off their feet! “wh-what….just happened???”

Introducing Miss FierceEdit

Connor, didn’t even need to open his eyes to see the events that were transpiring before him. the moment she said “sure’ and agreed to do it, Connor would’ve been digging in his ear, already estimating that she had a psi out put well equal to his own at max, which was equal to or slightly below his own, which connor could shoot out a punch of about 2,000 psi, but eh. She might put something out of about 700 bare miminium. That could change with proper training. As he head a woman exclaim that she hit 700 and Connor would smirk. “Dead on guess, heh. Nice” connor would utter as he’d open his eyes and see the disbelief on peoples faces around the crowd. That’s when the woman gave her a lecture about doing it right with proper form. Connor sighed. “Criticizing her form is the last thing she needs..” Connor folded his arms, and once he’d seen the fiery red heads posture take a change Connor knew that shit had officially gotten real and that something was about to go down. After yumi yelled back, and reared her arm back, Connor would wait until “BOOM!” the machine went flying back across the place as a whole! Connor would smack his lips before sighing, and walking up behind Yumi to pat her on the back. “Smooth McGroove. Nice way to be subtle HAHAHAAHAHA the look on your face of sheer irritation is a work of art.” Connor would wipe a tear from his eye and pinch her cheek. “Little Yumi being all easily flustered. “ Connor would’ve taken his hand off of her cheek only to then watch as the attention in the arena shifted to a woman walking into the gymnasium. As she walked in, the announcer girl would be on the floor having a bitch fit. “DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT! YOU RUINED MY GOOD TIIIIIIIIIIIIME! YOU JUST HAD TO SHOW OFF! YOU JUST HAD TO-“ “What is that infernal racket, going on in here.” An accent broke the silence and the screaming of the announcer girl. The girl would turn around to see a rather all woman in heels walked into the room. her hips swayed from left to right, before she came to a stopping place and looked down at the screaming announcer girl. The announcer girl’s skin went from tan to pale In a heartbeat a she shriveled up. “M-m-Mrs. Fierce! H-hey! H-hows it going!”  Mrs. Fierce, the 5 time Grand Martial Arts Tournament Champion, and still the highest rated fighter in the entirety of the world. She’s been holding that crowd for years, ever since the proceeding GMAF that took place after the second generation of heroes in Kasaihana were in the last tournament. She wore a long black leather coat, with leather pants, and matching leather heels, a red top underneath her coat, looking similar to Chinese origins of the sort. To wrap things up if looks could kill, Ted Bundy wouldn’t have shit on this woman’s criminal record. Drop dead gorgeous is an understatement.

“This is a place of martial arts, of tradition, and you’re sullying it with your more than annoying tone of voice. Guards, escort her out of the premises.” Her voice had an Asian accent to it, but the kind that soothed the ears, not nagged it. “wait what?!” the announcer girl struggled against the large Asian guards, and kicked and screamed her way out of the facility. The woman know as Miss Fierce would look back to Yumi and turn her nose. “Not bad, for an intermediate.’ Walking back towards  the center of the gym like area, people would start to re arrange the mats and what not, making room for the upcoming demonstration. A couple of ushers would come up to Connor and Yumi to address them. “Excuse me m’am, sir, but if you could please take your seats into the audience, that would be great. The demonstration is about to begin, and she’ll need a lot of the space here to preform her feats. “ Connor would shrug. “Sure. Got any snacks ? kind of wanna enjoy this with some salty snacks.” “We have some healthy vegetables and assorted whole grain foods.” “….the fucks a whole grain.” The Usher would  tilt his head at Connor and Connor would sigh. “Ah fuck it I’ll wait. C’mon Yumi, we’ll sit on the front row.” Connor would’ve guided him and Yumi to some floor seats, and Connor would plop down in the seat, his legs spreading outwards as he sighed and observed just what was going to go on. Soon enough, men stated bringing out giant weights of great size, about the size of a small 10 foot statue, and besides that there were multiple men in back Karate Gi’s, which surprisingly  Connor recognized. “Ahhh I’ve seen those from when I was little. Black Gi’s are fucking elite’s man…they’ve mastered at least 10 marital arts, And are elite chi users. They did a demonstration back when my moms was around and shit. This should be inetersting, they might be all on her level….but then again something about that Miss Fierce….gets odd aura. From her…I don’t sense any emotion from her what so ever.” Connor would smile and pull yumi’s chair a little bit closer to his own, only to wrap his arm around her shoulder. “So do I know how to have a good time or what? Not gonna lie though, you went a wee bit to hard on that machine y’know.” Connor would then look to the side a bit clearing his throat. “Plus I didn’t like all those guys crowding…..fucking pigs. Not that you know. I own ya but…well.  Ah fuck it it’s about to start.” Connor would hold his stomach and listen to it growl. “should’ve eaten before we fucking left….ngh.” Connor  shook his head, licking his bottom lip and waiting to see the festivities. They’d set everything up, and the announcer, a new one with blonde hair and glasses would step out onto the mat. “Alright folks! We’re here today to see the greatest martial artist in the world at this time! Miss Fierce!” Miss Fierce would bow to the roaring crowd, smling and waving to everyone. “She’s mastered over 120 martial arts, with proven black belts in every single style! Reigning champion in underground circuits, low, mid, and high circuits, and is literally undefeated! I repeat UNDEFEATED!”  Miss Fierce began to crackle her fingners as they brought the giant statue like structures her way, and she’d simply smirk at them. Connor smiled. “Let’s see what she’s got.”

The announcer was throwing a childish fit in front of everywhere to the point where Yumi started to even feel a little bit bad about it…not really. She rubs the back of her neck as makes his way over to pat her on the back. She enjoys the short contact even if he is laughing at her in the process and poking fun at her short temper. She huffs and smacks his hand away but smirks anyway. “Shut up, I was behaving wasn’t I? As if you had reacted any better.” Suddenly a woman would begin to approach them and Yumis eyes widen in disbelief. “Woah…” Who was this?!? The announcer throws herself up only to get grabbed on to by two guards and taken out kicking and screaming. Then the woman looks at her and Yumi watches silently as she compliments her…err sort of. The mauy thai user couldn’t believe her ears and though she didn’t know who the woman was she felt sort of good getting praise from her for some odd reason though at the same time her intuition was giving her some warning vibes but she brushes it off as ushers would grab her attention and gesture to take their seats. So the woman was a fighter? She needed to see what kind as she follows Connor and laughs softly as he asks what the fuck a whole grain was, she’d been trying to feed him a healthier diet and it wasn’t as if he’d asked what she made most of the time he just ate and ate and ate no questions asked. Taking her spot beside him she sits criss cross and relaxes herself, lifting her head up to the stage/arena and listens intently even to Connor mentioning he’d seen the things before. Being here right now beside Connor sort of made her begin wondering about her dreams… ‘What are your dreams?’ Ryojis voice echoes through her and she goes deep in thought…she hadn’t much thought on it since he asked her what feels like such a long time ago. She no longer needed to fight for Dog bite and Connor was never forcing her in to missions unless he absolutely needed her so she had a lot of free time on her hand and that’s when something comes to her…her eyes widen slightly and she quickly turns to watch him. Connor Ryoji…but before she could continue on that train of thought she demonstration would begin and she tears her attention away from her rival and on to the stage to see what the woman would be showing off. By looks alone she was a bombshell of a woman, beauty and a stoic expression, Yumi could usually read people off the bat and the problem was there was something off about her but she couldn’t put her finger on it so she didn’t bother, simply shrugging it off.

