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vMegatron: -( Coming back into Yun Tower, Daisuke and Damon both flop down onto the chairs in the office area that had begun to look more like a Japanese style office than the more futuristic model that Daisuke originally had the place looking. Noticing this, Damon reaches up with his right hand and slips the mask off of his head while saying-“Your new office look wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with Sian being Japanese would it? Haha.”-Daisuke raises his hands up and takes his own helmet off, setting it down onto the table while laughing-“Come on now, Damon…Our own ancestry comes from Japan.”-“Yes, but our Ancestor Mother was exiled out of Japan…We don’t really like Japanese that much hahaha. But you seem to like the sushi rolls Sian’s got going on.”-Daisuke then tosses his helmet at Damon that hits him right on the dome.-“Shut up, Damon. You’re just jealous that I have a sexy girlfriend and you don’t.”- Damon laughs a bit as it is kind of true. Lately seeing how cute Daisuke and Sian are only makes him wish he had someone of his own. But like any Yun, they never show it. Seeing the time, Damon stands up and begins to walk out of the office while saying-“Have a good night, Bruh…Don’t stay up to late jerking off to Hentai again.”- Daisuke facepalms and waves his brother goodnight while laughing to himself. One the penthouse had become empty, he looks around as the lights brighten up every piece of furniture. He says to himself-“I now understand what my grandfather said when he spoke of these lonely nights in Yun Tower…”- Standing up, he begins to make his way towards the bathroom, leaving a trail of his clothes as his boots quickly come off. He then takes of the brown tanker jacket along with his upper armor. This reveals his tight muscular upper body that flows with the mirroring image of his Greek ancestry. When he gets to the threshold to his penthouse bathroom, he slips off his combat pants and they flow right at the middle portion to where Daisuke cannot close the door to the bathroom now. This reveals his naked body as his large member smacks on each of his thighs as he takes a step. He walks over towards his shower and turns it on with a hot temperature where it takes a few seconds before the steam begins to flow throughout the bathroom.( How he looks in the shower) Once he steps inside, the hot water begins to flow down his body slowly flowing over the curves of his muscles. With his large hands he begins to push his fingers through his black hair to allow the water to soak deep into his head. He then takes a deep breath as he lowers his left hand down towards his crotch. With his hand he begins to stroke his cock slowly as he takes his hand from the base of his member up towards the head. With his right hand he places it on the glass wall of the shower, allowing the hot water to flow against his back. His long brown tail hangs between his legs as he begins to slowly arouse himself to get his cock hard, aiming to jerk off in the shower. In his mind he begins to picture him and Sian ( His cock penetrating deep into her womb as he fucks her from behind. With that image in his head his cock quickly begins to rise up like the morning sun.-

SayuriAkagi: (( Allowing her right to wave again to Susu’s parents who more than happy to have their daughter home safe and sound even if it was with a slight sprained ankle, Sian places her right foot onto the gas of her 1957 metallic Black Porsche allowing the vehicle to lift itself into the air with ease before using her left hand to guide it into 90 degree turn then hitting the thrusters so that it could propel itself back towards the main streets that lead back into the downtown part of District 2 where she’d promised to meet someone once things at the LaHana were wrapped and over. Still dressed in the white baby doll dress though a bit dirty, her white shoes back on her feet, and her ocean color hair no longer up in its decorative style but loose about her lovely face she replaces her waving hand back onto the wheel along side its mate and guide the car down the endless highways with ease hoping against all that the evening traffic for the Kasaihana night life wouldn’t be to bad as she navigates her way on straight be line path to Yun Tower. While driving a lot of things were going through her mind letting the voice of the Duck King prattle on from the radio, one of course was how strangely Kin was behaving at the club it was almost as if he weren’t himself but….someone else like he was being possessed or other. It seriously freaking her out on the real along with the strange voice that she’d heard in her head warning her to stand down. Now there was one thing she was gonna get to the bottom to even if it killed her right especially since, since this wasn’t the first time that something odd like this had happen and she was set leave in just 48hrs for shores of South Africa to aid the ppl of Zubar against a group who’d taken over their lands called “The Chosen Ones”. Then there was Daisuke….now that Sian didn’t have much of a clue on, it was as if she’d become a ghost to him since they all awakened from their pods months ago and rejoined the living part of society. And though she and Damon were at peace with one another the now 18yr old beauty couldn’t help but feel like she was losing Dai completely in all avenues except for in her dreams, which to say the least were hot and almost all the time heavy. The latest one had her up until almost time for school writing a song of which up until tonight shed been hesitate to give him but after seeing him tonight for the first time in months she could no longer hide it or deny it. She wanted the man badly. Every part of her body yearned to touched by him and it killed she was completely determined to make sure that tonight he knew it too as she nodded her head noting to the nano disk that sat in the passenger side seat of the car with her vocals laid so carefully on them before continuing on towards the massive lit structure that stood as a beckon of hope for all the city’s citizens. Upon her arrival Sian made sure impute several of the codes that Alfred had given her enter the garage, then the main levels of the tower before getting out and making her way on foot towards the elevators that lead towards the penthouse level holding the disc in hand. On the way she ran into Shelley and Johny, both of which were on their way out for the evening and even more happier to see her alive as Shelley damn near tried to crush her chest in by hugging her tightly while Johny looked with his usual goofy grin on his face. The couple talked for a moment catching up on everything from what happened on the isle to just what in the world brought her here to the tower before finally bidding Sian good night and even more so good luck with her mission lol both of them (yeah she told them) that was come before each when their own way, Si to the penthouse and the two love birds out into the busy Kasaihana streets. By this point she quickly imputed the password that had been specifically created for her into the pin pad that located near the left side of the door before the doors fell back allowing her entry. Grateful at the fact that it worked she leapt into it with an impassioned need that was causing her to become damp between her thighs as she turns around on the heel of her shoes only when the doors behind her had completely closed and began its ascent upwards. Hearing the chime of the elevator door go off she emerges from it into the lower level of the suite, that just happened to be Daisuke's lab/office was before making a brisk turn to the right to head up the staircase then down the hall towards the western most part of the building, her senses already having found that which she sought as her ears soon pick up on the sound of running water coming from inside of the bathroom which causing Sian to smirk devilishly to her self as went to place the disk into a nearby music player, hit play allowing her vocals to fill the house and then proceeded to slip the thin white piece that she wore along with any undergarments as well from her body which shone like a fine work of art in the moonlight windows of the suite before using her agile reflexes to slip into the room with ease still wearing her heels, removing them only when she was able to pulled back the shower door/curtain without being detected, slipping herself right in behind Daisuke who seemed to be preoccupied with something as she attemps to place her lips against his left shoulder kissing it softly as the water begins to caress her skin with her breasts pressed up against the small of his back.

