Participants Edit

Darius Corvo and Artemis

The Usual Night with Artemis Edit

-( In the middle of a long night in District One in Kasaihana City, Darius finds himself in another wild night with his new Sex Slave and Team Sniper; Artemis. This time going at it in his own bed within his hideout, the bed rocks back and forth with the headboard cracking into the wall with each thrust that Darius releases on Artemis. Having her in a doggystyle position, the two of their bodies glistening over with sweat having been going at it for hours with each other. Pounding his hips up and down against the top of her ass, his cock penetrates into her asshole and stretches that tight little hole with his thick hardened cock.


Her ass cheeks both covered with red markings from being smacked around multiple times from Darius; hands. Even now, his hands rest on the front portion of her thighs; gripping them tight enough to where her body can be pushed onto his own to meet his thrusts with equal timing. At this point in the night, Darius can feel himself ready to unleash a complete load on her once more. Since their night on the rooftop, the two have fucked almost non-stop each night with her being here in the hideout. Even with that, he never seemed to grow bored with her and her body is always willing to welcome his cock back inside of her. With the position they are in, her small breasts bounce up and down uncontrollably as Darius feels his body beginning to reach its maximum point. Gripping her thighs tighter as his body begins to tense up, her ass would continue to clap and impact his hips to make a ripple effect across her cheeks. Her body is always more than enough to satisfy his carnal rage, loving the fact that he had full control of her when it came to the bedroom. Continuing with his more dominant role in their relationship…or friends with benefits…or whatever the two were calling themselves after all this fucking, he pounds away into while saying-“You have been a good little slut tonight…This asshole is so tight…You’ve been torn open enough to deserve yourself a nice covering with my load…You have earned it tonight, Blue Puff…”- And with that, his hips pound into her similar to their first night together. His strength doing all it can to try and break her body and her bones as much as he can. When he learned of her healing factor the first night they were together, he learned to take that as a Get Out Of Jail Free card in whatever pain he wants to inflict on her. Having a free pass to deliver as much pain and power he would like on her body. And sure enough, his actions follow that very basis. After a good time of pounding into her, his body unleashes its load! Quickly pulling his cock out from her asshole, he rests the head against the crack of her ass like a cannon and his load fires out from his cock. The long white frothy goodness of his cum spews out from his cock and lands all across her back and her hair. Within an instant, her whole back and hair are covered with his warm cum. If she turned to face him, her face would be tagged as well with a line of sum splashing right into her nose and spreading across all of her face.


Once finished with his load, Darius slowly wipes the cum that remains on his cock onto his fingers and then sticks them inside of her pussy so her body would suck in his cum as he says-“Can’t leave your pussy without a little taste of it’s master…”- Afterwords, he pushes her body down onto the bed, allowing himself to stand up and move towards the flurry of their clothes scattered all across the room. No longer focused on her in the bed, he begins to walk towards his Armory where his Assassins Robes await him. Turning to her for a moment, he orders-“We have a job in ten minutes…clean yourself up and meet me in the armory…”- Noticing that his sheets had become drenched in both of their bodily fluids, he thinks to himself in a sarcastic manner-“I’m gunna need more bed sheets with her living here…”- And with that, his body disappears into the armory to prepare for the job that he had just brought up to her.- Artemis was currently taking another hard pounding from her master…tonight he’d been extra rough with her, must have been the full moon. She arches her back, a sadistic smile to her as her petite body swallows every animalistic thrust he throws to her, her ass was drinking up all the precum that escaped that godly cock. Her body was drenched in all sorts of yummy juices as the pale creamy skin was no longer flawless, there were bruises and red welts, all from Darius letting out his anger and frustrations when they fucked and honestly she’d take anything he’d throw at her with eager pleasurable glee. She was his punching bag and so long as they both got off she’d be happy with how he treated her. When he talks in that vulgar tone, the sniper giggles happily, gazing at him over her shoulder to stick her tongue out at him. “Naahh, paint me with that thick milk, Master.” Her bangs stuck to her face thanks to the sweat and her muscles ached something fierce though the pain/pleasure made up for that. She didn’t know anything else when he fucked her, just him, every inch of him inside and all over her. Of course he wasn’t without his own scratches and bruises, though Artemis was a good obedient slave, the way he wrecked her body she couldn’t help but pull, tug and get rough back with him. She’d been torn something beautiful when he ass fucked her and she’d beg for more pain, needing it. He always knew what to do to satisfy his good bitch…When that money shot finally happens she shivers at the warm thick cream sprays her back and gets all over her hair and face, sticking her tongue back out again to lap up what she could, like a kitten drinking up milk. When the fun was over she pouted, sitting up to turn around and watch him. “Eehhh? Do we have to go out??? I wanna eat pizza and pass out!!” But he wasn’t having any of that as she slid fingers up against her covered face only to slip them between plump lips to suckle and swirl her tongue messily to get a taste of him. “mmnnn….yummy..” He leaves and Artemis gets out of the bed, her healing factor quickly working to heal the pulled tendons and torn ligaments. She winces a little, laughing a bit to herself. “Damn he’s a rough fuck. And that cold shoulder he gives me afterwards…” Artemis enjoyed their master/slave play and when they weren’t fucking Darius didn’t much pay too much attention to her especially when the others were around….though it wasn’t as if she minded. Right? She shrugs to that thought but she had been coming over more and more even though she had her own place with all of her beautiful guns. Nights were spent here so they could fuck each others brains out. Calmly walking over to the bathroom she kicks open the door to take a hot shower…he might have said ten minutes but when they weren’t fucking he wasn’t the boss of her!! Well…he sort of was but if he was dragging her to this damn mission she was going to clean herself off from his delicious, mouth watering….wait what was she gonna do? She’d absent mindedly began to lick off more cum from her face as got in to the shower, forgetting what she’d been thinking about.‏

On The ClockEdit

-( When in his armory, after slipping on his Assassins Robes, he reaches down to a box that holds his Forearm Protectors. Slowly sliding the two metallic protectors onto his armor, he puts his gear on in silence. Having just fucked Artemis’ brains out, he couldn’t help but have his mind on her a bit. Even with a job on his mind, he can’t help but keep her in his thoughts a little bit more than usual. As if he were rather liking to having her around. He scuffs a bit at that thought almost thinking himself foolish for having it. It’s at that moment that Jayleen materialized in front of him and says-“You know I can read your Brain Waves…I know everything you are feeling…And what you are fee-“-Darius quickly lifts his right hand to her and says-“I know, Jay…I know…I have it handled.”- Jayleen smirks while speaking back to him-“Who are you trying to convince? Me or You?”- Darius smirks a bit with a chuckle while he shakes his head back to her-“Just get Roman on the phone in the War Room.”-“As you wish, Darius. I will call The Grandmaster.”- Once Darius is ready, he comes back into the room to hear the sound of the shower where Artemis is cleaning herself up. Walking over to the door of the bathroom, he places his left hand on it wanting to walk in. But remembering that there is a mission and that the mission always comes first; he turns his back towards the door and walks into the direction of the War room. When he gets into the War Room, the 3D Hologram of Roman Pierce; The Grand Master of The Brotherhood; appears in front of Darius in his own standard Assassins Robes and gear.

