Roxanne Alexander

Eden Creed

The MistressEdit

Roxanne: A knocking sound caught her attention, as well as the male she was using for a foot stool. Roxanne sighed heavily, before getting up to her feet and smoothing her skirt down. "Come in." A short, stubby, irish male trotted in. "Aye, Padrona. We've got a great boost of orders of M.P, aye, but we're running a wee bit short on these supplies." Roxanne tapped her finger against her lips and stared at him, smiling gently and tilting her head. "And that has what to do with me?" The Irish man stared at Roxanne and stuttered. "A-aye, Padrona, yet are t-the head, and Ye-" "EXACTLY! Fucking twat. I pay you, and you make ME money. I tell you what to do, and you do it. When there's a problem, the person you turn to, is NOT me. It is yourself! You got problems? You fix it. This is how it's going to work. find somebody to help you. This is a minor problem, and you come to me! ME! Go... before you hurt yourself." The Irish man nodded feverently and raced out of her office with his tail in between his legs. The sounds of the large oak doors closing made her a bit calmer and she sighed before clicking her tongue. "You're dismissed as well, Victor. Ask Zoe to give you a treat." Victor nodded and went back outside. "Thank you, Padrona." She moved back to her seat and sighed when the sound of glass tinkling made her head turn towards her mini bar, and a man in a white suit, with jet black hair and emerald green eyes stood there, pouring two glasses of Merci, a french champagne. "Ruthless as ever, Roxy." She watched him as he picked up the half filled glasses and walked over to her, setting it in front of her and she took it into her hand before taking a long drag, emptying the glass. "All thanks to you, my friend." He looked suprised. "I though you said that there was no such thing as a 'friend.'" She looked up at him, blue eyes glistening in the light and smiled up at him. "You're my only friend, because you helped me." She stood from her seat and walked out the doors of her office, swaying her hips side to side as she made her way down to the first floor were the restaurant stay, heels clicking and echoing off the walls. With ever person she passed, they greeted her with a "Padrona Alexander" and bowed and she returned the greeting with a nod. Right as she reached the doors of the restaurant and was suddenly greeting by a male in a black with wind blown hair. "Foxy Roxy! It's good to be baaaaaack home! I need a good pound of Motion Picture and Color if you can. Come on, for old cousin Jiji." Roxanne smacked the shit out of him for his request. "You impudent pig-headed male! If we weren't cousins I would've killed you already..." City Heights was bustling in both drugs and money, and it was growing. Empire White was nearly unstoppable...

The BossEdit

Eden: The sounds of engines roared a great roar through the naked streets of K-city , A herd of men mounted into the laps of the advanced CBR 1000. All , coated  in a splash of the Saints flag colors. On, them was a leather black jacket, the sleeves no where to be found.  But, With the wear and tears coated around the shoulders it was more then likely once existent. Eden Creed, Remained in the lead his black hair held a resemblance to the wings of a moving crow as he remained in motion. Only to have come to a halt before Young's Buffet officially owned by London Kenrock. Out and about  came the Chief also the manager, Like every stereotypical chief , His upper body as round as a ball and his legs sturdy enough to keep him standing. " I call you hours ago ! " He said in his stereotypical accent. " I'm here aren't I ? Cut to the chase. " Eden softly said folding his glasses and placing them in his leather jackets pocket. ".. My employees… Their strung off .. Some type of drug. " Eden lifted a brow a bit , " Drug ? Where the hell did they get their hands on drugs ? " Eden questioned panicking at the thought that Drugs have somehow found their way back on his streets. " See for yourself The Chief softly said showing Eden to the kitchen, There stood the employees all being fascinated by the things most people wouldn't notice even if they walked by it twice. " Everything's dying. Nothings left no one " One of them said slouched over the counter his face buried beneath the blonde strands of his hair. Another, Yanked at Edens hair, Eden gave off a low grunt before snatching that employees palm. " You're hair it's so evil am I dead ? Are you the grim reaper  " One of them said before catching the full force of Edens palm pushing him back, " Boss " Benzino said pulling back from the cabinet. Eden turned to see Ben with a brown bag coated in aluminum foil in his grasp , " I might have an idea on where we could find some. " Benzino softly said with the drugs in his grasp, " Well then ..lead the way. " Eden and his boys, Were lead by a Benzino to a small town Candy shop. This Candy  Shop met the border between D1 and D2 so it was no surprise that some of the drugs were being provided. " You Boys wait here. " Eden commanded throwing off his helmet along with his jacket and laying them down upon the back of his bike. Leaving him in a black wife beater along with baggy harem pants to match, Which was well defined by his spiked up shoes. The bells chimed upon his entry, A scrawny young man who looked as if he was around his teens stood at the counter. " How may I help you ? " He asked leaving Eden no time to adjust to the risk," I'm not sure been a little off my shit lately.. A buddy of mine told me to come here get me back on my sugar high.. I was hoping you may know how to help me ? hm. " The boy looked to the back to see his boy pulling from the back of the store, Edens eyes met the man behind him and softly gave off a low sigh. " Ya Boy tell you about anything particular… We got a lot of stuff that can help that. " The Clerk replied. " How about Skyttles ? " Eden grinned, The boy gave off a slight nod to his buddy who quickly closed the door and locked it placing a " Sorry, We're closed  " Sign at its base. " You a Cop ? " He quickly asked, Eden chuckled and followed by the chuckled came out a rather obnoxious laughter. " Do I look like a cop ? " Eden quickly pulled his thumb and used it to push his nose to the side. " Tell you what.. One more disrespect like that and I'm taking my business else where; Do you have what I want or nah ? " Eden asked a bit irritated now. " Shit, Yeah.. As long as the moneys green man you can have whatever you want. " Eden reached in his pocket  pulling out stacks of green. The Boy at the counter reached into the register, Pulling out a brown bag of white. " This is the hottest shit in the market right now man . "  He added. Eden gave off a slight nod , " Aight. " Eden quickly turned towards one of the shelves, Grabbing a handful of Twizzlers. " I'll also take some of these with it. " He said before quickly turning around and due to the rate and speed , Of Edens speed along with the distance held between them at that dire moment. Eden was able to extend his arm a good fifteen feet and shove the Twizzlers in to the clerks eye, He cried before falling on to his knee. His boy quickly readied his rifle , But met a righty by Eden knocking him flat on his ass. Eden picked up the rifle and planted it's tip at the mans forehead, " Alright, Kid you're going to tell me you're supplier before I blow you're buddies head off . " The Clerk with the Twizzler in his eye pulled himself back to his feet. " Do you know who I work fo - " The boy was quickly cut off by the sound of the gun shot, Smoke cleared the gauze of the rifle in Edens grasp. " Oops, I'm sorry these thumbs have a mind of their own. " Eden exclaimed before narrowing his rifle at the clerk this time as he watched his buddies brain scattered amongst the walls. " Now tell me who is you're supplier ! " Eden shouted with frustration. " Her names Roxanne Alexander.. She's pulling all the strings. ." The Clerk said his eyes oozing of blood. " Know where I can find her ? " Eden ask his tone a bit settled now. " Yes. " Eden was given a location, a location he and his boys soon raided in search of the Brains behind this drug.

