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Darius Corvo and Artemis

Roberto Del Magra

Victor Van Varex

The MorningEdit

-( Inside of the hideout, another day comes to dawn for The Assassin. Having experienced failure and trying to bounce back from the mission and his loss to Roberto Del Magra; Darius had a lot to work on. At almost nine in the morning, Darius’ eyes slowly begin to open up. Fluttering eyelashes begin to sway up and down with Darius coming too from his slumber. As he begins to wake up, he feels the slight nudging of another body in the bed with him. Looking down he sees Artemis wrapped around him as if he were a tree post. Her head resting against the left side of his chest, his left arm wrapped around her. Her body is pressed up against his with her legs wrapped around his left leg, practically koalaing him. Having a small smile on his face as he remembers her staying over again for another night of fucking. She had stayed with him so long in so many nights in a row he forgot she didn’t always just stay with him. He didn’t mind her being always around, hell, he rather enjoyed it. She never really bothered him, though her perky and always happy personality keeps him to see the light in people. Slowly trying to ninja his way from her lock on his body, he makes sure to not wake her up. Through sheer plot, he doesn’t wake her up. As he gets up out of bed completely nude, he leans down and kisses Artemis’ sleeping body on the forehead before tip-toeing his way out of the room and into the armory. Grabbing a pair of thin basketball shorts and an under armour shirt, Darius gets ready to hit his indoor gym for some GAINZ. While getting ready, Jayleen appears in her normal glowing nude blue body-“Well, Good Morning. Did we have a good sleep last…oh who am I kidding, you two fuck so much I am surprised she isn’t pregnant yet with how many times you cum inside that poor girl.”-Darius laughs at her comment and shakes his head.-“Always a pleasure to hear from you, Jay.”- Jayleen gives a seductive smirk to her creator-“So you planning on telling that thing to go back to her place? Or should I just take out the trash myself?”- Darius rolls his eyes, knowing hoe Jayleen doesn’t exactly like Artemis. He ties the shoe strings to a piar of Nike work out shoes and then stands up in front of Jayleen.-“Why don’t you just make her a nice breakfast…I’m sure she would love something to eat when she wakes up…”- Jayleen turns around on her heel and begins to walk away with her body de-materializing-“Pfft, I wouldn’t be surprised if she just wanted your cock for breakfast.”- Her body disappears from the room and Darius only laughs from tormenting his creation. Once ready, Darius makes his way into his gym that all the machines that he loved to work with to get big. Having a special kind of body, he understands that normal weights really won’t get him the GAINZ that he wants. So everything in here had been adjusted to his personal weight lifting prowess. Wanting to work on his chest, Darius walks over to the Benchpress and quickly grabs Six one hundred pound plates. Placing three on each side of the bar, Darius looks at the 600 lbs of plates and 45 lbs bar and says-“Seems like an easy warm-up.”- He then lowers his body down to lay his back on the cushion of the bench and prepares to start his morning workout.-

Artemis would snore lightly, a line of drool sliding down the side of her face as she had a pervy grin to her face. “Cheee….now you two guys…kiss…hehehe…” Obviously having one of her many guy on guy fantasies though they had started to cease and as of late her dreams were full of memories between Darius and the sniper. Speaking of which…her hand lazily reaches out to grab hold of him again, thinking she must have let go in the middle of the night but when there was nothing to touch her eyes snap open and she pouts. “Whhaaa?? No morning cuddles?! Por queeee?!” Throwing herself in to a sitting position, her hair would stick out all in odd places and she drowsily looked around for the assassin but he wasn’t in the room nor could she hear him in the bathroom…She goes to lay back down but now that she was up she knew there was no way to go back to sleep and she groans in annoyance at this. “Fucking fuck faces…” She cursed before just sliding off the bed like a cat, her upper body laid out on the floor while her butt and legs were still on the bed…she looked funny in that position but it didn’t hurt the limber girl as Darius Jr came out from his spot in the closet to see what she was doing. Her eyes widen as she grins happily, arms reaching out for him. “Jr!! Come to mama!!” The cat stares at her before scratching her face and causing her to flip over and on to her back roughly. “Waaahhh you’re so meeeaaannn!! Just like daddy is!” The cat, unphased by her crying merely jumps up on the bed now that the mortals had left, getting comfortable in the sheets. The sniper sniffles and gets up, the scratches instantly healing as she tries to fix her hair. Maybe Darius would be nicer to her as she sets out to find him, only wearing black bra and panties. Her sonic hearing picked up on movement somewhere off in this giant hide out and it didn’t take her too long to find the man, working out. She had to place a hand over her chest and for comic effect pretended to pass out but she caught herself before hand. This was not fair, how could someone be this attractive? It wasn’t possible but yet there he was, working out those well toned muscles like no ones business. “Someones extra energetic this morning.” Now approaching him she stands in front of where his legs are, eyes travelling down to inspect those very loose shorts as she licks her lips for a tasty breakfast…she was in the mood for milk. “How’d you sleep, glow stick??” She asked in a teasing tone, always finding it rather amusing she chose that nickname on the count of his chest node that was always glowing brightly….even at 4 in the damn morning but it helped him live so she didn’t mind.‏

-After completing his first set of the 645 lbs weights on his benchpress, he looks over to see Artemis walking in wearing her black bra and panties. Raising a brow at her as if he were upset at her, he then shakes his head a bit at the nickname she had given him. He sits up from his position and quickly waves his hands in front of his chest.-“Whoa.Whoa.Whoa. Fucking wait a minute.”-He gives her a grumpy angry glare that would make her think that she had commited murder and not in the good way. He then says to her-“Now I know damn well…you know the rules…You are required…to walk around naked at all times until people start showing up.”- He then flashes turns his angry face into a slow moving bright smile as he laughs a bit-“Good morning to you too, Blue Puff.”-

Lowering his body back down to the bench press, he lifts the weight up and begins to lower it down to his chest. As this happens, Artemis would be able to see all the muscles on his chest and his arms along with his shoulders tightening and flexing with the movement he makes. He lifts the bar up and down, going to complete his second set when he answers her question-“I slept great…I pass out like a log when we are done, you know that haha.”- he laughs a bit and continues his set while the thoughts of the night prior pass through his mind. With her already staring at his cock, she would see it move a bit as he thinks about their night together. He then asks-“What about you? Telling by your hair it looks like you had a great hibernation.”- Once he finishes the set, he places the bar back on the holders and sits up once more to face her. If she had got naked for him like he wanted her to be; when he sits up he would extend his arms out to be placed on her hips. Once his hands are on her hips, he would slowly pull her towards him. With her moving in front of him, he would see the scar on her hip and playfully kiss it. Her pussy exposed and right in front of him, Darius looks up at her while his hands slowly move from her hips to her ass cheeks, getting a firm grasp on both of them.-“You want something for breakfast?”- He then slowly bites down on his bottom lip seductively as he waits to hear her response to the question.-

He had that ever sexy scowl on his face, making sure she remembered that at all times she was supposed to be naked to which she laughs at the smile that followed after he was done yelling at her. “Maybe I forget on purpose so you can put me in my place..” He lays back down and starts on another set of reps as she unclasps the bra and then slides the panties down between her knees watching him sit back up to grab her close and kiss the scar or the branding he’d done to her. She knew the others had seen it and technically it did make her his property. She was obedient in all forms of the word…on missions and in bed. “I like my sleep very much…especially after how hard you wreck me, I need to recharge or else I might not turn back on.” She jokes but all kidding aside he gazes up at her with those intense eyes and she feels her stomach flutter and when he bites his lip?? Yeah she couldn’t hold back as she grins widely and pounces, knowing he wouldn’t allow himself to get hit on the head by the bar. “I am a bit peckish I could go for something meaty…” She rest herself on his lap, her petite body fitting perfectly on him as she places her hands on his chest to push him down with a sly expression. “But don’t let me interrupt your work out…I’ll help myself to my feast and you keep doing what you were doing…” Though she enjoyed the Master/slave play, every once in a while Artemis would get frisky and move on her own without permission…hence how he’d wake up with her ontop of him already riding him or with his dick in her mouth under the sheets. For a small woman who enjoyed using guns her body was like the energizer bunny it just went on and on!! Perhaps it was the fact that neither of them ever experienced having someone to be with and they felt like they missed out on a lot and needed to make up for lost time. This was considered making up for it… as she leans in to drag her tongue against sweaty flesh of his collar bone, nipping it before sliding out of his lap and on to her knees, hooking her thumbs to his shorts to try and tug them down while giving him eager hungry eyes, her mouth watering for her breakfast.‏

-When she pounces on him, Darius wraps his arms around her with her petite body fitting perfectly on him. When she requests something meaty, he raises a curious brow at her and responds with-“Well I am sure I can help you out with that one.”- He smiles a bit when she nips at his collar bone before sliding off of his body so easily. When her fingers wrap around his shorts and begins to tug, he welcomingly lifts his hips up a bit to allow his shorts to be taken off. Not wanting them wrapped around his ankles, he kicks the shorts off of him completely and they fly off onto another weight machine. Once his shorts come off, she would see his cock about half way erect. The meaty member of his rests against his gut while he slowly positions himself back to lift the weight once again. Speaking in a sarcastic tone-“You got a nice piece of sausage for breakfast…but don’t forget the eggs either.”- He then passes her a wink, knowing she would understand what he means by that. After letting himself become exposed to her, Darius lifts the bar up once again and begins to hit the weight for a third set. Allowing Artemis to do with his cock as she pleases, he is actually excited; knowing how well Artemis could give head. Like a baby and their pacifier Artemis would walk around all day with his cock in her mouth if it were possible. When the weight comes down on his chest, he lets the air out of his lungs. When he brings the bar back up, he takes in a deep breath letting his breathing hit its natural rhythm when he lifts.-‏