vMegatron -( As he plays with himself in the shower, his mind gets lost in his own thoughts as he hears Sians voice moaning and screaming his name as he plows his cock deep inside of her. His hand motions begin to go faster as the water flows down his body. The pre-cum that oozes out of the slit of his cock quickly mixes in with the shower water and falls down to the drain. It is at that time that he begins to hear music playing from the opposite side of the room. Sounding like Sian’s voice, he looks up and sees the door slowly open from the corners of his eyes. Before even turning around he can hear the soft splash of Sian’s feet hitting the water as she comes in with him. Being embarrassed as she walked in as he was jerking off, his face begins to turn with a slight crimson color. But then hearing the words of the song, he raises a brow as it was basically Sian asking him to make love to her all night long. Daisuke then goes into a slight chuckle, biting down on his bottom lip as she kisses onto his large broad shoulder. As she kisses, Daisuke slowly turns around to face Sian. And because of his erect cock, as he turns the left side of his cock begins to rub up against her thigh while he gives her a soft smile. Commenting on the song, he says to her-“Damn babe…You sure know how to let a guy know something you want.”- His left hand then slowly begins to wrap around the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. If she allowed him to pull her into him, his hand would lower on her body and begin to playfully squeeze her round and firm ass cheek in his massive hand. While this happens he would lean his head down and plant a loving and passionate kiss on her thick and juicy lips. If she welcomed the kiss, they would quickly be lost in a trance of making out as his tongue would wrap around with hers; mixing their saliva together in their sweet embrace. With this kissing, Daisuke feels his body heat beginning to increase with Sian turning him on like no other woman before. His two hands slowly move up to her shoulders, slowly moving down her arms to get to her hands. Softly running his fingertips down her arms, his fingers eventually intertwine with hers. All while kissing her, once their hands come together; Daisuke would take control as the heat of the moment begins to take over his motions. Thusting his body forward while raising his arms; he pushes Sian up to the marble wall of the shower they are in with his body rubbing up against hers. Continuing to make out with her, his arms raise her hands over her head while his hips begin to rub up against hers. After a few seconds he leans his lips towards her left ear as he whispers-“I will make your body mine….forever…”- Afterwords his head begins to lower once more to her neck as his lips find a soft area of her skin. His teeth sensually bites into her skin, letting his Dragonic fangs playfully poke into her skin; piercing her skin just a bit. His lips then wrap around where he bites as he begins to suck on that area like a high schooler giving his girl a hickie. With his erect cock still there, it begins to rub in between her thighs, letting his long shaft rub agains the outside of her pussy just waiting for him to enter her.-

SayuriAkagi: Through her lower lashes she takes note of just where Dai’s hand is her cheeks turning a bright red at the disbelief of just what she came in on but excited none the less as her tongue softly graces her lips licking them in a seductive manner letting her song speak what's on her mind to him before he turns around to face her completely his cock slapping against her left thigh some as her amber colored eyes see his smile. Hearing his words about her song she smiles back chuckling, “hey it’s the only way to get what you want in this town.” Was her replied back to him allowing his left hand to move around to the small of her back and pull her closer to him before moving lower to her tight ass giving it a firm squeeze before lowering his down to give her to the sweetest most passionately kiss she’d ever had to which she welcomes without even a second thought attempting to use her tongue to deepen the kiss further while taunting his own playfully. Being front of him she’d touched Daisuke’s chest like she owned him. She did with his as she pleased and if allowed it would please her to circle the flat of his brown nipples peaking them into little points that could quite possibly make him squirm in pleasure with her finger tip moaning softly against his lips from the touch of his own hands on her shoulders before motioning her hands lower across his washboard like stomach till finally Sian tries to touch him, there, a place were a man is the most defenseless. She’d cupped the tender sac of her lover in her hands, rolling them some before attempting to give them a playfully tug before spilling her touch upward to grasp the fullness of his cock, again she’d give it several long strokes before having her hands captured by his own before being pushed up onto the wall by him. From this angle Sian could immediately feel her body begin to heat up against his own while the water danced onto her body soaking not only her skin in it purifying flow but her ocean colored hair and beautiful face too as her arms are made to lift up over her head with ease by him her breathing becoming erratic in her chest as she stood before Daisuke like a beautiful pagan sacrifice just ready to be taken by him. Sian’s heart would skip at beat as Dai whispers into her ears that he will make her body his forever and for the life of her she couldn’t understand why this aroused her beyond word nor could she fight the longing to want to make them a reality as his fangs pierce her delicate skin causing her cry out in ecstasy even at the slightly form of pain that it gives her as his marks his beauty with a hickey sucking on the area even more so with each bite while his cock pokes, then prods the sensitive area between her thighs causing her juices to flow violently onto his shaft while being pressed up against her exposed clit.