Findng the SupplierEdit

Roxanne: Jiji and Roxanne walked along the stairwell that led into an underground subway underneath Kasaihana City. "So... Business is booming, I see." Jiji spoke aloud. "Yes..." Roxanne murmured and they took a sharp left and wa smet with the bustling sound of constructing. Sparks flew around and metal shredded against metal. "Aye, Padrona!" Sounded a loud boom as each of the thousands of workers caught sight of the Mistress. "It's like an army, Roxanne." She nodded and walked towards a chamber where her easier to move in clothes were. Roxanne Alexander is a slim woman with an hourglass figure with busts on both ends. She is usually seen wearing a very showy business-like suit. Her long black-brown hair is in a loose, wavy fashion and is either tied or not tied in two ends. Her eyes glow whether in light or darkness with such a soft sapphire hue. One of her notable features include the little black choker around her neck and the gem that dangles from it. On occasion, Roxanne cam be seen in a traditional japanese kimono which is usually purple like her suit. Now changing into her more "normal" clothes, Roxanne wears a suit created by the Institute. The suit contains a black spandex full body suit, cut off finger gloves, sealed with finger seams. On the top of the suit is a tight leather vest with bustier-cut. On the bustier-cut is buckles. She wears black high boots with wedge heel. Her hair is neat and a darker shade of brown. "And that is where you get the nickname, Foxy Roxy." Jiji chuckled and Roxanne sighed. "Idiot..." She picked up a nearby gun, and it happened to be a M.I.N.E. There's no specific detail to the name of the gun. These guns are modified to fit one user and one user only. This is the prevention of that weapon being turned in the original owner, and if it isn't the original owner that uses the gun, the gun will automatically self-destruct, taking the beholder with it. A beep sounded as the Gun scanned Roxanne's finger and identified her as the Owner and she pointed it at Jiji and smiled sweetly. "Sorry, cousin, but be a dear and act like a target?" She pulled the trigger and out came smoke first and then the hot red bullet as it shot straight into his mouth and the female behind him screamed and trembled as Jiji's head caught ablaze internally. People all around stared as Roxanne took Jiji down with no hesitation and she glanced around. "What are you all looking at...? GET BACK TO WORK!" They yelped and stumbled back to their work. Roxanne smirked and then the sound of footsteps pounding against the cement floor caught her attention and she turned around to see one of the butlers runnign towards her. "Madmoiselle! Madmoiselle Alexander! Please there are people here, and they're looking for you!" Rxanne tilted her head. "Are they? Well I'll be up shortly then." She pulled M.I.N.E. into the holster on her hip and then a pair of Duals, and one Scorpion, keeping it behind her neck, shielded by her hair and finally a tanto. Why she needed all of this? Well you never know. But even still, the City Heights restaurant had weapons everywhere. In the walls, under the floors, behind the bar, under the tables and chairs. She walked out to the main floor, catching sight of Eden and his men. "Not customers for sure..." She moved into the center of the room and smiled. "Boys. How may I help you?"

Eden: “ Hey, Im not as bad as I look just tell me where’s your boss. “ The young indefinite soldier of power and greed kept a stern grip upon a metal bat. It oozed of hate,as pieces of glass were scattered among the floor, all was a wreck all that may have stood up upon a wall or table was left at his feet tainted with blood. Eden caught a firm grasp upon a beaten soldier and threw him upon a wall, It shook nothing left on it to fall at his feet. Adding more to the already solid damage of the shop. Eden slammed the bat against the wall which soon caved in , This was a grasp of intimidation he sought to shed into the soldier of the thing he solemnly hated Eden turned his black locks, and set his hazel mother nature's favorite gem green gaze at the female, He suddenly began to give out a soft sigh. Pacing his steps back he seated himself upon one of the seats that shown wear as if it been through battle; Battle in which Eden Creed started. Reaching into his bottom pocket, Eden placed a pipe at his bottom lip and scoffed a bit. Bubbles began to exude from its tip. Each one stacking gently upon each other towering over Edens head. “ So, I suppose you’re the Santa of this Workshop “ Eden pulled the Pipe from his lips beating against its center gently. “ You must be new.. So allow me to enlighten you on how we do things in K  City We don’t distribute drugs here it’s bad for business and it worries the people of Kasaihana makes us look bad.. makes us look like the Yakuzas aren’t doing our job, So. “ Eden quickly rose himself from his seat. Swinging his bat into a few vases, They fell leaving pliltter platters against the cement floor. Eden crashing his boot against the last bit of glasses. “ Pack your shit along with your junkie elves and take your business elsewhere far away from this city .. take this as a friendly warning.” Eden  threatened.