“But don’t forget the eggs either…” She watches his cock flop out, only semi hard and she grins devilishly. “I won’t, I’ll eat it all up.” Her small hand reaches out to wrap slender fingers around the hardening meat, it was warm to the touch and had a soft feel to it for now as she pushes the skin down in a sensual stroke. The smell was as always intoxicating and something she couldn’t forget as the sniper leans in to give it a sweet press of her lips against it before her tongue grows impatient and pokes out to run a long trail down the base and then back up to the tip, flicking it carefully to taste any pre-cum. He’d gone back to working out which she didn’t mind, so long as she could enjoy herself he could do whatever he wanted…She puts the rhythm in her hand, thorough strokes as she squeezes him and starts off with a hand job, her tongue finding other things to play with like his balls that laid against the weight bench. She nuzzles lovingly in to them, her nose pressed up against his inner thigh as the super soldier takes one of them in to her mouth, her tongue giving it a messy swirl as she bobs her head and lightly tugs on the skin. Satisfied with the ball play she pops it out of her mouth and once the cock is nice and hard, twitching for her she purrs in excitement and instantly pays more attention to it with her mouth, opening her jaw wide to swallow him whole without warning, the tip hitting quickly on the back of her throat because of how small she was. She gags the first couple of times but doesn’t pull herself off of him, if anything she pushes further past and moans weakly around the intruding meat, her saliva drenching it to relax and lube up her throat so she could continue her naughty motions. The tip of his dick can feel the back wall, pushing against it multiple times as her lips close around the hard flesh to suck on him greedily, happy to have him back in her mouth as her hands rest lazily on his abs, massaging them as she goes to work on him, her tongue drawing invisible designs all along the base in a pleasurable friction. They were alone for the most part, it seemed like the others could still be asleep or out of the hideout to do their own thing so their time together was alone time…‏

-Darius and Artemis had really come in sync with each other in the short time they have actually been “together.” Even the people around them have seen how Darius’ cold attitude towards her as nothing more than a piece of meat have slowly began to change. So her beginning to go down on him while he works out, doesn’t even bother him. He loves her horny and willing body, always ready to go for another round. It had been a few weeks now since their first night together and they have probably fucked more times than a couple that is years in have. So her being here is nothing out of the ordinary. When she begins to play with his cock with her hand, Darius’ breathing begins to go a little offset as the blood begins to pour towards his cock to get it nice and hard for her. The way her tongue moves against the shaft of his cock makes him get to full attention for her. His cock springs awake, the head of his cock pointing up towards the ceiling. His balls begin to tingle when her mouth sucks and tugs on them, getting them drenched in her saliva. With the bar lowering down onto his chest, his muscles still flexing about; he says to her in a sarcastic tone-“You sure know how to work that mouth of yours, Blue Puff…If you be a good girl with your breakfast, I might give you some milk to wash it down with…But only if you are good.”- He then flashes a sarcastic smirk continuing to do his workout. As she begins to swallow his cock whole in her mouth, Darius has to put the weight back down on the holders with his body tightening up on him. He releases out a small grunt when she gags against his cock; loving the feeling of pushing against the back of her throat. Her saliva drenched all over his cock, building up a thick line of bubbles and saliva down the shaft of his cock and down to the center of his balls. She always gave a messy blowjob, which Darius actually enjoyed more than a normal one. Watching her face get weld up with tears and saliva covering her face turns him on like a madman. The punishment she could endure on herself just by going on down on him drives him crazy. And the gagging only adds on to that. With that, he tries to force himself to focus on the workout and not losing his mind with this amazing morning blowjob she is giving him. Wiggling his fingers on the bar, Darius quickly flexes his muscles to lift the 645lbs off the rack and back down towards his chest. With each motion of the weights going down to his chest, she would feel his cock give a slight throbbing twitch inside of her mouth. Lifting the weights had began to prove a little harder now with his blood rushing to his cock and not his muscles that are being worked. So while lifting the weights he gives a manly grunt every other time he lifts the weight.-

She was enjoying her treat, hoping for that milk as she was thirsty for it, begging for it as she continues giving him head, feeling his cock twitching with ever pump he did with the bar, watching him with carnal interest…she closes her eyes to lose herself on his cock but something makes her stop as eyes flutter back open only to see Darius Jr sitting on the assassins abs, watching her with a blank stare. Artemis sweatdrops at the situation, cock in her mouth while being looked down upon by the new pet cat…Suddenly he pounces her face to scratch, his body as soft as it seemed was actually really fucking strong as his cock pops out of her mouth and Artemis is sent flying down on her back. “Gyak! Darius Jr nooooooooo!!” The cat finished using her face as his scratching post and hops off of her, meowing in hunger to let her know it was feeding time. She sits up, touching the stinging marks as she whimpers. “But but but…” The cat meows again this time a bit more threatening before walking off….yep, he was just like Darius it was scary as the sniper gapes before standing up to give the assassin a sheepish expression. “As much as I love when you order me around, Darius Jr stalks me and attacks me if I don’t do as he wants eheh…I’ll be right back!!” And just like that she was gone, grabbing her bra and panties and following behind the cat like she was the pet and it was the master. It was all pretty amusing to be honest…well maybe not everyone would find it amusing as their fun time had been postponed thanks to a cat but Artemis was a sucker for cats, she loved them. The scratches on her face would begin to heal as she makes her way in to the kitchen to open up a can of wet food and pouring it in the cats food bowl as he jumps up on the kitchen counter to eat the serving. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she watches Ratchette coming in and she flashes him a wild grin, shaking the cat food. “Fluffy!!! Are you hungry?? I was just making some breakfast for Darius Jr, wanna try sooommeeee??? He seems to like it. I think its chicken flavored…” She examines the can, to confirm what it was she was feeding him. The two hadn’t really gotten a long in the past…well she teased him and there were times whenever he was passed out she tried to dress him up in adorable clothings. It wasn’t that she disliked him, if anything her love for fluffy creatures is why she bugged and annoyed him so much she found the crazed killer very cute and fun to be around especially when he got all grouchy with her.‏

Fuck That CatEdit

-( When the cat hops onto his abs, Darius looks up surprised and can only be silent as the heated stare down between the cat and Artemis goes down. He almost breaks out laughing when he sees Artemis just sitting there with his cock in her mouth like it is a lollipop. When the cat strikes, Darius sits up a bit to watch the cat scratch and maul at her face. At first it seemed funny, but then when she stands up and says that she will be right back; Darius’ face quickly turns to a frown. Lifting his arms up in the air a bit with a facial expression that shows him being bothered by her just leaving the room after teasing him with only a few minutes of a blowjob. Before he can do anything else, she is long gone. Darius sits up on the side of the bench and with his cock just throbbing to be used and covered in her saliva still, he says to himself-“The fuck kind of tease show is this…”- Jayleen re-appears in front of him now with a sarcastic smirk on her face while saying-“Looks like someone is getting to comfortable here…She would have never just walked off like that before you opened up to her…Doesn’t look like she is your slave anymore.”-She then makes a *WIPISH!* sound to mimic the sound of a whip, joking that Darius had become weak when it comes to Artemis. When Jayleen disappears, Darius reaches and puts on his shorts. Walking out of the gym, he begins to walk passed the kitchen. Walking past Ratchet, the small raccoon yells out to Darius-“Can you tell your little slave to stop treating me like a fucking animal!? The next time she tries to put animal clothes on me again, I swear to God I am going to blast her head off!”- But his yell goes un-answered as Darius just moves passed them both and into his room. Ratchet raises his right brow and asks-“Whoa…What’s his problem this morning?”- Inside of the room, Darius goes into his Armory and begins to change his clothes into the attire for the day. As this happens, he gets a ring on his phone. Reaching down with his right hand, he places the phone onto his ear.-“Roberto Del Magra will be meeting with The Grandmaster at midnight tonight…The District One pier 19…Finish what you started, Assassin…”- The voice then hands up and Darius’ face comes to complete determination. It seems the third chance to redeem his honor has come.-

Ratchet hadn’t liked the way she’d spoken to him and she pouts. “I just wanna make you look cute. Maybe May would notice you more if you had nicer clothes on.” She teased him playfully while Darius Jr digs in to his food, meowing randomly from time to time. It was all in good fun of course until Darius came walking by and the raccoon snitched on her. “You’re no fun!! You got all this cute fur but you don’t dress cute!!” But the assassin wasn’t hearing any of it as he walks on by. “What’s his problem this morning?” Ratchet asks to which the sniper merely shrugs her shoulders. She’d told him she would return shortly but she didn’t think he would grow annoyed with such little things especially when it came to her. “Donno but I’ll go see what’s up. Meanwhile…” She walks past him but not before scratching under his chin. “You tell me when you wanna play dress up cutie pie!” She runs off before he gets a chance to bite her or shoot her down with a laugh. Picking up on Darius it wasn’t difficult to find him as she pokes her head in to watch him talk with someone over the phone or well it was more the person talked and Darius had that always serious expression to him. “Glow stick! You poofed on me, what’s up?” She enters and sees how focused he is but that didn’t bother her as she just leans against one of the dressers there and gets comfortable, back in her bra and panties as she brushes some of her bangs out of her eyes. “Ratchet was about to blow my brains out and I didn’t get any back up!!” She jokes, laughing softly. “And I was gonna ask him if he’d gotten his shots updated yet hahah.” Ever since he’d sort of opened up to her about his feelings nothing much really changed…he wasn’t as strict to her in front of the others in fact he’d even loosen the leash a little bit on her so to speak but the sex was still pretty wild. They didn’t talk much about their emotions…it was a pretty awkward subject for Artemis considering she was an emotionally detached hitman, having feelings for others proved to be of no use to her in this profession but Darius was changing that. She liked seeing him, making him smile and the best was making him cum. He knew very little of Artemis but that little bit was more than anyone would ever know in their life time and though she wasn’t very good with saying it she did her best to let him know he mattered to her.‏

