Two weeks from the present...

( ) " Good work..." A mysterious man said to the female genesis. A mans dead body lay on the floor with his head severed from his body. It was raining... The mysterious man stood in his rain pancho staring at the decimated body. They had both been in an alleyway. " After today... You will be hunted. But here's the money... The sun flower syndicate thanks you. " The mystery man said handing  her a brief case. " Get out of here..." Once the female had left he would have squatted down lifting up Blights severed head as he began to smile. Looking it right in the eyes. " So... You had him killed. " a man said, appearing out of the shadows behind the pancho'd man. He had slicked hair. And he wore shades to hide his eyes. His skin had been fair and he wore all black. His clothing blowing in the wind. He looked to be in his mid 30's or so.

" I see... Your resurrection was a success. Tanaban. " " indeed... However I no longer go by that name. I'll help you. As long as you get me the one who killed my son. I here he is the decendant to Keyome Tasanagi. I wish to take his life. " " All in due time my friend. But... If you do not go by that name any longer. Then what should I call you now? " The pancho'd man said to the trench cost wearing specimen before him. " Simply call me... Catslyst... Now. "

Into the present. . .

( )  " So your the young punk... My guy told me about huh. Trying to start some trouble ? I can respect that. If you want the cash for those bombs. I got this job for you. See thus girl? I want you to find her eh? She goes by the name genesis. I got another dude on his way to come in and help. I got this bounty in good. Giving you 500,00 plus the bomb schematics if you bring her in alive. And if you bring her dead. 150,000. My connect has questions for her... And with her being dead. She won't be any good to me got me? " The bounty contractor said to Yasei within his office. A cigar burning lightly in the bald man's mouth.

Genesis: ~The woman, Genesis as she herself was called had stood idle by the man's side and the now beheaded corpse. Her pale eyes panning a cross the man whom she had just beheaded with the common Katana she held with her. Her eyes shifting towards the man with the briefcase as it was handed to her, she said nothing more and nothing less as her movement just went forward."...Pleasure doing business with you." Keeping note that indeed, there was a strong chance of her being hunted. Dead OR alive.~
The next morning...

~ Genesis, after a nice night after the beheading of Blight, she would be snoozing away, cash scatter around her room, her only attire was her black, laced thong and grey tank-top, the money was also scattered over her body as well. Seems like someone either got to tired after counting the cash or simply just had a blast. Either way the alarm would ring a deathly sound, which caused her to snort and sit up with a shocked expression before she stood up walked right over to her drawer where her eyes would meet a small picture frame of what appeared to be a male smiling in the picture, a deadpan glare as she stared, after a moment she would sigh out and open up a drawer, pick out her clothing for the day and clean up the room, packing and sorting the money back into the briefcase accept for a few 100 Yen. Once done she would grasp a hold of a black holster and tie it around both sides of her thighs, then load to pistols and place them into the holster, making sure the guns had full rounds. Today she had plans to speak to a fellow Yakuza member about some issues, she would walk tot he front door and grasp her Katana which was alway placed against the door frame for easy access on her leave. She would have called a Taxi cap to head towards district 2, her mind set on the conversation that was to be held, once the cap had shown up Genesis would step in, tip the driver and head off.~
Fifteen minutes later...

~Arriving to her destination Genesis would step out of the car and nod towards the driver before turning around, where a Wanted poster would be staring at her in the face, It was like she was looking in the mirror when in fact that wanted posture was for her!~ { }   ~Her brows would arch skyward, her left eye would twitch as her upper lip quivered as she tried her best to smirk at that poster, and swiftly without warning she would look left to right and tear down the poster, only to look over a cross the street at another one with her face printed on it, brows furrowing she would skip a cross the street, dodging cars to get to that one and tear it down also, she would continued to do so to about three more posters. ...Genesis was anything BUT thrilled at this moment all the while cursing out in public." Son of a bitch!... "  Well she was warned.

Surotei: Kokuju stood before the contractor with his hands stuffed in his pockets. His posture was straight but relaxed and he looked observant through the visor he wore to cover his face and hide his identity. At his side to match the tech mask was his custom made sword that Kotone crafted specifically for him when he battled his oni, the grey components matched the color of his outfit, monotone but acutely different enough to pull off making grey look good together. The blade of his HF Muramasa was that of a bright red color and when drawn, its contrast brightened up the look Kokuju pulled off. Kokuju listened to what the man had to say, a girl by the name of Genesis needed killing and there was another man out to help with that. If he killed the girl, he’d get 100,000 yen and she lived, 500,000 and bomb schematics. Her appearance flashed in front of his eyes and the golden orbs drank in every detail; her hair, the way her nose curved, the angle of her mouth and eyes and the flecks of color in her eyes. Within a few seconds he committed her to his memory and went about figuring out how to capture the girl, he didn’t know her abilities and how dangerous she was but if the bounty was any indication, she’d be a tough cookie. “How good is she at fighting, what are her abilities?” He asked, shifting his posture slightly so he leaned on one hip more than the other and his left knee bent to compensate, his right hand slipped out of his pocket to hang by his side. If they could tell him, he’d have a better chance of bringing him back alive, get the money and bomb schematics he’s been wanting for quite a while.

