A Little Dare with Absolutely no TruthEdit

Ryoji: Leon watched as she spoke about getting dinner started. Leon got excited. He rather enjoyed her cooking, and was getting giddy the sound of her deciding to cook even more so than before. “If its okay with you, I’d actually love to sample more of your cooking, that I would…tis been a while since I’ve eaten anything remotely homemade and wanted seconds.” Leon would nod, scratching the back of his right leg with his left foot. When she notion truth or dare, Leon tilted his head a bit. “Ah. I’ve never been too good with games…let alone games that cause one to do acts or activities that could get them in trouble or arrested. But...” Leon rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. A stipulation though. I’d like to skip the truth aspect. Seeing as how most people our age usually do the “Dare” Portion.” Leon would waltz into the kitchen with her, and lean against the counter with his hands in his pockets. “Since the point of this game is to…do…unnecessarily outlandish things…” Leon would blush mad red. The blood flourishing in his face as he was about to ask a dare of her. He wasn’t sure if he should even ask. He was second guessing himself….heavily. He didn’t want to seem like a pig. Or a pervert. But it was the point of the game…he was growing rather nervous by the second just thinking about it. Tapping his index fingers together he’d speak in a bit of a lowered tone, looking away from her. “I dare you to…..cook with your top off. That I would.” Leon would laugh a bit before clearing his throat. “N-never mind. I really suck at this kind of thing…that I do. Never been the life of any social venture…”

SayuriAkagi: Domini steps behind the counter listening to Leon’s request that she cook dinner instead of ordering out for the night an ideal that she actually was happy about as well, since she didn’t really like to take out much unless she truly had to or was completely too tired to do so. But it bothered her that he wasn’t able to really able to enjoy a home cooked meal, something she wagered that the life of being a member of Heroes Inc. didn’t grant him often if at all. It was something she might have to change if they were going to be around one another more often. “Cooking it is. How does sukiyaki, yakitori over rice, tsukemono, and for dessert I make some onigiri with an apple filling sound? ( ----> read this to know what foods I’m talking about).” she smiles. “I have such a sweet tooth right now it’s a shame.” This admission came just as Leon tells her that he’s never been good with playing any kind of games which in itself almost dumbfounded the fuck outta her as she headed into the refrigerator to pull out the ingredients for the dishes she’d just mentioned placing each on the counter behind her still listening to what he says. “I don't know about arrested since most of the time I’ve played it with friends inside the limits of a house.” Domini guessed that kids there age here in the states took the context of the game to a whole other level or extreme still the reason behind it was to help loosen people up and open up boundaries that they other wise wouldn’t dare break on a daily bases. His request not to have the truth portion of the game involved at all made Dom wonder just what he was up to only to have his reply be made only minutes later which she understood. “Alright, no truth questions just dare.” Holding a block of tofu and a bottle of a cooking sake in hand she’d use her right foot to close the fridge door behind her moving towards the counter sitting both down to begin prepping, cutting, and yes even slicing the fresh meats she was going to use for her nabe dish which had to be thinly sliced just perfectly in order to be cooked right only to be stopped in her tracks by the first dare of the night. Now Domini was a far cry from being shy but the ideal of letting Leon out of all people see her topless while she cooked did make her blush, it also was rather arousing to boot as she’d seen it done on a few shows back home but never tried it for herself but rather look like a chicken since this was a game of dares she motions her right hand backwards, allowing her fingers to intertwine themselves in the silk laces of the corset like bodice she was wearing, and with gentle tug of the string she moves her left arm back in order aid her right in loosening the material enough that it would fall down with ease exposing her bare modest D-sized breasts which like the rest of her were bathed in a milky white color; her nipples were kissed the color of a fully ripe peach both peaks appearing slight firm as if enticing the person who might looking at them to come over and have a taste. She of course would hear him instantly change his mind on the dare in question by then it was too late, Domini having already exposed the upper portion of her physic to Leon and slowly lifting it up over her head to completely discard the garment into a nearby chair, her long red hair completely coming undone from the bun she had it in cascading itself over her shoulders and skin. “It’s alright Leon…besides we’re safe no one else is here but us and I most certain won’t tell.” She winks her left eye at him going back to attend to the food she set out to prepare for the evening meal, at hint of modesty still holding itself in her cheeks as she set out to place the rice into a cooker, then moving on to cook the meat, vegetables, and other items in a bit of cooking sake for a favor once in skillets on the stove her cleavage bouncing limitlessly whilst she moved from one direction to the other quite possibly enticing Leon even further with their fully firm appearance. Something Domini secretly hoped would drive him up the wall before she issued her dare. “Leon I dare you to pick one thing that you’ve always fantasized about doing to a woman and do it to me.” Her eyes were a light with the fire of mischief as she looked up from sauté the vegetables to see his reaction knowing full well with see her topless like this for a so long that he’d was bound to come up with several ideals as most males would or at least grabbed her by now.

Ryoji: Leon saw her blush and began to regret even asking her to do such a thing. He was horrified and upset in himself to even think he'd let someone do such an indecent act in front of him. He stood up straight sighing and looking away a bit. he was about to verbally apologize until her saw her hands make their way behind her back...Leon sight froze in its tracks as her saw what she was doing from a mile away...but he didn't want to take his eyes off of her for even a moment. As the top began to come off lesser virgin tendencies came full force as he could feel the beat in his pants change to something more "Rock steady" figuratively speaking. Once her breasts were fully revealed Leon’s eyes sparked. They bounced ad they emerged and had a smooth and creamy look to them like her skin tone. His pupils dilated and he'd stare at her profusely while he watched her move around the kitchen. A drop of blood made its way from his nose as he had a @_@ type look in his eyes. What she said next was Leon's breaking point. Leon I dare you to pick one thing that you’ve always fantasized about doing to a woman and do it to me.” "......Gah" Leon would cover his nose as a comical stream of blood made its way down his nose in a gush. He was quick enough to grab a paper towel and soak it all up before he contaminated the kitchen entirely. "Ah one thing. Well I uh. I don't. I mean I. that. Would be. mgh." Leon stammered losing his cool before inhaling and exhaling his bangs falling over his eyes. he cleared his throat. He was la laid back. his demeanor became cool....until hid legs began to shake violently. he. spoke "Well you...have any chocolate syrup..." Leon steadily made his way over to fridge. looking for a bottle he conveniently found one and held it steady in his hand. "I...well...I don't want to interrupt your cooking. bit I must comply ton the rules of the game that I must " Leon bit his lip a bit before coming up behind her and helping her put down whatever she may have had in her hands before turning her around and sitting her up on tip of the counter. "If I mess up tell me. I've...never made it this far." he'd hesitantly tug at her pants and slip them off her unzipping them and all and like a neat freak folding her pants up properly before sitting them down on the side. Leon signed looking at her panties if shed let him make it this far. " nice....eyes." Leon swallowed hard before grabbing each side of her panties and slipping them off if her fine thickened and toned thighs. Holding them in his hands for a second he’d almost lost it. his face bright red as he looked at her vagina. "I...always wondered what it'd taste like...with chocolate. But... I...ah. dammit. I can't think about it." Leon would hold the bottle upside down spreading her legs at this point and letting the chocolate cascade over the surface of her love box. He’d even drawn a cute little heart there...the big moment came ad he'd stick his tongue about and begin licking around her womb, the chocolate meeting his tongue as he'd drag bit around the area of skin between her legs. He was amateurish at best and still learning ad he'd see the chocolate slip down the line of her pussy. "....don't think. Just. do." he'd push hid lips against her womb and as if kissing her up tops he'd begin frenching the walls of her womb, his tongue flickering around inside and cleaning up the parts of chocolate that had made themselves a home there. If she was wet the sultry juices of her womb would mix in with the chocolate actually making Leon raise his eyes a bit. He was enjoying himself and he enjoyed her taste though you could still see the timidness in hid actions.