With Roman being able to see Darius the same way, Roman looks down towards his disciple and says-“You have been busy, Darius…When I gave you permission to create your own sector of The Brotherhood…I wasn’t expecting it to be…so feminine…”- Darius looks up towards his mentor with complete confidence as he stands by his decision in picking who he did to be a part of his team.-“Mentor, each one of my members has a personal stake in the destruction of The Order. They all have a reason and motivation to fight under me…I could not ask for a better team. With most of them female, I can understand the trouble you see in controlling both myself and their actions…But you will see, we will come together again.”-Roman rubs his beard with his left hand-“And this…Artemis…You plan on keeping her around when this is all over?...You never seemed to be one that fit a ‘nostalgic’ attribute…”- Darius looks over towards the door that leads into his room, not wanting Artemis to hear what comes next. Turning to face his mentor, he says-“She is someone to take my frustrations out on in a physical way…She is nothing more than a slave to my needs and commands…”-Roman nods-“I suggest you keep it that way, Darius…I’d hate to see your good judgment clouded by the effects of a woman…”- Darius nods while Roman continues-“Now on to real subject matter…Tonight you will observe and recon intelligence of the movements and whereabouts of the third Order Lab that is helping to build their Gene Spliced experiment. We have an address for you to go too, we just need you to stake out the…guards…civilians…sniper locations…etc. There is no need for blood shed on this night…just intelligence gathering. Is that understood?”- Darius nods his head and the two give their farewells. Once the call comes to an end, Darius begins to walk towards the room, hoping that Artemis is now done cleaning up and is ready for the mission. For some reason he feels some type of way about how he described her to Roman. Almost wishing he would have said something different. But it is too late now and the two can now go on their mission.-

The hot water was too welcomed, rushing down the snipers abused body as it helps to relieve the pain left behind by Darius, his cum washing down the soaked flesh as she calmly cleans herself while in a sort of daze…..she was starving. She pouted at the thought of Darius not making a meal for her once. “So not cute, you’d think a guy with brown locks of hair, tall and dazzling he’d have this hidden sweet side that liked to make a girl dinner.” She shuts the water off and steps out, shaking herself like a dog would as her hair poofs up and she grins. The steam from the hot water would begin to subside and Artemis leaves the bathroom in time to catch Darius leaving the room to go somewhere else. She doesn’t think much of it as she opens her duffle bag full of clothes and begins to get dressed in her marksmen outfit, the jacket laid out on the bed after tossing it there. She could hear voices, nothing unusual for her thanks to her sonar hearing but it was a voice she hadn’t recognized and Artemis pauses in what she is doing long enough to make her way to the door, placing a hand on it but she doesn’t open it. Darius and another man were talking and her name comes up, the snipers interest perking up immediately. “She is nothing more than a slave to my needs and commands.” Her eyes widen and she is frozen in the spot….she couldn’t believe what he’d said….was….was that what he really thought about her? Her fingers curl against the base of the door, nails scratching the material as her head lowers, eyes shadowed now by her bangs…a moment passes and suddenly she begins to giggle and then squeal, wiggling in the spot. “Oh he’s so cold and harsh!! That isn’t fair how can he be soooo hot and so cool at the same time?? He’s just like one of my favorite characters in my mangas!” She had a pervy grin to her as she thought about those hard muscles and that ever scowling expression he gave her when he was annoyed. “Ugh that hard headed brooding man of pure hunk!” She realized she began to drool and grins, wiping it off her chin to grab a small bag full of her guns and other neat little tricks and swings the door, once again as usual almost off of its hinges and makes her way out of the room to make herself known. “Oi!! We’re stopping to at least pick up some burgers right?? I can’t work on an empty stomach!!” She’d heard what the mission was about and though the dude giving Darius orders said there would be no blood shed, that was never the case….there was always room for blood shed and she’d be prepared for when it happened. The sniper wasn’t one to be caught off guard as she eyes Darius in his assassin robes and bites her lip, giving him that all too familiar ‘Lets go for round four’ looks.‏

The StakeoutEdit

-When Darius turns around to hear Artemis talk about needing to stop for burgers because she is hungry, he almost wants to go over there and smack her a good time for acting so lax when it is time to work. But then she shoots him that look, biting down on her lip and she just looked too damned cute to even be mad at. Knowing exactly what the look meant, Darius shines her a bright smile and says-“We can fuck again when we get back.”- Walking over to her, he would wrap his left arm around her petite shoulder, pulling her closely to him as he guides them towards the garage.-“Besides, I gotta keep fucking that ass of yours so it can get nice and big for me. You know I love a nice ass…”- When they get into the garage, he unlocks his Dodge Daytona and steps into the drivers seat. Knowing that she can find the passenger seat easily, he starts the car and waits for her to get in. Once inside, the engine roars like a lion as he bursts out of the garage and on to the city streets. Driving to a nearby fast food restaurant, he orders a dozen burgers just for the lulz. Quickly tossing the back of burgers onto her lap, Darius laughs and speaks sarcastically saying-“Don’t ever say I never got nothin’ got ya.”- From that point in their night, he drives towards the location that Roman had gave him. Looking at the specs of the building, he sees that the lab is seven stories tall and that the building opposite of them is a parking garage with a perfect vantage point that goes ten stories high into the air. Getting to the eighth floor, Darius feels being one level above the building will help keep them concealed but give them the vantage point that they need to see everything that goes on. Parking the car, he looks over to Artemis and says-“Come on, Blue Puff. You give me an hour of solid use of those pretty blue eyes of yours and you will be rewarded with some more cock…”- Stepping out of the car, he walks over towards the ledge of the parking garage to look over and see everything on the building. Looking down at the street he sees multiple guards with assault rifles guarding the front door. Darius thinks to himself-“hmmm, seems like they have upped their security since seeing the last two labs get hit.”- His eyes have their own special talents, zooming in to the guards as if his eyes were a lens on a camera he takes a mental photo of the gear that these guards are wearing and the specs of the weapons. He continues scanning the place for intel that he can gather, not really speaking. But if Artemis brought up something to talk about or said something at all, it might be able to break the silence between the two of them when the mission starts.-

“We can fuck again when we get back.” Her eyes sparkle as she admires his kindness. Yeah, Artemis was a strange girl of this we now know…he takes her by the arm and hauls her along, the sniper following him with ease as she blinks when he mentions her ass and she huffs. “Who are you tellin? I drink milk every day so my boobs will get bigger!! But looks like I’m cursed to be this small forever. But it has it’s perks…” She grins at him, flashing pearly whites. They ride in the car as Artemis tosses her bag in the back seat, stretching out as she didn’t take up too much room. It was pretty late and she honestly would have preferred passing out with her arms and legs wrapped around him till she woke him up with a surprise blow job in the morning. But that was only wishful thinking now as they headed to the mission at hand…or so she was assuming as they stop at drive thru, Artemis watching him order her a dozen burgers to which she laughs and catches the bags. “You’re too good to me, how did I get so lucky?” She unwraps the first burger and bites in to it happily and believe it or not by the time they make it to the building she was down to only three burgers left, calmly popping a pickle in to her mouth as she gets out of the car, bag of weapons slung over her back as the hunky assassin tells her if she does good theres a prize in it for her to which she purrs out happily. “Whatever you say, daddy.” The man leaves her to go to the edge where their target was…a lab of sorts with pretty decent lookin security. She calmly unzips her bag to look through the toys until something catches her eye. Kneeling down, she frowns and quickly reaches in to grab for a berretta 9M to aim right in to the head of….a brown cat. With a blank emotionless expression gazing at her unfaltering even in its present danger. She relaxes and just stares back at it….the feline with darker brown patterns on its fur made it a strange creature but Artemis doesn’t care as her attitude changes and she squeals. “You look like Darius if he was a kitten!” She grabs the animal and snuggles it in to her chest. “Those deep unattached eyes and that brunette fur!! And your cute grumpy expression!!” She bounces up to her feet, cat still in her arms as it doesn’t change it’s annoyed look but it allowed itself to be held as she rushes over to the assassin and grins widely. “Darius look I found your spirit animal!!” The cat meows a deep meow from it’s chest as it nonchalantly rubs itself against her breasts before stretching lazily.

