A Days WorkEdit

( )”HELP! HEEEEEEEELP!” A woman cried out, leaning out of the edge of a burning building! The 20 storie tall building would’ve been burnring to cinders, smoke fuming form the windows in a black suit! The woman was coughing and hacking as the fire department was getting their truck ready to make the rescue!”We don’t have much time, lets go, lets go, lets go!” Then someone pointed to the sky. “LOOK! IT’S WEB STRIDER!” Kevin came swinging along, shooting web after web! His body swaying back and forth through the air, as he shot one web after another! “take a day off guys! I got this!” Kevin would fwip a web to the roof of the building, and swing down, the web getting caught on a street light letting him make a sharp upwards arch before his body went propelling through the window, glass shattering upon entry!

He’d make his way inside the burning building! Covering his face up a bit and coughing. “Hang on! I’m coming!” Keivn couldn’t see for shit in this fire, but he didn’t need to! The strider sense would guide him twaords the danger he was following and with one door kick down he’d bust inside to see the woman on the ground coughing! “I’ve got  you  m’am!” Kevin would lean down, and hold her in his arms. The building started letting off explosion after explosion as kevin would look back for a moment “!!” he’d then hop onto the window ledge and leap out! The window exploding in a blaze of flames behind him with a loud “THOOM!” As he and the girl were now falling down! Kevin would fling a web at the edge of the building and let he and her  drift down slowly , touching the ground softly. Kevin would hand her off to the paramedics. “Th..thank you..” the woman said weakly. “No problem! All in a days work.” Kevin would salute her and the firemen would approach kevin with their hands on their hips. “You know strider, we have jobs we have to preform on a daily you know! We don’t get paid to just let you come in and show boat!” Kevin would shrug. “You were moving to slow!  You see how quickly that building exploded! But you  know what you’re right. Tell me how much of a terrible person I am, when you can walk your daughter home safely at night, eh big guy?” Kevin would pat him on the shoulder before pushing off of his heels and leaping into the air, swinging away after a job well done. The crime in the city has taken a much recent decline ever since Kevin’s popularity spiked through the charts! He’d become the most popular vigilante in a long time, since the Red Dawn’s precedence took place! The media ate him up with various shopes, toys action figures, and comic books abroad. “They love me haha!” Kevin would swing  towards the Shinpaku Federation building and land a top of it. squatting down, he’d begin to take off his outfit and change into something a little bit more regular. A web strider hoodie, as if he didn’t stroke his own ego enough, and some dark blue jeans, with grey nike sneakers. “Time to check in on the bae!” Kevin would leap down from the top of the buiding, and land on the ground with no problem in a squat. Knocking on the door, since Connor had taken it upon himself to update the security features, Kevin would wait for someone to answer. Low and behold, Connor would answer the door, wearing a pair of red plad pajama pants and a wife beater. “Kev, what’s cracking. Come to see Yumi I presume?” Kevin nodded. “Yeah, I got your message. She alirght?” Connor would have his hand. “Man that’ girls fine. Josh is the one over here crying about his shoulder. “ Josh would yell out while infront of the 50 inch t.v screen in his cast. “HEY I’M NOT CRYING!....JUST….SHOCKED…STILL…I’m mystified. I’ve been reviewing the footage from the camera’s there after hacking their audio and video feeds. Yumi’s chi levels went off the charts….incredible.  she’s definitely had a spike in power, that I shall be monitoring closely….” Connor would yawn “Yeah yeah yeah. Anyway. She’s up stairs in here room haven’t heard much of a peep from her. Make yourself at home.” “Ah don’t tell me that Connor. I might strut around naked if I feel at home!” Connor would narrow his eyes. “…..dont’ push it Chan.” Kevin would laugh , jogging his way up the steps and arriving at her room door. Instead of knocking he’d just open it right on up and enter in. “Yumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Kevin would say in a loud and booming male opera singer voice.


The air blew in around Yumi and she inhaled slowly…in and out…in and out…The woman was in bandage wraps on her chest and long hakami pants as she sat in a kneeled position, her hands resting peacefully on her legs. The stab wounds were healing rather nicely under the bandages. The environment she was residing in had an impressive waterfall that cascaded peacefully down in to a river. The large rocky walls ever covered in the clean water was flat and brimming in small sparkling stones. The fighter sat under a maple tree beside the water, with orange leaves that fluttered around her in a teasing dance of sorts. Once more she filled her lungs with oxygen, a long stream of a weak flame exhaling out as she kept her chakra and her temper under control. In mediation mode Yumi would always call to this place even though she had never been before but for some reason it was engraved in to her mind perhaps she saw it in a book once but she knew she had never been here…yet this was where her mind would travel to. This peaceful place of beauty where she could practice her mediation. Everything was right as her body in the real world would be brimming with blue flames, healing her spiritually and physically. In the real world she was in the middle of her living room in the same pose but far far from here. Since the incident with the kidnapping Yumi hadn’t left her room not even to eat much to Connors annoyance. He’d tried to get her to eat something, anything but she refused simply telling him she needed to meditated, she needed to gain back control over the rage inside for fear she’d snap again. Josh swore up and down she hadn’t killed anyone that hadn’t tried to hit her first but she knew she had done harm. The girl she had taken out of there with them would have been left at a hospital outside the doors….they couldn’t stay, they’d want an explanation for their wounds especially Josh’s gun shot wound. Getting the police involved would be problematic so they didn’t. Josh was fine now or as fine as he could be with a busted up shoulder but Yumi couldn’t shake the bad feeling and stayed in her room since then. She just wanted to be alone…”YYUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIII” The sound of someone screeching her name like a banshee out of hell would have the womans eyes snap open as she gasps, the background torn from her as shes roughly brought back to reality. Looking around frantically, her blue flames shift in to burning red ones and she is up in a fighting stance, going for a haymaker to Kevins face until she realizes it’s him “Kevin?!?!” and forces herself to stop, tripping in the process and landing roughly in to his chest, grabbing on tightly to his shirt as she winces from the pain in her side. “Fuck!!” Damnit! She hated when her mediation was interrupted like that! Luckily her flames had vanished when she saw who it was breaking in to her room and though secretly she was happy to see him and she was sort of kind of burying her face in to his chest she was still annoyed! “I told you….knock, idiot.” Her voice was soft and though she was scolding him it was almost said in an affectionate tone.

Kevin would look to see heer once meditating on the ground. She looked so cute, but he knew he’d broken her concentration. He’d stand there with an honest smile on his face, looking directly at his girlfriend of girlfriends. Her eyes had popped open, as the flames that were blue, just went red all of a sudden, as she prepared to throw a haymaker at kevin’s face. Kevin simply stood having the same smile on his face that he’d had before. His strider sense wasn’t going off so he knew nothing to bad would come of it. lucky him however, the punch stoped short of his face..and he’d still have that same smile. As if he KNEW that was going to happen. Weather he did was a mystery. He could’ve very well been that stupid. As she stoped her self and landed into his chest, kevin would open his arms a bit looking down at her before  placing his hands on her shoulders and holding her against him. “I told you….knock, idiot.” He always found it funny how she could say the meanest things with the sweetest tone. “C’mon babe. You know knocking is for bitches and vampires. Neither of which I’ve ever been known to be.” Kevin would lean in and kiss her forehead, rubbing her shoulders a bit. “I heard about your escapade. I wish you’d have called me…not that I doubt you handling yourself, but you know I’d come running if you needed me. You’re my priority now, don’t be afraid to capitalize on that. Plus who else will give me free meals after hero missions. I just saved a woman from a burning building and I’m pretty sure I deserve a meal. Or a kiss.or buns. Buns are nice. HEY let’s go out and do something today! “ Kevin would gasp loudly! “You can come on my gang run with me today! It’ll be fun! We can go around and beat up some of the gangs I deal with daily! I mean I was going to go alone, but I figure hey why not make it a date! We’ll have to dress you up though…something snazzy and pizzazy. You can’t go as yourself… need an alias.” Kevin would rub his chin thinking of what she could do. “Hmm…how about the Scarlett Vixen for a name….or the Scarlett Spark….something with a pop!” Kevin would stand beside yumi, placing his arm on her shoulder, and leaning against her, crossing one  leg over the other and shrugging . “Got any ideas for a name? I figured you wouldn’t wanna dress up, so you could like throw some of my or your underwear over your head huehuehuehuehue.” Kevin would laugh and rear his head back , holding his stomach with his free hand and shaking his head. “It’ll be fun. Helping people with your fist instead of…breaking them for no reason. “

