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Akira Tetsu:  "Alright Class as you know this will be the last day to complete your assignment its due tomorrow and there will be no makeup days I'm sure I already explained how important this assignment was towards your grade so all you slackers you have better get to work" Mrs. Sinatara would say from behind her desk in her usual outfit a nice top and skirt heels with her hair pinned up a lot of the student would begin to panic as they never even started so they began to rush to do at the very least a half passed job to get a grade while the people who actually focused and did the assignment just took it easy, Mrs. Sinatara would then begin to call out the class roster marking everyone preset or absent one of which was Akira. Mrs. Sinatara would then turn towards Akiko(if she was In class) "Ms. Yano you've been working with Akira on this project do you know where he is I'm sure he came to school today"///Meanwhile/// Akira would have been laying down on his back sleeping on the cold poolside of his secret spot , he had skipped his class before hand and accidentally fallen asleep in his hand would have been a can of spray paint and on the wall opposite of the side their assignment was on would have been in large Graffiti letter would be "Akira Was Here" with a arrow pointing to the ground ya this is what he did when he got bored.

Akiko Yano:  Akiko lounged in her chair, her head back as she looked up at the ceiling, she had become more bored with her classes.  She heard Mrs. Sinatara clear her throat as she got ready to talk to the class.  Akiko sat straight in her seat, prepared to listen to the teacher’s words.  Looking over at Akira’s seat she realized that he was not there for class – Hmm wonder where he is-.  "Alright Class as you know this will be the last day to complete your assignment its due tomorrow and there will be no makeup days I'm sure I already explained how important this assignment was towards your grade so all you slackers you have better get to work” Akiko laughed as some of the students gasped at the realization that they had nothing done yet.  –Fools, should have been working on it when she gave you the time. -   "Ms. Yano you've been working with Akira on this project do you know where he is? I'm sure he came to school today" Akiko wanted to know that too.  “I am not quite sure where he is but I know we are soon done with our assignment.  Do you mind if I go and look for him so we can get the last part of our essay done?”  Akiko used her most studiest voice, in hopes that Mrs. Sinatara would allow her to leave.  “Oh, you two are that far with your assignment?”  Mrs. Sinatara stammered out the words, she sounded a bit shocked by the statement.  “Of course, I believe we only have two more paragraphs to finish.”  Akiko gathered up her belongings, already knowing that Mrs. Sinatara had no reason to keep Akiko in the class, especially after learning how far they were.  “Um, yes Ms. Yano.  You may be dismissed so that you can finish your work.”  Akiko hurried out of the classroom, not even bothering to put on her jacket or backpack.  She had an idea as to where Akira might be.  Racing down the hall she ran up the three flights of stairs to reach the roof of the school.   Putting her backpack on the ground she quickly shoves her arms into her jacket, then grabbing her pack and swings it onto her back.  “Hey!, I think you forgot something today.”  Akiko yells down in the hole that leads to the pool.  Rolling her eyes, Akiko takes four paces back and then runs, jumping perfectly through the roof.  She lands on the ground with her knees bent, she moved with the jump so that she would not cause any sound at all.  As she looks around she spot Akira, lying peacefully on the ground. “HEY!”

Akira Tetsu:  Akira would still be laying there sleeping on the poolside as he didn't even budge a bit when she began yelling out to try and wake him up his hair pushed was over his face hiding his facial features from her mainly his eyes, he'd then shift a tad bit his head turning to the side causing his hair to part a bit. Akira has ways been a extremely heavy sleeper saying that he could sleep through a hurricane, that was an understatement the boy could sleep through almost anything and there was only a few ways or things that would wake him up though oddly enough he was always able to react to I'll intent when he was sleeping. He’d have on just his white dress shirt which was unbuttoned revealing his muscular chest and Abs while he'd have his jeans on and some all white Air force ones on his feet. On his face his lips would have been curved upwards slightly as he was smiling in his sleep though the smile was a rather devious one.

Akiko Yano:   Akiko stared at Akira, waiting for him to wake up but she was sadly disappointed.  Her screaming at him did not even make him stir.  Setting down her pack, she went back to look at their art work.  They had done a really amazing job, taking out her phone she took some more pictures of the art work, making sure she had enough to add into their essay.  Looking over her shoulder she peered down at Akira just laying there.  Biting her lower lip she could not help but stare down at his body.  Her eyes ventured from his smirked face down to his chest; his shirt opening to show off his muscular chest.  She still remembered the way it felt pressed up against her chest.  –Get a hold of yourself girl.-  Rolling her eyes she knelt down next to Akira.  Grabbing hold of his shoulders she rocked his back and forth.  “Wake up you fool!”  Even with all of her shaking he did not wake up.  She looked around for an idea to get his up.  She looked from him to the pool and back to him.  –No that would just be mean, throwing a sleeping person into the pool.-  Still she could not help but imagine what that would look like; her rolling his body into the pool.  –No no no, not nice Akiko.-   Sitting down beside him she hugged her knees to her chest.  Looking back down at Akira, her eyes focused on his lips; his soft, devious lips.  –Well it couldn’t hurt.-  Looking around she felt so tricky  as she leaned over his body and planted her lips to his.  Her lips moved gently against his, her upper pressed down against his chest.  

Akira Tetsu:   As Akira lied there he wouldn't have even reacted to anything even as she laid down into top on his chest he barely react only shifted a bit and when she planted her lips onto his he didn't reacted at first though as she continued to kiss him his hands would have began to twitch and he'd start to react before suddenly his arms would wrap around her upper body pushing her into him more as he began to kiss her back almost as aggressively when he did in the library, he then begin to sit up right while still kissing her he'd attempt to lay her down onto her back so that he was onto of her while the kiss began to become heat after a little he'd break the kiss looking at her deviously  "oh that's a pretty bold move to take advantage of someone sleeping" he'd say his voice lustful and devious though he wouldn't give her a chance to respond as he'd plant his onto hers again though this time sliding his tongue inside her mouth twirling it around her own. In truth Akira hasn't woken up the person she's was seeing right now was Akira's well I guess one could call it his other half which comes to surface when he's unconscious and or sleeping, in truth there three sides to Akira there's his darker side and there his More righteous side of him and then there there one in between which everyone is used to seeing. As the kiss went on Akira's hands would have moved down to her hips and would have slowly started to move upwards his hands sliding underneath her shirt sliding it up while his hands massaged the sides of her body as it moved upwards stopping right underneath her breast. He'd then break the kiss his face hovering over hers with a devious smile on his face and his eyes a lustful red color and just as he looked as if he was going to continue his left eye would turn back into it normal lunar blue color , Akira would then place his left hand over his eye and he'd climb off of her before standing up and turning around walking off as if he was in some type of pain before dropping down to his knees still holding his eye "stop no not nowww" he'd suddenly yell out ~You go back to sleep~ he thought and just like that Akira's other eye would go back to normal as well and he'd be back to his normal self and stand to his feet. Though he didn't turn back towards her feeling guilty about his actions "Sorry about that I didn't do anything bad to you did I?" he'd say still not facing her Akira didn't remember all of his actions as he was still "asleep" so to speak.