SayuriAkagi: Domini continues to work her way through each of her dishes being careful not to come as close as she normally would if she were wearing a shirt as she places a hand into each of the knobs the controls the stoves eyes turning each down to low before removing the meat from one pan into their serving dishes before allowing the others to cook at a much slower pace. Her lavender eyes stayed focused on what she was doing not taking in the tell a tale sign that he was still 'fresh' as the case were when it came to seeing and experiencing the beauty of the female body. She knew that this was a bold move on her part but she really wanted to shake things up in the hopes of getting Leon out of whatever box he’d buried himself in but his response to the dare in which she made completely caught her off guard as she soon heard him ask if she kept any chocolate syrup in the house. Domini simply replied, “Yeah in the fridge on the door.” Not really paying it any attention as Leon made his way over toward it opened the door, retrieving the bottle, closing the door once more, and then telling her that he didn’t wish to interrupt her cooking but he had to comply with the game at hand just as Dom herself was placing the meats she’d finished cooking onto their specific serving dishes along with their veggie counter parts becoming painfully aware that Leon’s male physic was behind her once his hands forced her to pull down the sampling bowl she was holding and cooking wine onto either side of the counter before being turned around to face him and hoisted up onto counter top with little to no effort at all with her heart rattling on in her chest as he informed her that he’d near made it this far with a girl before, and to tell him if he was messing up or not. At first the lavender eyes beauty wondered as to what Leon talking about never figuring once that he’d make a b-line move for the waist line of the jeans she wore unzipping them fire before tugging them down over the creamy color of her hips, then her thighs exposing dark material of her panties to his eyes another hint of rouge hitting her cheeks as he stepped away briefly to fold them up neatly on the side once they were pass her calves. For the longest time all Domini could do was stare at him, still in shock that what he was about to do was the fantasy (out of many) in which he desired the most to experience with her. By all measures she felt honored their eyes meeting briefly. When told she has nice eyes Domini would only give Leon a nod and a smile, as way of saying thanks feeling the soft caress of his finger tips against her skin as they interlocked with the thin delicate fabric of her panties and began to pull them down. Carefully she lifts her hips upwards just enough for him to continue the path down towards her thighs, parting them just enough to where he could slide off and over her delicately manicured feet. Making it appear as if each move she were making was a sensual tease, to enhance one’s senses right down to her lowering her hips again against the makings of the counter top. Inside of her chest Domini could hear her heart rattling on erratically while watching Leon look at her slightly wet under garment explaining to her that he’d always wondered what a woman’s sex would taste like laced in chocolate…his words becoming caught up in his stammering once he began to think about things. Though she wanted to laugh she refrained knowing full and god damn well that she too had a sexual secret as well that she had yet to share with the class despite her own sexual ventures the cold drizzle of chocolate being poured upon the most sensitive part of her body suddenly bring her back to the reality at hand once Leon had pushed her legs back exposing her soft dewy petals to him. Again she did blush feeling some what like a beautiful offering of old to a God, sitting there upon an altar waiting to be ravished. And ravish her he did, placing his tongue against the only part of her body that in fact could make her weak using it in order to sample her and drive her wild. Sad thing was it was working, oh god was it working! As the temperature of the chocolate begin to change with heat of her body rising she would feel the sticky sweet treat begin to trickle down in between her slit, mixing then mingling in with that of her own warm but lucrative nectar before slipping into warmth of her womb where his tongue soon followed it. Savoring every corner of the sweet delight she had to give him enhanced by the flavor of the chocolate itself, the red haired beauty’s head going back as she cries panting, “Leon…yes….right there….mmffff...move your tongue a bit more…” If he were to comply with her request he’d soon hear her say, “Yes just like that….oh god it feels sooo good.” her left hand leaving the counter where it had been resting in order to caress the side of his face his tongue having touch an erogenous zone inside of her contracting sheath causing Domini to give up on her control for a moment and give in to Leon completely. The soft sounds of his tongue lavishing her womb with its attention and her moans of, “Hai... Hai... Chōdo sono yō tsudzukeru. ... Teishi shinaide kudasai..” (Yes…yes…keep going just like that…please don’t stop.) or his name spilling from her lips in her native tongue of Japanese filling up the room as she tried to understand the strange feeling that was making the need to have him buried deep inside of her womb now, grow immensely where as with others it only flickered and in a flash it was gone.

Ryoji: Leon could…hear her moans of appreciation. He was doing it! He was making a woman feel good! Everything he’d ever known about ration and reason went slam out the window as she moaned his name. MOANED HIS NAME. Leon did as he was told, and began to move his tongue around, even more so. Parting his lips a bit wider so his tongue would swirl inside of her womb even more, actually gaining a good bit more depth Leon opened his eyes and saw her clit, wondering what exactly he should do to it. He wasn’t completely sure, as he’d never done this before...but when…when she started speaking…in a Japanese tongue. Leon’s eyes widened, as his tongue actually began making wide strides inside of her womb! He got excited! He’d never…heard such a sweeter voice speaking and referring to him! This made Leon reach his hands up and take grip of her thighs, burying his face even more inside of her as if his tongue was tunneling for something! Leon did at least learn something that he shouldn’t stop! As such, he’d pull his tongue out, chocolate still coating his tongue, as he slid it up the lines of her womb, and let the tip of his tongue circle around her clit. He didn’t know…what it did for a woman per say except what he learned off from anatomy lessons. That this was the pleasure center, one of the mains, for a woman. As such lean would amateurishly run the flat of his tongue up it, letting it slide off, and run his tongue back down, letting it grind against the clit as well. Leon would then start his tongue fro the base of her womb, letting the tip of his tongue barely seep between her walls, before slamming it inside of it, twirling it like a drill, before letting his lips collapse around her clit, sucking it as if it was a type of lollipop or something. Leon would burry his face inside of her thighs, actually standing himself up and holding her ample ass cheeks in his hands for a moment, to slurp and suck on whatever fluids came out of her! Leon would then pull his lips away; a string of spittle hanging from is lip. He’d lick his lips before looking up at Domini, his chin resting against her clit. “I mean….I’ve always wanted to do that…anyone ever tell you, that you taste really good, that you do.” Leon would smile before panting a sweet kiss against her clit. “So….I it my turn? If so...I dare you to…well.” Leon licked his lips one more time, still tasting her sweetness on her tongue. “What’s your specialty? Sex wise….I mean on-only if you want. It’s up to you. I mean if this is as far as you wanna go that’s fine, that it is.” Leon would wipe his mouth really quickly and sigh smiling, his mouth a little sore from continuous activity.