Kevin was un phased by the fact that she almost punches his face in but of course that was no surprise. What was even less surprising was how he talked a hundred miles an hour without the need of one word from Yumi but she didn’t mind it, she wasn’t much of a talker and he did the talking for both of them. She still wasn’t use to them being…..a thing. But the kissing! The kissing was nice and though there were times Kevin had to pry the woman off of him so he could breathe they had fun making out even when Yumi asked for it at the weirdest of times. You just never knew with her but Kevin didn’t seem to mind too much. “I heard about your escapade…I wish you would have called me…” Damn loud mouth Connor she told him not to tell him! It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to know it’s just…why bother? It was in the past, she was fine and it was over now. She silently inhaled his scent though very carefully so he wouldn’t catch on and when she was satisfied she pulled away from him and smacked her teeth. “Though I am glad you placed a woman out of harm’s way, I’m not doing that, I already told you I’m not the hero type. And don’t start calling me scarlet anything or I will shove you to the floor like a bully and kick you in the ribs.” Lately her threats weren’t as bad as they use to be like ripping out your spine and beating you with it or cooking you with my flames and then feeding you to the people I lived with….little by little. Anyway, the idea of going out with him did sound appealing, he had been so busy saving people they hadn’t had a decent date in a good minute and now was as good a time as any to give him his gift. She calmly throws a tank top on, it had a panda on it…..she turns to Kevin and tries not to turn red as she does her best to say these words. “I….I have…something that resembles a gift….” She rubs the back of her neck as she tries to casually not make it seem like she was being the most corny girlfriend in the entire world. She didn’t want be like those cute shy girls that giggled about how they got their boyfriend a gift because they loved them! She didn’t love him! Well no it wasn’t like she hated him either but…SHUT UP. Biting the inside of her mouth she struggles REALLY hard with this but finally manages to finish the sentence. “For you. I want to give this gift….to you. Cause its intended for you. To receive.” Okay she needed to stop talking as she clears her throat and shoves past him rather roughly. “It’s in the garage.” Her bangs would hide her eyes as she blamed her heat for the reason why her face was turning red. She didn’t give him a chance to respond or if he did she didn’t hear it as she rushes out of the room and makes a bee line for outside to where the garage was….where his gift was. The Yamaha R1 turbo motorcycle in a dazzling sick red paint. After she’d gotten the blood and illegal money off from it, it was brand spanking new and it was all Kevins. Yumi of course had no idea how to drive that contraption hell Yumi didn’t even know how to drive a car or ride a bike actually but that didn’t matter since she did know how tired she was of that fucking unicycle. She wanted to destroy it and burn it up in flames but she didn’t because it was kevins pride and joy….hopefully not for long as they make their way to the garage door and it begins to lift, showing the gift to him as she looks down at the ground, her arms crossed. “I won it….during that whole blood games thing….I know how badly you’ve been wanting a ride so I got it.”

Best Girlfriend EveeeeerEdit

Kevin would listen as she turned down his idea, but he was more than likely going to drag her along for the ride regardless. She wasn’t doing anything anyway so he really didn’t to much mind doing so. When she threatened him, it only made kevin smile. Though he knew she was fully capable of preforming this threat, he never took it as malice. It was to him just how some couples are. Some couples fight and other couples get along. Kind of just one of things they do together. “I….I have…something that resembles a gift….” Kevin’s eyebrows raised. Yumi getting him a gift? This was a shock. Kevin really didn’t expect that from her so soon, let alone at all to be quite frank. “For me? D’aw babe! You shouldn’t have!” Kevin would clap his hands together and smile at her with those big perarly whites and that cute huge grin of his. “For you. I want to give this gift….to you. Cause its intended for you. To receive.” Kevin tilted his head and laughed awkwardly. “I can tell  you don’t do this much.” Kevin smirked, when she’d notioned it being in the garage, kevin would’ve followed her down that way. She moved considerably faster than he did however, so it must’ve been a huge surprise . Kevin had finaly made  his way down there,and lookeda t the grage door open up. “you…didn’t….” kevin would rub his eyes for a second trying to  process exactly what it was he was seeing, and the words “NO WAY” came out of his mouth, he cupped his hands over his mouth as he dropped to his knees. “BABE THIS IS FUCKING GOLDEN!” kevin would rush over to the bike, and begin walking round it in circles! It was beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Kevin would drag his hands along the smooth metallic frame of it, feeling on the handles, the exhaust, and the slick and smooth tires. He’d then step back for a moment only to sit himself down upon it, and grip the handles, leaning forward and imaging himself riding upon it like a boss. “Yumi this…this is…it’s amazing! You didn’t have to do this but damn!” Kevin would hop off and jog over to her, lifting her in the air by her waist and holding her up spinning her around a bit.”you can cook, you’re hot AND you get me gifts? Haha, you’re the best girlfriend ever!” Kevin would lower her back down to the ground, and pull her body in for a long drawn out kiss. His lips pushing against hers as he’d tilt his head, and arch her body a bit as he held her tightly in his arms, before releasing the kiss. “Let’s take it for a spin! I’ve got the perfect place to go.” Kevin would take her by the hand and take his back pack off, hooking it to the side of the back of the bike meant for storage and what not. He’d hop on, hitting the push to start feature. “If you need to get changed or something I’ll wait down here!....woooooo the exhaust on this baby!” if she did change clothes or not, kevin would wait for her and when she was ready he’d notion her to hop onto the bike with him and he’d rev it twice. Listening to the engine purr and roar, before he’d pull back on the throttle and let that sucker VROOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooom--------“ Kevin would’ve been taking off down the roads of District 1! Swerving between what ground traffic did exist, and riding along long straight stretches of road. “I probably should’ve worn a helmet, but I think my head will compensate! Hahaha! Thanks again babe! You’re the best!” Kevin would continue driving the two around, seemingly like he knew where he was going.

Kevin seemed pretty excited about his gift and Yumi knew he would, it was an expensive gift after all not that she spent any money but she did sort of almost die getting it. He rushes to it to inspect it closer and she merely watches him with a calm expression…though she was happy he was happy, her mind was sort of still in the events of that night. Josh almost died because she was reckless and she almost killed a child because she had no other choice….Connor Ryoji would not have let things get so bad he would have figured some way out instead of play their game but Yumi was not prepared for any of it and it had put her in a bad mood since she got back. Suddenly she is lifted up and she blinks in surprise when Kevin kisses her rather romantically. She forgets what it was that bothered her the moment their lips lock and she wraps her arms around him to drag it on further, slipping her fingers through his messy hair as she sighs into the kiss in content. Satisfied, Kevin pulls away only to pull her with him to the bike and she can’t help the small smile. “Oh? I can’t even imagine what you have in mind for this date of ours…” She didn’t need to change, she was fine just being in her hakami pants and a tank top and it wasn’t as if she was insulting his financial status but they wouldn’t be going anywhere fancy any time soon so this was okay. She hops on behind him, her breasts resting on his back as she places wrapped hands on his  waist….she had never ridden on a motorcycle but she seen how fast they could go and knowing Kevin he wasn’t going to take it easy so she didn’t want to fall off any time soon. “Vrrroooooooooooommm!!” They were off and just as she imagined this thing could go fucking fast! Her hair that had once been in a braid came quickly out as she hugged herself closer to Kevin, glad he couldn’t see the ever so slightest of red on her cheeks from having to actually hug him this long. When he mentions there was no helmet to wear she merely rolls her eyes and snorts. “I’m not that lucky, you wouldn’t die so easily.” The worries about what happened that night would disappear as Kevin took his new bike out with his girlfriend and she was beginning to enjoy herself….she always did when he was around. “Where exactly are we going anyway?” Granted she was glad they’d get there much faster now that he was on a real bike but she still didn’t know the destination.

Business Before PleasureEdit

As they road down the streets of district one, they’d be passing the bypass that leads into district 2. Kevin would continue his way on, hearing her yell out loudly. “Where exactly are we going anyway?” Kevin would look back for a moment, and smile. “You’ll see! Don’t get mad okay?!” Kevin would punch it, popping a wheelie, only knowing how to thanks to his dexterity and grace with almost anything, by reving up and holding it up, before planting the front wheel back down to the ground. Kevin would’ve made it, and turned the bike on a dime. He’d park the bike in an alleyway and hop off of it, popping the kick stand and reaching into his utility belt, sticking a strider tracer on the wheel of the bike, the inside rim of course. “Wish a muthafucka would steal my bike god damn….” Kevin would put his back pack on the ground and reveal his web strider out fit, quickly changing into it, and smiling while, putting on the boots of theoutfit. “So…..I know this isn’t exactly your go to thing, but when  you look at the fact, that I do have a job to uphold, I figure it’d be better to drag you along with me, rather than just coming back to you like to late. PLUS! WE CAN BOND! I bond, you bond. He she me. Bond. Bonding, Bonding time, etc.” Kevin would slip on his mask and slap his face a bit, looking over to Yumi and walking over to her, after having his belt on, and his web shooters happily equipped. “Alright babe! Get mad at me later, but we’ll have fun. Violence always makes me feel better about myself, and you like violence. But guuuuurl.” Kevin would fold his arms, and cock his hip out, waving his hand at Yumi and shaking his head. “mmm mmm…you can’t be wearing, we gotta get you looking right honey.” He spoke in a thick African American woman accent, of the ghetto variety. Kevin would fwip a web to her shirt, and pull back on it, yanking it off her being, bra included. He’d then preform the same action to her pants with his opposite hand. “I’ve got it!” Kevin would fwip a web towards yumi’s wrist, and twirl her around clockwise, before drawing back and letting the webbing carosel itself around her physical body, from her breast to her elbows and forearms, to her thighs, and even a cute little leg wrapping, and foot wraping as well. Kevin would pulled back on his webs, which would’ve spun her around and brought her back to his arms again, as he’d place a hand on each hip and look down at her. “Tada! Strider girl! I should start a fashion line, cause you look absolutely SMOKING!....Get it? Cause you use fire. And smoke comes from fire. Ha ha ha---------------FLAME PUNS.”