“I think I’ll call him Darius Jr.” Artemis really didn’t have a care in the world…one might just wonder what it’s like being inside of her head if just for a moment to begin to understand where the air head went off to.‏

-Darius continues to stake out the facility, doing his job in completing the mission as best that he can. Using his eyes like the eyes of an eagle, he scans every little thing that the building is showing him. He even goes as far as to take note of certain specific events that take place. Leaning against the wall of the parking garage structure, he writes down on a notepad how the guards will patrol around the building every fifteen minutes. Being hungry himself, Darius had ninjaly taken one of Artemis’ burgers that she had left and slowly chomps down into the savory food while keeping his eyes on the building. But before he can get even more in depth with the building and its examination, he hears Artemis begin to wig out a bit about some cat that looks like him if he were the feline. Looking over to her for a moment, he watches her begin to cuddle and hug a cat that is clearly not interested in her loving affections. He turns back towards the building but quickly jerks a look towards Artemis when she describes the cat. Saying that the feline has unattached eyes and a grumpy expression. Darius raises a hand up to feel his face as he asks himself-“Do I have a grumpy expression?”- In which Jayleen appears with a sarcastic tone in his mind saying-“Ooooo of course not Mr.Smiles..I would have no idea where she got that idea from.”- Rolling his eyes at the comment Jayleen makes, Darius is re-focused to see a cat now in his face with Artemis holding it out to him. Turning to look at the building and bite into the burger, he gives her a tough cold shoulder letting her know that he really didn’t care for the cat. Giving her a cold statement, he says while his eyes look onward towards the building-“You know I brought a Sniper out here on a Stakeout because I thought they would be useful to me…I guess I should have just asked one of the others to assist me if all you were going to do is eat burgers and play with cats…”- His voice would hit like knives, shutting down her cute display. The two seemed very different but somehow never got caught in a rift because of it. Maybe the sex just kept them together because of how much they enjoyed one another. But for one of their first times, they are alone and sex not on the options of things to do at the moment. How the conversation unrolls may show how the two continue on with whatever it is the two of them are.-

It seemed the assassin wasn’t too happy about the cat nor that Artemis wasn’t doing her job as she ignores his stuffy attitude in favor of pressing in to the felines pink paws so the claws are extended out. She snickers at how cute Darius junior is behaving before pouting at the real Darius. “Neehh? They’re not as fun as I am though!” Darius Jr wiggles out of her grasp to jump down and hide under the car with a lazy stretch. Her pout gets bigger as she stands next to him, crossing her arms. “You upset my new friend, way to go.” Leaning in to the opening they were scouting out from she sighs, giving out a bored expression. “We’re just gathering security Intel I donno why you need me. Besides, I’m nothing more than a slave to your needs and commands. Did you just decide your pet needed fresh air?” She kept her arms crossed and laid them on the cement, her ass sticking out as her knees pressed in to what they were looking out from. Her eyes would begin to glow blue as she zooms in using her hawk eye ability. He had brought her out here last minute so they might as well get some work done even if she was feeling lazy, she was a professional and she’d do as the boss wanted. Her eyes scanned all corners of the building even going so far as to peer through the windows but they were reinforced tinted glass so she couldn’t see anything especially at night except for the faintest outline of people and circular objects on the ceiling…the security cameras on the first few floors…it seemed like rather standard stuff. Security cameras, guards scouting the floors…though one particular floor was a barren wasteland of nothingness or so she assumed because she couldn’t make out a moving outline. She frowns and tries to focus in on it some more but as soon as she does a purple light flashes and her pupils begin to burn as she covers them and rubs the lids of her eyes. That had never happen before, not with her enhanced ability, there must have been something in there messing up her technique. It wasn’t a big flash either, maybe like a camera taking a picture and the quicker it came the faster it disappeared. She was sure Darius had seen it too but just in case she asks calmly. “I take it these people aren’t making cosmetics in there…??” She leans further out to try again but still no outline…they were hiding something, there was no doubt about it and judging by the trained men with the big guns patrolling about it was a pretty big deal. The part where she’d let him in on the fact she’d heard what he said about her is forgotten because he probably wouldn’t say much on it anyway. Though she’d found it hot before the truth was she really liked being in the brunettes company! He was one of the first few who could throw down with the sniper and the only one who’d made her experience real pleasure…perhaps she was merely getting attached, maybe she was a dog hot for their master. But in this line of work, having emotions that went past carnal pleasure would get a person killed and Artemis liked living, being dead had nooooo perks. Though she wouldn’t lie…when Darius was passed out in bed and she curled up next to him it was sort of nice having a warm body to spend the night with. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d done that…now that she thought about it, no one had ever slept in the same bed as her.‏

