3 Weeks after the red money saga...

Thunrian: ( ) Kin sat at the bar, it was a friday night. He had managed to give the owner extra money to give him the illegal drug, tilting his head up he'd down the alcohol before slamming his glass down, laying his head down on the counter, looking behind him to look out at the female who had been singing. It was still blisteringly cold outside, he wore a fur jacket, with his badage around his neck, jeans and a pair of boots. His Standard dual pistols and his Death Rod Just in case. He leaned back in his seat, chrismas was closing in. It had been everywhere, the advertisments plastered it everywhere but Kin didnt care. He just cared about getting a couple of days off. Exhaustion had been an understatement. As he rubbed his temples he'd stare over at the singer again. Her rosey red hair draping down her back as she danced lightly across the stage

Keyth sat next to his son, drinking an even larger alcholic drink and it hadnt phased him. " If she's pregnant, she'll be alright. We have enough money to take care of the Kid, me and Michiko. I dont want this getting way of work and school for you..." Keyth said looking back at his son who didnt give him a response. " Ahh.. Kin, I know Pippa died, and you knocked up Suzume. but you cant let it get to you like this... " " What do you expose I do? " " You man up... and you figure it out, that's what you do. " Kin looked over at his father before chuggin down his drink and stood up again. " I'll see you later when I get home..." Kin said walking out of Club Lahana, staring up at the red haired woman known as 'Red Velvet' singing her song and winking at Kin as he made his way outside into the cold night... the moonback on its normal cycle as it shined down on him as he stood outside, lightning a cigeratte as he stared up at it.

CaptainPuertoRico: -Wade walks outside of District One in the blistering cold of winter, the white snow coming down upon them. Not exactly dressed for the weather at hand, with nothing more than a raw leather shirt that is half way un-buttoned; revealing the chest tattoos he has underneath. Along with the shirt he has his signature everyday black headband that fits snug to his forehead while he wears a pair of black biker pants with matching boots. Walking down the sidewalk he sees plenty of people who now know him because of all the vigilante work he had been doing. In truth he still did not like the idea of being put in the same category as the vigilante’s since he doesn’t really see himself as ever becoming one. When he thinks of vigilante he thinks of guys and girls with too much time on their hands and like to dress up in funny outfits. Though some of the people he has met from being in the inner circle of vigilante’s has proven to be come friends of his. Having met his current girlfriend of a few weeks, Katsumi from fighting Rhino and meeting the duo of Kevin and Leon from fighting Billy Badass and the Vampire; Wade has come to meet some pretty interesting people from Vigilante work. As Leon called him one of the “Good Guys” when fighting against Billy; something is happening now that would look to change that title he has rightfully earned.( While walking down the sidewalk, multiple KPD squad cars and even a KPD chopper begin to appear from out of nowhere!-“What the hell!?”- He yells out as the squad cars all begin to pull around him as if he were the villain. Once parked, the officers step out of their vehicles with their shotguns and pistols pointed at him-“FREEZE! WADE DAVIS, DROP ANY WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!”- A look of shock and confusion appears on Wade’s face as he does not know what to do. He does not want to get arrested but he also doesn’t want to become a fugitive of the law. As the cops begin to slowly move in, Wade decides to listen to the cops and place his hands over his head. Not wanting to make a scene and ruin what credibility he had gained with the city, he decides to play the good citizen role. One of the cops walks behind Wade and clips a hand cuff around his left wrist and his right wrist behind his back. Then as he begins to push Wade towards the squad car, the cop says-“You’re gunna burn for this, kid!”- Hearing that forces Wade’s eyes to widen as the situation clearly is something bigger than he had originally thought.-“Fuck this! I ain’t going to jail today!”- Using his strength he easily overpowers the handcuffs as he rips his arms out of their restraints! The Cop is then pushed back from Wade as the cop yells out-“OPEN FIRE!”- Rounds hit Wade’s body but the metallic like skin of his quickly bounces them off of his body as if they were nothing more than flies. Wade begins to run and jump over the squad cars as he tries to make an escape. As he does so, the chopper in the air begins to follow him as his speed quickly picks up to a whopping 80 mph! Still in his normal form, he can feel his heart rate beginning to get faster as he is responding to a more nervous mood. Wade goes to make a left turn but a SWAT Truck quickly comes to a halting stop to block the path for him. That forces Wade to change his path as he begins to hit a right turn and hitting a B-line down one of the busy streets of District One. With Bullet holes now covering his shirt, Wade looks down and says-“God dammit! I am running out of nice shirts to wear!”- His focus is on escaping and he looks up to see the chopper racing behind him to try and catch up. Running through a nearby alleyway, Wade begins to hop from wall to wall as he begins to leap up and run on the second story of one of the buildings in Kasaihana. Leaping and running from roof to roof, Wade begins to make a good distance away from him and the helicopter. Within a few short seconds Wade comes to the end of this block and he would have to jump back down into a busy intersection where Club Lahana is located. Not thinking anything of it, Wade leaps off the roof and while in mid-air he sees it! A 40mm Grenade flying right towards him.-“SHIT!”-He yells out as the grenade hits his body and sends him flying down into one of the parked cars on the sidewalk! *CRASH!* Wade’s body smashes into the car and practically rips it in half from his kinetic velocity from being blasted out of the sky. Two seconds pass before Wade’s body stands back up behind the vehicle as his body reveals to be covered in the black blast residue from the grenade. And at that moment, the kpd squad cars begin to once again surround him, this time with the added help of the KPD SWAT units. Wade looks around with his bright blue eyes as he tries to figure out a way to escape arrest!-