SayuriAkagi: By this point her hand had lowered from his cheek to the back of his neck, her fingers caressing it softly while she fought to keep her hips from bucking upwards against his face. Domini was breathless to say the very least and yet with each pass Leon's tongue made she always managed to catch a second wind in order to declare his praises once more her native tongue becoming more prominent as it began to drown out her command of the English language during this as his tongue pushed further into her soaking gash. It was almost enough to make Domini crave a release something that she herself had never experienced at the hands of her other lover's but then again she didn't desire to have them beyond just the physical point like she did Leon. To her his momentum just seemed without end, and for once Domini didn't care as his tongue begin to gain the necessary depth need to explore her womb further with a wider range of movement as Leon himself suddenly gained his courage to reach up, grab her by the thighs, and bury his face even further into them while his tongue gave her the lashing of the century only to withdraw it from her sheath in order to lavish her clit with a bit of attention just as her legs were starting to shake from the immense pleasure. At one mere flick of his tongue at the underside of her clit Domini almost all at once let her other hand join its mate at the back his neck as rest of her body bolted upright right from its relaxed position, curling itself up over his own kneeling form (assuming that this was the case) and holding onto dear life, her own long fiery strands starting trickle themselves onto then off over her shoulders like water going over a falls, the sensation of having a man's tongue even remotely near her sensitive pearl making her whimper to some effect as Leon used his tongue to circle around it. This to her begin the ultimate tease any man could do. But moment Domini felt the flat of his tongue graze soft erect tissue that lay hidden under its hood in an upwards manner, downwards, and then flick against it she knew shit had most certainly gotten real between the two of them as he used his mouth in a way that none not even she could imagine. “Leon wa, yori hai, ā, anata wa totemo yoi kibun ni sa seru. ... Hai masani sono yōna kami ā... Isoide.... Hayaku, sore o nameru....” (Leon yes more, lick it faster....hurry...oh god yes just like that....oh you make me feel so good....) Keeping his face buried in between her thighs Domini watched him through her lowered lashes actually stand up with both of her ass cheeks in hand completely devouring her, this move of course causing her to have to return to her relaxed state of leaning back against the makings of the counter but by this point she already too far gone to even put up a fuss. "Leon wa watashi ga, watashi wa tsumorida to omou. ... Mohaya ni hoji suru koto wa dekimasen... Ken!” The young woman declared again in her mother tongue feeling the intensity of her pleasure making it ascent upwards to the point of no return only to have her once orgasmic less world shattered by a man who’d had shaken hers in just a matter of few days time. Fighting to catch her breath she looks down at Leon who she catches licking his lips savoring the offering she gave him, their eyes meeting as she smiles hearing him tell her that he’d always wanted to do that and that she also tasted good too. A compliment, she had heard at times but thought that the guys were just making it up but now that Leon’s confirmed it along with a kiss to her clit to Domini guessed that she had no choice to believe that it was true. She’d hear him ask was it his turn before giving a nod of her own head as reply motioning the hand that was the closest to the stove towards the eyes she was cooking on in order to give them a quick flick, turning them off as dinner was ready outside of the rice in its cooker of course which was timed to cut itself off when done, then proceeded to slide from the counter top slowly just as she’s asked, “What’s your specialty? Sex wise….I mean on-only if you want. It’s up to you. I mean if this is as far as you wanna go that’s fine, that it is.” Her legs of course still feeling like jelly after such a great yet wild performance. With a devilish smile on her face 18 year old approached her lover ease lowering her hand down to the side long enough to tilt her head towards the left some in order to kiss his lips silencing his questions and words long enough to move her hand forward towards the crotch area of his black jeans which was heavily tented upright by the hard-on they lay inside of them. “Better yet let me show you.” Domini whispers against his lips as she would draw back from the kiss completely, “If you don’t let your cock out, it might not go down the way it should” letting the rasping sounds of the zipper that she managed to clasp upon touch him explain fully just what she had the intentions of doing here before she attempts to snap open the button of his jeans, so that they could fall to the floor about his ankles. In a fluid motion she kneels before him her lavender eyes maintaining full eye contact as she pulls his boxers (if that’s the case) down as well allowing his erection to pop out fully at attention just mere inches from her lovely face, her hands eagerly and delicately caressing it from the root near his testicles all the way up to the head several times so that he could become more comfortable with her touch. When this was established she would proceed to move up onto her knees completely with both of her supple breasts in hand placing this vibrate cock between them and part her lips allowing a bit of her own saliva to drizzle down onto the shaft in order to make her next course of action easier as she slowly begins to lift her cleavage up and down, rotating them in a clock wise massaging like motion her eyes gazing upwards into Leon’s face just to see his reaction.

Ryoji: Leon waited to see what she was going to do next, before she leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, shutting him up almost instantaneously. He enjoyed her kisses…maybe more than he should have. When her hand advanced towards his crotch, Leon’s eyes widened. He didn’t’ think she’d actually...he’d never been this so far gone in any kind of lustful endeavor so it’s a wonder he was nervous. Was he big enough? He often wondered, but had never been one hundred percent sure of himself. As she said she’d show him, whispering the words against his lips, before pulling back. “If you don’t let your cock out, it might not go down the way it should.” Leon blushed heavily, as his zipper came off, and she clasped fully upon his jeans letting them fall and kneels to him. Leon swallowed the lump in his throat, shy the entirety of the time that this was happening, but he couldn’t deny his erection was fully blasted. His cock so close to her face, made him look away for a brief moment before his eyes were drawn back to her. He was shy yes, but he couldn’t’ look away. Couldn’t bare to pull his gaze away from hers. Her hands were so tender as they handled his cock with care. Leon appreciated this; he was very protective over the family jewels and their attachments. Leon swallowed hard yet again as she raised her, in his own blunt and impolite mind “big ass tiddies” up and clasped them around his cock. The moment she did, the same time she let saliva drip down between her cleavage, Leon’s cock violently twitched, letting a splurge of precum seep from his head as he let out a long sigh, looking down at her. As she rotated her tits around the bulk of his cock, the mixture of saliva and precum made a very sticky lubricant and Leon would tilt his head back closing his eyes and uttering one word. “……Damn….” Leon looked back down at her, and his hips would start to pulsate on their own. Slowly pushing between her ample breast with slow, but pretty hard thrust…it wasn’t Leon’s fault, he was a naturally muscular guy, so his strength at times just came out in burst. As such each time he thrust, a small clap could be heard as his hips collided with the base of her breast, each time she made a rotation of the sort. He’d bite his lip before speaking and sighing at the same time. “Ngh…D-Domini that…feels really….really….REALLY good...I think…a very prominent ejaculation process is near. That… is.” Leon bites his lip, his cock pulsating. He didn’t much stamina, but he was starting to get a bit more comfortable with her. He could trust her, and he knew he’d have to realize that if he wanted to make this moment any form of special.