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Akiko Yano:  Akiko could feel Akira stir underneath her, all of sudden arms snaked around her waist and brought her down more on his chest.  She tried to speak against his lips but he was pressing his lips too tight against hers.   As Akira lifted up off the ground he swung her around and had her back against the cold surface of the cement.   "oh that's a pretty bold move to take advantage of someone sleeping"  Akiko was very embarrassed by the fact that she had done that, she just couldn’t help it, not when she saw him laying there.  She wanted to speak but his tongue was pressed deep inside of her mouth.  Without thinking her tongue flicked and twitched against his.   His kiss was very different from the one she had experienced in the library, he was more aggressive.  A shiver traveled down her spine as his hands moved down her stomach to the hem of her shirt, she could feel her shirt being lifted up, her stomach bare to the cold air.  With the kiss broken Akiko gasped, “Akira.”  She never thought of Akira as being this forward.  Looking up into her eyes she was speechless, looking back at her were not Akira’s eyes, they were bright red eyes, the same eyes she got when she was close to turning.  Lifting up her hands she placed them on his chest , she was just about to push when she saw that his left eye shifted back to its natural color.  Lifting herself up on her elbows she watched as Akira stood up and walked away from her.  She was still in shock by what she had saw.  –Akira is not human, he is like me… or is he something else.-    "Stop no not nowww"   Akiko laid there on the ground, staying in place, not yet sure as to what she should be doing; comforting him or running away from him.  Her shirt was still lifted up to her bra, the hot pink bottom peaking out just a tad.  "Sorry about that I didn't do anything bad to you did I?"  Akiko quickly pulled her shirt back down, and slowly rose to her feet.  “What are you? Akira what just happened?” Shaking her head, she took a step back and collected her thoughts.  “No, you did nothing bad.  At least you stopped yourself before you did.”    

Akira Tetsu:  "No, you did nothing bad. At least you stopped yourself before you did" rang through his ears and he'd let out a sigh a relief as he knew he could get out of control when the other guys awake "As to what I am well that's a good question to be honest I'm not even sure I just know that I'm a bit different from others that's all I can tell you" he'd say his tone of voice much more serious now rather than its usual fun, care free goofy tone "So are you scared of me now...Akiko" he'd say his back still turned away to her as he didn't want to face her just yet well more like he couldn't he didn't want to see her face he was afraid to see her expression so he just kept looking away.

Akiko Yano:   "As to what I am well that's a good question. To be honest I'm not even sure, I just know that I'm a bit different from others, that's all I can tell you" Akiko thought about his words, here was another person that was something unknown.  Was he like her or did he have different abilities.  With his body turned away from her, she took the time to sniff out his scent.  Her eyes turning a deep red as they focused on him.  He did smell different from a human but he also did not smell like the Lycan that Kin and her smelled like.   She calmed down her mind, her eyes shifting back to their bright blue shade.  "So are you scared of me now...Akiko”  -If her wanted to hurt me, he sure did have a lot of chances to do so.  Also when he was getting out of control he was able to stop himself.-  She could feel the wolf within her scratch at her sides, whimpering softly.  –So, you trust him too?  Good.-  Walking over to Akira she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged his back.  “No Akira, I am not scared of you.  You were able to stop yourself.”  She stepped away from his body, not wanting to tempt that other side from emerging again.  She knew that he probably needed time to cool down and get his mind in check, much like she needs to do when she shifts into her half form.    

Akira Tetsu:   Akira eyes widened when he felt her wrap around him and her body pressed against his as she hugged him even though it was short lived it was enough for him "No Akira, I am not scared of you. You were able to stop yourself" she'd say before letting him go and moving away from him, he could tell that he had shaken her up a bit but he was at least glad that she didn't seem to afraid of him "What if I can't control myself the next time I don't want to do something that I can't take back" he'd say sitting down on the ground still not facing her "it's hard for me to control myself around you".

Akiko Yano:  Akiko didn’t want Akira to always fear that he might hurt her.  Bringing her fingers up to her mouth she chewed on her thumb nail.  "What if I can't control myself the next time I don't want to do something that I can't take back” Akiko kneeled down on the ground behind him,  she was decided whether or not she should show him what she was.  –He is something else like me, so why would I not show him… but what if he would not be able to handle the fact that she was different.-   "it's hard for me to control myself around you”  Akiko dug deep inside of herself to get the attention of the wolf.  –It looks like it is time for you to come out and show Akira what we are.-  When Akiko felt her eyes shit, because her eyes were able to pick up more detail and saw the different motions of objects.  Akiko reached out and tapped on Akira’s shoulder.  “Even if you do get out of control, I can handle myself and at least fight you off.  Maybe even just enough time to get away and have you calm down.”  If Akira would turn around and look at her he would see her bright red eyes, similar to the color of his creature eyes.  Her eyes were not their usual happy form because she was unsure as to how he would act when he saw them.  “We are both different; I think I can handle your other side.”

Akira Tetsu:  Akira would felt her tap him on his shoulder followed by her saying "Even if you do get out of control, I can handle myself and at least fight you off.  Maybe even just get away and have you calm down." He laugh "I don't think y-" his sentence stopped when he turned and saw that her own blue eyes had changed to a bright red color similar to his eyes when the other guy came out. Though the color of her eyes wasn't the only things that changed they weren't like they were before they were her usually happy eyes "We are both different, I think I can handle your other side" Akira just stared at her for awhile before he'd smile "well I guess that settles that" he'd say as he stood up his voice going back to its normal care free fun tone "Oh and don't worry I can keep myself under control it’s just a little more difficult when I'm just waking up haha" he'd say joking around before rubbing the back of his neck "oh and I won't say anything about you being different and all" he'd say smiling showing of his pearly whites before slowly making his way towards her "tho" he'd then lean forward and shifting his weight to the left and slid his tongue across her neck briefly "You still taste human well at least somewhat so what exactly are you then" he'd say straighten himself back upright and looking at her with his eyebrow cocked.

Akiko Yano:   Akiko was surprised at how calm Akira was acting, she thought that maybe he would be a little more judgmental of what she was.  She was also very shocked by the fact that she had yet again, gone willy nilly and told someone that she was not human.  She listened to how he talked about his ability to keep under control but had difficulty when waking up.  She nodded at his statement, “Got it, no more sneak attacks while you are sleeping.”  Her cheeks turned a bright red, matching the red eyes that she still had.   She stood up as well, standing in front of him as he spoke.  She was reassured by her earlier thought when he mentioned that he would not share her secret.  Though she knew he would because she knew his secret, it would be foolish for him to take her secret and run with it when she knew something about him.  “Thank you, I need to stop sharing that with people but it is so hard sometimes to hide what you are.”   When looking up she saw that he was leaning in towards her, she took a breath in as his tongue slide against her neck, she even felt her heart skip a beat.  "You still taste human well at least somewhat so what exactly are you then” She pushed against his chest and looked straight up at him.  “Excuse me but you do not just lick a girl!”  Folding her arms she turned her body.  “And I am a Lycan.” She brought her hand up and hit her forehead. –Why do I keep telling people that?-

Akira Tetsu:  He laughed and raised his hands up by his head when she pushed him and said "Excuse me you do not just lick a girl!" He smiled "yeah yeah" he'd say still laughing a little as she turned her body from him he'd then walk over to her and wrap his arms around her neck from behind like she did to him earlier as she bopped herself on her forehead for telling him she's a wolf "really that's actually pretty cool" he'd say still holding her "and yeah you shouldn't go around telling people that haha" he'd say while hiding onto her a little tighter her smell enticing him "I'm glad you’re not afraid of me" he'd say while letting go and smiling.