Thunrian: ( + Play them both. ) The Hellicopters floated above his head shining the bright lights down. " Oi Kid.." The Cheif said walking right up to the behemoth of the boy with both of his hands in his pockets in a cigeratte in his mouth. " Mind if I talk to ya for a minute? " Cheif Brownie Lockmen worked for the CIA at one point in his life before he was fired for being caught with a prostitute. He had Yakuza ties in his family and once he was fired and he returned home, he was thrown in the enslavement camps. He didnt even bother to escape when he had the training to do so. Little is known about his background however. Brownie can sometimes come off as an omniscient character, giving background information as well as making fairly accurate predictions about people characters, and if it's on there bio then he just knows. Due to what he calls " Master Metagame perk. " . However, subsequent events would show him as extremely weak and very limited in foresight, though he seems to grasp what is happening better than almost all the other characters. He has a love for sickeningly sweet candy and drinks (which he claims will help people's brains back to normal), and hates spicy, sour, and pulpy foods — however. Brownie wears fake eyebrows made of nori, which he believes serve the dual purpose of protecting him from his insecruties and making him look macho. He has blue eyes and his hair is red, though his frequent trips to the hair salon suggests this may not be its natural color. He always wears a black suit and tie, often paired with a green trenchcoat and pair of sunglasses with yellow lenses. He tilted his head to the left and looked back at the police behind the both of them and sighed. " Those pricks back there man, there all losers. " He said as his eyebrows danced at the top of his head.

" There just jealous of ya Kid, but me. I see something In ya. I mean... who cares if you killed the Mayor, ans we have physical footage of you doing so. We need to bring you into custody, just so we can prove those guys wrong. SO why dont ya come with me huh we got video games... and Ice-cream. Kids like ice cream.. heh. ANd your a kid right, your a kid? It doesnt matter... we got ice-cream whatta ya say? Cant lose with ice creammmmmm!!!!"

CaptainPuertoRico: -Wade raises an eyebrow of his own as he looks at this guy with some weird ass eyebrows coming up to him and talking about how…HE KILLED THE MAYOR!? The look of pure shock and confusion hits Wade’s face as he doesn’t even know who the mayor of this city even is! Wade looks around him now as hundreds of cops and SWAT Officers with all kinds of cool looking guns close in on his position. He knows that he can completely tank these coppers and their weapons with his own physical capabilities but that would only make him seem guiltier than anything else. A drop of sweat appears from the tip of his forehead as it rolls down the right side of his face. He doesn’t want to go to prison. He knows better than anyone else that they wouldn’t be able to put him in a normal prison. They would have to put him in one of those comic prisons that is only created for people who can break out of a normal prison with ease. But what other option did he have? Either become a fugitive of the law and not be able to properly live in the city or be taken in and try to fight the cops the right way. But even then, he has no money for a lawyer, no way to defend himself. Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place. If only he had someone to come and help him. Darius is currently out of Kasaihana handling some business with a man in New Florida who is going to try and make an offer to Darius on a cheap deal for materials for his projects. He can’t even call on Katsumi for this as she wouldn’t be able to do much in this situation but come and be eye candy for him. While trying to think, the lead cop of the squad begins to get on the microphone yelling out-“If you do not comply to the arrest, WE WILL SHOOT YOU!”- Wade rolls his eyes a bit as he knows these bullets won’t do anything to him but tickle. Finally, he looks over to the guy who came and talked to him-“Okay, Bub….You win…”- Wade slowly moves out from his position, coming center stage in front of all the cops that surround him. His hands are raised up into the air as he awaits the other cops to come and try to arrest him. -