Kevin woudl’ve stepped back to admire his work. “You can keep with me easily and stuff and this way no one will know it’s you. Other wise folks will put two and two together and see you hanging with strider and chan. No new friends, no new new friends no no no.” Kevin would hop up  and latch onto the wall. “you can stick to stuff to thanks to the material of the webbing! C’mon! we’ve got a couple jerks in what look like goblin mask running around causing trouble for the little shops of district 2. they’re crafty bastards. I haven’t been able to keep track of them like I’ve wanted to, but I finally got them! Let’s go show em what for, and I’ll even take you web slinging after this.” Kevin would give her a thumbs up and begin climbing towards the top of the building. Once there he’d begin running and jumping over various distances, landing in a roll and hoping over AC untis with his finger tips of all things. They’d eventually stop at the edge of a rooftop, and look down. A couple of goons in a big spacey alleyway loading things up out of a car. Trivial thug things like guns, pistols….rocket launchers. Rocket luanchers? Kevin tilted his head and looked down even more a bit. “Where do now name Goblin thugs….get rocket launchers…”  Kevin’s eye’s widened as his head began to tingle. “Strider sense!” Kevin’s mind went racing as his mind scanned the area for danger. Eventually he got the image of a sniper man, exactly one mile out, poised and about to pull the trigger on him! “DUCK!” Kevin shouted as he’d lower his body even more, just fast enough so the bullet once it left the chamer would barely graze the fibers of the back side of his outfit, before landing in the ground. Kevin would look back at Yumi. “We lost the element of surprise! You take on the goons down there, I’m gonna get this sniper out of the way! Remember, no matter what you do do NOT let them shoot that rocket launcher off! Too many innocent people around and we can’t let anyone get hurt!” Kevin would slap her on the ass and take off heading towards the are where the sniper shot came from.

They stopped in an ally and Yumi began to grow somewhat suspicious of where this could be going unless he had some sort of romantic surprise for her and dear god what was he doing?! The moment blue hues locked in on that stupid outfit she knew where this was going and she began to frown, going to yell at him about not wanting to do this but he wasn’t hearing it! Suddenly her clothes were ripped off of her and she gapes; that was her panda shirt! She had grown attached to that shirt…it was the first thing she picked out and what she had in her hands when they first met…errr not that she bought it for that reason but still! Her pants were next and she glares slowly at him, not caring if she was half naked in a fucking ally way. “He she we bonding…” Oh he wanted bonding? She could bond his fucking limbs together until they snapped and hey! She jumps as webs are slung at her and wrap to her form, creating some sort of outfit. Oh no….no no no no no noooooooo this was NOT happening!! “Tada Strider girl!!” HELL NO. The webs wrapped around the bottom half of her face to cover her mouth and just before she could curse him out…luckily she could still breathe and talk but her voice had somehow changed and it was probably thanks to the material. “Kevin!! I don’t want to—“ But he wasn’t hearing it as he told her they could stop these thugs who had been causing the city trouble and off he went climbing up the side of the building and she crosses her arms, frowning behind the made up mask. Damnit that idiot could never hold still! She didn’t move from her spot, giving out a sigh and staring at the ground…After what happened that night she didn’t want to use her fire, what if she lost her temper again and this time someone did get hurt? And she thought they’d go somewhere nicer…Perhaps she was expecting too much for a romantic like setting, it wasn’t Yumis cup of tea anyway even if she was starting to enjoy such nonsense. Kevin was thinking about how they could spend time together and that was rather sweet so she should enjoy what she could get and he was 3 years younger than her. She hears him soaring up on the roof and rolls her eyes, the soles of her shoes igniting as she uses hot foot, an ability that allows her to use her flames to lift off for small amounts of time. Making her way up to the roof she lands easily and spots Kevin—Web Strider leaping away. She follows soon after, gaining speed and using her hot foot to jump from roof to roof without any hassle. They land on a particular spot to gaze down at the goblin goons packing up some weapons. “Where do no name goblin thugs get a rocket launcher?” That was an excellent question but one she didn’t care to answer as the next thing they know Kevin is yelling at her to duck and she does so, hearing a bullet rush right past them. Images of Josh being shot fills her mind but she pushes it back, cursing at herself. Now was not the fucking time to hesitate! Hesitation was certain death and Web strider gives her an order to take down the thugs before they hurt anyone. He slings off and she watches him with a frown. ‘Be careful, idiot.’ She thinks to herself before a bullet zooms right up to her in a vertical shot and she looks down, spotting the men in their masks aiming their weapons to her. She smacks her teeth and jumps off, igniting her flames and hugging her knees to her chest and tucking her head in turning in to a flaming ball headed straight for them that pinballs right in to their armored truck and in to the group of goons, knocking them down with 1st degree burns. With one last flip she breaks the attack and turns down the fire, landing easily on her feet…the webs were still covering her so that was good, she didn’t want to fight naked again. Too close to shoot, the men start attacking her for some hand to hand which she happily obliges, throwing her forearm up in a block from the first offenders punch before her free hand delivers a powerful palm strike to his nose, hearing it shatter and the head snaps back. A man behind her goes for a kick but she calmly side steps, turning around in time to catch it, her hands wrapped around the ankle only to lift it up higher so she could hug the thigh and push forward, sending him smashing on his back, leg still held on to as she keeps pushing on, his toes touching his forehead until finally something snaps and he cries in agony, Yumi satisfied and she lets go so he could uselessly cradle the broken hip she dislocated.

( ) Kevin woud’ve began sprinting and darting towards the area he could trace the danger of the gunshot coming from! Kevin honed in on it, zig-Zagging between sniper bullet after sniper bullt, before finally slinging a web at the edge of a rooftop building, and yanking himself forward!  The sniper would smirk, before shooting another shot from his gun. However this bullet wasn’t aimed at kevin at all, but the web line he’d shot…”He-he shot through this stuff???” kevin would’ve fell a bit, but landed on the flat surface of the side of the little brick watch tower the sniper was in. Kevin would’ve pulled back and yanked himself up, perching himself on the ledge, only for a man with a mask and a full body suit to have a wrist mounted gun right against the bridge of kevin’s nose! “Bullseye” the man muttered before BANG!” A loud gunshot could’ve been heard….but there was also to be  seen Kevin’s body would’ve pivoted so his body would’ve ducked down diagonally avoiding the bullet all together,  only to kick the man in the gut sending his body flying against the stone railing. “Fast reflexes huh?...nah…you dodged a sniper bullet and you didn’t even know I was there….you some kind of psychic?” Kevin would land on the ground,squatting down and extending his right leg, and placing his right hand on the ground his left leg bent, and his left hand hovering over the ground a bit. “Woudn’t YOU like to know buddy!” suddenly kevin felt his forearm being periced by a bullet! “GAH FUCK!” Kevin would stand up holding his forearm, and looking at the wound. In and out. But how? Kevin’s strider sense should’ve picked up on it…except. “Damn…. I thought I was in the clear…that’s why it got past me. It only works if I think I’m in danger…but now…he thinks I’m vulnerable at least. So I can use this to my advantage…huehuehuehue.” Kevin would lunge forward, with a  spinning downwards axe kick! The sniper would block the kick by crossing his arms and attempting to shoot kevin in the side! Kevin would’ve fell to the ground, landing on his upper back, only to kick up, and throw a a few rolling wing chun punches towards the snipers chest! the sniper would’ve blocked two, only to then grab kevin’s wrist underneath his right arm, and using his left arm he’d attempt to shoot kevin in the head from  behind! “Whoa buddy!” Kevin’s head would’ve  cocked to the side, avoiding it completely!  As kevin moved his body, he’d allow himself to flip into a cartwheel attempting to knock the guy up side the head with the back of his heel, but this guy…he was different. He was an accurate shot, even with his strikes! He’d cartwheel WITH kevin, avoiding the kick, only for the two, to stand up infront of each other, and both take wing chun poses. “Huh? You study?” the sniper chuckled. “tis’  the best style for attacking and defending….espcially if ARMED!” The man attacked kevin, and  the battle of flying fist began!  Kevin attacked with Pak Sao, where he attempted to punch the sniper in the head and the gut at the same time, but not only did the sniper counter, by slapping both of kevin’s hands out of the way, he’d also attempt to shoot kevin in the foot and the heart in one counter! Kevin would weave, so the bullet barely grazed the mass of his shoulder, and the shot towards his foot just barely missed. Kevin would step back a bit, to try and recover only to see the sharp gunsman coming at him yet again! “Tell me what a big shot like you is doing running around with a bunch of masked pricks eh? Five bucks says you’re a supplier!” Kevin and the gunsman would’ve exchanged combat back and forth while talking 

“Just a man with a cause. A greater one that you strider..” the kicker was that the gunsman would fire shots at kevin from his wrist mounted gun during each exchange , forcing kevin to work double time to avoid getting shot.

