Let the battle rage on!Edit

Connor: ( ) Connor would arrive on the scene and see what looked like a massive traffic wreck! Connor slowed his run to walk, looking around and taking everything in as it came. Connor would continue walking around looking in awe. “Either a hurricane hit this place…or it really was a fucking bomb. The hell..ripped cars…and this debreis…the hell’s going on around here?” Connor would continue his walk until he’d spotted a male. At least he looked like one. seeing as how the damage literally points to him, he might not even be a “man” per say. Connor then saw another familer face around the area, it was….Akira…he thinks. He didn’t much meet the guy nor remember him, but he’d seen him in the fight with kin at the least. Connor would sniff the air. “Kin? I smell an Okami…” Connor would tilt his head and point at Wade. “You. Yeah you, jolly blonde giant. You’re a big one aren’t  ya? You uh. Lose a bet or something?” Connor would scratch the back of his head approaching wade. Not knowing anything about wade except he had to be one stroooooooong son of a bitch, if he was the cause. Connor at least wanted to see. “you were the one that roared earlier too weren’t ya? The hells the matter with you,  you huge lumix, you don’t just go throwing tanturms! You know your little episode sent a wave MILES out!? Yeah miles! I’ve got a mind to drive my fist in your temperal lobe you overgrown pirck…matter of fact. You must be in with the bad guys I’m looking for…yeeeah. You fit the bill. Big and dumb looking.” Connor would stetch his shoulder, rolling it in place and looking wade in the eye. He was a tall one, and built like a tank, but Connor needed answers and right now this guy was the most suspicious of the bunch he’d seen so far tonight. “So mr.roid rage, I want some answers. You gonna give me something or are we gonna sit here and stare at each other all fucking night!” Connor would place his hands on his hips. Nothing he didn’t sense any energy from this guy, he figured he had to be some kind of freak of nature or something of the sort. Washi would stand off to the side, his hands in his pockets, as he’d lean against the wall. “I can sense the negative emotion off of this guy like a fucking skunk. Guy’s got issues.” Connor thought to himself as he stood infront of wade a few feet away.  Connor would point to his chest. “C’mon, right here, give me whatcha got so I know weather I need to lace my shoes up before I put them up your ass.” Washi would begin making his way over to the allyway kin was laying in, regardless of the distance, and he’d stand over kin. “Tasanagi…the hells going on here.”  Washi’s organge sunglasses glimmered for a second.

Ultron: -( As Connor yells out to Wade, the giant monster of a teenager’s fist slowly lifts out of the ground. Crushed pavement that is now reduced to a sand flows off of his fist as he slowly begins to stand back up onto his own two feet. Not really liking the name calling, Wade begins to growl a bit as he slowly turns around to face Connor. His eyes glow bright blue as it is obvious his anger is continuing to rise as the situation furthers. Having already been aggravated at being pushed to his Two Inch Muscle increase from being angered by Breaker, he is in no mood to take any of Connor’s shit as well. As Connor begins to scold him for his actions earlier when his fist helped create the massive shockwave that practically ripped around the block he is on. But as Connor begins to talk about putting on into his temporal lobe, Wade smirks a bit as he chuckles at the idea of anyone’s physical attacks actually hurting him. The insults continue to spill out from Connor’s mouth as the more and more he says, the angrier Wade becomes. If Connor were looking he would see how Wade’s muscles began to become more defined and rippling as his anger begins to form a perfect specimen of the human body. Now standing at 6’2 in his enhanced muscle mass, Wade slowly balls his hands into fists once more as Connor continues to push him with his words. ( At the last comment of whether or not he would have to “lace his boots” to fight Wade, the animal finally throws all fucks out of the window. He quickly takes a big breathe in as his chest begins to pop outwards; revealing the pectoral muscles that could be the size of basketball’s! Wade then thrusts his right foot forward as he aims to hit Connor dead center in the chest where he had pointed. His foot would be at a size fourteen in the two inch muscle form as it would almost take up the entirety of the young Connor’s chest, if it connected! Immediately Connor would feel a rush of pressure and power surging through his body as Wade’s strength is enough to surpass anyone he had previously fought before. The feeling of being kicked from Wade at point blank range like this would be like nothing he had ever felt before as it would be in such a complete rush of movement. The reaction time would almost seem delayed as the sound of Wade’s foot hitting Connor’s chest would be two seconds too slow to even keep up with the rate of sound! Once Connor’s body takes the impact, it would cause the boy to fly back faster than the speed of a bullet firing out of a gun! The shockwave create by this kick would once again cause the gravel around them to lift up, this time bursting outwards like an explosive wave of pure kinetic energy. Once the sound of the impact appears from its delay, it would echo through the street like a bolt of lightning striking down upon them! Gusting winds would push past their bodies, pushing Connor backwards with such a powerful velocity; his own physical body would pick up some kinetic energy to the point that his back would begin to heat up a bit! The range of where he could fly back to can be uncalculated as Wade’s strength proves to live up to the name. With his anger fueling his strength, Connor would be someone he is trying to finish in a quick hurry after such insults he received. 

