Darius Corvo

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Hot Babes and Fast CarsEdit

-( Quickly driving through the streets of District One, a metallic nitro black colored 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona beast of a car appears drifting on a hard right corner.

The tires give off a bright red smoke color as they skid and slide across the hard gravel floor. The driver inside of the car remains hidden with the help of deep military level black tint to make the car look like a black hole rolling through the streets. Hitting speeds of 150mph on the city streets, the driver of the vehicle moves through traffic like it is nothing. The car is running on GM's 6.2-liter LS3 V8 500hp, with the V8 engine roaring like a lion as the car rips through the streets. Inside of the car, it looks like the inside mixture of a Tank and a F-22 Raptor. Smirking behind the wheel it is seen now that Darius is the driver. In the passenger seat Jayleen’s bright blue holographic body is seen glowing brightly and enjoying the ride. Because of the car having an interface capability for her to put her A.I. into even Jayleen is part of the car itself. With her right leg crossed over the left she says to Darius-“Make a left up here and you will have reached your destination.”- Darius nods his head and pulls on the E-brake and quickly hitting the gas right after. Turning the wheel to the left his car quickly begins to spin towards the left to hit a hard drift down a narrow pathway. Once his car hits the hard left, Darius spins the steering wheel towards the right so his car comes to a smooth drift into the driveway with ease. ( As he passes a few pillars, now slowing his car down to a modest 15mph, he comes to the secret racing event that had been planned for the District One meet.

As he makes his entry into the event, Darius quickly sees hundreds of people gathered in the center dancing with all the women dressed in skimpy and slutty clothing. Surrounding the center dance floor is all the cars that will be participating in tonight’s race.

Darius quickly scans the competition to see that there are some good racers and some nice cars around the area. Jayleen also looks around and while scanning, she says to Darius-“A lot of these cars have an electronic interface…it won’t be hard to win with all the cars being taken out by my virus.”- Darius nods his head and says-“Find me the car that isn’t fit with any electronic interface…”- Then Jayleen does as told by her creator and within the blink of an eye she says-“Two cars…”-Using her right index finger she points out towards an Rx-7 Veilside and then a Nissan 350z with a red cross decal located on the back end. Looking at the Nissan, Darius smirks and says-“That’s him…That is the Knight we are after…”-(That would be Artemis’ target to kill too) Finding his target, Darius slowly opens up his door and exits his car. Because of the event they are at, Darius is not in his normal Assassins Robes but rather in a plain white button up shirt with a pair of dark blue pants and shoes to match.

Once he steps out of the car, he slowly begins to make his way towards the partying to try and blend in with the surroundings. It is also at that moment that the sound of another man’s voice comes into Darius’ ears.-“So you decided to come after all, aye?”- After hearing the words, he recognizes the voice and slowly begins to turn around; knowing what will come next.-

Artemis was busy stuffing her face with a cheeseburger, starving from not eating since 2 hours ago….she could really put away food as the short blue haired sniper busies her teeth with chewing, enhanced eyes shifting from side to side. “Ugh I could be home reading yaoi…and I got a busy shift tomorrow.” She sighs lamely before snatching up the pickle that almost falls from the sandwich. She wore her marksmen outfit, a tight bulletproof material with purposeful spots missing on her hips, black boyshorts connecting to make it a one piece. She had on desert green leg pieces for pants though they stopped right above her thighs, exposing them and a desert green jacket thrown on top. The combat boots finished the look as she stopped in time to press on her ear piece, licking ketchup off of her lips. “I’m here, target is located.” The Nissan isn’t too far off and with another bite Artemis walks off to go to her jeep wrangler, hoping up on the wheel to lean in, opening her duffle bag of goodies and examining what she’d use tonight. Her sniper rifle as always was the first she’d attempt at using….she’d mapped the race and knew where to put herself and when the man gets to one of the routes she’d blow his brains out. Sure there was the chance he’d crash his car in to something and cause massive destruction possibly killing a civilian but that wasn’t her problem and she really did want to go back home to masturbate. Zipping the bag back up she tugs it out of the car and slings the giant bag up on her shoulder, the massive amount of people ignore the small girl in favor of the events going on tonight. It helped she didn’t act or look suspicious, just a chick taking the last bite of her food and walking along with everyone else. Her gloved hand tightens around the strap but the weight did not bother her thanks to the serum pumping through her veins, it was nothing she couldn’t handle and she starts gazing up at the vast amount of buildings, getting the hang of her surroundings. Usually Artemis had no problem taking the target out as soon as possible but there were way too many people here tonight and if she shoots people would scatter like roaches, there’d be a big thing and she might accidentally hit someone but the last reason really didn’t bother the 17 year old too much it was the hassle of letting others know she was there. Walking back over to the cars, she spots the Nissan again and starts clicking her tongue in thought. “Ugh moving targets are so fucking annoying…” But a job was a job and she was running low on funds after ordering the limited edition boy on boy love me in the dark erotica manga she was obsessed with so she had to take what she could get. The race should be starting soon enough so Artemis would enjoy the music and the very attractive dudes here tonight.‏

-Turning around, Darius comes into contact with an old friend of his from the times when Wade and Darius were still a main team in District One. The man standing in front of Darius is carrying a bag of peanuts and slowly chomping down on each one as Darius comes closer to him. They both shake hands and exchange smiles as Darius says-“Long time no see, Lee.”-Lee is an Asian male in his early 20’s only a couple of years older than Darius and Wade. Lee quickly responds back to Darius by saying-“It’s been awhile since I have seen you and Wade in my shop. How is everything?”-Carrying on with the conversation, Darius looks out of the corner of his eye to see a tall white male with blonde hair getting into the Nissan 350z.-“Things have been going pretty well…Wade has disappeared into god knows where and I’ve got myself into my own stuff…”-Lee notices that Darius’ eyes wonder towards the 350z and he asks-“You got something for him?”- Darius smirks-“Just someone I have to send a message too.”- Lee nods his head and says-“Well lets go get him…Be like old times. If you think that Dodge of yours can keep up with my Rx-7..”-Both giving a competitive smirk Darius nods and they both begin to head towards their vehicles. ( After the white male gets into the 350z he begins to drive out of the event and onto the streets, coming to a three car lane at a red light. The 350z sits in the middle lane and within seconds, both Darius and Lee come to the inside and outer lanes to surround the 350. Inside of the Nissan, the male looks to the left and right to see that he is being challenged. Lee gives a smirk as his hand tightens around the steering wheel with his eyes locked onto the street light. Inside of the Nissan, the white male says to himself-“Okay, Lads…let’s see what you got…”- Within three seconds, the light turns green and the three men quickly put the pedal to the metal! All three cars come off the line with power and roaring engines. Darius’ Dodge hits so much torque and power that the front end lifts off the ground and the large muscle car hits a wheelie straight from the gate.

This allows Darius to get ahead of the three with them quickly going 0 to 60mph within the blink of an eye. Coming to the first turn, Darius quickly hits a right drifting tightly against the sidewalk with his tires giving off that red smoke like before. Milliseconds behind him now, Lee and the Knight of The Order quickly hit the turn as well. Showing that they are from the same set, Lee’s car tires actually release a bright orange color of smoke.-“Come on boys, at least make me work for it.”- Darius says as he continues to hold the lead of the race through the first turn. That is when Lee laughs a bit and says-“All that genius and still can’t figure out how to work a car.”- He then pumps his shift into the next gear and his car quickly increases its speed within the next few seconds. He quickly cuts off the Nissan and turns the wheel to allow his Mazda Rx-7 to come side by side with Darius’ Dodge Daytona. Darius looks towards his right to see him neck and neck with Lee. The Knight in the Nissan begins to get upset and quickly pops his Nissan into the next gear. Using the third lane to his advantage, he quickly passes around Lee and Darius to put his Nissan right in the middle between the two of them. All three cars come to hit a left turn now and this puts the Nissan a car length ahead of both Darius and Lee. At this point in the race now they all come to a long straight shot for about a mile. With that, Darius rolls down his right window and looks over to Lee and they both nod their heads and know what they are about to do next. All three of the cars are now deep into 140mph on the city streets of District One. The Knight thinks he has a safe spot in the lead. In this straight shot are a lot of tell buildings that would give a sniper a great and easy shot to get either one of them if need be. *hint hint*-

Turn Of EventsEdit

The girl starts making her way to the Nissan, calmly placing a small red sticky tracker past the tire, in the wheel well and turns to leave the scene. Something catches the corner of her eye and she gasps in shock, the sight in front of her was almost too much for the sniper as she gapes. “Oh my god it’s Antonio Remirez!!!” The actor to her favorite Spanish soap ‘Dias de nuestro amor’ was hiding about in some shades and a jacket with tight pants that only hugged his perfect round ass she’d want to bite. Rushing over to him the man sees her in time she slams the breaks and is now in front of him, eyes brimming with happiness. “I am your BIGGEST fan.” The handsome 38 year old actor flashes her a charming grin and nods. “Gracias, senorita. May I sign something for you?” Artemis almost died as she throws the heavy duffle bag and rummages through it. “wait wait wait I got something!” She pulls out a M4 carbine rifle and the man stares in terror but she just smiles big at him and hands it over. “Sign this!!!” The man nervously nods his head and pulls a white sharpie out from his pocket for these moments…well not THIS moment as it was rather terrifying and never happens but he signs his name on the side of the very intimidating gun and hands it back to her slowly, clearing his throat. “Uh heh there you go….” Artemis takes it back and gazes down with a large smile. “Wooowww thanks a lot---“ But when she looks up the man was running for his life and screaming like a bitch. She blinks and watches him with a confused expression. Shrugging her shoulder she tosses the gun back down and turns to head out with the duffle back. She had a mission to do! Getting up to the roof of the first building was a breeze and within five minutes of the race about to start using her parkour skills she jumped roof to roof until she was satisfied with the location, tossing the bag down and stretching out her limbs. “Aahhh alright so it wasn’t such a BAD night….mmm Antonio…” She’d start daydreaming of the hunky Hispanic all the while pulling out the Barrett 308 sniper rifle to place the stand down on the edge of the building. She crouches, bent at the knees and opening the caps to the scope while she clicks her tongue, something she did when focusing on the job at hand. A small tablet was next to her, beeping and letting her know where the driver was on the opened map. She curls her finger around the trigger, resting her shoulder beside it.