Thunrian: ( ) Kin had walked down the street long enough to see wade arrested and placed into one of the heavy duty police vechiles. "...What..? " Kin said standing there with a confused expression on his face, wade had been taken into custody for questioning and the Cheif saw Kin standing on the side of the road. " Oi, Tasanagi! C'mere. " He said signaling the young man over. Kin complied, making his way over to the cheif with a scowl on his face. " I want you to meet Wade back at the station. Talk to him after reviewing the tape of the assassination, and then lets see what we can decifer out of this. I dont think the Kid did it, but if there's anyone I want on this case... is you. Dont need guys like that locked up who make our job eaiser for us. " He said to Kin before walking past him. "... I'll meet him back at the station. And see what I can pick up... " Kin said flagging down a taxi and making his way down. While Wade would have been placed in a room bolted down with tri-ragniatum steel along the walls and doors. He'd need some powerful to break out, but Wade could surely do so if he punched and kick his way out of it hard enough. But that wasnt the point. Once Kin had made his way back to the station, he would have been going over the tape watching it over and over again. The assassination consisted of 'wade' entering the majors office, murdering the guards, and then murdering the mayor with swift percesion and combat. But from what he's seen of Wade's other footage when out on the field... his combatitive style is nowhere near as flashy, he's more of a get to the point kind of guy but here in this assassination video. He's even using kunai's and swift manuevers. " It... Looks staged..." Kin said scowling at the screen before he stood again and pulled at his tie. "... Find anything? " Said the Cheif as he walked in, looking at Wade through the mirror in the room. "... Yeah, this looks staged. " " Whats your assumption? " " His fighting style. It's nowhere near as flashy.. " " Your going to need more evidence then that. " " Then i'll get it. Give me about three days, I'm placing Wade Under E.o.D. Custoy and i'm using the MLD to get him out so he's with me. " " You can't keep using that protocol every time you do a case your abusing the system. " " Look... Do you want me to get the job done... or not? Could always give it to Akira. " " Akira's good. But he has own case loads at the moment. " " There you go then, your stuck with me and how I do things. " Kin said finally standing up and bumping his shoulder into the cheif as he made his way into the interagation room with Wade, sitting in front of him with both of his hands on Table, he took off all of his guns, placing all 3 of them on the table and taking of his holsters to. " Just so you know... Im not trying to hurt you. " Kin said sighing, handing wade his pack of cigs before he took one out for himself. If Wade refused, Kin would have nodded before speaking out. " Roll the tape. " He demanded, and as he did it'd show 'wade' killing the mayor with the finssesful movements and fluent style but Kin had looking and watching for Wades expressions more than anything. " What do you know about this Mr.Davis? "

CaptainPuertoRico: -( As Wade is taken into the heavy duty vehicle, he can only think about what the hell had happened to put him here. He had finally actually began to start acting like a hero and not the criminal he used to be. A sense of irony comes over the situation as Wade sees that perhaps Darius was right. That no matter what they do with their time, they will always be criminals in the eyes of people with the actual power in this city. Once they arrived at the station, two cops pull Wade out from the back of the truck and take him to the room that is protected by the Tri-Ragnietium metal. They push Wade down into the metal chair that is directly in front of a metal table. One of the cops then says to Wade-“Just sit there and be quiet…Murderer…”- Wade jolts his head to look at the cop as he says that, hearing the words bringing a quick wave of anger to spread through his body. Having to sit here in this room brings Wade to have an uneasy feeling about the situation. If he had to break out of here in a hurry, he would have to make that decision soon. But his curiosity in seeing why they thing he killed the mayor begins to hit him. He wants to know why they believe he the killer and not someone else. Within the next few minutes, a cop that is clear to Wade that is going to be the one asking him all kinds of questions. Wade having a bit of an attitude about him in this situation, he looks up at Kin not knowing what to expect from him. When Kin places all three of his weapons down on the table and hears Kin mention that he is not here to hurt him; Wade smirks a bit while saying-“It will take more than three guns to hurt me, officer…no disrespect to your methods.”- When Kin comes to offer him a cigarette, Wade softly shakes his head while leaving his handcuffed hands on the metallic table.