First AttackEdit

Roxanne: "Good guess. You want a cookie?" She giggled and took a few steps forward. "I guess you can say that..." Her italian accent was beginning to show as she proved her foreign existence from Kasaihana. She pulled an untouched chair from the right of her and sat down in front of him, crossing her legs and sitting back with her hands in her lap. She stared at his pipe, a feeling sending a bit of a warning signal that it would be much trouble... "Your eyes are very beautiful..." She leaned forward a bit and bit down on her lip as the rubble beneath her boot crunched as pressure was applied. Her ears perked up as he threatened her, smashing a few victorian vases, but they were no worry. "Aren't doing your job? I'm sorry to break it to you, but even Yakuza members take a whiff of an illegal drug behind the leader's back, no? And for their defiance, you do what? Kill them? Torture them? And what if all personnel in Kasaihana were to consume... my drugs? No one would be able to commit any crime. They'd be too intoxicated from the thrill. One of my drugs actually make a man see the beauty of things, in time which seems like years, but only happens in little minutes." She pulled a rose from upon the floor, the petals trampled and ripped with the hint of blood stained on it, turning the rose even darker than it should have been. "This world wants what it wants, male." Her hand traveled up to her neck and SCORPION came to life, crawling down her backside and landing soundly on the floor beneath her and  positioning itself in between the gap of her feet, shifting it's color so that it was practically camofluage. "People will get what they want - even if it means their lives, isn't that right?" She stood up and tilted her head slightly, her cold blue eyes staring into emeralds of his own. The Sylclaine Virus began reacting to her emotions and she sighed. "This one life we have, is a game. You either play it safe, or you take the risks until the end. Each game has its rules. Once the games begin, the rules are cemented until you finish. Care to play?" She held her hand out to him and smiled. Any sudden movements made by either Eden or his men, SCORPION would fire its poison bullets at both legs of however much men he had all in attempt to bring them down. If that didn't would, it would've separated and transformed into little balls, moving around the feet of Eden's men and if they moved forward or backward, they'd slip, fall, and Roxanne would've pulled out the tanto from behind her, and with the swing of her arm and flick of the wrist, the blade sailed straight towards Eden's chest, attempting to take him down in one fell swoop, but Roxanne knew it wouldn't be that easy as she armed herself with her Duals and readied herself.

Eden: “ Wow.. you really are insane.” Eden chuckled, crossing his arms across his chest.” At the back of what Cereal box did you get that speech from ? hm” Eden and his band of vikings laughed. They had no idea of exactly what they had walked into “ Alright.. I understand this world you seek for your junkies. This better world you seek.. I seek it too.. Only difference is the one I see is reality and not a image influenced by the poison of a drug;Change can only be conceived by destruction and resurrection , The destruction you seek.. its forever lasting- something they may never be able to come from. That is the flaw in your drug false hope false reality.. its not real.Drugs are to be destroyed and none are too meet the hands of mankind And yes Death to all that defy that order especially Yakuza.” The young aspired king used his thumb to flick his nose to the right. He was unaware of what this lady of capable of; nor did she know what he was capable of. Thus, leading him to the indecisive question on if he feared what this lady was capable of or did he fear this lady was foolish enough to act on ignorance of what he was capable of.” I do value your philosophy though.. different line of work and perhaps I would have married you.” Eden Scoffed fixing his hands behind his black leather gloves. Creating distance between him and the fare lady unaware of what she was gonna possibly do next.( ) “ But, We are two different people and obviously are mind is in two different places..therefore I am you’re law and for your crimes against the order of my City I shall judge you “  Eden was unaware of what was being processed through her train of thought but as he said that his words were seen through his demon. Or in other words his stand… who now held a different appearance..Julius Creed. Finally, His mens cried and shouted as their legs were being shot out by what seemed to be a miniature scorpian. “ Shit. You slippery son of a- “ It was simply instance that got him away from the wrath of Roxanne’s blade. Quickly he took a few steps back, enough to ensure his life and leave him with only a graze across the chest.  Eden bled across the chest and so he staggered back. “ You’re gonna regret that. “ Quicktime move an art variating from the practice thunderous boxing This slows down time perception allowing the user to dodge an attack or to attack in a moment's notice. At this moment Eden would be using it to enforce an attack, He had attempted to hit at her rib whether this was successful or not this next attack would go as plan, Eden would attempt to haul his hips straight and forward his upper body thus readying his fist. Eden would attempt the Ora an attack he created himself. The " Ora " Is a simple series of punches with impressive timing and speed. This alit relies on Distance acceleration force mass and kinetic energy, The distance, in this case, represents the distance that the fist must travel, from its initial resting point to the point of contact. It would be tempting to write this off as a constant, as the distance – which is the length of the arm – remains relatively unchanged for each individual Excluding Eden, who has an increased chances of succeeding with this attack due to being able to extend his limbs, Thus making the timing between each hits no longer than 1/3 of a second.   This attack is best counted for against your enemies frontal lobe,which is most closely associated with controlling responses to input from the rest of the system. They are responsible for voluntary movement, emotion, planning and execution of behavior, intellect, memory, speech, and writing. The Key behind this attack is by making your enemies see more punches than there really are.   Eden would attempt to launch a flourishing number of blows, all that seemed fit if this were successful her body would receive a suffice amount of damage due to the several amount of blows thrown by Edens fist. His arms would extend the further her body went  To successfully land the "ORA " Each punch must be timed accordingly. Also, Punches shouldn't be reverted all the way back stretching your back muscles could help withstand the temptation of pulling your arm back. Each punch should bend at the elbow alone and quickly revert back to the face of the enemy. The Key of this attack is to use speed to trick your enemy into seeing a variety of punches coming his way. Thus, moving forward while she moves back without the knowledge of her doing so.” ORA ORA ORA ORA !! “ Eden shouted forcing himself forward to advance into his next series of attacks.