When it Gets RealEdit

-Darius keeps that cold response to her as she talks and loses the cat to the bottom of the vehicle. Brining his angry demeanor over into their job, Darius feels he needs to keep Artemis in line; otherwise she would wonder. Being the free spirit that she is, in his own way he isn’t really wrong for it. This in his own way is showing how even though he gives her the frozen shoulder, he does it to keep her wanting to stay around. Darius enjoys the day better when her crazy ass is around. Darius almost wants to flash a small smile at the thought of it. But that is quickly shot down when he hears the words coming out of her mouth, repeating what he had told his Grandmaster earlier in the war room. And the funny thing is, he actually feels some type of way about her hearing it. Like a boyfriend being caught into a lie by his girlfriend, Darius immediately feels like he should defend his statement in a way that would lessen the blow of getting in trouble by her. But that isn’t the relationship Artemis and Darius have. Having the kind of relationship that revolves around nothing more than just sex on the nightly basis, Darius finds this surprising that he feels this way. He even gets that feeling in the pit of his stomach, feeling as if someone just Spartan kicked him into the pit of death with just those words from her. Trying not to show that she actually hit him in all types of ways, his eyes only glance over to her to see her standing in the position she is in. Even now he can’t help but stare at her ass as it hangs out from the pose she is in. He loved everything about her body and loved being the only one she gave it up too. Well, that he knows of so far. As the silence falls upon the two of them, it takes him awhile to finally open his mouth. And when he does, it comes out as a soft tone almost sincere-“So you heard that huh?...I didn’t mean for you to hear it, Blue Puff…”-His hands begin to come together with his elbows resting on the ledge of the garage with his thumbs twiddling around in a circle.-“What did you want me to tell him?...He is my mentor and my boss…I can’t tell him about how every time I fuck you, I feel like you are the only person in the world who means anything to me…As Assassins…We live alone. We die alone. Only having sex to keep the bloodline going…”- He then slowly turns his head to face her, flashing her with those bright blue eyes of his; his stare no longer piercing. His stare no longer filled with a cold hearted nature, but warm and welcoming.-“I like you, Blue Puff…I do…Don’t get me wrong. But you know as well as I do, this is about Sex…You’ve said it yourself. You and I are just two people who happen to make each other happier in the bedroom than anyone else could…We both know once you get bored of me or find some new dick, you will be gone faster than someone in a cartoon video…So why bother to say anything different to him.”- After saying all that, Darius returns to staring out towards the building, clinching his jaw as he feels maybe he had said to much to her. Giving her more than what he would have liked her to see.- Artemis wasn’t surprised when he didn’t answer her question about the job at hand, maybe he just wasn’t going to be in a talking mood as he’d gone silent when she mentioned she’d heard it….then he talks in a question. Artemis merely continues staring out at the task, nodding slowly. “Yeeeep. I heard it. Sonar hearing and all.” His tone was soft, so much so she had to turn to him in surprise…he’d never spoken to her like that. Was he genuinely feeling bad about it?? “I didn’t mean for you to hear it blue puff…” That nickname he had for her, he’d said it many times before with a cocky attitude or flirtatious or even when she’d made him laugh but…never like that. The sniper picks up on his body language, not saying anything as he starts to talk more. “How every time I fuck you I feel like you are the only person in the world who means anything to me…” ‘Damn it don’t look at me like that…’ she thinks to herself. Those deep ocean eyes that would look at her with a glare or with snarky amusement but this she didn’t know how to deal with. He was staring at her too hard and she instantly bit the inside of her mouth hard enough it could draw blood. “Wh-what are you going on about? You’re being weird haha.” She tries to flash him a care free grin a trademark look for her to try to end the subject but he wasn’t having it. “We both know once you get bored of me or find some new dick, you will be gone faster than someone in a cartoon video…So why bother to say anything different to him.” No…that wasn’t true. She used him as a giant teddy bear when he was sleeping…and when she slept in her apartment she’d stare at the empty spot beside her. It wasn’t the same anymore, sleeping alone. She didn’t know what loneliness was…because she never experienced having someone there to begin with. So she didn’t care for anyone, they were either faceless people in the crowd or her next target. Right?? Flashes of her parents being executed pop up in to her mind but she suppresses it, shaking her head and blinking quickly to focus. She looks up at the much taller man and tries to say something…anything but she didn’t know what to do. She was neutral, a fake optimistic with no other emotion to show but positive! She rubs the back of her neck awkwardly, shifting her eyes to the side as she chews on the inside of her mouth again. Why was he saying this? Why wasn’t he acting like his cold self? She could take his cold self she could take his hitting her and fucking her and the ignoring her…if he showed her this sweet side then when he wasn’t showing it to her she’d miss it. She’d miss him being sweet. She’d miss him. She didn’t want to! “Why would….why would you….” Damn it why wasn’t he satisfied with just this? No…why wasn’t she satisfied with just this either? It wasn’t just him doubting what they were, she had thought of it once or twice. Finally she just starts to laugh, it was all she knew how to do! And for the first time maybe Darius would see that she behaved strangely, goofy, silly and nonchalant because she had no choice. Because if she let things get to her it would break her.‏

-( After giving his little talk to her, part of him thought maybe; just maybe; she would say something back to him worth saying. But then what he knew all along came to be what came after he stopped speaking. A few different looks from her but nothing worth noting in response to what he had said. A little words dribbling out of her mouth but then laughter. Laughter that would pierce into his ears as if she were making fun of him. Hearing the laugh causes Darius to take a deep breath in while thinking to himself-“Very well…”- It hit him right in the pride that she would just laugh but Darius had learned enough about Artemis to know. Whether it be his training coming natural to observe and learn her little actions or he just genuinely cared to learn about her mannerisms; either way he had come to learn them. Getting angry a bit at first, he sees Artemis now in a different light. That all the laughs, all the jokes, and the goofyness were nothing more than something to hide the pain and darkness that looms inside of her. Even all the drinking that he had seen her do in their short time together, Darius cannot deny that the girl can drink almost any man under the table with that super soldier serum helping her stay sober for longer periods than the normal person. Realizing now that Artemis jumps from her feelings like a crack addict high on the best fix it could find, Darius slowly reaches up towards her with his right hand. If she didn’t fight or defend against it, Darius would clinch the back of her neck with his monkey like grip. His thumb and index finger squeezing down on the pressure points on her neck to shoot a jolt of pain through her body. He’d then pull her body towards his, jolting her forward like a whiplash. Pulling her body close to his, she would be able to push her chest up against her with them standing up straight now. Looking down into her beautiful blue eyes, he gives her a soft smirk and says-“You…are so…fucking weird, Blue Puff…”- And after saying that, he pulls her head close to his as he leans in just a bit so that way their lips would connect. Planting his lips onto her own, physically it would look no different than the kind of kissing and hot making out they had done in the bedroom. But this time, she would be able to feel something different coming from him. She’d be able to feel the warmth and genuine affection that Darius has for her. Though he wouldn’t know it himself, but he would be saying to her what his words could never do. His prideful nature only allowing him to say what he said and that be the end of it. But this kiss would tell Artemis more than she would need to know about what Darius wants from her. The words that he spoke to his boss would be all lies and she would be able to know it. After a few seconds, he slips his tongue into her mouth to wrestle against her own while his hand keeps a firm grip on her neck. Giving her a passionate kiss with just the right amount of tongue, Darius slowly pulls himself off of her before he goes into his urges and want to take her right on the hood of his car. That was also a thing about her that she had over him. In any given situation, he would more than happily lay her down and fuck her till she couldn’t walk. But even now, it isn’t the right time. Feeling that the kiss may have been too much, Darius flashes her a smile and waits to see what she will say, if she says anything back at all.-

The laughing would subside as she stood there grinning at him…she didn’t know what laughing was going to accomplish besides making her look like a total ass. He says something but she doesn’t catch it as he approaches her, his tall form looming over hers as she gives him a nervous grin. “Ah…hah…” His hand reaches out and she winces out of habit expecting a back hand but instead he wraps those strong fingers around the back of her neck and instantly pinches pressure points, forcing her to lean in to him. “You are so fucking weird, blue puff.” She blushes, unable to help it when he calls her that in a light tone, it made something flip in her stomach and the next thing she knows they’re kissing passionately. This one wasn’t forced, their tongues weren’t pushing in to the others throats and there wasn’t a mess of saliva swapped…it was just…passionate. The type that made your toes curl and your arms reach up to wrap around the others body to pull them in closer so that you could feel them, all of them. When Darius holds her and continues to kiss the sniper she starts breathing out from her nose as a soft moan escapes. “Darius…” She’d managed to somehow speak in between their lips meeting, it was the first time she’d said his name like that. There was no joking or teasing tone…nothing overly sexual either. Hell there was even a hint of desperate need in there…He was being so nice! She wasn’t use to it but the more they made out the easier she came to realize he was more than this cold assassin, he had feelings and whats more they were directed at her! Why they were was still a bit confusing as he was right, being killers it never ended well for them and one day they’d have to meet the bullet or knife that would take their life. The thought of this though….the thought of Darius dying and leaving her didn’t settle well and when he pulls away to smile at her she instinctively pounces on him, the small sniper wrapping her legs around his waist so now she was looking down on him but only slightly as she slams her lips back in to his to kiss him…just…just for a little longer. Just to make sure he was really here and this was honestly happening. Slender fingers hide in to the long curls of brown hair to yank softly as she is satisfied with his lips and pulls away but not before tugging on the bottom lip sensually, legs still around him as she arched herself out of habit. She looks back in to his eyes and she turns a bit red, finally looking away because of how intense this whole sharing the others feelings thing got. “The next time your boss talks to you about me, don’t lie to him.” She pokes him in the chest, giving him an adorable pout. “I don’t mind being your slave and in all honesty it gets me really hot when you say that especially in front of other people…just…don’t forget to tell them….I’m….” She began to turn pink and fume from the ears. “Sort of…other stuff…too….”‏