That Ass Whopping Doe

Miss Fierce would’ve stepped up to one of the giant statues, and cracked her knuckles. The crowd grew quiet I anticipation. He’d bow to the statue, only to step back a few feet, and draw her right hand back, using two fingers from what it appeared. A fient wind could be felt coming from her being as she did this, and once she did she’d strike the statue right on the knee of it’s figure. The statue would then get a bunch of cracks in it almost instantly. “Tch..Kids stuff” Connor would’ve scoffed until he’d seen the stature break apart, but not in a regular fashion….it turned into dust. Literal dust, that flutered into the rest of the gym. The crowd went wild, as Connor tilted his head. She’d bow to the crowd and approach the second statue, but this time she’d only poise on finger this time, as she prepared for her strike. She’d thrust her finger into the statue’s knee area and lift it up as the announcer explained. “Oh my god folks! That was solid Carbodainium! She’s destroying this stuff like it’s wood!’ Miss Fierce would toss the stature up into the air at an alarmingly fast rate, only to leap up, cutting a single front flip, jutting her foot out at the center of the statue! A loud “KA-KLANG!” Echoed as the wind from the kick litereally blew the mats and such on the floor out of place! She’d then back flip and land on the ground in a squat, her eyes closed and as she landed, the statue was this time broken into perfect blocks, that would one after another stack themselves ontop of one another in a cute little pyrmid like fashion! The crowd stood up and went wild! Connor clapped lightly, but with a smug look on his face. “something’s weird about myself I put emotion behind my hits..but her. Nothing. Not a single shred of feeling to her…what is this.” As she landed, the men in black gi’s  would approach her in a circle. “Cuffs” she’d utter. Two men would come out from the back stage doors, and cuff her hands and ankles together, using solid tungsten steel shackles. Connor would lean back in his chair, actually wondering just how good she was…he was getting battle hungry and wanted to fight this girl, but he knew making a scene would be the dumbest thing to do especially since this was going to be broadcasted tomorrow of all things. Miss Fierce would inhale and exhale holding her hands up with the bases of both of her palms touching each other and she’d speak in a strong Japanese tone. “Koi..” as she said this the men in black marital arts gi’s would take their own individual stances. “Keep your fingers crossed folks! Each of these men are top fighters in their respective countries! All have mastered at LEAST ten marital arts! Maybe they’ll give her a run for her money on this one!” the men all approached her systematically one at a time. One of the men immediately went for a flying kick, and she’d would swing the both of her arms at the males lower abdomen, sending his body diagonal to the ground back first, but the force of which she hit sounded like thunder! As if one who onlooked could literally feel the blow itself! The next two men attacked her, and using her hands, she’ cup one of their fist in her hands and pull back, dislocating the arm, only to then shoulder throw her opponent WHILE she did this her opponents foot would knock one of the other men in the chin, sending his body air borne in a backwards arch, AND she’d end up slaming the guy upon ANOTHER opponent, sending them both to the ground with the same impact forces. A man would’ve come from behind her, and attempted a hip toss judo throw, but with poise and skill, the moment the man wet to toss her over his hip, she’d flip her own body, in a cartwheel before landing, and gripping the back of the man’s neck, and “WHAM” a knee to the nose, put him down his body limping out and falling. Two men came from the wood work and what looked to be wing chun is what she used to throw off their rapid assault of punches and kicks towards her, using her shackled hands and limited foot movements, she’d place her left foot behind her right foot, and placing her fist together, she’d throw them into the man’s gut! Sending his body soaring across the gym, by at least 25 feet through sheer martial power. The last man standing, would attempt a sweep kick. She’d lift her leg up to avoid it, and next thing she knew the man would stand himself up to come it with a pretty fast straight punch that made it to the  tip of her nose, before with the quickness of lightning she’d turn her body, her back now facing him and grip his forearm with both hands, lifting it up and snaping it clean over her  shoulder! A blood cry heard as after she’d done this, she would step away and jump into the air only to drop kick the last opponent dead in his chest and send his body tumbling away in a painful looking roll.. she’d fall to her back only to kick herself back up and stand straight.  The crowd went wild! Standing ovations all around cheered for Miss Fierce as she broke the cuffs, and snapped them off of her being, bowing in respects. Connor would then stand and clap also, walking out towards the middle of the gym. “Hey what’s that guy doing!” A couple of body guards ran up towards Connor and connor would hold his hands out. “Chill fellas.” He’d put a hand on his chest. “I’m just here to congratulate the lady on a job well done” “Yeah well you  don’t need to be up close to do that.  now get back in your seat.”  The guard slowly started to withdraw a gun. “Or else I’ll-“ “Stop.” She calmly uttered. Every time she spoke there was such presence. People just had to stop and listen. “Snap kick to the arm. It breaks. You drop the gun and he backhands you. Guard number 2 draws his weapon. Male grips  wrist, breaks it, and side kicks guard number 2, breaking his pelvis.” Connor squinted his eyes. “….mind reading.” Miss Fierce shook her head. “Body language. Every ones physical being weather vulntarily or involuntarily, has specific muscle twitches that it does, indicating what limb is going to move,  where it’s going to move, and how hard it’s going to move. I could’ve listed a scenario as in what would’ve happened if 5 of you did this if you were all poised to move. Begone gaurds.”( ) The guards left and Connor alone and Connor would fold his arms looking at Miss Fierce. “I call bullshit. On all of it” the crowd gasped. “You use these two bit tricks with pressure points and physique sure, but this is  simple shit! This isn’t impressing me in the slightest! So you take down guys with 10 black belts. Okay? A lot of people can learn a style and still suck ass as fighters. You’re all polish…I personally don’t believe  you to be all that you’re cracked up to be, but y’know what I’m generous.” Connor would point to himself with his Thumb. “You wanna real challenge, then fight me! Connor Ryoji, and I’ll show you what real martial arts is all about. Not this show time stuff you’re doing here.” Whispers fell amongst the crowd, as Miss Fierce eyed Connor down, up and down. She took a moment to tilt her head up. ‘Step to the mat. So I can dismantle you.” The crowd cheered for Miss Firce and Connor would take his blazer off, tieing the sleeves around his waist, and wearing his white v-neck shirt. “She’s openely  accepting a challenge from this kid! This isn’t two bit folks, he has a way of judging things, so she must see something in the kid after all!” Connor would take his fighting stance, flicking his nose with his thumb, spreading his feet shoulder with apart and having his hands in a bit of  a lose boxer stance. he’d bounce lightly back and forth. Miss Fierce on the other hand…took no stance. “You don’t wanna take a ready stance eh?” Connor spoke. “I only do that for opponents I respect.” Connor would grunt and glare.”Oh you’ll respect me alright! That’s the shit I live for!” Connor would rush Miss Fierce, his feet tapping against the mat as he’d rear his right hand back about to throw a powerful piston punch right hook! Miss Fierce didn’t move, and once Connor’s fist reached the bridge of her nose, Connor’s movements would’ve shfted! His body would’ve been moving back and forth in random direction after random direction his short burst of speed leaving minor after images of his movements, attempting to throw off her perception of just where Connor was exactly. ( ) Miss Fierce’s demanor didn’t change not even for a second! As if she wasn’t even intimidated! Connor would then break his maneuver, and attmpet to throw a right  hook followed by another left and a right hook right after that! he’d started attacking her with a brage of punches, at a fast rate, each punch striding at a fifth of a second, aimed for her face and her sternum ( ) however she wasn’t taking any of these punches oh no! she  was blocking each and every single Connor threw with only her hand and her forearm! Connor’s grunts of frustration kicked in, as she had the same facial expression through and through! Not even breaking a sweat! “I can’t get a fucking  read on her!” Connor thought to himself as she continued trolling his punches ( ) “Not bad! Never bragged on my own strength, but you’ve gotta be pretty fucking strong to stop my punches with just simple blocks…” Connor would finally break and start thowing combinations of punches and kicks of an assorted variety, realy tyring to land a solid hit on this bitch! “Mediocre…you have talent, but your so damned violent, you only seek to harm.” She’d finally grip Connor’s wrist and pull back on it aiming to drive her knee into his bicep and snap the arm completely! “Tch!” Connor could see that much coming and he’d use his free hand to cup her knee, stoping the impact dead on! she only smiled however as she’d shuffle on her grounded foot closer  to connor and with the quickness of the wind she’d grip the back of Connor’s neck and “TH-WHAM!” Luanching a knee right into Connor’s forehead!” Connor’s body would’ve cut 2-3 back flips into the air soaring backwards, before he’d somewhat recover and land on his hands and feet. Drops of blood fell from his forehead as he eyed her down. She’d stand there. “Miminal effort was used to land that blow. You’re so much better than what you let on, but your attitude is a major flaw. Submit” “As if…AS FUCKING IF!” ( )”You’re new to the city…bitch you don’t quite know who the fuck I am! Let me show you!”  Connor would stand up, and seemingly be doing the most, looking at her for a second…only to close his eyes and dig into his ear. Before suddenly disappearing right before her very eyes.( ) She didn’t even move. She didn’t even react. She merely crossed her right arm over her chest, and threw it right back out to meet Connor’s flying knee attempt! The moment he landed he Connor, takes a stance or in the middle of a combo already, and attempts to kick his opponent 7 times in rapid succession. 2 kicks thrown with the right foot aimed at the side of the left knee cap, attempting to cave it in, 2 kicks thrown with the left leg aimed at the opponents right hip and rib cage, in attempts to crack the pelvis severly and deeply, and attempting to outright fracutre or break the right 3 ribs with Connor's crushing martial force and posture, and finally 2 more kicks, i.e a clock wise spinning upper right heel kick twoards the chin, which if connected would push the opponents jaw against their mandible, hitting a nerve to cause sever lock jaw and limit breating from the mouth FOLLOWING UP with an attempted upwards vertical axe kick with the left foot aimed dead at the curve of the neck. Not only did she block all of them with the palm of her hand ( like this but feet) but held a conversation while doing so! “You fight like a brawler. Fighting to fight, not with poise or finesse. Your punches however have martial talent to them, and it’s clear. Clear but sad, that the difference in our skill is as vast as the sea. For example, I’m going to fight like you, and show you the difference myself.” She’d grip connor’s leg as he went for his last kick “!?” Connor would then find his body spun around in a 360 before suddenly he’d turned around to see…10…15…20 fist coming at him from multiple directiions! Connor’s eyes widened as he quickly utilized his eagle eyes to see them, but that didn’t even compare to the speed he’d need to react. Even with his Akuma No Honshintsu, he’d calculated only being able to block maybe 3 punches….as such she unleashed hell upon him! punch after punch, almost seemingly no interval between the draw back of her arm and the fist itself! Dents in connor’s skin each time she impacted him his body rocking and bobbing like he was being hit by a machine gun up close! ( ) shed started at his face and began puchiing his body in the same mannor, followed by his legs! After only a minute, she’d thrown exactly 800 punches and on the 801st punch she’d rock connor right at the hinge that connected the jaw to the skull and send him spiraling into the air! His body like a rag doll, as he went up..then fell back down violently. The crowd cheered in applause as Connor lay there with bruises across his face and upper body. He grunted and graoned in agony “She….she’s so accurate. I think…she hit all of my organs…” Connor would girt his teeth, pulling himself up as best he could to at least sit up fully, slouching his body over, sweating and breathing hard. “3 cracked ribs, split sternum, 2 cracked disc, and a nerve in both your knees to lock them and prevent you from being as mobile. You’re tough, but through and through you are still just a man.” Connor growled and eyed her down. Connor would rush her his body paining him, but he’d begin assaulting with a mix of muay thai and Chinese kenpo, but like last time she was dodging everything anticipating an attack from yumi at some point.( )

Yumi watched calmly as the woman would begin to demonstrate her power and with every blow to each statue her eyes widen. That perfect form, her stance and the entire demeanor this woman had was out of this world it made Yumi almost fall in love…..almost. But there was something off about this fighter. Just a bad feeling Yumi couldn’t seem to shake off even as the next stage is set up and she is going head to head with a couple of other professional fighters. At this point, she leans forward to get a better look even as Connor would scoff and as always have some shit to say. But that was her boss for you…shit talking aaaaallll the time. The woman is handcuffed, bound by the wrist and ankles and though Yumi couldn’t shake the weird feeling off she also couldn’t pry her eyes away as she watches with excitement at the flawless victory she gains from defeating them within moments! “This chick…is unreal.” She had to give her props especially considering she was a female fighter, not many women made it this far in this type of profession so to be able to see one do such things and be so respected and admired sort of put Yumi in a good mood….then Ryoji had to fuck it all up. Classic move. She blinks as he stands up to approach the stage but she doesn’t stop him knowing where his head is at….Connor was always up for a fight and loved to stir trouble, case in point as she crosses her arms and raises a brow. He really wanted to do this huh? Even after everything he saw….Yumi was always up for a fight even if the chances were slim but considering this was her first time here she’d like to be able to come back the next time this place is set up and she wasn’t much to show off or make a huge scene…not like Connor anyway. Miss Fierce doesn’t stop him and actually allows the match while Yumi watches wit suspicious blue hues. “Hmm…” Connor wasn’t any normal fighter but with that being said, this lady….she wasn’t normal either. She wasn’t even close….She insults or rather tells Connor the sad truth about his attitude and the fight begins but it was so fast!! Most of the people couldn’t keep up at all but luckily the redhead trained her eyes on the two and watched with a deep frown…this wasn’t good. This woman was a fucking beast and as the first bone is broken Yumi was having difficulty sitting down any longer. Connor was the type to keep going until he was out cold and then some but they were on a fucking date!! And as much as she enjoyed seeing fights, there was something that irked her when said guy who asks her to said dates always seemed to find themselves in trouble and not focus on showing her a good time! ‘Well I can’t really get mad, he is a yakuza boss after all though still…even I’m wondering what’s wrong with a dinner and a movie.’ She still hadn’t seen a movie in the longest time but now was not the time to be thinking of such silly things!! Miss Fierce makes quick work of Connors body, using it like her own personal punching bag!! Even from this position Yumi could actually hear his bones breaking and she winced at this. The fight had barely started and it was almost finished now!! The only thing more hurt?? Was Connors pride as the match stopped but Ryoji wanted to keep going! “This isn’t going to end well.” With an almost blinding speed Yumi shifts in to a blur and appears in between the two fighters, facing Connor and holding her hands up in defense in case he attacks any damn way! “CONNOR! Enough!!!” If he would stop though she really felt like it was a slim chance she’d make sure he couldn’t try and side step her or duck around her, still in a defensive stance in case he’d say fuck it and hit through her. “You’re hurt and as much as I enjoy seeing a woman wipe the floor with you I don’t think we can enjoy the rest of our DATE with you and a pair of broken legs!!”

Connor was as close as it  got to charging right back in there and trying again! he refused to let himself  be so easily delt with as ifhe were nothing more than a piece of trash! He’d come so far, so far from being that kid on the street corner who had potential to actually being someone who had fighting experience. Everything he learned about combat and skill only to be bested so easily. It was just  another wake up call for Connor, allowing and reminding him that there were just some people you can’t compete with. When next thing he knew yumi would’ve suddenly appeared out of no where separating them and distancing them. When she told him enough he’d stop in place, as she stood in front of  hi. Connor contemplated weather he should just juke her like a basketball player, and make his way to Miss Fierce…but then again something about Yumi’s certain need to protect him and care for his well being that just made him want to listen to her. He’d stop, and his legs would shake violently. The fact that he was  standing on damaged  nerve legs was an impressive feat as is, but a damn near stupid one. As such Connor let his legs give out and he fell to the floor on his rear end, holding his knee caps and groaning in pain. “G…good fight. This isn’t over…next time I see you I’ll be leagues ahead of you miss.” Miss Fierce would turn her nose up to the both of them. “That’ll be years from now. You and you’re girlfriend are nothing special compared to the rest of the world. Guards escort them out of here.” As the guards would’ve come over Connor’s eyes would glowed a bright crimson red as his voice took a deeper  and drastic change of tone. “Don’t you fucking touch me..” the red in connor’s eyes reflected in the guards eyes and they’d put their hands up and back away slowly. Connor would slam his hands onto the floor, holding himself up by pushing on to his knees and leaning forward a bit, panting. “w-we’ll be taking our leave. C’mon yumi, let’s get the fuck outta here..” Connor would limp across the gym, not wanting help from  anybody. The moment he exited, and made his way out side,  he’d hobble a good distance away from the entrance and fall to the ground on his back, taking sheltered breathes as he was pretty sure one of his ribs may or may not have punctured a lung. “ngh…shit…tis but a flesh wound…” Connor would grit his teeth and if Yumi was near by Connor would scoff. “I had her you know…she was totally on the ropes when we were  going at it…you didn’t need to save me.” Connor was a prideful man and didn’t appreciate having to be saved, though deep down he thought it was the sweetest thing. There’s a 12 foot wall of crap blocking connor from saying how he really feels about things, but for yumi that wall had  declined a bit.