Akiko Yano:   Akiko felt his arms wrap around her neck and rest on her shoulders.  She could feel his muscular chest press up against her back, his breathing was at a steady pace.  Resting her head back against his chest she sighed “Thanks, it is pretty interesting but I still need to learn what all of my abilities are.”  She was wondering as to why she was telling this all to him, she did not have many people to talk to about this.  She had Kin and Suzume to talk to about her species but knowing them they were busy with their own life.   She didn’t want to be that annoying girl that came barging in on them, asking several questions and expecting answers.  So she felt like she was on her own, but now that she had learned that Akira was something else, then maybe she did have someone to talk to… finally.  She lowered her head as he said "and yeah you shouldn't go around telling people that haha”  she was still so embarrassed that she had just let it all slip, but she did not want Akira to think that she could not handle him if he got out of control around her.  “yeah, I know…I am still pretty new to this, don’t really know when I should shut my mouth.” His arms let go of her and her back felt so cold without his warm body pressed up against her.  She turned around to face him, “So why did you lick me?”  She knew it was an awkward question but she was curious about it.  “Oh shit, we need to go work on our project, but you Mister owe me a chat about all of this!” She reached up on her tippy toes and pointed a finger straight at his face, trying to give her most demanding look.

Yakui pointing finger by mrperson14-d4lwgsv

Akira Tetsu:  Akira smile as she said she was still new to all this and that she didn't know when to shut her mouth and when he let go and she turned around and asked why he licked her he'd make a goofy face and rub the back of his neck and laugh at bit really he didn't know why he just kinda did and when she got on her tippy toes and point her finger at his face telling that he owed her an explanation after they finished their work. Akira would then grab on to her wrist gentle and slide his tongue over the finger she pointed at him before leaning in close to her "so it’s only alright for me to slide my tongue across yours but not across your body" he'd say with a devious smile on his face only inches from hers before stepping back and turning around and walking away" so how much of the project do we have left to do"


Akiko Yano:  Akiko fell back on her hells as Akira grabbed hold of her wrist and broke it up to his mouth to slide his tongue along it.   "So it’s only alright for me to slide my tongue across yours but not across your body" Akiko could feel her cheeks heaten but that was not the only thing that was getting hot.  She cleared her head by shaking it back and forth gently “That is not the point, licking someone’s body is very different.”  Akiko took a deep breath when he pulled away and turned around; pulling at her shirt collar she thought it was getting hotter in the open room.  "So how much of the project do we have left to do" She heard Akira mention.  “Oh yeah, the project.”  Akiko sat down on the ground beside her tablet and pulled up the essay that they were working on.  “So all we have left is the art analysis paragraph and the conclusion.  I have already taken pictures of our art so I will include them in the essay.  Oh, and in the analysis part we should do some explaining on how we used her style of art to recreate some pictures.”  Akiko looked over at the two pictures, now that Akira knew what she was she felt silly for drawing a picture of a woman lying with wolves.   Shrugging she looked over at Akira’s picture “Wonder how Mrs. Sinatara is going to react with our pictures, probably a little more erotic for her taste.”  Akiko giggled at the image that came to her mind, Mrs. Sinatara examining their art work.

Akira Tetsu:  Akira laughed when she said "that is not the point, licking someone’s body is very different" he'd then grin "oh so where would you prefer me to lick you" he'd say turning around and moving closer to her "your body" he'd say as he moved towards her neck "or here" he'd say moving closer to her lips though stop short and moved back "well the analysis should be the easy part and the conclusion will be simple so we should be able to finish with the hour right?" He'd say while turning to the pictures on the wall "haha you know now that I look at your painting it suits you" he'd say referring to how she's covered in wolves "oh and don't worry about her I'm sure she'll get a kick out of them hahaha" he laughed slightly along with her coming up with his own imagination of how she would react "well I guess we should get to work" he'd say sitting down right next to her.

Akiko Yano:  “I ummm, you shouldn’t be asking a girl those types of questions.”  Akiko stepped back as he moved towards her body, his face getting closer to her neck and up to her lips.  He was being more flirtatious than usual and Akiko’s sweet disposition was not use to such attention, especially from a boy she liked back.  Then it hit her, she did like Akira…-Oh well isn’t that just great, your first project with him and you get a crush.  Now you are just like those other girls in class.-  She was glad that Akira changed the subject and started to talk about the essay they were working on.  “I agree it shouldn’t take too long for us to finish.”  Akiko started to type up what she thought they should put at the analysis.   Within the paragraph she included their art work and how they connected it to her style of work.  Her fingers were going a mile and minute; she wanted to get this essay over and done with.   Though at the same time she was sad they were getting the project done with, did that mean she wouldn’t be hanging around Akira anymore.  Rolling her eyes she thought  –He is use to girls following him around, probably doesn’t need yet another one.-  She took her eyes off her tablet and looked at his face, he was truly something else.  Though he did owe her a little chat about what he was, he was very unclear about all that.    

Akira Tetsu:  "I ummm, you shouldn't be asking a girl those types of questions" rang in through his ears when she spoke "Really?" He'd say with his hand underneath his chin and a confused look on his face he didn't see what was wrong with the question I'm mean he had to admit it was a bit of a weird one though he just shrugged it off before focusing on the paper again the sounds of her fingers hitting keys constantly tang through his ears as her fingers move ridiculously fast as she types up the analysis page and how it connected to her art work "haha you must really want to get this done with huh" he'd say smiling before sliding his hands over hers "my  turn" he'd say and if she moved her hands he'd take a deep breath before his fingers would have jumped to life moving almost as fast as her were while typing about how it connected to his art work while also typing up the conclusion paragraph to finish up the paper which took him on total About 12 to 13 minutes to type, once done he'd move his hands back and crack his fingers before stretching his arms into the air and bending back to stretch out his arms and his back which causes his muscles to almost jump out of his shirt "finally finished haha high five" he'd say raising his hand for her to hit.

Akiko Yano:  Akiko passed over the tablet when she was finished with her part and Akira was grabbing at it to finish his part.  She sat back on her hands, watching as his fingers danced over the keys to finish off his part and the conclusion. She flipped open her phone and sent, the pictures she had taken, to her email.  In a record time of 13 minutes their essay was finished.  "Finally finished haha high five” Akiko looked over and slapped her hand against his.  “Nice work but it isn’t done yet.”   As Akira was stretching Akiko grabbed back the tablet opened up her email and downloaded the four pictures.  She had a close up of each picture and a distant view.  She added the pictures with the third paragraph.  “Alright I am going to send this to Mrs. Sinatara and I will also print out a copy when I am home and give it to her. Akiko saved the file, sent the essay to their teacher, and then turned it off.  She slipped the tablet into her pack and closed it.  “Well thank god that is over”   Akiko laid back on the cement, looking up at the hole that they jumped through to get into here.   She was so use to not going back to classes after this and she was just not in the mood to go back today.  “Gah, I am so skipping class today.”  She turned her head and looked at Akira.  “How about you?”   Akiko bent her knees, she knew all too well that her skirt rode up and showed off her thighs.  She was laying in a provocative pose but deep down she enjoyed teasing Akira a little, even just a little bit. 

Akira Tetsu:  Akira smiled after she smashed her hand onto his, he then heard her say nice work and he reply" thank you" he say though she'd say it not done yet and she'd take the tablet from him and upload pictures into it and added them to their essay she then say she was sending the pictures to the teachers while saving a copy to give to her as well Just in case "sounds like a plan to me " he'd say while still sitting up right "well thank god that is over" rang though his ears and he'd laugh a bit turning his head towards her seeing her laying down saying that she was skipping class today "Oh what's this miss goody goody is skipping class "he'd say jokingly she then asked if he was "nah im not goi-" his sentence stopped short when he saw the pose she was laying in and his cheeks would turn slightly red and soon a devious simile, would  appear on his lips "you know if I didn't know any better I'd think you was inviting me striking a pose like that though lucky for you I do know better " he'd say turning his head away from her so she could still the slight redness on his little cheeks .