Roxanna: "There are a lot of things I should regret. This shouldn't matter much." She definitely felt a rib break on that first punch. She sound of the crack sickened her and she held her arms up in defense as he pummeled at her body, eventually noticing that she was getting farther away and his arms began... extending? Insane, yes. Deadly, yes. Stretchable, no. She was very well flexible but STRETCHABLE... heeeeeeell no. "ORA ORA ORA ORA!!" Is all she heard as he pounded his fists away. It was a while before she finally had enough of this foreplay and she pulled out her dual blades, spinning around in her hands as she started to block as many of his punches as she could before sliding over to the left and then running forward, kicking a small stool that lay there and against the wall of metal staffs, all while in the midst of moving did they fall and she grab one before shooting off towards him.  A tight, vise-like grip on it, one hand near the middle, and the other towards the top. as she neared Eden, she twisted the staff in middle and out from the ends did a sharp point, surrounded by a claw on all four sides come out.   It was a bit too early to use the M.I.N.E. just yet. All of Eden's men were pretty much taken down and the poison was spreading through their bodies. after a few more minutes, they'll be nothing but a corpse turned white. As she neared him, she threw her staff into the air, ran and jumped forward, and flipping to the point where she attempted to hook her legs onto his shoulders and around his head, before rocking her body round in attempt to bring him down and throw him against the glass littered floor.  If he tried to block, or stop her from doing so, either aiming for any part of her body, she'd used the staff to fend him off, spinning her staff around and then jabing it out forward before doing again. If she was able to complete her move, she'd catch the staff after landing and if and when he stoof up, she'd stab the staff into the ground and use it like a pole, swinging her body and then attempting to knock her boot into his chest and stomach multiple times, spinning round and round six times and then landing back on her feet, pulling the staff out and crouching low to the floor.

I Am the LawEdit

Eden: Eden Creed had been caught a bliss by the sudden chair, He had laid a blow upon. Suddenly, It had knocked a wall of metal staffs over. Eden quickly lunged forward to grab one, He had attempted to block against the womens attack with her staff. But, to his surprise she lunged it in the air catching grasp of Eden Creeds neck. To where he was forced to spin, Rolling across Glass scatter among the ground. Eden slowly lifted himself from his current predicament, Suddenly, She spun in an inhumane fashion. At the way she spun around that pole, He could have guessed her first profession before running the dope game. The end of her boot met Edens chest a great many times, Eden allowed his aura to grimace slowly off his skin, as he was occupied attempting to fend off her kicks. A few bruises laid to waste upon Edens chest, But as soon as Rox were to attempt to land on her feet she would find that she’s been caught in what seemed to be wet gooey with a bit of a stick. Or, In more of a literal term Chi bubble gun. Eden had the ability to alter his aura into an akin sticky substance such as bubble gum. So as Rox was kicking away at Edens chest he was also sticking a bit of his gum at the end of her boot. If this were successful, Eden would attempt to grab her by her ankle with his right and his left catching grasp of the back of her pants. If this were successful, Eden would quickly revert to a quick spin launching her body back into the center of the wall. If she were to attempt to break away from his grasp, Eden would tighten the grasp his chi bubble gum had on her and attempt it again. If this were to successfully be executed, Eden would allow her body to meet the center of the wall , Before pulling amongst his Chi bubble gum again. Eden Creed would attempt to have the gum pull her forward, If this were successful Eden would perform the Knee X Face maneuver. “ Regret ?! Regret all you want ! Your actions will not go unpunished ! “ Eden had hauled his upper body forward dropping his waist. Punching his knee out, He felt a vibrant speed pulse through his joints. Due , To Edens Creed rubber fatigue his speed was unfathomable. It was something unseen nearly unseen by the human eye, Eden Creed quickly lunged forward at great lengths and speed Eden lunged forward. Eden quickly flexed a joint in his muscle, This acted as a distraction. If Roxanne was still being pulled towards Eden as he contracted his bubble gum, Eden would then quickly lunge up. His hair flew across his back, like a black stallion. And like a Creed Eden would attempt  grasped the back of her head. Using her hair to his advantage , Quickly lunging his knee upwards, Attempting to literally smash his knee into the center of the face,  If this were successful, This would break her nose, If not something more extreme such as a concussion. Weather this were successful or not, Eden would quickly lunge back, Pulling his knee and launching his foot into the focal point as Rox body would have been suffering the brutal aftermath of the attack if successful, Allow Eden to lunge back upwards attempting to lunge an elbow at her mid abdomen. If this were successful Rox would be forced into mid air allowing Eden to lunge a final bow into her abdomen knocking her through the wall if successful. “ I am the law. “