Connor actually stops for her which she gave a look of relief that she wouldn’t have to punch him out especially considering he wasn’t in a condition to even fight back. Miss Fierce says something to them but Yumi merely looks over her shoulder and gives the woman a cold stare, letting her know she finds her suspicious and she’s on to her. “Just another hot shot who forgot their place” She says, making sure she is heard as Connor growls at the guards to not touch him. Yumi waves them off as well and doesn’t help her rival leave the arena knowing full well even though he was in pain he’d still swing at her if she tried anything. That fight was concerning, as much as she enjoyed seeing other martial artists in their prime just doing their thing something was still off about that lady but for now she would try and heal Connor though she didn’t think she could help his ego at the moment, that would have to fix on its own but she was thinking of ways she could move the process along. He falls on his back and instantly grabs the fighters attention as she kneels down beside him and watches him with a raised brow. “A flesh wound hm?” Trailing her finger down his side she presses in to the obvious broken rib just to fuck with him. “Big doubts.” She jokes lightly before the blue flames ignite both hands and she begins to work on him and if he even had the nerve to tell her otherwise she would snap at him. “Hold still or I’ll burn you to a crisp, Ryoji.” Her tone was stern but filled with worry for her rival. “You didn’t need to save me…” She didn’t take this to heart, he was simply speaking out of frustration as she starts to massage the fire in to his chest and sides, one could hear the ribs slowly and even achingly start to snap back in place, mend and heal themselves but soon after a cool rushing sensation would numb out the pain before the organs were up next, absorbing the magical embers and their mysterious healing properties. Truth be told Yumi never knew how she was able to use this ability it just one day happen when she was almost beaten to death in her younger years…she’d really come a long way though that fight she just witnessed and seeing Connor get his ass handed to him made her realize they both really did have a lot to learn but it somewhat made her excited to know she could learn new things with Connor well….if they even had a future. She’d grown quiet at her thoughts as she travels her hands down hard abs, making sure not to miss anything and knowing his legs would need a little more work than the rest of him. “This is going to feel uncomfortable, okay?” They were both very tough but still she wasn’t cruel as her fingers rest on his thighs and her flames turn a brighter shade of blue, swallowing his legs right up. She figured she shouldn’t leave him to his thoughts though so she would strike up a conversation to distract him. “Professional fighters aside, there’s only one fighter I actually like watching. They’re a bit brash and hard headed but when I see them it’s like…” she tries to choose the right words without coming off as weak, making sure she doesn’t make eye contact. “It’s like when I see those fists move they’re telling a story and I wanna listen to every strike. I can see a struggle in them with each kick that lands on their opponent. One thing Miss Fierce didn’t have was emotion or even that determination and need to survive and push forward. That love and appreciation for the fighting style. Just seemed like a robot…but my favorite fighter isn’t like that. Not a chance they’ll ever let themselves become that when they make it to the very top.” She knew Connor was a bit dense and she honestly didn’t wanna actually say who her favorite fighter was but there was a slight chance he’d just let all of that fly right over his head. “And I know for a fact he will be at the very top. Because that’s where I plan to be so there’s no way I’d just let you advance and leave me behind.” His legs would become numb to the pain now as she is almost finished though she thoroughly makes sure the job is done correctly.

Connor lay on his back, looking up at her and sighing. She joked with him, he knew he didn’t have the situation in his hands…he was outclassed completely, but he accepted this whole heartedly.  Connor heeded her words and held still. He didn’t want to be healed honestly, he had a preference to keep his injuries the way he wanted to so they could heal naturally. He believed in battle scars and such, but in this case, he knew there was no winning with Yumi. There never was…but that’s why he liked her so  much. She was a fighter, a challenge to him. He couldn’t do much with a weak woman, one who just took his commands laying down. He needed resistance, someone to put him in check when he needed to be put in check. A partner, not a pet. As she began to use the flames, Connor would close his eyes feeling his ribs begin to pop and snap back into place. He smiled a bit, as it was such a soothing feeling…she had a soft touch for a fighter. Connor knew for a fact his hands were pretty rough to the touch, but not hers for some reason. At least, it felt good to him..maybe cause it was her. “This is going to feel uncomfortable, okay?” Connor would nod ,and get lax, putting his arms behind his head and yawning before listening to her strike up a conversation. “Professional fighters aside, there’s only one fighter I actually like watching. They’re a bit brash and hard headed but when I see them it’s like…” Connor would open one eye to look at her. He felt an emotion from her…a similar one to the one she’d had a while ago when they had their first momentary encounter.  “It’s like when I see those fists move they’re telling a story and I wanna listen to every strike. I can see a struggle in them with each kick that lands on their opponent. One thing Miss Fierce didn’t have was emotion or even that determination and need to survive and push forward. That love and appreciation for the fighting style. Just seemed like a robot…but my favorite fighter isn’t like that. Not a chance they’ll ever let themselves become that when they make it to the very top.” Connor would close his eye again and take a deep breath before exhaling. He didn’t really know who she was talking about, if anything it sounded a lot like. “Ooooooooohhhh…….” Connor mentally thought. Putting the feeling of empathy  together with her words. Then again maybe Connor WANTED her to be talking about him. who’s to say? Connor would sit himself up, and put his hands back to look at her. “Well I admire your determination…but for the record, you’ve still got a ways til you’re on my level.” Connor would smirk, before feeling his legs start to feel somewhat normal, all be it a bit numb. “That feels good. Thanks…you know that’s why I keep you around.  You’re wise, so much wiser than your age…it’s enticing you know? Not gonna lie that shit’s attractive.” Connor smiled at her, and as he sat up, he’d lean a little forward towards her. Being blunt about his inquisition. He’d then reach his hand up and pinch her cheek again with a smug smile. “Well this favorite fighter of yours…” Connor playing along. “Sounds like the grand daddy pubah of all fighters. I admire your admiration. Kill me later but it’s cute yumi.” Connor would look at her, and his eyes shimmered just a bit in the street light. He’d reach down and take hold her hands in his and hold them. “I’m alllllllll better. See? Much better.” Connor would stand himself up dusting himself off and slipping his blazer back onto his body. “None the less…thanks. Now from now on don’t heal me anymore…alright?” Connor would pull her in for a hug, holding her by her waist and just holding her there. “You’re the best. Just you being here…makes me feel better. “ his hold on her got a little more cozy as he kept his face beside hers and looked away for a moment. “I’m alone a lot now a days since Kodi’s been gone..i don’t say it but sometimes. Ah. It’s kinda stupid but well. I work hard a lot…thought it doesn’t seem like it. Everyone depends on me for things, decisions , actions. Sometimes I just wanna come home and have someone to lean on myself….someone I can fall back on.” Connor shook his head actually getting comfortable holding her like this. “Big Bad Connor wants a cuddle buddy. Stupid huh.” Connor would push yumi off of him playfully. “Alright alright, enough of that sentimental stuff. Let’s go find a restaurant to grub at. Can’t plow on an empty stomach, and believe me it’s gonna happen.” Connor would push a button on his keys, and the Robug would hover off of the roof and come down to the road. The doors would open and Connor would nod to Yumi. Hopping into the driver seat and taking off into the night time sky, scouring the streets to try and find a nice place to eat. They were both dressed fairly well so they at least had to eat somewhere with some class. “So you know you neeeeeever answered my question from a while ago. Bitch. What. Are. Your. Dreams.” Connor would look over at her, driving with one hand and still keeping an eye on the hover traffic. “and what you feel like eating?”

“I’m feeling classy tonight.” To this Yumi looked right at him with a raised brow as if saying ‘Seriously??’ She didn’t even want to know what Connor considered classy but the curiosity might be too much so she nods. “Sure, like I said I don’t mind.” Then he mentions one of his bosses works there and she becomes instantly serious, giving out a frown and looks back out the window in deep thought….this was perfect she actually wanted to go now! But for what reasons? She had them….as the car is parked, she opens her door and calmly lifts herself out, breasts bouncing lightly as she did so only to have Connor watching her and with a slight blush she asks. “What??” For a man who didn’t like women fawning over his body, he sure had no problem gawking at hers especially her tits…she found them to be useless and too sensitive so in all honesty she might have been…a bit self-conscious about them. “Does Kevin suck in bed??” WHAT!? What kind of question was that?!? Her blush only gets worse as she scoffs and turns away from him and that question, waving him off. “I’m not going to answer that…” But then he mentions how he can taste the sexual frustration on her and she sighs in defeat, facing him again and crossing her arms, breasts on top of course to get comfortable. “I can’t tell you if he sucks or not because I don’t know, I was a virgin too when we had sex for the first time….and we haven’t had sex since then or at least I haven’t had sex anyway.” Who knows what he was off doing but she knew Kevin wasn’t the type…was he? She hadn’t given it much thought…she hadn’t been giving him much thought either. “Can’t really tell you if he’s the best I’ve ever had cause he’s the only I’ve ever had. Once.” She bites her lip softly at the memory though, playing with her hair absent mindedly. “I mean it was incredible the experience. I saw a different side of myself and I didn’t think I could be so vocal and the things he made me say I loved it.” Thinking about it was beginning to get her hot after allthe fighter did feed off of emotion and that carnal emotion and being sexually deprived was a lot for the passionate woman. “There’s just something that shifts inside of me like a fire that needs to be fed and only a cock can satisfy the hunger. Which is so unlike me considering I’m not about needing a man to make me feel any type of way.” She had been worried though…Connor was the type to like his woman dominating and tough and Yumi was that in every sense of the words but when it came to sex…it was just exhausting being in control all the time and so independent so to let a man take the reins and just put you in your place, it got her excited. It was her dirty little secret that Yumi liked being plowed in to and told what to do and say. But Ryoji might not let her live it down…she could just picture him poking fun at her after tonight and losing all respect after she’d work so hard to be seen as his rival. Perhaps she too was scared to let him in on her own things as well…but with him still staring at her breasts it was beginning to get harder to stop it and to lighten up the mood she merely smirks at him and just tugs part of the dress down to expose the milky cream colored round D cups, the pretty pink nipples semi hard against the cold air. She bends forward, squeezing her arms in to them so they’d pop up some more. “Here, you’re staring so hard why don’t you get a closer look??” She really did love fucking with him after all…

Dicks & Kneecaps

Connor listened very intensively. His eyes focused on her, with the most serious look on his face as if he were investigating a crime scene or something of a similar manor,  trying to see just where her sex life stood. If she never told him, Connor would’ve had a hard time believing she was virgin. Granted, Yumi hit everything in her way, but hell Connor would’ve figured SOMEONE would’ve piped her by now, but nope. Turns out  Kevin was Mr.IHitItFirst. As she spoke about her sexual appetite…Connor could help but feel like the heat was suddenly turned up. There’s just something that shifts inside of me like a fire that needs to be fed and only a cock can satisfy the hunger. Which is so unlike me considering I’m not about needing a man to make me feel any type of way.” If Connor was wearing a tie, he’d definitely would’ve had to adjust the shit, to straighten himself out. God he wanted her. Maybe she  was feeling the same way. The amount of days it’s been since he had any form of ass would be astonishing considering his sexual nature. Connor assumed she’d have taken notice of him staring at her buts, and when she simply tugged on her dress and let her tits come to full fruition, Connor would stare at them blankly. Not a single bit of blush on his cheeks as he eyed the cream colored pillows of the fiery red head, and the pink nipples that lay in the center….like pieces of bubble gum. As she bended forward, Connor would jerk a bit and shift his stance, stuffing his hands in his pockets, as she told him to take a closer look. ‘Ha! Please. You’re tits aren’t impressing anyone woman. They’re nice, but they won’t effect me. I’m to used to this kind of thing. Women fall at my feet.” Connor would’ve turned his body around to head towards the restaurant, but a series of unfortunate events took place shortly after he’d finished his sentence. For one, Connor’s slab was on rock-rock, poking from his pants long and surprisingly hard, solid as a stone. The full and mighty length of his 7 inches protruding very bluntly just like his attitude. The second thing that happened, is that as he was turning around, pedestrian, specifically a business man who recently secured a loan to open up his own company would’ve been walking home form a late night at work. He was walking right by Connor, and as Connor  turned his dick would’ve impacted the man’s knee. While seemingly harmless a loud “CRACK” would’ve been heard! Connor’s cock was so solid, that when he turned as fast as he did, it became a lethal weapon! His club like manhood, impacted the man’s knee with the psi of a heavyweight boxer, holding a Louisville slugger and swinging it as hard as he could to hit a 200mph fastball right outta the park! The man’s knee, no his entire lower calf and leg muscle would’ve bent inwards, and crippled him completely! “NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHIAHFOIHDOIAHIODHF!” He’d yell at first,  but the then begin to spout oddles and bundles of gibberish mixed with English and cuss words. One could see a small pool of blood leaking out as the man’s knee was not only fractured, but it was a compound fracture. If one looked, they could see the knee cap protruding from the back of the knee.  Connor would have a “e_e” Look on his face confused….but pretty proud that his penis was so powerful. Connor would look down at his jutted beef stick and pat the head, looking back at Yumi. “Behold my true power. HAHAHAHA!” Connor would  utter a menihical laugh, as his mahood would shrivel back to it’s compressed  size. The man on the ground continued hollering and Connor would wave his hand at him. “Put some ice and vasaline on it, you’ll be better by the morning C’mon Yumi let’s jet im starving here!” Connor would take her by the hand and escort her into the restruant with him. it was pretty nice, very urban Asian environment. Dim lit, but well decorated. Connor would’ve lead them to an empty seat. A waiter would come by and hand the both of them menus. “Madam, sir. I will have you know that in this establishment, you’re usually supposed to wait to be seated.” Connor would put the menu down and look at the male waiter. “I just hit someone with my dick. I will turn left, and do the same to you. Step off weak sauce.” The waiter would scoff, turning his nose up and walking away. Connor would reach down and scratch his sack. “Everyone’s a critic, am I right, or am I right?” Connor would look at the menu. “…..I wonder if they have friend chicken.”