Akiko Yano:   “Yes I am, and I am not always a goody goody.”  She thought about that statement and then looked up at him. “Alright, yes I am usually a goody goody but that is changing.”  She looked up at the sky, watching as the clouds passed by the giant hole in the ceiling.  "you know if I didn't know any better I'd think you was inviting me striking a pose like that though lucky for you I do know better "  With her knees still bent she lifted herself up on her elbows and looked towards him.  “Maybe I am flirting just a bit with you.  I might not be so good at it since you are the first guy I have ever tried to flirt with.”  Akiko laughed at the realization.  Laying back down she checked her cell phone, she left a quick message to her brother, just checking to make sure he was settled in at his girlfriend’s house.  Takato didn’t stay at the apartment every week now; he would stay one week at their apartment and one week at his girlfriends. He was trying to get Akiko use to living alone since he planned on getting engaged and moving in with his girlfriend soon.  Akiko was very happy that her brother had found someone but she was alone for most of the nights now.   “Well I think I might head home, you are more than welcome to come over, nothing tricky will happen, I promise.”  Akiko lifted her hands, looking innocent.

Akira Tetsu:   Akira would have just been sitting there listening to her while looking at the sky staring at the clouds. They always looked so free but he knew they were caged in just like him predetermined to follow a path someone else is choosing for him forced to be pushed along the sky's by the wind in a never ending cycle and that's just what Akira felt like he felt like the clouds though it wasn't the wind pushing him around but the world~ though one of these days I'll become strong enough to push back~ he thought as he stared upwards till something she said caught his attention "Maybe I am flirting just a bit with you. I might not be so good at it since you are the first guy I have ever tried to flirt with" after she said that he'd smile she say that she was going to head home and that he could come over as well. A small smile would appear over his lips and he'd lean his body over her placing both his hands by the side of her face "I don't know I think you do a pretty good job of flirting and your cute so that look really does it for me" he'd say his eyes locking onto hers "though you shouldn't be surprised if I try to flirt back" he voice was a little lower almost as if he was whispering but it was loud and carried a devious tone to it and he'd have a that cocky devious smile of his own his face and his eyes filled with a look of a wicked desire though they pure almost as if what he desired wasn't wasn't a sin but a virtue his eyes where Wicked yet pure. He'd then pushed himself onto his feet and walking away towards the locker rooms "I'll be right back I have to grab something" he'd say as be continued to walk off once inside he rush over to the sink turning in the cold water and shoving his head underneath the faucet letting the freezing cold water run over his head as he tried to calm himself after a little while he'd turn the water off and lift his head up the water dripping from the ends of his hair and jawline. He'd look in the mirror at his own reflection for a second before moving away from the sink and grabbing a towel from a locker and drying his hair off and walking out of the locker room grabbing a small bag that leaned against the wall and slung it onto his shoulders on the way out and walked back over to Akiko "so ready to go" he'd say holding his hand out for her to grab in which case if she did he'd pull her to him so that she pressed against him while his arm would wrap around her waist and he'd jump onward onto to the wall well that's what he planned on but for some reason he jumped a lot higher than he intended and actually cleared the wall by a good five or six feet! Before they'd come falling to the ground his hair flowing upwards as they descended as he fall he'd turn her body so that he held her in the usual fashion carrying he like a princess upon hitting the ground the ground  beneath him would crack slightly and and he'd stand there for a moment as that actually hurt though he didn't break anything he'd then let her down on the ground and try his best to hide the fact that his legs felt like his legs just got hit by a large hammer, though it'd soon sub side almost as quick as it came "Alright then lead the way I'm not doing anything anyway so I can hang for awhile" referring to her inviting him to her place, he then stretch out his hand for her to hold onto and if she grabbed it he'd pull her towards him and actually wrap his arm around her shoulders as they walked assuming she was leading the way.

Akiko's Apartment Edit

Akiko Yano:  She smiled as he said she was doing a good job and was cute.  "Though you shouldn't be surprised if I try to flirt back" She blushed, she would welcome his flirting, her mind when back to when he had licked along her neck and her finger.   She watched his eyes change from their sweet nature to that devious look that he tended to get around her; she was very flattered by the look.  "I'll be right back I have to grab something” She watched as he started to walk away and go into the locker room that they went to, to shower.  She stood up and smoothed out her skirt, also made sure that her hair was all fixed up.  While he was away in the locker room, she made sure that all of her things were collected; she swung her pack on her back.   She walked back and forth, looking down at the water as she waited for Akira to come back from the locker room.  –Oh man, Akira is coming to my house.  Ok ok ok, get a hold of yourself and you better keep it pg.-  As Akiko was walking she gave herself a little pep talk about what was  going to be happening when she got home with Akira.  "so ready to go"  She heard Akira’s voice, so she turned around to face him.  “Yes, I believe I am ready to get out of here.”  She reached and took hold of his hand; his arms would then snake around her waist.  She grabbed hold of him as he jumped up out of the hole.    As they were falling Akira flipped Akiko in his hands and carried her whole body,  her arms were still wrapped around his neck.  The ground broke apart underneath them as he landed on the ground,  she was worried that he had hurt him.  When he let her body down on the ground she looked towards his leg but it looked fine.  “Do you heal quickly?” she asked because every inhuman she has met so far had the ability to heal fast.  She took hold of his hand and started to lead him towards her apartment.  She was glad that he was able and wanted to hang out with her at the apartment.  “With Takato being gone this week, the apartment has been really lonely so thank you for tagging along.”  His arm wrapped around her shoulder as they walked, she reached up and took hold of his hand that snaked around her head.  Walking down a couple of blocks it felt like it took seconds to get to the apartment.  Before she knew it she was leading him up the stairs to the door.  Taking her keys out of her jacket pocket she fumbled with the lock, when the door opened she held out her hand.  “Welcome to my very own apartment.”

Akira Tetsu:   "Yeah I'll heal a little faster than others" which was an understatement he could heal from injuries that would prove fatal to a human and some other supernatural beings within a matter if days sometimes even hours. As they walked he'd feel her hand grab onto his and he'd smile a bit while she talked about how her place was pretty lonely with her brother being at his girlfriends place and thanking him for tagging along which he really wasn't sure how to respond too she was thanking him for coming over to her place "hey no need to thank me haha if anything I should be thanking you for inviting me over" he'd say as they continued to walk along it was funny how everyone was rushing in and out of store fronts still shopping for presents he could see some even fighting over an item through the store window which made him smile a bit when he turned his attention back to her he realized that they was already at her place and walking up the steps to her place. It was crazy  how quickly you walked when it was cold outside she'd then begin to fumble with her keys and what not before finally getting her door open and extending her hand out to him which he took and she'd say "welcome to my very own apartment" "thank you very much "he'd say while walking forward and stepping inside looking over the place while taking off his backpack and dropping it down next to her door before he tilted his head down and began rubbing the back of his head as he just realized that he was inside her place which made it a little awkward for him because it was hard enough to control himself when they was at school but now he's inside her place and there all alone not mention that she's starting to flirt with him, Akira would then simply sigh before Turing towards her "So now what?" He'd say as he waited for her to lead the way as he didn't want to just waltz through her place.