It's Going DownEdit

vMegatron:( With him nibbling down on her neck, a small line of blood would draw down to her chest. The water from the shower quickly washes the blood away as Daisuke slowly begins to lower his body. Feeling the juices coming down upon his cock, he can feel Sian beginning to be ready for him to penetrate her. While lowering himself down a bit, his tongue begins to lick and taste her sweet skin at her chest. Moving across the canyon between her breasts, his face gets lost in between them. Shaking his head a bit while in there, his hands squeeze’s her breasts together to practically suffocate himself in her large breasts. After a few seconds of this, his tongue appears as he licks his way back up to her neck. He then nibbles at the other side of her neck, pulling at her soft skin to give her a slight pain from his teeth biting her skin. His fiery lava colored eyes would stare into her hazel eyes as he says to her-“I can feel your juices on my cock, love…”- He slowly drops down to his knees while kissing her body from her shoulders to her belly. As he does this, he quickly lifts her left leg over his right shoulder so he could get an easier view of her pussy. As he sees her there with the juices flowing out, he says to her-“Let me see if your pussy is ready for me to enter.”- His long pink dragonic tongue then appears to slowly ooze out of his mouth. A thick tongue that spans six inches in length appears before Sian as the tip begins to rub up against her pussy. ( The tip of his tongue wraps around her clit; playfully squeezing as the thin tip of the tongue pulls at the clit. As this happens, his mouth slowly begins to move closer towards her pussy, still letting his tip pull at her clit. Within the next few seconds, his mouth moves close enough to where the middle of his tongue begins to push up against the slit of her pussy and moving up and down against her body. ( Her juices begin to build up against the tongue as he moves the tongue up and down as it gets about half an inch deep into just on its thickness alone. Seeing how she reacts would lead to his next actions. Drinking as much of her juices as he can, his mind quickly becomes lost in the love that he shares for Sian.-

SayuriAkagi: Sian watched as a droplet of her own blood began to flow down her chest then dissipate itself into the showers spray that cascaded around them with ease before returning her attention back to the man that seemingly made her knees weak in pure anticipation as he proceeded to move lower down her body his tongue blazing the most dangerous trail down and between her breasts that she had ever felt before in her life. She was literally a blaze and she was more than certain Daisuke could feel it with his cock begin so close to place where she craved him the most. She’d continue to watch her lover feeling his large had on her breasts squeezing them, pushing them together, and even burying his face into them before allowing his tongue to move up and over them back towards her neck where his teeth find solace in caramel color of her skin nipping at so much that it made her moan wildly even at the pain he’d given her, because she wanted more. For a moment their eyes would meet his burning a fire hot red much like the rest of her as hers were a cool amber brown laced purely in lust and desire. Si would hear her lover tell her that he could feel her juices on his cock his lips moving from her shoulder to her belly as his drops on onto one knee before her clasping her left leg then proceeding to lift it up in order to see just how much she was. This move of course made Sian blush terribly but yet she hold firm in letting him see just how much she wanted him his voice implying that he wished to know the same before allowing his tongue to slip out from his lips in order to part her lower ones. It doesn’t take her long to start feeling the pleasure from it, her body becomes plastered up against the wall behind her, her moans become more erotic and wild, and her knees suddenly start getting weaker with each pass his tongue makes. “Daisuke…omg…yess baby yessss….right there…. mmmm I want you so much!!!” she cries out as her body damn near climb the walls at one point whilst her beautiful body continued to rewards his tongue with more of her nectar. Placing one hand on her ample breast Sian gives it a squeeze as she rolls the hard peak between her nimble fingers whilst she attempts to place the other at the back Daisuke’s her hips unable to hold their place any more against the wall as he pushes his tongue deeper into her hot folds, wiggling and taunting every erogenous spot she has and even caressing her gspot on several occasion causing the tension to build then fall again making her crave her release even more. “Oh God your tongue feels goood……I want to cum so badly…”

Virgins No More Edit

vMegatron: -Hearing her moans as his tongue flows around inside of her, her voice begging for him to enter her; Daisuke holds out for as long as he can before he himself loses control of his own body. Coming back up, he kisses her belly before kissing her nipples to kissing her chest just before planting his lips onto her own. After giving her a soft kiss, he whispers to her-“turn around.”- And if she were to do so, Daisuke would place his right hand on her right shoulder as he uses his left hand to guide his cock. Placing the head of his cock on the outside of her pussy, he quickly finds her tight slit and begins to poke at it with the head of his cock. Teasing her tight little virgin pussy, he rubs the head of his cock up and down the slit of her pussy; just to send her body into overdrive from how much he is teasing her right now. Because of her flowing juices, his cock becomes completely covered in her juices and gets nice and wet for her. Finally, he says to her-“Give your all too me, Sian…Be mine…”-He then slowly thrusts himself inside of Sian for the first time in both of their lives. Because of this being her first time, her pussy is extremely tight and untouched by man. Having to push himself inside of her the tightness makes his cock feel like it is being wrapped around by an anaconda.( He grunts a bit as he says-“Oh Sian…It’s…It’s so tight…Your pussy…It feels…Amazing…”-His hips slowly begin to go back and forth now as Daisuke’s cock begins to plow against Sian’s womb. ( With her being bent forward the shower head flows hot water down on the both of them. The water getting into her pussy as his cock vacuums into her pussy. His hands find their way to her ass as he grips her firm cheeks tightly with his large hands as he uses the grip to thrust himself deeper inside of her. If she were to look down at her stomach she would see a large bulge coming through her as if an Alien was going to pop out of her body! This comes from Daisuke’s cock pushing up into the deepest parts of her body; practically ripping her body in half. ( After a few minutes of getting used to the feeling of her tight pussy putting his cock into a vice, Daisuke begins to come into his own more as his hip movements quickly become more violent and rough. ( His hips begin to pound into hers as he lifts her right leg up to allow his thick cock to pass in and out of her easier.-“ahhh Sian…I’ve waited so long for this.”-The sound of the water and skin clapping together can be heard from both of them as her juices mixes in with the shower water and quickly flies all over the shower.-