After completing the kick itself, whether Connor goes flying like Team Rocket or not; Wade’s anger would begin to spill over to his controlling point. With his eyes glowing brightly, he begins to lose his mental grasp on his own physical power. No longer caring who is who, Wade places his foot out in front of him as he gives another powerful-“ROOOAAAAARRRR!!!!”- Enough power in the roar that the block of the downtown area begins to quake once more with small vibrations!With anger filling his entire being, Wade yells out-“YOU WANT WADE TO BE ANGRY! FINE! YOU’VE MADE WADE ANGRYYYY!”- He then begins to slam his fists into the ground, creating huge waves of quakes as he waits to see what will come at him next!-

Detective Tasanagi: Kin's eyes fluttered as he sat there looking up at Washi. At first the image came off as some he knew but when his eyes fluttered he came to the realization that it hadn't been. " Who are you...? Wait... Your Connor's Oni aren't you. I can sense him on you. " Kin said standing up brushing himself off. The only  " Long story short , I set Wade as bait, and Apprantely if worked. Maybe a bit to well actcually. The only information I was able to collect was a Name. Something called ' The order' " Kin said scowling as he fixed his tie. " But it's a start... Why are you here...? " kin said not noticing what was going on not even a few blocks away with Connor and Wade.

Connor Ryoji: As Connor saw wade’s muscles mass increase Connor’s eyes would widen for a moment, and his lip would prod itself outwards. His eyebrows would rise as wades muscles grew to the size of basketballs and he’d  place his hands on his hips and once wade finished his physical bulking, Connor would suck his teeth before smacking his lips and sighing. His danger sense overbearingly telling him something was wrong but even then Connor could already feel he was up shit creek didn’t even bring a paddle not to have in the first place. As the kick connected….Connor didn’t feel a thing. Not a single feeling. The guy kicked him so hard his body liteally went numb and he’d lost all feeling in his entire being as his body was blasted backwards! Connor’s body crumbling under pressure as he couldn’t even let out a scream his body had been impacted so hard! As his body soared backwards faster than a fucking bullet! The ground erupting around Connor’s body as he traveled outwards! After he’d hit the mile marker the velocity stared to heat up and Connor felt an overwhelming amount of heat rush over his body, actually adding a bit to the burns he’d already had before…after hitting the two mile mark and becomgin a team rock sparkle in the sky before his descenting arch like pattern would bring him back down to the ground! With an unbeilievable hard ‘BOOM!” as Connor’s body made a 15 foot crator in the ground! Connor lay on the ground….his eyes whitened….his body looked funny like some bones were out of place and possibly rearranged almost and even. ///Meanwhile// " Long story short , I set Wade as bait, and Apparently if worked. Maybe a bit to well actually. The only information I was able to collect was a Name. Something called ' The order' " Washi furrowed his brow. “The order huh? Interesting…something I haven’t heard of. “ Washi folded his arms and looked at kin as he asked why he was here. “Well the head of the fire flower syndicate was just shot from a distance not to far away from this location. It was random because that happened, apartantly parallel to the events that happened here. It’s almost as if they used your distraction for their own distraction…which means we’re dealing with an opponent who’s planning ahead of us. Hm. Excuse me.” Washi would disappear from kin’s view, and reappear at Connor’s side. Washi would place his hands in  his pockets and sigh. ‘this is exactly where you’re mouth gets you, you know that?” Connor lay looking lifeless as his body twitched a bit. “Well luckily I can activate functions of your brain…like that healing factor of yours you suppress on a daily.” Washi would disappear from view and  Connnor’s body would start convulsing. Sickening snaps, and crackles and pops, of Connor’s bones fixing themselves back into place. The user can rapidly heal from minor to serious ills, the rate of recovery varies and can sometimes result in the slowing, or even stopping, of aging. Some can grow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. User's cells regenerate very rapidly, or upon command. May also have effects on cell health or immunities. (got the o.k from pallas to do it for the plot of it all XD) Connor’s body had put itself back to a condition that it was before, all be it, the visual blackness of soot still covered his body. Connor’s eyes returned to color and washi stood beside him yet again. “Care to get up and try to play nice?” “ngh…guh…..a..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Connor doubled over in pain and began spazzing out twitching and twisting and turning. Even with his healing factor unlocked for that moment in time the pain of the kick he just felt came back to his body and he felt every single bit of pain his body had numbed before. Luckily for Connor, his physiology let him get empowered off it and it did as much good as it did harm. Connor would stand  up warily and hold his stomach. ‘Son of a….BITCH.” “That strength…something. Something is not right about that man Connor. there’s no way that is the panicle of physical hard work…” “You’re telling me! just don’t know… Connor growled…”I literaly left my body when he hit me…and then came back…like I was dead or something…. There ain't no pain at first. It's like he hits ya so damn hard ya actually leave yer own body. It's when ya come back that ya feel the pain. An' I realized….I just got hit by a walking earthquake.” Connor heard his bellow even from two miles out….YOU WANT WADE TO BE ANGRY! FINE! YOU’VE MADE WADE ANGRYYYY!” Connor grunted, ripping off the rest of his shirt off. Connor huffed, and steam came from his nose showing his akuma no honshintsu was heating his body with rage. Connor’s cainines came to show face and he’d crack his neck from side to side. “don’t tamper with my healing thing you know I hate that…but for this guy…I might have to break my own rule.” Connor would climb up from the crater and begin darting forward! Running full speed ahead to head back to the area of origin where wade was! “I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS YOU BIG BRUTISH BASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!” Connor would yell as slobber left his mouth. He was beyond pissed, but more excited for the challenge than anything! Washi returend to kin's side if he was still there with his arms folded. "Oh, and Wade if he's the big bulking mass of muscle that you're refering to, and Connor are currently scraping. You might want to help out on that one. I'll be going then." Washi would adjust his sunglasses before heading back to Connor's subconcious