It seemed he was trying to save face and he didn’t react towards anything she said or her flashing him…or so she was assuming as she smirks when he tells her she aint shit only to see that giant hard on he was sporting. She straightens out and merely pulls the dress back up to hide her breasts again. Suddenly a man was walking by and Connor tried to be the cool kid and turn away from her only to break apart that poor dudes knee. “MY LEG!!” She gapes, watching with wide eyes. “Co-connor!! I think you…” The man was screaming in agony and she honestly felt bad since she was partially at fault for the mans knee cap being completely busted and probably crippling him for the rest of his life but Connor would just laugh at the power behind his own cock to which she gives him a lame expression, her hand igniting in to a dangerous flame. “I’m going to hurt you. Right after I heal this guy…” But Connor wouldn’t have any of that as he grabs her hand and pulls her inside. “Wait!” But he wasn’t the waiting type as the man is yelling to whatever God would answer as to why this was happening. “Wwhhhyy Budha!! Oh god wwwhhhyyyy!!!” She winces slightly but the mood instantly changes once they were inside the restaurant and their seats are taken. “Uhhh…” With a sigh, she gives up and shakes her head as the waiter comes to give them a snobby attitude but Yumi wasn’t stressing someone that couldn’t throw down with her. She opened the menu and started deciding what she was in the mood for, rubbing her chin calmly even as Connor threatens the man with his cock. The waiter, obviously insulted turns and rushes off while Connor claims how everyone is a critic and then commenting on fried chicken. “He might spit in our food now. And you should try eating non friend foods, Ryoji. Not everything has to be dripping in grease.” She places the menu flat on its back and smirks at him. “Try vegetables every once in a while. They won’t kill you. In fact they can make little boys like you grow big and strong.” She teased all the while eyes shifting down to the words. Granted she was having a good time so far but in the back of her mind she was starting up a plan in case she met the owner tonight but it was a slim chance he’d waste his time coming to what she assumes to be just a smaller business. So if he didn’t show up that was fine since Connor was more important right now anyway as she rests her elbow on the table and places her chin on the top of her hand, getting comfortable as she chooses something to eat. This brought her back to her younger days when she was a chefs helper at a restaurant not as classy as this but it was still a nice place. Then she thinks about something….tilting her head to the side she watches him for a moment. “Connor? Where were you born??” It might have been a random question but the truth of the matter was they didn’t know much about the others backgrounds and she was curious about his story.

Getting To Know One Another

As Connor looked at the menu, he saw no fried chiken per say, but he did see mention of some teriyaki chicken, or seseme chicken, or one of his favorites, General Tso’s Chicken. Nothing fried. This would’ve been around the same time she mentioned not everything has to be fried, and he should eat vegitibles to become big and strong. Connor would lower his menu to raise a brow at her. “Like my mom used to say, “If you can’t see the greese at the bottom of the bag, it ant no good.” Connor would laugh a bit snickering, and remembering the older days when his mother was still around. Before she dumped him into the care of his biological Father, Densuke Ryoji. It’s not like it sucked, but after finding out some things down the road Connor still wishes he would’ve gotten to see his mother one last time….he at least lived with knowing he was loved. “Well I’m ready to order.” Connor would toss the menu to the fore winds of the restaurant only to hear a “OW!” in the background. He saw Yumi tilt her head and then she asked him quite the question. . “Connor? Where were you born??” Connor would, take off his blazer and sit it on the back his chair, not really caring that he’d had blood stains on his shirt. “Do you want just the location or the back story that comes with it?’ if she chose the backstory, Connor would nod. “Well, I was born in District 1. Believe it or not I’ve been a Yakuza long before I was a kaicho. I was born to Amy HInamori, and Densuke Ryoji, though due to a tragic series of unfortunate events aha, I never knew the guy was my pops til later. I was born into the Arasumaru clan, a power house Yakuza clan back in the day.” Connor smiles thinking of what he considered his golden days. “Things were so easy! All they did was fight, fight fight! Claymore was like this fucking military genius who could build anything! My moms had a fetish for big guns and stuff! And this guy Danny would come by occasionally and he tought me Chinese martial arts! Ah man! I was only like…” Connor would count on his fingers. “6 and I was taking down grown men! Hell they used to tell me not to go on runs and turf wars with them, but c’mon. when the fuck do I listen to authority figures  if it’s no fun?” Connor would point to the top of his head. “When I was young, I took a steel pipe, no homo, to the back of my head. Busted it right open, almost died. District 1 was a lot more hostile back then. No one gave a shit, even if you were a kid, you could be offed at a whim. But the clan I rolled with man they were the best. Plus they were a family. It’s kind how I do my clan. We aren’t just killers, brutes and thugs. We’re friends. Allies. Nakama… we stick together. Working towards one goal: the better of this fucking city. It’s funny cause you wouldn’t think me the protector type but Yumi. I look at the streets of district 1 every day and think about how it was before…just high crime rates. Drugs every fucking where…no order. KPD didn’t even care until  someone important died or a mass number died….well not any more!” Connor would beat his chest with his fist. “I’ve single handedly been keeping the streets clean! People look at me with a smile for things I’ve done! They aren’t afraid to walk out side, and children have a safe neighborhood to play in! I’m gonna make sure that no matter what, I fix this city for the better. Just like the original Yakuza did back in the day! They were knights of their city, and bitch I’m the King Aurther of this generation!” Connor would sink back into his seat, and bang the table. “Waiter!  Ready to order!” the waiter would waltz over and stand with a notepad. ‘I will have the General Tso’s chicken, with fried rice, and a Red bull energy drink. Put it in a champagene glass would ya?” Connor would wait for yumi to order before looking to Yumi. “So now that you know MY story, what’s yours? Tough fighter like you’s, gotta have some real stones to her her past.  I know you told me a bit but now that you know. You’re like all on me, you should tell me more.” Connor would lean on the table a bit with arms folded.///Eslewhere in the restaurant./// in the VIP section of the very same restruant, A man would be sitting present in a booth all himself. He’d had food scatted aross the table, a light grey suit on with a red undershirt his hair was slicked back and he’d had a very small like gotee. A napkin hanging from his shirt, to show proper edicate, as he’d cut into his steak with a knife, and begin paitently eating it with his fork. He had a strong prominent jaw line, seemingly focusing on something bigger than himself. Of course, that was just the look he’d had to him. head of The fire flower syndicate, The yakuza rulers of the new generation yakuza. Led by the man known as 'King ' aka Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu was one of the leaders within the new yakuza uprising. Pushing the armada out and regaining there freedom once again. King allied up with the mythical legend known as Inugami and had been the first Slave that he had freed. King has an overwhelming obsession for Inugami , wanting to have his heroism and has even stated that Inugami is the reincarnation of Kagemaru. King came from a smaller yakuza before his enslavement. He was well known amongst the clans gif his combat prowess and his sense of leadership. (Kazuma_kiryu_by_mizuki1991-d38ino1.jpg ) Two men in black suits would come up to the table and salute him. “King Sama.” King would look up and raise a brow. “Hm?” “We just  wanted to inform you, Connor Ryoji is in the area, at a table not to far from yourself. You told me to notify you if we spotted him.” King would nod. “Ah, Shoakuma.  Watashi wa sugu ni kare to hanashi o shimasu. (I will speak with him shortly)” King being a native japanese man, the men understood and nodded, awaiting further instruction.

When Connor was actually alright with opening up and telling her his backstory she smiled a bit, glad he was comfortable enough to do so and at first it was Yumi just listening carefully and nodding at a few certain things but as the story goes along, her smile would fade and she just stared at him as if lost in his words. The way he talked about district 1 and how bad it used to be, she agreed…after all this place was all she ever knew. But Connor wanted to make a change and he had been doing so! He’d been the reason things were looking up even if there was still a longs way to go, there was progress and just hearing him say his goals and what he plans to keep on doing and about the yakuza the traditional way of the yakuza puts a sparkle of determination in her eye….yes she’d certainly did confirm it now. Her dream and how she felt about Ryoji it was all mixed together and there was a fire burning inside of her that hadn’t in a long time. “You wouldn’t think I’m the protector type Yumi.” No at first glance he was a stubborn hard headed fool who rushed in to things no plan or nothing…but he had purpose. And the time spent watching him train and fighting and doing what he could for district 1 she could see it…the man he was becoming and the man she wanted to stick around and see. She didn’t want to just advance as a fighter just to become stronger…she wanted it for a purpose to and it was becoming clear what that was now. She wouldn’t get left behind and be in his shadow, she’d do her best to catch up and be by his side even if it kills her. He orders his food and Yumi nods to the waiter and orders as well. “I’ll have two spring rolls and pork dumplings.” Their menus is taken away and Connor would put the spot light on her. She had told him how she learned muay thai that much she remembers but she sort of takes a sip of her water and thinks for a moment. “mmm, I donno where I’m from. A homeless man and his sister found me as an infant one day in May next to an archery range. Funny thing was that’s why they called me Yumi.” She laughs a little at the memory. “Not very creative but it is what my name means after all; bow.” She starts to play with her hair, trying to recall things she hadn’t thought about in a while. “We didn’t have a home but I never felt homeless ya know? I just looked at it like we were outside a lot, camping. They raised me and we moved around district 1 when the crime was so bad. Then that new trend of killing homeless people to get in to gangs became popular so we had to hide out a lot in strange places instead of the normal homeless area like under bridges since that’s where they’d look for you. I couldn’t tell you where I’m from originally but one thing I know for sure is District 1 is my home and it always will be. I was rather content with my life but then at 12 they were killed by a bunch of thugs. We didn’t even have anything on us there was no point in giving us trouble, they knew we couldn’t fight back so why? Because they could and they were strong.” Yumi wasn’t the type to cry it just wasn’t in her nature to anymore… “They beat us till only one was left still breathing and you can guess who that was. The leader tried to rape me but I bit his dick.” She laughs a bit at that, now remembering it again. “He was so pissed! Broke my nose and dislocated my shoulder hah but I wouldn’t let go…the only thing that probably saved me was that a cop car was patrolling the area and they ran but the cops didn’t even stop to ask if we were okay. My family didn’t get up and it took KPD two days to come collect the bodies but I wouldn’t let them. And they didn’t fight it and I got to bury them out on a pretty field but it wasn’t easy I’ll tell ya that.” The background of people talking was dulled out as well as the pleasant Chinese music. “Then I joined the fights and you know that story. Learned Muay thai…the owner of the gym taught me though and he gave me a place to stay so long as I cleaned the gym. Told me I needed a real job, not fighting around getting beat up if I didn’t know how to even defend myself so he got me a job working at a Chinese restaurant as a chefs helper which is why I know how to cook.” She smiles at the memory of having a home with someone but there was a reason it was no more. “He was unstoppable, the owner. This freak force that couldn’t be stopped…but he was. And by a fucking gun of all things. He was like super hero to me so for him to just die because of something so avoidable…it shattered my world and the gym was shut down with no one to pay the lease and I was homeless again. I left my job and returned to the fights and I’ve never looked back.”

Connor took in her story, looking her in the eyes the entire time. She didn't know much about her past but hearing her story about growing up. he had a sick sense of humor because he did laugh when she laughed about almost being raped and getting a broken nose and dislocated shoulder. She was tough though! she took it on stride and she made the best of it. Honing her skills and taking each problem as it came. she reminded Connor so much of himself it was pathetic. Everything from how she learned how to cook to how she learned to fight was like a story book that he enjoyed reading the whole way through. When she finished her story the waiter would've brought the food out to the tables . Connor would rub his hands together and lick his lips. "Well you're story is one for the history books Yumi. When you make your big come up I'm gonna get a book written about you."  Cannot would smile before digging in a bit and taking in the flavor."Damn...this is good. shitty. not better than your shit but shit is shit y'know." Connor would've continued eating but between bites he couldn't help but look up at her and smile as he chewed his food. He was legit catching feelings for her. Hard. Harder than he imagined he even would. He'd finish his food off,breaking a chunk of the plate off and chewing on it. "Yuck. Restaurant china taste god awful..." Connor would look back up at Yumi and wipe his mouth. "yumi I gotta be honest...all bus aside. you make me feel" "Shoakuma. Pleasure seeing you here, we haven't gotten to talk as much as we would've liked too. I've been keeping up with your escapades. gotta say Im very proud of you and your actions." Connor would look up to king and salute him lightly. "King hey! I mean sup Boss." King placed his fingers on his forehead and sighed. His voice deep and commanding but understanding.  "Still working on that eddicate I see. None the less." King would hold his hand out towards yumi and extend it. 'My real name is Yoshimintsu but on the Yakuza world I am knowon as king."  if she shook his hand. he'd speak again. "Can she be trusted? I have a proposition that I need to speak to you about. if you get moment." Connor would look to yumi. "She's fine. she actually  my right hand...if she's interested on that position." Connor would wink to her and depending on her answer King would stuff his hands in his pockets. "May I Join you?" King asked. Connor would nod. "Yeah man go right ahead." Connor would lean back in his seat. "So what's going on?