SayuriAkagi: Sian knew she was loosing herself to the man before her, funny thing about it was she didn’t give a damn nor was afraid of what was follow next if she did so as she obediently turned around on the soles of her heels like she’d been asked to with her back facing Dai and her front looking towards the wall in front of her with both hands against it. Feeling his right hand firmly grasp her shoulder Si would turn her head just slightly lowering it to try and place a soft kiss against the back of his hand the sensation of having her loves cock so close to her slit making her become wetter just from the anticipation alone as Daisuke uses the head of it to tease even more than she already had been whilst the tip rubs up against both her clit and virgin opening. Groaning she tells him, “Dai stop teasing me….nail me love…I want you hot cock inside of my pussy right now please.” Practically on her toes trembling from the need to have him buried inside of her twitching taint as Sian wonders if what just came out of her mouth really was her at all as he continues to torture her, in order to coat himself completely in her juices before saying, -“Give your all too me, Sian…Be mine…” then finally pushing himself deep inside of her body causing the hymen that had made her virgin to break once every last inch of his cock was in her. She could feel her walls tightening and flexing around him making her moan somewhat at his sweet invasion as the pain of her virginity fading was soon replaced by something even more powerful once both adjusted to the other and Daisuke made the first move, pulling back at first then pushing into her body with ease before repeating itself against with more intensity than the last. “Dai more, please harder, faster baby oh god….I want feel every last inch of you inside me...” Sian tells him exposing just a bit of the Tetsu family’s secret to her lover with her words once his hands finally take hold of her hips with both hands and uses the leverage to ram himself even deeper inside of her. On the back of her neck she could feel his breath as he told her just how tight she was and amazing she felt, his hips starting to gain even more momentum just as were her own as she started to moved against his thighs at tempo and speed that could possibly have matched his own adding even more friction to the matter by forcing the head of his cock push further against the hilt of her womb as the water continued to cascade down onto their bodies. “Yes baby that it, pound me harder…..stir my insides up more…yea just that mmmm” she moans keeping both hands on the wall in front of while still keeping her tempo with him Sian would concentrate a bit using her muscle below to squeeze and pleasure using some of the skills she’d learned from friend in order to make Daisuke’s first experience with a woman even better as he started to get even more violent and rougher with her. Which unbeknownst to him she liked but once Daisuke went for her right leg she knew she would loose her advantage as he begin to pumble her sweet pussy without any trouble causing her scream out his name in all three octave tones as she still rocked her hips on and off his cock from even in this position before lowering her upper down just enough to where her left hand down so that she could attempt to reach for the base of his cock and if successful she would use it to copy the motions of her pussy wall while stroking with the aid of her own juices.

vMegatron: -With every moan and scream of his name, Daisuke begins to feel the animal side of him that all Yuns have in the bedroom become awakened. His cock feeling her pussy tighten up around his shaft sends chills down his spine with his toes beginning to curl at the base of the shower. His pre-cum mixes in with her juices as the base of his cock continues to rip right into her womb; pressing all of himself as deep inside of her he can get. Never feeling the inside of a woman before this night, Daisuke has to admit he is quickly come addicted to the feeling that Sian is giving him right now. Giving a soft grunt, his eyes begin to glow bright redish-orange with his Dragonic Power begins to seep through. His claws begin to protrude out from his fingertips, digging into Sian’s ass cheeks with his firm grip still holding onto the bouncing asscheeks of hers. Each claw would pierce into her soft tan skin as he gives a soft growl from the pleasure she is giving him. With the position they are in, Daisuke leans down so his chest rests against her soft back as the heated water and the sweat from their loving bodies mixes together. His large left arm wraps around her stomach as he begins to plow into Sian’s pussy with much more force. Her breasts would begin to bounce up and down as his thick cock begins to stretch her pussy as his thrusts become stronger and filled with more power. With his hips pounding into hers, she could feel her hips weakening as the powerful Yun uses his immense strength to try and break Sian’s small body with his cock. ( –“Oh Sian…Let me fuck you wildly with the passion that I have for you…Allow me to not hold back against your body…let my cock express my love for you in ways my words could never explain…”-He says this as his cock moves faster and faster, allowing her body to vibrate and slap against his body back and forth so fast that her ass cheeks would begin to turn red just by his hips ramming into her body! After ripping Sian apart in this position, Daisuke bends down a bit and picks Sian up by the back of her knees. As he lifts her up into the air he hoists her up to balance herself as her legs are pulled back across his thighs. His hands then grip tightly around Sian’s wrists as he pulls her body up to hang in the air like two gymnasts! He then says to her-“I cannot hold myself back any longer…I must take all of you for myself…forever!”-As she is hoisted up in the air, Daisuke begins to thrust his hips back and forth to allow his cock to drill upwards into her pussy! ( Giving rough thrusting motions he would force himself to ram his cock into her as if he were going to try and break her back. Having all the love in the world for Sian, he cannot allow himself to hold back when with her. Giving all of himself to her he positions her to where the water from the shower will flow onto her breasts. The large bulge that is created on Sian’s body everytime Daisuke inserts himself inside of her is even more visual now as water is forced to splash off her body every time the bulge is created. Feeling his body beginning to tense up, his grip around her forearms gets tighter as his muscles begin to tighten. He then grits his teeth as he says with a struggle as he forces his body to hold in his climax-“I…I’m going to come…Let me cum inside of you like this, Sian…I want to cum inside of your pussy!...”-