Akiko Yano:  She stepped into the house and hung up her pack and jacket on the coat rack by the front door.    “Well would you like a tour?”   If Akira agreed to the tour she would start by going to the kitchen area, it was right on the left.  “Here is the kitchen” The windows by the table nook brightened up the room, especially with the white cupboards and brown countertops.  Walking over to the table she bent over it to smell the fresh cut flowers.  “From the kitchen we can walk into the living room.”  The room was spacious; with a fire place, sofa and chairs, as well as a window seat.  Again the light came through the windows.  “I love natural light.”  Turning back towards Akira she smiled.  Walking out of the living room they came to a long hallway.  “The bathroom is the first door on the left and then our media room is the next door.  At the end of the hall is Takato’s room and on the right is my room.”  She brought up her hand to her mouth, as if telling a secret.  “I won a bet with my brother and got the bigger room”    Taking hold of his hand she opened her bedroom door and pushed him inside.   Inside he would find a queen sized bed in the middle of the room, around the room were books, a table with sketchbooks, and artwork hanging on the wall.   “So this is it, nothing special.”  Taking hold of his hand again, she led him out of her room and over into the media room.  “My brother and I combined all of our collections together to create this amazing media room. I am just sad that he is thinking about moving out of here to live with his girlfriend.”  When opening the door on the left he would see a 50’ LED tv on the wall, every video game console you could think of, the right wall was lined with comic books and mange, and the left wall was lined with movies of all kinds.  There were black curtains so that the room could be pitch black.   Against the back wall was a futon bed, most of this stuff was already her brothers but she added her movie collection and manga collection to his.  Turning back towards him she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “How about I get us something to eat and we can watch a movie, talk, play video games, or read some comics.  The guest gets to choose….”  

Akira Tetsu:  Akira simple nodded when she asked if he wanted a tour and follow behind her going into the kitchen looking over the white cupboards and brown countertops which was bright because of the windows in there, he then noticed her bending over the table to smell some flowers and on instinct his body leaned over to his side to get a nice view of her ass as she did it though he'd snap his body upright before she noticed and she'd begin to speak again as they walked into the living room which was quite large and had a lot of space to work with and even had a nice little fire place and of course all the necessities like a side and a fee chairs along with a large window for light to come through "Nice" he'd say as he looked around he'd then hear her say that she loved natural light and smiled at h and  he'd simply smile back before being led to a hallway and she then began to where the bathroom is along with  the media room, her brothers room, and hers. He laughed a bit when she put her hand to her lips as if she didn't mean to tell him that before she told him how she made a bet with her brother over who got the bigger room and she had won "haha well lucky you" he'd say before she suddenly grabbed onto his hand and shoved him inside her room, once he was inside he saw a large queen size bed in the middle of the room and books...a lot of books, and a table with sketchbooks and art work hanging on her walls he then heard her say "So this is it, nothing special" and he'd smile "you kidding me this a-" his sentence was cut off by her dragging his ass back out of the room and over to the room which was the media room “My brother and I combined all of our collections together to create this amazing media room. I am just sad that he is thinking about moving out of here to live with his girlfriend.”  she said and he almost immediately felt saddened by that fact that she was in this giant place every other week all by herself, he could see how it could get lonely sometimes. When she opened the door to it his jaw almost dropped to the ground when he saw a big as 50 inch LED TV on the wall, along with every video game console he could name and on the right side of the wall was a bunch of comic books and manga , and on the left was a collection of movies. The room had curtains on the windows so that it could get dark and there was a futon bed for them to sit on all he could do after seeing all this was let out a loud whistle before noticing her speaking again and he'd turn his head towards her as she said how bout she get them something to eat and that he could chose what they was gonna do. Akira's body would have turned into a little chibi and he'd quickly move around the room at an unbelievable speed as he zipped around with animated tears coming from his eyes as he thought he died and agent to heaven.(lol):::Back To Normal:: " sounds like a plan to me" he'd say as he made his way further into the room flipping on the TV walking over to her manga collection"Oh I didn't know you where into this kinda of stuff it pretty coo" he'd say as he looked through a couple of the books while he waited for the game console to start up and once it did he'd grab a funny movie from her collection and pop it into her console and waiting for her to start it.

Akiko Yano:    Akiko bent at the waist, holding her stomach as she laughed hard at the sight of Akira running around the room like a child in the greatest toy store.  Her stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.  “Well I am glad you like it.”  She wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.  Standing up straight she waved, “Have a look around, I am going to get us something to eat.”   Walking out of the room, she took a detour to her room.  “Hey I am going to change out of my school clothing!”  She called out to him,  she closed her door and walked over to her closet, opening it up she peered inside for something to wear.  She grabbed hold of some skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a black over sized sweater.  This was her usually go to outfit when relaxing at home.  She threw the clothing on her bed, her hands coming up to unbutton her shirt.  She slipped it off and threw it in the hamper, she then slide her skirt down her thighs and threw those into the hamper too.  She kicked off her boots, lifting her feet she pulled off her socks.   There she stood in her blue stripped panties and matching bra.  She looked at herself in the mirror, making sure her boobs looked amazing in the bra.  Grabbing hold of the tank top she pulled it onto her body, the black sweater went over the tank top.  She took hold of her jeans and jumped into the tight pants.  Before leaving the room she slipped her feet into her slippers.  “Ah much better.”  She made her way into the kitchen, opening up the frig she pulled out two root beers and some cut cheese.  Putting those onto a tray, she moved over to the cupboard beside the frig and grabbed two different types of crackers, some chocolate chip cookies, and some soft pretzels she made the day before.  Placing all of that on the tray she lifted it and took it over to the new media room.  “I hope this is enough, if you want anything else I can pretty much make anything.”  She smiled as she help onto the tray.  Bringing it over she bent over to set it does on the coffee table beside the futon.  She grabbed hold of a chunk of cheese and plopped it into her mouth.  “So what did you decide we were going to do?”  She said, turning around and still chewing on the bit of cheese.   Taking hold of one of the bottles she brought the lid to the edge of the table and slammed her hand down on it, the cap flying off the bottle.  She brought the tip up to her lips and tilted the liquid into her mouth.  Moaning softly she looked so happy “Oh man I love root beer, one of my weakness’s.”  

Akira Tetsu:   Akira smiled while she sat there laughing at him and saying she was glad he liked it,she then tell him to have a look around while she walked out the room to go get some snacks and he'd do just that looking at everything around and looking at do of the comics while waiting for though his mind was completely taken off the comic book when he heard bed call out that she was changing clothes and almost immediately his mind began to race as the thought of her body underneath her clothes was something he was just itching to see and now that she said that she had gotten him started up and he was tempted to go and peek at her while she was changing but he's not that big of a pervert plus he didn't know what she was capable of now that he knows she's not human and is actually a fucking lycan for all he knows he might get caught peeking and and she kicks his head off plus she was so confident when she said that she could handle him so he really wasn't gonna take that chance. So he did his best not to think about it but knowing she was only a room away made it difficult ~maybe I could say that I thought her room was the bathroom and just burst in.... no no that's just wrong man but then again it'd be totally worth it but then again she might kick your head off your shoulders~ he though as he debated on what to do but ultimately decided not too. Even from where he was he could smell root beer, chocolate chip cookies which was his favorites, and Cheese?. As she made her way back towards the room he'd walk over to the wall with the game and grab the controller and plop down onto the futon and when she came in with the tray of snacks his eyes light up like a Christmas tree if there was one thing Akira loved to do it was eating especially if it was sweet she'd then bend setting it onto the coffee table in front of then while plopping a chunk of cheese into her mouth before asking if he decided what they were going to do while finishing the cheese she had into her mouth before knocking the cap off of a root beer bottle which smacked him dead in the center of his forehead before falling into his lap, he the. Watched as she brought the bottle up to her lips and tilted the bottle drinking it down a bit and all he could think about was how mulched he wanted to be that root beer bottle a little mad that her lips where giving it all the attention and his started to feel lonely. She'd then go on telling him how root beers where one of her weaknesses and he'd laugh "good to know" he'd say reaching for a cookie "oh yeah I figured we could watch a movie to start I picked a funny one I think I'm in the mood for so laughs haha" he'd say before placing the chocolate chip cookie into his mouth and instantly a smile care to his lips and he was so happy he almost turned into a chibi again. He'd then pat the seat next to him motioning for her to sit next to him which if she did he'd attempt to wrap his arm around her and pull her to his so that her head laid around his chest area , he. Then start the movie up pressing the "A" button on the controller before reaching and grabbing another cookie.