She inhales once…..exhales…inhales a second time as her surroundings slow down, aligning her sharp eye to the scope, the tablet beeping harder now to warn her the target is approaching though it wasn’t difficult to hear them. The drivers race to the long path of streets before them, none would know the woman was even there up in the building, though she wasn’t too high maybe about 5 storeys up. The cars are almost coming up to the buildings and with a deep frown, Artemis pulls the trigger, the rifle goes off but the sound was muffled by the engines roaring from these insane racing cars. The bullet leaves the chamber, soaring through the barrel before finally shooting out in to the crisp night to cut the wind, the speed incredible as its first contact is with the windshield of the Nissan breaking through….and next? The bridge of the blondes’ nose, piercing the skull and coming out through the head rest of the seat. The impact and bullet size causes the mans head to explode in a shower of brain matter and skull fragments that spray all over the car, the windows, steering wheel and dashboard now painted red….and pink from his brain going everywhere of course. The girl exhales the breath she’d been holding and calmly places the sniper down. “Boom headshot.” She says to herself, a sort of thing she enjoyed doing when she successfully got the hit.‏

-( When the bullet is fired, within the instant of the bullet being fired; Jayleen perks up from her seat while yelling out-“Incoming projectile!”- Darius quickly gets on the alert as his eyes almost slow down everything around him, allowing his Supreme Reflexes and Reaction to take control. Jayleen’s interface tags the incoming bullet and she knows that it is not going to come near Darius but actually blow right into the head of the Nissan driver. And in the blink of an eye, the bullet smashes through the windshield and instantly kills the Knight of The Order driving the vehicle. And with the Nissan in front of them, the driver quickly loses the control of the vehicle and his foot steps down on the gas increasing the speed up to 175mph! His arm slides to the right and this causes the steering wheel to turn towards the right as well! The Nissan veers off to the side of the road and plows right into a parked sedan on the street and the impact lifts the Nissan up into the air and flipping over itself over and over! Shards of metal break off of the car and fly everywhere from the crash of the Nissan. Darius yells out-“SHIT! He’s useless now.”- Hitting the breaks to his Dodge, both him and Lee stop their cars in the middle of the street as they can only watch the Nissan flip and finally come to a crushing stop when the car plows through a brick wall into a building. With him coming into a stop, Darius lifts his arms up and like the Nano Suit prep machine, multiple mechanical arms start to peer out from within the interior of the vehicle. The arms attach both Forearm Devices onto his outfit, allowing him use of the Hidden Weapons and devices that are part of the Assassins Armor. He also gets his belt attached to his hip where the sword and guns rest on his hips. Getting out of the vehicle, Darius yells to Jayleen-“Trace the shot!”- Lee gets out of his car and asks-“What the hell just happened, I thought we were taking him down!?”- But before he could answer, Jayleen yells out-“Fifth floor! Building eleven o clock!”- Darius looks over to the building that Jayleen points out and having traced the pathway of the bullet with her Artificial Brain like a Cryptographic Scanner, the location of the shooter is found! Darius looks at the building and sees the female who took the shot. Out of anger in losing a chance to gain more information on The Order, Darius reaches around his back to grab one of his .50 caliber Hand Cannons. Using his enhanced level of calculation he knows that his Magnum is not a sniper and that the specs of which are very different. Pointing the magnum out towards the building, he aims almost fifteen feet above the roof of the building, taking account the power of the weapon and the distance it will have to travel. He also moves it nine feet to the left to account for the wind that is coming from the left. Firing one round, the .50 caliber round powers its way out of the barrel and out towards the building. Only having the ability to stay on a linear path for a few hundred yards, the bullet begins to rainbow and pick up heavy amounts of kinetic energy as it does. Hitting the arch, the bullet begins to curve in the air because of the distance and the wind playing a huge part in the trajectory. With seconds of being fired, the bullet would impact on the roof. The target of the bullet not being the girl but the concrete slab in front of her with the building she is on. He aims to hit the concrete in front of her and with the increased Kinetic force, the bullet would impact the concrete with a small explosive force. The impact causes the concrete to shatter into a powdery substance in a five inch diameter. This creates a small cloud of concrete powder, enough to blind the girl for a few seconds from physical vision. Darius uses that cloud cover to quickly sprint towards the building. Lee yells out-"Where are you going!?”- Darius replies back with-“To find my answers! I will meet you at your garage to explain everything! Just get out of here!”- ( Lee listens and quickly gets back into his Rx-7 to drive away from the scene. Darius on the other hand quickly reaches the bottom of the building in a quick few seconds with the help of the cloud cover to keep him from being shot at. But if the cloud cover didn’t work, he would be able to use his surroundings to help him escape gunfire if need be. Once reaching the building, he quickly finds a center pillar and using his parkour and free running training he begins to leap up the pillar using the Wall Run technique. His feet patter against the concrete pillar and move up almost five feet before he leaps out and grabs a ledge with his right fingertips. Using his immense strength he pulls himself up to the second and then third floor by leaping up ledge from ledge. It only takes him seconds to scale the side of the building Once he gets to the fifth floor, he would leap up towards the concrete roof where his fingertips allow him to hold on and his feet dug into the side of the building like spider man. Making sure he doesn’t walk into a bullet, he peeks over the top with his eyes scanning the area. This is just in case the shooter does see him coming and is waiting for him to try and take him out. If she hadn’t noticed him, he would leap up over the roof and appear a few feet away from the female shooter. Keeping his arms down but in a ready position, he would look to the girl (If she was there) and ask-“Why did you shoot that driver!? Who do you work for!?”- And if she were to reply, Darius would think of her less of an enemy. But he is still ready to strike if she is to try anything funny.-

The Sniper VS The AssassinEdit

She ignores the sound of the car losing control and flipping right into a truck and then in to a brick wall…had nothing to do with her now. “Kill confirm.” The girl speaks in to her ear piece to which the person on the other end acknowledges it and tells her the money will be wired soon, keeping the conversation extra short. “I like big butts and I can not lie…” She starts singing to herself, placing the weapon back in to the duffle bag beside her. The sounds of tires screeching to a halt though catches her attention as she stands up from her crouched positon to watch the drivers come out. “you other brothers can’t deny…” She continued singing even as the man makes her and pulls out a weapon, her eyes glowing a bright blue to zoom in like a camera as she uses ‘Hawk eye’ an ability that allows her to watch all of this happening as if she were right in front of him. “Damn that’s a bitching ass-oh fuck!!” It makes the hit, rubble flying right in to her but her enhanced strength keeps her firmly planted in the spot, absorbing the blow since most of it wasn’t aimed to her….until a large piece of cement smacks her right in the face and her head snaps back, crashing backwards, her legs up in the air. “Gyaak!!” she laid there, unmoving before her hand removes the slab, nose bleeding as she gazes up at nothing but dust everywhere with a lame expression. “Well that was rude.” Once the dust clears she sits up, wiping the blood off as best she could with her sleeve. “Damn that stings.” She reaches in to the holsters on either side of her ribs, wrapping slender fingers on the grip of the duel glock 40’s and taking aim once back on her feet. The man appears but she doesn’t shoot just giving him a calm smile, admiring the view. “Well hey there handsome! To what do I owe the pleasure of being so roughly assaulted?” He asked why she shot the guy and who she worked for to which Artemis shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing personal, dude but I gotta eat ya know? I work for whoever gives me money. No questions asked. I mean I can’t tell you exactly who my employer is since that’s the whole point of my business. Privacy and what not.” The sniper continued holding him at gunpoint though she didn’t have any intention of shooting him since she didn’t kill anyone not on her hit list unless she absolutely had to. “Is this how you meet women? Blow shit up and demand they answer your questions? Because I gotta tell you, I am so turned on right now. It’s an awesome approach.”‏

-( Hearing the female talk and not answer the questions that Darius needed answered in the way he had hoped, Darius sees this encounter going eight ways to shit in a hurry. Then as she makes the comment about being turned on by how he was acting; Darius quickly raises his left eyebrow and says-“Look, girl…I am not here to hit on you. Just because you are cute doesn’t mean you will get me to sway my reasons of asking you these questions.”- He slowly pulls his Magnum back down into its holster and with his right hand he rips off his top as it constricts his movements for what he sees coming next. His eyes remain on the barrels that are pointed down onto him; making sure that his movements do not get him shot at. If she did choose to fire on him, he would have to react more promptly than originally thought. But in removing his shirt, it reveals the hardened body beneath the clothes. His rock hard pecs and abs that show the results of rigorous training in the art of being an Assassin. She would also be able to see all the scars from being stabbed, cut and shot during his training with the assassins. Slowly extending his arms out, his palms would be faced towards her; showing the forearm devices on his body. Taking in a deep breath, he feels the area surrounding him; using his sensory array to help figure out the placements around him. This leads into the sensory system of that of an Assassin. Darius has adapted the brain capacity that allows him to utilize his senses to the peak of their physical being. His ears pick up every single sound, and can decipher layer upon layer of noise; has the ability to pick up a conversation from a mile away in a busy city. Darius can detect specific smells, and locate their origin. He may even be able to tell if some one is lying by which hormones they excrete. Darius is able to detect poisons or other problems when tasting a substance. Darius can feel so acutely that to rub the users hand on a paper would be like reading the page, sensing every bump ripple or wave. His senses all play into the factors of being an assassin, that allows him to complete the mission in the most silent way as he can. Because of how peak his senses are, even the sound of the females heart beat plays a factor in the way Darius “sees” everything around him. This also helps to see if she is lying or not. (If she has ways of controlling her hormones and heart beat then of course he would not be able to sense her lying.) After taking in the area, Darius slowly glares down towards the female and says-“I do not wish to hurt a woman…But you have just destroyed a chance at me getting a step closer to my investigation…and because of that…the information I seek must now come from you…”- Slowly sliding his right foot back, he waits to see what the female has to say, if she has anything to say. Or if she will just try to shoot him.-

Artemis continues to smile without a care in the world but when the guy rips his shirt off her eyes widen as it instantly turns in to a perverted grin. “Woah you move fast!!” She goes to remove her jacket but sadly it just turned out he was preparing himself and she pauses, giving him a disappointed look. “Oh we’re doing this okay, no that’s alright. Because fighting is so much more fun than fucking….totally.” She keeps the guns aimed at him even as he continues to sense his surroundings or whatever the fuck it was he was doing. “I do not wish to hurt a woman” Blah blah something something but the girl just watches him. “It’s okie, I like when it hurts.” She teases but it seemed the fun and games wasn’t reaching this dude so she merely lowers her guns and sighs lamely. “I already told you I don’t know anything! Client calls me says I want this douchebag dead. I say aiight then and boom, headshot. Dead. I get paid, life moves on. You don’t need to get so butt hurt about it.” But this guy wasn’t going to give up was he? No he really did believe she knew something that could help him with what he needed. Artemis frowns, losing her patience. “Damn we really could’ve had some fun, handsome.” She reaches behind her belt as if trying to place one of her guns away. A split second later she throws smoke pellets all around to the ground beneath her feet and towards him, a dense black smog explodes a toxic fume dancing around with it if one were to inhale the fumes would cause disorientation and labored breathing. Artemis calmly starts to fire her guns in to the smoke but she wasn’t rushing towards him in fact she was doing the complete opposite, snatching her duffle bag to sling it over her shoulder and running away. Tactical escape! There was nooooo way she was fighting, she was too lazy for confrontation as she jumps off the edge of the building and on to the next, the weight of the duffle bag was like holding a bag of feathers for the enhanced super sniper, combat boots landing roughly and crunching the ground beneath her when she lands on the next roof, if she had gotten that far of course.‏

-As the female explains that she really doesn’t know anything, Darius gets an idea in his head. But before he can act upon his idea, smoke pellets fly out and impact in the ground around Darius. Because of his training in being purposely poisoned with venoms and other toxins; his body has a natural defense against poisonous type attacks. Sitting still in the smoke of toxic gas, he doesn’t take a breath in or out. He simply holds his breath and stands in the smoke as he quickly tries to break down the situation. When the bullets start flying down range, Darius’ reflexes force his body to dive towards the left to avoid the gunfire, though one of the bullets does nick his back by the kinetic force of the bullet. He winces a bit but it is not enough to keep him from trying to stop this girl from escaping. With Jayleen being tapped into his physical body, she says to him-“It’s just a flesh wound. Nothing you cannot handle.”- Darius nods his head and while using his enhanced hearing, he follows along with her movements and hears her body land onto the building across from where he is at.-“Oh no you don’t”- he says right before he runs out towards the edge of the building and gives a strong leap of faith as he launches himself off of the roof and towards where the female had landed. His arms are extended outwards and he releases a whistle that sounds like the roar of an eagle. (Idk what birds do XD but whatever the eagle sound is called) Within the blink of an eye, if she turned around from her crouched position she would see the muscular five foot ten inch body coming to crash right into her. If not avoided, Darius’ arms would wrap around her waist as he quickly snatches her up in his arms. His body lands on his back and grabbing her to where she rolls on top of him with her hands placed on his hardened chest. Using his momentum he would continue his rolling motion until the girl ended up on her back with him sprawled out on top of her with her legs up towards his waist. With his hands he would attempt to pin her wrists down over her head pounding his body onto hers as if they were together. His hips grind against hers as he tries to keep her locked in place and still for a few seconds. Resting on top of her, his bright blue eyes glare down into her own as his long dark brown hair lowers down the left side of his face. He then says to her-“If your boss only calls you and you have nothing to hide…I am sure you won’t mind if you and I just stay together for awhile until your boss calls again.”-