Blutige Blitz: -Through the day, Lee thought and calculated through the streets. Keeping his mouth shut as he then sighed. His breath slightly left his lips, almost to a point where it couldn't be heard. Remembering why exactly he was wandering the streets, he thought "So..I have to meet up with this guy, fuck a bitch up and take her back...should be easy enough.." As the thought traveled through his mind, a slight breeze rolled by as it gently blew along his long, black coat. His crow colored locks blew a bit back as well but stayed neatly yet messy on his head. Random strands of hair spiked up while the rest stayed down or hovered up a bit however, his whole attire was the same color as his coat and hair. Wearing a closed vest with a dark grey button down, undershirt, a tie, dark slacks and dark brown shoes. His darker than normal hues that looked like they had no soul within them were faint yet he kept them moving along each civillian, corner, building, animal, everything around him. Lining the inside of his coat was a shoulder holster that was modified to carry three guns. The two guns that he always used over everything was his dual Beretta 92fs twins. Being fully loaded and the safety off on both, he would start to whistle Tiptoe through the tulips ( while it could be noted that the third gun he carried was indeed a Thompson Contender in a special holster. (Contender.png) Keeping each clip of ammo in each pocket of his coat, inside and out was his Beretta ammo. In his front, right pocket was the extra ten bullets he had for the Contender. With about fifteen throwing knives on him at this point today, they were lined out on the back of his waist, in a row. These were just in case he wanted to have a bit of fun. Keeping the whistling going as it did, he then had his right hand slide from his right pocket to only bend upwards with his right hand letting each finger stick up. Reaching over his he thumb, he let his index finger bend down with his thumb overlapping the top of it to only have it crack. He repeated the same process with his ring finger on the same hand. 

Once it was done, he would lower his right hand back to his side and let it swing as he started the whistling back up and his left hand still in its pocket. As he saw a dark haired male a bit in front of him, he knew that this was around the area he needed to meet this said person. Walking up to the side of the male, he woudl stop his whistling as he cracked his right, middle finger however, at the top joint instead and simply said "Guessing you were the one I had to meet, aye?" His voice was rather deep to an extent yet quite cunning and it could be heard by specific ears that Lee's voice had a hint of insanity in it.-

Detective Tasanagi: A group of men. Flocked around the female. Each in red trench coats and black masks on. " Genesis..." Said the leader of the band as he approached her with his blade drawn. " Your wanted dead or alive. " He said crossing his arms. " Come with us... Or die..." The leader said as he approached her with a look of sheer malice. ( Ok you can control these guys. Kill them as you please. There are 6 of them. Leave one alive or not it's up to you. It would hold a consequence if you do allow him to live or die though. I do these from time to time to add suspense. And don't ask me what they are lol. ) However... Over with Yasei. He asked him in terms of her fighting capability and the bd man scoffed before responding dismissively, " Tch... Isn't that what I'm paying you for. Ah! Here's Lee! " He said clapping his hands. " Now you get caught , end up dead. I don't know ya. You never had this meeting with Larry marksmen. Got it?! " Larry had been the head of a underground bounty hunter agency. For everyone who didn't make the KPD cut basically. He listened intensively and waited as Lee made himself known. " Welcome Lee. Anyways. What I do know... Is that she's Young. A little hottie to! Can't miss her man. And she's with The Kenrock don't go rushing over there either into there territory. That's stupid and it'll get you killed! " He said to the two boys. " Like I told him Lee 500,000 for her alive. 100,000 if she's dead. Now get out of here. Last I heard... She was in district 2."

Back in his new office...  

( ) Kin Tasanagi... Rookie star supercop had been looking at the picture of this female in the wanted list. He was booked up with Cases but... This one stuck out to him the most. This female had such a high price on her head. But why? He wondered. Someone... Really wanted this girl. And was willing to pay something tremendous for her. His golden eyes ( Yasei and Kin are cousin thus the golden eyes. ) studies her photo... Taking a dip of his coffee before the chief made his way in. " You thinking on tackling that one Tasanagi? " "...crossed my mind. Do you know who wants her so badly? " " Not a clue... She must have done something pretty bad..." " Is there a reason... You don't have a cop on this case? " " Akira's lazy. Your the only one who's stupid enough to try and help her...think you can handle it? Remember last time Tasanagi..." Kin went silent. Closing his eyes as images of pippa flushed through his mind, her smile , there sex , even though he had cheated. Her touch... It haunted him. Even down to there kiss.

( )" ... Last girl I ended up helping ended up dead. I can't even look Suzume in the eye properly after she forgave me. I'm a dog... And it was my fault pippa died. I let my feelings get in the way of my job and it won't happen again . . . " he said standing and brushing past the chief , hitting his shoulder as he walked out. But not before saying " I'm taking the case..." The Cheif watched him walk out with a smile on his face. " That kid... He's to proud sometimes..."