Akiko Yano:  "Oh yeah I figured we could watch a movie to start I picked a funny one I think I'm in the mood for so laughs haha" she heard him say, she nodded her head “Sounds like a great idea,  Takato had some really good movies…and now they are all mine.”  She brought her hands up and wiggled her fingers, acting like a villain, she kept her bottle between her thumb and pointer finger while she did it.  Setting the bottle back down on the table she laughed yet again at how happy he looked when he plopped the cookie inside of his mouth.  “You are such a goofball.”   She watched as he patted the seat next to him, but before sitting down next to him she ran over to a black leather ottoman, pulling up the hidden lid she reached in and took hold of a fleece blanket that was inside.   She hurried back over to Akira and plopped down on the sofa next to him.  Bringing up her feet she lounged on the sofa and onto his chest, she snuggled her head into the crook of his neck.  Flipping out the oversized blanket she was able to cover them both with the soft fabric.   She snuggled in closer “Oh man, I am so comfortable right now.”  Lifting up a little she turned her head to face him, “Am I squishing you at all?”  She laid her side back down against him but was more gently.  The previews for the movie came on, some of them being very funny and some not so amusing.  “Oh I want to see that one.”   She said as she pointed to the last preview.   Then the screen changed to the menu, she laughed as she saw one of her favorite movies on the screen.  It was an oldie but a classic.   There on the screen stood Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, “Oh god, Grumpy Old Men… this is a great movie.”   During the movie she couldn’t help but laugh out loud at how the two men fought over the attention of the woman.   Kneeling up on the sofa, Akiko reached over the arm of the bed and pulled the coffee table in front of it, she was able to pull the table over with just one hand.  Snuggling back into her spot she reached for a chunk of cheese and put it on a cracker, she bit into it and the crumbs toppled onto her chest.  “Haha Asuna always said that a rack wasn’t good unless it had something on it.”  She laughed as she swished the crumbs off.   “Sorry, I will stop talking.” She zipped her lips shut and went back to watching the movie.   She reached again for a chunk of cheese and plopped it into her mouth, before laughing at a part in the movie.

Akira Tetsu:'  Akira watched her and listened at how she wiggled her finger talking about how all the movies and stuff used to be Takato but it all her now that he's gone and called him a goofball when he was eating his cookie and he'd laugh a little and once he patted the seat next to him she'd move over to a leather Ottoman and pulling a blanket out of it before she came back and plopped down on to futon next to him curling her body up on to it while placing her head in the crook of his neck and slinging the giant blanket over the both of them before she'd push against him even more saying how comfortable she was and he'd just smile a laugh a little she felt warm and soft. She then asked him if she was squishing him and he'd smile "nope not at all" he'd say while raising his arm up a little and wrapping it around her pushing her body. As the movie began to play some of the previews came on and he'd laugh out loud at some of them whole the others were just like bleh. He then heard her speaking saying how she wanted to see in if the movies that popped up on the screen and soon the title screen came up. It was a movie he had never seen before but it seemed to be funny enough so he grabbed that one. She'd then say the name of the movie and how great it was "well I'm glad I picked something you liked I just grabbed one haha" he'd say as he started the movie and soon enough she'd begin to laugh out at the movie and he'd laugh right along with her at some of the screen. She'd then shift her body reaching for the coffee table pulling it with one hand "well now look who's got some muscles" he'd joking around a bit, she'd then crawl back up against him while grabbing a piece of cheese and placing it on a cracker biting into it and the crumbs falling onto her chest and then she’d say a quote for someone named Asuna which went something like a rack wasn't good unless it had something on it and he almost immediately broke into laughter but managed to hold it as they quote could be taking a lot of ways at least to him and while he found it amusing part of him wanted to bury his face into the very rack she had spoken of and after her laugh she'd wipe the crumbs off before saying sorry and that she will stop talking and zipping her lips shut and turned to go back and watch the movie" Oh is that so I don't think I believe you so I'll half to make sure you don't talk during the movie" he'd say turning his face towards her and leaning forward attempting to plant his lips onto her which if successful he'd pull her closer to him while kissing her intensely though at the same time it was gentle.

Akiko Yano:'''  ''Oh is that so I don't think I believe you so I'll half to make sure you don't talk during the movie" She heard him say.  She turned her head to look at him, “What do you….”  Before she could finish her sentence she found Akira’s lips upon her own.    She melted as his lips touched hers gently, reaching up she wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss between them.  Breaking the kiss she looked straight at Akira’s piercing blue eyes.  “Are you still in control?  I don’t want to stop but I want to make sure you are alright.”   If Akira agreed that he was in control, then ignoring the movie that was still going on, Akiko lifted up on her knees on the sofa and leaned against Akira.  Her lips going back to his, using her tongue she lightly slide it along his lips, enjoying the taste of him.  Wanting more she pushed her tongue into his mouth, twisting and wiggling against his own tongue, enjoying the playfulness of his.   Slipping her tongue out of his mouth she licked his top lip.  Looking at him she took a moment to think this through, here she was making out with Akira, the boy that she really liked.  How far did she want to go with Akira?  -No no, we are just keeping it at making out.-  Cocking her head she smiled. –Ok, maybe a little touching.-  Her cheeks turned  a bright red, at the thought of her touching him, her cheeked deepened as she thought of him touching her.  Then she was worried about his well being, she did not want to push him too far.  “Are you still alright?”  She asked wanting to know the truth.  She couldn’t help but bite her lower lip, her gaze looking down at his slick lips.  Her breathing was coming out in shallow pants as she thought about her lips upon his again, their lips molding together.  

Akira Tetsu:''''  ''Akira felt her arms snake their way around his neck as the kiss the two were sharing deepened. She'd then pull away breaking the kiss "What's wrong" he'd say and she'd ask him if he was still in control of himself and going on to say she didn't want to stop but wanted to make sure he was in control of himself and he'd simply reply "Yeah" as his own blue eyes stared into hers  as she then rose to her knees leaning up against him and pressing his lips back onto his and he'd could feel her tongue sliding across his lips before she ended up tongue kissing him his own tongue moving against hers in a playful game it he didn't expect her to kiss him the way she did but he wasn't complaining about it he was loving this. Though soon he'd feel her break away which actually was kinda making him mad and when she asked if he was still alright his hands would slide to the side of her face "if you break away again I might not be" he'd say before pressing his lips against hers once again, kissing her a little more aggressively sliding his tongue between her lips and setting up another date with her tongue swirling his own around hers while his hands slide down from her face and down her body slowly till they reached her thighs griping onto them he'd pull her legs from underneath her raising her off the sofa for a second and laying her down onto her back still kissing her though he'd break it briefly just go let her know he was still in control of himself before planting his lips onto hers once again while his hands rested on her outer thighs while he continued to deepen the kiss, and slowly his hands migrated upwards from her thighs to her waist his hands slowly sliding her sweater and shirt up with them. ~do I stop here or keep going~ he thought as he was unsure if he should go any further or not, everything was telling him to go further and though he was unsure he found his hands were still sliding up her body gently caressing her till they made it right underneath her breast and stopped there briefly as he was still undecided but in the end he gave in figuring she'd stop him if he goes too far and with that his hand would make its way onto her breast which was covered by her bra and begin squeezing it a bit while moving it around in a circular motion, his other hand slowly making its way back down her body his fingertips sliding down her navel and to the start of her legging and it wasn't hard for one to figure out where it was heading though at the last second he switch directions his hand moving to her outer thigh as he deepened the kiss even further his body craving for her body's attention.