Formal Greeting

Their food arrives and she calmly picks up the chopsticks to eat the food, giving him a calm smile. She didn’t get sad bringing up her past, it only made her stronger and brought her to where she was today….right now, with Connor and she liked that. “I’m gonna write a book about you.” To this Yumi coldn’t help the laugh and pointing her eating utensil at him. “You actually know how to write or are you bullshitting me, Ryoji?” She teases him before taking a bite from her spring roll and enjoying the taste. They teased one another back and forth as they always did when they ever caught a meal together at the base. She was honestly comfortable around him to the point they didn’t need to fight to get through to each other but don’t get it twisted, she’d throw down with Connor any day of the week fighting him always made her feel better. Taking a sip she almost laughs at seeing him eat the plate too, forgetting that he could eat non food as well for a second. "yumi I gotta be honest...all bull aside. you make me feel--" Her stomach did a flip when he began to talk about how he felt and her eyes widen slightly, a blush threatening to creep up to her face….and then they were interrupted and her eye twitches in annoyance. Damn…cold defiant eyes stare up at the man who had stopped their conversation but with the way Connor reacted, this man was someone to be respected but Yumi out of habit did not change her expression, it was not out of disrespect but a defense mechanism whenever someone of threat approached her, something she learned to do in the streets of district 1 when someone came at you side ways, a look alone could brush them right off. “I mean sup Boss.” So the man was here tonight! This was great and the moment of romance was gone as she quickly stood up to face the tall man and at first one would think, knowing Yumi, she’d say something smart or snappy as her lips stayed flat in a serious frown. “Oyabun.” She greets properly and accepts his hand first before giving him a low bow, her hair slipping from her shoulders to rest around her face. When a moment passes she would raise from her position and release his hand before pulling out the chair for him calmly, not minding if it was not needed but in the traditional Yakuza this was done. She doesn’t sit down until he does of course and she blinks at Connor calling her his right hand, a big grin breaking out one she couldn’t control. “Yeah….” She accepted shortly before snapping her fingers for the waiter to come over and gestures to the table. “Some beers and your best Sake please.” This was very unlike Yumi as at first she was acting strangely but there was good reason as when the Oyabun was present at ones table they would offer alcohol before pouring the liquor and the man returns said items, giving King a small nod. “Sir?” She offered him the beer first, not skipping any of the steps. She really needed to talk to this man and it would be important that she was in his good graces for what she wanted to speak with him about…privately. If she’d even get that far.

King would be pleased at Yumis display and take charge type attitude. When she bowed after he'd been seated and she motioned for beers, Connor would have a "Not bad" look on his face. this was shocking hr didn't even recall Yumi knowing much about the Yakuza customs. King would watch as the waiter brought the bottle of saki, three tiny drinking bowls and 3 beers. when he was handed the first one he'd take it, popping the top off with his free hand and sitting it on the table. "Your quite the respectful young lady. not many know of proper customs when getting me. Connor you could learn a thing or two from, Yumi was it?" Connor would flare his nostrils and fold his arms. "Hardy har har. anyway.." Connor would've popped the beer bottle cap off with his teeth swallowing the cap and downing the bottle until only half was left. A belch followed and king would sigh. "Taking this one this one out for drinks is a gander on the wallet. None the less he's a drinker I'll give him that. While this is nice, I have yo get serious." King would take one more sip of his beer before clasping his hands together and sighing." As of recently, I've been informed of many events regarding my syndicate. Namely between you, Dog Bite, and Kenrocks new boy Eden Creed." Connor growled at the mention of Edens me. Eden had defeated him a long time ago but the loss still urks Connor especially since things have changed. "You know how I prefer my syndicate run. what's being failed to come to realization is that we are all ONE family. The fueds are altercations that meedent be happening. However. " King Would close his eyes. "I'm not here to  post blame. In fact I am not fond of Dog Bite or the Inugami clan as a whole. Yet when I try to confront him well...let's list say he's rather good at hiding." Connor scuffed. "Ant that the truth." King nodded. "Well on any case Shoakuma. I've come to appoint you for a position of regulation. You're still new. wet behind the ears but for all your brashness you've built a base for yourself.  By yourself. To be so young its an achievement. I want you to be my eyes and ears". Connor would wave his hand. "Not really the snitch type King." "I'm aware which is why you won't be snitching. you'll be fixing." Connor tilted his head. "Fixing?" King nodded. "An inspector. you'll do routine check ups on each and every clan in our syndicate. making sure no illegal bussiness is taking place, nothing that violates the jingi. If it does you have my full clearance to fix the problem by any means. A Martial Law duplex so to speak. breaking the rules to preserve them." Connor took it all in, a tad worried. "It sounds....huge. I mean to break the code is punishable heavily." "It is which is why you'll never outright tellme what you do to fix it. so long as you fix it." King would nod and hold his beer up. "Ahhhhhhhhhh I see what you did there." Connor would luagh. "I guess I could. I am pretty anal about this stuff...rules and what not. It makes sense you chose me." King would finish off his beer. "Faith shoakuma. something a lot of people on our line of work lack but in truth is a great weapon to have. In any case come. let's drink to it. Yumi would you please prepare the glasses?" If she did King would take his glass and Connor would take his. waiting for Yumi to take hers king would raise his glass and speak. "To Faith." "To faith." Connor uttered before downing his price and inhaling sharply. "Strong shit. should've guessend by the skull and cross bones on the bottle." King would smilen softly before furrowing his brow and looking to Yumi. "Your last name. Iit's Ikeda right? " if she confirmed he'd continue. "The look you gave me when I approached. I knew I'd seen the ring. you were Dog Bites fighter for a while. Every time That look came came to play there was a body on the floor sure after." King would begin pouring the sakI around himself. "I'd heard you were shinpaku now but I didn't believe you two would get along for the death of me. my blessings for your relationship together." Connor would sink down a bit hearing the word "relationship given his situation...but Connor had to smile. Its not like it's very far from the truth.

Ambitious One

Yumi nods in respect, acknowledging his praise of her etiquette when it came to Yakuza matters but the truth of the matter was she’d been around these types of people before growing up, it wasn’t just dog bite though it helped her when he forcefully took her in to know these things much to her dismay since she never wanted to serve the mangy mutt of a boss. She would smile lightly as Connor huffs in annoyance at King saying he could learn something from her she merely stays silent and listens on in intently to every word just to make sure she understands and doesn’t have to make King repeat himself. It seems like Connor was being put out in to the field and given a rather interesting job, there wasn’t anything lowly about enforcing the code though Yumi herself did not follow it as she was not part of the yakuza in fact she thought it was a huge joke but after the time she’d spent with Connor and well…her plan and dreams now she was beginning to understand it some more. “Yumi would you please prepare the drink?” She nodded her head and wrapped semi gloved fingers around the porcelain bottle. “Hai, Oyabun.” She said softly and poured his drink first before doing the same to Connor and then to hers. When the two men lift it up she follows and says the same as them before taking a sip. Alcohol was burned very easily in her system so the buzz she got would not last long unless Yumi REALLY went in and hit the bottle but that was not something to be seen here tonight or EVER. A drunk Yumi was hilariously destructive to the point where it was just funny.  "Your last name. It's Ikeda right? " Truthfully she did not know her last name, her real one and she’d taken the surname of the homeless man who had saved her from death as an infant. She nods. “Yes, Sir.” He mentions Dog bite and she laughs softly, crossing her arms as he talks about her time in the ring, it was a big deal to be praised on by a yakuza boss so she would accept it most certainly. “Thank you Sir.” Even as he said he blessed their relationship she would not dare to correct him they weren’t a thing but…with how Connor was smiling it made her smile a bit too in a sort of hopeful light. Once he was done with the discussion she would stand up before he could, bowing her head this time not as drastically now that he has already been greeted but doing so to address him. “Oyabun, sir. I know you are a busy man but please if I could just have a moment of your time.” She doesn’t look at Connor and continues calmly. “Privately?” Her tone did not give her away as it was as professional as could be and there would be no ill intent coming off of the fighter, her arms held in a lax fashion on either side of her. If and when he chose to allow it and they would make their way back to his table she would wait for him to sit down before doing so herself and sitting herself straight though her head was tilted lightly as she sat there in silence, staring at him, her blue hues would obviously inspect every inch and dip of him taking in to memory of any scars or significant markings she could make out on his person. It wasn’t of course in a sexual nature nor was it in a threatening nature but Yumi found a talent in reading people. And this man…had most certainly seen the flames of hell. “Oyabun, sir.” She would not address him as King-sama unless told to do so and she continued. “Ryoji saved me from a debt, I owe my life to him. As much as it pains me to say this but pride has no place at this table right now so I say this with no spite, he helped me when I could not even help myself. I was lost for what seemed like a long time…Connor won’t know this but I was trapped in self hate and self pity for my awful luck and what life had thrown at me…everyone I cared for seem to leave me in the form of death. I do my best to not let my emotions get the better of me because it does me no good to feel sorry for myself and Ryoji that night he freed me I realized I wanted to have purpose again.” She looks to the side for a moment, trying hard to word this correctly. “You have a strong man working for you, someone I highly respect and I know that must not mean much coming from me but he is…incredible in all meaning of the word. I know what my dream is in life again and it is to be by his side. I respect his….federation of sorts. But I know I won’t be taken serious in his eyes if I don’t take it a step further…you see he isn’t just special to me he’s my rival. And as such I cannot be left behind in his shadow. I accept the job as his right hand whole heartedly but I want to be more as well. I want to be a part of the yakuza. I want to give my life to his purpose and yours. And it isn’t just to follow blindly or because I don’t have my own I do…District 1 means the world to me and I want to make it better. The people here need for it to get better.” Her family who had been slain and her sensei even…all of if preventable deaths if only things had been fixed sooner. She didn’t want that to happen to anothers family…not again.

When she asked to speak to King privatlay Connor didn't think to much of it. of anything his main concern was the alcohol on this bottle. "Yes of courise. Connor feel free to finish the bottle." Connor would nod and wave the bottle around. 'Way ahead of you." Sure getting drunk for Connor wasn't easy bit oddly enough he enjoyed the taste of liqueur. King wound stand , towering over Yumi and following behind her back to the table he himself was seated at. King would sit across from her, his elbows on the table and his hands folded covering his mouth. "Tell me what's on your mind." he'd say before she began her exposition . she went on to describe Connor to king, to which he listened with interest. A lot of Yakuza often thought little of Connor seeing as how he was so young and fresh. Others still question Kings decision to bring him in, in the first place. None the less king had his reasons and it was people who questioned those reasons that usually didn't have a very happy ending.  As she continued on King could hear a shit in her tone, a determination of sorts. As she spoke of not wanting to fall behind Connor, King would smirk lightly. "She's that type. A strong woman is a good woman indeed." He thought to himself. When she finished Kong would close his eyes. "Yumi, your respect for the lifestyle is valiant at best. This life is not for the fient of heart, that much is certain...but I can feel your inner fire. I can. feel your will to prove yourself and I beileve you will be able to do just that." King would open his eyes stating directly back at her. "It would be an honor should you ally with my syndicate. Even if its not the federation, a tattoo signifying your alligence to the fire flower syndicate will do just as well. Shoakama is also supposed to have one but I'm assuming he missed the memo on that. " King chuckled "Look after him. He's...a good kid. A stead fast unyeilding child who will grow to be a great man. grow with him. You both have my blessing. I'll set up an appointment to endite you as I did with Connor. here." King would pour them.both a glass of saki. "For now we drink to it. Welcome to the family." King would toast her before downing his drink and putting the glass back on the table. pulling out hid wallet and placing a check in the black payment folder of the restruant. he'd look down to his watch and look at the time. "I'm sorry Yumi bit businesses calls. is there anything else I can do for you? Anything at all." Meanwhile Connor would be leaning back in hisbchsir stating at the ceiling and thinking about yumi ....only to then wonder what they were talking about. "She probably talking shit." Connor would dig in his ear and wait.