Detective Tasanagi: At Washi's words ! Kin would have rushed to the scene ! " Damn it Ryoji this is not what I need right now ! " Kin watched the state down between the two and from a building over head he leaped into the air! Shifting into his half form as he soared through landing right in between the two with both of his hands out. One on Wades side and the other on Connors. To accompany that jump , when he had landed using his Artic wolfs essences he'd attempt at coating them both up in ice from the neck down. This in itself took a lot of kin as his nose bled to show the effects of the attack. " Think for a moment ! What are you doing! Fighting each other is more than likely what the Enemy wants ! " He said looking from Wade to Connor again. ' Damn it Akira... Where are you...' He said to himself in thought as he slowly began to lower his hands. " Alright... Let's... Try to think this over? Alright...!? Everyone just calm down! " Kin said still trying his hardest to substain them both in the ice. Hoping they'd listen to reason , but had his counter measure just in case they didn't. This being subjugated through the bright ice blue color that had been glowing from his eyes. Signifying the use of his mental chi. But little had kin known that he had been in his half wolf form. Making him more than likely unrecognizable.


Ultron: -( As he hears the effects and anger of Connor beginning to rise and moving closer to him, Wade smirks as he yells out-“Come on! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!”- But before they can go any further into the situation, something comes in between the two of them. Something that looks like half an animal and half human, looking less like a human than Wade does with his behemoth sized body. It’s at that moment that his icing abilities quickly begin to take hold on Wade’s body. Wade does not fight the process of the ice coming over him as his body is durable even under extreme temperatures. This has already been seen before when Wade’s body had been caught on fire by Darius’ explosion and he walked around as if nothing was happening to him. With the ice quickly freezing his body into place, Wade begins to grow irritated at this wolfly presence in front of him as the Wade he had come to know is not here at this moment. A more angry and fight hungry Wade now stands in front of him waiting to see what Connor is going to do after taking that kick. When Kin tells them all to calm down, Wade’s eyes shoot over to him with a piercing glare as he yells out-“YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN!?”- And just by the yelling alone, the ice around his body would begin to crack as Wade’s yelling creates enough vibrations of his body that it begins to weaken the frozen ice around his body. Finally, he lifts his arms up from their lowered position as he releases a powerful roar!

The ice that had been put around his body quickly shatters like glass as Wade’s body practically flexes to have the ice shatter upon his body. After escaping through the hold of the ice, with Kin directly in front of him; Wade yells out-“YOU’LL HAVE TO MAKE WADE CALM DOWN!”- He’d then lift his large arms up and over his head as his left foot begins to take a step forward. Once his left foot comes to hit the ground, he swings his arms down like hammers as he attempts to smash Kin under his large fists like a Gorilla in the wild.