Staying BehindEdit

-In the armory, Darius begins to gather up his things and putting on his robes. If this were another opportunity at Roberto Del Magra, Darius is going to take it. Placing all of his weapons and gear on his body, this is when Artemis comes into the room as perky as ever and in her underwear. Like before, Darius would have probably made a gesture and a comment towards her having clothes on again. Once again breaking the rules that he has for her. But his mind is on other things now. Gathering up his stuff, he activates his hidden blades once each to make sure they are still in good working condition. He then turns to face Artemis all dressed up in his gear. His eyes give her a look of seriousness as his determination to redeem himself was something greater than anything he had wanted before. His honor had been taken from him, and he wants it back. With her leaning against the drawer, Darius slowly moves towards her; slowly and seductively. When he gets over to her, he places his hands across her ass cheeks and lifts her up onto the drawer so her butt rests on top of it. He then leans down and plants his lips onto hers, wrapping her up in his arms from her waist to push them closer together. Sharing another passionate kiss, Darius forces his tongue inside of her mouth to swirl around with hers; making sure to get a good taste of her back on his tongue. After a few seconds, Darius finds the strength to pull himself away from her; letting a thin line of saliva stretch between their lips before it snaps on one and to swing back towards her chin. Giving her his stoic emotionless face, he says to her-“I am going after Roberto Del Magra tonight…And I need you to stay here this time…No going against the orders…no bringing in wrecking balls…”- He then emphasizes the next part-“That means No. Coming. Back. For. Me. I need to do this on my own, Blue Puff…”- Holding her in his arms, hoping she would understand where he is coming from with the Roberto situation, he waits to hear a response out of her. Even asking-“Do you understand?...Can I count on you to stay here?”-

He wasn’t much paying her any mind as he was more occupied with getting ready…he was going somewhere and it was assassin work by the look of it. Artemis says nothing else and he approaches her grabbing her so easily like she was just a normal woman in the arms of a very strong man and she smiles up at him in a bit of curiosity and confusion but that goes away when he lifts her up on the dresser and begins to kiss the life out of her. She shuts her eyes and returns it, her legs lazily swinging back and forth as she wraps her arms around his neck, fingers tugging on the hood of his robes. She moans in to it even while she wonders what has gotten in to him….this was a different kiss, it wasn’t the I wanna fuck you senseless but it wasn’t those sweet kisses he ever rarely gave her either…when he pulls back, you could almost see the daze in her expression as she smiles some more. “Wow, that was nice…” But Darius wasn’t smiling back if anything he was so serious it made her a bit concerned now. “What is it?” “I am going after Roberto Del Magra tonight…And I need you to stay here this time…No going against the orders…no bringing in wrecking balls…” For the first time her smile fades away and she stares at him…he wasn’t kidding was he? He was going to do this alone with no help…she takes his wrist and all master/slave play aside she frowns at him. “Darius, as your team mate I advise against this…as a fellow professional killer I applaud your choice…but as your…” She pauses, not knowing what to call herself… “As someone who lo-…as…me….the person who sleeps with you in bed almost every night I can’t let you do this.” But he wasn’t having it, not this time. He needed her to stay put…she looks away, actually struggling with this…but finally she sighs and grabs the wrist she’d pulled on and brings his hand up to her lips to give it a long kiss, eyes shut tight. When she was satisfied with the moment she drops it back down and looks in to his eyes for the longest before giving him a slow nod. “Fine. I’ll follow the orders my leader is giving me.” She grabs his robes and tilts her head up to give him another deep kiss but this one wasn’t messy, it wasn’t full carnal desire it was just…caring. She murmurs against those lips she’d gotten so use to. “Come back to me.” With that said she lightly pushes him away and hops off the dresser, leaving the room and not looking back.‏

-Darius waits and expects something small and simple out of Artemis. But what he received had been quite the opposite. As soon as he mentions going after Roberto, the look she gives him. It hits Darius like a fist to the face from Wade. Darius had never her seen her with such a blank expression. Then the words that followed did not help him feel better about making her stay here. His heart sinks into his stomach. He wouldn't let her see it. No. He made sure to hold his physique and his demeanor in front of her. He wants to stand by his desicion. Part of him feels he needs to do this so he can win back the right to even be WITH Artemis. After needing to be saved by her, he still wonders if she thinks of him any less because of it. His ears listen to every word and feel the pain and care that she finally opens up for him to see. She didn't want him to leave. He could see that. But he forces himself to be blind to it. But as she speaks, he hears it. The first two letters to a word that can change everything that they are. His eyes widen and a crimson hue comes over his cheeks. He thinks to himself-"Was she going to say!? What i think she was going to say!?"- how would he respond? What would he say back? But one thing he knows and can feel deep within his bones...he wanted her to say it. But she doesn't and that's alright. Darius gives a soft smile at the thought of her saying it though. When she lifts his rough hand to her face and kisses it, Darius knows not to be the macho master right now. He knows that he needs to let her do what she needs to do to be remotely comfortable with what he is about to do. When she comes in for her caring kiss, he gives it back to her just as hard and just as caring. Their lips lock as if it is the first time they had come together again. When she pulls away and orders him to come back to her, Darius makes sure that she knows...Before she steps off of the drawer, he cups her cheeks with his hands and letting his warmth radiate onto her. With his forehead resting on hers, he gazes and adores her with his eyes and says in that voice she loves so much-"You are the only thing I want to come back too."- After she leaves the room, Darius watches her leave and understands why she doesn't turn back. He does what he must do. Going into the garage of the hideout, he gets into his secondary car since his Dodge Daytona is still out of commission. Stepping into a Nissan Skyline, he revs up the tuner vehicle and makes his way out of the hideout. Driving down the busy streets of district one, he will reach his destination in ten minutes.-‏

Never ListeningEdit

Artemis would go to their room, it was theirs after all since she spent enough nights in there. Her hearing picked up on Darius heading to the garage and the once serious expression flashes back to a giant sneaky grin. “Neehh sorry glow stick but you’re too fun to die, I can’t let you be reckless.” Going to the dresser she opens it to reveal her marksmen outfit, throwing it on but this time the jacket she placed was a thicker one considering it was that season and the weather was going down to freezing…she may have been a super soldier but she could still catch a cold. Somewhat anyway. She takes a black book bag and slings it over her shoulder, it was full of her best toys as she calmly makes her way to the garage to watch him get in to a different car…thankfully though she’d place a tracker on it. What? She wasn’t born yesterday and yes he was an assassin as smart as could be…but she had her own tricks too. She pulls out her tablet and watches him pull out and on to the streets. “Guys, I’m going out for some take out…want anything?” Of course no one would reply since most of them were out doing their own things or in their rooms gone to the world. She fully enters the garage and tosses her bag in to the jeep wrangler, her one and only beauty of a vehicle. Jumping up in to the drivers side she gets comfortable and waits for a moment…tailing an assassin? There was no fucking way she’d do that so quickly, he’d make her without a doubt. So…she would wait and allow the tracker to do it’s thing with her watching the tablet calmly while thinking about Darius and his motives. She cared for him, of course she did and for him to even think she’d allow him to go at this alone without any back up? No way. Sometimes she wished he’d open up to her some more…well they were both at fault for that, the two of them weren’t good at communicating feelings or thoughts but she tried! Or at least she thought she did…it was difficult. Being attached to someone only to have them die on you…like right now!! What if he did die?! Selfish asshole what was she going to do then?! Who would she latch on to in the middle of the night and drool on?? Who would fuck her in to complete submission and tell her when she was being an idiot? No one because that was Darius’ job and there would be no openings any time soon for the position. Giving it enough time she turns on the car but pauses….opening the door she leans out and lowers her body to see under the vehicle, inspecting it only to find a small tracker on it and she grins, plucking it off and examining it. “You underestimate me, glow stick…” She throws it off the vehicle, not destroying it as to not tip him off either. Now completely sure he wouldn’t know she followed and drove off in to the night, behind enough where the man wouldn’t get suspicious…after all with the way she had left him it seemed like she was really serious about waiting for him.‏