~Genesis  had huffed and sighed out as she finally took down the posters on that street, but she was now at the point of wanting something cool to either drink or eat. Slumping forward a little she’d ponder to herself, clearly she started develop this bad feeling as if today wasn’t going to be as great as she initially thought it was going to be.  It took her a few minutes to regain her composure, once done she would straighten her knees and stand up, her right arm would lift as she pointed her index finger out to gently swipe past her bangs which naturally flocked over the left side of her face. Her eyelids were held half shut as she seemed to glare down somewhat, that’s before she heard the sound of foot steps that would surround her and halt, followed by her name being called. As her vision swiftly traced towards the one who seemed to be in charge and not to mention holding out what seemed to be a rather sturdy weapon. ~

{ } ~As the men surrounding her scooted a little closer she’d gently drop her right hand down to her hip, Trickling her finger tips agley down her thigh where her right pistol was hidden under her cloak style, sleeveless robe. Two of the men gawking down at her hands movement with blush to their cheeks, distracted by her cunning yet affective sexy distraction, she’d even go as far as shifting her hip a little with her hands movement which were secretly aimed towards that pistol as the two men in red trench coat rocked that raging boner.  her head tilting, her eyes fluttering 3-4th shut with her lips parting ever so slightly which formed soft little dimples at both sides of her cheeks.”…My, my, you make my name sound so unfitting. It’s a shame you had to go and-.. RUIN MY FUCKING DAY!” And just like that, with a quick flick of her wrist, her hand would reach under her cloak and point the gun and the two men distracted with their obvious boners, it only took four seconds for her to aim at each one and pull the trigger to send a bullet into their head, their bodies falling limp as they bleed out onto the ground. Her brows would furrow as she looked for an escape root, and to her luck their was a 12 story office building. It was then she would make a B-line towards the doors, rushing inside as she made her way up the stairs, the building had windows at every corner, she’d aim that gun and shoot a few rounds hitting three at the stairs where they were shot and tumbled down, huffing she’d furrow her brows as the man with the sword and his partner came rushing up the steps, sneering she’d look for something to at least knock one of them down, looking from left and right she’d grin as she spotted the janitors cart filled with all sorts of things, and she’d quickly run towards it, and rush back, pushing it down the stairs, the man with the sword had moved out of the way but the other was struck and went flying down the stairs like a speeding bullet.” BOOZAI!!” She cooed and shouted, only to make a brake for it down the hall where she figured there would be another hall way to turn down but she was wrong, she was at the 10nth floor… And the only thing blocking her path was a wall and a glass window. The man had came rushing up the steps, and followed on pursuit. In a matter of seconds Genesis and the man were head to head, a crazed, yet greedy grin would fall past those dry lips of his as he spoke out to her before rushing in for a full frontal attack.” RedCoat leader:  You’re going to make me a very rich man girlie! DIEEE!” Genesis would have simply closed her eyes and drew out a quivered breath of air, her body was starting to tremble, but not out of fear more out of anger as she then at the last second snapped her eyes wide open, she was pissed, her day was ruined and quite frankly she had every reason to unleash her rage in this case her Clans ability, using the energy of her surroundings she would go berserk and quickly un-holst her other gun and aim a barrage of bullets at the charging man who seemed to with stand hit after hit, her brows would furrow as he came within inches, she would drop the guns to the ground as the mans sword came aiming towards her chest, in an instant she would shoot her arm outwards, allowing the blade to slip through her palm, however, with this action she was able to counter act, her left foot would slide over to the side where she would then spin her body around, her free arm clutching at the mans neck as she threw him against the glass window, the glass began to crack upon impact, once  the opportunity was available she would smirk and lift her right leg and simply send a brutal roundhouse kick right into the man's chest cavity, bones cracking as the glass shatter behind him, his body would fly out from the tenth floor as the glass followed him in which would look like shiny glitter in the sky for onlookers.  Once done she would huff and kneel down to pick up her guns to quickly holsters them only to wince one eye shut at her bloodied hand, for now the commotion would only attract more unwanted attention and so she’d high-tail it and run with her other hand clutched at her palm which left a blood trail behind her. She escaped out of the building where her eyes would meet the splattered remains of the man from before, only to grimace and rush on down the sidewalk.”…TSK…”

Surotei:  He listened as a person called Lee came into the room, his voice had a bit of insanity laced into it and his eyebrows raised. Kokuju knew to keep quiet about this hunt, he never saw Larry before nor will he ever again unless there was another job from him; he wasn’t an amateur. The woman was young, cute and apparently with a group called Kenrock that would kill his ass if he got anywhere near their territory, heh, little did they know of what he was, oni or not he could take them on. He shrugged lightly and continued to listen. That Larry character spouted the same stuff to Lee as he did to himself cept without the bomb schematics, which was ok for him. Though none of this information told him how dangerous she was on her own but he’d get that eventually. Suddenly, he snapped his head out the window and sniffed a few times, the scent of blood was in the air and he frowned behind his visor. “Do any of you, smell that?” He asked, turning to walk out, he knew what he had to do now and gave a sort of nod as he calmly walked down the stairs before running the rest of the way, if someone was getting hurt he wanted to get there and stop whatever was happening. Kokuju got out of the building and saw a slew of people walking around town like normal but something didn’t seem right to him. He sniffed the air again and followed the smell of blood, eventually seeing a trail of it left on the sidewalk, and a dead body. Another frown fell onto his face as he moved the body out of the way and ran after the blood trail.