While shaking his head he says-“No thank you, I don’t smoke.”- Actually not giving any sarcasm in his voice, he seemed rather neutral to Kin seeing as he is at least playing the Good Cop pretty well. It leaves Wade to wonder when Bad Cop is going to burst through the door and complete the cop tactic. When Kin begins to roll the tape on what they have that “proves” Wade killed the mayor, it brings Wade to burst out laughing.-“HAHAHAAHAHA”- Seeing how this guy took down the mayor, even Wade can see that it isn’t remotely close to him. When Kin asks what he knows about this, Wade continues to laugh a bit as he begins speaking about the situation.-“Well first off, I can tell you that whoever DID kill the Mayor and trying to blame me messed up on two portions of their game plan. Number one, this guy is using finesse and weapons. I don’t know what the intel you guys have on me says, but I can’t move like that and I am nowhere near remotely trained in weapons. Don’t you see me when I fight? Just flailin about hoping I hit somebody.”- His joking about begins to fade as he gets to the second portion of his speech.-“And most importantly…this guy…whoever he is…”-He then stares into Kin’s eyes with hid bright blue orbs-“He is clearly disgustingly pathetically undeniably…weak…The fact that anyone could think that is me…insults me…and the strength by punches really have….”- He then leans back in his metal chair as he waits to see how the cops respond to that.-

Thunrian: ( ) "...Agreed. " Kin said tilting his head up as he stared up at the camera above his head. " I think... someones trying to frame you. just like you Wade Davis, I was able to come to the fact that you dont fight like that. But secondly..." Kin rolled the tape back. " The guy made one minor mistake. " He said crossing his arms. " In terms of your eyes. His are green, when yours are blue. Not to mention, the length of your hair... is 3 centimeters longer than his. " Kin said nodding his head. It would have almost seemed alien as to how Kinw as able to deduce this fact froma video of limited view but had did so. " Whoever it is, someones trying to frame you. You are a Vigilante, which means by law we have the right to arrest you. But we've also seen what your capable of, and were not stupid. Espcially me. I'm not saying im afraid of your Mr.Davis, but I'd rather not fight someone that bullets dont effect them. " Kin said walking to the edge of the room. " Enemies Mr.Davis... do you have any that YOU! Know of? " Kin said leaning against a wall crossing his arms as one of the workers came in with coffee for the two of them, laying it down on the interagattion room table. While the cheif had been watching through the mirror one of the other officers made there way in, listening to Kin and shaking his head. " Fuckin Tasanagi! Do you see what he's doing?! Hes trying to help the mother fucker! We have the evidence! He's such a fucking prick that guy, so what he stopped that massive drug trade, he's wasting fucking time. I hate this guy! We could just lock him up n-" The offciers voice broke as he stared at Kin, who had turned to look at Kin through the doubled sided mirror. His eyes glaring back at him... " Y-You dont think he can hear me... right cheif? " All The cheif had done in response was laugh, shaking his head left to right. " Sure, sure he didnt miles. "

CaptainPuertoRico: -( As Wade listens to this officer talk about eye color and hair length, Wade’s brain begins to itch a bit. Reaching up to scratch his head, it would look as if he were just confused as to how Kin could see that well through just this video. And Wade would go on to think that it is really just him not understanding the officer as he talks. But this goes back to the psionic barriers placed on Wade’s brain that restricts him from his full potential. When Kin calls Wade a vigilante, it brings him to sigh a bit as he thinks to himself-“So I have been put in that category after all, aye?...Should have just stuck to robbing people.”- But then hearing how Kin talks about how he isn’t stupid and that fighting someone who bullets won’t even hurt is something isn’t planning on doing, it brings Wade to give Kin a bright child-like smile as that builds up his ego a bit.

Now trying to think about enemies he may have, Wade begins to say-“Well…to be honest…I have a lot of enemies. I’ve got Rhino, Billy Badass, Vampire Guy, the guy who hired those guys, people I’ve stolen from, etc. There are plenty of people who would want to take me out. And to be honest, this does seem like the easiest way. If they can’t beat my physically to extract their revenge, then the next best thing is to ruin my life right? Isn’t that something villains do? Or nah?”- He clicks his tongue a bit at the Or Nah comment as the coffee quickly comes into the room.-‘’Ooooooo cofffaayyy!”- Wade reaches down and places two cream packets and two sugars into his coffee before stirring it up. After taking a small sip with two hands on the cup since his hands are stiff cuffed, he looks back at Kin to see his eyes looking at the double-sided mirror. Wade slowly turns to face the mirror as well as he gives a playful wave with his left hand-“Hello people staring at me from behind the window. Do I look cute?”- He then flashes a smirking smile to them as he begins to joke about a bit with the cops. He was wondering what would happen next because in his mind it seems pretty easy to see that the person in the video is not him. So with that, he looks at Kin and asks-“So where do we go from here, Cop Guy? We putting me in a cell or what?”-He then continues to sip on the coffee as he waits to hear a response.-