“Oh man I wonder if I can catch the last episode of—“ But she is cut off from talking out loud hearing him coming towards her, her ear twitching and able to pick up sounds from a football field away. She frowns, getting annoyed now as her eyes narrow in a deadly fashion. He wanted to fucking die? Fine by her, she tried to place nice! She turns in time to aim her handgun but her eyes widen when she sees he wasn’t attacking he was just all out throwing himself!! “Wait wait wait!!!” Her guns go flying out of reach as their bodies crash and she gets the wind knocked out of her, grunting roughly and gritting her teeth at the impact. The much taller man literally knocked the sniper off her feet….and on to the roof repeatedly as they roll all over one another and when the spinning finally stops she opens her eyes slowly to shake the disorientation off, determined hands grip her wrists and place them over her head to pin her in place, she wasn’t going anywhere. Their hips meet in a delicious friction and her eyes fully widen as she moans out happily, arching herself in to him. “Ah yes!” Of course that probably wasn’t the reaction he was aiming for but the girl liked it rough. Artemis grins up at him, not fighting him any way as he speaks to her. “Haha I don’t mind at all so long as you keep moving those hips! Feels nice…” Her tone was mockingly sweet. “I can’t think of anything else I’d like to do then to be under a hunky brunette but if people find out I don’t keep my clients’ info on the DL I don’t get business and then I am living on the streets. You’d want a poor helpless girl like me homeless?” The sniper throws her legs around his waist and with a quick inhale she attempts to lift and throw his body over hers, she was small but looks were deceiving as her power is exposed and she uses it to toss him off of her. If that were to work she’d shoot to her feet and laugh, enjoying their time together. Her next assault comes right after he lands if he’d tried to get up, launching herself forward to slam her knees in to his abdomen and wrap speedy hands around the back of his neck to bring him forward, their foreheads would connect if any of this had gone uninterrupted in a shattering head-butt.‏

-( As he listens to her talk about how if she spoke about who her boss is, she will lose business in killing for money. Darius slowly grunts a bit as he remembers when he was as blind as she was when it came to killing. That is when she launches him over her head and he quickly flips over to land on his back and roll to a three point stance like an offensive lineman in football. With his eyes glaring over towards her, he says to her-“You don’t seem pretty helpless to me…”- But before he could finish saying anything else she charges in and smashes her knees into his abs! But to her surprise she would feel like she just smashed her knees into metal as his hardened abs flex to take the impact of her knees. This forced flex of muscles causes Darius’ body to tighten and her hands quickly grasp around his neck. When she pulls his head down onto hers, the sound of their heads crashing into one another echoes throughout the area and forces Darius to grunt as he quickly gets a little angered by the situation. But what she may not notice is that the weight distributed throughout his body is pushing her down to keep her knees bend on his abs so she cannot move from the position she is in. He’d give her a playful smirk as his right hand reaches up to attempt to pull at her blue hair. If she kept her hands behind his neck, she would feel her hair get pulled with enough force that it would cause her to lift her head back a bit. This allows Darius’ face to be mere inches away from her soft skinned neck. Using her unusual sexual nature to his own advantage, he leans his head down to lick up the left side of her neck. This allows his wet tongue to leave a trail of his saliva from her shoulder up all the way to her ear where he then playfully bites down on her earlobe. Once biting down sensually on her earlobe, he whispers to her-“At least you taste good…not bad for a killer…”- While all of this is happening, his left hand that is free slowly runs down the curves of her body to reach towards her belt. If this hand is free to grab the belt, Darius would have her hair and her belt latched by his grip. Finally, using his strength to his aid, he uses his legs to lift them both back up to where he is standing straight up and her body curled up on his abs like she is nothing more than a feather to him. Trying to use her sexual nature to make her think he is going to just fuck her senseless, if she didn’t take notice; Darius would extend his left arm out as if he was throwing her body up into the air. She would quickly become parallel to the ground a few inches above him and with quick action and force, Darius uses his right hand that grips her hair to release her and swing her back down to the ground with a powerful neckbreaker technique!

If successful, the girls face would slam right into the ground on Darius’ buffed up bicep and would feel like her face just got hit by a ton of bricks! The impact onto the concrete roof would leave a few cracks in the ground and Darius rolls over to his feet. Looking down at the girl, his chest piece begins to glow brightly as he says-“You will have to try a lot harder than that if you really want to fuck me…”- He then waits to see how she reacts as he now begins to have some fun messing with this blue haired bombshell.-

Damn this guy was a fucking tank he didn’t know how to go down! Thankfully she didn’t either and what was he doing??? Artemis ignores the small scrape on her forehead from the assault as he gives her a welcoming smirk, locks of the snipers hair grabbed on to and then roughly tugged on. Her blue hues lower in a pleased nature as her grin returns, did he finally wanna play nice? She doesn’t let him go even though her instinct is yelling, screaming at her to stop bein a fucking pervert for once and be professional but oh well. The lick against warm flesh sends a shiver down her spin as she giggles in delight. “Not bad for a killer.” Aww she loved being given pet names…even the deep voice this man had could make her melt and she was planning on enjoying it….that was until he grabbed on to her and she gasps, eyes widening. “Fuck!” Everything was upside down for her as she was sent up and the next thing she knows she’s sent down in a slam, her nose gushing blood all over the guys abs as her body prepared for the impact and tightened the muscles. Though she couldn’t stop him at least her body saved itself from breaking apart. The moment he rolls away she turns on her back, grabbing her nose in pain as her knees bend up and she laughs, a sort of coping mechanism. “Haaah You dick!!” She sits up, spitting out the blood that had flown in to her mouth, ignoring the extreme pain in her back and gets up. Her duffle bag was too far away for her to try and pull out anymore toys and any attempt to escape was futile, he’d just run after her. Her eyes shift to his form, taking a better look at this man…he was trained, brave and took things head on by what she’s been throwing at him. Placing her hands on her hips as she clucks her tongue. “Gotta hate a guy with high standards, that’s no fun for anyone.” Artemis hadn’t been fighting at 100% since her life wasn’t on the line just her information…she didn’t want to kill him, she only killed those she was paid to. But he wasn’t making it easy, he wouldn’t go down and he wasn’t going to let her leave. “You can beat me all night though handsome, I love how it hurts.” She spits another bit of blood and blows him a kiss. “You aint gonna get shit out of me.” Reaching down to her calf she slips out the Ka-bar knife, the black blade was intimidating well to one who didn’t know how to protect themselves as she holds it so the blade is facing her forearm, lifting her wrist up to her somewhat broken nose and narrowing her eyes at him as they flash a bright blue. “Hope you don’t have any plans, handsome.” She’d have to fight her way out at this point. Damn she was hungry again…‏

-( He laughs a bit to himself as he watches her reaction to him delivering that technique on her. Her personality seemed to be a complete opposite of his but he would be lying if he said she wasn’t entertaining. With her blowing a kiss at him, he once again raises his brow to her almost baffled that she is still acting as she is. But the happy go lucky moment of their night comes to a quick stop when she pulls out the Kabar knife of hers. Darius is no stranger to the legendary Marine Blade, knowing the kind of fatal injuries that can come from it. But Darius is no weakling when it comes to being weapon proficient. Being an assassin of fair game, Darius extends his left hand out and the hidden blade hidden in the forearm protector of his springs out and reveals itself to the female sniper. Turning the blade with his ring and pinky finger, the blade turns on the spin dial to become a dagger to fight against the Kabar blade of hers.

Dominic and Darius' hidden blades are extremely loved by all assassins in the Brotherhood. These blades are kept well hidden under the forearm protectors that assassins wear on their uniform and can be used for anything. A silent kill is an understatement towards these weapons as they can stike and retract within the blink of an eye and kill a target before he even knows who attacked him. Even when under Hand to Hand combat, these blades can be used as Daggers to fight off enemy and defeat them with one striking blow. These blades are designed to be lethal and deadily with ONE single strike. The blades themselves can spring outwards from the cartridge and stab into a body almost five inches deep. The titanium blades themselves can turn into daggers through the spinning end of the design; which allows multiple uses of two different weapons from just this one blade. The blades are also coated with a layer of Demonium, which helps increase their durability and also give the blades the trait to cut off an opponent’s healing factor if they have one. These blades also hold a special trait to them hidden within the forearm protectors. When stabbing a subject about one cubic foot (or 28 litres) of gas stored at 800 psi is rapidly injected deep into the wound site. The injected gas causes much more damage than a single knife wound, both from the displacement of internal organs and from the freezing effect of the free expansion of the gas. One well-placed hit can easily kill or immobilize a large shark (big shark or an attacking predator). When used underwater the freezing effect helps to keep the animal from bleeding profusely, while the injected gas causes the animal to float to the surface. This can be very helpful in defending against aggressive sharks, while avoiding the blood release than can trigger a feeding frenzy in a group of sharks. This weapon injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, approximately the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world's largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface. With the blade drawn, Darius quickly begins to slide over towards the female. Within the flash of light, his body would slide from where he was standing to be directly in front of her. Swinging his blade down from the top right portion of her body, he attempts to draw her blade out for her to have to use her own blade to fight against his. If she does not block the blade, her chest would be cut open from the sharp Demonium covered dagger of Darius’ arsenal. If she blocks, Darius would smirk to her as he uses only a small portion of his strength to try and leave their arms both up in the air. He then says to her-“A girl of your skill should be using it for good…You could do so much more than just be a hired killer…”- After speaking that small piece, Darius activates the spin mechanism on the hidden blade in his left arm and the grip on the blade would have a reverse hold on it and using the strength of his arm he would attempt to overpower her with a stronger grip and cause her arm to fall down from its up-right position. If this part is successful, it also leads to an opening as the right side of her body would be exposed with the lowered arm. That is when Darius attempts a single leg takedown on the girl. This involves him shooting in with his right knee between her legs and his head on the outside of her right leg. With both hands he wraps her up, with his right hand grabbing a firm handful of her right ass cheek and his left hand gripping down towards her right ankle. If this were successful, he would be able to drive his legs and body into hers and force her to fall right to her back. Once on her back, Darius would quickly find himself in the Guard positon. But in this case, his body would be upright and his right arm extended downward so his blade could be pressed up against her neck. If he were successful in getting into this position she would be able to feel the bulge of his pants rubbing and grinding against her hips. He then looks at her and says-“There are a lot better ways to make money and better work as someone with your talents…You shouldn’t waste them on petty contract killings.”- Part of him wants to put the blade back into the forearm protectors but until she shows a sign of being more “friendly” than enemy, he is going to keep the blade out.-

She’d been waiting on his move, examining the weapon currently in his hands and with a grin, her trained eyes expect the move, throwing her armed up to block just as he’d hoped, the two of them not faltering as she continues to cheerfully watch him. This was a lot of fun! But it’d have to end eventually and Darius planned his next move on her, indeed her arm would go down with his in a swipe but when he bends down to attempt at grabbing her right leg she stops playing games. Using the momentum in her left leg to dig her heel deep in to the cement, the serum works through her veins as it hardens her stance, pushing her weight down to stay to the ground, activating her enhanced condition. The user is at peak physical form, their molecular density is increased and their muscles change to steel, basically a tank ready to take down whatever is in their way as she was after all a super soldier. Artemis was enjoying their time together really she was and she honestly didn’t want to hurt the handsome guy but he’d made it clear he didn’t wanna get down and dirty. Darius has left himself open from his failed position and Artemis takes the opening to throw readying arms out behind his back to hook around his ribs, gripping them tightly to hug him to her chest as she’d hover over him, her muscles flex and she grits her teeth, eyes narrowing dangerously as she bends her knees and lifts the man up off the ground in an attempt at a reverse suplex, his legs would fly up and he’d be upside down but only for a moment as she delivers the move, throwing herself backwards as well. Thanks to the location of them fighting, the A/C unit behind them was just in the right spot as his back would meet with the helpless machine, Artemis yelling out as she squeezes him tight and pounds his body into it, an impact so crushingly hard it dents the metal, causing the fan inside to wreck into the motor as sparks fly and smoke erupts, the flooring of the roof the A/c was placed on can not hold the weight nor the impact, giving out as it crumbles, the ceiling now breaking apart as they sink almost falling in to the building they had been fighting on.