The Blistering ColdEdit

-( After ten minutes pass, Darius finds himself rolling into the piers of the District One area. The sound of bouys ringing in the water quickly pass through his ears. Stepping out of the vehicle, Darius makes sure to not get too close to the meeting. Looking to his left he actually sees a crane that hangs its edge directly in the middle of where the meeting place will be. Quickly running and blending in with the night shadows, he makes his way towards the crane. Climbing up the metal ladder, Darius begins to get his mind set on what he will have to do tonight. Not only was Roberto going to be here tonight, but so is The Grandmaster. When he gets to the headcar of the crane, he maneuvers his body to walk against the metal pieces of the crane; moving towards the hook. It only takes him about a minute to get to the edge of the crane, looking down at the ground almost fifty yards out. With the hood resting over his head, Darius reaches back with his left hand to grab the small black handle piece of his expansion bow. Once the handle is in his hand, the two ends of the high tech compound bow extend outwards and create that perfect weapon of mass accuracy. With his right hand, Darius reachs over to his quiver and with his left hand fingers working the buttons to find the right Arrowhead, Darius grabs himself an arrow. Placing the recorder arrowhead on, Darius pulls back on the bow string and quickly takes aim for the target. Down at the meeting area there are loose debris of wood, cans and even shipping crates. Aiming at one of the shipping crates, Darius lifts the bow up with the arrow against his cheek; having his perfect form. Calculating the trajectory with the winds, height difference and distance; Darius is able to pinpoint a target with his arrows like a Navy Seal Scout Sniper. Taking a slow breath, Darius finally releases the hold on his fingers and the arrow is sent flying and floating through the air. With Darius’ vision he is able to see perfectly as if he were right behind the arrow. Within seconds the arrow finds its mark in a shipping crate and pierces through the weak wood to impact inside of the crate. This allows the microphone to be placed hidden away from the visible eye.-“And now we play the waiting game…”- Keeping his eyes locked on the targeted meeting area, Darius is like an eagle perched up in his nest, waiting for the prey to come. Within five minutes, the dinner arrives. Two cars, one a town car and the other a Rolls-Royce. Darius slowly begins to reach up to his quiver with his right hand, waiting patiently. The two cars come to a stop and Roberto is the first to step out of his car. His large muscular body holds the suspension of his vehicle down so much that when he gets out the car lifts back up half a foot. Walking to the front of his car, he awaits for The Grandmaster to come out. And even though they didn’t know it, so is Darius. Finally, when The Grandmaster steps out of his car; Darius sets his eyes on the Leader of the entire Order. His trigger finger itches to try and snipe this guy right now, but he knows that if Roberto is so much trouble; he can only imagine what this other guy could do. When the two men step out; they greet each other. More so, Roberto greeting the older gentleman. Roberto drops to one knee with his right hand over his chest even giving a bow! Darius begins to feel the wrenching in his stomach seeing someone like Roberto bow. The Grandmaster quickly asks-“So how have you come alone, Roberto?”- In which Roberto responds back with-“Everything has been going as planned, Grandmaster. The Assassins are feeding into our plans just as you figured they would. Those savages are as predictable as you said they would be!”- The Grandmaster nods his head before continuing-“Marshall will be released soon….I want to test him out on one of those Assassin children that gave you a run in earlier this month...Which one of them is the strongest warrior amongst them?”- Roberto thinks back to that night and quickly snaps his fingers with his response.-“In terms of strength, I would have to say that Blonde Viking bitch…Kodi Torabassu. That bitch has all kinds of powers to use at her disposal…The intel shows she is just as unstable as ever…Though she isn’t the brightest when it comes to tactics and actual fighting…A real test in brains and technique over just power and ability…Darius is your best bet…He may just be an assassin, but if he were to fight in that Nano Suit of his…Even I would be unable to fight him.”- The Grandmaster raises a brow-“Yes…I can see how Kodi would be the powerhouse of their team…Perhaps I will have Marshall give her a visit…But the way you describe the Assassin…Why do you think he doesn’t fight in the Nano Suit?...His power in that greatly surpasses even some of my best men. Yet he chooses to not use it…”- Roberto shrugs-“I don’t know, Grandmaster…Maybe it is a pride issue…”- Darius’ eyes fill with rage as his right hand quickly grabs an arrow with his fingers putting in the code for the C4 explosive Arrowhead. Standing up on the Crane and quickly drawing the bow string back with a quick scope technique. Darius wastes no time in firing the arrow out while saying in a soft voice that he thinks no one can hear-“Because I know how great I am without it…”- And with that, the arrow spins and floats straight towards the two men with a long rainbow arch.-

The wind was icy cool against her pale face and Artemis tugs the jacket closer to her with a calm expression on her face, focused on the task at hand. She drove lazily on the near empty roads until finally they got to the docks and the wind picked up even more thanks to how close they were to the ocean. Parking her car far away she hops on out and grabs her black bag, her hawk eye ability coming in to play as her eyes flash blue. “Where are you glow stick…” The assassin wouldn’t hide anywhere that would get him caught…somewhere in his comfort zone as she inspected all dark corners of the dock. Finally with just a tilt of her head she makes out an outline of a person on the gigantic crane and she frowns. “You move fast…” Using her parkour skills she would silently throw and catch herself on items near by before she rest herself in between crates, her body small enough to stay close to whatever she pressed in to as the night and shadows covered her well. The sniper watches him intensely with a cat like piercing gaze before her sonar hearing picked up on two men talking and her head snaps up quickly to try to find the source…it didn’t take long as she climbs up a rather impressive stack of crates, hiding close to them to watch the men discussing what appears to be Darius and the team. She begins to lay down calmly, watching them spill out secrets with an almost amused expression…perhaps this was an easy enough mission, if Darius could see they were spilling enough intel he wouldn’t have to kill them and he could just bring back the information and they could work as a – “Maybe it is a pride issue..” Oh shit…come on glow stick, keep cool, keep cool you can do this! “Ah fuck.” She says to herself, low enough it couldn’t be heard. Now they done fucked up as trained eyes lift up to watch Darius move flawlessly in to archer mode and she watches the arrow go flying towards the two men. She instinctively reaches for her bag, ready to pull out the first weapon of the night. Darius was a wonderful man…handsome, a good leader and strong…but he snapped a bit too easily sometimes and that was going to get him fucking killed!!‏

-( When the arrow looks to be a surprise and working element to stab right into the head of The Grandmaster, the older gentleman simply raises his left hand and catches the bow at the center point. Darius still has a smirk as enemies always seemed to be catching his arrows when shot at them. The Grandmaster looks at the head of the arrow to see a blinking red light. *BOOOOM!* The c4 inside of the arrowhead explodes and quickly engulfs the old man in a ball of flames and explosive shockwaves. Roberto is sent flying back from the explosion, but something quickly catches Darius’ eye. The ball of flames actually remains circling around The Grandmaster. In a quick instant, the flames are expanded outwards from the sheer power being emitted from The Grandmaster. Darius’ eyes widen as he whispers to himself-“Holy hell…who is this guy?”- With a smirk on his face, The Grandmaster slowly begins to raise his left arm into the air. Darius quickly reaches back and grabs another arrow, using his coding to grab the straight arrow. The sharp steel point arrow is drawn and Darius quickly fires it outwards towards, The Grandmaster. With the arrow flying towards him The Grandmaster simply whispers and the voice is as if it is right in Darius’ ear.-“I will see you soon, Young Corvo…”- This causes Darius to shift and look to his right out of shock. The sound of the arrow hitting dirt echoes through Darius’ ear now, forcing the assassin to look back down at the meeting place. And like a shadow in the wind, The Grandmaster had disappeared.-“SHIT!”-Darius yells out, losing sight of such a high valued target. But before thinking the situation is over, Roberto appears to be standing, now walking out with a RPG-7 across his right shoulder. Pointing the weapon up at the Crane, Roberto yells out-“And then The Eagle got shot out of the sky!”- Darius’ eyes widen once again as the RPG is fired and heads straight for the crane. Before Darius could even blink, the crane is impacted at the high center point where the Cab and the Foundation of the crane come together. This causes the top portion where Darius is at to completely begin to collapse and fall to the ground in a firey explosion! Using his quick mind; Darius leaps off of the crane just as the Crane begins to go down. This brings Darius to a freefall as he sees himself falling down a couple hundred feet. While in mid-air, he reaches over to his quiver with his right hand and putting in the code for the Grappling Arrow with his left hand. With only one hundred and fifty feet before hitting the ground, Darius fires his bow to the right to have the grappling hook spring out and impale the structure of the building that Artemis is on! This allows Darius to begin swinging towards the meeting area with high speed. Because of the short distance between him and the ground; Darius’ body smashes right through one of the supply crates and he quickly spins out all across the ground with a loud crash! Rolling eight feet on the ground, Darius loses grip of his bow; the weapon bouncing twelve feet from his position. Flames surround his body from the c4 explosion arrow; creating one hell of an arena for Darius and Roberto. Because of that, Roberto appears through the flames with his large hands grabbing onto Darius’ back.-“Don’t die on me yet, Assassin!”- he yells out before he uses his strength to lift the young assassin into the air and swinging him like a baseball bat against the side of his own town car! The impact of Darius’ back hitting the side of that car causes the metal to completely cave inwards and shatter every window it has! But Darius shows no pain. The car lifts up on two wheels and when it bounces back onto its fours, Darius uses his own momentum to spring forward and thrust a powerful right cross punch! The punch hits its mark and Roberto quickly staggers back a few feet with blood spilling out of the bottom of the mask! After gathering himself, The Knight and The Assassin begin to circle around one another. Darius then saying as he pulls down his hood-“This ends here Roberto…You don’t walk out of here breathing…”- In which The Knight responds with-“Unless you have magically become so much more powerful within these few weeks…I don’t see your outcome being very logical, boy!”- It is time. The long awaited ending to the saga of this Knight fighting this Assassin.-