If this were successful, Kin would be smooshed under the large fists as the same feeling Connor had would come over his physical body. With Wade’s strength, even a normal punch feels like being hit by Jesus Taking The Wheel. The force created by the attack would smash into Kin’s body with the potential to shatter hardened bones and rip through muscles like they are paper. Even if the attack were to miss, Wade’s fists would smash into the floor creating a huge fissure that would travel through the floor and aim to lift the ground up right where Connor is in the attempt to have some of the pavement lift up to smack Connor right in the face with it! The shockwave created by the fists hitting the ground would span out for about twenty feet with the high potential to still hit Kin even if he were to completely evade the physical contact of the punches. After giving this striking motion, Wade would lift himself back up to a standing position while yelling out-“YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT, WADE!? WADE IS THE STRONGEST THAT EVER LIVED!”-

He then waits to see how the others will respond to his temper tantrum before continuing further.-

Here comes the boomEdit

Detective Tasanagi: " Wa-Wade! No ! Don't you do it Wade! I'm warning you! Hey! Wade! Waaade! " ( ) But alas Kin's plea meant little to nothing! And when Wade came down with his strike ! Kin was blasted down into the sewers while pulling both of his hands above his head to block the attack! The force alone sent Kin's body numb ! He crashed through the sewers hitting the ground violently as he rolled over on his back. It had reverted him back into his normal state and both of his arms had been indeed broken. " Son of a bit-" He said popping them both in place. He ripped off both of the sleeves off his shirt and used his own head to head butt bricks out of the wall. Biting into them. And then tying the bricks around his forearms to support them after Wade hard broken them both. Wobbling left to right he could barely move his fingers but the nerves had been intact just enough for him to do so. He retracted his claws looking up at the man hole as he scowled. "Alright then Wade..." Kin would have said , closing his eyes allowing his brain to deduce just what the hell had happened. "His physical stature... It's increased. Super strength , power increases on agitation. No chi out put. All his own physical ability. Strength level... Incomparable. Noticeable weaknesses? None. Gonna have to make one... " Kin said pulling his tie around his head as a head band. ( Big boss style. ) " Huuuyyaa!! " He'd shout as he leaped from right under Wade blasting out of the same Wade made manhole he was put through just moments ago! Blasting himself out of the hole latching himself onto Wades back! If successful he'd dig his claws deeply within the behemoths back before clawing at him over and over again! Kin's claws would simply clang ! And shine ! Against the titans Skin! " Durable..."  He'd then take his chances ! attempting to sink his hellish canine teeth into Wade, but his tough skin would prove to much for him to bite into! " Son of a bitch! " He'd pull himself onto Wades shoulders with his right hand up as high as it could formed in the shape of a karate chop! " Wadddeee!!!!! Stoppppp!!!!" Kin said in attempts to slam the chop in the Top of Wades head in attempts to bash him right into concussion lane! The force of the chop would have broken a normal mans school but Wade on the other hand had been fat from a normal and conventional man. Using his mental chi to Relay a message to anyone within the 20 foot radius. ' Keep attacking his head! Soften it up if we work in unison we may be able to knock him out for just a short amount of time! They'd hear Kins voice as a chiming whisper almost.

Connor Ryoji: ) Connor was about the charge the beast with a fist full of chi and a heart full of anger! That is until a familer scent cross his nostirls and suddenly his body would be incased in ice! Connor struggled to move at first!...not quite sure just what the hell this was he’d then see a beastly form jumping down from above. It looked like kin…if he’d let himself go and didn’t shave for fucking months on end. “Kin? The hell are you doing here! Let me at em! I’m sick of not FINISHING MY FIGHTS!!” Connor would struggle and grunt a bit more finding he couldn’t break the ice with physical strength alone! He was about to begin pouring chi into his physical being!....until he’d seen Wades response and next thing you know that motherfucker bursted the ice as if it were fucking glass! “SEE THERE TASANAGI! HE GOT OUT BEFORE I DID DAMN YOU!”  As the rage ensued, and wade would slam kin through the pavement with his fist, Connor watched his body disappear beneath the street! Followed by that was a large fissue that came connor’s way! Connor furrowed his brow, and used the fissure to his advantage! Using the micro push to break the stone that would’ve popped him in the chops so to speak emitting the micro push from his forehead and breaking the rock into pieces!  The vibrations from wades strength cracked the ice that surrounded Connor and broke it enough to where it would’ve shattered and freed him! As it did Connor would take a few steps back, looking at wade with his fist clenched! His breathing stuttered and sheltered as he’d grunt and growl. This was showing that the negative emotion of pure anger he was getting from wade was overwhelming….ly powerful. So much rage and potency, it was making connor’s heart actually beat and giving him an euphoric anger high! Connor literally lost himself by gaining to much power from wade’s emotional anger and was in turn a lot angrier himself!   As kin made his attempt and relayed the message to attack wade in the head, connor would growl! “NAGH! WAY AHEAD OF YOU! PUN-FUCKING INTENDED!” As connor yelled this  he’d be rearing his left and right arms back, destruction chi pouring into his fist as he’d use kin’s distraction to rush wade head on! a stupid decision, but in his state,  it’s at most what he was good for…or was it?” As connor rushed in he’d use his boosted physical condition to attempt to deliver a two piece strike to wade’s knee caps! Connor clearly saw kin’s claw display not doing to much to work menacing his skin and muscles were out the norm, but connor was attempting to use his destruction chi on a different scale! If either of the knee cap punches connected, the destruction chi would attempt to use not surface force but internal hemorrhaging! He’d attempt to cut the cartilage and tendon tissue that connects his knees to his upper and lower leg! If this worked, Wade would instantly feel a loss of ability to stand! However in vice versa connor’s knuckles would literally bleed from the sheer impact against wades bare skin! Showing how hard he was punching vs the density of what he was hitting! He didn’t care at this point as he’d still attempt the attack attempts! If it connected, even if it merely brought wade to his knees, Connor would then use the height advantage to begin attempting to bash his fist against wades skull repeatedly!