Sayuri Akagi-Using the wall as leverage she starts to move her hips in a churning like motion on and off his thick cock at an alarming rate taking just as much pleasure he would give her from him while forcing it into the door of her cervix repeatedly in an attempt push the head into her eager womb before sending it back to him 10 fold and almost becoming delirious in the process of it, allowing her tongue to hang slightly from her lips while panting and screaming to point that if any one was in fact inside of the penthouse they would know exactly what was taking place without having to step two feet near the bathroom at all. As his cock presses harder still into her tight vibrate cunt she makes sure that she doesn’t mess a beat with anything from the thrust of hips right down to the way she made her wall squeeze and contract against him in all of the excitement. Knowing full well that all of this excitement was making Daisuke just as wild as she was cause she couldn’t get enough of it, no matter how hard he fucked her brains out she still wanted more of it and it showed too with each movement she made.- “Do it faster baby….do faster mmmm fuck I love it when you pound my pussy like that,”- were just some of the words that fell from her lips to her lover as began to feel a shift of his energy in atmosphere around them but unlike most girls he might have encounter she was ready for this once she started to feel this claws starting to emerge, piercing her fragile skin that later would be noted as wounds from a job well done by the pretty little Asian as she felt the weight of her lover’s body shifting behind her to the point that his chest was now on her back which turned forced hers up against the cool dampness of the wall that was in front her a moment. From there it became apparent to Sian that the good times were just beginning as Dai’s left arm soon wrapped itself about her midsection and started to plow into pussy like pile driver strong and hard as her breasts were made to bounce every which way but loose making her scream out in both a mixture of pain and pleasure while being on so wondrously crammed full by his cock she couldn’t help smile to herself for having found such a prize to call her very own. She could her hips begin to weaken under the force from his powerful thrust but still she refused to let up her own assault stopping her hips fully from moving and allowing him to feel force of her inner muscles as she pushes them down onto his throbbing shaft sucking him deeper from head to base and releasing him only when started to withdrawn just as he says, “Oh Sian…Let me fuck you wildly with the passion that I have for you…Allow me to not hold back against your body…let my cock express my love for you in ways my words could never explain…”-which makes her smile even harder as she guessed he was holding back something from her- “Give it to me Daisuke….I want it….show me your deepest desires, you wildest ambitions….don’t hold back any more my love…make me yours.” –was her reply and just like that the deal was done, almost instantly she began to feel the full power of his cock racing through her body causing her scream out in rapture, “OHHHHHHHH GOOOODDDDDDDD YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!”  The sound of their skin slapping against one against the other almost drowning out Sian’s own lustful screams before Daisuke bended down to pick up by the back side of her knees then hoisting her up into the air as he balances her with legs pulled back over his thighs. With a tight grip on both on both of her wrists Daisuke pulls her body up in a gymnast like stance telling her that he can’t hold back any longer, that he must take her for himself….forever before proceeding to drill upwards into her over excited body. Again she didn’t deny him a thing giving him the same love he had for her back as she submitted her whole self to him letting him take her body as he saw fit yet still giving him back the same even in this position causing her to see the large bulge moving up through her stomach even more clearly as she fastly approaching her orgasm at an alarming rate just as his grip begins to tighten on her forearm a sign that she wasn’t the only one too. “Dai I’m gonna cum…I don't care if I get pregnant…….I want your white hot load inside of me….now!” she’d tell him her own body starting to break once she’d reach the pinnacle of her release.‏

Cum Inside Edit

-Hearing her yell and moan his name, yelling out for all the heavens to hear, his body begins to go haywire! Sian gave his body a drive that he had never felt before. Pushing him to new lengths as he wants nothing more than to please the love of his life with his thick cock. His muscles continue to tighten up as his grip on her forearms continues to get stronger and more painful for her. Thrusting his head back while his hips thrust forward, his cock gets lost inside of her. Then hearing her say she doesnt care if she gets pregnant, Daisukes eyes widen a bit with a sudden realization about something that would change their lives together but forever intertwine the two of them forever. Wanting Sian for himself and no one to ever take her, Daisuke gives her all of his love by expressing it in his love making. He then whispers to her in response to her statement-"I...I want you...I want you pregnant with my child!"- after saying this to her, his hips begin to move so fast that her pussy would feel like it is about to break from the inside! His immense speed and power gives her all of him at a rate she had not seen him complete.-"I love you, Sian...with will be mine forever..."- pulling on her arms he pulls her body down onto his cock as his hips thrust forward into her hips. His body would hit hers with enough force that her hips could crack and her back get out of place for a few seconds as he gives out a loud dragonic grunt as he releases inside of his love. Because of his massive amounts of cum, Daisuke pulls her arms down to keep her body locked into place as the cum instantly fills her womb with his hot frothy sperm. Holding her down, her body quickly begins to fill with his cum as her belly expands outwards like a pregnant mother about to pop. The feeling of cum filling her body on an unnatural level would fill her with an immense pain and pleasure as the warmth flows through her body. The immense pressure building around their two bodies begins to blow up as her pussy cannot physically hold in his cum any longer. He releases his hold on her arms and like a rocket she lifts off of his cock and into the air! His stream of cum fires out of her pussy as she makes a front flip in the air! daisuke's eyes widen as he watches Sian fly through the shower having her back hit the wall! ( )Her body would then slide down to the floor with the cum spilling out of her destroyed pussy like a waterfall. Looking down at his cock covered in his cum it continues to spew out small strands of cum still hard and throbbing. Not sure if this is normal, Daisuke scratches his head and waits to see how Sian reacts. -‏

In breathless cry Sian gave Daisuke she had, her knuckles completely white from the lack on blood that was being allowed to move through her arms from his grasp on them. Shed feel him accelerate his hips one final time the head of beast literally breaking pass her cervix into her eager awaiting womb causing her entire body shatter into orgasm that would make even the god jealous as the mixture of pleasure, pain, and transcendent ecstasy fills the young girls mind for the first ever in her life, as Sian continues to give it all she has even through own climax wanting more than anything to make her words a reality in the eyes of her lover. For they were in fact meant to be and that there was no other for her beside Daisuke. Against her ear Sian would hear him tell her that he wanted her bare his child this of course causing her to smile as she tries to touch his hand with hers still being held in place letting him know to just how happy hes made her as her pussy begins to go numb some what from all the attention its getting. It was a feeling Sian knew that she would come to cherish all the days of her life before being told,- "I love you Sian, with will be mines forever...- a guttural grunt soon passing from Daisuke's lips causing Sian to let out another wild scream as she starting cum for a second time. Her back literally felt like it was going split in two as it crack a disk or two coming out of place just when Daisuke started to cum deep inside of her at an un-natural and alarming rate. Her  cock filled uterus drank down down his warm seed by the gallons at first not wasting one drop but soon it became too much for even end bare backing up into her stomach causing her to feel as if she were already with child before starting explode out from her once virginal opening before her arms were finally released and her body was made to shoot off like a rocket into the air towards the wall in front her. Out stretching her arms some Sian is able to prevent the full impact of her body hitting but her legs were far from being stable enough to stand just yet and it showed too as she suddenly collapsed onto the shower floor tile with a mixture of water, her juices, and his seed following down her thighs for moment before finally ceasing leaving the pretty little Asian laying on the bottom of the shower completely exhausted, but strangely enough utterly satisfied allowing her fingers to play with pussy some before placing her fingers into mouth savoring just how good they taste together before moving closer to her lover once to her knees. "Mmm allow me to clean your cock off with my mouth love." Not really giving him time to answer she attempts to return the favor so generously given her now on two separate occasions showing him just how much skill she truly did have with that jaded tongue of hers-‏