SayuriAkagi: Considering his age Domini had been quite surprised that his cock was such a credible length in size and in width, and even more so once she'd embraced it between her breasts as head popped out substantially more than most. Which pleased her greatly picking up the tempo of her rotations the moment she saw that Leon was starting to add the thrusting his hips into the mixture of things, as he swore in pleasure the movement of body causing her lower hers just slightly in order to deal with the impact so that didn't fall backwards. The sound of skin slapping against skin also could be heard as well, as Domini too felt the effects of what she doing through simple caresses she was doing to her peach colored nipples which each pass made over Leon's shaft. Despite feeling that of her own pleasure she took care to please him more so than anything using the mixture of her saliva and his precum draw her breasts up and around the most sensitive part of him, the head of his cock and rocking them up and down in rather fast motion before she proceeded to lower them back down just enough to where she could lower her in order place several soft, wet French kisses against it with her mouth and tongue. Domini would hear him call her name her attention of course being with him and to what she doing at same time as Leon told her he was close to cumming, a prospect that actually excited her to say the least as she pulls her lips away from the vulnerable end of his prick. Using her cleavage she'd give a slow yet in depth rotation of them over his shaft starting from the bottom matriculating slowly towards the head, "Don't hold back then, release it." She'd tell him parting her lips just enough to capture the head between them before sucking on his cock in a manner that could quite possibly be described as erotic to Leon as he was receiving pleasure from all three her breasts, her tongue and her mouth all at the same time. Domini could see that his trust of her was growing a sure fire sign that perhaps they could become something more in the future other than what they were now. She couldn't say as of yet all the pretty little redhead did know was she was rather enjoying herself right about now and yearned to do more with him, and only him.

Ryoji: Leon’s lip biting increased so much so if he didn’t stop he’d probably bite a hole in his lip When she French kissed his cock he about praised every single god available to be praised in one instant. "Don't hold back then, release it." Her voice was sweet. The more she spoke to him, the more comfortable he began to feel, as he balled his hands into fist, and kept thrusting…as she parted her lips to suck on the head of his manhood. He could feel her subtle suctions and, in response he couldn’t help himself. He’d lightly place his hands on her shoulders, and start breathing a lot heavier than before. His body tensing up heavily as one could see his muscles contracting and releasing. The look in his eyes was of pure amazement and lust. He’d never felt so…..damn….good. “I…I’m..” Leon couldn’t even breathe at this point still hard to believe this was even happening right now! He continued to lightly thrust between her breast and in her mouth, before he’d finally give into what he was feeling. He let his load release inside of her mouth. “ah-ah…wait…it might…b-be a lot.” His cock spewed stream after stream into mouth, and quite the force behind it, like a water gun almost. He rarely masturbated, and all of the sexual tension built up from repression of this emotion in general, made him blow an entire load inside of her mouth. He’d wanted to pull his cock away, hell he wasn’t trying to choke the girl, but his cock became so hypersensitive he didn’t even want to move it let alone, pull it anywhere away from her position. “That was amazing Domini…” Leon would move some hair from in front of his face, and smile. “I believe it’s your turn that it is. Ah man. I’m limp that that I am.”

Cum on DownEdit

SayuriAkagi: When his thrusts started to come become quicker she knew it wouldn't be long before he came, in anticipation of this Domini would part her mouth wider taking a bit more of his cock into it not wishing to deprive the rest of him of her tongue's soft touch while pearly white essence of his seed begin to leak out rewarding her with just a taste of what was to come. Of course with this move the intensity of his thrusts became more wilder almost primal in natural which the red head wild child didn't mind not in the least her attention being drawn to the touching of his hands onto her shoulders before letting her eyes feast on the tensing muscular frame that was his body. She'd watch his chest rise then fall in a wild but subtle nature each breath starting to betray the usual calm demeanor Leon held on his face letting her know that everything that she was doing was completely on the mark while continuing to move her breasts against his pole. The true sign that he was ready to cum not coming his lips from vibrate twitching his manhood was giving off between her breasts. In her ear Domini would hear the words, “I…I'm.." trickle down from his lips but by then Leon's breathing had become so shallow that she could barely make them out, it wasn't until moments later that the red haired beauty understood for no sooner had he spoke them did her tongue come to taste the first stream of his semen, the second spurt just barely missing her lips as Domini looses its their embrace causing it kiss the softness of her breasts. Though she didn't normally swallow when she performed this task Dom couldn't help but make an exception for Leon allowing him to watch her relax her mouth completely in order to do the task figuring he might get a kick out of seeing it before smiling. "Not bad...." She'd tell him adjusting her gaze downwards in order access the damage that was now on her chest. There quite a bit on her from what she could see which also sparked her curiosity as well too if this was indeed his first time doing something like this as she allows her fingers to smear a bit of the sticky substance against her creamy colored skin before placing her index finger and thumb together. "Leon...just wondering...are you...a virgin? Not there's anything wrong with it, cause I actually think its kinda sweet. But are you sure you want me to be the one this?" Her question was one of wonder and yes curiosity as Domini didn't think she was really worthy of such an honor despite how she felt about him and quickly diverted to a different subject. "I'm a mess say Leon why don't we delay my turn until after I take a shower huh? That way we can eat dinner and keep the ball rolling before have to meet Taka. As matter of fact....I dare you join me...after all the damage has already been done might as well see what other goodies can come of it." Domini teases letting her flirty yet perverted side come out of her as begins to stand upright once more having released him from her grasp before making her way over to where each article of clothing that belonged to her lay in order to pick them up then heading towards her room as she leaves the door open in the hope that Leon would take her up on the dare.