Roxanne: She was caught a bit off guard as he grabbed at her ankle and the back of her pants, and she couldn't wrestle out of it as her body smashed and imprinted into the wall and she grunted softly as pain shot through her body. As he pulled her out of the wall and suddenly she felt his hand move behind her head and she instantly reacted, pulling out a Dual and shoving the sharpest end against her hair, cutting it off so that his grip would falter, and if he didn't move his hand in time, there's more of a likely chance he'd get cut in the process, and a slighter chance he'd get a finger cut off. Right as he attempted to break her face with his knee, she attempted to use her left hand against his momentum, pushing his knee upward, backwards and then outwards. Lu is another basic method of Tai Chi. It is also one of the four direct forces. Lu is frequently used in the Chen Style combat. The power point of Lu is on both wrists. When applied together with rotation of the waist Lu redirects the momentum of the opponent, leading him astride. The saying of “four teals of force can move thousand pounds” about Tai Chi actually is a reference to Lu. During the move the body has to be coordinated: the energy point has to be precise, the shoulders and elbows are lowered, and the qi flows down the spine. The neck and the tailbone form a vertical line and the posture of the body is kept straight. The spine becomes the central axis and the waist rotating around it like a wheel. When the waist and spine turn together smoothly, the force of the opponent is diverted to either side of the body. The more the hands and the waist coordinate, the stronger the power of the Lu. At the point of contact the move should be light, precise, quick, and continuous. With the rotation of the waist the forward momentum of the opponent is unchanged, nonstop, and unbroken. His speed is suddenly exaggerated, and a lack of compensation invariably results in a loss of balance. Lu can be performed with one or both hands.The two-handed Lu is seen in a number of sequences, such as the Oblique Form, and Green Dragon rising out of Water converting into Both Hand Push. The force of Lu cannot be dissociated from that of Peng (ward-off). Otherwise its energy will crumble. As that happens, the rotational force of the waist cannot be fully expressed and the Lu generates much less power, leading to a substandard effect. This point deserves special attention. If the move she provided earlier by pushing his knee up, back and out, she'd then attempt to send blows to several places. 24 blows in all. Two strikes to his temples, throat, the inside of his biceps, his wrists using her hands. In total it was 8 blows. The next, two strikes to his collar bone, solar plexus, ribs, and elbows. 16 strikes. The last eight, two to his abdomen, groin, knees and ankle. Each strike having an interval of only a fourth of a second before the next punch. Why these areas? Cause these places hold special points in the body that can render the body useless, and so comes chi-blocking into play. Roxanne learned of chi-blocking from Shizukana Yoru, the Lady of the Night, during the display of the fighting style in the GMAF 2 with Keyth Tasanagi. To continue on, if Eden where to take these blows, then practically his body would've shut down on him, preventing any movement. The time chi-blocking stands for is for a good hour, but if more pressure is applied, then the effect will last longer. WHILE this was happening, both had been in mid-air and so then would come the attempted Ji. Ji is also one of the eighth basic methods. It belongs to the direct forces and is frequently applied in the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. When used in a close range Ji can cause an opponent to lose balance. It is also an extension of Peng, aiming to compromise the attacker. Ji can be delivered in a number of ways: using one-hand, both-hands, the elbow, the shoulder, the chest, the back, the hip, or the thigh. The move can be adjusted at anytime. It can assault the opponent if he is holding back. When he moves forward, Ji can displace his momentum to miss the target. Ji is a technique used in close range, so the body must be stable. This provides flexible mobility and maximal adaptability during combat. Eden had already been in motion due to her attempt at using Lu and her strikes to block his most crucial areas that had gateways for his chi to flow. Using her elbow for Ji, she attempted a quick move, sending it flying against Eden's throat and then using her thigh in attempt to slam it against his hip with enhanced strength given to her by the s-virus. With that strength and Eden's immobility to send chi into the places she struck, the chance of his hip bone breaking was at a good chance, seeing as that if and only if, he found a way to dodge, which would be a bit hard, seeing as that he could dodge only one or the other, either the strike to his throat, or the hit to his hip, for the reason that there was a gap of only a tenth of a second in between the strikes. With either of the strikes she sent, Eden's body would've flew back against the opposite wall and then fall forward. Roxanne, not giving any rest, would've shot forward, using the wall like a trampoline, pushing off of it to greaten the speed and then she'd go on and attempt An. An (press) is one of the eight basic methods and is another of the direct forces. It is a common technique in Tai Chi Chuan. An means to close and to shut down. Its focal point of force is transmitted from the center or the root of the palm, while the center revolves around the waist. The energy (qi) is accumulated in the tan t’ien. An can be delivered with one or both hands. The proper posture of An dictates that the shoulders be sunken and elbows submerged. With folding the chest and loosening the waist, the body is kept erect while the qi descends to the tan t’ien. The turning of the waist brings the whole torso into motion, coordinating the upper and lower body into a single compact system. “Both hands have to sink downwards, otherwise the shoulders would be elevated, rending the form useless.” Therefore it is critical to make sure the shoulders and elbows are sunken in order to express the power of An. Like the method says, her shoulders sunk down a bit and her elbows lowered. With a quick twist of her hips did she spin around in a clockwise motion, lifting her lower body up as her upper body fell, spinning her body round  as she fell a foot in front of him, catching his head in between her calves, ankles hooking underneath his neck, draging him along for the ride, spinning around in a 360 once before releasing the hold of her legs against his head, which would've sent him flying out of the restaurant window, glass shattering and flying everywhere, if he let the attack commence. She would've shot back up to her feet, hand at her side, resting upon the handle of her gun, ready to shoot if he decided to get back up. With time, she removed her boots before putting on a spare pair that was behind the bar counter.