She would release him, taking a couple of steps back and reaching up to her nose to snap it back in to place with a wide grin. “Maybe I am a little tired of doing boring contract killings but aint nothing else shown up yet that interests me…”‏

Getting To "The Point"Edit

-Darius is shocked when he sees that his single leg take down gets snuffed by her massive increase in strength. Trying to figure out what had went wrong, Jayleen quickly scans her physical body now being in physical contact with her. With Darius’ fingertips touching her skin, Jayleen is able to access the data about her within an instant. Being able to scan Artemis’ physical body Jayleen feels the effects of that serum within the female’s body. Jayleen yells out to Darius within his own mind-“She is a Bio-Enhanced fighter! She is a super soldier!”- Darius’ eyes widen and is quickly lifted up into the air as he is quickly outmatched for the moment. His body smashes into the AC unit mere seconds after figuring out who he is fighting exactly. Without the defense of his Assassins Robes, he is more exposed to injury even with his hardened skin. With his back smashing into the AC unit, he quickly whiplashes down onto the ground with a rough *THUD* sound. The AC unit itself begins to spew out metal from the fan inside of it and allowing sparks to fly outwards all over the place. Resting on his chest, Darius retracts his hidden blade back into his forearm protector. Because of the blunt trauma onto his body, the glitching effect that he had experienced before with Kodi seems to be happening again.( His heart rate begins to increase and the visions of a different time period quickly begin to fill his eyes. The ground beneath him quickly turns into tone of the old 14th century Jerusalem city! Darius looks down at his body and sees himself in a pair of white Assassins Robes and wonders what the hell is going on. The visions continue to take him down a memory of those long before him. The vision shows an Assassin learning to master his control of his inner energy and the use of his eagle vision.-“What is this!?”- Darius asks himself but before too long in this vision, the memory begins to glitch once more and return Darius back to the physical world. What Darius didn’t know is that this whole time, his body had been emitting a bright blue glow around his body!

And when he regains his normal consciousness, he looks down to see that one of the metal pieces from the AC Fan had pierced through his gut; entering from his back and stabbed through the front of his gut. Using his pain suppression, Darius would slowly come to stand up and begin to make his body visible to Artemis once again. She would be able to see the sharp piece of metal pierced through his body and blood dripping from his body. But what would shock her is that it looks like it does not even hurt him. Even though he is a mortal man, his level of pain suppression would make it seem like he feels nothing. To add towards the shock and awe factor of the situation, Darius gives the girl a soft smirk-“Like I said…I do not wish to hurt you…A cute face like that does not need to be ruined…”- Reaching towards the back end of the metal shard with his left hand he pulls the metal piece out of his body and the blood begins to flow out of him a bit faster. Even with the pain suppression, his body has limits. He falls down to his right knee while his right arm pushes up against the front end of the wound. He even comes to laugh a bit while he says to her-“I should have never taken it easy on you…Now I know…”-He then looks up towards her with a soft smile-“Super Soldiers…Just another thing I gotta deal with…Wish I could have you on my team, Blue Puff…”-Darius tries to force himself to stand back up, but the back of his wound continues to pour out blood. That is when the voice of Jayleen fills Darius’ head by saying-“Why would you take it easy on her!? You know you can’t just hold back on someone! Now look what it has gotten you into! Never do that again!”- The blood drips down onto the floor as Darius waits to see what the blue bombshell would do next. His injuries could be over the top in acting, he may be trying to get the girls guard down. Or he could really be hurt. The choice of which would end up being hers.-

The sniper was ready to continue if need be, there was no escaping this now and she'd tighten her fist to prepare for her next strike but looks like he wasn’t a tank after all, even handsome devils like him had limits as she watches him fall to his stomach. She smacks her teeth, not enjoying hurting someone who honestly she felt didn’t deserve it. Suddenly the man would start to glow blue and her guard was up, she didn’t know a thing about this man other then he could take a hard hit and keep standing but that was a dangerous quality. He stops though and he seems confused and in a daze though he snaps out of it and gets up…….only to expose the giant metal piece hanging out of him. Her eyes widen as she points. “HOLY FUCK!” Shit she hadn’t meant to do that much damage! She could have sworn she kept her strength at bay but she suppose that was keeping it at a minimum. “Okay we can fix this just--Wait don’t pull it—“ But he pulled it out…of course he did. Blood poured out like a running faucet and she winces at the sight of it before whistling. “Man I got some respect for you, handsome.” He’d called her cute and it put a grin back on her face even if the guy was bleeding out horribly. “You still able to be all sweet with me?” He’d wish she was on his team and it seemed like he wasn’t going to fight her anymore. Drawing first blood was enough to end it as she approaches him with her hands held up to show him she was un-armed and coming at him as a friendly. “Don’t die on me after just our first date!” She kneels down and helps him up, walking him over to one of the still working a/c units to sit him down on it so she could kneel down to examine the exit wound, clicking her tongue as she does so. “Now I’m no doctor buuuuuuuttt….heh I think you’re gonna wanna go to the hospital for that.” She calmly removes her jacket, using her strength to rip the material in half and tearing off the sleeves calmly. She places one piece to the front and the other to the back, using the sleeves to wrap around him to keep the fabric on his wounds to at least slow down the bleeding, tying the sleeves together. “Listen sorry about you know…impaling you on a piece of metal but I do it because I think you’re smoking hot so take that in to consideration while you try not to pass out okay?” Her tone was cheerful even in this strange and difficult situation.‏

Seeing Who You Really AreEdit

-( Darius laughs a bit as he hears the comment about this being a first date. This girl is indeed a weird one but still entertaining. As Darius comes to lean against the end of one of the AC units that isn’t broken from a suplex of doom, he looks down at her with a small smirk as he watches her fix him up. Learning what he can about this girl, Darius plays the victim for a bit just to see what the outcome will come to be. When she patches him up with the jacket, he slowly cracks his neck from the left and then to the right as the bleeding actually comes to slow down. Jayleen now taking over and using Darius’ body to try and heal him from within him like his own personal nurse. Jayleen forces the plasma within his body to close the wound, his gut beginning to have a hidden glow of blue underneath Artemis’ jacket. When she talks about how Darius is smoking hot, he slowly raises his right hand up to have his fingertips wrap around the back of her neck. If she allowed this, she would look up to Darius as he smiles at her and says-“Thank you…”- But as she would look up to him, she would be able to see as his eyes go from a normal sea blue to actually beginning to glow blue like some freak super powered weirdo. That is when he uses his grip to grab at the back of her hair like he did before so that her neck becomes exposed. And it is at that moment that the hidden blade from his right forearm extends outwards and looks like Darius aims to pierce her right in the throat! Within a blink of time, the blade extends outwards completely and comes to stop just before piercing through her skin and into her throat. She would be able to feel the point edge of the hidden blade against her skin as Darius then says to her-“It will take a lot more than a piece of metal to take me out of a fight…”- He then slowly retracts the blade back into the forearm protector as his grip returns back to her neck; pulling her closer towards him. To her surprise, what Darius does next would be out of nowhere! Pulling her close to him as he leans against the AC he practically pulls her body onto his so her breats push up against his body. While doing this, he extends his own head forward a few inches to plant his lips onto her own. If she welcomed it, his lips would lock onto her own as he would try to slide his tongue into her mouth to wrestle along with her own. While this is happening, his left hand would slowly extend up towards her ass to get a firm grip of her while they swap saliva. This would last for a few seconds before Darius slowly pulls himself away from her. Licking his lips to get a savoring taste of her on his tongue. Letting go of her, if she remained on him it would be because she kept herself on him, he says to her-“Just needed to see who you really were…Thanks for patching me up…The name is Darius, by the way.”-

Seems like he was tougher than that and he wasn’t going to die any time soon so she just kept to her spot but then his hand snakes to the nape of her neck and Artemis senses the danger but she doesn’t move as shes roughly pulled forward and that blade she’d worked hard on avoiding comes out to play once more, the tip pressing to the pale creamy flesh. She doesn’t move and holds her breath so to not extend the skin and get nicked. She listens closely to his words and the corners of her lips twitch in to a careful grin, not moving still until the weapon is withdrawn and she can fully flash her teeth at him, snickering. “Ugh you’re so fine when you do these things….” She teased but she’s grabbed on to again and she curses inwardly at being pulled about like a doll but she’d forgive him as the next move has the petite sniper straddling his hips. “Is this happening?” She asked suspiciously, because the last couple of times he’d done this she ended up flat on her back gasping for air and not in the good way!! Their lips meet in a deep contact and a spark ignites between them….no legit a real spark! Not a metaphor of how they feel, but for some reason when they make contact a flicker pops up and it even surprises her; that and the fact he was even doing this. Her tongue delves almost forcefully in to his mouth to wrap around his tongue, enjoying the messy make out as her own gloved hands burrow themselves in to the long brunette strands to playfully wrench and pull. Perfect teeth clasp at the assassins bottom lip to bite and tug before the tip of her tongue shoots out to soothe the nip only to do it again as her body presses in to the taller figure, arching her ass in to his touch. From the outside looking in, Artemis was a small woman especially in the lap of the towering muscles man she was happily lip locking with…until he pulls away and she whines in protest, leaning back in to capture his lips in a pop kiss. “Just needed to see who you really were…thanks for patching me up…the name is Darius.” Names? Oh right they hadn’t introduced each other yet as the sniper stayed right where she was, not minding the position one bit as she bites his jaw line. “Mhmm, that’s nice…” She should probably give him her name now…Pulling back, the short haired blue eyed super soldier flashes him a pretty enticing grin. “Artemis! And no problem…there’s just something about the way you threaten me…really gets me going.” She was a weird one indeed but hey she was entertaining too as she lightly bounces on his lap, enjoying the fact that she didn’t need to fight anymore. “And about that info? You’re still not getting it…” She snaps her jaw at him playfully before eying his shirtless figure. “Of course…there are other methods to use to get what you want.”‏