Turning around to those that were still standing, a good 4 they would begin to raise the back door of the truck, 2 of the 4 reaching for the rocket launcher and she groans inwardly…this shit again?! Why is it whenever she fought with Kevin she was endangered with military weapons?! This time it would be serious, they were in a VERY closed off setting with people around! They could take out a building like nothing but she stands there with a scoff. “You idiots want to blow us up? There isn’t any room in this ally if you shoot that thing it’ll hit one of the two buildings were in between and it’ll come tumbling down on ALL of us. You really want to take that chance??” At first it seemed like it worked, the men in masks merely looked once at each other…..then they aimed the launcher up above their heads, Yumi following and spotting a helicopter. “No. No don’t—“ Too late. They launch the rocket high up in to the sky and Yumi begins to panic. She wasn’t a hero! She didn’t save innocent lives, she just beat the fuck out of idiots who got in her way! Her feet ignite and she soars up in to the sky but this wasn’t a means for flying! There was only so high she could go she was running out of time! The fighter lifts her hand above her head and sends a small yet very perfect sphere of fire right towards the rocket. The moment the two touch, the ball explodes and causes the same for the rocket before it could hit the target, said helicopter only a few yards away though the blast radius would be enough to knock the chopper out of the sky! The flames on her feet go out but she was high enough where she could feel the heat coming from the backfire. Both hands extended out she inhales deeply and with a hail marry she hopes to whatever deity hears her, the redheaded cherry bomb manipulates the bang, decreasing the volume and the released energy in a compressed form, the colors of red and orange would swirl and struggle in a circle it could not escape though where would it go??? What was once flames and exploding heat shift and struggle in to a smaller form little by little and she twists the fabric of nature, her body glowing red with a powerful aura as her chakra pours out of her and gives her another boost with her flames to keep her air borne just a little longer….it was Yumi against science as what she was doing went against physics but what didn’t these days? Her very core began to tremble, sweat dripping off of creamy flesh as she gained a major nose bleed but no one could tell as her nose was still covered by the mask. Manipulating fire was one thing but an entire explosion? With a sneer she begins to yell, dominating the energy to do as it was told and with one more push the energy shakes but it had to go somewhere as the webs that once held together incinerate and Yumi opens her mouth wide taking it all in, the impulsion dancing around in a bright yellow tone before soaring forward, absorbing the force in to her body, the sound was like a thunderous boom. Her eyes blast white and she turns, aimed at the men still in the ally who had watched to see what she’d do…and she did a lot. “Suffer…” She speaks, the same tone as before when the dragon wreaked havoc on the ones who had kidnapped her, projecting the blast in the shape of a huge stream of inferno towards the men who scream in panic, scattering like the roaches they were. Some were up in flames, throwing themselves to roll the fire out while the van explodes but Yumi merely extends her hand out to control the minor eruption keeping it in a condensed ball that gives no harm as the flames retract in to nothing, even the flames on the men would vanish but the wounds and burns would not…there had been no casualties and Yumi floats back down with a minor flame under her feet. The chopper continues on as if there had been no imminent danger just moments ago and Yumis aura retreats back, her eyes returning to normal as the truck is nothing but a pile of vehicular pieces, the weapons all melted and molded together and the men on the floor at her mercy. People would have ran from the fire at first sight but when the fire was no more they would poke their heads out to see what the fuck caused it all. Yumi stares blankly in front of her, sort of in a daze, this time around she had not lost her temper but taking in such a burst of energy only to expel it back out of her was exhausting and the woman stumbled forward, a man catching her as she groaned. “Fuck…” The man says nothing, just staring wide eyed before realizing she was supposed to be some sort of hero! Why else would she be wearing such a silly costume and save a helicopter? But her face was exposed! Surely she knew the rule? The well-dressed man wasted no time and undid the scarf he’d carry on him, helping the girl sit down and wrapping it around her face as he murmurs. “You’re insane kid but that was incredible!” Yumi could barely make out what he was saying as she simply tugs the scarf closer to her bleeding face, nodding softly. She couldn’t stay out in the open like this, Kevin might need her help and she didn’t want anyone to see her face as she forces herself back up and calmly thanks the man and with a running start she throws herself on a car, landing on the hood before shooting over to a street light, grabbing on and using it as leverage to spring forward on to the window sill of the building the ally was in, climbing it with ease back up to the roof, using this ridiculous outfit to stick her to the wall. Finally making it up there she stumbles and falls on her ass, trying to make heads or tails of what to do next but at least people couldn’t crowd her….

Fixing Things The Chan WayEdit

Kevin would frown a bit with the corner of his mouth. It wasn’t an ideal date sure, but he didn’t exactly get days off. “I’m fine just not at 100% yet I told you I didn’t wanna do this crap. I’m not a hero like you.” Kevin would sigh rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeeeah…” when she asked if he’d gotten the sniper kevin shook his head no as her blue healing flame made it’s way from her body to his own. When he’d heard about the rocket launcher and how she absorbed the blast, kevin was colored impressed. “wow. Didn’t know explosions were fire too. Wait. Waaaaaaaaaaait. I feel like I’m about to say something stupid. Well I already did. Fuck it.” Kevin would raise his brows as she pulled him in close, for a warm embrace. He’d do the same, holding her back. It was always shocking when ever she made the first move. Girl was bold, but kevin was still getting used to the idea of her being so soft, even if just for a moment. “Ah I’m sorry Yumi. It’s just difficult…it’s not like I can take days off from this gig. It’s a full time thing for me…I ‘ll work on balancing it out a bit more. I just don’t want you to feel neglected…by the way. What you did for josh was admirable. But don’t beat yourself up over it, IF that is what your upset about.” Kevin would stand to his full height, standing her up with him. “I can’t read people, but I do know when someone’s upset. Sort of. Kind of. Not really. But I’ll be fine. I’m tough as shit! Ant no body gon kill my ass, any time soon so long as I can help it. I should be the least of your worries...but I do appreciate the worry in the first place Yumi. I really do.” Kevin would look around at the cops swarming the area. “Well…I still have a few more spots to hit up. but if you want, we can go grab some fish on a stick and nom on that for a while, and like. Stuff. I’m not gonna force you to do this with me though I WILL say you’re pretty good at it. “ Kevin would scratch the tip of his nose with his finger. “The city will be fine for a little while. I’ll take you back, and let you get changed and stuff. We’ll go a-“ Kevin’s strider sense was tingling again. Kevin out of no where would just start slapping the top of his head. “Does this thing NOT have an off switch! Fucking A man!” Kevin would stomp around trying to not pay attention to the danger near by for a few seconds. “C’mon let’s head back! “ Kevin would ignore the tingling in his head, and pick yumi up threshold style. “Hey you’re not gonna mope about this all day are you babe? Don’t give me a reason to pick on you later, huehuehue.” Kevin would’ve leaped a couple of roof tops until they were back where the motorcycle was parked at. He’d take his pants off and hand them to yumi, along with his shirt, so he’d now be standing in his…boxers. His web strider boxers. Seriously, as if he didn’t have a bloated ego. “Like my draws? Limited edition. Can’t get these unless you purchase the Web strider bathroom set. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah” Kevin would hop on the bike, revving it up a few times, and waiting for her to get on, before he’d take off down the road, heading back towards the builing, taking his time of course. “What do you wanna do today Yumi? You’re right we really haven’t had much experience actually dating…..and I’m broke but I can get money!”

So the sniper got away huh? Damn that’s too bad but at least the weapons wouldn’t go to the wrong hands. Still, Kevin was right why were those men carrying so many? “It’s not like I can take days off from this gig, it’s a full time thing for me…” She knew that really she did and Yumi wasn’t the type to be so damn clingy, she didn’t mind the space and the days she didn’t see him….but the times he had to cancel was the annoying part. But it wasn’t his fault and it isn’t in her nature to act like such a bitch about it. She was tougher than that but whenever she was around him she didn’t feel tough just…like a woman. Suddenly he picks her up and carries her. See? Prime example. He treated her like…well a guy should treat his girlfriend so she was still adjusting. He tells her not to worry about what happened to Josh and not to worry about what could happen to him and she’d take his word on it for now anyway. They land back down where the motorcycle is and she is tossed his clothes. “Right, the guy who likes to wear his own product, lives with his parents and calls himself web strider will poke fun at me. That itself is insulting enough, thanks.” Teasing him before she gazes down at the clothes then giving him a lame expression…first the webs now this? She’d rather be in the webs—no, no she wouldn’t. Putting the clothes on calmly, they weren’t too big on her considering her thighs were thick but they were comfortable. Sitting behind him on the bike, she holds on calmly and rests her head on his shoulder, letting out a small sigh. “I am hungry…and don’t worry about it, I have money. Thanks to winning that prize cash Josh made sure I had a hefty allowance for saving his ass!” She made sure she spoke loud enough that he could hear. “I wouldn’t mind hot dogs…they’re sold all over the place and I just want to spend some company with you so I don’t need to sit down anywhere just to eat.” It was about late afternoon now and the sun would be setting soon, the day had been spent with Yumi trying to relax only to get a surprise/date/hero thing with Kevin but it wasn’t so bad.