Quickie in The Car?Edit

-When she jumps up to wrap her legs around his waist, Darius instantly finds his hands gripping tightly on the round curves of her ass cheeks. It had just become a natural reaction to place his hands on her body as he does. Her body is perfect in his hands, loving her petite frame and how he can just hold her like this against his body like she is nothing more than a feather. The feeling of her jumping into him and getting into a hot passion filled kiss, well it gets him going. It was one thing to feel her on his body when it came to their sex, and Darius loved it. But this was different. It sent chills through his body as they make out passionately with him holding her up in the air. Something about knowing that she felt the same way towards him, like a Mr. And Mrs. Smith effect, made him want her body even more. The way she bites down on his lip, he almost groans a bit in the pleasure of just being with her. Every little thing she did that came down to a sexual manner might as well been a welcome sign to get Darius’ blood pumping and his body hot for her. When she pulls away and gives an adorable pout to him, Darius practically lights up with a smile coming to love her cute side. Listening to her words, he could tell she meant every one of them. She enjoyed the slave play and everything that came with it, but could see that if they were going to be a thing she wanted the name that came with it. Slowly nodding his head with a smile, he moves his right hand slowly across her curves to reach the front of her hips. Pulling the side of her uniform top to reveal the scarring Assassins logo Darius had branded her with, he rubs his index finger against the scar while saying to her-“I branded you for a reason…So that way everyone knew you were MINE…”- leaning up to give her a soft kiss on the lips he then continues speaking to her-“And I plan on keeping it that way…My little slutty slave.”- And as he says that last portion, he gives her a soft laugh and then saves the statement by saying-“And my girl…Or as you would put it, ‘other stuffs’ hahaha”- Looking over the garage railing now to see that the building is stil doing the same things it had been, he turns once more to stare at Artemis and says-“I think we’ve got enough intel on the place here…”- Holding her up like this, she would be able to feel his crotch hardening and expanding from their hot passionate kissing. Giving her that look she would come to see more and more when he wants to fuck, he looks at the car and asks-“Quickie in the car? After all this talk and kissing…You got me all hot to fuck that ass again.”- And if she agreed, which he figured she would; he would walk over to the passenger side door and open it up so he could sit himself down in the seat with her small body straddled on top of his. Once inside, he would shut the door and round four of the night would begin for the two of them.-

She licks her lips, the taste of him lingered there which she greatly enjoyed. Those rough hands slide over to move the side part of her outfit and blue hues travel down to see what he was doing…exposing the branding on her hip to which she smiled, remembering that night fondly which most women would not…if anything it’d be like remembering a horrible sexual assault but whenever Artemis tickles that spot it got her excited and made her pounce on Darius, this time was no exception as he grazes the lifted imperfect flesh and she shivers cutely. “Ah…” Yes, she was his, all his. There was no way in hell another man existed that could satisfy her like he did…he knew what got her off, what she loved…why trade that for another man who’d never level up to him? His possessiveness was another thing she enjoyed about the assassin, she knew no one would be able to even look at her without him shedding blood. She starts to become needy and kisses his jawline, tugging on his shirt to whimper. “Horny…” She says to him, soft lips brushing along his warm tan skin to his neck before nipping his collar bone, one of her favorite spots to suck on. “My girl…” She stops her nips to laugh softly at his teasing, she didn’t know what else to call it but other stuff! “Give me a break, I’m trying…” She said softly as she bites his ear before he pulls away to give her that addicting heated expression, one she knew all too well as she grins widely and gestures to the car. “Yes, certainly have enough intel. Let’s goooo!!” She bounces in his grasp happily, giggling when he moves them to go inside the car, attacking his neck with more kisses and sucks as she does quick work on removing those damn robes that were blocking sexy muscles. They were officially a thing right? Well she was a bit of an air head but his words and the way he touched her how could he make it clear for her to understand? He’d shown her a different side to him which caused a different side of her to arise as well and who else could do that to her but this man? She’d keep him around for sure so long as he would do the same. Darius Jr would have woken up from the door opening as he lazily turns on his back to stretch and yawn but he wasn’t in any danger of being run over so he would stay in the spot as his own tail reaches up to scratch at his belly, comfortable where he was even with all the commotion currently happening in the car, giving out a rumbling purr and another long stretch. “Zzzzz…”‏

-( With the robes quickly coming off of his body, he tosses them into the driver’s seat, revealing his scarred and muscular body to her. Once his robes had been removed, his pants lowered around his ankles, he moves forward to press his lips against the soft skinned neck of hers. Constantly biting into her neck like a vampire, he knows that each time he chimps into her to draw blood that her healing factor would just fix her up before they were even done. Without the healing factor he would have probably bit off her shoulder to the bone which he finds funny. His hands work their way up to her top from the back and like ripping a phonebook in half, Darius rips the top right off of her body. Coming to laugh, he says to her-“The longer you stay with me, the more clothes you are just gunna have ruined from me ripping them off of you.”- He laughs a bit before looking at her now exposed chest. Keeping their bodies close together, her begins to use his tongue to lick her milky skin from her neck down to the center of her chest; leaving a trail of his saliva against her. Almost like a personal achievement of his but he probably had come to lick every inch of her body; loving and savoring the taste that she gives off. Even loving the taste of her blood since it tasted like candy from the effects of the healing factor. After licking across her chest, his mouth finds a natural home on her right nipple. His left hand grips her right breast to poke the nipple out more as his lips wrap around the cute pink sensitive area of her body. Sucking on her nipple lika a vacuum, he moves his head back to pull and tug against her breast as well. While doing this, his front teeth nibble down on the center of her nipple, wrenching and tugging against it so it can get harder with the hornier she becomes.


While his mouth works on her lovely pink nipple and his left hand caressing the breast, his right hand slowly lines across the curves of her body to get down to where her shorts are. Reaching down inside of the back of her shorts, his index and middle fingers begin to slide down the crack of her ass slowly. Coming up to the soft round ass hole of hers that had been destroyed earlier in the evening. But guessing that her healing factor had fixed her back to normal by now, he would rub around the tight little hole with the fingers before pushing them both inside of her body, all the way until it reaches the knuckles of his hand. She would feel his fingers penetrate into her body, beginning to finger her hole while his mouth continues to play with her nipple. By this point a line of his saliva escapes his mouth and swims down the round hill of her breasts as he savors and loses his mind of the sweet taste of her flesh. His fingers begin to move in and out of her tight asshole, warming her body up for the thick cock that awaits to be thrust inside of her again.