Akiko Yano:'  “If you break away again I might not be” Her eyes grew wide at the statement, her body shivered at the pure force that radiated from him.   This time their kiss was more aggressive, his tongue sliding into her mouth, swirling along with hers.   His fingers left a trail of heat as they moved down her body to her full thighs.  Moaning against his mouth she felt him lift her off of her legs and gently lay her on her back on the futon.  He broke the kiss for a second to reassure her that he was in control.  She latched onto him, happy that he did take the time to make all of her worries disappear.  Lifting up her knees on either side of him, his body was able to settle in right between them, his heated body draped against hers.  She could feel as his hands gripped the ends of her sweater and tank top, to show him that she did mind going farther she helped him take them off entirely.  There she laid underneath him; in her black leggings and stripped bra.  Her lips continued to move against his but she could feel as he hesitated with his hands resting at the base of her breasts, her tongue flicked at his playfully.  She smiled against his lips as she felt his hands venture up farther, cupping her breasts in his large powerful hands.  She pushed her body up and against him, reaching around his body she tore at his back with her nails.  She moaned again, this time a little louder as his hands squeezed and pushed at her breasts, she could feel her nipples harden up his touch.  Lowering her body down against the futon she slipped her hands under his arms and was fumbling around with his buttons.  A growl escaped her lips as she could not undo the last few buttons of his shirt, gripping the two parts of fabric she tore at the material, two buttons fell from the shirt.  “I will fix that later.”  She said against his lips.  Opening up his shirt she was able to run her hands over his chest, enjoying the way her nails glided over the tight muscles of his body.  Breaking the kiss she took the time to look down at his body, now uncovered so that her eyes could skim as her finger tips did the touching.  When looking back at him her eyes were glowing a bright iridescent blue.  Wrapping her arms around his neck for the second time she brought his body down against hers, her breasts smashing up against his chest.  Her lips finding his but not staying there for long, her lips traveled along his jaw line and made their way to his ear, she licked his ear lobe before nipping down on it lightly.  “Your lips taste amazing but your body against mine is just sinful.”

Akira Tetsu:'  Akira smiled when she actually removed her tank top and sweater completely though it also surprised him, when he met her she seemed so shy to him though all that seemed to disappear as she was now locking lips with him. He could feel her soft moaning against his lips and her body pushing up against his as the kiss started to heat up and next thing he knew he felt her nails tearing against his back and he'd break the kiss letting out a soft but loud groan before planting his lips onto her again as he was kinda turned on from that not to mention his body was now resting right in between her thighs, he could feel her nipples hardening underneath her bra and soon he noticed her unbuttoning his shirt though she couldn't get the last two and he could hear her growl which was funny to him, he was about to do it for her but before he could she tore his shirt apart sending the buttons flying somewhere , he’d then begin to slip out of the shirt tossing it behind him not caring where it landed and he then heard her trying to speak while kissing him but he really wasn't paying attention to what she was saying at that point he was getting lost in the moment as he felt her tiny soft hands running across his chest along with her nails. He then growled when she broke the kiss again though he could tell her eyes were skimming over him while her hands continued to feel him up and her eyes were glowing a bright blue and she'd wrap her arms around his neck again and kiss him her breasts smashing against him, though the kiss didn't last long as she broke away only to have her tongue play slide across his ear and then her teeth nipping on it, which did something to him and soon he'd hear her say "your lips taste amazing but your body against mine is just as sinful" and a devious smile appear across his lips and he'd whisper back into her ear "that's good to know though" he'd pause for a second and slide his tongue in her ear before bite down on her earlobe as pay back before speaking again "we're just getting started" he'd whisper into her ear before he'd wrap his arms around her body and sit upright so that she sat right onto his lap with her legs wrapped around him, his lips would then makes their way to the nape of her neck his tongue sliding against it before he'd begin to bite down and suckle on it attempting to give her a hickie. He'd then move back to her lips kissing her again and as he did he could feel his well...manhood starting to come to life as his pants started to form a mount directly underneath her though he really didn't care he just kept going and his hands would slide down from her mid section and making their way down to her ass squeezing on it roughly while deepening the kiss his tongue moving against her more intensely. He wasn't out of control just yet but at the rate they were going he wasn't gonna last much longer especially if she kept teasing him like she was.    

Akiko Yano:'  Licking her lips she thought about nibbling on his ear some more but then he started to whisper into her ear, saying “that's good to know though".  Before she could go back to nibbling, Akira’s tongue slide against her own ear.  When he bit down on her earlobe she couldn’t help but squeak, and then a long pleasurable sigh escaped her lips.  "We're just getting started" the words slithered through her mind, setting her whole body on fire. Before she knew it she was being lifted up and placed gently on Akira’s lap.  Lifting up her legs she wrapped them around his waist, sliding herself closer to him.  His light gentle kisses traveled from her ear all the way done to the nape of her neck.  Her whole body trembled as his tongue slides along the tender patch of skin.  She gasped as his teeth pressed against her neck; she brought up one hand to his head to thread her fingers through his hair, her grip tightened as he suckled on the spot where he had bitten her.  She was glad her brother wasn’t there because her moans were echoing throughout the apartment.   Her nipples hardened to peaks as chills traveled down her spin, the sensation was too much for her to handle.  When Akira finally did break away from her neck, she knew from the burning sensation that there was going to be a very bright red mark left there.   Her body was grinding gently against his when she felt it, biting her lower lip she could feel as a bulge in Akira’s pants grew.   He pressed right up against her crotch, she was both a little nervous and excited about the new feeling.  She was already this far, she wanted to see where all of this was going.  Her lips met with Akira’s lips, their tongues slick with saliva as they twisted and swirled them around each other.   She lifted up and moaned as his hands traveled down to her ass and squeezed.  Sighing against his lips, Akiko’s hips started to move and rock in a circle.  Her crotch now pressing and grinding against the growing bulge in his pants, the sensation of it drove her wild.  Bringing her hands up to his shoulders, she made sure her hands touched every part of his chest.  Her nails racking both up and down his chest, reaching back around his neck she pressed her breasts back up against his chest.  As she grinded her hips, her breasts would also press and rub against his chest.    She pulled back from the kiss and looked at him; panting, her whole body shaking.  Her mind was racing; an internal argument on whether or she should continue or stop them at this point.  She just stayed there, looking into his eyes.   Then she knew what she wanted to do, with a smirk she leaned forward and latched onto his neck.  Scared to bite him, she used her tongue and her lips to leave a mark on the right side of his neck.  She sucked on his flesh, her tongue moving back and forth along the skin, and then her lips sucked gently.  When she pulled away to look at her handy work, she was proud of the mark that was now left on his flesh.