Eden: Eden allowed the knife to cut at his hand, Due to his psycho Chi in alliance to his stand He was almost  impervious to pain. It turned him on more than it hurts At her first touch, Upon Edens knee his first thought was to defend. Nearly a second after, Two strikes met it’s margin upon his temple, Then caught at his throat. Eden snickered, Hauling his arms upwards above his face, His arms turned a polished dark night black, The type of black that had a bit of a glow. This was solely activated by his emotions to quickly defend or fear. The Moment Rox were to attempt to puncture her technique at Edens biceps, She’d simply feel hardness. A cold shell of Armor, Bonded to the Skin on Edens arm, Thus , Breaking the momentum of her attack. Eden quickly opening his, Arms Eden swiftly extending his neck, Quickly attempting to bash his skull dead center into her nose. With a far greater impact than usual, Not only due to the momentum and velocity.But, As a practitioner of Thunderous Boxing. Eden was able to suffice his attempts at the  Cross-Counter Move  After taking damage counter with a attack with the same strength as what hit you. Eden reverted his actions to   If this were successful, This would allow Eden to find himself back on his feet, But as he , Fell He’d wouldn’t allow Rox anytime to recover. Swiftly and accordingly, As Eden fell, He’d quickly attempt to launch a series of 4 quick jabs from both his right along with his left hand, coming down to 8 punches total. All plummeting down at one point of interest, Her chest . If this were successful, Her body would be caught rendering at excessive speed,  Due to the momentum and velocity behind Edens punches, Using the philosophy of his “ ORA” technique behind them. Weather this hit or not, His next series of attacks would remain the same. As, Edens feet met the floor, Eden quickly revealed to Roxy why he was now known as  King of Speed. Godspeed more like it, Eden used his rubber fatigue to perform an whole bodily movement, That was of an human origin, Therefore, Rendering it dangerous The Dampsey Roll !  The Dempsey Roll was a technique developed and used by real-life boxer William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey. it's where the user lowers their stance and central balance and begins to aggressively weave their body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to trace their movements accurately.  Therefore, As Eden Creed was dead set caught in the center of his momentum, Eden Creed would then attempt to fire a series of rapidly executed punches whilst continuing their bobbing and weaving, Attempting on  catching the target in a high paced barrage of punches that few succeeded in escaping from. As the Dempsey Roll is a flurry of hooks throw with the fighters full body weight behind them, few fighters can withstand it should it land successfully, particularly if it isn't guarded against. Edens development have allowed him to bring the Dempsey Roll to newer, stronger and less predictable levels of strength.The major factor of the Dempsey Roll's strength comes from weight shifting and full rotation to the back and hips, allowing powerful hits to be landed on the target's blind spots. The bobbing aspect takes the boxer to the further parts of the other person's vision and thus it is possible for an experienced Dempsey Roll user to hit their opponents without being seen.Therefore, If this were successful which would be highly likely, If the headbutt were to connect. Due, To Edens knowledge on the brain function. Due to his study on it hence creating J.A.J Jester Art Jutsu. Eden was really aiming for the Olfactory nerve, Which acts as the generator behind the sensory system, The Olfactory relays Sensory data to the brain. Edens headbutt, Intercepted that data hence slowing it down. And due, To Edens intense Speed, This could prove to be highly dangerous. If this were successful the connection and impact would have it’s toll, On Rox she would have felt as if she went head on with a bull, But, Edens series wouldn't end here. He wanted to send a message, Therefore, Edens next attack is what, Eden felt was his final blow. Eden swiftly flexing, His back muscles “ Time to make this count ! “  Edens will was seen through his Stand which shot out his back. But it was of a different structure, It gave off a different look, A humanoid resembling a tall, well-built man of similar proportions to Eden. In colored art its skin is often a hue between purple, blue and green. Its face and body have varying colors.It has long black hair. Its face is black above its eyes and on the front plane of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head. The spaces under its eyes and on its cheeks and chin are darker than, and divided clearly from, the space around its nose and mouth. It wears a cap on its chin, and a metallic headband in three pieces, the central piece of which is shaped as a vertical ellipse. Initially, its facial features are very similar to Julius.A wavy line runs from each arm to the front of its torso, continuing down its legs. It has a minimal range of clothing and armor, including a short, circular scarf, shoulder pads with a spiral design, long gloves with studs on the back, knee and elbow guards, a loincloth, and short boots. “ ORA ! “ Eden shouted. As his Stand let loose an outrageous series of blows all at an attempt a severely injuring Roxy if not render her body useless.  It wouldn't matter if these punches connected or not. It was all an distraction for Edens last and final blow ! Thunderous uppercut ! Eden would quickly attempt to halt his knees forward and at great blind to the human eye speed, Eden would appear beneath Roxy, His head aligned with her hip as Edens stand continued to plummet punches at her. Tears fell from Edens face, At the thought of his long lost love Mary/Ahri, Their voices in his head. “ It’s time.” Eden was unable to gain destruction Chi but was able to formulate his own aspects to it .One of the main moves within the  thunderous boxing  style would be the Lightning thrust technique, which is When user is able to launch a single attack that hits its target multiple times. This could be a punch that hits the target ten times despite only throwing one punch but in order to do said move, one must channel enough Chi into their arm that could deliver the said blows to dismember an opponent. Using the technique… to an opponent so “1 punch”  could have been thrown out to the human eye and untrained eye. But in reality the strikes would add up to 10 hits or more in total. This technique is thus far the most dangerous when it comes to Eden because of the explosive effect he added to it. Using his wrapping and stacking as his arms defense making the explosive projectile as the first layer. Eden would then make it more apparel to his own liking, The brimming light of purple scattered across his bloated fist, He would then attempt to launch his fist upwards focusing the explosive bubble at her chin. Thus making it LIGHTNING THRUST UPPERCUT ! If this were successful, Roxannes body would meet the obliterating effect of the chi. Disabling her body rendering it useless, Her body would be launched through a wall into the streets hung beneath a street light. Where she’d be welcomed by the rumbling of motorcycles, reinforcements in the place of his dead comrades.

A Kiss of DeathEdit

Roxanne: Never in her life had she felt so much pain from one being. BAM BAM BAM BAM, like thunder did his punches sound as they pounded against her body, blood escaping her mouth and then she caught the sight of his tears escaping his eyes and that's when she got the lights knocked out of her and it sent her flying through the wall, and into the street, her body rolling along the pavement and then coming to a halt. Her gaze was glazed over, and she was a bit blinded. "a-agh..." She groaned as the roar of motorcycles began swarming around her. She couldn't move... at least not yet. Her nose ached a bit and there was always a second reserve of chi she kept in for herself in case of situations like this. Chi pumped through her body and she relayed the tears he shed just a few moments earlier. Her bones started to crack into place, including her nose. The healing factor was just one of the pluses of the s-virus. Slowly, but surely, she was healed along internal injuries. The external injuries she could worry about later. Her eyes flashed first to the Memory Concept, her eyes relaying on every single event that happened, even to the slightest bat of an eye was etched into her mind. And then came the Aura reading. Her eyes fell on Eden, catching this dark, green and black mixture made of wisps of smoke. Remember what she said about weapons being littered across her land? Well... As she got up to her feet, she chuckled softly, then bursting into a fit of giggles, a light blush coming across her face and then came a sigh (
Attack on Titan - Annie Laughing (HD)-0