Once she’d finished her speech she would wait for him to acknowledge anything she just said and when he does, she watches him with a fierce expression. It wasn’t every day someone ask to join the ranks in the Yakuza. "It would be an honor should you ally with my syndicate.” She does a sort of inward .’Yes!!’ but she wouldn’t show it and finally she can relax only somewhat as he mentions a tattoo of sorts to which the woman frowns and tilts her head. She didn’t much mind marking her body and knew it was customary to have one which made her wonder why Ryoji didn’t have one but he must’ve had his reasons that or the dude honestly just didn’t get around to it. King looks to his watch and she realizes he is a busy man who must be on his way so she would wait for him to get up before doing so and giving him one last bow good bye. “Thank you Oyabun, sir. I will not disappoint. You have my word as a fighter.” And with that he would leave but probably not before passing by Connor to bid him farewell as she takes her seat again in front of Connor and continues eating as if nothing happened…though something big did indeed happen. She was ready to trade the mundane life though for Yumi it was anything but that and trade it in for the life of Yakuza. But she was determined to do this, she’d found her purpose and regardless of if Connor suddenly didn’t want to do….whatever the hell it was this was, if he and Kodi for some reason reconciled and she wouldn’t be….erm whatever it is she felt like she wanted to be to him it wouldn’t matter. She would still be his rival and his right hand lieutenant and work hard to advance alongside of him to better district 1 and the people who belong to it. She had never been so sure of something before in a long time since knowing she wanted to become a fighter that passion returned ten fold and soon King-sama would welcome her in to the family properly though she would have to start wondering what sort of tattoo she should get so long as it was yakuza like…Shaking those thoughts off she locks eyes with Connor and raises a brow at the bottle in his hand. “Having fun there, buddy??” She teases him before taking it out of his hands but it might be empty by now considering how long she’d left him alone for. If he asked what they talked about well…she suppose it’d make sense to let him in on it right?? She wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to take it…he could laugh at her stupidity for wanting to join or get angry to think she’d even stand a chance in this life style but she wouldn’t allow any of it to stop her even if she had to prove it to him every day that she belonged there beside him through all of this she would do so. But she couldn’t wait for him to ask, there was no point in waiting so she’d just come right up and say it. “King-sama is welcoming me in to the fire flower syndicate. Joining the ranks…” She pops a dumpling in to her mouth and chews nonchalant like, her blue hues never leaving his deep red ones.

Moment of Reprieve

King would’ve made his way from the booth nodding to yumi one last time before walking past Connor and patting him on the shoulder. “you’ll start next week shoakuma. Get some rest, and take it easy.” Connor nodded and burped a bit. “Take it easy big guy.” No one else really talked to King the way Connor did. Some would find it as disrespectful, which by all means it enteirtly was, but that stemmed from Connor’s own personal vendetta with authority figures or people who might be above him in any form of rank and status. He never dealt well with it at all. None the less, when Yumi asked him if he was having fun he’d reply. “Ahhh drinking alone is never fun. Get you’re  pretty ass over here.” Connor would wait for her to come over. . “King-sama is welcoming me in to the fire flower syndicate. Joining the ranks…” Connor would blink a few times, before rubbing his eyes and smiling. “Yumi that’s, that’s great!” Connor would get up and pull yumi into a giant bear hug, nuzzling his face into her breast and smiling. “I’m so proud of  you! Now you’re official! Like me! Ahahaha we’re work buddies!” Connor would sit her down, and hold her by the arms. Almost out of instinct he’d kiss her on the forehead. He took a moment to think about what he’d done, but it’d honestly felt like he’d been doing it for years…or longer. He’d play it off though and dig into his wallet. “I’mma go ahead and p-“ Connor would look and see a check with king’s signature on it.”Oh. Well. This guy’s really got money like that.” Connor would look side ways before averting his gaze back to Yumi. “C’mon Yumi. Let’s go somewhere less crowded. I know a spot from my youth. Sort of kind of….i mean. You’ll see..( ) Connor would take her hand, and walk the both of them outside. It wasn’t a forceful grab though, his touch was soft, like it had been for the time being tonight. Connor would open her car door…the blood stain remained from where he’d broken that man’s knee cap with his cock. Connor still feeling no remorse for that would hop in the car, and start it up, and taking off. Connor would drive above hover traffic and take off into the sky. It was night time, and not a single cloud in the sky. It was darker up to, but the illuminescent light from the moon gave everything a natural blue hue…the vibrant cityscape below them, it almost made Connor’s heart sink. He was a sucker for the beauty of a landscape but not many people get to see that side of him. if one looked closely enough, they could see the gleam in his eye. As they made their way out, Connor woud’ve take the car up a very very large hill. Parking the car, Connor would step out and wait for Yumi to step out as well. “Check it out. I mean hell it’s nothing special but it’s a place of quiet for me. I never tell anyone, cause if I  did it wouldn’t be sacred.” It was a bit of a clearing of sorts, but it was miles out from the city, and in the distance you could still see the yellow assortment of lights that flickered from the streets of district 2, and a few tall monuments like Yun Tower and other places. What was astounding was the lack of light here was absolute, meaning the blue moonlit hue was even more prominent than previously.( ) Connor would place his hands on his hips. “Moms used to shoot her guns out here all the time. Didn’t even remember the place until recently. Silly me.”  Connor would turn to yumi and sigh. “Look like. Gah. There’s no easy way for me to say it so imma say.” Connor would look left and right making sure no one was going to randomly walk up and interrupt him this time. “I have REALLY strong feelings for you Yumi. There. I said it. like I did last time but this time it’s legit..” Connor would roll his shoulders, taking a few steps closer to her and gesturing with his hands. “I’ve been thinking about you for the longest time…nights. I sit up and I’m wanting you there y’know? I’m wanting you in my bed..not even for sex, but just to BE there. You fucked my head up woman!” Connor would run his hands through his hair. “I know our situations…I do. I won’t ask you to anything you’re not comfortable doing…but I feel like. Maybe. Just maybe. This…’ connor would wave his finger between the two of them. “We. Could be something…I don’t know what. Don’t even wanna put a label on it. I just know that I want you here…I want you in the future…I want  you with me in my struggle…hell, yumi I want you in general. “ Connor  would motion his hands around her wrist, pulling her towards him, their bodies colliding with each other as he’d look down to her, moving his grip from her wrist to her hands. “don’t…say anything unless it’s yes…or fuck off…I ant with that rape shit.” Connor would headbutt her timidly, his crimson hues reflecting in her own blue one as he awaited an answer. his fingers twining with hers, as he kept them by their sides, waiting and hoping for an answer he’d wanted to hear. If he got what he wanted….no matter how he could get it, he just wanted her. Right or wrong.

His reaction was positive much to her surprise as he jumped out of his seat and pulled her up to hug her. She blinks, confused but happy none the less and hugs him back, finding it amusing that he nuzzles in to her breasts. “Thank you, I’m glad I have your support.” He kisses her forehead and she blushes lightly, looking away and letting out a soft ‘heh’. Suddenly they weren’t going to continue eating and he wanted to leave which she couldn’t blame him, she was curious about where he wanted to take her and why he couldn’t just explain where it was. Yumi does not fight him off as they enter the car and they’re back on the road but he didn’t say anything, he was enjoying the night sky the same as Yumi was as she sighs in content…there were times where neither would talk and it wasn’t all that bad. Turning her head she rested it against the seat and begins to watch him, examining his facial features. Connor Ryoji was an interesting guy indeed…her eyes would begin to lower, getting too comfortable and before she knows it they’re parked and he steps out. Blinking out of her daze she opens the door as well, following him. They’d be ontop of a hill of sorts and it was pretty damn high as the chilly air would wrap around them but the fighter wasn’t cold, not with her body heat. The city lights in front of them was breath taking, add on the moon right above trying to outdo the brightness simply helped with the beauty of it all. The wind picks up and dances around her hair as if purposely trying to lift the long red locks above strong shoulders, Yumi brushing her bangs from her eyes so she could continue to experience the scenery properly. It was just the two of them all the way up here and she’d never done this, looking out at this it was like looking at a painting but she was a part of it. “Wow…It’s beautiful thank you for bringing me here.” She whispers to him before her gaze is torn away when Connor approaches her with something he obviously needs to get off his chest. “I have REALLY strong feelings for you Yumi. There. I said it. like I did last time but this time it’s legit..” Blue hues would widen at his….his confession??? If that was what this was anyway as she continues to listen with a head tilt. He understood their situation he says and he doesn’t want to put a label on whatever this is which she also grasped what he was trying to say and it was rather cute seeing him try to form sentences to express how he felt to the point where it was too painful to watch a she laughs a bit at how open he was being with her. “I just want you in general and her eyes lit up, an obvious smile plastered on the fighters face to the point it reached her eyes and it was a different demeanor entirely from Yumi, she looked genuinely happy. “Kiss me.” She ordered hoping it’d get him to relax but she doesn’t wait for him to do so as she takes it in to her own hands. Their fingers are locked together as she lightly swings them playfully, she tilts her head to the side, pink lips parted slightly to press against his. Hers were warm to the touch and inviting…like coming home after a hard days work in the blistering cold. ( )Though she was being soft in kissing him there would always be a passion behind everything she did and what started off as a gentle motion quickly turned in to something deeper as she is now tugging him closer to her, inhaling quickly through her nose as strong arms find their way around Connors neck to rest comfortably, opening his mouth some so the kiss could turn messy yet with a hint of meaning towards the end there as she returned his feelings all without the need or use of words as her tongue delves past pearly white teeth to explore his mouth. She cared for Connor she couldn’t deny this at all nor would she…she had been upfront about him since the day they met and especially when that thing happened between them…Yumi knew what she wanted and it was this brunette in front of her.

“Kiss me” she says. She didn’t have to tell him twice, not by a long shot. Connor would let his muscles intense themselves before he’d tilt his head to the opposite side she did, and push his lips back against hers. it felt right, oh so right. He could feel it…the heat again. the same  heat he felt from her last time as their kiss began to get more passionate by the second. When she threw her arms around his neck, he welcomed it and secured her waist in his arms, the first thing he grabbed was her asscheeks, one in each hand. Flowing well with her kiss, as it got rougher, Connor would move one of his hands to her lower back and pull her in closer, enjoying the feeling of having her hips press against his, but before too long she opened his mouth and slipped her tongue right past his white enamel line of defense! Meeting her challenge head on, Connor would attack her tongue with his own, as if it were a hand to hand exchange ,not really knowing the meaning of sensual. His movements became erratic as he’d squeeze the life out of her ass, expressing how much he REALLY wanted this…he needed this now. There was no turning back! Not to mention last time he restrained himself for the greater good! The greater purpose of doing so, because he thought it was wrong….but in the midst of his mind he was still a man. a man with needs, and she was going to fufill them. Sucking slowly on her tongue, before letting it ease from between his lips, he’d take hold of her waist and take a step back, squatting down to lift her up into the air,  and then dropping  her like a bag of bricks onto her back, leaving a dirt imprint of her body in the ground! ( ) “THA-WHAM!”  if it landed Connor would be all over her like an animal sniffing it’s prey. He’d lean in, and sniff her neck with a loooooong drawn out whiff before swirling the tip of his tongue in little hoops in an ascending glide. “You got a bad impression of me the first the time…this time; I don’t have any punches to pull with you.”  Connor wasn’t hesitant in the slightest, as he’d hiker her legs up and out, making sure her pelvis was completely revealed to him. he didn’t even want her nude, by any means necessary….all he had to do was take care of those panties of hers. Using his mighty knee cap smashing penis, he’d hook it underneath the line of her panties, and pull  upwards, snapping them from their holding place and letting them flutter off of her thickened hips. Under hooking her legs with his arms, and leaning over on her just a bit to where he could rest her hands on his arms curling them up into a ball almost, he’d let the head of his meat push against the lips of her vagina this time. “Not gonna chicken out…not this time. Ooooooh no,  you won’t be making fun of me after THIS BITCH!” Connor would let er rip right in there! Fuck the easing in process, his rock solid cock made it’s way right between her walls, with difficulty he might add, but  nothing he wouldn’t have physically over powered if he put his mind to it. Once in there he’d close his eyes and look up for a second. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu-------------------------ck I missed this feeling..” He’d plant his toes on the ground, giving himself some pushing room and using the soft little bed of dirt he’d have  used her back to make and slamming himself into and out of her. his jeans shifting noise with strong powerful strokes,  trying to break her in like a new shoe. Pulling the fullness of his length out and inside of her over and over.  Biting his lip, the pink hue came back to his eyes as it had before, but this time they were dead set on her, and he was dead set one thing and one thing only: Redemption.