Kevin laughed off her comment about him living with his parents and what not about h is costumed. It’s just another reason why he liked her so much. She had mad jokes, but her tone of voice was always sincere. Like a song, you don’t mind putting on repeat for an hour or so. As they continued riding about, kevin heard she wanted to do something simple, and as such a hot dog stand came to her mind. Kevin prooded his lips and noded lightly. “I could go for a chilli dog! C’mon, I’ve got the perfect spot we can eat them at too!” Kevin would’ve punched the throttle and taken off! Vrooming through  the city a few more miles, before arriving at a hot dog stand and parking the bike for a moment so the two of them could hop off, jetting the kickstand up. He’d walk over to the stand and place his hands on the counter, taking a deep breathe, his stomach poking out a bit. “Lemme get a foot long hot dog, garlic bun with sesame seeds, 2 lines of beef chili, extra texas pete, with 3 pickles in line with one another, ketchup mustard, a dash of Thousand Island dressing, make sure the bun is slightly toasted with a  side of season fries, fresh out of the grease. The cook raised a brow at kevin and bit the inside of his jaw. “Ah…sure. If you wanna stand over there and wa-“ “Nah it’s okay. I’d rather watch you make it so you don’t spit in my food. It’s not for my sake, my red headed foxy lady here will pop  your head off like a top if you do. “ Kevin would beat his chest. “I’m trying to help YO ass out.” The man would swallow hard.  “W-what would you like m’am?” the man would wait for yumi’s order and begin to fix them both feverishly. Kevin would spin around and hold yumi from behind, cascading his arms around her waist. “I’ll make sure you have a great rest of the day!....that’s a promise. It’s getting late and it’s a weekend so we don’t have to many formalities to restrict us from hanging out. “ Kevin got a buzz in his strider sense. He’d look up, and turn away for a second speaking quietly. “Kevin. Kevin are you there?” “Yeah Leon what’s up?” “I got the information on the guy that you fought. His names Red Eye. One of Vlad's head men in the order, he's the trick shot killer. He never misses. Ever. His background is a mystery, it was said that he was genetically engineered through Nano-machines to be able to do the things that' he's capable of doing, making him one of the most deadly of the assassins ever. What he lacks in hand to hand. He makes up for in sheer gun combative skills. He’s a skilled tracker, expert assassin, and has a suit tailored to withstand high explosions and gunfire. My guess is it’s some kind of light weight polymer mesh, designed to be bullet  proof, via the microfiber woven traces of metal inside of it.” Kevin licked his  lips in concentratioin. “Alright thanks. I’ll be on the look out for this one. “  “No need. I’ve got The Black Parade on the look out. You enjoy your day Kevin.” “Thanks Leon. I owe you one.” “No need. I know the feeling of being a hubby at this point, that I do. It’s……time consuming.” “Amen.” Kevin would hang up, and turn his attention back to yumi. Holding her again, but this time, the man would’ve given them two Styrofoam boxes, with their food on the inside Kevin would take them and let Yumi pay, while he’d turn his back to the clerk and web the boxes to the back of the bike. “c’mon babe lets jet” if she came, they’d ride a few more miles out, towards the middle area of district 2. Kevin would park the bike and hold yumi with his left arm around her and hand her the food. “Hold onto that for me. Goooooooooooooing up!” Kevin would hold his right arm up and fling a web, onto a near by gargoyle, pulling himself and yumi up fast! Thanks to his physical strength, they’d both be propelled up the side of a 100 storie building with a series of jumps and web pulls, all the while kevin held onto her delicately, taking more care of her than himself in this process once they reached the top of the establishment Kevin would stand her up on the flat part, which in itself was spacious, and then turn around and begin spinning webs left and right, weaving what looked to be a giant spider web between this building and another one. Sure it was at a slant, but that didn’t mean  much. Kevin would offer Yumi his hand. “C’mon I got ya.” Kevin  would climb down using his arms and flexible legs, all the while holding yumi’s hand since he wasn’t sure if she was used to being at this suspended height. Once the reached the middle kevin would lean back, sitting up a bit, and taking his plate, if she’d sat right beside him. “don’t worry this stuffs nearly unbreakable.  You’d have to have some made strength to tear through his shit. We’ll be fine it’s like our own little hammock.” Kevin would’ve taken a bite of the foot long hot dog, and halfed it in one bite. His jaws moving feverishly as he had tid bits of chili on his lips, as he spoke to her again.. “Is it goooooooooooooooood?”

They found a hot dog stand in no time at all and she hopped off the bike along with him so they could order their food. His order as always was ridiculous but she smiled a little at how funny he could be. Kevin really did know how to make her laugh and that’s was a good reason why she was with him. “I’m trying to help YO ass out” Yumi locked eyes with the fry cook and she threw him a rather unsettling smirk, drawling out. “Just a hot dog with ketchup, mozzarella, crumbled up potato chips and mayonnaise.” Kevin wraps his arms around Yumi and she leans in to him lightly, snorting a bit. “Whatever you say. So long as we hang out, I don’t mind…” She ignored him when he started talking to someone else through his ear piece or whatever it was he used as their food was ready and she took it, giving the man money and a tip even if he’d been scared to make their dinner right he was making an honest living. Apparently Kevin knew where to eat since she assumed theyd just find a spot here and dig in but he had something else in mind. Holding the boxes close she hops back on and they ride through District 2, Yumi gazing around at the city she’d never really had much reason to be in…it wasn’t so bad a lot better than District 1 that was for sure but that was her home and it’d always be. Kevin finds a spot for them and grabs on to her, telling her they’re going up. “Wh-what??” Lifting her head up she realizes just how UP they’re going and she holds on tightly to him. There were only two things she was scared of….drowning….and falling from horrible heights. Yumi never understood people who rode on planes or boats…there was no land under your feet what if the boat capsized?! Or the plane fell out of the sky?! Nope, shes never doing that….a web is created at such a high length and she grips on to Kevins shirt a little nervously. “Uh…not that I’m scared or anything but….” He told her it was strong material, she knew that first hand and with a sigh of defeat she climbs on it and it doesn’t even shift or wiggle, it was strong indeed. He starts to dig in next to her and she scoots closer to him, their legs pressed on the other as she opens her box and eats the hotdog calmly. “Yes, it is…I tried pizza for the first time and it was good too. I suppose I can see the appeal in fried and greasy American food.” She takes another bite and watches Kevin destroy it, food particles all over his face. She laughs a bit, shaking her head before leaning over to lick it off, her tongue gliding against his cheek. Chili didn’t taste that bad either. Of course once she got a taste of him her eyes lit up and she’d get that look that said she was going to pounce on him but she wouldn’t….not until he was done as she smirked at him but kept eating, waiting for the right moment. “So this sniper guy…who is he?”

Kevin would chuckle as he started to down some of the potato chips, when she mentioned having tried pizza for the first  time. When she moved in to let her tongue glide against kevin’s cheek, licking and cleaning off the food that was once on his mouth, he blushed a bit. Affection as always nice, but that. that was a big step from kissing to licking.  When she asked who the sniper guy was, Kevin would finish his chips, and begin chewing on the Styrofoam box. “Oh his names Red Eye. Sharpshot, and a damn good fighter. Almost so much so it’s a little bit scary. He could’ve shot me multiple times during our exchange, but ahhhhh my Kung Fu was much to great for him. of course then he started bullshitting and using explosives. That’s why I was chared coco crispy.” Kevin would down the last bits of the plate and blech, blowing the rest of the burp filled air from his lips in a crisp white mist from the cold. Kevin would lean back, laying down and closing his eyes, wrapping one arm around Yumis waist to hold on to her. “Nothing like a job well done, and a good date with the misses to end everything just right. Though I will admit, I’m quite cold….should’ve bought outfit or something. Ah well. Least my junk is getting aired out.” Kevin would adjust the strap on his boxers and look over to Yumi. “Sooooooo tell me how I’m doing as a boyfriend! Aren’t I the bestest?” Kevin would flick his nose with his thumb, and smirk, rubbing on her butt a bit with his finger tips.

Acceptable BoyfriendEdit

The guy was good enough to even get his own villain name, that was never a good thing. Luckily Kevin could take care of himself but the next time they meet this red eye guy she was going to punch his face in for harming him. They both finish the food and Kevin mentions how he is a bit cold and she didn’t blame him…it was that time of year where the weather got down right freezing if it wanted. But Yumi couldn’t feel it thanks to her fire, her body was always warm so when he lays down and grabs her, she can’t sit still any longer and turns her body, shifting it so she straddles his waist. What? How could she not? He was only in his boxers and they’d only kiss and make out most of the time…she didn’t know when they’d be able to do this again so she’d take advantage. “You are….an acceptable boyfriend. I’ve never had one before so I can’t compare you to anyone else and even if I could…you’re one of a kind.” She leans forward, laying him on to warm him up as the web was able to carry the change in weight. “Kevin…” She began sort of playing with his hair with one hand while the other rested comfortable on their side to hold her up a little so all of her weight wasn’t on him. “Let’s have sex.” She was pretty blunt eh? Yumi never beat around the bush especially with her boyfriend…if she wanted to make out she’d tell him of course she usually took the initiative so it wasn’t more like a request or asking him to it was like giving him a heads up that this is what she wanted and be prepared cause its happening. So when she said lets have sex, she meant it as she doesn’t give him time to respond, her lips capturing his in a heated kiss to warm him up further as her tongue slithers out to brush against his teeth, wanting him to open up so she could properly kiss him the way she wanted. He was basically almost there! In just his boxers, he’d be an easy target to molest as both her hands slide down in between them and squeeze his hips, her thumbs pressed lightly on the flesh right above his cock, doing it hard enough that it’d cause him to open his mouth to either protest or show his pleasure but it was all she needed to delve her tongue in and mesh against his in a dominating way. Yumi knew she wanted to sleep with Kevin, she hadn’t been with a man before and May always made it seem like it was the best thing ever. She wasn’t shy about losing her first time to him in all honesty Yumi thought that crap was idiotic to be scared of sex with another person or to lose your virginity to a man because it was something you couldn’t get back. Fuck that bogus fairy tale of finding prince charming, Kevin made her feel good and she wanted to take it up to the next level already!