Attack on Titan - Annie Laughing (HD)-0

 ) "How... pleasureable it is... to see a grown man cry. It isn't because of me is it?" She asked with a little glint in her eye before grinning. "Of course not. You, lover boy, lost your first love, hm?" She started laughing again and she bent over slightly, holding her stomach before gaining back her posture, brushing her hair back. "Such tradgedies, yet so young. Ah, the endless nights you felt alone." She rubbed at her chest, feeling the pain beginning to cease but the bruises would stay for a bit longer, and then on her hip there was a button and it beeped when she pressed it. That button was to signal the group underneath them all that something was need, and they'd send it up the chute from where she stood. Five seconds was the timer and then it started. Before anything, she took out a small red pill and popped it into her mouth, sliding it under her tongue and holding it there. She took a step forward, glass crunching beneath her feet and Eden's reinforcements moved forward, surrounding her in a circular shape and she glared softly at them. "Oh, you want to play too?" She pulled out her M.I.N.E. switching it to heat seeker mode and then swung her arm around, and smiled. They all idiotically watched her rather than the bullets as she pulled the trigger and like a spiral came a single bullet at nearly 175 miles per hour (
Wanted - Angeline Jolie Fox death scene-0

Wanted - Angeline Jolie Fox death scene-0

) in attempt to kill his men on sight and if that didn't work, she'd tap the ground beneath her, and then fall to the ground as the pavement in front of her opened a hatch and out popped a 360 revolver and from that came 240 bullets worth of pain, shooting in all directions and spinning, some of the bullets heading towards Eden as well. She traveled underneath the bullets as she flew back straight towards him again, all whilst pressing the button once more as two falcatas flew out from the walls as she reentered City Heights. The falcata has a singled edged blade that pitches forward towards the point, the edge being concave near the hilt, but convex near the point. The shape distributes the weight in such a way that the falcata is capable of delivering a blow with the momentum of an axe, while maintaining the longer cutting edge of a sword. The grip is typically hook-shaped, the end often stylized in the shape of any customized design. There is often a thin chain connectiong the hooked butt of the Iberian with the hilt. Although usually a single-edged weapon, double-edged falcatas have been made. Her blades scratched across the floor, leaving a trail of sparks and streaks. () Then re-routing herself, she shot off to the left, but not before lauching her falcatas towards Uub, each blade going at least 70 miles per hour, one to his chest, and the other to his right knee. As she raced to the left, her feet hit the wall, cracks spreading beneath her soles and she shot off towards him, pulling out her dual blades and then slding past him, attempting to slash clean and through the back of his neck ( ) though it wouldn't be much with the blade alone, so she sent her at least 85% of her chi into a sudden blast IF the duals made contact with his skin. If he had well blocked her blades or dodged it, she'd then shift her body, flipping backwards and landing on her hands on a chair behind him with her face towards his back, and then she'd continue her assault, lifting the chair off the ground and sending it flying towards his back, but that was only a distraction as she pulled out her M.I.N.E. and aimed it at him as she circled him again, keeping it close and arm steady, sliding her body in front of him and giggling, her right sliding up his chest and then clenching it tightly as she attempted to pull him down until his face came to her level, M.I.N.E. set to Scorch as she pressed it to his stomach, ( if you can picture  it more deadly. XD ) her lips suddenly closing over his, her tongue forcing entry into his mouth as she attempted to slip the pill into his mouth, her will not breaking much as she wouldn't leave until he swallowed. Once and if he allowed her to do so, she'd pull her lips away from his, giggling some while biting down on her lip, keeping close contact as she dug the gun in deeper. "I can't imagine what it's like for you, but.. I might say you'll be in Hell for a long 24 hours." Defy, is a red, six-sided pill that Roxanne uses to discipline her fellow aqquaintances if they choose to displease, disobey, or just plain piss her off. The pill is activated for 24 hours after consumption, causing the consumer to have nausea, blurred vision, liver and kidney problems, anal bleeding, diarrhea, shortness of breath, constipation, and vomiting. If he accepted the "kiss" she would've clicked her watch, whistling as she held her hand outwards, catching her signature nagamaki. The nagamaki was a long sword with a blade that could be 2 feet or more and a handle that about equal length to the blade. The blade was single-edged and it could resemble a naginata blade, but the main difference in how the blades were mounted was that the handle (tsuka) of the nagamaki was not a simple wooden shaft as in the naginata; it was made more like a katana hilt. Even the name "nagamaki" ("long wrapping") is given by the tradition of handle wrapping. The nagamaki handle was wrapped with leather or silk cords in criss-crossed manner, very similar to the wrapping that is made on katana. The nagamaki is considered to be evolved from the extremely long nodachi or ōdachi swords that are described in fourteenth century literature and pictorial sources. The length of blade varies on a nagamaki. However, the nagasa (blade length) most commonly fits the profile of a tachi or katana blade, which would be a blade of more than 2 shaku (2 Shaku = 60.6 cm, roughly 2 feet) in length. While nagamaki means "long wrap" they have been found with no ito (wrapping cord) at all, which is very much like a long tachi handle. The tsukamaki (hilt wrap) is of even more importance when applied to the tsuka of a nagamaki. The cord helps to improve grip on the tsuka and also lends structural integrity to the wooden handle. Nagamaki found without hilt wrap usually had at least metal collars around the hilt where the tang is. There are no solid rules governing the aspects of the make of the nagamaki. Unlike wakizashi, tantō, and katana, which have had history of strict measurements regarding the nagasa, and even the tsuka in some cases; the nagamaki varied in nagasa, nakago (tang) length, kissaki style, etc. Nagamaki presumably could have koshirae in a tachi or katana style as well as a nagamaki style, however there are examples of nagamaki with rather long nakago (tang), which could be fitted with a longer staff for a haft and effectively function as a naginata. Araki-ryū nagamaki is a heavy naginata over eight pounds of weight and eight feet long. All traditional Japanese swords are fitted very snugly to their tsukas and held in place with a mekugi (bamboo peg) which is fit through a mekugi-ana (hole in the tang and hilt). This is actually quite a strong mount when done correctly, and allowed for easy dismount of the bare blade for maintenance or inspection. Katana most commonly had one single mekugi, and nagamaki commonly have been found with two or more to account for the added leverage of a longer handle. She pressed it up against his throat and smiled. "No.. I don't think I'm gonna kill you today. Maybe I'll regret that, but I'm looking forward to more fun with you in the future. she put the blade away before suddenly attempted a head butt that could've knocked him back towards the wall with all of the wine, breaking the bottles like nothing. Along with the attempted head butt did she switch the Scorch into Heat seekers, the bullet being just a regular .45, pulling the trigger and sending five shots into his stomach area. It wouldn't hurt him after seeing him take her hits like so. The pill would've taken effect almost a minute after consumption. If he took her hits, she'd then walk forward to him, taking out an inhaler filled with yellow and red liquid, attempting then to shove the opening into his mouth before releasing the entire bottle of toxin of Motion picture into his airways. "The longest twenty four hours..." She'd then continue on forward, pulling his body out of her restaurant and then one of her workers came to her side and she'd hand Eden over to him. "Dump his body far away from here. He's not dead, but just put him somewhere... Far away... do you understand, McMillan?" He nodded and then proceeded with Padrona's orders. She'd then walked back inside shop, groaning and sighing softly. "Oh, what a man he'll grow up to be if he can make me beat up like this.."