She was enjoying their kiss, it was sooo good being this close to him and devouring him with her tongue wrestling with his in a battle for dominance that was until he grabbed her and squeezed her ass tight earning a gasp, forcing her mouth open only to allow his tongue to pin hers down and sure he won that round but she wouldn’t be beaten as she pulls his hair roughly to pull him closer, the tip of the muscle slides against his as she moans. Suddenly she’s lifted up off the ground and her eyes widen, vision going from him to the night sky while she lands with a rough ‘oof!’ Blinking, the stars were a many as she stares up. “Uhn??” He’d just pulled a wrestling move on her! Instead of being mad though she couldn’t help the laugh! He was such a trip, there was never a dull moment with this fool was there? Then he was all over her, sniffing like a dog that smelled out a bitch in heat and most certainly she was…The way he took control, it excited her and she arches her back in to all of it a smile curling her lips and a fire igniting deep in her stomach again. “You got a bad impression of me the first the time…this time; I don’t have any punches to pull with you.” That deep smooth tone he took, that determination to fuck her good, god yes! More….keep talking like that, touch her make it hurt please she needed this. She wasn’t worried how he’d be with her obedient freakier side, this was how she was and she honestly couldn’t give any fucks anymore. Their clothes weren’t taken off as they get somewhat dirty and ruffled in their movement together and then she sees it, his cock and shivers at the size alone, spreading her thick legs further apart when he grabs them. Her mouth waters slightly at the idea it was going to be inside of her and take away all this frustration. “You won’t be making fun of me after this BITCH!” He doesn’t go in gentle at all, he was aiming to rip her apart and the moment he goes in dry she cries out, fingers sinking in to the dirt to grab a handful as she throws her head back. “Yes!!!” Ugh this fullness why did it take this long to feel it again?? Her chest flinches with a quick pant as her body tries to adjust to his size, walls clasping tightly around the intruding meat. The first time he pulls out she whimpers at the emptiness, locking blue hues with him and begging him to move to wreck her. “P-punish me..” Damn she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t be this strong fighter of a woman when there was a cock inside of her, it wasn’t fair! She wanted to let go and so she would as she never tears her gaze from him even as he begins to fuck her, her covered breasts bouncing from the motion. “Connor…please..” She begged now, lips parting in another couple of agonizingly sweet moans. Her body would have adjusted somewhat now as the temperature begins to rise even the wetness between her legs dribbling out around his cock would have a warm tingling effect on him.

( ) He felt it..damn right he felt it. Tight. Wet. Constricting. When she threw her head back  and yelled out, he’d grunt, making sure his girp on her was even more so stronger than before…he wanted to wreck her. like a wall he had to overcome and he was going to do what ever it took to climb that wall for everything it was worth. When she cried out to punish, connor would’ve bit the corner of his lip and smirked immediately after. She was begging to punished…something connor wasn’t used to since he’d  always had the type of woman who’d fight him back or was mutual about it but her? oh no. Connor got happy, a wee bit to happy, as his fangs began to bare to fruition and a hand would move it’s self, to pull her dress down right where her tits where, and explose them. Those sublte colored breast bouncing between each of his hip’s colloisions with hers,  actually made his cock swell  more inside of her..he was getting there, his sex high. His hand would move from beneath her leg, and to the side of her face, where he’d turn her gaze away from her and pin her head down to the ground. “Shit! Keep talking like a whore, and I’ll treat you like one!” His voice took a feral turn, as he’d pick up his force, his hips now attacking her own with the sound of his jeans slapping against the bare skin of the backs of her thighs.( ) Her juices rand down the base of his cock and it tingled. It made him giggle a bit before  he’d put his weight down and use his entire body weight to plunge his cock even deeper inside of her, as if looking for a back door or a wrecking ball trying to destroy a structure! His precum seeping it’s way through, as each thrust was actually starting to sink her body into the dirt even more! She could feel it directly in her pevils, like someone taking a hammer and slamming it against her hip bones over and over and over again. Connor would stop for a moment, just to tear his own shirt off. The woman was like a heat radiater. After he revealed himself shirtless, he’d grip her by the arms, his fingers digging so hard into her skin, small bruises would’ve been left in their wake as he’d elevate her upper half to sit up somewhat, while he mounted himself on his knees, and began to slay her womb with  no form of mercy ( ) Connor was completely sex deprived, actually drooling at the mouth a bit at the sight of her voluptuous  body. He’d undo his pants completely now, so the area above his cock would slap her clit like a fly to a fly swatter as he’d plunge her juices from her womb, and grunt between each thrust. His body moving in a beast-like grace as he held her in place, not wanting her to move, not wanting a fight, though who knows what he’d get. “This is some grade!. A! SHIT!” Connor would would motion his hands up to her neck now holding her upright by that alone. His balls slapping her asshole, and the friction of his hips against her own was making his cock jerk inside of her, vibrating her walls along with it when it happened…it’s been to long, might blow soon, but not quit. “do that begging thing you do…” He uttered, while continuing his stride his pink eyes echoing inside of her own, as his breathe took a frosted white tinge to it. not just cause of the cool winter air but his pheromones were coming into play. Something he knew he had, but not like he could use it anytime…if they did effect her, her most pleasurable spots were about to get jolted with feelings twice as sensitive than before, so much so to the point where at this beginning start up her clit would swell and form a bit of a hypersensitivy, meaning each of his thrust would become more enticing than the next..

Her breasts met with the cold air but they wouldn’t feel it too much and her pink nipples were hard but not from the cool winds, it was all his doing every single inch of him did it aaallll and her tits now could bounce freely.

 She couldn’t tear away from his eyes even as a flushed tint covers over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Being stared at so hard like this so exposed to someone she fought so hard to rival against it’d made her hot and he could beat her in this type of fight any time he wanted! “Shit! Keep talking like a whore, and I’ll treat you like one!” His palm meets with her face to break their gaze and she doesn’t struggle, biting her lip and moaning out at being treated this way. “Treat me bad, daddy!” His pinky would slip closer to her lips to which she poked out her tongue to suck and bite on it playfully even as his thrusting got harder, dipping Yumis thick form in to the dirt and ruining this dress forever but not like she gave a fuck. The sound of his thrusts were muffled by his jeans as the friction began to hurt her flesh but she accepted the pain that only added to the pleasure. How could anyone be denied something so sinfully delicious?? And to be fucked on the dirt out in the open the thought of being handled like an actual dog being ravaged by a wolf only made her grow warmer, to the point where it was like being up against a heater as he finally gives in to tug that shirt off to expose his godly muscles. Rough hands pin her down hard to leave marks she’d love to see later just to remember this when it was over and though she was not fighting back she struggled against this hold but for good reason as hot hands shot up to wrap around him, nails pushing in to his well toned flesh to leave welts. That would be the only struggle he’d get from her through this night of fucking, she planned to let him do whatever he wanted to get off and the thought of her prize in the form of milky cum made her hungry. Her pussy was swallowing him with every motion, any time he’d go in it was welcomed in to a tight sucking sensation and when he’d pull out he was met with a slick sensual resistance that rubbed against his shaft. Suddenly those hands that he’d used to beat her those knuckles that delivered harsh punches were now wrapped around her neck and Yumi couldn’t help the whimper as she welcomed their position and begged just as he wanted to. “Ch-choke me…put me in my fucking place, daddy!! Please, I’ve been bad!” Yes, she loved the idea of being smacked around and used during sex it was an incredible high as steam began to rise from the sweat that glistened on their bodies, the sound of their juices meshing together in a squishy echo as skin slapped against skin with a sick delicious friction. The tip of his cock was hitting her so deep she could feel it in her stomach and oh how she loved it, needed more of it! Those nails that had made themselves at home on his flesh would move down bare shoulder blades in a claw like scratch harsh enough to make a man bleed though as soon as those wounds opened, the tips of her fingers were scorching it’d be enough to close the marks right back up! A look of pure carnal pleasure was on Yumis face as her mouth was left open to allow moans and cries past plump lips, her nose inhaling every scent of him it was so intoxicating she could become drunk off of him, eyes lowered in a lust filled glaze and brows furrowed in deep concentration all to enjoy herself to the fullest!

( )When she asked to be chocked, Connor obliged . She called him daddy………………A twinkle gleam almost comical in nature appeared in Connor’s eyes. He’d NEVER been called daddy and sweet shit his cock went awald, as if it had a mind of it’s own! His hips starting jutting even faster than before, the sound of him thrusting inside of her ws akin to that of a machine gun of pitter pats, as much that could be heard since he was still wearing pants that is. When she scratched his back, clawed down his shoulder blades, Connor would suck on his own lips, wincing just a bit only to get that cooling burn to seethe them over followed by a heavy flow of night air, just to make it feel that much better. Connor’s girp tightened as his groans turned to growls and growls to moans again. Connor would continue plowing her for a bit longer, before looking up and inhaling sharply. “There it is!” Connor would release her neck, and pull himself out of her, motioning one of his hands to the back of her head and tilting her head down, while his free hand took hold of his cock. “Eat this nut slut.” Connor’s cock would’ve shot a supringinlgy strong stream of cum right twaords her mouth, specifically the back of her throat! Like a pressurized water gun, the stick white fluid would fall in al ine from her pelvis all the up between her breast and stopping right at her chin, while she still got a hearty splash of cum around her cheeks and mouth ( ) Connor would then push her onto her stomach and stand himself up, rolling his shouder. “I like to get the first nut outta the way…it’s annoying, and it makes me look quick. But it’s gone now…” Connor would kick his pants off, now completely nude, as he’d pop his neck from side to side and sigh. “Now then..” Connor would walk over to her and take hold of her hips, his hands slapping against her ass and wiggling it around for a minute or two just to enjoy how thick it actually was….ahhh man…man oh man. Connor would move his hands from her hips to her shoulders and push her forehead into the dirt, face down ass up, putting his weight down on her shoulders. “Daddy’s little slut…has a ring to doesn’t it? Say it does any-fucking-way.” Connor would take his stiffened cock, which during all this name calling had increased from his length and meaty 7 inches to his almost full weighted 8, but what really was noticiable was the thickness of it in general. Like one big solid piece of flesh, that twitched when touched properly…” Connor would push himself inside of her pussy once again, on the first thrust sinking her face into the groud a tinge.  Connor would then have to adjust his new length inside of her and would begin making slow powerful thrust against her. the bare skin mixed with the night air made for loud paper like claps, each thrust sending a nice seismic wave through the skin of her ample rear end. “Now be a good girl and tell! Daddy! Thank you! Hm?” ( ) Connor would’ve kept up his slow and powerful thrust eventually picking up in speed and making the claps more consistent and firce, her creamy skin getting a nice cheery coating as he fucked her as if he was fighting her. “Make him feel appreciated huh?!” Connor would then pick up his pace even more, making sure his cock was properly lubricated from the juices in her womb, until he could practically hear his precum meshing with her insides. Connor would then take hold of her forearms, and pull himself from her womb, and insert his cock inside of her asshole, completely skipping the “get ready’ and going straight for the “go!” ( ) his giant cock stretching her asshole to the brim, a tad bit of bleeding, but nothing she wouldn’t get over. The moment he inserted inside, he went ham from the jump. His feet dug  into the ground, his heels specifically as he’d created the perfect mount to plow until he didn’t feel like plowing anymore! Pulling her body back onto his length, along with letting her meet his thrust halfway, every inch of her twitching and jolting with rag doll like physics. Connor took sharp breathes, his precum coming in gallons and practically leakng from the rim of her ass, signifying it was going to be a much bigger nut bust than the previous shot..his cum from before  dripping perfectly off her tits, he had a thing for covering women in his seed.