Akira Tetsu:'  Akira could hear moans as he as he bite down on the tender flesh at the nape of her neck, along with her tiny hands running through his hair all of which only fueled him to continue he wanted to make her feel even better and he could feel her crotch pressed right on top of him and that only was making his mind race with so many thoughts all of which only more him grow more as he mounted in his pants grew more and he could feel her hips moving slightly against the mount that had formed in his pants which was sending little sensations through his body and when he kissed her again her tongue felt so good as they twirled it around the their saliva beginning to run down from his mouth and he then felt her lift up slightly when he gripped onto her ass and sighing against his lips and before he knew what was happening she had pressed her crotch back against him and began to rock in a and move her hips in a circle which was driving him nuts as he let out a slight grunt against her lips and when she brought her up up his chest and onto his shoulder he'd soon feel her nails scratching up and down his chest, his muscles would feel hard like rocks, and soon her arms worked their way around his neck and she'd press her soft breast against his chest her grinding motion causing her breasts to rub against him, they we're so soft yet he could feel how hard her nipples was even through her bra and when she broke the kiss a long strand of saliva would be hanging from their tongues before finally breaking off, he stared at her trembling body and soon he felt her tongue sliding across his neck and her lips sucking on him at the same time, he'd let out a slight gasp of air as she did and when she moved away to admire the mark she left on him he'd have a lustful devilish smile on his face he would have slid his finger in between her legs moving them while she straddled him both his index finger and middle finger sliding back and forward against her while he'd shift his body flipping her over on her back again and using his other hand sliding it underneath her bra and grabbing her breast directly squeezing and moving it around while he continued to slide his fingers in between her legs he'd then latch onto the mark he left on her tender neck sliding his tongue up and down the tender flesh before making his way back to her lips and kissing her rather aggressively though after a while he'd break the kiss moving his fingers faster in between her legs while his other arm wrapped around her body lifting it up slightly so that she could get a nice view of his fingers as he played with her body.

Akiko Yano:'  Still watching him Akiko felt as his hands ventured down between their bodies and slide a finger between her legs.    Lifting up she was shocked by the feeling of his fingers between her legs; she had only had her own fingers between her legs.  As the sensation was too much for her she lowered herself back down and grinded against his fingers.  She moans softly as she could feel herself wetten, she knew that her panties would have a small wet spot on them.   With a moan she was flipped onto her back on the futon, she giggles softly, loving the way he would move her around to where he wanted her.   His fingers slipped inside of her bra, racking her nails down his body she rested her fingers against the waistband of his pants.  She rubbed her hands against his bulge, enjoying the feeling the of the heat against her fingers.  She was happy to know that she had caused him to feel this way, she was the reason why he was hard against his pants.  She moaned louder as his lips made contact with the mark on her neck, she so enjoyed the biting sensation.  His lips came up to her lips to kiss her aggressively, her tongue snaked inside of his mouth, playing and flicking against his.  Then he lifted up her lower body so that she could watch as he touched her pussy through her tight leggings.  The friction of the pants just added to the sensations.  She gripped his bulge tighter, her fingers messing with the buttons and zipper of his pants. She slipped her hands into his pants, and under his boxers.  Her fingers stroked over the tender flesh of his member, her cheeks reddened at her first touch of a male’s member.    All of a sudden there was a knock at the door, Akiko froze under Akira she had no idea who it could be.  She pulled her hand out of his pants quickly and slipping out from under him she landed on her butt on the floor.  “Eep, let me check to see who that is.”  Standing up she looked around for her sweater, picking it up off the ground she slipped it over her head and slide her hands into the sleeves.  She looked down at Akira lounging on the sofa with his shirt off; biting her lower lip her eyes burned a deep red and shifted back to blue.  “That is a beautiful sight.”  It took another knock at the front door to get her out of the room, hurrying to the front door she looked through the peep hole to see who it was.  Standing there was Asuna with a stack of papers.  Akiko unlocked the door and opened it.  “Hey Asuna, how are you?”  Akiko said smiling, bringing up her sweater around her neck, covering up the mark Akira had made.  “Akiko, what the hell! You skipped your last three classes.”  Stepping into the house Asuna made her way to the kitchen and placed the papers on the kitchen table.  “I brought you all of the homework you missed.”  Asuna gave her a suspicious look.  “Why is you hair messed up and your face is all flushed?”  Akiko looked down at the floor.  “Well, umm I haven’t been feeling so well. But thank you for the homework and I will see you tomorrow.”  Akiko hated lying to her best friend but she did not want to spend all this time talking to her, especially when Akira was in the back room.   Asuna walked to the front door and stopped to look at the coat rack.  Akiko shook her head as she noticed Asuna spot the two backpacks.  “Sick, huh?  Yeah, see you tomorrow Akiko.”  Asuna opened the door and stepped out, giving Akiko a wave as she made her way down the sidewalk.  Shutting the door and locking it back up Akiko rushed back to the back room.   She stopped in the door way, leaning against the door frame.  “I am back.”  She smiled sweetly at him.


Akira Tetsu:'  Akira could feel nails tearing at his back as he rubbed her second set of lips which was starting to hurt though he didn't care much he was too far gone in the moment to even react to it, his mind was only filled his Carnal desires and an animal like instinct to tear the clothes from her body, he didn't want to stop he wanted to cause her more pleasure more pain , he wanted to make her feel good to the point where all she would ever want him to do was kiss her, touch her body, and for him to plunge himself deep within the depths of her body, he wanted to make her his, and when he felt her hands rubbing across his dick through his pants, he'd grit his teeth through both pleasure and pain her hands felt good though his manhood was trying to extend his pants were getting in the way and actually started to hurt a bit. Her moaning was intoxicating to him and only served to rile the beast(figuratively) within him up even more and made him become even more intense and soon he felt her hands touching his manhood directly her hands stroking it which caused him to remove his mouth from her neck briefly and exhale loudly as it felt unbelievably good and the way she began to blush only made him want to see more of the faces she'd make as they progressed, he'd then place his mouth back onto her neck and began sucking and nipping on it some more before a loud knocking was heard on the front door and he wanted to ignore it but before he could he'd hear “Eep, let me check to see who that is.” he wanted to protest but she had already slip from underneath his body and throw on her clothes well most of it and moved towards the door only to stop and look back at him as he sat back upright and he watched her bite her lower lips her eyes burning a deep red color before shifting back to blue and she'd say That's a beautiful site "Well I don't but my view is stunning" he'd say watching her running off towards her front door and out the room and once she did he'd throw a fit punching and kicking at the air mad that someone interrupted him before he had even got the chance to explore her body more, though he made sure he didn't break anything during his little fit and after a minute or two he gained his composure back and grabbed his dress shirt and slipped it on and was about t button it up but remembered that she had ripped some of them off so he'd decided to just leave it open, after wards he'd plop himself back onto the couch and sigh before reaching for a cookie and biting into it savoring its sweet taste though nothing seemed to compare to the taste of her lips and the fact that his mind was comparing the two made him even madder that they were interrupted, he then heard the door shut and soon Akiko back though she stopped in the doorway leaning against it and saying "I am Back" and giving him a sweet smile and once he did all the anger seemed to disappear and he'd smile back at her brightly before standing up and walking over towards her "I should probably get going I've got something to do later anyway" he'd say as he walked over to her and placed his large hands onto of her head rubbing it a bit before walking out of the doorway and into her living room before making his way to the front door grabbing his jacket and bag off the floor and opening the door though stopping. If she was behind him as he was leaving he'd remove his shirt and toss it back to her "You still gotta fix that for me" he'd say smile at her "Plus it'll give me a reason to come back sometime" He'd say winking at her before slipping his jacket and bag onto his back and as always giving his signature wave goodbye without looking back and soon he'd disappear out of the doors and into the bust streets and out of site blending in with the crowds of people.

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