Kevin smiled in contempt…only to find in the next few seconds she’d mounted herself atop of his waist and made it her home. Kevin’s eyes widened a bit. “Well now…” he spoke softly. His eyes meeting hers yet again, as they always seemed to do. Like two magnets with a fatal and enjoyable attraction to one another.  She was warm..oh so warm. The chills in kevin’s spine disappeared in a heartbeat, and her embracement of him only  got hotter, whens he leaned in running her hands through his hair…he melted on the inside, as his hands made their way around her. One  hand placed on her upper back, and the other sliddiing down the curve of her back, right where her “thick as fuck” as the urban  youth pronounce it, ass cheeks, were. He’d smirk a bit, as she uttered the next words to come from her mouth. “Let’s have sex.” Kevin ‘s pupils dialated just that quick as she said that. “Wh-….sex? like…sex sex? P-p-penetration?! I mean it’s so-“ of course in a Yumi fashion he was cut off only speaking as much as he did due to his fast  talking. She’d kissed him, and kevin wasn’t a square, clearly he obliged, letting her tongue cascade the fronts of her teeth, before reaching his own tongue up to greet hers with a warm and sloppy welcome. He’d tilt his head with the room he’d had, to make sure their lips locked perfectly, and suddenly kevin was hot. Legititmately hot, as if it was a summers day, which e wasn’t complaining about. Hell he may as well have been butt naked. As the events transpired, both of his hands, would’ve made their way to her back side and he’d open one of his eyes to really get a look at her ample ass. Her thighs made his jeans look tight, which was saying something since kevin had always been one to wear big jeans.  As she made her hands way  down towards his hips, and pressed right above where his cock was, not only did his mouth gape open more than what it was only depening he kiss they were engaged in, casuing him to slit his eyes in a heated pleasure, but his tail would’ve slithered out from beneath him in full string, and his fleshy extension would’ve risen to the occasion at this point,  the head poking form his boxers, bent downwards. Kevin would talk between breathes, as yumi was usually never one to let up with these kisses. “I guess. This is. Happening. Full force” Kevin was a virgin from hell, for gods sakes, the face she was even near his cock made him prenut already where the crotch of her pants were…using his tail’s dexterity, he’d use it to undo the button of her pants, well his per say, and  unzip them as well. Moving his hands from her rear to her stomach, he’d lightly push her up, and use his tail to slip thepants from her hips, and let them flop to the lower parts of the web, so she’d only remain to be in her underwear. Kevin would return his hands to her ass with a loud “SMACK’ this time using  both hands before jiggling it around and adjusting himself. The base of kevin’s cock was positioned perfectly right against the lips of her womb, which at this point were beneath her panties and not fully revealed yet…Kevin would’ve  spoke for a second. “Ah Yumi ahhh hehehe uh baby I might need some prep time uh. Kind a new and stuff and I don’t know if’ I’ll even make it with the tip in and stuff! I mean don’t’ get me w-wrong it’s just….sweet shit you’re hot. It’s my first time. Please don’t’ break me.” Kevin would smile nervously and laugh, his cock spewing out another few drops of precum, as he’d blush, leaning his forehead against hers. “I am sooooooo unsmooth right now.” Yumi was acting like she’d done this a million times which intimidated kevin heavily, but the tiny little chan wasn’t going to throw in the towel!

That fire that grew in the pit of her stomach any time she got heavy with kevin returned, this time burning her insides persistently, she knew what it wanted…it was the same thing she yearned for…satisfaction and the fighter was going to get it this time all the way. Out of the corner of her eye she watches his tail curl out from his boxers, said clothing no longer hiding his cock that started to grow from all the arousing attention to his body. Kevins pants slide off of her hips, the webs that were once covering her disappeared, not surprising as they probably only lasted a couple of hours and the next thing she knows, cool hands slap her round bare ass hard and she lets out an excited gasp in to the kiss and a shiver. “Ah!” She liked how that felt…Well she had been smacked before in fights but this was different…it brought her pleasure, not pain to be struck in such a lewd fashion. The tip of his dick was pressing against her covered pussy lips and she couldn’t stop her hips from bucking in to his, breaking the messy kiss to lick the taste of him off of her mouth as she gazes back over her shoulder, blue hues heavily interested in what his cock looked like and she enjoys the shape but she wondered…how would it feel? The redheaded brick house started salivating at the thought of putting it in her mouth but those naughty actions get interrupted when Kevin talks and she blinks, turning to face him again. “Prep time?” She repeated back to him with a raised brow. Oh right, May told her a man wasn’t ready right off the bat, the woman needed to prepare him for the deed…she had a rather concentrated expression to her face as she thought hard even when Kevin leaned in to her and insulted himself. “I will get you ready. You just have to relax or so I’m told you do.” She turns in time to catch his tail that had been floating lazily about, grabbing it with a gentle grip, two slender fingers dragging up and down the long base gradually before parting pink lips, her tongue poking out teasingly as she urges the tip of it in to her mouth, said tongue taking the opportunity to attack with long licks and messy swirls against it, bobbing her head  to get a feel of the rhythm. This seemed like a good practice run to do as Yumis face would become flushed, her mouth opened enough so Kevin could watch the tip of his tail going in and out as drool would dribble down the sides of Yumis jaw. Her eyes lowered in a carnal gaze as the first sound of a moan travels pleasantly to the boys ears. ()Her free hand rested on his chest to keep herself balanced, the warmth radiating in to Kevins tight abs as her nails pressed pleasingly in to the well-toned flesh. The tail tickled the back of her throat and she struggled with her gag reflex before fighting it and allowing his tail to push further back with a sound that resembled a pitiful whine. This act was so unlike her, she felt weak and her body was on fire but not like literal flames…this was an animalistic burning that sent coal hot pins through every inch of her and she wanted, needed more. There was a wet sensation between her legs that she first assumed was just Kevins precum but when she shifted her hips she could tell it was coming from her, the boy shorts she wore were soaked with sweet juices as she pops the tail out of her mouth and bites her lip, the head of his cock right up against it was what caused her to be so moist not to mention the very erotic display of sucking his tail off.

Enter The VirginEdit

Kevin kept an iron grip on her butt cheeks, jiggling them endlessly. He couldn’t help it they were luscious  as hell and could really get a guy riled up just by thinking about them, let alone touching them. Kevin bit his lip while looking at her, even after he’d said what he said, but in hearing her reply he’d nod, understanding he needed to relax, but he did wonder what all she could honestly do to help  him at this point. Hell he was already hitting his own personal breaking point as is. That’s when she took tender grip of his tail….Kevin raised a brow at the tingle of her touché, before she parted her lips and put it inside of her mouth. Kevin’s tail actually got a tad bit erect, but Kevin’s cock on the other hand, would’ve increased significantly. He was now a full Louisville slugger, the blood flow in his cock at it’s maximum limit just watching her got to twon on his tail. Kevin’s mouth was gaped open….he didn’t even know she had a talent like that ! you’d never guess at first glance. “w-woooooow…that feels….oddly good.” Kevin’s eyes however widened, when she deep throated his tail. Kevin’s head almost spun around in circles as he exclaimed. “where the FUCK did you learn that!? “ He’d lean his head back before looking back up at her. Feeling a sudden wetness that wasn’t of his own, he’d grip her hips in his hands, and sigh. “Alright…..i can do this…..i’m…..i’m going in.’ Kevin would slither his tongue from her grip which was now incredibly slippery, and he’d loop it around the undergarments keeping her pussy from being exposed, and  he’d rip them straight off, disregarding weather  she’d have anything to wear on the trip home. Her inner thighs, and love box now open an exposed before him, as the lips of her womb would be touching the back of his hardened manhood. His breathing got stuttered as he couldn’t believe what was happening, what he was about to do, the moment was here! All he had to do was stick it IN and he’d  have hit the next level! “don’t’ be nervous…it’s just a vagina… can do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.” Kevin would swallow hard, letting his tail wrap around her waist, as he lifted her hips up, and using his tail to hold her he’d adjust his cock so it was a straight arrow upwards. “Annnnnnnnnnnd—“ Kevin would begin to push her back down, bititng his lip harder, and harder, as his head pushed against the outside of her womb. He’d continue pushing….and pushing…his head breaching he walls….using her moisture to aid his own thrust….before kevin’s had would’ve now made full on penetration! And using his tail to lower her he’d let her womb take the rest of his cock all be it faster than he’d wanted it to. She WAS  virigin after all and he didn’t meant to hurt her, but the moment it went in kevin’s eye twitched as the angels sung songs of praise in his head! Once their hips had collapsed together, kevin would’ve gripped her waist MUCH tighter at this point actually pushing into her, and wiggling his cock around inside. “So…s-s-s-s-so tight…warm…moist…I….I cant’!” Kevin had let his cock sit in her for a few minutes without even thrusting before he literally creamed in just that instant. His cock spewed a nice thick load of cum inside of her womb just that quick….Kevin’s body laxed up dramatically as his eye slanted. “ngh….ah….to good….” Kevin would shake his head. “Ngh! I can’t! quit! Ahhh…’s so sensitive now…”He’d begin making slow thrust pushing himself in and out of her, trying to make sure her womb took mold to his size, each thrust stretching the walls out just a bit more so they would be loose enough , but tight enough to constrict.

The tail is gently pulled out of her mouth as she turns to watch him with a flustered expression, feeling a tad a bit shy but that wasn’t the womans style as she pushes the shyness away…she’d been naked in front of him before and they’d made out countless times, this needed to happen. She sees how nervous he is and couldn’t help the light smile, letting him do as he wished so he could see there was nothing to be afraid of. “May taught me a couple of things…” The escort girl sure did know a lot too but the fighter shoves that aside to the back of her mind as she feels her underwear ripped off and she actually squeaks. “H-hey! Idiot, don’t keep ripping all my clothes!” Suddenly she tenses up at feeling the very tip teasing her opening and she turns a bright red, biting her lip even as the tail she’d been giving fellatio to wrapped itself around thick hips to guide her up so Kevin could get a better angle. The tip was in and she jerked slightly causing her breasts to bounce as her body heat would rise, a light sheen of sweat on the womans form as she feels herself being spread open so his cock could fit in through tight walls. Her chest rose and fell quickly as her breath quickened, lightly swollen lips parting to pant at the pleasure she was experiencing and it was just first penetration. The tail drops her the rest of the way and her eyes widen hips crash against the other in a delightful friction, Yumi trembling as she cries out. “Oh wow!” The tip must have hit some sort of sweet spot right off the bat and she wanted it to again…and then Kevin came as she felt even warmer inside of her, the thick cream filled her up and damn he knew how to blow a load as it glides out of her and all over the base of his meat, her wetness mixing in with his and she couldn’t help the sensual pout though it was one trying to show off of upset she was but it just came off as adorable. “You really do need to be punished, I didn’t say you could cum yet. This is the second time you’ve cum on me…”( ) Though Kevin didn’t seem worried if anything he was determined to keep going as his hips finally moved agonizingly slow, the girls tits barely bouncing from the movement and she gives him a frown. It felt good, there was no doubt about it but…in this position, the girl was supposed to do the work so she would firmly press her hands on his shoulders, forcing him down as she licks her lips dangerously. “I told you, relax…” She opens her legs more, trying to get as comfortable as possible before shifting her hips up, the sound of her wet juices all over his twitching cock made it all the more delicious as she slams herself back down, her walls clamping hard on the intruding shaft as she cries out, a smile on her face. Ooohh now she could have some fun…Yumi could take pain no problem and now that the hard part was over she was going to run this boy to the ground. Her round ass lifts up again and this time she wastes no time in dropping it, over and over she started the rhythm in her hips, riding him as her hands move from his shoulders and up to her breasts that had begun to bounce a little too much, Yumi tilting her head back as her mouth was left slightly agape at the pleasure of his dick hitting that sweet spot over and over and…god yes! Yumi was known for her thick thighs and tall frame, she prides herself in her body because of all the training so doing lifts off of Kevin was nothing but doing this exercise never ever felt so great until now! The sound of skin smacking hard against skin filled their ears as she cupped her breasts too hard, barely able to hold them in her rough grip but the feeling just added to the satisfying sensation going on in between her legs.( )