Blutige Blitz: -Lee would listen to this 'Larry' character with no sort of any care being seen from him. Hearing the bounty for this female to be caught dead or alive, he still showed that he gave no fucks.

This was seemingly a simple job in the eyes of Lee however, without a lot of info on their target, it could get rather sketchy. Once he saw the person he was going to be going with, sticking his head out the window and sniffing the air, he would smell the utter pureness of blood. Finally a simple, slight smirk crossed his lips, he would follow behind Kokuju however, once Kokuju started running, Lee simply trailed behind him. Following the scent of blood that was quite entertaining to his nose. Not before long, Lee had seen Kokuju move a body from the way he was going and followed the blood trail. Lee was smirking this whole time as in his mind, he was screaming out "FLESH! BLOOD! SUCH A DELICIOUS TREAT!" Lee however on the outside seemed to have his smirk slowly growing wider. Unpocketing his left hand, he would use his thumb to crack his pinky finger as he kept following Kokuju. With no really need to talk, He stayed behind him and let him lead since he was the obvious first person for this job that it was given to while Lee was just a helper in this scenario. As he kept walking slowly behind Kokuju, he noticed him move a body out of the way and seeing him run off towards the trail of blood. His dark hues overlooking everything as the voice in his said "GET A MOVE ON! SUCH A WONDERFUL SMELL ISN'T GOING TO BE AROUND MUCH LONGER!" Lee was having the hunger get to him as he shook his head and too simply lower down his hunger, he would start to whistle a soft theme yet, this song was supposed to be all happy and stuff yet, Lee made it slow and creepy. By now, he knew what the smell of Kokuju was and could simply follow him or just the smell of the blood since it had seemed that he smelled it as well. ( Lee only kept whistling and walking while he occasionally sniffed the air, letting his "partner" for the time being, grow a long lead between them.-

Detective Tasanagi: " I'm checking out the bodies... " " Alright Tasanagi. Just make sure you close up after you leave don't leave those bodies just sitting around this time ya got me? " " Yeah , yeah I got you. " Kin had an alter ego he did undercover work with by the name of Red Oak. Using what he calls ' The Camouflage mask. ' allowing him to take on the facial Appearance of another.  While undercover a week ago. He heard the name ' Blight' getting wacked. Though he hadn't heard this name before. And the yakuza who brought it up had went by the name ' Conspiracy. ' no one ever listened to him... Cept kin. He always gave useful intel. He claimed that the man named Blight, stole something extremely valuable from a terrorist agency. And had been hunted down for some time. But no one knew who Blight had been. But conspiracy claimed that blight had been apart of an Old Yakuza family. A forgotten one... Kin didn't pay much mind to conspiracy... Until today.

( ) Kin had made his way over to the optopsy room of this man named simply as ' Blight' He was naked. Skinny man, not a lot of muscle even less fat. Kin got to work... Using the only chi base he had. Mental: Mental chi is the ability that focuses on brain activity and perception.  It dictates the thought process, often reaching higher enlightments, new thoughts, even patterns, and stratigies that may have seemed impossible to comprehend or do before. Such a thing can allow the brain to be comprehensive of ones surroundings, and focus ones senses, and preform complex theories and unlock storage in the brain that was never previously avalible. this change is not permanant, and is onlly a temporary burst for a prolonged chi time period.When Kin uses his mental chi, his eyes change from gold to blue. An odd trait, an enemy may be able to pick up on when he's using it.

His eyes flaring a bright blue he had began to analyze over the dead body. Going through using detective skills to deduce his own Foresincs investigation. Kin can analyze and pick up on patterns in one's environment. This ability comes in two parts: the analysis and the perception. First, Kin can looks at a subject, or otherwise, comes into contact with it, which triggers the willful psionic analysis of a subject's properties and features (shape, density, texture, etc.). After the analysis, He can pick up on any subject of the same molecular/chemical/genetic, or otherwise, structural makeup, and track them accordingly. Kin has amazing deductive and information processing ability of anything he's seen. If he see's someone moving their hands to draw something he can create an image of what they are drawing in his head without being able to see the canvas. With his dog like sene's and abilities Kin can track others down easily via various means, ranging from scents to footprints. With enough analyzation he can follow tracks that are days or even weeks old.

Kin has even been able to reconstruct what has happened by sniffing around the area he is searching Placing his hands over the males body he began to analyze it over for anything he could find. " ... 120lbs. 5'6 , white male. Lazy mortician's never clean the finger nails. " He said lifting them up. He'd sniff the males hand and caught a scent. " last thing his finger nails touched. Had been of female origin... A struggle..." He turned the man's hand over. " No finger prints? ... That's a government agency trade mark. CIA, FBI, The Sectors. They remove there finger prints to leave the ghost effect... He couldn't have been in a yakuza.  Unless... He had been undercover. " Kin said letting the hand go and crossing his arms. With the feminine scent... He could see it lingering in the air. He snarled and made his way outside and out into the streets. Cigarette in mouth as he made his way down to the scent... It was a distinctive one to.

As he made his way through the district the scent brought him to what had been a man getting blasted out of a window. He hit the ground dead... Rushing to the body he'd pull his eyes up to scan the body for himself. His eyes glowing blue again. " The Scent matches perfectly..."