( ////Across the street on another building\\\\ (

Watching from a distance with eyes that could stare into the soul of another man, a large over six foot tall body in Assassins robes watches Artemis and Darius begin to go at it in the Dodge Daytona of theirs. A disappointed look on his face, his hands ball into fists with anger flowing through his veins. It is at that moment that a smaller fellow, a boy around the same age as Darius walks up behind Roman.-“The one you trusted to control the outpost of Kasaihana is showing promise is he not?”- Speaking in a sarcastic tone, Roman responds back with his deep English accent-“Now is not the time to joke with me, Kidd…”- The young boy nods his head and asks-“What are we going to do about, Darius? He seems to have lost the way of The Assassin…Choosing sex over the mission…He has failed you, Mentor.”- Roman turns around and makes haste for the door that leads down from the roof while saying-“He will meet disciplinary action as any Assassin would for betraying their Mentor and going against the mission….We will meet him soon…”- And like that, the two are lost in the shadows of the night as an ominous prophecy against Darius seems to have been birthed.-

His robes are gone now to expose those hard earned muscles, nails grazing against the scars and other markings that never healed properly. She could spend the entire night running her tongue down each one to memorize them, tracing them tenderly. But she wasn’t given the chance to as he started to remove the pants, seeing how eager he was for them to be connected again and who could blame him? Their fucking was incredible, he knew how to hit the spot just right it made her scream his name for hours. Prime example as he pierces the creamy flesh and she squeals in pain/pleasure. His mouth was big, he could devour her if he wanted to and she leans further in to him in a soft beggin tone, lips pressed softly against his ear. “more…” She wanted to be touched, her body ached for release even though they had satisfied themselves not so long ago, she was ready for more…the best part was he could keep up and give it to her. To find someone like that was so rare and for him to be in the same profession! Of course this was no fairy tale…one of them will die one day or hell they both might die but in the meantime she’d enjoy his company for as long as she was due on this world. The snipers top is ripped off and she grins at his roughness, crushing their hips together in response. “I might have to start charging you for every piece of clothing…I find it a good investment.” That teasing tone was slick as always as her arms reach up above her head to place the forearms against the ceiling of the car, neck rolling back as she gets comfortable and that skillful tongue is doing wonders on her body, arching her ever limber self in to him for his enjoyment. His perfect teeth scrap against the nub of pink flesh and she whimpers in bliss, pushing her breasts in to him for more as he massages and cares for them. This felt a little different than normal…that feeling in the pit of her stomach returned and it wasn’t just from being pawed like this, his tongue felt nicer, his hands felt amazing and the smell of him enhanced her senses, she had recognized his scent before but now it was different, there were traces of both of them all over him that she thought might have become permanent? Perhaps something that happens when you hang around someone as often as they did…couples together begin to mix their scents together. She smiles at the thought as those devilish fingers sneak behind her and eyes widen as she bites her lip hard when they push past tight rings of muscle. “Ah!” She squeaks and looks over her shoulder with an eager expression. “Darius…” This teasing, preparing her maybe she wasn’t use to it, usually he was much rougher than this and just slammed himself inside without warning. Though he wasn’t doing that….this was…. ‘So nice…’ She thinks to herself as his fingers press against her tight healed walls and she drawls out a sweet moan. Arms finally lower and rest around his shoulders, hands hiding in his hair as she loved rubbing his head and pulling his hair softly.‏

-( Gotta Love GOTG for an awesome soundtrack XD) Their bodies rubbing up against each other had become so constant and normal that it didn’t surprise Darius when her scent had a little taste of him on her. And it actually got him to want her even more. The fact that whenever someone would smell her or come near her they would know that she belonged to someone else. That she would always have him on her to show that she had her master already. She belonged to him. The thought of her being his causes his cock to throb and twitch against her butt on the outside of her shorts. After hearing her say his name in her teasing tone, Darius pushes down on her chest with his left hand. This would force her body back against the dashboard of the car and even have her head bounce against the windshield with a little force behind it. Bending her back, her belly would be exposed to him and continuing to lick at her body, his tongue moves down the center of her abs and kisses at her belly button. He loved how smooth she is and that milky skin, it drives him wild in a lust for her. After kissing her belly button, he slowly moves to sit up straight, still holding her body on the dashboard with his left hand; he gives her a smirk and says-“Don’t think this changes how we act when we fuck…You are still my little fucking slut…MY slave…and no one else’s.”- And at that, he raises his left hand to get some force behind a loud and powerful *SMACK!* against her chest from the palm of his hand. The sound of the smack echoes throughout the car, loud enough to be heard from outside if anyone were walking outside. After giving her that smack and letting her know who was still in charge of their actions in the bedroom, Darius fingers pull out of her asshole. Feeling her asshole tighten around his fingers, not wanting them to exit, he forces his hand to wrap around one of the belt loops from the back of her shorts. Giving her a sarcastic look, referring to her comment about charging money for each piece of clothing he ruins, he says to her-“Well then it looks like you are going to make me broke, Blue Puff.”- And with that, he tugs on the back of her shorts with his strength and those shorts rip right off of her body to expose her completely nude body to him now. His eyes stare down at her pretty pink pussy, wet and drenched as he loves it to be. Lowering his left hand down to his own cock, he moves the head to where it lines out on the slit of her pussy; teasing her with it. The head of his cock quickly gets covered in her juices, twitching as it aches to want to be back inside of her. No matter how many times they fucked on a daily basis, his cock never grew bored with being inside of her. Like having a mind of its own, his cock practically screams to be placed back inside of her body. Once his cock had been placed on the slit of her pussy, Darius places his hands onto her hips, rubbing the soft skin with the tips of his fingers; giving her a soft massage with each touch. And without warning or hesitation, Darius pulls down on her body and her body would crash down into his hips with enough force that the car actually shakes a bit to the right. He’d give a slight groan in pleasure as her pussy quickly tightens down on his cock, welcoming him back to being inside. Her pussy continues to send jolts of pleasure chills throughout his body.


With his hands moving up her hips, his mouth moves up to the right side of her neck to lick and suck against the soft skin once more. While this happens, he begins to lower himself on the seat to get a bit of leverage so he could make his thrusting motions. Moving against the seat, he holds her still a bit in the air, and begins to pound away into her body. Their skins clap against one another with each thrust he gives and the car begins to shake wildly! Darius getting lost once again in the world of just them two with everything else melting away. Feeling his urges taking over, he moves his left hand up her back until it reaches the base of her hair. Grabbing a handful of those blue locks of hers, he pulls tightly to where her back would start to arch inward and her head pulled back so her mouth is up towards the roof. His mouth licks up from the base of her neck up to the bottom of her chin before he says-“Your pussy loves Master’s cock…”-His thrusts pound harder into her small petite frame as he speaks-“Scream for your master! Scream for the world to hear that only Master’s cock can satisfy you! How your pussy aches for me!...Let me know that there still is a dirty little whore fucking my cock wild!”- He pulls on her hair harder as he speaks, giving her all of himself as he does everytime they fuck.- His hand is on her chest and he shoves her back, surprising the sniper as her head bumps with the glass and she flashes him a wide grin, almost purring out at the realization he was planning on being rough this time around too. “MY slave…and no one elses.” He said this, while kissing all along her stomach, teasing her skin with those full smirking lips and she shivered in happiness. “All yours, Master...” He strikes her and the stinging sensation sends prickling hot sensation through her as she moans out sweetly even as he tells her he’ll be broke from ruining all of her clothing, ripping the shorts that was in their way. She giggles and spreads her legs for him so she is fully exposed to her Master, not shy to show what belonged to him. This causes the juices to dribble out against her inner thighs and all over his thick meat which her body was starving for once more and the teasing head against her entrance made her whimper impatiently but she needed to be a good slave otherwise he might torture her and not give it to her good like they both wanted. Thankfully that wasn’t his plan as those rough manhandling fingers grab hold of her hips and without much struggle slams his hips up while hers lock down and he breaks her walls, splitting her so he could fit himself back inside as she cries out in an animalistic bliss. “Oh fuck yess!” Her poor abused pelvis that had just been healed was once again being traumatized by the intruding cock as he pounded away at the girl, her breasts bouncing along as she is fucked in to the car. But that wasn’t enough and he knew it as hands snake up to grip her hair and pull it back so much so that her face was close the ceiling and her neck was exposed to him to molest with more kisses and sucks.