The Master Takes His Place Over The SlaveEdit

-( Feeling her teeth tug down on his lip actually causes some tingles to spread throughout his body; rather enjoying where this had gone. When she begins to bounce on his hips and tease him with the fact that he won’t be getting the information he seeks, but perhaps having another way to get it; it brings Darius to laugh softly to himself a bit. What he had come to realize himself is that she is indeed a Super Soldier. And with that, comes a completely different set of tricks that can be used. Picking up the fact that she gets turned on with his threats, clearly since she having said it, Darius slowly comes to nod his head. Raising a brow as he slowly nods, the bright blue Plasma Node in his chest begins to glow a little brighter as he begins to use his actual energy to give her a small taste of what he is capable of doing. With her bouncing on his hips as she is, Darius quickly wraps his arms around her back and flashes his body forward towards a brick wall behind Artemis. This would allow her to quickly and easily wrap her legs around his hips just before her back smashes into the brick wall! *CRASH!* Her body impacts into the hard surface to where the red bricks above her come crashing down on top of her head. Darius isn’t fighting her but rather giving her exactly what would turn a girl like her on. The pain of hitting the wall could snap the back of any normal person, but Darius gets the feeling it would be only a moderate pain for someone like her. While pushing her into the wall, she would feel how his hardened bulge where his pants hold back his cock begins to rub up against her own body; moving his thick member up and down across the center between her legs where her own shorts guard her pussy from him. While his hips rub up against her body, his teeth quickly bite down onto her neck where the blade had almost pierced through her. While biting down and getting a full taste of her in his mouth, his lips lock onto that small section of her skin and sensually sucks against the skin. Tugging on her neck with his teeth, he holds her tightly in his arms. His left hand slowly travels back down to her ass and gets a firm grip of her; putting enough strength that his fingers could rip right through the fabric and allow him to feel around underneath the barrier of her clothes. His right hand moves up the side of her hips and working from the bottom, his thumb and fingers wrap around her left breast; not caring to see if she welcomed the movement or not. Inside of his mind, Jayleen begins to get concerned and asks-“What the hell are you doing, Darius!? Are you actually going to fuck her!?!? This isn’t like you! Why are you doing this!?”- At the sound of Jayleen’s voice, Darius slowly detaches his teeth from Artemis’ skin where some blood would actually move down to her chest from where his teeth had bit into her like an animal. Moving his lips back closer to her own, speaking in his thoughts to Jayleen, he says-“It’s the only way to complete the mission…and the mission always comes first…”- And with that, he forces his lips back down onto hers; even with his lips actually covered in her blood from biting down on her. Feeling a heated animalistic instinct taking over, allowing him to work his body to what Artemis wants; as if he were going to pleasure her until she could not take anymore of it. But part of this was for him as well, even if he would not want to admit it. After locking lips with her once again, he would spin her body around and while using his strength, would actually throw her onto the ground like nothing! Using his hands to push against her thighs, her body would crash back down onto the floor and if she didn’t act quickly, her head would hit the metal of the AC Unit they had been leaning on. After throwing her onto the ground, Darius slowly stretches out his back by rolling his shoulders as he then says to her-“If you are going to get what you want…you are going to have to work for it…Just like I have too…”- He then places his right hand onto his crotch where he unhooks his belt for her, signaling to her with his fingers that he wants her to come and take the rest off herself.-

The chest thingie in him starts to glow and her eyes perk up in excitement. “Oh did I strike something, handsome??” He stands and for a guy who was just impaled and bleeding out he moves rather fast and with ease. She keeps her arms wrapped around the base of his neck, not fighting him back or struggling even has the snipers body meets with the wall hard enough it shakes the bricks above them. An alluring grin spreads to her face as she arches herself in to him. “Damn that shit is good!!” Hey, it took a lot for the super soldier to get drunk, countless bottles would have to be consumed before she felt a thing, the same came with pain. Something like this just felt like a love tap and she was enjoying it intensely especially when the covered cock starts to tease her mound in an almost tortuous way that made Artemis whimper and grind her hips roughly back towards him in response. Now that the jacket was off, parts of her back were exposed shoulders included as they tremble from his assault on her neck, biting it like some hungry beast as she doesn’t intend on stopping him, her lips parting to let moans pass, reaching up to tug him closer as sharp nails dully slide down the mans abs, dipping in to the tanned flesh as another noise that resembles a whine comes out of her. Being ravished by a fine assassin especially one so rough and short tempered was like hitting the jackpot, this guy definitely knew what would could get the girl off. Manly hands pushed past her clothes and closer to her pussy which excited her some more even as his teeth would pierce her skin and cause some blood to flow out in to his mouth. “harder…” She murmurs, wanting to feel that pain again but she doesn’t as he decides to kiss her instead, tasting the red liquid as her tongue happily wrestles with his feverishly as if she hadn’t eaten in days and she was starved for it! They break the kiss and Artemis finds herself spun around only to get slammed on to the roof, ducking her head up in time to not get banged against the A/c unit, laughing at his roughness. “Someone’s having a lil too much fun…and it’s me!” She teased as he hovered over her. “You’re going to have to work for this…just like I have to…” With a silent order, Artemis sits up before crawling on her knees and obeying with no complaint. Her hips would sway back and forth like a cat with its eyes on their prey with all intention of pouncing which she does, grabbing on to his legs and hugging them as her nose presses against his crotch, inhaling the musk of him and shivering. “Yummy…” She almost drooled at the thought of her prize and eagerly began to undo the rest of his pants, unbuttoning and lightly tugging them down just past his ass, his boxers following along so his cock could finally be exposed as it’d jut out proudly. Blue hues widen at the size as she grins in a Cheshire fashion. “Lucky, lucky meeee….” She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a fine specimen such as this in front of her and just the sight alone was making her mouth water even more. The bite on her neck would have already started to heal, the holes closing up as the blood began to dry thanks to Artemis’ enhanced healing factor, something she was grateful to have if this was going down how she was hoping for…rough and painful. Unable to wait any longer and after snatching the pants down the rest of the way so they’d pool around his ankles the sniper pops the head of his dick in to her warm wet mouth, her sharp tongue slipping in to the hole a couple of times just to see if she could get a sweet taste of precum, her hands snaking up to squeeze his thighs, digging her nails in to the muscular flesh.‏

-( As she begins to listen to his silent order, Darius almost cannot believe what the situation is becoming. But surely as she pulls his pants down, his member springs outwards at attention for her. When she quickly wraps her mouth around the head of his cock and her nails dig into his flesh, Darius releases a small grunt as the feeling of her mouth sucking on his cock sends chills throughout his body. Tilting his head back a bit, he comes to bite down on his bottom lip a bit wanting to see her go wild on his cock. Even though he is enjoying the head game that she is giving, Darius feels as though he can get more out of her and vice versa. Wanting to push the limits with this girl, Darius begins to muster up the personality that he knows Artemis wants. Being the Assassin that he is, even with Jayleen seeing Darius’ personality become out of normal, Darius adapts and works his personality to what the situation needs. This is how one is able to blend in plain sight. After a few seconds, He looks down to her with his right hand slowly moving down to grip the back of her hair; almost pulling her off of his cock. But pulling her to the side, his cock begins to poke at the right side of her cheek as he then says to her in an angry tone-“You call that a blowjob?...Pfft….And here I thought you were actually worth something…”- He’d then lift his left hand up and attempt to slap her right cheek with enough force that the sound of their skins meeting would echo throughout the area. While giving her that slap, he begins to move his hips to where his cock moves in and out of her mouth as he waits to see a reaction out of her. If she did not respond to the slap and work harder on his cock, Darius would slap her again and add some more force behind it. Treating her like a common slave by slapping her, not even giving her a closed fist as a fighter would do to another fighter. After a few slaps, her face would become red if Darius did not become satisfied with the job that Artemis would do on his cock. And in his own weird way, Darius begins to actually enjoy how he is treating Artemis. Finding some erotic fantasy in treating someone as if they were nothing more than a sex slave to do what the master wanted at their whim. Pulling back on her hair once more, he glares down at her and says-“You want me to fuck you when you can’t even get my dick wet with that tight little mouth?...You must think this is a game…”- After saying that, he would push his grip off of her hair and wait to see what she will do next. Even after doing all of this, he comes to smirk down at her as his cock begins to throb at how much he wants to take full control of this new acquaintance of his.-

Artemis was enjoying herself, now she really scored big time with this! Her mouth stuffs itself with more of his cock that was until he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her away, the sniper giving him an annoyed huff. Damnit why was she being interrupted for?! She was liking the taste of him but seeing his frown and angry expression made her slowly grin at where she knew this was going. He knew just what to say to make the girl squirm and god was it so erotic when the assassin strikes her in a slap. The sound is loud enough that it does travel but the super soldier is able to absorb the blow. Her jaw opens up more to continue giving him head, her tongue sloppily dancing all about the hard salty skin, her eyes locking with his in an intense gaze, using them to plead with him to hit her again. When he does she moans happily, absorbing the strike once more but this time there was a slight sting left behind. Because of her super human abilities, pain was tolerable and it took a lot of impact for the woman to feel anything sadly the same came with pleasure, a regular size man didn’t do anything to get her off, she couldn’t deal with romantic sweet gestures and love making….a rough fuck was the only way she could feel good. Loosening her throat she bends her head back and thrusts forward, the tip hitting the back of her mouth in a quick jab, the girl gagging a couple of times but she pushes the reflex back to continue, breathing out of her nose since her mouth was currently full of thick saliva covered cock. Her hair is pulled on again so she pays attention to what he says like a good slave, smiling around the meat before letting it slip out with a cute ‘pop’! Her lips are slightly swollen from the abuse and she speaks in a carnal tone. “I can do better, master.” The sound of police sirens could be heard a couple of roofs over, having forgotten about her target she killed though no one would be looking up here considering the crash only looked like the man had lost control and was killed on impact so they wouldn’t be interrupted. She’d be having her fun with this one for sure for as long as possible as she spreads her lips to assault the nummy cock back in to her mouth, bobbing her head hungrily, deep throating him to the point her nose pressed against the brunette curls, doing a swallowing motion as her tongue drew invisible drawings all along the sides of him, pearly white teeth scraping lightly against the flesh each time she sucked. The force she was sucking at could be a little dangerous for a normal man, like a soaked tight suction to the point where it could tear skin but thankfully he wasn’t a normal…

-With Artemis beginning to deepthroat his cock, Darius thrusts his head back a bit as he can feel the tip of his cock pushing up against the back of her throat. Feeling her tongue and teeth against the skin of his cock causes him to give a small grunt; getting lost in the moment with her mouth sucking his cock like a vacuum. Her saliva begins to drip down onto his balls as the blowjob quickly becomes sloppy with her gagging on his cock. After a while, Darius grows tired of seeing Artemis come up for air after only taking a few seconds to deepthroat his cock. Looking down at her, both hands quickly grip tightly against her hair as he pushes her head down onto his cock; thrusting his cock deep into her throat! She would feel his cock push deep down into her throat and feel the pressure created by Darius holding her head down on him; forcing her to remain with his cock inside of her mouth; cutting off her breathing. The impact of her face against his hips could hurt her as well with him not carrying about injury for her. Having a somewhat superiority complex over Artemis at the moment, Darius holds her head down onto the base of his cock for almost twenty seconds. If she could not handle being gagged and pounded with all of his cock, she would feel like she is getting light headed and about to pass out. But making sure to keep her awake, if she were to hit that point, he would pull back on her hair and slide his cock right out of her mouth. Lines of saliva would connect from his saliva covered cock towards her lips as he gives her a few seconds to catch her breath after practically being suffocated. Looking down at Artemis with her face covered with her own saliva from the messy blowjob, he says to her-“Nothing more than a dirty slut…A dirty slut for me to own…”-And before giving her a chance to respond, he would push her head back down onto his cock, sliding his cock into her mouth as if it belonged to him. As if her body had become nothing more than a piece of meat and property for him to use. This time, Darius begins to hold her head still with his hands and use his hips to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth like a pussy. His hard muscular hips would slam into her face as he thrusts his hips deep into her to let his cock ram her mouth like a drill.