( )

He said sliding his hands into his pockets. He then turned " Do any of you smell that? " He heard. He saw two men, the one with the same color eyes as his own had picked up on a blood trail. Just as kin had moments after sniffing it out. He wasted no time he walked infront of a hover bike pulling his badge out " KPD" he'd shout. Halting the man from the bike and then taking it for himself. He pushed the hover gear and the bike blasted up into the air just high enough for  him to spectate. The two males had been on the run ! And from viewing what had been 60 meters ahead had been there target and they were hot on her trail. " Why not Ditch town..." He said leaning forward as he gripped tightly to the bike. He kicked it into acceleration mode and allowed it to blast off  foward !

The bike would have blasted off right into the heat of incoming traffic. His body twisting and turning through the cars and trucks untill he would have blasted right past her perusers! He'd stand on the bike kind of as he neared her, and within 10 meters he kicked off of it! Lunging at 89mph! Had he been successful he would have tackled the girl into the ground! Rolling amongst the floor harshly in attempts to finally pin her to the ground sitting on her waist. " Your under the arrest of the possible murder of a man named Blight... You have the right to remain silent when questioned. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning, if you wish. If you decide to answer any questions now, without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. " Kin said in attempts of pulling her back up to her feet. If his tackle had been successful .


~Genesis  had been loosing quite a bit of blood, and the sun was already setting, with each step, more blood would spill, her brows were pinched forward and her teeth grit tightly together, she knew it was a matter of time before she was caught, however her eyes would widen as she heard the roaring sound of that hover bike, her expression was that of sheer anger and she would swiftly make a turn to the right, down an alleyway and halt, once she seen there was nothing left to run to but a dead end, she knew they weren’t far so she had to try and hide somehow, she was out of breath and growing tired from the amount of blood loss, luckily for her there seemed to be a shed with a pad lock on it that was open, huffing she’d bolt towards and rush inside, closing it where she would move past certain objects and place herself down to sit, glancing down at her right hand favoring it as it continued to drip blood, she couldn’t seem to get the bleeding to stop despite ripping a part of her pants to wrap around it. Her blood coating the fabric. Her eyelids would lower more as she seemed to have calmed down some, nuzzled back into a corner where her thoughts would ponder on a distant memory, her eyes still looking down at her hand that trembled. { }Her memory playing in her head of a man, laughing at her..:: ???: …You’ll never change, Gen. If you keep pushing yourself to hard and getting hurt all the time you’re going to  end up moving farther away from your goal. ::

That flash would skip to another time, where she had been walking out into the rain, her hooded cloak protecting her from the wet droplets made from mother nature, to her solemn dismay she was the first to discover that man’s body. She could only stare in utter shock, however a deep loneliness would have developed that day.

Not many people know the secret of her past. At least involving that.  Her little day dream would come to a quick end at the sound of a mouse screeching and skittering a cross her feet where she’d gasp and kick them around a little before relaxing and mumbling out a name.” ...Ryuho.” Now it was up to fate to decide what happens next. Would they find her? OR would they keep looking, who knows!

Blutige Blitz: -As Lee caught up with Kokuju, he heard him say for Lee and him to split up. Liking this thought process, Lee would be able to let his hunger side guide him. At that very moment, Kokuju took off a slightly different way that wasn't heading in the right direction however that's when Lee saw some guy fly past on a hover bike in, incoming traffic. As he cracked the top joint of his right index finger with his thumb, he would let out a sigh as he then stayed standing in one place, planting his feet as he then pushed himself forward at a high degree of speed. Due to the Shishio's clan ability of their speed being hightened, Lee would stay only a bit behind the man as he took in the blood trail on the ground as well as the smell of the female's sugary blood. Taking in her figure farther ahead as he started off with the man on the hover bike, his legs stretched out for longer strides each time. ( The insanity that dwelled inside his own mind screamed out "THAT'S OUR FOOD!" The widened smirk of Lee would turn into a grin as he kept up with the man however, he let his feet skid along the ground as he noticed the female turn into an alleyway after the male jumped off the bike. Not even paying any mind to him, Lee would continue to walk ahead a bit and turned to look into the alleyway. With him forcing his lips to tunnel in a bit, he would softly start to whistling the very song "Singin' in the rain" ( as he cracked his left ring finger as his steps echoed throughout the alleyway. Following the scent of the womanly blood, he would walk deeper int he dead end alley. Upon reaching a shed, he would sniff the air as he paused the whistling to do so, with him cracking his right index finger and the crack echoing throughout the alley. The noises of the vehicles and people outside on the city streets were quite loud however, due to the closed in area, the crack was louder to Lee and his prey. Simply starting to whistle where he took off from, he would grab the handle to the door of the shed while he then opened it and took a look inside. With his whistling coming to a halt, he peered around inside as he then said out with his voice lower and sounding more crazed "Ohhhhh dearrrr..." His cheshire grin fled back to his lips as he then ventured inside to simply look around however, leaving the door opened. ( As Lee looked around, he kept his hunger inside as he then followed the smell of blood to what seemed to be a female. His pearly whites would be exposed as he stared down to her with his scleras becoming black and his pupils becoming a black red as well as red cracks all around the black sclera and down under his eyes a bit. The blood red pupils glowed in the dark, rather brightly as he stared down to her. His height compared to her was rather towering while he then said "I founnnd youuu..." The grin would slightly fade as the voice in his head screamed out "YES! YES! SUCH A TASTY SNACK!" As Lee fought his urge to eat her right then and there, he would simply say out to her "You've been a rather nauuughty girl.." Speaking in a low, crazed, expanding voice "You're going to have to come with me...if die..Simple as that..." His blood red, glowing pupils stayed on her as he waited for her to make her choice on which way she would go...the easy way...or the hard way...-