Yay Anal!Edit

“You really do need to be punished, I didn’t say you could cum yet. This is the second time you’ve cum on me…” Kevin would giggle a bit when she’d said this, while making his passive thrust. The tip of his dick had a weird mixture of feelings similar to a thousand tiny legs crawling around the head f his dick. It was ticklish at best, but a soothing and satisfying feeling. When she pushed on his shoulders and told him to relax, he did just that. Kevin would nod frantically, swallowing hard and letting his body lax up completely, in full on chill mode, though he was still as solid as a rock so to speak. Kevin would’ve let out stuttered sighs as she decided to take the wheel. He could feel her ass lift up, his cock escaping her womb only to be sucked right back in by the movement of his hips. “Ssssssssssssssssshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit yumi…!” Kevin’s voice took a lower octive as she worked herself up and over on top of him. the sound of her ass clapping against his thights was like an euphoric music to his ears, and it put him in a state of ultimate trance based estacy. Kevin would lick his lips really quickly and sit his hand up, leaining up on one arm and looking up at her. “this is the best night of my bgotten life! I like this feeling! “ kevin would grip before letting her ride him a little wise longer and speaking. “Let’s spice it up a bit more! I wanna work to, I can’t sit still!” kevin had suddenly hit a bit of a sex high, but it came out more as a sugar rush than anything..Kevin would sit up, his face buried in Yumi’s breast as he’d motor boat them lightly, before pulling his head away and opening his mouth only to pop one of her tits inside of it. his tongue puling 180’s on each side of her nipple, as his drooling over her played to an advantage as his saliva would make a nice coat over her pink colored nipples. Kevin kept his hands busy of course, with a tight firm grip on her ample asscheeks, but he’d then have an odd though appear into his head . he’d begin switching form one tit to the next, swirling his tongue around both of her nipples with some muffled licking sounds, before pulling his head back, a small string of saliva connected from his bottom lip to her left nipple. “Hey…you like anal? Ah of course you do.” Kevin would  use the left over length of his tail, while keeping it around her waist all be it, taking the wet tip of it, and poking at her anus. “Hmm…tighter than I thought…you’re a toughie though, soooooooooo” Kevin would pump a tad bit of physical chi into his tail, which greatly incrased the thickness of it, mimicking the size of his own member resting inside ofher womb at this moment. Kevin would push past her anal walls, using his hands to stretch her cheeks making it all the more easier but even so it was incredibly tight! Kevin would lean over to look at how it was going, and laugh a bit. “I-I’m pretty sure….i’m about to lose it…but I refuse to be a bitch!” Kevin would take her arms, and sit up, throwing them around his shoulders so his head had a nice cushioning between her loving arms and her breast. Of course, he’d be nibbling lightly on her nipple, with small pinches only to sooth them over with tongue flicks, all the while actually stepping up and pushing her up and down on the full length of his manhood, all the while pushing his tail in and out of her anal walls, a form of double penetration. He even went as far as to lock his feet between a couple weaves of he webbing below them to get a sort of mount going on, as each time he bounced her, there was all ways a shock to absorb the force, and send his hips plummeting into hers at the same time. Precum began to splurt form his cock yet again, but he’d shake his head biting his lip. “I’m gonna make you nut if it’s the last thing I do! FOR ASGUARD!” Kevin would work her thick frame as much as he could, making sure his head hit the back of her womb, though he didn’t know what it was hitting persay, attempting to ram into her pleasure spot repeatedly until she acted other wise or outright came. His grunts and groans of valliant effort filling the air with the fleshy collisions and her own erotic voice overs.

( ) “I like this feeling!” Che he really was a kid wasn’t he? There were times she forgot he was 16 but leave it to Kevin to remind her. “Let’s spice it up a bit more I can’t sit still!” Oh she knew this but wait no no no! Suddenly her breasts are full of his face as he motorboats her and she turns even more red. “H-hey those aren’t toys idiot!! Do-don’t do that I told you—“ She winces as his tongue latches on to her nipple and she suddenly cries out her pleasure. The bombshell trembling at just that alone, she couldn’t control herself, these tits were sensitive! Biting her lip hard her canines almost split the skin while the vigilante shares his tongue with both tits, making a mess all over them but it was a hot display, one Yumi would think back on even when this was over. Even her hips had stopped moving just so she could watch him, her lips trembling at this fool turning her in to a puddle of weakness. She lets out a relieved sigh when he finally stops just to ask her if she likes anal. “Ah of course you do.” Her eyes widen as she perks up at the word. “Wh-what do you mean anal??” He wasn’t listening to a damn thing as the tail she’d pleasured grew in size and probed itself past her full ass and in to the second hole, making itself at home. It wasn’t going in easy but with one stubborn thrust it pops in there and Yumi squeals. “Kyyaa!!” Her flames ignited in response thankfully they were of the blue kind thinking their mistress was in pain, helping the pain to soothe as tears pricked the corners of her eyes. He was taking control now and Yumi wasn’t much use to that but she’d let him do what he liked as the boy sits up to grab on to her, forcing her arms around him as they instinctively snake fingers in to spikey messy black locks to roughly pull the moment he shoves his hips forward, moving on his own and all she could do was take the pounding in both of her openings. The flames died down only to a dull fire around the both of them but that didn’t mean the heat between the two was anywhere near cooling off as the sweat sliding down lustful bodies would start to change to steam, Yumis flesh was becoming too hot a tad bit too hot even for Kevins well being. Shoulders shook as the longer this kept going the more a feeling in the pit of her stomach was getting stronger, the fighter panting as her hair was falling all over her face, bangs coming undone from their braids thanks to all of the commotion and thrusting. “This haa…feels amazing!” The redhead arches her back almost violently as the fingers still yanking his hair lets go and sinks down to his shoulders, her nails dipping in to his flesh to scratch rather harshly. “Harder!! Pl-please!” Begging was so beneath her but who fucking cared at this point, she needed more she wanted this feeling in her stomach to explode. Nails sharpen out of nowhere, not even she noticed the change in them but they weren’t cat like, nor fox like…they were in the shape of claws as they dig in to his back leaving behind a long line of red but the dim blue flames quickly started to heal what she had done slowly and surely.

The moan she let out once kevin penetrated her analy, sent chills through his body. Rippling waves of pleasure over came his beng, as she pulled his hair back….well Kevin just discovered he now liked for his hair to be pulled. Small, small world after all. There was another flame that emitted for a second, but it as the blue one, which Kevin deamed the healing flame or the one that wasn’t hot rather just kind of there emotionally. None the less, his erection started to swell even more so much so it almost scared him. he was and has never been sure just how big he could get, but he wouldn’t question it a single bit. The heat coming off her body turned to steam creating a lusty mist around the two. It got hot…but kevin would just swallow hard and bare it. the sweat meeting in the middle of their pelvises, and dripping down his pectorials and abdomen as it did her breast, and toned stomach. . “Harder!! Pl-please!” “Aye Aye captain! Jeez yumi, I Had no idea you were such a slut at heart, AHAHAHA! Long as it’s for me and me only right? C’mon I wanna hear you SAY IT!” He could feel her nails carving into his back, and while fucking her he’d take a moment to close his eyes and exhale a sharp breath. Just another thing he discovered about himself, was that he liked to be marked during sex, although the pain went away as quick as it came. Kevin would  let go of her, and lifter her body up off of his for a minute to look at the mess that had unfolded on the base of his cock, dripping between the spaces in the webbing. An elderly woman would be walking by, sipping her fresh coffe, when a drop that contained a mixture of kevin’s nut and yumi’s juices would’ve plopped right into her coffe, while she was talking on the phone. She didn’t even notice by her next sip. Back to relevant matters, Kevin would’ve lifted Yumi up and if she was willing, oooooor not, kevin would hold her face down upon the web like fixture and sigh. “I got something I wanna try….huehuehuehuehue.” Kevin would take hold of yumi’s hands, specifically her wrist, and web them behind her back bounding her hands together in a sense. Kevin had no doubt she could break it if she put her mind to it, buuuut for the hell of it, he’d make sure she was flat on her stomach, and he’d mount himself right below her ass,  in kind of a lazy doggy style like position. Slipping his tail back inside of her anus, and letting his cock return to it’s home in her womb, he’d then shoot two web lines beside each side of her, and one additional line on the back of her neck which would shoot around her neck as a whole, choking her juuuust a bit, but not to much so she couldn’t yell out. He loved when she yelled out.. “roll with me here, I got a feeling,  you’re hips are gonna be sore after this one!” Kevin would push his weight down on her back side, inserting himself inside of her as far as he could get his cock to go, same with his tail. This effect was deepen as he’d use the webbing he’ shot to literally pull her pelvis against his own, stretching her out just a taaaaad bit more, before letting her go. Her body would bounce off of him, but recoil right back into his with a frighteningly loud thunderclap of her ass meeting the in-between of his thighs. Kevin would then push the tempo, using his physical strength to pull yumi’s body into his while pushing himself into her all the while creating a repeated bounce like fashion. The motion itself looked like he was riding her like she was a horse, which he only made more evident by occasionally pulling his tail out of her and slapping each of her asscheeks with it, leaving cute little red marks. “Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw hahaha! Tell me you like yumi! “ (like this but as described ) each time he repeated this plunging motion, the head of his manhood would knock on her cervix’s door like an impatient pizza man, as his aim was to make her cum, before he did again, but ah alas the feelng of it all was getting to him. putting his full body weight behind ever thrust, she’d have over hundreds of pounds of muscle mass pushing into her, literally slamming on her pelvis each time, and turning her base of her ass a cheery red tint similar to her now messy red hair. Kevin thought to himself. “Gah! Who am I kidding! I can’t keep this up, but lord knows how long she’ll go on for!”