Ryoji: As she….swallowed his cum, Leon actually…became more turned on by the sight of it. Was this what sexual endeavors were like? If so he could definitely get used to this kind of thing. As the rest of it spewed and spilled on her tits. She looked…good covered in his liquid he wouldn’t deny. When she started to play around with it between her fingers, Leon would clear his throat all be it, more comfortable, he wasn’t really sure what would happen after this part. In most TV shows or scenes it just faded to black, and a commercial would come on or the next scene would start out of no where. But…this was actually happening. The fact that it was actually happening, was astounding in itself. “Leon...just wondering...are you...a virgin? Not there's anything wrong with it, cause I actually think it’s kinda sweet. But are you sure you want me to be the one this?" Leon thought about it for a moment. He was about to answer, with certainty, but he didn’t want it to seem like it was just his dick talking and not the genuine man he was. He went to answer but, she’d cut him off with a very nice deflection that would get any man’s mind onto another subject. Well played on her part indeed. “I'm a mess say Leon why don't we delay my turn until after I take a shower huh? That way we can eat dinner and keep the ball rolling before have to meet Taka. As matter of fact....I dare you join me...after all the damage has already been done might as well see what other goodies can come of it." Leon’s limp noodle instantly shot up like an unfolding ironing board. Leon watched as she went to pick up her clothes and head towards her room. Leon stood there for a moment before it kicked in that he needed to get his ass up there, to continue his endeavor! “Uh I will be up there shortly! I’m right behind you, that I am!” Leon would pick up his pants, holding them up, instead of buttoning them up and walking right behind her, entering her room, only to bust in with quite the phrase. “Domini...I…I trust you!” Leon would stand there holding his pants up, before looking away a bit. “I’m not just saying that cause I’m….horny. I’ve come to trust you…quite quickly. It’s weird; I’m not used to being treated so right with any kind of woman to be quite frank. I wouldn’t wanna pick anyone else to do it but you at this point. I just wanna make sure it’s special for the both of us…” Leon would undo his pony tail letting his hair hang down his back side. “I’ll go…get your shower water ready. The game can wait of course, but I’m not one for losing, that I’m not.” Leon would give a small smile before making his way to her bathroom (which ever one she may use) and start turning the shower water on for her. His pants hanging by nothing more than his hand, he’d lean into the shower, working with the knobs to adjust them perfectly, but he wasn’t quite sure how she liked her shower water. “Could you show me how you usually set your water? I normally just use the hot side. It’s…good for relaxing the muscles that it is.” Leon would swallow hard, a bit excited as to weather he’d get to see her completely naked. He’d swallow hard. Her tits were already heavenly, but to see her in her full glory, he might cream himself…again.

SayuriAkagi: From inside of her room Dom would hear Leon call out that he would join her and was right behind her both remarks of course made her chuckle to herself as she looked around the place before heading into the closet that sat to the far right of the bedroom door tossing what she had on into a nearby empty chair whilst she grabbed a few items from the racks above still completely in the nude and not ashamed of it either. Domini’s room was typical of a young Japanese woman her age she was big into J-pop music most of it more gothic in tone that others as the walls were covered in posters and other items, a large desk covered in a few manga books, a computer and such, several dresser drawers, and a large more modern style bed in the middle of the floor. For the most part like the rest of the house it was very well kept and clean as the owner herself soon emerged from the large walk in closet that was apart of the adjoining room with two sets of wash cloths and large towels both a white color in hand before placing them onto the bed in order to gather her black silk night shirt from the bamboo made drawers nearby. All the while she kept thinking if this was the right thing to do or not. They still barely knew one another and what was even worst is that Domini got the feeling that there was more to Leon’s “crush” than he really was letting on as she reminds herself of what just took place in the kitchen, the thought alone causing her clench her legs together in just thinking of how good his tongue felt in and outside of her womb. Then again she was just as guilty of the same crime as her actions in her own pleasing of his manhood betrayed not only her true affections for him but the very desire to want nothing more than to please him too. Both two very dangerous combinations when in her profession but…fiery haired girl shook her head for a moment quickly drawing herself back from her thoughts not wanting to read too much into things for fear she would run and never look back again. “You have to rejoin the living Domini, even if its to be hurt again you have to allow what that man did to you and what you’ve done to yourself die. Leon is it…he’s just gotta be.” She tells herself quietly extracting the shirt from the open dresser drawer before moving towards the other side of the room where her bath caddy was located with all the essentials she would need in order wash down her body and even wash her hair. It was about at that precise moment that she’d hear her bedroom door move back even more from where she left it and Leon declaring once inside, “Domini!...I…I trust you.” holding his pants up by his hands rather than having used the top button to hold them upright onto his waist. His words truly caught the red haired teen off guard to some degree while rest of her started to believe that it was just the sex drive talking but alas she was wrong again. “I’m not just saying that cause I’m….horny. I’ve come to trust you….quite quickly. It’s weird; I’m not used to being treated so right by any kind of woman to be quite frank. I wouldn’t want to pick anyone else but you at this point. I just wanna make sure it’s special for the both of us…” hearing this pierced Domini’s heart like a million arrows her mouth suddenly parting themselves in order to say, “But you’ve already made it special for me Leon, because my first time since everything happened back home will be with you, the one person I truly do care about and want to be with.” as she watched him loosen his hair from its ponytail before entering the bathroom. But unlike the baths on the upper level of the home this one was more in the traditional modern Japanese style and much wider in diameter to accommodate a bath tub that was made into the floor with stairs going down into it and a separate area with a drain that could be used as regular shower and then a rinsing station with a small wooden stool for when washing one’s hair. Domini remained to herself for a moment still standing in bedroom with her caddy in hand before heading back to the bed in order to grab the towels and wash cloths then walking into the bathroom herself, her person still covered in both his juices up top and chocolate down below as she letting Leon see her full 5’5 frame in the nude under glow of the white fluorescent lights that aligned the ceiling of the room after being asked to show him what temperature did prefer the water to be on when she bathed. Naturally Dom came over to where he was standing with ease giving the left knob a good 90 degree turn before doing a partial 60 degree one of the right this in turn would cause the water to become hot enough to where Leon would get the results her craved muscle wise while not scolding her beautiful bare skin as she quickly goes over to hang the towels up on the nearby rack before returning soon with her wash cloth and caddy in hand and placing them in the window seal so that when she turned around her body would immediate be in full range of the shower head which began to douse her with water starting from her head to her carefully manicured toes right before his very eyes.