Detective Tasanagi: ( )She had ducked over into a corner so his flying body would hit the ground In a harsh roll before indenting into a car. He is immune or highly resistant to all forms of external physical damage. He can withstand a fall from a 70 story building with only a pain in the shoulder. He can be shot with a machine gun without receiving any damage and shake the bullets of his body undisturbed. Even during the day, his body is as hard as steel. He also has demonstrated to have a high threshold for pain, as a human or a werewolf. Kin's eyes opened slowly as he sighed , pulling himself out of the car. The sun had been setting... And with it. The moons full grace shining over head to compliment the young man entirely. Before long he had been back on his feet. More than ready to find this girl at an even more aggravated pursuit now however.  He'd look down the alleyway where they had run off to and made his way down following her scent untill he'd approach a shed not to far off. He took the time to build himself up again. popping his arm back in place as he rolled his neck abit.  "You've been a rather nauuughty girl.." The man said Speaking in a low, crazed, expanding voice "You're going to have to come with me...if die..Simple as that..." Kin heard these words as he kicked the door open. Popping his neck left to right. ".... She's... going to do neither..." Kin said standing in the door way, the moon's light shining behind him heavily as he eyed the male to the female. " Bounty Hunter..." He said pointing to the male, and then the female as his eyes flared a bright red for a moment. " Your both under arrest. And your both coming with me for questioning..." He said tilting his head up. Opening his eyes at the same time to...

" You have the right to remain silent... and blah blah fucking blah..." He said standing 4 feet from the male, and the female as well. His hands reaching into his pockets, gripping onto the three orbs within them tightly as he glared... the stare down commensed.

Genesis: ~Genesis pupils would narrow as she heard the crackling sound and then soon after the opening of the shed door, instantly, she felt un-easy like this person wasn’t-… normal. As he stepped closer she’d furrow her brows and scoot herself upwards into a standing position against the shed wall, her pale orbs would glare into his own, her heart pounding as it felt like this moment wasn’t going to end, however, despite being injured and fatigue she was not going to comply to his demands, with her brows furrowing she’d press herself up and against the wall, her eyelids would fall half shut she had gone mute her hair flocking over her eyes, the silence still continued before she’d cock her head to the side and began to laugh. The laughter would grow louder and louder, as if she had hit her head and gone crazy for a moment, but little did he know, she was slowly drawing energy from the surroundings once more, from every droplet of water, to the weeds that managed to grow though the cracks of stone from every life form near by from the stray cats, dogs and common bum on the street. Slowly, she was building up to that breaking point to going full on berserk, if you though that moment in the building was bad, that was only a small dose of what she could do. Her laughter only continued to get louder. Before she’d stop her head still canted to the side with her eyes wide, soft glow around the rims as she spoke out to him in a lurid tone.”….Kill me?…” She’d scoff and without thinking further she would  attempt to lunge at the man just as the shed door was kicked open, Genesis was in the middle of a scrapping match given if he hadn’t of avoided it some how in the first place, she heard his words, but she was out numbered here and she would not be caught, or she would fight until she couldn’t anymore that is but given the condition she was in that wouldn’t be for to long. More blood would drip from that hand of hers as she tried to claw at the mans face and punch. IT was like she had gone completely nuts.

Blitz: -With Lee hearing her laughter as well as her words "Kill me?" He would simply smirk as the blood continued to seep from her wound and the scent hit his nose, he got stronger than what he was. The following blood trail made him stronger as well since he was near it. By then he heard the door to the shed kicked down and the sound of a male's voice. Hearing his voice saying about being under arrest, Lee would smirk as he then reached into his coat and and gripped his mask. Without even having the man see his face, he would pull it out of his long coat and slid it onto his face. ( The dark mannered mask was enough to keep his face hidden as he then saw the female charging for him. Simply with the amount of speed he possessed as well as him peaking human reflexes, he ducked down, lower than what she was off of the ground while completely avoiding the attack. With a simply instinct once she was gliding over him, his first thought would be to directly thrust his right arm up, straight into her abdomen. If her speed with the lunge was fast enough, she would escape however, if it wasn't or she didn't find a way to block the attack, Lee would have shoved his hand into her stomach as he pushed himself up which would then shove her into the ceiling of the shed and would look back at the man with his eyes only being able to be seen as his crazed voice says to him "Under arrest?" and holding her in place. However, if she were to have gotten a way out of it, he would simply slid to the back of the shed with the front of his body towards them. Raising his left hand, he would then crack his middle finger and then the top joint of his pinky finger. This wasn't truly good for Lee however, he knew his skills and his own faults but not knowing how both of these two fought, he could as well be in a lot of trouble however, due to his high pain tolerance after being tortured, it would have matter if they were to get through his thick skin by pushing enough force into it with any weapon they both had. Right now, his objective was to get the girl and leave however, if a life had to be taken, Lee would do so with no mercy in his mind.-