The Tempo Is PushedEdit

( ) Gri: The word slut escaped his lips and Yumis eyes widen before lowering, a carnal smile curling her lips as she leans in to him, licking the side of his face and murmuring against his ear. “I’m your slut only….daddy.” Her teeth bite down on the shell. There was definitely something about him giving her orders and the dirty name calling that was just so fucking hot! Kevin moves about grabbing Yumi long enough that she is thrown face down and unfortunately on instinct her eyes narrow and her legs shoot out to wrap around his neck but luckily she stopped before they could strike him, telling herself he wasn’t trying to hurt her but this was all new to her especially being tied down, her arms behind her back as she turns her head to look over her shoulder as best she could. She’d never been this defenseless before, the fighter would never allow herself to be caught so easily like this but fuck she didn’t want him to stop, she wanted more of his cock and that wonderful tail she’d beg for it if she had to throwing the normal Yumi right out as this alluring and enticing new her would spread her legs further, the sound of the webs tightening around her wrists only turned her on as the choke collar does the same. She was covered in sweat and cum at this point, her hair sprawled all out about her beautiful imperfect frame as small scars and marks were laid all over the womans hot flesh from years of fighting but she was not ashamed if anything she was full of pride for them. His cock and tail return to her and she cries out happily, her legs bending at the knees and toes curling in ecstasy. “Oh fuck yes!!! Please fuck your slut good!” The smacking against her ass stung hard but it hurt so good she loved it, adored it and she made sure he knew it. “I like it, I want more! Punish me!” She spoke through clenched teeth, her eyes barely open from the pleasure itself. The motion of his thick cock screwing her into the web the very sound was like gunshots, both his chi and her chakra were leaking out so she could absorb the blows to her pelvis and it not break in half, the sensation alone was drenching them from her juices as she whines over and over again, her voluptuous form withering and struggling, this was driving her insane! The welts on her ass grew and became more red, each and every time it smacked her she was begging for another, completely submissive to this man now. The chance for this strong woman to become nothing but an obedient dog was amazing she didn’t need to be tough or take the reins, Kevin was the one putting her in her place and god did this have to end soon? Knowing Yumis endurance though she really could go on for hours but for their first time this was pretty good. Her chakra couldn’t control it, the heat coming off of her was far too dangerous and it had only done so because Yumi didn’t know how to let go of what she was experiencing in the pit of her tummy but that wouldn’t matter anymore, her body would take over and show her just how good letting go felt… “I-I think I’m gonna….” But her voice was so weak and broken all of her crying out and screaming had made using words just useless…that was until what happened next. “O-oh god….oh my god.” Yumis mouth was open wide in shock as a strange sensation washed over her so hard it was like being hit by a semi as she literally saw white for a moment, an earth shattering orgasm ripping through her very core that shook even the webs holding them up. Her back arches, her ass lifting up in to his thrusts as her walls clamped possessively tight around the abusive cock, sucking him in dangerously hard, her thighs closing together as she screams out his name like it was the last thing she’d ever be able to do.

“I-I think I’m gonna….” Kevin heard these words ,and his eyes widened up as quick as it came! “Holy shit she’s gonna cum! Thank GOD cuase I’m not very far myself!” He’d shake his head however, and continue pulling her towards him, rapidly! Her ass cheeks beginning to bruise up a bit from the force of the thrust he was imputing against her! He’d let his pre cum seep and soak from her womb, as he could feel the muscles in her body beginning to tense as she released. THEN it happened! He head her yell o ut to a god, of whoever‘s name, and then yelling his own name included, but kevin wouldn’t stop! “Guess it’s my turn now….it’s gonna be a big one! I can feel it!” As her pussy vice gripped his cock, from the tenseness of her orgasm, Kevin would’ let the reigns, go, only go grip her hips I n his hands, and pull her up to her knees, using her as a mount, to then begin slaying her pussy relentlessly! His cock would’ve now been sucked into a vortex of her vice grip around his manhood. His cock began to swell, fillng with the gooey white substance that was about to over flow and he could feel it! not focusing on any other part oher body but her ass, making it his own personal little fuck toy. “C’mere bitch, I’m gonna cum!” Kevin would then reach forward, and grab a handfull of her illustrious red hair, and pull her head back, curving her body into a “U” all the way, pressing himself as close to her as he could , while pumping and plunging himself as far as he could get inside her, while moaning between grunted teeth, and huffing and puffing. “Tell me you want it! tell you fucking want it Yumi! Tell the whole fucking world who owns this shit!” the thunderclaps continued on, and before long Kevin’s eye would’ve twitched violently, as he held her agaginst him for a moment, before 5 thick and steaming loads of cum would’ve made their way from the one eyed monster resting inside of her womb.( ) The extra would leak and seep from the rim, as Kevin would hold her body against him, by nothing more than her hair! The temperature she was emitting was hot, almost like an oven eye, but it wasn’t enough to keep him down, in fact it was rather enticing to say the least! Kevin would make a few more pumps, making sure every single drop of his cum wasn’t wasted before he’d pull himself from her womb, his limp cock falling out, before a stream of semen would’ve seeped from inside of her, falling to the ground below. Kevin would’ve mounted himself over her,using his arms to hold himself up and hover over her back side, resting his head on her shoulder and panting in her ear. “Yu-…Yumi……my dick hurts…………C-can we cuddle now?” Kevin would’ve sighed and kissed her shoulder a bit, resting his forehead on the back of her head.

Stranger DangerEdit

Yumi was currently in heaven as all the negative energy she’d carried with her today was gone in an instant from her release, the stress and anger it all vanished the moment she’d experienced that mind blowing orgasm but it wasn’t over, Kevin was enjoying it too much to stop and the next thing she knows hes grabbing her and pulling her up, legs spread open, sitting up on him her back meeting his chest and her eyes widen when the tip forces itself even deeper than possible, hitting the already swollen bundle of nerves as she tosses her head back, a wide smile on her face, drunk on pleasure. “Yess!!! Cum inside this bitch!” The long fiery locks of red were grabbed on to like one would take the reins of a horse, pulling and tugging so the rider could control the animal, exactly what Kevin was doing to her as he fucked her raw to the point where she couldn’t tell what was up or down, the only noises she could make were pitiful whines and whimpers, the womans body bouncing, her ass clapping against that thick cock that was beating her pussy up. Her body was bending perfectly, tits bouncing forward from the force and her chest panting like a bitch in heat. “Tell me you want it!” He had no fucking clue just how badly she did but she’d do her best to let him know. She could barely talk, her throat was so dry but how could she not try? “I fucking deserve it! I need it, daddy!! Haaa” She shuts her eyes tight, gritting her teeth to the point they might crack but she stops in time to continue screaming. “Kevin!! You own this pussy, only you!!” Was it even possible to cum a second time? If this kept up she might actually orgasm again but before she could ponder that thought any longer she squeaks as her hole is filled immensely with cum, her legs twitching as her insides drink up every last drop greedily as much as it could before the white cream overflows and churns with her juices pouring out in amounts she herself couldn’t believe. It was over and when her hair is released she can’t keep herself up, falling forward on her stomach with a weak sigh. Kevin follows suit, hovering over her and giving her shoulder light kisses. “Can we cuddle now?” She can’t help the smile and the snort. “Do I look like a teddy bear, idiot?” And just as the freak had come, it had gone. The fighter tried catching her breath as she turns under him so they’re facing one another. Reaching her arms out once she’d burned the webs around her wrist, to grab him and force him to lay on her, knowing she could take his weight no problem. Her lips press against his own, kissing him lazily before nuzzling his cheek, hugging him close……a minute passes by….. “Mkay that’s enough cuddling, let’s go again!” Kevin would’ve been thrown off of her as she sits up and smirks at him like a wolf would to a helpless sheep. “I wanna see how long it takes to run you dry, daddy…” She wouldn’t give him any time to escape as she pounces him happily, her ass playfully shaking in the air as she bites down hard on his neck. ( )

As they were cuddling Kevin would sigh, in his feelings about Yumi, cuddling her and holding her in his arms. Only for a minute. “Mkay that’s enough cuddling, let’s go again!” Kevin would’ve been thrown back onto his back, with a  worried look on his face. “Wait what! Ah! My dick is a bit sore can’t it wait!” “I wanna see how long it takes to run you dry, daddy…” Kevin would shake his head attempting to push her off but he was trapped! To weak to do anything from his sexual endeavor. “Stranger Danger! Stranger! Danger! I-I need and aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuult!!!”

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