Ryoji: ( ) “But you’ve already made it special for me Leon, because my first time since everything happened back home will be with you, the one person I truly do care about and want to be with.” Leon smiled, going over what she said in his head, while trying to adjust the shower water. It made him happy…happier than he’d ever been in a long, long time. Leon thought he was destined to kind of just be a wonderer by heart…but that all changed in the course of a few days. It’s funny how feelings work. Infatuations form and feelings grow and collide with one another. When she came over to fix the shower water herself…Leon got a full view of her entire body. Good thing they were showering, because Leon’s nose was sure to not be able to bleed anymore without drying the boy plum dry. Leon would swallow hard, as she fully entered the shower, and stood amongst the water. It washed over her…cleaning of all the things Leon had put upon her. Watching it be washed away….her crimson red hair beginning to soak and fall over her body. Leon bit his lip, a rush coming over him he’d hit it. Harder than before, he’d hit “heat mode.” His instinctual urges as a human being to ravish her for everything she was worth, came to fruition. He’d suck on his own lip, before standing up and letting his pants drop. He was…getting less shy. He’d walk inside of the shower behind her, and out of seemingly no where his hands were hesitant…but willing, as he let them drape across her hips. He’d twiddle his fingers along them sliding them down the curve of her inner thighs, and pushing his hardened meat between the base of her ample rump, right at the between of her thighs.. He’d lean in, kissing on the side of her neck and running his hands back up her body the opposite way. His hands meeting her breast, giving them a light squeeze. Her nipples resting between his index and pointer finger as he pinched them ever so slightly. He’d never done this kind of thing…but he did know…one thing is that he rather enjoyed kissing. As such, he’d gently take her by the arms, and switch their positions. He was more of a passionate type of lover, it being his first real experience of the sort regardless. He’d lightly press her against the side of the shower, opposite that of the shower’s entrance, holding her by her wrist, and pressing them against the wall along with her body. He didn’t speak. The innocent gleam in his eye said everything. He wasn’t trying to get one off, but subtlety make love to her…he’d lean in pressing his lips against her neck, tonguing it down, with flicks and twirl like movements abroad, occasionally sucking on it and tugging at the skin. He’d release her left hand, sliding it down her arm, and cupping her face in his hand for a moment before freeing her other hand, and taking grip of her leg, and hiking it up just a bit. He didn’t want it to seem…like he was being forceful especially when he wasn’t meaning to be. He’d let the bulk of his extension press against her lower lips…the water pitter-pattering off of them, as his hair was now wet against his face, as he’d lift up and press his forehead to hers, before taking hold of both of her legs, and hiking her up so they were wrapped around his waist, using the shower wall for back support. He’d… take hold of his member. Carefully pushing it against the lips of her pussy, making sure he was hitting the right mark figuratively speaking. He’d then push himself inside of her….making sure to lower her body onto this length. As he did, his mouth dropped. If she’d let him get this far, Leon would’ve almost creamed himself right then and there. If it hadn’t been for the earlier release, he probably would’ve come instantly…it was warm and tart, and tight. His legs shook for a moment as he paused for a second to recollect his thoughts. “…tch….” He couldn’t even breathe let alone speak her name properly. He was speechless...his hypersensitive cock feeling the full effects of sex as all he could think to do was press his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, making timid thrust…he was still slightly nervous about what he was doing…he didn’t know what he was doing…he just knew it felt good. Felt right. With her, it felt right.

SayuriAkagi: ( ) Domini would open her lavender eyes slowly, the water from overhead still cascading down over her soft creamy colored skin causing her hair plaster itself against the silhouette of her form as she moves her hands upwards from her side in the direction of her beautiful face in order to push her damp red back from it before starting to lower themselves onto her neck then her agile shoulders where from there they moved up and over ripe luscious mounds of her breasts in order to wash away what might be left of their second sexual endeavor the tips of them now jutting outwards completely. Motioning her hand lower still Domini caresses the flat of her stomach her finger tips just barely grazing the spot where the chocolate made heart had been draw on her body then proceeding move them around over her vagina’s outer lip ‘forcing’ Leon to watch as her fingers slipped in and out of her slit caressing the places where the chocolate syrup was and might have went to while she moans in soft pleasure from the areas she touched slightly forgetting about the fact that she isn’t really alone in the room that is until she felt a pair of very hesitant hands yet willing hands drape themselves about her full hips causing her to look back to see his handsome face starting back her, as a part of herself started to become nervous once his own began move down the curves of her inner thighs and felt him hard and longing against at the base of her buttocks attempting to press itself between her thighs. Which made her wet to say the very least as his lips sought refuge against the nape of her neck kissing it softly in several places that made the young woman break the silence she was holding by biting on her bottom lip in order to moan. The water flowing over her skin aiding him flawlessly in gliding his hands over her smooth skin allowing him cup both her breasts one in each hand in order to give both a squeeze before resting her hard nipples between both of his finger pinching them softly, making her call out his name in response to her sensitivity to his touch. “Please squeeze them more,” she chide hoping he would comply with her wishes as each touch started to arouse her bit by bit she moans a little bit louder letting him know just how good he was making her feel. If there was one thing that Domini knew about her body it was that she love to have her nipples played with by either hands or a tongue it was the one act of foreplay that truly set her off the most and if were to do it right there would be no stopping anything else as she allows herself to be both the student and the teacher tonight once made to turn around and face her lover then pressed up against the side of shower stall with her wrist held place up against the very surface her back rested against. To Domini his lips need not say a word as his eyes spoke everything there was to her, he wanted to take his time with her to learn her body just the same as her own eyes told him that she wanted the same. Even it took them all night long to do it. It was that thought alone made the redheaded beauty blush…his lips lowering to her neck once more and damn near taunting the senses right out of the poor girl as he sucks on it, licks at it, and letting his teeth tug at her skin while she stood there helplessly bound against the wall unable to touch him back at all which was killing her to say the least on the side but the one between her thighs reciprocated in another kind of manner (if you catch my meaning) at the action taken against her. She’d feel Leon letting go of her left hand first, the warmth of his own sliding it down her arm, before coming to rest against her cheek for a moment, then moving lower still in order take a firm grip on her in order to hike it up into the air some. A move that Domini had slightly braced herself for the moment she realized that Leon was planning to take her right there right then and there by using the hand he released hold herself up steady alongside the wall behind her as she felt the full length of his erection pressing up against her womb the water continuing its course down from the over head onto their bodies. The moment of truth was fastly approaching and on the inside of her body was screaming back draft of flames that could only be put out by the person that was in front of her resting his head up against her own forehead as she reached her left hand up in order to push his dark wet hair back from his face before finally having her right hand released as Leon went for her other leg, and like its mate lifted it up around his waist leaving Domini nothing else but to wrap her arms about his neck and shower wall to hang onto once he took a hold of his cock and slowly began to guide it into her. Almost instantly she found herself gripping his shoulders her lips moaning in rapture as gravity pretty much did most of the work allowing her to feel the size of his cock inside of her wet tunnel which was so wondrously stretched and full. So much that all she could do when Leon tried to speak was breathe, as both were still feeling the effects of their first orgasm their lips meeting in a kiss so passionate that for a moment Domini thought that she might have dreaming herself! That is until several thrusts into her very being suddenly brought her back to reality as a flood rush of pleasure shot through her causing her say something that was barely audible in Japanese.

What's Your Favorite Position?Edit

Ryoji: Leon held and supported her by her ass cheeks…his grip on them a lot tighter than it probably should’ve been, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d officially become lost in her and it was showing. He kept his forehead against hers, and scooted his feet a little closer towards the wall so he could lift her up and down upon his cock, as if he was repping a weight. A light one at that, just a testament to how weightless she was in his arms, as his pace actually somewhat got faster. He began to become enticed by the feeling of his cock being wrapped inside of her womb, the warmth, the lude sticky juices that were only washed away and made to be that much wetter as the slapping of their skin finally commenced. Leon inhaled sharply, as the noise only made him feel more like a man! “I…I'm gonna go a bit faster, okay?” he was showing concern, not knowing just how much strength he could put into this and testing the waters, he’d grunt to clear his throat before a remarkable feat on his part happened. A tight grip on her ass, as if ignoring the fact water was even coating them, he’d begin to lift her up and down, up and down, each time his cock sliding against the back wall of her womb, unleashing a line of precum and slamming against the backside of it each time he brought her down. Each time he brought her up, the full length of his shaft would come out as well, all the way to the base of the head before being slammed right back inside of her Leon would watch as each of his thrust quaked against her, making her body and breast bounce repeatedly each time, so much force that if it was possible for her to slap her self in the face with her own breast she more than likely would. Just the amount of force Leon’s muscled hips could enact was astounding in itself, as the slippery wall would be a nice “THUMP-THUMP-THUMP-“ echo to it, coated and accompanied by the sound of Leon’s heavy breathing and her moaning. Her Japanese tongue only hypnotized him more, as he’d swear under his breath again. he’d talk between thrust, with excitement and ecstasy. “This! Is. The best! Feeling! Ever! That! it! is!” he’d keep thrusting like this for a minute before he’d stutter out between even more thrust. He would try to conversant during something like this. “Do you! Have! A favorite! Position?!...ngh.”