Thunrian: ( ) " The next step. Is we find out why someone would want you framed. But under E.O.D. regulations and MLD policy they cant touch you as long as your with me. "Elite. Operations. Disvison (E.O.D) is the elite secrect OP Unit within D.1.2. The disvison conducts elite operations such as conducting investigations against organized crime and and other high sake operations. The cheif of District 1 and 2 Police Department is the head of the disvison. The E.O.D is disvison with the KPD that does; as it namesakes conducts elite operations. Some operations are organized crime, high profile undercover operations, forced disapprences, sabotage, and assassination. Due the operations conducted E.O.D officers act outside the normal rule of regular police which is way a loose cannons are allowed to join, or potetinally dangersous people. Unlike other disvisons or units with the KPD, the E.O.D has it's own HQ; a two-story office building in downtown District 2. The building sports a large office area (one on each floor), a large garage, and lobby.However, the reasoning why the E.O.D. Are allowed to be above the law is simply because of the M.L.D.The Martial law duplex Aka M.L.D. Is a system that the Detectives of the Kasaihana Detective task force uses. The Martial law Duplex Is similar to its original definition,“Military government involving the suspension of ordinary law. “ But, in Kasaihana city, there is no Army simply the massive police unit the KPD. The average police officer is only meant to do so much and with the overwhelming force of the Yakuza clans they need the extra help to actually succeeded. The Detectives in this point and time are much more than what they used to be. They are trained as soldiers similar to marine or special operative training. They are trained in many forms of powerful martial arts. Highly trained in Stamina and Driving tactics that are only trained by the best drivers that Kasaihana can offer. More than soldiers than cops the Martial law duplex wants the detective unit to be able to infiltrate the Yakuza ranks and bringing them down at all cost, and with any way possible. But this also works in terms of the Law in genreral. It's all about how one bends the policy. " Well get a move on now. I think I have a few ideas... " Kin said taking a short drag from his cigeratte before turning back around to face Wade. 

But lets see... these people that didnt like you. Rhino, Vampire guy? And this... Billy Badass? Lets speak with them first. May be able to figure out some Key Detail from them... Lets move. "Kin said walking to the door. " You can stop pretnending those cuffs work on your now, we gotta move. " Kin said making his way to the car, getting into his new red mustang due to him losing it when Pippa died, shaking his head as he cranked the car.

CaptainPuertoRico: -When Kin goes in depth about the KPD and how far their system goes into having secret groups that can act above the law, the barrier on Wade’s brain strikes again as if his intelligence is supposed to be hindered and not progressively get better. Wade nods his head along while saying-“I get it. I get it. Haha. You and the other KPD badasses are highly trained and can do a lot. It seems the longer I hang out with smart people, the more my brain starts to hurt. Hahaha.”- As Kin takes his drag from his cigarette and talks about all the villains he has taken down, he says to Kin-“They should all be in the Asylum….The uuuuhhhh, Tasanagi Asylum I think? Unless there is another asylum I’ve yet to hear about.”- As the two of them walk out of the interrogation room, Wade kind of laughs a bit at hoe Kin mentions that he should stop pretending like the cuffs work on someone like him. Wade quickly puts his hands down by his side without having to put any form of strength behind it, almost as if he were just going into a normal walk. And with that, the handcuffs rip right off of his hands as Wade overpowers the metal with ease. As the two of them make their way to a red mustang, Wade leans back a bit and giving the –“DAYYYUUMMMMM. Yo where can I apply to the KPD since yall got fat ass paychecks that let you get these kinds of rides?”- He then steps inside of the ride while kin cracks up the engine. ( Turning the radio up, FireFlies by Owl City is the first thing to come on. Wade slowly looks over to Kin with a confused as he pokes his chest to see if he is really here. Wade then asks-“Red Mustang…and you like to listen to Owl City?...To each his own then I guess hahaha. Let’s Roll!”- He then waits to see where Kin will take them next.-

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