Lick'em like a Lollipop Edit

-Almost instantly after releasing himself inside of his lover, his cock begins to grow a high sensitivity as it being the first time he has cum inside of a woman. Feeling the hot water splashing off his body and onto the long tip of his cock, forces Daisuke to twitch a bit as the sensitivity brings chills to echo throughout his body from his tip to the soles of his feet. With the chills traveling up his spine he looks down to his lover who is playing with her pussy with her own fingers, gathering up her juices and his cum like a cotton candy machine; his eyes widen at the sight of her licking and drinking the small amount of his cum as it was something he did not see coming from Sian. Hearing her speak of pleasuring his cock with her mouth, Daisukes face turns bright red as he had always wanted this from her. Having watched a lot of porn during their relationship to keep his sexual urges at bay, Daisuke has always wanted to get the head game from Sian. Feeling his body quickly become warm again, his eager cock twitches as it begs for her mouth to come upon it and pleasure it. If she were to begin to suck on the head of his cock, she would immediately be surprised as his throbbing cock releases another shot of cum out of the slit of his cock. Not a full load of his level but a sizeable strand of cum that would fire straight for her forehead if she backs away or straight into her mouth if she stays there!-"guahh!"- he grunts as the sensitivity from his cock going wild just by her simple touch at this point. ( ) he then looks down at her wAiting to see how she takes his surprise cum strand while saying-"Im sorry, not good at holding in this much cum...especially now with you being where i want to cum inside of..."- Trying to get himself to push through the sensitiveness of his cock, he would begin to stroke his meat with his left hand while saying-"put your mouth around my cock... I want to feel the tip of my meat sliding down your throat..."- he then waits to see if she will follow his command of if he would have to forcefully take her body in the he wants to treat it.-‏

The shock look on his handsome face at watching her so vividly playing with herself after making her cum was completely evident to Sian as she crawls towards him on all fours like a graceful cat on the prowl stopping just short of his jutting sensative cock allowing her own long pink tongue to extend pass her soft full lips in order twirl itself around the head in slow diberate motions allowing her lips pucker kissing it every so often between each lick pressing her them closer until at last her mouth captured it, sucking on it as if it were her own personal lolli. She moaned in excitement at the taste of his cum still dripping down from its weeping hole against her tongue, delighting in it so as he shot a healthy helping of his cum into her mouth without warning causing her pull back for a moment in order to savour it even more as she opens her mouth with easing allowing him if he so desired to whilst she moved it around with her tongue playfully before coming to swallow it faithfully without so much as a blink. Hearing his apology she smiles licking her lips softly motioning her right hand up onto his stomach first then chest before trying place her index finger against his lips. "Shhhhh its alright, I love the way you taste. I can tell already that sucking your cock is gonna be a favorite past time of mines..." before shed hear his command to place her mouth around him again. With obeience in her heart and in her mind she moved closer towards him again, watching him intensely as his left slipped over and then under his very sensative prick which was making her excited all over again and it showed too. Sian parts her mouth fully this time taking first the head of his cock into sucking on it softly and using her tongue to rotate it completely between the palette of her mouth and the lingal surface of her tongue as she moves her head back then forth, allowing herself to take even more of it into her mouth which pass the was made. Her teeth would nip at it some but in a playful manner on occasions allowing her tongue to relax itself completely once all of it in and really going to work deep throating with her tongue flicking the underside

-As Sian first wraps her mouth around his cock ( Daisuke’s head begins to twitch as the instant vacuum feeling from her sucking pulls at his head that forces chills to run through his body. His eyes shut a bit as he gives a soft grunt as the sensitivity is almost too much to handle.-“GYAH!”-He grunts as her mouth then proceeds to suck on his large cock; allowing her tongue to work wonderous magical motions from the inside as his thick cock pushes her mouth to as wide as she can get. ( Up and down her mouth sucks on his cock like a damned lollipop and her mouth giving her more pleasure than her pussy! With the way her tongue moves and how she even playfully uses her teeth to rub and nip as his cock causes Daisuke to swings his head back as the back of his head hits the hard tile of the bathroom wall. He says out loud-“OH FUCK!...It…It feels so GOOD!...”- Digging his claws into the wall as well, his toes begin to curl up while she continues to use her mouth as a godsend tool of passionate love making. With his eyes shut out of the pleasure she is giving him with her mouth, hearing her comments about this being a past time for their relationship, Daisuke nods his head like a little school boy loving every second of her mystery talent.-“Yes! Yes! Yes! You will do this more often! Like! Every god damned day!”-With her saliva beginning to make a mess, the water coming down on their bodies hides it very well. Around his cock her saliva begins to spread down to his balls before slowly striding down towards the floor.-“Sian…W-where were y-you hiding this talent!?...I can barely control my brain! Ooo shit!”-His mind begins to give way as her head game is indeed on point. And it is at that point that Daisuke’s eyes shoot open with a bright glowing orange-redish hue from his dragonic eyes. Looking down at her body, he says to her-“I cannot hold myself back anymore!...I’m going to turn your mouth into another pussy to use as my pleasure tool!”-And without a moments warning, his hands reach up and both grab her bright blue locks of wet hair around her head as he begins to thrust his hips into her mouth! With passion and power, Daisuke begins to skull fuck his future wife as his cock begins to spill past her head and begins to poke down into her throat! ( Giving a grunt of passion, his muscles begin to contract as his animal rage forces him to push the limits between the two of them. His hip thrusts continue to hold such power that could feel like his cock is about to tear right through her head! Forcing all of himself inside of her; the saliva from her mouth would begin to spill everywhere! Waving around like strings of clear wetness, the saliva swishes back and forth as the sound of her gagging for all hell echoes through the shower. His pre-cum once again seeps out of the slit of his cock as it drips down into her mouth for her to swallow. Feeling himself begin to rise up once more for another cumshot; he begins to increase the speed of his skull fucking. ( With both hands still on the back of her head he begins to push and pull at her head while he continues to move his hips! This causes both of their bodies to move at inhuman speeds as her mouth becomes destroyed by his large cock! As this happens she would begin to feel the mass increase of his cock as it begins to swell up just before he wants to release another load for her! Already cumming inside of her pussy, he is prepared to fire another load inside of her mouth or give her a facial.-“Your mouth of your face!? Pick where I release myself upon your body!”-He gives her the choice to where he cums on her like a piece of meat and not the girl he has come to love. Showing a different side of himself, Daisuke prepares his second load for her waiting to hear her choice.-