SayuriAkagi: Her body fully supported by his hands Domini reveled in not only in the pleasure she was feeling but was giving as well allowing herself to lean back just slightly into the wall behind her just as Leon was starting to get a firmer grasp of her ass cheeks in order to pivot her body on and off his throbbing hot cock, her lust driven gaze staring back into his own intensely as their foreheads were still resting against one another. Using this position to her full advantage the pretty little redhead begin to slowly wind the lower portion of her body against his thighs timing it effortlessly so that upon her decent back down her womb would clamp down as tightly as it could once she reached the base of his shaft only to have her walls suck on him every so sweetly on the way back up before finally releasing him again. And for the most part it worked she could tell from look on Leon's face that he was starting get lost into folds which made her smile despite having not counted on him wanting to pick the pace not long afterwards. This...drove... Domini...insane! it not only caused her utter his name but allowed Leon to quickly begin an assault against that most vulnerable part of her once the head of his cock found not one but several of her erogenous zones literally making them his bitches with her suddenly ceasing her motions just in time to hear Leon tell her that he was going to pick up the pace even more. Domini could hear the hint of concern in his voice as he spoke this, denoting that it probably stemmed from the notion of him not wanting to hurt her in any kind of way once things really got underway as she already could tell from previous endeavors that his strength was not that of his own, the same as hers. Panting she replies, "Go for it, give me everything that you've got." Wrapping both of her arms a bit more closer to his neck before moving her head to right and resting her chin onto his shoulders as she braced herself for impact. It didn't take long for Domini to truly feel just how much Leon desired have her for his very own, for the moment his grip on her ass got a bit tighter she'd instantly feel him start to brand the back of her womb with the tip of his cock, leaving a trail of precum kiss there against her cervix each and every time he hit it. Each time she was brought up Domini felt his shaft leave her body only to be teased by the head momentarily before begin slammed back down onto him, her arms holding on for dear as he pummels her tight little hole into literal submission. "Its good...its too good oh my God...if this keeps up I won't be able to hold back for.....much longer." She thinks to herself another series of moans escaping her lips along with, "Leon wa, anata no kyokon de ikutsu ka no yori ōku no watashi no neko o kakitateru shite kudasai!" ( Leon please stir my pussy up some more with your big cock!) Falling from her lips in Japanese before moaning against his ear. " feel so....damn good...." that possible made his blood run hot to the touch as the young woman could hear the vibrations from each made into her bouncing off the wall behind her, just as much as her breasts were bouncing off her chest in front of her. Domini also heard the slight sound of Leon swearing under his breath having gotta caught so much in the moment that he was barely able to say it no less control himself and part of her thought it sweet that he wanted to try and carry on a conversation with her too but in reality all she could do was moan as all rational thought clearly wasn't possible at least not right now any way. So rather than say what other positions she favored the redheaded opted to show him instead lifting her head up from his shoulders in order to place a soft more erotic kiss onto his lips, her tongue slipping into the warmth of his flicking itself dangerously over his own teasing his senses as she allowed her legs to slowly released his waist as she still held on to his neck motioning them up the length of his arms carefully. Using her natural agility and flexibility to her advantage she leans back even further against the cold tile allowing her legs to bend at the knee some while at his side, carefully drawing them up onto both of his shoulders where she rests them one on each side. In this position she takes control back from her lover using the back of his neck as way to pull herself on and off his cock effortlessly while using her inner muscles and thighs as resistance in order to enhance not only his pleasure even more but hers as well. This position also makes her feel almost virginal by all rights to her lover as Domini also has the upper most parts of her legs closed preventing a hasty escape but granting him complete and utter access to the remaining parts of her womb that so desperately wanted his cock attention and if successful Leon would sent reeling out of control into ecstasy right along with her from being able to feel every move that she even made both up and down his shaft.

Ryoji: “Leon wa, anata no kyokon de ikutsu ka no yori ōku no watashi no neko o kakitateru shite kudasai!" Leon’s eye twitched. He loved and hated when she did that…he loved it when she spoke sweet nothings into his ear in Japanese, but he hated it because of everything that alone made him want to bust right inside of her, filling her up with his sticky steaming fluid even quicker than what he’d wanted to. He was surprised, he even held up this long! Maybe it was the lust that wanted him to endure this moment. Maybe it was courteous to the gods. Maybe he was to shy to just bust one inside of her...he didn’t know. What he did know is that his cock was swelling, similar to how it’d done before, and he wasn’t going to be able to do this much longer. He couldn’t. He just couldn’t! After he’d asked his question, he’d gotten a reply….god DAMN he got a reply. She changed her positioning almost in the blink of an eye, shifting her legs from being around his waist, to one leg on each shoulder. Leon’s eyes widened as even he didn’t anticipate this one, and he was the strategist of all things! With her legs hanging off of his shoulders, Leon felt the grip of her womb squeeze even more…more! Leon was baffled and speechless not even sure that it was possible! “D-Domini…I c...your so…” Leon’s head would’ve leaned up. The once polite bushido studying samurai broke his nice mold only to utter a loud “SHIT WOMAN.” It was too good for him to have any more of polite speech other than a sailor’s. She took the wheel, and begin to push herself up and down on his massive cock, straddling it with the upmost of ease, as her ample ass cheeks clapped against Leon’s pelvis and lower abs Leon would place his hands on her back, supporting her even further, and letting her please her self upon him. it was tight, INCREDIBLY tight, and Leon could feel his cock being milked for everything it was worth. His eyes locked on hers and he’d bite his lip, squinting his eyes. The visible effort of him trying not to cum was evident and written alllllll over his face. It was this moment with her that made everything he’d ever experienced up to this point worth it. Every trial, every tribulation, and every struggle to lead to his moment of personal happiness that Leon could have. He’d finally let himself be happy. As the water continued pouring, a whisper escaped his lips “You’re so beautiful…ah…” Leon’s whisper got loud, as he’d motion his hips to go opposite of hers, to compete the experience of his cock knocking on her cervix like heavens door! “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, domini I can’t hold it! I can’t do it, dear god I can’t!” Leon closed his eyes and in a last ditch effort to get his final moments of glory Leon would meet her charge with his own! Like a well oiled machine, his hips preformed every single adjective that involved pushing something into something else! Like a gear on a groove, he flowed with her motion, to stretch the tight little home she’d made with her womb, using his cock to do so. He was hitting his limit, his cock swelling even larger than it had previously. The spaced claps, of flesh, had shifted into a violent repeated tapping, similar to a drummer playing a snare drum for a drum roll! It was going. To be. A very. Big nut bust.