Each fist having a red coating of destruction chi around it as he’d attempt to simply rattle wades brain back and forth like a ping pong ball, destroy bits and pieces of the thick muscle that surrounded his skull possibly either calming him down or knocking him out! Connor didn’t hold any punches with this guy and even though his hands were hurting he’d punch full on with everything he’d  had! If the initial punches to the knee caps didn’t connect, Connor would  attempt to duck and roll behind wade, and attempt the same punches to the same area, and attempt to repeat the same attempts he’d attempted before. He’d adjust his attempt depending on how kin moved and worked as well.

Ultron: -( As he roars out like a wild monster in the wilds of the jungle, he doesn’t notice that Kin perches onto his back with his claws trying to dig into his hardened skin! Wade tries to reach over to grab Kin with his right arm but misses as Kin tries to now bite into the hardened skin to once again find himself on the losing end of an attempted strike. Also as this is happening, Connor begins to find his way out of the ice to join in on what is now a Two on One battle between Wade and the Onihoruda’s of Kasaihana City! Just as Connor goes to attack Wade’s kneecaps; Kin hits the top of Wade’s cranium with a powerful karate chop. As the karate chop makes impact into the skull of Wade’s body it does not affect him so much physically as it does mentally within his brain. With his brain blocked off by multiple Psionic Barriers created by an unknown source, the blunt force trauma to Wade’s head causes one of the barriers to activate as his brainwaves begin to go haywire! ( If one were able to see how his brain is working, they would see a fiery explosion of brain waves surging through his brain. This causes the giant monster to roar out in pain as Kin actually hit him in a weak point of his physical body! Placed like a last resort trap, this barrier was meant to go off from blunt force from an outside force. It is almost as if someone or something knew Wade would eventually be unable to control his rage and hope to help out whatever external force needed to hit him with such blunt trauma to the head. At this time now, Wade’s kneecaps are stuck by Destruction Chi enhanced punches from Connor. Not being able to focus his own senses as the barrier effecting Wade has his attention; Wade takes the full force of the attacks. Even in his weakened state, his durability only weakens to a point where his right knee feels the complete effect of the style of punch Connor is using.-“GRYYAHHHH!”- Wade yells out as he falls to his right knee with his hands clinching his right knee from the pain of having his knee be hurt internally and not externally. Before he knows it, Connor begins to unload punch after punch upon Wade’s face! His long blonde hair begins to fly all over the place as Conner quickly unleashes his rage upon Wade’s face like it is a punching bag! Literally trying to beat Wade like he stole something! Wade’s face would begin to get covered in blood but not his own. Because of Connor’s hands busting open from punching Wade’s metallic like skin, the blood would appear on Wade’s face with each punch. Every time Connor connects with a punch; Wade’s arms twitch with the impacts as the barrier trap on his brain now slowly begins to fade. Rocking back and forth a bit as Wade feels a little dizzy from taking these punches it would look like Connor and Kin’s quick double team seemed to have Wade on the ropes. Finally, Wade is able to gather a little bit of himself as his eyes begin to return to color.( With a quick reaction and Connor’s flailing of throwing punch after punch in the way he is going; Wade would thrust his arms up to try and actually catch each individual forearm of Connor’s punches. Of course having to time them apart from one punch to another, Wade would try to catch him when he is not expecting him to still be able to lift himself back up. If he were successful in catching Connor’s forearms; Connor would begin to feel the tight pressure coming from Wade’s strength as it could crush his bones if he were to hold onto it for too long. Wade would breath heavily a bit as he looks down with his blonde strands hanging low from his head. He then slowly begins to lift his head up to Connor as it shows the blood covering his face as he asks-“Is….Is that all you got?”- He’d then instantly thrust his head forward as he attempts to plant his skull onto Connor’s nose with a powerful headbutt! 