-Her moans would send a ripple of pleasure down this most sensative part of his body, her speeds were completely inhuman at times and her tongue......wooo knew just exactly what to do and when as it took utter charge and proceeded to use quick butterfly flicks from its tip against the under side of his cock with her mouth open wide letting Daisuke see just how much she loved him and sucking on his beast. Sian watches her lover throw his head back in escasy and literally fall back onto the wall allowing her to give chase to him once her licks are increase and her throat buried him deeply back into it, shaking her head just a bit while gagging on it. Shed hear him roar just how good it was her eyes changing a golden amber color as she looks upon him in all his masculinity, praising him because she knows that after tonight that all of it is for her. His taste was something no candy company could ever duplicate, it was both sweet and salty to to her tongue and the more precum came out of his opening the more she wanted to lick it and swallow it whole. Sian drew head back but a moment to give her reply, "Of course love, anything for you..." before lowering her lips to his large testicles below with care taking them into her mouth being careful to only use that and her tongue to add to Dais experience more hearing him ask another question as she reclaimed his cock with her mouth once more. This time it didnt take long for him to loose all control, almost immediately he grips her hair with ease and begins hammering his hips into her full lips. At first Sian was alarmed and completely caught off guard by his actions but she adjusted some what allowing herself to relax enough to where he could have his way comepletely with her mouth groaning as she used her tongue between breathes to lick and taunt him pleasureably so. She would gagg on him several times as she was unable to deny that he was turning her on wildly at the moment and she was starting to touch first her breasts then her clit frantically in order to make herself cum right along with him this time. With the tension mouthing inside both of the Sian hears Dai asks her were she wants the second load of his cock juice unloaded and not hesitating she parts her lips and extends her tongue, "Cum...sir....let this humble one taste you in her mouth." Then patiently she waits with her mouth open wide to see if her request is honored.‏


-Hearing the words of his lover wanting his load to be showered on her and allow her to taste his white frothy seamen, Daisuke smiles while revealing the sharp canine teeth-“As you wish…”- He then pulls at her head with his left hand, allowing her head to be pointed towards his body as his cock slides right out of her mouth. The sound of her saliva sliding right off his cock because of her tongue appears right before a slight pop as he pulls the head from the sweet suction of her lips. With his right hand he begins to rapidly beat his own meat as the skin of his cock wraps around his large muscular hand as he begins to come to his finish. She can see as the muscles of his body quickly tighten up and his face turning a slight crimson red. He then says to her in a hard voice-“IM CUMMING!”- And just as he says this, he extends his hand out towards the head of his cock and another huge load of his white baby gravy shoots out of the slit of his cock like a fire hose. Instantly a large portion of the cum would splash right onto her face and spread across her face like a spiderweb! Quickly the main portion lands on the right cheek of hers, sending some into her mouth to quickly fill her with the sweet yet salty taste of his cum. Portions of this strand of cum also shoots out across her eyes like the ends of the spiderweb. With the main portion hitting her face, it quickly begins to drip down onto her breasts if she didn’t scoop it up as it hits. Secondly, another shot sprays out of his cock and into her hair as it quickly takes a large portion of the blue locks of hers. One after another, the white cum sprays out of his cock at rapid fire; giving Sian no time to react to the amount of cum that continues to spray out. A spray shoots out and lands across her large supple breasts, along her stomach and even goes so far as to spray down onto her thighs and pussy which is already filled with Daisuke’s sperm. ( As the cum just sprays out of him uncontrollably, Sian would feel like her body is being covered in cum like a shower! After releasing all this cum onto her body, Daisuke stands there with his right hand still on his cock as the dip begins to drip with his excess cum like a sink that can’t close completely. His chest slowly begins to breath heavy as he feels like he just empied an entire gallon of his sperm both inside and on Sian. With the water still coming down on them, Daisuke’s body continues to be heated and Sian being able to slowly watch the cum heat up and become a sticky substance on her body within a few seconds. Looking down at her, he’s give her a soft smile as he asks-“Still think you can handle a Yun for the rest of your life? Haha”- Making a joke to the fact that both times he came practically either covered her entire body or ripped it apart from the inside.-

-Keeping her mouth open fully open whilst still on her knees before him, Sian sees him smile allowing him to withdraw his cock from her mouth with a loud wet and messy "plop". She curls her tongue over head sone flicking her tongue at it in a playful manner still probing her pussy with her fingers as her hips were starting to grind into the palm of her right hand while the left played with her hard ass nipples tugging on the them vividly for him to see. The pretty Asian couldn't believe how badly watching his massive palms move from the base to the head of his cock was making her or even more how lude she was becoming in front of Dai as well as with him too. It was as if tonight they were getting to see one another's true colors, and for the most part Sian loved it. In the mist of their 'race' to see who would cum first she'd hear Daisuke exclaim- "IM CUMMING!" -and with it her own body reaching its second orgasm as well as Sian lets his seed shoot out onto her lovely face into her warm talented mouth before getting some onto her large breasts. The second shot and so forth however was something that she would have seen coming, as Daisuke literally splatters her body hair including with what mostv would call a 'cum shower' while still subjected before him on the shower's tile floor, his cum becoming rather sticky on her skin rather fast and prompts her to move from her knees onto her feet to allow the hot water to wash some of it away as she does so. If his eyes remained on her as did this she'd face him completely smiling back hearing Daisuke joke around about her being able to handle a Yun for the rest of her life, the faint traces of red mixed with water again her thighs, proof to him that her virginity and the woman that it was once apart of was forever his. Moving towards Dai she would attempt to wrap her arms about his neck before leaning her close to his in order to kiss his lips passionately breaking it only for a moment in order to reply. "That depends.....does a Yun think he's got what he takes to satisfy a THIS female Tetsu AND are you asking me or telling me?" She'd use her amber colored eyes to try and search out just what the hell did her love mean by the "For the rest of your life" in Dai's own red ones.‏