With his constant motions of fucking her face, Darius gives her no time to catch her breath or adjust herself as he holds her steady and forces her to take all of what he is giving. With his cock pounding inside of her, he continues to bite down on his bottom lip; loving every second of punishing this girl and turning her into his own slave. When a few seconds pass, Darius raises his right hand once more and strikes her once again with a stronger force than he previously did before. He does this over and over as he wants to make it hurt even more than it already does. Gripping her head tightly with his left hand, the slaps continue to rain down on her while his cock rams into her.-

The assassin places both hands on either side of her head and her eagerness bubbles as she waits on his next move. The impatient man fills her mouth with cock as if he were trying to push it in to her stomach as Artemis gazes up at him with wide blue eyes, simply watching him and letting out a happy noise that resembled a gargle and a muffled moan. The impact of her face meeting with hard hips was a ‘SMACK’ and she glides her covered hands up from his thighs to the sides of his perfect shape, if there was any soft skin it was almost non existent because all Artemis could feel was rock hard abs. She shuts her eyes when he doesn’t allow her to pull away, having to hold her breath though Artemis had a record of holding it for 14 minutes so 20 seconds was just kinky play to her. The amount of saliva helped his cock venture deeper down the snipers violated throat as some dribbles not only to his balls and her chin but towards her cleavage, soaking her tight outfit. Though the amount of wetness didn’t compare to how drenched she was between strong legs, the boy shorts were dripping with different juices as Artemis would spread her knees further out, a free hand teasing it’s way down her small frame before snatching the fabric away so she’d be exposed to the crisp night air. Pussy juices freely sliding against her inner thighs as gloved fingers spread herself open, squeezing the little pink bundle of nerves even while Darius is calling her a slut that was all his to use.

She would have loved to tell him he was right and that he could use her till he grows tired of her but she didn’t get the opportunity as the moment he yanks himself out she inhales a deep breath and then he dives right back in, her eyes widening in glee. Fuck he was good at this! Artemis hadn’t been skull fucked properly, no one was able to fuck her throat raw not how this man was able to as he mistreats the girl to his liking. The lashing she takes to her face was nothing but the others that followed in the same spot repeatedly was doing the truck as she touched herself faster to the rhythm of his lashings. There wasn’t a moment that even remotely gave the assassin any doubt that Artemis was not liking this, it was the complete opposite! Pain and pleasure were so close together for the sniper and without one she could not feel the other. “mffdh….” It was all she managed to struggle out as a mouth full of dick did not give a girl much room to talk though whatever it was she’d say it was going to be nasty. Her legs quivered as he hips began to move on their own in time with the thrusts of both his own hips and her curled fingers.‏

Filling Her UpEdit

-With his cock continuing to pound her throat, Darius feels his body beginning to heat up and the build up feeling in his cock as if he were about to blow. The muscles of his body begin to tighten, even forcing his toes to curl from how good Artemis’ head game is. Practically lost in a different world with Artemis at the moment, Darius’ body begins to jolt with waves of tingles and chills with his cock ready to burst an entire load inside of her mouth. But not wanting to let Artemis off easy, he comes to smirk sadistically. And without wasting another moment he begins to increase the speed of his thrusting to near inhuman speeds. The bright glow of his chest node begins to get brighter as he begins to act like a jackhammer inside of her mouth. His hips plow right into her face hard and fast as he tries to get every little bit of her mouth around his cock before he delivers his load to her.


She would probably be shocked by the drastic change in speed as it could feel like her jaw is about to break by how hard Darius is thrusting himself inside of her. Saliva begins to swirl around his cock uncontrollably and even swing down onto the floor from the velocity that Darius is moving at. In his own mind, Darius is trying to push the head of his cock out of the back of her head just to give her that mix of pain and pleasure that she seems to get off on. After a few minutes of moving at this break neck speed, Darius finally feels that he is at his limit and cannot hold himself back any longer. With his grip on her hair, Darius pushes her head down with so much force that it would smash her jaw open just from how hard Darius is thrusting. Darius’ cock would push as far as it possibly can into her throat before he releases his load inside of her mouth! As this happens, he gives a loud grunt while saying-“You better not waste a fucking drop of it!”-in reference to the amount of cum that is about to unload from his cock. Within the blink of an eye, a large load of warm frothy cum flies out from the slit of his cock and quickly attempts to fill her up to the brim of her stomach! Her throat would be completely filled with this warm bodily fluid; filling into her stomach and into her mouth. SO much cum is shot out that it would quickly fill her up to her max and then some; being forced to squirt out of her mouth from the pressure build up in her body! The sperm would splatter down onto the ground and possibly cause her to throw some of it back up just because of his throat being blocked any oxygen because of how much cum literally filled her body up.


If she had to force herself to pull away from his cock to throw some of the cum up to breath, she would find herself hit with another shot off cum across her face from Darius not being emptied out completely on this cum load. Laughing a bit to himself, finding enjoyment in watching her get punished; he looks down towards his still hard and throbbing cock. He then looks towards her and how wet her pussy had become by just the mistreatment of her and the blowjob. Raising a brow he says to her-“Walk over to that good AC machine and place your hands on its surface so you bend over for me…Since you can’t see to keep all of my cum inside of your mouth…We will see if your pussy will fair any better in keeping all of my cum inside…”- With her on the ground, Darius would lift his right roof up and attempt to kick Artemis on the side of her head; not in a fighting way but in the way an owner would shoo a dog away to go where they demanded. If she got kicked, he would say to her-“And I didn’t say take your fucking time either with it…”- He then waits to see if she will follow the demands, expecting her to do so, and if she indeed prepared her body for him; Darius smirks and then says to her-“Now beg…Beg like the little bitch in heat you are…Beg for this cock to cum inside of you…Yell how much you want this cock to ram deep inside of you until you can’t even stand…”- With a smirk on his face he waits to see how she reacts to all of this before continuing on with his night.-

Darius at this speed seemed like he wanted to break her face in, any normal girl would had a broken nose and a shattered cheek bone but Artemis laps it all up, taking every blow of his hips, her neck stiffening so it doesn’t break either other wise she’d be dead. Her shoulders trembled in excitement at just the thought of being killed because someone skull fucked you too hard! The cock twitched and swelled, the spurts of precum forcing itself down her throat as her tongue did it’s best to keep up to get a delicious taste of him. He was going to bust his nut and the lucky sniper would be the one to drink as much as she were able to. The muscles in her throat were now extended impressively so to allow the engorged meat to fit without tearing the tissue. Her brows were furrowed in deep concentration, showing him he could do whatever he wished and she wouldn’t break, she was the perfect fuck toy for a man with such stamina. He tenses harshly and she knows he was over the edge especially when with one last thrust of his hips she hears her jaw crack just to be able to open enough for him. Artemis cries out as best she could at this, shivering in delight! “You better not fucking waste a drop of this!” The girls eyes glaze over with complete submission as she finally got her reward in the form of what felt like gallons of thick cream aggressively travelling down her throat and in to her petite stomach to fill it up. It was too much even for the enhanced soldier as she is released, being given the chance to pull the cock out as she tries to gasp but her lungs would not get the air needed as she slams the palms of her hands to the ground and leans forward, coughing and some cum does come out but not enough as she gives one last gag and indeed the amount that had just gone in comes back out, flying out of her abused and raw mouth, spewing all over the floor as tears streamed down Artemis’ face, her face flushed and her body panting heavily. She sits up in time to catch some more cum squirting all over her face as the last bit inside of her comes slowly gushing out and down her chin.

Oh god that was incredible!! She’d have the taste of him in her mouth for days!! Even though he blew his load and she threw it back out he was still throbbing hard and was even offering her sex now as the small girl, once gasping and trembling at his mercy perks up and grins widely, even with cum all over her face. His shoe makes contact with the side of her head and she takes it, licking material slowly as she purrs in satisfaction. She pushes herself up off the ground and with swaying hips makes her way over to said A/C unit he wanted, bending over it with spread legs as she reaches back to spread her cute round ass apart, exposing herself fully to him as the boy shorts were rolled off moments ago and stayed around her knees. Her creamy pale skin was covered in juices and his own cum as well along with tons of spit as her entrance is teased again with a sneaky hand, Artemis touching herself as four fingers dive inside to rub against tight walls as she squirms and looks over her shoulder at him, her tongue lolling out like a horny dog. “Master, fuck your bitch! I’m in heat, I need to be put in my place!”

The blue haired masochist continues finger fucking herself even harder as she continues to beg, louder. “I didn’t swallow all of Masters cum, let my pussy do what I couldn’t, I’ll be a good girl I promise!!” The cold metal of the a/c did it’s best to cool the girls heated body down but to no avail as the more she begged and pleaded the hotter she became, a shivering submissive mess of a girl. “Pretty please, ruin my insides good!”‏

Pounding Her SenselessEdit

-The way Artemis spoke and how her fingers go to town on her pretty pink pussy, Darius can hardly retain himself from ravaging her on spot. But knowing that a girl like Artemis has to be handled differently than other girls, he slowly makes his way over to her where she is bent over awaiting his cock. Once close enough to her, the head of his cock begins to rub at the outer linings of her pussy in a teasing motion as he can tell her body is aching to be fucked by his cock. Even with the teasing, he can feel her pussy wanting to suck his cock inside. This brings Darius to smirk and he thrusts his right hand forward to smack against her right ass cheek! Unlike the slaps against her face, he uses this smack on her ass cheek to try and actually draw blood out of the strength used. He then says to her-“Such a naughty little slave…It’s time your master showed you who your body belongs too now…”- And with that, he places his left hand on her left shoulder and thrusts all of himself deep inside of her!


Giving her no warning or a slow entry to ease her body into the motion, Darius simply plows his throbbing thick cock into her body; instantly having the head of his cock press up against the womb of his small body frame. The feeling of his cock stretching her pussy out from its small tight opening would hurt her like no punch or slap from him could deliver. With this single thrust, his cock spreads her pussy open; feeling every little movement of her body and he has to say it feels amazing. Her pussy quickly adjusts to his cock like a vice as he begins to move his hips forward and backwards at a medium pace. Placing his right hand, he pushes on her back so her chest lays flat against the cold metal AC; forcing her breasts to feel the cold as she lays down on the AC.


Pounding his hips onto hers, the sounds of their skin clapping together rings through the area even going as far to leave little waves on her small ass each time he rams into her. The strength coming out of each thrust would be more than enough to fracture or cause a slipped disk in any normal persons back and hips, but he knows he has more freedom with his strength when it comes to Artemis. Even if she did get hurt while being fucked by him, it is not like he would care to stop for her sake. He continues to slap her ass like a slave owner whipping the property to get them in line. He wants to hear more coming out of that mouth he had just destroyed. While keeping his rhythm with his hips intact, his left hand reaches down for her hair and pulls her back up to where her back would be pressed up against his hardened chest. Moving his lips towards her left side, he tells her-“I like this tight little pussy of yours…Looks like I picked the right Sex Toy…Hope you enjoy having my cock inside of you because this won’t be the only time it will be…well then again…It’s not like you have a choice either way…”- Pulling on her hair with his left hand, he uses his right hand to grip at her jaw so her mouth is forced open. With the jaw already being injured from the skull fucking, Darius gripping down on her jaw would not feel good at all. With her mouth open now, Darius gathers the saliva in his mouth and spits it out into her own.