If successful, Connor would once again feel one hell of an impact as it could send him flying back once more. If he actually did hit with the headbutt, the impact would also cause Wade to fall to all fours as he still is reeling from the force to his head.-“auugghhhh”-he says to himself as he forgets that Kin is still on his back! Wade shakes his head a bit as he tries to get all of his focus back as his senses and equilibrium still seem out of whack from where he was before getting attacked. Once he realizes that Kin is still on his back; Wade flashes his face to Kin as he turns his head to see the wolf-man on his back.-“YOU ATTACK FROM BEHIND! WHERE IS THE HONOR IN THAT!?”-He’d then once again attempt to reach both hands over his head now as he attempts to grab onto Kin’s head with his large hands. If successful, kin would then be flipped over Wade’s body as his back would then smash into the concrete in front of the giant’s body! If Kin were to end up on the ground in front of him; Wade would then lift his large left arm up into the air as he prepares to throw another mighty punch upon Kin’s body! This time aiming for the left side of his face!

Throwing the punch at Kin, if it hits it would feel similar to how the attack earlier felt only slowly beginning to get stronger as the fight goes on. This is due to Wade’s anger continuing to rise as Connor and Kin both continue to provoke him in ways that anger him. If Kin takes the impact of this punch on his face like this, it would be possible to completely knock the young onihoruda out from the strength of the punch that Wade is dishing out! If it did not knock him out, Wade would continue to throw this same left hand punch upon Kin as Wade now grows past the anger of competition and slowly reaching into the anger of wanting to just deliver pain to people attacking him. By this time now, Wade’s muscles slowly begin to tighten a bit once again; especially around the right knee. Not healing the injury but rather coating another layer of muscle around his right kneecap to add more cushion and slow the inner blood flow of the knee to keep it in check while Wade continues to fight. With Wade throwing these punches he does leave himself open for attack as his mind focuses on Kin rather than Kin and Connor together as a team attacking him.-

The Beat DownEdit

Detective Tasanagi: ( )" GAWK! GAWK! HAK! AGH! AGH! " Kin's body was being bashed into the ground continously! Doing so over and over again! Wades strength proved to be to much for him to handle on his own. His eyes fading to white, and then back to there orginal color over and over again from the hellish beating Wade had been giving him! His sternum, shoulders and arms were completely shattered at this point. And his head was fractured his skull nearly broken down into nothing as he slipped in and out of conciousness. 'Think... Kin... think...' He said to himself but it wasnt enough! The hellish beatings were beyond anything thing that he had been allowed to do at this point! The only thing he had feeling in, was his right hands middle finger, and pointer finger, and then his ring finger. Every time Wade slammed his fist Into Kin's torso continously, blood spluured from his lips as his eyes were shallowing out! Wade would have pulled his arm back once more, simply once more! And when he came down with the hellish final blow! It had been set in stone! Kin's eyes glowed a bright red and he shouted at the top of his lungs. " AGGGHHh!!" The roar had been ghoulish as it had the successive rate to blast Wade right off of him! At more powerful levels, Ones Chi or Hadou has the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the power put into it, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air-not unlike the blast of an archaic 'pipe bomb'-that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (particularly in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics) shatter it into pieces. The greater the user's Chi ability control, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Chi user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. Truly gifted practitioners could generate a concussive blast that would radiate from them for dozens of meters in all directions, detonating with the Hadou of a conventional explosive. The user is able to form compressed explosions as a striaght punch of pressureized air to be projected out or thrown. When the highly moving pressurizd air comes into contact with a target, the air is released with force, from sudden gusts to hurricane force winds. With training, the user could be able to detonate the bombs at will or have several orbit the user.. this only works if the user is far away from there target by  50 feet or more. The longer the feet the faster and more potent of explsion radius. The impact of the strike so versatile in Kin's style he's able to play a game of distance for those kinds of fighters. Kin's roar allowed him to blast the shout out at such a gust-ful frequency that it would have sent Wades Senses into a frenzy just long enough for Kin to shift into his Half form again. If he had been successful with the roaring push blast, Kin would have pulled himself up after knocking wade back by 15 feet from the roaring push blast, his arms deadly hanging from his body. " WADDDDEEE! " Kin said with one of his eyes puffed over and the other bleeding. " STOP... BEING... STUPPIIDD!!! " Kin would have said rushing at Wade and then baseball sliding right under wade, in attempts of kicking him in the nuts as he slid under him, only for him to slide behind him, kicking off the ground and then launching himself at the back of wades head with a powerful charging elbow in attempts of rattling him up again, this time aimed for the temple.