His tone suddenly turned aggressive and Artemis would let out a sexy short laugh mixed with a moan as he ordered her to do as he said, as he wanted. “This slut doesn’t deserve Masters incredible cock!! It’s too good to me!” The cramped space only added to how erotic this was, they had no choice but to be so close together, rubbing against the other as sweat would start to mix in with their juices as her pussy clamps down tightly against his cock, sucking him in further the harder he ruins her.

Of course…there was such a thing as too cramped especially with a muscular assassin and a super soldier sniper who when utterly fucked in to submission could get a bit carried away as she screams out in ecstasy, her arm unintentionally flailing out to grab a hold of something but instead it ends up slamming her knuckles in to the window of the passenger seat, shattering it before fingers dig in to the metal framing of the door, sinking her nails in to it as it scratches the surface and her other hand busied itself with almost breaking apart the gear shift. He wanted loud and rough…his car was going to be feeling it too.‏

-As the two of them begin to heat up the car into a sex hot box, the windows slowly begin to fog up from their bodies pounding into each other causing the heavy breathing to come out of them. Darius rests his back against the chair as her body moves up and down on his cock. The two of them both crashing their hips into one another. When her hand breaks through the window and the other begins to rip apart his gear shift, he can tell that the car is at the mercy of their sexual adventures. Even with them just starting, the seat they are on practically comes apart from its welding onto the car from the constant up and down motion their bodies make. The power and strength that come out of the two of them, it surprises Darius how they haven’t already broken everything in his room to begin with let alone the car. Coming to the realization that this car may not make it out of this round with Artemis, Darius decides to get into it himself. With his hands on her hips, lifting her up and down on his cock, Darius looks up to her with a smirk. When he goes to lift her up once more, Darius uses his strength to lift her all the way up and has her back crash into the metal roof of the car and so her head can whiplash off the metal. The car itself shakes and almost tips on two wheels as her body pushes the metal outwards with an indentation of her body. The push of her hitting the roof would cause her body to spring back down onto his body where he is already ready for her. Thrusting his hips up, he actually had become to perfected with her body that he meets her in mid-fall so his cock could pound right into her! Biting down on his lip as this happens, his cock thrashes into her to pound against her womb once more. After thrusting up, his butt lands back down onto the seat where a loud *CRINK* sound is heard from the right side of the chair beginning to cave in on itself with the metal bending. With his personality loving the rough sex and the dominating attitude Artemis awoke out of him, Darius reaches up to her throat with his left hand; something she might have become accustomed to him doing to her. His left hand choking her and his right hand on her hips, Darius continues to thrust his hips up and out of her with his strength trying to break her body. His right hand lifts up and smacks roughly against her right ass cheek; beginning to dig his nails into her soft ass. The feeling of her pussy tightening around his cock always excited the hell out of him; his cock loving every second of being inside of her. In this positon his back continues to rest on the back of the chair, Darius not knowing that the chair is about to crack under the pressure of the two of them. Not being able to handle the two of them, when Artemis’ body slams down into his hips once more the entire back of the chair snaps and sends Darius falling back to where his back would rest against the back seat like he were laying down. Because of his hold on her throat, her body would bend forward along with him lying on his back. Their bodies would fall with a soft thud and in this position, her blue locks would hang in front of her face with his hand wrapped around her throat. He can’t help but look up at her with her cute facial expressions and in the middle of their crazy sex, Darius comes to give a soft laugh. Not even upset that they were practically tearing apart his car. He slowly pulls down on her throat to bring her face down to his as he plans a passionate kiss on her lips. While their lips came to lock, Darius adjusts his feet a bit and begins to thrust his hips up and down so his cock could continue pushing up against her womb like before. His right hand pushes down on her ass cheeks while this happens so she could give him that nice ass bounce that he had come to enjoy.-

Ugh seriously how much pounding could one girl take? As many as her body could handle of course! Artemis was already in heaven and the sniper wasn’t planning on coming down any time soon even as Darius throws her up and her back meets with the ceiling of the car, she grunts in surprise but the pain is absorbed as she laughs a bit at his roughness to fuck his car up on purpose. He really was too much fun, she could never grow tired of him, there was no dick on this planet that could satisfy her like his could of this she knew for a fact. She lands back on him as their hips try to break the other in a demonic endurance as the poor vehicle is assaulted, Darius Jr under the car giving out a lame expression as the sound and the moving had become too much for the cat and he rushes out to jump up on the edge of the cement to watch them go at it like rabbits before laying down and yawning again to go back to sleep or at least try to. When the assassin quickly wraps his hand around her neck and squeezes the girl leans in to it some more, whimpering. “Yes…punish me. Please…” Her back arches, breasts pressed up against the assaulting arm as she pants, struggling for breath or at least as much as she could since she cold hold her breath for the longest if she honestly wanted to but for the sake of this erotic play she would enjoy herself immensely. Suddenly the chair snaps back and she squeaks in surprise, being pulled forward when he falls back and she couldn’t help the smile at his laugh, it wasn’t very often he made that sound. Whats more is he even pulls her further down to kiss her passionately, which she eagerly accepts and returns the rough gesture, tongue slipping out to messily swirl with his, sucking on his bottom lip to swipe against it and moaning in to his mouth as he pounds her with his hips thrusting upwards. Petite body rests on him and her face if flushed as this is the first time she’d ever been on top of him like…sure she’d ridden him before and he’d been on top of her but this was the first with him fucking her so closely like this as she laid her small body against his much bigger muscular form, he was so big! He could hug her and she’d vanish in his arms, she must have seem so fragile in his grasp though that was farther from the truth.‏

-( The pressure between the two bodies colliding into one another is so strong that after a while the hubcaps on the poor helpless Dodge fly off of the tires. The sound of metal being pressurized and shot out of the tires can be heard from within the car but Darius doesn’t care. Feeling the same thoughts as her, whenever they fucked it seemed like the two were still at a distance. That their fucking had been something to just pleasure them physically with nothing else but that. But now, with her body so close to his; for once he can feel the heat coming off of her. He can feel her small breasts pushing up against his chest with each thrust her gives into her body. That like a spring her body moves up and with the momentum of his hips; both moving in a connected movement like one being. And he enjoyed the hell out of it. Moving his hand placement from her throat to the back of her neck to hold her in place for their kissing, their tongues practically melt together and their salivas moving in both of their mouths. The mixed liquid tastes so good to Darius that he could and would never grow tired of her taste. Whether it be from her skin, her candy blood or her saliva he loved every bit of her body.