She didn’t know how much more of this she could take before she exploded but her endurance was incredible and she wasn’t there juuustt yet…but Connor was. “There it is!” She’s released only momentarily before his hand shoots out to pull her head down and she could only assume what it was he wanted as she opens her mouth wide, tongue lolling out as the first few splurts of hot white gunk splash on her chest and face, Yumi happily lapping up what she could like a thirsty bitch. “nnmmm…” She moaned through her nose since her mouth was busy tasting him and it was delectable going so far as to bring her fingers up to dip them in to the cream on her tits and bring the tips to her mouth to lick it up.( ) She squeals when shes put on her stomach and looks over her shoulder at him, still licking at her lips from his cum as he looks like hes about to go in to which Yumi only spreads her legs some more, her ass high in the air and waiting on him. “By all means, do what you have to…” Her tone the usual rough and not so feminine voice was now sultry and smooth to the ears. It wasn’t annoyingly high like those girls in the porn video but it teased nicely, the sound. She winces slightly as he hovers over her and slams her head on to the dirt, telling her what to say and to this she whines, enjoying it greatly. “It sounds amazing, daddy. I wanna be your little slut.” The vulgar word rolled right off her tongue as her nose curled in pleasure. He’d gotten a bit bigger since cumming which she found to be amazing as her walls are stretched after working so hard to fit him the first time. Her body was on fire! Well not literarily but this man knew how to wreck her so good and already he was going for round two so quickly she could go on like this for hours and she knew he could keep up. The tip rubs in to her and she grits her teeth, shivering at the sheer swollen size trying to break further in to her she could almost taste it in her throat. Her arms tried their best to keep herself grounded as her knees were being pressed in to the dirt roughly she could feel them beginning to bruise, the palms of her hands being scratched up by the small pebbles and rocks on the hard ground but she couldn’t care less as he gives her more orders, happily doing as he says. “Th-thank you daddy!! Thank you for this amazing co-cock!!” A wild smile curled those lightly glossed lips as she began to pant, trying her best to stretch her body so it wouldn’t break against him. “You’re incredible, this dirty slut doesn’t deserve this cock!!” Then he pulled out and her arms were grabbed, surprising her as she is position. “a-aahh…” She wasn’t use to being so roughly manhandled after all it’d only happened once before so allowing to be pushed around was a new feeling but one she could most certainly get off on. Then it happened….that dangerously pulsing cock pressed against her ass and she inhaled sharply, knowing EXACTLY what was going to happen and knowing Connor, this was going to sting. He slips in, thankfully he was slick and soaking wet from her juices but that didn’t much help as the ring of muscles is stretched and ripped. Yumi cries out just like the first time only so much louder! This was huge!! “Ouch!!” Her shoulders shook and her blue flames ignited surrounding them but she didn’t want it too, she knew how Connor felt about being healed and she wanted to show him whatever he gave her she could take! So she forced the flames back, taking in the pain and mixing it with the pleasure as she begins to moan out his name and pant heavily, urging him on. “Oh my god yes!! Mo-more!! Ruin me till I can’t walk!!” Tears pricked the corners of her eyes but it was only because of the powerful sensation building up in her stomach….yes she was almost there. How could she not be?? This man knew what he was doing and she was soooo close she wanted it, begged for her release!! “I wanna…I wanna cum…please daddy…let me cum…!!” Her hair was all over her shoulders and her face, exposing her bare back to him that would be riddled with scars and burn marks, breasts bouncing to the point they were smacking her chin and legs quivering from the animalistic force of his fucking, so much so that the dirt beneath them was actually starting to create a crater of sorts! They were digging up the ground from underneath them it was so fucking good.

“Oh I’ll let you cum alright…” Connor woud’ve already been on cloud nine in this moment in time. His cock plowing her guts out, and her practically begging him to? It’s like being cheered on to do this type of thing , and Connor was definitely one to play to the crowds when he was feeling froggy enough. Everything; from her cries to her moans of submissive nature, Connor had never heard this from her before! Connor was about to heed her request, because at heart he WAS a gentlemen and wanted her to get a finish to. It’s kind of how he was. That and the pehermones Connor would’ve been emitting at such a close proximity and vicinity by this time would’ve hit her pleasure centers, 3x harder than on average. He’d let her arms go letting her body fall back to the ground naturally, focusing all of his physical energy into his pelivis! Using his feet and her body as a mount, he’d take hold of her hips,  and lean over her, his hips moving like a blurry image! Something similar to watching sonic the hedgehog run on repeat, the collision of flesh on flesh would’ve gone from paper claps, to thunder claps, her asscheeks now taking a darker tinge than just red, showing massive amounts of brusing , the backs of her thighs included. The ominous “PAT PAT PAT PAT” turned up, and became more of a “PATPATPATPATPATPATAPAT” ( ) While in this position he’d remove his hand a few times to deliver a frighteningly loud salp the her ass, a pretty little dark red hand print being left in place of it’s wake. “Cum on, cum on, cum on!” Connor would’ve straightened himself up, pulling her body up, and standing her on her feet, and himself as well, but placing a hand on her lower back to keep her head down “Grab your ankles, you cum slut! Don’t bitch out on me now..” Connor would’ve then picked up the tempo even MORE than what even HE though he could, from the machine gun pats to sounds similar to that of a jackhammer, plowing cement!  His cock finally reaching it’s full nine inches growing in the pit of her guy like a child forming on the inside! The precum spewing out of her and hitting the ground beneath him! it was warm to the touch, and inside f her it’d only stay warmer.( ) “SHIT I’m gonna make myself cum again…but not before you do.” Connor would hold her by her shoulder with one hand and grab a hand full of her hair with the other, his grip on it sheerly against her will, as if he was trying to rip the hair fright from her scalp! Pulling her body back and forcing an even curvier arch in her back, making sure his cock forced her anal walls to submit to him completely and give her a tight feeling in the base of her gut! Combined with the insane speed of his thrust, it’d feel like she was cramping in the base of her gut! His balls slapping her clt now even more so than before and just as fast, leaving a nice smack-and-sting effect.  Her lood juices covering his balls and her inner thighs, as he’d gritt his teeth feeling his own cock swelling yet again! He was going to cum soon, this as a given! His eyes meeting the sea of waves being sent through her asscheeks only to then close his eyes and  actually let out a snarl. “Cum god dammit! Cum like you  mean it!” He’d keep it up, his cock would keep beaiting against the ridges in her intestines, and stretching her anal walls as far as they could hold him, untill she blew her cum down below. Like a well oiled machine in overdrive, Connor ws actually getting more and more addicted to her as the ravaging continue on! “I feel..funny. like. I like sex but holy shit, why am I so into this..? it’s gotta be…her.’Even through all of this, and her submissive side coming out to full frution, Connor couldn’t help but look at her with the utter most infactualtion. He fucking loved this! Havng someone willing to bend to his will during something so sensual, but all the while not having a totally push over anywhere else. She kept him in check, something he knew he needed…something he knew in the end he’d always need. He just felt lucky to able to get it from her. A  part of him doesn’t want it any other way. There were other things on his mind sure, but he didn’t want to think about that right now..not in the heat of the moment. ( )

When her arms are released she lets out a surprised squeal something she hopes will never be brought up ever and she catches herself, biting her lip hard as Connor only seems to speed up against bruising thighs. Ugh yes, this is how you fuck! Given their situation there was no way she could just go back to what they were before, not after this amazing destruction of her insides how could she face him? Just seeing him she’d want to pounce and beg to be taken over and over and the way he was trying to ruin her ass it wasn’t helping but fuck did it feel good!!

No one was around at this time so their loud thunder fucking could not be heard but the noise did echo so it could be assumed it travelled but it wasn’t as if anyone could even guess what the source was and the two currently causing it couldn’t have cared any less. Connor gives her ass a harsh smack and she cries out almost adorably before whimpering. “Ah, please…do that again…” She loved being spanked probably because of how thick she was but her tits and ass were the most sensitive when she was on her sex high and sweet jesus she was waaayy up there. Then he was on the move again and forcing her all the way up in to a standing position without pulling out and she squirmed at the feel of his cock shifting inside of her. “Grab your ankles, you cum slut! Don’t bitch out on me now..” She spreads her legs a bit to get a better balance on herself and does as she is told, dipping down to wrap warm fingers around her feet, hair fully flipped over to expose all of her now. The dress had been lowered to expose her tits and moved out some of the way so he could fuck her properly and the thigh high stockings somehow were still on her though covered in yummy white cum that stained them the same went for the fingerless arm stockings…she looked like those girls from a porno especially with how well she was swallowing his dick back inside of her ass. She was close you could tell with how she had her eyes closed and her mouth parted as she drowned in that feeling, focusing only on cumming just as he wanted but she gasps when Connor grips her hair and pulls her up in to an arch like a dog with a leash around it’s neck and their master controlling every motion, her body was flexible so there was no strain but with him fucking so deep into her she couldn’t hold it off anymore as she moans and hugs her tits to keep them from moving and hitting her in the face.

“I’m….aahh…!!” She couldn’t finish that sentence as the white hot build up in her stomach was expanding until it could do so no more and exploded, sending a shock wave of pleasure through her entire form even he would surely feel it as her ass and cunt tighten incredibly and she screams in ecstasy, calling out his name like it was the last thing she’d ever do. “Connor!! Hah this slut feels so good!!”  Her ass would feel like it was trying to suck him in, clamping tightly and not planning on letting go even with slick wet juices around the fat meat. With nothing inside of her pussy she can cum freely as she orgasms and juices begin to spray out all over the two of them, Yumi was locked up she couldn’t move at all while she was experiencing this the pleasure was so hot her body temperature couldn’t contain itself and rose another couple of degrees to an almost too extreme heat. Her knees were dangerously close to buckling and hopefully he’d see she was struggling! The first time of sex was good it was after all the first but this time around…she was completely drained and doing this standing up, being pounded in to repeatedly and taken so good to the point she really thought she couldn’t walk at the moment it was a nice tired. Of course knowing Yumi she could keep going all night long…

( )“Connor!! Hah this slut feels so good!!” Connor could feel it! he could feel her cummiing! Her ass was sucking and milking the shit out of his cock! He could feel it like a raging vaccum claner! His entire cock being pulled and tugged on, as she orgasim’s and sprays all over their thighs! Connor’s mouth opened at the feeling of it! His cock bathing in her juices, as he continued plowing her insides with as much force as he could put into it! holding her in position, as he could feel her legs buckling her sruggle to stand, but Connor would support her body, keeping her and even with her orgasiming legs, he’d continue on! fuck that weakness in the legs shit Connor would hold her in place as his personal nut toy the entire time if he had to. ‘Ah…ahhhh…shit….this…this is the big one!” Connor would feel the heat radiating off of her, and it wasn’t uncomfortable to him at all! It made him sweat and against the night air he’d shrug it off only to continue on!  “I’m gonna! Fucking! Nggggggggggggaaaah dammit!” Connor would pull her body against his own, taking hold of her shoulder and her arm, and shooting his cock as far as it would go up her ass, making sure it disappeared inside of her! he’d hold her against him! Connor’s cock would’ve begun to spew a large amount of semen inside of her asshole! The cum quickly filling her up but the massive plug in her ass that is Connors cock would cause the back up, and all of the cum would  swirl and pressurize around in her stomach, before it had to find an exit! As such the cum would back out and stretch her anus just enough for the cum to splatter out of her asshole, and cascade her body and back inn a rain of sticky white semen ( ) Connor had a large build up of cum he hadn’t been using for a long long time and to finally unleash it was heaven on earth. Yumi’s dress would have cum stained out the ass, not to mention the sultry white fluids dripping off of her buttocks and in her hair. Connor would let her body flop to the ground as his cock would twitch, a stream of cum  spewing from it and onto the ground. He was still nutting as he’d stand there and look up to the sky. “Ahhh man….ah Yumi I needed that…now. Clean me up. take five. Well I will, you’ve got some work to do.” Connor would flicker his manhood a bit, placing his hands on his hips and smirking. “How long  you think its gonna take before you tap out eh?”

Connor filled her up…it was the best feeling to experience. Being full of warm thick cum, there was nothing like it and Yumi was beginning to realize she indeed loved having sex if only for the pay off of a man getting off. Connor held her up and she was able to do so as well as he came violently and she grits her teeth as it begins to pour out of her hole, shoulders trembling and the woman panting in hot need! When he lets go, she drops easily to the dug up ground around them, falling to her hands and keens and catching her breath. “Wo-wow…” It was all she could say. Yumi was covered in their juices mostly his of course and she didn’t mind the thing one fucking bit. Her hair stuck to her form in sweat and yummy cream and she tilts her head up to see him enjoying the aftermath of his orgasm which she couldn’t blame him for doing so since she was right there with him. “Ahhh man….ah Yumi I needed that…now. Clean me up. take five. Well I will, you’ve got some work to do.” Woah he was ready to go again??? Yumi had to bite her lip hard to stop herself from crying in a comical sort of way…Yes, she wouldn’t be able to go back to what they were, this couldn’t be a one time thing it just couldn’t. “How long  you think its gonna take before you tap out eh?” Yumi couldn’t help the slow smirk that curls her lips and without realizing it even the pupils of her eyes would slit dangerously but it didn’t last long. “I think I should be asking you that, baby…”  she crawls over to him in a sensual manner, though the dress was a covered mess it seemed to only add to the word ‘cum slut’ as she then sits up on her knees and press her face almost lovingly in to his cock with a dragon like purr…if one were to ever hear a dragon rumble of course. It was covered in milk and her own juices but she didn’t care, she knew the taste would only be that much sweeter as her lips part to teasingly swirl her tongue around the sensitive tip. “Nnmm…” Without waiting another second she dips her head up and takes his length in to her mouth, blinking up at him. This had been her first blow job after all seeing as the first was Kevins tail so this officially was it as she got use to the taste, her tongue massaging against the semi hardening flesh that contained a mixture of both of them..she liked it. Not really knowing how much further to go she continues to move her head in to him until her nose pressed in to his curls and the tip hit the back of her mouth hard. Eyes widen before she tugs away and gags, coughing. “Ugh…” There goes those reflexes. But she was stubborn and went in again, doing the exact same thing and trying not to gag until she could fully take him in, actually enjoying herself. This was going to be a vvveeerrryyyyy long night…….

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