A Shot That Hit More Than The TargetEdit

Artemis yanks out the sniper rifle with ease, she wasn’t too shocked to see that one man went un harmed from the blast only to appear next to Darius, she figured it wouldn’t be so easy and she was a little annoyed Darius didn’t see that. Bomb arrows never worked! Unless you were taking out a group of henchmen like in those video games then it worked but this was real life! Then he was gone and the only ones left were him and Roberto who’d managed to get up through the explosion only to use an RPG. “This should be fun.” She murmured to herself as the grenade launches itself right up to the crane and explodes, Artemis wincing slightly and hoping Darius would be able to handle himself but this was why she was here. But things get pretty bad at the explosion with Darius free falling so she grabs her bag, rolling out of the way of all the destruction!! Her head snaps up to see the crane finally crash on to the dock and Darius crash as well in to some crates and she grins, finding the excitement of it all to be overwhelming but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle or so she told herself anyway. Then Roberto grabbed hold of the assassin with the plan of vengeance on his mind. She hops off the last bit of crates and on to the floor, lifting the rifle up to face level as Darius is tossed in to the town car enough to dent the entire thing, her finger was twitching on the trigger. ‘Damn it…’ she thought to herself, she needed to make a choice, let him go through with this like the man he wanted to be or interfere and finish this bullshit. The small framed sniper continued walking towards the flames, able to see what was going on as the inferno danced around them. She was never one to hesitate, one shot one kill that was her thing and she couldn’t allow this to continue Darius was so lost in his quest for murdering this guy she was going to lose him for sure. The only problem was they were fighting so close to each other, she didn’t want to hit Darius and then there was another problem…what if she hit Roberto and killed him? Darius might never forgive her for not listening, going against his orders but that was a risk she was willing to take if only to make sure he doesn’t die here tonight because of this fuck face. She didn’t have much time left as she flashes a wide grin and quick scopes it, she barely aimed and left it to chance as the trigger is pulled and the sniper bullet exits the barrel and soars through the icy cold night almost as if in slow motion it sees the target up ahead and with a fierce velocity the tip of it lodges itself right in to the head of Roberto or so she is assuming anyway as she starts to rush off over to them in case it didn’t work and she needed to shoot again but by the looks of that shot, she wouldn’t need to. She begins to slow down her run though, giving Darius and her some space just in case he tried to kill her out of surprise, he hadn’t known she was here after all so for all he knew Roberto was just gun downed by a different player of the game. “Darius!” She calls out to get his attention.‏

-( Once the two men square each other up, the fight begins! Darius quickly charges in and quickly begins to try and use his much superior speed to his aid. Kicking his right foot forward he smashes the boot into Roberto’s right knee to throw him off balance. Immediately after this, Darius swings his left arm in an uppercut technique and quickly cracks Roberto in the jaw once again. The Knight releases a loud groan of pain as Darius quickly tries to make the pace of the fight at his level; keeping everything fast and accurate. After landing the second punch, Roberto staggers back an inch before quickly getting his hands back up. Darius throws a right straight towards Roberto’s left eye but it is quickly blocked by the meaty left arm of Roberto’s body. The durability of his muscles so intense that it feels like Darius just tried to punch metal. Roberto quickly follows up his block with a thunderous right hook. *WHAM!* Darius is hit on the left side of his face with the blow of the right hook. This sends Darius staggering hard to his right; losing his footing. The Assassin quickly gathers his momentum and comes to a forward roll. This allows him to get about a five foot distance away from Roberto. Once rolled up, he comes to one knee with his back facing The Knight. Darius quickly turns and with his right hand extended outwards to face Roberto; the mini-crossbow reveals itself! Without hesitation, the thin needle blade fires out from the forearm protector and makes a trajectory to try and pierce right into Roberto’s throat. But Roberto’s reaction time is just as good as any Teir One knight and he quickly moves his head towards the left. This causes the blade to skin right against the right side of his neck; still bringing out some blood in a small chunk of skin. With the failed attempt with his Mini-crossbow, Darius gets right back into the fray of the hand to hand combat with Roberto. Coming close to one another, Roberto swings his right fist forward to try and hit Darius on his left kidney. Thankfully, the Auto-reflex capabilities of Darius’ body allow him to quickly execute a lower elbow strike with perfect accuracy! His elbow pierces right down into the tender inside forearm just below the elbow of Roberto’s arm. This forces the arm to come to a quick halt with a shooting pain surging through his body. With his arm forward, this leaves The Knights neck exposed and Darius quickly takes advantage. With his right hand, he delivers a powerful punch to the left side of Roberto’s throat! A loud groan is heard escaping Roberto’s lips as the throat shot quickly causes his breathing to stop and the blood flow to vary in rapidness. Coughing to get throat going, Roberto falls to the floor. Darius not wanting to let up, quickly begins to walk over towards him. Grabbing Roberto’s head with his hands, The Knights strikes! With the position they are in, Roberto has an exposed gut on Darius’ body. He takes advantage of this and launches his elbow up to dig right into Darius’ gut. Darius is then bent forward in pain as saliva spews out of his mouth. After the first strike, Roberto grabs Darius by the back of his neck and with his other hand; swings an uppercut from hell! The bottom of Darius’ jaw is clobbered on impact with enough force that his body lifts up into the air. His body practically flies before being stopped by hitting the front grill of the Rolls Royce that had been left behind. The Knight slowly stands up onto his feet with Darius leaning on the grill almost seven feet away from him.-“I have to give it to you, Assassin…This is a much better fight than the two before…It’s too bad you couldn’t have been a Knight…Such potential.”- And just as Roberto stands up to begin his slow walk towards Darius….*BBBANNNNGGG!* ( Roberto is hit in the head with a large caliber bullet from what can only be…a sniper rifle! Darius’ rare visionary prowess allows him to see the bullet as it slowly pierces through The Knights head and out of his cheek. Darius’ eyes widen as he watches Roberto’s body slowly begin to fall towards the ground-“NOOOOOOOO!”-He yells out as he begins to run towards Roberto’s falling body. Darius slides onto the dirt ground like a baseball player trying to steal home and he catches Roberto as he hits the floor. Nothing. Nothing is what Roberto had become. Darius’ bright blue eyes stare down at the hole in Roberto’s cheek with anger swelling up inside of him. Knowing that the shooter could still be around; Darius slowly comes to his feet with his eyes now beginning to glow!-“Darius!”- he hears yelled out by an all too familiar voice. In an angry whisper he replies-“Artemis…”- Walking through the flames, she would see his body just slow walk through that heat like it is nothing to him. If she is as close to him as she believes, then she would be able to feel the anger radiating off of him like a large energy signature. Stopping three feet in front of her, he begins to yell-“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE!? WHAT MADE YOU THINK TO TAKE THAT DAMN SHOT!?”- The anger building up inside of him he turns away from her, unable to even look at her without wanting to just smack her and beat her like she stole something. Because she did steal something. With that shot, Darius lost all opportunity to win back his honor.-“I told you…TO STAY FUCKING HOME!...You had ONE JOB!...ONE FUCKING JOB!...To stay at the HIDEOUT! You didn’t have to stay in our room! You didn’t have to do anything…BUT STAY IN THE HIDEOUT! WHY!? WHY WOULD YOU DISRESPECT BY CHOICES AND COME HERE!?”- Now he moves his body closer to hers, something that would probably turn her on. But this time…she would know he isn’t playing. Looking down at her with his glowing blue eyes.-“Why. Did. You take. THAT. SHOT!?”-

Couple IssuesEdit

Artemis knows he's made her and she would let go of the rifle because with the murderous intent in Darius at the moment she didn't want to hurt him out of instinct and self defense. The gun falls uselessly to the ground and the assassin is now within hitting distance rousing up a storm....Artemis said nothing even as he yells down at her. Yes it looked like she got a head shot indeed and Roberto was gone...but Darius remained. What possess the girl to follow him tonight?? To risk her life for a man who did not want her help to begin with? Why did she care so much??? Normally the sniper would crack a joke and flash a goofy grin but that optimism wouldn't work in the current situation and even someone like her could snap which is exactly what she does, her hand acts with a mind of its own moving like a rocket as the palm attempts to strike his face and regardless if it connects or not the super soldier would narrow ice cold blue eyes towards her lover. "Because I could." She pauses and stands her ground against him,her tone was dead calm before she yells. "You're not a solo assassin anymore!! You're a leader and the glue that keeps our team together!!" The petite woman stands toe to toe to him best she could, unafraid of him. "Killing the target became so consuming you would sacrifice your own life and leave everyone behind?!?! Leave me?! You're not allowed to be selfish anymore idiot!!!" Though she is small her voice is anything but. "There will always be a Roberto in this world to take his place!! Will you be like this each time!?! You'll get yourself killed!! We already risk our lives being trained killers but we do it with professionalism not for pride or power or vengeance because when we do....we're no better than the ones we fight so hard against...." Her tone cracked and she realized the corner of her eyes swell with unshed tears and her shoulders had started to tremble somewhere along her screaming. This was so unlike her, showing anything but happiness and cheerfulness and it was all because of this stubborn asshole of an assassin who made her express herself in ways she didn't want to. She instantly snaps her head to the side to hide the chance he'd see her almost cry and glares at the ground beneath their feet. "I would fight beside you to Hell and back I just wish you'd see us as I see you...."‏