With his hand on her neck, his right hand continues to be pressed against her right ass cheek, firmly grasping her completely within his large hand. Pushing her hips down onto his cock, he drives all of himself deep into her body. Feeling her juices oozing out of her body and onto his cock; completely drenching his member in all places. Lines of her juices flow down his balls and onto the leather seat they are currently fucking on. His right hand opens up to smack her ass a few times, giving her that taste of pain and pleasure that Darius knows she loves. Still even with how many times they fucked, Darius still puts her pleasure over his own; making sure to get her off as many times as he can when he fucks her. Thinking about the effects of what will happen to the car when she does cum, Darius smirks and bites down on her bottom lip. As he bites down on her lip, he gives it a nice tug with his teeth before releasing it to let her lip fly back into its normal place. Keeping his lips only a few centimeters away from her own, he whispers to her with his hand tightening around her necks pressure points-“I want you to cum all over me…Get this car all kinds of messy with your juices…Be a good little slut and drench this car…”- He then pushes his lips back onto her own, holding her body completely still as he aims to make her cum! Pushing his hips into her fast, he uses all of his core muscles to grind into her like a madman. *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* over and over the sound of his skin pounding into hers practically makes the windows crack under the shockwaves that each thrust gives out. The car begins to move left and right like a powerful wave to the point that the tires on the right side begin to pop. *BANG! BANG!* The two tires on the right side explode with air pressure from Darius’ increase of strength and speed that the car begins to lean towards the right. But that didn’t stop Darius as he really steps it up to get Artemis to release her orgasm all over the car.-

Their kiss would be messy, the taste of him was intoxicating, she could get drunk on those lips as she whimpers some more, begging him to keep going. Desperate to show him just how much she wanted to stay like this. His ever indulging cock did it’s best to drive Artemis wild and take her to heaven and beyond, who could ever not love being fucked in to submission? That thick meat that pulsed with pleasure twitched inside of her abused stretched walls, almost hitting her stomach at the angle they were in. His large hand squeezed pale creamy flesh and she smiled in bliss, hoping he’d smack her like he was known her, aching for that release of pain and pleasure. “I want you to cum all over me…” Oh god yes, keep talking like that she thinks as her body arches even more. Whenever he ordered her to do something in that sexy growl of a voice, it made Artemis almost forget where she was. She squeals and giggles as he grabs hold of her, those perfect muscular arms wrapped tightly around her curvy frame and she licks her lips in anticipation, eyes glazed over with a demonic lust as he starts to go to town on her, slamming his hips up inside harsh enough to break her but she could take it as she screams out sweetly, toes curling. “Oh Master, you’re amazing!! This slut is going to cum!!” The feel of the car rocking and almost crashing in on itself was unknown to her, hell she thought it was just how incredible he was fucking her until the tires popped that was when she realized they were wrecking the hell out of his car and the very thought of being fucked so hard they break a vehicle turned her on enough to bring over over the edge as she shuts her eyes and cries out his name though of course when ever it got this rough it would turn in to a screech as the vibration and the force of her screams is loud enough it shatters the window shield in to a million pieces. Her juices pouring out all over them, the seat, the dashboard and dripping to the car floor as she trembles in an earth shattering orgasm, panting in exhaustion once it was finally over as she collapses on top of him fully this time, body going somewhat limp as she whimpers adorably. “O-oh wow…” Was all she could manage as she hides her face in his chest, their bodies covered in sweat and car debris.‏

-As they continue to fuck and destroy the car, Darius is surprised to see the car holding up as well as it is right now. Granted it is clearly undrivabele now. When she begins to scream out in her dirty talk, Darius almost loses his mind. He loved her dirty talk and loves how loud she can get. Just like an ego boost for him, he lets those words drive his determination to make her cum. And when she finally does cum, her juices squirt out of her like a hose; quickly getting both of their bodies covered in all of it. The juices fly everywhere in the car, getting all over the dashboard and the seats. It would have splattered on the windows as well if her screeching orgasm yell didn’t break all the glass that the car had on it. The glass shatters all on the floor outside the car and even inside of it as well. As she cums, he groans out in pleasure as her pussy tightens up on his cock as if it were trying to choke it. Everything about her orgasm, Darius had come to love. Feeling every little movement that her pussy makes around his cock sends chills jolting through his body and lets him get all the pleasure he desires out of their sex together. After a few seconds and her body goes limp on her, she falls flat onto his chest with his cock still inside of her pussy; having a natural want to just remain inside of her for as long as he can. His cock twitching and throbbing still; wanting all that Artemis can give. With her laying on his chest, her juices rub against the both of them; making a slight *SHICK SHICK* sound with the stickiness as well. He’d be breathing a little heavy; his chest moving up and down with her body on him. Once finished, Darius wraps his right hand across her back and places his left hand on her face, cupping her right cheek. Pulling her body as close to him as he can get with his right hand; he pulls her head back down to give her a soft kiss on the lips. While his lips are connected with hers, he comes to laugh and say to her-“I hope you have a better way of getting home because this car sure ain’t taking us there.”- With him laughing, his eyes would remain open to admire her face and actually taking in that moment. Nothing had really been different about the two of them. Their sex had always been rough and full of passion. But something about this time…something about it felt different to him. Maybe it would to her as well. But for him, he can’t help but simply stare and admire her. It even comes to lift that grumpy face of his to get a soft smile while he looks at her. Wanting to say something, but not able to find the words to say. He remains with that soft gaze; allowing the moment to remain silent with them now simply laying with one another.-

His groan was delicious, she soaked it up whenever he made those types of noises and though she was a powerful super soldier, they’d been fucking almost non stop to the point her spirit was drained…that took a lot!! ‘Damn what a man.’ She thinks as she grins but it vanishes when he touches her face and the look he was giving her made her turn pink, her stomach doing a flip…there he goes again acting all unlike himself as she shifts her eyes to avoid the intense gaze but how could she? He was smiling at her, god that smile only made him that much more gorgeous as he brings her in close for a kiss. She still didn’t understand exactly what he was trying to express…they were together that much she understood and she cared for him in more than an ally or fuck buddy way…these things…emotions…being emotionally attached to someone it was a new thing for her. She’d never cared about someone since her parents long long long ago. She enjoys their kiss, sighing softly in to it as she murmurs gently. “Darius…” They pull away and he continues to watch her, to the point where she couldn’t help but smile back even with him joking about how they were going to get home. “Neehh I told you I get a little carried away when you fuck me so good, it’s your fault too!!” She pouts, not wanting to take all the blame though it was her punches that almost kicked out his door and her screaming that broke the glass. Then thre was a comfortable silence between them….that was until Darius Jr came out of nowhere to jump on her, nails sinking in to her lower back. She squeaks in surprise and a little bit of pain. “Darius Jr!! Ouch!! I’m not a scratching post!!” The cat meows in annoyance before it gets comfortable on her ass, snuggling in to her as she snickers and looks to the assassin with hopeful eyes. “Can we keep him pleeeeaaaseee please please?!?!?”‏

-When the cat comes from out of nowhere to pounce on Artemis, Darius almost responds like an assassin and reaches over to his robes where he grabs the handle of one of his Hand Cannons. But to see the small feline resting on Artemis’ ass, Darius gives a sarcastic-“Heyyy, that ass belongs to me there, guy.”- But there was not much he could do before the feline finds her ass comfortable enough to rest on it. When Artemis begs him to keep the cat, Darius can’t help but melt away when she gives him that cute expression. Even though he liked to play master, she had him wrapped around her finger. Though he would fight against it as much as he could. But in this case, he looks over at the cat and then back to Artemis and says-“I mean, I gueeesssssssssssss.”- He then pokes her right cheek with his index finger softly and continues speaking by saying-“But you are going to be the one taking care of it! I don’t want to be walking around the house and stepping in cat shit and whatnot! He’s your responsibility, Blue Puff. If not…I’ll make dinner out of him.”- He then flashes her a soft smile before he pulls her back down onto him with her head coming over his shoulder so he could bite into her neck. His arms holding her close, tightly and not wanting to let go. A good way to end another night together…-

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