Detective Tasanagi: ( ) Kin dashed in between the two, his body would have been like a blurr! The Moment she had lunged, he had already been in between the two. The first strike coming in for the punch would have been well on it's way, but it wouldnt matter att his point. Within his pockets would have been three small flash bangs! They emit a pericing light within a 5 foot radius, and can blind anything in it’s pathway for a 10 second period of time. This flashbang is a hazard to a soilder on patrol, unless they activate their S.M.A.R.T tech scanning device to see through the light and eliminate their target  then. Kin, closing his eyes as he smashed his hands together and released the blinding light would have left the other two in a state of sheer dissaray! This would have surely blinded the both of them just long enough for him to do his next attack attempt. With his body crouched low, he would have came up with a double strike uppercut into the both of there chin's upon connection! Using his mental chi to copy one of his fathers techniques, remembering him use it before Kin's very eyes just days before! This attack can be a rush or a counter depending on the situation, Kin will launch a boxing style uppercut, though with this particular uppercut it's much more deadly and potent, simply because of it's posture and speed. The punch itself is  between a hook and an uppercut. It is also known in boxing as a three-quarter uppercut, or as a shovel hook. It strikes from an unexpected angle and can catch a fighter unaware. The Smash is best suited for in-fighters, that relies heavily on sheer power to would bend itself towards the back angle in which case Kin simultaneously takes a step inwards, pushing off of what ever foot he chooses from his position. With that he then thrust not only his attacking arm, but his upper body into the smash like punch, aiming at not the chin, but the curve where the neck and the very base of the jaw meet, other words the beginning of the throat. With or without feral intent this move could indeed cripple a person if used correctly, but it can be redirected for a less lethal impact. In any case if the move itself hits his direct intend lethal point, the impact if meant to would possibly snap the neck inwards as Kin's fist would literally dig into the asparagus, cutting off air momentarily form a person's grasp by caving the throat in. Not only that if this hits, Kin's fist would have "Dug" into the curve, in a perfect fit, but that's not all. If he wanted to, Kin could use the Thunderous Smash Technique, that would boost Kin 5 feet in the air upon fist coneection, but his opponent by 10 feet in the air. The second impact would have just as much force as the first one, so as if the second impact makes connection it would completely and utterly snap the neck, and completely turn the throat into mush unless the opponent has high durability (Enhanced). This had been called the Savage Shoyuken! Seeing that he would have used this within the time interveal of 2 seconds after he set the flash bangs off, and then he had used the flash bangs litterally the moment The female known as Genesis would have ducked down, the male with his superior speed would have already been ducking down to counter her! So in his crouched postion, and in her postion traveling towards the male known as Lee they both would have been at a disadvantage more or less. Using this savage shoyuken in both of his hands, She getting the right, and him the left! But that's not all! Had by mircalce chance this wouldnt connect kin would have kicked back by 2 feet before kicking up a shovel behind him and spinning it around swiftly within both of his hands to ready himself into a defensive postion. But if connected both of them would have been blasted into the roof, but the concrecte roof in the shed would not faulter and would NOT allow them to break through the other end once and if they hit it.


~ Genesis would have indeed been in midair, but before she knew it, she was hooked right into the chin, grunting she’d fly upwards a bit, and with his second move she would shoot towards the ceiling, her back would crash into it where cracks formed, her eyes going wide as blood splattered out from her mouth and drizzled down her chin, dripping to the floor, her vision would have gone blurry after be blinding previously  by this point. She could hardly take it anymore, but if there was one thing about Genesis is that no matter how beaten up she’d get, she’d still try and press on forward. Eventually her body would fall from the shed’s ceiling and she would land roughly onto the ground unless get caught, she seemed to have snapped out of that berserk state do to shock. { } Once her body hit the floor granted that she wasn’t caught, she’d wheeze and huff, blood continuing to drizzle out from her mouth as she slowly but eventually stood up, only to stagger and trip back down, it would have been repeated once more before she finally stood with trembling feet. She would then test her luck by struggling and trying to force herself to limp out, heading towards the sheds exit, and if possible she’d try and pick up her pace in a slow run as she limped heavily. Her eyes would begin to tear as she pushed further, and further  granted if she was not stopped, eventually she would just pause and tip forward, landing onto the ground, her eyelids held shut. She wasn’t going anywhere.