-Darius grows more and more livid with each passing second and her words don’t help the situation. He continues to get upset because he knows she is right. He is the leader of the team, and they have come a long way since their first mission. But it didn’t change the feelings that Darius had. Even with her pissed at him, he did it because he NEEDED too. Yes, there are always going to be Knights that move up the ranks and will try to kill him. But this one had hit him in a place of his pride that he needed to take care of for himself. Part of the entire situation had come off of Artemis. She had no idea of it, but he did this partly because of her. All because of the feelings of her thinking he is less of a man for losing to Roberto and requiring her help. But once again falling back on their lack of communication, if he had just talked to her maybe this would never have happened. Realizing that a simple conversation with her could have changed the outcome of the situation, Darius slowly lowers his arms down to his side in a limp feeling. His head hangs with the hood coming over his head to hide the glowing eyes of his. When he speaks to her next, his voice becomes sincere. Not angry at her, though he feels a chunk of what he lost had been taken from him. He realizes that Roberto had never taken what he lost, but that Artemis had it with her the whole time. Slowly walking towards her with her back facing him, he finally speaks.-“I know your right about it…I can’t make mistakes like playing the Daredevil…I know this…But. I did this…I forced myself to believe I needed to do this…Because of you, Artemis.”- His eyes gaze at her small petite body in front of him.-“Because…I wanted you to see me the way you did when we first met…That I was still that strong and powerful fighter you had come to practically live with now…Not to think of me weak because I lost to Roberto…”- His fists slowly ball into fists as he forces himself to say what he needs to. His pride fighting him to just do the normal and walk away; keeping everything to himself.-“I…I need you, Blue Puff…And I thought…I thought if you saw me weak…You’d leave to something better…”- Shaking his head a bit, thinking now that he had said to much. His right hand slowly moves up to grab her right shoulder softly, hoping to get her to turn back around. But before his hand can touch her jacket, he pulls his arm away. Slowly beginning to walk away, Darius adjusts the robes of his outfit and begins to walk away from the battlezone, following his pride and attempting to sneak away from the scene. But before he can leave, the sound of a charging handle is heard in the distance where Roberto had been. Darius stops in his tracks and quickly begins to turn around. And when he does, he sees a living Roberto standing up with an assault rifle in his hand aiming down his sights at Artemis!-

She didn’t want to face him, not like this. She didn’t know how else to get it through to him though that he was cared for without coming off as…needy. She rubs the back of her neck and looks to the side in an almost frustrated fashion. Why did he have to be so fucking hard headed for?? “I know your right about it…I can’t make mistakes like playing the Daredevil…I know this…But. I did this…I forced myself to believe I needed to do this…Because of you, Artemis.” Her eyes widen slightly and she gives the ground a confused expression. What the hell was he going on about? If this was for her then why not invite her here with him to do this together? As a team…but then he continues and she begins to realize what this was about. Most of it anyway… “I…I need you, Blue Puff…And I thought…I thought if you saw me weak…You’d leave to something better…” Her stomach tightens and her heart skips a beat to which she places a hand over the jacket currently keeping her warm as she doesn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what this man was thinking half the time! First he was mad at her for not staying put then he doesn’t want her to leave to someone else and he thinks she finds him weak?! When was that ever implied? She’d never looked down on him as an assassin or as a man. If anything the way the others looked up to him made Artemis believe she too could be a part of something…that being all alone like she was so use to could be a thing of the past. All their time spent together she’d never once thought ill towards Darius, she respected him and saw him as her equal. In her eyes he was strong and brave and noble albeit too brave for his own good to the point where it turned reckless but Darius knew what was the right thing to do for his team and for the greater good of the mission. If anything any time he led them in to battle she was beaming with admiration and pride for being the one who got to lay beside him in the nights. He was the only one she could see herself spending so much time with and he was the one she could risk and sacrifice herself for. She’d take a bullet for him, a knife in the chest, a bomb strapped to her that was how much she cared for him. Sure she couldn’t say all of this out loud for fear of him totally thinking she was a weirdo and not just that but she didn’t know how to use such words to express herself that she needed him too. Was her coming here and helping him before he got himself killed not enough?? Damnit why was it so hard for them to communicate to one another?! This life was not certain and she could understand the way of a killer, guns and even sex was something she could clearly grasp the concept of but when it came to Darius, when he was the one to say such things to her it made her throat dry and she felt sort of embarrassed he was able to actually say nice things to her…and she saw how much he struggled, she really did so why couldn’t she come right up and say it back to him? It was only in times like these when he needed a good ass kicking was she able to somewhat say nice things but he needed more than that….he needed to be told how she truly felt. Finally turning around she lifts her gaze up to open her mouth. “Darius wait I-“ But then her sonar hearing picks something up but she is too focused on him, not wanting him to walk away like this. But in the back of her mind…her survival instincts were screaming. “I….” And although she wanted to speak to him, the sniper in her would not allow her to be so blind to the dangers as she finally turns to where the sound came from.‏

I'm Not Losing you!Edit

-( * Slow Motion *By the time both of them turn around, it seemed that they were too late. Darius pushes off of his back foot as he charges straight for Roberto. His body quickly breaks into the override mode; his anger and care to try and keep Artemis safe taking over. But Darius had been too far away. Roberto pulls down his right index finger to pull that trigger back and for once; the sound of gunfire isn’t what Darius wants to hear. The gun fires a round outwards towards Artemis and the muzzle flash is quickly seen with the small recoil of the weapon. The bullet flies out of the barrel and Darius yells out-“NOOOOOO!”- And before Darius can even blink, he feels his heart skip a beat as he is forced to watch. The bullet pierces into her right shoulder and out of her back; shattering her entire shoulder bone in an instant! Because of the weapon being an automatic rapid fire rifle, multiple bullets fly out of the barrel, almost Eight all together. By the eight bullet being fired, Darius comes to tackle Roberto to the ground and stopping the gunfire. But everything Darius had feared could have already happened in that split second. The bullets pierce into her chest and her gut, even having one round pierce through her entire right thigh! The sound of skin ripping and melting from the heat and impact rings through Darius’ ears from his insane hearing. Because of this, Darius is quickly brought to a blind rage and completely loses it. Artemis’ body is quickly covered with her own sweet candy blood as she slowly begins to fall to her knees. Once her knees hit the floor, he slowly falls to her side where her eyes are still able to see Darius as he begins to take out all of his frustrations on Roberto. Getting on top of The Knight, Darius begins to pound both fists into the face of The Knight, over and over! Blood from Roberto’s face begins to cover Darius’ fists with Darius yelling out-“HOW DARE YOU SHOOT MY ARTEMIS! I WILL KILL YOU FOR HURTING HER, YOU BASTARD!”- Quickly beating the crap out of The Knight, Darius quickly steps it up to a whole new level with his anger swelling up. Standing up, with the help of his Override strength, he grabs Roberto by the Flak Jacket that he wears and quickly launches him up into the sky! Roberto groans in pain as he fades in and out of consciousness. With his body quickly flying almost fifty feet into the air, Darius looks up and his Chest node begins to glow brighter than anything Artemis had seen come from Darius before. The heat created by the chest node alone is enough to melt away the Kevlar laced robes around the circular Node of his. Darius then says-“See you in hell, Roberto!...But you won’t see her there!”- His arms begin to cross in front of his chest as the Plasma Energy begins to focus and charge in the center of his body. If Artemis were still watching she would be able to see a bright blue orb of energy begin to form on Darius’ body that would seem out of this world. After a few seconds, Darius extends his arms outwards with his chest flexing up towards Roberto’s positon. And with that, a bright twenty foot in diameter beam of Plasma Energy fires out from Darius’ chest! This beam emits enough energy that the ground below and around Darius lifts off the ground in forms of small rock!-“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”-Darius yells out as his Plasma Node fires out this energy on Roberto!

The Knights body is quickly caught in the mass of the energy beam attack and the clothes on his melt and incinerate from the heat created by the power of the blast. And only seconds after the clothes, all of Roberto Del Magra turns to nothing within the pathway of the blast; having every cell of his body destroyed in the blast! After a few seconds; the beam slowly begins to fade out and disappear. Because of the use of so much energy, Darius begins to stagger a bit but the sight of Artemis body on the ground towards his left forces him to remain standing. ( Darius stares down at her, her body covered in a pool of her own blood. Darius’ body wobbles a bit but he is able to walk to Artemis’ body with his willpower carrying him the whole way. When he reaches her, he falls to his knees with a loud *THUD* with his knees digging into the dirt. Not knowing if she is alive or dead, Darius simply wraps his right hand around head; holding her up a bit off of the ground and his left hand wraps around her lower back. His head quickly buries itself deep into her neck as he holds her tightly in his arms. And if she could see him now, she would see his eyes beginning to well up with some moisture. He doesn’t care about getting his robes dirty with her blood or anything else but HER. As he holds her, he says to her in a pleading voice-“Please…Please don’t take her from me…Don’t you leave me, Blue Puff!”- His voice muffled a bit as his lips are still somewhat buried in her neck; never having held her as tightly as he is now.-“YOU CAN’T TAKE HER!”- He yells up to whatever higher power there is in the world. Whether it be God, Shinto Oni, Budha, Allah, etc. He is not a religious man in the slightest, but right now…with Artemis in the balance…he needs to believe that someone is out there hearing him and hearing his pleas to not lose this girl from his life. He screams and he roars out to whatever God is listening for her to be okay. And then it comes down. Out of his right eye, a drop of what people call a tear. The small droplet of water slides down the right side of his face until it gets to the center of his chin. The water quickly building up and then falling onto Artemis’ soft skinned shoulder. The very skin that Darius had been biting and sucking on not 24 hours ago. When his life seemed to be moving in a direction he liked. He had friends. He had a purpose. And he had Artemis. Realizing how good everything really is in his life, he sees that it stemmed off from her. That his life changed when she entered it. And by the will of the gods he is not ready to see her walk out of it. Darius realizes what can bring back the un-savable. What can save those who should have died. Slowly sitting up now, Darius slowly removes the entire upper body portion of his robes so that his entire chest is exposed. The Blue energy of the plasma node seems smaller now after taking out so much energy in that attack. Darius asks Jayleeen-“How much plasma energy was depleted in that attack?...”- Jayleen responds instantly with-“Over half…If you get below 15 percent Plasma Energy…Your heart will stop…”- Darius comes to smile as he stares down at Artemis. Something she didn’t know about him, is that he should be dead. By all purpose of the word, he did die. When he was attacked and his heart got ripped open by an Onihoruda claw, he died. But the technology of the Plasma Node and the healing properties of The Plasma Energy brought him back to the land of the living. And as long as his body is being pumped with that Plasma Energy, he will keep ticking. He slowly lifts his left leg over Artemis’ small body and motions himself on top of her; hanging right over her belly. Both of his hands come down to cup her cheeks as she remains there, motionless. With a smile on his face, the water in his eyes well up to where he practically glistens.-“You told me…To come back to you…”- He laughs a bit while a drop of tear falls down onto her chest.-“Now…I need you to come back…I need you…To be here…with me…”- ( And with that, Darius focuses the energy of his Plasma and fires it out of his chest in a much different setting than the one with Roberto. The creation of Donnie Yun, Plasma Energy is both a destructive force and a creating force. The best of both worlds. It was able to heal Connor back from near death. It was able to save Yuns countless times when they should have died. Even going far enough to save Duke in his younger days. A bright smokey energy fires out from the chest node and onto Artemis’ chest!