SayuriAkagi: With her hips rolling, his hands on her back supporting her frame, and both of them fastly approaching their second earth shattering orgasms Domini proceeded to give Leon everything that she had on this second round, her own body never once ceasing its own actions in order to make him cum while starting to give him subtle but key signs she too was nearing her own climax. Through her own moans she'd hear Leon's attempt to speak only to have her ears take in several quick stammers at first but what soon followed next made Domini wonder if her actions were just a tad bit too much for the gentle samurai as Leon swore to the high heavens. Feeling an eminent desire starting to rise deeply inside of her sheath from having his cock repeatedly place kisses against her cervix she starts churn her hips much faster than before her curiosity from it happening earlier starting stir once more as she wonders what would happen if she moved to this way or like that. The result of course begin down right delicious as she learns that with each pivot and move she did her desire only elevated itself and Leon's, pushing both teenagers to a breaking point in which she sees through the water falling over head that Leon is trying his hardest to hold himself back from despite his hips continuous plan to keep on plowing into her senselessly until bitter end, and in turn only leads him find her g-spot while hammered away at what senses she might have had left. Such skilled caresses left the young girl in a daze causing Domini to suddenly embed her nails into Leon's back to etch a form of art that even a renaissance painter might be jealous of. As she finally looses control of body letting her carnal need to kick in "Mmff....fuck! I can't hold back any more, I don't wanna any more! I-I-I'm gonna cum........" Domini declares the tension between her thighs starting reflect itself in not only in the bucking of her hips but the movements of her inner muscles as well each of them rapidly tightening themselves around his shaft squeezing with all their might desperately trying to trap him inside, Leon finally declaring to her that he couldn't take it any longer and was ready to release his load in her awaiting womb as Domini's mind screamed out in conquest, " MINE, ALL MINE!!" Tears starting pouring out from her lavender eyes her arms holding fast to his shoulder while bracing completely for impact. "Cum then." Is all that fell from her lips once Leon begin to rapidly speed up the pace leaving her no more words to say just a endless chant of his name as Domini soon erupted into a mind blowing climax that caused not just her entire body to convulse in his grasp but go limp too for several minutes too as well. The only viable source that she was still alive being the sound of her rapid breathing while laying there against him slightly dazed with an overly satisfied smile on her face and quite possibly her womb filled to brim with his juices.

Ryoji: "Mmff....fuck! I can't hold back any more, I don't wanna any more! I-I-I'm gonna cum........" Leon nodded in reply, at this point fucking speechless! All he wanted to do was cum, filling her up like a water balloon with no regard for what happened afterwards! He could feel it! The tightening in her thighs. The way her hips buckled against his thrust…his own muscles tightened. His mouth dropped open, as he felt it. He felt his flood gate about to explode. When she shouted it was hers, all hers, Leon frantically nodded like a child. Leaning his forehead against hers, when she told him to cum, he lost it Leon thrusted a few more times, gripping her as tight as he could, between breathes and grunts and finally the thick warm load of cum erupted from his cock! His semen making friends with her own secretions, but much more in viscosity and volume! Leon came alright, his cum pouring form her womb as she convulsed and practically seized against him. He thrusted a few more times, with another seemingly endless onslaught of cum pouring from his being into her. His eye twitched as the liquid finally stopped and he looked like he was about to feint. He took notice that her body went limp against his, and he forced his hand against the wall, to brace the both of them and keep her held up in support. He’d pant a few times, falling to his knees and letting her sit on the shower floor with him looming over her , his arms stretched out as his hands were flat against the shower walls surface. He’d pull himself from her, letting the rest of the cum be washed away into the drain of the shower as his back locks fell over his face again. “That…huh. I never believed the hype about sex, that I didn’t. “He spoke between pants and sharp breathes. “He’d lean his head against hers, and let his arms slump down, simply resting between her legs and closing his eyes. “We’re only going to get so many hours of sleep….I think we should go ahead and rest, that we should…” If Leon would let her, he’d pick her up, wedding style, in his arms. Cutting the water off, and carrying her off into her bed room, making sure to grab a few towels with his mouth so they could dry off, and hopefully get rested enough to do what they needed to do the next day.

SayuriAkagi: Domini let her seemingly lifeless legs drop like anchors to the white and black tile floor her feet touching it briefly as her back rested against the wall. She could feel his load filling her up to the brim, it was something Dom couldn't say that surprised her especially after how much landed on her chest in the kitchen but she knew that if any more came out she'd have to warrant a trip to the greenhouse on the property would be in order. But thankfully most of it was starting spurt out onto her thighs. Looking up to Leon from her daze, she'd remain quiet really not knowing what to say while trying to catch her breath as for first time in her life she was content and happy being this way with a man. It was a different kind of strange to say the least, one she could most definitely live with if life allowed her to as she felt her body began slink it way down the wall in direction of the floor the moment Leon fell to him knees, her cushy rump hitting it with wet messy "plop" sound. Domini would toss her head back for a moment allowing the last tidbits of passion to drain themselves from her form her eyes noticing just how exhausted Leon was from the whole ordeal...her hips moving slightly once he went pull out of her causing her suck in a breath of air due to just how sensitive she'd become after two orgasms while the proof of their ecstasy in one another's arm was being washed down the shower drain. Tonight had indeed been special for her, and quite possibly even more so for Leon too as a lot of first-times had occurred for them but now that all of this had come to past this only left one question in the mind of female samurai, What now? As her body had already betrayed her heart by telling the truth of how she truly felt through their love making his words drawing her away from her many thoughts. "Its not so much a hype....but rather the affection that is put into it that makes it all the rage." She replies still trying to catch her own breath as well smiling his head coming to rest against hers again, with his arms slumped over between her before closing his eyes. The vibrant redhead started to chuckle when he mentioned just how much the two of them would sleep now before being taking up into his arms from the shower floor like a new wife by her husband by Leon then carried safely into her room once the water was turned off and the towels were grabbed. "No you go on ahead to bed I need to make a trip to the greenhouse for some fresh herbs first since our dinner's gonna be breakfast now." She tells him softly taking with great care to slip from his arms with ease, grab a towel in order to dry off, before dressing herself in the gown she'd chosen earlier, a pair of getas, and a robe before turning on her heels to give him a long passion kiss on the lips breaking away from him slowly as if it pained her to even go. "Don't worry as soon as I am done I’ll come straight back, I promise. " she reassures him not wanting Leon to even think for a moment that she would ever leave his side as she headed toward the door of her room, down the hallway, and out into the night with her coat on.

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