Blutige Blitz: -Spotting the man getting in between the two of them, he would simply widen his eyes at his speed however, it wasn't really something to be impressed by, Lee just figured the guy was pure human after all. His mind kept calculating thoughts as he then released his kagune. Lee's kagune were red and let off a beautiful glow. As they shot out from his lower back which ended up being four tentacle like appendages.

with two that were nearest to the top wrapping around his face quick but not fully against it, the bright light seeped under them and still shot up between the tentacles and his mask to blind him a bit. Due to rather blurry vision as well as not being able to see, he would rely on pure skills of being able to hear. The single sound of something coming for him, he would simply reach out as he closed his eyes however, failed to make contact with his fist or even wrist. At that very moment of being hit, Lee would have the two tentacle appendages that were wrapped around his face slide back to their position with the two bottom ones becoming firm and stabbing into the ground. ( At that very moment of impact made to his body, his kagune would save him from rising up too high as they both stiffed up and the top right one then shot forward a bit however, not a lot. This wasn't an attack yet it seemed like it but then Lee opened his eyes with his vision still blurry enough to not correctly see however, fine enough to see the target smashing against the ceiling. As he saw her cough out a good amount of blood as well as smelling it, his body grew stronger as well as his kagune. Quickly looking to the male, he would have his right appendages break free from the ground as he would then aim towards him and thrusts powerfully towards his leg. If this made contact or not, Lee would extend the top left tentacle to reach out and wrap around the female with the top right one jamming into the ceiling. By that time, Lee would have the bottom left on appendage quickly slide out of the ground as he used the one attached to the ceiling to thrust himself back, out of the shed as it came loose from the ceiling of the shed. With the tentacle that was holding her coming close to his body, he would unwrap her as he then took her into his arms and let his back hit against the wall powerfully. As his vision was slowly coming back, he would look down to her with his eyes peeking through the sockets of the dark, jester like mask, he would say  "Give me a bit of time and I'll get you out of here..alive, okay?" With that being said to her, he would then have his appendages push against the wall to where he went forward. Smirking under his mask, he would then simply have the top left one wrap around her again as it stayed like water for a moment before going firm again. Looking around with only his eyes and looking at the male, he thought of different outcomes for this to go by however, he needed to get her somewhere to where he could fight yet, keep her alive. Quickly thinking, he would have the top right tentacle slam into the wall, high enough to where if he used it to sling himself upwards, he could fly up to the top of the building. Doing just that but releasing his tentacle from the wall after slingshotting them up, Lee would look towards her as he then took her into his arms again to say "We'll attempt to make a run for it however, I can't promise he won't catch up to us. There may be a point to where I have to fight so, if it happens, I'm gonna need you to find somewhere to hide.." Thinking quickly, he would then plant his feet as he pushed powerfully forwards as he jumped from building to building, only trying to get her out of there alive as his kagune tentacles quickly sliding back into the spot on his lower back that they came out of. He didn't exactly know what he was going to do however, she needed to be alive and that's exactly what he would do with all of his will power.-

Detective Tasanagi: ( ) Kin hadn't been expecting to see what he had saw right then at that very moment.  Ducking his head back at the one tendril that shot forward but didnt exactly hit him." Wh-What the hell is..." He said staring a the male infront of him with the tentacles coming out of is back. Kin hadn't been afraid but intrigued mostly, out of sheer shock over what he had been seeing. But with his mental chi still flaring he saw what had been on it's way and coming!When the tendrils went for his leg's he'd leap into the air at the same time to dodge them by meer seconds! He'd tense a bit as he watched the two of them getting ready to escape. Kin would huff his chest up! Using a special trait from his Akuma No hinshitsu technique! With Kin's aura, and his soul being so cold with the loss of his sister. His Aura is a blistering cold around his body, its been noticed then when Kin walks by certain windows they frost over when he's angry. Able to use this blistering ice in only 1 physical attack per rp fight. Anything beyond it, will cause him to crumble up and soon die. Using Okami's sheer essences in its purist form is deadily in all rights.  Despite the pictures below, kin can not do all of those abilites, though he can use the ice form externally one time. Just like everyone else, if he goes beyond using it once per battle it will result in him fatiguing and then dying. Due to over usesage of the essences. Kin can generate and manipulate the mystical demonic ice, which cannot be melted by mortal means, drawn straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in malicious awareness.  Demonic Ice can cause excruciating pain upon contact instead or cause instant death, possibly even for relatively beneficial purposes. The Ice blasts radius had been commendable in deed, casting over the whole shed almost.

Icing the two of them over completly within the small confinds of the shed! The radius would have been the whole shed, up and down! From Ceiling to floor freezing them over completely before they'd make there escape properly. The blistering cold's would have been radiating off of his body as he landed. He had been learning how to better control this Artic wolf's ice. The aura flowing off his body in slow bursts. His eyes dead set on the frozen trio before tilting his head up.

The Ice in itself would have froze them both over in a heavy ice lock that would have seemed almost unbareable, yet they both would have been alive within it ironicly. Breaking out of it had been possible if he had the proper means to do so, and with the cold winter air outside to accompany his ice, this would more than likely make this well, and unlikely factor. " Freeze..." He said coughing a bit as he would have made his way over to them. he would have walked over to the female would have been frozen in place, but not yet dead if it connected that is. Pulling her out of the ice with a few kicks so he didnt break off limbs. He would have huffed her over his shoulder, and began to pace his way out. Turning his attention back over to the frozen bounty hunter at this point with a scowll on his face. "Hmph.." ( ) " I need a team in here, I think i got myself a bounty hunter, bring the raginite cages, and alot of tranq's..." He would have said huffing the female out of the area as he made his way to his car. Tossing her frozen form into the back of his Mustang two blocks down so he could make his easy decent back to the station, to unthaw her, and to question her over the murder of this man known as Blight.

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