Darius groans out in pain now as he feels his body beginning to weaken and give out on him. Jayleen yells out-“You are at twenty percent! You can’t save her, Darius! Save yourself! What is she too you!? Just a girl you met a month ago and fucked! Don’t die over a two bit whore! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?”- The process only takes a few seconds, Darius’ chest node almost completely dark now from the lack of plasma energy. His eyes practically completely white and glossed over. Drops of blood slowly begin to drip from his mouth and onto Artemis’ chest while he says in a weakened voice-“Because…She’s…The one…for…”- And before he could finish, his body shuts down and he falls over to his back to the right of her body. His right arm extends out perpendicular to his body but his left hand…His left hand is able to land on Artemis’ right hand with his fingers weakly interlocking with hers. His eyes slowly shut but Darius has that smirk on his face as they do. The sound of skin rapidly healing and injuries being wiped away like they never existed is all that can be heard now. Artemis’ body quickly heals faster than any healing factor of hers or she had seen in her entire life. Within seconds, she would be able to wake up again as if everything were normal with her. No injuries. No scars left over by the bullets. By all looks, she would look no different than when she came here this night. But she would wake up to Darius lying next to her. With a dark node.-

( Trained eyes see the first bullet coming towards her…and long lashes flutter and close. She doesn’t fight it, she doesn’t even attempt at trying to move out of the way as she knew the probability. It was impossible and so she would accept her fate. After all had it not been what she told Darius all along? Their tomorrow was never promised to them, this moment here proved it to the two. She deserved this death, all of the lives she has taken she saw fit that her demise would be at the hands of a gun. The bullet pushes itself through her shoulder and of course as expected she doesn’t budge at the first shot nor the second or third…but the more bullets that land the more it became difficult to keep her footing. She didn’t want to open her eyes, she didn’t want to see Darius in pain of any sort. She wanted to remember his words to her…even if they had argued, he cared so deeply more than anyone had ever and she would cherish that feeling for as long as she was still bound to this world. She’d been shot multiple times she could taste the heat and the metal on the tip of her tongue…but it would then be replaced by the taste of her blood as it pours out from her mouth and the wounds, her body moves on its on or rather it can no longer control itself, falling to her knees in a numbness of sorts before sprawling out to her side. She was not a stranger to death, her life had not been promising in the beginning and she had made peace with her illness long ago before the serum when she was a mere child on her death bed. But she suppose one could not escape your demise in the end of it all…so if she were to go then fine, she owed it to herself to see him one last time. Somehow even with the pain radiating inside of the seared and torn tissue and muscle and organs she was able to force her eyes to open slowly but so little it almost felt like they were still closed. The jacket around her petite form was useless to her now against the cold she was currently experiencing and it wasn’t from the weather either…this was the cold one felt when death had a grip on you. It did not welcome you like an old friend, not people like her. Not a killer…and she could accept this truth.

Suddenly there is a light and she almost smiles, joking to herself it must be the light at the end of the tunnel or hell itself opening up to take her…but it was neither as Darius uses his chest node in a plasma attack so powerful it warmed her in her bones and she almost felt Death’s hold on her falter for just a moment…only a moment. ‘Show off.’ She thinks though she could have sworn she said it out loud but she hadn’t, she couldn’t. Her lips wouldn’t move and all she can do is watch….watch the person she’d come to care so much for be consumed in anger. ‘Stop wasting your time on him…’ She thinks softly. ‘Be with me for a little while.’ Her eyes droop, tired from keeping them open but she struggles to fight it and her gaze lifts, swearing she’d only dozed off for a second but Darius had already found his way to her, turning her on to her back and holding her tightly. ‘Don’t be sad.’ She thinks, wishing she could say so to his face. ‘Im not dead yet…it’s okay.’ She could only speak to herself and it was frustrating the sniper to no end. Now at this point she wish she could appreciate his warmth but that was a lie, even with his body so close to her she couldn’t feel it. He begins to yell and plead and beg to whom ever would listen and she wanted to laugh and tell him ‘There is no point in believing now. No good will come of it, glow stick…get it together.’ It was beginning to hurt, thinking…she was getting too tired and maybe it was time to just rest for a little bit. Just a small nap and though her eyes are still somewhat open, his face crying to her begins to vanish………………… this what death felt like? Emptiness? Darkness? Or was it simply the fact her brain waves were still working as the rest of her body shut down? ( How long would she be like this before it stopped? So many questions and no reason to ask any because it wouldn’t matte—wait. Oh that warmth was back! It felt so good…so good Artemis could wrap her arms around it and keep it close always. It filled her with relief from the pain like a kiss from her mother did whenever she was scared of dying. Back when she was still afraid…back when she had her mother around…It continued more and more appearing and she welcomed it happily until there was too much and her eyes snap open as a gasp of air tears through her very core and she coughs harshly at being overwhelmed. The darkness subsided and she returned to the dock, the cold hitting her dead on but the body temperature and the jacket did their best to keep her cozy. She didn’t know where she was but the feel of another instantly grabs her attention as she instinctively wraps her fingers around Darius’ hand and looks to him. “What….” Blue hues trail down to the darkened chest node and it doesn’t take her long to figure out what happened. “What have you done…?” The once dead female is no longer blank and empty of emotion, no this time they come pouring out as she jumps to her knees and kneels beside him, shaking him. “No no no, don’t you dare!!” She yells at him, hoping it was enough, hoping he was just tired. “Darius!! I’ll shoot you! I swear to god I’ll shoot you in the fucking head if you don’t stop it!” But there was no use threatening a person no longer in this world. She didn’t want to feel this pain again, the pain of losing someone she locked that pain away long ago when her parents were taken from her. Tears blurred the vision of him just there before pouring out, she couldn’t hold it back anymore as she sobbed and shook him as he lay still. “Let me go with you! Please, I don’t wanna be alone! I’m scared to be alone….pl-please…I don’t wanna go back…”

She grits her teeth and hides her face in his chest, crying in to it in an uncontrollable sadness. “I’m sorry…I’ll listen to you! I promise! I won’t go against your orders anymore please just don’t leave me!” But he wouldn’t move not even an inch, no insulting her, no telling her off or making her stop and the thought of never hearing his voice or waking up to him was killing her all over again. “I love you okay?! I should have said something sooner but I didn’t know how! But now I do so please…love me back…”‏

Is That God?Edit

-( After sacrificing himself for Artemis to live, Darius’ consciousness had been carried away somewhere. He wakes up, with his chest on the ground of what looks like a destroyed planet. Or at least an abandoned one at that. Having his strength to him, Darius quickly is able to stand up. Looking down at his chest he sees that his chest node is not there.-“Where…Where am I?...”- And at that moment, the voice of something that almost came of as God like appears in front of him. The voice that is deep and powerful, one that Darius had never heard before in his life.-“You are not in Heaven, Darius. You are merely brought to my presence…as a vessel…”- Darius raises his left arm up over his face to see through a blinding white light in front of him. As he does this, a large clearly over seven feet tall giant of a…no…not of a man…but of something else entirely appears in front of the mortal human. Wearing an unknown armor type, something not of Earth at all! Blue and gold in color, the armor shines off the lights around the planet they are on.