Connor Ryoji: ( ) Connor would feel his knuckles practically bleeding and he bone from them exposed! Yet his rapidly accelerated healing factor was kicking in full force! As the broken bone and skin peeling from his knuckles would slowly start making it’s way back to his knuckles with and after each punch! However eventually wade decided no more! He’d grip Connor by his arms and lift him into the air! Connor struggling to break free, but he could feel an overwhelming and overbaring pressure pressing down on his arms!! The bones in connor’s arms snapped! ‘NGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” connor bellowed as he yelled out. He’d kick his legs screaming in agony but oddly enough  it was giving him the physical boost he needed to fight through the pain itself! Connor listendd as he asked if that was all  he had! As wade came in with his headbutt, Connor would emit a micro push from his head and  torso, strong enough to send a roaring blasting force into wades face! This didn’t stop the head butt, but the sudden change in velocity would reduce the overwhelming amount of force put behind it! causing Connor to still take the blow to the nose and be sent flying, but it’s not as bad as it would’ve been..even with his healing factor on over drive, he could still feel every single bit of pain being inflicted upon him! it killed his stamina…even healing…he felt his body wanting to shut down each time he even remotely thought to move a muscle! Connor would pull himself up! standing after he’d taken another hard distanced fall!...he’d stand blood pouring from his lip as his chi began to flourish violently. “Tasanagi’s trying to put some sense into ya…but not me! I’M GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN YOU BLUE EYED SACK OF MUSCLE!’ Connor tried to run at first but felt a wave of nuasiea and vertigo come over him. he’d literally caught jet lag from the headbutt wade had delivered…Connor would shake it off, as kin at this point blasted wade away with a push blast! Connor saw this and began to run…he started running with a hobble still trying to overcome the jet lag! As kin preformed his maneuver, connor would throw all fucks out of the window and micro push his body forward! Propelling his own speed to that akin to a pistol! “C’MOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!! Connor reared his right hand back, timing it just right as when kin went for the knee towards the back of wades temple, at that exact moment Connor would come in with his right hand drawn all the way back! His violent red oni aura flaring  like a siren, though wade probably couldn’t see it he’d see just connor but kin could see the violent red flair pouring off of connor! Connor’s right hand soaked in a bright red chi as he’d bring his right fist towards wades opposite temple!

the destruction coated around his fist extra potent! Connor threw his all into the punch which was in no way smart as Connors entire hand would fracture on impact! Blood poured from his hand but the effect was just! The destruction chi would flourish through wades head and rattle his brain even further, causing concussion after concussion, after concussion in just one punch! If this didn’t work, or even just hurting him a bit, Connor would prepare for whatever backlash was coming…or in this case was about to come!  If this punch didn’t effect wade or he was about to launch a counter attack, Wade would feel a sudden sting on the back of his neck, like a bee penetrating and stinging him. one knew wade would find this odd as nothing could penetrate his skin by any REAL means right? Unless it was something made of a durable metal of course. One of the rarest on the face of the earth and the hardest metal in exsistence besides it’s  counter part ragnite…adamantium. ( )This was an adamantium needle, which was connected to a dart with enough sedative to literally put down 10 families of apes and give them LSD induced dreams. If this worked wade would feel an overwhelming level of sheepishness and dizziness before finally sub coming to it and falling asleep, his body limping out onto the ground. Connor would fall down  flat on his ass a good few feet away from wade and panting heavily as he was in more pain than he’d ever been in his entire life so far. Connor looked up to see just what happened…and he’d see a man with a muscular stature, and a black and red suit with a shield on his back. No one other than The Red Dawn,  holding a tranq gun in his right hand and glaring at the scene. Densuke would prood his lips before placing the tranq gun back into it’s holster. “Now I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that we have. A Hulk pretty boy.  Two rookie cops and my own screwball son here. In the middle of the city. With destruction flowing the very wake of their ongoing scuffle. I’ve got a right mind to get your parent’s here  on this one. Though I think Keyth would actually congratulate you all rather than ridicule and punish.” Densuke would inhale and exhale through his nostrils. “You’d all best come with me. Not on some captivity type deal…but I can only imagine what the KPD is going to do to all of you if they get to you before I do. Densuke would lean down and hoist wades arm over his shoulder (if he was unconscious at this point) and lift him up. “Hmm…there’s not a single shred of body fat on this kid..” Densuke would look around at the destruction caused. “He did all of this?” speaking aloud again, the roaring of a jet could be heard as it lowered itself closer to the ground. The black byrd’s latter rolled down for the boys to climb into and hop aboard. In the distance ambulance sirens and KPD squad cars could be heard echoing and blasting towards their direction. “They’re probably going to send in the KPDAU for something like this. Even then you guy’s probably would’ve been safe with this kid around. Let’s move. We don’t have time to waste. I’ve been keeping track of the footage. I managed to catch a couple of images we can go over. Sorry kin. I know this was your case but it’s a lot bigger than you now that I’ve had to step in. Come on. Unless you all wanna get comfy with your cells. I’m pretty sure big guy here ant going back without a fight.” Densuke would carry wade up, noting how heavy his muscle mass was and grabbing onto the ladder. He’d pull himself and wade up, and anyone else who chose to hop aboard would all be whisked off towards the Heroes Reprieve outside the sandy shores of district 2 for medical attention and a good old fashion parental scolding.