Eden: “ What?! Impossible no way she could have gotten up from that ! “ Eden thought as he kept a grip upon his arm seeing her welcome herself back to her feet. He made a fist until, He heard her mention his girlfriend. For some reason, He felt his defense die down, But before he can pick it up again, His comrades began to die a bloody death. And he was being slashed, Then came off the skin at the back of his neck. Eden slouched forward, Unexpectedly. He was taken by the kiss of a devil, Eden did not budge. Instead he welcomed it, Her M.I.N.E set to scorch burning at his stomach. Their tongues met at a breathtaking battle, Eden felt her slip the pill into his mouth forcing him to swallow and so he did. But, It didn’t end there As Rox felt the battle was over, Eden still had a bit of fight in him.Soon as she felt the need to pull away, She would find that she was unable to, Eden had forced their body to remain attached, Using his Chi bubble gum. Eden Creed can alter his aura's consistency into an incredibly sticky substance somewhat akin to bubble gum, albeit much stronger. It can be used to pull opponents within punching range for a flurry of rebound pummels. Chi Bubble Gum can both stretch and contract, depending on what Eden desires. It can be attached either by pointing at his target or through direct physical contact. Additionally, Chi Bubble Gum can also be used to cover a greater area by molding it into a sheet rather than a string. It is so reliable and durable that it can act as a shield against attacks or as a means to return them to their original caster When not attached to Edens  body, Chi Gum cannot stretch more than 10 meters  Eden  has shown the ability to alter his Chi Gum´s shape and colour. However, it is still almost impossible to avoid, as Eden  can simply attach Chi Gum [on his fist] while hitting his opponent. Meanwhile, His Chi bubbles had set up a blockade within his digestive system against the pill. The Bubbles took their toll around that pill, It floated upwards using his throat as a tube, laying firmly upon his tongue, Eden swiftly formulated a bubble around it attempting on transporting it down her throat, literally jamming and forcing it in. It didn’t matter whether she swallowed it or not, Eden had control over it due to his stacking technique, If the pill met her digestive system which was highly likely unless she had something that she could use to defend her digestive system. But, If this were successful the drug would have it’s said effect on her, Eden would then pull away, Pulling one of the shards of glass from the floor and attempting to ram it into her abdomen, If this were successful, Eden would then pull away, Blood poured from his lips as the flames began to eat away at his abdomen. Eden gently patted his hands o her chin, Running his fingers through her hair, “  I lost the women I love.. is there a hell far more scarier than that ? hm how bout you try your own supply “ Eden said before lifting himself onto his feet, Making his way towards the nearest wall, and allowing himself to lay against it, a trail of blood followed as he slipped into a seated position. He tilted his head and stared at the sky, little droplets began to fell amongst his skin.” I'm already in hell “

You Know NothingEdit

Roxanne: She squealed softly, unable to pull away. She pulled as hard as she could, though her eyes widened as he redirected the pill back into her mouth, forcing it back down her throat. She swallowed it so, but the thing is, the pill was infected with the s-virus that was already within her body, so it didn't effect her much. Just simple vomiting and stomach aches would happen. /  I lost the women I love.. is there a hell far more scarier than that ? hm how bout you try your own supply "/ Is what related in her mind. "Don't you think I've prepared myself for such a thing?" She grinned and gasped so suddenly. There was a sharp pain in her abdomen and she looked down, laughing at the sight as the glass pierced her body, blood staining the glass and oozing from the wound. The S-Virus began quickly reacting to the would, slowly closing it as she pulled it out, feeling as he patted her chin and ran his fingers through his hair, her eyes slowly lowering as she followed him as he moved. She listened to him, her ears perking up and then she played with the glass that he'd just stabbed in her. Her vision began to blue a bit though she didn't pay much to it as her head turned a direction towards Eden, a devilish grin spreading across her face. "You've already lost your love. That's a good thing. You've already went through the pain, or rather be it, still going through it." She slowly got up to her feet and picked up her nagamaki, her body moving at such a speed that in a blink of an eye, she was already in front of Eden, eyes lowered and face expressionless as she used the blade to cut her arm, dying the stainless steel in red before stabbing in the ground in between his legs. "Thanks for stealing the first kiss, lover boy. This woman hasn't even had her first love, so count yourself lucky to even feel such a thing as 'love'. You're able to fall in love, while someone like me who isn't. Don't go telling people what you know about Hell. You know NOTHING..." She stood back up, her body limping slightly as she met up with the Medical team of Empire White and they aided to her injuries. She moved home base for now, but she'd soon return back to City Heights, and soon return to face other enemies.

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