Africa Issues Edit

-With the cum washing off her smooth skin and down the drain with the rest of the shower warer, Daisuke comes to embrace her in his arms. With her arms wrapped around his neck, his arms slide in to wrap around the small of her back. His forearms practically rest on the roundness of her full and juicy ass as the water rains down upon them. Sian had been his first and by the way things looked for the two of them, possibly his last. The two kids lost in teenage love that shines brightly for the two of them. Looking to see the slight red mixed in with the water, he knew that Sian would be his forever. Knowing that they have both come to lose their virginity to each other, their relationship could only become closer for it. Hearing her comments about if he can satisfy the Tetsu woman, Daisuke breaks out in a soft laugh. At this point his cock would have softened from its complete erectness as it clearly showed Sian to be more than enough to pleasure his large member in two orgasms. But also seeing that her body had reached her maximum as well, Daisuke comes to give her a soft smirk as his smooth long cock rubs up against her thighs. Then as his she asks if he is asking or telling her about the rest of her life, Daisuke goes quiet for a few seconds. His glowing lava colored eyes staring down into her golden amber eyes, thinking hard about what he is to say next. Butterflies fly around in his stomach as he says to her-" telling you... That you will have to handle...ME and only ME....for the rest...of our lives...I....I love you, Sian....Yun..."-he says the last name with a soft smile as he throws out that little joke. He then leans forehead upon hers as he waits to see how she responds to what he said.-‏

"Sian....Yun..." -she repeats the sound of his last name rolling off her tongue whilst being  intertwined with that of her first came at first as a shock to the young 17yr girl who let her eyes still search her lover's to see if this was truly a joke or not as his silence before speaking this made her wonder if he was in fact joking. But in truth she saw not one hint of a joke in those crimson eyes of his, his head resting against her own. Allowing what was spoken to her to sink in she looks back up into his eyes soberly, and blushing with a smile on her lips  "When you are ready to make me a wife, so will I be honored to have you as a husband. I love you too Daisuke Yun." -Sian allows his arms embrace her wet frame the remnants of what transpired between them being washed away by the shower overhead as she remained quite in his arms for sometime before speaking again. "I will have leave soon love, for Africa in order to help a village against rebels who have stolen something from them and my family idk how long I will be gone, but I do know that you will be in my heart always while I am. But before I left I wanted to see you again to let you know that I never hated your brother and I have forgiven him too. But I must know why have you been so distant from me?" She asks him as she comes to feel his now flaccid cock up against her thighs.‏

-As the two come to the end of their little shower scene, Sian comes to see Daisuke's true feelings for her. Though they are both very young, Daisuke believes in his heart that she is the woman for him. From the first day he saw her in school when he was about to fight Akira. To their first kiss after winning the street race, first showing his feelings for her. Having done something he had never done before as a teenager with another woman outside of Pippa; which he doesnt like to count seeing as they lasted for all of two days. Sian once again becomes a large portion of his life as the first girl he has made love too, even with the two of them practically living together already. Getting out of the shower, daisuke wraps her body up in a white towel, drying her off before saying to her-"while you are here...i think you should stay naked...I like the view everytime i look at you."- drying himself off with a towel he then drops it to the floor to follow his own rule of the house that he gives her. But with the question she asked him as to why he has been so distant, it brings him to be very quiet. Walking towards the window that overlooks the city he begins to say to her-"My arent the only one going to Africa..."-he then turns to face her-"Something has come up with the Company and we are moving everything to Wakanda...leaving Kasaihana forever...Similar to The Crescent Moon Island was for my ancestors, Wakanda is a Yun civilization...and it needs to be led by one...I and my brother cannot do that from here....I leave by the end of the month...and I have been distant because I didnt know how i could come about explaining it to you...but i Know now what I must say to you..."- he walks over to her quickly cupping her cheeks with his hands -"I LOVE YOU. and I want you forever and then some...Come with me to Wakanda and together you can be a queen of Africa...And...we can raise a family...something I can only see myself doing with you...We can live a normal life with nothing trying to attack us or destroy us like Kasaihana...Come with me and we can ride off into the sunset...Sian Yun...Marry me in Wakanda."-‏

Stepping from the shower the bathroom light softly kisses her wet tanned skin causing it to glistening against her curvaceous sillohoutte outlining every line on her body that a man would wish to see and those that no other but Daisuke could or at in least in Sian's mind ever would as she extends a graceful arm forward allowing her hand grasp the adjacent towel near his own only to have her actions halted when Dai actually goes to dry her off himself. This action does surprise the young female but none the less she doesn't object to it as hands move about her body, as if to admire it like a fine piece of art before wrapping it about her seemingly tiny frame compared to his own large one. Sian waited patiently for his answer as he does this her mond noting to her earlier thoughts before she'd entered the shower with Dai. Indeed fate had dealt them quite a strange hand, leaving Si to think that she would enter this place to find that their love was over in wake of their passionate love making but it was completely the opposite it was as strong as ever, just shifting the two of them in totally different directions and on two totally different directions that ultimately meant that she had to make a choice, her ears suddenly picking up on her lovers voice once he started to speak about why hes been so distant towards her. She takes in a deep breath giving her mind time to take everything letting her towel fall to the floor behind her as walks out from the bathroom a bit timid hoping that Damon nor Alfred decided to drop in for evening while the both were in their birthday suits though shed have admit the ideal would be rather hysterical if it did happen. Feeling his massive palms clasp her face Sian hears Dai's confession of true love to her, his proposal of marriage to her, and his invitation to come live with him and his family in Wakanda. At first she is silent using her hands to push back slowly from him making it seem as if she was against before returning to his grasp, her lips falling short of his ear whispering to his her answer pulling away with tears starting to form in her amber eyes as she leaned in to kiss his lips one last time.-‏

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