Ultron: -As Wade continue to release his anger out on Kin, Wade doesn’t even realize how far he is actually going in fighting the very person who is trying to help him. In a sense of Irony, it looked like Wade is about to take out the one person who trusted him enough to release him from custody on a case that would put him on the stand for murdering the mayor! When Wade thrusts his fist up to deliver the final blow onto Kin, he is surprised as a huge rush of hurricane winds pushes at his chest that lists him almost fifteen feet into the air!( -“GUUAHH!”-He yells out as his large body hits the ground with a loud *BOOM!* sound. Wade slowly rolls back to his feet to hear Kin’s pleas to get Wade to acting so stupid. But like before, this is not the Wade that Kin had come to trust. Having been pushed too far from Breaker’s taunts and then Connor’s insults; this is not Wade. As he rolls up to his feet again, Wade continues to shake his head a bit as the effects of the push blast effects his senses similar to how Kin’s chop did earlier in the fight. Wade then looks up to see Kin sliding under him as he comes to kick him in the balls! Out of anger, Wade thrusts his right arm into the ground but misses terribly as Kin is already behind him. Wade groans in pain a bit as Durability and all; no one likes to get hit in the balls. Before he knows it, both Connor and Kin come to a perfect timing tag team attack where Wade is in a helpless position to stop it! With his mind focused on Kin, he doesn’t see Connor and because his reaction time is too late from Kin’s movements; he cannot stop him either. Wade’s skull quickly begins to feel like he is getting his bell rung as the knee and the punch both connect with full force! Wade’s face winces as his body begins to twist off of the ground from the cyclonic motion of the two attacks coming to hit him.-“GYAHHHH!”-He yells out as he begins to spin in mid-air with the power of their attacks lifting him almost ten feet before his spinning body comes to crash and burn! He lands on his chest as it seemingly looks like that attack had enough force and power to finish him off. Wade sits there for a few seconds before his arms slowly are placed outward as he slowly begins to force himself back up to his feet. As this happens, his back would be facing them as something they had yet to see from Wade begins to happen. No longer are his eyes giving off a blue glow, they are cleared out with nothing but a white void. ( With his anger reaching a peak point now, the two Onihoruda would see that his muscle mass once again begins to increase as his already massive six foot two inch body now begins to grow even more! His pants begin to rip into shorts and his shoes begin to tear into small pieces of nothing as his body expands rapidly!-‘GRRRR….GYYYYRRRRR!”- He releases these grunts as his muscle flex tightly as his back begins to show muscles that were not there previously in the fight! The rocks and gravel around him begin to lift up as the pressure exertion he releases actually begins to lighten around him with his power beginning to skyrocket. The two onihoruda would not be able to sense his energy since he does not fight off of energy but they would be able to feel the mass pressure that is coming from his body. It would almost feel like he is sucking in the gravity of the area around him. With his arms flexed outwards now, his long blonde hair actually begins to spike upwards to a point while his body begins to hit the maximum muscle increase that he can go! ( Feeling the rage and power flowing through his body now, the ground beneath his feet can barely even hold him as it cracks and fissure’s outwards for the entire block! Coming to give a sadistic laugh, he says to the two of them-“YOU’VE REALLY DONE IT NOW! WADE IS GOING TO TEAR YOU BOTH APA!...-“*Insert Record Skip noise as all music stops*( Wade feels a small prick in the back of his neck as something actually pierces into his body. It is a feeling he has never experienced before due to him never actually being able to get stabbed or cut from metals that aren’t weaker than his skin. Wade lifts up his bulking arm to pull the adamantium dart out of his neck and he comes to look at the dart in front of him. With the drugs now flowing through his veins at a much faster pace because of his heart pumping faster; spreading the drugs around his body like a crack addict; Wade begins to feel a little dizzy. His vision begins to fade in and out from looking at the dart and before he knows it; his muscle mass begins to fade to its normal levels. Like a metamorphosis reverting back to his normal form, his hair begins to lower back down to be the mop head he is used to looking like. With his clothes practically ripped off his body, Wade hits the floor like a pile of rice as he takes a nice looooooooong nap. And with that, everything that happens from that point on; Wade has no clue of happening.-

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