Walking towards Darius, the young assassin is able to see that this thing is purple colored, with ripples around his chin. Clearly whatever had called upon his presence is not of human nature. Or even from Earth! The voice shines through again as he says-“Welcome, my name…is Calamitus…To answer your introductory questions…No, I am not God…Nor am I a supreme being that you need not worship over…Simply call me, The Man Watching From Above.”- In his confusion of the situation, Darius nods-“Okay, Man from Above…Why did you call me here?”- Calamitus laughs a bit-“I have summoned you here because I have been watching you…Watching you grow…Alongside Wade. You both have become quite the men…”- Darius grows even more confused as this mystical being talks-“After watching what you did for Artemis…I feel, you are ready.”- Darius quickly asks-“Ready?...For what?”- Calamitus slowly raises his left hand and Darius is quickly taken into a different world around him. Calamitus able to project real-time virtual worlds of past events on Earth! Taking Darius all the way back to the early years of the Greek birth. Calamitus then says-“Thousands of years…Humans have been capable of wonderful things…You can see it now with people being able to control Chi and energy within themselves…But the power has been so diluted, your mortal kind has lost the true meaning and the power behind what you are capable of! In your case, Son of Dominic Corvo…Your family comes from a long line of Sorcerer Supremes of Earth. Using the power of their energy to MASTER the unknown world with the mystical arts…Throughout history some cultures called you wizards…in others magicians…but none of them know the real thing…And just like the rest of the world…Your family lost the meaning behind the true power they held. And the information had been lost. But, I have found that information. And am willing to pass on the history and the knowledge of your ancestors.”- Darius raises a brow while thinking to himself-“Mystical Arts?”- Calamitus nods his head, able to even read Darius’ thoughts!-“But…You must prove you are worthy and responsible enough to handle such power.”- Darius tilts his head a bit-“How do you want me to do that?”- The large purple entity walks closer to Darius now and lays out what needs to be done-“Go back to that girl…Live your life. Train your team and defeat the villains who stand in your way…They all hold the key to you being welcomed in The Shrine. Every one of them matters…It is no coincidence that they were brought to you…Each plays a role in whether or not you become the Sorcerer Supreme or just another Assassin who carries around two hidden blades and tries to take on the world…”- Darius looks down at his arms and balls his hands into fists as he gives a determined nod.-“I will do what you ask…It’s not everyday someone gets carried off into a distant world…So I will make sure to prove my worth to you.”- Calamitus smirks-“I hope you do…And lastly, in regards to Artemis…She is The Key…A prophecy that concludes in only two outcomes…It is up to you to choose which one she takes…”- After saying that, Darius’ vision begins to blur and everything around him begins to disappear into a black void! His body falls through this black void as the voice of Calamitus comes through once more-“Farewell, Darius…I hope to see you soon…”-////Back to Earth\\\\ She grits her teeth and hides her face in his chest, crying in to it in an uncontrollable sadness. “I’m sorry…I’ll listen to you! I promise! I won’t go against your orders anymore please just don’t leave me!” But he wouldn’t move not even an inch, no insulting her, no telling her off or making her stop and the thought of never hearing his voice or waking up to him was killing her all over again. “I love you okay?! I should have said something sooner but I didn’t know how! But now I do so please…love me back…”‏ ( Darius is able to come back just in time to hear that last portion of her yelling. After she asks him to love her back, Darius’ Plasma Node begins to flicker like an old light bulb. After a few seconds the node becomes clear with that bright blue glow that had annoyed her to death when she tried to sleep at night with that glowing hunk of metal in her face. A couple of groans escape his mouth now as he takes a breath in, letting the oxygen fill up his lungs. When he looks up, he would see the tear covered face of Artemis on his chest. And dammit all, there wasn’t a better sight in all of the world. Seeing her covered in tears, hair out of place, holes and blood on her clothes; she never looked so beautiful. Darius; eyes gaze into her own and with a soft and kind voice he says-“Damn…I must be in heaven if you are the first thing I see.”- He then sits himself up on his left elbow so he can use his right hand to quickly cup her left cheek. The warmth of her skin against his fingers, how it felt so good to him. With his thumb he wipes away her tears from her face before pulling her in to kiss him. Quickly he wraps her up in his arms like two lovers lost for words but full of passion. His lips lock onto hers full of warmth and for the first time she would feel it…love. Not a messy kiss or a sexual kiss, Darius just kisses her. Keeping her in his large arms, holding her tightly; letting her ass sit against his hips as they both sit on the ground. Darius looks into her eyes and speaks with a tone of voice that would seem so smooth of the tongue-“I love you too, Blue Puff. And I promise…as long as you are with me…You will never be alone again.”- With his left hand he removes it from the small of her back and places his index finger against the center of her chest-“Because you will always have me…And I never want to be without you…”- He then flashes her his signature smirk, hoping he wasn’t too cheesy for her coming back from the dead like that.-

Hard Headed LoversEdit

( Artemis wouldn’t leave his side…even if he had left this world, she would stay with him and then some…no one would be able to pry her away even if the police came, even if her team mates come she wouldn’t budge. She failed to protect him, she failed to show him how much he meant to her and it was hurting her so bad…this pain of losing him couldn’t compare not even being shot came close to how she was hurting now. Then while resting on his chest something flickers on and at first she thinks its all in her imagination, wishing he would return but the light gets brighter and she has to lift her head to pull away from it as she blinks back more tears and wipes at her eyes…that annoying chest node, the reason she called him her glow stick. It was back on! D-did that mean? Was he still alive??? Puffy blue eyes quickly lock with his seemingly exhausted ones and a sob tears through her when he sits himself up a little. “Damn…I must be in heaven if you are the first thing I see.” She gives him a sort of laugh mixed with a cry as she jumps him, wrapping her slender arms around his neck and squeezing tightly knowing he could take it even if he did just come back from the dead and she shuts her eyes tight, hoping this wasn’t a dream or some cruel joke. But when their lips meet it sends that same warm feeling back in to her as she sighs softly in to it, instantly kissing him back desperately as if telling him never to leave her again. They pull away but she’s too scared that he’ll disappear as she straddles him close and presses their noses together, shoulders trying their best not to shake too much. “I love you too, Blue Puff. And I promise…as long as you are with me…You will never be alone again.” Damnit, idiot don’t say things like that or she’ll believe it…she’ll only want to stay by his side that much more. Through all their joking and really rough fucking and their stubbornness to the other, Artemis knew deep down she could never look at another man the way she looked at Darius. She didn’t want to, all she wanted was for him to be with her always and as sweet as he was being she took this time to punch him albeit weakly on the shoulder and huffing. “YOU SCARED ME!! Never do that again!! The next time if I die just let me die okay?! You’re messing with the order, you don’t go messing with the order of things!” The funny thing was…they were both supposed to be dead long before they met one another right? Artemis with her sickness and Darius with his chest and dying once before this. Yet through all the odds…they were here years later in this place, together beating death once more but this time the other brought them back. How funny fate worked out for people like them, their type…she forgave him quickly as she blushes and leans in to him, resting her forehead against his as she murmurs. “Darius…if this does happen again…and one of us does die…I am so grateful I got to meet you in this life time.” She takes his hand and rests it against her cheek to lean in to the touch. “And I feel in my past lives or the ones I will experience in the future I would always try and find you….even if you and I were a million miles away, I’d find you and I’d remember this version of us always"‏

-( The playful punch hits Darius in the shoulder and he can’t help but to begin to laugh at how cute it was. But then her words hit him in a way that removes the laughter. She meant the words she spoke. Telling him that he shouldn’t be messing with the order of things. That if she were meant to die, then she would have to die. Darius can only look at her with a blank expression as if she were dead wrong about that. Because in his eyes, she is. He sits up with his legs bent up so her small petite body can just sit on his lap with her legs wrapped around his back. Their foreheads begin to touch as for once, they actually just held each other. Darius enjoyed it. They had come a long way from him giving her the cold shoulder, to giving her his life. He never thought there would be a day where a girl came into his life and changed everything. But Artemis did that. His hand rubs her cheek as she talks. And when she finishes, he has a bright smile on his face with his eyes locked onto her own. Lost in their own little world, nothing mattered more now. The flames that surround them can’t even compare in heat to the warmth that their feelings and love for each other radiate. Slowly his hands move up to cup her cheeks softly, his face looking straight down at her. He shakes his head a bit while saying-“I can’t make that promise, Blue Puff…”- In regards to her first statement about having to just let her go if this situation had ever come up again.-“I can’t promise that because The Order of things won’t take you from me again…Since the day I met you, you’ve brightened up my world…Giving me the best month I’ve had in my life…”- His words come off like gold, rolling off of his tongue. He had never opened up to her like this before. The tone of his voice almost seems completely different when it is filled with his heart and soul.-“And because of that…I won’t ever be ready to lose you from my life…”- He then pulls her head close to his; wrapping his arms tightly around her small body.-“The Gods themselves can’t take you away…And even if they did…I’d be right behind you…I don’t want to go back to a life where I don’t wake up next to you…With those small limbs wrapped around me like a Koala.”- He then laughs as he begins to speak the next portion-“And having you drool all over me.”- Resting his chin on the top of her head, he takes in a deep breath. It had come to hit him that he indeed loves this girl. And though they started out as a Master and Slave in their sex play, he is happy for every second of how far they have grown. After taking a moment to just let everything in, he slowly looks down to her; letting her peek back up to him while he says-“Come on, let’s ho home…I’m sure Dj is hungry.”-

Artemis is pulled closer to him and honestly she wouldn’t want to pull away any time soon, she wanted to continue to feel him against her, those hips, his muscular figure all of him! She couldn’t stop giving him small kisses all over his collar bone and neck before she was satisfied and hears him. Yeah if he had died…she couldn’t let him go either, she could understand it but still! She couldn’t dream of living without him so if one were to leave, the other would follow just like that it was settled. She stares at him with an almost sparkle in her eye as he says the sweetest thing she’s ever heard and finally laughs back with him. “My drool is way less annoying than your night light!” She pokes his chest node but she’d never been so glad to see it light up like it was doing now…she was grateful to whatever it was that had brought her Darius back to her. “I’m sure DJ is hungry.” She snickers a bit and jumps up on to her feet, taking his wrist and pulling him along too. “Fine but be prepared for wild mind blowing we came back from the dead sex…I’m not going to let you sleep tonight, glow stick.” And that was a damn fact….‏

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