With his spit launched into her mouth, his left hand is thrust forward in an attempt to actually slam her forehead into the hard metal surface of the AC that she is bending over on. If successful, she would still be getting fucked but instantly feel like something just hit her with a ton of bricks on the forehead. That is also when Darius smirks to himself and continues with his previous statement by saying-“You might as be branded with my name on you like property...And I know just where to put it…”- And looking down at her ass check where he had been smacking the whole time, he smacks her once again; this time hitting and then gripping her ass cheeks while his hips continue to pound into her small petite frame; wondering how long she can last.-

Artemis tenses up when the head teases her outer entrance, hoping he’d stop torturing her already and split her in half! Though she was incredibly durable and strong that didn’t change the fact that she was only a mere 5’4” and just 114 pounds so her pussy was rather tight and constricting especially to a monster like this. Her perfect rump is smacked and she flinches but arches in to it, hoping for another as she smiles hazily with pure animalistic seduction. “Again, Master…” This smack was given to her with a lot of force and to a normal man attempting to strike her might have stung him more than it would her. His hand finds itself on her shoulder only to grip it tight to use it as leverage as Artemis anticipates the next move. He slides in though it wasn’t a slide without resistance, a man his size couldn’t just slip right in regardless of how lubed up she was, there was only so much he could force in until he tore her, spreading her walls by violent means. The snipers head snaps back as she screams, her toes curling so hard the knuckles crack and she lifts her ass even further, against his pelvis as the split pussy swallows him in a strong grip, walls twitching helplessly around the intruding meat as she has a giant smile on her face, teeth grinding together as her expression was of a painful pure bliss.

She’d never been torn like this and though the blow to her womb was indeed painful, her body didn’t react in fear or hurt, if anything it leaned in to him, begging for more punishment as she laughs in drunk ecstasy. “Master that was incredible!! Is my slutty pussy treating you good??” Her body is pressed in to the a/c unit as she lays her head on it, turning so shes resting on her cheek as she wiggles her hips with his medium set pace, giving him a whimpering pout. “N-no! Don’t tease me!” But she has nothing to worry about as he does pick up speed and even force, his hips had enough power behind them to start denting the unit she was currently on, finding it funny as a sort of payback for what she’d done to him. She squeals in delight when he grabs locks of hair and pulls her back up to him, gazing up at him with a eager to please eyes. He talks down to her, treats her like the fuck toy she was and she responds back with a happy nod, loving how he manhandles her. “I’m your sex toy only, master. You can come to me whenever, I’ll have my legs spread open for you.” Her cheeks are grabbed and squished together, the tips of his fingers pressing in to her jaw line to manipulate them, causing her mouth to open wide as she does so, accepting whatever it was he would give her…and to her glee it’s a wad of spit. Her tongue slithers out to accept it and it lands, Artemis wastes no time in spreading it all over as it mixes with the bits of cum still lingering, making sure her head is tilted enough he could watch the show before spitting it out as it dribbles down her chin.

Then her head is once more controlled in to another action, this one a lot more violent as she prepares for the impact, metal meeting with skin as she winces though the same time it hits, he thrusts back in, grabs her sore ass and she cries out. “Aah! Master, you’re so mean to me!! That wasn’t very nice…” Her tone was alluring and erotic as she turns her head to look over her shoulder at him, a red mark in between her eyes and just that. The a/c had taken the most damage, leaving a big dent where her head just was. If anything was going to be the one to break it was that thing as the metal cried under their weight and movements.‏

-At first, her words pushed him to fuck her harder, focusing on the motions of his hips pounding onto her own. But then her last portion talking about him being mean sets him off in a weird kind of way. As if she were the wrong one in responding back in that kind of nature. Comparing it to a slave talking back to its owner. Without giving it a seconds thought, Darius thrusts his palm forward to smack Artemis on the side of her face that is staring back at him to once again slam her head down onto the metal. But instead of letting her up, he would continue to push her head down; grinding onto the cold metal as his hips begin to thrust for power and not speed. With each thrust, the metal AC unit begins to loosen its screws and bend the metal from the sheer power of his hips. Her ass jiggles and claps at each thrust, holding her head down he begins to yell at her-“I never asked for your opinion on if I was being mean…You speak as though you have an option to receive any different treatment…A little whore like you just fucking takes my cock however I choose to give it!”-


After fucking her in that position, Darius slowly reaches down to where his hand comes to the back of her right knee. Pulling the leg up, he puts her body in a standing splits position with her left leg on the ground and her right leg resting on his left shoulder. His cock never exits her wet pussy as she slowly turns to now face him.


both hands on her thigh in front of his own body, he continues to thrust his cock deep inside of her; spreading her legs as wide as they could go. His eyes glare into her own as he tries to make it hurt, knowing she would actually like that sort of thing. And because of that; what comes next is for that reason. After a few minutes of fucking her with her legs up, he gives her a playful wink and says-“This is actually the revenge, Blue Puff…”- He actually comes to bend his body down a few inches wo his left hand can grab the knee already on his shoulder and her other leg so he can actually lift her up into the air; putting her in a powerbomb like position. Lining her body up with the AC that is already looking like it got compacted by a machine, he then throws her body down to where her back would crash right into the metal AC unit with a powerful boom!


With her body impacting into the unit, it would actually warp around her body and make an ironic bed for her body to be placed into. Darius’ hands stay on her knees as he keeps her legs spread open, still having more on his mind as he is not finished. A line of her juices, his pre-cum and her saliva mixed together runs down the tip of his cock and onto his balls as his cock continues to throb uncontrollably as it wants to be put back inside of her. Looking down to her with a smirk he moves the tip of his cock back towards the slit of her pussy and once again thrusts himself deep inside of her. Pounding his dick onto her womb like a battering ram, Darius now continues his thrusting motions and giving her the quick speed and power she had been loving this whole time. Seeing her still have her top on, Darius wants to see her boobs bounce around so he reaches down and quickly tears the shirt off of her body with one hand! Quickly throwing it down to the side of the building, his hand rubs and pulls on her right nipple as her boobs would bounce uncontrollably now.-“Got cute little nipples.”-He says to her while tugging on it. A few seconds pass and just as he does before, coming to enjoy it way to much, Darius rears his hand back and smacks her across the face once more; still trying to hurt her. She had shown a lot of strength and resistance to the physical pain; Darius feeling like he is one slap away from making it a fist. After slapping her, his hand finds a nice place right on her throat and quickly begins to squeeze down on her windpipe.


Using it to hold her body steady, his hips move harder and faster while he says to her-“You love how I choke you, don’t you…Freaky little bitch…You gunna cum for your master?...You know I can’t let you go until you do…”- And as he says that, he adds more and more pressure to his choke with each passing second.-

Cumming WildEdit

That reaction was delicious as Artemis grins dangerously to herself when she saw that glint in his eye…this man that who at first wanted to give her no harm who was so uptight and merely wanted a name from her was now showing a rather different and sadistic side to him and getting off on it no doubt. Her eyes slowly close as she relaxes her face the moment his palm strikes her, her head snapping right back in to the metal as the force causes the a/c to shift forward and another blow to her forehead makes the mark on it bigger but Artemis takes it in stride, laughing to herself. This was how people should fuck, give it a balance of pain and pleasure with pain tipping the scale. The intensity of their sex was now causing the ruined unit to sound as if it were being assaulted by a sledge hammer as the noise echoes all about the roof. “I never asked for your opinion on if I was being mean…” Yes, get angry take it out on her she deserved to be beaten in all forms of the word as she listens to every word that comes from the gorgeous creature she’d seduced. Turned around with her leg now over his shoulder, blue smoldering eyes locked intently with his intimidating glare, drinking it all up with a lecherous smile to her expression even with her face irritated as it was, the serum pumping through her veins was wasting no time in healing what needed to be. The sniper was the definition of flexible, as her muscles stretched from how high up her leg was, arching in to his thrusts to stretch them out more in a delicious pull of tendons. She would be gone to this world as he ruins every part of the super soldier to the point where she’d have his musk, his smell and all of his juices stained to her insides and her flesh for weeks no matter how hard she scrubbed she would never be the same after this. Her legs are grabbed this time she is literarily lifted right up off the a/c as she’s rushed in to the cool air, her hair lifting up around her face from the sudden movements. “This is actually the revenge blue puff…” Ah, maybe this guy really was trying to kill her and if he did what better way to go then with your insides fucked out? The unit could take no more as it completely obliterates under the weight of the impact, Artemis feeling pieces of the metal piercing through her flesh and ripping the outfit, coughing out spit. Blood would begin to seep out from the scratches and drip down in to the dull sounding motor until it could do no more and officially die down. The way she looked, sprawled out in that manmade bed of scrap metal her small breasts lightly bouncing still trapped in the top as her chest heaved in erotic pants and her face giving him a look of pure infatuation like a puppy would it’s master even when said master beat it for disobeying, it would continue to adore him just as she was doing at this moment even with the pain and the continuous torment to break her, she wouldn’t! That was the best part of being what she was…and she’d prove it to him as he hovers over her to return their bodies together, desperately aching for more of whatever he wished to do with her. His assault on her nipples made her arch more in to it, enjoying the nails squeezing in to the light pink flesh, her hands hooking down below her knees to keep her legs spread just for him. Another back hand delivers right to the same spot as the last couple of times and she squeals!! He wanted her to hurt didn’t he? And she was, every bit of it was making her body lit with tenderness and a soft agony. She didn’t know how much longer she’d last, she hadn’t been fucked this good ever and she was surprised she hadn’t exploded the moment she threw up all that steamy cum. Her eyes widen when his hand clamps down around her neck, crushing her to the best of his ability and oh yes was he doing it well as her tongue comes rushing out as she chokes, struggling for air but of course it was mostly for the erotic display as she moans, blue ocean eyes almost rolling to the back of her head as hands shoot out to sink her nails in to the limb currently choking her out, scratching him to the point it could leave gash marks but she knew his tanned flesh was much too strong for that…a pity as she’d like to leave some sort of mark on him he could remember her by. Suddenly her stomach churns and the feeling of her pussy going almost numb along with being strangled did it especially his words of encouragement…yes yes yes keep talking just like that she thinks…it pushed her over the edge as her petite limber body would wither at the intense orgasm that hit her so hard, harder than how she’d been experiencing this evening as she screams! It was such a screech it could blow a persons eardrums as hands shoot out to the sides of her , impaling the scrap metal and crushing it between her fingers as if it were paper crumbling up in her grasp. Her pussy, if he didn’t think it was right before surely this would change his mind as it locks his cock inside her walls as a wave of her cum spews out by the plenty, a gigantic open jaw smile to her as she pants in delight with a broken sort of laugh and vulgar words. “Oh my god yes master!!! This slave is in love with your god like dick!! Fill me up, please!!”‏

-Pounding away into her petite body, Darius almost forgets that they are on the roof of a public building; and only being five floors above the ground. This means anyone who is hearing Artemis whale her lungs off with her moaning could catch them. But even with that, Darius did not care. The sound of her moaning and screaming only makes him love the situation even more. The moaning is his own way of seeing that he is getting the job done and pleasuring the hell out of her. Even with his dominating attitude in this sex scene with Artemis, he is still putting her pleasure before his own; wanting to give her exactly what she wants. It seems the two just connect on what they like because the dominate performance he is giving is getting him off just as much as her submissive act is getting her off. It seemed like it is actually getting him off more than he had anticipated. Feeling his cock getting sucked in around her tight pussy, his body once again begins to tighten up on him. Forcing his body to move faster and harder; a drop of sweat begins to move down from his forehead to his chest; flowing around each curve of his muscular body. His grip on her legs tighten with his muscles tightening harder forcing him to resist cumming inside of her. He thinks to himself-“No…You can’t cum until she does!...Make this bitch cum!”- Giving himself his own little pep talk, she would be able to see how his eyes actually begin to glow with a bright blue power including his chest node getting brighter in the process. And with that, his hips pound into her with almost double the force that he had been putting in this entire time. As if a surge of energy went through his body to keep him going! Only seconds after beginning to break into her body like this does she release a loud and powerful screech. Darius almost think he actually broke her. That is before he feels her pussy tighten up on his cock as if it were trying to pull it in off of his body and deeper into her! The suction and pressure created around his cock causes him to grunt loudly. Her juices flowing out of her quickly squirts around his cock and onto his hips; drenching him from the waist down. Hearing her scream out that he has a god dick and that she wants him to cum inside of her was like someone taking the key to the gates of hell and opening them up for The Devil to come out and play. If she were to look up at him, she would see the glowing eyes and a sadistic smile on his face.-“I ain’t done yet…”- And at that moment, Darius swings his arms under her legs and pushes himself more on top her. Placing his head on the right side of her neck, he quickly bites down into her neck like a vampire wanting to draw blade and pushing his fingers through the metal of what remains of the AC unit so he can have leverage to pull himself against. Biting into her soft neck, if blood didn’t instantly come out; he would eventually slice his teeth into her by the strength increase of his. Once in this position, he begins to pound his hips with EXTREME force onto her own! Each thrust actually created a loud *BOOM* sound from the roof wanting to cave in under the pressure!


While this is happening, Jayleen yells out to Darius-“You are pushing it too far! You are reaching into the Override levels! You know you can only handle this kind of level when you are in the Nano Suit!”- When required, armor systems including strength amplification, durability amplification, and repulsor intensity can be greatly increased, by bypassing safety circuits and limiters. However, there is a chance that this can result in a complete system failure of the armor. An example of this mode is when Iron Man easily lifted a 16,000 ton Nuclear Reactor, and flew into the sky and threw it into the sea. It seems that he utilized this resource on the Hulk once, as the armor ends up completely inert. The range of the Override can be controlled as only reaching his very limit and staying at it for a long time will cause a system failure. This range goes from a safe 800% to 3200%, up to a very dangerous 5000%. Of course while only having the power of the Plasma Node to push him into this state of Override, he is going above 100% of his strength and pushing into 200%! Which is more than enough to shatter steel with his punch! In these last few moments, Darius really tries to break the Super Soldier giving it everything he has and more. His body glistens with sweat while this happens and his muscles get a nice pump to actually make him look bigger. Now with his cock ready to explode inside of her, his lips push up against her right ear as he says-“Take all of my cum…Your womb welcomes my seed!...”- And with that, he CRASHES his hips into hers with such a powerful thrust that the floor below them begins to crack and release dust into the air from being broken up; luckily not taking them down into the building from the roof beginning to collapse! With this thrust, his cock breaks into her womb like breaking through the Walls of Troy and releases all of his large load inside of her! His white frothy sperm almost instantly fills her womb up to the brim and beyond! His cum begins to overfill her small body, but with his cock thrust so far deep into her the build up of his sperm cannot escape through her pussy to spill onto the floor! This forces her stomach to begin to expand; allowing her to look down and see a small bugle begin to force and get bigger and bigger! This in itself would cause so much pain that it would feel like her body breaking without any defense to it. Filling her up with all of his load, he finally pulls his cock out of her and moves towards the right to avoid the pressurized buildup of a fire hose of cum. Once his cock exits her body it is like removing the cap to a bottle. The cum squirts out of her body for almost ten feet! The load of sperm spews out of her and gets all over the floor!


Darius actually feels the effects of the Override beginning to hit him now and he falls on his ass to sit down on the floor. Leaning his back against the brick wall they had almost destroyed when he slammed her back into it, he laughs a bit to himself feeling like every drop of his sperm had been emptied inside of her. His cock twitches and throbs seconds after he sits on the floor. His eyes look up to see Artemis’ pussy just flowing like a waterfall with his sperm coming out of her. After this point, he doesn’t even know if the girl is conscious to lift herself up or get off the AC. But from where he is sitting, he can only laugh softly to himself and take a quick breather staring at the destruction and mess that the two of them made.-

Artemis could knock out happily and sleep for DAYS after such a earth shattering orgasm but it looked like big hunky and tan wasn’t done with her just yet, the man saying so himself as his eyes would begin to glow, Artemis staring at him with an outmost obedient look as she giggles, her upper body trembling and she begs. “Fucking break me.” And he tried as he might, his body all over hers as he continues destroying her insides, her tight pussy welcoming him back inside eagerly to continue sucking him in, her walls would feel amazing all drenched in her own cum, it was so hot and raw inside not to mention how much she must have torn ugh she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a while and she smiles at the thought of his intense fucking being the cause of this. His teeth latch on to her pale flesh and she arches in to it, gasping happily. Though a super soldier she had her weak spots and her neck was one of them as he bit and sucked on the flesh with the intent to draw blood, he would not be disappointed as a small pool of it would fill his lips, the taste would be strangely sweet like a soft candy, probably another effect of the serum for who knows what cause. That bite though, she reaches up wrapping her arms around him to pull the large man close to her small frame as she screams only in Spanish! Letting him know another bit about her as she moans it out with that begging tone he’d grown to enjoy. “Marcame!! Hazme tuyo!!” It was something she didn’t even know she had, she only spoke Spanish when either frustrated or really really happy! To add to her happiness he finally cums and it was one worth waiting for, all the pounding and assaults down on the super soldiers body was not in vain as he starts to explode inside of her, Artemis wincing as she feels herself fill up like a balloon that wanted to pop, her eyes trained on the bulge in her stomach as she whines in the mixture of addicting pain and twisted pleasure. “Llename todo!!” The small stomach couldn’t contain it, there was just no way it could as the moment he pops out of her she gushes it all back out just as her mouth had done when he first came, knowing the second time around wouldn’t be any different…this was it, there was no way she’d be the same after this, an impure grin of sorts on her slutty face as the last bit of cum bubbles its way out, oozing between her thighs and her body gives out, fully laying on all the wrecking that was.

She sighs out in content and euphoria, enjoying the aftermath as her blue hues gaze up at the twilight in the sky…how long had they been at it? The stars were vanishing and the sun was going to be up which was the opposite of what she’d be doing, simply staying in her spot as his laughter fills her ears, placing it into her memory to recall on later when she thought about him because she will be thinking about him. The serum wastes no time in healing her, a cool rushing sensation would begin to overwhelm her as she sits up, covered in all sorts of bodily fluid even licking her fingers off of them with a sexy grin. Her healing factor begins to come in to play, the brash bruising on her forehead would begin to vanish, the tender pink hue on her cheek from all of his back hands fade and the sprained bones and even her hip that had popped adjusts itself back in, the sniper was fixing herself and though the pain would subside….the pleasure remained. She runs stained fingers through her short blue locks of hair, brushing her bangs out of her eyes as she now watches him, still in a sitting position with her legs extended out and when she catches his attention she would merely flash him a pervy grin. “Now I’m really glad I didn’t give you that name…” Her voice this time around was softer, probably because her throat was still raw from the face fucking and the screaming but her healing would get to that in due time.‏

Branding The CattleEdit

-Seeing her stand back up and give a pervy grin to him with her statement, it brings Darius to slowly stand back up as well. While he comes to stand back up he adjusts his pants to get them back around his hips. Having a cheesy smile on his face from having been completely satisfied with her pussy, he looks at her and raises his brow asking-“I got more than a name…You think you are just going to fuck me crazy like that and expect to just walk away?”- He lightly licks his lips and bites down on his lip as he looks at her completely destroyed body covered in his cum. Slowly walking over to her, he slowly begins to raise his right hand up towards her hips as if he were going to wrap her up in a romantic manner. But to what would be her shock, as soon as his hand gets close enough…*SHINK*…the sound of his hidden blade slides out from the hidden forearm protector he had been wearing this entire time. If it connected, the tip of the blade would pierce into the lower left portion of her hip, just above where her shorts would be. This would only feel like a small pain to her seeing as he only would pierce her with the tip. Obviously if the impact happened, she would instantly know he isn’t trying to kill her; otherwise the blade would just have gone through completely. Instead she would feel as the blade begins to cut into her skin as if he were drawing something. And sure enough, after a few seconds of accurate drawing, she would have a fist sized gash in her skin in the form of a branding! If she looks down she will see the unfamiliar logo of The Assassins Brotherhood.

This is the logo that represents Darius and his Brotherhood. After drawing this branding into her skin, he retracts his Hidden blade back into his forearm protector and crosses his arms. Nodding at his work, he would then say to her-“You belong to this Assassin now…and by the looks of what is all over your body…I don’t think you are going to fight it.”- He then begins to laugh a bit to himself while looking at the branding he has left behind. Speaking in a sarcastic tone, he says to her-“Oh and don’t worry about it not healing, you will eventually heal…Just leave behind a scar forever…to show who your master is.”- And if she got confused about the healing, thinking her healing factor would work; she is in for a true shock. Darius is one of the small handful of people in the world that is in possession of the rare metal Demonium. A metal created to completely cut off a person’s healing factor. Meaning that any injury sustained by a Demonium based weapon will heal like a normal persons injury; leaving behind the scars and physical damage an injury would make. Thus, the reason why Darius finds the situation funny. A few seconds pass after Darius brands Artemis before cop sirens begin to roar around the building. Darius looks above to see a helicopter coming their way from 500 yards out.-“We must have tripped some alarms when I…almost…broke…the ceiling…Ha…giggity…”-He smiles and looks over to Artemis while saying-“Come on, follow me if you think you can keep up. Grab your shit and lets roll!”- Darius would wait for her and once she gathered all her belongings and gear, the two of them would leap off the edge of the building and make way for his hideout.-

She gives him an adorable pout, fluttering her lashes at him though it would prove useless. “Whhaaa?? I just took a hard dicking from you, can’t you give me a damn break??” But no dice as the man looms over her to which her grin returns full force. Even when the sound of his blade breaks their silence and Artemis watches him closely, searching for ill intentions in those deep blue dreamy eyes of his…wait what was she doing? She flinches at the feel of the tip of his blade going in to her hip to as he uses it like a pencil, drawing on her! The sniper watches while blinking cutely. “Uhn, what are you doing??” She asks curiously as the stinging on her side hurt a little more than it should have which made her a bit cautious as he finishes his branding, a drip of blood sliding down her leg as she examines his handiwork. “You belong to this assassin now…” She did huh?? Her grin turns in to a smile as she wipes the blood off, noticing that the wound was in fact not healing in the slightest bit or if it were it was doing way too slow to the point where it really would scar over just as he’d said. She’d never had a man care enough to sign her and she felt pretty proud of that….which was strange to say the least but the girl was a weirdo. “Mmm so I get to stop being a stray and you’re gonna take me in??” She teases and jokes but its short lived as the sirens go off in the distance and Darius tells her it’s time to go! She grabs for her boyshirts and slips them back on calmly, ignoring the shreds of her outfit and the fact that her jacket was still around her frame Artemis walks or sort of limps a little to her duffle back to sling it over her shoulder and run after him, not minding if her breasts are exposed, there was no one around anyway. Why was she following this hunk of man you might ask? Uh did you not see him? This was her God now and there was no way she was letting this new person out of her sight, this was going to be very fun…..‏

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